[Elizabeth swore under her breath as she walked down the docks, long skirt in hand!] -02:57 Jul 17

The Bloody Hen! A notorious pirate’s tavern filled to the brim with cutthroats, bandits, rogues, whores, and thieves! There was wheeling and dealing, trading, gambling, deals under the table, black market sales, and people hunting for jobs! What a great place!

Elizabeth: Blast that Samson … When I get my hands on him, I will tear his fur off of his spoiled body. *She muttered darkly, glancing this way and that. She had better things to do than hunt after his blasted hide!* -02:59 Jul 17
Elizabeth: (testing!) -02:59 Jul 17

Frederick: *HuffpuffHEAVEdragthunkthunkthunkOWFUCK!OW!dragdragKLUNK! Freddie dusted off his hands when he stored the chest up in the cap’ns quarters and put a dozen different locks on it. He was back up on the deck when he saw.. he.. saw… A GHOST! Freddie near fainted dead away!!* m…m…GHOST!

Kessing: *He stepped up to the heavy wooden gate of the wall that separated the supply yard from the rest of the town. Yep, this was the place. He glanced around and knocked as loudly as he could.* Hello? -03:01 Jul 17
Kessing: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:02 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Paused to brush back a strand of blonde hair! Oh bother! Her feet were beginning to hurt and she was getting awfully thirsty!* Samson! *She growled.* If you do not get your cursed tail back here, I swear I will stuff you and use you as a paperweight! -03:03 Jul 17

Wait … and wait … No reply and no sign of Samson either! It was safe to assume he wasn’t here!

Collete: *Collete stepped in the doors grinning as wickedly as could be! She had a seat up at the bar.* So, how many good men we have in stock today, Amos? -03:04 Jul 17
Kessing: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Samson would just have to wait then! And if he was waiting in a ditch with his tail trapped under a large rock, well–it would serve him right! She turned around and stalked back toward town and a nice drink.* -03:05 Jul 17

“Go away! We’re closed!” a voice finally snarled from the other side of the gate!

Amos couldn’t open his mouth to reply before someone else shouted out. “Hey ho, it’s Collete! What’s that new name she’s got goin’ on? Was it Raven Crone or naw, naw… It was Frosted Tits!” Much bellowing and chortling amongst the crowd!

Kessing: Uh … Sir? Please, I really need supplies to repair a ship! It’s really important my crew and I sail out as soon as possible! -03:08 Jul 17
Collete: … *Collete paused. She slowly pulled out her gun and shot him dead.* …. As I was saying…! *This time she made sure to say it loud so the whole lot of them could hear!* I’ve come in to a ship of my own, and I’m needing a crew. A good loyal crew. …And my dears, you will be paid in pretty shinies. *Oooh, she held up one of those gold coins she filtched out of the chest!* -03:09 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Straightened her dress and dusted the hem of the skirt! This was her favorite dress and thanks to Samson, she was going to spend the next two days trying to get the dirt stains off of it! She walked into the Bloodhen Tavern and brushed past some woman with a gun and gold to sit at the bar.* The strongest drink you have, Amos. -03:11 Jul 17

“You and a thousand other fools, you idiot!” the voice growled. “Now get away and leave me in peace! If I open this gate and you’re still there, I’ll shoot you dead with this cannon!”

Amos served up a drink to Elizabeth, as several very interesting men suddenly found Collete to be the woman of their dreams! “Aye, Collete! Have I ever told you your eyes are like stars? You uh… How much are you payin those hard workin’ volunteers, eh?”

Kessing: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:17 Jul 17
Elizabeth: Thank you. *She sipped her drink and didn’t bat an eye as it went down as strong and thick as hot oil. She paid a bit of attention to what was going on but only because it was only thing going on here–other than the usual gambling, drinking, and roughhousing.* -03:18 Jul 17
Collete: *That’s right monkies, jump! The coin disappeared as she closed her hand.* Plenty enough for some that don’t smell like swine, all the rum you can drink, and the skirts you can chase. All I require is a loyal promise, and men that work. I need a full crew. Deckhands down to doctor. -03:19 Jul 17
Kessing: Please, sir! Just hear me out! *He was beginning to get desperate! There had to be some way to get this man to see reason!* I um … I can pay you! -03:20 Jul 17

“Listen, you, you can keep your tainted coins because I won’t be having any of this. Do you hear me, any of–No, I will *not* open the gate! … Goddamn it, woman! What–what in the blazes do you think you’re–!” There was the sound of something heavy being moved and then the gate opened a crack! “Please forgive me overeager husband. He does enjoy his job … a bit too much,” a gentle voice said from the other side.

