Executive Decision 002: Under The Desk

[Sierra is in her office working, and waiting for some people to arrive for a meeting.] -07:18 Dec 17
[Gian is unanounced and not knocking.] -07:27 Dec 17
Sierra: Sierra was busy writing. So when she heard the door open, she assumed it was her secretary and continued working. “I need a cup of coffee before the the board members arrive, and make sure there is sugar in it this time, please.” she muttered. -07:30 Dec 17
Gian: The door closed againa and five minuted late reopened. “You know I usually like a hello before being told what to do but I hope two lumps is enough.” he had a bemused smile on his face as he placed the mug down and sat on the corner of her desk. “Well arn’t we busy, too busy to remember you forgot the folder I gave you at our little meeting?” he asked placing that next to the mug. “Though I’d deliver it myself and see if you had one for me or if I needed to improve efficiency around here when I get the big seat…” -07:35 Dec 17
Sierra: She froze and her pen stilled for a moment. Forcing herself not to look up, she resumed her scribbling. Only now with a scowl across her face. “It’s easy to forget things when you find yourself mauled by your future husband. You’ll have to forgive me.” Sierra made a note to murder her secretary for letting him through the door. Taking the mug and sipping with only a mild look of approval she finally glanced up at him. “Besides, I am fairly certain you’re a over achieving little fuck and likely already did the research on your own. Better to conquer with, as they say?” -07:40 Dec 17
Gian: He leaned closer and watched her write. “But I’m not conquoring, am I? You’re giving it to me. Sierra, whatever you may think of me after last time I do want to work together in this. You can keep personal bussiness out of work attitude, can’t you. You’re one of the titans of mars. Of course you can. Even though you’re absolutely right, giving me your records is not only the required thing during a merger, it’s opening your hand for the shake, showing us you have nothing to hide. I thought you wanted this to work.” -07:45 Dec 17
Sierra: “Oh my. I am moved by such eloquent words! My entire world view changed, surely we could be the happiest of couples and business partners now that I know how much you care!” If sarcasm could kill, that would have done the trick. Instead she just had to make due with glaring at him for a moment, then scoffing and returning to her work. “You had your chance to make a good impression on me, and you didn’t. Deal with your consequences and get out of my office. I have a meeting and the last thing I need is you in here trying to weasel your way in to my half of the company.” -07:53 Dec 17
Gian: “As far as I remember it you tried to hardball me into an arangment you though I’d back out of to gain autonomous control for yourself. Now you’re being very difficult and trying to keep the two halves insular which voids the whole purpose of this in the first place. I know you’re not happy with this deal and I know you knew I’m not either but you’re being extremely selfish and putting your own hissyfit before the good of your own company. Family or not on a deal this big on my side you’re be taking a walk outside without a helmet. No, that’s no a threat, that’s me letting you know how my father likes to do business. Not that I think you hadn’t found that out in your own research. I suggest you get over yourself and whatever slight you took from out last meeting and do business.” -08:01 Dec 17
Sierra: If she could snap that pen with her hands and stab it in to his eye… Sierra dropped her pen and slowly rose from her chair. She placed her palms on her desk as she leaned forward and hissed at him. “It’s so easy to sound all self-righteous and reasonable when you’re getting exactly what you want regardless. Do you really think it makes any fucking difference what I decide? I refuse and walk away, I don’t get this company. I’m disowned and thrown out on the streets to spend the rest of my life living as a goddamned stripper. And if I agree? I’m rewarded with an arrogant prick and a company I’m probably not going to be able to run anyway. So fucking FORGIVE ME if I am less than enthusiastic. Maybe you want to try a different approach, hmm? Or get out. That would be better.” -08:11 Dec 17
Gian: He frowned, then deepened it into a scowl. “Do you want to know what I took away from out last meeting? I took away that you were a good bussines woman, a shrewd negociator, and wanted this to work. What I’m getting righ now is someone willing to cut off their nose to spite their face. I want you behind the scenes making sure everything goes right, I want you on every deal making them squirm with the barest milimeter of wiggle room. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to leave the book keeping and focus on the dealmaking. You’d be at every meeting and have the wieght of your own and you family’s stock behind you. I really don’t see what you’re worried about. Now are we going to discuss this contract or not?” -08:20 Dec 17
