A Debt to Pay 002: Retrieval

[Trebor is pissed as hell. His new favorite did a runner but its no matter, the boys will bring her back. Or they better not come back themselves.] -04:17 Sep 12
[Jessamine tolorated two days to regain her strength. Then she escaped despite all warnings!] -04:17 Sep 12
Jessamine: Maybe she wasn’t the one people looked at and considered a fighter, and maybe it was suicidal to run when she was outmatched. But she wasn’t going to stay at that place, handed over like some piece of gold and let people abuse her. She wasn’t one of those women. So here she was on the road, and well on her way home. Where Jess was pretty intent on telling her father to go to hell, and then taking her stuff and leaving! Maybe even the country! -04:20 Sep 12

“Hey there lady.” a figure was walking out in from of her, standing in the middle of the road. “Whats a dame like you out here alone at a time like this?” there were more of them, hidden on both sides of the road and behind her. They knew she would come this way. “I think there might be someone waiting for you to get home safe, so why don’t I make sure you get there in one peice.” -Trebor

Jessamine: “No thank you. I know the way.” No one with sense talked to strangers on the road at night. And now she was wishing she stole more than just some fresh clothes and a dinner knife when she escaped. Jess stepped a wiiiiide arc around him, her hand in her pocket around the knife and primed to run! -04:30 Sep 12

“I wasn’t asking. I was telling.” the bowlas wrapped around her legs expertly thrown but a long-time bounty hunter. And the man why had spoked was drawign a sap and slaming it into the back of her head before knocking her tangled legs out from under her. “Now lets get you back to where you belong. After me ‘n the boys have our little fun with you.” -Trebor

Jessamine: She hit the ground pretty hard and the blow to her head nearly knocked her senseless. But despite the doubled vision, she was pulling that knife off and swinging it wildly the second he came near her. “I’m not going back!” she growled. Someone would die before that happened! -04:38 Sep 12

“Kick her in the head.” “No the boss wants this one intact.” a whip wrapped around her knife arm an it was pulled, then grabbed and the knife twisted from her grasp. “Intact but not undamaged, take her arms and hold her down and gag her mouth.” the knife was used to cut the rope wrapped around her legs before they were held too. “Now [i]lady[/i] you’re going to learn what happens when you run.” -Trebor

Jessamine: “Get your hands off me!” Fear was strong, but the desire to get away was stronger! And Jessamine was surprisingly energetic after spending all day running. She made sure to throw a fist full of dirt in to someone’s eyes. Raked her nails down someone’s throat hard enough to draw blood. If they killed her it would be better than going back! -04:49 Sep 12

They were undetered by her struggles and one of the grabbed a fistful of her hair to slam her hear against the road. “Fiesty on this one. Maybe we should knock her out and take turns with her. Or strangle her.” “Don’t worry this should do it.” her arm was grabbed and pinned under the wieght of a knee as a knife was drawn and the hilt was struck against her hace before it was handed to the man at her crotc. “Not much here to cut… but lady, if you don’t stop stugling I’ll fuck you with the starp end if this knife.” -Trebor

Jessamine: “I’ve heard that before…” she hissed, out of breath, before she finally just spat at him. Jess was still struggling to get loose, maybe a little less fierce at the sight of the knife… but she wasn’t going back! “…th-then do it! Cut me! Kill me. Do it! Go on…!” -05:04 Sep 12

“No.” The knife was pressed agaisnt her chest hard enough to draw blood, then slipped under her clothes to cut the front of her dress open all the way down, “It I were to kill you I’d stab you in the stomach, you’d be in pain for hours as your stomach ate you from the inside out. I’d poke holes in you and then fill them. Be lucky you’re wanted alive.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Wanted alive. That was a lot more frightening than the knife or the threat of lying stabbed and bleeding to death on the side of the road. Being wanted alive wasn’t lucky at all. Jessamine renewed her struggles, this time flat out screaming! Maybe she was close enough to town or a farmstead for someone to hear! -05:15 Sep 12

A peice of her dress was torn off and stuffed into her mouth feld in palce by a belt as a pair of hands snaked around her hips to pull then into the air th the sound of rustling came as pants were opened and a face grinned at her. “I’ll tell you what, you be good and let all of us have a go, and we’ll say you got away.” -Trebor

Jessamine: That still her almost instantly, a wild desperate look staring down that grinning face. Jess was breathing heavy, and knew she couldn’t believe it. …but… Though she was still tense and straining, she stopped struggling against them. Anything to get away. -05:27 Sep 12

“See, that wasn’t so hard..” rope was taking from the bawlas and her wrists were bound before she was lifted and taken away from the board into the frees and put back on the ground. “You’re going to be a good little whore and take it all and earn your freedom?” there were chuckles around her and with a signal then was lifted into a sitting position. “Because otherwise you’re going back.” -Trebor

Jessamine: She wasn’t a whore…! Jess growled through the gag, but she was bound again and there was no way she was gonna be able to run from all of them …and the chance to be let go! There was that glimmering hope of a chance! Very reluctantly, and very slowly she nodded. -05:36 Sep 12

The gag was removed and the scrap of pulled out of her mouth. “Good.” the man in front of her gripped her hair and pulled himself out of his pants putting the tip just in front of her mouth. “All you hand todo is open your mouth and take it, but it I feel any teeth we’re taking you back.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Jess was cringing… second guessing. She did this before, she could do it again? At least now she was choosing to? Grasping on to any excuse that worked, Jess squeezed her eyes shut and opened her mouth. No biting. Must not bite. She just had to repeat it and remind herself! -05:44 Sep 12

