004 City of Hevrai

[Rori could beat someone with a stick if she had to, she\’s pretty sure.] -07:09 Mar 30
[Heinrich is sure she could too, but wants to see to it that she can do it WELL.] -07:13 Mar 30

Well, here it is. Hevrai. Heinrich and Rori are at a road junction just outside the main city gates. -Heinrich

Heinrich: Well, we’re here. Hevrai. Hopefully we won’t have to bribe the guards or anything. That’s always annoying. -07:19 Mar 30
Rori: *And so… Hevrai! A perfectly innocent little port town, aside from the ever looming danger that is likely going to face the main character, or dare she admit main characters plural. She leans on that handy little staff he had practically forced upon her.* Unless someone is crazy enough to have posters out for us, I don’t think it’ll be necessary… -07:20 Mar 30
Heinrich: Here’s hoping. Anyways, Ladies first. *he gestured ahead of himself* Anything in particular you’re thinking of getting while we’re here? -07:22 Mar 30
Rori: *Rori gave a dreadfully forboding grin as she lead the way!* That’s a dangerous question to ask a woman, in even a fantasy land. But, besides uncovering useful information, I think I’ll spare you. -07:24 Mar 30
Heinrich: I meant in the way of equipment. You do realise that my being back in the Business means that you are, too, effectively? I’ve been retired awhile, so I’ll need to pick up some new equipment. Like a new cloak, and such. Oh, that reminds me. We need to get you to a mage who does testing. -07:26 Mar 30
Rori: Is that so? *She considered carefully… At least she was useful. There couldn’t be anyone that knew the world and history as well as her, but him having her mage tested is just beyond weird.* I suppose maps would be useful. Or if I could get my hands on a flashlight… -07:28 Mar 30
Heinrich: What’s a flashlight? Some kind of torch? -07:29 Mar 30
Rori: Light at the press of a button! Never thought I’d need a night light, but I’m really missing them now. *She gives a nice big grin at the guards at the gate, fully intending to walk right past them! As long as they don’t look guilty, or up to no good, there shouldn’t be an issue! …she hopes!* -07:33 Mar 30

The personnel gate is closed! The guards look at her funny, but don’t bother stopping her as she walks right past! She’ll be back anyways. -Heinrich

Heinrich: *He stops just short of the guards and watches as Rori just walks blithely on. This should prove interesting.* Uh, Rori? Where are you going? -07:35 Mar 30
Rori: *Rori stops to state the obvious- only… the obvious turns out the gate is closed, and thus she is the one looking stupid. There is that brief moment she looks as if she was about to hit all of them with that stick of hers, before put on a nonchalant expression.* Waiting for you to speak to the guards. -07:37 Mar 30
Heinrich: Well, come back here. Honestly, you’d think you’d never gone through a city gate before. -07:38 Mar 30
Rori: *Casting him a scowl as she returned, she once again resisted clobbering him with the staff. It was a very bad idea to give her one.* Next thing I know, you’re going to start calling me princess and snickering at the way I use my fork! -07:41 Mar 30
Heinrich: Only if you want me to, princess. *he turned to the guards.* We’re here on business. She’s new to adventuring, and I need to get her kitted out. -07:46 Mar 30
Rori: *Christ, he makes her sound like one of the wee fledging kids on their first adventure… She prods him with that staff while he’s talking!* -07:52 Mar 30

One guard lifts an eyebrow. “You sure you want to get your girl into the business? You look like a vet, you know it’s dangerous. Meh, whatever. You’re good. HEY, PHIL! OPEN THE GATE, TWO COMING THROUGH!” -Heinrich

Heinrich: oof! *he snorted* Whole thing’s her idea, not mine. I was retired. *he started for the gate, motioning to Rori to come with him, and leaned over and whispered in her ear* I’ll get you for that one, princess. -07:55 Mar 30
Rori: If you’re going to start taking my sarcastic suggestions seriously, next time I’ll come up with something more interesting. *She hiiiissed. Rori followed him through the gates, but was taking a good look down the streets to decide on the safest risk-free place they needed to go… * -07:58 Mar 30
Heinrich: *he chuckled* But tweaking you is fun! What say we get you tested first? -08:00 Mar 30
Rori: Fine. But I hope you don’t come out too sorely disappointed. *Rori stopped and sighed!* …and where do we find a tester person? -08:02 Mar 30
Heinrich: Well, if I remember correctly, the Magic district is just down that street on the right…and the mages that do testing tend to be near the outskirts. Come on, follow me. *he started off down a side road!* -08:04 Mar 30
Rori: *Twitching her nose, she followed… much with the thought that she was probably walking straight in to her doom. The whole thing was going to be nothing but trouble!* -08:06 Mar 30

“Mi bella! Zee goddess of my dreams in the very flesh!” come a screechy voice from a wirey and bizarre looking old man that pops out of a building in front of them! “You must stop for me!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He muttered to himself as he read the signs along the road, which got progressively odder as they reached the Magic quarter. He stopped long enough to take note of the old man before putting an arm around Rori’s shoulders and starting on again.* Moving on…I think I remember a REPUTABLE fellow on the next block. -08:09 Mar 30

“Wait! Wait!” says the strange little old man, who hops back out in front of them again! “She iz perfect! You must let her come inside! I have much gold!” He even digs around in his funny looking robes and pulls out a handfull of coin! -Rori

Rori: *This was interesting, as she cast a curious look between the odd old man and Heinrich* …I don’t think I want to consider what a woman gets paid for in Hevrai. -08:13 Mar 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich kept on walking, cuing Rori to do the same with his arm* Mate, I’ve been in Hevrai before. I don’t make it a habit of selling off my friends. Or selling them out for that matter. -08:15 Mar 30

The poor old man looks totally heart broken! “You don understand! I am a painter…!! I only want a model for my masterpiece…!” He even drops to the ground to grasp on to Heinrich’s clothes! “Please! There iz none other with the goddess’ grace!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich stops to look down at the man.* Wait a minute…I’ve seen you before….Name me a painting I’d recognize. Or a subject. -08:18 Mar 30

Seeing that he had finally been understood, the little old man stood up and puffed out his chest with all the pride in the world! “I, Marco Dovente, the famed painter of the brilliant masterpieces ‘White Wolf of Moon’ and ‘Crystal Imperial Queen’, am seeking the model of perfection for my soon to be greatest work of all time!” -Rori

