004 The Missing Daughter

On the way taking a sleeping Ciara home, Trinny confesses to Leon that it’ll take a kiss to wake her up! Deciding it was best to let her sleep awhile, they put her to bed. Angus the drunken garden gnome appears to complain about what’s going on, and when he says he’ll kiss Ciara himself, Leon goes ahead with the kissing! When Ciara wakes up and realizes what’s happened, she’s fuming mad! Pulling out her fencing sword and chasing Leon around the house. After slamming her fist in to a wall because Leon ducked a punch, Ciara was alerted to having guests. A pair from the Oracle Organization came to tell her to stop her business with Anthony Carnatelli. Of course she refuses and they leave. While discussing it with Leon, there is a phonecall… from Anthony himself! He pretends nothing happened at all, and they plan a second date. Leon and Ciara argue again about what she’s doing. Leon realizes her daughter Lily has been missing for years.

  1. Ciara is vaguely aware she is taking a larger risk than normal when Oracle shows up, and then Anthony calls for a second date despite what happened.
  2. Leon realizes Ciara had a daughter and she has been missing for years.
Leon: Yeah. Thanks! *Blinked!* Me?! How come I gotta wake her up? You’re the one who threw that … that pixie dust on her! -07:21 Jul 07

Trinny giggled! “Don’t you know anyyyything? It’s magic sleeping dust, only kisses work! Although maybe we should let her sleep for a week or two so we can run away… I like Ireland, do you?!”

Leon: *Scratched his head as he got out onto the street and started for Shades.* Really? Wow. I didn’t know that. I just thought people made that up. You know, as a way to get free kisses. *He was thoughtful for a moment.* I hear Ireland is pretty this time of year. Always wanted to go check it out. But I don’t think that’d be far enough to be safe from Cissy’s wrath. -07:27 Jul 07

“Yeah… we better go to Russia! Angus can give her a kissie and we’ll be safe!”

Leon: Yeah. She’d never think to look for us there! We could hide out with the polar bears! -07:30 Jul 07

Trinny giggled! “Polar bears don’t live in Russia! …. do they?”

Leon: Um … I don’t know. I think someone told me they live in Russia … or am I getting Russia mixed up with some other place? -07:31 Jul 07

“I don’t know… We should wake up Miss Ciara and ask her! She knows everything!”

Leon: You know what … we can just let her sleep for awhile. She does need her ‘I will not be cranky when I wake up’ nap. *He was more than certain she was going to have their hides when she did wake up.* -07:32 Jul 07

“Oh yeah…” Trinny suddenly squeaked as she dropped down to hide in Leon’s shirt collar! “We ruined her date and kidnapped her! She’ll make a pixie pie!!”

Leon: … And a werewolf rug … *He blinked!* Wait, do you think she’d believe us if we told her about Gabriel and Anthony? -07:35 Jul 07

“She haaaass to! If she doesn’t she’ll see him again and he’ll try to kill her like he did to you! She’ll get choked to death and eaten!”

Leon: But you know, Cissy. She’s really determined and she’s set her sights on killing Anthony. We have to find another way to save her. -07:37 Jul 07

“Um.. um… We can tie her up in the closet! Her closet is big enough for a bear to sleep in!”

Leon: *Nod* Hmm hmm! But … I think we might have to ask all the magical creatures we can to keep an eye out for her anyways. Like, if they ever see her with Anthony. Just to be on the safe side. -07:40 Jul 07

“Oooo! I can be pixie network general and sound the alarm when she is in trouble!” Trinny glittered brightly at the idea!

Leon: *Chuckled softly.* That’s the spirit. Then Cissy can’t say we’re stalking her. We’ll have eyes and ears all over the place. -07:45 Jul 07

“Okay!! But… um.. well… you’re waking her up by yourself, I can’t be killed or there won’t be a General to watch her!”

Leon: *Blinked! He’d just been tricked!* Hey! We’re in this together! -07:48 Jul 07

“Nuuu uh! I have to alert everyone! It was your idea to go crash her date!” She nodded a whole bunch, the little vixen!

Leon: Awh man …! Trinny! TRINNY?! *He sighed as he walked with Ciara.* -07:50 Jul 07
Ciara: *At least Miss Ciara Grey was much more pleasant company while she was asleep!* -07:52 Jul 07

There was plenty of giggling as Trinny disappeared, just as Leon reached the hotel! A man dressed as Robin Hood carrying around Ms. Grey… now THAT was something interesting to stare at!

