002 Trouble for Rori

Heinrich: *When Rori wakes up in the morning, Heinrich is slumped in a chair near the bed. A dagger is stuck into the floor beneath one of his hands, a whetstone under the other. He is snoring faintly.* [m | 11:41 Nov 13]
Rori: …what the shit…? *Slowly, she sat up, rubbing her head and blinking wearily at teh necromancer who had either set himself up to keep guard, or..guard himself from her, which might have been more amusing. She took a moment to decide whether or not she should tip his chair backwards to see how fast he’d react…* Hmm… *Instead she moved and slid her legs off the side of the bed.* …just dropped it in his sleep, no doubt. [f | 11:45 Nov 13]
Heinrich: *He twitched once, then shot bolt upright, sending the chair tipping backward with a loud crash.* Whowhatwhen….shit. I hate that. Did you, at least sleep well? *he quite obviously hadn’t* [m | 11:50 Nov 13]

Rori: Thus, every quest begins with seeking out someone extraordinarily old as they provide we, the heroic party, vital information on the state of the world. Maybe if we went to a small village outside of Frankin… -04:51 Jan 20
Heinrich: *Heinrich looked up from his packing long enough to roll his eyes at Rori* You and your over-developed sense of drama. We need to get to Hevrai, and that’s three weeks away, we can’t afford randomass side-trips. -04:53 Jan 20
Heinrich: Besides, we have someone extraordinarily old. She’s off sulking. -04:53 Jan 20
Rori: That isn’t the sort of old I’m talking about. Besides, Hevrai is the last place you want to go, nothing ever happens in Hevrai and it always ends in some romantic interlude. Which I remind you, is impossible until there’s an actual love interest involved. *At least she took packing realistically. Story world or not, she wasn’t going to get stuck somewhere without being well prepared..* -04:56 Jan 20
Heinrich: What do you mean “Nothing ever happens in Hevrai?” it’s a port city! And what the hell are you babbling about? Romantic interludes? Love intrests? *he growled as he stuffed his old black-and-bloodred clothes into his pack, given that he was now wearing a deep green tunic and dark brown pants, and had a grey traveling cloak at hand. Yeah, it was still dark. But it still made him feel visible. Besides, he LIKED his black and red.* -05:01 Jan 20
Rori: You have to have a lo-… Nevermind… *She said slowly. She had almost forgotton just how irritated he’d get when she tried to plot a story around him. It seems she was going to have to take a completely different approach to the whole thing. Subtly play god? Ha!* All right. We go to Hevrai! I suppose there could be someone useful there. -05:03 Jan 20
Heinrich: Of course there’ll be “someone useful” there. If nothing else, I should be able to make enough coin there to hire a mercenary or something. Besides, if you’re dead-set on going to some backwater little town, I’m sure there’ll be one or two on the way. -05:06 Jan 20
Rori: What are we going to do with a mercenary? *That was genuinly curious for her. She was finished packing at least and pulled the bag over her head.* -05:09 Jan 20
Heinrich: You want to go up against a cabal of necromancers with one necromancer, yourself, and an undead? Are you insane? -05:11 Jan 20
Rori: It’s not like I thought we’d strap up with weapons and spells then go charging in to their citadel. There’s plenty of subtle ways to pull down an organization… *Of course now she was trying to think of some. …Generally there was epic battles between clans, hundreds and thousands of people to do all the fighting. This was a much more personal story so far… * We could infiltrate their order? -05:13 Jan 20
Heinrich: By pledging to the God of Decay? I don’t think so. Eh, we’ll have to play it by ear for now. -05:14 Jan 20
Rori: Pretend to. I could think of a way to sneak in.. If anything you could always drag me around as a fake prisoner until we were inside. Hmm, but you’re right of course… too soon to think about that. To Hevrai, then? -05:16 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he sighed, and wondered idly if there were actually heroes that incredibly stupid.* Yes. Hevrai. *he cinched the top of his pack closed over a bedroll and hefted it onto his shoulders, folding the cloak and stuffing it in a side pouch* -05:21 Jan 20
Rori: In the meantime, which unforseeable danger would you prefer facing first? A pack of wild ogres or freelance bounty hunters? *She was kidding, of course. Considering how difficult he was, they were going to end up somewhere strange… with faeries that like dressup.* -05:25 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He gave her a flat look, then rolled his eyes and headed out the door, leaving it open behind him.* -05:28 Jan 20
Rori: *Rori laughed, following after him and closing the door neatly behind her!* Or maybe elephants. There should be a circus. -05:30 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He just shook his head and sighed.* What the hells are you talking about, woman? Anyways. *He motioned to the game trail that DIDN’T lead back toward the city.* Let’s get moving, hey? -05:33 Jan 20
Rori: You’re the leader. *Down the game trail away from the city. Now, what to do with this man. Learn back history…?* Where did you grow up…? -05:36 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He sighed, picking his way through the underbrush.* Here and there. My father was a con artist, so it was spend a few months in town A, let him run the con, run like hell before they figured it out, arrive in town B, repeat ad nauseum. -05:38 Jan 20
Rori: And how did you get involved in necromancy? *For saying he’s not a character, he’s sure sounding like one so far…* -05:45 Jan 20
Heinrich: Started out in pocket-picking, moved up to looting and then forced entry and reallocation of valuables. Sometimes you get more than you bargain for. -05:48 Jan 20
Rori: *Finds that hard to piece together, but she wasn’t the one growing up like that… Hmm..* You aren’t the typical “evil” necromancer though. What sets you apart from all of the others? -05:50 Jan 20
Heinrich: Uh, I don’t know. I’m not a psychotic fuck who gets off on razing villages? -05:52 Jan 20
Rori: I was thinking more along the lines of your own personal reasons for going the more virtous route in life… *Was she amused? Yes, yes she was! At least she was being curteous enough to bite back a smile.* -05:56 Jan 20
Heinrich: Mostly because there’s a pretty high demand on the black market, and I needed to eat. -05:58 Jan 20
