[Collete spent a long night barking orders and organizing a new crew. But it was well worth it, and now they were out to sea where they belonged! ] -12:01 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie was laying out on the deck, sprawled against some ropes and snoring like a whale. Ever so often he’d shout “Not my captain!” or “Good god, those are my balls!” and flop back to sleep again!*

[Elizabeth kicked another crew member out of her cabin!] -12:05 Jul 21
Collete: *With that giant beast of a man she’s calling Rock because his name was obnoxiously complicated at the wheel, Collete was working with a map and making some plans. Give a woman some money and a working ship, what does she do? Plan revenge! Sweet glorious, hunt-em-down and butcher them, revenge! She sipped from a mug of coffee!* -12:08 Jul 21
Elizabeth: Next time you come to see me you’d better have a real good reason, you manner-forsaken lout! *She growled!* ‘Cause if you don’t, I sure as hell will give you a reason to need a doctor! -12:09 Jul 21

That crew member was trying his hardest not look good and sorry before he took off running back to work! He tripped over Freddie on the way out!

[Kessing was enjoying the spray of the sea and the rocking of the ship!] -12:10 Jul 21

Frederick: GOFF!! *His poor manhandled body! He shoved the body aside, kicked at him when he ran off and…. quickly pulled up his pants! How did those fall down!? Aw, look at that! He’s got a splinter! How can he function with a splinter?!*

Kessing: *He couldn’t remember a great deal of what had happened that night. He remembered someone saying they couldn’t do anything for Captain Maria … and then that trip down to the supply yard but that was about it! He’d gotten some sleep when they took out to sea!* -12:11 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Dusted her gown off and straightened her hair! Or tried to in this blasted sea-spraying wind! Add the fact she hadn’t been able to trap Samson to the fact that every male on this ship was faking an illness or medical condition to get some "tender loving care" and you have one pissed off doctor!* -12:13 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete circled a place on her map. Whether Godric was going to hunt them down, or just needed to resupply that was their best bet. …And it’d be somewhere she could use this ship to her advantage. Imagine her surprise to discover that Deathrunner was Godric’s boat before the asshole took Kessing’s. This was going to be a nice little comeuppance for him! She dropped her pencil to go informing her clueless first mate of those plans!* -12:17 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie, unaware that his life would be in danger for it, marched on down to the Doctor’s cabin, holding up his poor injured finger!* Woman! I need assistance! A man can’t work like this!

Kessing: *Nice … simple … seaspray. He put his chin down on the railing. Yeah, he could get used to this. Although there was something nagging at the back of his mind but he pushed it away. He didn’t know why but he didn’t want to know what was so insistent.* -12:23 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow!* This from the man who is supposed to be hunting down Samson! You said you were going to find him–not take a nap on deck, you big oaf! -12:24 Jul 21

Frederick: To find a demon, you gotta think like a demon, and the little buggars spend half their days sleepin’, so I was testing out some places! You gon’ pull this splinter or start spittin’ at me?!

Collete: *Collete leaned against the railing necxt to Kessing, her arms crossed.* Tell me, Kessing. If you were captain and had an enormous amount of treasure… what would you do first? -12:27 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Didn’t look like she was taking his bull! But she finally dropped her arms!* Fine. Follow me. *She led the way back to her room.* Tell me … you wouldn’t happen to know who blabbed about my … how did it go … "pair of nice fluffy ones" … would you? -12:29 Jul 21
Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed and didn’t seem to be paying attention at first.* Mm …? If I was a captain with a large amount of treasure … first, you go hiding it somewhere real good. Then you start adding to the pile of treasure you already got. Even if it means stealing some tasty morsel right out from under the governor of the port’s nose. -12:32 Jul 21

Frederick: Uh… Not a damned clue. Man’s got a be a real moron to say somethin’ like that! *…That little shit Gilbert! He knew that guy was a snitch! Freddie plopped down in a chair once inside her room, not very subtly checking the place out!*

Collete: Ah… thr trouble is finding a good place to stash it. I had some places in mind, but some backstabbing traitors already know all about them. I don’t suppose you have a nice little canibal free island in that head of yours? -12:35 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Her room was real neat, not a speck of dust to be seen! Whatever was in her bag, it certainly wasn’t furniture or anything to give the place a "woman’s touch." There was that hammock in the corner and that large chest that had always just sat there! But not much else! She made a cute little pout and brushed up against him.* What a shame … I was going to thank the man who said such a fine compliment about me. -12:47 Jul 21
Kessing: *Still had his eyes closed.* Mm … There’s always Île de Sirène … -12:49 Jul 21