Rori: …seriously? *Rori just laughed…! Of all the craziest things to fall in to, they run in to the Painter of Hevrai!* -08:24 Mar 30
[Rori logged out of the chat.] -((08:31 Mar 30))
[Heinrich has timed out.] -06:18 Mar 31
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[Rori was laughing much too loudly at the tiny old man.] -06:18 Mar 31
[Heinrich , while amused, is not laughing.] -06:19 Mar 31
Heinrich: So, Don Dovente…you wish to paint the lovely Rori, I gather? -06:21 Mar 31

“Of course, of course!” He nods vigorously! I have been searching ages for zee proper model! Just one evening, I give you anything you desire!” -Rori

Heinrich: Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask her…Mind if I ask what you’re painting? -06:26 Mar 31

Looking quite proud he responded! “Zee very goddess of zee sun, moon and sky… Urora herself! Mi belle, promise you will pose!” If an oldman could pout like a little puppy, he was doing it now! -Rori

Rori: Ahem… *Containing that laughter, still she couldn’t help but be very amused. At least she kept that superior look to herself.* It’s perfectly fine with me, iiif you’re paying well. -06:28 Mar 31
Heinrich: *He surpressed a laugh* I think you’ll find that you’ve chosen the perfect model, Don. Though she might be a bit…cagey. -06:29 Mar 31
Rori: Oh clever you. *She flicked her fingers at the necromancer and then pointed down the street!* How about you stop looking so smug and find me that tester-person while I make this old man’s day. -06:32 Mar 31
Heinrich: I already did. Three shops down. *he pointed to an abnorally…wierd…sign hanging above a doorway.* I think I could sit and watch instead… -06:33 Mar 31

“Let us get started right away!” says the now gleeful Marco Dovente, whom gently takes Rori’s elbow to lead her in to the studio! Inside, he quickly shouts! “MARGE! I HAVE THE MODEL! FIX HER UP!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich follows Dovente and Rori at a slightly more sedate, definitely amused pace.* -06:37 Mar 31

A little old lady who is barely even as tall as the little old man, pops out from a doorway around the corner wearing big shiny glasses! “Ooooh! A fine one, too! But I thought Urora was a woman?” She examines Heinrich carefully! -Rori

Heinrich: *He blinked a few times in surprise!* Ah…not me, ma’am. I believe he is referring to my companion. *he points toward Rori.* -06:40 Mar 31

….Marco stares. “Not that one, you crazy old loon, this one!” He shoos her away from Heinrich and passes Rori over. “Get her ready in zee dress, and don’t forget the glitter!” -Rori

Rori: ..wait, glitter? What do we need glitter for? *She’s got a blind woman now tugging her down the hall. Could posing for a painting be dangerous?* -06:41 Mar 31
Heinrich: Well, that was….interesting. -06:42 Mar 31

“Marge can’t see a mountain if it’s in front of her face. …but she’s a great cook!” Says the little old man who is practically hopping towards his studio room, waving an arm for Heinrich to follow! “Zere is a seat in zee corner for you! Do not get fingerprints on anything!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He followed as told, removing his cloak as he did so and revealing his armor* OUt of curiosity, about how long do your paintings usually take? -06:46 Mar 31

Marge is blind, but at least she knows how to get a girl dressed! And thankfully it doesn’t involve any make up, cause she clearly was grabbing all the wrong things. In fact it took three tries before she even found the right costume. …The bunny one was on purpose. She thought it was cute. -Rori

“One could take minutes… one could take years… This shall take an evening!” He checked his watch and tapped his foot on the floor. “MARGE! THE BLUE ONE!” He bellowed. Just in case. -Rori

Heinrich: *He nodded to himself for a moment* I would love to watch…unfortunately, I doubt I could sit still that long. I probably aught to go, and check in later….. -06:53 Mar 31
Rori: … *She’s not going to comment on the bunny suit, nope. Rori finally decides it’s a better idea if she "helps" and makes sure poor Marge gets the correct dress… She’s practically trying to escape the woman when she enters the studio, wearing something she knows damn well is just a silky overpriced nightgown and no shoes! Lace and ribbons! If they gave her wings too, she might as well be a fairy!* That woman tried to dress me up as a rabbit! -06:55 Mar 31
Heinrich: *Well, that certainly turned his head!* I…um…yes, I should probably leave….I’ll…check back in a bit, shall I? -06:56 Mar 31

Marco claps, “Excellente! Come here, miss model and sit up on this pillar! You, sir, may return whenever you are ready!” He is much too preoccupied with ushering Rori to sit on top of a precarious looking pillar. -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich does a quick about-face and he’s out the door! Hopefully before Rori notices he’s starting to blush!* -07:00 Mar 31
Rori: *That thing didn’t look safe, but a quick hop and sitting pretty, adjusting this skirt and casting Heinrich’s back a wicked look.* You might bring back that mage so we can get two things done at once! -07:00 Mar 31
Heinrich: *he paused for a moment* I don’t think the Don would appreciate that! *with that, he headed out of the building and into the street, slinging his cloack back over his armor as he went.* -07:05 Mar 31

“Turn to zee side, miss model!” Marco Dovente was plopping his rear on to a stool after setting up his canvas and preparing his paints! He is a quick painter, but it still takes a bit of time for getting everything absolutely perfect! “Mi bella… I believe it is finished!” -Rori

Rori: *It would have been nice to say that it only felt like a few minutes, but… it’s didn’t! Trying to sit still in the same spot, for who knows how long, she was tired and stiff… And where did that step stool go?!* Hey, how am I getting down from her? -07:09 Mar 31
Heinrich: *He knocked on the door to the Don’s studio about the time he expected the man would be done painting Rori. He was wearing his new cloak, which meant he finally fit the image of the Bloodfox again.* -07:11 Mar 31

“Now for a bit of drying, and zee goddess will be ready! Ah! Zee door!” Neglecting to be helpful Marco Dovente when fetching the door! “Male friend of zee model! I am all finished! Let me go fetch zee payment!” With the door left wide open, he shuffles off to find that coin he promised! -Rori