Rori: *Hmm, she might have called him on question evading but didn’t she understand the importance of gradually learning the details? Bah! Sometimes her own rules were a pain in the ass.* I’ll talk about me, then. I grew up in a small town with nice loving parents. Which didn’t stop me from getting arrested a dozen times for a few less than legal, but brilliant ideas while I was a teenager… -06:02 Jan 20
Heinrich: If they were so damned brilliant, how’d you get arrested? -06:03 Jan 20
Rori: Because it seems putting bubbles solution in a public water fountain was not appreciated as much as it should have been. But they did look so pretty! -06:04 Jan 20
Heinrich: You call that ‘brilliant?’ -06:05 Jan 20
Rori: Yes! Well… now that I’m older it seems a bit stupid. But at the time it was fun. At least it didn’t turn out as bad as the holiday lights disaster. -06:08 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He didn’t say anything for a few moments. Then…* You’re babbling again. -06:09 Jan 20
Rori: *Rori scoffs and shuts her mouth! Babbling, indeed. She then follows up with crossing her arms and attempting to remain silent. …If they’re going to spend this whole three weeks not discussing anything…* -06:11 Jan 20
Heinrich: *a few silent minutes later, they were at the road* Finally, we’re here. Hevrai is northwest, so….we need to go that way. *he pointed down the road in the general direction of ‘north.’ * Gods, I wish I had a map. -06:16 Jan 20
Rori: *Silence… This was ridiculous.* A map really doesn’t show the danger though. Following the sun and trees is just fine. -06:18 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he stopped walking and turned to stare at her* You really are cracked, aren’t you? -06:21 Jan 20
Rori: *She paused to blink, and answered perfectly seriously!* It’s an age old rule that all artisans are slightly batty. -06:22 Jan 20
Heinrich: Are they all stupid, as well? Nevermind, don’t answer that. That would explain why the damn book was laying around to be stolen. -06:26 Jan 20
Rori: You know, think you’re inexplicable cranky today. I could always leave you on your journey alone! -06:30 Jan 20
Heinrich: Would it leave me free from your suicidal urges? “Follow the sun” indeed. -06:31 Jan 20
Rori: The sun rises and sets in the same place everyday! It’s not that stupid! *Scowling, she stalked past him down the road!* I’d love to ask what book you’re talking about, but you’re probably going to call me stupid for not knowing! -06:34 Jan 20
Heinrich: Has it occurred to you that you can’t see the sun through heavy forest canopy? And we’d have to walk until we hit the coast, which could take months. And the book… *he sighed* Look, you asked how I got in to necromancy, right? -06:36 Jan 20
Rori: It’s called climbing a tree. *She muttered, stopping long enough to turn around and stare at him.* Yes, I did. -06:38 Jan 20
Heinrich: *He just kept walking down the road, not stopping for her* Some idiot painter had the damn thing laying around. It looked valuable so I stole it. I look inside to find out what it is later, and I’m suddenly marked. -06:40 Jan 20
Rori: That is the running danger of stealing anything you see… *It explained a bit in anycase. He was an interesting character… Rori quickened her pace to catch up!* But instead of choosing the darker side of life, you’re one of the good guys. -06:44 Jan 20
Heinrich: I make dead bodies give people information, fence stolen goods, and provide ‘no questions asked’ healing. I’m hardly a paragon of virtue. -06:46 Jan 20
Rori: But you don’t murder people, do you? That’s usually a deal breaker right there. You’re also helpful to strangers. -06:50 Jan 20
Heinrich: Why would I randomly kill people? That would be stupid. And if you’re talking about yourself, well, I’m still wondering why I haven’t given you a day’s worth of rations and directions to the nearest village. -06:53 Jan 20
Rori: We can scratch off love at first sight. *She smirks!* It’s because, despite a most difficult past, you have overcome any personal struggles with evil and have chosen to lead a life of viture. -06:55 Jan 20
Heinrich: Sweet hells, you are such a hopeless little romantic, aren’t you? -06:57 Jan 20
Rori: That happens to be a compliment. Only weirdos like tragic stories. -07:01 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he rolled his eyes* That wasn’t what I meant, and you know it. -07:05 Jan 20
Rori: Pray, do explain what you mean by hopeless, then! -07:08 Jan 20
Heinrich: I mean that you haven’t got it through your skull that the bards are full of shit, the only people who “chose to live a life of virture” either are hermits or dead within months. -07:09 Jan 20
Rori: You’re taking a very dark perception of life, aren’t you? Even the most normal everyday things could be incredible if you thought about it. -07:12 Jan 20
Heinrich: I associate with the underworld on a daily basis. *he said dryly* I’ve run from priests more times than I can count. I think I’ve maybe gained a little perspective on life. -07:16 Jan 20
Rori: Maybe your perception is what has you doomed, hmm? What if you thought of this as a brilliant adventure? -07:17 Jan 20
[Rori so did not kill her window.] -07:19 Jan 20
Heinrich: And what am I going to get out of it? Dead, that’s what. -07:21 Jan 20
Rori: Oh please. Here I thought you were so much more clever than that. Are you actually going to get yourself killed? -07:22 Jan 20
Heinrich: I’m taking on a cabal of experienced necromancers, and, knowing the way things work, probably a warlord or two. You do the math. -07:26 Jan 20
Rori: *A slow catlike grin, followed by clasping her hands behind her back and trying to seem as innocent as possible.* So you are going on a quest to help save the Darlandon Clan. -07:28 Jan 20
Heinrich: Yes! I will participate in this suicidal venture! I’m going to try to save the damned world! Are you happy now!? *he subsided a bit, muttering to himself.* I’d better get made a noble or something if we pull this off. This is lunacy. -07:31 Jan 20
Rori: *Only making her grin wider!* You’ll get one better. To show the world that being a necromancer does not make you evil, and paving the way for others like you. But I suppose could make you a Lord… *Ohoho.. There’s an idea!* -07:33 Jan 20
Heinrich: *he groaned and trudged on down the road, hunching into himself* -07:37 Jan 20
Rori: *So it’s several days of hard travel on to the first village they come across. And though Rori was very skilled at skipping through those scenes in stories, having to LIVE it was an entirely different matter. So much for thinking she was well exercised… she was tired and might be willing to do great evil to get her hands on a real bed and a bath.* Hmm… town seems familiar… -07:41 Jan 20
Rori: *And Rori is… wondering why she didn’t write stories in a more modern setting as she pokes at the bed with her foot!* -01:40 Mar 22

