Caroline tries to handle Dark and his new powers of Light. He asks her to be his Pillar and she’s a littler weirded out by it!

[Caroline has set her and Dark up in a flat next door to the building she placed Evangeline. …how she got them a place so fast is her little secret!] -11:48 Aug 12
[Dark is slowly calming down after thrashing around so much with handcuffs on his wrists behind his back!] -11:50 Aug 12
Dark: *Panting. Deep breath. He shut his eyes. Fangs fully grown.* … Huh … uh … Huh … Damn it, Caroline. Get these cuffs off of me. -11:51 Aug 12
Caroline: *This might have been more entertaining were it under other circumstances. But keeping Dark under control took a lot more effort now than it ever had before! She was sitting on the coffee table with her elbows resting on her knees.* I think I like you were you’re at. I haven’t the energy to chase you across town again. -11:53 Aug 12
Dark: *His fangs were receding … He had his head against the armrest of the couch, turned to look at Caroline.* This soul is fuckin’ driving me nuts. How the hell do we find a new Avatar for Light. -11:54 Aug 12
Caroline: We have a new avatar for Light. You are the one that won’t let me have it. *She rest her chin in her hand and watched him. He was behaving now, but eventually he’d figure out how to get loose, then it was back to square one again.* There isn’t anyone else. -11:56 Aug 12
Dark: *He started to laugh then.* Hehe hehe hehe … *He shut his eyes, then opened them and smirked at her.* Yeah, I doubted Anthony had this in mind when he created me. -11:58 Aug 12
Caroline: Yet aren’t we glad the twisted bastard? I suppose he is good for something after all. *Amazing how that sort of thing happened. Was a reminder how complicated life could be. …made her feel old!* If I let you loose, are you going to stay still? -12:01 Aug 13
Dark: *He huffed and took a deep breath!* Yeah. I think it’s clear. … I honestly don’t know how the hell Gabriel does this. There are so many fuckin’ voices in my head and you know I’m not fond of humans in the first place. -12:03 Aug 13
Caroline: You’re going to think twice about taking a soul from me, now, aren’t you? *She smirked as she stood and circled around him to remove those cuffs. A wave of her hand to make them disappear. Afterall, it took a special kind of magic to keep someone like Dark held down!* -12:05 Aug 13
Dark: Oh, yeah. Like you weren’t beginning to struggle with Light yourself. *He muttered and huffed. He breathed a sigh of relief as the cuffs disappeared, slowly sat up to rub his wrists.* -12:06 Aug 13
Caroline: I had it under control. *Out of spite, she ruffled up his hair to a fine mess before she stepped to the kitchenette to retrieve her cup of tea. ..Cold already!* You could give it back. -12:08 Aug 13
Dark: *He huffed!* Damnit, Caroline! *He growled when she ruffled his hair! He smoothed it back and watched her get her tea.* Yeah. Give it back and make all that time and energy I spent holding it for nothing … Yeah, right. -12:10 Aug 13
Caroline: It would be easier for me to hold it myself than having to chase you across the world. Or Gabriel across the world. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to be spur off the moment clever and capture a pure elemental avatar on a rampage…? *A snap of her fingers to refresh her tea. If only dealing with Dark was that easy. It was one thing when he was Gabriel’s equal as a vampire, but now he was Gabriel’s equal of -everything-… which made her grossly under equipped for this sort of work!* -12:15 Aug 13
Dark: Hey, I tracked Gabriel down before, remember? *Dark rubbed the back of his neck.* And I’m not being a pain in the ass on purpose this time! -12:17 Aug 13
Caroline: No, not on purpose… Of which I am incredibly grateful for. If it were on purpose I might try something much worse than magic chains. *Caroline cast him a wicked smirk before leaning against the counter and taking a sip of her tea.* -12:18 Aug 13
Dark: *He narrowed his eyes slightly. Much worse? Caroline loved to tease him but he never knew what she had up her sleeve until she pulled it out!* In the meantime, is there a way to find an on and off switch for all the talking and the complaining … -12:21 Aug 13
Caroline: Yes. Unfortunetly, you would have to ask Gabriel and Evangeline for that sort of advice… I doubt neither of them are going to be useful right now. *Gabriel was impossible to keep in one place for long. And she had tried…! Dark needed that help so much right now. But after Evangeline died and he erased her memories of him… Who knew things could be such a pain in the ass.* It will be you and I for now. I’d suggest focusing on something to be your pillar. -12:24 Aug 13
Dark: *He grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it. Then he pounded his head into it because the last time he’d pounded his head into the wall, Caroline had handcuffed him and the cops had arrived.* -12:30 Aug 13
Caroline: I said pillar, not pillow..! *…Better than the wall. Trying to explain to police why she had him handcuffed was an interesting experience… She smirked!* We should do something other than sitting and listening to your voices. Have you serenade ladies at the Thames or mime on the street. -12:33 Aug 13
Dark: Mime! *His head shot up and he gave her a glare!* You know I hate those things! And the last time I passed on, I nearly fried him on the spot! *If only because of the loud thoughts the mime had been broadcasting. He was surprised no one else had picked up on it.* -12:38 Aug 13
