Executive Decision 003: Beneath the Surface

Sierra: Sierra was clearly out of her mind. Why else would she completely disregard her own rule of no second chances, actually schedule another meeting, a dinner meeting, with the very man that her mind twisted up on knots. Once again she was walking in to their neutral meeting space. Only this time, instead of dressed like a knockout bimbo with intent to harass him, she was dressed as herself. Sierra McKinney. And this was going to be strange… -07:55 Dec 18
Gian: He met her outside, there was no press, no fanfair. He was wressed in a simple golf shirt and slacks, nothing special, and certainlu nothing hidden in his pocjkets. He had no game plan, and he had no unterious motive, other than the fact she was going to enjoy tonight, on one sense, or both. -07:59 Dec 18
Sierra: When she approached, she looked wary. But she held up her hands to show they were empty. “No financial records or paperwork. This is a date, Bentivoglio…” she muttered. One that she wasn’t planning on sabotaging. Which made her all the more uneasy! -08:02 Dec 18
Gian: “Good I’ve had enough business.” he said. “My father is a very adament man when he wants to be. He and I had words over the apropriations of an emergency expence account he caught me trying to make. He thinks I’m sabotaging the deal of the century, when really nothing could be further from the truth. Good thing he can’t actually stop me making it. Pity the one I’m offering it to is too proud to take it.” -08:06 Dec 18
Sierra: “You are the most confounding person I have ever met.” Her couldn’t possibly mean making an expense account for her. And if that were the case, she didn’t know if she should be insulted, suspicious, or amused. Her hands rest on her hips for a moment, tapping as she frowned. “I don’t know if you’re manipulating me, playing games, or are just naturally infuriating and I hate not knowing.” -08:11 Dec 18
Gian: He pulled a card out of his pocket and placed it on the table. “In case you were being serious and you will end us destitute if this deal doesn’t go through there will be enough on this card for you to live comfirtably for the rest of your life.” he said ignoring her indirect question. “So there, you don’t have to feel forced to marry me anymore.” he leaned back and crossed his arms. “Of course the funds only unfreeze of you do end up on the streets with nothing no you’ll just have to trust me.” -08:18 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra leaned and picked up the card. Holding it with both hands and tapping her fingers at the edge of it. There was the temptation to snap it right there. She didn’t need his charity. Was he even being charitable?! “That’s just the problem, though, isn’t it. Trust. I don’t trust you. And for some reason you think I am just supposed to, for no reason, on pure faith alone.” Sierra stared him down for a moment, before her expression soften and with a slight huff she was tucking the card away in to a little snap pocket book. “…but I suppose it’s only fair to give you one opportunity. One.” she mumbled. -08:24 Dec 18
Gian: He shook his head. “I don’t expect you to trust me. I never expect anyone to trust anyone and I sure as the sards are red don’t trust anyone.” he said this cynical sentens was occonpaniec by him opeing the wine list as if he had been commenting on the weather. “That is why I like my sex shallow, menaingless, and with many people, or used to.” he pointed to a bottle and the waitor bowedbefore taking the list back. “But I can see things from your perspective, and the feeling of being trapped is something I resurve for those I seek to control utterly. You’re too creative for that, I woud never want to restrict your tallent. I guess that I’m trying to say is I respect you.” -08:30 Dec 18
Sierra: This was exactly what she meant by confusing. He said one thing and behaved in a completely different way. Sierra finally slipped in to her seat. There was no sense in standing there all night. “I am not sure if I believe you. …but we’ll see, won’t we?” She reached for her glass of water and took a sip. “This is going to be a problem for me…” she finally stated, slowly… as if she really wasn’t sure she wanted to have this conversation. “I need trust. Trust is important for me. I have to trust the people I work with, and I need to trust the person I’m going to be married to the rest of my life. And he needs to trust me. Respect is a good start, but it doesn’t go very far without trust.” -08:38 Dec 18
Gian: “There are rumors about my family.” he said. “That the Bentivoglios solve problems thier own way. An accountant skimming off the top into his own pocket finds himslef in a transtude accident. A Bentivoglio son scenemig against the family with a company you are very familiar with turns up dead a few dats later… those rumors are true.” he said. “I have never personally endorsed this meathod of bussiness but it was my father’s stock in trade. Since I’m taking over the dusiness I’m putting a stop to it, but this is what I grew up with. Hnives at my back in the hands of those who call me son, or brother. Trust has to be earned Sierra. You’ve made threats against me and I take all threats seriously. What can you say now that will make trusting you easier. because I would like to trust you.” -08:44 Dec 18
