003 First Date with a Vampire

It’s date night with Anthony Carnatelli and Leon is begging Ciara not to go by any means necessary. This includes hiding her clothes and trying to force her in to wearing something ridiculous. She gives in and allows him to pick out her dress for the evening, and attempts to reassure him that nothing will go wrong. Ciara forbids him from following. Ciara meets Anthony Carnatelli downstairs, while Trinny appears to kick some sense in to Leon. Leon follows.

Leon and Trinny first spy on dinner from on top of the roof. They then get ambushed by a stranger with a gun demanding to know what they’re doing up there. It turns out to be Gabriel stalking after Anthony. Leon is fed up with watching the flirting below and is about to go storming down there, when Gabriel stops him. When dinner is over and they’re leaving, Gabriel disappears. Leon and Trinny continue to follow Ciara.

Ciara and Anthony’s next stop is to the ballet where they have a private box seat. Leon finds himself a disguise out of the costume room (Robin Hood!) and spies on the box with Trinny’s help. Leon tried to disguise his voice, announcing to Ms. Grey that she has an important phone call, but she remains. Then when it looks like they are about to kiss, Leon mis-shoots a prop arrow and hits the back of Anthony’s chair. Ciara, realizing they were followed, excuses herself for a moment.

In the hall Ciara yells at Leon, but Trinny hits her with sleeping powder and she passes out. Meanwhile, Gabriel snuck in to the booth to shoot and kill Anthony – with no luck. Anthony exits to the hall finding Leon trying to run off with his date, and is about to strangle him when Gabriel saves the day by spell casting Anthony away. Leon and Trinny take the sleeping Ciara home.

  1. Ciara is distracted with thoughts of Leon.
  2. Leon is recklessly protective of Ciara.
  3. Gabriel shows a kindness for protecting innocents when rescuing Leon.
[Ciara is dressed for her date. Now where is her shoes?!] -03:13 Jul 05
[Leon absolutely refuses to let Ciara go out like that!] -03:14 Jul 05
Leon: You are not going out in that. *He folded his arms.* -03:15 Jul 05
Ciara: *She looks under the sofa. If he actually TOOK her shoes she’s gonna…!* Leon, I’m not kidding. Where are my shoes? -03:15 Jul 05
Leon: Would you forget about your shoes for a moment and go put something on? That–that’s not a dress that–that’s … lingerie! -03:16 Jul 05
Ciara: *She stood, slowly… That might not of been so far from the truth.. She did have a few bits and pieces that looked about like this dress.* It’s a dress, a fashionable dress, and it’s what I intend to wear. … Nevermind, I’ll just wear the silver shoes. *She stalked back for her room!* -03:18 Jul 05
Leon: Cissy! *He scrambled after her and while she went to get her shoes, he grabbed the first thing he could and threw it on her.* Now that is fashionable. *He said with a smug look on his face at Ciara wearing … a sweatshirt?! Wherever had he found something like that in Ciara’s closet?!* -03:20 Jul 05
Ciara: Would you cut it out! *She threw it back at him!* I want him to look at me and think ‘My, I want to eat that woman right after some hot sex!’, and THAT most certainly won’t do it! -03:22 Jul 05
Leon: *Caught it and looked absolutely horrified!* Well, that kind of thinking certainly won’t do either! Men like a little mystery, a little game of hard to get! -03:24 Jul 05
Ciara: It’s not like I planned on sleeping with him on the firs-… I’m going to be late, and not even fashionably late. Insultingly late! Get out the way! *She shoved him side so she could kneel on the floor and find the right pair!* -03:26 Jul 05
Leon: *Gets shoved!* Insults?! Ha! I could fling a few at his face right now! He’s downstairs, isn’t he? I’m gonna go and give him a piece of my mind! *And he started marching for the door!* -03:28 Jul 05
Ciara: NO! I swear to god, if he even SEES you I’m going to have a werewolf rug by morning! -03:28 Jul 05
Leon: *That’s enough to make him freeze!* But … Cissy … someone should go with you. Here, put this on. *He pulled off a window curtain and threw it over her shoulders.* -03:31 Jul 05
Ciara: *She blinked! …and growled!* It’s a curtain! Fine.. fine, if it will make you shut up. What dress is better than this? -03:32 Jul 05
Leon: Precisely! You know what else would make me shut up …? *A pause.* Cancelling the date altogether. -03:33 Jul 05
Ciara: …You’re lucky I’m even wasting my time letting you pick me out something else to wear. Do it fast before I wrap this curtain around your neck and send you swinging out the window! -03:34 Jul 05
Leon: Yes, ma’am! *He saluted. He thought about calling on Trinny for some help but he was already pushing things. He dove into her closet as if it was a closet filled with steaks and eventually brought out … a short silver dress with a knee-length skirt that clung to the body with straps that fell off the shoulders and a neckline that didn’t have one’s breasts falling out. He also had the matching silver heels with the ankle straps.* The better with which to stomp on a toe or a hand or … whatever. -03:40 Jul 05
Ciara: *She snatched the dress and the shoes out of his hand and was growling all the way in to the bathroom.* The skirt is too damned long! -03:43 Jul 05
Leon: Remember, mystery. Playing hard to get. *He said sagely and waited until the bathroom door had closed behind her to start doing a victory dance.* -03:43 Jul 05
Ciara: I’ve kill three husbands in five years, I think there’s plenty of mystery there! *She was already wiggling out of the old dress and slipping the new one over her head. Bah…! So it looked fine. She strapped on the shoes, changed out the accessories in her hair and refreshed her lipstick before swinging open the bathroom door, scowling all the way.* He’s hardly going to want a Ciara-snack in this dress. -03:46 Jul 05
Leon: *Thanks to his were reflexes, he stopped dancing as soon as the door swung open. He coughed into his fist, looking all somber and serious.* Yes, but you are not a Ciara-snack. And besides, this is Anthony Carnatelli. He’s probably expecting you to play hard to get. -03:51 Jul 05
Ciara: Uh huh. But he’s Anthony Carnatelli and I’m supposed to be quick and careful. *She brushed past him to get her purse off the vanity. A little black silk thing on a chain. Big enough for her phone, some lipgloss that was actually some poison, a mirror and a pair of keys.* … and I am a Ciara-snack, that’s the whole bloody point! -03:54 Jul 05
Leon: That might have been how you roped your other husbands but Anthony Carnatelli is different. I know you know how old he is. Or have an estimated guess. Would you like to guess how many women have tried to seduce him just so they could kill him off? -03:57 Jul 05
Ciara: I would love to guess how you would know how many other women have tried. *Ciara said sarcastically, leaving for the elevator.* I am a great deal more clever than most women. Now, if you’ll excuse me before my date things I’ve stood him up. -03:59 Jul 05
Leon: And just where is he taking you? Hm? And what time are you going to be back? *He tailed her.* -04:04 Jul 05
Ciara: I don’t know and I don’t know. …And don’t you dare try to follow us and spy. *She stepped in to the elevator.* Don’t. -04:05 Jul 05
Leon: … I’m just asking. *He stopped and crossed his arms.* Fine. Have fun. And if he tries to bite you, use your heels, woman! -04:06 Jul 05
Ciara: *Ciara graced him with a wide wicked smile!* I’ll use more than my heels, sweetheart. *She hit the down button and closed the doors!* -04:08 Jul 05
Leon: *As soon as Ciara was gone, he dropped his arms and sighed.* Crap, that woman is frustrating. *He muttered as he watched the elevator panel above the elevator, tapping his foot.* -04:10 Jul 05