Heinrich: *He raised an eyebrow* Right then…. Rori! Don’t you look something special! And slightly stiff, for that matter…. -07:15 Mar 31
Rori: You try precariously balancing on a pillar for hours not moving a muscle. *She leaned to eye the floor. She supposed she could jump down, right after she wiggled some feeling back in to her toes!* -07:16 Mar 31
Heinrich: I have, actually. You forget my proffession. *he moved foreward and reached up to help her down* -07:17 Mar 31
Rori: Bah. *She about swatted his hands away, but thought better of it. He might as well be useful! She used him to balance as she slid off the pillar.* But did you have an old guy fussing at you to fix your skirt every fifteen minutes? -07:20 Mar 31
Heinrich: Well, seeing as I don’t wear skirts, princess, that would have been exceptionally wierd. -07:20 Mar 31
Rori: *Rori cast him a sly look…* Putting you in a dress would make an interesting piece to this story though… Undercover at a harem? -07:23 Mar 31
Heinrich: I really doubt it. I don’t have the right face for it, and my voice is too deep for a Eunuch these days. -07:24 Mar 31
Rori: Which makes it all the more amusing! *Rori grinned as she moved to take a peek at that painting she so dutifully sat still forever for. It was… well it was really pretty!* This doesn’t look anything like me! *Rori frowned! He could have had Heinrich sitting up there all day and made something beautiful!* -07:27 Mar 31
Heinrich: *he craned his neck* I rather think it does. Well, he took a bit of artistic license to play up the whole ‘divine’ thing. But altogether very, very good. -07:28 Mar 31
[Rori has timed out.] -07:57 Apr 06
[Heinrich has timed out.] -07:57 Apr 06
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[Rori won\’t admit she likes the dress.] -08:03 Apr 06
[Heinrich will doubtless find a way to tweak Rori about this.] -08:04 Apr 06

Marco Dovente then pops in to the room with a nice tiny chest! “Ah ha! Here we are! The payment as promised!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was in the middle of casting the necromancer a suspicious look as she crossed her arms and grinned at the painter!* Does that mean I can get my clothes back now? -08:09 Apr 06
[Heinrich just had his computer reboot on him!] -08:17 Apr 06

“Zee dress is yours to keep, there will not be another goddess!” The old man grins so wide, you can see his missing back teeth! He opens up the chest which contains all sorts of goodies, like gold, silver, jewelry, and chocolate candies from the shop down the street. “What do you think is suitable? A few hundred or chocolate?” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich raised an eyebrow. He knew which HE would choose. The chocolates were damn good, but they didn’t cost THAT much! He didn’t say anything, though. It is Rori’s payment, after all!* -08:22 Apr 06
Rori: *Well Heinrich was no help whatsoever, and she knew well that the chocolate was more than likly packing a magical touch… That would be an accident waiting to happen.* Just a little money is perfectly fine with me. You can give it to him! *She points a finger at the necromancer!* -08:25 Apr 06
Heinrich: What, I’m the purser now? It’s your money, princess, not mine. -08:31 Apr 06
Rori: Do I look like I have any pockets? -08:33 Apr 06
Heinrich: You…have a point. -08:33 Apr 06

The wee old lady with her crazy glasses appears, bringing along Rori’s things and a nice pretty coat in which she doesn’t even mention.. she only fusses Rori in to it without uttering a word and hands her a bag! -Rori

/nar “Excellente, Excellente! Hold out your hands!” Marco Dovente grabs a handful of coins, dropping them in to any open hands he can find! “Pockets, pockets… I can stuff zee pockets too!” -Rori

[Heinrich has timed out.] -08:37 Apr 06
Heinrich: Whoop! *Heinrich hurriedly grabbed a decent-sized bag off his belt – his old loot bag, as it happened* Here, just put it in here… -08:37 Apr 06

Dovente makes sure to give a more than generous payment, he is after all, going to be the greatest and most famous painter of all time thanks to his newest brilliant master piece! “Thank you, thank you! If you ever have need of me, please ask! Marco Dovente never forgets!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori opened her mouth to protest! That was way more money than they needed – but then again, she didn’t HAVE any money, so it might be a bit useful after all!* It was a pleasure… Maybe next time you can paint a demon and have him sit still for hours. *A most wicked of grins!* -08:42 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He shot Rori a glare* Thank you, very much, Don. You are very generous. -08:45 Apr 06

Marco Dovente gives a good laugh as he escorts the two out of his home and shop. He and his Margie wave cheerfully! “Come back soon Bloodfox and Goddess!” -Rori

Heinrich: *He hadn’t thought he was THAT famous….He shook his head to clear it, and waved to Dovente and Margie!* Thank you, sir. I would not be surprised if our paths cross again soon. -08:52 Apr 06
Rori: *Besides smirking, she waved goodbye! Rori waited until they were good and out of earshot before speaking again.* You realize you’ve just doomed them with helping us later in this story, right? -08:53 Apr 06
Heinrich: I blame you for that. But on to more important matters…ready to get mage tested? -09:00 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori makes a face, which makes it quite obvious her feelings on the subject!* I suppose we can get it over with. -09:03 Apr 06
Heinrich: *he waved a hand down the street* After you, Princess! Third door on the right, the one that looks like it was painted by a demented three-year-old. -09:05 Apr 06
Rori: *This was a bad idea… A horrible idea! Especially when she stops in front of that door. Who wants to walk through a demented door? Huffing to herself, she did anyway… carefully… For all she knew, they were going to terrorize her with some equally as demented test.* -09:08 Apr 06

An individual in a light tunic and pants looks up from a desk near the back of an extremely cluttered shop. “Ah, Mr. Sarienson. This is the woman you mentioned, I assume?” Without waiting for a response, he turned to Rori. “Ah….’Rori,’ was it? Named to honor the Goddess, I expect…” -Heinrich

Rori: Yes… sort of correct. *It would be stupid to turn around and run out the door, but that didn’t stop her from imagining it.* What exactly do you… do… in here? -09:16 Apr 06

“Ah, never been in a mage’s shop before, I assume? In short, I provide services. These services vary from person to person, but the one I preform most often is mage-testing individuals. Children, mostly, or hopeless romantics. The odd hopeful whose parents didn’t drag them to be tested when they were a child. Which is the reason for my doorway, incidentally. It’s picked up some unusual magical properties after years of exposure to undirected magic. -Heinrich

