[Illiana Rosewood A week later, almost all her wounds had healed; and any discomforts were gone, thanks to the advice and the teas from Dr.St. James! She feels 99.9% better! ] -12:38 Mar 29
[Marion is having a very pleasant morning in the gardens.] -12:41 Mar 29
[Faulkner Grant seems to have recuperated quite nicely!] -12:46 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Has come at the Wellingtons’ wishes to check up on his three patients. It’s a terrific day and just the type of climate to make one healthy and strong!*

Illiana Rosewood: *Notices even the doctor seems to have been looking a lot better since their previous meeting… now she really needed to get in contact with that lawyer, and decides to ask the Wellingtons first chance she gets!* -12:52 Mar 29
Marion: *Marion is snipping flowers, because that is a nice and safe thing for her to be doing. After all, it would be silly to go running around town looking for…well, not even knowing what she’d be looking for! It does provide ample time for thinking…* -12:55 Mar 29

Lady Wellington: Hello Miss Illiana! Why can I do for you today?

Illiana Rosewood: Lady Wellington, good morning. Sorry to bother you, but I really would like to write to my father’s lawyer and get certain things straightened out. Do you happen to have his address by chance? *She asks, looking a little worried about everything. And determined to figure these rumors out.* -01:00 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Is keeping a watch over Miss Courtland. All of his duties except this one are done for the day and, per the doctor’s orders, he is "taking it easy." He stands next to the gate that separates the gardens from the outside world. The gate is secure and locked but it is best not to take any chances.* -01:00 Mar 29

Lady Wellington: Oh! Youknow, it’s the strangest thing! I letter came for you today from that lawyer of yours! I think it must be what you’re looking for! *Lady Wellington provides Illiana with a very official looking letter.* The Sir and I actually have been sent for reguarding some urget business, so I do hope everything you need is in that letter, we should be away all day!

Illiana Rosewood: *She takes the letter a little surprised! How had that lawyer figured out she wanted to hear from him? She wondered in the back of her mind.* Thank you Lady Wellington. I will look after the place while you’re away. *She curtsied, still shocked at how easy that had fallen into place!* -01:04 Mar 29

Sir Wellington: Faulker. *So says Stern Sir Wellington like an angry old father.* Ginger and I will be away on some business. We’ll be sure to send word if we’ll be away any longer.

Dr St James: *He pops into the garden and sees Sir Wellington and Faulkner and Miss Courtland there.* Sir Wellington! Faulkner! Greetings! I came by to check on everyone.

Faulkner Grant: *Nods.* Yes, Sir. I’ll be sure to take care of things while you are gone. *He says before the doctor comes by. He bows.* Doctor. -01:08 Mar 29

When Illiana reads the letter it’s a simple request by the Lawyer to meet him (or one of his associates if perchance he can’t make it personally) at 2876 Mulberry Lane. He knows that she needs to speak with him.

Illiana Rosewood: I really ought to do this right away, Lady Wellington. Would it be alright if I spent a few hours taking care of this? I hope I won’t be gone too long. -01:10 Mar 29
Marion: *Marion is of course out of ear shot but certainly with in sight. Well, until she walks around one of the bushes to trim the other side! * -01:11 Mar 29

Lady Wellington: Certainly, darling! I know how much you wanted to find out about those dreadful rumors. Faulker will be here to care for Marion. You go on ahead!

Illiana Rosewood: Thank you kindly, Lady Wellington. I’ll hurry home as soon as I’m finished. *She curtsies again before she’s off to the stables! Her horse Stormy was there, looking quite pissed from his owner’s crazy antics! But she manages to soothe him, and get him ready for a long trip!* -01:16 Mar 29

Sir Wellington: St James! *He exlaims, slapping the Doctor on the back with nearly enough force to knock him over!* I’m afraid I would love to chat, but my lady is waiting and we have somewhere to be!

Dr St James: *Blinks and does nearly fall over! He coughs as the breath is literally knocked out of him!* … Of course! Please, do not allow me to keep you. I can already see that Faulkner and Miss Courtland are in excellent condition. I believe I saw Miss Rosewood on my way in. I really should get going myself. If any problems should arise, please let me know. Good day. *He bows and is gone!*

Sir Wellington: That man disappears like a ghost, I say! Hmph. *He wags a finger at Faulker.* Take care of my girl. Good day Faulker. GOOD DAY MARION! *He bellows!*

Marion: …? *She peeks around the bush and waves!* Goodbye! -01:21 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: Good day, sir. *He bows and watches Sir Wellington leave. He looks back at where he saw Marion peek around the bush and smiles slightly. But before his mind gets lost in daydreaming he remembers why he must be on guard and stays focused …* -01:24 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She rides away from the mansion headed for Mulberry Lane… knowing it was a few miles away, she wants to get there as swift as possible and urges Stormy into a full-speed run. It certainly doesn’t take long to get to the address! And she’s amazed at how close by the place actually was as she dismounts Stormy, tying him carefully to a tree surrounded by plenty of grass. Then, she walks up to the place that says 2876 and knocks politely on the door.* -01:24 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Believe it or not has somewhere to be! He has been summoned to attend a new patient who is very ill and “in need of his expertise” as the letter states. He quickly takes his horse and is gone!*

A maid quickly answers the door! “Yes, ma’am?” she asks, timid as a mouse. She even has mousebrown eyes and hair in a tight bun. She doesn’t even look up to meet Illy’s eyes, much less open the door more than a crack.