So it’s not the best and most classy inn in town. But it was affordable and no one would ask any questions! -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich dumped his pack on the ground next to the bed* Not bad, especially for a cheap room. An actual decent matress, for once. -01:44 Mar 22
Rori: *She refrained from commenting on his idea of decent, and briefly imagined that maybe if she had her laptop she could just write this scene in to something much more pleasant. Wishful thinking!* Oh well… I suppose we better have a bite to eat and some sleep before the inevitable first attack happens. -01:46 Mar 22
Heinrich: You are surprisingly paranoid, you know that? Meh, anyways. If you want a meal, go ahead and go downstairs and get one from the innkeeper. Meantime, I think I’m going to get clean. *he jerked a thumb at a tub of water in the corner* -01:50 Mar 22
Rori: You’re going to be glad I-.. You know, nevermind. I’m not the main character, so I don’t have to worry about. *She flashed him a big sarcastic smile!* Enjoy your bath, Necromancer. I’ll be downstairs. -01:54 Mar 22
Heinrich: What? Bah, whatever. *he sighs and starts shrugging out of his clothing once she’s out the door! That bath’s going to be a bit cold, but it will SO be worth it!* -01:57 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori takes herself downstairs to have herself dinner, and at least try not to be too determined that "something" is bound to happen. But.. if it did? She had lots of good… and bad ideas! Damn, she always had the best ones when she couldn’t right them down! Patiently giving the necromancer time to bathe, she ate slowly!* -02:03 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He took his time, getting himself actually clean, instead of just less dirty. It was better than he’d managed in quite a while. Eventually, he shook the water off himself, then grabbed a towel and dried himself off before going for his clothes* -02:09 Mar 22