Elizabeth: *The word "doctor" piqued her interest! She turned slightly. She was in need of a job …* Doctor, did you say? *She asked the woman above the din of the greedy males.* I am a doctor and I am worth more than any of these fools put together. -03:23 Jul 17

Well, if the pay was good, there was quite a few men more than willing to pledge even their souls, no questions asked! If they could just… see that coin one more time?

Kessing: *Blinked when he heard what was going on. He stepped close to the crack but all he could see was a short figure, the speaker.* Quite alright, ma’am. I am guilty of that myself. How about those supplies … I can pay you and I would love to wait until morning–except it is very urgent. -03:25 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete held up in the coin in her fingers to show off as she leaned on the bar with an elbow towards the woman.* Can you do surgery? Pull out bullets? Sew up wounds, diagnose illness, provide good knowledge of medication and painkillers, and most importantly do all of this under cannon and gunfire while the entire ship is under siege in the middle of a storm? -03:26 Jul 17

The woman was silent for a moment. She opened the gate a little more. “Why don’t you come in and we can discuss it? It is cold out here. You could use a warm drink.” She gestured him inside.

Elizabeth: *Wicked grin!* All that and more. I once served on a crew but suffice it to say, things did not work out quite as I had hoped. I would give you references but they are no doubt, across the seas by now. -03:27 Jul 17
Kessing: *Wow. This was a pleasant change!* Thank you, madam. *He stepped inside and turned slightly as she closed the gate behind him.* I am most grateful for the hospitality. -03:30 Jul 17
Collete: No need for that. *The coin disappeared again as Collete slid out of her chair to rest her hands on her hips.* All right, my dears. If you or a friend think you are man enough for my crew, I expect to see an orderly line waiting on the docks infront of the Deathrunner within twenty minutes. IF you meet my inspection you’ll be a part of the best crew to sail the seas since… well. A longass time. -03:30 Jul 17

A light was shone in Kessing’s face, blinding him until the woman brushed past him and pushed the light away! “Where are your manners! Put that light away!” she scolded.

Kessing: *Could only blink and rub his eyes! He waited until the stars disappeared before opening his eyes again!* Erm … Quite alright, madam. I did intrude on your evening. -03:36 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Finished her drink. My, she’d been more thirsty than she had first thought! She remembered to pay Amos for the drink and for her tab as well. She didn’t like debts.* -03:36 Jul 17

Sveral men were already making their leave- hey a good job was hard to come by and if they had to be inspected, better to make a good impression! And there weren’t any more jokes about Collete’s tits either!

Collete: *Collete left that coin for Amos, flashing him a grin as she exited the Bloodhen Tavern. Now to get back to the ship and see why the hell Frederick hadn’t come to find her! -03:39 Jul 17
Collete: * -03:39 Jul 17

Frederick: *Freddie was going to go find Collete, honest! But he was busy cowering up on the deck behind the rail, occasionally peeking out to see if the Ghost of Captain Maria was out there! Was she going to steal their souls? He spotted Collete returning!* COLLETE! SHE’S BACK FROM THE DEAD!

Elizabeth: *Had one more drink before she left, this one a bit milder than the last. She still had to find Samson. The thought of chasing him down again made her rub her temple. She downed that drink, paid Amos, and, skirt in hand, disappeared to get her few belongings from the room she’d been staying at.* -03:42 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete paused on the dock… then shook her head before walking again. If Freddie wasn’t a useful strongarm, she might have had him thrown overboard. Walking up the plank she stopped at the barrel he was hiding behind.* Let me guess. Ghost of Maria. And you know what? She’s going to hack you to pieces if you don’t get off your ass and grab me the crew clipboard before men start showing up. -03:44 Jul 17

Frederick: She.. she is?! *He knew it! He knew he saw a ghost! Freddie charged to the captain’s cabin to grab the crewlogger!*

“Oh nonsense!” the woman protested. The light went a safe distance away. The woman was a head shorter than Kessing and looked in her middle ages with gray in her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The man beside her was a few inches shorter than Kessing with a bald head and a scowl on his face.