Leon: *Crap! He’d forgotten about the costume! He was never going to live this one down! -07:56 Jul 07

Someone snapped a photo! Hopefully it wasn’t one of those paparazzi and just a Japanese tourist!

[Leon was carrying the sleeping Ciara up to her suite!] -05:20 Jul 08
[Ciara isn\’t threatening someone, she\’s like a sleeping angel!] -05:20 Jul 08
Leon: *Got to the elevator and realized something …* Damnit. I don’t know the code to get to the suite. Uh … Trinny? -05:21 Jul 08

Trinny was no where to be heard! But… there was Gerald the night Consierge coming staight for him, and he looked none too pleased!

Leon: *Sweatdrop!* Gee, ditched by a pixie … Just my luck. *Wolfish grin to the night guy!* Heh heh. Um … Any chance of you knowing the code to Ms Grey’s suite? -05:23 Jul 08

Gerald eye him suspiciously. There was no doubt that it was Mr. Grey, but this was all too strange. “Isn’t Ms. Grey supposed to be out with Mr. Carnatelli? I heard no mention of a …Merry Man.”

*Ms. Grey!

Leon: *Oh hell! He’d forgotten about the suit!* Unfortunately she fell asleep during the show. As an old friend I took it upon myself to see her safely back–after Mr Carnatelli had pressing business to attend to. -05:25 Jul 08

Gerald snorted! “Ms. Grey would never fall asleep like that…!” Gerald rest his hands on his hips turning up his snooty nose. “Ms. Grey warned us about you, Mr. Santos, and said if you did anything strange that we were supposed to do something about it. You’re being strange right this moment.”

Leon: Fine. I see how it is. *He started to walk out of the elevator but only so he could get behind Gerald and pinch the nerve where his neck met his shoulder. Nighty night, Mr. Snotty Head!* -05:31 Jul 08

Gerald hit the floor like a ton of bricks! Poor guy, he was just doing his job!

Leon: You are so lucky I’m not the type to kick a guy when he’s down. *He straightened his jerkin.* But that’s what you get when you act like a condescending asshole to a guy just trying to look out for an old friend. *He left Gerald in the elevator and went for the stairs. It didn’t take him very long to trudge up the long flights and fortunately the security system to get to Ciara’s suite is easier to bypass than a code! He has her back in her place in no time and lay her down on her bed.* -05:39 Jul 08
Ciara: *A sleeping Ciara-snack who won’t be happy to know how easy it was to bypass the security on her suite!* -05:40 Jul 08

“The hell did you do, boy?” There was that gnome with a mug full of beer as big as he was.

Leon: It wasn’t me! *He threw off the cap and went looking for some men’s clothing to wear!* Trinny blew some magic sleeping powder in Ciara’s face and she knocked out! -05:42 Jul 08

“Figures.” Snorted the gnome, taking a big swig of his beer. “Why you running around in women’s tights?”

Leon: *Cough! Cough!* I was … undercover at a theatre and this is what I ended up with. *He started thinking that Ciara just burned all of her husbands’ clothes when they died.* -05:46 Jul 08

“Never knew you for a creampuff, boy. Better find some man’s clothing before you get all girly.” The gnome was no help at all. But he probably seemed to consider this before he pointed a mug on down the hall. “There’s a storage room on back there. Clothes, weapons, extra booze. Grab some of that while you’re at it.”

Leon: *Oh yeah. Everyone was being a big help tonight! He sighed and went to that storage room Angus mentioned. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before he found some mens’ clothes that actually fit him. And they didn’t smell half bad either. Slacks, white shirt, matching jacket and even shoes.* -05:51 Jul 08

Angus had already ran out of beer and was waddling for Ciara’s room. “Guess I better wake that girl up so someone will refill this mug!”

Leon: Whoa! Wait a minute! *He dashed ahead and blocked Angus’ way.* If anyone’s kissing her, it’s me. *He shut the door on the gnome, being deeply disturbed by the thought of Angus kissing Ciara.* She is so going to kill me … *He muttered as he went over to her bed side.* -05:55 Jul 08
Leon: *It took him several moments but he finally worked up the courage and kissed her on the lips. And then … he ran for it!* -05:57 Jul 08

That boy slammed the door on his nose! Angus clonked on it with his mug! “That woman needs a man to kiss her, you tights wearing whelp!!” CLONK CLONK CLONK!