Caroline: …What DO mime’s think about when they’re miming? *Unphased by the glaring, she refraid from smirking again. He was sucessfully distracted.* I think you being a mime would be an excellent changing in shutting your mouth. -12:39 Aug 13
Dark: The same things everyone else thinks about. Check out that hottie’s ass. And … someone let me outta this box! Don’t ask what that mime on the corner of Westbury was thinking. If you did, you’d have let me punch him. -12:53 Aug 13
Caroline: …Now I am curious and you’re going to have to tell me. I may or may not let you punch him. *Caroline set her cup down and crossed her arms with a grin.* -12:55 Aug 13
Dark: Besides some … mental uh, scenes to play out with you? *He didn’t look pleased about having to remember it. Caroline had a talent for asking about things he didn’t want to talk about.* -01:07 Aug 13
Caroline: Play out with me, huh? *She moved to lean over the sofa, grinning.* Was it imaginative at least? There is nothing worse than boring fantasies from a mime. -01:08 Aug 13
Dark: *Look of disgust!* You honestly want me to go into details about it?! -01:10 Aug 13
Caroline: Is it sucessfully making you think of something other than the voices in your head? *She smirked!* ..unless thinking about me in unusual situations is too much for a young little vampire? -01:12 Aug 13
Dark: *He shudders.* Yeah, well I can do with the BDSM crap. -01:14 Aug 13
Caroline: *Now her smirking had shifted to being genuinly curious!* Is that what it was? Did he have the whips and chains or did I? You’d be amazed how often that seems to come up. -01:15 Aug 13
Dark: … Geez, Caroline you always have the whips and chains. Humans enjoy someone dominating them. *He lay back down on the couch and covered his head with the pillow.* -01:17 Aug 13
Caroline: How true that is. *Caroline tugged on his pillow, and when he wasn’t releasing it easy, she plopped on him!* When are you going to stop being bashful about these sorts of things? You can’t sock someone in the face everytime the subject comes up. -01:19 Aug 13
Dark: Ooff! *He pulled the pillow off of his head to glare at her!* Yeah, well … Now I’m beginning to see the tiny little details these idiots think up. You’d think they had something better to do. *He huffed.* I dunno … Maybe I’m accidentally diving in too deep. -01:22 Aug 13
Caroline: *She cast him her most innocent of smiles!* You are looking too deep. You should be able to hold back and not look at all. Gabriel was focusing on Evangeline when he had Darkness restored. You should be able to find your own pillar to keep in the forefront of your mind. -01:24 Aug 13
Dark: Pillar, huh? *He thought about it. He glanced up at her.* Seeing as how you’re around all the time, can I use you? -01:26 Aug 13
Caroline: *There was something that drew surprise from her!* …You want to use me, when everytime you think about me or someone else thinks about me, you’re pitching a fit and blowing something up? -01:28 Aug 13
Dark: *He huffed and glanced away.* Fine. *He moved out from under her and stood.* I guess I’ll go for a walk and find one. *And then he was out the door!* -01:30 Aug 13
Caroline: *And there he went again! ….And like an idiot, she was getting up to stomp after him. Wrapping a ribbon around her hand just in case.* You said you were going to stay put! …I didn’t say you couldn’t! -01:32 Aug 13
Dark: *He was still walking!* Yeah, well. I can’t stay inside all day! And Evangeline isn’t in trouble or Meri would have come to us by now. -01:34 Aug 13
Caroline: So you are going to change the subject then. I don’t know why I’m surprised! *There was always someone curious out in the hall when she was stalking after Dark. Seemed that wouldn’t be any different in London!* I ought to pull that soul of you and see what you’re thinking, it’s the only damned way I’d know. -01:37 Aug 13
Dark: Yeah, well, what am I supposed to say? *He didn’t stop walking, only kept talking over his shoulder at her.* Caroline, I want to use you as my pillar because out of all the damn things in my life, you’re the one consistent person in it? That even when you’re within an inch of death, you still manage to hold yourself up? Apparently that doesn’t really make a difference, does it. -01:40 Aug 13
Caroline: *Caroline stopped walking, trying to wipe that dumbfounded look off her face for something a little more neautral. How was she supposed to respond to that… or think about it! It dug up things she was trying to keep burried out of mind and sight.* …I’m not sure you quite understand how that sounds. -01:45 Aug 13
Dark: Yeah, well, it’s the truth, damnit. You’re always telling me about how you have to be honest with yourself. And I’m tired of fuckin’ lying because I just don’t have the fuckin’ energy for it. *He glared at a wide-eyed bystander.* What the fuck are you looking at. -01:47 Aug 13
Caroline: *She stuffed her hands in her pockets and was so grateful for his assalting a poor stranger. It eased that caught off guard feeling so she could cast a half smile.* Then I will be your pillar if that’s what you want. -01:51 Aug 13
Dark: *He didn’t say a thing after that! He just kept walking as if lost in his own world … until he got to a bridge and leaned against the railing, looking down at the water.* -01:59 Aug 13

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