Rori: A magic door? *Oh, that gave her all sorts of interesting ideas… ones she better just keep to herself!* I hope it’s an easy simle little test, at least? -09:24 Apr 06

“Well, there’s dozens of possible tests, as it happens, each of them better at detecting different talents under different conditions. Mr. Sarienson, for example, would not register as magical on a simple scroll test. Read this, please, before we get started.” He handed Rori a sheet of paper with something written on it – it looks like a notice or a form. -Heinrich

Rori: That’s because he’s a main character… *Rori blinked at the piece of paper… and then blinked a second time.* "If you can read this, I commend you for your ability to decifer nonsense." …are you kidding me? -09:32 Apr 06

“Not at all! Here, catch!” He tossed a roughly-cut gemstone the size of her fist at her! -Heinrich

Rori: *Ack..! Rori caught the thing, but quickly at held it out at arm’s length.* Could we not throw these at me, half the time they have demons in them. -09:37 Apr 06

The crystal lights up with a faint yellow-white glow! “Hmm, interesting. Honestly, do you think I would have something just lying around that had a demon bound to it? Give me a little credit, at least. There’s a book on the shelf over there,” He says, pointing to a bookshelf crammed with everything BUT books. “Read the title off to me, please?” -Heinrich

Rori: I wouldn’t be surprised at all. *Glancing at the bookshelf of everything but books, she sighed… Finding a book in that me- Oh wait, wel that was a clever spot wasn’t it.* Windaria’s Book of Lusty Travels. …and I’m starting to think all wizards and mages have a collection of dirty books lying around. -09:44 Apr 06

“Well, that’s an unusual title…hand it to me, if you would? And then set the crystal down somewhere and grab me that statuette next to the door.” -Heinrich

Rori: *This seemed to her more like a wild goose chase, but still she reluctantly handed him the book, sat down the crystal somewhere she wouldn’t have to see it, cast Heinrich a scowl and fetched the statuette by the door… of which she also scowled at.* -09:51 Apr 06

The mage opens the book and begins flipping through it, motioning for her to hand him the statuette. -Heinrich

Rori: *What a perfectly appropriate time to leaf through a naughty book. She handed him the statuette and tried to take a peek… Maybe it was a false cover title.* -09:54 Apr 06

He closes the book just before she manages to get a good look at it, although from the chapter heading she gets a glimpse of, it’s probably a novel. He takes the statuette, stares at it for a second, then hands her another crystal. “Hang on to that for a minute…” With that, he begins rummaging around on the surface of his desk! -Heinrich

Rori: *And another crystal! She held it in her palm for a moment and scowled at it too. At least this one was more pleasant.* How long does all this take, exactly? -10:00 Apr 06

“That really depends on the individual, actually…Ah, here it is. Here, swap you.” He holds out a scroll for Rori to take and an empty hand for the crystal. -Heinrich

Rori: How long it takes for the individual to beg for mercy…? *Rori swapped the crystal for the scroll, debating on whether or not she should continue with subtle hinting or start hissing.* -10:03 Apr 06

“Well, go on, read the damn thing already.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori huffed, openning up the scroll quickly, and very tempted to kick the mage.* Ritum domini arum brak, ret torium morti octava. -10:07 Apr 06

The room becomes hazy and the candlelight transforms into moonlight! Rori herself glows faintly! “Well, that was….certainly unexpected.” -Heinrich

Rori: … damnit. *Definitely a bad idea.* I suppose you’re going to tell me everything I don’t want to hear, aren’t you. -10:12 Apr 06

“Well, that depends on what you want to hear.” He waves a hand and the room returns to the way it was. The doorway keeps glowing, though. -Heinrich

Rori: Nothing about mage talent, that’s for sure. -10:17 Apr 06

“Well then…yes, I suppose, I am. You have a mage talent, but it isn’t a traditional arcanist talent. It appears to be divine in nature, but completely separate from the granted magic of your average clergy.” -Heinrich

Rori: That hardly makes any sense. *And it sounded a lot worse than she thought it would…* -10:21 Apr 06

“How familiar are you with magic, Miss….er…Rori?” -Heinrich

Rori: I know everything there possibly is to know, but there’s no way I can do[/i] it. And I’d really rather not try, reguardless [i]he *She points at the necromancer!* thinks. -10:24 Apr 06
Heinrich: "Everything there possibly is to know? Then how is it you didn’t recognize your own talent?" -10:25 Apr 06

“What he said.” -Heinrich

Rori: Because I don’t do magic and that’s all there is to it! I’m an author, not a mage! -10:27 Apr 06

“Well, that’s a first. Denial. No, wait, there was that one fellow….ah, nevermind, I digress. Would you like me to explain your talent, or are you comfortable in your ignorance?” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori slowly crossed her arms.* Explain it. -10:31 Apr 06
Heinrich: "First off, how familiar with Mr. Sarienson’s brand of magic are you? The mechanics of it, I mean?" -10:33 Apr 06

“First off, how familiar with Mr. Sarienson’s brand of magic are you? The mechanics of it, I mean?” -Heinrich

Rori: It’s not really on the top of my list of most written… I don’t know. -10:35 Apr 06

“See? You don’t know everything. He channels power directly from the Netherworld and shapes it to his will. Gestures, spells, and incantations are merely means to help him focus his ability. Your talent is similar, but rather than Nether energies, it draws on the Divine realms.” -Heinrich

Rori: It just means I haven’t thought about it before. *She tapped her fingers on her arms. Rori didn’t want to think about it now either, though tempted to see if she could make the mage disappear.* -10:39 Apr 06

The mage sighs. “Is she always this difficult?” -Heinrich

Heinrich: Pretty much. -10:40 Apr 06
Rori: I can be difficult, or I can get giddy with power and test what I can do on you both. I’ll let you decide. -10:42 Apr 06

“You know, most people go the middle route. At any rate, I doubt you can do much at all until you’ve practiced some. Or gotten some teaching.” -Heinrich

Rori: *rori suddenly grinned! A dreadfully mischevious, no doubt meaning troule, sort of grin!* But there’s no time for any teaching, unless my dear friend necromancer wants to give it a whirl. -10:45 Apr 06
Heinrich: Trial and error it is, then? -10:47 Apr 06
Rori: Trial and error, indeed. *Yes, she was thinking very very wicked by now. All sorts of interesting ways to revenge, er… practice magic.* -10:49 Apr 06