The dick was thrust into her mouth as her hair was gripped. He pushed deep and held it there. “Cradle me with your tongue darlin’ The sooner my cum wits the back of your throat the seened this is over.” the pulled out and thrust again, and again, and again, grunting as the others watched. -Trebor

Jessamine: Her face was burning and she nearly choked. But she kept her eyes squeezed shut, and with a soft whimper did as he told her to. Keeping so stock still was making her already sore muscles ache, but she didn’t dare try to move! -05:54 Sep 12

He thurst faster and fasted his tip running along the entire length of her mouth before finally he shook and his seed splashed inside her mouth. There was a soft petting from his hand as he pulled out and let go of her hair. “Thats a good girl, just three more to go.” -Trebor

Jessamine: With that she did cough, forced to swallow to keep from choking. Once he was out, she was gasping for breath again. Tears streaming down her face as she struggled to keep from out right sobbing. It hurt her pride more than anything. She could tolorate this long enough to live. -06:05 Sep 12

she wasn’t given time recover before to was being shoved to the ground and he legs being pulled apaer as the next man grabbed her breast and squeezed. He was already out of his pants and hard. “I’ll make this quick.” he said but not out of any concideration for her. His thrust into her was rough and unforgiving. “You’re tight… no wonder you don’t want to go back.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Jess yelped and just as quick she was biting her tongue. She made the mistake of opening her eyes again, which made her all the more painfully aware that they were watching her like this. Enjoying it… it made her sick! Without thinking she was squirming again. -06:40 Sep 12

A closed fist hit her in the face and hands moved to hold her down and the man thrust again, holdign her hips down and speeding up as a rough palm moved against her chest. “The harder you make this the longer it will last.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Groaning out loud in a startled cry of pain, she twist again just out of reflex to cringe away from what hurt. She didn’t struggle against him again, but it was increasingly impossible to stay still without shifting! -06:49 Sep 12

He finished quicly and pulled out, weather it was the groan of her struggled that did it he took his turn holding her shoulder down as soeone else moved up to push in and hold her legs open. “Probaly though have gone first, would have loosened you up for the others.” -Trebor

Jessamine: She thought it would get easier, but it wasn’t! And worse, instead of growing numb if felt as if all her senses were getting sharper. She could feel the blood from the cut on her chest running down her skin, and that man’s dick almost pulsing between her legs. Jess was writhing now, digging her heels in to the dirt to try and throw him off. Forgetting the deal and just wanting it to stop! -07:00 Sep 12

He pulled out and grabbed her legs to push them together and over tot he side. “Hold her.” the full wieght of a man pressed down on her legs as hehips were pinned adn her ruined dress torn from her before the pulsing tip was pushed against her ass and forsed with a thrus inside. “Maybe you’ll like this better, either way you’ll earn your escape.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Sudden seering pain had her screaming, and the sound slowly died out to shuddering gasps. Her vision blacked, but she was still feeling every bit of movement in her. And now she could shift her limbs at all! “S-stop..! Please stop!” At this point she was almost willing to go back. One person to deal with instead of so many…! -07:09 Sep 12

He filled her and pulled out “You gor blood on my dick.” his spit his her on her stomach as he stood and the alst man bent over to her petting her cheek. “You awake?” he asked taking her chin and turning her head. “I’m not sure she’ll be able to take another, come on looks like shes going back.” -Trebor

Jessamine: At risk of unconciousness, but she still had the fire to her. Jess wetched her chin out of his hand and growled. “No…!” She could move again, but her body hurt so much, she barely even tilted. “You said… I could go!” Jess was gritting out the words between sharp intakes of breath. It was almost done, they couldn’t go back on it! -07:21 Sep 12

“Hold her. Up.” she was lifted off the ground and her legs pried apart. “The deal was if you could take all of us.” he pushed in. “If you struggle its off.” -Trebor

Jessamine: That was the deal. Jess almost stopped it again in her panic, but she finally stilled and her body went limp. Whether it was just from the exhaustion or because her will to fight was broken, was in unclear! But she was biting her tongue hard enough to taste her own blood just to keep from whimpering or screaming again. -07:30 Sep 12

He thrust again and again pushing against her his hips slamming against hers as he gripped her hips to keep her still. “You’re behaving now, good.” he sped up and gripped her tight. “You’re oging to make someone out there very happy.” -Trebor

Jessamine: That seemed to make her crack. No one was going to want her after this, and everything she had thought about her future was gone! Even when she escaped. Jess choked on her own sobbing, unable to swallow it any longer! -07:43 Sep 12

He sped up going for the finish ignoring her sobs and pinnig her so that he could pound and grip her before spilling his seed into her and pulling out. “Right thats all of us…” he moved away as he legs were pushed and tied together before she ahd a chance to react. “Lets take her back.” -Trebor

Jessamine: Jess was trussed up so quickly, and it was several moments of shock before she realized she had been right in the beginning. Couldn’t trust them. It was a lie. “You said you wouldn’t…!” she screamed hoarsly at them, knowing it was futile but so filled with the rage and despair it was all she could do! -07:52 Sep 12

“Guess I lied sugarlumps.” he said as the biggest of them threw her over his shoulder and they started back. “The boss would take it out of out skin if we lost you. Don’t wory you’re not the first. And you won’t be the last. -Trebor

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