Sierra: “Wouldn’t it have been great to remember all of those things before fucking me on a table like one of your trashy bimbos. I have every right to be petty. I also have a -meeeting- at any moment and you’re not weloome.” Wasn’t that cute. Now he wanted to ply her with the compliments and the making nice. But it was too late. Sierra didn’t believe in second chances, especially not with him. Snatched up some of her papers, she rounded the desk and headed towards the door. “When I get back, you better be gone.” -08:27 Dec 17
Gian: “And what a mess you made.” he shot back not budging as she left. So she wasn’t the type to leave persona grudges at the office door. Pity, it would cost her millions. He had no intention of leaving however and glancing around he made sure no one one was watching before he pulled out her chair and slid under her spacious desk. She would really hate him forever for this but he wanted to see if making her melt in his arms, even for just a second last time was a fluke. -08:33 Dec 17
Sierra: The asshole. Sierra couldn’t remember ever being so furious. And she was just supposed to treat her life like a goddamned business deal? A marry some douchebag that treated her like an asset to add to his hefty collection? People scattered in the hall when she passed to drop off her papers. Smart people that respected her and her space. When she returned back to her office, no less fuming, she was at least relieved to see that it was empty. Just in time, because not moments after she closed the door her secretary buzzed in letting her know her guests arrived. “Send them in, thanks.” she muttered in to the com and circled around the desk to her chair. -08:40 Dec 17
Gian: A hand curled around the leg of her chair and pulled it further under the desk and then both hands were on her legs preventing her from kicking as he pulled off her shoe and kissed her ankle. An experiment to see hos sensitive she was. He didn’t say a word, he just licked up to her knee and then reache up to pyll her hips further forwards, until they were within reach. He didn’t care if she did have a meeting, that would just make this more fun. -08:45 Dec 17
Sierra: In walked to ricketty old men that looked about as ancient as Mars itself. Taking their sweet time shuffling in and both prefering to kiss her hand and linger too long instead of being satisfied with a shake. Sierra greeted them with a pleasant grin, but the moment she was seated… Thankfully both old codgers were too busy chattering to notice the way she froze and choked. That son of a bitch..! Sierra squirmed in her seat and shoved at him with a foot. And through some sort of miracle managed to keep her tone even while she spoke to her guests. She was going to kill him. Kill him. -08:50 Dec 17
Gian: He grabbed her foot and hand his hand up her leg to her knee, curled his fingers aroun it to hold it in palce and then used his other hand to run up and down her inner thigh as he nipped her knee. It was very very rare to him to give attention this low and not to stait for the crotch but her was teasing her, testing her. -08:56 Dec 17
Sierra: What the fuck did he think he was doing! “If we can skip through the pleasantries, as much as I love hearing tales about my father, I was um-” Shit. Sierra shifted in her seat. “We need to discuss the upcoming changes after the McKinney-Bentivoglio merger and what that means for the Board.” Damnit she was ticklish and this was going to end in someone’s murder. At least for now her tone was completely normal. She could do this. -09:02 Dec 17
Gian: She wasn’t responding like he’d hoped, there was only one thing to do, up the ante. His hadn travelen upwards to brufh her panty line under her skirt and pull in the fabric, slip underneath it ever so slightly before coign aorund and expertly brushing over the cloth and her folds before sliding back down her leg and then repeating the process, only this time it lingered a moment longer on her, pushing her panties into her. -09:06 Dec 17
Sierra: Her breath hitched and she was pretty sure her entire body had flushed hot in a split second. The old bastards were arguing now, one excited about the merger while the other complained. Leaving Sierra’s sudden distress going completely unnoticed. Her hand disappeared under the desk to pull her skirt down and squeeze her legs together. And when she did have to interject with comments, she nearly croaked out the words. -09:11 Dec 17
