The New Light Saga

047 Oracle Haunted House

[Evangeline volunteer to be the first person through the Oracle Haunted House! It\’s going to be so cuuute!] -04:07 Oct 08
Evangeline: *Dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Evangeline was more than happy to see what sort of spooky things the hunters put together. With them fighting real monsters all the time, a haunted house should be a breeze for them to make!* -04:16 Oct 08
[Vlamerias keeps having to hold her halo from falling!] -05:14 Oct 08
Vlamerias: *She looked up at Evangeline! She was dressed as a little angel and even had a pair of fake wing on her back.* Umm … Are you sure about this, Mommy? -05:15 Oct 08
Evangeline: It’s just a little bit of playing pretend! We’ll walk through the maze and pretend we’re in a scary movie! -05:16 Oct 08
Vlamerias: So … no beating up on the monsters that pop up? -05:17 Oct 08
Evangeline: Definitely not. It’ll just be Hunters in disguise! …You can scream at them though! *Taking Meri’s hand, she was already leading the way to the front entrance… where no one was waiting. They must really be preparing for a good scare!* -05:19 Oct 08
Vlamerias: *She huffed as Evangeline led the way. She wanted to ready a spell but–! Well, she didn’t want Mommy to worry! She looked around and poked all kinds of things like that fake, sticky spider’s web.* -05:40 Oct 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline refused to touch anything sticky! But she was very impressive with how real it all looked… she even made a face about… Blood always did make her feel a little bit queasy!* -05:42 Oct 08

When the two came near the corner, suddenly a furry body jumped out, SNAAAAARLIIIING and waving clawed paws!

The Son of Darkness Saga

030 The Power of a Song

[Evangeline is wearing a whispy dress and today is a little more anxious than normal. She was currently lighting candles in the ballroom.] -10:19 Aug 13
[Gabriel is attempting to track down a serial killer … but is being blocked at every turn.] -10:21 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He approaches the abandoned castle at the top of the hill. There are wards here. Old ones. Perhaps made by those who had inhabited the castle before for protection but now a pain he must deal with to capture his quarry.* -10:23 Aug 13

Caroline: *Sitting on a small bench in front of a black grand piano, Caroline was playing a practice song just to get her fingers moving. These lessons with Evangeline have been interesting to say the least… The woman didn’t have a natural talent for it. Caroline had to teach her scales, tones, notes… everything from the ground up! Evangeline was a fast learner, though, and Caroline could happily say no one would ever cringe when the woman sings, ever again.* What are the candles for, my lady?

Evangeline: I like the way the shadows play off the light with the mirrors. *With mirrors all along the walls, Evangeline had set up tables and candles in every little spot she could. She lit a few more on a candleabra.* -10:29 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He slipped unseen, making sure to leave no footsteps, no sign he was here which meant he had to scale the boulders that surrounded the castle. He couldn’t teleport as one of the wards he sensed was especially sensitive to such magic. He stopped six feet from the castle wall and crouched low. It was easier to deal with the wards now. He’d have to unravel the wards around this particular spot so he could enter through here.* -10:33 Aug 13

Caroline: Hmm. Barely answers the question, but it is indeed beautiful. *Caroline play her song, patiently waiting for Evangeline to finish. She had to admit, she did enjoy playing the music. It was a relaxing way to be distracted and get away from other things.* Have you picked a song for today?

Evangeline: I’m still deciding. *In truth, she was waiting for a right moment more than deciding which song to sing… and she hoped it worked! Gabriel had been away for a couple weeks, and what he was doing must have been important and stressing him. She could feel it! Today she was going to try something special.* Is Dark upset about me stealing you away so often lately? -10:39 Aug 13

Caroline: *Caroline laughed.* Dark doesn’t know, my lady. If he finds out I can do this, he might think I am trying to one up him on his music too. There’s some things I just don’t want to argue about.

Evangeline: *Lighting the last candle, Evangeline stepped back to take a look. There was no other light outside of the candles, so the room had a soft glow. Reflected with the mirrors and making everything look so shimmery and dreamy.* He might it enjoy it, maybe? Something you could do together? …besides, I thought you like to argue! You’re always bickering! *Evangeline spun on a heel, dancing slowly with the notes Caroline played. She would wait until this song was finished!* -10:45 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He didn’t have time to unravel all these wards and if he did, his quarry–if he was here–would realize something was wrong and run. He finished the last ward and watched it unravel, providing him a magic hole. He phased through the wall which would cause no commotion compared to teleporting. He appeared inside a dark corridor. It was quiet here. Where to begin … He summoned the strand of hair and let it fall from his hand. But instead of dropping, it began to drift down the corridor. He followed …* -10:51 Aug 13

Caroline: *She shook her head, not looking up from the keys on the piano. Evangeline wasn’t going to understand this one! Her relationship with Dark was complicated. There were things she enjoyed hassling him about, and there were things she knew it was better to leave alone. Music was Dark’s way of expression, and Caroline wasn’t going to mar that.* Your song, my lady?

Evangeline: *Evangeline danced her way to the center of the room, spinning easily on bare feet. She stopped when she reached the center of the ballroom, looking up at the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.* I would like Winter Sleep, please. But you can start when you are finished with that one. -10:56 Aug 13

Caroline: That seems to be a favorite of yours… *Caroline mused out loud, casting a short glance at Evangeline. It was funny how Evangeline could be so awkward and clumsy in everyday moments, but when she danced had all the poise and grace in the world. Caroline continued her song, and when reaching it’s end, blended it subtly in to the beginning of Evangeline’s without pause.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline took a deep breath. …she was nervous! Just a little bit. It all had to be just right. Closing her eyes she listened to the piano notes and opened her mind! At the moment she let out a breath to sing.* [i]It keeps coming back to me, I remember this pain. It spreads across my eyes… Everything is dull…[i] -11:05 Aug 13
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a deep breath. …she was nervous! Just a little bit. It all had to be just right. Closing her eyes she listened to the piano notes and opened her mind! At the moment she let out a breath to sing.* It keeps coming back to me, I remember this pain. It spreads across my eyes… Everything is dull… -11:06 Aug 13
Gabriel: *The silence continued to nag at him, the lack of movement, not a hint of life. There were no cobwebs but everything seemed so … sterile. As he followed, the strand of hair began to move faster which forced him to run to keep up with it. Sword drawn, he started to catch the scent of blood. Dried blood. Old blood.* -11:07 Aug 13

Caroline: *Something tingled her senses. Like the start of a spell. Yet it was so subtle, it was barely even there. Caroline didn’t stop playing… yet. If there was a danger, it’d present itself soon enough.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her eyes to glance upwards at the chandelier again. Letting her voice rise a little higher. Everyone’s smiling, they’re smiling. It pushes me far far away… I can’t understand, Everything is blue! ……Can you hear me out there? *She glanced down then, looking at her own reflection, as if she were really asking the question!* -11:11 Aug 13

Caroline: *Caroline kept playing the notes, but that tingle was stronger. Looking up from the keys, she could see the candlelight flicker. There were no windows here for a draft. She tilted her head, casting Evangeline a curious stare. …that couldn’t be her?*

Gabriel: *The strand of hair disappeared through a crack between a pair of two closed doors. The blood was coming from there. He kicked the doors open and entered the throne room. There was blood and bodies everywhere, obscuring the sigils they’d drawn over the walls and floor. He growled. His quarry had escaped and–He paused and glanced over his shoulder. Evangeline! Her blood pressure and heart rate were higher than normal. He’d have to break off the search … for now. He appeared in the ballroom at the castle to find Evangeline dancing. There were candles and a piano playing but his eyes were for the woman who was … singing? The sword disappeared as he walked up to her slowly then circled around her.* -12:13 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline was so surprised to see him that she stopped her dancing! She hadn’t meant to summon him! Watching him as curiously as he seemed to be watching her, she continued singing with all of what she wanted to say and him to hear.* Will you hold me now? Hold me now, My frozen heart? I’m gazing from the distance and I feel everything pass through me. I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now…? Hold me now, My frozen heart. I’m lost in a deep winter sleep… I can’t seem to find my way out alone. Can you wake me..? -12:18 Aug 14
Gabriel: As you lie before me, I can’t help but see … the way that you shiver. And you call out, calling out to me … How can I deny you? I will never deny you … *He drew his arm around her waist as he circled her and stepped close, then took her hand and spun her slowly.* -12:27 Aug 14

Caroline: *This is unexpected…! Caroline nearly slipped her fingers on the keys. Thank goodness for the weeks of practice. She was already stunned by Evangeline… there was a magic being cast here, something so uniquly different, she had never seen it’s like before! To have Gabriel appear wouldn’t have been such a shock… but his -singing- was. Caroline could feel the whole room shimmer. …She kept playing!*

Evangeline: *There was something so amazing about his voice… Closing her eyes as she turned under his arm and stepped back without releasing his hand.* I know when I let it in, It hides love from this moment. So I guard it close and I watch the move it makes. But it gets me… but it gets me. I wish I could understand how I could make it disappear, make it disappear…? Anyone out there hear me now? -12:33 Aug 14
Gabriel: Oh, my dear, love can only hide for so long … It’s shining brightly there in your heart as frozen as you think it is. I will unlock it and warm us both up. Your body moving against mine, our lips caressing, our limbs entwined … *He circled her again, still holding her hand then pulled her close and brushed his lips across her temple before stepping back again.* -12:45 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She opened her eyes again, not able to hide a faint smile.* Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart… Kiss my lips and maybe you can take me to your world for now. I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now…? Hold me now, my frozen heart! Please make it all go away, Am I ever gonna feel myself again? I hope I will… *Evangeline let go of his hand to spin around him on her toes, stopping behind him to lean against his back.* -12:48 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked as she spun on her toes and he felt her leaning against his back.* I will hold you always, for eternity … Your love, my salvation. No one will love you more than I, of that I do promise. Stars will be born and stars will die … and I’ll keep holding. Holding onto you. Holding onto you … My one and my only. *He took her hand and raised it to his lips to kiss the knuckles.* -01:03 Aug 14
Evangeline: Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart? I’m gazing from the distance and I feel everything pass through me… I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart. I’m lost in a deep winter sleep I can’t seem to find my way out alone… Can you wake me? *Evangeline moved to turn under his arm again, now smiling much wider. Any nervousness she had at the start was long gone and all there was in the room was him!* -01:06 Aug 14
Gabriel: With each breath you take, each time you stir, I am right beside you … I will awaken you and for you I’ll fight … I shall not abandon. Will you hold me close? Will you trust in me? All I want is your smile … When you smile from oppression I’m freed. *He watched her move under his arm, then he stepped back and bowed.* -01:25 Aug 14

Caroline: *There was no way she could have stopped playing. It would break the spell that seemed to have been woven through the music, the words, and even the play of light and shadow as the two moved. All of it woven together with such simplicity, yet intricately complicated at the same time! She wasn’t even sure what the spell -was- but had the very strong suspicions it was a binding promise… Caroline played through the last of the notes, bringing a soft and gentle close to the natural harmony of their song. Then, without a word, she slid from her seat and made a silent exit. They earned the peace!*

Evangeline: *The music had stopped and they were left with silence. All Evangeline could do was smile… so wide that her cheeks almost hurt! Biting her bottom lip, she gently tugged his hand to draw him closer.* I did not mean to summon you. I wanted you to hear me singing.. -01:30 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smiled, moving closer.* I needed to hear you singing. I have missed you, Evangeline. *He wrapped his arms around her waist.* -01:33 Aug 14
Evangeline: You’ve been away for a very long time. *There was no way she could be angry about it… singing with him left her feeling warm fuzzies and very contented. She curled her arms around him and rest her head against his chest to listen to his heart beat.* I missed this so much! -01:35 Aug 14

Caroline: *Caroline dropped in to her loft, out of breath. She had walked all the way from the ballroom to the courtyards as quickly as she could before teleporting, not wanting to mar the spellcasting with any magic on her own. That entire thing was an amazing rush!*

Gabriel: *He propped his chin on top of her head.* I know. I have let my obsessions get the best of me again. -01:49 Aug 14
Evangeline: Have I taken you from something important? *She knew what he did was for her and for their son. He was making the world as safe as he could for them, and she loved him so much for it! Yet she missed him too… she didn’t want to trade her husband in and their nights alone for anything.* Could you stay for tonight..? -01:54 Aug 14
Gabriel: Merely a dead end. Some time with you will more than cure it. *He stroked her hair.* Your singing … It is amazing. -02:03 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She laughed softly, hiding her face against his chest in faint embarassment.* You say that because you love me… I’ve practiced for weeks and I think everyone in the castle is ready to take my voice away. -02:06 Aug 14
Gabriel: They do not realize how far you have come. Alex and Vlamerias will agree with me. -02:13 Aug 14
Evangeline: I think they might also be a little biased.. *She tilted her head back to grin up at him.* I never imagined you would sing with me. It takes me breath away… -02:15 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked.* I never imagined you would sing for me. *He raised an eyebrow.* I trust I did not destroy your song. -02:17 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head, grinning ever wider!* You’ve made it spectacular and amazing and warm and unforgetable. -02:20 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* I think we shocked Caroline. -02:45 Aug 14
Evangeline: Caroline! *Evangeline moved to glance over at the piano where Caroline had been… but she was gone!* I forgot all about her! I didn’t realize she left… I was surprised too, though. I didn’t think you would come! -02:48 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* At first I had assumed you were under attack and required aid. I realize now you require your husband instead, something I am more than happy to give you. -02:53 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Now she was embarassed again… he watched over her so carefully!* I didn’t mean to make you worry! I was just a little nervous about it. *She gave a sheepish grin.* I do require my husband though… too many cold sleepless nights. Even Alex thought I needed a hug and a kiss… -02:59 Aug 14
Gabriel: *Gabriel chuckled softly and kissed her.* Of course. He would know better than anyone. You carried him for nine months. -03:10 Aug 14
Evangeline: He is as perceptive as you are. *She tugged on his sleeve and tapped her mouth… asking for another kiss.* You have days and days of cuddles to make up for. -03:14 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked.* However will I begin to make it up to you, my Queen. *He kissed her again and then kissed her temple.* -03:58 Aug 14
Evangeline: *A happy sigh escaped her, not that she was trying to hide it!* Take me and my candles to bed, Husband! *Evangeline giggled, lifting up on her toes to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.* -04:02 Aug 14
Gabriel: As you wish. *There were quite a lot of candles but he teleported them into the bedroom. The candles managed to fit although they were scattered everywhere except on the bed. He lay her down and lay down with her.* -04:14 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She loved her candles! They were so pretty and it took her so long to light them… it also made the room look so wonderfully dreamy. Evangeline tugged gently on his coat, biting her bottom lip with a grin.* You should take this off. -04:16 Aug 14
The New Light Saga


[Evangeline is having tea with one of the castle guests, enjoying an inner room with pretty furniture!] -03:01 Aug 01
[Demetria the Bat-Girl sits opposite Evangeline, twisting and untwisting her claws. She looks like a cross between a human and a bat, the size of a human but the rest of her features are those of a bat.] -03:12 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: … Oh, Miss Evangeline, it’s terrible! His pranks are getting worse each time! *She scratched one of her long ears!* I don’t like to complain but … it’s just gotten so bad! -03:13 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She was pouring tea carefully, occasionally leaning over to grin at a rat that ran back and forth to add things to the table. The devil rats were so helpful!* He really is harmless. There isn’t anything to fear here in the castle, so he is a pest at best.. *The beastie had tried very hard to scare her too. From floating jellyfish to furry spiders! But Evangeline just didn’t have anything to be afraid of when safe at home!* -03:15 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *She was even more distraught as demonstrated when she started scratching both ears!* He’s a jerk, Miss Evangeline. I know it’s safe here at the castle but now I’m afraid to sleep alone in my room. What if he … what if he spills light into my room again while I’m asleep?! *She sounded close to tears!* -03:22 Aug 01
Evangeline: Oh, don’t cry! Here, drink some of this! *She slid a cup across the table, and made sure it had plenty of sugar cubes in it.* I’ve already asked him not to be so pesky! In the meantime we can give you a nice room without any windows, so it’ll stay dark and cool for you! -03:25 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: Thank you, Miss Evangeline. *She accepted the cup and blew on it gently before drinking it. She cradled it between her claws.* Someone told me he might be suffering from something, that he’s looking for attention. I told him playing pranks on people would never win him friends but–but he just laughed! -03:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline poured herself a cup of tea, complete with sugar, cream and lemon.* I think one of his parents was a Fear Demon, so he needs a few scares here and there for the energy… Of course, it doesn’t help that playing the pranks is so funny for him too! Ignoring him is definitely the best thing to do. *She sipped her after a nod. Ignoring was the best. She didn’t even scream at the jellyfish he tried to startled her with, she was proud of herself!* -03:36 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *she blew gently on the tea and took another sip. She nodded.* You are right, Miss Evangeline. I will do that. I will ignore him. *Yes, if Miss Evangeline could do it, so could she! Besides, if Mr. Gabriel hadn’t taken care of him yet, that meant he wasn’t a real threat. Mr. Gabriel would never let anyone or anything live here that would be a real threat to Miss Evangeline!* -03:48 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She grinned wide.* Wonderful! Don’t think twice about it. We have such a beautiful castle, what is there to worry about! I’m sure you’re ready to get some real sleep now, without me and the rats pestering you. -03:51 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *She grinned sheepishly or as close to it as she could, although to anyone who didn’t know better, she was merely baring her fangs–or yawning!* Thank you, Miss Evangeline. Oh, Miss Vlamerias, hello. *She turned as the little devil came bouncing up to them.* -04:00 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Hello! *She was holding a bright red ball to her as she stopped by the table!* Is everything okay over here, Mommy?

Evangeline: Of course, sweet! Miss Demetria and I were just having tea, but it’s well past her bed time now. *Grinning, Evangeline had one more sip from her own cup before standing and smoothing out her shirt.* Tell me if anything else bothers you, Miss Demetria, I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable! -04:03 Aug 01

Anthony: *A man’s hand picked up the cup Evangeline had put down and sniffed it.* … Yes, we would not want her to be uncomfortable, would we? I find it so very rude that you never invited me here. *Dressed in a crisp business suit with his hair tied back, Anthony looked every bit as smug as a cat with a mouse squirming under its paw.*

Evangeline: *Her heart must have stopped beating, as she certainly couldn’t feel it anymore! Evangeline might have screamed, except she was so stunned that she couldn’t even suck in a breath! It couldn’t be him, this was her home! It was safe!* -04:14 Aug 01

Vlamerias: *She still wore her smile … up until she looked up and heard the voice … The ball fell out of her hands and then she screamed louder than a girl her size should be able to scream!*

Demetria the Bat-Girl: Is that … is that … *Demetria stammered before she swayed and then dropped to the ground in a faint.* -04:15 Aug 01

Anthony: *He seemed oblivious to her reaction to him as he looked around slowly.* Mm … A fine sanctuary you’ve made for yourself. So many people all in one place. You made things so very easy for me … again.

Evangeline: Meri. *She stepped between Meri and Anthony, but Demetria was on the floor, and he shouldn’t even be able to get in to her castle! It was easier to be brave when she knew there was somewhere to escape to, but not now with her safe place invaded! She was on the brink of tears.* Get out! -04:20 Aug 01

Anthony: *She may have hurt his feelings!* But I came all this way to visit. What a shame I missed the castlewarming. I’m certain it was quite a blast. *Instead of getting out, he slipped into the seat Demetria had vacated.*

Vlamerias: *Meri stopped screaming but now she was as frozen as Evangeline was! She should be protecting her Bright Lady but–but this was Anthony Carnatelli! He was a different threat altogether!*

Evangeline: Please, get out! *Evangeline was at a loss. If he could come here, where was there to run to? And she couldn’t leave Demetria on the floor with him. And all of her hiding refugee guests..! But when had he ever listened when she said please. Now she was shaking and breaking in to tears. She wanted to call her husband, but the consequences…!** -04:36 Aug 01

Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* You poor thing … Everything you ever did to escape me … for nothing. Well, all I can say to you is–GOT YOU! *Anthony’s voice was no longer Anthony’s. It was a high pitched nasal voice. And instead of Anthony, there sat a short, thin man with spiky red hair dressed in a suit! It was Stanley the Prankster!*

Evangeline: *It took her a few moments of shocked, wide-eyed staring before it registered.* Why…. Why would you do that…! *She was still shaking so hard, and crying… but now she was so furious! What a horrible horrible joke to play on someone..!* …. Gabriel! -04:42 Aug 01

Calling for Gabriel didn’t lessen Stanley’s amusement in the least! He dropped the cup, not caring about the contents spilling on the ground, laughing and sputtering and rolling around! “OOhh the looks on your faces! The–the looks! Genius! Genius, I say–Aaggghhh!” He started flailing his arms and legs around when a black boot stepped on his neck and held him there.

Evangeline: I.. I can’t imagine a more horrible.. vicious… horrible thing anyone could ever do…! *She had been terrified! Mortified, so scared! Now she was so unbelievably angry, she couldn’t ever remember being so mad! She covered her face with her hands, trying to get her sniffling under control.** -04:48 Aug 01

Gabriel: … Vlamerias, retrieve Caroline for me. *The squealing Stanley disappeared. He walked up to Evangeline and put his arms around her, pushing her against his chest with one hand stroking her hair.*

[Demetria the Bat-Girl is now known as: Gabriel] -04:52 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline clung to his shirt, willing the sniffles away. There was no reason to cry now, but the fright was awful… If Anthony had really been in her home she wouldn’t know what to do!* Gabriel… -04:55 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Eep! Yes! *She quickly nodded, ashamed of herself and POOFED!*

Caroline: *Caroline was currently busy enjoying making life difficult for demons by destroying their ritual grounds! If one happened to show up to get slayed, that’d just sweeten the pot.* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: Hello, Warrior Lady! *She greeted as she POOFED! behind her!*

Gabriel: … I am here, Evangeline. *He kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back.* -05:05 Aug 01

Caroline: I hope this isn’t something about Dark, Small Lady. It’s been three weeks without him getting in trouble, and I rather like it that way. *With a crack of a spell and a fling, she sent a pillar stone crashing to the ground with a satisfying CRUNCH!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: I shouldn’t have called you but… it was just… he was… it was just so mean..! *She might have spent another hour screaming at that stupid Stanly, but having Gabriel felt much better! She wasn’t crying now, but she couldn’t stop shaking!* -05:09 Aug 01

Vlamerias: It’s about Mommy! Glaer wanted me to fetch you! She needs to be away from the castle for awhile! *It didn’t take a genius to know why Gabriel would call Caroline for a distraught Evangeline! She was one of the few he trusted to protect Evangeline when he couldn’t!*

Caroline: I’m assuming someone has finally pissed him off beyond repair. *Caroline dust off her hands. There was enough damage here… her King beckoned, after all.* Away we go. *Pulling her pin from a pocket, she pricked her finger and ploofed away to the castle with Meri!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek.* Sshh … Yes, it was. I will deal with this. I want you to go with Caroline for awhile. *He looked up as Caroline and Meri appeared.* Impeccable timing. -05:21 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t keen on letting go of him.. and the expression on her face mirrored that thought. But she did reluctantly let him go and stepped back with a huff.* Will it be for long…? -05:24 Aug 01

Caroline: I imagine that your husband couldn’t bare a night without you, Bright Lady. We’ll go for a walk somewhere interesting. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He reached out and cupped Evangeline’s cheek.* You still owe me cuddles, Evangeline. *He kissed her gently and then stepped back, nodding to Vlamerias.* Vlamerias will go with you. She may need the comfort as well. -05:31 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Glaer! *She slipped over to Evangeline’s side.* Oohh … We can go sightseeing and stuff!

Evangeline: *She conceeded with a nod.* All right… but not for long! -05:34 Aug 01

Caroline: A couple hours should do it. *Caroline cast a wicked sort of smirk. As she pulled her pin out again, she cast Gabriel a wink before teleporting herself, Evangeline and Meri away. They reappeared along side a white sandy beach littered with seashells and pebbles.* A fine day for a walk. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri looked around the beach and squealed!* Shells! Pebbles! Mommy, we’ll have lots to take back with us! *She started dashing away and scooping up everything she could into her pockets!*

Evangeline: *At least she had stopped shaking now. Though, she was still really angry, and now she felt so jittery and on edge! Any slightest thing would probably make her squeal… and only now was she starting to realize that Gabriel was probably really upset too! Evangeline groaned!* …I shouldn’t have left him alone in the castle…! -05:43 Aug 01

Caroline: He won’t kill them, Evangeline. He loves you too much to do that. *He wouldn’t kill the castle guests, but Caroline knew Gabriel’s fondness for bending his promises.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He smirked at Caroline when she said two hours. That would be more than enough time … He summoned the shadow wolves.* Herd them together outside. *The cattle would learn just how close they were to the butcher’s blade. He smirked as Stanley’s neck reappeared under his boot. He had a few minutes to kill while they waited …* -05:47 Aug 01
Evangeline: None of them have ever done anything so mean before either. *That Stanley… she hated to think it, but she almost hoped Gabriel sent him to the moon to live for now on! Evangeline kicked a rock towards the ocean.* …Can anyone sneak in to the castle…? -05:52 Aug 01

Caroline: No. If that is what’s bothering you, put your mind at rest. It’d require a legion of men bombarding the castle walls for days. They’d be long dead before breaking through. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *A wave licked at Meri’s ankle and sent her laughing and giggling. this was fun!*

Evangeline: *That did help a little bit… The castle was the only place in the world that she never worried about scary surprises. She was still having bad dreams about Anthony, and now Stanley gave her a whole new fright!* I don’t suppose it’s been a couple hours yet? *She knelt down to pick up a particularly pretty shell.* -06:07 Aug 01

By the time everyone–with the exception of the dungeon’s lone prisoner, Louis–had been gathered, everyone was nervous. Word had spread of Stanley’s final act of stupidity but what truly worried them was the fact that Evangeline was absent! More than a few of them had attempted to hide or run away but the shadow wolves were relentless!

Caroline: It’s not even been ten minutes. Why don’t you go swimming? The water is warm enough. *Nothing was worse than having to watch Evangeline while the woman was yearning for her husband. The man could have picked a better time to reap hell.* -Evangeline

Evangeline: If there isn’t any jelly fish. Heaven forbid I cry again, I’ll never forgive you! *It wasn’t clear if Evangeline was serious or not. But she slipped off her shoes to leave on the beach and waded out in to the water with Meri. Stuffing her shell and her hands in to her pockets, she kicked at the waves as they came in. …the water -was- rather nice! And the sun was warm!* -06:13 Aug 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel stepped onto the ledge of the top of the tower. Guests often used this as an observatory so it was flat and everyone below could see it so it was the perfect place to use. When he spoke, he didn’t need to raise his voice at all. It echoed around them and everyone could hear it.* You are here because one of you violated a simple rule. *Stanley’s scratched, bruised, nearly completely broken body was under his foot again. He’d stopped squirming, mainly because he didn’t want to roll and fall to the ground. It took a lot to kill him but crap, he knew it was going to hurt!* You have all gone soft, thinking Evangeline will protect you whenever you need it. *He hoisted Stanley up by the ropes that bound his arms to his sides and his legs together. Stanley was not wearing a gag and the inhabitants were about to discover why.* -06:27 Aug 01

Caroline: *It was a nice day for the beach… Though, she preffered cooler climates. Mossy trees, wood stoves. Watching Meri splash around Evangeline was at least a nice break for the day. She did keep an eye out for trouble. Now more than ever, foolish creatures were trying to test their boundaries with the reawakened Darkness and a new Light. And Evangeline made herself an easy target!* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri danced around Evangeline and threw water in the air so that it fell down like rain!* Wwwhheeeee!! Look, Mommy, it’s raining!

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed, nearly tripping through the sand to side step Meri’s rain. She was so greatful to have a little devil around that could cheer her up as easily as Gabriel does!* Oh look! This one still has a crab in it! *She stopped, plucking a shell up out of the water, being careful not to get herself pinched!* -06:38 Aug 01
Gabriel: *He waited until the tension was at its peak. They were waiting, they were watching.* This is what happens to those who continue to be arrogant and overstep their boundaries here. *He casually rolled Stanley off of the edge of the tower and let him fall! When he fell a few feet, time felt like it slowed. Spikes grew out of the tower, large spikes, thin spikes, countless spikes of different lengths and thickness. They pierced Stanley right through, leaving him flopping like a fish out of water. His screams echoed and got worst when the spikes pulled out of him. He continued to fall but it wasn’t long before more spikes grew and did the same. He was stuck there, writhing and crying in agony, before the spikes pulled out. He fell a few more feet … and the cycle continued, over and over. Each new cycle brought a spray of blood and cries that sounded more desperate, louder. Gabriel watched with grim satisfaction and when Stanley finally reached the ground–well, he didn’t look like Stanley anymore. He stepped off the ledge and landed neatly on the ground between Stanley and the tower. The blood on the ground disappeared as did the splatters on the tower and the pieces of guts as well. The ground swallowed up Stanley’s body.* … Sweet dreams. -07:11 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Her crab set free, and she forced to dashed away before it came after her toes, Evangeline was content in fishing out shells and shiny stones from the water. She was still antsy, but that was not going to go away with a day at the beach no matter how many times Caroline gave her that stare. She stuck her tongue out at Caroline.* -07:18 Aug 01

The devil rats appeared after everyone had dispersed to ensure everything was cleaned and looked as normal as it got here. Gabriel did not want any evidence of what had occured.

Caroline: That is hardly lady like, Evangeline. *She smirked. At least Evangeline was feeling better. Caroline stretched and yawned.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Once he was satisfied, he disappeared and reappeared beside Caroline.* My thanks, Caroline. I believe my time is up. -07:21 Aug 01

Caroline: *Caroline looked a bit surprised, but hid it quickly. She checked her watch.* Early, even. I am not going to get called back by your sobbing wife later this evening, am I? -Evangeline

Gabriel: I shall do my best to ensure her cries are of a different nature. *He replied.* -07:24 Aug 01

Caroline: Is that so? I look forward to that story. *She cast him a sidelong smirk. Then whistled loud for Meri!* Vlamerias! Come with me to harass foolish demons. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri paused in the middle of skipping through the waves and blinked! Harassing demons sounded like fun! And Warrior Lady was so very good at it, too!* Oohh, coming, Warrior Lady! *She skipped toward them and dried herself off with a spell!*

Evangeline: I’m not banished from my own home anymore? *Evangeline dropped her favorite stones in her pockets, and set the rest free in the water. Seeing Gabriel was a relief! But she eyed him carefully…* -07:29 Aug 01

Caroline: *Once Meri was close enough, she pulled her pin. They poofed away, leaving Meri’s parents alone to do as they pleased! She might even tell Dark about it later!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* If you wish to remain banished, I will understand. The devil rats will miss you terribly. -07:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: Are there still devil rats and people in my castle? *Watching her step, she walked back on to the beach towards him. There could be vengeful crabs lurking!* -07:33 Aug 01
Gabriel: Indeed. People being a relevant term considering the types we are housing. -07:36 Aug 01
Evangeline: It’s a general enough term for person of a living sort. *As soon as she reached him, she through her arms around him and sighed. There was no better cure for jitters than him!* Is he gone? -07:38 Aug 01
Gabriel: Yes. *He put his arms around her.* He will not bother you again. -07:43 Aug 01
Evangeline: Thank you. *She rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat.* I didn’t mind the harmless pranks… but pretending to be Anthony was too much. Now I keep thinking about him in my house when you’re away and no one is there… -07:48 Aug 01
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek again.* Evangeline, I would never leave you somewhere I did not know was unsafe. Caroline and Dark have wards there as well and you know how to summon me no matter what danger appears. -07:55 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She smiled softly.* You’ve taken all of my fears away. I suppose it’s silly to be so afraid. *…still. She can’t summon him if it’s Anthony, it would put him in danger! And apparently it was a fear she wasn’t hiding very well if Stanley figured it out!* -08:00 Aug 01
Gabriel: … You are still afraid of putting me in danger where Anthony is concerned. *It was plain to see. The jumble of her thoughts. It was always the most clear to him. He could take down nearly anyone who hurt her–but they both knew Anthony was different.* -08:07 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She hid her face at his shoulder, even though he was more likely reading her thoughts and not her expressions!* He’s always going to try and hurt you through me… and if he takes me away and you try to kill him, I would lose you. I don’t want to live without you. -08:12 Aug 01
Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline. I will protect you–no matter what. That will never change. You never let me hide anything from you. Is it fair that you will hide something from me. -08:17 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She shook her head. She didn’t want to hide things from him, but she didn’t want him getting upset and doing wild and dangerous things for her sake! Evangeline finally sighed, standing straight again and tugging his sleeve.* He frightens me. I don’t want to ever see him, and I have terrible dreams, and that last prophecy… …but I will shield you from him if I have to. I want to protect you. -08:23 Aug 01
Gabriel: You are insane. However, just because you do not want me facing Anthony, does not excuse you from not calling on help from someone else. You may call Caroline or Dark or even both. -08:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: They aren’t you though… *She liked Caroline and Dark very much, and knew they could take care of most things… but no one ever made her feel as safe as Gabriel did!* …I’m being difficult. Can we go home and have snuggles? -08:36 Aug 01
[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:09 Aug 03
[Gabriel has timed out.] -03:09 Aug 03
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -03:09 Aug 03
[Evangeline dreadfully antsy and now going to have nightmares for weeks. …Again!] -03:11 Aug 03
[Gabriel suddenly picks her up and takes them back to the castle!] -03:17 Aug 03
Gabriel: The point is I do not wish you to face Anthony alone, Evangeline. Courtyard or bed. -03:19 Aug 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was half expecting to see a castle covered in the stone bodies of guests turned to statues! But all looked as normal as ever so far. She rest her around around his neck.* Bed with wide open windows? And he always seems to know when I am most alone. It seems inescapable. *Which made her all the more antsy… She never wanted to be afraid of getting to do things and going places, but now it was becoming a big worry!* -03:22 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He hid a smirk. New statues … Caroline had suggested they decorate more. He raised an eyebrow.* I understand. Throughout the centuries, Anthony and I have met again and again, not just as the Carnatellis we are now but as Void and Darkness. -03:29 Aug 03
Evangeline: I was not afraid of Light. But Anthony is… *It was hard to explain without alarming him. He wanted to fix things for her, but her fear of Anthony was not something easily solved! Evangeline shrugged her shoulders.* -03:35 Aug 03
Gabriel: … Anthony is different. *He finished for her as they walked into their room and he placed her down on the bed, lying down with her.* -03:40 Aug 03
Evangeline: He’s scary. *It was clear that Evangeline had a very hard time with admitting when she was afraid of something, and when it really bothered her! It was so much easier to just smile, change subjects, and pretend like nothing was wrong. Like now! She grinned, kissing his cheek.* I’m sorry I summoned you home for something so silly. -03:43 Aug 03
Gabriel: *he raised his eyebrow again.* It was not silly. I would have come regardless. Your heart rate and blood pressure were above normal. -03:49 Aug 03
Evangeline: It was just a very mean prank…. Are you monitoring my health now, husband? *Proof that she had to be careful about her emotions and not emote too much! Evangeline scooted closer, resting her hand over his heart.* Still, I’m glad you did… -03:53 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smiled and bent his head to kiss her mouth gently.* I may also have wanted snuggles… *He wrapped an arm around her and pressed her against him so he could feel her heart beat against his chest.* -03:56 Aug 03
Evangeline: You might have an addiction to snuggles, possibly? *Quite glad for the shift in subject, she was finally relaxing and not so stiff. There was never any reason to be afraid when he was holding her like this!* We can watch the sunset off the balcony and then the stars? And then forget all about midnight slaying in favor of snuggles? -04:01 Aug 03
Gabriel: *A soft chuckle as his mouth brushed past her ear.* Quite possibly. I blame my insane and beautiful wife. Sunset, the stars, and snuggles. And no midnight slaying. *He rubbed her back in circles.* -04:05 Aug 03
Evangeline: And no sneaking off before morning so I can wake up with my husband? *Most of the time she didn’t mind those nights he left early, as long as she got snuggles before bed. But tonight was an entirely different story! She didn’t want to sleep without him. Evangeline tugged gently on his sleeve before checking to see what weapons he had stashed in his coat this time.* -04:10 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked, still nuzzling her cheek and whispering in her ear. She pulled out his guns, his sword, and a set of throwing knives.* I shall remain in your bed and by your side, my Queen. -04:31 Aug 03
Evangeline: *She always marveled at how he managed to hide all of these things in his coat and never look like he had any weapons! She giggled at the tickling of his breath, slipping one of her legs between his.* Even if I take your favorite coat away? -04:34 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It would depend on where you are taking it and how long until I get it back. -04:35 Aug 03
Evangeline: Hmm. I would take it to the floor and not let you have it until I was satisfied with you? *In fact she was already trying to wiggle one of his arms out of the sleeve. He and his coat needed some away time!* -04:38 Aug 03
Gabriel: … My coat and I were already separated for the sake of Santos and Grey’s wedding. *He wanted to resist a bit and see how determined she was in getting his coat–and perhaps a few other articles of clothing–off!* -04:48 Aug 03
Evangeline: …that was ages ago! *Him and that coat! Evangeline sat up, pushing him over so she could fuss his arms out of those sleeves. She’d steal it if she had to! This would be so much easier if she could tickle him out of it, but she settled for sitting on him so he couldn’t get up, while she tugged away.** -04:51 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked as she pushed him over and sat on him.* Time is irrelevant. We are immortals, Evangeline. *My, she was persistent. His coat was slowly coming off.* -05:02 Aug 03
Evangeline: I haven’t lost track of time and space just yet. You have had this coat on for too long. *He was making this much harder than it needed to be. One arm out and then the other, then she was hopping off him to roll him over and steal it out from under him. Evangeline snatched it, and fled the bed with a triumphant laugh and a coat trophy!* -05:05 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He watched her dash away and tilted his head slightly at her.* … My coat, Evangeline. -05:09 Aug 03
Evangeline: Is completely unnecessary. *With a wicked grin, she practically skipped her way over to the balcony. Making a great show of tapping her chin, and thinking out loud about dropping it in the courtyard! Instead, she draped it over a chair.* It’s a hostage now! You can have it in the morning if you’re not too wicked… -05:13 Aug 03

The New Light Saga


Evangeline finds herself following the whims (visions!) of her unborn child and meets a werewolf!

[Evangeline is terribly cross. SHE has no interest in a meatball sandwhich from across town, but the beast decided he was going to kick at her bones and not let her sleep. She was ready to sink her teeth in to a person at this rate!] -02:59 May 26
[Thorn is wandering around this strange underground \”subway\” asking directions to Oracle!] -03:00 May 26
Thorn: *The man he asked gave him a gruff reply and walked off! He blinked and straightened his jacket!* Pardon me, sir! *He huffed! Everyone he’d asked so far thought he was nuts and brushed him off! Were all Americans this rude?!* -03:02 May 26
Evangeline: *Though she wanted to have a sit down conversation with this child, doing so out in public would look a little crazy. So she waited patiently for the train…and least until she was kicked again.* …Unless you want me to make meatballs out of strangers, I am moving as quickly as I can! -03:04 May 26
Thorn: *He huffed! He wanted to go home! He raked back the blonde hair streaked with black! He wore an expensive suit and shoes! Dark green eyes peering around! He spotted a pregnant woman grumbling at someone!* Excuse me, Miss. Can you give me the directions to Oracle? -03:07 May 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure if she were more surprised by a stranger asking about Oracle, or the sudden ceasing of the kicking! She rest both hands on her stomach and nodded.* …I do! Were you needing assisstance..? *Now she was eyeing him curiously… hmm…. he was wolf!* -03:09 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked! He was pleasantly surprised! He’d expected her to curse his family in that strange way Americans had and be on her way!* I was told to find Oracle and speak to … um, someone. *He blinked and started searching his jacket. He pulled out a card and read it slowly.* E-vange-line Clark. -03:13 May 26
Evangeline: What a coincidence! I am Evangeline! *Now she was very surprised! She was used to being in certain places at the perfect times, but that hadn’t happened since she had visions to draw her places. She hadn’t had a vision other than dreams since Gabriel sealed her gift. The only reason she was here now was because of…. Alex!* Oh! Um, sorry, I hadn’t expected to run in to anyone. I was on my way to fetch something to eat. Would you like to join me and talk? -03:16 May 26
Thorn: *He slipped the card into his pocket but then dropped it without realizing it. He bowed.* Why yes, I would um, love to. *He stepped to the side to let her continue walking.* I am Thorn Augustus from Roma, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, first in line to the throne. -03:24 May 26
Evangeline: How neat! I enjoy meeting Princes. Are you seeking help from Oracle because you’re a prince, or because you’re a wolf? *Evangeline tapped her chin. She hadn’t been to this part of town in ages. Even though Alex had decided he was no longer interested in sandwhiches, SHE was hungry now!* -03:27 May 26
Thorn: Eh … *He seemed to be trying to find the right words!* Both. My father is dying and as part of tradition, I and my cousins are on pilgrimages. Eh … But there is unrest and I cannot find the artifact I was told to. Without it, I cannot return and my cousins will lay claim to the throne. -03:33 May 26
Evangeline: I see. *Finding things was what she was good at. …Or at least used to be! She glanced down at her stomach, giving it some consideration. Well… with a little help they’d be able to do it.* Hmm, well, first I must know what the artifact is. And where it was seen last? Then we can make travel arrangements! ….I’ll have to tell my husband, though. Otherwise he’ll think I’ve been kidnapped again, and we’ll all be in trouble. -03:38 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked. She was pregnant, yes, but … He looked around.* Your husband. He is … near? *In his country it was unheard of for a married woman to be allowed to go out in public without her spouse nearby!* -03:41 May 26
Evangeline: No, he is out working late this evening. I am supposed to be in bed, but my son decided he wanted to have an adventure today, and it’s very hard to say no when he kicks your insides! *Evangeline tilted her head to watch him. What a very polite and restrained wolf! He must come from a very interesting were culture!* You seem surprised? -03:43 May 26
Thorn: Eh … Yes. *He scratched his head as if he wasn’t sure how to word it!* Forgive me, Mrs. Clark but … in my country, women are precious. Husbands guard their wives jealously and are often somewhere nearby when they are out in public. -03:46 May 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned wide, softly laughing.* It’s not much different for me! My husband is very protective of me, and I’ll likely get in trouble for going out like this. But he knows I am not fond of being locked away for too long, so he’ll forgive me. ….But it IS a good idea to fetch something to eat and get back quickly! *Speaking of which, she finally found the stairwell to get u to the city streets!* -03:50 May 26
Thorn: He is a very lucky man. *He nodded as if agreeing with himself as he followed her up. He blinked a few times to adjust to the bright light.* -03:53 May 26
Evangeline: He’s very sweet. I’ll introduce you to him once we arrive at Oracle! *But first, something good to eat. She pointed down the street and led the way. …Now she was hoping the place wasn’t already closed! That’d be disappointing after coming all this way!* -03:56 May 26
Thorn: *He looked around. The city was so big and it was teeming with so much life! And yet life was stifled here! How sad!* This Oracle … Why has no one else heard of it? -04:10 May 26
Evangeline: Oh, that’s because it’s an underground organization. Um.. a secret one! Most Humans are unaware of werewolves, vampires and even magic. …and it’s better they stay unaware, at least for now. One day I am sure it will be different, but I think most are afraid it will be like the witch hunting days! *It was a very interesting discussion she had with many of her castle guests. One day it would change, and it was going to be a mess! In the meantime, Evangeline finally found her sandwhich shop only for it to indeed be closed! For an entire two hours entire! She frowned down at her stomach.* Oh… why couldn’t you have just said you wanted to me a wolf instead of talking about meatballs? I’ll have to ask Gabriel when he gets back… -04:16 May 26
Thorn: *Thorn looked around. He couldn’t stand to see her distraught!* Eh … I shall … go ask those gentlemen over there. Perhaps they know a place for this sandwich you seek. *He caught the eye of one of the men. There were two of men sittng in a black car across the street. They wore sunglasses and suits. They seemed friendly enough.* Pardon me. Pardon me! -04:22 May 26
Evangeline: *How polite! Evangeline grinned, linking her hands together and waiting patiently. She hadn’t made a new friend in awhile, it’d be nice to take a trip and learn about his home. Especially since most were cultures lived in tribal packs… this was new and fascinating!* -04:26 May 26

Just as Thorn began to cross the street, the men in the car sped off, leaving one bewildered Thorn standing in the middle of the road! -Thorn

Evangeline: …that was a little strange. They must have thought you were going to rob them! *That was just the way the world worked. Always suspicious! Evangeline shrugged her shoulders and tilted her heads towards the way they came.* It’s all right, though. We’ll get back to Oracle and I can ask my husband to bring me a treat. He always knows where to find the best things! -04:31 May 26
Thorn: *He returned to Evangeline and shook his head.* You Americans have strange customs. -04:35 May 26
Evangeline: You should see South America! They lick frogs there for fun! *Evangeline was leading the way back to the subway now. Hungry, but in a much better mood than she had been before.* What’s your home like? Do you run around with fluff and fur, or are you always so well dressed? -04:37 May 26
Thorn: My father believes that we must be civilized so rarely do we take to our wolf forms. It has been met with much … eh, protest. There is much talk of abolishing that way … returning to our ancient traditions. -04:42 May 26
Evangeline: I think we should never ignore our true nature, so I can see why so many want to have the freedom to be wolves… but it’s important to be civilized too, otherwise we just eat whomever we please and don’t think about the consequences! *Upon finding the subway steps again, she made sure to hold on to the railing. It was easier to go up them than down!* -04:46 May 26
Thorn: There is also the matter of … inbreeding. My kingdom is small and we do not have much … how do you say, contact with the outside world. My people are also split on the best way to solve that issue. -04:48 May 26
Evangeline: That’s the easiest thing to solve, don’t you think? All you have to do is spend more time with more sorts of people… meet other wolf packs! You can do that easily through Oracle, they spend a lot of time making treaties between packs. *She was watching him again, curiously.* …I am blabbering my opinions again… What do you want to do as heir? -04:51 May 26
Thorn: *He sobered.* It is … a lot of responsibility. My cousins may be better running it than I. -04:58 May 26
Evangeline: i think… if you really believed that, you wouldn’t be searching for your artifact, yes? *Before she could make another comment of it, the train arrived and she was shooing him inside one of the cars. She did suspiciously glance around for a moment, but she finally relaxed and picked a place to sit. The subway always made her so nervois now but it was faster!* Sometimes responsibility is good, though. You get to take care of people! -05:02 May 26
Thorn: *He grinned sheepishly as he was gestured into one of the cars. He followed her to the seat and sat on the edge.* … That is … very true. You are a wise woman, Mrs. Clark. -05:06 May 26
Evangeline: *She laughed.* Not many people would agree…. But I like to see everyone happy, and so long the one in charge is someone that cares about others, then only good can come from it. My older son didn’t think he could do what he does now, but he does wonderfully because he’s very compassionate! -05:11 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked.* Your son … He … helps people? -05:12 May 26
Evangeline: Yes! At first he was afraid that we expected him to or would force him to… Which isn’t true at all, I really wanted him to pick a job that he would enjoy. But after a while he realized that he likes to make a difference for people. …Um even if he makes a show that he doesn’t like it! Oh! Though he does sing at places too when he doesn’t work! -05:15 May 26
Thorn: Eh … Forgive me, Mrs. Clark, but … surely you are too young to have a son who sounds like a grown man. -05:18 May 26
Evangeline: *She grinned.* He wasn’t really born like my current son… In body and mind he’s much older, but age wise he’s not very old at all…. um. Actually, it’s very complicated, but he’s made me very proud to be his mother. -05:22 May 26
Thorn: Mm … I see. *Okay, he really didn’t but he decided it was better not to pry any deeper. He swayed back and forth and looked around. He caught a few people staring but that was normal, yes?* -05:24 May 26
Evangeline: *It was simple to see he was confused, but Evangeline wouldn’t give him a hard time about it… Her life was by no means normal! Even she found herself confused by it! When the traincar would pass a station, she pointed out where that was in the city for his future refference, and when it finally stopped, she stood and straightened her clothes to lead the way again.* Oracle isn’t far from here. My home also! -05:28 May 26
Thorn: *He turned to her and followed her lead, standing and dusting his clothes.* You must leave in an eh … a penthouse, Mrs. Clark. -05:31 May 26
Evangeline: At first I had an apartment underground. …Which I am not really sure why it was underground, but I suppose that’s because it’s easier to keep hidden? In any case, now I live in a very nice castle. …somewhere! Actually I am not sure where it is exactly. Just how to get there. *Evangeline tapped her chin thinking it over… It was rather funny now that she thought about it! She had no idea where she lived!* -05:34 May 26
Thorn: A castle! *He was very surprised now and quite interested!* You must be royalty, like me! -05:36 May 26
Evangeline: ..Oh! I always forgot to mention it, I never think it important! *She shrugged her shoulders with a smile.* I guess I feel a little silly when people call me Queen or Majesty and things like that… I am fine with Evangeline. -05:38 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked! He was obviously confused again and failed to notice the people he had caught staring at them on the car had also gotten off with them.* But being the Queen and Majesty … that is only natural! -05:41 May 26
Evangeline: Is it? I don’t really feel like a Queen most of the time. …well, sometimes it IS fun to make a show of it! Wear a nice dress and put on my crown and do something really special. But most of the time I’m doing the same things I always do. …Just something tricky here and or there! *She paused for a moment to rest a hand on her stomach again. Someone was being fussy again, and she heaved a big sigh!* -05:47 May 26

There were three of them. A black man, a young woman, and a young man dressed in everyday clothes. They paused and appeared to be looking elsewhere when Evangeline stopped! -Thorn

Thorn: You are uh … eh … not going into labor, are you, Mrs. Clark? *Because, quite frankly, he didn’t know if he could deal with it! He was a heir! Not a doctor or midwife!* -05:49 May 26
Evangeline: *She laughed and shook her head.* Oh no… it’s far too soon for that! He’s just having another tantrum again… I suppose we’re not moving fast enough for him. Um.. *She tried to think about it a little bit… If he wanted to meet a wolf, and he had no interest in meatballs, he surely must of had some other agenda. Could he have visions before even being born? …well, she supposed he could. He was Gabriel’s son!* Something isn’t right I think. -05:54 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked and looked around! Whatever could that mean? He tilted his head slightly.* But Mrs. Clark … everything is … everything is fine. -05:59 May 26
Evangeline: We should walk a little faster just in case. Oracle isn’t much farther from here! *Her son was uneasy, which was making her uneasy! And cranky. They were both up way past bed time!* Are you in any particular bits of trouble…? -06:02 May 26

The New Light Saga


Evangeline has a ball in her ballroom and Gabriel steals her away. She applies some “interesting” advice from Caroline!