Sierra: Sharp. Speaking of knives to the back, it felt like having needles run up her spine having him so openly admit those rumors were true. His family killed people, it really wasn’t a surprise. Sierra fell silent, twisting her water glass on the table as she chewed her lip and gave it some thought. “Nothing, I suppose.” she admitted. “Every threat I made, I meant it. I felt threatened, so I threatened back. Someone hurts me, I hurt them. And I got shoved in to a situation I didn’t want to be in. …so I can’t take it back. But I could try to.. be more… open?” That was a hard thing to give. He had no idea how hard! -08:51 Dec 18
Gian: “That card gives you a way out.” he said”It will be the first bridge of trust even though I doubt you will use it. You’re not the type to back out of anything.” he leaned forwards and looked her in the eyes. “A fair warning, my father and I most resemble eachother after being betrayed.” he accepted a glass of wine and indicated for her to ge given one too. “I want you to know what you’re getting into, that is why I’m telling you everything. I gave you a way out, so you need to understand where you are before you decide not to use it because if we’re getting married I need to be able to trust it will last.” -08:58 Dec 18
Sierra: “I am not an idiot, Gian. You can sure as hell bet I’ll know exactly what I am getting in do if we marry.” If she had too much pride, he was too damned arrogant. The wine she accepted with a smile, sipped and appreciated for the moment as she eyed the man across the table. “Your family might be a bunch of back-stabbing thugs, Gian, but I’m not. If we get married, it’s going to be forever. There’s not going to be anyone on this planet you could trust more than me, and it’s not just for your benefit, but because that’s what I need. I want a real husband, not a business partner…” -09:03 Dec 18
Gian: He mashed his fingers on the table and took a pacient breath. “Don’t assume I’m assuming you’re an idiot. Sometimes things need to be said for clarities sake.” he said “Forever is a long time and it we’re facing it together then we need to be on the same page.” he picked up his glass and took a sip. “And giving you a way out is my way of seeing if you really do want to marry me.” -09:10 Dec 18
Sierra: Hrm. Was he getting frustrated with her? It was the first time she had seen even an inkling of him not having everything perfectly under control. Sierra smiled wide and leaned back in her seat. Swirling the wine in her glass. “If I don’t want to marry you, I am not going to. It doesn’t matter what my father says, where I will end up, or whether or not you’ve so -kindly- allowed me an escape route. Do you even know -why- all of this pisses me off so much? I can promise you it’s not because I feel powerless. Because I don’t…” -09:20 Dec 18
Gian: He quirked an eyebrow at her and then took another sip from his glass. “No, none of those worth the time ever do, because they see thier own ways out.” he gave her a smirk and set his glass down. “And as I’m sure you’ve noticed. If we’re going to be married there will be sex, between us, exclusivly, on a regular basis. I’m sure it would help you trust me to know I’m not looking to sleep around?” -09:24 Dec 18
Sierra: And there it was again, the assinine smirking that just instantly made her want to smack him. He would have to bring it back to sex, which sent a flush of red to her cheeks and had Sierra staring in to her glass instead of at him. “Sex is a part of a working marriage.” she mumbled, tapping the glass against her lips. Damnation. Now she was shifting in her seat. “Though what makes you think you are so interesting for it to be a regular basis, Gian…” and that tone of her voice. Accidental flirting. Purely accidental! -09:31 Dec 18
Gian: “That color on your cheeks for one thing.” he said. “Your smile for another. The fact that you would be the first person willing to be in a relationship with me without the promise of shiny baubles is yet another. I never claim he be good in bed, or that I’m a rolemodel when it comes to monogamy. But you’re the first peson I’ve met that I’ve been willing to give that too, and I promise that next time I’ll show you something differnet to the previous times. It will be just us, alone, a little music. No rush, just getting to know eachother in the biblical sense.” -09:37 Dec 18
Sierra: Why did that offer give her goosebumps and force her to shift in her seat to cross her legs. She moistened her lips with a drink of wine, and willed her subconcious to behave. Sierra didn’t even like him. So why was the promise of a night alone sounding so, so tempting. “You’re very good at speeches, Gian. I hope you can make good on your promises. I don’t like to be disappointed.” -09:43 Dec 18