Illiana Rosewood: "Hello, miss. I’m looking for a Mr. Markus Fowler? I was told to meet with him this afternoon. *She says, noticing the maid wouldn’t meet her eyes either.* -01:31 Mar 29

DING DONG! There is a bell ring at the Wellington’s home!

The maid still doesn’t meet Illy’s eyes! “Mr. Markus Fowler …? I am sorry, ma’am but … there is no Mr. Markus Fowler here. I–I am afraid you have t–the wrong … house.” She starts to close the door …

Faulkner Grant: *Ignores the bell ringing. One of the maids will get it, he tells himself and runs his fingers through his gray-streaked hair. Had he been one of those poetic types he might even say the new look was "distinguished."* -01:33 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Unfortunately for the maid, she doesn’t exactly have time nor does she want to play these games. She sticks her foot inside the door.* No, miss, I have the correct address. *She pulls the letter out of her pocket to show the maid.* Now please, the sooner I see this man, the sooner I can be on my way. -01:33 Mar 29

The poor maid panics! “Ma’am! Puh–Please! This is the wrong house! You … you want the house next door! This–this is not the house!” With an amazing amount of strength, she forces Illy’s foot out and slams the door shut. “You have the wrong house!” she shouts through the closed door!

DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DO- Yep. One of the maids answered the door. There was several silent moments before one of the maids appeared with a letter in hand. “Mr. Grant, sir. There’s an urget letter here for you, sent from Sir Wellington.”

Marion: *By now Marion had a basket of flowers and had returned to hear and see the maid with a curious letter from Sir Wellington.* What is that all about, Faulker? -01:37 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Blinks! Wrong house her kicked foot! She grumbles to herself and decides to do this the hard way! She checks the address one more time, and gets annoyed enough to climb up a window, stealthilly using a drainpipe! Stupid, panicky maids…Grrr…this was not how she wanted to make an entrance! But there she was, having to sneak her way up the house to see which window would show her Fowler’s office!* -01:38 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Turns to the maid as she approaches and takes the letter. That was quick.* A letter? Already? *He looks up at Miss Courtland.* I have no idea, Miss Courtland. *He opens it and reads. Sir Wellington had left something important in the study? That didn’t sound like him at all.* I will only be a moment. It seems Sir Wellington forgot something in the study and he wishes me to put it away safely. Julie, if you could keep Miss Courtland company until I return. Please excuse me, Miss Courtland. *He bows and walks away. He quickly strides into the house and walks into the study and begins looking for this "book" of Sir Wellington’s.* -01:40 Mar 29

Unfortunately for Illy, the only thing she gets for her trouble are–heavy curtains drawn across the windows! It seems that if she wants to get a real good look, she’ll have to find a way inside!

Marion: Hmm. I suppose I’ll take these to the kitchen for some water.. Oh! I forgot Ginger’s apron! Can you take these to the kitchen for me? I’ll be right there in a moment! *Marion hands the maid the basket of flowers before moving off to find that apron!* -01:42 Mar 29

The maid did as instructed, taking the flowers away to the kitchen! Of course, in Sir Wellington’s study, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a “book”. Perhaps it was a mistake!

Illiana Rosewood: *She grumbles a lot as she goes back to find an unlocked window! Oh lovely. At this point, she was never going to get anything accomplished. She couldn’t very well just smash open a window because a maid was being stupid. She keeps searching for the unlocked window that would let her at least sneak inside without using any violence…* -01:44 Mar 29

It takes some searching but Illy finally does it! She finds an unlocked window! However it is awfully small and it might take some effort to get through but there are no heavy curtains. It seems to lead to a small room of sorts with nothing more than a bed and a table. Best of all, no one is in there.

Faulkner Grant: *Finally has to give up the search.* Odd. *He checks the letter but there are no clues to what this "book" looks like. At all. Sir Wellington only states that he forgot the book in the study and asks that he put it away for him. Hm. An odd mistake, if indeed it was a mistake. He turns and exits the study. He should really check on Miss Courtland.* -01:47 Mar 29

Speaking of Miss Courtland, there she is in the hall.. well going down the hall towards her room! Just missed her!

Illiana Rosewood: *Fortunately for Illie, she’s good at fitting through tight spaces! Being small and thin did have its advantages. She goes through that window, after pushing it open, and silently, trying to make no noise at all; she goes in search of Markus Fowler.* -01:48 Mar 29

Strange … The house, although just as large and as furnished as any well-to-do, respectable lawyer would, is silent and seems empty. Not a single whisper, not a single footstep to tell Illy that someone actually lives here.

Faulkner Grant: *Stops and blinks.* Miss Courtland? *What could she possibly be doing inside and where was Julie? Perhaps she had come inside and dismissed the maid. He heads down the hall and to her room. He knocks.* Miss Courtland? -01:52 Mar 29

The door opens and Marion blinks at Faulker, opening her mouth to speak when all of a sudden… There is a big BANG and flashing from the inside of her room! There’s a big dog beast!