Ciara: *It almost look like Trinny was a lying little vixen, as it was several moments before she even stirred. Ciara just rubbed her eyes and curled up in bed.* …stop knocking! -05:59 Jul 08
Leon: Time to go! *He dashed out the door, nearly tripping over Angus, and looking for somewhere to hide!* -06:00 Jul 08

“Damned varmint! Slamming doors on me and knocking me over! I ought to wrastle you to the floor and pluck your tail!” Threatened the gnome, who shook his beer mug!

Ciara: *Christ, no one could sleep with a gnome bellowing like th- Ciara sat up quickly!* …LEON! -06:02 Jul 08
Leon: *Had to stop! That gnome was asking for it!* You keep your hands off my tail, you old kook! *He heard Ciara yell for him and quickly dashed again! In circles!* -06:03 Jul 08

“I been wanting to kiss that girl for ten years and you just march on in here slamming a door in my face, I’mma strip that tail of yours bald and make myself a new cap!”

Ciara: *Now, now. There’s no reason to chase him down and beat the daylights out of him right away. After all, there’s plenty of time to murder Leon. Ciara took off her shoes and leaned on the floor to reach under her bed.* -06:05 Jul 08
Leon: You even touch my tail and I’ll gnaw on your head, you walking chew toy! -06:06 Jul 08

“Oh yeah?! Why don’t you come down here to my level and say it to my face, you overgrown pup! I’ll stick my cap right up your nose and spit in your eye!”

Leon: And I’ll shove your mug where the sun don’t shine, you two-legged lawn decoration! You talk big but you’re still a footstool! -06:08 Jul 08
Ciara: *Ciara stepped out of her room, still wearing that silver dress and now holding a fencing sword. And not the safe blunted ones either. She slid Angus out of the way with her foot, moving in to attack position!* His tail is mine, Angus. I think it’ll look nice with my brown jacket. -06:10 Jul 08
Leon: Oh hell! Cissy, I can explain! *He jumped over the couch–clearing it, and dashing out the door! He went for the elevator and started pressing the button like mad!* -06:11 Jul 08
Ciara: *She was after him like a cat chasing a mouse! She hit the security panel on the wall as she chased him to the elevator! A whole system shutdown… no one was getting off that floor!* You kidnapped me! -06:12 Jul 08
Leon: No … I rescued you! *Holy crap! Realizing the elevator was a dead end, he gulped and turned around, flattening against the wall as he inched his way to the stairs!* -06:13 Jul 08
Ciara: *Ciara moved, spearing the wall and just barely missing his head. He wasn’t going in that direction!* Rescued from what?! Kissing?! -06:16 Jul 08

“Get him! Spear him through the eye! Show that pup who’s boss!” Angus was cheering from the living room, somehow having managed to find himself some more beer for his mug!

Leon: *Inched away the other direction!* No! Anthony was being tailed by some guy named Gabriel! He attacked Anthony just when you got out of there! He’s the other vampire Trinny mentioned! -06:18 Jul 08
Ciara: *She lift her foot, bracing it against the wall on the other side of him. He was trapped!* So you actually got help in ruining my date, when I very specifically told you not to?! -06:20 Jul 08
Leon: No … Gabriel was already there. If it hadn’t been for him, Anthony would have killed me! He was working on his own! -06:21 Jul 08
Ciara: *She blinked and dropped her foot, only to move closer and tilt his head back to look at his neck for bites or worse.* Did he hurt you at all? -06:23 Jul 08
Leon: Oh, if you include grabbing me by the neck and hoisting me in the air while I gasped for breath and Trinny tried to pry him off hurting me. Then yes, he did. Your date’s got a grip on him. -06:24 Jul 08
Ciara: And that’s exactly why I told you not to get involved! *She yanked the fencing foil out of the wall only to swing a fist at his nose!* -06:26 Jul 08
Leon: Ack! *He immediately ducked to dodge that flying fist and dashed off!* -06:30 Jul 08

Ciara was interrupted by a familiar sound. The sound of someone trying to get her through the comm-link.

Ciara: *Which left her socking the wall!! She cursed his name in three different languages as she shook her hand!! She moved to the com link and practically growled!* What is it. I’m busy. -06:32 Jul 08

“Ms Grey,” the voice of one of her assistants came through the line. “An important visitor to see you. From Oracle. They insist it is urgent.”