Gian: “You’ve been technically satisied both times we’ve met.” he said “Tonight I’m going to take the time make sure you’re not angry at me for it afterwards. After a nice meal of course, during which I will look into your eyes a lot and mull over why you make me was to be a one woman man. I’m having just a simple pomodoro with a side of garlic bread tonight.” the last sentence was to the waitor. -09:46 Dec 18
[Sierra is having dinner with her fiance. An actual… not so bad.. dinner.] -06:13 Dec 18
[Gian for once is winging it, and is on a date.] -06:15 Dec 18
Sierra: "Physically doesn’t count. Lets just go ahead and make that clear." And her face was red. Again. It didn’t matter she was a grown woman, had plenty of men before. For some reason THIS man was unnerving. Sierra muttered her order to the waitor quickly, and then her eyes were right back on Gian. "You are, however, starting to head down the right track." -06:22 Dec 18
Gian: "Don’t think I was ALL force and subjigate did you?" he asked placing a hand on the table. "You should know however that it takes a very special woman to tame me enough to take it slow once lips meet. Think you’re up to the job?" -06:30 Dec 18
Sierra: "I like challenges. I’m not so sure you are a challenge, though. Just a pain." Sierra smirked at him, even leaning forward on the table. Maybe even just a tiny bit relaxing. It didn’t have to be a knock-down battle. "I do think you are all force and control, however. So I am very interested in seeing you totally lose it." -06:34 Dec 18
Gian: "There are many ways to lose it." he pointed out. "I think the one you’re looking for is the hardest to get." he tapped his nails on his glass and eyed her. "Do you think sex is something special, or just satisfying a need?" -06:39 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra stared at him in amazement before she suddenly laughed. "You’re seriously asking that question? You’ve fucked me twice, both resulting with me being pissed as shit and you actually ask me what I think." Another sip of wine, and she just… couldn’t get over her amazement. Was he just asking to hear her say it, or was he actually that damned clueless? "What do YOU think my opinion is? Based on whatever background information you dug up on me. First impressions." -06:47 Dec 18
Gian: "I see." was his only reply before he stood, slowly. "I need to go to the bathroom for a moment. I’ll be back." he turned and headed off before glancing back at her. She was a difficult person, maybe there was something to her other than what the public knew. -06:52 Dec 18
Sierra: And now he was escaping. Another moment of surprise for Sierra. Why was it, the vast majority of time he didn’t do what she expected from him. She didn’t like surprises… Once he was out of sight, she was frowning at her glass. Maybe this was a bad idea. Surely it was easier living on the separate side of the globe from her soon-to-be husband… -06:56 Dec 18
Gian: When he returned he sat and pulled his chair forwardsand gave her a smile before refilling his glass. "I havn’t done any digging into your personal life." he said. "That would be inconciderate. My father has but I havn’t bothered to learn what he found. So before you say anything just remember I prefer to be told personal things by the people they are personal to, unless I want to know thing for business reasons." -07:00 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra set her empty glass down on the empty and pushed it towards him. Her expression was a little dubious, with the slight raise of her eyebrown and the faint frown. "And you weren’t in the bathroom quickly searching for my past boyfriends, lovers, and somesuch…" -07:04 Dec 18
Gian: He filled her glass and pushed it back at her. "I was taking a leak." he said eying her. "You past boyfriends are not my business, unless they make themselves my business and then they won’t be for long. Some of us in this business don’t have to know absolutly everything about everyone around us. How many names of my former consorts to you know? I know someone has been around asking about them." -07:08 Dec 18
Sierra: "Hmm. I know the more famous ones, quite a few after that… and then I begged no more when the list became ridiculous. Perhaps I should be asking you how you view sex." Sierra took her glass back, but didn’t drink. Just swirled it’s contents a bit as she gave him that wide smirk. "So? You admitted you have shallow relationships and a problem with trusting people. Normally someone like that doesn’t have sex with everything that breathes." -07:12 Dec 18
Gian: "I’m a needy man." he said taking a sip and eying her. "And staying with the same person for too long makes things complicated, and very few women can satisfy my appitite completely without help. And no I don’t mean threesomes, I mean as they’re recovering I see someone else, but then I think yu guessed that. You probably hate me because of that pattern of behaviour." -07:17 Dec 18