It seemed that there was a bunch of nothing going to happen. Except.. maybe that short conversation somewhere in the corner about a man named Demerick who seems to be looking for someone in particular! -Rori

Rori: *Rori nearly choked on her drink, which she promptly set down and as inconspicuosly as possible snuck herself back upstairs! She nearly stumbled through the room door as she slammed and locked it behind her!* I think I’m going to just stop being right! -02:16 Mar 22
Heinrich: *The door slammed open just as Heinrich finished buckling his pants up! He spun around to face Rori, looking very surprised. His chest was covered in one big tattoo that looked exactly like the pattern on his shirt, and it was criscrossed with scars! Including one that looked like a puncture wound through the lung!* What?! -02:20 Mar 22
Rori: *She was leaning against the door and cast him a strange look as she raised up a hand and pointed a finger at him. before seeming to think twice about it and look him in the face instead.* Demerick is looking for a goddess which means a whole lot of bad things. *She was pointing again.* ….what is all that? -02:25 Mar 22
Heinrich: That isn’t good. *he looked down at his chest and swallowed a curse.* Scars. Or do you mean the tattoo? Or maybe where did I get the scars? Ask what you mean. -02:28 Mar 22
Rori: Both if you don’t mind. *Wisely she refrained from saying she didn’t create him, so he might as well spill the whole story…* -02:31 Mar 22
Heinrich: Fine. I told you about the grimoire, right? Yeah, after I stole it I tried to read it. And when I tried to read it, there was this flash of darkness and suddenly I’ve got the tattoos. That was sort of when I started doing the whole necromancer thing. As for the scars…well, let’s just say I’ve been in some tight situations. *he pulled his shirt on and grabbed a cloak out of his pack* Where did you hear about Demerick? -02:34 Mar 22
Rori: *Oh, like that explained anything at all!* I created Demerick, so I know all about him! Unless you’re talking about what I heard downstairs. There’s no way he could have heard about me in two days, so him knowing about a goddess running around is byond bizarre. -02:40 Mar 22
Heinrich: Okay, so you heard it downstairs. Don’t downplay the Urorans’ communications network. Rumor says they can send messages between cathedrals pretty damn quickly…. -02:42 Mar 22
Rori: I know how quickly they can send messages, and I’m telling you it’s way too soon for him to know. He shouldn’t even be in this part of the world… -02:45 Mar 22
Heinrich: Why? Maybe he decided to make a business trip. People do that, you know. -02:47 Mar 22
Rori: *Repressing a twitch she turned around to unlock and open the door.* Seeing as you already have all the answers, and can certainly handle this story on your own, there’s really no reason for me to be here, Hmm? *Rori walked out! Which she knew was pulling the drama-queen card, and she’d kick herself for it later, but she wasn’t crazy, and she was sure there’s something peculiar going on!* -02:53 Mar 22
Heinrich: What? I…gaaaah. *he threw on his cloak, then sighed and grabbed a pair of matched daggers out of his pack and belted them onto his thighs. With that, he started after her.* I swear, she’s going to get one of us killed. -03:04 Mar 22
Rori: *…and she’s not supposed to even BE here in the first place! So why was she off trying to prod someone in to the plot, anyway? What she SHOULD be concerned with is trying to wake herself up, or finding out if she’s dead so she can see if her whole damned house was burned to the ground! …At least seeing those men discussing Demerick were gone, Rori stalked out of the Inn! * -03:08 Mar 22