Trinny glittery appeared in Leon’s face and kicked him in the nose! “You said you wasn’t gonna let her leave! Big liarface!”

Leon: Ow! And end up a werewolf rug! I think not! I am going to follow her, though. *He went for the stairs!* -04:13 Jul 05
Ciara: *Ciara was still smiling as she stepped off the elevator on the bottom floor! A deep breath to keep that smile, and now… for a five star acting performance. She headed to the lobby to greet Anthony Carnatelli!* -04:13 Jul 05
Leon: *He paused!* Hey, Trinny, you wanna come with? -04:18 Jul 05

“Oh yay! I loooove spy games!” She glittered after him like a bullet!

Anthony: *Was waiting in the lobby! When he saw Ciara, he smiled and when she walked up to him, he took her hand and kissed the back of it.* You look absolutely breath-taking, Ms. Grey. I hope you do not mind my … boldness. *From behind his back, he offered her a red rose with the thorns cut.*

Ciara: Thank you. *Perfect smile as she accepted the rose and smelled.* Hmm. I always did appreciate the manners of a European man. -04:21 Jul 05
Leon: Yep. *He agreed as he went down the stairs, two at a time, at a brisk pace.* We’re going to be Ciara’s eyes and ears. She doesn’t know it but she’s going to need our help. Who knows what Carnatelli has in mind? -04:23 Jul 05

“He’s a big mean vampire, he’s just gonna suck out all her blood and she’ll be all… bloodless!!” Trinny latched herself on to his shirt collar, as he was nearly going too fast for her little wings to keep up!

Anthony: *Soft chuckle.* We European men do our best to impress. If you would follow me, Ms. Grey, I have a delightful evening planned. *He offered her his arm.* How does some dinner and ballet sound?

Ciara: Ah, you’ve done your research. *She took his arm with genteel grace.* I love the ballet. It’s been sold out for weeks, I haven’t even managed to get tickets for it myself. -04:29 Jul 05
Leon: *Wolfish grin as he realized he was going a bit too fast. But they couldn’t slow down now! He cupped her small body gently so he could catch her should she suddenly lose her grip. He stopped about six floors from the ground.* We’ll never be able to tag them going this slow. *He climbed onto the railing.* Hold on. *And then he jumped! The fall was over quickly but he landed on his feet and in one piece. He just hoped his feet had absorbed the impact and Trinny was alright.* How are you doing, Trinny? -04:30 Jul 05

Trinny was giggling like a little glittery devil! “Soooo fuuuun!! It’s like a roller coaster on feets!”

Anthony: I must admit … I did ask around. *Dressed in a fine tuxedo, black and white, he led her out to his waiting limo. The driver was there and he opened the door for them. Anthony gestured for her to go in first.*

Leon: *Chuckled softly* The night’s just beginning. Now, let’s see … *He sneaked out of the staircase and moved behind a pillar just in time to see Ciara and Anthony at his limo.* Awesome. We didn’t miss ’em. -04:36 Jul 05
Ciara: *Ciara slipped carefully inside, seating herself comfortable and crossing one leg over the other as she leaned back against the seat. As an after she thought she should have told Leon not to eat everything in her fridge either…* -04:37 Jul 05

“ooooh look at him! We should go kick his face off right now!” she fluttered about behind Leon to go dart after them!

Leon: Wait–wait! *He tried to calm her down. A couple passing by looked at him oddly and all he could do was smile and wave. As soon as they were gone, he glanced over at Trinny.* We can’t be spies if we just attack–and Ciara will kill us. Or worst. Make us apologize to him. *He saw the coast was clear and moved closer … very conspicuous.* -04:40 Jul 05

“We won’t have to apologize if we pull his eyes out!” Trinny pouted, but conceded to his orders. Spy games were so hard!

Anthony: *Waited for Ciara to get comfortable as he gave the driver instructions and then climbed in after her. The driver closed the door behind him before getting in and driving away.* It is a beautiful evening tonight. Is everything alright, Ms. Grey? You seem … preoccupied.