Sierra: "No. I hate you for not asking permission." It was hard remembering she was pissed off when she was talking to him like this. And that small disturbing fact that she might have liked that he didn’t ask permission. …this was not a realization she wanted to come to in the middle of a dinner date. Sierra cleared her throat, and gestured a finger towards the bottle. "You have good taste in wine." -07:24 Dec 18
Gian: "If you truly obgected would you be here alone with me tonight on a date?" he asked her before looking at the bottle. "It’s on of my favorites that are actually grown on mars." he explained. "That, and I own it, but I only own it because they make good wine. Next time we’re get an import that I also find to be very good. Ahh.." thier food had arived and he wasmore than eager to sprincle cheese onto his. "Do you have a favorite?" -07:29 Dec 18
Sierra: Damnit. That hadn’t occured to her. Sierra was frowning again, and just shook her head. "I only drink wine on dates and at events. I prefer hot tea or water with cucumber." Sierra picked up the glass to peer through it. The man owned a winery too. But then, whatever her family didn’t own was probably his. The glass was set down, and she smiled at the waitor once their plates arrived. Ravioli in a simple sauce with fresh cracked pepper. "Do you take all of your dates to nice places and treat them to your favorite wine?" -07:41 Dec 18
[Gian enters.] -08:01 Dec 18
[(Timeout) Gian was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:02 Dec 18
Gian: He checkled. "Out first meeting, that is a typical date for me, sometimes with more talk beforehand, but never wine." he held up the glass and looked into the dark liquid. "Wine is somethign I usually enjoy with people I want to spend time with." -08:16 Dec 18
Sierra: "You just get more and more confusing, don’t you." she mumbled to herself. That actually made her more uncomfortable than when she thought he was a scheming, psychopathic asshole. A rare, awkward moment that she didn’t know where to go next. "I can honestly say, you’re not my typical date…" -08:30 Dec 18
Gian: "Then we’re in the same boat." he said placing his glass down ans laoding his roks with pasta to take a bite and glance up at her, chew and swallow. "You an say at least we’re getting through the meal before I bring out to sissors tonight." it was a joke he wasn’t actually carrying any with him, this time. "Do you want to see the place no other date ever has?" -08:37 Dec 18
Sierra: "Hmm, you promised there was nothing in your pockets, lying already, Gian?" That was a terrible joke. And Sierra was itching to ask him why he carried around scissors to begin with, but she doubted that she really wanted to know. Or perhaps she already did? Her fork tapped on her plate as she rest her chin in her hand and gave him a curious look. "Another special first? I’d be lying myself if I said I wasn’t curious…" -08:41 Dec 18
Gian: "If we’re going to be married you need to see where I live?" he said eying her. "The place I go to reflect on everything I’ve done and plan my next moves. The place where I control everything." he kept his eyes in her as he ate and watched her, testing her. Would she bite? -08:50 Dec 18
Sierra: "To the lion’s den." She ate and she would take a sip of wine. Give an examining look, deliberately silent as she gave it some consideration. Sierra was battling an inner duel between her suspicion and that irritating curiosity. She should know if they were going to be married. It’s not like she could avoid him. He already proved that today! "I suppose I’d like to see where the man sleeps when he’s not ruling half the world." -08:54 Dec 18
Gian: He gave her a smile and then took another sip of wine. "Excelent. I hope you won’t be dissapointed." he ate quickly and was soon looking at an empty plate and leaning abck in his chair. She had agreed to go home with him, that meant that she was going to be technically physically satisfied if nothing else. "I have to say, I like that angle your eyebrow takes when you’re thinking." -09:00 Dec 18
Sierra: Sierra took all the time in the world to eat. She didn’t like to rush through good food. And maybe the fact he was plying her with compliments also amused her. How observant he was, not so much. She finished her glass of wine and made an effort to be as expressionless as possible. Easier thought, than done. "You seem to like a lot of things about me, Gian. Now when am -I- going to be infatuated?" she teased. -09:04 Dec 18
Gian: "That is entirely up to you." he said. "I’m trying to look at the good things about you since we’ll be maried and I want to…" he stopped to lean over and refill her glass, his his a splash and down it. "Maybe when you open up to me, unless you want me to see this as a bussiness deal and treat it like one, I can do that too. In which case I’ll be adding a sex clause to the contract, a dress code for personal areas, a schedule for dates and public excursions, and… well I don’t think either of us would be happy if that were the case." -09:10 Dec 18