Ciara: *Greeeat. They either needed more money or were pissed off about something. She pressed the buttons on her security panel to put the suite system back online.* Fine… send them up. *She set the foil aside and took a look at her knuckles.* …Leon, you broke my hand! -06:36 Jul 08
Leon: Because you tried to break my nose! Why can’t you do something else to relieve anger? Like counting to ten or singing karaoke? -06:37 Jul 08

“At once, Ms Grey,” the assistant said before she broke off contact.

Ciara: I might try that, if you’d grow up and take your punishments like a man! *Argh! It hurt! But she quickly dashed off to her room so she could put on something more appropriate!* -06:39 Jul 08
Leon: So I can get socked in the nose? No thank you. -06:41 Jul 08
Ciara: *She was uttering a bunch more curse words at him and about him, as she slipped out of that dress and pulled on some nice loungy pants and a sweater.* no thank you, blasted meddling no good hit dodger… *She continued her muttered when she returned, waiting in the all for her guests.* The minute I see you, I’m going to clobber you senseless. -06:45 Jul 08

Only too soon is there a knock on the door! Ciara’s visitors have arrived!

Leon: *That was his cue to book it! Time for a snack! He disappeared into the kitchen!* -06:46 Jul 08
Ciara: *Letting them in not with a smile but a ‘I’m busy and you’re interrupting, what the hell do you want’ scowl, Ciara walked to the living room for them to follow.* This better be really important. *She shook her hand again… see! She knew he broke it! It was bruising really bad now!* -06:47 Jul 08

There were two of them. A man and a woman. The man was an African-American with thick gray hair wearing a gray suit. The woman was Italian–something or other and wore a dark blue suit. Every time Ciara had a visit from the Oracle, they were the ones who came to talk to her. The woman did most of the talking and the man only occasionally added into the conversation. “Ms Grey, we have reports from our agents about you being sighted with Anthony Carnatelli. You must put an end to whatever you are pursuing with him at once. For your own safety.”

Ciara: You are fast, aren’t you. *She turned around to face them, clasping her hands behind her back. Wincing, as that probably wasn’t the best idea. And then proceeding to smile at them as if they were very cute children.* If Oracle is worried about my money, I already promised your boss that there would be a very large donation in the event of my death. Otherwise… who I pursue is entirely my own business. -06:53 Jul 08

The man and the woman glanced at each other before turning back to Ciara. It was difficult to tell whether they were relieved, irritated, or both. “Ms Grey, please, allow us to offer you some hunters for protection.”

Ciara: I’m afraid your hunters would not only get in the way of my daily life, but jeopardize my plans with Anthony Carnatelli. If Oracle truly cared about my safety, they wouldn’t want Mr. Carnatelli thinking I was out to pull a trap on him, would they? -06:59 Jul 08

The woman grew silent. “No. But he may think you’re pulling a trap by using a rogue like Gabriel. And yes, we have sightings of him as well. His appearance and your acquaintance with Mr Carnatelli are too close for us to deem coincidental.”

Ciara: *Ciara took another look at her knuckles, not showing an ounce of surprise at the mention of Gabriel again. He was starting to sound interesting.* Once again, who I make my acquaintances with is entirely my business. Intend to use whatever tools are appropriate. Be it direct from Oracle or… a man like Gabriel. -07:05 Jul 08

“He is not a man. He is a—”

The woman silenced her partner with a sharp glance. “Very well. In that case, we shall take our leave. Until next time, Ms Grey.” And then they let themselves out.