Ciara: *She laughed softly!* I adopted a stray dog, and it’s the first night I’ve left him alone. I’m wondering if he might chew my furniture if he gets too worried. -04:47 Jul 05
Leon: There they go! *He watched the car drive off. Damn, they didn’t know where to, though! He spotted the valet standing not too far away.* Excuse me, that limo that just left. Do you know where it was headed? That poor woman lost her … *He dug into his pocket and pulled out.* Shoe! *A beautiful silver sandal that could only have been the ones Ciara had been searching for.* She lost her spare … shoe. I told her never to leave home without it. *Wolfish grin followed by a shrug.* -04:47 Jul 05

The valet, a bubble-gum chewing blonde who looked stoned, just gave Leon a bored expression. “Man … they went … that away.” He pointed in the direction the car had gone.

Leon: *The urge to sweatdrop! Or at least smack his forehead.* Uh … Right. But did you hear[/i] where they were [i]going? -04:49 Jul 05

Chew. Chew. “Uh … Yeah … They went … um … the driver said … the um … Le Bistro. That uh, fancy place down at the corner of um, stuff.”

Leon: Uh … You wouldn’t happen to know a Le Bistro’s, would you, Trinny? -04:50 Jul 05

“Ooooh, that’s fancy plancy restaurant! They Miss Ciara orders dinner from there every third sunday! Aww… why didn’t she take me, I loooove Le Bistro’s!” Trinny pouted again!

Anthony: Ah … *He nodded.* Strays can be such a problem. But enough of that. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself, Ms. Grey? *A soft chuckle.* Besides what I hear from the local gossip.

Leon: *He gave Trinny a soft pat.* Maybe she’ll bring home a doggy bag–uh, pardon the pun. It’s not far away, is it? *He glanced around, not sure in which direction Le Bistro was in.* -04:57 Jul 05
Ciara: Me? Hmm. *She tapped her fingers together, fidgeting in that shy coy way.* You already know I like the ballet and that I have a new dog. About my hotel and of course the gossip… I’m afraid there’s not very much else interesting about me. I’m sure that’s not true with you. -04:57 Jul 05

“You run pretty fast, follow me!” She squeaked as she zipped down the side like a speeding firefly! Ducking and dodging around pedestrians!

Leon: Here we go. *Keeping Trinny in his sights, he dashed after her, weaving around the pedestrians! This probably would’ve been so much easier if he was a wolf!* -05:01 Jul 05

Anthony: *Another soft chuckle.* I’m just an old businessman trying to make something of himself before he meets his Maker. I am a simple man at heart, Ms. Grey.

Ciara: I hardly believe that for a moment. You don’t strike me as a simple man. What do you do when you’re not making business or stealing the hearts of women? -05:10 Jul 05

Anthony: Stealing the hearts of women? You flatter me, Ms. Grey. I have not been out to relax and enjoy a woman’s company in quite some time.

Trinny zipped under a dog, over an old man, and around a corner! Giggling her little pixie heart out!

Ciara: You’re not serious. *She flashed a grin!* I think you’re just saying that to make me feel special. -05:13 Jul 05
Leon: Ooff! Coming through! Sorry! Hey, watch where you’re swinging that thing, lady! *He yelled as he jumped over the dog, streaked around the old man and had to reach out and grab the corner to help make that sharp turn!* -05:15 Jul 05

Anthony: *Chuckled softly.* It’s the honest truth. I would say check my black book but I do not suppose you would like the smell of moth balls. Ah, here we are. *The car stopped and he got out first so he could help Ciara out.*

Ciara: *She took his hand and climbed out, rewarding him with a smile as she looked up at the sign.* When you have such good taste? That’s a tragedy, Mr. Carnatelli! -05:20 Jul 05

Anthony: *Chuckled softly again.* Business does not leave much time for social calls, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, that has led me to suffer in the eyes of socialites.

Ciara: In all honesty, you aren’t missing much at all. *She linked her arm with his.* There’s only gold diggers, silly bimbos, and lonely women like me. -05:28 Jul 05

The Le Bistro was busy as usual but everyone made room for Anthony Carnatelli and … Ciara Grey?! Oh, the tabloids were going to love this! Right now, the host was stepping up to lead them to a reserved table!

Trinny nearly whizzed right past the restaurant as she flew by, and had to back track! “HERE IT IS! HERE IT IS! Look it’s all shining and crowded!”

Leon: Ack! *He almost couldn’t stop! But he managed to before he hit a brick wall. Literally. He poked his head by the window!* There they are! *He pointed and ducked!* -05:33 Jul 05

Trinny practically squished herself up against the window glass as she spied! “They are getting a table! Oooh she’s so pretty! She looks like a silver star surrounded by those fuddy duddies in black and boooring colors! Ewie she’s got her hands on him!”

Leon: Trinny …! We’ll have to find a better way to spy! If I stay here, I’ll look like a hobo and they’ll cart me away. *He looked around.* There has to be somewhere I can hide and spy. -05:40 Jul 05

“In the movies they always sneak inside as part of the waiter staff or go in with a hot date!”

Anthony: *Smiled and pulled her chair out for her.* Yes but women like you do not deserve to be lonely. Perhaps most men do not admire a strong woman.

Ciara: *Accepting her seat and folding a napkin in her lap.* Hmm, I confess I go out often, but very rarely do I ever meet someone worth bringing home. -05:44 Jul 05
Leon: I don’t have a hot date … *He glanced at Trinny.* Well, none anyone can see anyways. And I couldn’t wait if my life depended on it … -05:44 Jul 05

“Drats! We’re foiled! Doomed! Disastered! Distressed! Troubled! Ruined!” Oh the dramatics from a little pixie! “If only we could hang from the ceiling!”