[Evangeline is wearing a pretty sleeveless sheer ball dress, that starts with lavender at the top and fades to light blue… She feels like a fairy flower every time she twirls!] -10:33 May 15
[Gabriel slipped into the ballroom, wearing a mask and a hooded cloak.] -10:37 May 15

Vlamerias: *She was wearing a short dark blue gown perfect for looking like a princess but not tripping over anything!* Mommy! Mommy! You look beautiful! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Convincing Gabriel to let her have a party was very hard work. But he couldn’t give her a ballroom and then not let her have a ball! Everyone looked so pretty, and she loved getting to twirl and dance and not worry about someone trying to eat her!* Thank you! Are you having fun so far? There are even little devil sized people to dance with! -10:40 May 15
Evangeline: *Convincing Gabriel to let her have a party was very hard work. But he couldn’t give her a ballroom and then not let her have a ball! Everyone looked so pretty, and she loved getting to twirl and dance and not worry about someone trying to eat her!* Thank you! Are you having fun so far? There are even little devil sized people to dance with! -10:41 May 15

Vlamerias: Yep! And the devil rats are having fun, too! And there are so many people! Everyone dressed up tonight! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Everyone is always so worried about everything… this is a nice change of pace, I think. So many smiling faces! * In fact she couldn’t quit grinning either, standing there swishing her skirts back and forth and debating who she would kidnap to dance, next!* -10:47 May 15
Gabriel: *The devil rats had made quite a buffet line, one that stretched from one wall to the other. He saw all kinds of food to placate just about any type of eater that was attending. He took a piece of candy. It looked and tasted like the one Evangeline often gave him.* -10:48 May 15

Vlamerias: *She giggled as a young boy with pointed ears about her height bowed.* Hehe, excuse me, Mommy! *She took his hands and they disappeared onto the dance floor.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: * Evangeline waved to Meri! Now for a dance herself… She had already danced with a very nice elf, the centaur who was a little cranky, and even the minotaur woke up to dance at least once. But who she REALLY wanted to dance with was…. Gabriel! Evangeline grinned ever wider, sneaking her way through people until she came across an old man in a cloak.* What do you think about the dancing? Everyone looks lovely, don’t you think? -10:53 May 15
Gabriel: *He smirked behind his mask as he finished the candy. The sword he often used instead of the Diablo Animus had been transformed into a tall staff. He leaned on it as he turned and he bowed even lower.* None look as lovely as you, fair lady. -10:56 May 15
Evangeline: The faeries would be so sad to hear that! *She clasped her hands behind her back and tilted on her feet.* Would you like to come and dance with me? You can’t come to a ball and not dance. -10:58 May 15
Gabriel: *His voice was low and cracked every so often.* I would, fair lady. Alas, this old back o’ mine. I would not humiliate myself or my dance partner in front o’ so many. -11:02 May 15
Evangeline: No? *Oh, she wanted to grin even more. But she forced herself to frown, still tilting on her feet.* That’s too bad… I wouldn’t take steps too quickly and I’m sure you’d enjoy dancing with me if you tried! -11:05 May 15
Gabriel: I am certain, my lady, you dance even more gracefully than the mistress of this very castle. They say she is stunning, that her beauty filled the loneliness that is Darkness, and made him whole. -11:10 May 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to move her hands to cover her mouth before she started giggling!* Then it might surprise you to know I am the mistress of this castle? And I may be very insulted if someone refused a dance with me… -11:12 May 15
Gabriel: Ah to insult such a woman is a sin most terrible. But the bigger insult is that your husband is not here to prevent someone from whiskin’ you away. -11:13 May 15
Evangeline: *Chewing on her bottom lip as to not let a giggle loose, she shrugged her shoulders and swayed.* …maybe so! I think my husband might have forgetten all about me. Now I am left lonely in a sea of people! -11:15 May 15
Gabriel: It grieves me to allow such an injustice. *He bowed low and offered her his hand. He leaned the staff against the table.* If I may … -11:18 May 15
Evangeline: You’re very kind. *She took his hand, and resisted the urge to drag him away to the dancefloor too fast!* -11:20 May 15
Gabriel: *He smirked behind his mask and moved behind her, shuffling his feet.* -11:22 May 15
Evangeline: *With a great deal of patience she led him out to the center floor and arranged one of his arms around her waist and took his other hand in hers for a simple waltz.* Do you like my party? Everything almost glitters and there’s so many different colored gowns. It looks like my gardens! -11:26 May 15
Gabriel: *He let her arrange his arms just so and actually let her lead for awhile as if this was his first waltz.* It is truly remarkable, my lady … Do you mind if I call you my lady? I would not want to insult you. -11:27 May 15
Evangeline: You can call me anything you like. I’ve many names now. *She liked this game… If only because he seemed very mysterious and she could see other guests in the room whispering and wondering!* And what name would I call you? -11:29 May 15
Gabriel: What name would you like to give me, dear mistress? *He could tell she was enjoying this and it helped to trifle with the inhabitants’ evening. They were growing too lazy.* -12:08 May 16
Evangeline: I am not very good with names… I could call you Mister Old Man, or maybe Stranger Sir? *Now she was actually trying to debate something clever and interesting. Devils always seemed to given them very fancy titles…* …Or maybe I won’t call you anything, and you can remain elusive and mysterious? -12:13 May 16
Gabriel: *He tilted his head to one side.* I like that. Being elusive and mysterious. It’s so hard to be at this old age o’ mine. -12:15 May 16
Evangeline: Well, you are doing a very good job, I think. There is an entire ballroom of very curious people wondering what old man has whisked me away! *Now she was grinning again. She thought who he was would be obvious, but then she supposed she had a bit of an advantage also…* -12:19 May 16
[Gabriel has returned!] -12:36 May 16
Gabriel: *He smirked as he stepped back and pulled her close.* You do not think I am being too wicked. -12:36 May 16
Evangeline: *She laughed softly and smiled wider.* I could imagine much worse wicked things. Besides, what harm is there in dancing with a sweet old man? My husband shouldn’t mind that! -12:38 May 16
Gabriel: Aahh … This old back will give out soon and my heart swells from dancing with such a beautiful woman. Only one woman can make me feel this way, despite my wicked life. -12:40 May 16
Evangeline: So soon? I thought we might dance all night and until the sun came up. One night for you away from being so wicked? -12:42 May 16
Gabriel: But dare I keep you, fairest mistress. Your husband will miss his cuddles and waste away in longing. -12:43 May 16
Evangeline: *Evangeline giggled.* That is true… but he could have also stayed to dance with and all night and claim his cuddles too. -12:45 May 16
Gabriel: Humor an old man weary of life and kiss me, my sweet. Perhaps that will invigorate my bones and give me strength to dance until dawn. *He lifted the bottom of his mask enough to expose his mouth.* -12:48 May 16
Evangeline: *She seemed to give that some consideration!* Hmm. I only give kisses to my husband… But since you are in need, I could spare one. *Tilting on her toes she gave him a quick, chaste kiss. Men that aren’t supposed to be her husband, won’t get a special one after all!* -12:52 May 16
Gabriel: What a lucky man! To enjoy even sweeter kisses than the one you gave me! Surely your husband will detest and punish me for such actions! Ah but I treasure it all. -12:55 May 16
Evangeline: *She was grinning wide again.* He isn’t so cruel. My husband is kind and compassionate. He takes good care of nice people, and has given me everything I could have wanted. -12:57 May 16
Gabriel: *He patted her hand.* For being so good to such a lonely man, I wish to thank you. However … it is a gift best given in private. -01:01 May 16
Evangeline: *Her head tilted, curious!* A private thank you? I didn’t think you were so shy! -01:04 May 16
Gabriel: *He bowed.* Yes, I fear you will not enjoy my gift. -01:10 May 16
Evangeline: Oh no, I’m sure it’s a very nice gift! I’d very much like to see what it is? *Now she was extra curious. How could she -not- enjoy a thank you gift? He was a wicked tease!* -01:12 May 16
[Evangeline loves playing with Gabriel. It doesn\’t end with accidents like training lessons do.] -02:57 May 17
[Gabriel could tell Evangeline was enjoying this–so was he.] -02:59 May 17
Gabriel: It is outside if you wish to see it, fair lady. Ah … But you will have to trust me. It is outside and for your eyes alone. -03:00 May 17
Evangeline: Hmm… Since you have been so sweet, I can trust you. Outside we go! *She offered him her arm to take. And a wide smile!* -03:03 May 17
Evangeline: Hmm… Since you have been so sweet, I can trust you. Outside we go! *She offered him her arm to take. And a wide smile!* -03:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He knew everyone was watching. They wanted to say something or intervene but they’d never seen the like before. Good. He didn’t like the thought of someone flirting with Evangeline. He took her arm and stroked it.* You give me so much joy in this old heart. If I had a wife like you, I would never leave you alone as long as your husband does. -03:05 May 17
Evangeline: Really? I wish he felt the same. Sometimes I think he forgets how much my heart breaks every time he is away. *Evangeline led the way for the doors, just grinning at a few people as they passed by. They looked so startled and pensive. Did they think Gabriel would swoop out and set fire to a stranger?* -03:08 May 17
Gabriel: … Does it? You poor love, on the other hand … your husband is … who again? My old mind continues to elude me. *He walked alongside her and picked up the staff.* -03:11 May 17
Evangeline: *She giggled!* How can you know the mistress of the castle and not her husband? He is my life. The Darkness that holds me up and lets me shine. ..Maybe even my guardian angel! -03:13 May 17
Gabriel: *He hobbled next to her as they reached the doors.* Eh, I am old. So old. No one ever spies your husband. I heard them whisper about his shadow wolves. -03:15 May 17
Evangeline: *Oooh, she was really expecting a scowl! But with the cloak and mask, she would hardly be able to notice anyway.* You shouldn’t listen to everything people whisper. Those wolves are actually very cuddlie and love to play fetch. *Evangeline pushed open one of the doors to lead him out, pretending not to notice the ones in the ballroom that were trying to signal for her to stay!* -03:18 May 17
Gabriel: *His scowl turned to a smirk. He would probably be snickering if he was inclined.* Well, I hope others don’t feel that way, fair lady. The wolves wouldn’t be so intimidating. -03:20 May 17
Evangeline: They seemed to be confused by what I find intimidating and what I don’t… *With the ballroom behind them, and the doors closed, it was much more silent. Just the faint sounds of music!* -03:24 May 17
Gabriel: *He looked around. Everyone was in the ballroom. Those who weren’t were probably in their own rooms asleep.* Ah … Now, I need you to close your eyes, fair lady. And trust me. I shall take you to your surprise now. -03:26 May 17
Evangeline: This is a well planned surprised for a mysterious old man, yes? *Evangeline closed her eyes without hesitation, and all the curiosity that she had! Surprises were fun!* -03:29 May 17
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Perhaps this old man met you for a reason. *Then he was leading her, hobbling, hobbling … slowly walking straighter. The staff disappeared but he still wore the mask and the hooded cloak. He still spoke in the old man’s voice.* We are almost there, fair lady … Slowly now. Almost there … *Then they stopped.* You can open your eyes now, fair lady. *They were in the spring courtyard and there was a blanket with a picnic basket and two glasses.* -03:33 May 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline opened one eye and then the other. She smiled!* I think I like this surprise! *She tilted her head as she smiled at him.* I think you look a little taller now. -03:36 May 17
Gabriel: *He lifted the mask.* A little. *He kissed her cheek.* Did you enjoy your first ball in your new ballroom. -03:38 May 17
Evangeline: It was beautiful. I like to see everyone happy and dancing. …and you are always my favorite dance! -03:40 May 17
Gabriel: *He smirked.* No doubt they’re wondering if the world is ending for an old man to whisk you away like I did. *He took her hands and kissed her knuckles.* You are beautiful. -03:46 May 17
Evangeline: Everyone thinks I’m going to let myself be kidnapped out of my own home. I didn’t think I was so silly. *He made her smile, though. She rocked on her heels before looking down at her feet.* Will you take off my shoes for me? -03:48 May 17
Gabriel: Anything for you, fair lady. *He smirked.* Almost anything. *He got on his knees and took off one shoe and then another, making sure Evangeline was balancing correctly.* -03:52 May 17
Evangeline: Just almost anything? *Evangeline was giggling again… what for her seemed more like a prince or king kneeling at her feet and very romantic, she was sure everyone else in her Ballroom would see and have all sorts of wrong perceptions of it!* -03:54 May 17
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as he put her shoes on the grass out of their way and stood. He kissed her lips.* Yes, almost anything. You find new ways to test those limits everyday, it seems. -03:57 May 17
Evangeline: You make me sound wicked! *Yet she couldn’t be offended, not when he laughed!* Would you… dance all night with me? And give me more kisses? Aaand…. smile? -04:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You can be wicked when you wish to be. *Then he tilted his head slightly at her.* You see. You are testing those limits even now. *But he stepped back and bowed.* If I may have this dance, beautiful queen. -04:05 May 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his hand with a grin and twirled under his arm.* A wife should be a mirror of her husband, yes? To keep him satisfied but on his toes! -04:09 May 17
Gabriel: *He smiled and pulled her close. He kissed her cheek before putting his hand on his waist and holding one of her hands in the other.* A mirror in some ways. I am not as compassionate and forgiving. -04:11 May 17
Evangeline: I’ve seen you be compassionate and forgiving… And you always are with me. *And it was even more sweet when it was with others. But there was the smile she wanted, and here was the dance… now she just needed more kisses!* -04:15 May 17
Gabriel: *There was that urge to scowl when she said he was compassionate and giving but it was a smile instead since she’d added that last part. He kissed her mouth gently, once, twice, a little longer. The shadow wolves shifted around the far edges of the spring courtyard to deter anyone who might be stupid enough to interfere. He considered himself a patient vampire but that patience only stretched so far–and did not extend to cuddling time!* You are my wife. -04:17 May 17
Evangeline: Uh hmm. I very much like being your wife. *Her eyes were closed again in a dreamy sigh. Parties were always nice, but these moments with Gabriel she never tired of!* How long do you think if would have been for you to marry me, if I hadn’t gotten in to trouble…? -04:22 May 17

Speaking of interlopers, there were a couple now on the balcony scanning the courtyards trying to see where their Bright Lady was taken too. They were joyed to know she wasn’t stolen from the castle, but now they were sure she was being seduced by some evil incubus or worse! One of them was preparing a crossbow to see if they could take him out without him fleeing!

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Longer, I believe. I cannot tell how much longer. You would have become a vampire and if you did not resent me for that, I would have resented myself. -04:24 May 17
Evangeline: You don’t want me to be a vampire? *She knew the answer, but the reasons why always confused her. He was so angry when she almost had that one vampire turn her!* …what ever became of Bael? -04:28 May 17

From the shadowy corner of the balcony, a shadow wolf launched itself into the air and snapped the crossbow in two. Another shadow wolf jumped onto the railing in front of the would-be assailant and pounced! -Gabriel

The person nearly screamed as they got took the floor. Their companion scooting backwards out of the way. “You wolves!” one hissed. “There’s an old man enchanting the Bright Lady down there! Attack him!”

Gabriel: *A soft sigh. He stopped dancing so he could just hold her.* I love you, Evangeline. A vampire is a beast driven by hunger. Blood is a vampire’s only goal. *He cupped her cheek and looked into her eyes.* No, you cannot use me or Dark as an example of vampires who are better than that. -04:31 May 17
Evangeline: i know you are both different. …but others are too? *There was no reason to argue about it again. She certainly didn’t want to be one! Sometimes curiosity just got the better of her. She finally sighed, tilting her head to kiss the palm of his hand.* You evaded my other question… -04:36 May 17

In reply, the shadow wolf in front of the would-be assailant snapped its jaws. The others moved off of the companions to snap their jaws as well and start herding them back from the balcony. -Gabriel

Gabriel: I did not kill him if that is what you wish to know. Caroline kept the promise she made to you. *He started dancing with her again, swaying from one side to the other.* -04:39 May 17

Confused and reluctant they headed back inside. The wolves were crazy… unless they were already planning to attack! They would just have to wait and tattled when Gabriel returned to the castle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her head against his chest. Listening carefully to the rhythm of his heart. She didn’t think he would lie to her… but sometimes he found ways around things. After all, he did mean it when he said ‘almost anything’!* Do you think over time some things won’t hurt as much to remember? -04:45 May 17
Gabriel: *He stroked her hair and nodded.* I do. Does something hurt to remember now. -04:46 May 17
Evangeline: *She shrugged her shoulders, laughing gently against his chest.* Somethings. But they are more easily forgotten when I’m with you. Everything else falls away and there’s just us and pretty stars. -04:50 May 17
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek, then kissed it.* I love you, Evangeline. If anything I have ever done has ever hurt you … I am sorry. -04:51 May 17
Evangeline: *And this was why she loved him. He could not stand to hurt her, and he made her want to pull him close and kiss his worries away. She leaned back and tugged his cloak until he was close enough to brush a soft kiss over his lips.* You have no idea how much you mean to me… *She murmured against his mouth.* -04:55 May 17
Gabriel: *He smiled.* I know I mean enough that you will raise heaven and hell to get me. *He rubbed his cheek against hers.* -04:57 May 17
Evangeline: I can’t live without my husband, after all. *She snuck her arms around his neck to hold him close.* I would travel across worlds and black out suns for you? -05:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He was still smiling.* As I would for you. May I give you the world, Evangeline. -05:06 May 17
Evangeline: For now you could give me you, and I would be content with nothing else for the rest of my life. *She could definitely stare as his smile forever! Something so rare and precious that few had ever seen it!* -05:09 May 17
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* And you, Evangeline, will continue to have a very long life. I give myself to you. -05:13 May 17
Evangeline: *She leaned on her toes to give him another kiss, then whispered in his ear.* And if I gave myself to you, what would you do with me? -05:18 May 17
Gabriel: A great deal, fair lady. *He tugged on her dress.* But I want to get this off of you. -05:21 May 17
Evangeline: I have been wearing it all night. *Evangeline stepped back, twirled under his arm once more before stepping a few paces away. She turned her back to him and reached behind her to pull down the zipper, but stopped midway down her back.* …. you are sure you do not want the dress on me? -05:26 May 17
Gabriel: It is a lovely dress, Evangeline. *He smirked.* But for what I intend to do, you may want to get it off so I don’t rip it off. -05:32 May 17
Evangeline: Would you really? *She took a glance at him over her shoulder.. not sure if she believed him or not. But the grin she gave was definite proof she could be wicked sometimes too. And more proof still when she took her time pulling that zipper the rest of the way down.* -05:36 May 17
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((06:03 May 17))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((06:04 May 17))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:04 May 17
[Evangeline will never admit that she likes testing what she can get away with!] -04:11 May 19
[Gabriel is watching … and waiting.] -04:14 May 19
Gabriel: *He smirked and moved closer, moving her hair over her shoulder so he could kiss the back of her neck and start kissing his way down.* -04:15 May 19
Evangeline: *She shrugged her shoulders with a soft giggle, making no move at all to slip off the sleeves and let her dress fall.* Is it too late to ask what’s in the basket..? -04:18 May 19
Gabriel: … Yes. *His lips moved lower until he got to the small of her back.* Are you going to take the dress off or shall I start nibbling on you. -04:20 May 19
Evangeline: *For her that didn’t sound like a threat at all! But she slip off one sleeve and then the other to let the fabric fall to a pool of silk at her feet. Revealing nothing but pale skin and no undergarments in sight. She was chewing on her bottom lip to avoid giggling again. Sexy reveals were not supposed to come with giggling!* -04:25 May 19
Gabriel: *He stood and moved to stand in front of her. He tilted his head slightly as he looked her over, taking his time.* Evangeline, my Heart of Darkness, my reason for existing … -04:27 May 19
Evangeline: You look at me like you’ve never seen me before. *She grinned, reaching out to tug gently on his cloak.* How do you like my dress now..? -04:32 May 19
Gabriel: *He smiled as he bent to kiss her lips gently.* What dress. -04:34 May 19
Evangeline: *She would never have enough of him smiling! Evangeline tilted on her toes to kiss him again, brushing her briefly over his mouth. With very subtle movement, she was stealing his cloak away!* -04:37 May 19
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as she stole his cloak. He slipped his boots off and pushed them out of the way.* -04:41 May 19
Evangeline: *Letting his cloak drop to the ground, she gave a slight narrow eyed but amused expression at his chuckling. Without a word, she was tugging at his shirt to steal it away too. Then she was after his belt!* -04:46 May 19
Gabriel: *She made short work of his shirt and his belt. He still smiled at her and managed to steal a kiss.* I am in trouble. -04:47 May 19
Evangeline: You are very much in trouble! I have half a mind to tie you up and do the meanest things to you! *In fact, she seemed to be seriously considering it… It ~was~ highly reccomened from Caroline… but Gabriel wasn’t exactly easy to tie to anything!* -04:51 May 19
Gabriel: Do you. *He raised an eyebrow. She appeared serious about it but she had never tied him up before.* -04:57 May 19
Evangeline: *She cast him an enigmatic grin, tilting his belt back and forth on one finger and hooking the waistline of his pants with another.* Maybe. I could tie you up in my bed and not let you loose for days… Then I can do whatever I wish with you and you’d not escape. -05:00 May 19
Gabriel: You are going to prove to me how wicked you are. *He wanted to tease her but it was so rare when she wanted to be wicked.* -05:06 May 19
Evangeline: I am the Queen of Darkness..? *With no real plan in mind, she tugged the waistline of his pants until he followed her to the blanket. With a bit of fussing she had him sit, then knelt behind him.* ….You won’t cheat, will you? -05:10 May 19
Gabriel: *He sat down, then glanced over his shoulder and up at her.* Cheat … How. *He wasn’t sure if she meant being unfaithful to her or cheating in some other way.* -05:13 May 19
Evangeline: *With a wicked sort of smile, she leaned forward to whisper in his ear.* Don’t cheat and escape..? I promise I won’t be too mean… *And to give an example of what she meant, she pulled his hands behind his back… but nothing else yet.* Do you trust me? -05:17 May 19
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow as she pulled his hands behind his back. He trusted her, yes. The problem being that he was giving up control. He didn’t like that.* … I will not cheat and escape. Yes, I trust you. -05:20 May 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline was grinning wide. Using his belt she bound his wrists together… but not too tight! He wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Then she was tapping her chin wondering what to do with him first. She hadn’t thought that far ahead!* Now you are mine! *She rest her hands gently on his shoulder, leaning forward to gently nuzzle against the back of his neck.* -05:25 May 19
Gabriel: *He tested how tight she’d bound his wrists together. He could still move them slightly.* It would appear I am. -05:29 May 19
Evangeline: *She brushed the back of her fingers softly down his spine, before pressing her lips to his skin and nipping.* ..and you are not scared? -05:32 May 19
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Not yet. -05:37 May 19
Evangeline: *Debating on whether or not he -should- be scared, Evangeline inched her body around him. Very deliberately letting her breasts brush up against him as she went from nibbling on his shoulder to crawling on his lap.* You’re very brave, I think. -05:42 May 19
Gabriel: *She was having an effect on him but he didn’t let her know it.* For now. *He smirked.* -05:45 May 19
Evangeline: *She tilted her head, examining his face curiously.* Just for now? *With both hands she stroked her fingers through his hair, always so soft and fine! She finally let them glide down to rest on his shoulders again, as she took his mouth with hers in deep kiss. Tempting him with her tongue to open.* -05:50 May 19
Gabriel: *He grinned when she looked at his face, groaning softly as she kissed him. He decided to play the part and resist–but eventually gave in and opened his mouth for her.* -05:53 May 19

The New Light Saga


Dark is being stalked by a woman and asks for Evangeline’s help!

[Evangeline is having a very good day! Snacks in the spring courtyard while trying to sew together curtains!] -12:41 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Curtains weren’t exactly an exciting task, but when she tried to help with lessons at Oracle and there was an accident with smoke bombs and devil rabbits, they made a big huff about her going home! As if she were worried about devil critters…* -12:43 Apr 04
[Dark stalks into the spring courtyard where Evangeline is sewing curtains!] -12:46 Apr 04
Dark: … That’s it! I’ve come to the conclusion that crazy women are drawn to me and will curse me until the end of eternity! *He ruffles his hair with both hands and growls!* -12:49 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused mid-string with a curious tilt of her head.* Have the faeries stolen your pants again? -12:49 Apr 04
Dark: No. *He huffed, then shot a side-glance at some hiding in the bush.* But if they even think about it, I’ll know and I’ll tear them to shreds with my bare hands! *He bared his fangs at them which sent them scattering!* -12:53 Apr 04
Evangeline: Oh. Then what’s the matter? You are all bristling and frustrated! And it isn’t about Caroline or you would have broken one of my pillars! *That’s how she knew when they had a fight. One of both of them would come to the castle and break things. She supposed because it could repair itself!* -12:55 Apr 04
Dark: Grr … It’s that woman I told you about. She took things the wrong way SOMEHOW and is even more in love with me than she was to begin with! Then Caroline caught me with her and now I know I’m in more trouble than I was before! GAH! -12:58 Apr 04
Evangeline: Didn’t you tell her that you were flattered but you weren’t interested? You have to make sure you are clear! *He might have been too nice about… once or twice she had been too nice about things and gotten in trouble! Thankfully that was before she ever met Gabriel, or it would have been a mess!* -01:01 Apr 04
Dark: I said it exactly the way you told me to, line for line, word for word! *He emphasized his point by slapping his hand against his palm. He huffed again!* It didn’t work! I’m gonna have to pull in more drastic measures! But in the meantime, I need you to talk to Caroline so she doesn’t smite me or something. -01:02 Apr 04
Evangeline: Maybe I should talk to this woman too… If you said it word for word, then there is no reason for her to be so confused now! *Evangeline was already putting away her threads.* -01:04 Apr 04
Dark: Oh no, you don’t. *He was shaking his hands.* You are not confronting the crazy angel bitch and getting captured or tortured or something because of me. You’re married to the most egotistical, overprotective, possessive, ruthless jerk ever. I don’t need to get in trouble with him, too. -01:06 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Now she paused while folding up the curtain fabric, looking completely perplexed!* She isn’t trying to have MY child, I don’t think she will have a problem with me. ….And he is very kind, you know. Not a jerk at all! -01:10 Apr 04
Dark: *He huffed!* The point IS that you need to stay here and out of danger. Can’t you go talk to Caroline first? I know you can summon her. She’s always giving you more of those marbles of hers. -01:13 Apr 04
Evangeline: Of course I will talk to her, but it’ll be much better if I talk to that woman first and get it all straightened out. Otherwise Caroline will want to do it, and um… now is not the best time. *Caroline was not herself lately, and every little thing that incited rage could be the thing that made it worse! The less people that got caught in the crossfire the better.* Where does that woman stay? -01:16 Apr 04
Dark: *He dropped into a chair and massaged his temple.* I don’t know. She just sort of pops up! But she’s been showing up around my favorite ice cream spot lately … -01:17 Apr 04
Evangeline: Ooo, ice cream! *Two birds with one stone! Evangeline packed her things in to a basket, then was up out of her seat to fuss Dark back up as well.* I would love some ice cream! And if we find her there, I’ll make sure she understands you are absolutely unavailable. She’ll have to listen to your mother! -01:20 Apr 04
Dark: *He scratched his head!* This sounds like it could go horribly wrong and backfire on me! But I can’t resist ice cream … *He stood and huffed.* -01:24 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his with a grin.* Don’t worry. I am a woman too, and women listen to other women. I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as you think. -01:27 Apr 04
Dark: *He gave her a doubtful look. On the other hand once she met her …* Fine. You sure you don’t need a coat or something before we go. -01:28 Apr 04
Evangeline: *She shook her head.* Every time I take a coat, he decides it’s too warm for us. Icecream will be just the thing! -01:31 Apr 04
Dark: Fine fine. *He teleported them outside of the ice cream shop, a small little place with only a handful of tables, and opened the door for her.* She’s not here. -01:33 Apr 04
Evangeline: It’s a good thing we’re here for icecream too then. Maybe she finally understands! *Sliiiding up to the counter, Evangeline tapped her chin while she thought about what to order… she finally decided on the biggest milkshake they could make, and was so very tempted to order two!* -01:35 Apr 04
Dark: *He looked around as she ordered.* Yeah … *He didn’t sound very sure. He ordered an ice cream cone with a triple scoop and waited for Evangeline’s shake!* -01:39 Apr 04
Evangeline: *One giant milkshake and she was sipping away and leading Dark back outside to have a seat at one of the tables under an umbrella. So sweet! …though, not as good as the milkshakes Gabriel brought her. Those were so much more satisfying!* See, you were all worked up over nothing. I’ll be able to talk to Caroline this evening, and it will be just fine. -01:43 Apr 04
Dark: *Ice cream cone in hand, he was licking his ice cream, sitting hunched in his seat. He was waiting … waiting … Every fiber of his being poised for flight or fight.* Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right. -01:45 Apr 04
Evangeline: You could relax a little bit? It’s nice to go out and do something. Everyone has been so tense and nervous lately, and there is so little to worry about. …At least you can wear pants! *Peering down at her bare legs, she was wearing another dress today. Pants and skirts were starting to get uncomfortable, and now she was getting huffy.* -01:49 Apr 04

The door’s chime rang and the sound of sharp heels against the tile echoed in the small space. The woman who walked in was beautiful. Tall, fair, with long rich auburn hair. She wore heels, a very short miniskirt and a lovely red top. She walked past Dark and Evangeline without so much as a glance but her fingers trailed up Dark’s spine. She went to the ice cream counter and chatted a bit with the employee. -Dark

Dark: *Lick lick lick–He froze and shot straight up! He tried not to look at her but knowing she was there and NOT looking was driving him mad! He clenched his teeth. He was not going to look. He was NOT going to look! But damnit, she was wearing that perfume again and it made his heart beat faster and it made his body tingle …* -01:56 Apr 04
Evangeline: I think I will have to wear knee high socks for awhile… *After a sip of her shake she was looking back up at Dark who seemed to be completely disturbed!* I guess she is here then! *Evangeline looked around to see which one!* -01:59 Apr 04
Dark: *His fangs were growing and the thing that was pissing him off was that he knew she would know and she would just take more pleasure from it.* … Evangeline. We gotta leave. Now. -02:01 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned… he was really afraid of her! He might not have been born hers, but he was still her son! And she didn’t like the thought of some woman scaring him to death. She sat down her milkshake, it was practically empty by now!* She upsets you. No, I think it’s better I take care of this now! *She slid from her seat. After scanning the place, it was easy to tell which had her eyes on Dark… The woman with the short skirt had a very distinct aura!* -02:05 Apr 04

The woman was still at the counter. The employee had his back to her. She was watching him, one arm over her middle, her other elbow on the first, fingers on her chin. -Dark

Evangeline: *She pat a hand over Dark’s head before she approached the woman. With a bright smile, she tapped her on the shoulder and offered a hand to shake.* Hello! I’m Evangeline. You know Dark don’t you? *She pointed over her shoulder just in case.* I wanted to speak with you about him. -02:12 Apr 04

The woman turned from the counter to look at Evangeline, then looked over at Dark and smiled. “Ahh … A friend of Dark is certainly a friend of mine,” she said, taking Evangeline’s hand and shaking it firmly. Her voice was soft and rich. -Dark

Evangeline: *What a pretty lady! Evangeline smiled wider.* Actually, I am his mother! He has told me a little about you… that you met recently? But I think he is worried that you have the wrong ideas about him… -02:18 Apr 04

“His mother? How interesting! You seem far too young to have a son as old as Dark!” -Dark

Evangeline: I guess you could say I am older than I look… or he is younger? Anyway, he said you were interested in him for dating, or marriage. Or was it having babies? Well, he is not available for things like that and I’m sure he hasn’t been able to express it well. -02:28 Apr 04

“He’s not? What a shame! … Where is he?” She leaned a bit to the side to see past Evangeline but wouldn’t you know, he was gone! -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline glanced over her shoulder and… blast! Dark Escaped! He really was that upset!* Hmm.. yes. I would really appreciate it if you left him alone. You’re very nice, I’m sure you’ll meet someone interesting soon! -02:38 Apr 04

“But there isn’t anyone like Dark. He’s one of a kind.” -Dark

Evangeline: *She turned back to grin at the woman.* He is special, like his father. But you should find someone who loves you! Not chase someone who doesn’t. You understand, yes? -02:43 Apr 04

The woman sighed and nodded. “Yes, I understand.” -Dark

Evangeline: Great! Thank you very much! *Evangeline waved just a little before heading back to the table where Dark was -supposed- to be. Now where did he run off to! Everything was just fine now, and if Gabriel caught her outside the castle alone he was going to be furious!* -02:56 Apr 04
[Evangeline can\’t believe she lost Dark in the span of five minutes. That hasn\’t happened since she first met him and he was trying to escape her lessons!] -02:43 Aug 04
[Dark is gone and nowhere to be found!] -02:44 Aug 04

There was no sign of him anywhere! It was like he had up and vanished! The woman was paying for her ice cream and sitting at another table to enjoy it!

Evangeline: *He wasn’t at the table. He wasn’t in the bathroom. Evangeline even stepped outside to see if he was hiding because he was embarrassed to have her talk to the girl! But he wasn’t there either. …and it was so unlike him to leave her alone like this!* Blast it! *With a stomp of her foot, she turned around to go back inside and approached the woman a second time.* ….um, excuse me. I don’t mean to be a bother all over again, but did you happened to see where Dark went…? -02:47 Aug 04

The woman blinked. “No. I’m sorry. If you see him again, let him know he can call me anytime he needs company.”

Evangeline: Are you sure, because he was sitting right here the entire time we were speaking, and well… *Evangeline didn’t want to say that the woman HAD to of seen just because she was a borderline stalker! That would be so rude! This was one of those rare moment she missed having constant visions.* You wouldn’t let his mother worry, would you? -02:56 Aug 04

She smiled softly and patted Evangeline’s hand. “I’m sure he’s around here somewhere. If I see him, I will let him know. Why don’t you tell me how to reach you?”

Evangeline: Hmm. You can ask for Evangeline Clark at Oracle. I’m sure you know where that is. *Now she understood that suspicious feeling Gabriel so often had right before something bad happened!* Sorry to bother you. *Attempting not to huff, or pounce on the woman to shake all her secrets out, Evangeline left the parlor quickly to step outside and around the corner. ….Then she waited! She’d spy and find out what the girl was up to then bail Dark out of trouble!* -03:02 Aug 04

She nodded. “Doesn’t everyone.” It seemed like ages had passed until the woman finally emerged. She left the parlor and paused outside to straighten her clothes before beginning to walk down the street in the opposite direction, away from Evangeline.

Evangeline: *Following people subtly was one of the rare things she was actually good at! It came in handy all those times she needed to stalk after a person to tell them visions. Evangeline kept at a reasonable distance. Not too far to get left behind, but not too close to seem suspicious. The woman practically glided as she walked… she must not be entirely human…* -03:09 Aug 04

The woman finally disappeared into a tall building Evangeline might have recognized as a high end residential building.

Evangeline: *Such a classy part of town! It would be a lovely place to live… Evangeline thought about it for a second, but she definitely thought having a small house would be better for the- Oh right! Following the lady! Evangeline skipped down the sidewalk quick and slipped in to the building, looking around quick to try and spot her!* -03:20 Aug 04

People moved out of the woman’s way as she walked. She made her way into the elevator where she disappeared! It appeared that she was in a hurry to get to something!

Evangeline: *Maybe she owned the building… Once Evangeline reached the elevator, she waited and watched the numbers to see what floor it stopped on. Then she was pressing the call button and waiting for one to drop so she could catch up!* -03:23 Aug 04

Evangeline watched as the elevator floors lit up all the way to “P.” Unfortunately she discovered there was no button for “P” on the elevator button panel. Instead there was a card slot which she could only take to mean you needed a card key to get up there.

Evangeline: *Now what was she going to do! She couldn’t go stealing one. If she asked for Gabriel’s help, he’d be furious she was off alone! But if she called Caroline, Dark would be furious! Bother… why were men so difficult!* Huuum. I guess we’ll have to pick the lesser of two evils! *She pat her tummy before digging around in her pockets to find one of those marbles. Once the elevator doors were closed and no one was with her, she summoned up Caroline!* -03:34 Aug 04

The woman rode her way up to the top and then stepped out into a wide courtyard. It was filled with carefully managed patches of grass and trees and bushes as large as a football field. At the other end was a rather large castle complete with towers and unfurled flags.

Caroline: *Caroline had clearly been doing something strenuous and possibly bloody. For when she appeared she was breathing hard, with a fist balled up, her clothes discheveled and covered in suspicious looking patches of dirt and blood!* ….?! If this is not an emergency, my lady, I swear… !

Evangeline: I am so sorry! But yes, I do think it is an emergency? *Evangeline mirrored Caroline’s surprise… but then she was immediately launching in to explanations!* Dark was having trouble with a girl you caught him with, so he asked me for help so I told her to leave him alone and she agreed but then he was gone so I followed her here but I can’t reach her floor without a card! -03:39 Aug 04
Dark: *He groaned and opened his eyes. His head was pounding and he was on something soft … His throat was dry. Crap, what the hell had he done this time? He rolled over onto his back. Okay, so he had clothes on … That meant he wasn’t napping at home.* -03:42 Aug 04

Caroline: *With that rushed and obviously missing valuable details blurb of nonsense, Caroline pieced it together. Dark got himself in trouble. Looking non too pleased, she changed her stance, placing a hand over the panel and growling something that sounded more like a curse than a spell.* Where she went isn’t exactly on a floor in this building. Does your husband know you’ve left home?

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head.* I didn’t expect to be out longer than a few minutes. Will we be able to get there? *She was curious now! That meant the elevator was a doorway to somewhere else? Like one of the doors in her apartment led to the castle!* -03:44 Aug 04

The woman’s clothes and hairstyle had changed as well. She wore a long gown that matched her eyes, a low neckline, long sleeves and a small tiara. The enchanted suits of armor standing guard in various places, some cloaked in camouflage spells, saluted her as she passed.

Dark: *White … Everything was white. He sat up and shook himself awake. Yeah, he was definitely not home! He was in some kind of castle. Some big room, lots of space, white furniture everywhere. He huffed.* -03:46 Aug 04

Caroline: Yes, we can. But Gabriel is not going to be pleased when we return. *Caroline didn’t need a card to activate the portal, but it did require one hell of a spell. A small knife appeared in her hand, where she proceed to cut her palm and pressed it against the panel. Before Evangeline could blink twice there was a bright flash and a DING! The elevator doors open out revealing a courtyard. Caroline was no longer a mess, but dressed what looked like clothing for a battle! A dark brown leather vest and boots laced up tight. Even her hair was braided.* Don’t wander, Evangeline. And don’t trust the people here. They aren’t as friendly as most you meet.

Evangeline: *This was… this was a very different place! It felt as if they had been taken to an entirely different world. Like when traveling to the Devil World! But this place was so bright, cheerful, and very beautiful! Evangeline found Caroline’s clothes so curious… they looked old, but very fine! When Caroline started walking, Evangeline was quick on her heels.* There’s a castle here! Where are we now? Is Dark here? ….oh, look at the gardens…! -03:55 Aug 04

Tiny faeries flew this way and that! They hovered around Evangeline, sprinkling glittery dust over her!

Caroline: Welcome to the Magical World. This isn’t quite the country I would have introduce you to first, but seeing as Dark has once again gotten himself in trouble… *Caroline glared at the faeries, but didn’t say a word about them or two them. She DID take Evangeline’s arm to lead her down the path before she found something shiny and got herself kidnapped too.* Did you happen to catch the woman’s name?

Evangeline: I… completely forgot to ask. Dark never told me. *Evangeline shook some of the glitter out of her hair. What a shame Meri wasn’t here too, she would have loved to see this! But Caroline was very serious, and Evangeline was starting to worry.* Is Dark in danger here? -04:05 Aug 04

“I’m home …” the woman’s voice rang out. The courtiers here were also finely dressed and smart enough to bow or curtsey as she approached. “Now where is my new toy …” It had been so much trouble to deal with the woman claiming to be his mother. It was about time she was able to enjoy his company.

As they walked, harp music began to waft through the wind. It was so beautiful it made them want to stop and listen some more, perhaps even find the source of the music and forget their worries …

Caroline: We are about to find out. *Caroline didn’t slow her pace even with the music playing. Her gripped tightened just a bit on Evangeline’s arm, even tugging her forward when the woman tried to stop.* Evangeline. There are a lot of enchantments here. Keep your husband in mind for me. *She was aware of guards out in the courtyard, all standing stiff and watching. Some that she couldn’t even see, but was sure they were there. They wouldn’t be stopped by them unless they were aggressive… but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t use other tricks!*

Evangeline: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so lovely. *And the music reminded her of cherubs and sweet lovesongs! She nearly lost her footing when Caroline pulled her, even frowning and trying to get her to slow down.* Do we really have to be in such a rush? I would love to take a look at the gardens! -04:14 Aug 04
Dark: Oooff! *He tumbled off the bed and jumped to his feet. He growled.* Damnit, why doesn’t someone turn the lights off?! *He walked over to one of the windows and looked outside … then cursed again!* Damnit to fuckin’ hell …! -04:15 Aug 04

Caroline: Sure, my lady. We can take a few minutes to browse the gardens while Dark is locked away in a castle suffering untold tortures. He won’t mind a few more moments.

The path up ahead appeared to be overgrown with vines and tree and the canopy so thick they couldn’t see the castle from where they were!

Evangeline: Right..! We are rescuing Dark! *What on earth was she thinking! She had nearly forgotten all about him. Evangeline started walking again, but their progress came up short with an over growth of vines in the way.* …I really don’t remember those being there before. -04:21 Aug 04
Dark: Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap!*He huffed! He was obviously *not* in the human world anymore … He made a look of digust. It smelled of flowers and trees and … light. He glanced around.* -04:22 Aug 04

Caroline: They weren’t. *It was good to know that the ones of this kingdom wouldn’t attack them. However, they were clever enough to know how to delay them. Caroline grit her teeth. She nudge Evangeline back a few paces, then she pulled out a marble from her pocket. With a shout, she cracked the spell open throwing a huge wave of green fire at the vines!*

Dark didn’t get so much as a chance to step foot outside. The doors burst open and the woman walked in. She giggled when she saw Dark. “Mm … If it isn’t the new Avatar of Light, it’s so nice of you to visit me.”

Dark: *He growled!* Visit you … You kidnapped me, you damn witch! *His fangs were growing. He made certain to keep at least a few yards of space between him and her. When she stepped forward, he stepped back. He couldn’t go out the door … he could try the window …* -04:28 Aug 04
Evangeline: *Fire everywhere! It was a shame to see such beautiful things having to burn! But Evangeline kept reminding herself that they were here for Dark. Caroline must not have been exagerating about enchantments, as Evangeline was finding it very hard to focus. Everything just seemed so inviting!* Could we not teleport to him? It would be faster? -04:37 Aug 04

Caroline: There are rules and protocol, my lady. Like the Devil World, there are things you can and can not do. *Using another spell she dispelled the fire and blew away the ash. Their path was open once again. She cast a smirk at Evangeline.* We don’t want to cause a war.

She smiled. “Nah-uh-uhh …” With a gesture she weaved her spell and Dark felt something tighten around his neck. Then she flicked her wrist and he jerked forward, flying into the air and landing at her feet with a thud! She giggled and clapped, then circled him while twirling.