Something long and furry ran across Frederick’s feet! -Elizabeth

Kessing: *A drink was thrust into Kessing’s hands and when he sipped it, he found it to be hot tea!* My deepest thanks, madam. Sir. *He nodded to the man.* -03:52 Jul 17

Frederick: AIIIEEE! *It was the most pitifully girly scream for a man his size! He practically tripped over his own feet as he grabbed the clipboard and charged back on deck!* The ghost…! She’s in the cap’n quarters!!

Collete: *Collete managed to find herself a cigarette and a match to ligh it. When Freddie returned, in record time even, she snatched the clipboard out of his hands.* Tell me when she’s swinging from the sails, Frederick. Then we should worry. *Collete tore off the papers for the old crew log and started the new one.* -03:53 Jul 17

“My name is Abigail and this is my husband, Jonah. Now, what can we do for you, young man?” she asked. “And be quick about it,” Jonah growled–until he got an elbow in his ribs! -Elizabeth

Elizabeth: *Pulled her heavy bag along after her as she trudged back to the docks! Samson had until the ship set sail to be found or she would leave his tail here and not care a wink! She found the Deathrunner, the worst ship on the docks in need of desperate repairs!* -03:55 Jul 17

Frederick: But Cap’n, I felt it run around my foot! It was long and furry, and I’m pretty sure it was out for bl-blo-…THE GHOST! THERE SHE IS! *Frederick stuttered pointing at the coming right for their ship!* MAN THE CANNONS!

Kessing: *Sheepish grin!* Just the supplies, madam. *He said, not liking to repeat himself but he’d do it if it meant getting supplies.* This is a lovely supply yard you keep. -04:00 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete actually had to look up and see this! Blinking as she turned around, she didn’t see a damned thing! Just a few men lining up on the dock and that wo- Collete started laughing!* Well, well! I hadn’t even noticed..! *She stepped down the plank to start inspecting volunteers and taking names!* -04:01 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Set the bag down and wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her arm. She glanced around the dock to see if she could spy that furry little cad.* -04:01 Jul 17

That long and furry body ran across Frederick’s feet again! And this time it was chasing a rat!

Frederick: Wait, wait…! She’ll eat your fa-WAARGGH!! *It happened again! He chased after Collete, but she was heading straight for that Ghost!* She’s summon DEMONS on the ship! Don’t go near her!

Abigail smiled. “Why thank you. I do try my best. Jonah gets the supplies but he can never organize anything.” She sighed and shook her head as Jonah grunted.

Collete: *Skillfully she ignored Freddie.* All right Doctor. Sign your name to the log. This is Frederick and he’s a moron. Even before today’s shot in the head. *She handed the clipboard over to Elizabeth.* -04:06 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Turned when she saw the woman from earlier coming down the plank–followed closely by a large man spouting nonsense about something or other. She looked down at the clipboard and took it.* Shot in the head, did you say? Perhaps I should get a cork and pound it into the hole to stop the hot air from getting out. *She signed the log.* Elizabeth de Brinvilliers. Doctor. *She said for the sake of the man behind the captain.* By chance, would you have seen something long and furry? It might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:09 Jul 17
Collete: Hmm. Ask the moron, I believe he already has. Welcome to the crew Doctor. *Collete was already on her way to the line for inspection!* -04:11 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at the moron.* Well …? Have you or have you not seen a long and furry something that might have been chasing a rat or two. -04:12 Jul 17

Frederick: *Frederick inspected HER. Doctor huh? A female doctor too! Well, he guessed now that he got a good closeup look at her, she didn’t look all that much like Maria or a ghost.* Oh aye. Little demon done ran me down twice! *He pointed back up the ramp!*