Sierra: "I told you that’s not the kind of marriage I really want…" she sounded a bit annoyed, and why wouldn’t she be? The contract she tried to scare him with was for that purpose only. Scare him away. The thought of having to follow some assinine conditions… sex clause? Dress codes? Sierra scoffed and drank some more. Had she any sense she would have refused more wine. But it was good wine, and a little liquid courage would do her very well! "Sex contracts are messy, messy business in any case. I’d rather not have to deal with that with my husband. I told you trust was important…" -09:19 Dec 18
Gian: He smirked and shot her a look. "That wasn’t a serious option." he said, in truth is was a cover. "Frankly I’d rather take over your company the hard way than have a marriage work that way, but here we are, on a date, and I have no idea if we’re doing it right. You’re not a floozie to be seduced ad that’s what I’m used to." -09:25 Dec 18
Sierra: "You’re doing unexpectedly well so far, Gian. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you damn well do know how to treat someone on a date." Not a floozie to be seduced. It was a line, she knew it was. But she still cast that smug, satisfied smirk. No woman could resist a night full of compliments without taking pride in at least a few. Not even her. "Why even agree to the marriage? You like your life, I know you do. We could have made a different deal, and you don’t strike me as the type to agree to wild ideas by backwards old men…" -09:32 Dec 18
Gian: "When my father says something, you agree." he said simply. "And there isn’t a man on mars whe wouldn’t want to be married to you, we just need to find something that works." he sighed. "If you ever met my father you’d understand. Standing up to him enough to get that expence account was more than I’d ever normally do. Schedule a meeting with him, see if you can dissagree with him knowing his reputation, and that the rumors are true. I was just happy you’re not marrying my surviving brother. You should be too. We’s ten times worse that I am." -09:42 Dec 18
Sierra: "I’d be the same with them as I am with you, the minute either one of them pissed me off." If he was the best of the bunch, and the mess she got in to with him… "…Maybe you’re right. It’s probably best that it’s you. I can barely deal with you without feeling like I’m out of my mind." Another reluctant confession, probably to blame on her empty glass of wine. She set it aside. "My father is like that. You don’t say no, unless he wants you to say no. And then when you think you’ve found a way around it, you realize it’s what he really wanted all along. I don’t like being manipulated.." -09:49 Dec 18
Gian: "At meast he lets you think you’re doing things your way. My father is all about intimidation. It’s how he maintained and expanded our holdings even with your family ariving on the scene. Maybe that is why I never knew my mother." he looked at the bottle, shame to waste whe small amount left… emptying it into his glass he swirled it around and drained it. -09:55 Dec 18
[Gian os takign a woman home, suprisingly fot the first time.] -06:44 Dec 19
[Sierra is only a liiiittle bit intoxicated by wine, and a loooot curious about her fiance’s never-had-a-girl-here home.] -06:45 Dec 19
Sierra: Sierra was still a little shaken by the man’s offering of so much personal information. To the point of even now, arriving at his home she was still silent. It was what she wanted, wasn’t it? But now she felt compelled to give back, and that she didn’t want to do. It was easy to make demands of other people. Not so much doing it yourself. "And you have really never brought a girl home?" That was a safe topic. Safer than his family. -06:49 Dec 19
Gian: A privte stanstube ride to an isolated and secure sectore and now he was sliding a keucard through the lock and making the roor slide open and the blinds flicked open in an inpresive display to let the starlight in. "Never, I like to keep this place untainted. It’s where I come to be the me without pressures, insluding the need for sex. Lydia." there was a beep from the room. "Moonglow, please." overhead hundreds on tiny pale blue lights surned on simulating moonlight as the computer listened to his command. "And add Sierra to the whitelist." he indicated his guest. "Bedroom, bathroom, livingroom, kitchen. Thank you." he turned back to her and gave an noncommental look. "Talks less than a buttler; feel free to look around." -06:56 Dec 19
Sierra: "It’s not traditional, that’s for sure." she mumbled, stepping insane and glancing around. The view was spectacular and the lightening relaxing… She’d be lying if she said she didn’t like it. It was better than the ancient stuffy atmosphere her father liked to bring to every room in their home. "What do you do here, when you are being just you?" she asked, running her fingers over a table as she passed it. This really wasn’t the sort of place she expected him to live in. -07:00 Dec 19