Evangeline: War would be a terrible thing, yes. *That was a sobering thought. Those lingering desires to frolick in the gardens were gone. Now she was worried! Evangeline kept at Caroline’s heels again, quite determined not to be distracted!* -04:49 Aug 04
Dark: Oofff! *He groaned and lifted his head. He ran his tongue over his teeth. He tasted his blood.* What the hell did you do?! *He wanted to attack her so badly! But that invisible thing she had around his neck wouldn’t let him budge!* -04:50 Aug 04

But because Caroline had burnt the vines, the trees and the grass were beginning to grow at a rapid pace everywhere! In a blink of an eye they were surrounded by a ring of trees and vines were moving to wrap around limbs and trip them!

Caroline: *She had nearly smashed nose first in to one of those trees. Now she was growling louder.* This is quickly becoming a nuisance. *Snatching up Evangeline, Caroline jumped! Leaping on to branches, over others, and through breaks in the trees. She found it a very tight squeeze trying to get out of the circle to land safely on the other side!*

Evangeline: *A soft yelp escaped her… she couldn’t help it! Gabriel had picked her up like this so often…. but Caroline wasn’t nearly as solid as he was, and she was certain the woman almost dropped her more than once!* …. are you sure we can’t teleport! -04:57 Aug 04

She giggled. “It’s just a simple spell, my love.” She looked out the window as if she’d heard something but then turned back and smiled. “Now let us begin …”

Caroline: Starting to reconsider. *Before something else tried to grow up around them, Caroline took off running across the courtyard! She had to dodge invisible guards, rocks, and apparently walls. Evangeline must be starting to weigh more than she looked, so by the time Caroline made it to the castle gates and set Evangeline on her feet, she was NOT feeling so patient anymore!* The Bright Lady Her Majesty Queen of Darkness Evangeline and her guardian the Lady Shade Bane of Devils Caroline Andraste requesting audiance. *By the end of the phrase she was snarling and making no effort to hide it.*

The little boy with the sharp ears and cat-like eyes at the doors bowed to both. He knew better than to question them. The doors opened and he stepped inside, gesturing for them to enter. “The Bright Lady, Her Majesty, Queen of Darkness Evangeline! And her guardian, the Lady Shade, Bane of Devils, Caroline Andraste request a royal audience!” The voice that rang out was loud and clear and deeper than any child’s voice had a right to be. Courtiers gathered, curious.

Above, the woman paused over the unconcious Dark. She growled! … Now?! Oh the nerve! But it was her duty while her parents were away. She swept out of the room and down the steps. “We are not taking audiences at the moment. Return later.”

Caroline: *Normally, a guardian was supposed to trail obediantly behind their patron. But Caroline stalked forward, passing by shocked and curious courtiers and only paused when she reached the end of long rug across the floor and that woman was coming down the steps.* You will take audience or I’ll burn your fucking castle down. Choose with care.

The woman raised an eyebrow. “Hmph. Caroline Andraste, come to curse and darken my family’s home with your foul magic once more. I have nothing to discuss with you … or your patron, misguided human that she is.”

Evangeline: Caroline…! *Well, so much for trying to NOT start a war..! Evangeline was quick to enter, but didn’t run. She stopped several paces behind Caroline. …if only because she suspected that she wasn’t kidding about burning the castle down.* What she means to say, is that we are here for Dark. We really can’t take no for an answer. -05:20 Aug 04

There were gasps and murmurs from the courtiers!

The woman smirked. “Do you have any idea whom you speak to with such disdain! I am Melissande, Princess of the Elven House of Rhyanon, the Firstborn of King Marek and Queen Isabeau. I do not take orders from the likes of you.”

Caroline: Lie and tell me he is not here, I beg you. Pretend that you can mask the aura of Light and give me the pleasure of casting that assinine smirk of yours in to the belly of the nearest volcano.

Evangeline: …Oh dear. *NOW Evangeline scooted quickly to put herself in front of Caroline. Her temper was flaring and this would not go well if she spoke like that!* I am very worried about Dark, and -I- would very much appreciate if you would return him to me? At the very least, let me ask him myself whether or not he wants to be here. Please? -05:30 Aug 04

She raised an eyebrow. “He is indisposed at the moment. Come back at a later date.” She turned and began walking back up the steps.

Evangeline: I’m afraid we’re not going to leave without him, Princess Melissande! If you won’t let me see him, I will have to stand aside and let Caroline retrieve him for me, and I have a feeling that she is not going to be very friendly about it. For the sake of your home, can I please have Dark back? -05:37 Aug 04

She turned. “Hmph. Fine. Andraste stays here. You may follow me up and see him.”

Caroline: *Caroline flashed a wicked, wicked smile. Unfriendly would be an understatement. She was already pulling the marbles out of he pocket, tossing them up and down in her palm. Ready to cast the spells.* Be warned, Melissande. Harm my Queen, and I will be the least of your fears.

Evangeline: Caroline, please… *She whispered as she passed… The woman was as bad as Gabriel! Evangeline started up the steps to follow the Princess. Hopefully this wouldn’t take long and they could leave before things got out of hand!* -05:41 Aug 04

She led the way upstairs. “I must admit. I did not believe you were Dark’s mother and yet here you are, the Queen of Darkness.”

Evangeline: It isn’t something I like to announce in every day conversation. But I care very much about him, and I don’t like to see him upset or taken advantage of. You understand, don’t you? *She hopes so, anyway! If this is indeed a kidnapping, it makes for a really strange situation!* -05:49 Aug 04

Caroline: *Caroline was teetering on the edge of snapping. It was evident in the way she paced back and forth. Slow and deliberate motions, as she stared down the over curious courtiers that lingered in the grand hall hoping to catch a good show. Her shadow seemed to be doing the same. Giving a grim smirk and a swipe at all who dared to step too close. Five minutes. That was all she would give.*

“I suppose …” She led the way to the room and opened the door, allowing Evangeline to go first. Dark lay on the floor, still unconscious. But as Evangeline moved toward Dark, she cast a spell to shrink the woman and Dark before capturing them into a box. Then she was summoning a griffon. “Take this box far, far away to the edges of the Magical World. Quickly.” The griffon, flapping its wings as it hovered outside, took the box in one of its claws and flew away. Melissand watched and waited for five minutes before she screamed!

Caroline: Evangeline! *At the sound of a scream Caroline bolted up the stairs. Perplexed by the fact it wasn’t the familiar scream of Evangeline! She was more than ready to start hurling spells, but when she burst through the door, there was no sight of Evangeline or Dark…. just Melissande.* …Where are they?

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so very confused! And a little annoyed! ….and a little amazed at being so tiny! Of course, it was impossible to stand in the little box as it moved about. She shook the unconcious Dark.* Dark! Dark? Can you wake up? -06:04 Aug 04

“It was terrible! I had decided to give the Queen and Dark sometime alone but when I returned they were gone! I’ve searched everywhere! Someone has invaded my home!”

Caroline: Do not play games with me, princess. I will burn your castle down out of sheer spite. But if something happens to my Queen, Darkness will burn your soul until eternity ends. *She wanted to burn it all down now…! But with Evangeline missing…. Caroline paced the room, looking for traces of an intruders, or perhaps where Dark might have been stashed away. His aura was so strong, it was impossible to miss. ….And it seemed to be getting farther and farther from her…!*

Dark: *Finally there was a groan. He lifted his head and shook it. His hand went to his neck.* Phew … The witch took it off. -06:15 Aug 04

She tossed her hair over her shouler. “I do not play games.”

Evangeline: Oh good, you’re alive! Unfortunetly we’re in a box and I am afraid if we don’t get back downstairs soon that Caroline is going to do something wicked. -06:16 Aug 04
Dark: … Evangeline? *He sat up and rubbed his head.* Gah. The last thing I remember is that *thing* that calls herself a woman lassoing me with something. -06:18 Aug 04

Caroline: I’m glad. That will make it easier for you to return Dark and Evangeline to me. *Still prowling about the room she was trying to trace the steps. Something definitely came in and took them, but Caroline didn’t believe for a moment that Melissande had nothing to do with it. She bounced a few marbles in her hand.* They aren’t here. That means I can destroy this place without fear of hurting either of them. *To make her point she flung one of the marbles. It hit the far wall with a BOOM and rocks went flying and crumbling!*

She squealed! “Stop that! Stop that right now!” She stomped her foot!

Evangeline: I knew she was being sneaky! There’s just something so sneaky about her. It’s no wonder Caroline is so up and in a made fuss about her. …but really, Dark, we need to get out of this box. -06:23 Aug 04
Dark: … Crap, you said you came with Caroline? She’s gonna burn this place to the ground. *He looked around and then above.* I think I saw some light up there. *He attempted to climb but the inside was slippery and after several attempts, he was still no closer.* -06:24 Aug 04

Caroline: *Caroline threw another marble. Striking down another wall, but this time catching every near it on fire!* I am well practice in tearing down castles, Melissande. Wall by wall is very entertaining. Though, I wonder how your family would feel if I were to shake the entire foundations.

“You can’t! You’ll start a war! Everything will be all YOUR fault! Because you refused to just wait and go look for them!”

Evangeline: I tried to come by myself, but I really didn’t know how! She was fine at first, really. But then she was getting annoyed and… well. I don’t think she likes that woman. *Evangeline tried to help, but the motion outside the box was not helping her keep on her feet. In fact it was making her very sick! She finally had to plop and sit.* ….oh, and we’re very tiny, by the way! -06:27 Aug 04

Caroline: It won’t be much of a war if everyone in your kingdom is dead. I think the odds are stacked in my favor. *Illustrating her threat, she threw a handful of her marbles down at the ground. A deep rumbling started, followed by the walls and floor starting to shake!*

“No no no no no! guards, attack!” she shrieked. The enchanted suits of armor, hulking giants at least seven feet tall began stalking toward Caroline, swinging weapons and hurling balls of ice at her!

Caroline: You people can never fucking do it the easy way, can you! *Abandoning her marbles, Caroline started casting her spells directly. Running to dodge the ice balls, she stopped at the edge of the room to stomp a foot on the ground and cave in the entire floor! She, the armor giants and even Melissande went dropping down to the floor below!*

Dark: That doesn’t surprise me. There are lots of people Caroline doesn’t like. *He huffed.* Let me see if I can cast a spell. *He bit his lip to draw blood and tried to teleport. When that didn’t work, he tried again … and again …* Crap. This box we’re in must be magic proof … -06:40 Aug 04
Evangeline: Maybe you can punch your way through it! Or chew! …is it made of cardboard? *She knocked on the floor of the box to see. If they didn’t find a way out on their own, they would have to be rescued. And Evangeline could only imagine both Caroline and Gabriel tearing everything to pieces!* -06:44 Aug 04
Dark: *He blinked.* Eh … I guess it’s worth a shot. *He did some stretches, then pulled his fists back and started punching the box. Punch! Punch! … When that didn’t work his fangs grew and he started trying to chew the box!* -06:46 Aug 04

Melissande shrieked s they fell to the floor below! The enchanted suits of armor held fast and continued to attack Caroline while Melissande sat, trying to straighten her clothes and hair!

Caroline: *She landed crouched on her feet, but immediately rolled out of the way as a giant armor arm came swinging down at her.* It’s a selfish thing to let your kingdom burn when you can easily save it! *If a burning is what she wanted, Caroline was happy to oblige! She threw a huge wave of fire at the surrounding armor giants. Caroline made sure to let the fire wildly catch anything flamable! People included if they were stupid enough to be in the way!*

The New Light Saga


Evangeline tries to be “sexy” with silly results!

[Evangeline was wearing the \”sexiest\” dress she had in her closet!] -12:53 Apr 01
Evangeline: *…which really wasn’t sexy at all, considering it was just another simple sundress and now it was starting to feel a little snug! But this was all part of her assigned mission by Mel and Fran for her to… do something she really couldn’t remember now! Wrapping Gabriel around her fingers?* -12:55 Apr 01
[Gabriel has just returned from hunting again and opens the door …] -01:03 Apr 01
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *She seemed nervous, yes. More nervous than usual. And she was wearing a sundress.* -01:03 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Home so soon! Well, that was okay… she was spending this evening looking like a sex kitten? and very non-oddly trying to move furniture around in the room she picked out for their son!* Good evening! -01:05 Apr 01
Gabriel: If you wished to move furniture, you could have gotten the centaur or the minotaur to do so. *He closed the door behind him and tilted his head slightly as she continued to move things.* -01:09 Apr 01
Evangeline: *With her back to it, she was trying to slide across the floor. Should she have worn cat ears? That seems kind of silly!* The minotaur is trying to get his rest again, and the Centaur is our for a walk with one of the tree spirits, so I really didn’t want to bother them. I am not sure how I like the room yet, in any case! -01:11 Apr 01
Gabriel: And the ogre. The golem. The creature you say resembles the Bandersnatch from Alice in Wonderland. -01:16 Apr 01
Evangeline: I don’t have to ask them all favors every time I need something! I can move furniture myself. *Mel said she was supposed to sound like a vixen while she spoke, but she was so frustrated with trying to move the dresser, she was just plain breathless! How heavy were baby dressers supposed to be anyway?* …I’ve almost… got it! -01:18 Apr 01
Gabriel: *She always insisted on doing things the hard way. He walked over to her.* … Evangeline. *He offered her his hand.* -01:20 Apr 01
Evangeline: *He was so sweet…! Now, Fran said she was supposed to be aloof and mean! Even slap him around a bit, because she could get away with it while she was pregnant. …But that was just TOO mean! She chewed on her bottom lip with indecision.* I just wanted to inch it a bit to the left, away from the window? -01:23 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked. Was she afraid he was going to push it right out the window?* A bit to the left away from the window and not an inch more. -01:25 Apr 01
Evangeline: *And a smirk from him… she was smiling wide before she could catch herself! As soon as she realized it, she was trying to put that serious look back on her face. She stepped away from the dresser to cross her arms and point.* Okay! -01:28 Apr 01
Gabriel: *She hadn’t taken his hand but he raised an eyebrow, tilted his head, and looked at her with something akin to amusement. She was moving much more tense than usual. He decided something seemed more interesting than the dresser … He pushed his finger against a corner and the dresser slid a bit to the left, away from the window and not an inch more. But then he circled around Evangeline, not quite touching but with a predatory look in his eyes.* -01:31 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Oh dear! He was suspicious! She shouldn’t have smiled… and now she really wanted to! Evangeline was biting her bottom lip again to try and surpress it. Tapping her chin and focusing on the dresser.* I think… maybe a little more to the left. *Whew! Perfectly normal sounding! What was the next step again, ignoring him?* -01:35 Apr 01
Gabriel: … New perfume, Evangeline. *He still hadn’t touched her. But he was very curious. There was something going on. Either she was keeping a secret from him or trying something new.* -01:36 Apr 01
Evangeline: Orange blossom, I think. I thought it smelled like summer. *…not quite ignoring him, but she did find a new one she liked! She pointed at the dresser.* ….to the left? -01:39 Apr 01
Gabriel: Fair enough. *She’d answered his question so he’ll move her dresser.* A little more to the left. *He was still circling her but the dresser did exactly that.* -01:44 Apr 01
Gabriel: New dress. -01:47 Apr 01
Evangeline: *He was trying to figure out what she was up to… Like a shark! Did sharks smell fear? Evangeline tried to stick with Ignore, not paying attention to what he was doing and only eyeing the furniture!* …yes, it’s new too, but I didn’t quit get the right size. *Normally she would ask if she looked all right, but Fran said not to do that! Evangeline pointed at the dresser again.* It’s still too close to the window. -01:48 Apr 01
Gabriel: *A smirk.* It seems a bit snug but it brings out your curves. *The dresser shifted just a bit away from the window.* Make up. -01:50 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Maybe not a shark… more like a wolf! And here she was just like Little red being asked all of these questions! Or wait, was it backwards?* Franchesca wanted me to try a blush! *Evangeline hadn’t wanted to sit still for much else. Makeup was never one of her favorites… Oooh, maybe that tipped him off? She shook her her and pointed to the other side of the window.* Maybe it would be better over there. -01:55 Apr 01
Gabriel: As my Queen commands. *He was still smirking. The dresser moved to the other side of the window.* … New shoes. -01:56 Apr 01
Evangeline: Heels, the better to kiss you with? *-One- of them was a wolf, and the line just fit! Mel and Fran both said heels were very sexy, despite the fact Evangeline still occasionally had trouble walking in them. She had to practice for an hour! She finally rest her hands on her hips.* Now I think the bed has to be in the corner. -01:59 Apr 01
Gabriel: I hope your feet do not hurt. *He was looking her up and down!* Which corner. -02:01 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Whew… now he was just watching her and less stalking. She relaxed just a bit, turning to decide on which.* Um… This one! *Evangeline pointed to the corner at the opposite end of the room. That required the most moving, and she was told that a Man wrapped around your finger would move mountains for you! ….Which Gabriel always did for her anyway, so she was still trying to figure out how it all tied in to being a sex kitten!* -02:04 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He didn’t seem to be paying much attention to where she was pointing! He didn’t even look! And yet when the bed moved it moved into the corner she’d pointed at. He smirked.* This is easier than pushing, no. -02:06 Apr 01
Evangeline: *A mildly surprised look… well, it WAS easier! But moving furniture was supposed to have him worn out! Huff… well, on to the next step? More ignoring?* …. I think that works! Thank you! *With a side stepped, she was heading towards the door with a practiced walk towards the door. Keeping her balance with her hands out, and definitely not running.* -02:09 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He watched her walk, run … no walking. A hurried pace. He tilted his head with a smirk. What was she up to. Oh well. Whatever it was, he would let her do what she needed to. He would find a place to nap. He disappeared from the room and wandered into one of the courtyards.* -02:25 Apr 01
Evangeline: *What she was expecting was him to follow! That’s what they said he would do! So when she got back to her room and there was no Gabriel, she huffed. This was getting silly! How was she supposed to spring Feminine Wiles without him there to spring them? Evangeline slipped off her shoes… it’d be easier to hunt him down without them! So off she went on the hunt, he was making it very hard for her to play hard to get!* -02:29 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He had decided he would play a little hard to get. He shifted into a black wolf and was curled up on a boulder in the spring courtyard. Everyone was wise enough to steer clear of him.* -02:33 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Peeking through doors here and there, it took a bit before finding his presence in the Spring courtyard. Again she was surprised, as now her husband was a full taking a nap! A wolf was snugglie to be sure, but he wasn a man! Now she was sneaking up on him, huffy and not sure what to do about it! Pounce him anyway? …She finally decided for pulling one of Meri’s water balloons out of the water fountain and throwing it at him! Immediately covering her mouth and ducking behind it to hide!* -02:38 Apr 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel never did play fair. One eye opened as the water balloon came flying at him, then he was getting up, he swung his tail and hit the water balloon away from him and into some bush where a pixie was napping! He sat up, yawned, and jumped off of he boulder before walking away and into the castle.* -02:41 Apr 01
Evangeline: Oooh! *Evangeline balled up her fists and huffed even louder! He wasn’t going to play with her either? …he wasn’t angry with her, she was sure! Gabriel couldn’t try to be hard to get while SHE was being hard to get, that would just be impossible! She was up on her feet in no time, to chase after him!* -02:44 Apr 01
Gabriel: *Walking … walking … in that easy, graceful way wolves had of walking that looked more like gliding. He didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry or notice Evangeline following him. He went down one corridor, turned a left, went down another corridor, to a right … up some stairs, took a left …* -02:49 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline followed not too close, but not too far away. Chewing on the inside of her lip and trying to decide on the best way to catch him… He WAS nice and cute and furry, but that just wasn’t the same! After a moment she was getting rather curious about where he was escaping to. This wasn’t the way to their room!* -02:51 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He finally disappeared into a room and the door closed but not completely, leaving it open a crack! The room was dark!* -02:52 Apr 01
Evangeline: So unfair… *She was muttering soft under her breath. Slipping inside as quietly as she could! It was easy for a wolf… or a vampire! to see in the dark. There were either no windows or they were covered up with curtains, and now she was trying to spy where he was hiding. She was glad she left those shoes behind!* -02:56 Apr 01
Gabriel: *The door closed behind her and then familiar arms wrapped her waist from behind.* … Are you done playing yet, beautiful wife. *He nuzzled the side of her neck playfully* -02:57 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped and yelped! Feeling silly for doing so, as she knew darn well he was hiding in there! She covered her mouth with both hands, debating if she would swat at him for startling her or if she’d turn and steal the cuddle she wanted.* Did my blush give it away? -03:00 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked and held her close.* If I revealed how I knew, you would only get more clever. You are already a force to be reckoned with, Evangeline. -03:02 Apr 01
Evangeline: I am not so sure… you didn’t fall for the feminine trap! Melanie and Franchesca gave me an entire list to go down. *And they thought they were so clever! She pulled his arms closer around her and leaned back against him. This was much better than having him move furniture around!* -03:06 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly in her ear.* There you have it. You used Melanie and Franchesca’s lists. If you had used yours, we could have avoided this altogether. -03:07 Apr 01
Evangeline: But I don’t even have a list! *Especially one so complicated. It was one thing for her to give people instructions for things, like trying to teach Dark how to date. But some of these things were just silly! She took one of his hands to hold the palm against her cheek. He was so warm, and this would have been a much nicer start to the evening!* -03:10 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Stealing snuggles at night. Mewing at me to make love to you. Making odd puns at inappropriate moments. *Slowly the room became a bit brighter. It was a bit larger than a closet, about the size of their room but there were candles everywhere and a table set for two with silver platters and everything else.* -03:13 Apr 01
Evangeline: I didn’t think I mewed, but that might be okay for a sex kitten? *Oh…! How pretty! She loved candles, and there were so many! Definetely a much better sort of evening! Evangeline turned in his arms, snaking hers around his waist to grin up at him.* -03:18 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He was still smirking.* You will always be my sex kitten. *He kissed her lips gently.* Have dinner with me, Evangeline. -03:19 Apr 01
Evangeline: *So handsome when he smirked and did such sweet things! Evangeline was still grinning wide, but she shook her head no!* I don’t want to have dinner with you… -03:21 Apr 01
Gabriel: No. *He raised an eyebrow.* -03:22 Apr 01
Evangeline: *She shook her head again.* No. *She leaned up on her toesm brushing a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth.* I would like something else..? -03:26 Apr 01
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:04 Apr 01))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:06 Apr 01))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:06 Apr 01
[Evangeline said No to dinner! What else could a girl want!] -01:55 Apr 03
[Gabriel smirked!] -01:56 Apr 03
Gabriel: What would you like, beautiful wife. *He was amused. This evening was not going as expected.* -01:57 Apr 03
Evangeline: *So smitten with him, she almost forgot to speak at all with all of her grinning!* I want you to touch me and hold me. Whisper soft sweet things that no one else will ever get to hear..? *If they had, maybe they would give her silly suggestions of things to do with Gabriel, but she much preffered having him all to herself.* -02:01 Apr 03
Gabriel: *The reply resulted in him laughing softly and the smirk softening into a smile–albeit one with fangs. He stepped back to kiss her knuckles and then pulled her into his arms and lowered his head to hear ear. He nuzzled her earlobe as he whispered.* … Evangeline. My Heart of Darkness. My one and only, my beautiful wife. I love you as no other man could ever love you. I treasure you even when you infuriate me beyond words. I see now why in every reality I met you, I have chosen you because, quite frankly, I cannot imagine ever choosing another. Having a child with you will be the happiest time of my life and no matter what happens, I will never regret making him with you. -02:06 Apr 03
Evangeline: *He had that way of going above and beyond what she expected, and this was no expection! Stunned and breath held, when she finally took a breath it came with a sniffle and teary eyes! He had no idea how much it meant to her, and now she couldn’t find the words to say it!* Gabriel… -02:13 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek gently.* I told you, Evangeline. My only regret was not having married you sooner. I am sure if I had I would have been less … cranky, as Caroline often likes to tease me about. My life is not as predictable as I like to believe but I am happy you are here to share it with me, despite my hardheadedness. Yes, you are a sex kitten. You have your own style and way of doing it but believe me, you are very sexy. -02:20 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She was clearly over emotional, as now she just wanted to cry! Even so, she smiled wide with a shakey laugh. Latching on to his shirt, with no intentions of letting go.* I was worried that you might one day become bored with me. I wanted you to come home to something, so you will always come home to me? You always give me so much… *He gave her the world and everything in it! There was so little she could do for him in return!* -02:26 Apr 03
Gabriel: … Sweetheart, you give me things no one else would have ever given me. You will be amazed at how special you make me feel, giving me your heart and your love so readily. You say I made you feel safe the day I took you to the pier. I say you made me feel I was more than a monster spending time with me. -02:35 Apr 03
Evangeline: You have never been a monster. Not to me. You’ve always taken care of me for no reason at all and been so sweet, that I wanted to stay with you! *From that moment he shared his bed with her, she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep well without him again! At the time she thought she was crazy for thinking it, and now they were together while she was trying not to sniffle!* -02:46 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He made a soft sigh which might have sounded strange–certainly different–coming from him!* I treated you differently from others I protected. Valravn never let it go. I had never danced, kissed, stayed so long with a human and been so protective. It puzzled me. It was not until much later did I realize I had fallen in love with you. -02:53 Apr 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned up so she could brush a kiss against his cheek.* When you took me from Wareham, I knew I loved you then. You could have forgotten about me and never thought of me again. But you came to find me and gave me a place of my own. -02:58 Apr 03
Gabriel: *A smirk.* I suppose I can stop using Brutus as an excuse. I would have done that and more for you, Evangeline … It seems to be one of Meri’s favorite stories. -03:06 Apr 03
Evangeline: Sometimes I wish I never had to think about it again, but I remember you and how it felt to hug you afterwards and I never want to forget! *All of those terrible memories.. even the ones that gave her nightmares even now! All of them were worth it. She brushed a hand over his smirking mouth. Even just for her to see his smirking.* When did you know you loved me? -03:11 Apr 03
Gabriel: … When Anthony trapped you in your mind and I was nearly erased. It was very risky and the worst trap Anthony has set. -03:27 Apr 03
Evangeline: It was risky. I didn’t want to hurt you… I thought I killed you and I would wake and you wouldn’t be there! Then he took you away because I left you. I never asked what he did to you while you were there. I was just so glad to find you and bring you back. -03:33 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He kissed her cheek.* It was a smart idea not to ask me. I would not have answered, unable to lie, and you would have felt so much worst. -03:37 Apr 03
Evangeline: But there is Dark now, so it was not all for nothing…? *She tugged gently on his sleeve. That was one thing that had not change. Sometimes he still withheld things from her, not wanting her to worry or be afraid. Evangeline was grinning wide again.* You’ve always made me feel safe. Even when the world felt like it was coming down around us. -03:40 Apr 03
Gabriel: Indeed. Despite the fact, I nearly killed him a number of times you have shown me his potential. -04:01 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She tugged on his sleeve again, pulling his arm around her so she could lean against his chest.* And you’ve shown me how nice it is to feel loved. I didn’t have very much of it before… -04:07 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He nodded.* You did not but you deserve every ounce I can give you. And every ounce our son can give you. *He kissed her forehead.* -04:09 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She grinned wide.* Our son will be amazing. *Evangeline paused just a moment, a peculiar look on her face. Then she took his hand to place over her stomach.* He’s small but always moving so much! -04:13 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He studied the look on her face and then looked down at his hand on her stomach. He smirked.* Like his mother. Always moving, ready to help people. -04:36 Apr 03
Evangeline: I recall you helping people too, husband. *She would have his son, and he might grow up just like Gabriel one day! If she grinned any more, her face would be sore.* Do you really think I am beautiful? Even though my dress doesn’t fit quite right and before long I won’t be able to see my toes? -04:39 Apr 03
The New Light Saga


Gabriel is frustrated trying to find out why Evangeline still had a vision when he locked them. He is visited by the Fates and given a warning!

[Evangeline falls asleep in the weirdest of places these days! In this case, she is curled up in a room full of books, with a couple resting on her lap!] -02:07 Mar 29
[Gabriel is usually only this frustrated when Evangeline is conscious and lecturing him.] -02:08 Mar 29
Gabriel: *Gabriel paced in front of her, not making so much as a whisper! Old tomes suddenly appeared in front of him, opened themselves, pages flipping like mad, only to close and disappear when it became apparent what he wanted was not there! It was impossible! The spell was still in place. Evangeline’s gift for her sight … She could still see and yet, these prophecies!* -02:10 Mar 29
Evangeline: *Content in her chair, his frustration didn’t seem to bother her sleeping form. Gabriel was often frustrated and since he was so nearby, there was no reason to be disturbed! * -02:12 Mar 29
Gabriel: *Nevermind that he hadn’t needed to do this kind of research for … centuries! Nevermind that he was irked that one of his spells might be backfiring in ways it was never supposed to! It was a source of pride for him. His will absolute!* -02:14 Mar 29

A faint breeze drifted in the room. A cool autumn wind, despite there being no windows. A red maple leaf dropping to the floor near Gabriel’s feet.

Gabriel: Unlike my wife, I do not entertain guests. *He said. The shadow wolves appeared, shifting at his feet. He stopped pacing and the tome he was looking into disappeared.* -02:16 Mar 29

“Yet you seek us, Great Darkness.” came the voice first. Appearing nearby was a plump woman with a round face in familiar burgandy robes. The middle-aged woman from the prophecy vision! She merely smiled.

Gabriel: You seem rather amused. *He replied.* I find it irksome to say the least. You circumvented my spell and are trespassing. Introduce yourselves. -02:20 Mar 29

At the opposite side from him appeared the old, scrany woman in a black cloak. She looked far more annoyed than the first, and it was obvious in her voice! “Meddling with Fate is a tresspass. And consequences might be dire, Oh Darkness.”

“Oh – we are consequencing? I thought we came to helpful today!” Was the third voice. The youngest woman covered in silks and shiny sparkles. She waved at the wolves!

Gabriel: *… Fate, was it? That would explain a number of things.* I sealed my wife’s gift. Why did you choose her to manifest. *The wolves stopped shifting so much and actually seemed more calm. Instead of shadows, they might as well have been real wolves, lying on the floor, watching what was going on.* -02:26 Mar 29

“Seal a single gift, yet not all. Your wife is not the ordinary psychic, but a True Oracle.” The middle-aged woman leaned to pat a wolf on the head, but her body didn’t seem to be physical – only an apparition!

Gabriel: There has not been a True Oracle for generations. If that was true, the Oracles would have sought her out the moment her psychic gift appeared in the first place. -02:32 Mar 29

The Old Woman huffed. “Long gone are the days that Darkness and Light have absolute knowledge… See how he assumes, like a witless child!”

Gabriel: Hold your tongue, Crone. Or I will give you something else to add to that stick up your ass. -02:34 Mar 29

“Oh, those Oracles have locked themselves away for so long, they don’t have a clue what is True and what Is To Be!” The young one seemed very amused at seeing the Elder get chided. Rocking on her feet with a wide grin.

The middle-aged woman remained patient and smiling. “What DO you seek from us Great Darkness? Were Prophecy not enough?”

Gabriel: I wish to know why you chose Evangeline. And do not tell me it is because she is a True Oracle. -02:41 Mar 29

“We do not Choose. Destiny is nothing more than seeds planted by Fate. Choices are made by those who live.”

“We are the First True Oracles. Born to repair the balance that was broken when Darkness and Light waged war. Where once we walked the world, we have now transcended. We cannot decide Fate, but we may always plant the seeds…”

Gabriel: What of my child. -02:48 Mar 29

“What a special surprise! He is not of our doing, but of yours! Yet, he will come and restore the world where all those before have failed!”

The middle-aged woman now seemed amused. “Did you think we dictated the creation of your child, Great Darkness? He came to you of his own accord. His words of Prophecy his own.”

“A male Oracle… it’s ridiculous.” scoffed the old lady.

Gabriel: *A special surprise, indeed. It was little wonder Evangeline was so happy to be pregnant.* I do not like others meddling in my affairs. I have had enough of that to last an eternity … Jealousy does not become you. *He remarked with a smirk.* I wanted to talk to you concerning Anthony. He is neither Darkness nor Light and yet he is gathering power at an alarming rate. -02:55 Mar 29

“Oh… should we tell him? Is that against the rules?”

“He is at partial fault for it, he doesn’t deserve hints.”

Gabriel: I suppose if I should somehow destroy the universe … again, I would not be the only one to claim the honor of being responsible. *Quite frankly, if they didn’t give him hints at least, they would be just as responsible as he for the consequences.* -02:58 Mar 29

Still amused, despite the threats, the middle-aged woman spoke. “Great Powers come in Threes. Darkness, Light, and one other… The Other so small, so insignifigant that his presence was unheard of. Ignored and unnoticed, his anger grew. As Darkness and Light created and destroyed – He Devoured. As they grew weaker, he grew stronger.”

Gabriel: *His power and those missing pieces of himself.* In short, he can just as easily capture Dark and I and steal all of our power. -03:05 Mar 29

“The Void swallows all souls. Taking bright Light souls. Taking Dark souls. Like We, he has transcended body. Destroy him and there will be No Balance. Let him Feed and Existance will be devoured.”

“Yet, fear not for the future of This Reality, for balance has come in the form of a child! One that can one day stare deep in to the Void and keep balance!”

Gabriel: That is asking much … In every reality, I am married to Evangeline. -03:12 Mar 29

“Had you chose another, Destiny would be different. Had you chosen any of the seeds as the one to give you balance, all realities would be different. Yet… you have Chosen Evangeline. Where you have met her, you have chosen her. No other. And where she lives, you have found happiness, Great Darkness.”

“But, take heed, Oh Darkness. Void has also always been there. The Void has discovered what makes you strong. And in all realities seeks to destroy it.”

“The Oracles hide away because he seeks them. There are few True Oracles because he takes them. Now we come to the crossroads and Destiny is at hand. He does not like this.”

Gabriel: *It explained why Anthony went through so much trouble the moment he met Evangeline, taking pains to use her against him at every opportunity. Where Light had underestimated her worth, Anthony had found a king’s ransom. He had been quiet for so long and suddenly appeared …* He knows me too well. -03:23 Mar 29

“He knows Dark as well. Even now he has triggered what he can to shake his Pillar and your confidences. You have been given Prophecy. Heed Prophecy and his Will shall not come to pass. Fight Prophecy and all will be lost.”

Gabriel: … Evangeline will never let me hear the end of this. -03:28 Mar 29

“Love is the greatest Power! Where there is love, there is success!” Giving one of the wolves a hug, the youngest woman poofed away in a flutter of glitter!

“You are no longer the strongest power. It would do you well to humble yourself.” snorted the old woman. In cold chilly flurry of snow, she too was gone.

“Do you have a final question, Great Darkness?” Asked the middle-aged woman with a tilt of her head.

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at the Maiden and ignored the Crone. He turned to the Matron.* You say I have always chosen Evangeline, in every reality that I have met her. Is that Destiny or Love? -03:35 Mar 29

“The Heart choses what it wants. Destiny nor Fate can change that. Love, Great Darkness, is indeed a powerful thing.” With her final words, she was gone. A few red leaves left in her place.

Evangeline: Am I dreaming again…? *She mumbled with eyes closed, still mostly asleep, but shifting enough in her chair that one of her books had slipped to the floor with a THUMP!* -03:44 Mar 29
Gabriel: You should not dream in the library. *He replied, turning. The wolves quickly dissipated.* -03:47 Mar 29
Evangeline: Is it not good to? *She didn’t make any motion of getting up, but since one of her books was now on the floor, that was too much to ignore. Yawning, she sat up straight to rub her eyes.* You were talking to someone. -03:49 Mar 29
Gabriel: *He stepped over to her and kissed her forehead after she had rubbed her eyes.* Perhaps you have rubbed off on me and I have gotten into the habit of talking to myself. -03:53 Mar 29
Evangeline: *A smile! Were she in bed, she might have tugged him down for a snuggle. Instead, she set her other books aside and rose to her feet so she could sneak her arms around him.* Hmm, I don’t think that is the habit you’ve learned… I think it might be the one where meddling is involved? -03:56 Mar 29
Gabriel: I believe you are the advocate that meddling changes things when people are unwilling to take the chance. -03:57 Mar 29
Evangeline: And you are the one that tells me that meddling just gets me in trouble. *She rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat. A little fast… he was not as frustrated as he was, but there was something new!* -04:02 Mar 29
Gabriel: You never listen. *He slipped his arms around her.* Have you found something of interest. -04:05 Mar 29
Evangeline: Hmm, only that you are trying to keep secrets from me again… But I might forgive you for a kiss. -04:09 Mar 29
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You are insane. *But he kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her mouth, and then back to her cheeks again.* -04:16 Mar 29
Evangeline: *She grinned, locking her hands together behind his back.* Yes. Did they tell you anything you didn’t already know, or must you scour more books in here? -04:19 Mar 29
Gabriel: Things I suspected more or less. You are quite sneaky. -04:21 Mar 29
Evangeline: It’s hard not to notice them. Time always feels like it doesn’t exist… but I did think I was dreaming! *She had seen them so rarely, and only in prophecy dreams, or random sleeping moments! She did look concerned for a moment.* Are we in trouble? -04:25 Mar 29
Gabriel: Has the Crone been lecturing you. *He raised an eyebrow.* -04:27 Mar 29
Evangeline: No… but now I see that she has lectured you. *She grinned again, tugging lightly at his shirt.* The Matron likes to come to my dreams and talk to me about random things. -04:32 Mar 29
Gabriel: She has grown arrogant as of late. I sense she was once better company. -04:35 Mar 29
Evangeline: I think that maybe you don’t like an old grandmother huffing at you… *Of all the things for her to think was cute! But Gabriel probably never experienced having someone wiser than him… * But do you feel better now? Not so worried? -04:38 Mar 29
The New Light Saga


A small visit to the Devil World. Dark’s big breakdown with Light!

[Evangeline was going to take a tour with a Demon, but some reason he thought she smelled tasty and then he disappeared! ] -02:09 Mar 23
[Gabriel decided he should check on Evangeline … just in case.] -02:10 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Minus one demon escort… Meri was sleeping, Caroline and Dark were still avoiding each other, and here she was all dressed nice and pretty with no escort! She huffed, considering if she could explore without one!* -02:12 Mar 23
Gabriel: You look beautiful tonight, Evangeline. *And there he was, right behind her! He lowered his face to the crook of her neck and nuzzled her gently.* -02:13 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Ooh..! What wonderful timing! Evangeline smiled wide, clasping her hands together in a soft giggle!* Are you still busy meddling in the affairs of prophecy? Or can you come with me for a walk? I lost my demon escort! -02:14 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and raised an eyebrow. She was dressed like that to go on a tour with a demon.* Yes, I can escort you. -02:17 Mar 23
Evangeline: Wonderful! I’m not sure what happened to him. One moment he said I looked pretty and smelled delicious and the next – gone! *She turned to lean up on her toes and give his cheek a kiss. Then paused at his expression.* …I’m over dressed? Caroline said a Queen is supposed to look like a Queen especially in the Devil World. *It was another long velvet dress in a nice dark purple, so she wouldn’t be so bright! But now she wondered if she should have worn normal clothes!* -02:20 Mar 23
Gabriel: *Jealousy was not something he was akin to feeling, much less admitting to himself. He took her hand and kissed the back, the Binding Mark.* You are always a Queen to me, Evangeline. The Devil World knows who you are. -02:24 Mar 23
Evangeline: *She grinned.* Because I’m your Queen. I want to see everything here! They say there’s no sun and like it’s a giant labyrinth of caves and that in the wide open parts it looks like the ceiling is covered in stars! -02:27 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked, then offered her his arm.* I believe what you wish to see lies in this direction, my Queen. -02:29 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his arm, and really couldn’t stop smiling! It was like taking a royal tour in a foreign country!* Why do you think devils all love things that sparkle, even though they’re creatures of Darkness? -02:32 Mar 23
Gabriel: I believe the phrase is "opposites attract." *They started walking down the hall. He was not in a hurry and he wanted Evangeline to take it easy.* -02:36 Mar 23
Evangeline: Well… that would be the easy answer for it! *There was always a delicate balance between light and dark and good and evil… she wondered if they were to visit the Magical World if they would be drawn to opposites too? He thoughts were momentarily distracted by some of the carvings on the hallway walls. Lots of scary looking faces!* -02:41 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He noticed her looking at the carvings.* How are you enjoying the visit so far. -02:42 Mar 23
Evangeline: It’s much nicer than the first time I visited! Although some of the devils look pretty scary. A couple have jumped out trying to startle me and gave Meri such a fit! They love to gossip and chat though, so I’ve learned so many things! -02:44 Mar 23
Gabriel: Have you. Such as. -03:07 Mar 23
Evangeline: Well, most of the older generations are completely infatuated with Caroline! They say if she had been born demon, she would have been one of the Devil King’s consorts. And I found out that a lot of them like collecting souls but they really don’t care to do anything with them other than have something shiny! -03:11 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Caroline and the Devil King. Perhaps in a past life, she was one. *Improbable, of course! But he appeared to have developed a somewhat romantic streak recently.* -03:13 Mar 23
Evangeline: I hope that no one gossips that off to Dark. He’s already still upset with her, and when either of them get jealous it makes it so much worse. *Jealously was not something she ever encountered often… But maybe sometimes she did wonder if Gabriel had moments with women… even though he told her he didn’t!* -03:17 Mar 23
Gabriel: Caroline has had relationships before. This is Dark’s first. Time apart will do them well. -03:20 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline suddenly grinned.* You’re very right… Caroline won’t be able to do a thing about him, anymore than you can! But he’ll be all right. *She rest her head against his arm as they walked.* Do you think it’s easier when someone has been with other people first…? -03:26 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her smile but didn’t sto walking.* There are always exceptions. Dark is very young. In my case I have been around long enough to know an ordinary woman would not do. -03:30 Mar 23
Gabriel: *stop -03:30 Mar 23
Evangeline: Sometimes I wonder if everything had been different and if you never met me, what might have happened… But once I had a dream and talked to a nice lady and she explained that you have always chosen me, in every reality that’s been born. I don’t know if it’s true, but I like to think so. -03:37 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked and stopped to nuzzle her cheek.* That is comforting, Evangeline. The life I had without was a dismal one and not worth saving. -03:38 Mar 23
Gabriel: *without you -03:39 Mar 23
Evangeline: *A soft giggle, followed by her sneaking her arms around his waist!* In a hundred years or more, can we still be like this? -03:43 Mar 23
Gabriel: I would not have it any other way, Evangeline. *He cupped her face and kissed her gently once, twice, then traced her lips with the tip of his tongue.* -03:44 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline decided he was a much better tour guide then a devil! Only Gabriel could make her knees weak and give her warm fuzzies! She returned his kiss with another giggle and tugged lightly on his sleeve.* My tour..? -03:49 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head, still smirking, and offered her his arm again.* Of course. Meri is very proud to have you here. -04:00 Mar 23
Evangeline: *This time she wrapped both her arms around his and squeezed!* I think she is proud to have you also! Not to mention Dark and Caroline here too… -04:02 Mar 23
Gabriel: … Unless Dark and Caroline should attempt to kill each other before the visit is over. *He replied. They hadn’t tried it yet but it was only a matter of time. They were dangerous whether they were together or apart. It was a nuisance.* -04:06 Mar 23
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:07 Mar 23))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:07 Mar 23))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:07 Mar 23
[Evangeline likes things that glitter!] -03:22 Mar 24

Caroline: *Roaming the Devil World and dueling demons was all well and good when you’re trying to avoid someone. But by now Caroline was tired of giving Dark his space… he should be calmed down by now. Thus, she was dropping in to his room to test the waters, so to speak!* -Evangeline

[Gabriel is deep in thought!] -03:27 Mar 24

Vlamerias: Zzzz … zzz … *She was curled up in Dark’s bed, alone, and comfortable. What a big comfty bed!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: …I wonder if I will ever try to kill you! All sorts of strange things happen. *Evangeline couldn’t imagine herself killing anything, but the things they had to face always were unimaginable for her…* -03:33 Mar 24

Caroline: *When Caroline was crawling in to Dark’s bed, she didn’t expect to find a female! He could count his blessings that it was just Meri… however that did bring up some questions!* Small Lady… -Evangeline

Gabriel: It would be your right. I have tried to kill you before. *He didn’t like to think about it but it was true.* -03:38 Mar 24
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her head against his arm again, a soft grin across her face.* You weren’t really you when you did. You’ve always tried very hard not to hurt me! -03:40 Mar 24
Gabriel: More so than any other human I ever remember coming across. You are a mystery, Evangeline. *It was just the two of them in the hall. They hadn’t seen or passed another creature since they started.* -03:47 Mar 24
Evangeline: *He had a way of making her feel so precious! She always liked to know what he thought of her when he first met her…* I liked the way you checked on me. No one had ever done that before. -03:53 Mar 24
Gabriel: Valravn never allowed me peace about it. I knew you were in a safe place but there was always the chance something could go wrong. I had to be sure. -03:55 Mar 24

Vlamerias: *She must have been very tired because she didn’t stir at all! But … in her hand was one of Dark’s crystals. A smokey gray quartz Evangeline had given him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave a soft giggle.* I had a very big crush on you and I was so worried you would realize it and then not come to see me anymore. But it was so hard not to like you! -03:58 Mar 24

Caroline: *Caroline rest her head on an elbow for a moment, scowling down at the little devil. She hated to wake Vlameries. Hunting Dark down in the Devil World would be easy, but she didn’t want to do it if he was still pitching a fit and avoiding her. Something about this felt odd though. Dark always kept those stones on him, even if he never admitted he did.* …Small Lady, awake for me. *She nudged Meri gently.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: It was difficult to leave. You are a fasincating woman. I was surprised you were not afraid of me. -04:08 Mar 24

Vlamerias: *She stirred and then yawned. Her eyes slowly opened.* Hi, Warrior Lady. -Gabriel

Evangeline: There was nothing to be afraid of. In my vision you were protecting the world, and when you touched me I knew you weren’t scary. *Especially in comparison to Michael… Even now she could remember that feeling. Cold and chilling and giving her the shivvers!* -04:13 Mar 24

Caroline: Is there a special reason you are sleeping in Dark’s bed this eve, Vlamerias? I thought I might apologize and sooth his temper, yet he is nowhere to be seen. -Evangeline

Gabriel: Even when you brought me back and I threatened to drink your blood. You called my bluff. -04:15 Mar 24
Evangeline: *She nodded, grinning again.* I know you’re stubborn and you get upset and worried about me… But I’m stubborn too! I don’t think that anyone should have to suffer through so much and not get to have the good things too. Even Darkness should have a chance to be happy, yes? -04:19 Mar 24

The New Light Saga


Dark and Meri escort Evangeline to look at houses near potential schools and Anthony shows up! Caroline’s shadow is unlocked!