Ciara: A vampire… *She muttered after they left. That’s what Leon had said… He got in a fight with Anthony Carnatelli and helped a werewolf and pixie. Very interesting…* Leon… -07:09 Jul 08
Leon: *Froze in the middle of chewing on a leftover steak! Awh man, did she sell his fur to strangers already?!* -07:11 Jul 08
Ciara: *Ciara sighed. …He was raiding her kitchen wasn’t he! She stalked in after him.* Leon! -07:12 Jul 08
Leon: *Shut the fridge door and jumped up! Unfortunately he’d forgotten about the steak in his mouth!* Mphff? *He pulled the bone out.* I mean uh … Yes? -07:13 Jul 08
Ciara: *She held up her knuckles and pointed at them!* -07:13 Jul 08
Leon: *Wince!* I know I know! It’s all my fault! *He starts scrambling for the first aid kit!* -07:14 Jul 08
Ciara: *She watched him scrambling.* Who exactly is Gabriel? Do you suppose I could seduce him too? -07:15 Jul 08
Leon: I … I have no clue. He just popped up last night. *He starts digging through the cupboards.* I don’t think you could, though. If you met him, you’d know what I mean. -07:16 Jul 08
Ciara: Oh, it wouldn’t hurt to try seducing him. Seeing if he’ll help me with my vampire and werewolf problem. -07:18 Jul 08
Leon: *Freezes!* Um … werewolf problem? You mean … *He gulped and pointed to himself!* Me …? -07:19 Jul 08
Ciara: Uh huh… *She nodded slowly. …and had a very hard time keeping a straight face. She ended up smiling anyway.* It’s in the third drawer. -07:19 Jul 08
Leon: *That smile! She was joking?!* You’re going to give me a heart attack, woman. *He dug into the third drawer and fished out the first aid kit. Then he went over to her, opened it up, and examined her hand.* So … who were those people? -07:21 Jul 08
Ciara: The Oracle Organization. Do gooders, hunters, that sort of thing… Apparently they don’t like their biggest funder getting involved in with Anthony Carnatelli and that Gabriel guy. *She winced and pulled her hand away!* It hurts! -07:23 Jul 08
Leon: *Stopped when she pulled her hand away.* The sooner I get this over with, the sooner you can get to healing. Well … I’ll definitely try to stay away from those guys. I’m sure they’re real likely to shoot weres first ask questions later. -07:25 Jul 08
Ciara: *She hated when he was right… Ciara warily gave her hand back to him.* After Anthony tried to strangle you and Gabriel came to the rescue, then what happened? -07:27 Jul 08
Leon: *Small shrug as he went back to patching up her hand.* I think I heard words and then Anthony was gone. Poof! Just like that. Gabriel said he’d sent Anthony away, told us to leave and left himself. That was pretty much it. -07:29 Jul 08
Ciara: *She was trying really hard not to snatch her hand back again. Who knew punching a wall would hurt so much?!* He knows I was knocked out cold by a were and a pixie. I’m not sure how I don’t know if I can even explain that. You might’ve ruin any chance I had of getting to him. -07:31 Jul 08
Ciara: *I’m not sure how -07:32 Jul 08
Leon: … He came to you, didn’t he? I doubt he’s going to give up the chase just because me and Trinny were involved. There. Done. *He sat back.* -07:33 Jul 08
Ciara: You really are awful at games. *She examined her hand before eying him.* He can tell me that he was called on some important business. Or an emergency. I wasn’t there to see what happened. But he knows exactly what happened to me… I can’t just say ‘Oh my werewolf boy friend and pixie friend were jealous so they came and got me.’ -07:35 Jul 08
Leon: I might have been awful at games but I was good at winning. *He muttered. He was a bit irked that Anthony had called him and Trinny insects but he would just have to get over it.* -07:38 Jul 08


Ciara: It’s different now. You- *She blinked! Muttering under her breath she left to answer the phone. With her luck it was Oracle Lecture part II.* Ciara Grey speaking. -07:40 Jul 08

Anthony: Ah, Ms Grey. I am glad you are awake. I trust you are well. I was so worried. I did not want to disturb you while you slept.

Ciara: Mr. Carnatelli? *She couldn’t hide her surprise… she really didn’t expect him at all!* I’ve had better nights… -07:43 Jul 08

Anthony: *Soft chuckle.* I am quite glad you are alright. I apologize that the evening did not go as planned. Are you still up for that private lunch on your boat? I promise I will not throw my writing overboard.

Ciara: *Ciara laughed softly! Relieved to still have a date with a vampire, THAT was a weird feeling!* I’m surprised you’re even still interested. I hired an old friend as my assistant and he said you about strangled him. I’m really sorry if he harassed you. He’s sort of an old friend and I’m starting to think a little jealous… -07:50 Jul 08
Ciara: *and striking one of those old friends! -07:50 Jul 08

Anthony: *Soft sigh.* Ah yes, I apologize for that as well. I was so hoping to make your evening a memorable one. I guess I became carried away with the moment. I hope he is alright as well.