Frederick: *Gurk! …swallow! There was those danger signs flashing in his head! On the one hand he’d be more than happy to take credit for a compliment… on the other.. it could be a trap!* He uh.. probably meant something more classy.. like…er… You’ve got breasts made for suckling! ..For children! Breasts for children! *Somehow that didn’t come out right.*

Collete: Île de Sirène… *Normal Captain Kessing was in there somewhere. Seeing Godric had him seething with rage and being himself again, so what had him forgetting again? …and more importantly why! Collete had the urge to drag him down to her cabin and kick him until she found out! She grinned to herself.* We’ll sail to Île de Sirène. After that we’ll take a little stop in Jamestown. I’ve got business there, but there’s no reason why we can’t do a little robbing too. -12:58 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Damn. She wasn’t getting any closer to him revealing who it was … or even admitting it as the case may be. She considered herself a fair woman. She wouldn’t cause any unnecessary pain to anyone without first knowing the facts. No matter how tempting it may be. She’d have to try another tactic then. She moved away to retrieve some tweezers fashioned from bone–whale or human, it didn’t matter–and moved toward him again.* Splinter. -12:59 Jul 21
Kessing: *Now he opened his eyes and grinned. It was a boyish-kid grin but it was the boyish-kid grin of the clueless Kessing. Not the captain of the Harbinger.* That sounds like fun. *He blinked.* Wait … Île de Sirène isn’t on any map. -01:01 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie eyed them tweezers but he held up his finger! It was a big horrible deadly splinter, and if she broke his finger he would never forgive her, no matter how pretty she was!*

Collete: I’ve got the sky. I don’t need a map. Unless you plan on giving me a hand and doing the sailing for me? By all means, take over the ship. -01:05 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Eyed the splinter with the same wariness Frederick was eying her tweezers.* … You call that a splinter? It’s not even a chip of wood! -01:06 Jul 21
Kessing: Heh heh. No thank you. *He propped his elbows on the railing and put his chin on his hands.* You’re doing a fine job of being the captain. Maria would be envious. -01:08 Jul 21

Frederick: It’s festering with disease and could kill me by morning! …and it burns! Just get it out, woman!

Elizabeth: *Ohohohoh! It looked like she was onto something! A fine way to find out who she was going to kill first.* Sure, I will … Just as soon as you tell me who spread those comments. -01:11 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete frowned.* Maria was… something else. I wouldn’t have bothered staying if you hadn’t- *She caught herself quick enough!* The ship looks hella better now. -01:12 Jul 21

Frederick: *His jaw dropped!* That’s blackmail, and I ain’t gotta take it! You pull this thing out or.. or… Now!

Kessing: *Turned around to get a good look at the ship! He nodded.* Yeah … Yeah, it does. *He looked over at her.* Hey, Collete. What happened last night? I just remember gambling with some old guys … and then Maria … and the supply yard. I don’t remember anything … solid. -01:14 Jul 21
Elizabeth: You say "blackmail", I say "a win-win situation." For example, you give me the name of the person responsible, I pull out the splinter. I’ll even give you a nice, sweet kiss to help heal your finger. -01:15 Jul 21
Collete: Let’s see… I got good and drunk, nearly kidnapped and rescued by you of all people. Freddie found a wad of treasure, Maria was shot and killed in the process, and now we’ve a nice new crew of vagabonds. …I can’t imagine how anyone would forget all that. -01:23 Jul 21

Frederick: *Don’t do it man! No kiss is worth it! None! ..Not at all. but.. so… pretty…* It was… uh…. me.

Kessing: *Sheepish grin.* This is me we’re talking about. Large patches of missing memory appears to be a condition of mine. -01:24 Jul 21
Collete: I could take you down to my cabin and refresh your memory, but chances are I’d just make you cry. *Whether she meant it in a nice way or a bad way, it was impossible to tell!* -01:26 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Gotcha! She only smiled sweetly, though, as she gently took his hand, pulled that splinter out. True to her word, she kissed that finger, she even patched it up.* Good boy. *She waited until he was at the door to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his lips, nice and hard!* -01:27 Jul 21

Frederick: *grmph! That sure ain’t what Freddie expected, and he was more than happy to give her a good kissin’ back and perhaps rest his hands down on her rear where they weren’t supposed to be! Oh ho, that was nice and fluffy too!*