Marion: There it is. *Marion is out in the gardens and snatches up that apron she left hanging on a bush. She shakes off the leaves and dust attached to it!* -01:55 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: …*There goes that uneasy sort of feeling she was prone to getting when something creepy was going on. She was half tempted to decide to wait another day on this; now that she knew the address…perhaps she could go back and write the lawyer a letter, or ask if he could possibly meet with her at the Wellington’s place! She certainly is reluctant as she looks in every room for the lawyer. . .why was it so hard to get a few answers these days?!* -01:56 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Not again! He grabs for Miss Courtland’s hand to pull her out of the room before the dog beast attacks!* -01:58 Mar 29

Oh no! It’s too late for attacking! That dog beast is pouncing after Marion and Faulker like it has hell’s fury!

Oh wait–there goes the timid maid scurrying toward Illy as fast as well–a mouse!

There is an old old man right outside the garden gates of the Wellingtons. And he looks so very lost and confused!

Illiana Rosewood: *Yikes! Illie does not want to get thrown out again, she hides quickly in a random room, leaning against that door to ensure the maid couldn’t open it in case she was seen…* -02:02 Mar 29
Marion: *Marion was just on her way back to the house.. but… Sighing, she draped the apron back on the bush and headed towards the gate.* Sir, are you all right? You seem a little lost. -02:02 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Manages to grab Miss Courtland anyways but in getting her out of danger, he turns his back on the dog beast! It turns out to be a big mistake as the dog beast’s claws rake his back as he dashes out of the room! The pain messes him up enough that the dash ends in a tumble across the hall!* -02:04 Mar 29

The old man scratches his head. “I was a lookin’ for me grandson… I he ran down that way, but I got all side-winded. Do you think you can point me in the right direction? I was sure there was a small stream through here…”

The maid scurries right past the room Illy is in! And just as Illy hears her scurrying fade, she hears something quite unexpected! A familiar voice!

Dr St James: *Pauses in the hall right outside of the room Illy is hiding in.* Hm. I wonder where she went off to. Perhaps I have the wrong house after all …

Illiana Rosewood: *Blinks! That was Dr.St. James! She opens that door quick enough!* St. James? What is going on? -02:07 Mar 29
Marion: Oh! That can’t be good at all! Let me see… *Flicking open the gate lock, she stepped outside of the garden to the rescue of the old man!* There’s actually a stream right near here. It even runs through the property. I’ll show you. Children always love playing in the water, so the Wellingtons just let them be so long as they stay out of trouble. *Smiling at the old man, she led him away from the gates and down a path towards the stream!* -02:07 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Blinks!* Miss Rosewood? Whatever are you doing here? I uh … *He pats his pockets and reaches into his jacket to show her a letter.* A letter was sent to me. A patient. Very ill. The maid showed me in but … she disappeared on me. You have business here as well?

Faulker’s tumble ends with a dog beast landing practically on top of him and Ma-… Marion has vanished! Completely vanished! Leaving only Faulkner there with a very hungry dog beastie clawing at his every limb!

Illiana Rosewood: *She nods.* I’m here to see Mr. Markus Fowler; but that maid of his tried to kick me out of the house. So naturally I’m resorting to good old fashioned sneaking. It makes me suspicious of it all. -02:11 Mar 29

CLICK! CLICK! SSSSHHHHHH … The sound of locks being opened and … gates opening?! And they’re coming from nearby! In fact … on either end of the hall Illy and St. James are in, the walls rise to about the height of Illy’s waist, revealing secret spaces of some sort. And three pairs of red eyes appear in the darkness at both ends of the hall … followed by growling. Two large three-headed dogs slowly step out! It looks like Illy and St. James were summoned for a purpose after all–to become the dogs’ dinner!

The old man mumbled that children were very pesky that way. As they reached the stream, before Marion can turn around the old man has vanished! Poofed! Something suddenly grabs her from behind, covering her mouth and nose! Making sure she can’t take in a single breath of air!

Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and winces!* Miss Courtland! *Realization finally dawns! It was a trap! "Yes, how very insightful of you." Deciding to ignore the voice until later, he grabs the leg of a small table nearby and smashes it over the dog beast’s head. The table splinters and he pushes the leg into the dog’s mouth, forcing it open!* -02:16 Mar 29
Marion: Where did yo-MMRPH! *Tricked like a three year old child…! She should have known not to talk to strangers, and now all she could do was struggle to get away or the very least to breathe!* -02:18 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Gulps and turns, only to see the dog closest to him and back away! He stops when he bumps into Illy!* Well … This is … unexpected. I … I assume my overactive imagination is at it again … *He shuts his eyes!*

Illiana Rosewood: If that’s your imagination St. James, I’m afraid to ask what you see in your dreams. *She says, deciding now was not a good time at all to fight 2 three headed dogs with one sword! And she had fully expected James’ denial. But all that mattered at this point was running for their lives! She pulls on his hand to dash out of that room hoping to make it to the front doors and dash outside before they were eaten alive!* -02:21 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Is quite certain th at if he thinks hard enough the dogs will disappear and they will end up being just fluffy little kittens looking for some petting! Yes, that is all it is! His imagination! He runs after Illy but only because if he doesn’t, she’ll end up dragging him!* Therearenodogs! Therearenodogs! Nodogs! Nodogs!