“Hold up. Before you go, I have something you might find useful. Damn thing’s been sitting around for years now, not like it’s any use to me….” The mage starts muttering about academics and arcane texts as he gets up and starts to rummage through his bookcases! -Heinrich

Rori: It’s not a magic wand, is it…? *Her devious look was replaced with curiosity.* -10:53 Apr 06

“Well, if you really want a wand of some sort, there’s a shop down the street that sells them…no, I have a….here it is! Wait, no, that’s not it…” -Heinrich

Rori: *A wand might be sorta- No, that’s just going too far! She was tapping her fingers on her arm again, impatiently!* -10:56 Apr 06

“Ah, here it is!” He pulls a leather-bound volume out of the clutter. “This is supposedly a copy of the jounal of Buerae the Chronicler, the only individual in the last few milennia to display your type of abilities. Hopefully it’s of some help.” He holds the book out to Rori. -Heinrich

Rori: *Keeping the sarcastic remark to herself, she took the book and merely muttered a thank you.* -11:00 Apr 06

“Mr. Sarienson’s already paid, so feel free to browse, ask me a question, or get the hell out. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Sarienson? The shop down the street that specialises in, ah, specialty supplies is, in fact, still open.” -Heinrich

Rori: *She was more than happy to get the hell out!* …Specialty supplies…? -11:06 Apr 06
Heinrich: I’m a necromancer. That tends to require odd items and things with few other uses. *he followed Rori out of the shop* So….ready to get kitted out? -11:08 Apr 06
Rori: *Soul sealing knives came to mind, but she supposed he could make those himself!* Are you going to dress me up like you, with your Bloodfox boots and cloak? -11:11 Apr 06
Heinrich: Why, do you want to look like me? I was just going to get you some half-decent armor and a better staff. -11:12 Apr 06
Rori: I like my dress better, unless you want to swap. I’d wear your clothes for a day to see you in a dress! *A smile followed by a devious expression… * You might end up in a dress at least once. -11:17 Apr 06
Heinrich: I don’t think so, princess. But we are getting you armor. Remember the crossbow incident? -11:18 Apr 06
Rori: … do we really need to bring that up? I don’t know how I’m supposed to move with armor, anyway. It’s hard enough getting around without a car. -11:20 Apr 06
Heinrich: Armor doesn’t have to be heavy. It’s not like we’d get you plate mail or anything. -11:21 Apr 06
Rori: I’ll have to be able to climb trees or kick people in the face. *And she was perfectly serious. She was having a hard time figuring out how she was going to do that with armor.* -11:26 Apr 06
Heinrich: I’m wearing armor, and I can do backflips across a rooftop. Well, I used to be able to. I imagine I’m a bit rusty. -11:27 Apr 06
Rori: Hmm. We’ll see about that. *She moved to walk backwards in front of him, all for the sake of examining that armor of his… poking and all!* …I don’t think you can do backflips at all. Armor or not. -11:32 Apr 06
Heinrich: You really don’t think much of me, do you? *he hopped once, then jumped and grabbed an eave, flipping himself up onto the roof and landing with a soft "thump."* Believe me now? -11:37 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori stopped, placing her hands on her hips. …She refused to look impressed!* …now how do I know you’re not using trickery to do that? -11:40 Apr 06
Heinrich: And what kind of trickery would I be using, princess? *he walked along the edge of the roof, right on down the street!* -11:45 Apr 06
Rori: Any sort of illusions, I’d imagine. *Following, she considering poking him with the staff and toppling him off the roof.* …in anycase you’re bound to look suspicious up there! -11:48 Apr 06
Heinrich: This is hevrai. *he jerked a thumb at someone skulking across the roofs across the street* I’m a lot less suspicious than him. -11:51 Apr 06
Rori: But he’s not the main character, though, is he. *That’s all right… she pulls out that staff anyway to prod at him with!* -11:53 Apr 06
Heinrich: Fine, fine, I’ll get down. *he hopped down off the roof less gracefully than he’d hopped on* Should be an armor shop nearby… -11:54 Apr 06
Rori: *She prodded him with the staff again for good measure!* After that, it’s a romantic interlude with a crazy harpy! -11:57 Apr 06
Heinrich: Aww, I knew you liked me, princess. -11:59 Apr 06
Rori: *Rori stopped suddenly…! And took a swing at him with staff!* -12:03 Apr 06
Heinrich: Whup! *he ducked the staff easily, grinning* Touchy, touchy! -12:03 Apr 06
Rori: You might choose better on whom you call a harpy, necromancer! *She thought she might aim for his head again, but swung for his knees instead!* -12:05 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He did a backflip over the staff! He’s just showing off now!* Oh, come on. You know I’m only messing with you. -12:06 Apr 06
Rori: *A blinking stare followed by careful consideration… A swing for the head again!* And yet, you still deserve to get thwacked! -12:10 Apr 06
Heinrich: *and he does the limbo under the staff followed by a backflip!* Hey, now! An eye for an eye here! You tease me about romantic interludes in Hevrai, I tease you about whatever’s handy! -12:12 Apr 06
Rori: *He’s making it all too amusing. How many other tricks can she get him to do? A jab for his gut!* Who said I was teasing? You’re going to meet a devil of a woman! -12:14 Apr 06
Heinrich: *A jab to the gut? How mundane! He simply twisted out of the way.* Rori, what makes you think I would be stupid enough to associate with a woman who’s more of a pain than you? -12:16 Apr 06
Rori: She’ll blind you with… bright shiny teeth, doe eyes, and silly giggles! You won’t know what hit you! *…and a sweep for his feet! Then she cheats and grabs his cloak to knock him over!* -12:20 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He does another backflip, this time with a spin! The cloak’s breakaway clasp does its job and she’s left holding a cloak!* Right, like I’d go for the brainless type. -12:21 Apr 06
Rori: Of course you would. You’d be enchanted. *She stopped long enough to fold his cloak neatly over her arm.* -12:24 Apr 06
Heinrich: I think I may know myself a little bit better than you do, Rori. -12:25 Apr 06
Rori: I meant enchantment as in magical evil wicked sorceress, not madly in love. *…She took the staff again and attempted to pin his nose with the end!* -12:28 Apr 06
Heinrich: M-hmm, right. *he weaved around the staff* Oh, look, and armor shop. -12:29 Apr 06
Rori: Really? *Pausing mid-swing, she blinked up at the sign.* Did you decide what to dress me up as? -12:31 Apr 06
Heinrich: What do you mean, ‘dress you up as?’ I was going to get you some light leather like mine. Unless you’re into the whole "chain-mail bikini" thing like that one barbarian tribe… -12:34 Apr 06
Rori: …. *Rori laughed! Chain-mail bikini was a very amusing idea!* As wonderful as I would look, I think I’d rather be fully dressed, thank you. *Grinning, she entered the shop!* -12:36 Apr 06
[Heinrich has timed out.] -01:08 Apr 06
[Heinrich is back!] -01:08 Apr 06
[Rori has timed out.] -01:09 Apr 06
Heinrich: *Heinrich chuckled and followed Rori into the shop.* -01:09 Apr 06
[Rori has no idea how she timed out!] -01:11 Apr 06

