Katrinka’s 004: All Part of the Job

[Katrinka actually SLEPT! No tossing or turning or staring up at the ceiling for hours! And she’s still sleeping now and never ever ever going to wake up again.] -06:38 Jan 07
[Arthur Is going to wake up soon. His stomach just went off.] -06:39 Jan 07
Katrinka: The magic trick must have been having someone to sleep with. Although that hadn’t done the trick when she stayed with her sister’s family. The bed was more comfortable, that was more likely. Her internal clock was trying to rouse her like it did every early morning, but Katrinka just didn’t want to move. She was warm, snuggled, and for once really comfortable! -06:43 Jan 07
Arthur: He lifted his head and it took him a moment to get his barings when his warms were curled around someone, someone thin and who smelled faintly of lavender. He took a deep dreath and placed his head back on the pillow recollecting his memories and remembering who it was, and why. There was a gurgling sound beneath the covers and he looked down to glare at his stomack though the soft blanket and then slowly, gingerly unwound an arm from around Katrinka. "Pancakes." he muttered battling the urge to stretch and disturb her. "Cinnemon, honey… coffee." he looked down at her again and placed his head back against the pillow, he hasd a few minuted to spare… -06:48 Jan 07
Katrinka: "Dun put honey in coffee, that’s gross." she mumbled softly. He moved, which drew a frown from her and forced her to snuggle closer. An arm snuck it’s way around him too, effectively making sure he wouldn’t move again. She was comfortable for once, and had every intention to keep that feeling for as long as possible! -06:54 Jan 07
Arthur: He frowned, she was awake but clearly only patly. "Honey is for pancakes." he corrected her putting his arm back around her and poking the tip of her nose with the tip of his. "Fluffy and delicious pancakes, seres right out the pan, and if you don’t like coffee there a sweet apple cider in the fridge. Or a nice red grape juice." he pulled hack so he wasn’t crowding her nad his stomach grumbles impacienly again, loud enough to be heard. "Maybe I should stop talking about food." -06:58 Jan 07
[Katrinka enters.] -07:03 Jan 07
Katrinka: Closer was better. How long had it been since she last curled up in bed with someone? She missed this. His growling stomach drew a faint, sleepy grin from her and the promise of a decent breakfast did sound good. …but he was warm! "I don’t think you’re going to get me out of your bed with pancakes. Kinda want to sleep while the sleeping is good." -07:06 Jan 07
Arthur: He chuckled and squeezed her. "you’ve never tasted my pancakes…" he pulled her against him and sighed. "I don’t think I need to get you out of bet, I think I just need to get me out of bed and pancakes…" he tapped his fingers on her back in thought. "Well I guess you can find me the perfect match since you’ve given my bed a test drive." -07:10 Jan 07
Katrinka: She laughed as she buried her face against him. Her thoughts stuck on keeping him to herself as a human teddy rather than finding his match. "I think I am the only one who could measure compatibility based on the comfiness of ones bed. But I’m glad you’ve willingly conceded to letting me match you." That devious grin of hers was felt more than seen. He accidentally gave her permission. -07:17 Jan 07
Arthur: "You mean willingly declined." he said looking down at her. "If I had someone do you think you’d be allowed in my bed?" He rised an eyebrow. "Allowing you to stay would be questionable enough. I just think you need someone to watch over you." he yawned and stretched his legs out before sighing again. "Besides, no one could match me." -07:22 Jan 07
[(Timeout) Katrinka has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:26 Jan 07
Katrinka: "I’m not going to be here forever, remember? A new job and a nice home with crazy security, then I will be out of your bed." She shouldn’t have been in his bed in the first place, but that wasn’t stopping her from snuggling against him now. She accepted the fact she was a weak woman with no self control. "I’d say I can match anyone but I kinda lost my spark… but tonight, at least, I’ll get out of your bed so you can make that first step towards dating, hmm..?" -07:26 Jan 07
Arthur: He pulled his arm out from around her and rubbed two fingers against his temple. "I don’t want to take any steps towards dating. Like I said. " live alone with my old, time intensive things, and I run my business. What kind of wman would ley me snoop on couples with my cameras anyway. I get to cook waht I want, when I want, I get to turn on the heated matres in winter, I get to bring clients over to sit in the lounge, I get to decide my own hours, and I only have the socks of one person to keep stack of. What could be better?" -07:35 Jan 07