Kessing: *A smile or two and a well-placed compliment here and there and Kessing not only got supplies … he was able to borrow a wagon and a horse to move said supplies! And it only cost him a few coins! It seemed Abigail had a habit of helping out handsome, down-on-his-luck sailors. Lucky him!* -04:13 Jul 17
Elizabeth: Thank you. *She started up the plank only to stop and walk back to him. She smiled sweetly and cupped his cheek.* By the way … Would you be so kind as to help me with my bag? It is so heavy and I may have hurt my poor body carrying it all this way … *She pouted a bit, ran a hand down his arm.* You being such a strong, large man … It would be child’s play to move something so small and insignificant, wouldn’t it? *She used her softest, sexiest voice, too!* -04:15 Jul 17
Collete: *Collete was quick. She’d ask for age and qualifications first. The more useful skills a man had the better. He brought his own weapons, twice as good. If she didn’t like them, she sent them away. If they pissed her off she kicked them off the dock in to the sea. One guy she shot first, then kicked and the bastard had it coming, so several of the men agreed!* -04:16 Jul 17

Frederick: I uh.. uh… yeeaaah… *He practically sighed, batting his eyes and smiling a stupid grin! He was still wearing that grin as he trudged over to the bag, hefted it over his shoulders and started up the ramp. She sure was purdy for a doctor with a demon.*

Kessing: Bonding with the men already, Cap’n? *He asked as he stopped the horse beside Collete. He’d arrived just in time to see her shoot and kick the poor guy.* -04:19 Jul 17
Elizabeth: *Was already heading up that plank. What a coincidence to end up on the ship Samson had decided to go rat-hunting on. Well, at least he was getting some exercise. She stepped onto the deck and started looking around for him.* -04:20 Jul 17
Collete: We never tolorate disrespect, Kessing. Especially when it comes out of the mouth of a gossiping traitor. *She moved to the next guy, ignoring when a couple of men decided it was wiser to sneak off before she go to them!* -04:21 Jul 17
Kessing: *Could only grin as he hopped off of the wagon and he started unloading the supplies and tools!* -04:22 Jul 17

SNEAK! SNEAK! That Samson was a furry streak of lightning! He was a blur of energy and chaos!

Frederick: *Frederick was toting that bag down the steps to the crew’s quarters, specifically the doctor’s room when that furry demon tripped him down the stairs! THUDTHUNKSPLATCRASH!*

Collete: *Collete snapped her fingers and pointed at the ones she already logged, ordered them to start loading up the supplies and get their asses to work on them repairs! She wanted to be ready to sale by morning! Just a few more boys and she’d have herself a full crew!* -04:25 Jul 17
Elizabeth: SAMSON! *She growled when she got to the top of the steps and found Frederick at the bottom! She rushed down and spied for the furry little bastard but he’d disappeared again! She huffed and turned to pull her bag off of Frederick. She dusted him off and helped him up.* Are you hurt? -04:26 Jul 17
Kessing: *The work would have to be divided up so … he split the men into teams of two or more and gave them a certain area to work on! He supervised from time to time but mostly worked on the hull of the ship.* -04:28 Jul 17

Frederick: *Groooaaan. He was seeing demons circling his head like flies! Frederick gave her a toothy grin before toppled over face first! Right in to her breasts!*

Elizabeth: *Growled! She pushed him right off and slapped his face real hard! Fortunately, she was smart enough not to use her hand to do that! She took her shoe off and smacked him with it instead!* Do that again and I will cut your testicles off with my knife and stuff them down your throat. *Then she marched off to continue the search for Samson.* -04:30 Jul 17
Collete: *Last man standing was some guy with a parrot. She about sent him away on sheer principle, but turns out he was some fancy french chef that couldn’t get enough of the sea. Muttering under her breath, she had him sign the log. Done! She admired the crew list. Very nice, very nice indeed! Collete headed up the ramp! …Freddie was already getting his balls threatened. Yep, good crew!* -04:31 Jul 17

Frederick: Ow woman!! *He tried gallantly to defend himself from her shoe beating, to no avail! He finally grunted, hefting up her bag again and carting it off to her room. Man, those were some nice fluffy ones! He hoped he could pass out again!*

Elizabeth: *By the time Frederick had caught up to her, she was on her hands and knees, looking under the bed and everything else a furry little bastard could hide under.* -04:37 Jul 17

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