Kessing: *Kessing being Kessing, he was going to take that as a bad way–but with good intentions!* Uh … Maybe I’ll just wait until my memory comes back to me. -01:29 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *She broke the kiss–CLICK!–and Frederick found a pistol shoved up against his jaw!* Let’s see if your head is thick enough to stop a bullet before it reaches your brain, shall we? *She could still feel his hands on her ass.* Get your hands off my ass. -01:31 Jul 21
Collete: Probably better off that way. *A sad look across her face, but it was gone in a flash. Collete pushed away from the railing, to go tell Rock where to switch his course. They had some treasure to hide.* -01:32 Jul 21

The man up in the crow’s nest yells down to the others! “Ship ahead!” -Elizabeth

Frederick: *Damnit, he dun fell for a trap! Freddie held his hands up quick!* There’s uh… there’s a ship coming, I’m needed up on deck!

Elizabeth: Forget the ship. You have more pressing matters. Right here. Right now. *She growled!* Some men coming aboard to slit you from ear to ear is the least of your worries. -01:34 Jul 21
Collete: *Collete paused on the steps up to the bridge shielding her hers from the sun to see!* Better look for a flag and a name on that ship… We don’t want to be running in to pirates, now do we gentlemen. -01:34 Jul 21

Frederick: *He danced from foot to foot! Hell and damn and shit!* But uh, the cap’n gonna need every man she can get! You can shoot me later?

Elizabeth: *She was thinking about it. On one hand, she didn’t want to have to explain how a man could’ve accidentally gotten shot in her room. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe he wasn’t that bad a kisser.* If I hear even a single word about me or my body from anyone, I will come after you and show you just what a sadistic bitch I can be, understand? And you had better find Samson for me. *She pulled the gun away.* -01:39 Jul 21

“It’s a merchant ship!” the man from the crow’s nest calls down!

Collete: Is that so! My, I bet that poor thing is just over loaded with more than it can carry. Why don’t we go and help them out a little? *Collete clasped her hands behind her back as she reached the bridge.* Take us on over to greet them, Rock. Get your toys, gentlemen! We’re going to have some fun! -01:42 Jul 21

Frederick: *Freddie stumbled backwards as quick as his legs would move him, before he took off for the top deck! That crazyass woman was a maniac! A soft fluffy maniac! He had to warn the captain about her!… Later!*

Kessing: *Managed not to get run over by the stampede of men getting everything together! There were guns to get, swords and cutlasses to pull out! Just another day in the life of a pirate!* -01:44 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Heard the chaos taking place on deck! She studied the gun in her hands, tapped the gun against her palm! She might as well get up there. She thrust the gun back to wherever she put it, somewhere in that skirt she wore, and retrieved her heavy bag.* -01:47 Jul 21

Mr. Rock silent as..well, a rock, did just as he was told, And even when the merchant ship tried to out run them, that pirate vessel was much too quick! As soon as it was close enough in range, men were flinging ropes across and preparing to board! Them merchants were a fiesty bunch and already firing guns! Too bad they didn’t have any cannons!

Collete: *Che had to admit… being the one in charge had it’s perks.* Board ’em and take prisoners! After all, if we massecre them, they can’t go back home and bring us another pretty ship to pillage! *Collete smiled her ever best smile!* -01:54 Jul 21
Kessing: *Never one to hang back, armed with a singl pistol, and a cutlass and knife, he flung that rope long and true and boarded! With cutlass in his teeth, he climbed onto the merchant ship and did more than his fair share of fighting! Of course, there were times when he had to shoot and hack someone but in this case, it was self-defense!* -01:58 Jul 21

Frederick: *This was the best part of being a pirate! Plus, there was that maniac on board and even if she DID plan shooting him once their raid was over, he surely would have won her heart by his totally awesome and manly fighting! Using bare hands he’d knock men out, throw them across the deck, sling them around and crash them in to their own crew mates! Occasionally he’d flex his muscles!*

Even when boarded, those merchants and sailors put up a fight! They had some passengers onboard who were quickly moved down below for safety! -Elizabeth


Elizabeth: *Heaved that bag onto deck and was working on the nearest pirate who had been taken down early on after getting shot in the leg! She quickly bound his leg and continued on! Those with fatal injuries or more than one serious injury had to be taken care of first!* -02:06 Jul 21

Arr, those pirates were mindful not to murder needlessly, but quick to knock out and and put and end to any squabblers, uprisers, or sailors trying to kill ’em off! It didn’t take too long at all to round up all the live and conscious ones and keep them timid with a bunch of guns aimed at their heads!