Katrinka: Katrinka finally pulled away to sit up on an elbow and give him a small frown. "Are you kidding? For one, you get this. Nights sleeping with someone, and breakfast in the morning. Someone to come home to after an irritating day of work. Someone that loves you enough to be worried about you, and won’t hold things against you. And sex is a pretty good bonus on top of that." Stubborn man… but a good challenging one. The desperately seeking love types were easy and open for possibilities, but didn’t -need- love in their life yet. It was these stubborn ones that did! "…and I’m not sure who would ever turn down a heated mattress. That sounds pretty awesome." -07:42 Jan 07
Arthur: "If you’re still here when the chill hits you’ll find out just how awesome it is." he sais sitting up and stretching. "And as you can plainly see I get snuggled, very rarely, this is the frst time since coming back but last night if proof that it happens. And unless it was absolutely terrible for you or you get a house today it’s going to happen tonight too. Now do you like you pancakes golden or oak?" -07:50 Jan 07
Katrinka: She had just been told she would be in his bed snuggling. Not asked. Told. And for some reason Katrinka found that so absurdly amusing that she almost wanted to kiss him for it. She ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it, giving a shrug of her shoulder and a grin. "I’m not a pancake connoisseur, so I think anything that’s not burned to a crisp will be just fine." -07:55 Jan 07
Arthur: "Golden it is." he opened the covers and got out, revealing that sometime during the nigth he had lost his vews, but was not retrieving it to pull it over his head and rub his growling belly before pausing nad looking back as her and with agrin saying "If it makes you feel better I’ll admit to missing the cuddling, and might just let you stay here forever just for that." -08:01 Jan 07
Katrinka: "Nope, nope, nope…!" Katrinka covered her ears quickly, and pretended like she wasn’t eyeing for a bit. "Every time you offer something, I almost immediately accept it! A neurotic out-of-work match maker for a house-mate is not good for anybody!" The thought of just staying there forever was already turning the wheels in her head. That wasn’t acceptable! -08:05 Jan 07
Arthur: "Now that you’ve told me that it’s going to be very hard not to take advantage of it." he said with a miscevious grin and placed a hand on the door frame to lean against it. "Ten minutes breakfast will start being served, see you then." he slipped out the room and could be heard on the stiars as he moved into the kitchen to get a mixing bowl. -08:08 Jan 07
Katrinka: The man was bad. Well, the good kind of bad. …or the bad kind when you couldn’t seem to resist it and found yourself grinning like some fourteen year old idiot the minute he stepped out of the room. Katrinka rolled her eyes as she climbed out of bed. Digging in her suitcase for a fresh set of clothes and running through her morning rituals. Once she stepped out of the bathroom and dropped her pajamas on her suitcase, she spent a few moments looking over his room. She wasn’t meaning to -snoop- but… there was that natural Katrinka-instinct to find out useful personal details, and what better way than looking at his stuff? -08:12 Jan 07
Arthur: The butter was melting in the pan and the smell of coffe wan slowly edding it’s was into the room. The batter was frothed and he was hovering his hand over the pan to test the tempreture. He was humming as he nodded nad tipped the test pancake into the pan and smilled as the smell buffeted him. "I’m very good at integral and differential calculus I know the scientific names of beings animalculous In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral I am…" he paused picking up the spatula to check the underside of the pankace "… the very model of a modern Major-General…" He wondered what Katrinka was up to an looked around, damn, his phone was still upstairs. -08:21 Jan 07
Katrinka: In her snooping she had discovered he wore nice clothes, but not too nice. Nothing overly pretentious or rediculous. He had a very nice cologne, which had her wasting far too much time smelling. That was a good scent… no wonder his bed was so all-senses comfy. He put his laundry away in drawers neatly, but it got messier the more he took stuff out. …and apparently he sang while he cooked, because she could hear his voice when she stepped in to the hallway, and it nearly made her miss a step on the stairs when she snickered. Pictures! He liked pictures too. …He was a personal person for someone who -should- have lots of secrets and trust issues as a criminal. "Do you always sing, Arthur, or just for breakfast?" she asked once she discovered his kitchen. -08:28 Jan 07