Leon: Yeah … Hang from the–Wait a minute. *He peeked inside again.* Ah-ha! A skylight! *He scrambled to the side of the building to climb up the ladder there!* -05:49 Jul 05
[Ciara was just handing her menu to the waiter having ordered something exquisite!] -02:28 Jul 07
[Leon has just reached the roof! Phew! What a view!] -02:34 Jul 07
Leon: Man … This chaperone business is tough. *He muttered as he wiped his forehead with the back of his sleeve. He glanced over at Trinny and her wings.* I envy you and those wings. -02:35 Jul 07

“They’re so useful and awesome and they glitter so much more than other pixie’s wings, so I am a fashionista! Ooooh! They have live lobsters in that fish tank! I want one!” She was pressed up against the skylight glass knocking on it!

Anthony: *Ordered a steak, medium rare, and some fine red wine to be served with the meal! He handed the menu to the waiter and smiled at his date as the waiter got their orders and left with a promise to return shortly.* Truth be told, my dear, I am not one for dates. *Soft chuckle.* I believe you can even say, I am a bit afraid of the whole process really.

Leon: *The fact that no one could have heard the pixie knocking on the glass went right over Leon’s head!* !! Wait, Trinny! Don’t! *He moved over to the skylight!* -02:37 Jul 07
Ciara: *She flashed him a wicked smile, not unlike one she’d give Leon while she was threatening him!* It might be good to be afraid. I am not the easiest of women to get along with. -02:38 Jul 07

The cold muzzle of a gun came out of nowhere to get pressed against the back of Leon’s head. “One false move, wolf. State your business.”

Trinny kicked and stomped on the glass! “She’s just smiling! I hate that-AIIEEE!” Trinny screamed and pointed at the man with the gun, as if Leon didn’t already know!

Anthony: *Another soft chuckle.* I must admit … I have heard quite a lot. The odd part being that I am not very sociable so how this gossip trickles down to me is a mystery. *He held his hands out in a “What can you do?” gesture.*

Leon: *Shut his eyes as he raised his hands! Damn, he hadn’t even heard that guy! Where the hell had he come from?!* Gee … Thanks, Trinny … Uh, listen, man, I can explain–Wait, how do you know I’m a were?! *He was so surprised, he forgot about the danger to himself and glanced over his shoulder.* -02:41 Jul 07

The gun just pressed even harder against Leon, forcing him to look away! “Three seconds to state your business before I blow you away. 1 … 2 …”

Leon: *Eyes grew wide! This guy meant it! He quickly looked away and found himself staring down at the skylight!* Wait! Wait! The name’s Leon. Leon Santos. I just came up here to check on a friend of mine. She’s having a date down there! With Anthony Carnatelli! I’m just worried about her! I don’t want to see her get hurt! -02:45 Jul 07
Ciara: It might have something to do with my name being in every magazine, book, show, and god knows what else. I really envy you Mr. Carnatelli. You’re known for your business, but very little about your private life is out there… -02:46 Jul 07

The gun stayed there for what seemed like ages to Leon before the pressure against his head went away. Someone walked past him and looked down at the skylight.

Anthony: *Soft chuckle as he sipped his water.* Ah, what can I say? In this world, the only thing worth keeping as private as your social security number or PIN is your privacy. It is a shame how some people thrive on such attention. For me, it was merely a side result of all the hard work and time I put into my job.

Deeming the new stranger as harmless now, Trinny went on talking! “He’s going to EAT her and she thinks she can fight him, but she really can’t fight! Well, she can fence pretty well and punch people in the nose and she has poison in her lipgloss but that didn’t help her LAST time and this one is big and scary and badder!”

Leon: *Phew! He couldn’t even breathe for a few minutes! He huffed and finally got his heart to stop racing! He wasn’t really paying attention to what Trinny was saying! He was too busy trying to figure out who the stranger was!* Are you … a hunter or something …? Are you after Anthony? -02:50 Jul 07
Ciara: *Ciara rest her chin on her fingers as she smiled and tapped her other hand on the table.* Sometimes I daydream about running off to some empty island somewhere and and disappearing from view. But I suppose that’s a little childish. Trying to run away from it all. -02:52 Jul 07

The stranger didn’t look up at Leon. He still held the gun in his hand. But he snorted when Leon mentioned being a hunter.

Anthony: *Smiled.* It’s not as childish as you may think. We all need to escape. Being trapped somewhere is a most horrible thought. We all need freedom and when we cannot get that freedom, we dream.

Leon: *Slowly approached the skylight, but decided to stand on the other side, away from the stranger. Okay, so he wasn’t a hunter … but still, he looked familiar. Just not enough to place him. He squinted. Black hair, fair skin, dark gray eyes–his vision was really good tonight. Okay, so he didn’t look familiar too much but he did resemble someone …* -02:55 Jul 07
Ciara: Hmm… That’s delightfully poetic. You do have a way with words, Mr. Carnatelli. *A soft smile… Genuine even! He was an evil sonofabitch but there were some words that were so very true!* -02:55 Jul 07

Anthony: *Soft chuckle!* I must confess, Ms. Grey. I have always thought about adding “poet” or “writer” to my long list of credentials.

Trinny was now pulling her hair and kicking the skylight glass again! “No! No! That smile isn’t for you! That’s the smile she gives Mr. Bear when no one is looking!!! He’s hypnotizing her!”

Leon: *Ciara having a date with Anthony Carnatelli. This gun-slinging stranger who wasn’t a hunter but knew he was a wolf and looked like he was tailing Anthony. What a strange night this was turning out to be! He bent forward to whisper to Trinny.* Hey, Trinny, does this guy look like anyone you’ve seen before? He looks like someone but I can’t place it … *He whispered.* -02:59 Jul 07
Ciara: *Ciara laughed, leaning back slightly in her chair.* That would be brilliant! What sort of stories would you write? -02:59 Jul 07

Trinny stopped her glass stomping to look up at the stranger. “Oh, he’s Gabriel. He’s been around forever and he likes shooting things.”