The beastie dog chomps down on the wood that Faulker stuffed in it’s mouth, splintering it in to a million pieces! It snaps at a leg!

The running sets the dogs off! They dash forward with supernatural speed! They bark and howl and throw saliva everywhere!

Marion is held firm, squirming or not! A voice, a very familiar voice murmuring in her ear! “Please don’t move, Marion. I need you to be still…”

Illiana Rosewood: Ew! I wish this was your imagination! I really do! *Illie yells over her shoulder, running faster towards the front door! She keeps urging James to run a lot faster; even as she’s shoving him in front of her to get to the door faster and less chance of him getting eaten.* -02:27 Mar 29
Marion: *Marion freezes! That voice was… but he was… She didn’t dare to move, but.. still couldn’t breathe!* -02:27 Mar 29

“Marion, about that night. There’s something I need you to tell me. But if you can’t remember…” With a hand still over her mouth and nose, something painfully sharp was inched up to her neck! A forboding threat! “Can you tell me…?”

Faulkner Grant: *Scrambles out of the way and finds his back up against the wall! He thrusts his hand out, palm toward the dog beast, fingers spread.* Absentis ut unde vos venit! *In a flash of light, the dog beast is gone!* -02:31 Mar 29

James trips and Illy helps him up! But just as they get to the door, a trapdoor opens up right under them and they go falling into darkness! And suddenly hit the ground!

Marion: *She wants to tell him, she really does! But she just can’t remember! And she’s trying so hard to think of what it is, but there’s no air and everything is getting a bit dim… She shakes her head! Marion just can’t!* -02:34 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Woah..! Hits the ground hard with a crash from unknown height! Where had they landed and what was going on? She attempts to look around at their surroundings….* -02:34 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: Miss Courtland! *He gets to his feet and dashes back out to the garden! On his way, Julie stops him and tells him that Miss Courtland sent her in because she had to fetch Lady Wellington’s apron! He leaves Julie standing in the hall and finds the garden empty! The apron is … draped over the bush. And the gate is … open?! He steps outside and fortunately finds footsteps leading toward the river children usually play in. He wonders what she could possibly be doing there as he runs!* -02:36 Mar 29

Dr St James: OOoff! *He hits the ground with a thud! and is so stunned, he can’t even move!* Wha … what just happened?

The only source of light is the light from above. Judging from their little fall and how far up the light is, it is safe to assume they fell about fifteen feet! It’s a miracle they haven’t broken every bone in their bodies! There is no way to get back up, only a narrow, smooth shaft. There is also no way to tell where they are–because the trap door is closing and soon they are in complete darkness …

“That’s not the correct answer, Marion.” Said voice doesn’t release the pressure until Marion has gone limp! That figure… the same cloaked figure from the mausuleum!… lifts her up and starts heading in to the stream. It’s deep enough to lower Miss Courtland with the intent on drowning her! It will look like a dreadful accident!

Illiana Rosewood: *She moves closer to where St.James is!* I’m not sure. Are you badly hurt? *So much for seeing anything….* -02:42 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Stays right where he is! He shuts his eyes so he can pretend that the darkness is really just caused by him closing his eyes. Instead of the fact that it really is pitch black.* I … I … am fine. *He swallows. His voice somewhat hoarse.* And … you, Miss Rosewood? *He asks, his voice a bit firmer now.*

Suddenly a light appears–and another–and another until Illy and St. James are surrounded by torches held on the walls around them. They are in a room of stone, a circular room where the torches are an equal distant apart from another. The ceiling is low except where the hole they fell from is, forcing Illy and St. James to either get on their hands and knees to move around or bend forward at waist level. There doesn’t seem to be anyway in or out except through that hole.

Illiana Rosewood: I- *She’s about to say something when those torches are all lit!* It looks like this is the only way out…and hope for the best St. James. *She says blinking at the situation a few times.* -02:48 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Something else catches his eye! He isn’t even looking at Illy now. He points somewhere at one wall of the room.* Th … that … that … is a rat … right …?

Marion: *Marion is… NOT unconcious! In fact, she played it quite clever this time! She faked passing out so the figure would have released her and as soon as she felt the cold water of the stream, she poked the devil in the eyes! Well… at least she hoped she aimed for the eyes!* -02:52 Mar 29

RAAGH! That WAS his eyes, and that did not make the cloaked figure any more pleasant. Awake or not, Marion was going to drown herself in the stream! The figured grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her down under the water!

Illiana Rosewood: *She gives St. James the strangest look! As if he were the one going crazy. She shakes her head. They’d just run from two three headed monster-dogs, fallen almost to their deaths, and he was worried about a rat? She shook her head, then started her way towards the hole, on hands and knees.* I’m pretty sure once we’re through this hole there’s goign to be lots worse than a rat to worry about St. James. -02:53 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Is going a lot slower than he should! He actually has to stop and catch a breath! His lungs are burning and his sides are aching! Damn … His age is beginning to catch up with him! He forces himself to continue on!* Miss Courtland! *He yells as he approaches the stream!* -02:54 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Pushes away from the “rat” and shuts his eyes!* Tell that to the rat! *He cries!*

Illiana Rosewood: You are NOT freaking out on me. *Turns around and grabs St.James to make him follow! She’d drag him through that hole if she had to!* -02:56 Mar 29

The figure hesitates for a split second at the sound of Faulkner’s voice! He continues to push Marion down under the water until he’s sure she won’t come back up again… and then escapes!