Ciara: He’s practically cursing your name. I think you knocked him senseless. But you know,… I did enjoy my time with you. If you’re willing to brave a second try, I promise it’ll be much sweeter… -07:54 Jul 08
Leon: *A chuckle.* Yes, I get that reaction a lot. But I enjoyed my time with you as well. What did you have in mind for a second try? -07:55 Jul 08

Anthony: *A chuckle.* Yes, I get that reaction a lot. But I enjoyed my time with you as well. What did you have in mind for a second try? (Oops. Wrong guy.)

Ciara: Saturday if you’re free. You can meet me at the Ninth dock off Samson Street. My yacht is called Sea Princess. Dreadful name, but a wonderful ship. -07:57 Jul 08

Anthony: Oh, I believe I can arrange a change in schedule. Are you sure you can tear yourself away from work to enjoy the company of an older man? *The tone in his voice said he was teasing.*

Ciara: *She sat on the arm of the sofa, grinning ear to ear!* Mr. Carnatelli, I am not so young myself! I look forward to see you… -08:03 Jul 08

Anthony: *Another soft chuckle.* And I look forward to seeing you as well. *A pause.* It seems business calls once more. Forgive me, Ms Grey, I must tend to this. I shall see you on Saturday then, Samson Street, Ninth Dock.

Ciara: Until then, Mr. Carnatelli. *Click! Victory hopping! Victory hopping! Date with a vampire! …She immediately stopped hopping once she realized what she was doing. A couple days with Leon and she was acting like an 8 year old again… that jerk!* -08:07 Jul 08
Leon: *Speaking of Leon … he was raiding the fridge again!* How can someone not have chocolate milk in their fridge?! -08:10 Jul 08
Ciara: *Smooth as silk she slipped in to the kitchen!* Chocolate milk is for kids. You better count your lucky stars that Mr. Carnatelli is so interested in me. I have another date on Saturday. -08:11 Jul 08

Leon: *Munched on a chicken instead.* Another date? Where at this time?