Anthony: *Soft sigh.* I’d rather not say … I fear that no matter the words I sprout, my ability to get them down on paper is … severely lacking.

Ciara: Oh, I’m sure if you gave yourself a chance to sit down. *Resting her arms on the table, she leaned forward to cast him a small smile.* Or found the right inspiration. -03:02 Jul 07
Leon: *Had the urge to close his eyes and lower his head like he’s seen people do in anime!* Uh … Yeah, I noticed that. *Any other questions he had about this Gabriel quickly evaporated when he saw Ciara lean forward toward Anthony!* What the hell is she doing?! -03:03 Jul 07

Anthony: *Small smile.* Perhaps. The literature professors I consulted have all but outright told me I should never be allowed a pen and paper unless I was signing something.

Ciara: Modesty doesn’t do you justice, Mr. Carnatelli. You strike me as the sort of man who would very well do what he desired, regardless of the critics. -03:12 Jul 07

Anthony: *Chuckled softly.* I believe that calls for a glimpse of my writing talent. Or … lack thereof in my case. *He looked up.* Ah, our food. *The waiter came with a silver cart and placed their orders down in front of them. Then he showed them the bottle of wine and after their approval, he opened it, poured it into their glasses, and left the bottle in the ice bucket.*

Ciara: *Lobster ravioli in a tomato basil sauce… that was her favorite thing here! Dating a rich vampire had it’s perks, despite the annoyance.* You know, I would be more than happy to read anything of yours if you’d like. I’m no writer, but I know a good story when I read one. -03:18 Jul 07
Leon: Okay! That’s it! *He rolled up his sleeves!* This date is going to end now! I don’t care if she makes me into a were rug! *He started for the ladder!* -03:22 Jul 07

Anthony: *Looked quite surprised!* You would not mind? *Then he shook his head as he began to cut his steak.* No. No. I could not intrude.

Ciara: Laughing softly, she picked up her glass to take a sip.* It’d be my pleasure, really. It’d give me the perfect excuse to see you again. *She flashed a smile behind her glass.* -03:25 Jul 07

“YEAH! Lets go smash his face in and break all of his bones!” Trinny shouted, fluttering after Leon!

A gloved hand reached out and grabbed Leon by the collar of his shirt! No matter how Leon struggled, he just couldn’t get free!

Leon: *Blinked as he got grabbed! And he struggled! Boy, did he struggle! But he couldn’t get free! He looked over his shoulder! Who was this guy?!* Hey! Let go! -03:27 Jul 07

Gabriel: No. Stay here and wait. The date is not over. *He spoke softly but he said it so … firmly … that one could easily believe he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt.*

Anthony: *Ate a bite. Chuckled softly once it was down.* You flatter me, Ms. Grey. Are you certain you can make time for such a social visit? *It sounded like he was teasing her.*

Ciara: Ah, you know… I think I can move some things around if it’s promises to be worth my time. *She was enjoying her dinner, easily casting the man a flirting glance.* -03:32 Jul 07
Leon: *He stopped struggling then! Gabriel sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He sighed.* I guess we don’t have much of a choice. I’m worried about Cissy but … I guess we can wait awhile. -03:33 Jul 07

Gabriel: *Released Leon. He hadn’t even looked up from the skylight. He seemed intent on not letting Anthony out of his sights.*

Anthony: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Well, since you are being so very generous by such a brave offer … perhaps another date then?

Ciara: I would love another date. *She leaned forward again and smiled.* Do you like boats? -03:41 Jul 07

Anthony: *Soft chuckle.* I do enjoy the occasional cruise whenever I can spend sometime away. What did you have in mind, my dear?

Ciara: I have a small yacht. A private lunch while I read your writings. How does that sound? -03:48 Jul 07

Anthony: *Small smile.* That sounds splendid, Ms. Grey. *He looked at his watch.* Ah, it seems time is flying away without us. Would you like more time to enjoy your dinner?

Ciara: *She took a quick bite, before drinking what was left in her glass.* Hmm, no. I’m excited to see the ballet and I can hardly wait. -03:52 Jul 07

Anthony: As am I. *He chuckled softly.* I enjoy a quiet evening spent watching dancing and listening to music. But I believe the company will make such an enjoyable evening, even better. *He gestured to the waiter.* My check, please.

The waiter asked if they would like anything else as he handed Anthony his check!

Ciara: I think I’m quite content now, thank you. *She replied to the waiter, but was smiling at Anthony!* -03:59 Jul 07

Anthony: No, thank you. *He gave the waiter his credit card and smiled at Ciara.* I trust you enjoyed your meal, Ms. Grey. I do enjoy their food and their service.

Ciara: I’m surprised we have so much in common. It’s one of my favorite places. -04:01 Jul 07

Anthony: Is it now? *He sipped his wine.* I find there are few places where food is given such care. Except in Paris. There it is almost as if food is worshiped.

The waiter returned! He thanked the two of them for their patronage and invited them to return!

Gabriel: *Turned and started walking away from the skylight!*

Ciara: *Laughing softly, she nodded!* One of the many reasons I enjoyed Paris so much. I think I have a weakness for good food. -04:08 Jul 07
Leon: *Looked up from the skylight and at Gabriel.* Hey, where are you going? *He started after him!* -04:08 Jul 07

Anthony: *Nodded to the waiter, although he didn’t turn his attention away from Ciara!* Perhaps we should visit together sometime. I hear the trip is even lovelier when spent with someone of taste and beauty.

Ciara: *A brilliant grin.* I can’t imagine a better vacation. -04:10 Jul 07
Leon: *He looked back at the skylight!* Wait, are you going to go for Anthony now? Is Ciara in immediate danger? -04:15 Jul 07

Anthony: *Smiled and stood. Then he pulled the chair out for her, offered her his arm, and took her back to the limo.* I trust you will enjoy the ballet we are seeing tonight.