In the shop, there is quite the plump lady covered head to toe in golden armor that must be more show than practical. She is more than pleased to have customers! “Oh my! Bestill my heart, a handsome prince and a little lady has entered my shop!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was a bit startled by the shiny woman at first… but then a slow, much too knowing smile graced her lips.* Hello Madame! -01:14 Apr 06
Heinrich: *He raised his eyebrow and started to respond before the comment fully processed.* My thanks for the compliment, but I’m hardly a….*he trailed off as his thought process finished and he got lost in the logistics of trying to figure out if he was, in fact, a ‘prince.’* -01:14 Apr 06

“My, my, my…! I do love finding just the right pieces for fine male specimens!” so says the plump lady who even jingle jangles as she moves from behind her counter. She’s not shy about taking a hold of the man to ‘measure’ arms, legs, and rear end! -Rori

Heinrich: *That snapped him out of it, and he twisted aside* Ah, I already have armor, ma’am. We need armor for her. -01:20 Apr 06
Rori: *She was doing well not to snicker out loud.* -01:20 Apr 06
[Rori was busy trying not to laugh at the golden armored lady pawing at Heinrich.] -12:42 May 13
[Heinrich is wondering why this is happening to him. He has armor. He doesn\’t need more…] -12:43 May 13
Heinrich: Ah…madam….I am not the one that needs armor. She does. *he pokes a finger towards Rori* -12:45 May 13

“Oh, my, my, my! How disappointing!” And yes, she looked disappointed to! Of course that didn’t stop her from pawing at the man! “What size will do, Oh, blessed me, I know! Chainmaile thongs are all the rage these days!” -Rori

[Alina happened to be taking a sip from her canteen as she was walking by when she heard \”chainmail thongs\” and merely managed to sputter water everywhere.] -12:48 May 13
Rori: *It took a great deal of self control for her to not bark with hysterical laughter.* I think something more subtle will be juuust fine. *A smirk!* -12:49 May 13
Heinrich: *he rolled his eyes* You were going to try and put me in a loincloth, weren’t you? -12:49 May 13
Alina: ::Wipes her face and stares:; That would have to chaffe horribly.. -12:51 May 13

“Well sweetie, what women wouldn’t want to show off those manly muscles of yours!” She made sure to feel every one of them before bustling her plump behind away to point out some items. “This is light weight elven silver, beautiful for any lady and perfectly affordable! Or perhaps you want something in this soft leather, made by those northen vi- Alina shush your mouth! Chainmaile thongs are perfectly comfortable!” -Rori

Alina: As comfortable as garrote up your ass. ::ducks behind the canteen waiting for something to be chucked at her as always:: -12:54 May 13
Rori: *Well that only resulted in her grinning wider. Rori clasped her hands behind her back, mischief on her mind!* Yes, indeed. Wouldn’t he make a fine model to set outside your front door for advertisement. -12:56 May 13
Heinrich: *he sighed* I’m not getting out of this, am I? You’re going to dress me up like a doll wether I like it or not. I can just see it now. *he shook his head, a resigned tone to his voice.* No good will come of this, I tell you, no good. -12:58 May 13
Alina: ::quirks a brow at Rori before examining Heinrich:: As… amusing as the image would be…. I couldn’t see putting him to unnessicary comfort..? He’d look good in one of our new pieces though. -12:58 May 13
Alina: (*discomfort) -12:59 May 13

“He’s a trained one! Oooh, might I keep him, you think?” He tone suggested she was joking, but her expression meant otherwise! Alas, she DID need to get down to business or she’d never make a sale. (My it was so hard to keep her paws off!) “Well, well, nevermind that for now! What are we looking to spend today? A pretty penny for something nice?” -Rori

Heinrich: I already have armor…I have something of a trademark based around it, thank you very much. We’re looking for something in light leather for Rori. We’ve…a fair budget, but we’re just now getting her kitted out. -01:03 May 13

The plump lady in shining golden armor clapped her hands! “Alina, find the pieces please!” She circled the smirking Rori with examining eyes! “The sixteen and the forty seven!” -Rori

Alina: Jus’ a moment mum! ::Set her canteen down and wiggled her gloved fingers a moment before diving behind the counter to seek the items, a few moments later she popped back up with them:: -01:06 May 13

Mumsie snatched Rori’s things from her to shove them in to Heinrich’s hand before she twisted, yanked, and squeezed Rori in to armor or various sizes! -Rori

Rori: Hey-! Wait-! Watch it, woman!! *Jesus Christ, it’s like she’s four years old again and her mom is trying to get her dressed!* -01:10 May 13
Heinrich: *He blinked and caught Rori’s stuff with an amused look on his face.* -01:10 May 13
Alina: Gee… don’t be so rough, mum. ::gives Rori an apologetic look:: I think she’s taking out her aggression of not having a pretty in pink daughter who would play dress up. -01:12 May 13
[Heinrich has timed out.] -01:16 May 13

“Tut tut tut, it is more fun dressing men, anyway!” replies the plump Mum as she steps back to tap her chin and eye her handy work! Of course she laced things up a bit tight, but it looks just right! “There we are! What do you think? Of course the color is last season and looks ridiculous with that dress – is that one of Marco’s? – but it’s sturdy and could take a few punches!” -Rori