Arthur: he strugged tipping the first pancake onto a plate and pliding it onto the table next to the coffee pot, butter, honey, cinemon and sugar. "It helps me keep track of time so I know how long it’s been in the pan." he said poaring in the next on "Besides who wouldn’t want to be a modern majot general, they had great uniforms, a little ofer the top for every day wear and I don’t like having things I don’t wear…" he sighed and moved the pan slightly on the stove centering the pancake over the gas flame. "Untensils are second drawer on the right, don’t wait up." -08:36 Jan 07
Katrinka: "I do like men in uniforms." This smelled good… heavenly good! If she had the time and patience for cooking, she might have breakfast like this all the time. Extra sugar and a little cream in her coffee. And only the butter, honey and cinnamon with pancakes. And with one bite, she was thinking about that forever-thing again. Being jobless and homeless would have it’s perks! "Hmm… wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone here with you every morning to praise such a divine breakfast. Do you like blonds, Arthur?" -08:42 Jan 07
Arthur: "I grefer tasting how good it is to hearing it." he said plipping hte pancake with a flick of his trist as he lifted his mug to his lips. "Eh… An hour and a few chemicals will turn anyone on anything. I could be a blonde fomorow." he gave an ironic smile and ran his fingers though his already blonde hair. "I just usually like people to keep thier natural color, whatever that happens to be." -08:51 Jan 07
Katrinka: "You know, people always say that, but they usually lean towards prefferences too. I believe it’s important to know what you like." Katrinka slipped in to a chair, unaware she had that she had the lecture-tone again. It was so easy to get carried away talking about the details of her job. Former job! As she slipped in to a chair to more comfortably eat, she realized what she was doing and cast a sheepish expression after taking another bite. "…I am seriously going to have to find a new thing. Apparently I can’t spend fifteen minutes not blabbering and meddling." -08:56 Jan 07
[Katrinka is having breakfast at a man’s house… who isn’t a client! Not THAT kind of client!] -06:31 Jan 15
[Arthur is serving up the first pancake] -06:39 Jan 15
Katrinka: Coffee cup in hand, she took a sip before she was casting a thoughtful expression. "I suppose I should hunt for a new life career today. Probably not the best idea to hide here all day." -06:43 Jan 15
Arthur: He slid the first pancake onto a plate and put it in front of her then he was back to the pan and cooking the next. "You just closed up shot, you desurve at least one day to yourself before diciding what you want to do next." he poared the batter into the back and leaned low to sniff. "And where better to hide, you’re in the most secure house on the street. Today your assignment is to sit on the couch and have some time to yourself to reflect on the good things. -06:47 Jan 15
Katrinka: "Well, that will take care of about five minutes! Then I’ll be absolutely mad the entire day. I don’t think I’ve sat still and done nothing for… hmm… years, maybe." Katrinka could just imaginine it now. She’d sit alone in a corner and probably cry herself to death. Or scream. Screaming would probably at least entertain her for an hour! A bite of food went in to her mouth and there was a moment of pleased sighing. If she had her pad, makes breakfast would be going on her list. "I could always go to work with you. Need a secretary? New door guard?" -06:52 Jan 15
Arthur: "Pam is the best secretary ever and I’ll never replace her." he said quickly. "And if you’re coming to work with me I’ll need to get you a uniform and…" he trailed off and then looked at her. "Do you knwo jujitsu? Judo? Anything like that?" he doubted it but it was worth a shot. "Any of the gentle marsial arts…" -06:56 Jan 15
Katrinka: "… There are gentle martial arts…?" Katrinka couldn’t even comprehend that! There was nothing gentle about cracking people in the face. There was a quirk of a smile at the corner of her mouth when she finally shook her head. "I took a few self defence classes and I carry a gun in my purse. That’s okay, though! I can pick up a paper today and look for ideas. Maybe I can start a new business with what’s left in my savings." -06:59 Jan 15
Arthur: "Yes, they focus on pinning or disabling your oponent rather than hurting them, I make all my men learn it, and it’s alread too late for that, you’re coming with me to work." there was a grin as he sat at the table and melted butter on his pancake. "How can you trust me if you don’t see my word. Then maybe you’ll see why I don’t need any girl in my life." -07:02 Jan 15
Katrinka: "Oooh, I see. Not a give Katrinka a new job idea trip, but a teach Katrinka you-dun-need-no-woman trip! Moves like that always backfire, you know." She returned his grin and was taking another bite. They always struggled and had excuses, but she could turn anything in to an asset. He was already on her A list. …now if she still had clients. This not being a professional match maker was going to be impossible. "I am interested in seeing what you do besides fancy security systems and lurking, though. I’m sure I’ll learn something useful." -07:07 Jan 15