Kessing: *Checked in with Collete!* Alright, Captain! Everyone is good and rounded up. They have some nice cargo, too. Nothing like gold but a lot of spice and silk. -02:09 Jul 21
Collete: *As much as she would have loved shooting people. Collete held herself back. Lighting a ciggy and crossing a plank to the other ship once Kessing announced all was "settled".* That was very brave of you merchant boys. Not smart, but brave. Aren’t we lucky this vessel didn’t fall in to the wrong sort of hands? …We ought to make sure that cargo gets somewhere safe, Kessing. -02:11 Jul 21
Kessing: Maybe in the hands of some customers who’d pay a nice price or at least trade something equally worthy? *He suggested.* -02:13 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Meanwhile she was finishing up her duties as doctor! She’d bandaged everyone up and done what she could to lessen the serious extent of injuries, particularly from something as easy to die from as bleeding to death. Fortunately for them, she wasn’t so heartless as to let them lie there in pain. She gave them some rum!* -02:15 Jul 21
Collete: A brilliant idea! We’ll just take it and sell it for you! Now you have nothing to worry about! *Collete snapped her fingers, sending her nice strong gentleman to start raiding out the cargo!* Meanwhile, let’s not get any bright ideas about escape plans and whatnot. I would hate to see such fine sailors get thrown overboard. -02:17 Jul 21

Frederick: *Dutiful Freddie was already helping to get to work on that cargo. Of course he’d flash his best grin at Madam Maniac doctor woman everytime he passed, making sure she could see him lifting those big heavy crates and barrels!*

Kessing: *Was reading over something he’d found in the captain’s quarters.* Looks like we could get rich some other way, too. -02:21 Jul 21
Collete: *She glanced at him, pulling that ciggy out of her mouth.* Do tell, Kessing. -02:22 Jul 21
Kessing: Looks like we’re graced with the presence of the wife and daughter of the governor of Port Royal. Madame Hawkins and her daughter, Madeline. *He looked up from the passenger log to Collete and to the group of prisoners where–in the back–huddled a brunette and her young daughter.* -02:24 Jul 21
Elizabeth: *Of course, she couldn’t help but be aware of everytime that overgrown lout passed! And that stupid grin of his! Must not shoot. Must not shoot. She ended up taking a couple of swigs of the rum she offered one of her patients just so she wouldn’t go for her gun.* -02:26 Jul 21
Collete: Ah, more precous cargo. They really are lucky we found ’em before someone like Godric Scarblade did. I’m sure Hawkins would pay very well for safe passage for his family. *Oh the wicked grin she had!* -02:28 Jul 21
Kessing: In that case, perhaps we should see to the accomodations of our temporary guests, Captain? -02:32 Jul 21
Collete: Give them your room, Kessing. Make sure they’re comfortable and unharassed. -02:37 Jul 21
Kessing: Right. Madame Hawkins, if you’d be so kind. *He gestured for her and her daughter and bowed.* -02:40 Jul 21

Madame Hawkins looked reluctant to go anywhere with these pirates! But if they didn’t do as they were told, they were sure to end up as fish food! So she gathered her daughter up in her arms and put on a brave face as she followed Kessing below deck!

Frederick: *Dusting off his hands he stopped beside the cap’n!* So we got her all loaded up, whachu want us to do now?

Collete: Send the rest back to their boat and cut ’em loose. They won’t try anything dangerous less something happens to those girls. *She made sure to say it nice and loud so everyone got the point!* -02:43 Jul 21
Kessing: *Gestured the mother and daughter into his room.* It isn’t much but … it’s cozy. I’ll be right outside so if there’s anything you need feel free to ask. You should get some rest. -02:47 Jul 21
[Collete and her motely crew sucessfully raided a merchant ship and now have hostages- er, passengers aboard! Not a bad day!] -03:13 Jul 29
[Kessing had just shown their two guests to where they\’d be staying at for the remainder of their voyage!] -03:14 Jul 29
Kessing: *Of course, he wasn’t too keen on trusting any of the crew with the welfare of their passengers so … he decided to stand guard right outside the door!* -03:16 Jul 29

Frederick: *Frederick was steering clear or the mad woman with the nice knockers! He was leaning against Kessing’s door and on guard duty. Because that’s what big muscle men like him are for. Flexflex.*

[Elizabeth was still overseeing the wounded on deck–fortunately for Frederic!] -03:18 Jul 29

Frederick: *Flexflex… slow scowl! Of course, he can’t be getting all the glory if Kessing was going to lurk around too!* So Kessing… Look over there! A flying cat demon!