Gian: He pushed her knees apart with his elbow and reached up to slid his fingers between her thighs and under her panties. She was wet and he grinned as his fingertips stroked her folds lightly, a nail running up between them. Interesting, so the ice queen did indeed her hot and bothered. -09:18 Dec 17
Sierra: The man was a goddamned psycho. Sierra nearly whimpered but held it back by biting her tongue. She grabbed his wrist to pull his hand away, suddenly freezing and painting on the smile again when her guests were looking in her direction. Having to retract her hand so she could shuffle through papers to hand across the desk. “This is my… my schematics to… the merger. I’ve every intention for the…!” She sucked in a breath and tried to scoot her chair away, which resulted in a couple of curious stares. “…making an equalpartnershipandkeepingallboardmembers!” -09:25 Dec 17
Gian: When she shifted away he grabbed her chair and pulles it back towards her as his fingers slid inside her, penetrating her soft fonds and exploring her walls as his arm pushed forwards his thumb taking ofer the rubbing of rubbing the outside if her folds. Maybe he could get her to slip up, maybe he could get her to adjurn the meeting, maybe she could hold it together…. maybe. -09:30 Dec 17
Sierra: Her hand hit the desk with such a loud thump, it made both the old men jump. Her legs shifted and her toes curled…! “You okay there, girl…?” one of the coots asked, giving her a peculiar look. Sierra’s laugh was breathy, and slightly awkward. “I’m just… so damned excited about this merger! If you’ll flip to page six and read the negotiations you’ll uhm… um. Read it.” Oh gods, she couldn’t think. Her skin was craaawling with goosebumps and she bit in to her bottom lip. -09:37 Dec 17
Gian: She was responding beautifly and he wriggled his fingers deeper his thumb crushing into her clit and grinding in a circle. She was still going for it and he had to admire that. Girl had guts, when would she learn he actually respected her and not even his own father could say he did them. -09:43 Dec 17
Sierra: They were reading and she was dying. Absolutely dying, and trying her damndest not to make any sort of suspicious noise. Swallowing a gasp here, or digging her nails in to her skirt so she wouldn’t slam the desk again. She could already feel her body tensing and at this rate she was going to pass out if these jerks didn’t read faster…! -09:55 Dec 17
Gian: He stopped wriggling and started trusting with his fingers, adding anothing into her and using his other hadn to rub her leg softly. He was going to make her finish, he knew he was, He could feel her getting closer as sure as he could feel his own grin on his lips. Maybe she enjoyed kinky fun fucked in front of board members. Maybe after they left he’d get to push the papers from her desk and show her what it was like to have him withough him being rough. -10:01 Dec 17
Sierra: Sierra straightened in her seat, leaning backwards in her chair and biting her lip almost hard enough to draw blood. And then she was leaning forward on her desk, resting her head on her arms as she gave a sudden startling squeal. She very nearly kicked the jerk under the desk as her body responded. Both old men staring in surprised at the outburst, and Sierra was sitting up again as she gasped. “I …nearly forgot! Important paperwork, why don’t we just reschedule this…!” Oh gooood, she was delerious! -10:11 Dec 17
[(Timeout) Sierra has timed out.] -06:33 Dec 18
[(Timeout) Gian was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:33 Dec 18
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[Gian is fingerbanging his fiance,] -06:37 Dec 18
[Sierra is losing her mind!] -06:39 Dec 18
Gian: He twisted his wrist and found they small spongy spot on her wall, her g spot and rubber his fingers against it feeling it swell, then he ufshed into it and ground mercilessly. He would show her feeling like she had never had, then he would ease the minds of her investors. -06:43 Dec 18
Sierra: This could so easily be considered corporate sabotage! And she prayed that from the board’s perspective she looked like she was having a heart attack. And not two seconds from the brink of slipping to the floor in a whimpering puddle. “Can you um…. We’ll rechedule.” Sierra had to growl it out through her teeth, attempting to twist her chair again so she could rise, but not really trusting her knees to work! Which resulted in her just lifting a hand and pointing her finger at the door. “OUT!” -06:51 Dec 18