Illy should have taken a look at that “rat” St. James claimed to see sooner … because it certainly is not a normal rat. In fact, the rat appears to be growing larger and larger with bumps appearing on its back and its claws becoming even bigger claws!

Faulkner Grant: *Gets to the stream but doesn’t see anyone!* Miss Courtland! Miss Courtland! *He walks up to the stream and starts looking up and down. He can only hope he is not too late and she is still close by. There are no clues he can see that say she left here.* -02:59 Mar 29

There is no villain to be seen, nor the poor Miss Courtland! Only the bubbles that disturb the flowing stream!

Illiana Rosewood: *Crap. She needs something to distract that monsterous beast that wasn’t a rat at all. She grabs both shoes to throw at the beast for distractions, moving even faster towards that hole, dragging St. James in a hurry! She hoped that hole was the exit. She reallly did!* -03:02 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Of course is little to no help at all! He is in denial again and convinced this is all a bad dream, a bad, very vivid dream but a dream nonetheless. He still gets dragged however!*

The shoes don’t serve as much a distraction! All they do is piss the rat off! It starts growling and begins to shuffle toward them. It’s quick but not as quick as the dogs were, thanks to this size!

Illiana Rosewood: *Goody! Slow things were better! She yanks St. James even faster to that hole! She hopes they can get there fast enough and tells St. James to hurry. A lot.* -03:07 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Bubbles? This is only a hunch but for the sake of what little remains of his sanity, he has to be certain those are fish and not Miss Courtland for himself! He strides into the water where the bubbles are and dives! He feels around for anything, grabs what could be reeds or cloth and pulls it up with him as he rises!* -03:07 Mar 29
Marion: *Faulker captures… a dead body! Well, she’s not quite dead, but she’s surely on her way there! At least gasping for breath as soon as she breaks the surface!* -03:08 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Does as he’s ordered to! Although he is still quite certain this is all a dream! But he’s not too fond of rats so–dream or not, he hightails it! That is … until he runs out of space and drops–into icy water!*

St. James and Illy have reached the end of the hole which opens up into a sewer of some sort but one they probably have never seen before. Water is pouring out from a hole on the wall to their left above their heads. There is a ledge against the wall opposite them that leads down to the right as far as the eye can see. The walls are made of black stone covered in green moss. The trench the water is in is waist-deep.

Faulkner Grant: *Surprised, relieved, and terrified, all at the same time, he picks up Miss Courtland and lies her down on dry ground. He turns her over so she’s bending forward and he starts trying to pound that water out of her lungs.* -03:15 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Illie coughs up the wretched water as she struggles back to her feet from the shocking fall! She pulls up St. James and is now forced to miserably trudge through the sewer to try to find a way out of this damn place!* -03:15 Mar 29
Marion: *Coughing and gasping…! All of which is quite painful when you’ve sucked in a lung full of water! As soon as she’s sure she can breathe, she moves and throws her arms around Faulkner’s neck! -03:17 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: Miss Courtland! *So relieved she’s still alive, he wraps his arms around her–moist clothes and appropriateness be damned–and holds her tightly.* Miss Courtland … *He buries his face in her hair.* Marion … God, I thought I lost you. -03:19 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Agh! Cold! He’s up and shivering and wrapping his arms about himself! What type of place was this?! He follows after Illy, teeth chattering!*

Illiana Rosewood: *She was determinedly trying to find a ladder that would lead them out of this place! She was freezing, but if she moved that much faster; she wouldn’t have time to notice!* -03:23 Mar 29

Suddenly a light is pushed into Illy’s face and a gruff voice growls out! “Eh? Who goes there?”

Marion: I think I… walked right in to that one. *How stupid could she be? That was much too close for comfort, and that man sounded exactly like… but he would never…* Every time you’re here, I just… I shouldn’t have left the garden… -03:25 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks, startled, holding a hand in front of her face.* Just two very tired, wet people trying to get out of this place! *She calls back, deciding if this character said no; she was going to hit him over the head.* -03:28 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: I shouldn’t have left you alone. *He says as he leans back, shaking his head and brushing her hair out of her eyes.* I should have known the letter was a ruse. Then I thought you had gone to your room but–it was just another diversion to keep me away from you. Marion, what happened? *The sun is out and warm and beginning to dry her.* -03:29 Mar 29

The light retreats enough that it’s no longer in Illy’s face and Illy and St. James can see the man. He is old and wide with a long beard, wearing tattered clothes and carrying a club in his other hand. “Eh? You of Adams’ stock, girl?”