Ciara: I’m not going to tell you. And you know what I’m going to wear? A bikini! That’s it!*A smile like a wicked witch!* -08:13 Jul 08
Leon: *Spit out the chicken!* What?! You can’t possibly! I won’t let you! -08:15 Jul 08
[Leon was about to have kittens!] -08:26 Jul 08
[Ciara mentioned something about a bikini…] -08:27 Jul 08
Leon: You can’t possibly! That’s the most–Woman, are you nuts?! -08:27 Jul 08
Ciara: A hot pink bikini. The kind with the strings… You just tug the string a bit and.. POP! Comes right off! -08:27 Jul 08
Leon: I absolutely forbid you from wearing something like that! Anything like that! Why do you have to go on a boat anyways? Take him to a movie or something! -08:29 Jul 08
Ciara: *Grinning quite evilly she was turning away to trounce right to her room!* I can wear whatever I like. Especially on a private boat, all alone. Just me and my date. -08:30 Jul 08
Leon: Alone?! With a master vampire! *He stalked off after her!* No way in bloody hell! I’m coming with you to chaperone! You can’t trust him! -08:32 Jul 08
Ciara: You already made a mess of one date, and by some miracle he’s actually interested enough to want another one. I’m not above typing you up and leaving you in a closet. -08:33 Jul 08
Leon: *Blink and he freezes!* You wouldn’t! *As a kid he’d hated the closet, thanks to his dad’s all too detailed stories about the monsters who lived in them! He can sleep in a room with closets now but being tied up in one?!* -08:34 Jul 08
Ciara: Yes, I would. *Ciara dug around in a dresser… Aha there it is. She pulled out that little hot pink bikini she was talking about.* Isn’t it the cutest thing? I suppose it might be a little small on me now, I haven’t worn it in years. -08:36 Jul 08
Leon: *He shook his head when he saw the bikini! His jaw nearly dropped!* A little SMALL?! Ciara, that is not a bikini top. It’s a bloody blindfold! Hell, it’s not even that. They’re two eye patches! -08:38 Jul 08
Ciara: You’re exaggerating. What shoes do you think are best? The nice stiletto heels or maybe a nice thigh high pair boots. -08:39 Jul 08
Leon: Ha! *He grabbed the top from her and put the cups over his eyes!* See! Eye patches. How’s that for exaggerating! -08:40 Jul 08
Ciara: You’re right! That’s going to look even better than I expected! -08:43 Jul 08
Leon: *Was at the end of his rope! He fell back on her bed and put his arm over his eyes!* If you’re trying to torture me, it’s working! -08:44 Jul 08
Ciara: Good. You could have gotten yourself killed and me alone with you. -08:45 Jul 08
Leon: *Sat back up and pouted.* But … I didn’t! And you got another swing with Anthony! -08:46 Jul 08
Ciara: And I really shouldn’t be. …Which means you have to stay away from him. -08:47 Jul 08
Leon: But … but …! *He started twiddling his thumbs.* He’s a vampire! And he’s dangerous! And you’re nuts for wanting to go after him! *He blinked.* Wait … Why are you so intent on killing vampires? -08:48 Jul 08
Ciara: I thought being a threat to innocent people was a pretty obvious reason. *Ciara turned away quickly to escape for the kitchen!* -08:50 Jul 08
Leon: *He was onto something! He quickly went after her!* You never liked people! Innocent or otherwise. This is personal or else you would’ve sent someone else to do the dirty work. Like those Oracle guys. -08:51 Jul 08
Ciara: You haven’t seen me in ages, how do you know that I hadn’t bloomed in to a wonderful fun loving people person? *She tried closing the kitchen door on him!* -08:55 Jul 08
Leon: *Was not about to be discouraged! He put just enough effort to keep the door from closing on him.* And if that was the case, you wouldn’t be running from me now. And don’t say you’re not running from me because you most definitely are! What did the vampires do to you that would make you … *He stopped and stared at her.* Wait a minute … -08:56 Jul 08
Ciara: I’m pretty sure I’m walking away from you and not running. *She stepped back from the door and crossed her arms, painting that haughty look on her face.* You think you know, do you? -08:58 Jul 08
Leon: *Tilted his head slightly at her. He was silent for a few moments.* Ciara … where is Lily? -08:59 Jul 08
Ciara: *Her fingers tightened at her arms, but she didn’t change her expression.* You don’t even know who Lily is. -09:01 Jul 08
Leon: She’s your daughter. *He said quietly.* Her room is intact but I can tell no one’s slept there in years. And it’s not the room of a teenager or someone who went away to school for awhile. I found pictures of her and you on her dresser. You were younger. And she … far too young to have run away from home. -09:03 Jul 08
Ciara: There’s a nice movie on TV tonight, something silly about a cat and dog on a crazy adventure. You might like it. *She squeezed past him to escape!* -09:06 Jul 08
Leon: *She brushed past him but he let her go. So that was why she was so intent on this mission of hers. Trinny had mentioned everyone believing Lily was dead. He crossed his arms and leaned against the counter, deep in thought.* -09:10 Jul 08
Ciara: *Ciara fell on to the sofa, remote in hand and staring at the TV, despite it not even being on. He had to go and open his big mouth. She should have made a rug out of him already.* -09:14 Jul 08
Leon: *There had to be something he could do. Ciara had done a lot for him already–it was only right he repaid the favor. Not to mention, she was his best friend. Well, no one knew for sure what had happened to Lily. It would help a lot if he could grant Ciara closure somehow …* -09:17 Jul 08

Angus slammed his beer mug down on the coffee table. “I’m out of beer, woman! Stop staring in to space and do something about it!”

Ciara: *Ciara flopped over on to a pillow.* Ask Leon, and go away. -09:20 Jul 08

“Oy, right! That would couldn’t poor a man’s beer if he grew a second tail and sang the Anthem of the Forest!”

* that were couldn’t!

Leon: *To help his brain concoct what was sure to be a brilliant plan, of course, he had to go get food for it. He dug into the fridge for something else to eat!* -09:28 Jul 08
Ciara: Then show him how and leave me alone. -09:28 Jul 08

Angus snorted! But he took his beer mug and marched to find that wolf! “ARGH! You overgrown bagg of fleas! You kiss her, you break her, and then you destroy her! I oughta ram my mug right up your keister!”

Leon: *Munching on some deli thin slices of turkey! He swallowed!* Listen here, you beer-devouring, attention-whoring, freeloading sack of hair! The only place your mug is going is out the window! -09:31 Jul 08

“Yeah, yeah?! I’d like to see a big baby like you try and fight with a man of my gnomish caliber! Stop stuffing your face and show me what you got!”

Leon: Like I’m going to waste my time with an ancient alcoholic … *He muttered!* Go away. I’m trying to think here. -09:38 Jul 08

“Better be thinking about how to fix my beer ticket! Since you’re so darn good at poking your muzzle in to other peoples business!”

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