As soon as Rori is a little bit away from the inn, two shady-looking characters pop out of the shadows, boxing her in! She doesn’t look like she can defend herself – she’ll be an easy mark! -Heinrich

Rori: You have got to be kidding me. *There’s always those scenarios that play out in her head.. like the "Oh dear! Someone save me!" damsel approach or the "Kung fu champion" scene… But, the simple things were easier.* Hey look! A dragon! *She pointed in the opposite direction and tried to run for it!* -03:14 Mar 22

The thugs aren’t distracted, and one of them grabs hold of Rori! “Oh, no ya don’t, girlie. Heh. We gonna have fun tonight, ain’t we, Devin?” -Heinrich

Rori: Like hell… *She mutters, swatting to poke him right in the eyes!* -03:18 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich followed Rori out of the inn – as soon as the thugs popped out, he reached down and drew one of his daggers. The moment Rori tried to get away, he slung one into the back of the head of the nearest thug, dropping him like a sack of potatoes! A hand motion later, the area was covered in unnatural mist, and his hood was up, his grey cloak obscuring his face, but letting the front of his shirt – and the red-and-black-design on it – show. He slowly stepped though the mist into view, casually stepping over the dead thug’s body* -03:20 Mar 22

Oh, no. The thug is too good to get poked in the eye. Seeing his partner keel over, though – that gave him pause. And when a grey figure stepped out of the sudden mist with red symbols on his chest, he froze, clapping one hand over Rori’s mouth and holding her like his life depended on it! -Heinrich

Rori: mmrrrph! *Argh! Not the damsel thing! Boy, if she had a gun.. BLAM! That just left Rori with struggling like a wild cat and biting that hand!* -03:26 Mar 22

The thug winces, then throws Rori off to the side and tries to do a runner! -Heinrich

Heinrich: *He drew the point of his dagger across the palm of his hand, saying something in the Nether Tongue, then flicked the knife at the fleeing thug!* -03:30 Mar 22

When the knife hits the thug, he falls to the ground and withers like something sucked all the liquid out of him, and falls to the ground, looking like he’s been mummified! -Heinrich