Gian: "Sleep, eat, drink, build, plan, play, observe, reflect. Is there anything a man can’t do on his own?" he walked deeper into the room and made sure the light in the stoor room turned red when she Sierra got close to it indicating it locked itself. "WHen the pressure get too much, or family is at eachother’s throats, this is the one place I can relax. No one else ever comes here." -07:06 Dec 19
Sierra: "Hmm. But you’ve let me in here. ..with exceptions." She indicated to the locked door with a finger before she turned to him. Sierra was gaging his expressions again. Crossing her arms as she tapped a finger against her mouth. -07:14 Dec 19
Gian: "Never has anyone here so this is a good opotunity to test the security system." he said. "Lydia, add Siera to the whitelist for the storeroom." the light turned green. "Snack? Drink? Best view of virgin marsian surface in the western hemisquere? -07:21 Dec 19
Sierra: "There’s that ulterior motive I was looking for." she gave a teasing smirk before she stepped away. Crossing the room to the window so she could peer out. Her stance softened as she gazed at the landscape. There wasn’t a view like this in her own home. At not where she was allowed to go. Patriarch’s grand rules. "Before all this crap happened, did you ever think about getting married, Gian?" -07:27 Dec 19
Gian: "Never." he said. "I have everything I could ever want, and I’v never wanted marriage. It’s an investment with questionable rewards and a heavy price in time and hassle. And the fewer members in my family the better. I’ve mused on the notion of sitting in that chair, right there, and calling a private military contractor to pay them to level the city with everyone in it. But that’s a fantasy I’ll never play out. I’m not Nero. Nor do I want millions to pay for the sins of so few. What girl couls I possibly meet that wouldn’t be like you met the night we did, or some corporate shark sent to control me. No one controls me forever." -07:34 Dec 19
Sierra: Sierra laughed suddenly, turning around to face him with a wide grin and leaning up against the window. "You sound like me. Destroy everything in an angry rage. Only I was thinking about secret assassins and taking over the world." The grin faded to a thoughtful frown. Sierra tilted her head and was tapping her mouth again. "And marriage. I did want to get married one day. Someone that actually cares about you, only you? Respects you and is reliable? One person out of millions you can trust and be close to." -07:40 Dec 19
Gian: His turn to laugh. "I always thought that for one with my power, from my family, no such thing could exist. Maybe if I were a middle manager, or destitute, people would be the owner of most of mars from a family of psychos when they looked at me. Becayse that is all they see, even those girls who I used to spend my nights with. They would ask me things late at night. If it was true that my brother maked every girl he took in a very perminant way, if the Dovka twins were real of a myth. I used to think there would never be anyone who would see me for me." -07:45 Dec 19
Sierra: "We are trophies for the ambitios. Even to our fathers." Sierra pushed away from the window to approach him. Standing close, and leaning up on her toes to kiss his cheek. Another smirk. "If it matters, I don’t give two shits about your brother, your father, or any of the other bullshit. They aren’t the ones I will be alone with at the end of the day." -07:53 Dec 19
Gian: "It is the end of the day." he said snaking an arm around her waist since she was close. "Are you saying you’re teh dream girl I never thought could exist? What do you see when you look at me?" his eyes met hers with a sudden intensity. "What am I to you?" -08:01 Dec 19
Sierra: That was a sudden shift, and Sierra found herself locked in place. Unable to find the will to pull herself away and that desire to test the limits being overwhelming. "I don’t know anymore." she admitted softly. "You’re not what I assumed, and every time I think I have you figured out, you switch it up on me again." Giving in to another impulse her hand rose to brush her fingers over his mouth. -08:08 Dec 19
Gian: He knit his brow. "That is the way I am, when people think they know you, they think they can controll you." he said before he took her hand in his and wih his fingers on hers parted his lips and drew it into his mouth to run his tongue against it’s tip. "Do you want to control me?" -08:15 Dec 19
Sierra: Her breath hitched, and she found herself curling her arm around his waist and plucking at the fabric of his shirt. Sierra nodded slowly. "I do. To an extent… Just as much as I’d like to see you out of control." That really shouldn’t have come out of her mouth. -08:24 Dec 19
Gian: He pulled her finger out of his mouth scraping his teeth along her skin and then looking at her. The he uncurls his arm fror around her and put both his hands on the collar of her shirt and wanked it open tearing fabric and popping bittons to open her shirt and run his hands down her chest and squeeze her breasts. -08:31 Dec 19