Rori: *She thinks she’ll find a few ribs crushed after all that nonsense, but it seems fine enough.* … I think I’m glad you’re not my enemy… -01:18 May 13
Alina: How’s your range of movement in it? That’s what’s important, and breathability. No sense getting stuck with a limitede range and then passing out from lack of air. -01:18 May 13
Rori: *Rori made a motion, pretending to have that stick in her hand to clobber Heinrich over the head with!* … This works! -01:23 May 13
Alina: ::Grins and eyes Heinrich a bit, her brow furrowing for a moment and an adjustment made to her gloves, something she did often like a nervous tick:: Well good, ignore her about it being last season’s fashion. It does you justice. -01:25 May 13
Heinrich: It looks good on you, Rori. And it looks pretty sturdy, too. -01:27 May 13

“Wonderful! Now about my payment. A think 200 would suffice about right, considering it’s out of date. Of course, if you’re lacking in change, I would certainly enjoy a private dinner with just the two of us, yeeeees?” The plump mum slides up closer to Heinrich and pats him on the rear! -Rori

Alina: Really, mother, stop, he’s half your age if not more. You’re just embarassing yourself. -01:32 May 13
Heinrich: *He stared at the woman for a moment, partly out of surprise, partly out of annoyance, then reaches into his cloak.* Would you prefer Sovreigns, Royals, or Ducats? -01:33 May 13
Rori: *Rori crossed her arms, wondering if she was more curious about the compliment, or the wide array of currency he had just stashed in his cloak. …then again he WAS the Bloodfox.* -01:34 May 13

“Ducats, of course!” She clearly ignored Alina with ease, as she always did when there was a handsome man around. With all those kinds of currency she looked very pleased until… there was a moment of questioning, and then realization! “Oh fudderbuddies! It’s YOU! You dirty wicked scoundrel!” -Rori

Alina: Mother, have you lost your bats again? The only wicked scoundrel you know it da, and this most certainly is not him. -01:37 May 13
Heinrich: Rori, I think you have most of the ….I’m sorry? Dirty wicked scoundrel? What did I do this time? -01:38 May 13

“He is the rotton minx that snuck in to Lord Hattlebury’s estate and stole the Ruby Tapestry of Hatal!” Miss Mumsie gathered up her favorite weapon, her big purse full of change. It was a fearsome weapon! -Rori

Rori: Why would he- Oooh. *Rori blinked, there was that guilty look. Well, it was his own fault being a character in her book and all. Even if just mentioned in passing.* -01:42 May 13
Heinrich: *he pulled both of his hands out where they were visible and began slowly backing away!* Ah…to be fair, he DID steal it first, and I WAS paid to retrieve it by the original owners… -01:42 May 13
Alina: I am quite sure you are misatken… ::she faltered on the last word, well heavens if she ever tried to cover anyone’s ass again:: Now… really mother. You can’t go killing the patrons… we don’t make money that way! -01:43 May 13

“We can take his money when he’s good and clobber! You wicked brute! Dirty thief! Scadalous rogue!!” She was deleriously serious, swinging that change-mace over her head! “You just stand back, ladies while I handle this criminal!” -Rori

Heinrich: That was ten years ago! *he dodged off to the side, ducking a change-mace swing!* I retired! -01:46 May 13
Heinrich: ((Correction, call it seven,)) -01:46 May 13
Alina: Mother. Do not make me take off my gloves. ::she picked up the canteen and threw it at her mother as a warning:: Stop trying to cause trouble! -01:47 May 13
Rori: *Rori tapped her fingers on her arms, and though it was hilarious to say the least, it wasn’t going to do her any good if his brains were knocked in by the crazy Armorer of Hevrai.* I hope the goddess Urora won’t be too upset when you murder her… uh… knight! -01:49 May 13
Heinrich: I think the word you’re looking for is..*he ducked another swing*…Champion, Rori. -01:50 May 13

“Urora’s Champion?” That made miss Mumsie pause in mid swing to look quite curious! “Why in Sky’s name would the blessed goddess make such a beast her champion, and dare I say… You’ll have to prove it!” -Rori

Alina: ::A groan and a smack to the forhead. Really, why had she come back home now? She could be out getting jobs with Mercy if not for this crazy woman. Around the counter she came, coming quickly up beside her mother:; Will you stop this nonsense? -01:56 May 13
Rori: *She cast a look at Heinrich.* Champion, then. Urora has always chosen… unique… people to do her bidding, why not a crazy adventuring necromancer? -01:58 May 13

The plump Mum scowled at her daughter, and didn’t look all that convinced about this story of Urora’s Champion! “Well, that is all fine and right, but it must be proven. Or I will crack his skull open for his deeds!” -Rori

Rori: Well he, um… He has… There’s a- *Christ, what could she make up on the spot that wasn’t plain ridiculous?* Because… he is The One of Many Scars, obviously! -02:06 May 13
Heinrich: *He was starting to feel backed into a corner…and now Rori is spouting nonsense.* Rori, will you just admit you’re a bloody avatar already! You’re going to get my skull caved in! -02:08 May 13
Alina: ::She put a gloved hand on her mother’s shoulder, though whether it was to calm her or restrain her was up for question:: -02:11 May 13

And thus… it dawns on the Mumsie! The woman’s looks, the pretty clothes, the odd way of speaking! “Blessed be! Our goddess in flesh!” Mumsie drops to her knees for a highly overdone and very dramatic bow, yanking Alina down with her! “Bow to your goddess, silly girl! Oh, Blessed Urora we did not recognize you in flesh! Forgive us!” -Rori

Rori: …for the love of… *Rori smacked her hand over her eyes, for if she didn’t she might have glared Heinrich to his death.* Did you really have to shout that out! -02:12 May 13
Heinrich: Yes! I did! Because you were busily buying me a one-way ticked to the Netherworld! -02:13 May 13
Alina: ::Flings off her mothers grabs to pull her down, she didn’t believe in gods for crying out loud:: -Your- goddess. We’ve discussed this. -02:15 May 13

“She is standing right in front of you, Alina and you deny our goddesses existance! Oh, oh! Forgive me, benevolent Urora, for I would never EVER want to harm your champion! Of course not! Please do accept my wares as a humble display of my love and gratitude!” She was ever so flowery as she rose to her feet, even accenting her words with hand movements as if she were in one of the temples praying! -Rori