Ciara: Even if I don’t, I think I’ll be all right. *She slid inside the limo, seating herself gracefully once again. This time making sure she was pleasantly closer to Mr. Carnatelli. Just barely touching!* -04:18 Jul 07

Gabriel: Dinner is over. He’s leaving. *He watched the limo drive away and looked in the direction they were headed! He suddenly took off after the limo, leaping from building to building!*

Anthony: *Soft chuckle.* If only other people were as easy going as you. In my business, everyone is everything but.

Ciara: There’s so many dreadful things that could happen, I try not to get too upset over the little things. *She leaned back and cast him a smile.* -04:24 Jul 07
Leon: *Watched Gabriel take off and scratched his head!* Who the hell is this guy?! *He blinked when he realized his chance to follow Ciara was going. Fast! He held onto Trinny and jumped off the roof! He landed neatly in the alley and went racing after the limo!* -04:25 Jul 07

Trinny weeeeed all the way down to the ground! “I told you he is Gaaabriel!”

Anthony: *Smiled.* How very true. All we can do is enjoy the moments we do have, yes? *He reached over and placed one hand on hers.*

Leon: OOoff! Hey! Ack! Coming through! *He was shouting as he navigated the streets, keeping the limo in his sight! The roof had less traffic than this!* You. Said that but. There’s just something. Suspicious! *He jumped over a man who had stopped to bend over and pick something off the ground!* -04:31 Jul 07
Ciara: *A slow smile, as she turned her hand to link her fingers with his.* Absolutely right. What else is there, after all? -04:32 Jul 07

“Eeeee! That was COOL! You can jump really high!” squeaked Trinny! “I guess he IS a vampire so he’s naturally suspicious and he did point a gun at you! I thought you were a goner for sure!”

Leon: Uh … Thanks. Okay so … that explains things! *He gave her a wolfish grin!* I thought I was a goner, too! *The limo turned.* Where the hell are they going?! -04:34 Jul 07

Anthony: *Brought her hand up and kissed the back of it.* It is only half in the evening and already I find myself in anticipation of our next … date. *He looked up at her and smiled. He looked out the window.* Ah, here we are.

Ciara: *She followed his gaze out thw window, and smiled wide!* Don’t daydream too much, you’ll end up missing the entire ballet. It’s supposed to be fantastic. -04:41 Jul 07

The limo slowly came to a stop in front of the theater and the driver let them out. They bypassed the line of people almost immediately and went inside.

Anthony: Ah yes. Swan Lake. I do enjoy the story. *He offered her his arm as they walked into a grand room with a high ceiling lit by a huge chandelier. The colors were red and gold and ramps on either side led up to the private boxes. The security there made sure no one who wasn’t supposed to get in didn’t get in.

Leon: *Stopped outside of the theater and scratched his head.* Great. A ballet. But how to get in … This line is long. It’ll take ages if we go that way … *He glanced at Trinny.* Don’t you have some invisible powder with you or something I can use to sneak in? -04:55 Jul 07
Ciara: It’s one of the most beautifully done ballets. *The story on the other hand was tragic, they should have just killed the villain and had their happily ever after!* -04:59 Jul 07

“Um… um… um… Nope! No invisibility! But… Mister Gabriel is sneaking in over there!” she pointed off in the distance!

Leon: Huh? *He tilted his head and leaned to one side slightly! Ah-ha! The side entrance! Of course! He glanced around real quick as if expecting someone to follow and then sneaked off! He made certain to be as silent as possible and stick close to the wall as he slowly approached, waiting for Gabriel to disappear. He didn’t want to end up with another gun in his face!* -05:01 Jul 07

Anthony: *Took Ciara to one of the ramps leading to the private booths. Once they were at the top, they were taken to the booth by an usher.*

Trinny was mimicking Leon’s every move! Only… in mid air while she glittered and floated! “This is so awesome! it’s like a spy movie!”

Ciara: *Ciara was the model of a perfect date. Holding gently to Anthony’s arm, curiously looking around… of course looking pleasantly pleased at their seating arrangements! Privacy was a very very good thing!* -05:09 Jul 07
Leon: *Once Gabriel had ducked inside, he dashed for the door! He grabbed it before it closed and dashed inside! As soon as he was in, he stopped and looked around for anyone! He slowed the door closing and quietly shut it.* I wish I had spy gadgets and stuff. Then we could just swoop down and steal her away. *He stopped when he realized he was backstage and behold, a long rack of clothes and outfits! Maybe, just maybe … He grabbed an outfit and disappeared behind the clothes to quickly change!* -05:11 Jul 07

Anthony: *Smiled as he held the curtain separating the hall from their booth aside for her. There were four seats.* I often use this booth for clients. However, I made certain we would be alone. Few can appreciate the ballet and I did not want to spoil the evening by allowing someone who would only end up snoring the acts away.

“Oooo! I want a costume too!” Except none of the ones there fit! So Trinny pulled out a tiny little pixie wand and tapped her own head. She ploofed and looked like… a pixie in a shark suit!

Ciara: A wise chair. *She smirked, taking a seat in one of the middle chairs, arranging her skirt, maybe a little higher than it actually fell.* -05:19 Jul 07
Leon: *Jumped out through the clothes!* Ta-dah! *He couldn’t help but throw his arms out in a dramatic gesture! Then he looked across the room at the full-length mirrors and he smacked his forehead! He wore green tights and a jerkin and a cap with a feather!* Robin Hood?! You’ve gotta be kidding me! -05:21 Jul 07

Trinny giggled herself in to a fit! “Ohohohohoho! This is the greatest game ever! Robin Hood would kill a vampire for sure! We can steal his wallet too!”