Marion: Just a stupid woman falling for an obvious trick. *A she felt like a world of stupid, and it was written across her face.* He sounded just like Thomas… -03:35 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: …Thats actually what I was here to find out today, sir. *She says honestly,but is a little wary.* -03:35 Mar 29

The man grins, showing yellow teeth. “Eh. You look like him. You sound like him, too. The name’s Patrick O’Reilly. I keep these sewers. Come on, I’ll show ya out.” He turns and starts shuffling down a tunnel of sorts.

Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and he actually goes pale!* Thomas … He sounded like Thomas? Did he … did he say anything? -03:37 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Looks from Illy to the man and back again. He shivers and waits to see if she wants to follow the man or not, although the way out seems like a splendid idea right about now.*

Illiana Rosewood: *She blinks! Well that was certainly a lot more helpful than anything she’d dealt with so far… And she continues to drag St. James, not letting go of his arm once as she followed Patrick!* Thank you sir. The names Illiana Rosewood. -03:38 Mar 29
Marion: *Oh that look on his face.. that doesn’t bode at all! She looks very very worried!* He wanted me to remember… something. -03:40 Mar 29

“Eh? Rosewood?” He asks over his shoulder, although he doesn’t stop or pause. “I remember a Rosewood. Mayhap you be the daughter then.” He makes a sound that might have been a chuckle. “Adams was never one fo’ ‘class’. Guess that’s why he always found himself here. Never cared what those rich folk said. Just wanted to live and let live, ya know?”

Faulkner Grant: *Realize he’s not helping things at all. He wants to know, he really does but … this is neither the time or the place. He smiles slightly.* Let’s get you nice and warm. I’ll send a letter to the Wellingtons right away. Are you able to walk? -03:42 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She blushes a deep ruby red…! So those rumors were true?* Understandable… Say… would you happen to know anything about a certain man named Markus Fowler? I know he was the family lawyer for Bernard Adams.. and he’s the one I’ve been trying to meet… -03:42 Mar 29
Marion: *Marion nodded slowly, but now wasn’t the time to think of warmness! There’s was mysterious life threatening plots!* But it couldn’t have been Thomas… correct? Perhaps it was just a trick to keep me from fighting… -03:44 Mar 29

“Eh … Markus Fowler. There are few who don’t know ‘im. Dun know what you be wantin’ with a scumbag like him.”

Faulkner Grant: Marion … *He looks away from her and then looks back at her face, meets her eyes.* You know I could never lie to you. The man who attacked you. He isn’t Thomas. -03:46 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Teeth chattering. He swallows.* Pa–Pardon me s–sir but … if you could may–maybe have a fire we could sit beside fo–for awhile …?

Marion: *Marion chewed on her bottom lip while she examined his face.. No, no he wasn’t lying. At least for that she was relief.* All right… But maybe we should search the stream for that assailant. Or evidence, or… anything! -03:49 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *This was startling indeed! She’d no idea the man even had such a reputation.. but if he wasn’t the only one who knew about Bernard Adams, so much the better!* We’re nearly there…St. James….*Tries to assure the doctor as they keep moving.* But Mr. Patrick? Who else would know Bernard Adams as much as Markus Fowler? -03:49 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Sighs loudly but rubs his arms and tries to think of something other than cold! The sun! Yes, he’d think of the sun!*

Faulkner Grant: *Studies Marion. He knows that stubborn look in her eyes. He finally nods.* Alright. *He’d much rather she come back to the house with him and get warm and dry but … that would have to wait.* But let’s stay together. Where were you standing when you were attacked? -03:52 Mar 29
Marion: *He was giving in to what she wanted without question like he always did… That made her smile!* Over there… *She pointed to the spot near the stream.* -03:54 Mar 29

The man scratches his head with the back of the hand holding the club. “Eh … That’d be Christopher … As boys those two were inseparable. Brothers, just not bound by blood. Mayhap he still lives here.” He finally comes to the end of the tunnel to where a ladder against the wall leads up to a trap door. “This leads up to the street. Here, hold this.” He hands Illy his club and his light. “I better get the cover. It’s mighty tough.”

Illiana Rosewood: *Illie gladly takes the torch from Patrick.* Thanks very much sir. You’ve been very helpful. *She says, letting him climb up the ladder first.* -03:58 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: That looks like as good a place as any. *He walks with her over to the spot she pointed to and starts searching the ground for anything that could be a clue.* Footprints … How about you? -03:59 Mar 29
Marion: There’s not really anything out of teh ordina- *Marion suddenly stopped and blinked as she turned to see him. She slowly crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.* When were you going to mention you are covered head to toe in scratches and claw marks, Faulkner Grant. -04:01 Mar 29

“Eh. Least I can do,” he says as he climbs up. He spits on his hands, rubs his palms together, and grunts as he works on the wheel that keeps the cover closed. There is finally the sound of metal giving way and the wheel turns. He squints as he opens the cover and comes back down. He takes his things back and puts the lantern and club down on the ground. He would have to close the cover once they were gone. “Eh. Remember. Christopher Williams is the one you want. And a word of advice. Be wary of Markus Fowler. The trouble with him is … you don’t know where the truth ends and the lies begin.”

Faulkner Grant: *Blinks and looks up at her.* I … might have been saving that for … later … -04:04 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Is more than happy to climb up that ladder!* My thanks, Mr. O’Reilly!