Gian: He grabbed the chair to hold it in place and in fact pulled it closer he he could repeat the process of massaging her g spot then pull his fingers from her, only to grab her hips and pull them forwardsunder the dest, her chair sinking lower as he let the air out of the pistom and burried his face in her crotchhis tongue running up the entire length of her slit before wriggling inside. -06:54 Dec 18
Sierra: Neither of the old codgers had a clue, but at her sudden out burst, both were shambling out with several grumbles of ‘Not in my day!’ and ‘Her father would never!’ and for Sierra the door didn’t close near soon enough! Just when she thought he was finally done harrassing her, there was that cool, wet flick of his tongue. Now that she was alone, she could gasp out loud. Gripping the armrest of her chair so tight her nails were digging in to the leather. “You sonofabitch.” she hissed at him! -06:59 Dec 18
Gian: He checkled pushing out her chair to hive himself haedroom to rus his tomgie over her clit as his fingers began probing her again, sliding up and down between her folds before he pushed his lips fully against them and pushed in his tongue and sqirled it around sucking. Every time they met she would come, he would make sure of that. -07:03 Dec 18
Sierra: “Just… stop…!” Oooh, maybe not. She could feel that all the way down to her toes. Sharp and throbbing, and nearly making her arc right out of her seat. Whether she meant to or not her hand fisted in to his hair, tugging but not pulling him away as she groaned aloud. -07:07 Dec 18
Gian: He lapped at the builting saltiness in her crotch and the ans that wasn’t massaging next her her folds gripped her thigh to keep her in place as he licked, wriggled and writhed into her. She was folding, he could feel it. “You do taste good.” he said before plunging his tpngue into her again and placing his hand on her stomach to rub his thumb against her clit. -07:12 Dec 18
Sierra: It was too late to give some biting quip about his lack of romanticism. Sierra couldn’t even find the words anymore! Writhing and squirming, not even to get away but just because it was impossible not to move with him. Staying still made her ache, moving had her heart thumping. Finally there was just no resisting! Sierra bit in to her tongue to silence her sudden scream. Stiffened as her body shook and the rush of feeling washed over her. -07:18 Dec 18
Gian: He taksed her, and when her did he smiled and lifted his head to push his lips into hers in a slow, pleased kiss. “Schedule another meeting with me.” he said running his hand through her hair. “It will be a date, a proper one with food and wine and a violinist and to choking or being on the table. Or you can just give you your financial records, up to you. All I knwo is it’s rare for me to meet someone like you. Now I have business to take care of, see, my fince comes first.” he stood and with another kiss started heading for the door. “I mean it.” opening the door and leaving her in her office he called to the two old men and moved to catch up with them. -07:24 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra was going to kill him. Just as soon as that blissfully languid contentment wore off and she didn’t feel like she’d just melt to the floor if she dare to shift a finger. Sierra stared at the door, bewildered for several moments before she finally had the energy to move. Pulling her chair back to her desk, she pressed the com button. “Cancel the rest of my meetings, please.” …What the hell just happened…! -07:30 Dec 18
Gian: “…so afture the murger you’ll both be much much richer and if you remain unconvinced I’ll happily but all your stock three above market.” he comcluded before he looked back and at the door and arcced a brow. He had expected to be followed. “Now please it’s been a pleasure to meet such legends as yourselves but I have a meeting with the future co-chair.” he smiled warmly adn shook both thier hands and then opene her door enough to look inside. “Sierra?” -07:35 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra was still sitting in her chair, though now it was raised back to the proper level. Her face was still flushed and she hadn’t bothered to slip her shoes back on. She also wasn’t glaring, which might have been a good sign, except she wasn’t bothering to look up at him. She was scribbling on paperwork again. “I am fairly certain I told you to get out of my office.” -07:39 Dec 18
Gian: “Just scebule the meeting.” he said in a softer voice than usual. “My secretary will be waiting for the call. And don’t worry about those old men they seem a lot happier about the merger after I explained the numbers to them, and that you would still be in charge of all the section they care about, congradulations.” the door closed and he was gone. -07:43 Dec 18

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