[Evangeline wasn\’t kidding when she talked about looking at houses. No better time than the present to find a good school district, right?] -12:12 Mar 03
[Dark has no clue why *he\’s* here instead of Gabriel!] -12:13 Mar 03
Dark: Not that I uh, don’t enjoy spending time with you, Evangeline, but … why the hell am I here instead of Gabriel? -12:13 Mar 03

Dark: testing -Dark

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was holding one of Evangeline’s hand and holding one of Dark’s hands in hers. She swung their arms slightly as they walked and hummed to herself!* -Dark

Evangeline: Gabriel hasn’t quite been convinced that a house is a good idea yet… But I think if we get one now, we could make it safe by the time he starts school! *It was an excellent plan!* -12:16 Mar 03
Evangeline: Gabriel hasn’t quite been convinced that a house is a good idea yet… But I think if we get one now, we could make it safe by the time he starts school! *It was an excellent plan!* -12:16 Mar 03
Dark: Quite convinced? *He raised an eyebrow at her!* He wrote the book on stubborn … *He huffed and rolled his eyes.* Then again, he’s got a weak spot for you. It’s like … you get away with stuff most people can’t even think of doing in Gabriel’s presence. -12:17 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *A soft giggle from between them! It was always fun to listen to Dark and Mommy! She was so glad she came along! But that made her think of Mommy’s idea to go to human school for awhile … She didn’t like the fact it would mean time away from Glaer and Mommy!* -Dark

Evangeline: I’m sure other people could talk to him more and convince him of things if they actually took the time to ask him and try. *She grinned down at Meri.* What do you think of this neighborhood? It has a lot of pretty trees! -12:20 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She glanced around, thoughtfully.* Yep, lots of trees! *She seemed like she was listening for something.* I hear one of those tree ladies down that way. *She pointed down the block.* -Dark

Dark: Heh. Yeah … Sure they could. *He snorted.* So, why’d you choose this neighborhood anyways? -12:22 Mar 03
Evangeline: A tree fairy maybe? That’s a nice thing to have in a neighborhood! *Evangeline pointed towards the park down the street.* There’s a nice park nearby. And the school is within walking distance so one of us can always walk him to school! -12:24 Mar 03
Dark: *He looked in the direction Evangeline was pointing.* Doesn’t seem like it’s near any leylines … -12:28 Mar 03
Evangeline: Nope! I thought it might ease Gabriel’s mind if there was as little danger nearby as possible. And we’ll have years to settle and make sure! -12:30 Mar 03
Dark: *Dark laughed.* You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? -12:31 Mar 03
Evangeline: I am! I want him to grow up learning as much as he can about the world. He’ll have a lot of talent, and I hope he grows up as nice as you are. -12:33 Mar 03
Dark: *He blinked.* Wait, nice as me? *He huffed.* You shouldn’t talk like that. Caroline always teases me about being a ‘nice guy’ and as dangerous as a kitten. -12:34 Mar 03
Evangeline: Is it so bad to be nice? You care about people and take care of them. There aren’t many people in the world that do that! Oh look! I like that house! *She pointed to one down the road that was blue with white shutters and two floors!* -12:36 Mar 03
Dark: *Dark ruffled his hair.* Man, but I didn’t start out that way! It took me how long just to tolerate being in the same room as humans for more than five minutes. You remember! -12:38 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed and nodded.* Kill everyone or eat them… because they were weak and worthless. But you know better now, yes? I want my son to learn that too. He won’t be able to learn unless he gets to live with them too… I just have to convince Gabriel. -12:39 Mar 03

Vlamerias: You can do it, Mommy! *She didn’t need the vote of confidence but Meri liked to support her. One of the hunters had called her a “straw” for “sucking up” and she had gotten him back by turning him into a toilet scrub brush and convincing an ogre it was something to reach that itch between his toes.* -Dark

Evangeline: And what do you think about trying school too, Meri? You could start in a grade a little higher than his! -12:43 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *… To this day, the hunter skittered past her and didn’t meet her eyes when he was anywhere near her! She blinked.* I don’t know, Mommy … I don’t want to be away from you or Glaer for very long. I can check up on him for you often! -Dark

Evangeline: Some time with humans that aren’t hunters would be good for you… And it would make me feel a lot better letting him go to school if someone was nearby to protect him. You would be his special guardian? *She knew Meri wouldn’t refuse, but she wanted to make sure Meri felt loved and appreciated like Dark needed too!* -12:47 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She still looked uncertain!* Mm … It’d be tough. You know how much I love using magic, Mommy! *And she wouldn’t mention it but she worried about her Mommy! She didn’t want anything bad happening to her or for her to feel lonely.* -Dark

Evangeline: You’re doing so well so far… and I think you could get away with it for a little bit if you’re clever! *She rest her hands on Meri’s head and kissed her forehead.* And you won’t need to worry about me during the day, I’ll be fine! -12:54 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *A long, deep sigh! She never could refuse a request her Mommy made, especially one sealed with her hands on her head and a kiss to her forehead!* Alright then, Mommy! I’ll do it for you! … Um, but what about Glaer? *Mommy was one of her masters but he made up the other half!* -Dark

Evangeline: Gabriel and I… will probably argue about it for months. Maybe even until last minute! But he did agree that having you nearby would be best. He’d be safe without his mommy and daddy always hovering… *She definitely didn’t want to smother him!* -12:58 Mar 03
Dark: *He snickered.* Yeah, you two argue up and down about things but it never lasts for long. -01:00 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She smiled! Thinking about her and Gabriel was always nice! It was more than she ever thought she would have…* Although sometimes making up after an argument is fun! -01:05 Mar 03
Dark: *He coughed.* Let’s … move on. So this school you wanted to check out … it’s K-12? -01:08 Mar 03
Evangeline: It’s just elementary and middle school! *She grinned wide at Dark… he never liked to hear about her and Gabriel being romantic! She skipped ahead, holding Meri’s hand to take a look at the school grounds. There was no school today and everything was empty and perfect for examining!* When he’s a teenager, I can trust him to go to a school a little farther away. -01:10 Mar 03

Vlamerias: Mommy, is Glaer alright with you being away from the castle for so long? *Mommy was so busy already! How would she find time to raise her son, teach at Oracle, and tend to business at the castle?* -Dark

Evangeline: *A sheepish look crossed her face.* …do you mean today or in a few years? *It was one of the rare times she didn’t let him know where she was going first. He wasn’t open to the idea of a house yet, and she didn’t want to have another fight with him…. but was too excited to not -at least- have a look at places!* -01:14 Mar 03
Dark: *He blinked!* He doesn’t know you’re not at the castle?! -01:15 Mar 03
Evangeline: Not exactly… But I didn’t leave alone and I really don’t have to ask him permission every time I leave. *Though she would do -almost- everything he asked, sometimes she didn’t like being told she wasn’t allowed to do things either.* -01:18 Mar 03

Vlamerias: OOhh! They have swings and there’s a slide and a playground set! *Her eyes were wide and she was too distracted to take much note of the conversation!* -Dark

“Which is quite a shame. He would love to know where I was.” The voice came from off to the side, sitting on a bench, dressed in a suit. Legs crossed at the knee with his hands in his pockets. -Dark

Dark: *He hadn’t even noticed him! But as soon as he did, he was pulling Evangeline and Meri behind him.* You’ve got some nerve, asswipe. -01:26 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Her initial panic was brushed away as quickly as she could. Including locking her thoughts away should Gabriel check on her! It was instinct and those prophecies that suggested Anthony would be nearby again…. and she needed to make sure Gabriel never ran in to him!* …don’t call Gabriel, please. He can’t come here. *She whispered quickly to Dark!* -01:27 Mar 03

Anthony: *A smirk crossed as his face as he stood and gave them a sideways glance.* No respect for your own creator. Your own father, even. I merely decided to pay a visit when you were free … But you’re never truly free are you, little Seer. Or you, my own flesh and blood. -Dark

Dark: *Dark clenched his teeth but when Evangeline whispered not to call Gabriel, he huffed. She so owed him an explanation for this later! -01:33 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She gripped the back of Dark’s shirt, to make sure he wouldn’t try to attack Anthony either! She was scared, terrified even… but she trusted the prophecies would end well! So today wouldn’t be the end!* Dark is Gabriel’s son, not yours! You’ve tried to take what was his and make it yours, but it won’t ever be yours. -01:36 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She couldn’t help but lean a bit to the side to sneak a peek at Anthony! She knew him on sight! Glaer wanted him ripped to shreds! She quickly bit her lip and ducked behind her Mommy! She couldn’t think of Anthony too long or he would know Anthony was here and come! And from the sounds of it, Mommy didn’t want him here! And if Meri wasn’t careful, his hatred for him would manifest itself in her and she’d attack him!* -Dark

Dark: *His fangs were growing and he had been making a lightning ball–he could feel the tingle between his fingertips–but Evangeline’s hand on the back of his shirt stopped that! He settled for glaring, although he REALLY wanted to give Anthony a piece of his mind! And then some!* -01:38 Mar 03

Anthony: I may have failed once or twice but I am getting better at it. *He finally turned around to face them.* You know how the saying goes … Try. Try. Try again. *A wicked grin spread across his face.* Until you succeed. -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline held tight to Dark’s shirt, just like with Gabriel if Dark tried to kill Anthony it might go badly the very same ways!* You won’t succeed, because I know you won’t succeed! You are wasting time trying to play games with Dark and Gabriel. I won’t let you! -01:45 Mar 03

Anthony: *The wicked grin didn’t disappear.* You won’t let me? How does that make you feel, Dark? The avatar of Light being protected by a human woman? It’s bad enough you hide behind your lover’s legs. Now you’re too feeble to do the protecting. Is looking tough the only thing you can do? -Dark

Dark: *He blinked. Wait a minute, how the hell had Anthony known he was Light now? And about Caroline?* I’ll show you what else I can do! -01:49 Mar 03
Evangeline: Dark, please don’t! He wants to trick you! *Evangeline scooted out from behind Dark to push him back!* Meri take him home! -01:51 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* But Mommy–! *An order was an order and she didn’t know what else to do but trust in her Mommy! She held tightly to Dark’s hand and the two of them POOFED! back to Caroline’s loft!* Warrior Lady!! *She pounced on Dark’s head and covered his eyes!* -Dark

Evangeline: *Better! A relief to get Dark out of the way, even if she didn’t have someone to hide behind. Dark and Gabriel were more important right now!* I won’t let you play games with them. I won’t summon Gabriel and he is not going to chase you down. -01:58 Mar 03

Anthony: *He closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly.* Mm … I suppose you have me there. *He lifted his head and opened his eyes.* You are so very perceptive. *He started walking toward her slowly, like a shark to a wounded dolphin.* Honestly, how long do you think you can keep me from them. I have been at this far longer than you have. I will have my prize … Or prizes. I do like that word better. -Dark

Caroline: *There went her calm quiet afternoon of reading. Caroline set aside her magazine to eye Dark and Meri.* A problem, Small Lady? -Evangeline

Dark: Damnit, Meri, get off! *He growled! He was so close! But he couldn’t see a thing!* -02:01 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *If anyone could her Mommy, it would be Warrior Lady!* Quick! Mommy needs your help but no one’s allowed to summon Glaer! I had to bring Dark here! It’s Anthony Carnatelli! -Dark

Vlamerias: *help her Mommy -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline immediately started walking backwards to keep a distance! She couldn’t panic… if she did, Gabriel would come…* You think that age gives you the upper hand, but it doesn’t! Fate doesn’t want you to harm Gabriel or Dark, and Fate shows me what I need to see… *Maybe she could scare him right back!* You won’t ever win. -02:03 Mar 03

Anthony: *He snorted.* Fate is a fickle mistress. Nothing is written in stone. I will win, Evangeline. No matter how many souls I have to steal and devour. -Dark

Dark: MERI!!! *He tried shaking her off but–damnit! She was really stubborn! And he couldn’t cast spells if he couldn’t see!* -02:07 Mar 03

Caroline: *That is all she needed to know. Following from wence they came, Caroline jumped the spell. She dropped right behind Anthony, a solid steel sword in hand that she quickly thrust at his back! Unannounced and without warning!* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: I’m sorry, Dark! But orders are orders! Mommy is always right about these things! -Dark

Anthony: *SSSCCHHIIINNKKKKKKKKKKKK! The sword went right through! He looked down and then glanced over his shoulder!* What a pleasant surprise … I just had it dry-cleaned. It is a small price to pay to finally see the Lady Shade in person. -Dark

Evangeline: Oh..! *Evangeline covered her eyes! Having Caroline there was a relief but at the same time…!* Caroline, take me home! -02:17 Mar 03

Caroline: *She would! As soon as this bastard was dead! The sword was pulled out, and in a smooth swinging motion it back around again to try and slice off his head! Gabriel may not be able to kill the man, but she sure as hell could!* -Evangeline

Anthony: No formalities? Your minions lack the most basic of courtesies. *He raised an eyebrow as the sword came swinging toward his neck! He disappeared and reappeared … behind Evangeline! Worst yet, he had his arm around her and his hand on her stomach while his head was lowered to her ear. He looked at Caroline.* What will your husband do when I tell him I touched you like this, felt your child moving under my very hand? That my breath touched your ear and I was so close, I could do anything to you? *He whispered.* -Dark

Caroline: *Sonofabitch! Her sword vanished… there would be no attacking with him holding Evangeline like that!* …keep talking, vampire. Her husband is not the one you need to fear. *She growled!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Fear..! It wouldn’t be hard for Evangeline to imagine… but she knew he was just trying to scare her. Make her summon Gabriel! She shook her head.* I’m not afraid of you. He’s not coming! -02:30 Mar 03

Anthony: No …? Not even if I did this? *He suddenly turned her around and kissed her hard! Bruising her lips and attempting to force it open with his tongue! He held her tight, not caring if he bruised her body!* -Dark

Caroline: Gabriel!! *Evangeline wouldn’t summon him, but this was past acceptable..!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *She struggled to move and worse, she couldn’t scream and tell Caroline to stop…! Only a soft whimper escaped her as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried very hard to pretend like she was fine so Gabriel wouldn’t come!* -02:44 Mar 03

Gabriel: *Evangeline suddenly found herself in front of Caroline! Anthony found himself face to face with Gabriel just before silver claws tore deep gashes into his chest and torso!* -Dark

Anthony: *He looked down at the gashes in his body which began to bleed.* Late as usual, Gabriel. -Dark

Caroline: *She grabbed Evangeline, and poofed the woman away to her loft where Dark and Meri could take care of her! With Evangeline safely gone, Caroline didn’t bother with marbles, she cast spells directly. Her own shadow growing to take up Gabriel’s and Anthony’s. To rise up from the ground and start wrapping around the vampire.* Go to your wife before she does something else foolish! -Evangeline

Dark: MERI!! *He was still struggling to get the little devil off of his head! He couldn’t see a bloody thing!* -02:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was shaking…! Dropping on to the sofa so suddenly, but not seeming to notice she was somewhere else! She pulled her arms over her head, just trying to block thoughts and images from her mind!* -02:59 Mar 03

Vlamerias: Mmmpphhff! No! I can’t let you–Mommy?! *Oh no! Something was wrong! She jumped off of Dark’s head and landed in front of Evangeline!* Mommy? -Dark

Gabriel: *He was snarling and diving for Anthony’s throat! He was going to make what he did to Michael seem like paradise compared to what he was about to do!* -Dark

Anthony: *He was laughing as his wounds healed up!* Did you enjoy the show, Gabriel? You have such a soft, delicious wife. She has the most wonderful mouth. -Dark

Caroline: *Shit and double shit! Caroline jerked hard on the shadows, yanking Anthony down to the ground and sliding him across the grass until he was out of Gabriel’s reach. Oh, she wanted to see him dead… but she was not one to ignore Evangeline’s warnings!* Your WIFE’S wishes! Do you remember them? Let me deal with him! -Evangeline

Dark: Evangeline?! *He stopped and looked around! He could smell Evangeline but–Oh wait! Now he could see her!* Holy crap, Evangeline … *He sat down beside her and put his arm around her to give her a hug.* -03:05 Mar 03

Gabriel: *He landed neatly on the ground and saw Anthony just out of reach! He was about to bolt for him when Caroline’s mention of his wife stopped him in his tracks! He growled and adruptly disappeared but he reappeared in that plane of darkness. He howled his fury and tore at the shadows that slipped through his fingers over and over again! He wanted blood! He wanted–needed Anthony’s blood!* -Dark

Evangeline: *She needed him to come back! If he stay away… all of those thoughts and images would come true! Everything Anthony promised would be true! Choking back sobs, she gripped Dark’s shirt and pleaded with him!* Make him come home…! -03:08 Mar 03

Caroline: Mine now. *Witty words would do no good with a man like this. Caroline wrapped her shadows tighter around the vampire, summoning up one of her onyx spikes and letting it grow to the length of a long spear. Without giving a chance for his scathing banter, she stabbed it through the shadows aiming for his heart!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked! She was holding onto his shirt so tightly that her knuckles were white! And the look in her eyes ….!* … Evangeline. *If only Gabriel knew how much his being away was hurting her ….! Then he had an idea!* Keep thinking of him. *He put one hand over the marking on the back of her hand. Another hand over her wedding ring.* -03:12 Mar 03

Gabriel: *Dragon wings spread from his back and he threw his head to the sky and howled again! It was blood curdling and lasted for what felt like an eternity! He suddenly shifted to the dragon, Darkness, back to Gabriel and back and forth.* -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying so hard to think of Gabriel now. Now that she was away from Anthony and it was safe for him to come to her! Yet now she couldn’t block those others thoughts either… things Anthony promises to do to her… things he would do to her son! Memories of what had happened before! These were things she didn’t want Gabriel to see!* -03:15 Mar 03

Anthony: *He was moving to stand but the onyx spike impaled him with another SSSCCCCHHHIIINKKKKK! The question was if she’d gotten his heart … His body wasn’t moving …* -Dark

Vlamerias: *Meri watched Dark and Mommy. Poor Mommy, she looked so torn! She wrapped her arms around Evangeline’s body.* You’re not alone, Mommy. You can do it. Happy thoughts! You’re going to raise a son and you’re going to make him lunch and see him off at school! You and Glaer will have lots of fun with him and teach him stuff! And he’ll never be alone! -Dark

Caroline: *Caroline was not going to make a mistake again, checking the body for death of movement. She wanted his soul and would hold it as a very special prize. She pinned him hard to the ground while casting her spell… the words to summon his soul up from his body and draw it in to a marble orb!* -Evangeline

Anthony: *The body didn’t move but the soul within struggled for life, for freedom! It was time to move on … for death was only the beginning!* -Dark

Gabriel: *As Gabriel, his fangs were long and he was breathing heavily! All those memories Evangeline couldn’t block from him from Anthony’s brutal kiss to the promises he’d made … everything … it wouldn’t let him go! Deep down inside, he knew he belonged with Evangeline and she was the only one who could calm this but … He was still so angry!* -Dark

Evangeline: *Her son… her son that was so special he came in a vision to ask Gabriel to take care of her! He would only be born if Gabriel was with her. That she clung to! Her baby needed her, and he needed Gabriel! Just as she wanted him there with her to hold her and make these awful feelings go away!* -03:24 Mar 03

Caroline: *More power to the spell..! She needed more! The soul was fighting, stuggling… yet not enough! Something about it felt wrong and familiar at the same time… Yet she almost had it! Caroline added more to the spell! Just a tiny bit more!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *His breathing began to slow. His fangs disappeared. He started to think clearly. Evangeline. Their son. He didn’t belong here. He needed to get back … The dragon wings disappeared. He slowly stood and the claws vanished. He reappeared in Caroline’s loft.* … Evangeline. -Dark

Anthony: *As Caroline added more power, the soul began to twist, like a snake in her grasp with its head moving backwards to bite her! It was so difficult to keep hold of!* -Dark

Evangeline: *She couldn’t bring herself to words or even to stand! There was guilt and relief and so much pain! Sniffling she reached out a hand to him.* You have to stay here… but everyone isn’t here… -03:33 Mar 03
Dark: *The realization dawned on him …* Caroline. *He disappeared and reappeared at the playground!* Caroline! *What was she trying to do?!* -03:34 Mar 03

Gabriel: *He sat down in the seat Dark had vacated as he took her hand.* -Dark

Caroline: *Every curse word Dark had ever screamed was running through her head. She was SO close! The soul was almost hers! ….But then there’s was Dark’s voice. He wasn’t supposed to be there – and the distraction was costly! Her concentration wavered and the soul snapped. Her spike cracked in half. And Caroline was quickly trying to regrasp the spell before he got loose!* …god damnit…! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t want to cry… to make him worry over her. But she couldn’t stop herself! She shifted in to his arms, still shaking. Squeezing her eyes shut again, almost wishing she could erase all of those thoughts and memories. That awful taste at her mouth and the way her skin crawled… She only wanted to feel Gabriel!* -03:39 Mar 03

Anthony: *The soul snapped but suddenly rebounded back to Caroline, seeking to attach itself to her like a leech and drain her power!* -Dark

[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((03:41 Mar 03))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:42 Mar 03))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:42 Mar 03
[Evangeline doesn\’t want the last person to kiss her to be Anthony!] -07:34 Mar 04
[Gabriel is there in body … but what about mind?] -07:35 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She wants to comfort her Mommy so much! But this doesn’t seem like something a small devil should watch! She slips behind the couch!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He seems preoccupied, even with his arms around Evangeline! He had been so close! He should have killed Anthony much sooner!* -07:36 Mar 04

Caroline: *While Caroline… she was quickly recoiling from the soul that broke free, now trying to latch itself on to her like a leech! This was NOT a road she wanted to go down today! She directed a new spell now, one to block the soul from her body as she prepared a new capture spell!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He muttered under his breath, a swear word or two!* Damnit, Caroline, don’t do it! This is Anthony we’re talking about! It’s probably booby-trapped six times over! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *He was so angry with her… he didn’t have to say it. And now she was concerned that he would push her away! There were so many images in her head. Wicked promises and pictures of memories she knew wasn’t hers… but another woman’s! Evangeline tugged on Gabriel’s coat.* Please don’t think about him. -07:39 Mar 04

Anthony: *The soul was quite persistent! It battered against the spell block, taking the form of a snake now as it grew and began to twist around and around!* -Gabriel

Caroline: Quiet and stay back there! *There was a certain amount of concentration that it required to capture a soul, especially one so strong. And Dark was the ultimate distraction!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He didn’t even look at her! At first it appeared like he was going to give her the silent treat! Seconds turned into minutes …* This has gone on far too long. I will end this. *He spoke so softly! He might have been speaking to himself!* -07:44 Mar 04
Gabriel: *treatment -07:44 Mar 04

Dark: *Something was wrong! Why couldn’t she see that?! But if he intervened now … she might drop the spell and be completely vulnerable! He growled and clenched his teeth!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: He has done it all before with her… But I don’t care what he does to me, I don’t want you to chase him and something happen… *She had to explain why, didn’t she? Make him understand how important he was! No matter what she saw or what happened to her! As long as he stayed with her, all of it would be fine! She tugged on his jacket again.* You won’t leave me because he kissed me? -07:51 Mar 04
Gabriel: *Something in his eyes changed when she mentioned the kiss. He wrapped his arms tighter around her and pulled her closer until she was in his lap.* … I will not leave you because he kissed you. *He knew how much she wanted to erase those memories and the scent and taste of Anthony off of her. But she needed those memories. And he had promised he would not erase or lock her memories anymore.* -07:55 Mar 04

Anthony: *Now the soul was … growing bigger! And … stronger?! It seemed to be drawing power from something ….* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Dark was standing too close and seething…. and she was losing her grip on the soul as it grew! Should she let it loose, it could tackle the nearest able body. And what would be a better prize for Anthony than taking back what he lost plus the powers of Light? Suddenly, she dropped her soul stealing spell. With a shove of her second hand, she pushed her shield so hard it violently threw Anthony’s soul back towards his fallen body!* -Evangeline

Anthony: *The soul flew back toward the body but stopped adruptly over the chest! It swirled around and around in circles as if tempting her to try and drain it again!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Burying her face at his shoulder, she was trying not to emote those feelings towards him. The more she felt it, the more he wanted to fix it… and the more he would want to leave.* And you remember that you promised never to me again? You can trust me? -08:03 Mar 04
Gabriel: If I do not end this now, he will return. Over and over … He will never rest and you and our son will never be safe from him. -08:07 Mar 04

Caroline: *Oh she wanted to… To raise her hands and cast a spell that man had never seen before.. nor would ever see again. Even then her fingers twitched and her shadow rose behind her with that wide hollow smile. …Caroline was still debating it! But there were things Evangeline had said… * Flee while you have the chance. The next time you meet me, will be your last. -Evangeline

Anthony: *The soul took that warning and disappeared into the body! Then the body dissolved! … The soul reappeared, without the body, in the den of a large mansion, flying back and forth between two out stretched hands. Anthony laughed softly and stroked the soul.* The Lady Shade getting all worked up over an artificial soul. How quaint. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted back, lifting a hand to brush over his cheek.* But do you trust me..? I won’t let him hurt you… and I know you won’t let him hurt us. I know you will be able to protect us when you need to. -08:12 Mar 04
Gabriel: I need to protect you now. This would not have happened had I tracked him down and killed him … Or killed him when Galisteu had the chance. -08:13 Mar 04

Caroline: *Caroline waited several moments until she knew he was gone for sure… and then it was a loud growl and a wildly thrown spell! One so heavy, it cracked the ground for several feet and split a tree in half!* SonofaBITCH. -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t lie… she didn’t want Anthony anywhere near her again. His mouth or teeth or hands..! And her thoughts were plain as day across her face and in the way she shivvered. But for Gabriel’s sake..! She just shook her head.* But the price you would have to pay is more than I want to give. I want to feel safe but.. but I don’t want it at the cost of you…? -08:19 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He was upsetting Evangeline. It was time to change the subject. This was an argument they would have back and forth for sometime.* … What were you looking for before all this happened, Evangeline? *He cupped her cheek with one hand and stroked her hair with the other.* -08:20 Mar 04
Evangeline: *A nibbling of her bottom lip, unsure if she should say… he was shifting the conversation, but if he was going to stay with her…* I wanted to look at neighborhoods and houses. I tought if we had a few years to prepare, it might feel safer…? -08:25 Mar 04
Gabriel: *So many things he was tempted to say!* … You are insane. -08:38 Mar 04

Dark: *He huffed. He was relieved Caroline was safe … but now she was pissed and Anthony would return!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It was a nice place and there were no leylines nearby and there are friendly tree sprites in the park and the homes are nice family houses where he could invite his friends over..! -08:41 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He smirked at the thought of their son returning with friends!* Normal humans? -08:42 Mar 04

Caroline: *He was going to come back. No doubt about that. …she could have done that so differently! Summoned the shadows right away. Not called Gabriel. Sealed his body and soul a different way, so it couldn’t feed on power… feed on it from WHERE? It wasn’t entirely her! Caroline paused her angry stalking to glare at the tall shadow smirking as it stalked with her. She waved a hand to make it disperse.* …And what possessed YOU to return back here, knowing Anthony would love to take you back? -Evangeline

Evangeline: ..I was hoping a few human friends. *He smirked… it was funny how that one thing could relieve her so much. Evangeline relaxed just a bit to brush her fingers over his mouth.* Are you angry with me? I took Dark and Meri so I wouldn’t be alone. -08:46 Mar 04
Gabriel: Friends are important. *He knew his friends had saved him and Evangeline countless times.* He may grow as slow as a human does. *Which would help ease things. If he grew up too fast, he would be disoriented and not be able to make friends quickly enough. If he grew too slow, his friends would outgrow but not outlive him.* -08:51 Mar 04
Evangeline: *She took his hand, placing it at her stomach so he could feel. It wasn’t very big yet… but she could always feel him!* He does.. like a normal baby! I’m glad it won’t be so fast. *There was a thoughtful look crossing her expression.* But he does need a lot to eat… I never thought I would be sick of food. -08:57 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He felt the life growing inside of her and it made him feel …* It is different to create life with you than it is to create life as Darkness. -09:00 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She couldn’t take it anymore! She jumped up and looked over the edge of the couch!* Oh, what does he look like, Mommy? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled for the first time since the outing.* Because he was made special..? *She tilted her head at Meri and gave it some thought!* Um… right now I suppose he looks like a jelly bean. But when he’s bigger he’ll look like me and Gabriel! -09:03 Mar 04

Dark: *He followed her and that creepy shadow of hers.* I was worried about you … again. Anthony’s a sneaky bastard. -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently.* His mother is special. -09:12 Mar 04

Vlamerias: With Glaer’s gray eyes and your hair, Mommy? -Gabriel

Caroline: *Her shadow hovered a bit behind her, casting a wider grin at Dark before it dropped to the ground and vanished to a normal shade.* A bastard that chooses to use the worst sort of weapon on a woman like Evangeline… *Enough for her to ball her fists up and need to take a deep breath to calm herself! There would be no sense in wasting energy on her anger. But..* And if you were taken, she would have done something so stupid for nothing. … Ugh..! I could have sealed him faster! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Beautiful eyes and dark hair and he will this smile..! *Evangeline grinned, resting her hands at Gabriel’s cheeks to turn his mouth up in that smirk!* -09:18 Mar 04
Gabriel: Your Mommy appears to enjoy my smirk much more than others. -09:19 Mar 04

Dark: *Dark gave the shadow a disturbed look.* Do you know why she wouldn’t let you summon Gabriel, much less summon Gabriel herself? She insisted I not fight Anthony. *He snorted.* I’m the avatar of Light. I could have handled him. -Gabriel

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Um, Glaer, am I going to be his familiar, too? Or just yours and Mommy’s? -Gabriel

Gabriel: He’s going to be too young for a familiar of his own for sometime. Officially, you will be mine and your Mommy’s. But I will appreciate your help in keeping him safe. -09:26 Mar 04

Caroline: Evangeline has said that if Gabriel kills the man, he could take over Gabriel’s body. The body he has now isn’t his original. I suspect the clones he makes are partially so he has something powerful to slip in to should someone manage to kill him… -Evangeline

Evangeline: He’ll be a troublemaker and need a little devil to keep an eye on him, for sure! Can you imgagine..? *Evangeline sure could! It was almost all she did now, and she welcome the happy thoughts in place of the dark ones!* -09:30 Mar 04

Dark: Crap. I didn’t think something like that was possible. Sure when Gabriel was just a Carnatelli. But even when he’s Darkness? -Gabriel

Vlamerias: He’ll be just like Mommy and help people? -Gabriel

Caroline: Evangeline seems to think so, doesn’t she. And how often is Evangeline wrong when it concerns Gabriel? Or you, for that matter? She deems to keep both of you safe, and I don’t intend to let that bastard anywhere near you. *Her shadow wasn’t sleeping. It was so rare that she called it, but when she did it usually went away when she told it too. …it was being defiant today, and that meant she had tapped too deep!* I may have to go hunting. -Evangeline

Dark: Hunting? For Anthony? -Gabriel

Gabriel: Your genes for helping others run deep, Evangeline. *He smirked.* -09:42 Mar 04
Evangeline: And he is as protective as you are… He has more than just my gift if he could make himself known like he did. *That had her thinking again… Those prophecies all led up to the birth of her son… was he going to be someone extra special? She was grinning again! Every mother wanted to believe her child would be amazing!* -09:46 Mar 04
Gabriel: He is the son of Darkness and the immortal psychic. He is very special. *He kissed her forehead.* -09:48 Mar 04

Caroline: Aye. He wants someone to chase him, so he will be chased. It just won’t be the ones he’s expecting. I may not be able to take his soul but there are other ways to seal a power… *Things she didn’t care to discuss with Dark. Caroline took a moment to repair the damages she did to the ground and tree…* You should check on Evangeline. -Evangeline

Dark: *He was watching her. There was something she was not telling him, of course. He hated being kept in the dark like this! No pun intended. He ran his fingers through his hair.* Caroline, don’t. Don’t go after him and … do what you’re thinking of doing. -Gabriel

Caroline: *Caroline turned and cast him a wide smirk… so similar to the one her shadow had been wearing!* And what am I thinking of doing, Dark? You can’t fight him, and everyday he is running loose is an opportunity for him to slip in and do something to you or Evangeline. I won’t stand by and wait. -Evangeline

Dark: *He didn’t smirk back or had the energy to glare or throw a tantrum.* I don’t know, Caroline, and that’s what worries me. If Anthony’s too much for someone like Gabriel … I just think me and Gabriel might not be the only ones he was taunting. -Gabriel

Caroline: You forget that I wasn’t the one born just a few mere years ago. I understand what he’s capable of and what I’m capable of. *It wasn’t that she was offended or jealous… but ever so often she felt herself gritting her teeth at this sudden shift of protector-protected!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *A growl!* Do you? Do you really know what he’s capable of! It might have been a few years but I’ve come a hell of a long way! Anthony’s capable of<i>anything</i>! No matter what you’re packing in your arsenal! *Stupid woman! Older or not, she was being pig-headed, stubborn, narrow-minded, selfish, conceited–!* -10:06 Mar 04

Dark: *A growl!* Do you? Do you really know what he’s capable of! It might have been a few years but I’ve come a hell of a long way! Anthony’s capable ofanything! No matter what you’re packing in your arsenal! *Stupid woman! Older or not, she was being pig-headed, stubborn, narrow-minded, selfish, conceited–!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *These urges to show him just how little he knew were getting more and more frequent these days! It was a warning sign she was ignoring, choosing to scowl back at Dark with a cross of her arms.* And you think that you know me little vampire? A few years of hard training and gaining an avatar soul does not make you the authority of what can and cannot be done. You do not understand the power of souls. Perhaps you can go back to your father and ask him. -Evangeline

Dark: Oh! So now you’re an expert about everything, aren’t you? Fine. Go ahead and kill yourself for all I fuckin’ care! But when your body becomes someone else’s plaything, that’d be your fuckin problem! Stupid bitch! I never want to see you again! *And then he was gone!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Another growl… As if that was the first time she ever heard that phrase. …Hell, she’s heard it at least six times in the past week! Instead of chasing him down, she vanished! Reappearing back in her loft… where it was still occupied.* …. Still here? -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t realized they were still in Caroline’s place! But she came back without Dark!* …Dark is all right? -10:25 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. But it wasn’t Caroline he was looking at, rather it was her shadow. If he noticed Dark was not with her, he didn’t show it.* We are leaving. *He stood in one smooth motion, Evangeline in his arms.* Vlamerias. -10:26 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *Meri’s smile vanished when Warrior Lady appeared! Something was … different about her!* Um, ready! -Gabriel

Caroline: He’s fine. We just had a difference of opinion. *Caroline stomped her foot and twisted… getting that shadow back where it belong!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: All right… we will see you soon, okay? *Not that Caroline looked ready for company! But one person at a time!* -10:31 Mar 04

Dark: *He huffed and growled and muttered and swore! He didn’t even know where he was! It was a place full of snow and light and … Gah! This place was too bright for him anyways!* -Gabriel

“But you came all this way. Surely you don’t want to leave empty handed” … The voice echoed. -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He shut his eyes! There was a pounding headache!* What! Who the hell is it?! *He created a lightning ball!* -10:42 Mar 04

Dark: *He shut his eyes! There was a pounding headache!* What! Who the hell is it?! *He created a lightning ball!* -Gabriel

Vlamerias: Please be careful, Warrior Lady! *She said, hugging his leg!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *And then they were gone!* -10:43 Mar 04

“All this time and you don’t know the sound of my voice? Whatever are they teaching you? … Nothing useful, that’s for sure.” The voice was definitely female. It laughed. -Gabriel

Caroline: Yes, careful… *Caroline muttered at the now empty room. She glanced down at her shadow again. It lying on the floor as innocent as could be… Once upon a time she was chided for using Shades. He didn’t like it when she used them and she obeyed. But back then there wasn’t so much at stake… The shadow on the floor smirked wide.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He said, now that they were back at the castle and he was lying her on the bed.* -10:48 Mar 04

Dark: *Realization dawned on him!* … Light? *He squinted but he couldn’t see a thing!* But wait, you’re–you’re dead! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline slipped her arms around Gabriel’s neck. Stiffling the yawn that was trying to betray how the morning’s misadventure had really drained her… But she didn’t want to let Gabriel go!* Uh huh..? -10:48 Mar 04

More laughter. “Dead?! Silly boy. Just because I’m not physically here doesn’t mean I’m dead. You have my soul, after all. … Really, Dark, however have you lasted so long without knowing the basics?” -Gabriel

Gabriel: Things are not right. *He was waiting for her to let go of him but she wasn’t. And she may not understand …* -10:50 Mar 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline looked sleepily confused for a moment, but she shifted enough to stay sitting up. …Yet didn’t release Gabriel.* You can’t go. I know you want to and they had a fight, but you can’t be the one to go to them… -10:53 Mar 04
Gabriel: Caroline’s shadow is emanating its own energy. It never has before. Dark has gone to a place he never has prior to now. Light’s sanctuary. *Dark possessed Light’s soul but his control was tenative at best. Anything upsetting could cause that control to slip.* -10:56 Mar 04

Dark: *Dark opened his mouth to curse the voice but stopped! He glanced down at the ground. The snow glared back at him against his shoes. He kicked his shoes off. Caroline had bought him those shoes. He wanted nothing to do with her and thus with them!* … No one ever tells me anything anymore. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *How could she explain it without scaring him or making him worry… Well, she would stick with truth!* They will be fine today. It can only be one at a time, it can’t come crashing down all at once. But… if you will stay with me, you could send someone to stay with Dark just for tonight…? Tomorrow I will take care of him! -11:01 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He didn’t like the sound of that! … But first things first …* Did you have someone in mind. -11:03 Mar 04
Evangeline: *She nodded!* You sent Meri to him before, so she could listen and let him talk. She’s a very good listener and that’s all he needs right now. And Meri could tell him your worries about Caroline. *Meri was young… she would understand his frustrations and let him get it all out!* -11:06 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He was so tempted to leave and go see Dark himself! But the other times he’d gone after him had not ended well! He nuzzled her cheek and lifted his head.* … Vlamerias. -11:26 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She poked her head over the foot of the bed!* Yes, Glaer! *She had overheard everything but she couldn’t get ahead of herself!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: Find Dark. Talk and listen to him. Tell me what his troubles are when you return. -11:31 Mar 04
Evangeline: ..and don’t tell him unless I am with him too! *She added quick!* -11:31 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yes, Mommy! Yes, Glaer! *She jumped to her feet and curtseyed so low her knees touched the ground!* I won’t let you or Mommy down! *And then she POOFED!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* It was simpler when my familiar had one master. -11:35 Mar 04
Evangeline: Do you regret having me in your life? *Though she wasn’t afraid that he did… sometimes she was afraid he resented her. Especially when they argued over such important things..!* -11:38 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He shifted to lie down on the bed beside her.* … I do not. -11:40 Mar 04

“I know all too well the feeling. People expect so much of you. Then they use you and when you finally begin to speak your own mind … they turn on you. They don’t deserve you, Dark. They are so fortunate to have you. But they don’t appreciate you. And they never will. That is how nature works.” -Gabriel

Dark: *He growled and kicked, sending snow flying into the air!* Yeah?! Well … nature sucks! *He huffed! Then he was pulling his jacket off! Caroline had given him that, too!* -Gabriel

More laughter. It sounded like chimes. It was … it was really kind of pretty! “Oh, Dark. Of course, it does. But you know who’s responsible for so-called Mother Nature, don’t you? It’s you. Or rather, you as the avatar of Light. And Darkness. He’s the real one to blame.” -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Now she could relax… Evangeline worried for Dark, but Dark was stronger than he even realized himself. All he needed was someone to believe in him. He would pull through! It was Caroline they would need to be concerned about… but for now, she was so tired and hungry, and most of all needy for attention! Evangeline curled herself up against Gabriel, sighing when she found just the right comfy spot.* Have you thought of any more names yet…? I read in a book that people used to give their sons their father’s Last name… -11:49 Mar 04

Dark: Oh shut up! *He turned and ripped his shirt off!* You’re just bringing him up ’cause he pissed you off, that’s all! Now you’re going to egg me on about taking him down so you can have your revenge! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Give them their father’s first name as a last name! -11:49 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Carnatelli? *There seemed to be an inside joke!* -11:50 Mar 04
Evangeline: You’re a little wicked I think… *She loved to hear him laugh! Evangeline rest a hand on his chest so she could feel that resonance of his voice.* I think I might give him Gabriel as a last name.. or a middle name? What do you think of Gideon, or Alexander, or Constantine, or hmm.. I like D’artagnan but that is what I would have named Dark… -11:59 Mar 04

“I must admit I have had my moments but I only meant to point things out! You are the avatar of Light. You have so much responsibility. Please, Dark … You know what I say is true. But do you really want that sort of obligation to burden you for all eternity?” -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He smirked.* D’artagnan? *He was going to use that from now on and tease Dark relentlessly!* I like Alexander. *He nibbled on her neck and whispered in her ear.* Carnatelli means carnage. -12:07 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused in surprise at the meaning, a dubious look on her face even while tilting her head just a bit.* Then it’s ironic you pick the name that means ‘protector of mankind’. Alexander would be a very good name… -12:10 Mar 05
[Gabriel enters.] -12:31 Mar 05
Gabriel: Which is your favorite name. *He nuzzled her neck.* -12:32 Mar 05

Dark: Yeah well, what’s your point. *He muttered! He felt really cold all of a sudden! Which was odd … he almost never felt cold! His hands fumbled at the opening to his pants! Caroline had given him these, too! Stupid woman!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Hmm.. Alexander Gabriel! It has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? And he can choose if he wants to be Carnatelli when he is older? -12:37 Mar 05
Gabriel: You do not mind the risk of him taking Carnatelli. -12:41 Mar 05
Evangeline: Well… I think I rather he didn’t so people wouldn’t hunt him or shun him… but he is a part of you and if he wants it known that will be his choice? *Usually she would say it was his choice and leave it at that… but… she didn’t want people coming after her son like they way they did to Carnatelli!* -12:43 Mar 05

Something cold on his face made him stop and he found himself staring into Light’s eyes! She wasn’t real … He could see right through her but …! This couldn’t be right! She smiled at his surprise. “If you would only trust me. I can teach you so many things about being the avatar of Light. Things they never even dreamt of. They will fear you, Dark. They will hate you. But they will never disrespect you.” -Gabriel

Gabriel: You are very brave. -12:48 Mar 05

Vlamerias: *There was a loud hiss from behind Dark!* Begone, wench! -Gabriel

Dark: *He turned–forgetting he was naked!* MERI?! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She smiled softly…* You make me brave… I could never do the things I do now if you weren’t here to take care of me… -12:52 Mar 05
Gabriel: That has proven a double-edged sword. You have no fear of me, such as the time you brought me back and my memories. -12:59 Mar 05
Evangeline: It was always selfish… I didn’t want to live without you. *She could say it was because the world needed him, and it was true, but…. but she was only thinking about how much she loved him and how much she missed him! How terrible it was when she thought he was dead, and how she never wanted to let him go again! Evangeline leaned to brush a kiss over his mouth.* I loved the vows of the binding spell because it meant I wouldn’t have to live if you were gone. it strange…? -01:03 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He looked into her eyes.* No matter what you must live. Our child depends on you. -01:04 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Having Gabriel’s son… that did make a difference! But at the same time, a life without Gabriel… Evangeline just smiled!* Then you won’t do anything that would risk your life and leave us..? You will live for him too, no matter what happens? -01:07 Mar 05
Gabriel: Your welfare before mine, Evangeline. -01:08 Mar 05
Evangeline: And I couldn’t stand to live without you… you have me at a stalemate! *Stubborn man… but it was part of why she loved him so much! He would protect her at any cost… it just meant she had to be that much more stubborn herself!* -01:10 Mar 05

Light didn’t seem in the least bit disturbed! “The grown ups are having an adult conversation. Run along.” -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He took her hand, the one with the binding mark and traced it with his thumb.* It seems like an eternity go. -01:13 Mar 05
Gabriel: *ago -01:13 Mar 05
Evangeline: *She giggled, tucking her head under his chin.* When I first met you, you kept trying to get away from me… -01:14 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* And then you couldn’t wait to get away from me and return to London. -01:15 Mar 05

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! into her devil form, long tail and large bat wings! Pure white hair, dark red eyes, and fangs which she bared! She struck a pose! One hand on her hip, the other pointing at Light!* I’m going to send you packing first, White Witch! -Gabriel

Evangeline: You seemed like you could handle things at the time… *Even she could be wrong sometimes! Evangeline had that thoughtful look again.* If Anthony would have let me leave back to London, everything may have been so different… -01:19 Mar 05
The New Light Saga


Evangeline convinces Gabriel to spend some father-son time with Dark.