Sierra: Sierra gasped, and for a brief moment she wonder how she could be amused by something but so pissed off about it at the same time! She grabbed his hands and pulled them away, but didn’t step back. Sierra shook her head as she scowled at him. "No. You are going to kiss me first." If he honestly wanted them to work, he was going to do it right. Her way. -08:38 Dec 19
Gian: He twisted his hands out of hers as if he had done it before, but her grabbed her dea with a hand on either side and ravages her lips with his forcing his tongue between her lips and swirling it around as he pressed his body against hers. So not the slow exploring he har promised but there would be time for that after sex. -08:41 Dec 19
Sierra: Sierra groaned, her mouth parting as she returned his kiss with equal ferver. She meant to push him back, maybe slap him for going one step too far. But she was circling her arms around his neck even while scowling against his lips. -08:47 Dec 19
Gian: His hands slid down to her neck and down her hips to pull them against his as he tipted his head to ravage her lips with his and dray her tongue indo his mouth to suck on to and scrape his teeth against it and he grunted apreciativrly. He had tissed her, now in his book he had permision t do whatever he wanted. "You’re a great kisser he whispered herfore capturing her mouth again. -08:57 Dec 19
Sierra: "Don’t speak." she muttered in between biting his lip and then softly nibbling on it. Her hands gripped his shoulders for a moment before the ran down his chest and stomach, then began pulling his shirt up. "Take off your clothes, Gian." -09:04 Dec 19
Gian: He pulle off his shirt and fressd up against ehr to inhook her bra and pull to from her then his hands slid aorund her sides to unhook her skirt and drop it to the floor, then he burried his hands into her hair to pull her head back and crush his lip agaunst hers, then he was wrapping his arms around her and lifting her from the floor. "Time for you to see the bedroom." -09:12 Dec 19
Sierra: Narrowing her eyes, both her hands wrapped around his wrist and squeezed. Perfectly manicured nails just barely digging in to his skin. She didn’t try tugging his hand away. Her instinct to fight and scream was warring with an unaccostomed twinge at the pit of her stomach. "It doesn’t seem I get a choice now, do I?" she murmured. Sierra twist her hips against him and arced her back to test his grip and balance. "I’m not one of your whimpering bimbos." -03:14 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: "Good." he twisted around, dumping her back on the back the bed, this time on her stomach back his hand struck her plump rump with a satisfying smack. Then with a rattlin his belt and trousers wnt sliding to the floor along with everything under them leaving him as naked as she was. He wasn’t shy, his erect member standing proudly as he reached out to take her hip. -03:20 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: She yelped, which was a regretable moment of weakness. Then she was rolling away from his hands, scooting backwards on the mattress. The scowl was gone now, replaced by a wide almost mocking smirk. Sierra leaned back on her hands and shook her head, crossing one leg over her knee and pointing a bouncing foot at him. "Giii-aaaan~! You didn’t ask for permission. But now that you’re undressed you can start by kissing my feet." Maybe the fact she knew he was going to refuse her was interesting. Just a tiny bit. -03:30 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: His smirk was as wide as her. "As fun as remaining dressed would be just to spite you…" he reached out to grab her ancle and pull her towards him with a strong tug, the silky fabric providing little resistance, then with an almost practiced motion he turned her over and with her kneeling with her back to him placed one hand on her hip and another over her shoulder to bend her over. He was working fast before she opened her mouth again, that is until his hips moved forwards and his shaft rubbed against her and he tightened his frip to keep her in place, the motion of his hips teasign her, but not splitting her open to push in just yet. "Actually, I was thinking of skilling a new steps…" -03:36 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: She sucked in a breath and bite in to the corner of her bottom lip, squirming under his grasp just to see how much she could shift. Sierra amost reached behind her to backhand him, instead she was propping herself up on an elbow, wriggling against him just to see if she could make him twitch and tighten the same way he had her twinging. "You like to be contrary." she breathed out in a sultry mumble. "What if I demanded you shutup and fuck me?" -03:48 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: He almost mist himself in the way she moved against him, almost. "THen I guess I’ll have to preempts your demand…" he said the hand