Kessing: Very funny. *Mutters under his breath.* Oh, look, the new doctor! -03:20 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *Finally dusted her hands on her skirt! She was going to need a lot of new supplies! She found the captain overseeing the others!* Captain, if I may have a word. -03:21 Jul 29

Frederick: Where?! *Freddie jumped away from the door, fists raised to deflect flying bullets!* ..>Wait a damned second… *He pointed an accusing finger at Kessing.* Dirty liar!

Collete: *They’re gonna store that cargo properly or she’ll throw every last one of them ove-* Something important, doctor? -03:22 Jul 29
Kessing: *Couldn’t resist smirking! But he finally got a straight face.* Come on, Freddie. She’s just a woman. -03:23 Jul 29
Elizabeth: I am in need of more supplies. I nearly exhausted all I brought with me onboard. I can have a list ready in a manner of moments if you would like to take a look. -03:25 Jul 29

Frederick: Obviously, you have no idea about women, Kessing! Cause they’re crazy! …Gorgeous but flippin’ nuts! …She threatened my jewels, man! My little soldiers!

Kessing: *A raised eyebrow.* Are you sure that wasn’t her way of flirting? -03:26 Jul 29
Collete: *Collete brushed her hair out of her face as she rubbed her head.* We’ll have to stock up when we land at port to ‘drop off’ our passengers. There won’t be any lollygagging though. We’re going to have to be in and out quick. -03:27 Jul 29

Frederick: ..Naw, naw. Women don’t flirt like that! Otherwise, Collete would be aaaall over me! *Freddie suddenly grinned wide!* Yeah, that’d be nice. Rollin’ on the front deck with Capn’ Collete…

Kessing: …. *Smacks Freddie upside the head by pure reflex!* -03:33 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *A single nod.* I understand. I will prepare a list then. *And she went below deck!* -03:35 Jul 29

Frederick: OW! What the devil, man?! *Freddie rubbed his head, lookng sour!* Ain’t a body on the ship that hasn’t thought about it! She’s got- *He motioned his hands in front of his chest!* -man! That doc’s got bigger, but a man’s gotta appreciate a good lookn’ Capn’!

Elizabeth: It is such a honor to know I sail with such high-born gentlemen of fortune. *She said dryly as she came within earshot of Freddie and Kessing’s conversation.* You. *She pointed at Freddie.* Come with me. -03:37 Jul 29

Frederick: *Freddie froze, his hands in the most inoportune of locations… and dropped them quickly as he cleared his throat!* I, uh… am on guard duty! Kessing is free!

Collete: *On the plus side, she had a doctor on board that actually knew what supplies were. Collete finished up her supervising, planning to have a chat with her guests once she was through!* -03:40 Jul 29
Kessing: *Cleared his throat.* Actually, madam, Frederick here was just telling me how sorry he was and how eager he was to make things up to you. Didn’t you, Frederick? -03:41 Jul 29

Frederick: *Motioning a thumb slowly at Kessing, Freddie still looked like he was staring at a firing squad.* Y-yeah. Really sorry.

Kessing: Of course, he knows how empty and meaningless words are so he told me he’d do whatever it took to make things up to you. Or you can slice his testicles off and use them as shark bait. -03:45 Jul 29

Frederick: *Freddie shot Kessing the most impressive glare he could muster. THAT was NOT helping, you quick-tongue bastard!*

Elizabeth: *Arms crossed and fixing both men an even stare.* Shark bait, hm? What a wonderful idea. Now hurry up or I’ll make good on that promise. *She beckons to Frederick with a finger.* -03:48 Jul 29

Frederick: Yes Ma’am! *He showed a fist to Kessing before he followed after the doc!*

Kessing: *Whistled innocently as he watched Frederick disappear with the doctor! He glanced around. Now maybe he could get some peace.* -03:51 Jul 29
Elizabeth: If you do a good job, maybe just maybe … I will not be so prone as to throw you overboard, slit your throat, emasculate you … *She waved her hand.* Et cetera, et cetera … You get the point. *She reached her quarters.* Now … I need someone’s help in making a list of supplies. Are you up to it? -03:54 Jul 29

Frederick: Why do you gotta threaten a man’s precious jewels, woman? That ain’t right. *Freddie made sure to stand a safe distance away before he finally nodded.* Aye, I can do that just fine!