Illiana Rosewood: *She nodded, keeping in mind what Patrick told her.* I will sir. Thanks again. Take care! *She calls as she follows St. James up the ladder.* -04:05 Mar 29

The man follows after them and closes the cover, leaving Illy and St. James in the middle of a not so busy street! That means they have time to get out, adjust their eyes to the light, and find their way to the sidewalk!

Marion: When you passed out from bloodloss or earned yourself an infection. I see. *Marion started back towards the house, even snapping her fingers and pointing for the house for him to follow. Yes, she was very angry indeed!* Have you any idea how mad I’ll be if you get yourself killed? -04:08 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She does just that when she’s out of that place, and soon enough she’s going back to where she’d tied up her horse…hoping he would still be there!* -04:09 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Sighs. He knows better to protest as he follows her back.* I was hoping you’d be more sad than mad. *He wasn’t too keen on the image of her strangling his poor corpse and demanding to know why he had to get himself killed.* -04:10 Mar 29
Marion: I would be so furious I would open up one of Ginger’s book and bring you back from the dead, I believe! *And she might have been serious as she enters through the garden gates! She was mad enough for tears, of which she tried to brush away quickly before being caught!* -04:13 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Is oh so glad to be out! Now he can start to dry up so he won’t catch a cold or worst! At least, that’s what he thinks until–!* AAAhh … Aaahh … CCHOO!!

Illiana Rosewood: *She was definitely more than numb from head to toe… and her teeth were chattering. Suddenly as she got to Stormy and began untying his leash, she says bless-you, but ends up in a coughing fit!* Damnit…we can’t both be sick! *She grumbles, helping St.James onto the Saddle, before climbing up herself and heads back to the mansion! She wasn’t going to go through that nonsense again!* -04:15 Mar 29

Dr St James: We can be if–if–ACHOO! *He sneezes just as she’s putting him in the saddle which causes him to collapse forward so now he’s lying sideways in front of her.* Oh dear …

Faulkner Grant: *Oh, that wouldn’t be good.* Miss Courtland, please … I can explain. I fell for a doppleganger and was attacked by a dog beast. It wasn’t until I sent it back to where it came from that I could come and find you. -04:18 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She sighs, now this was just awkward! She just carefully helps him to sit up, and takes control of the reigns, then urges Stormy to hurry for home at a fast run!* -04:19 Mar 29
Marion: *…That certainly made it worse! Marion stopped in mid step at the back door of the manor to turn and glare teary eyed at him!* You’re going to be killed protecting me, Faulkner Grant! And I don’t like it! I.. I order you not to protect me any more! I refuse to be the reason you die! -04:21 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: Marion … *He looks at her sadly.* Marion … You know I can’t stop doing that. *How could he start explaing to her just how much danger she was in without making everything worst. More than ever, he wished the Wellingtons were there! He needed advice. Desperately!* -04:22 Mar 29
Marion: Balderdash! You’re thinking some nonsense that I am unaware of the dangers, well… I am not! One doesn’t get drowned outside of their own backyard and not realize the dangers! But if you die I don’t think I can… I… Just don’t die! -04:24 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: I know but … *Damn, he should just tell her everything but that would only make her run. And he didn’t want her to run. He couldn’t quite face up to it but he was very much in love with her. He just couldn’t let her know about it or let it come in the way of his duty to protect her. Things had been much simpler when Thomas was alive! He walks up to her and … slips the fingers of both hands between the fingers of her hands, clasping them together. He can’t say anything, he doesn’t know what to say. All he can do is just stand there, holding her hands.* -04:29 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Finally, she gets to the mansion; exauhsted, soaking wet, freezing to the bones, and not even bothering to hold back those coughing spasms or the occasional sneeze. She makes sure Stormy goes back to the barn, then she’s literally half dragging, half-carrying St. James inside the house!* -04:30 Mar 29

Dr St James: *Is quite certain he’s going to be very sore and awkward riding like this but then Illy sets him aright! He grins sheepishly up until he sneezes again! And he keeps sneezing even when the horse has stopped and he’s being half-dragged, half-carried!*

One of the maids meets Illy as she arrives! “Miss Rosewood! Doctor St. James? Oh my, you are soaked!” She quickly follows after her. “I will have a bath prepared right away and some hot food and dry clothing!”

Illiana Rosewood: *She’s almost coughing too bad to answer.* Th-that sounds fine… thanks. *She agrees, her teeth chattering almost as bad as St. James! She keeps holding him up, even though he was sneezing everywhere! Good thing the maid said clean clothes…and hot bath….she didn’t know if she was all that hungry though. Mostly she wanted to pass out right then and there!* -04:34 Mar 29
Marion: *He was so stubborn…! But he was kind, and gentl and so sweet… It was impossible to stay upset!* You are my knight, Faulkner Grant… but I still wish for you to be safe. *She leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed him softly on the cheek.* -04:35 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Grins sheepishly.* I’ll take better care of myself. I promise. *He brings her hands up, adjusting his fingers so he can do so without his hands getting awkward and kisses the knuckles. He looks at her for a few long moments before he finally realizes … * We … better get inside. *He says, although he doesn’t move at all!* -04:39 Mar 29

“Oh dear!” The maid exclaims as Miss Rosewood coughs everywhere. And don’t get her started on the doctor! “To your room, Miss Rosewood!” Once they get there, she gestures to the doctor. “We have a guest room for you, Dr. St. James. If you could follow me.” She looks back the way they’d come. “Fiona, some dry clothes and draw up the bath for Miss Rosewood! Also, have Henrietta get some soup! Come along, Doctor! I will get you all nice and dry myself!”