Arthur: "And other than getting footage of your clients?" he fonded the pancake with his fork a couple times then cut it up to get it into his mouth more effieciently and then stand to make another round. "I thought you were going into a different job." he sighed and tended to the cooking dough, flipping it and looking back at her. "Eight do you?" -07:10 Jan 15
Katrinka: "…sorry!" Her apology was an exasperated sigh as she leaned backwards in a defeated drape over her chair. "I can’t seem to turn it off…! Before I even started the business, I was meddling in people’s love lives… It’s what gave me the idea to start a business in the first place." Katrinka straightened again to pull her mug closer and stare down at the contents. "It’s like my entire life’s meaning has been nothing but that job. Now I’m just… some random nobody drinking your coffee." -07:15 Jan 15
Arthur: "Hey, you’re my client. That means you get free coffee. Usually that;s at the office but coffee is coffee right?" he had his coffee brought in fron Chicargo too because it was his favorite "Speaking of you can just wear anything going into work. It’s my day off and I won’t be staying long. Then we’re hitting the city." -07:18 Jan 15
Katrinka: "So I am now Katrinka Carrel, Arthur’s Damsel in Distress." At least that made her laugh! She shrugged her shoulders, giving him a curious look over her coffee mug. "Tease me with a small glimpse of your office and then to the city. Did you have plans and errands today? You really don’t have to entertain me or drag me around with you everywhere. Honestly, your job for me ended weeks ago…" -07:23 Jan 15
Arthur: "So long as you have need of me…" he said before sticking his tongue out at her. "And I’m meeting another client about some property he just aquired and he wasnt; me to make sure stays safe and sound. I’ve already given him a quote since I worked there before under a different owner…" he slid more pancakes onto her plate. "Besides you couls use a little treating to remind you theres still good people." -07:27 Jan 15
Katrinka: She never turned down more food, and she was adding honey on top of the fresh pancakes. It also gave her something to focus on rather than give in to her sudden want to smile cheekily. As long as she had need of him could be far longer than he actually meant if he didn’t stop saying sweet things like that. "Well, it’s not a lack of good people I worry about. Just the surprisingly large amount of bad people and the Katrinka Carrel curse. Browsing around town should be fun, though. Maybe I’ll get some good non-meddlesome ideas." -07:32 Jan 15
Arthur: "You’ll always meddle." he said "And say another word about curses and there’ll be no more snuggles for you. I don’t believe in them, every person makes thier own much and a little paranoia is healthy to prevent bad things from happening. I have plenty to spare so I hire it out." Another couple mankace on top of her plate and he was sitting down with his stack and poaring a fresh mug. "You ever heard of Herny Stanford?" -07:36 Jan 15
Katrinka: No more snuggles! Her pretend shocked expression didn’t last long before lost it in a grin. Katrinka shook her head between taking bites and sipping at her coffee. "Not a clue. Honestly, I don’t pay much attention unless it’s someone I’ve met and spoken too. I’d probably confused myself to death otherwise. Is he your new client?" -07:44 Jan 15
Arthur: "Not a new client, but one with a new place to look after, thinking of hiring more people to meet the bemand." he show her a look over his honeyed and buttered pancakes that there being systemaicaly demolished. "Might have a place for you after all." -07:47 Jan 15
Katrinka: Katrinka gave a soft snicker. "Hmm… I could be a very good house sitter. Prowl around dusting, spying out windows. Standing guard in doorways. Ordering pizza!" She lift a foot to tap his knee under the table. "Or did you have something more interesting in mind?" -07:51 Jan 15
Arthur: Very difficult not to take the knee tap and ‘interesting’ the wrong way and he cleared his throat before stuffing it full of golden pancake. "We’ll see we’ll see. First you ahve to meet Pam and enjoy your day off." he pulled his mug closer and took a gulp. "Whever you’re ready." -07:54 Jan 15
Katrinka: "Well, I’m dressed and overly curious, so I’m ready to go. Unless you want me to wear something cuter for showing off to your secretary." This time she really was casting a flirty grin, even if it was unintentional. Once her plate was cleared and her coffee gone, she slipped out of her seat to take the dishes to the sink and rinse them. "I am trying to remember the last time I had a day off where I wasn’t browsing sites for events and client dates. After we scout out that place for your client, should we do something? Besides lunch, anyway!" -07:59 Jan 15