[Evangeline feels the pull of fate! …which means she has to convince people to do things that they don\’t want to do!] -12:29 Feb 28
[Gabriel is taking a nap in the autumn courtyard under a tree which means no one else is in there!] -12:29 Feb 28
Evangeline: *It was completely unnecessary for her to sneak. …but still, she tip-toed quietly across the courtyard until she peered around the tree where her sleeping husband lay. How cute! Not that anyone else would think it was cute, but he was handsome when he was sleeping…* ..hmm. *Pulling up an extra long blade of grass, she dangled it just over his nose!* -12:33 Feb 28
Evangeline: *It was completely unnecessary for her to sneak. …but still, she tip-toed quietly across the courtyard until she peered around the tree where her sleeping husband lay. How cute! Not that anyone else would think it was cute, but he was handsome when he was sleeping…* ..hmm. *Pulling up an extra long blade of grass, she dangled it just over his nose!* -12:34 Feb 28
Gabriel: *His nose didn’t so much as twitch!* I assume you have a very important reason for this, Evangeline. *She knew he enjoyed his naps!* -12:34 Feb 28
Evangeline: *She had to stiffle her giggling. Evangeline supposed had anyone else dared to waken him, they’d have been thrown over the wall. …he did it once before!* Do you remember when I mentioned you and Dark should spend more time together..? I haven’t seen you spending time together yet… -12:36 Feb 28
Gabriel: It is on my to-do list, Evangeline. He is tending to his duties as Light and I am taking a much deserved nap. -12:41 Feb 28
Evangeline: *She stepped out from behind the tree and leaned over him.* What if I asked him to come over and you sat around being sleepy and talking together? You wouldn’t have to move from the spot. -12:43 Feb 28
Gabriel: I cannot take a nap if I am talking. -12:45 Feb 28
Evangeline: No… but you would be spending quality time with Dark and talking about important mentor type things, like powers, possessions, women, and cursing! *He was so very stubborn about this! It wasn’t like she was asking him to bring home another Obsidian! This was Dark!* -12:47 Feb 28
Gabriel: I have been his mentor long enough, Evangeline. -12:50 Feb 28
Evangeline: He isn’t going to learn everything in a few short years… And there is more to it than teaching him how to fight or throwing spells. *A soft huff… reasoning alone would not be enough, and she could’t tell him the entire meaning of the prophecies or he was going to be a raging ball of worry! …More than he was now! Evangeline leaned down further until she picked up both his feet and tried to tug him.* We’re going fishing with Dark! -12:53 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He finally opened his eyes.* I do not fish. -12:54 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Tuuug! By sheer willpower, she intended to move him across the courtyard towards one of the ponds.* We’ll learn how to fish today. I bet one of the creatures in the pond could teach us. Then you and Dark can talk while I supervise. -12:57 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He refused to budge!* … Evangeline. -12:57 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Tug!Pull!Tuuuug! Then an EEP and a ploof of leaves when she lost her grip and dropped to the fallen leaves! …that was tiring! Now she needed a snack… and perhaps a wagon to roll him on to.* Is it so bad to spend time with Dark? He thinks you hate him, and I know that isn’t true… -01:00 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He wasn’t quite sure whether to smirk, laugh, or raise an eyebrow. He stood and bent to pick her up.* Why would he think I hate him. You and I both know I do not. -01:05 Feb 28
Evangeline: Because he’s young and the only time you ever spend with him, you’re beating him up or saving him from trouble. Or yelling at him for interfering! He needs to know you care for him, and will support him, and he’s not just a tool to be used… *That list bit was almost too much information. Once she was back on her feet, she shook leaves off her skirt…. then captured his arm! Now he can’t escape!* -01:08 Feb 28
Gabriel: We do not get along in other cases. *He wasn’t trying to escape just yet but he didn’t need to try very hard to do so.* -01:11 Feb 28
Evangeline: You might get along if you -tried- to spend time with him! *Evangeline huffed again and let go. This wasn’t working at all! She would have to try something else…* …Well all right then. I will take him fishing myself and teach him things that boys should know. I’ll tell him why he should never play cards naked and what happens when you wake up yeti, and I think we might take a trip to Bolivia and I’ll show him vampires and why he is very different from them! *She started marching away!* -01:15 Feb 28
Gabriel: *A slight raise of the eyebrow.* You are insane. *… Which he knew was generally his way of telling her she’d won the argument.* -01:16 Feb 28
Evangeline: No, I think meeting real Bolivian Vampires is just what he needs! *She wasn’t going to smile… had to keep a straight face. Evangeline turned around and clasped her hands behind her back.* Would you like to join us? -01:18 Feb 28
Gabriel: I will go. -01:23 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline hopped and clapped her hands!* I need a picnic basket of food… I can summon Dark! He couldn’t be too busy at all today. *In fact she was already digging in her pockets for one of the marbles Caroline made her for Dark-summoning!* -01:25 Feb 28
Gabriel: … I married an intelligent woman. *He remarked dryly and had a picnic basket with food in one hand in no time.* -01:28 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline popped one of the marbles for the summon. Then she closed her eyes! As sometimes when Dark was napping at home, he was naked, and she didn’t need that shock again!* -01:29 Feb 28

Dark: *Dark HAD been napping! He appeared on the ground at their feet, naked and curled up, clutching a pillow!* Zzzz …. zzz …. -Gabriel

Gabriel: He naps without clothes. -01:35 Feb 28
Evangeline: Oh dear..! I’ve done it again! *Now she really couldn’t open her eyes. She had both hands covering them!* Dark, wake up please…! -01:36 Feb 28
Gabriel: *Gabrirel raised an eyebrow. It seemed like this was a common occurence!* -01:36 Feb 28

Dark: Zzzz … zzz … Not now, Mommy. I don’t wanna go to school. *He yawned and turned over.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It’s not a lesson today Dark, we’re going fishing..! *Mommy! She was used to Meri calling her Mommy, hearing Dark say it had her grinning silly… and reminder that she’d have someone else calling her Mommy soon enough!* Dark, your father is here! -01:38 Feb 28

Dark: *… Father …. Gabriel …* GABRIEL?! *He rolled onto his feet and faced them! Then he realized he was NAKED and grabbed the pillow to cover his crotch!* What the crap! EVANGELINE! What’s the meaning of this! -Gabriel

Evangeline: I told you, we’re going fishing. See, Gabriel.. he takes naps the same time of day as you do..! *She still had her hands covering her eyes, but she was grinning wide.* -01:42 Feb 28

Dark: Fishing?! Grr! *He growled but managed to compose himself enough to summon clothes! The pillow disappeared!* Why the hell are we fishing?! -Gabriel

Gabriel: That is merely coincidence, Evangeline. -01:45 Feb 28
Evangeline: Because families go fishing. And with Meri spending time at Oracle so she can rest, I was lonely and wanted to spend time with you and Gabriel..? *Convincing Dark was always so much easier than Gabriel! He always spent time with her when she asked!* -01:46 Feb 28

Dark: *He huffed!* … Fine. I’ll go fishing with you. Some family we are. A clone, a vampire, and a psychic. -Gabriel

Evangeline: And soon we’ll be a family with a vampire psychic! You’ll have a brother to teach fishing to! *Before Dark changed his mind, she took his arm and was leading the way across the courtyard to the ponds.* You and Gabriel can talk about things you want to teach him! -01:51 Feb 28

Dark: … Uh. Yeah about this pregnancy of yours … *He wasn’t quite sure what he felt about it! Caroline liked to tease him about it! He was just … feeling awkward!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: You don’t like it..? *Evangeline paused by the pond, and was -really- trying not to jump to conclusions. She understood not everyone was as excited as she was, but some people said things that hurt her feelings!* -01:58 Feb 28

Dark: Um, don’t get me wrong! I’m real eh, happy for you and Gabriel but … I don’t think there’s gonna be room for me in this little family anymore. -Gabriel

Evangeline: I see… *Evangeline didn’t hide the "I told you so!" look she cast to Gabriel. This was what she was worried about!* You shouldn’t think that way! You’re a very important part of our lives. -02:02 Feb 28
Gabriel: *His only reply was a raise of the eyebrow!* -02:03 Feb 28

Dark: You’re gonna be busy with the baby and Gabriel is busy as usual. I’ve seen and heard everything. About how big a baby is, what a responsibility, and a half-vampire even more! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Oh, just sit here! *She fussed at him to get him sitting down next to the pond. Then she was taking the picnic basket from Gabriel and fussing at him to sit too.* You’ll need some fishing poles. … Now, I wonder who you think is going to be a better person to take my son out to all of the best ice cream places? Or out trick or treating? -02:07 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He blinked as he dropped down into a seat! He snorted.* I remember the last time I took you out trick or treating … -02:09 Feb 28

Dark: *He blinked as he dropped down into a seat! He snorted.* I remember the last time I took you out trick or treating … -Gabriel

Evangeline: And who knows what might have happened if you weren’t there too. And think, Gabriel has taught you so many new things since then… I bet he could tell you stories of his adventures too. *…because so far she was doing all of the talking! Dark didn’t need bonding time with -her-! Evangeline took the picnic basket a fair distance and curled up in a nice spot. She was digging inside looking for the perfect treat!* -02:12 Feb 28
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((02:17 Feb 28))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((02:17 Feb 28))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:17 Feb 28
[Evangeline is supervising father-son bonding time. … She is also getting in to the picnic basket!] -09:43 Mar 01
[Gabriel and Dark have been sitting, silent with only the sound of Evangeline rummaging in the picnic basket!] -09:45 Mar 01
Evangeline: *She has acquired juice, sandwiches, veggies and dip… None of which she had any intentions of sharing. Chewing on a sammich, she was eyeing the both of them like a hawk! …Silence was better than arguing, at least?* -09:47 Mar 01

Dark: *Dark huffed and glanced around. He found a pebble and began tossing it into the air and catching it.* -Gabriel

Gabriel: … Nothing will change between us. -09:50 Mar 01

Dark: … Change can be good sometimes. And then some change can be bad. *He shrugged.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It really depends on the people involved, I think. *She added! Gabriel needed the help!* -09:52 Mar 01

More silence between Dark and Gabriel. Seconds slipped into minutes … five minutes … ten … -Gabriel

Dark: There’s one thing I never got. *He took a deep breath, then turned to Gabriel.* Back when Louis attacked me. Why’d you call me your son? Why not clone or mistake or artificial life form. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She opened her mouth to interject.. Dark was not a mistake! But this was Gabriel bonding time… She busied herself with drinking a third glass of juice and being patient. It was hard enough to get them to sit down, without her over-meddling. …it did make her wonder if her son would be more like Dark or like Gabriel.. or like herself? Or someone entirely different!* -10:14 Mar 01
Gabriel: I could not think of a more fitting word to use. For all the pain I have inflicted, my intentions are good. I will admit, at first, I wanted to test your limits. If I knew your limits, I could deal with you when you decided to turn … But as you said. Change can be good. -10:15 Mar 01

Dark: … Thanks. I think. *He finally tossed the pebble and watched it skim on the water surface. Once. Twice. Three times … and then it was gone.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Sometimes we get surprised by things that seem like a problem at first, but then turn out really amazing… right Gabriel? *Ha! She found cookies in the basket! Those immediately stolen to be nibbled on. If they wanted lunch, they’d have to actually try fishing!* -10:25 Mar 01
Gabriel: … Indeed. -10:27 Mar 01

Dark: *He blinked.* Enjoying the cookies? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused, looking only ever so slightly guilty..! She -might- have shared but… well. There just weren’t enough here, really!* …I am. If you like we can go out to get some cookies? -10:34 Mar 01

Dark: *He smirked.* Nah, I’ll pass. Caroline still teases me about an ice cream belly. -Gabriel

Evangeline: We could go out for a walk and take care of that too… *That was enough to make her look down and poke at her own stomach. There was just barely a hint of somewhere in there. Before long she wasn’t going to get to wear her usual clothes!* -10:38 Mar 01

Dark:Has anyone ever carried a half-human, half-vampire baby to full term before? -Gabriel

Evangeline: Um… I don’t know! I’m sure it’s happened before, but I’ve met one… Caroline said she hasn’t either, and she’s seen a million different things… -10:42 Mar 01

Dark: There’s a first time for everything. *He shrugged.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: He’ll need someone to help him, since he’ll be so different… You might show him some things, Dark..? I don’t want him to feel like he’s all alone. -10:48 Mar 01

Dark: Eh … You know how I feel about humans in general … But hey, technically you’re not human and the kid won’t be either. So sure. I’ll teach him the ropes. -Gabriel

Dark: *He snickered.* I’ll be more gentle than my teachers were to me. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Well, I would hope so! He’s going to start off so much smaller! *She tapped her chin, thoughtful.* He’s going to need to learn about humans too… I think when he’s old enough for school he’ll have to go to a normal one. But when he wants to invite friends over, we can’t bring them to the castle. Maybe we should look for a house…? -10:53 Mar 01
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He raised an eyebrow.* Human or not, it does not change the fact the child will be a target. An extremely tempting one. -10:54 Mar 01
Evangeline: But I don’t want him to feel locked away from the world..? And if he might be like you and Dark, I want him to meet all different kinds of people… So he understands why we take care of them! -10:57 Mar 01
Gabriel: And what do you intend to do when someone realizes who and what the boy is. He will, no doubt, need a special diet and a boy his age will find it difficult to suppress his powers. Or his tendency to do reckless acts of heroism. -10:59 Mar 01
Evangeline: He would be at least five or six before starting a school… I’m sure by then we could teach him how to mind himself in public! I don’t want our son to grow up always afraid that someone is going to hurt him. There’s always dangers, we could just take the extra steps to make sure he’s safe there…? *Evangeline could see that this was going to be an argument they’d have for the next couple of years. Yet instead of being frustrated, she was having a really hard time suppressing a smile! It was future plans for their baby!* -11:03 Mar 01
Gabriel: My extra steps differ from yours, Evangeline. -11:05 Mar 01

Dark: *He eyed the two of them, smirking to himself before reaching into the basket to find a breadstick. Not his choice but it would do.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Then between the two of us, I know we can make everything safe for him. Not to mention Dark’s help and Caroline. …and Meri! Meri might like to try a human school also! -11:07 Mar 01

Dark: *He snickered.* Your kid and Meri in the same school … That should be fun. -Gabriel

Gabriel: Some experience with children will not hurt. *He said, eying Dark!* -11:30 Mar 01
Evangeline: Don’t you think so? She needs some interaction with humans that aren’t Hunters from Oracle… they’re giving her a really bad impression since so many of them are cocky and make such a fuss. *She blinked at Gabriel eyeing Dark… and grinned!* -11:30 Mar 01

The New Light Saga


Hunters think they’re getting a free ride with Evangeline sleeping. But Caroline gives them one hella wicked lesson. When Gabriel arrives, she tells him her fear about Evangeline losing blood to their child. Gabriel sneaks Evangeline blood in her food!

[Caroline walks in to the huge gym, to find Evangeline sleeping on a chair and several hunters goofing off and playing with beanbags.] -12:34 Feb 23
[Vlamerias somehow ended up with her head on Evangeline\’s lap and her legs tucked under her!] -12:37 Feb 23
Caroline: …and the lesson plan today is what exactly? *She asked loud, to get everyone’s attention.* -12:38 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *At the sound of the Warrior Lady’s voice, her eyelids fluttered! She watched through squinted eyes but was still too sleepy to do much more!* -12:39 Feb 23

Some of the closer guys stopped tossing a beanbag around. “Eh? Something about learning how to get along with faeries. She was sleeping when we got here!”

“Yeah, and we’d like to keep it that way. How the hell is screwin’ around with faeries supposed to help train HUNTERS?” Bawled out another guy.

Vlamerias: *A wide YAWN! Filthy humans and their dirty mouths! She’ll plot revenge later and teach them a lesson! For now, she tilted her head so she could watch what was going on!* -12:42 Feb 23
Caroline: I see. A problem with Evangeline’s choice of lesson plans? *How amusing. Normally they were happy to have a nice safe lesson from Evangeline, compared to the shit they had to deal with in other classes.* -12:43 Feb 23

“C’mon, FAERIES? Really? How is that ever supposed to be useful on the field when fighting vampires and demons and shit!”

Caroline: Is that so? I suppose you want to have a training lesson with something a little more dangerous and exciting. Demons, perhaps? -12:44 Feb 23

“Demon fighting lessons do sound a little bit more on topic…” responded his buddy.

Vlamerias: *That piqued Meri’s attention and chased the sleep from her eyes real quick! … But she was still very tired! Her head jerked up but then she yawned and blinked.* -12:45 Feb 23
Caroline: Then demons it is. Get your weapons. You’ll want to use real rounds. *Caroline didn’t explain what she meant. She only turned away to walk towards one of the far walls. Before anything she took a metal chair to unfold and sit out. Then out came one of her marbles. With a POP she cast a spell across the entire gym!* -12:47 Feb 23

Everything in the gym started to dim, as vines and greenery grew up the side walls and the floors were covered in dark moss. Big trees whooshed up from the ground, going as high as the auditorium ceilings. The room was cast in a shadowy twilight and looked like a small clearing in a forest. At the one end of the gym left Evangeline’s chair, circled by a ring of violets.

“Uh… okay, what the fuck are we supposed to do now?” The second guy asked after loading up his weapon.

Vlamerias: *The hair on the back of Meri’s neck stood up and she made a low sound at the back of her throat like a soft almost inaudible growl! This wasn’t good! Not good at all! … But ssssooo sleepy …* -12:51 Feb 23
Caroline: Protect Evangeline and subdue the demons. They’re rather fond of human blood, and her soul is a valuable collectable. *Caroline held out an arm, a whisper of a spell coming out in a daemon language that Meri would recognize. A summoning!* -12:52 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *That woke her right up! Oh no, a summons! And a serious one at that! Nothing like imps would come this way! She got up with a start!* Warrior Lady, please no! Not my Mommy! -12:53 Feb 23

In the center of the gym, right in the middle of the group of hunters, three sigil circles appeared. Rising from the floor like beasts from a grave, three shadow creatures climbed up. When their bodies became solid they were all nearly half the size of elephants! All sported sharp teeth and claws, with glowing red eyes, and wasted NO time in jerking outward to attack the nearest bodies to them!

“What do you me- HOLY SHIT!” The first guy had to jump out of the way of swinging claws and roll across the ground to get out of the way. Others with scattering in confusion, pulling their guns or bringing out scrolls if they knew how to cast!


Vlamerias: *With a hiss, she dropped to the ground in front of Evangeline, back arched, on her hands and feet! Her eyes glowed red and her fangs grew! She was so tired! But she’d defend her Mommy to the end! Arrogant humans!* -12:57 Feb 23
Caroline: *Caroline took a seat on the metal chair. A cup of tea appearing in one hand and a magazine dropping on to her lap.* I know Gabriel. From his greatest weakness down to where I can hide from him and never be found. Do YOU? Hmm, you might have if you understood Evangeline’s lesson. Know your friends as well as your enemies. If something happens to her, he’s not going to find ME here over her body. *With that, she took a sip of her tea and turned a magazine page.* -01:00 Feb 23

“The fuck kind of lesson is THIS then?!” The guy shouted, chasing down one of the demons that was already starting to ram through several other hunters towards Evangeline!

Vlamerias: *Her hair turned white and the wind picked up around her! Focus! She had to focus! Defend Mommy! Protect Mommy! Keep Mommy from harm! She could do this! She wasn’t just a devil! She was a princess! She was the Infamous One and his Bright Lady’s familiar! She would not let them down!* -01:04 Feb 23
Caroline: Same lesson. If you know your enemy, you know how to combat it. *Another turn of the page.* Do you know how to fight Blood Demons summoned by a Master? -01:05 Feb 23

This time no one had any complaints or comments to throw back at Caroline, They were all distracted by the demons! Several hunters circled the scorpion shaped demon, trying to herd it backwards with some light spells. Another hunter was currently being picked up and thrown clear across the gym in to the vine covered walls. The last demon nearly impaled three hunters with his giant horn and was getting increasingly closer to it’s target!

Vlamerias: *Focus! Focusfocusfocusfocusfocus! Forget being tired! Think! Blood Demons! Um umm … Strength varied according to the strength of the person who summoned them! … But Warrior Lady wasn’t a pushover … Meri couldn’t attack her in the hopes that defeating her would end the spell!* -01:08 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Meanwhile, despite all of the noise, Evangeline was still sleeping soundly! He legs draped over the side of the chair and her head propped against the back. She was so very exhausted and there could be an earthquake and she’d likely not awake!*

Caroline: Vlamerias, you’re wasting your energies… *Calm as an undisturbed pond, Caroline was still reading her magazine as if there wasn’t chaos going on around her. She didn’t even bother to look up to see what was going on!* -01:10 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She hissed and growled in reply! She didn’t trust these idiots to defend her Mommy! They were useless except as fleshy decoys!* -01:15 Feb 23

Someone must have gotten hurt, because there was a sudden and startled scream followed by a whole barrage of gunshots! One of the demons broke free from a group, looking like a giant bear, it ran and leapt over several heads. Dropping to the ground with a BOOM right in front of Meri, but not yet crossing the circle of violet flowers surrounding Evangeline’s chair. It opened up it’s massive jaws and SNAAAAAARRRRLLLLED!

Vlamerias: *She growled, baring fangs!* Touch my Mommy and suffer my eternal wrath! -01:20 Feb 23

The demon snarled again, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth! He stomped a foot closer, just barely nicking one of the flowers on the ground and not seeing the sizzle of smoke from it. It rose a paw to swipe at Meri, but chain wrapped around it’s arm! Several hunters were holding on to the other end, now dragging the beast backwards!

Caroline: *That was when she did look up, but only for a second. Things were still under control, though Vlamerias was going to have a fit any moment.* …I am sure there is at least ONE person in this room that took the time to research the demons they were so eager to slay? -01:26 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *Another hiss at the demon being dragged backwards!* Go pick on someone your own size! No one touches my Mommy! -01:28 Feb 23

Lots of grunts and gunshots. Spells being cast in all directions! But the demons were still fighting. Hunters were being tossed, swiped, near impaled and squashed! Where the group that managed to get the bear demon under control, the scorpion one broke loose! A hunter that jumped in it’s way before it reached Evangeline, was tossed aside like a rag doll. Then it was swiping down a huge claw, ready to do the same to Meri! But as it’s claw passed through the flower circle, only ashes fluttered down over Meri and Evangeline! It lost a claw with a screaming howl!

Evangeline: *Even through high pitched screaming she didn’t wake! …though she did frown, and swat at whatever was landing on her face and tickling her nose. Then it was right back to sleeping sound!*

Gabriel: *A chain someone discarded whipped around the screaming demon’s neck from behind! Then a figure in a dark coat ran up its back, over its shoulder, and to the ground past the circle of violets without marring the flowers! The demon quickly came crashing down with a quick jerk onto the circle!* -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Blood Demon Ash all over the place, and almost every hunter in the room was nicked and bloodied, which was only making the demons stronger and more violent. Caroline didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or let the whole lot of them get slaughtered for the stupidity! ….And there was Gabriel! It figured something crossing the circle would be enough, even if it was just ashes.* Now you’re ALL in trouble. Look what you did. -01:41 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She had her eyes shut and was preparing herself for the final blow! … When nothing came, she opened one eye and then another! She made sure she was all in one piece, made sure her Mommy was, too! Then she saw the boots, up the pants, to the shirt and coat …* Glaer! -01:43 Feb 23

PLOOF! The scorpion demon was ashed in seconds. The same could be said for the bear beast and the one with a giant horn. The bear had a hunter in his teeth ready to start chewing, while the horned demon started charging through shooting men towards Evangeline’s chair!

Gabriel: *He glanced at Meri and put a hand on her head.* Impressive spirit, Vlamerias. You deserve a special treat. -Vlamerias

“Caroline, you’re a fucking BITCH!” screamed that one hunter! He had a huge gash down his gun arm, and was limping trying to grab another weapon to free his chewed on friend!

Vlamerias: *That compliment alone made her feel so much better! She puffed out her chest and held her head high!* Thank you, Glaer! -01:46 Feb 23

Gabriel: *He walked to Evangeline and kissed her lips. He’d missed her.* -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Caroline laughed, turning another page of her magazine.* Was this not what you asked for? To face the real thing and feel the rush of glory that comes with slaying monsters? -01:48 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Evangeline stirred. It was only ever Gabriel that was worth waking up for! She smiled sleepily at him, before realizing there was quite a bit of shooting and screaming going on. …and this didn’t look like the gym at all!* Did I miss my lesson?

Vlamerias: *She grinned sheepishly, hands clasped behind her back!* Warrior Lady gave the lesson for you, Mommy! Or um, a pop quiz. -01:51 Feb 23

As if on cue to announce it’s presence, the charging horned demon crashed through the circle of violets trying to trample towards the chair. It’s entire body disintergrated in to ash, throwing itself over Meri, Gabriel and Evangeline. That was when all the hunters in the room finally realize there was a protection circle around the chair! Much grouching began!

Vlamerias: *She blinked and dusted ash off of her.* Is it over *now*, Warrior Lady? -02:00 Feb 23
Caroline: *With a snap of her fingers the magazine vanished along with her cup of tea. Caroline stood, throwing out another marble. It rolled across the ground until it stopped with a POP under the last and final demon. Like being sucked in to quicksand, it was drawn in to the ground. When it vanished, the strange surroundings of the gym also faded away.* … Be it learned well that a hunter, a GOOD hunter learns as much as he can about every race. BEFORE their stupid asses meet them in battle. I suggest the lot of you spend time in the Oracle Library when the Infirmary is through with you. -02:00 Feb 23

The one guy flipped Caroline the finger with his only good hand. The rest of the hunters were trying to pick themselves up and shuffle out to get to the Infirmary.

Vlamerias: *She suddenly let out a WIDE yawn and touched Evangeline’s hand.* Mommy, can I take a nap now? I’m really tired. -02:03 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Evangeline was more than a little confused, but glad the lesson went well. …and something in here smelled SO GOOD! She was starving!* Oh, Meri! Of course! I bet it was a pesky lesson. *Evangeline moved to sit proper in the chair, giving Meri a quick kiss to the forehead.* You get as much rest as you want.

Caroline: Vlamerias, you can remember I would never do anything that would harm your Bright Lady. I am very impressed with how brave you are. *Brave and fiesty. One the child grew up, she was going to be the fear of all Oracle and the Devil World alike!* -02:06 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She let out another yawn but stifled it at the last moment!* Thank you, Warrior Lady. Um, I think I panicked. Stupid humans. I don’t like Mommy having to rely on the lot of them. Good nap, everyone! *She crouched down to the ground, then sprung for Evangeline! In mid-air, she transformed into a tiny pure black furry kitten and landed lightly on Evangeline’s lap! She dug her paws (without the claws) around, before turning in a circle once and lying down. She was curled up.* -02:10 Feb 23

Gabriel: I trust you enjoyed yourself, Caroline. -Vlamerias

Caroline: It was an amusing way to waste an afternoon. I might have a few words with you, however. *It was her reason for being here in the first place… the lesson was just a bonus. There was something she needed to bring up to Gabriel, prefferably not in Evangeline’s earshot. She tilted her head to have Gabriel follow her to the otherside of the room.* -02:13 Feb 23
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -02:14 Feb 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow but followed after telling Evangeline he would return.* -02:14 Feb 23

Evangeline: *How cute! Evangeline pet the small little kitten Meri, nodding to Gabriel. Meri hadn’t taken many animal forms, and this one was so small and furry! Now if she could just figure out what was smelling sooo tasty. She was definitely ready for something to eat!*

Caroline: *Once they were out of Evangeline’s hearing, Caroline was smirking wide.* I see you are handling Evangeline’s pregancy well. A few ashes and hell is summoned. -02:17 Feb 23
Gabriel: I did not summon hell. I merely came to lend a hand. -02:18 Feb 23
Caroline: You knew there was a protection circle, you didn’t need to come. That isn’t what I wanted to discuss, though. *Caroline gestured towards Evangeline.* She doesn’t look well. Too pale and barely functions for long without passing out, or needing to sit and rest. I know she’s eating and getting enough sleep… But I don’t think she’s eating what she needs… -02:21 Feb 23
Gabriel: You believe she needs to add blood to her diet. *Evangeline was eating everything she’d eaten before becoming pregnant. Blood was possibly the only thing left, besides glass and ore.* -02:23 Feb 23
Caroline: Yes, I do. When she’s awake she’s eating but if the child is going to be just like you… *It was hard to say that without smirking, despite the scale of the conversation. Gabriel’s spawn was not something anyone expected!* …he’ll need blood too. If she’s not ingesting it, the only other way to get the nutrition is from her own body. She can’t produce it as fast as she’s losing it… -02:28 Feb 23
Gabriel: Her mind may not be comfortable with it but her body will take it. I will deal with this. Is there something else you wished to discuss. -02:30 Feb 23
Caroline: You could sneak it to her in her food. *A devious smirk!* Be careful she doesn’t find out. But that’s all. I’m just afraid if she doesn’t get it soon, she’ll fall asleep and not wake up. A room full of screaming hunters and demons didn’t move her. -02:32 Feb 23
Gabriel: My thanks, Caroline. Good day. *He gave her a slight inclination of the head, then turned and walked away. He found Evangeline still sitting in the chair but she looked distracted by something.* Come, Evangeline. You appear hungry. -02:34 Feb 23
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -02:35 Feb 23
Evangeline: It seems lately, I’m always hungry! *Evangeline scooped the sleeping kitty Meri in to her hands and deposited her safely in to a skirt pocket. Lately Meri either stayed in there, or she vanished to whatever strange magical dimension that seemed to exist in there! As she rose to her feet, she swayed a little bit, but was grinning.* You’re covered in ashes. -02:37 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* As are you. *He held her elbows to help steady her.* Have lunch with me in one of the courtyards. -02:40 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She blinked down at her clothes, taking a moment to try and dust them off.* I suppose Caroline decided not to use faeries for the lesson. I’d love lunch in one of the courtyards. Can it be the fall one? -02:43 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her forehead.* Of course. The devil rats already have everything ready. *She loved the autumn courtyard. It was a favorite. The devil rats would make sure no one was there to disturb them. They disappeared and reappeared in the center of the courtyard where a picnic was laid out! A quilt appeared in his hands and then he was wrapping her in it. It was one of hers. Where she’d gotten it from and the sentimental value he could only surmise.* -02:45 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She rubbed the corner of the quilt against her cheek, a bright smile across her face. It was something special a nice old lady in Germany made for her when she had to drop in and take care of a vision. Evangeline never did ask how Gabriel managed to bring all of her stuff from London!* What did Caroline have to say? I didn’t even have a chance to talk to her today, I think I fell asleep the moment I dropped in to that chair! -02:49 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He sat down with his back against the trunk of a tree, then held out his hands. Evangeline took them and then he helped her settle down so she could sit between his legs with her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist.* She found it amusing I would arrive for something she had under control the entire time. Are you thirsty. -02:52 Feb 23
Evangeline: *A soft giggle was his reply.* You have become an over protective husband and father in a matter of days. I would love something to drink. Every time I close my eyes all I can think about is food! Which, I suppose is better than a few weeks ago when even the thought of food was making me ill. *Being hungry was definitely a step up. She settled comfortably against him. He was warm!* -02:56 Feb 23
Gabriel: Meri insisted I offer you as much apple and grape and orange juice as possible. She said it’s what she’s seen on TV. *He handed her a glass of fruit juice. The fruit itself would mask the taste of the blood.* -03:00 Feb 23
Evangeline: Poor Meri… she is so excited about the baby, but I’m afraid she’s been emphasizing with me too much. She’s nearly as exhasted as I am! *She took the glass and a sip. Her body relaxed as she gave a contended sigh. But she did pause to smell it before taking another drink. There was that smell! Just like the gym!* What kind is this? Were they serving it at Oracle today? -03:04 Feb 23
Gabriel: *Oracle … That’s right. The hunters had been wounded. Their blood had been spilt.* Another recommendation. It is to be expected. She loves you a great deal and you are one of her masters. -03:05 Feb 23
Evangeline: She would not be as stressed if you would worry a little less, too. *She teased him, as she moved to brush a hand against his cheek. Then it was drinking the rest of that juice as fast as she could swallow it! She WAS thirsty and right that moment it was divine!* -03:08 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He refilled her glass with the pitcher. The color itself masked the color of the blood.* I wish to know all is well. -03:11 Feb 23
Evangeline: You’ll be happy to know, I haven’t told a single person about our surprise yet, outside of Meri, Caroline and Dark! Even though every moment all I want to do is brag about it to everyone. *She smelled the juice again… there was cranberry for sure! Maybe a little pomagranite too. She took another sip before learning forward to snatch up a neatly cut sandwhich from a plate. She was switching from taking a bite and taking a drink.* When can I tell everyone? -03:16 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He smirked as he nuzzled her cheek.* … Evangeline. *Then again, she was very excited. She glowed when she spoke of it.* -03:18 Feb 23
Evangeline: Evangeline! *She mimiced his tone, but didn’t stop smiling.* I want to talk about babies and schools and ask people for name suggestions and… Hmm. I hadn’t thought about names yet! Have you? -03:22 Feb 23
Gabriel: *She was bursting to tell everyone! No doubt she would shout it from the window if she could! He was thoughtful.* No, I have not. I doubt I am good at names. As Darkness, it took me centuries to name the races I created … Very well. You may tell people you are with child. -03:24 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She squeaked a loud happy sound! And might have turned to pounce him if she didn’t have half a glass of juice and a second sandwhich in her hands! She settled for a very pleased tilting side to side. Now that she had something to eat, she was feeling so much more energetic.* I’m going to tell everyone I see tomorrow! Maybe even today! There are so many names to think about I bet we could get a million suggestions! -03:28 Feb 23
Gabriel: Indeed. Every name under the sun, every word ever spoken in a language other than English. *It felt … right to make Evangeline happy. He was nuzzling her cheek again.* -03:30 Feb 23
Evangeline: Well, we can rule out girly names! I don’t want my son mistaken for a girl. *She really wanted to turn and hug him… but first she drank the rest of her juice! Then she set down that sandwich and turned to wrap her arms around his neck.* Where did you put my husband wishlist? I think I scribbled a picture of him. -03:32 Feb 23
Gabriel: *His arms went around her waist. He raised an eyebrow.* You scribbled a picture of our son. -03:33 Feb 23
Evangeline: I did indeed. Just as I wrote a list of impossible requirements that no man could ever meet! *She tilted to kiss the tip of his nose.* -03:35 Feb 23
Gabriel: You are insane, Evangeline. *He kissed her lips gently, then pulled his head back and handed her the husband wishlist.* -03:36 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She unfolded the piece of paper, and immediately cough-giggled. It had hearts and sparkles, doodles and just as she remembered a lil waving stick figure of her son. She hadn’t seen the paper with her own eyes since the day she wrote it. Evangeline gave a soft smile.* Something reminded me about it the other day. Everything here has come true. …well, except the jellyfish monster! -03:42 Feb 23

The New Light Saga

036 Unexpected Surprise

Evangeline is ill while trying to teach hunters… they find out she’s preggers!

[Evangeline is trying to give lessons today after feeling sick all week!] -12:45 Feb 20
[Meri is sticking close to her Mommy!] -12:46 Feb 20
Meri: Mommy, you don’t look so well! How about you take a break and give the hunters a pop quiz? -12:47 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying to fan herself with the lesson list, and just smiled at Meri.* And give them a easy day after a long break? If someone could open the windows, that would help! We just need a little fresh air. -12:48 Feb 20
Meri: *She watched one of the hunters scramble to do it! She would usually be up in a heartbeat but she was so worried about her Mommy!* do you want something cold to drink, Mommy? How about a pillow? -12:49 Feb 20

A couple of the hunters were really hoping for that ‘easy’ day. “You could cancel today’s lesson! What’s so important about summons, anyway?”

Evangeline: I’m fine, no one is escaping my lesson! Miss Caroline told me that you’ve all made a mess of your last summoning lessons, so we’re going to try and pop in something fun to chase! *A glass of water almost sounded nice… but ugh! Even thinking about it make her quesy! It was far too warm today!* -12:53 Feb 20

‘FUN to chase’ when it came to these lessons always meant something unpleasant. Many worried looks were exchanged. “…Uh… what are we summoning?”

Meri: Maybe I should do it today, Mommy? Let me show them how it’s done? You know I’ve been practicing! *She really didn’t want her Mommy straining herself today! She needed to be home, relaxing!* -12:54 Feb 20
Evangeline: Well, all right… Meri will show you how to summon a devil dog. You do it the exact same way she does, okay? *Meanwhile, she tilted to look for the nearest chair… maybe a bit too much tilting! The room was spinning!* …But first, whomever is twirling the room really needs to stop. -12:57 Feb 20
Meri: *She was watching her Mommy like a demon hawk! So when she paused, looking for that chair, she was already beside her with her arms around her waist!* I’m here, Mommy. Someone help me get my Mommy to the Infirmary! *She ordered in a tone that booked no argument!* -12:59 Feb 20
Evangeline: Oh no, we don’t want to do summons in the Infirmary, that causes all sorts of… confusion… *One minute she was thinking about devil dogs chasing doctors, and the next she was near greeting the floor with a blackout before someone caught her!* -01:01 Feb 20

Worse case scenario for any hunter class, Evangeline passed out! The rescuing hunter hefted her up, while there was already another slapping his buddy before he started to babble and panic. “Quick! Get her out of the room! This time it wasn’t my fault!”

Meri: *She sighed softly and rolled her eyes. Is *this* the future humans are supposed to depend on? They were so doomed!* Oh, hurry up! My Glaer will be here any moment! -01:07 Feb 20

The one carrying Evangeline bustled out with her quick, heading off to the Infirmary. The others remained in the room, unsure what to do next. They weren’t -guilty- of anything, but it was all about perception with that Carnatelli! And if she was fine and came back to them gone, they’d get it just as bad!

Evangeline: *It was strange seeing spots and hearing everyone like they were under water, but she was fine! She grumbled at the whole lot of them. And grumbled more still when she was blinking weary eyes at doctors in the Infirmary, stealing her blood and fussing over her!* …I’m fine..! I just haven’t eaten! ….I’m going back to my class…! -01:11 Feb 20
Meri: *That left Meri standing in front of the door with a wicked smirk and her arms crossed!* Now … it’s time to summon a devil dog! So everyone, listen up! ‘Cause if you get this wrong, I’m not responsible for your soul being devoured by what you summon! -01:11 Feb 20

Gabriel: *Meri was right! it didn’t take him long to realize something was wrong! He often checked up on Evangeline to make sure she was alright so even that brief moment of dizzyness alerted him! He was walking down the hall to the Infirmary as the doctors fussed!* -Meri

Trying to get Evangeline to hold still so they could take blood for bloodtests and check her vitals was never an easy task. But not a doctor nor nurse would let her up out of bed and threatened to strap her down if she didn’t behave!

Evangeline: I hate the infirmary, and I am so very tempted to bite you! *An empty threat… She definitely did not want to be tied down to anything, so for the moment she let them do as they would. And pretended it wasn’t because it required more energy than she could dig up. Maybe she should have stayed in bed today!* -01:16 Feb 20

The hunter that was nice enough to drop off Evangeline at the Infirmary saw Gabriel in the hall. It took all of his training to keep a straight face and pray he could walk past him without comment!

Gabriel: *Perhfaps the hunter had not prayed enough! Gabriel paused but didn’t look at him.* What happened. -Meri

Gabriel: *Perhaps -Meri

Frozen like a deer in headlights, he scratched the back of his head and shrugged his shoulders. “Uh.. we hadn’t even started lessons yet. She just sorta… told us to stop twirling and passed out!”

Gabriel: Return to the class. You want to be prepared when Vlamerias decides to give you an impromptu test. -Meri

Gabriel: *Then he continued into the Infirmary. His arrival announced when every doctor, nurse, and patient in the room froze at the sight of him.* -Meri

He’d take Vlamerias over Gabriel anyday! He ran back to the class quick with all of the others!

Evangeline: *She was dozing again, lying in one of the beds and curled up with a pillow! She was more tired than she thought!* -01:33 Feb 20

The Head of the Infirmary, Doctor Morgan, coughed to break the silence and waved a hand for the others to scurry away. This was going to take a professional for the news. “Ahem. ….Gabriel. You’re here for Evangeline, I’m sure.”

Gabriel: *The look Gabriel gave him was a raised eyebrow. Would he have come for anyone else?* Say your piece. -Meri

He cleared his throat again. “I’m not sure how to explain… …Would you like to talk to her first?” He was beating around the bush, but this was a very odd situation!

Gabriel: *Strange. The doctors usually said their piece and went. What was it this time.* I want to hear what you have to say. My wife needs her rest. -Meri

“Rest is exactly what she needs. Though, I fear it may not be enough for her conditon… This is rather unprecidented, Certainly not advised, in my professional opinion!”

Gabriel: *Evangeline was not a normal woman.* Out with it. *Any more of this and he was going to shoot the doctor.* -Meri

“…Your wife is pregant. With 100% certainty, and I must digress, it’s not wise. Vampires do not breed with humans for good reason, they’re bodies are frail, and well YOU… Not a normal case by any means.”

Gabriel: PREGNANT?! The only reaction that showed on his face was his eyes narrowing!* I am taking my wife home. *He turned and walked away to Evangeline’s bed side.* -Meri

The Doctor followed close – but not too close! “I don’t believe you understand the gravity of the situation. The chances of survival from a pregnancy like this is slim, I highly reccomend termination.”

Gabriel: Evangeline is not a normal human and it will be up to her to decide. *He didn’t want to risk her life but she had often mentioned children. The way her face lit up, the sound of her voice when she brought the subject up.* -Meri

Evangeline: *Oh, that snapped her to attention quick! Evangeline pulled the certain from her bed, pointing a finger at the doctor with a dark expression.* You have three seconds to run. -01:52 Feb 20

The Doctor started to argue! “But this is not wise! Imagine what that child could be!”

Evangeline: One locomotive… two locomotive… *She growled back. That was his two seconds! And at the moment, she would be more than happy to see Doctor Morgan thrown in to the sun!* -01:57 Feb 20

Gabriel: *That reaction surprised even Gabriel who turned slightly and raised an eyebrow at the doctor!* We will discuss this. It is not your place. -Meri

The Doctor wanted to argue it, but the woman looked more dangerous than Gabriel did at the moment, and he wisely escaped before Evangeline gave the ‘kill’ command!

[Meri is now known as: Gabriel] -02:01 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was so mad! But then, so unbelievably happy, she didn’t know if she was going to cry, squeel, or ask Gabriel to go bury the doctor in a volcano somewhere for even daring to -think- about taking this away from her!* The gall of that man! -02:02 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He bent to pick her up. Angry or not, she still needed to rest. He thought it better she have a chance to fume somewhere more private. They disappeared and reappeared at the castle where Gabriel lay her on the bed.* -02:03 Feb 20
Evangeline: He is lucky I don’t have a gun of my own. *…it was so hard to stay angry! She threw her arms around Gabriel’s neck!* Do you know what you’ve given me..! -02:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are shining brighter than ever, Evangeline. It does not erase the fact it puts your life at risk, either by the limitations of your body or my enemies taking advantage of it. -02:08 Feb 20
Evangeline: I don’t care! You’ve given me someone so very special, and if that doctor even -thinks- about looking at me cross-eyed, I am going to take great pleasure in covering him with barbecue sauce and leaving him naked with a pack of starving wolves. He’s our child. -02:11 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He was silent for a bit, thoughtful. But he sent Meri a quick telepathic message, telling her it was important she get to the Infirmary as quick and possible and erase the memory of the last 30 minutes of every man, woman, child, and other in Oracle.* -02:14 Feb 20

Vlamerias: *She giggled. This would be fun!! She weaved her way through the men wrestling devil dogs and running around the room to sneak into the Infirmary!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She eyed him… he was so silent and pensive! …she was almost afraid to ask!* …do you want him? Our baby? -02:17 Feb 20
Gabriel: I want you. I want you to be happy … The danger, Evangeline. My enemies are still out there. I cannot put you both at risk. -02:20 Feb 20