Marion: *Marion nodded, keeping one of his hands captive as she led him through the back door.* -04:47 Mar 29

Sir Wellington: *There is Sir Wellington standing in the back kitchen.* GRANT! That entire thing was tr- Marion! Are you all right? Damnation, man! What happened! -Marion

Faulkner Grant: Sir Wellington … there is no excuse. *He lowers his head.* I … nearly failed Miss Courtland. -04:49 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *Illie coughs again. This time there was a nasty rattle in her chest! She didn’t feel like arguing anymore as her teeth were chattering hard enough to make her head rattle…..she goes upstairs to soak in hot water in the bathroom connected to her own room. She plans on staying in there a long time!* -04:50 Mar 29

Fiona quickly dashes off to do as she’s told and the sneezing Dr. St. James is nudged farther down the hall! Miss Rosewood’s wet clothes are taken away for some washing and new dry clothes are given. Not exactly hers but they are about her size and Lady Wellington said that should she need dry clothes to use these. The soup is prepared.

Dr St James: *Blinks and blushes as the maid just won’t leave him alone! She is mighty pushy and will not take no for an answer as she gets him out of his clothes and into the bath! He attempts to hold on to what little dignity he has left!*

Marion: He did no such thing. I talked to a stranger and walked myself in a mess, and he saved my life! … And getting yourself beaten to death by Oscar is not keeping yourself safe, Faulkner Grant! -04:55 Mar 29
Illiana Rosewood: *She thanks the maid and takes her bath. Shocking how hot water was when you were so cold it hurt..! The feeling in her nerves started working soon enough and that made Illie even more miserable as all the aches and gigantic headache she’d almost forgotten about suddenly seemed to increase…..what an awful, crappy day. She takes her time with soaking.. she felt she’d never be clean after walking through sewer water though! Gross!* -04:57 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: *Keeps his head lowered and doesn’t say a thing. He should get her to let go of his hand somehow. It’s not right for her to be seen holding his hand. She’s a refined lady and he was only the help.* -04:59 Mar 29

The maid will hear none of it! Someone needs to take care of him and she’s just the woman to do it! It will only be quick. The sooner he gives in, the better!

Sir Wellington: *Yes. Sir Wellington does indeed look like he might beat a man senseless!* Keeping yourself safe, Hmmmm? And what about my little Marion who could not hurt a fly, let alone an assaiilant…? -Marion

Marion: Oh, Oscar.. *Marion gave a deep sigh, brushing past Sir Wellington, dragging along Faulkner by the hand!* We’ll just have to teach me something more useful than embroidery, won’t we Mr. Grant! -05:01 Mar 29
Faulkner Grant: Ack! Miss! Please! *His protests go unheard so … he does the only thing any decent man would do under the circumstances–he wraps a towel around his waist and dashes out of the room!* -05:02 Mar 29

Dr St James: Ack! Miss! Please! *His protests go unheard so … he does the only thing any decent man would do under the circumstances–he wraps a towel around his waist and dashes out of the room!*

“But sir–! Your clothes!” the maid shouts after him, left at the door! She sighs and shakes her head. The cute ones always run away …

Faulkner Grant: *Doesn’t dare meet Sir Wellington’s eyes. Teach Miss Courtland self-defense … He couldn’t possibly and yet … as he’s dragged away, he begins to see how much sense that makes …* -05:04 Mar 29

Sir Wellington: Now see here, woman…! *Blustering like a locomotive…! He’s practically turning red!* You’ve been getting crazy ideas from that wife of mine! I demand that you see reason! -Marion

Illiana Rosewood: *She was starting to feel a whole lot better now! The hot water had warmed her so it didn’t hurt so much; but she was still coughing, even as she gets herself thoroughly clean, and takes a while longer to rinse herself off.* -05:05 Mar 29

What was she thinking?! The cute ones always run away but weren’t they the ones worth running after?! She soon dashes off after him! “Doctor St. James! Come back here!”

Marion: I am being reasonable. If I, a woman in mortal danger, plans on staying alive and not allowing her knight to get himself killed in the process… should learn useful skills in the event of monsters, creatures, and strangers. *To Faulkner’s own room she drags him, and right through the door even! She stops at the door to smile graciously at Sir Wellington!* You have said yourself, "One can not know enough!" -05:09 Mar 29

Sir Wellington: Marion, you-! I will not-! Woman, I’m going to-… GINGER! *He finally bellows at the top of his lungs before stomping away to find his wife! That woman is in trouble!* -Marion

Faulkner Grant: *Appropriateness behind, he blinks. Yes, that was one of Sir Wellington’s golden remarks. But why his room of all rooms …* -05:12 Mar 29

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