Arthur: "Yes, ye should." he said quickly cleaning the rinsing the dished and putting them to dry before grabbing a jacket and pair of shades. "Well then we’ll ride. you’re going to see what I do when I’m not getting sexy footage." he gave her the exact same kind of grin back and unbolted the front door and slipped his phone into his pocket. -08:03 Jan 15
Katrinka: Her hands went to her cheeks as she followed him, laughing the entire way. It’s not that she was embarrassed by that sort of thing, she was used to seeing it. But Katrinka was definitely not the exhibitionist type. "Oh gosh… I think all of my clients are lucky I never had security cameras the entire time. I am pretty sure at some point I would have been arrested for running a brothel or something!" -08:07 Jan 15
Arthur: "With me ther is discression guarenteed, I think I did once do security for a brothel…" he shugged and stepped outside and let her out before mocking the door and unlocking the SUV. "But I won’t talk about my other clients." he said startin ghte engine with his thumbprint. "For now, he’d ho to Knight HQ." -08:12 Jan 15
Katrinka: "You’ve a very interesting job, Arty…" Buckled in safely, she settled in to the seat. Katrinka really did like this car! Now she was conciously trying to avoid adding things to her checklist. "So why a name like Knight Security? Besides the dozens upon dozens of amusing puns and slogans for advertising?" -08:18 Jan 15
Arthur: "The protects the realm?" he asked dreding up another pun. "Why not? It’s better than guardian angel and a hell of a lot better than something like Grimlock or Pantamine or Redbook." he glaned at her as the car glided down the street. "I generally go with what I can work with, Knight fits the bill. You have any better names?" -08:21 Jan 15
Katrinka: She laughed and shook her head, hand fussing with the strap over her shoulder. "Nope! After all, I’m the idiot with the bright and clever name of Katrinka’s. I like it, I’m just a little bit curious about you is all. … for completely non-matchmaking reasons, I promise." -08:24 Jan 15
Arthur: "Oooof course." he said glancing at her again and drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "After all you clearly can let that go, and you clearly havn’t been taking note of my every habbit and preference. Katrinka Carrol, I think you’re planning on making me your ultimate match. Just don’t get too attatched, Things don’t tend to work out for me in the love department, I wouldn’t want to see all your hard work go to waist." -08:28 Jan 15
Katrinka: Caught red handed? Well… she hadn’t been making mental notes on purpose! Katrinka gave him a sheepish grin and a shrug of her shoulders. Suddenly finding a lot of interest in looking at the roof of the suv. "What an ego, Arty! You’re not even near the hardest match to make! Finding someone to love you would be a piece of cake. … You to be open to hopeless romance on the other hand…" She was giving him that sly mischevious look again. "Well. You’re lucky I’m out of business. I could set a scene and you’d be done in by the end of the day." -08:33 Jan 15
Arthur: He chucked but the smile didn’t spread to his eyes. "Nope, I’d never show. Trust me Trink. Theres no gorl alive who’d put up with me, or me with her. Wouldn’t have this easy atmosphere we have going. You’d be tearing your lusious locks out and cursing my very name." -08:36 Jan 15
Katrinka: "I don’t believe that." She was too observant for her own good. Or at least in this case, where she was no longer grinning and now was eyeing him with a mix of curiosity and concern. "If it’s about that whole bank robbing, criminal past thing, granted that’s not something most women want to hear… But that isn’t your life now, is it? All a woman wants is honesty and security and I’m sure you can give that…" -08:40 Jan 15
Arthur: "What do you want?" he asked staring through the windshield as he turned into the treet he worked in and checked the mirrors. "More than that I can tell you. We have one thing in common you and I. We’re married to the job, and the job is the only constant, you have a chance to change that, I’m not so lucky. I love my job too much and if push came to shove I’d rather be greeted by Pam every morning then a brilliand smile framed by gold curls. And she is not licence to assume I like blonds, I was ising you as an example." -08:44 Jan 15
Katrinka: "Lucky me that I am not a natural blond.. or have natural curls!" It was a moment of self conciousness that she fingered through a few curly threads of hair and peered at the color. It was one of the one hundred and one sudden changes she had made since last winter. And now she was remembering him earlier in the morning saying he prefered natural coloring. …not that was even remotely picturing herself as a potential match. Where did this train of thought come from?! "…anyway I think you’re just being dark and heartbroken about it. I’m sure if you met the right person, that’d change your world." -08:52 Jan 15