Vlamerias: *She hummed softly to herself! Spells like that were supposed to be nigh impossible to cast in Oracle! But … you found loopholes to exploit when you knew where to look and how to make use of them!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: There is nothing in the universe that you could give me that is more precious than this… There will always be enemies and dangers… can’t we have something special too? *He would want this, she knew he would… but even thinking that he might not want their baby was enough to make her teary!* -02:23 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He pressed his forehead against hers.* Do not cry, Evangeline. Please. -02:24 Feb 20
Evangeline: But you’re not answering me and this is so very important to know..! *She was so happy for it and wanted it so much, but if he didn’t want it too… that’d turn her whole world upside down!* -02:28 Feb 20
Gabriel: I have never given thought of having a child. But if I am going to have a child, there is no better mother than you. *He kissed her forehead and pulled her close.* -02:30 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Relief…! She couldn’t help a sniffle escaping as she hugged him tight and burried her face at his neck. But at least it was a happy sniffle!* He will be the greatest thing we have ever done…! I promise! -02:33 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are so certain it will be a son. *Although he was already considering who he had to kill before Evangeline’s pregnancy became clear … it was difficult to say how long he had. The doctor had been correct. A vampire fathering a child was unheard of.* -02:35 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back to cast one of those wide devious grins. And was totally unapolagetic for it.* Yes. We’ve seen him. He’s going to have your beautiful eyes… …I want to tell everyone! They’ll be so excited! -02:37 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. That was true, they had.* Tell only a few. The rest of the world will wait. -02:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: Only a few…? You give me the most precious thing and I can’t even tell the world about it? *Not that she was upset about it! Evangeline was nuzzling his cheek, with a grin so wide she was sure her face would be sore later!* -02:43 Feb 20
Gabriel: Yes. I swear and ensure the silence and secrecy of everyone in this castle one way or another. -02:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: * I will swear -02:45 Feb 20
Evangeline: …that isn’t going to be an easy secret for me to keep, even if I wanted to! Before long they will see me and know. Not to mention the ones that could smell or sense! …Oh! I wonder if he will have a dark soul or a light one…? Imagine if he had both! *There were so many possibilities of what their child could be! She couldn’t wait to find out!* -02:48 Feb 20
Gabriel: No, but it will buy me time. *She was very excited about this!* -02:48 Feb 20
Evangeline: Buy you time for what, exactly? We’ll have nine months before he’s born… It won’t be hard to prepare at all. *She WAS excited, but he was still so stiff and pensive… Evangeline believed him when he said he wanted it, but he was still worried…* -02:51 Feb 20
Gabriel: Nine months come quickly for vampires, Evangeline. -02:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: Gabriel… what are you really worried about? Not just vampires? *She brushed a hand against his cheek… she wanted to brush all his worries away too. It was moments like this she understood why he sometimes kept things from her so she wouldn’t worry… She didn’t want him to always forsee doom!* -02:58 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He looked into her eyes and placed his hand over the one brushing against his cheek.* I will worry of it. You are ecstatic. I imagine you wish Caroline to know first. -03:00 Feb 20
Evangeline: She can wait. What’s the use of having a Seer for a wife, if you won’t believe her when she says all will be fine? It will. All I need is you with me, and our baby will be born happy and smiling. -03:03 Feb 20
Gabriel: A Seer who is not supposed to be haunted by visions and prophecies. -03:05 Feb 20
Evangeline: Exceptions are made when the Seer’s husband is turning pages in her mind and there are things he needs to see? I wondered how I could have had them after you took my gift, but now I am sure it’s because I was meant to be your wife. To help you when things are bigger than you are… *She grinned.* As hard as it is to imagine. Fate wants you to live, and I know I will be here for you. -03:09 Feb 20
Gabriel: Bigger than I am. *There was that subtle tone in his voice that told Evangeline he did not like the sound of that!* -03:15 Feb 20
Evangeline: You can’t control everything all of the time… There should be no worries about the future, just the pleasure of knowing that we have made a son that is as protective as you. *She drew his head down so she could kiss the tip of his nose.* I could remind you how he was made… -03:23 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You should rest. -03:25 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A huff!* I’m fine! It’s normal for a pregnant woman to have dizzy spells and such. In fact, I will probably pass out a lot, spend more days avoiding breakfast, and other terrible things husbands fear! …and since you won’t let me run bragging through Oracle, I will have to make do with you! *In fact, she was more than willing to test how much energy she had, for she took the opportunity to pounce on him!* -03:28 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He shifted so they wouldn’t wind up on the floor, landing on the bed with her on top of him! His arms went around her to keep her close and secure.* I will still not allow you to boast to the world of our child. -03:31 Feb 20
Evangeline: Today, maybe… but tomorrow..? Or the next day? I’m not afraid to tell the world and I dare someone to try and take him from me now! The fear they feel for the name Gabriel will pale in comparison to Evangeline! *Her attempt at a growl was foiled by her own giggling and the quick kisses she was trying to subdue him with.* -03:35 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are insane. *He raised an eyebrow at her again but reached up to cup her cheek as she giggled.* -03:36 Feb 20
Evangeline: Is it so crazy to want to show everyone what love can do? *She couldn’t stop smiling… even when she bent to kiss him again.* -03:39 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He kissed her back a little harder. having her so close, kissing him like this was beginning to have an effect on him.* -03:40 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She puuurred, a soft gentle sound so easily mirroring her contentment. Her promise to remind him how they made their child already on the mind, and readily shared with him as she tilted her head to deeping the kiss and hands moved to steal away some of his clothes.* -03:45 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He felt her hands on his clothes and did what he could to make her task easier. He nibbled on her lips and then slipped his tongue into her mouth to explore.* -03:46 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was rarely so impatient, but she couldn’t wait to have him! Without breaking away she had the buttons of her blouse undone and the shirt tossed away to the floor somewhere. The man had given her a child, and now she was very seriously contemplating ravishing him until the sun went out!* -03:55 Feb 20
Gabriel: *His hands moved down to find her arms bare and if he was surprised by her impatience, he didn’t show it! His hands continued down her body, down her sides, over her waist and hips.* -03:57 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A nibble of his lips and a brush of her tongue… followed by a huff as she sat up. Clothes were a bother when you wanted your husband! Evangeline scooted off him and the bed, making quick work of slipping off her shoes and pants… and then fussing to tug off his!* -04:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smiled at her and then moved to help her get his clothes off.* You are insane. -04:08 Feb 20
Evangeline: You say it like I have just won a very difficult argument rather than trying to seduce my husband. *She made sure to take his clothes and toss them well out of reach while he carefully set his guns aside. Had she gotten her hands on those too, they might not have been carefully put away either!* -04:14 Feb 20
Gabriel: *The guns were placed on the floor between the bed and the nightstand.* Are you trying to seduce me. -04:16 Feb 20
Evangeline: I might be… in a few months I may not be pretty anymore! *Her hands were on him again, and since she was trying to seduce him, she tried not to be too hurried.* -04:21 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He reached up to cup her cheeks.* You will always be beautiful to me, Evangeline. -04:21 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She grinned up at him, curling her arms around his waist and locking them tight. He said the sweetest things!* There’s not a woman in the universe as lucky as I am… -04:26 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He planted kisses over her face.* Your skin glows and your eyes sparkle brighter than all the stars in the sky. -04:31 Feb 20
Evangeline: Who is seducing who now, husband? *Her hands ran up his back and then down again. Followed by her soft giggling at squeezing his rear and the thought of all the ladies in Oracle that’d gossiped about wanting to that themselves!* -04:34 Feb 20
Gabriel: Seduction is merely telling the woman you love the truth. Are you enjoying my rear. -04:36 Feb 20
Evangeline: *..and he also knew when to say things to make her blush, regardless of how often they’d be like this! She hid her face at his shoulder.* I’ve been waiting all morning to have my hands on you. -04:39 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Now it was his turn for his hands to roam as his fingers slid between her legs.* I am yours, Evangeline. I always have and always will be. -04:41 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hum… heaven help the woman that tries to steal you…? *Her breathless statement probably didn’t sound as wicked as her earlier threats had, but she was much more distracted by the warmth of his skin and nuzzling between nipping kisses at his chest.* -04:46 Feb 20
Gabriel: *His hands moved down, slipping into her slit from the bottom and fingering her gently.* -04:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Her toes curled and she locked an arm around his waist just to keep herself from slipping to the floor in a pleased little puddle! Dizzy with desire was much better than being plain dizzy. Her head tilted back and she tapped her mouth with a finger to ask for a kiss!* -04:58 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He found her clit and he began to rub it even as he rubbed his hips against her! He kissed her gently at first and then harder.* -05:04 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Mumbled sighs against his mouth, it was so easy to forget who was supposed to be ravishing who! That finger that had beckoned him to kiss her was then tracing a path down his chest and stomach. A delicate hand gripping his manhood to coax him closer!* -05:11 Feb 20
Gabriel: *A soft muffled groan into her mouth and his shaft growing harder in her grasp let her know what she was doing to him. He moved his hips closer to hers even as he deepened the kiss and his tongue dove into her mouth again. His fingers rubbed her gently.* -05:13 Feb 20
Evangeline: *The way he moved or shivered with her touch always made her want him more! To drag him to the floor or kiss him as senseless as he made her! She squeezed his shaft, running her hand up and down. Not masking her grin against his mouth as she nipped at his tongue.* -05:21 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He murmured something against her mouth, something that didn’t sound English and sounded older as well! He growled softly!* … Evangeline. *He wanted her. He wanted her so much!* -05:25 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hmm? *The sound of her name on his lips was heaven, and wanted to hear it again… nearly as curious as she was about those other words! She tilted her mouth away to kiss his cheek, while brushing her thumb over the head of his shaft.* -05:29 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Another groan at the touch of her thumb across his tip!* I want you. I need you. -05:30 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Ooo.. just those words alone could make her knees buckle! She release him to slide her arms around his neck and kiss him hard!* Show me? Make love to me? -05:34 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smirked against her mouth even as he was sitting up and then shifting so she was under him and her head was on the pillow.* I thought you would never ask. *He lay on top of her with her legs spread, drawing one leg over his hips as he moved his hips up and slowly slid into her until he couldn’t move anymore. -05:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: *His wicked smirk! She wouldn’t close her eyes to miss that, even when he filled her completely! Her leg slid against his hip, curling around his waist as if to keep him captive.* You need no permission to have me… -05:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: As you need none for me. *He began to rock against her gently, a steady pounding as he lowered his head to one breast and began to suck at it. He wanted to take his time with her and let her know how much she meant to him.* -05:46 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She may not have had the same idea of taking time, tangling her hands in his hair before griping his shoulders tight with a quiet moan.* -05:51 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He continued sucking until her breast throbbed from the attention, then he lifted his head and moved to the other breast. He pounded her a little harder and a little deeper, drawing up the other leg over his hips.* -05:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Biting her lip, her hips met his with perfect rhythem. She pulled her hands away from him to curl her fingers in to the bedsheets before she dug her nails in to his skin!* -05:57 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He groaned softly at the feel of her nails biting into his skin, then he moving a bit faster, holding her a little tighter!* -05:59 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She breathed his name with an arch of her back. Her surprised cry following a sudden shudder, coming sooner than she wanted but impossible to hold at bay!* -06:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Her climax caught him by surprise but as he rocked against her a bit faster now, he found himself throbbing for release! Thrust in, thrust out, thrust in, thrust out … Then one more thrust and then a soft grunt as he came, pulling her close even as he shifted, lying on his side.* -06:07 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was still trying to catch her breath even as she rolled in to him, burrying her face against his chest with a wide tired grin. She was seeing spots, but it was so worth the bliss..!* Hmm.. -06:10 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved one more time, so he could lie on his back with Evangeline on top of him. He pulled the blankets over her and rubbed her back.* I love you, Evangeline. May I never forget that. -06:11 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hmm, if you do forget, I think we will do this again so I can remind you… *purring, she was as close to purring as she could get! Resting her head against his chest to hear the way his heart beat.* -06:14 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* It was wise of me to wait so long until I found you to marry. -06:16 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She shifted, resting her chin on her arm so she could watch him.* Were you really never interested in another girl..? -06:18 Feb 20
Gabriel: Another girl, no. Certainly not after I met you. There was a time long ago I thought Light to be my better half but I learned otherwise. -06:19 Feb 20
Evangeline: She couldn’t love you the way I love you. *It was silly for her to be jealous of Light… all the time that woman could of had with Gabriel! She wouldn’t be with Gabriel now if Light had been his heart…* -06:24 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are everything she was not. Compassionate. Loving. Loyal. Passionate. Understanding. Patient. Determined … So many things. -06:28 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A smile!* You’re reading my thoughts again. I’m glad this is only for me… it’s something special I don’t have to share with anyone else. *She rest her fingertips at his lips, a curious expression.* Has some else ever stolen a kiss from you? -06:33 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful for a moment.* Not to my knowledge. Why do you ask. -06:33 Feb 20
Evangeline: There have been some that’ve stolen kisses from me. Like stupid warlocks and that incubus. But I’ve only ever given them to you. *It wasn’t something important, but she thought he needed to know!* -06:36 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smiled.* Thank you, Evangeline. *He would deal with the warlocks later. right now, he was spending time with his wife.* -06:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A smile was even more rare than a smirk! She was grinning wide, content to watch him, even with exhaustion sneaking up on her.* I would not go warlock hunting until you know who to hunt, hmm..? -06:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: Indeed. *He nuzzled her cheek.* -06:46 Feb 20

The New Light Saga

035 Dancing lessons for Meri (UNFINISHED!)

Dancing lessons for Meri

[Evangeline is giving Meri a dancing lesson in the courtyard!] -12:34 Feb 15
[Vlamerias is wearing a very pretty dress just for this lesson!] -12:35 Feb 15
Vlamerias: Um … Like this, Mommy? *She had her arms up and she was stepping back but she nearly tripped!* Ooofffffff!! *She plopped down and landed on her butt! She pouted.* -12:35 Feb 15
Evangeline: Generally, we want to avoid falling over when there isn’t someone behind you to catch! *Evangeline helped pick Meri off the ground and dust off her pretty dress. Since Meri had been so excited about it, she had found something swishy to wear too!* You can try standing on my toes and I’ll show you! -12:38 Feb 15
Vlamerias: Oohhh! Okay! *She liked that idea! She straightened the bow in her hair and then moved to put her feet on her toes, keeping her arms up and her back straight!* Ready! -12:42 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She arranged Meri’s hands juuust right and took the lead, like a good dance partner should! Taking smaller steps for Meri’s little legs and keeping an eye out for rocks!* It’s okay to look down sometimes, until you know where to step. You always want to move your feet the same time the other person does, cause otherwise you trip over each other! -12:45 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *It seemed like such an overwhelming task to look up at her Mommy then look down at her feet! Then she glanced from one side to another to see how her arms were!* But don’t fights break out about who leads! Dark and Warrior Lady often end up arguing about that! -12:47 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She grinned!* The man is supposed to lead. I think Caroline is just so used to being in charge, she doesn’t know when to let go, and then gets frustrated and can’t figure out why Dark doesn’t lead! -12:49 Feb 15

Gabriel: One day your Bright Lady will wish to lead. She believes I have my way with her too easily. *He said from behind.*

Vlamerias: *She was giggling at the idea of Dark and Warrior Lady arguing again. Spending time with them was so much fun! She looked up and grinned!* Yay, you’re back! -12:54 Feb 15
Evangeline: *A pause… then turning so she could dip and tilt Meri backwards so she can look upside down at Gabriel!* It’s a rule of being a woman, I think, that you don’t make it too easy? … at least that’s what Melissa says! A man is supposed to "work" for it! -12:54 Feb 15

Gabriel: *A smirk, then a slight tilt of the head.* So I have not “worked” for it.

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she was looking up at her Glaer upside down!* -12:57 Feb 15
Evangeline: According to Melissa, you’re a beast and I have no resistance to your charms! *She grinned again! Gabriel had already given her the world, there was no need to make him ‘work’ for anything! …but ever so often it was fun to tease!* -01:01 Feb 15

Gabriel: *He bent to kiss Meri’s forehead and then stood straight to kiss Evangeline’s cheek.* I consider it fortunate Melissa’s opinion is not a priority of mine. What is yours.

Evangeline: Hmm. I may be able to resist you, juuuuust a little. …but then you have already given me everything I’ve ever wanted, so there’s no reason to? Well… almost everything! *She tapped her mouth. A kiss on the cheek is never enough!* -01:11 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *She giggled again. It was fun watching her Glaer and Mommy together! People often spoke of their times before they were courting but Meri couldn’t think of them any other way except together!* -01:14 Feb 15

Gabriel: Almost everything.

Evangeline: *He almost looked worried… which made her want to kiss him all the more!* Would it be greedy to ask for more kisses and a dance? -01:17 Feb 15

Gabriel: *He smirked and bowed to Meri.* May I cut in.

Evangeline: *She pat Meri gently on the head.* If you don’t mind me dancing away with my husband? -01:24 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *She smiled and released her Mommy to turn and curtsey.* Hehe, okay! I’m gonna go play with the devil rats! Have fun. *And then she was skipping away!* -01:42 Feb 15

Gabriel: Thank you, Vlamerias. *He watched her go, then bowed to Evangeline and offered his hand.* May I have this dance, my Queen.

Evangeline: *She resisted clapping her hands and bouncing excitedly! Instead taking his hand to grin up at him.* You’re home early today. I wasn’t expecting you until late! -01:45 Feb 15

Gabriel: *His smirk turned into a small smile and then he was pulling her into his arms. One arm on her waist, the other holding hers.* I know. I wanted to surprise you.

Evangeline: I’m so glad! Ever since those prophecies, you have been out and about and I don’t get to keep you to myself. You’ve been worrying too much. *For a man that hated to dance, he could pull her in so naturally! No one else was ever as fun as he was!* -01:54 Feb 15
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -01:55 Feb 15
Gabriel: It has served me well, Evangeline. *He led her into a slow waltz.* -01:56 Feb 15
Evangeline: Except that you aren’t supposed to meddle in any of them, so you are worrying for no reason! *Always worrying! Maybe if she locked him in the tower and kept him alone for the next few months…* -01:58 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow.* And you have not meddled in any of them? -02:04 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She gave an enigmatic smile!* I meddle when it’s time for me to. You trust me, yes? -02:07 Feb 15
Gabriel: … Evangeline. -02:08 Feb 15
Evangeline: Three of them were to keep you safe, you have to trust me? You don’t need to be so concerned over me! -02:11 Feb 15
Gabriel: It is my nature to be concerned. *He dipped her.* You are half of me. Without you there is no future. -02:13 Feb 15
Evangeline: *A soft laugh… despite all of those prophecies sounding scary, she really wasn’t too worried! They would work out as long as he listened!* There won’t be a future without you either! What am I supposed to do without you? -02:17 Feb 15
Gabriel: You will make good on your threats. To hunt me down and drag me back. -02:19 Feb 15
Evangeline: As long as you are alive, yes! But what if you were to die?It could happen and I wouldn’t be able to bare living without you. -02:22 Feb 15
Gabriel: You are half of me, Evangeline, thus you have access to my powers no one else possesses. If anyone could ever bring me back, it is you. *He brought her back up, then twirled her around.* -02:28 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She twirled as easily as if she had been doing it forever!* And I will try. …but there is will be a day, maybe soon that I will ask you not to go and not to interfere because you will not come back from it… will you listen? -02:31 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He pulled her against him, one arm around her waist, the other holding her hand stretched behind him and to the side at an angle. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers.* The stakes, Evangeline. -02:32 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She grinned, despite the scope of the conversation.* You’ll have to let me protect you too, sometimes. I would not have seen those prophecies otherwise… -02:37 Feb 15
Gabriel: It is not in my nature to let other people protect me. -02:41 Feb 15
Evangeline: You also said you don’t dance, and here you are with me! -02:42 Feb 15
Gabriel: Indeed. You have that effect on me. -02:45 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She tilted up on her toes to steal a quick kiss!* …then it should be easy to trust me, and let me take care of things! *Then she had that devious expression without meaning to!* Becaaaause, if you are going to protect me just like He asked, then you will need to stay alive! -02:50 Feb 15
Gabriel: *At the sight of her devious expression, he raised an eyebrow.* You are insane. -02:52 Feb 15
Evangeline: Would you be happier with a sane wife? *Evangeline snuck her arms around his neck, more devious still!* -02:55 Feb 15
Gabriel: *She still had that expression on her face!* What are you implying. -02:57 Feb 15
Evangeline: I could be a sane wife… but then I might be inside washing dishes and gossiping with old ladies instead of dancing in a castle courtyard with a very handsome vampire husband. -03:01 Feb 15

The New Light Saga


Gabriel tries to reorder Evangeline’s memories while she is asleep, and is privvy to four important prophecies!

[Evangeline is asleep, and contently so for the time being!] -01:07 Jan 23
[Gabriel has decided that he will organize the memories he unlocked for Evangeline earlier!] -01:08 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It would only take a moment. All he had to do was set things into the order they were supposed to go and he would risk minimal damage! He made sure Evangeline was fast asleep before he pulled her close and cast the spell! So … first memory … Mother … he pushed that one in the middle. Meeting her for the first time, that was closer to the front …* -01:09 Jan 23
Evangeline: *After a long a busy today, it was a rare occasion that Evangeline went straight to bed and didn’t want up for Gabriel. She seemed perfectly content curled up with him and blissfully unaware!* -01:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her very first memory of her babyhood … That was right in the front. Prom as a teenager … Farther back. Wareham … He wanted to erase this memory completely but … He resist the temptation and put it into its rightful place. Finding Brutus, that was before Wareham and certainly after their first meeting …* -01:12 Jan 23

Rearranging memories came as a simple task, but suddenly they felt whisked away and out of grasp. Everything growing dark, silent, and eeriely empty! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Gabriel paused. He had erased, restored, rearranged enough memories to know what one should expect and when one should be wary. In this case, it was the latter. However, he could not withdraw just yet. He decided he would have to investigate the source. This could be the only opportunity to do so.* -01:19 Jan 23

Gabriel seemed to stand alone in the center of nowhere, a spotlight dropping down above him to single him out from the shadowy abyss. Still, everything seemed to remain silent! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Stop. Listen. *It was Evangeline, now grasping his shirt and holding up a finger for him to pause. She made no comment about him being there, but instead was very focused on listening to what was in the dark.* -01:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow but he did as told and listened. This was not a memory of Evangeline’s, at least not one he was familiar with and he had been in her mind before.* -01:23 Jan 23

In the dark a tattered-cloaked figured appeared. So old that her skin was hanging from her bones and her eyes were sunken in and hollow. Her face made no movement, even though her voice then came through, garbled and low, like several voices overlapping each other. “He will rise, poison of soul, within thyne Bane of Shade. Earth fractured and sky pulled down, a trail of fire to befall. If Night should come, the King will lose his crown. A mirror’s cracked reflection feeding mad desire. Set your sights for the Son, Light makes shadow fade. With her piece said, and ice cold wind blew. Her figure fading in the fog. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He knew a prophecy when he heard one. He had thought Evangeline’s psychic ability gone completely but that appeared to not be the case. Bane of Shade was most definitely a person and as far as there was only one carrying that title …* -01:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She shifted, pointing to him look to the left before he grew too deep in thought.* -01:30 Jan 23

To the side another figure appeared. Heavy burgandy robes framing a full figured, middle aged woman. Her face was stern, but her voice was gentle and soft. “Ambiguous creation, born of malicious concentration. Fear becomes consumtpion, destiny starts to unwind. Bred of Blood and Heart, crippled wings become lost. Choose not Midnight, but Sunrise for deliverance. Let the Dawn choose when to arise.” Once she was done, she stepped away. Her frame falling as autumn leaves. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He turned to the left. A second prophecy; neither something to take lightly. Ambiguous creation most certainly described someone he knew very well, as did Dawn and Sunrise. He was looking at Evangeline again.* -01:33 Jan 23
Evangeline: *The expression of her face didn’t change, just that thoughtful listening, as she turned him again to point in a new direction!* -01:35 Jan 23

On the opposite side, there was another woman. Young and beautiful, dressed in delicate silks, she pointed a finger and spoke with a strong warning. “Beware o’ force of balance, two sides of fate’s wheel. What once torn asunder must remain in tact. Rifts bleed through in universe twisting. Touch not what has become pieces, holding together will tear apart. A pseudo world of protection, comes crashing with consequence.” As quickly as she appeared, she vanished. Bursting in to a rain of sparkles. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Three prophecies and neither of them ended well. Prophecies never did. It was just a question of how aware Evangeline was of their existing or if she had buried these memories beneath everything else. The problem being was that he knew of them, too, but he did not know when they would come about. He could be waiting days, months, centuries even … or just hours.* -01:39 Jan 23
Evangeline: *That seemed to be it… but then she looked very surprised! Turning to look behind him, at something that was unexpected for her!* -01:41 Jan 23

A last figure appeared, at first hard to see. Small and tiny, it was a child barely even a year old with storm grey eyes. His mouth did not move, but he sounded like an older child. “A new light is born, shadow by your side. Blood may fall, and storm come, yet do not let passion be over run. Do not mourn what is not gone. Greet Me shining up at you, to face the turning tide.” In a flash, the child went from being hole and well to a shattered skeleton, leaving behind an eerie feeling! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Considering that Gabriel was already considered a paranoid individual and he had just witnessed three prophecies, when he turned, he was not expecting a happy ending. The only movement he made was the subtle clenching of teeth. It would seem Evangeline would be moving into the tower sooner than expected …* -01:44 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Thats when she woke with a yelp! Jumping up startled and very unsettled… and definitely a little confused!* -01:44 Jan 23
Gabriel: *There he was, looking down at her, with a raised eyebrow, waiting for her to explain herself.* -01:46 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She put a hand at her chest, as if trying to stop her heart from beating so fast! It had startled her a bit, those visions… She had thought Gabriel took them away, but they must have just been sealed away… but the last one…!* You give me that look, when you were the one turning pages… *Instead of being annoyed, she was rather amused with his expression…* -01:48 Jan 23
Gabriel: … You have no memory of them being there before. But the last one … the child with the gray eyes. That is something new. -01:49 Jan 23
Evangeline: He was handsome, wasn’t he? *It was a vague reply from her, but she was busy tilting her head and turning the prophecies over in mind trying to decipher them! Now that she had awoke, she wasn’t so pensive anymore. Infact, much more relaxed and unconcerned!* -01:52 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her reply gained her another raise of the eyebrow!* You are never going to let it go. Even when you figure out what it means, you will refuse to tell me. -01:55 Jan 23
Evangeline: Of course I’m going to tell you! They are all warnings for you, after all. You were supposed to see them. *She supposed it must of been because he was in her mind… messing with things again, but he was doing it for her, so she wouldn’t complain…* -01:57 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He fell silent which Evangeline knew meant he was being thoughtful. It didn’t show on his face, however. But it would seem his marriage would never know peace for very long before something like this appeared.* -02:06 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She shifted, leaning to brush a soft kiss against his cheek.* In the last vision, he is asking you to protect me. That is all. It’s the first one I worry about. The other two will be fine if you and Dark behave… -02:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: I behave. *He replied. He was still being thoughtful but now he was nuzzling the side of her neck gently.* -02:16 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She grinned wide!* Do you..? Spending more time with Dark would be good for both of you… and not for training, or lessons. Just time together. *She pet his hair softly… he needed to be soothed! He was trying to hide it, but the visions bothered him…* -02:18 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head to look down at her.* We do not spend time together … well. We end up arguing about something and he always storms off. -02:19 Jan 23
Evangeline: All the more reason to try. It will be important later. …for both of you? *She hadn’t quite figured out exactly what those two visions meant, but for both it was important Dark and Gabriel were on good terms and could depend on each other! She tugged his head down gently for a kiss.* I can chaperone? *A grin!* -02:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her gently and slipped one arm around her waist to pull her close.* When would you like to have this … get together. -02:26 Jan 23
Evangeline: Tomorrow afternoon, maybe? We could have a picnic and go fishing in the pond, and it will be like Father-Son bonding and good practice for future children? *Now she was really grinning! Sliding her arms around his neck so she could nuzzle his cheek.* -02:30 Jan 23
Gabriel: Tomorrow afternoon, it is. *He rubbed her back as he lay down beside her.* You have not mentioned children in sometime. I had wondered if you had changed your mind. -02:35 Jan 23
Evangeline: Uhmm. There were more important things to worry about before… *Evangeline settled, brushing her fingers against his cheek and looking thoughtful..* Have you ever thought about what our children would be like…? -02:38 Jan 23
Gabriel: I have not. *He admitted.* But I know I will love them and protect them as I do you. *He brushed his lips against hers.* -02:42 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She smiled wide against his mouth, it obviously being something she very much wanted to hear! She kissed him quick, paused only for a second in a soft giggle before giving him a second soft kiss.* -02:46 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He smirked and licked her lips wickedly.* I love you, Evangeline Clark. *He murmured just as his hand dipped lower and cupped her butt.* -02:47 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She could never decide if she wanted to be wicked too, or just giggle some more!* As much as I love you, husband? *She squirmed just a bit so she could lean and nip at his neck with another quiet laugh!* -02:53 Jan 23
Gabriel: Yes. *He pressed her up against him, then moved his mouth to her ear, beginning to nibble on it gently.* -02:54 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She was going to ask him just how much, but the statement was lost in a contented sigh. Her fingers brushing in to the fine hair at the nape of his neck, and being amused by the softness! * -02:59 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He began to purr, because he knew she enjoyed it as he nibbled on her ear. After awhile he moved his mouth to nibble and kiss her neck.* -03:01 Jan 23
Evangeline: *It always had her delighted when he purred! She tugged gently on his sleeve, though reluctant to pull her arms from him. He rarely took off his clothes when he came to bed… she needed to remedy that!* You’re over dressed for bed.. -03:05 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked.* Indeed. I would not wish to dissatisfy the Queen. *He moved away from her, to take off his coat.* Am I still over dressed? -03:07 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She was up, moving to sit on her knees and tapping her chin with false consideration.* Yes, I think that’s still very over dressed. *Pointed at herself, to the simple nightgown she worse as an example of appropriate bed attire.* -03:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Another smirk.* It would be a tight fit if I attempted to slip into your nightgown with you, Bright Lady. -03:12 Jan 23
Evangeline: *A baffled expression crossed her face before she finally frowned!* …Gabriel! *She flicked both hands at him.* More clothes off.. no nightgowns! -03:13 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently before he slipped off the gun holsters and the boots. Then he waited to see if he had undressed enough.* -03:16 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Now she was looking impatient, and tempted to pull his clothes off herself!* No, no… I think there is more to come off. -03:17 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It was not often one saw Evangeline impatient but he resist the urge to smirk.* As my wife commands. *He pulled off his shirt first, then followed by his pants. He never saw any need for underwear.* -03:19 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She doubted anyone ever commanded him to do anything… herself included! Her head tilted as she looked him over, a slight grin at the corner of her mouth. It didn’t matter if he were clothed or not, he looked dangerous… and she did love getting to see him this way and knowing no one else could!* -03:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *That look on her face had such an effect on him, as proven when he grew harder. He lowered himself so they were face to face and started kissing her mouth.* … Evangeline. Whatever will I do with you. -03:25 Jan 23
Evangeline: *They could be this way a thousand times and he’d still make her blush! She brushed her thumbs against his cheeks, smiling as she returned his kiss with a soft one of her own.* You can.. make me wish I did not promise to have an early morning breakfast..? -03:29 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* I shall. *He began to climb onto the bed, gently pushing her back until she was lying down and he was holding himself over her, hands on either side of her head. He lowered his head slowly and kissed her deep and long, not afraid to use his tongue to open her mouth and play with hers.* -03:32 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Her tongue danced against his, joined again by another wanting sigh. She relished running her fingers over his chest and stomach. To feel his skin so warm, almost intoxicating no matter where she put her hands!* -03:37 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He groaned softly into her mouth as her hands slid lower but he had made her a promise and he had every intention of keeping it. Besides, he could be patient. His tongue moved around her mouth slowly and deliberately, as he tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss.* -03:40 Jan 23
Evangeline: *He made her want to smile with the way he kept himself controlled..! It also made her want to tease and test… Even while returning his kiss with fever, one hand slid lower. Gentle feather like touches over his stomach and that sculpted v, coming close to brush his member but never more than a light touch before dancing away again to caress somewhere else!* -03:45 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It would seem he was sensitive to her touch. The gentle brush of her fingers made his shaft harder and start to ache. He could be patient a bit longer. He focused on kissing her, although now his tongue flicked at the back of her throat!* -03:51 Jan 23
Evangeline: *With a devious nip at his tongue and a lick of her own to sooth it, her fingers curled around his shaft but never as close to squeezing… Her other hand brushed up his side, searching for any ticklish spot, though knowing she’d not find one!* -03:56 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He broke the kiss with a hiss as her fingers wrapped around him. He licked her lips.* … Evangeline. *He growled.* -03:59 Jan 23
Evangeline: ..yes, Gabriel..? *She mumbled against his mouth as innocent as could be! Even when her fingers closed around him in a firm but gentle grip, and released again.* -04:01 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Two could play at that game. He groaned as she released him, then lowered his head, using his teeth to untie the knot holding the front of her nightgown closed. There were laces that crisscrossed and held it closed until past her breasts. Once the knot was undone, he nuzzled the laces open so he could lick and nuzzle her breasts.* -04:07 Jan 23
Evangeline: *A small suck in of breath, followed by a murmur… But only a momentary distraction! She rubbed one of her legs against his, teasing the back of his knee with her toes and rising to brush her hips against his.* -04:12 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He moved to lie on his side so he could free one hand. Then he was pushing her nightgown apart a bit more to fasten his lips around one nipple he started to suck at. He rubbed his hips against hers, knowing only she could satisfy him.* -04:18 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She had meant to drive him crazy, but now she was biting her bottom lip, wanting so much! With her hands in his hair she tugged him for a sudden kiss, before pushing gently at his shoulder until he was on his back. Then she was crawling on to his lap, leaning to kiss him with that hard deep kiss he had given her before!* -04:26 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He released her nipple when he felt pulling on his hair and was as eager to kiss her as she was kissing him. He obliged and let her push him down and groaned into her mouth as she climbed on top of him. His hands found their way to her waist.* -04:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Nibbling his lips as she braced her hands against his shoulder, she positioned herself until she could feel his shaft hard beneath her, but not yet taking him in.* -04:34 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He licked her lips. She was so close! It was all he could do not to push her down on top of him! Instead, he slipped his hand beneath her, finding her clit and rubbing it, squeezing it, first firm, then softly.* -04:36 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She gasped against his mouth, a plaintiff but pleasured sound before she burried her face at his neck. Biting gently then running her tongue over the spot. Her hips moved against him again, wet and willing, but definitely teasing!* Say you love me? *She murmured soft against his ear.* -04:45 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her slit was so wet, so warm. He clenched his teeth. It was all he could do not to take her already! He groaned as she moved.* I love you, Evangeline. I will always love you. -04:47 Jan 23
Evangeline: *There was nothing he could ever say that would please her more than that! Her lips brushed against his with a tender kiss.* I love you so much.. *And as his reward, she would show him! She adjusted herself over him, rising just enough until she could feel the tip of his shaft. A quiet moan escaping her as she ever slowly took all of him in.* -04:54 Jan 23

The New Light Saga


Evangeline plans a special date for Gabriel!

[Evangeline is trying to organize a super secret surprise date with Gabriel, but she\’s having problems with the secret part!] -01:13 Jan 20
[Vlamerias wants to help her Mommy succeed!] -01:14 Jan 20
Vlamerias: This will be really fun, Mommy! It’d be a victory for the cause of true love and justice! *She stopped to strike a pose! A v-sign in the air, her other hand on her hip, legs spread!* -01:14 Jan 20
Evangeline: …I think you have been watching too many cartoons! *Evangeline smiled anyway, patting Meri gently on the head before stopping near the bushes out in the spring courtyard.* Now where are those faeries.. I need them to move to the summer courtyard tonight… -01:15 Jan 20

In the bushes were several faerie nests and those faeries were nowhere to be seen! They were there, but stubbornly being invisible and refusing to show themselves! They claimed this bush and they were going to STAY in it! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She eased out of her pose and ran to catch up to Evangeline! She shielded her eyes and started looking all around for them …!* Oh! They’re over there, bathing in the birdbath! -01:18 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She ran over and then pouted!* Drats … Those were just sparrows! -01:18 Jan 20

The faeries cackling could be heard in the bushes. Sparrows in the bird bath, but look! Maybe it was them over there hanging in that tree! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: I’ve got you now! *She ran over to the tree and even started to climb it to get a better look!* -01:19 Jan 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her hands on her hips.* I don’t want to chase you around the entire courtyard! I only wanted to ask for a favor! -01:19 Jan 20

Nope! Not faeries in the tree after all. Just a bunch of wiggly catterpillars! But, those might be faeries jumping on rocks in that mud puddle over there. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She frowned! Those stupid faeries …! She hopped out of the tree and landed neatly on her feet! And then she was pouncing onto the faeries on the rocks in the mud puddle!* -01:23 Jan 20
Evangeline: *She refused to run around in circles… she knew they could hear her!* I don’t think spending a night in the summer courtyard is too much to ask. -01:23 Jan 20

SPLAT! Not only were the phantom faeries gone, so were the rocks! Leaving Meri covered in mud! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Oh no! Her favorite dress! She slowly stood, fists clenched at her side and hissing through teeth that looked more like fangs now! The wind was beginning to pick up in the spring courtyard. The mud was quickly drying on her clothes and beginning to fall off in flakes! Her hair turned white and she had her eyes shut!* -01:27 Jan 20
Evangeline: See, now you’re all being unreasonable! *Oh dear! An angry devil wasn’t good for anyone! Evangeline crossed the grass to step behind Meri, tilt her head back and give her a quick kiss on the forehead.* Blow them in to the other courtyard, but let’s not squish any of them… -01:30 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Her eyes opened when Evangeline kissed her forehead and flashed red but then they darkened to dark gray!* You ruined my favorite dress and refuse to listen to Mommy! She clenched one fist at her side and pointed a finger in the direction of the summer courtyard!* Get your sorry insect-winged behinds to that summer courtyard! … I WANT YOU OUT!!!! *She screamed at the top of her lungs, causing the ground to shake and the suddenly hurricane-force winds to blow every single fairy in the spring courtyard into the summer one!* -01:37 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Mommy! * -01:37 Jan 20

Those faeries tried to fly through the wind, but they were ripped right out of the bushes and popped right through the cracks of the wall in to the next courtyard! There wasn’t a faerie left fluttering! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Well! That was a way to get things done… and certainly a method picked up from Gabriel for sure! Evangeline thoughtfully tapped her chin a moment.* Thank you, Meri! Now we’ll have to get your dress cleaned up while I ask the centaur if he can make sure no one else sneaks in. -01:41 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Meri had folded her arms and muttered something about "reminding guests about their manners"! She grinned up at Evangeline!* They’re so lucky Glaër wasn’t here, huh, Mommy. *The grin disappeared and she huffed.* But they’d never have tried tricking him either. -02:00 Jan 20
Evangeline: They may have. …but then they would have found themselves blown off the planet, not out of the courtyard. *Smiling, she leaned to kiss the devil’s forehead again, then was trotted off for the castle!* No worries! I am just a few steps away from an evening alone with Gabriel! -02:02 Jan 20
Vlamerias: Oohh … What else do you have to do, Mommy? *It was rare when Mommy and Glaër got anytime alone nowadays and she wanted to help out!* -02:07 Jan 20
Evangeline: Hmm… I need to make a picknick basket of things to eat, a nice drink… Um… a blanket and some pillows. Oh! Maybe some lights in the gazeebo! *She was still making mental list, while she headed down a hallway!* -02:08 Jan 20
Vlamerias: That sounds wonderful, Mommy! *She started to skip alongside Evangeline!* Lights in the gazeebo? Like Christmas lights or those lightning bugs you were telling me about! -02:12 Jan 20
Evangeline: Christmas lights…. but having fireflies would be so pretty too! *Now she was wondering if they spring courtyard was warm enough for fireflies!* -02:14 Jan 20

Before the two got much farther, there seemed to be a scuffle in the middle of the hall. Usually you’d expect to see the centaur having another argument with the minotaur, but this time it was a very large Ogre and scruffy looking gnome! At this rate, they were going to knock over one of the walls! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked and tilted her head slightly! Wow, what was going on this time?!* -02:19 Jan 20
Evangeline: Shhh…! Would you like to tell me what’s wrong today, before my husband comes home early to find out himself? *She definitely couldn’t have him come home early! She hadn’t even taken anything outside yet!* -02:19 Jan 20

The ogre growled, swinging his fist to try and smash the gnome, but he missed and it collided with the floor! Everything quaked a good bit! “HE TAKE BEER’S MEAD! BEER WANT MEAD BACK!” -Evangeline

The gnome just kicked the Ogre’s ankle. “I didn’t steal nothin’! No self respecting gnome drinks mead!” -Evangeline

Evangeline: I’m sure we discussed at the last breakfast meeting about smashing things in my castle! If you want to have a fight about it, could you step outside in the fall courtyard where you’re not going to break anything? -02:25 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide as she watched the Ogre and the gnome argue! Things were never this exciting down in the Devil World!* -02:26 Jan 20

“SMAASH GNOOOME! BEER SERVE GNOME AT NEXT BREAKFAST!” The ogre wasn’t paying much attention and as he tried to stand up straight to take another swing, he smashed his head on the ceiling! “OOOWWW! BEER HURT!” -Evangeline

“That’s what you get you big idiot! Hahaha!” The gnome took the opportunity to run off, only stopping long enough to hold out a mug and wave it! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline covered her mouth, trying not to laugh about it.. but. It WAS a little funny. She put her serious face back on.* Come on, Beer. Lets go to the kitchen and get your some more mead. Don’t you worry about that pesky gnome, we’ll get him later. *She took the Ogre’s hand to lead him on!* -02:30 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Meri was more concerned about how this would affect Glaër and Mommy’s date together! Many of the castle inhabitants were nocturnal!* -02:31 Jan 20

The ogre wanted to go charging after the gnome, but a promise of mead was irresistable! His heavy footsteps shuffled and shook the walls as he let himself be led. “BEER DRINK WITH BRIGHT LADY?” -Evangeline

Evangeline: No, I can’t drink with you today… but you could do me a big favor? I need someone to make sure that no one enters the spring courtyard tonight so I can have time alone with Gabriel. Could you do that? -02:34 Jan 20

“BEER SMASH ALL TRESSPASSERS FOR BRIGHT LADY!” He even crashed his fist in to the wall to demonstrate, leaving one big fist sized hole as an example! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Lets try not to smash anyone, but you can scare them off! *…And there went another hole in her walls! She crossed her fingers that Gabriel wouldn’t appear for a small hole smash! She ushered that ogre a little faster!* -02:38 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She winced! Not only did the devil rats have another hole to patch up, but if the ogre wasn’t careful, there would be plenty more! And no one liked getting smashed!* -02:39 Jan 20

“MEEEAD!” Once they entered the kitchen, there was already a huge mug of mead sitting on a counter, and several devil rats fleeing before the ogre stomped on the lot of them to reach it! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Thank you, rats! *The little rats were always so helpful! She loved when they had things prepared ahead of time, just when she needed it the most! Placating a sad ogre was definitely a necessity! Now that he was taken care of, she was very excited to dig around and fill a picnic basket!* -02:42 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Once her Mommy started filling up the picnic basket, Meri began to pull out food and showing it to her for approval! Some fruit! How about some peanut butter sandwiches?* -02:46 Jan 20
Evangeline: *She nodded for fruit, and shook her head to peanut butter! But ooo, yes for cake! …which wasn’t much of a dinner, but who could say no to cake? While Meri hunted for more edible items, Evangeline pulled out a nice soft picnic blanket to fold up and place in the basket.* Almost done… I wonder what I should wear, though… What do you think? -02:49 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She paused and had a deep, thoughtful look on her face!* Umm … I think you should wear a dress, Mommy! A nice sun dress or something! -03:02 Jan 20
Evangeline: A dress? Hmm… I think I know just the one! *A few things stuffed in to her basket, she handed it to Meri.* Here! Will you take this to the gazeebo for me and see if there are pretty lights for it? I am going to get dressed! -03:04 Jan 20
Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! *She took the basket and skipped back to the spring courtyard! That big ogre better not try and smash her or he wouldn’t even be able to smash a fly after she was through with him!* -03:07 Jan 20

Luckily the Ogre had been paying attention this time, cause he aaalmost reached out to crush the devil! He did, however, follow Meri all the way out there to make sure it was being done proper and no one else had gotten out! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline ran herself all the way back to her room and was out of breath by the time she reached her closet! After catching her breath, she dug out a nice deep violet dress. One that had long sleeves that fell off the shoulders and rested just above the knees. Best of all it was silky soft! She dressed fast… Who knew what could go wrong if she took too long!* -03:11 Jan 20

Gabriel: *It just so happened that while Evangeline was putting her dress on, Gabriel had returned! He was walking down one of the corridors to the bedroom he and Evangeline shared! The ending of a day spent dealing with Dark nearly overstepping his boundaries and a few werewolves forgetting their place, among others! Like a cult sacrificing humans!*

Evangeline: *She was smoothing out the skirt of her dress and leaning to fix her hair when she gave a sudden, surprised squeak! He scared her silly, but worse, he was home sooner than she expected! And she wasn’t ready!* Wait, wait, wait! Close your eyes! -03:19 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She placed the picnic basket in the gazeboo after laying out the blanket and a few pillows! Then she went to find the lightning bugs and ask them if it was too cool for them to come into the spring courtyard and be hovering little lights for a short while! She thanked them when they agreed to do it for a short time and got them into position … but not without letting Beer know the lightning bugs were not trespassers!* -03:20 Jan 20

Gabriel: *He stopped but then he closed his eyes.* … Evangeline. *That was the tone of voice that bordered on curiousity and mild irritation! He had come home expecting cuddles in bed and a nap!*

Darn it. Beer wanted to smash all the bugs! But, Beer got his wish to scare someone when a fawn or two was trying to enter the courtyard. He roared so loud, they went running out before even stepping foot on the grass! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Don’t peek. *Evangeline scooted and leaned out the window. It looked like Meri had taken care of things for her! WIth a grin, she hopped back to Gabriel and took his hands.* Did you know that forever ago today was the first day you gave me a kiss? *She was already tugging him for the door!* -03:24 Jan 20

Gabriel: *The ogre’s roar made him open one eye but then he closed it. He started walking to the door, following her. He thought about the first kiss they had shared.* … What are you up to.

Evangeline: Absolutely nothing! Just keep your eyes closed! *She had to turn to make sure she was watching where she walked. Even with his eyes closed he was perfectly confident in where he was going. Once outside, she grinned, holding a finger to her lips and pointing for the Ogre and Meri to go!* -03:28 Jan 20

The ogre didn’t really wanted to leave… he drooped his head and dragged his feet across the ground as he wandered back to the castle. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked and put a finger to her lips to show she would be quiet! Then she tiptoed out of the spring courtyard and went to ask Beer if he wanted to have some cake with her!* -03:30 Jan 20
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -03:30 Jan 20

“BEER LOVES CAKE!” So much for a quiet exit! The ogre’s voice carried pretty far, even when he was inside and trailing around with meri! -Evangeline

Gabriel: The last time you said you were up to "absolutely nothing" I returned to the castle to find flying monkeys and eight-legged pigs instead of centaurs and minotaurs. -03:31 Jan 20
Evangeline: ..and I apologized several times for opening the Nymph’s box. *Evangeline led him off to the gazeebo before she finally let go of his hand and leaned up to kiss his cheek.* You can open your eyes now! -03:33 Jan 20
Gabriel: Your generosity knows no bounds. *He opened his eyes and looked around. He was silent for awhile as he took in everything.* -03:36 Jan 20
Evangeline: *There was no reason for her to be nervous… but she was anyway, and still wondered if he would like the surprise! He always did nice things for her and she wanted to do something special for a change.* Happy kissaversary? -03:37 Jan 20
Gabriel: *He gave her one of those rare smiles as he lowered his head and kissed her mouth gently.* Thank you, Evangeline. -03:39 Jan 20
Evangeline: *Him smiling was like the sun rising… which was a very funny thing to think about Darkness himself! Giggling softly, she had his hands again to tug him in the gazeebo and fuss at him to sit.* I know you were expected bed and cuddles, but this is good too, yes? Take off your coat! *She didn’t wait for him to start, she was already trying to get it off him!* -03:42 Jan 20
Gabriel: *He smirked. He appeared amused with the sight of Evangeline tugging his coat off of him as he sat. He finally obliged into helping her and the coat slid off.* It is a start. -03:44 Jan 20
Evangeline: Just a start? I suppose you have special requests! *Evangeline set his coat aside, stepping around him to hop comfortably on to his lap.* -03:46 Jan 20

The New Light Saga


A little accidental spell casting by Meri puts everyone in the Wonderland story!

[Evangeline is really confused! One minute she was doing something she can\’t remember, and the next… chasing a wolf pup and falling down a hole!] -08:00 Jan 17
[Vlamerias had made sure everything was packed! Now she could go visit her Daddy!] -08:02 Jan 17
Vlamerias: DADDY! DADDY! *She poofed herself into the Great Hall of the Devil Court and flew over, book held tightly against her chest!* Daddy, I’m here! -08:02 Jan 17

Vlamerias: testing

Evangeline: *Now she was picking herself off the ground and dusting herself off. Wearing a soft blue sun dress that fell just to the knees and a ribbon in her hair! …She glanced around to see where the pup had gone… it was a very strange, glittery and twisty bunch of trees!* …Curious! …and confusing. What was I doing again? *She tapped her chin and tried to remember!* -08:04 Jan 17

The great Devil King was big and mighty, sitting in his massive chair in the middle of his throne room. He was more than pleased to see his youngest daughter, but… someone was missing! “My favorite child, Familiar of the Infamous! A visit at last! Yet… where is your guardians? Have you run wild?”

The wolf pup was suddenly in front of her, barking and chasing its own tail! It wore a red vest and a pocket watch tucked into the vest’s pocket! It took notice of Evangeline, stopped, barked, and ran away again!

Vlamerias: *She hugged her Daddy’s face, with one arm still holding the book! Then she flew back a bit and blinked!* Mommy was supposed to come! But she never came back! Um, I couldn’t find Warrior Lady or Dark or anyone else so … here I am! Do you want me to go look for them first? *She was thought it was strange not to find anyone but Mommy often needed some privacy and Dark and Warrior Lady was often busy as well!* -08:08 Jan 17
Evangeline: Oh! Right! *There he was. The wolf pup with a pocket watch! Wolfpups didn’t need watches, so she was following to catch him! ….at least, that’s all she could remember!* Wait! *She went running after it!* -08:08 Jan 17

The wolf pup seemed to have lots of fun! It would stop and jump around just when Evangeline was about to lose it! Then when she was about to catch up to it, take off running again! Giant mushrooms and flowers sprouted here and there! Tiny dragons with insect wings! Rocking horses with insect wings as well!

The Devil King stroked his chin. Being a wise King and well informed, he knew when things were not as they should be. Something interesting was amiss! “Nay, who would dare stand up the Devil King! They will be here daughter, never fear. For now… Share with your father a gift from the human world!”

Evangeline: This certainly doesn’t make any sense. *For a moment she became distracted by the rocking horse flies and the extraordinary tall flowers! She could even hear them humming a soft song! But there was that wolfpup again, she needed to ask him what he was in such a rush for!* -08:13 Jan 17
Vlamerias: *Her face brightened!* I brought this book just to read to you! It’s called Alice in Wonderland! I thought it was really funny and stuff! *She cleared her throat!* O Great Devil King, I present to you, Alice in Wonderland! Which I shall now bring to life for you! *She cast her spell and dropped the book! It gently fell into the Devil King’s lap and grew to an appropriate size for him! The pictures on the pages sprang to life, showing a woman in a blue dress and a ribbon in her hair navigating a forest in search of a large white wolf pup wearing a vest!* -08:14 Jan 17

The wolf stopped, looked at her, barked and took off again, disappearing into thick fog!

“What a precocious spell for such a young devil!” Precocious indeed, for not only did the spell seem to bring the pages of the story to life, it seems the stars of the story were very much real!

Vlamerias: *Beaming, she knew she was beaming! She flew around the book! The characters looked very familiar but that couldn’t be! Did this happen in the book? Oh well, stories changed everytime you read them! Mommy had said so!* -08:18 Jan 17
Evangeline: Here wolfy! I won’t hurt you. …bother! *She stomped a foot when the pup disappeared in the fog. How was she supposed to see him in all of this? She turned around to go back the way she came, but… she seemed to be lost!* Hmm. Now which way… -08:18 Jan 17

“That depends on where you want to go, little girl. Do you even know?” A voice replied in the fog. But no one seemed to be there!

Evangeline: I am not a little girl…*She muttered, a little offended as she smoothed out her skirt. She was a grown woman!* …I’m not really sure where I’m going. I just wanted to find that wolf and go home? -08:20 Jan 17

Caroline: You could walk backwards to be where you’ve been. Or is that to see where you’re not going? *The voice became tangible, a body appearing leaning against the tree partially in shadows.*

Evangeline: That hardly makes any sense at all. I would just like directions out of the forest, if don’t mind. -08:24 Jan 17

Caroline: Travel to the left and you will meet the Red Death. Travel to the right and you will lose your mind. I, personally, think backwards is the only way to travel. *Casting the girl a slow wide grin, she stepped back in to the shadows again.*

Evangeline: *Resting her hands on her hips, she decided that those directions were probably the worst directions ever. …At least it offered choices though.* Hmm. I don’t want to be where I’ve been, and I am not interested in meeting Death. And since I am already lost, I can’t lose my mind so… left it is! *She started walking!* -08:29 Jan 17

After walking and walking, she started to hear loud singing and sounds of plates and dishes crashing!