Anthony: *Smiled as he sat down beside her.* Is everything alright, Ms Grey?

Leon: *He really should change–but the show is starting! He could hear the music start up!* Crap. We don’t have time to change. *He spotted a bow and some arrows. He slung the quiver across his back and tested the bow. Yep, the string was nice and tight and it looked real so–it had to be real, right? Who on earth would use a fake prop for well … a prop?!* -05:29 Jul 07
Ciara: *She leaned over to murmur in his ear.* They say that at least one of the chairs in every box is occupied by a ghost once the curtain falls. A clever person makes sure to pick their seat carefully. -05:31 Jul 07

Down below, the security guard threw a thumb over his shoulder as a usher came back from break. All he had to see was the uniform and certainly wasn’t paying attention to the one wearing it …

Anthony: *Took her hand and kissed the back of it.* In that case, it can have any seat it wishes as long as I get the pleasure of sitting beside you.

Ciara: You’re a deliciously good flirt for someone who doesn’t date, Mr. Carnatelli… *She grinned, leaning a little closer!* -05:40 Jul 07
Leon: *So armed with bow and arrow, he marched out–only to get stopped by the security guard! He made up an excuse about having been called to Anthony Carnatelli’s seat. He’s actually a doctor in the middle of a rehearsal and he has to see him right away! He forgot to take his heart pills again! No, this cannot wait! What part of “heart pills” did he not understand?! … No, he cannot give his pills to the security guard to give to Mr. Carnatelli! That just won’t do! How does he know the guard won’t lose it or pawn it or worst, take it himself?!* -05:44 Jul 07

“Whack him!! Whack him with a stick!!” said Trinny! She demonstrated by knocking the security guard on the head! He only seemed to scratch it!

Anthony: *Smiled as he leaned a little closer to her.* I must confess it to be the solid truth, Ms. Grey.

Leon: *Serious! He had to remain serious! He coughed politely and finally the security guard let him through! The guy even told him which booth Mr. Carnatelli was in!* Thank you, my dear man. -05:50 Jul 07
Ciara: *She brushed her thumb at his chin.* I wonder what else you might be deliciously good at. Hmm? -05:50 Jul 07

Anthony: You mean besides writing? *He chuckled softly, obviously teasing.*

As Leon went to the booth, he didn’t notice the usher coming out of one of the other booths!

Leon: Remember, Trinny, we have to stay calm. We can’t act too hastily or Cissy will have our heads! *He whispered as loud as he dared!* -05:54 Jul 07
Ciara: I think if you write as well as you flirt, I might not be able to put those pages down. You might be stuck with me for a whole day. -05:54 Jul 07

Trinny fluttered behind him! “But if he get him faster she won’t get eaten! Lets just shoot him dead!”

Leon: But we need to get Cissy out of there first! If we make a scene she’ll be dead for sure! Just please relax. *He cleared his throat and said loudly.* Ms. Grey, there’s a phone call for you down in the lobby. *He said, in a deeper voice than the one he normally used!* -05:59 Jul 07
Ciara: *She didn’t move, only glanced over at the curtain. No one even knew where she would be. If they had sense they’d have called her cellphone. Which meant…* …Tell them to leave a message at my office. I’ll call them back. -06:02 Jul 07
Leon: *Crap! This was not going as planned! He looked at Trinny for some help here! Wait, her idea! He drew the curtain back a bit to see where they were sitting.* -06:06 Jul 07

Trinny peered between the curtains whispering!! “They’re sitting next to each other! They’re practically kissing!! Aim to the left!”

Anthony: *Glanced at the curtain.* Am I keeping you from important business?

Leon: *Gulped and took a deep breath! He’d never fired a bow before but he’d seen plenty of movies! He slid the arrow into place and raised it. He aimed to the left …* How’s that? -06:16 Jul 07
Ciara: *Ciara sighed and gave a weak smile.* I asked everyone not to bother me, but sometimes they’re persistent… I’d much rather be spending my evening with you. -06:16 Jul 07

Trinny flittered down and pushed the arrow until it was just in the right spot! “Perfect! Shoot him dead!”

Anthony: *Soft smile as he reached over with his other hand and cupped her cheek.* I see no reason why you cannot. You are a strong woman but we all need time away.

Ciara: I think they can survive a few hours without me for one night. *She leaned close enough to kiss him, but stopped!* You’ll take me away, won’t you Mr. Carnatelli? -06:21 Jul 07
Leon: *Deep breath! It was now or never! He closed his eyes and let the arrow go!* -06:23 Jul 07

SSSHHINNNK! THUD! The sound of the string being released cut off whatever Anthony was about to say! And a fake arrow thudded against the back of the chair before hitting the ground!

“We missed!!!” spat Trinny, who kicked the curtain in fury!

Anthony: *Looked up and at the curtain! Then he looked over the chair to see the arrow on the ground!* Forgive me, my dear. It would seem someone is playing a bizarre trick on us. *He started to get up.*

Leon: *Blinked!* Gah! Missed?! Oh hell! Is he coming? Is she coming? *He glanced around quickly for somewhere to run!* -06:29 Jul 07
Ciara: *Ciara leaned back quickly at the sound, spotting a…a theater prop? Her hand slowly came up to her face. She was feeling the oncoming of a headache… That idiot! She should let him get killed!* Wait. *She caught his hand.* I’m sure it’s just some children trying to entertain themselves… I need to visit the powder room anyway, why don’t I make sure? -06:31 Jul 07

Anthony: *Stopped and turned! He finally nodded and smiled.* Certainly and thank you, Ms Grey. This is the first time something like this has happened, I’m afraid.