Arthur: He shugged. "Looks good on you." he pulled over and opened his door but before gettin gout sighed. "Look I know it’s what you do, and I’m sure you’ve made hundred of matches but I mean what I say. What I’m looking isn’t a romantic partner. Maybe someone who already knows me and who will tollerate bme because of that, but having someone got to know me when there are expectations… Not. Happening." he got out and closed his door, and with that business squared away turned to the modest building in fron of him, stratened his collar and the shades and stepped forwards." -08:57 Jan 15
Katrinka: He thought he had her beat. … and it was crazy she was even trying to push it. He wasn’t her client, it was no longer her job, and it absolutely did not matter if he found his one true love. Maybe it just drove her crazy he was so resistant to the idea. Katrinka followed after him, not hiding her frustration, or the fact she was amused with the glasses. "What’s wrong with expectations, anyway? I am sure you have them yourself. The same way you prefer natural hair colors and… hmm. Loyalty." -09:04 Jan 15
Arthur: He ignored her as he pushed open the door and was greeted by a clast of cold air. "Pam, it’s me, what do he have today." he asjed the empty room as his body adjusted to the AC. "It’s your Dau off Arthur." an electronic voice replied. "Just checking." he said before moving though another door passed men in uniform whoo where getting ready to take thier shift and waited for Katrinka to catch up before he pressed his thumb into a scanner and the a door unbolted. "Pam, any allerts?" "None, no disturbances, no calls." "Damn, seems a get a day off after all." -09:10 Jan 15
Katrinka: She could shake him! But that thought was forgotten once they stepped in to the building and she felt like she stepped in to a completely different world. Katrinka was aware he used really high tech stuff, and had a tight leash on his staff… but this was still surprising. "Is Pam not even a real person?" A robot maybe? Voice tech…? Katrinka caught up, but was almost immediately about to start snooping to figure it out. She did wave at his employees though with a wide smile! -09:13 Jan 15
Arthur: "We’re inside her." he said looking around the videa archives and server banks on the walls. The he was walking over to a dest and pulling out a drawer. "A nice little momento from my old job. "Pam… hold all calls for the rest of the day. I’ll be out with company, tell them to call back business hours on Thursday. Enjoy your break from me, it’s not going to last. Now, Trink, want to see gentle martial arts?" -09:19 Jan 15
Katrinka: "Did you steal yourself a tech scientist too?" she asked with some amusement. This was pretty amazing, but maybe too much for her very… human oriented mind! Katrinka was lucky she could use an ipad without something blowing up. "Oh, I get to see super skilled security training? Yes, I definitely want to see this!" -09:23 Jan 15
Arthur: "I actually hired a former member of the Japanese police force, it’s what they use there instead of tasers and mace." he pushed the door back open, eager to get snoopy mcsnoop out of his office. "It’s descended from what the Samurai used, since punching armor is useless you want to grapple your oponent to the ground then stab them with a dagger while they’re helpless, modified to actually cause no ahrm to the person it’s being used one, but you can easily knock someone out once they’re on the ground." -09:27 Jan 15
Katrinka: She hadn’t realized she was being rushed out of his office. Which was lucky for him, because her fingers were already trailing over his desk, itching to rifle through his drawers. Seeing professionals in action seemed to interest her more though, and out she went, peering around curiously. "Are we going to teach me anything today? I bet I could put grappling people to good use somewhere." -09:31 Jan 15
Arthur: "It will take month at least to get you where you need to be, but after that you’ll be pinning men my size in your sleep." he said loving past the guards again and into a gym area that looked older than the rest of the building. There were severam men there and in the ring talking to them a greying man who had to be the cop he mentioned. "Take a seat, practice will begin soon." -09:34 Jan 15
Katrinka: Katrinka cast him a smirk at the pinning comment, and whether it was because she plotted on using it against him or just thinking dirty was completely unclear. She did, however, find herself a chair and had a seat. "This should be interesting!" -09:37 Jan 15

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