moving from her shoulder to guide his tip to her and with a slow, drawn out motion he pushed into her. A smirk of satisfaction formed. She liked being demanding and yet he had her like this… there was another slap to her rum just to see how much the would tightem and when she did he pushed in faster, then started moving in ernest. he was too worked up to take it slow…. His hips ground against hers pushing him deeper into her as the nails of both ahnds dug into her hips. Why was cintrary, demanding and a pain in the neck but… or maybe because of that if made when he had his way with ehr all the better. -03:56 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: Too slow..! She nearly whimpered, but that moment of almost begging vanished when he slapped her ass again. Sierra didn’t take well to it, growling out a frustrated hiss and swinging an arm backwards to smack him back. He no longer had her pinned, which gave her all the room to escape, but all she could do was curl her hand in to the silk sheets. Her legs widened to give her more control and balance to push her hips back against him. Without meaning to she groaned out his name, prompting her to swing her arm back to strike at him again. -04:05 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: He caught the second swing and twisted her arm aorund pinning it against her back and he pushed harder, the wight in his hand anchoring her agaist the matress. He liked hearing his name on her lips like that and ther was a sound from his too even if the slaps had turned it into a growl and he slowed, holding her in place as he watched her, his heavy pants replacing all over sounds. No, he didn’t want this to be over quickly…"Sierra." he panted back, a fresh smirk on his face… maybe hes see how she reacted to different things after all. -04:13 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: She grunted a snarl of complaint, the fingers behind her back flexed before curling in to a tight fist, digging her nails in to her own palm. The pain was minimal if she didn’t struggle, but struggle she did. As he was dragging to an agonizingly snail’s pace, and her every twist or squirm ground him in to the perfect sweet spot. Once he muttered her name she squeezed her eyes shut. "Gian." she hissed back, the name getting broken when her voice got caught in a whimpering sigh. -04:24 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: The sped up, hips grinding against hers as he let out an audiable open mouth breath, so maybe he couldn’t take it that slow for long. He wanted to feel her tighten in climax. "Sierra." he said again louder with his teeth clenched. -04:29 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: Every thrust was making her whimper and moan now. Soft breathy squeaks to long gasping sighs. And Sierra would not be still. She shifted and twist. Pulled forward and pushed back. Her whole body was near burning with need, flushed and taunt with the mounting coil of pressure that almost had her pleading his name. When it finally snapped, she quaked and shuddered, almost melting in to the sheets as she surrendered to it. -04:40 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: She caved adn he did soon after… the sticky fluid splashing her thigh as he at least managed to remember that getting her pregnany BEFORE the wedding and maybe EVER was a bad idea. But once he was done he sank down next to her, a hand going to her chin to turn her face towards him before he brushed the hair from her face as he panted, unable to speak. -04:44 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: The action was oddly tender and so unexpected, Sierra remained still in a baffled silence. Just savoring that one strange moment of peaceful company. Once her breathing had settled, she opened her eyes to find him watching. A small thoughtful frown form as she worried her bottom lip between her teeth. She hadn’t hated this. Even found it exciting, almost. But a good night did not mean he could be trusted. "What are you thinking, Gian?" -04:53 Mar 25 Sierra
Gian: When she spoke he placed a finger against her lips in a gesture of silence. While it was true after sex he usually jumped strait into planning and deliberating now… now he wanted not to think. With her eyes open though he didn’t waste the opotunity to look into them. We would return her question if she pressed it… what was she thinking? What was the man in front of her to her. He still wasn’t sure he could trust her… -05:04 Mar 25 Gian
Sierra: She examined his face with a look of confusion, but conceeded. Sierra could have insisted, asked again and demanded to know. That was what she always did, and it was exhausting. Sighing deeply, she let it go – just this once. Shifting forward to curl up against him and rest her face in the crook of his neck. A companionable silence was strangly satisfying. It was not something she ever did, and Sierra suspected neither did he. -05:11 Mar 25 Sierra

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