Leon: *Ah-ha! He spotted a large potted plant in the hall and dove behind that! If he squeezed behind it just right, they’d never see him!* -06:34 Jul 07
Ciara: *She flashed him a smile as she stood and brushed her fingers against his cheek.* I’ll be back in a moment. *She was smiling until she closed the curtain behind her, where she was immediately scowling and glancing up and down the hall.* …Leon…! I know you’re here! -06:35 Jul 07
Leon: *Gulped! He had this urge to just hide there and let this blow over but seeing as how this was Ciara … He stood and slowly poked his head out from behind the plant. Wolfish grin followed by a small wave!* Um … Hello? -06:37 Jul 07
Ciara: *Somehow she managed to keep her temper as she stalked over to him, snatched him by the ear and dragged him down the hall!* I almost got a kiss and you ruined the whole damned thing! -06:38 Jul 07
Leon: Ow! Ow! Ow! *He winced as he got dragged! He’d never noticed until now just how fast a walker she was!* Um … I … I can explain! -06:39 Jul 07

Trinny was wisely staying out of grabbing distance! “We came to rescue you and drag you away before something happened!”

Anthony: *Settled back on his seat and folded his arms over his stomach. He would watch the show until Ciara returned!*

Ciara: I see. Ruining my date like I very specifically asked you NOT to do? *She half threw half let go, and she looked ready to sock him in the nose… or worse!* -06:40 Jul 07

The usher watched Ciara and Leon leave before moving toward Anthony’s box. He drew the curtain back and fired a few shots that were muffled by the silencer he’d slipped on!

Leon: Oooff! *He fell on his behind and rubbed his ear.* Just watching out for you! We were worried sick! -06:41 Jul 07

Anthony: Bang bang bang! The three shots hit home and he jerked and went still!* …

Gabriel: *Threw off the usher uniform and walked farther into the booth. He knew damn well the asshole wasn’t dead.*

Ciara: I told you exactly what I was doing tonight! And I told you to stay the hell out of it! What were you going to do, attack a master vampire and think you could whisk me away that easy?! -06:43 Jul 07

Anthony: *Was still for a moment but then he put his hand to his chest to where the holes were already closing up. He licked his blood as he sat back and watched the show as if nothing had happened.* It is a pleasure to see you as well. Social call?

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Um … We were … kind of … playing it by ear. -06:45 Jul 07
Ciara: I don’t need you to rescue me anymore, Leon Santos. Now I’m going back to my date. *She seriously thought about kicking him with those silver heels of hers… and almost did before she turned around to leave him.* Go home. -06:47 Jul 07

Trinny poofed in front of Ciara, waving her hands like a mad pixie! “No! No! You can’t go back! Get her, Leon!!”

Gabriel: *While Anthony was sitting back, Gabriel was already dashing forward and kicking the chair legs out from under him!*

Anthony: *One moment he was falling and the next he was just gone! He appeared behind Gabriel and nearly sent him flying out of the box with a kick!*

Leon: *Blinked!* Trinny, are you nuts?! -06:53 Jul 07
Ciara: Ha ha. You’re going to kidnap me while I’m on a date? I’d laugh if I weren’t so pissed off! -06:54 Jul 07

Gabriel: *Twisted in mid-air and landed on the railing in a crouched position with one hand supporting him. He fired a few shots again!*

Trinny’s little eyes well up as if she were going to cry! “I’m soooo sorry! Please don’t hate me, but the other vampire might kill you too!” Trinny drew back her hand and through a whole bunch of glitter in Ciara’s face! A big puff of it!

Ciara: What othe- ack! *Ciara sneezed! Glitter dusted? What the devil was that supposed t- oh… she was feeling a little sleepy now… Ciara fainted!* -06:57 Jul 07
Leon: *Blinked!* Oh boy. *He was going to get killed when she woke up! He caught her as she fell!* What the heck was that? -07:00 Jul 07

Anthony: *Blurred and reappeared where he’d been standing just a moment ago!* Now if you would excuse me, I am going to check on my date. *And he walked out of the booth and in the direction of the powder room where he saw Ciara asleep in Leon’s arms and a pixie.* Insects. *He disappeared and reappeared in front of Leon to grab him by the neck and hoist him up in the air.*

Trinny gave a shrill scream!! “Help! HEELLP! Other vampire! Heeeelp! No no! Don’t kill Leonwolfie!” Trinny pulled out her want, and thwacked Anthony’s hand!! “Let go! Let go!

Leon: *Grabbed Anthony’s wrist and tried to pry him off. Fortunately, he was able to let go of Ciara so she wouldn’t get hurt. Cough. Cough!* -07:04 Jul 07

Gabriel: *Ran out of the booth! He pulled out a knife and cut his palm!* Anthony genitus! *A few drops of blood fell to the ground!*

Anthony: *Glanced over his shoulder in time to see the blood on the floor and he was suddenly gone! He disappeared completely!*

Leon: *Cough!* Ooofff! *THUD! One moment he was in the air, the next gravity took its toll! He gasped for air!* What. The. Hell! -07:10 Jul 07

“You’e okaaaaaay!!!” Trinny clung to Leon’s forehead! “You’re okay! You’re okay!!”

Gabriel: *Watched the scar on his palm heal before slipping the knife back and walking toward Leon.*

Leon: Yeah. Barely. *He gently patted Trinny as he caught his breath.* Holy crap. That guy is something else. What did you do to him? *He looked at Gabriel.* -07:15 Jul 07

Gabriel: *Paused on his way past them.* Sent him away. Leave before he comes back. *And then he was walking away.*

Leon: *A vampire didn’t need to tell him twice! He got to his feet and picked up Ciara and then started down!* I guess we’re walking home then? I don’t have money for cab fare. -07:19 Jul 07

Trinny waved goodbye! “Thanks mister cool vampire Gabriel!! I’ll send you a gift basket!!” She fluttered around Leon’s head! “She’s gonna be really mad when you wake her up.”

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