Evangeline: *Yay! Dishes meant civilization. She’d find that wolfpup in no time. Not wanting to alarm anyone, she snuck up quiet and curious to see what all of the commotion was about!* -08:32 Jan 17

Professor Stevens was wearing a half smashed top hat and trying to pour tea from an oil lamp! “I say! These tea smells atrocious! What fool made this?!”

“You did, you lazy mongrel! Here I am, stuck with the likes of you!” The mummified hare sitting on the opposite end of the table threw a plate at Stevens’ head!

“Mongrel! You are the beast covered in fur and wrapped head to toe with decaying bandages!” Stevens in all his puffed up indignation, flung a teapot right back. “..Blast it man, pour me a cup!”

Evangeline: This is unusual. *She didn’t mean to say it so loud, but they were making such a racket she couldn’t even heard herself think!* Um.. excuse me! Gentlemen…? -08:37 Jan 17

The mummified hare ducked the teapot and was about to fling a silver platter when–It caught sight of Evangeline and skidded to a halt beside her! “Madamoiselle, how you light up this otherwise bleak and dreary atmosphere!” It took her hand and kissed the back while bowing!

In seconds, the Hatted Stevens was on the other side of her, taking her other hand. “By no mind to my rotting companion. Would you like to join us for a spot of tea? We have tea of all shapes and sizes!”

Evangeline: Oh! A cup of tea sounds rather nice, thank you! But I really can’t stay long. I am looking for a little wolfpup with a gold watch? -08:43 Jan 17

The mummified hare snorted! “Rotting companion, indeed! I might be rotting but ye’re the one who smells like you’ve been dead for a good year or more! Please, please, I have not been graced by such company for ages!”

Stevens ushered Evangeline in to a chair and poured her three different cups of tea. “Sweet lady, who do you find more handsome? A man or a rodent? A proper englishman I might add! In a fresh new suit!” He stood back to show her his suit made of hats and his weary looking top hat!

Evangeline: *Taking a sip of the tea and then making an icky face before setting it down (it tasted terrible!), she glanced back and forth at the both of them.* …Well, you both look very nice today… -08:49 Jan 17

The mummified hare was quickly at her other side! “Most beautiful angel! Surely you do not judge by appearance! I will make a loyal and loving companion, a consort like no other!”

“The woman doesn’t need a consort, she needs a husband! Someone intelligent, strong, and manly! Dear lady, could you really imagine yourself with this uncouth lout?”

Evangeline: I’m sure both of you are really wonderful, but I am just looking for a werepup and need some directions! *This was getting a little uncomfortable! And if she were honest, she’d not choose either of them!* -08:54 Jan 17

The mummified hare was stroking the back of her hand and kissing her knuckles! It didn’t appear to hear a thing Evangeline was saying to it!

“Get your furry lips off the lady! Have you no manners?” Stevens Hatter pulled off one of his gloves to promptly slap the Incubus Hair with!

Evangeline: *She sliiiiiide out of her chair to get out of the way.* Please don’t make a fuss on my account! Could one of you give me directions, though? -09:00 Jan 17

The hare snorted! “Why you–!” It pulled a leather glove from the table and slapped the Hatter back on the face!

“How dare you!” He gave the Hare another slap! “I will take the whip to you!”

Evangeline: Directions? ….Anyone? *It’s like she wasn’t even here! She huffed and stomped her foot again. That lady wasn’t kidding about losing your mind here!* -09:05 Jan 17

“You couldn’t take a feather to me, overgrown beanbag!” Another slap to the Hatter’s face!

“I’ll skin off what’s left of your fur and make myself a new hat, you blithering codswallop!” The duel was on! Now tea was being thrown!

Evangeline: …okay! It was nice to meet you gentleman, but I.. um… bye! *Before they turned around… if they were even going to notice… she took off running for the trees again! Running as fast as she could!* -09:09 Jan 17

“You couldn’t make a new hat if you actually knew how!” the Hare snorted and threw a bowl at him!

“My hats are as wonderful as my tea. Say, old chap, would you like a spot of tea?” Stevens Hatter plopped back down in his chair, pouring a cup fresh out of a shoe!

Evangeline: *Running running! Crazy people yelling seemed to fade back to music again. Once there was nothing but silence again, she finally stopped. Gasping to catch her breath! This place was nuts!* -09:16 Jan 17

“Why I will be most delighted, beloved friend!” the Hare replied and sat down on the table!

Vlamerias: *By now she was perched on her Daddy’s shoulder, watching the story! This was so much fun!* -09:22 Jan 17

A few feet away, there was a hooded figure with its back toward Evangeline! It looked very tall, even from this distance!

Evangeline: *…Now where was here? She was in the forest again, but this part of the forest doesn’t look as friendly as the other. It was dark and there were beady little eyes watching her from everywhere! She was so busy staring wide-eyed at what was staring at her, she didn’t realize there was someone in front of her until she ran in to him!* Oh..! -09:24 Jan 17

“Why, this story is quite interesting, my precocious little devil. Do you think these souls might be familiar to you?” asked the Devil King. He was more than amused! And now, all of the devils in the court were watching the story with increasing curiosity!

Vlamerias: Mm … They do look really familiar … But they can’t be really Mommy and the others, can they, Daddy? -09:30 Jan 17

Evangeline didn’t have time to so much as stammer an apology! There was a large hand around her neck and then she was being pushed up against a tree and held at arm’s length! “Name and business.”

“Perhaps your clever story will have the answer, daughter!” he boomed with a laugh as he tilted to watch!

Evangeline: ..eep! *Had she gone to the right and is facing her doom by mistake! Her hands were up to tug gently at the fingers around her neck.* Um… My name is a little fuzzy, and I am lost and looking for a wolfpup with a pocketwatch! ….Are you going to eat me? -09:33 Jan 17

Gabriel: … I ate the others. *The figure cocked its head over its shoulder where suits of red armor lay in a heap!*

Evangeline: *Uh oh… that didn’t look good. There wasn’t a person left! He might still have room for dessert!* Oh. Well… I would prefer it if you didn’t eat me, but if you can’t resist, could you maybe only take a few toes? Or wait! *She slipped her hand in to a pocket and pulled out a piece of candy to offer him. …which felt awfully awkward being pinned to a tree!* Candy is good too? -09:43 Jan 17

Gabriel: *The hooded figure made a sound like a snort and released her. Then he started walking away … or was it really an “it” instead of a man or a woman?*

Evangeline: …I didn’t mean to insult you! I just don’t want to be eaten? *She still wasn’t sure if he was friend or foe, but since she wasn’t a pile of bones now… she chose friend! And since there were still lots of eyes peering from the dark trees, she was quick to start following her new friend.* Do you know the wolfpup with the pocket watch? I was following him before I got lost. -09:55 Jan 17

Gabriel: You were lost before you followed the pup with the pocket watch. *Walk. Walk. He seemed to know where he was going. If this was how fast he walked, there was no telling how fast he was when he was running!*

Evangeline: *She was doing a good job not tripping over rocks and branches and bushes just to keep up!* In that case, can you tell me where I am? I’ll have to get home before someone worries about me. *Whoops, she missed a rock and went tumbling forward with an ow!* -10:04 Jan 17

Gabriel: Someone. Yet you do not remember your name or where you came from. *He didn’t pause. He just kept walking!*

Evangeline: *She was hopping on a foot for a moment before she realized he was leaving her behind, and ran to catch up with him again!* Yes, someone! I like to think someone is worried about me, anyway! Don’t you have someone worried about you walking around in a forest of… *She glanced around… she wasn’t sure what they were! But they were everywhere!* Of creatures? -10:14 Jan 17

Gabriel: *Silence. He just kept walking and walking. but he suddenly stopped and appeared to be listening to something!*

Evangeline: *She very nearly ran in to him again! Stopping too, she glanced around to see what he was listening to. She couldn’t hear a thing. No wind, nor animals, or anything! …which was kind of eerie!* Is something wrong? Are you lost now too? -10:42 Jan 17
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -10:43 Jan 17
Gabriel: *He suddenly turned, put a hand on her head and pushed her head down! Then he was grabbing something above her and pulling it free, only to switch his grasp on the short scythe and impale it through its original wielder! The scythe dug deep into the flesh with a slick SSCCHHINKKK!* -10:47 Jan 17
Evangeline: *The question was on the tip of her tongue! At least until she turned around to see a bloody impaled mess! Then she was squeezing her eyes shut and staying ducked low to the ground as she slapped her hands over her ears!* …what… what is that!! -10:50 Jan 17
Gabriel: … I have never seen its like before. Down. *It was amazing how calm he could be! And the hood still hid his face! How could he possibly see?!* -11:16 Jan 17
Evangeline: *She moved and ducked out of the way! When she tried to take a peek, she hissed a soft gasp! It wasn’t just one more, but several of the things! All black as night with no nose or mouths. Just beady eyes! And they had them surrounded in a circle that was growing smaller!* …They are… um, they don’t eat people do they? -11:22 Jan 17
Gabriel: I am not a person. *He stayed absolutely still–until Evangeline felt nothing but smoldering darkness and icy touches on the back of her neck! There were goosebumps along her arm! And then suddenly she wasn’t being suffocated–but when she made the slightest move, she felt something … squishy!! She was about to open her eyes when–!* You have a weak stomach for blood. -11:27 Jan 17
Evangeline: *There went the idea of looking to see what was happening! Now she was frowning and trying to look more brave than she felt! But kept her eyes squeezed shut!* I’m a person, though! *She finally pulled her arms over her head, just trying to feel less scared!* -11:30 Jan 17
Gabriel: *Suddenly she was being lifted up and carried! And the hood of his cloak had slipped off to reveal short black hair and dark gray eyes!* -11:31 Jan 17
Evangeline: *That was alarming! She squeeked, thinking she might have been kidnapped by monsters until she finally opened one eye and then the other. This wasn’t a monster at all!* …you look like a person to me! *She was tempted to look around and see if they were being followed, but she decided just looking at him might be the safest route!* -11:33 Jan 17
Gabriel: A weapon by any other name is still a weapon. *He kept walking and walking until finally they’d gotten to a river of mud … or chocolate.* They are coming soon. We part ways here. *He put her down and began walking away.* -11:36 Jan 17
Evangeline: Oh. Okay. *He got a few paces away before she snagged the back of his cloak.* Which way do I go from here. Should I cross the river? I think we’ve gone too far to the right of my doom, but if I walk backwards now I’ll just get eaten before I go insane! *Now SHE wasn’t making any sense! But she was a little scared, and he was the least weird thing around!* I could use a weapon? -11:40 Jan 17
Gabriel: (Sorry about that. I guess my computer overloaded.) -12:04 Jan 18
Evangeline: (Damn the machine!) -12:04 Jan 18
Gabriel: (Indeed! Technology is supposed to be able to handle these type of things!) -12:05 Jan 18
Gabriel: You want to go there. It will lead to the White King. *He was suddenly pointing to the white bridge that had mysteriously appeared right beside them! It was rather wide and ornate, made of polished ivory or marble! A bridge fit for a king to cross but no one on it!* -12:06 Jan 18
Evangeline: I see! *She still hestitated, though. What if something else was hiding out there. Apparently no one here ate candy! They just all ate people and tea!* Would it be too much of a both if you went with me? Since you aren’t interested in eating toes or candy, I could let you have an arm instead? -12:11 Jan 18

Before the man could reply, there was the sound of horse’s hooves and people running! Lots of people! They were coming their way! -Gabriel

Gabriel: Go. Now. *He was taking Evangeline by the arm and pushing her to the white bridge! There wasn’t much time! The sounds were getting closer and louder!* -12:19 Jan 18
Evangeline: Who are they? *She didn’t mean to be difficult, but they didn’t look at all scary like those creatures did! She was curious!* -12:22 Jan 18
Gabriel: Friends of the soldiers I ate. *He replied. Those soldiers and the leader riding the horse were coming closer and closer!* White King. Go. -12:24 Jan 18
Evangeline: Oh. Oh!! *She was already being ushered on to the bridge, but she didn’t feel right leaving him behind with an army of angry knights!* Shouldn’t you come too? They aren’t going to be happy, I think! -12:25 Jan 18
Gabriel: They will not stop until I am returned. The Red Queen will be more apt to slicing your head off merely for your soul. *They were too close now! He suddenly turned and started running toward the soldiers! He could distract them long enough for the woman to flee!* -12:28 Jan 18

The leader on the horse stopped as Gabriel began running toward them and he smirked. “Take him down. The Queen wants him alive.” The soldiers readied their shields and spears! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Wait! *Blast it! She nearly ran after him, but he had fussed for her to run… She huffed before she finally took off running over the bridge! She’d find the White King, then! Perhaps that’s what the lady in the shadows meant about Red Death!* -12:31 Jan 18
Gabriel: *Fangs growing, he suddenly slid and took one soldier’s feet out from under it! Then he grabbed its spear and stabbed it into the chink in the armor on its chest! He turned, still on his knees, to drive the next spear up into the helmet, but there were just more and more of them and he went down in a sea of red!* -12:36 Jan 18
Evangeline: *Once again she was running from the scene of madness! Until she couldn’t run anymore and had to lean against a tree to catch her breath!* This is… sheer madness! -12:40 Jan 18

Far off in the distance, the bridge had dissolved and up ahead was a brilliant white castle! It was very beautiful with its tall towers and a very large drawbridge! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *This was a huge difference from how scary the forest was! Once she had her breath, she kept up a fast pace. After all, maybe the White King would take out his army to go fight the Red Knights and they could rescue… um… That guy!* -12:49 Jan 18

The New Light Saga


Hunter training with Evangeline, Caroline and Dark but Legion picks off hunters.

[Evangeline isn\’t sure where they are, but the scrying crystal picked it out, so that means it\’s the place they need to be!] -12:09 Jan 03
[Dark is … investigating things! He\’s nowhere near Evangeline and Caroline, nowhere near at all!] -12:11 Jan 03

It was a small European village that got light tourist traffic for the beautiful landscapes and cabins it had outside of town. The group of newbie hunters accompanying Evangeline were hoping they would get a vacation retreat once they figure out what their lesson was going to be!

Caroline: Tell me why you felt this was the right place for a lesson? *It was bad enough that Caroline didn’t trust when Evangeline’s scrying picked out a place. She might not of had psychic visions anymore, but that gift of hers was still locked away deep down inside – and that meant trouble! ….this place definitely didn’t feel right.*

“Awwh, I thought we were going to some beach in Greece!” one of the newbie hunters groaned.

Evangeline: A first mission has to be a place with a real problem, that’s to test if they’re ready to be off on their own in the world! Now we have to investigate to see why this area is a hotspot and take care of it. …. AHEM. *She cleared her throught to try and pass the hunters a hint that it meant THEY were supposed to do it.* And you’re not supposed to help, Caroline. -12:16 Jan 03
Evangeline: A first mission has to be a place with a real problem, that’s to test if they’re ready to be off on their own in the world! Now we have to investigate to see why this area is a hotspot and take care of it. …. AHEM. *She cleared her throat to try and pass the hunters a hint that it meant THEY were supposed to do it.* And you’re not supposed to help, Caroline. -12:17 Jan 03

Some of the hunters were looking at each other! They didn’t want to be the ones to make the first move!

Caroline: *Damnation. She was about to pull out a seeking spell so she could pinpoint what was bothering her. ….Screw Evangeline’s rules! She was here to protect the Queen of Darkness, not babysit hunters! So she [i]discreetly[/i] cast her seek spell after pacing away from the group.*

Caroline: *Damnation. She was about to pull out a seeking spell so she could pinpoint what was bothering her. ….Screw Evangeline’s rules! She was here to protect the Queen of Darkness, not babysit hunters! So she discreetly cast her seek spell after pacing away from the group.*

Evangeline: All right now, don’t you guys just stand around staring! Investigating a report is the first step! You can talk to people in town, or cast spells, or try research! ….At least one of you DID research the area, yes? -12:20 Jan 03

A few confused faces suggested they didn’t even know where they were, let alone research! “We uh… could form teams and seperate to search?”

Some of the hunters began to pair up with each other, others still stood around, confused!

Evangeline: *A huff! Sometimes she wasn’t sure what was worse. The ones afraid to go out and try things, or the ones that ran out all willy-nilly without thinking first.* Okay, someone can come with me and I will show you how to use a scrying crystal. You just have to let it fall and keep still until it starts tugging in a direction… but you have to keep a clear mind and think about what you’re looking for! *She grabbed someone by the sleeve and forced them to be her volunteer by handing them her crystal!* -12:26 Jan 03
Dark: *Dark was back at Evangeline’s castle, pacing up and down. Caroline was with Evangeline for some newbie hunter teaching … But he didn’t like it.* -12:27 Jan 03

The hunter who had “volunteered” swallowed and nodded. “So I’m looking for … something really bad, right?”

Caroline: *Not letting Evangeline out of her sight was easy enough. …It was the seek spell that concerned her. It wasn’t unexpected to discover what lurked in this town was something larger than Evangeline’s hunters could deal with. Now she was trying to decide if she should take care of it before they find it, or make the woman go somewhere else. …She’d try reasoning first! Caroline stepped up behind Evangeline to whisper in her ear.* This isn’t a good place for you or them. Let me take your somewhere more appropriate.

Evangeline: *Evangeline thought about it for…half a second! Then shook her head.* We need to be here. If it’s that bad, we should stop it. *Then she was taking the newbie’s hand to make him hold out the crystal, and stabilizing it so it held still.* There. Now concentrate on what you’re looking for. In this case, you are looking for the evil that’s plaguing this town! -12:33 Jan 03

Twenty feet away, something watched Evangeline holding the hunter’s hand. It vaguely resembled a tall man wrapped in a black coat with a wide brimmed hat that quickly hid behind a tree!

He took a deep breath. Evil … Great. He was never going to let his pal talk him into signing up for stuff ever again! After several minutes, he shrugged and shook his head. “It’s … it’s not working!”

Caroline: *Of COURSE Evangeline wouldn’t leave! Why would she think otherwise! With a mutter under her breath, Caroline vanished! She dropped just outside of the buildings of the village, and prowled through the trees that surrounded the place. She was on the hunt to find it first!*

Evangeline: That’s because your knees are practically shaking and you’re scared to death! Why don’t you calm down a little bit and try again? Remember you are a hunter here to protect people and that you’ll be just fine? -12:38 Jan 03

While some teams of hunters were now questioning people around the village, others had wandered out to the trees to examine the perimiters. They had radio communication, so one sighting of something odd and they’d message back to everyone else!

He gulped and then nodded. “Uh … uh … uh kay …” But he didn’t believe Evangeline! He didn’t like the feel of this place and he felt even less safe without Caroline here!

Evangeline: *Speaking of Caroline… Evangeline glanced around to find the woman gone! Huff! The least Caroline could do was let the hunters try it on their own.* Um, think of adorable kitten pictures or something that makes you smile, then try it again. -12:43 Jan 03

The human woman with the crystal and the boy with her would be easy pickings … Then when it was stronger, it could go after the other woman, the one who had vanished. It began to emit a soft cry for help, the voice of a weak human woman just twenty feet away!

Evangeline: *Almost on cue the crystal was swinging in the direction of someone’s cry for help! …even that seemed a little strange to Evangeline!* Um, well! There you go. You better go and see what that is and make sure you use your radio! …I will stay right here within sight? -12:49 Jan 03

He was about to argue! But then he gulped! It was nothing, right? He was just going to investigate and then … As he started walking forward REALLY slow, he pulled out his gun! “Uh … Hell … hello …?”

The soft cries for help continued but as the hunter drew closer, the cries became softer and the crystal swung harder! Just a little further … out of earshot and out of sight of the woman …

Evangeline: *She wanted to go with him… she felt like she should. But she also knew she needed to stay out in the open, and if she got hurt Gabriel would be angry for days. Evangeline rest her hands on her hips and rocked on her heels, trying to resist following after the hunter!* -12:54 Jan 03

Here! This was where the cries was coming from … he was sure of it! Unfortunately he hadn’t noticed how far away from Evangeline he had strayed! He approached the tree. “He … hello …?” He stepped behind it and was almost relieved to see a woman lying there who needed help. She looked tired and really sick, holding her arm out to him like that. He put the gun down and the crystal to reach for her. “It’s okay, Miss. I got you, I got …” But when he bent over to pick her up, she was gone and in her place something cold and clammy grabbed his wrist and yanked him down! Before he could scream, something wrapped around his mouth and stifled his cries!

Evangeline: *Rocking, rocking… The cry for help had stopped, though! Yet her hunter was out of sight and he wasn’t contacting anyone. Maybe it wasn’t a problem? She hesitated for a second, then she was moving off towards the tree to find him. If Caroline saw her standing around by herself, she’d have kittens!* -01:02 Jan 03
Dark: *Pacing … pacing … How long did it take for you to chaperone Evangeline and a bunch of newbie hunters to some backwater village and then get your ass back for a date?!* -01:04 Jan 03

“E … Evangeline …” It was the hunter’s voice but he sounded so weak!

Evangeline: …did you trip? *Evangeline was wary, walking a little faster to follow his trail to the trees! It was odd that there was no woman around now!* -01:07 Jan 03

“Yyeahh … I … I tripped …” Tripped. That was a splendid excuse! This hunter had been a nice snack but if its instincts were correct–and they were rarely wrong–this woman would be a rare meal indeed …

Evangeline: We went over watching where you step when out on missions… *Warning signs! Normally she wouldn’t hestiate to check on the hunter, but she had to be extra careful…!* Um… You wait right there, then, I can go get someone to help? Why haven’t you used your radio? -01:12 Jan 03

“It’s … it’s over there … It fell and um … I … I lost it. Please! I need your help. I don’t think I’ll last very long …”

Evangeline: I’m coming! *That got her! She couldn’t leave someone alone like this! So there she was hoping a little faster for the break of trees and looking around confused trying to figure out where he fell!* -01:15 Jan 03

Heh. She was nearly there … If the ditz only followed the sound of the voice and got here faster! “I’m … I’m right here, Evangeline. To your … your right … Please, hurry!”

Evangeline: *She was hurrying as fast as she could. After all, she needed to watch her feet and make sure she didn’t hurt herself too! A sharp turn to the right and a few faces but…* …I don’t see you… *Evangeline glanced up at the tree branches. He could have fell UP if it were some sort of booby trap.* -01:20 Jan 03

“I’m right here! Quickly … Uhh …” Maybe it was wrong after all. Maybe this wasn’t as grand a snack as its instincts said it would be. It made no sense!

Caroline: *Instead of Evangeline coming around the trees, it was Caroline dropping down in front of the ‘hunter’. She had nearly tackled Evangeline, but so long as the woman remained blissfully clueless, that was better for her!* Right here? You don’t look well, dearest. *Caroline was already pulling out her axe from thin air!*

The hunter became a formless shadow that moved a few feet away, then morphed into a tall man wearing a long black coat and a wide brimmed hat! Shadow tentacles flew out from under its coat to grab objects and throw them at Caroline!

Caroline: Evangeline, go back to the street! *CLINK! Always wanting to throw things, never wanting to fight fair. She deflecting what came at her, dashing forward to take a good swipe at the shadow… a test of just how tangible it could be!*

Dark: *That was it! He wasn’t going to stand this anymore! He appeared behind Evangeline!* Damnit, Evangeline! How long does it take you to show some stupid hunters around and get back to Oracle! -01:34 Jan 03
Evangeline: I guess this means it was a trap after all. *Nope, she wasn’t surprised at all. …She WAS surprised to turn around and see Dark, however!* A few hours at worse. Right this moment I am going back to the street while Caroline steals my hunters mission and slays someone. -01:35 Jan 03

The shadows seem tangible enough, flinging objects at her! But the moment the axe is about to connect, it goes right through! Only for the tentacle to solidify again and slam down onto Caroline’s head!

Dark: *He huffed!* Damnit. Looks like it’s my turn to get into this! *He rolled up his sleeves! Someone had forgotten that long lecture Gabriel had given him!* -01:38 Jan 03

Caroline: *She was quick enough to spare her head getting knocked around by fling up an arm to block it! By now she figured it was going to take some well placed spells. Her axe disappeared, and she was pulling a marble from her pocket. Cracking it to cast a bright flash of light to burn off those shadow tentacles!* Evangeline, I don’t hear you running away. *She growled!*

The tentacles were burnt away but quickly grew back to continue the assault! A ball of lighting flew at it but the shadow only split in half to avoid it and then reformed!

Evangeline: Because is he- Oh bother. *Now Dark was going to get in to it, and Gabriel was going to be even more angry. …nothing was getting in the way of her cuddles today! Evangeline went stomping back for the street before they came rolling in her direction and getting her in trouble!* -01:42 Jan 03
Dark: *He huffed!* Smartass monster …! *He dodged some trees the creature uprooted from the ground to fling at him and Caroline!* -01:44 Jan 03

Caroline: *It was easier to relax and focus on what she was doing with Evangeline out of the way. Light wasn’t enough! Caroline slide to the side casting a new spell to catch those trees and have them roll off safely away from the village’s direction. Then she was switching gears, casting a stationary spell! Something to root the creature in one place!* Are you going to make a habit of showing up while I am working? One little incident and you seem to think you are my hero.

No! Its main quarry was getting away! It quickly switched tactics, calling up fog from the very ground that quickly grew thick and appeared to spread everywhere! Then it was using the cover to turn back into a shadow on the ground and go chasing after Evangeline!

Dark: Hey! We have a date and you’re not back yet! I wasn’t about to sit around all day! *The fog appeared and then he was looking around, trying to see through it!* Damnit! *He disappeared! He could trace Evangeline’s location and get her ass back to the castle before something bad happened to HER!* -01:50 Jan 03
Evangeline: *Where on earth did that fog come from! She nearly ran face first in to a tree! Instead she was sliding in to a ditch, which made for good cover if spells were being thrown around, but not much else!* Hmm… I should have taken one of the radios too. Where are my hunters! -01:52 Jan 03

Caroline: We’ve been gone for an hour! *Between Dark being ridiculous and this creature not taking to normal spellwork, she was getting frustrated. Caroline cast a strong wind, something to blow off the fog so they could see again and the thing wouldn’t have any shelter.* Evangeline, stop talking out loud!

Dark: *He appeared next to Evangeline!* You should worry less about the hunters and worry more about you! The universe is not going to burn because of them, you know! -01:56 Jan 03

There went its cover! It would have to try another time … It slinked away into the woods!

Evangeline: Caroline is here. I think I am doing just fine! *She wasn’t worried yet, at least.* Besides, you’re not supposed to be here. -01:59 Jan 03

Caroline: *Caroline nearly sprang off to chase the creature down. All she had to do was try to piggyback after it’s trail. …but there was Evangeline and Dark. And those blasted newbie hunters to send home.* You really AREN’T supposed to be here.

Dark: Why is this all about me, all of a sudden! I just came to see what was taking you so long! I’ll go hunt after the creature and you two can take care of those hunters! *And then he was running off into the woods after it!* -02:02 Jan 03

Caroline: IT WAS AN HOUR. *She shouted after him…! But he was gone already. How was she supposed to protect him from is ill-mooded father when he can’t stay put?* Hrrrmph. Come with me Evangeline. I am going to send your hunters home and you as well. Then I will find a new boyfriend.

“Oohh! Oohh! Evangeline! … Evange–!” One of the hunters was running toward her with an old, leatherbound book in his arms!

Evangeline: *Evangeline picked herself up, unable to help her giggling!* …I think that is the first time you called Dark your boyfriend. *Oh, there was a hunter!* You found a book! ….it has something useful in it? *It seemed silly to ask, but it wouldn’t be the first time hunters got distracted with unrelated things!* -02:06 Jan 03

The hunter skidded to a stop. “I think so! it’s about that evil you were talking about!” He moves so she can see the worn pages written in some old language. “This is an old Germanic language, similar enough to modern German for me to make out the basic details. There’s this entity called Legion and a long time ago, he was a man on a quest for vengeance. Darkness granted him the power and with it, he absorbed the souls of those who had done him evil … but apparently he’s been doing it ever since!”

Caroline: …In that case you’re all officially going home. This isn’t a place for new hunters – or Dark for that matter. *Created by Darkness himself… there’s no telling how OLD the creature was and how much power he had!*

“But what about the evil? Who’s going to take care of it?” the hunter didn’t like the idea of dealing with it but … they couldn’t just let the evil keep roaming around like this!

Evangeline: *That was facsinating! …and kind of alarming.* You did wonderful research! Hum… but she is right, this is something better left to a seasoned professional. We should track down the others. …I’m not sure if we lost Robert or not. *He was missing, and she feared the worst! All because she made him go by himself!* -02:17 Jan 03

Caroline: I will take care of it. Dark can take Evangeline home, and I can cast a transport for all of the hunters.

The hunter was proud of himself–but the mention of Robert made him uneasy! He was afraid to ask, though!

Dark: *Speaking of Dark, he was stalking past, sulking and growling about that thing giving him "the slip"!* Damn creatures … -02:20 Jan 03

Caroline: *Caroline was trying not to smirk at him… that look she always had when she knew he wasn’t going to succeed! It was also the one that pissed him off, so she was trying to hide it!* Take Evangeline back to the castle of happiness and light, where you belong. *With that, she was holding out a hand with a marble… a small seek. A frown! More than just Robert was missing now. Caroline transported the hunters left back to Oracle before another one turned up lost!*

Dark: *He swore under his breath!* C’mon, Evangeline. Let’s get out of here. *He cast the spell and they both disappeared … unaware that their departure was taken note of!* -02:29 Jan 03
Evangeline: *Leaving with Dark… and there was no fight about it! So Evangeline was grinning again when they were safe and sound.* She called you her boyfriend! -02:31 Jan 03

Caroline: *Perfect. No Evangeline, no Dark. Just her and hunting. Free of having to worry about extra precautions, she prepared a new seeking spell!*

Dark: *He huffed and crossed his arms!* I can’t believe that thing evaded me! I should have been able to destroy it! -02:33 Jan 03

Gabriel: … Destroy. What. *He stepped out into the courtyard where Dark had teleported himself and Evangeline.*

Evangeline: *…and there went her smile! She was quickly easing herself in front of Dark!* He was worried about Caroline and dropped in our training mission for the newbies! -02:35 Jan 03

Gabriel: *The gesture alone spoke volumes!* You are back earlier than I expected.

Dark: *He blinked! Damnit, he had the worst timing. EVER! He stayed quiet and let Evangeline handle this.* -02:37 Jan 03
Evangeline: Caroline said it was too much for the hunters. So Dark brought me home, and she sent the hunters back to Oracle. So there is nothing to worry about? *And this time she was telling the truth! Dark hadn’t broken any rules, really. She was was safe, and things were being taken care of.* -02:39 Jan 03

Gabriel: What proved too much for the hunters.

Evangeline: Um… something called Legion? You know, one of the hunters did a wonderful job on the research part! Though, there are a couple of them missing. Caroline is taking care of it, though! -02:43 Jan 03

Gabriel: … Legion.

It was moving farther and farther into the woods. It would have to come up with a new tactic to devour both women … and the one who had intervened as well.

Evangeline: Yes. ….So everything is all right? *That look on his face… she wasn’t sure if he were angry or surprised!* -02:47 Jan 03

Caroline: *There was always something very fun about being on the hunt. Especially running wild through the woods and giving chase! Caroline was following one of her marbles, it speeding around trees as it did it’s job seeking! The beast was trying to out run her, but she’d catch up! And now she didn’t have to worry about Evangeline getting upset when she took it’s soul!*

[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:15 Jan 04
[Dark has timed out.] -01:15 Jan 04
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[Evangeline is trying to reassure Gabriel that everything is fine. It IS isn\’t it?] -01:21 Jan 04
[Dark was looking from Gabriel to Evangeline and back again … He had this REALLY bad feeling!] -01:24 Jan 04
Dark: … So … you know this Legion guy or what? -01:24 Jan 04

Gabriel: … What have you heard.

Dark: *If this wasn’t suspicious Gabriel behavior, he didn’t know what was! Usually if he knew something, Gabriel would have been long gone by now to track the creature down himself and kill it before it harmed Caroline!* -01:27 Jan 04
Evangeline: *Gabriel was acting unusually suspicious… At least to Evangeline!* About Legion…? The hunter found a book saying Darkness granted him power for revenge. *Legends and myths weren’t always one hundred percent accurate, but… Not that she could blame him for doing something ages ago!* -01:28 Jan 04

Meanwhile, the creature noticed someone was tracking it. The scent on the wind said it was one of the females from before. The one who had tried cleaving it in half with that axe … It would do nothing for now. It would bide its time and continue travelling deeper into the forest.

Dark: *He couldn’t take this anymore!* Look. If you know him or not, just spill the beans. Tell us what you know, then do what you have to in order to take it out once and for all! -01:31 Jan 04

Caroline: *How big WAS this god be damned forest. Caroline was tempted to burn a trail all the way through it. She had plenty enough stamina for a chase… but not the patience! Stopping suddenly, she pulled out one of her stronger spells. And cast to drop herself right on top of this beast known as Legion!*

Gabriel: … Summon Caroline back. She cannot win against Legion.

The creature quickly moved away from Caroline, a few feet away to morph into the tall man wearing the coat and wide brimmed hat. Tentacles lashed out from where his feet should be and when he opened his mouth, fire shot out at her like dragon’s breath!

Evangeline: You are behaving strange. *She muttered slowly… examining his expression! This was not typical for him! He would usually go himself and take care of things in two minutes!* -01:34 Jan 04

Caroline: *In seconds she whipped out her ribbons, cutting the fire away and trying to deflect flying tentacles!* Tell me, Oh Legion! Are you truely blessed by Darkness? Do you hold his power?

Gabriel: Millenia ago, a human male caught Light’s eye. She was known to be fickle. Her lover one day became a worst enemy the next. Those who graced her bed were eventually put to death when she became suspicious they were cheating on her. This particular male rejected her at once, already having given his heart and love to another. He had a family and he could not bear to betray his wife. Light took the blow personally and raised up the villagers with whom the man lived with. He was betrayed, forced to watch his family die, then left to die himself once they maimed and mutilated him.

There was an odd sound, like heavy raindrops against a tin roof. Was that … laughter? “Hahaha, little girl …” The voice was shaky and grated on the ears, neither male nor female, neither old nor young. “What do you know of Darkness?!” It lifted one hand and shot out razor sharp blades about an inch long at Caroline!

Dark: *There was a look of disgust on his face!* Eww! Who the fuck would sleep with that old hag?! -01:42 Jan 04
Evangeline: Oh… *Sometimes these stories rendered her speechless! How sad… It was hard for her to imagine Light being so ruthless to people she was supposed to be taking care of! Of course, Dark’s responses were always good for breaking ice!* …I think it is more important to know what happened to the man, yes? -01:43 Jan 04
Dark: *He blinked!* Uh … Yeah … right. *He coughed.* -01:43 Jan 04

Caroline: *Little girl! Yes, she hadn’t heard THAT before! Only a slight sound of annoyance, Caroline moved out of the way of the blades, landing crouched on a heavy tree branch. She cast her own wicked smile!* Why, I am the guardian of his Bright Queen. I don’t think he will be pleased to know you’re using his power to harm innocent mortals. *Caroline raised her hands, the spell’s movement causing the ground below to quake and rocks jutting out to surround him!*

Gabriel: Seconds away from death, the man invoked me. Quite simply, he wanted the power to exact revenge on the people who had done this deed. He understood he could not destroy Light herself and was willing to settle for those who had betrayed him. His soul for the power to take and absorb creatures, their body parts, their souls, their memories.

Dark: Well, that’s it then! You’ve got his soul! Go get it and destroy it once and for all! -01:47 Jan 04
Evangeline: *Revenge never goes well for anyone involved, but Evangeline figured that was a lesson that didn’t need a lecture to go along with it… it was the present moment that was important!* But that time has long come and gone, hasn’t it? I don’t think he is only out getting revenge these days. -01:50 Jan 04

“Darkness! Married?! To a bright soul!!” It opened its mouth wide and let out a cry like a trumpet. Or a roar. Or a banshee wail. It flattened the ground and forced many living creatures to scurry for cover for miles around, forcing trees to shake and tremble!

Gabriel: All I cared at the time was unleashing another creature to destroy Light’s children.

Caroline: *A slight wince at the sound, she had to drop down to the ground to get and keep her balance. He was powerful enough to cast his powers over miles! That just meant no playing games. Taking out several marbles, Caroline tossed them up in the air! They shattered high above, glimmering down to trap the both of them under a shield. His magic wasn’t going anywhere now and neither was he!* So he is! A bright soul that you were trying to grab, Oh Legion. Thus I ask you a simple question. Do you stop harming mortals and flee – or do I slay you and take your soul for the sake of Darkness?

The laughter of raindrops-on-a-tinroof! “You may try, little girl, you may try!” It opened its mouth and a swarm of insects came flying out toward Caroline! There was no telling what effect their stings might have, even on a demon of Caroline’s level!

Caroline: Then let me show you why they call me the Lady of Shade. *Her inner dialogue was never as collected as what she showed… Insects were not on the top of her list of favorite things to deal with. A crack of her ribbons and she was summoning a strong stationary wind. Like a tornado to keep the flying little beasts from coming closer. With a shift of her stance, the light inside the sheilded dome grew dim and dimmer still until it was nearly as dark as night. Her shadow shot out from beneath her, moving to curl and swirl around Legion and grinning a hollow green smile!*

Evangeline: And now you don’t want to destroy Light’s children anymore…. I hope? *She wasn’t entirely sure… he spent a long time hating Light, and even now he was still angry about her. But monsters on the loose weren’t good for anyone!* -02:07 Jan 04

Gabriel: That is not the point, Evangeline. I know what it is like to love and lose someone. Regardless, one of you must summon Caroline back. She may think she is winning now but Legion has not survived so long through sheer luck.

The insects suddenly turned to stone and dropped to the ground! Then they grew larger and larger until they were the size of horses, still coming after Caroline! Legion suddenly dissipated into dozens of rats and scattered!

Caroline: *She had battled armies! Giant stone insects and scattering rats was a child’s game! He was still in her cage. Before those stone monoliths got too close, she was throwing her arms up. The entire ground underneath her dome aside from where she was standing, shifted and rose up quickly to crush him – all of the pieces of him! – against it’s barrier!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to ask why he wasn’t going there himself. Why he didn’t summon Caroline from there himself too! Instead she tilted her head to glance questioningly at Dark. She wasn’t so sure if summoning her was the right thing to do if Legion needed to be stopped and Gabriel would not do it!* -02:20 Jan 04
Dark: *He looked back at Evangeline, then glared at Gabriel!* I don’t get it! Why the hell don’t you just destroy his soul and be done with it?! You still have it, don’t you?! -02:23 Jan 04

CRUNCH! The sound of insects and rats as they were crushed against the barrier! Everything was silent!

Gabriel: I have one piece. And it is taking awhile for the wolves to bring me the other pieces.

Dark: *He blinked, then he leaned over to Evangeline.* I thought souls couldn’t be divided into more than one piece. *He whispered to her!* -02:29 Jan 04

Caroline: *She wasn’t fool enough to believe she killed him. But warily she lowered the rock and ground back where it belonged, ready to cast another spell if needed!* Have you done enough? There is more to this world than vengeance. Even Darkness has learned that.

Evangeline: Um… *She tapped her chin, thinking it over… There were all sorts of things you could do with souls. If souls could be merged, burned, created from scratch, and broken… maybe they could be divided too…?* Maybe not impossible…? But why would it be in pieces? -02:30 Jan 04

Gabriel: When Light suspected what I had done, I split the soul into several pieces so she could not get her hands on it. I am nothing if not possessive of what I have.

… Nothing but silence. And neither the insects nor the rats had moved at all!

Caroline: Pull yourself back together. *He didn’t seriously think she would fall for him playing dead… but she couldn’t claim his soul if he were laid out over the ground in pieces. Caroline dropped the shield, still wary and waiting for movement!*

Dark: Hrm … *Dark folded his arms.* Pieces or not, I don’t think it’s a good idea to summon Caroline. I mean, she’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. -02:40 Jan 04

At first there was nothing … but slowly the insects and the rats began to twitch, one after another, they did as they were told, pulling themselves back together. They formed the tall man with the coat and the wide brimmed hat, lying on his stomach.

Evangeline: *Despite being worried over Gabriel, she cast a wide smile at Dark. He said Caroline was a big girl now… but before he was dropping in to see what was taking her so long to return home!* It couldn’t hurt to go there and help her, though. -02:43 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline was suspicious… very suspicious. Ribbons dissappearing to be replaced with an Onyx spike, it took her a few moments of watching his body before she finally strode over and knelt next to it. She wasn’t going to stab a man in the back, so she was pushing him to roll him over!*

When Caroline rolled him over, what she found was a little girl in a long nightgown several sizes too big! She was pale, dark brown hair and appeared to be asleep!

Dark: *He blinked! Now there was something he hadn’t expected …!* Wow. You really think so? -02:50 Jan 04

Gabriel: He held out his hand and what appeared to be a light blue glass shard about the size of a thumb nail was hovering above it.

Gabriel: *He held out his hand and what appeared to be a light blue glass shard about the size of a thumb nail was hovering above it.*

Caroline: *That managed to catch her by surprise! This was a trick, a low one at that… And though she had the spike ready and could take his soul now… she just… she couldn’t seem to bring herself to stab a child! She couldn’t make that mistake again!*

Something approached from behind Dark and Evangeline, one of the shadows wolves held something in its mouth. It approached Gabriel and opened its jaws. A light blue glass shard floated up to join with the one Gabriel had.

That moment of hesitation may end up costing Caroline! The girl opened her eyes slowly and then she moved faster than she should have been able to, pouncing onto Caroline and sinking long fangs into her neck!

Caroline: *All she had to do was stab it…! But even while cursing herself and knowing what she should do, Caroline couldn’t do it! Instead she was crashing backwards trying to pry the child off her and shove her away with as much force as she could muster!*

Evangeline: If Gabriel says she can’t take on Legion herself, and he cannot go, then someone should go! *If she even thought about suggesting she would go herself, both of them would have a hissy fit about it!* -03:01 Jan 04
Dark: *He nodded.* Right. I’m done playing games. *He disappeared and then reappeared …* What the fuck! Get the hell off of her! *He tried to pry the kid off but damn if it didn’t have a grip!* -03:04 Jan 04

Another wolf appeared to leave another piece that joined the others!

Evangeline: *Wolves and shard collecting or not, Evangeline moved so she could snake her arms around Gabriel’s waist and hug him!* You don’t want to face him. -03:08 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and lowered his head, one hand still out with the shards, the other moving around to draw her close.* I do not. The similarities between him and I are there. It pains me so much … because it reminds me of how it felt to lose you.

Caroline: *This was killing her! Perhaps not litterally…. yet! But Dark a grand habit of showing up at the wrong moment, and she was busy trying to pry a child’s teeth out of her neck without it taking flesh with her! Caroline fumbled to reclaim her spike and try a second time to stab and take the soul!*

Dark and Caroline finally managed to get the kid off of her and the girl and Dark went stumbling backwards! Then the girl sunk her teeth into Dark’s arm and dissipated into a flock of bats that quickly flew away and headed deeper into the woods!

Dark: OOowwww!! *He growled!* You fuckin’ piece of–! *He clutched his arm and pressed down hard on it!* Holy crap, that’s some sharp teeth! *He muttered as he sat up!* -03:14 Jan 04
Evangeline: But if you did see him, maybe you could explain that he doesn’t have to be this way now? *Despite everything, Evangeline always hoped that people would make a better choice. Even if most of the time it didn’t work out that way!* -03:15 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline had missed her chance again… and Legion escaped! She was still muttering curses under her breath as she checked the wound at her neck.* That was my mistake…

Another wolf appeared with another shard … then disappeared!

Dark: I’m all for hunting that bastard down and finishing this. -03:23 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He kissed the top of her head.* Thank you, Evangeline, for everything.

Caroline: *She should already be on her way to tracking it down… but… She didn’t feel right. It would be easy to blame it on bloodloss, but it was much deeper than that. Caroline shook her head as she finally stood.* Then go and take Gabriel with you.

Evangeline: You shouldn’t thank me like it’s the last thing you’re ever going to say to me… It makes me worry! *She held on tight to him, just in case. She would forever be worried that he would leave her, especially when things reminded him of the bad moments!* -03:30 Jan 04
Dark: *Great. First Gabriel and now Caroline …* You’re going back to Evangeline’s castle, right? To get healed up and stuff? -03:35 Jan 04

Another wolf appeared with a shard … then disappeared!

Caroline: …Eventually. *She could have lied and said yes, but knowing Dark he’d poof right over there and pitch a tantrum when he didn’t find her there!* I am not intending to go on a crusade to find Legion, if that’s what concerns you.

Dark: No. No, it’s not. What concerns me is what the bastard might have done to you. -03:40 Jan 04
Dark: *He smirked.* I can never leave you, Seer. You would find me no matter where I am and drag me back and punish me with no cuddles and no baths with you. -03:41 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I can never leave you, Seer. You would find me no matter where I am and drag me back and punish me with no cuddles and no baths.

Caroline: A scratch that will heal. *But clearly guilt won’t… Legion had opened more wounds than just at her neck! She didn’t want to deal with Evangeline’s gentle probing… and Dark wasn’t going to understand! So it was an unfair and unnounced spell she cast to transport herself several countries and in to an open grassy field. Norway!*

Evangeline: No cuddles or baths or anything. And I would lock you in the tower. *He was feeling better, which in turn made her more relaxed. And curiously watching shadow wolves return!* How many pieces are there? -03:46 Jan 04
Dark: Caroline. CAROLINE!! *He shouted, echoing off trees and mountains! He punched the ground and stood!* Alright then, Legion! You want to play games? Then prepare to lose! *And he started running in the direction those bats had gone!* -03:48 Jan 04

Standing on a tree miles away by now, the little girl smirked and licked her lips. That blood had been delicious. Now for a real snack!

Gabriel: … Seven. *He paused.* Caroline is in Norway. Dark is going after Legion by himself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned.* That doesn’t sound right. Should we go to fetch them? -03:51 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline plopped down in the grass where hidden charred pieces of wood and stone were just barely peeking out from the dirt. She had to force herself to cast a spell and heal her wound. This meloncholy needed to pass before she could return home.*

Another wolf approached with a shard and then disappeared!

Dark: *Of course … running might not have been the best option as Dark found out the hard way! He had run about a mile … or two … and found himself having to stop and catch his breath! Phew! That had never happened before! He leaned against a tall tree. Breathe in … breathe out … breathe in … breathe out …* -03:58 Jan 04
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((04:08 Jan 04))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:08 Jan 04))
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[Dark . Refuses. To give up. No matter. What.] -01:55 Jan 05
Dark: *He stopped and looked around. Legion … was so dead when he found him. He would be so dead. No one would ever be able to resurrect him. Yeah. That was an awesome line.* -01:56 Jan 05
[Caroline is waffling on the idea of giving up, but that is her burden to bare!] -01:56 Jan 05

Gabriel: *He waited for the last wolf.* … Evangeline.