Alina: ::Tilts her head to the side, looking Rori over:: Looks like a normal woman in our armor to me. -02:19 May 13
Rori: Please don’t say all that… *Of all the embarassing and alarming things! She eased her way behind Heinrich!* You know, he’s a madmad, and there’s no possible way for me to be goddess. That would just be ridiculous. -02:19 May 13
Heinrich: *he edged over to the counter, and, reaching into his pocket, pulled out three hundred gold Sovreigns in twenty-sovreign coins, and let them clatter onto the counter top, whispering over his shoulder to Rori.* Shut UP, Rori! *in a more normal, slightly conspiratorial voice…* Madam…frankly, we’ve got an image to worry about. Specifically, we don’t want one. If word gets out that the Bloodfox is out of retirement, well, then so be it. What’s one retired thief more or less? But if word gets out about Rori, it’ll be that much harder for me to protect her. -02:24 May 13
Alina: ::Gives a small shrug. She wasn’t going to say anything and its not like she believed in gods. Money however she did believe in and she was starting to wonder if this woman needed an extra hand with bodyguarding:: -02:28 May 13

Mumsie was suspicious for a brief moment, but the explination was perfectly suitable for her. Afterall, she would much rather believe she personaly made a sale to a goddess! “Of course! I am a woman of discretion! There will not be a single word spoken from me, and certain not from my upstart daughter either.” She nudged Alina in the ribs! -Rori

Rori: If you didn’t want it out, you didn’t have to blabber it! *Rori hissed quietly, snatching her staff and very seriously considering finishing what that lady had started.* -02:30 May 13
Alina: :;She none too gentley "nudged" her mother back.:: I didn’t have to come home to help you know. I have plenty of work I could be doing with Mercy.\ -02:31 May 13
Heinrich: She was going to whack me over the head with that purse of hers. *he hissed back to Rori.* And you already decided to claim me as your – excuse me, Urora’s – Champion. -02:34 May 13

“Hrrmph!” Said the plump lady to her daughter! “Why can’t you make your mother proud, and do something in the name of our glorious gather, rather than scuttling around the world all willy nilly! Here is your opportunity, Alina, dear! Blessed Urora, and Champion Bloofox, please do accept my daughter’s aid in your most holy of quests!” -Rori

Rori: Just because I say it, doesn’t make it tru-… your daughter’s what? *Rori blinked! Thankfully she didn’t offer her daughter’s virginity, that was about what Rori was expecting from the crazy woman!* -02:38 May 13
Alina: All willy nilly? I do a respectable business, mother. One that has me in high demand. This time off is going to cost me my name at this rate. -02:39 May 13
Alina: ::She was far from a virgin and rethinking her wording… aurgh.. she probably just made it sound like she whored for a living. The leather of her gloves creaked slightly as she balled her hands into fists:: -02:40 May 13
Heinrich: First rule of Improv. Go with what works. *He gave Alina an appraising look and, reaching into his cloak again, flipped her a silver Drachen coin* -02:41 May 13
Alina: ::She snatched the coin and threw it back at Heinrich, hard. With any luck it would hit him in the eye:: I am not a whore! ::She held up one of her red gloves and started to tug at the fingers:: -You-, Bloodfox, should know who I am, of all people! -02:43 May 13
Rori: I didn’t think you could make it worse, but now she’s taking off her gloves. *And she wasn’t being sarcastic. In fact, she was quickly making her way to the door, as it was likly going to be a bloody mess… SHE remembered who Alina was, even if it was a few minutes too late!* -02:46 May 13

Mumsie seemed to have the same idea. “I do appreciate your business, please come again!” And scurried for the backroom faster than a plump lady should be able to! -Rori

Heinrich: *he swatted the coin out of the air* I’m out of the loop. I’ve been retired, remember? I just thought you’d appreciate a retainer. *he turned and ambled out the door* If you’re not going to follow us, meet me at the Mariner’s Gate third candlemark tommorow, mkay? -02:48 May 13
Alina: Out of the loop!? ::she took off the one glove and flung it at his retreating form:: You good for nothing sonnovabitch! -02:51 May 13
Heinrich: *he paused in the doorway.* Okay. You’re right. You got me. *he turned around and shrugged, grinning.* I just like being an ass. *with that, he flipped himself up onto the roof and settled to wait* -02:53 May 13
Alina: Aurggghhh!!!! ::She stomped a foot in frustration and clenched her ungloved hand to quench the flames licking at her finger tips, no sense burning down her mother’s shop:: Mother! Where are my extra sets of gloves? I’ll need them. ::begrudgingly she fetched the glove she threw, she’d get him later damnit.:: -02:55 May 13
Rori: *Rori waltz several paces away from the door outside before she turned around and stopped with hands on her hips. He was about to get himself murdered.. or in a romantic Hevrai interlude. She suddenly decided she’d rather see him get killed!* Since you’ll be busy, I’ll find an Inn! -02:56 May 13

Mumsie poked her head out of the back room, blinking ever so innocently. “Right where you left them, dear. Will you be going out?” -Rori

Heinrich: You do that, Rori. I’ll be along in a bit, hmm? -02:57 May 13
Alina: :;Tugging the glove back on:: I’ll be leaving indefinately. ::she made her way toward her room:: I’ve left you plenty of provisions incase the shop doesn’t do well. If you need more I’ll send Mercy with them. ::she started to gather her things, most everything else was at Mercy’s stable with her horse:: -02:59 May 13
Rori: I hope she knocks your head off. *Rori turned on a heel and stalked down the street. Yes, Alina Redd could knock his head off, and he’d rightly deserve it! She’s going to find an Inn with a decent bed, and not bother with his nonsense!* -03:01 May 13
Alina: :;Daggers in boots, check, saber, check. Extra sets of gloves, oil, blah blah blah… the usuals.. it was all there. She really hadn’t unpacked since she’d gotten here. Lifting the pack onto her shoulder she did a quick scan of her room:: Hrmph.. -03:04 May 13

“Alina, sweetums, I do hope you aren’t going to murder Urora’s champion. That would really be a dreadful thing to do and certainly bring misfortune and badluck upon our family!” -Rori

Alina: I will kill who I feel needs killing. Don’t you get started with me. Be good mother. I’ll try to write. ::With that she headed out the door!::\ -03:05 May 13

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