Rori: *A little stumble, but at least she remained on her feet! Rori ever so primly righted her clothing and dusted herself off… With the mist and a mummified thug, well.. She was doing good not to make faces and just to seem mildly annoyed!* -03:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich made another motion and the mist receded. He pulled his dagger out of the thug at his feet, then threw his hood back and went to go retrieve the other dagger.* Are you all right, Rori? -03:36 Mar 22
Rori: I’m just fine, thank you. *Ragh! What’s he doing stalking after her anyway! She could have made some clever escape! Most likely… Well, that wasn’t the point, she was still annoyed and this makes it worse. She clamps her mouth shut and picks a direction to start walking!* -03:40 Mar 22
Heinrich: *He pulled the dagger out of the ‘mummefied’ thug, and spun it expertly, flicking the blood off it. It glowed a dull red, and it gave off a sensation of…pain before he sheathed it.* I wouldn’t go too far from the Inn, Rori. These two were part of a local gang. *he straightened up and kicked at the mummefied thug’s headband.* Funny, I’d thought they got taken out by the Mudbacks almost six years ago. -03:43 Mar 22
Rori: *She stopped long enough to turn around and cross her arms.* You can go back to the Inn. I’m going to go back home where I belong. -03:46 Mar 22
Heinrich: If I let you leave on your own now, you won’t make it to the end of the street. You want to know about my past? Fine. Just go back to the damn Inn. -03:49 Mar 22
Rori: Forget it. This isn’t some crazy female attempt to get you to tell me your illustrious past. If I had wanted to live an adventure, I would have joined the circus! -03:52 Mar 22
Heinrich: I… *he sighed then walked over and grabbed Rori by the shoulder* You should have thought of that sooner. Like it of not, we’re stuck with it. Especially you. Damn it to the Hells, I thought I was done with this shit. Come on. -03:57 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he let go of Rori’s shoulder and headed back for the Inn.* -03:58 Mar 22
Rori: I didn’t ask to be here…! I was just writing a book! *…With a hiss she followed him. Not because she wanted to, but because, yes walking out on her own was probably a bad idea. It could have been worse.* …but since you did offer me a history lesson… -04:00 Mar 22
Heinrich: You didn’t ask to be here, and I didn’t ask to be an adventurer again. Welcome to the club. *he shut up until they made it back into the Inn and the door was closed* All right. What do you want to know? -04:04 Mar 22
Rori: How you were a necromancer.. what you did.. Why you chose to stop.. What you did then! Or perhaps just telling me a life history would be acceptable. *Reluctantly she moved to a chair and plopped in to the seat.* -04:08 Mar 22
Heinrich: All right. Let’s see…I’ve already told you how I became a Necromancer, I think, and what I did for a living before that. Well, I decided to start moving on to bigger things. More respectable. You know, the whole ‘adventuring for fun and profit’ thing. I was pretty good at it, too. But that’s the thing about being an adventurer. Especially the, ah, wealth redistribution portion of it. You tend to get hurt a lot. You saw my chest. Remember the small round scar off on the right? That came from a crossbow bolt. That was about the time I decided to find a less inherently deadly way to make a living. -04:19 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms again.* Just a random adventurer then..? What exactly does a retired adventurer do? -04:21 Mar 22
Heinrich: I made a bit of a name for myself. The Bloodfox. I tended to target nobles and other folks who could afford to loose a large chunk of cash and put it down as an accounting error. Although I did a bit of questing, too, if whoever was on said quest was willing to pay. And a retired necromancer-slash-adventurer becomes a full time necromancer. -04:24 Mar 22
Rori: The Bloodfox…? *Oh no.. That meant that he.. and she wrote… Rori slid lower in her chair. It was only a subtle mention, one of those little things that gives depth to a world. ..How was she supposed to know it was all sort of real!* Oh… It’s, ah.. A good thing you lived through that then. -04:31 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he gave her a ‘you’re not telling me something’ look.* Something I should know? -04:33 Mar 22
Rori: You already know everything important, don’t you? *Rori slid out of her chair with a fake yawn!* It’s pretty late, I think I’ll go to bed. -04:34 Mar 22
Heinrich: *he blinked* apparently I don’t….Ah, well. I’ll be on the floor, then. -04:35 Mar 22
Rori: *Rori climbed in to bed, complete with pulling the covers over head head… Bloodfox indeed! That arrow was aimed for his head! It’s not like she developed that whole part beyond brief mentionings, so of course she didn’t know there was a whole life behind him… She didn’t actually specify whether or not he had died… lucky him? Rori pulled that pillow over her head too!* -04:42 Mar 22
Heinrich: *Heinrich rolled out his bedroll next to the bed and climbed in* Well..g’night, Rori. We’d best get a move on in the morning. -04:49 Mar 22
Rori: *A muffled goodnight from under the pillow… Sleep was good, maybe if they were lucky she’d wake up! She might not write a story again!* -04:52 Mar 22

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