Collete: *An unlit ciggy in her mouth and cargo stored away neatly, Collete found Kessing guarding the door for her guests.* …You look like you did something naughty, Kessing. -03:57 Jul 29
Kessing: *Flashed a grin.* Depends on your definition. I say I did something nice. Frederick would say quite the opposite. I fixed him volunteer duty for the good doctor. What can I do for you, Cap’n? -03:58 Jul 29
Collete: I’m going to have a little chat with our guests. Would you like to stand around looking miserably evil? -04:02 Jul 29
Elizabeth: *Turned and put her hands on her hips.* Believe me, there are a lot more things in the world that ‘ain’t right’. Now, if you are done complaining and nagging like some old fishwife, I can get down to business. *She searched here and there and finally pulled out a paper and a feather with a bottle of ink.* I need to make a list of supplies and I need someone to help me sort all the things out. *She gave him a cute pout as she sat down, crossed one leg over the other.* I’d be oh so grateful. -04:03 Jul 29
Kessing: Well … I can try. Let’s see. *He bent his head and ruffled his hair and then gave her a wicked grin.* Not miserably evil but evil could never be miserable, the way I see it. -04:07 Jul 29

Frederick: *Aw… no man could resist such a cute little lady pouting! He mouth turned up in to a lopsided grin!* Alright, alright! Start your list makin’.

Collete: Is that so? *That small smirk she had disappeared as she unlocked the door and stepped imperiously in to the room!* Forgive me for intruding, ladies. I am your benevolent Captain Collete Craven. It would be a great deal of help to me, if you’d tell me a little bit about your husband. -04:20 Jul 29
Elizabeth: Good. You can start digging into that chest over there. *She pointed to the one farthest from her, in the corner.* Just take everything out and separate them into piles. I don’t care what kind of piles. Just make them piles and make sure they don’t get mixed up with each other. That’s the chest from the last doctor and I need to see what I can keep and what I have to throw away. -04:31 Jul 29

The mother was holding her child close. She looked like she was about to lie but she realized it was useless to play coy. These pirates already knew who she was. “My husband is expecting us in a day or two.”

Frederick: *Freddie dropped next to one of the crates and started digging stuff out. A saw. Another saw. A screw driver. Some bandages. A bottle of whiskey. A mallet. ….Freddie went back to the bottle of whiskey, popped it open and took a swing! Ah! …Another saw. Some syringes with needles that made him a little woozy just thinking about them. Couple of books…*

Collete: We’ll make sure he will be seeing you on time. However, I am not fond of surprises. Your husband isn’t going to refuse you, is he? Or plot a lovely little trap for us? *Collete eyed the little girl and frowned. She wasn’t much older than her so-!* We don’t want anything to happen to your daughter, after all. -04:40 Jul 29

The woman looked absolutely horrified when the captain mentioned her husband not refusing them. “How dare you! My husband loves us!”

Her daughter peeks out at Collete but quickly buries her head into her mommy’s chest!

Collete: I’m sure he does. *Collete was going to say quite the opposite but there was this inexplicable need to terrorize that kid. When the hell did she start giving a shit?!* I’m hoping he’ll reward us generously for making sure the two of you didn’t fall in to the hands of notorious pirates. -04:49 Jul 29

The woman strokes her daughter’s hair. “Please. Do what you want with me but please … spare my daughter.”

Elizabeth: *Looked over at Frederick.* Is that all there is? *She stopped scribbling down on the paper and raised an eyebrow at him.* -04:53 Jul 29

Frederick: Yep. And uh… this. *Freddie then pulled out a very lacy and interesting pair of ladies under things! Which was… pretty darn weird considering their last doctor was a huge old fat guy! Freddie shuddered at the thought!*

Elizabeth: *Blink!* … Please tell me your last doctor was a woman … -04:57 Jul 29
Collete: *Her expression softened… if only for a split second before she angrily find something interesting on the ceiling to stare at.* No one is going to hurt your damned daughter. In fact I’d be happy to send her off to her father surrounded by armed escort and wrapped in pillows, if you so pleased. -04:57 Jul 29

Frederick: I fear… that’s impossible madam. *Another shudder from Freddie as held it up hire. …And then against his own chest. Well, it WAS pretty fancy. Would it suck in his gut and make him look more buff?*

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