Evangeline: I am just suggesting a tiny bit of help… and if you are not ready to see Legion I could help Dark? -Caroline

Legion shifted forms into a large shadow snake and began to slither down the tree. The little bright boy was coming … He was so very close …

Gabriel: You are staying here. Dark is going to learn something he and Caroline should already know.

Caroline: *Sitting in the grass and struggling to get her guilt under control. It was one thing to be rescued from moments out of her control… but this time it was her mistake! And those old memories were making it very hard to focus on returning to find Legion!* -02:05 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She rest her head against his chest and sighed. Lessons were well and good, but she suspected it was less because he felt the need to give a lesson and more because he was afraid…* I hate to stay still and wait for things to happen. -Caroline

Another wolf appeared with another shard … then disappeared!

Gabriel: *The last shard joined the others. The ball glowed bright and when it subsided, there hovered Legion’s true soul. A light blue.* Stay. I am bringing Dark back to you. *He stepped away from her, then disappeared!*

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias came running into the courtyard with a bag of popcorn in her hand and a bunch of devil rats behind her!* Come on, Mommy! I want to watch the battle!

Dark: *Just a little farther … He was sure of it! And this was the right direction! Damnit, it was hard to track down a shadow creature. When he’d been trying to pry the kid off of Caroline, it had been a big blob of … darkness and ooze! Lots of ooze! Sticky and trying to suck in everything it got on! It made him shudder just to think of it!* -02:10 Jan 05

Evangeline: But Gabriel told me to stay? …oh! Do we have some special watching thingies? I wish I would have known that sooner! -Caroline

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* We do now! *She pulled out what looked like a monocle on a string around her neck!* Daddy gave it to me! He said with it, I could watch whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! *She disconnected the glass from the string and threw it into the air!* I want to watch Dark and Glaër! *The disc flew into the air and hovered there, turning faster and faster, becoming bigger and bigger! It suddenly stopped when it was six feet in diameter, floating in mid air, absolutely still! The surface facing them became dark and then cleared up to show Dark in the forest!*

Legion reached the ground and morphed again into the tall human with the coat and hat! It was hungry. Still very hungry. And weak. Hunger came from weakness, weakness from hunger. They were one and the same. That battle with the axe-wielder had cost it dearly.

Dark: *He huffed, then ruffled his hair.* How the hell do they make tracking look so easy?! -02:22 Jan 05
Caroline: *A hand brushed over the diamond strung around her neck. The idiot gave her a gift during one of her meloncholies, grumbling at her that it was a heart that wouldn’t break. And it was ironic he used it to save her life, yet here she was wondering if her life was worth keeping! What she wanted was to hunt down Legion and make his soul burn… but if she saw him again with the face of a child and had to kill him that way..!* -02:23 Jan 05

Evangeline: What a fantastic gift! The Devil King really knows how to put on a show, even when he’s not present. *A couple of devil rats were nice enough to bring them some chairs. Evangeline gave them a few good pets before sitting down neatly to watch the bauble and try to keep herself from giving in to meddling!* -Caroline

Suddenly dozens of blades came flying at Dark from out of nowhere …!

Dark: *Luck and reflexes were the only things that kept Dark from being skewered! The blades flew into the tree behind him! He turned and growled, launching a lightning ball in the direction it had come!* -02:28 Jan 05

The lightning hit a tree! Shadow tentacles flew out from nowhere to fling trees and rocks at Dark!

Dark: *He growled as he dodged! Tree. Tree. Rock. Tree. Tree … Squirrel?! What the fuck! He ducked behind a tree and began to circle around. He’d surprise the creature!* -02:32 Jan 05

Legion stopped flinging objects and walked forward. Where had that brat gone?

Evangeline: …That poor confused squirrel. *And where was Gabriel? ….Waiting somewhere for his perfect moment! Ms. Grey always said he secretly enjoyed making a dramatic entrance!* -Caroline

Vlamerias: Oohh … That’s a good question! *She said before she grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into her mouth!*

Dark: *He stepped out from behind the creature.* Eat lightning! *Dark growled, a ball of lightning forming in one hand as he ran forward! The ball was the size of his head when he finally launched it at the creature!* -02:42 Jan 05

But the creature was already turning and it had time to flash a tooth-filled grin before its body split into two. The lightning went right through it, crashed into a tree, and caused it to fall over! The body reformed and bent forward, ready to spring. “Who are you, little boy? Little boy, so bright … So verrryyy bright …” Bright enough that it was having trouble looking directly at him!

Evangeline: *She was twisting her skirt in to knots at this rate! She couldn’t even throw out useful suggestions to help Dark! But if she left the castle and no one was watching her, Gabriel would have a fit!* I can’t stand this…! How do those Oracles always just watch and never jump in and do things! -Caroline

Dark: The name is Dark. The new avatar of Light. *He said, running forward to slam a fist into Legion’s middle!* … Damnit! *He growled! His hand was stuck, like in a vat of oil! A look of disgust crossed his face!* -03:00 Jan 05

“Llliighhttt …?!” Legion lowered its head and began to laugh. “This sshall be ssweettt!” It said just before it sent Dark flying backwards with a firm uppercut!

Dark: *Dark flew backwards into some trees and landed on the ground. He shook his head and lifted his head.* That’s what you think, buddy. *He quickly got to his feet and launched lightning ball after lightning ball at Legion!* -03:01 Jan 05

Vlamerias: Here, Mommy. Have some popcorn. *She offered her the bag.* I got lots of butter.

Dark: song It was pretty quick though. It dodged, shifting with inhuman speed. One moment, a mere shadow on the ground, the next its tall human form with the coat and wide brimmed hat. Each evasive move bringing it closer and closer to Dark! -03:03 Jan 05
Dark: *His fangs were growing. He didn’t like where this was going! But he quickly summoned the last lightning ball he shot back to him and it struck Legion!* -03:03 Jan 05

song It was pretty quick though. It dodged, shifting with inhuman speed. One moment, a mere shadow on the ground, the next its tall human form with the coat and wide brimmed hat. Each evasive move bringing it closer and closer to Dark!

Dark: *His fangs were growing. He didn’t like where this was going! But he quickly summoned the last lightning ball he shot back to him and it struck Legion!* -03:04 Jan 05

Legion froze in the middle of launching a tentacle at Dark. Its body shuddered and convulsed and collapsed to the ground, smoking.

Evangeline: *She took some of the popcorn to nibble on, but it still didn’t make it easier to swallow! …pardoning her own pun! It was like watching her own child get in a fight. And she was most curious about the whereabouts of Caroline! Caroline didn’t let Dark fight creatures of darkness alone now that Dark was avatar of Light!* -Caroline

Dark: *Dark smirked. Heh. Nothing to it. Caroline was going to be all over him and he’d even put Gabriel to shame! Imagine that! He walked forward and nudged Legion. No movement. He raised his hands over his head and formed a fire ball. He was going to torch this bastard into ash!* -03:07 Jan 05

A tentacle came out of nowhere to bind one wrist. Then another tentacle came out of nowhere to bind another! They pried Dark’s arms apart and then forced him into the air, where they slammed him into the ground, the tree, the ground again, through more trees!

Vlamerias: Come on, Dark! You can do it!

Dark: *He coughed out dirt and trees and some bark! He saw a boulder coming up and disappeared just in time! He reappeared several feet above Legion to deliver a kick to its head! -03:09 Jan 05

Legion staggered forward. But a tentacle shot out to wrap around Dark’s neck and elicited lightning of its own, enough to bring someone like Dark to his knees! Then another tentacle wrapped around his wrist and broke it!

Dark: *Dark swore! Then he grabbed the tentacle around his neck with his other hand and sank his teeth into it, ripping out a piece of … flesh … thing and quickly spitting it out!* -03:09 Jan 05

Legion cried out and adruptly released Dark, hurling him into a tree!

Evangeline: Oh! *She covered her eyes! This was painful! She couldn’t watch anymore!* -Caroline

Dark: *He landed neatly on the ground but now he was panting! Man, this thing was tougher than he’d figured! He cast a spell to split the earth and swallow Legion up!* -03:10 Jan 05

It had already recovered and was running forward! When the earth split, it just took to the sky with a pair of really big wings, shooting blades out of its mouth at Dark!

Dark: *He was already diving for cover but a few of the blades hit home! One in his shoulder, one in his thigh, and another in his stomach! He lay on the ground and clenched his teeth as he started to pull one after another out … He was panting. He was losing too much blood and it had been ages since he’d last fed to begin with.* In retrospect … probably not the best time to … remember that … *He smirked, unable to muster up the strength to do anything more.* -03:11 Jan 05

Legion approached. Its jaw opened wide … then wider … wider than should be physically possible! Its fangs were dripping with what might have been saliva and venom as it lowered its head to Dark’s prone figure. The ultimate quarry … Light itself! It brought its head down to his neck to drink when it found–it couldn’t!! “Wha … wha …?!” It struggled but whatever held it was surprisingly strong! Its body twitched with the effort. Its eyes swung in one direction and then another.

Dark: *Dark smiled weakly and snorted.* Heh. Rotten timing. *He lay there. Great. He was getting his ass kicked and he was never going to hear the end of it from Gabriel.* -03:11 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *She covered her eyes! Then she peeked!* Oohh … Legion’s not moving, Mommy!

Evangeline: Is Dark okay? He’s not torn to pieces, is he? *She was still afraid to look! He was already covered in blood now, and probably all of bones broken!* -Caroline

Gabriel: That is enough. *His voice echoed but there was no sign of him! Dark disappeared … and reappeared in the courtyard in front of Evangeline and Meri and the devil rats!*

Dark: *He groaned and smirked up at them.* Heh. So much for finishing things. -03:16 Jan 05

Evangeline: *Slowly she took a small peek. …yep! Covered in blood! Evangeline dropped her hands but kept her eyes closed.* I’m glad you’re alive! But why isn’t Caroline with you? Did something happen..? -Caroline

As soon as Dark disappeared, it could move! It slumped forward and quickly looked around! Its quarry! Its prey! It had been cheated!

Gabriel: *He appeared in front of Legion, several feet away.* … Lysander. It is time we talked.

Dark: *He shook his head a bit.* I … I don’t know. She … she disappeared right after the battle. -03:20 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *The devil rats brought some water and towels and Meri began to wipe the blood away!* Poor Dark!

Evangeline: Gabriel said she is in Norway. I’m sure she would be proud to know how well you handle yourself with Legion, though! -Caroline

Dark: N … Norway … *Dark was silent.* Why would she be there … -03:23 Jan 05

No sign of recognition! “Who …?”

Gabriel: Has it been so long … You would forget the one who granted you power. *Gabriel was thoughtful for a moment.* Hence, you would forget the reason you were given such power. You have lost your way.

Evangeline: If I knew, I would tell you. I’d like to ask her, but I waiting to give Gabriel pets when he returns home. …Are you healing okay? *Now she finally opened one eye to check. The devil rats and Meri were cleaning him up well!* -Caroline

Dark: *A smirk.* I’ve been through worst. I had Gabriel and Caroline as teachers, remember? Legion’s got nothing on them. -03:26 Jan 05

Evangeline: …has Gabriel broken your bones before? *Oooh, if he had, she might shake a fist at him! Throwing Dark off mountains was bad enough!* I’m glad in anycase! When you are feeling all right, you could bring Caroline back and make sure she isn’t hiding injuries again! She thinks I won’t find out, but I always do! -Caroline

Dark: *He chuckled softly.* Evangeline … You’re better at finding stuff out than the CIA or those Oracle chicks. -03:30 Jan 05

“I … We …” Legion shook its head. “Lysander … There is no Lysander here!”

Gabriel: Such conviction. Are you seeking to convince me, or the many souls that have fallen victim to you over the years.

Evangeline: I do have rats and wolves and Meri to help. *She grinned! It’s made more than one hunter completely insane with frustration with her! They shouldn’t be gossiping so much anyway…* By the way, you might not want to be here when Gabriel remembers that he doesn’t like you going after creatures of Darkness. -Caroline

Dark: *Yep. He could feel his bones mending now. A snicker.* I think him taking so long was part of his way of teaching me a lesson. -03:34 Jan 05

“No … You … I … We …” It suddenly shrieked. The banshee wail, the cry, the trumpet that had flattened trees and made Caroline cover her ears! Then it lunged at Gabriel!

Evangeline: Do you think so…? *She was trying to feign innocence but it wasn’t working very well!* Hmm. *She glanced around to make sure Gabriel hadn’t returned and was hiding to pounce. Then leaned to whisper.* He said it was to teach you and Caroline a lesson you should already know. But I can’t tell you what that means. -Caroline

Gabriel: *He neither covered his ears or made any move to defend himself. Legion hit an invisible wall and crumbled to the ground!* You have lost your way and your purpose. Do you remember your wife, Lysander. Her name was Aleria. Hair lik

Gabriel: *Hair like the sky at sunset. Eyes like the deepest ocean. You enjoyed the touch of her skin against yours at night when everything was quiet and the children were asleep. Do you even remember your children.

Dark: *He slowly sat up.* Thanks, Meri, rats. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* I bet he’s going to be hinting at that from now until eternity. -03:46 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She nodded!* Don’t worry…. it took him forever to figure it out too! -Caroline

It shook its head even as it moved to stand. Then it was morphing, transforming, getting bigger and bigger! Size of a dragon with the body of a lion, the feet of a man, the hooves of a horse on the front, the tail of a scorpion, one eagle wing and one bat wing! A long neck like a snake’s and the head of a man that kept shifting into different faces! It roared with a thousand voices and then opened its mouth to shoot fire at Gabriel!

Dark: Okay … I gotta find Caroline. *He stood.* See ya all later. *Then he disappeared and reappeared … in Norway!* … Caroline? *He had appeared behind her.* -03:53 Jan 05
Caroline: *Caroline stiffened, still sitting in the grass and now looking over her shoulder partially annoyed. All of the wards over this place and he managed to breach them. Then she realized the necklace she wore still had that tracking spell on it… Curse her sentimentality!* I see you managed to get yourself in trouble without me… -03:55 Jan 05

Gabriel: You had three. One girl and two boys. Riva, Malek, and Haren. They were your pride and joy. You loved them dearly.

Dark: *He grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head.* Yeah. I was kind of hoping you would come and save me from it. -03:57 Jan 05
Caroline: *Normally that would have made her smirk and hassle him a bit, but instead she was turning back to the grass with a frown.* I am not always able to save people. -04:01 Jan 05
Dark: *The sheepish grin disappeared.* I know. Its often the people we can’t save we regret the most. -04:04 Jan 05

It roared. It shrieked. It raised its tail and shot acid. When that didn’t work, it tried to stab Gabriel with it!

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t want to talk about this with him… and this was her private place, so she wasn’t going to leave! So Instead she lift a hand to try and transport him back to Evangeline, and was rather annoyed to find he still remembered how to keep her spell blocked.* I have long since come to terms with the ones I can’t save. That isn’t the problem. -04:09 Jan 05

Gabriel: *The acid never reached him and the tail always missed him, although he didn’t seem to move an inch!* More than that. They were your life. You would do anything to bring them back. But when that was impossible, you sold your soul for the power to get revenge. You killed the ones responsible and have punished their descendants as well. Your vengeance has been accomplished.

Dark: … Then why are you here. -04:12 Jan 05
Caroline: You aren’t going to understand. And I don’t want you to ever have to understand. *All of the moments he could stomp off angry and pissed off at her, he chose NOW to stick around long enough to actually ask for details! Caroline rose slowly to her feet and dust herself off, very seriously contemplating chasing him off with her axe.* -04:15 Jan 05

It opened its mouth and unleashed swarms of insects! For good measure, it slammed its tail into the ground to make the earth shake!

Dark: *He huffed. Gabriel was actually right for once … He honestly will NEVER understand women! He could figure this out. He was Gabriel’s clone after all. Gabriel was too smart for anyone’s good. Okay … Something had happened in that battle that was different than any of the others. Caroline had been doing just fine … No wait. The kid! Legion had been that kid and after that … all this shit had happened!* -04:23 Jan 05
Caroline: *She narrowed her eyes at him… He still didn’t realize that he so often let his thoughts play out across his face! Every little change in expression spoke volumes! The moment that, "Ah ha!" look crossed his face, she was stalking away!* -04:25 Jan 05
Dark: *She was getting away … again! He followed after her!* Damnit, Caroline! Would you rather talk to Evangeline or something instead? -04:29 Jan 05
Caroline: I am NOT talking to Evangeline! That woman lives in his blissful murder free world and hasn’t even the blood of fly on her hands, let alone anything else! *Talking to Evangeline… that’s even worse than Dark! She could HIT Dark! Speaking of which, the first tree she past, she uproot it it to fall and crash in to his way!* Go home to your mother before I bury you! -04:33 Jan 05
Dark: *He looked undeterred.* … So this is about someone you killed. -04:35 Jan 05

Gabriel: *Gabriel opened his hand and Lysander’s soul floated above it.* You summoned me that night. It is not often a mortal can achieve something like that. But when one is desperate enough, when there is nothing left to lose, anything is possible. You miss your family, Lysander. You regret what you have done. Every life you have taken has not soothed you. Each pain you have caused has not closed that gap between you and your family.

Caroline: *She stopped suddenly…and laughed! A harsh sound, followed by a wicked mean smirk as she turned around. Flexing her fingers at her side as if she were preparing a spell. She might -really- bury him!* Did you want to know me better, sweet? I’ve killed many people. I’ve slayed ones that deserved it, and killed people by accident while possessed. But one I killed on purpose. No second thought, no remorse, or care for consequence. Is that what you wanted to know…? -04:41 Jan 05
Dark: *He still stood there, not moving a muscle. If she wanted to, he’d let her cast any spell she wanted on him. Except the one to send him away from her.* You couldn’t bring yourself to do it again. When Legion transformed into that little girl, it broke you. -04:43 Jan 05
Caroline: I am not broken. *She growled, and flicked her hand up to cover him with a big puff of dust from the ground to prove it!* But I can’t… …I made a mistake. I lost my focus. -04:47 Jan 05

The soul began to glow brighter and the brighter, it glowed, the smaller Legion became. The soul became so bright it hurt to look at it and Legion had become the tall figure in the coat and wide brimmed hat. “Get that … Get that away from me!”

Gabriel: *He summoned the Diablo Animus in his free hand.* It was my mistake as well. I let you go without any control, no way of curbing your power or your thirst for vengeance. I ask your forgiveness, Lysander. *He released the soul which continued to hover in front of him. He raised the Diablo Animus over the soul.*

Dark: *He was dust free in a heart free.* … Look. I’ll let you brood and sulk here in peace … if I can do one thing before I leave. -04:54 Jan 05
Caroline: Fine. Do as you wish. -04:56 Jan 05
Dark: *He walked up to her.* I told you when I loved you that I loved you for everything you were, are, and will be. That includes the mistakes you made. *He kissed her forehead and smirked.* You still owe me a date. *Then he turned and disappeared.* -05:00 Jan 05

Legion turned and began to run, crawl, fly, hop away! It had to escape! It had to get away from the soul! It was well out of sight and earshot in a matter of seconds!

Gabriel: *Gabriel didn’t appear to notice Legion had escaped!* I release you from our bargain, and your victims from your grasp. Rest in peace. *The Diablo Animus struck the soul and a pillar of darkness shot out from the ground to the sky, surrounding Gabriel and the soul. The wind picked up and swirled around the pillar, drawing Legion back against its will!*

Caroline: *She tilted her head back and threw her arms over her head. …This was a weakness! This nonsense of wanting someone with her rather than brooding alone. She could throttle him for it, yet adored him at the same time…* Dark. -05:07 Jan 05

“NNNNNOOOOO!!” It dug its claws into the ground and it didn’t help! Neither did using its shadow tentacles around a tree! The tree was just uprooted and sucked toward it! It hit the pillar of darkness and stuck to it, unable to move! There was the sensation of something being ripped from it! A soul that swirled around the pillar, up to the sky and disappeared! Then another and another … So many souls over so many centuries, happily leaving its imprisonment and finding its final resting place!

Dark: *He appeared behind her and leaned to one side.* … Did I drop my wallet or something? *Not that he carried one!* -05:12 Jan 05
Caroline: Are you going to be a smartass, or are you going to be a good foundation for your pillar and hold me? *She certainly wasn’t going to pull an Evangeline and pounce on him.* -05:14 Jan 05
Dark: *He smirked.* Well … that’s a lot to expect of me. *He teased as he moved in front of her and slipped his arms around her waist.* -05:18 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *She was still watching the viewing glass!* That’s so many souls, Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was pensive, but it worked out all right… Legion must have really been alive for a very very long time…!* They are probably very relieved. -Caroline

Caroline: *She tilted forward to rest her head against his shoulder, and rapted her knuckles against the opposite one.* I don’t mean to keep things from you. I just don’t want you to ever experience these things. -05:24 Jan 05

Finally there was only one left but this one walked through to stand in front of Gabriel. He was tall, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He looked to be in his thirties, wearing sandals and clothing like something out of a movie about the Bible! “Thank you, Darkness. What will happen to me? Will I ever be united with my family again?”

Dark: I am separating you from the darkness you developed through the years. It has become a being of its own right. It will pay the price of justice. -05:28 Jan 05

Gabriel: I am separating you from the darkness you developed through the years. It has become a being of its own right. It will pay the price of justice. Go in peace, Lysander.

Lysander smiled. “Thank you … again. I … forgive you.” And then he was gone.

Dark: *Lysander’s soul disappeared with him and the pillar of darkness as well. The tall figure with the coat and the hat fell to the ground! Gabriel raised the Diablo Animus which glowed before it drained the still unconscious Legion into its blade. The Diablo Animus disappeared. Gabriel looked around once, then disappeared as well and appeared in the courtyard where he had left Evangeline.* -05:32 Jan 05

Gabriel: *Lysander’s soul disappeared with him and the pillar of darkness as well. The tall figure with the coat and the hat fell to the ground! Gabriel raised the Diablo Animus which glowed before it drained the still unconscious Legion into its blade. The Diablo Animus disappeared. Gabriel looked around once, then disappeared as well and appeared in the courtyard where he had left Evangeline.*

Dark: *He smiled slightly.* I know. With you here, I doubt I will. You’ll be too busy teasing and yelling at me for me to do much evil. -05:33 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She was going to cry! She always had to get teary-eyed about happy endings… Still sitting in her chair, she turned to grin wide at Gabriel. Her husband was an amazing and kind man!* Forgiveness is a powerful thing, yes? -Caroline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* If I say no, will you ever let me live this incident down.

Evangeline: Am I not allowed to think my husband has a compassionate heart and cares very much about people? *That was probably Evangeline-speak for “No!”* -Caroline

Dark: You are allowed to think whatever you wish, Evangeline. *He kissed her forehead.* It is when those thoughts become actions or words that I find reason to be concerned. -05:36 Jan 05

Gabriel: You are allowed to think whatever you wish, Evangeline. *He kissed her forehead.* It is when those thoughts become actions or words that I find reason to be concerned.

Caroline: With the added bonus of the King of Darkness as a father and the Queen of Shiny Fluff as your mother, I do think you’ll turn out just fine. *Her on the other hand… She’ll keep that under debate.* -05:38 Jan 05
Dark: Shiny Fluff, eh? The disturbing part is that suits her very well. *He kissed her cheek.* Doesn’t mean you were any easier on me. -05:40 Jan 05

Evangeline: When spending an evening watching my husband do amazing things, I think I reserve the right to tell him that he makes me happy and that I am glad I married him! *She reached out to tug gently on his sleeve.* I’m proud to be your wife. -Caroline

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Much to the chagrin of those hunters waiting to rescue you from an abusive and evil husband.

Vlamerias: *Meri and the devil rats were watching and she sighed softly!* That’s so romantic!

Caroline: *A wide wicked grin!* I taught you the way my mentor taught me. Though, I may have been easier on you because I thought you were cute… -05:42 Jan 05
Dark: *He blinked!* Wait … That was easy?! Holy crap. -05:43 Jan 05

Evangeline: They can try if they like, but my husband is a jealous beastie with a fiesty temper! *She finally rose out of her chair to swing her arms around his neck!* -Caroline

Caroline: My love, if you think you have seen the best I can give, one day you will be tremendously surprised. *She grinned wider style. With the right circumstances, she wouldn’t be kidding.* I am not the Bane of Devils for nothing… -05:46 Jan 05

Gabriel: *He was still smirking as he slipped his arms around her waist, nuzzled her cheek!* Mmm … He is.

Dark: Heh. Guess there was more to you being Evangeline’s bodyguard than friendship. -05:49 Jan 05

Evangeline: He has also been busy all day and not given his wife a real kiss since this morning. It might fall under neglect, don’t you think? -Caroline

Gabriel: Indeed. *He cupped her cheek with one hand and gave her a gentle, long kiss that slowly became more passionate and a bit harder.*

Caroline: Gabriel knows me better than I want him to, but I know him just the same. I suppose that is the doom of being a dark soul. *She tilted back, reguarding him with a thoughtful look.* Makes me wonder what it would have been like if I had a light soul and having to deal with you. -05:56 Jan 05
Dark: *He snickered.* Would you actually be able to take me seriously? -05:57 Jan 05

Evangeline: *A smitten sigh and melting against him.. It was a wonder how she never realizes how much she misses him until she finally gets her kiss! With a soft nibble of his lips and quiet purr, it was easy to let him know how much!* -Caroline

Gabriel: *He pulled her even closer and ran his fingers through her hair to hold the back of her head. He licked her lips, waited for hers to open, and slid his tongue inside to caress hers.*

Caroline: … I can rarely take you seriously. Your serious face always makes me laugh. *…and she probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Now anytime they had a fight he was going to scowl and she was going to snicker and all hell would break loose.* -06:02 Jan 05
Dark: *Another blink!* So all those times you said you needed a tissue while we were fighting, you were actually laughing?! -06:03 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She moved her arms down to curl them around his waist and press herself against him. Tilting her head so her tongue could dance with his, and finding herself oblivious to everything but him!* -Caroline

Caroline: You didn’t honestly think I was crying, did you? *Now she was laughing! …Or trying NOT to laugh! Which resulted in heavy snickers and hiding her fiendish grin!* -06:06 Jan 05
Dark: I thought you had to blow her nose out … or something. *He muttered and huffed.* -06:07 Jan 05
Dark: *your, not her -06:07 Jan 05

The New Light Saga


Caroline is missing and Dark seeks Evangeline’s help in finding her!

[Evangeline is at home helping devil rats put away the dishes from dinner!] -01:29 Dec 02
[Dark decides to make his prescence known–by destroying a few pillars!] -01:31 Dec 02

Dark: Damnit! Where the hell is she?! She’s supposed to have come home ages ago! Stupid woman! She always does this! -Dark

Evangeline: *Just closing a cabinet and CRASH! Evangeline blinked.* …Dark must be here! Well, you wee ones can finish cleaning up. I’ll just… um… make sure he doesn’t break anything that belongs to the forest nymphs. *Dusting her hands off on her skirt, she went following the sounds of destruction!* -01:33 Dec 02
Dark: *Did he care if he woke some minotaur up from his century nap?! No. Did he care if he disturbed someone meditating in one of the courtyards?! Hell no!* Damn, Caroline! Where the hell are you?! *He cracked a pillar and turned it into dust with a punch before roundhouse kicking a wall!* -01:36 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped out just in time to catch a random vase from falling off a wall. Who even though putting that there was a good idea? It sure wasn’t hers!* …Caroline tries plucking one of my hairs and setting it on fire when she’s trying to get Gabriel’s attention. You could try to do that too? …only I supposed it would be Gabriel that appears and not Caroline… -01:38 Dec 02
Dark: *He growled and began pacing instead! But that wasn’t any safer because now he was tossing a ball of lightning from one hand to another!* She was supposed to be home. Said something about going somewhere special for it. Ya know, some anniversary and all. Or celebrating something. I can’t keep track of these things … I’ve looked high and low for her. -01:41 Dec 02
Evangeline: Oh! Is that all? I thought that you might of had another fight again. One or both of you always come here afterwards and terrorize the poor rats. *Evangeline set the vase down on the ground. That should be safe!* Were you supposed to have a date tonight? -01:42 Dec 02
Dark: Yeah, we were. And I can’t track her down at all! And it’s irking the fuck out of me! How the hell can the avatar of Light NOT find someone?! *He was more rambling on about things than listening to Evangeline.* -01:48 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head, giving it some thought before she leaned over to pick up a chair and set it back on it’s feet. She’ll have to do something about those pillars later! For now… there was no sensing Caroline herself. It was easier when she had her ability, but now all she could feel was what was immediatly in her presense. And that was just Dark being REALLY mad!* Maybe because you’re looking for someone of Light instead of someone of Darkness..? Caroline has a dark soul, I think. -01:51 Dec 02
Dark: *He huffed.* … Yeah, that’s right. Crap. I don’t want to pull Gabriel into this. He’s already getting into my case as it is. *He tossed the ball of lightning where it shattered the vase Evangeline had put down on the ground.* -01:59 Dec 02
Evangeline: *…Darnit! Evangeline huffed, resting her hands on her hips, and debating whether or not Dark was too old for a spanking. …then again he was just worried about Caroline!* Haven’t you learned how to track her down by now? She said she developed a spell special just for keeping track of you. *…Whoops, maybe that was supposed to be a secret? But that was such a long time ago that it was mentioned!* You should ask Gabriel if you really are worried. -02:01 Dec 02
Dark: *He paused and looked at her for a few moments.* She did what … How’d she do that? *He was more interested by this spell than the idea of asking Gabriel. It wasn’t often Evangeline blabbered out something that was actually useful at the moment she chose to pull it out.* -02:08 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Oh boy. Caroline was going to yell at her later!* Hmm… well, she had something of yours first. And it was something about the shape and color of your soul and building the spell from that? Then all she did was hold out her hand and told one of her marbles to seek and just like that she knew where you were. -02:11 Dec 02
Dark: Something of hers … That’s easy enough. She’s got tons of clothes back at the loft. And you already mentioned her having a dark soul. But what’s all this about the shape of a soul. How does that work? -02:17 Dec 02
Evangeline: I’m not sure how to explain it… That was just something I could see but putting words to it. Uuum. *Evangeline tapped her chin with thought.* Oh wait, look! *She held out her hand, the one with her and Gabriel’s binding mark.* Something like this! It’s like a sigil of what and who you are! Your signature! -02:20 Dec 02
Dark: *Dark leaned forward and squinted. Of course, he’d seen the sigil before but this was the first time that those symbols made any sense.* I get it … But crap, I don’t know what the shape of Caroline’s soul is. So her soul is dark. But she’s a ton of other things too. Crap, this is harder than I first figured it would be. -02:25 Dec 02
Evangeline: I suppose you could find something she’s left her mark or sigils on. Spells or enchantments usually have the signatures of their creaters? That’s what gets so many wizards in trouble! -02:27 Dec 02
Dark: Spells … enchantments … *Dark began looking around. There had to be something around here … Something …!* I got it! Those enchantments she made on the castle walls! Come on! *He grabbed Evangeline by the hand and began pulling her through a door and to the outer wall!* Help me find one of hers! -02:29 Dec 02
Evangeline: Eep! *Evangeline had to follow of she’d end up dragged across the courtyard!* Don’t you think it would be easier to just ask Gabriel? Although learning how to do this would be useful too… You worked on the walls together didn’t you? You’ll be able to find the places she touched? -02:31 Dec 02
Dark: *He frowned at the mention of asking Gabriel!* But I don’t want him to ask me questions and stuff. And you know I’ll never hear the end of it. I’m still being lectured for letting that unicorn eat those bikers down at Yellowstone. -02:33 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to bite her tongue to not start laughing.* Alright alright… Put your hands on the wall, then and feel for the sigils. Just like if you were looking for what sort of spells were on it. You’ll want to decipher between all of the spells and see who cast which ones. …um.. and don’t mess with any of Gabriel’s or you’ll be seeing him whether you like it or not. -02:35 Dec 02
Dark: *He huffed. Did she just crack a smile at that? Mm. Maybe he was seeing things. But he nodded and did as instructed. Yeah, not mess around with any of Gabriel’s. That should be easy … Like hell. The guy had at least a million spells here, more, he was willing to bet. He’d have be real, REAL careful! He shut his eyes and focused. Caroline. He had to find Caroline’s spells. As he focused her enchantments began to glow.* -02:51 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline was still trying not to smile! She moved to press a finger against one of the sigils that appeared on the wall.* Here see! This is one of hers. I think… you will want to take a copy of this, but without the spell lines. Just take the signiture itself without taking anything that is attached to. That way the spells on the wall stay in tact and you’ll have her signature in your mind! -02:53 Dec 02
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:39 Dec 02))
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((03:41 Dec 02))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:41 Dec 02
[Evangeline is trying to help Dark find Caroline, even though she\’s sure it\’d be easier just asking Gabriel.] -01:50 Dec 03
[Dark is pretty sure he can get the hang of this!] -02:01 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was sure he’d copy the signature just fine! But doing it without breaking one of the spells… maybe not so much. Luckily it shouldn’t be anything too major and when he brings Caroline back, they’d have it fixed before Gabriel ever realized something went wrong!* -02:05 Dec 03
Dark: *Dark was pretty sure he had done everything right … There was a dark amber ball of energy hovering over his upturned hands. But he was so busy focusing, he didn’t realize the streaks of blood red in there … Had he accidentally broken one of Gabriel’s spells?!* -02:10 Dec 03
Evangeline: *That didn’t look one hundred percent… but well, no sense in worrying about right now now.* Hmm. You’ll have to take the red out, but there you go! Now you can make a seeking spell all by yourself. -02:12 Dec 03
Dark: *He blinked and looked at it!* Yeah, I can take that out later, right? *Truth be told, he didn’t know how to … And what was the harm in that?* -02:18 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to say all he’d be doing is letting Gabriel know what spell he just cast! …but, maybe it was better she didn’t tell Dark! He might need the help?* Yes, you could take it out later, I suppose… So you’ll just need to go get something of Caroline’s to combine with the signature and the spell and you’ll find her in no time at all! -02:20 Dec 03
Dark: Yeah, right. *He looked around, then teleported with the ball of energy to the loft. It was easy enough to sort through her things but for some reason, a lot of the things weren’t doing the trick! When he tried combining the item with the energy ball, the item would just turn into ash and fall to the floor!* … Seriously?! -02:28 Dec 03
Evangeline: I’ll just be here! …glueing a vase back together! *…It was strange not having visions about things, but still have those ‘something isn’t right’ feelings! Ah well… she had to fix that vase before whomever it belonged to found out!* -02:30 Dec 03

Meanwhile in a graveyard far far away, covered in frost and an eerie mist… There was the glow of a large bonfire with several demons dancing around it, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey! They were having a party! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri popped her head out from behind Evangeline!* Is it okay now, Mommy? The rats have already fixed everything! -Dark

Evangeline: Uh huh! I’m sure we’ll find out later what happened. How about we get clean and ready for bed? -02:40 Dec 03
Dark: *It wasn’t long before Dark began getting frustrated! Nearly everything in Caroline’s room had turned to ash and he still hadn’t come across an item to use for the tracking spell!* Stupid, stupid, piece of crappy, shitting, good for nothing–! *Then he saw something hanging on the corner of her full length mirror. It was the necklace he’d given her. A diamond heart on a silver chain. He reached out and took it. He took a deep breath.* Here goes nothing. *He drew the ball of energy and the necklace together, closed his eyes, and waited for the necklace to crumble into ash …* -02:45 Dec 03

Surprisingly it was the one thing in the room that -didn’t- crumble! The amber ball of energy shrank until it seemed to fall right in to the diamond. For moment the stone glowed amber until the color faded back to the clear crystal. The spell took without flaw! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! The pixies said they want to have a party with you in the spring courtyard again! Should I tell them you’re busy and can’t make it? -Dark

Evangeline: A party…? *Parties with pixies were always so fun! But it was getting late and before long it would be time for evening snuggles and going to bed!* Well… I suppose a few minutes won’t hurt! Gabriel was going to be late tonight. -02:54 Dec 03

Vlamerias: *She turned her head to one of the rats and nodded.* Mommy says she’ll come! Thank you, Mr. Rat! *The rat appeared to nod and then scurried down the hall!* -Dark

Dark: *He opened one eye and then another, then cracked a grin!* I knew I’d get it. *He snickered.* And Evangeline was worried … *He was ignoring the ash all around him. He cast the tracking spell.* -03:00 Dec 03

The casting spell cast without a problem, but it seemed like it was waffling! Pointing at a direction but then fading out. It settled on a place somewhere in Northern Finland, but still kept fading in and out! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline pat Meri’s head before heading off to the spring courtyard… She did take a moment to check on that vase…. Bless the devil rats! Good as new! She placed it right back where it belonged. No one would be the wiser!* -03:06 Dec 03
Dark: *Dark growled. It was fading in and out … Was it broken already?! But he followed the spell … and found himself in the middle of some party?!* What the crap! *He looked around. He raised an eyebrow at the demons gathered, then walked in the direction the tracking spell was leading him in!* -03:22 Dec 03

Those demons were having a good old time! Most of them didn’t do anything more than laugh when Dark appeared suddenly, but the tallest of them – a lankly fellow with burns up half his body and a cigar in his mouth – tossed his bottled of whiskey at Dark’s back. “Hohoho! Welcome to the celebration sparklepants!” -Evangeline

Dark: *Ignoring! Although it did look pretty suspicious that they would be here at the same exact place Caroline was … He kept following the tracking spell to an unmarked grave not far from the party!* -03:35 Dec 03

Those demons didn’t seem to mind being ignored, in fact when seeing where he was headed, they were howling in laughter even louder! “HA! HAHAHA! Oh… oh my sides hurt! Lookit, sparkles, you forgot to bring flowers for the dead!” They all cackled again at the joke! -Evangeline

Dark: *He looked from the tracking spell to the grave, then back again, then looked at the demons. He growled! He got it now … These assholes had done something to Caroline!* You asses are going to pay for that! *The tracking spell in one hand, he used the other to launch a bolt of lightning at them, followed by another and another bolt after that!* -03:41 Dec 03

One unlucky bastard got hit, while the others scattered in drunken stupors and unrelating cackles! Nerenc himself, posed nice and stiff and pointed. “You’ll burn before you burry me!” Yet he couldn’t keep a straight face with the line and was howling again. However, it didn’t stop him from tossing a botte of whiskey in to the giant bonfire and trying to launch the flames at Dark! -Evangeline

Dark: *Fangs growing, he began to dodge the flames, jumping into the air! He landed and cracks split through the ground, travelling to Nerenc where the earth split into two, forming a wide crevice to fall in!8 -03:46 Dec 03

The shaking of the ground nearly took Nerenc off his feet, but he righted himself before falling in to the crevice. He smirked wide, casting a low exagerated bow. “My deepest condolences for the dearly departed Lady of Shade! May her absence bring good cheer and violence amongst men!” Cheeky bastard that he was, spit at Dark before flinging his cigar at him and trying to jump away from the cracks! -Evangeline

Dark: *He was about to launch himself at Nerenc–until he realized what he’d just said! Lady Shade … Caroline! He pulled away from the bastard to the grave and began digging!* Caroline! Caroline! -03:51 Dec 03

“Caiolainn, Caiolainn, left bled dry! Caiolainn, Caiolainn, tis a shame she had to die!” Nerenc’s last words echoed with laughter as he and the rest of his band disappeared from the graveyard! -Evangeline

Dark: *As Dark kept digging, something split the unmarked grave and the coffin Caroline pushed out, breaking the surface. The cover opened. He looked up to find …* Gabriel …? -03:56 Dec 03

Caroline: *Air across her face… she was sure that was a brush of death finally coming for her! At least she was breathing, but there was so much blood, there might not of been anything left in her body!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He snapped out of it, to lean over her.* There’s too much blood, I can’t make out any of it. *He wanted to touch her so much but he was also afraid, too! How long had she really been in here? What was wrong?!* -04:03 Dec 03

Caroline: *A familiar voice and soul… it wasn’t easy to get her eyes open, and she wasn’t entirely sure if she were delerious or already dead!* …this myth was meant to die, lior. His moment come and gone, blind in madness… *She mumbled gibberish and mixed phrases in norwegian and French. She was fairly certain she was dying and death had come for her!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He knelt on the other side of the coffin. By now, Caroline would have healed herself … but something was blocking her ability to use magic and regeneration.* Hold her hand. This will be painful for her. *He didn’t even wait for Dark to obey him. He placed one hand on her side and teleported one bullet at a time from Caroline’s body to the ground next to him.* -Dark

Dark: *He growled!* Damnit, Caroline. Don’t start this rambling now. You got plenty of time to do this later. *He clutched her hand. If anyone asked him later, he would have done it more for her sake than his–which would have been a lie, of course.* -04:09 Dec 03

Caroline: …we met today, you had no name… *She suddenly grit her teeth, hissing soft at the sudden pain! There must be no heaven,… she would look on what could have been while suffering for the rest of eternity! She squeezed tight to Dark’s hand while her other grasped the edge of the coffin!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He smiled bitterly when she said that. It took him back to when they’d first met. He’d picked a name out from some poster when he’d previously not even given it much thought.* -04:13 Dec 03

Gabriel: *First bullet, the second bullet … the fourth bullet, the fifth bullet … He tended to the knife wound only after all the bullets had been taken out of her. He managed to stop the bleeding.* She is delirious. The bullets and the knife’s enchantment will linger. Time will tell if she makes it or not. -Dark

Dark: *He blinked, startled.* What the fuck are you talking about?! She’s going to pull through! She’s not done yet! -04:16 Dec 03

Caroline: if after every tempest comes such calms, may the winds blow until they have awakened death… *She didn’t have the strength to squeeze anything now, but at least the sharp pains subsided. She was staring at life and death arguing right above her and it was such an awkward scene…* I didn’t say what I should have said…? -Evangeline

Dark: *He turned his attention back to her.* Damnit, Caroline! Tell me you’re going to pull through. You’re going to get better and we’re going on vacation. -Dark

Caroline: *She was so tired… what did he say? Why did the gods seem to always want to damn her name…* I left Europe because something in the world had changed… and then I found you… isn’t that funny..? -Evangeline

Gabriel: … Choose, Caroline. Life or death. *He picked up the knife and it and the bullets disappeared into his coat.* -Dark

Caroline: *She looked confused at the statement! As if gods ever let you choose your fate… And she could choose between the two? It was hesitate at first, but she slowly lift a hand to point at Life. Dark. Life? [i]That[/i] one. Thats the one she wanted to leave with..* -Evangeline

Caroline: *She looked confused at the statement! As if gods ever let you choose your fate… And she could choose between the two? It was hesitate at first, but she slowly lift a hand to point at Life. Dark. Life? That one. Thats the one she wanted to leave with..* -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked at Caroline. Nuts. She was definitely nuts. He was so stunned, he just sat there and stared at her.* -04:35 Dec 03

Gabriel: *He smirked. Children. It was just as well. He had a wife to give cuddles to and having to deal with a Caroline-less Dark meant less time with her and less cuddles for him. He stood and walked away. He would investigate this area.* -Dark

Caroline: *How simple! To point at life and watch death walk away… * What beautiful eyes life has… must I live in this box, lior…? -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked. What the hell was a "lior"? She wasn’t swearing at him or angry … It might have been a pet name or something. Eh, he’ll ask about it later.* I’m not about to take a vacation in a box. *He stood so he could lean forward and pick her up.* I was so worried about you! -04:43 Dec 03

Caroline: *Arrgh, moving hurt…! Life might have been the wrong choice! But pain or not, curling up against him felt better than anything else!* We met today. Did I tell you…? You, the wingless angel and the devil… all in one day. -Evangeline

The area of the graveyard was void of -everything-. Besides blood of the Lady Shade and a big bonfire, the moment Gabriel arrived there wasn’t a demon in the area! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Bold enough to taunt Light, intelligent enough to escape Darkness … For the moment, Caroline was safe with Dark and this was a matter that could wait. He would have to speak to Dark later about enroaching on duties and obligations that were not his. As well as wasting unnecessary time and energy on things.* -Dark

Evangeline: *Meanwhile Evangeline was having evening tea with pixies… or was! She was currently sleeping with her chin propped up in a hand and a pixie braiding her hair! So much for stayed awake!* -05:01 Dec 03

Gabriel: *He appeared back at the castle and found Evangeline asleep.* I will take the Queen to bed. *He said as he walked up from behind her. The pixie flew out of the way, giving him the room he needed to pick Evangeline up and carry her to bed.* -Dark

Dark: … Yeah, you mentioned something like that. We better get you somewhere … somewhere you can rest and stuff. *He decided the best place would be somewhere isolated and tropical. So they appeared at a beach house on a small island in the middle of nowhere.* -05:03 Dec 03

Caroline: *She was getting a vague sense of consciouness back. At least enough to know she wasn’t in the presence of the gods. But it was hard to tell if she were hallucinating or if it were real. Dark was in the forefront of her mind, slowly following the need to kill somebody…* …I tore this island in two once… I was angry with you. *…no. he wasn’t the one she was pissed off at… She needed to think clearer!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sleeping soundly at least for most of the way! A few squeeks of pixies or rats was hard to ignore though…* You are late. -05:09 Dec 03
Dark: I don’t think you’ve ever been that mad at me. Not yet, anyways. I’m the one getting angry over stuff but that’s only after you tease me. -05:10 Dec 03

Gabriel: I find it hard to ignore someone tampering with my spells and enroaching on my duties. -Dark

Caroline: Hmm, I didn’t want to love you… but you always say such stunning things. *Caroline was watching him now, examining even. Now she remembered, they had a date tonight. And she was almost done for the day…* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline was not surprised at all that Gabriel had already found out about the wall… she told Dark it was going to happen! He was a little angrier than she expected, though.* Did he find Caroline, at least? I don’t think he did any harm. -05:16 Dec 03
Dark: But you gave me a chance. Do you regret doing that? -05:17 Dec 03

Gabriel: … He did. *He replied to whether he found Caroline or not.* He didn’t. *He said to the part about Dark “doing any harm”. The rats and the other castle inhabitants who crossed their path quickly moved to the side.* -Dark

Caroline: I wanted to see you shine… I didn’t think it would turn out quite so litterally. *She brushed a hand against his cheek, then pulled it away to see the blood stained on her hands.* I was dying this time… I wouldn’t have come back if you didn’t find me… -Evangeline

Dark: *He smirked at shining only to look down at the blood on her hands to which the smirk disappeared.* You disappear a lot. But I started to worry. You know how much destruction and trouble I like to cause when you’re gone for awhile. -05:23 Dec 03
Evangeline: Then there is nothing to be angry about, I hope? I was trying to supervise, but he was a bit rushed. *Evangeline paused to yawn before curling her arms around his neck.* I suppose you are going to lecture him anyway? -05:23 Dec 03
Dark: There is. *He replied to the question about "nothing to be angry about."* I will. *He replied to lecturing Dark. The avatar of Light was merely fortunate he had not been harmed and neither had the demons … yet.* -05:26 Dec 03

Gabriel: There is. *He replied to the question about “nothing to be angry about.”* I will. *He replied to lecturing Dark. The avatar of Light was merely fortunate he had not been harmed and neither had the demons … yet.* -Dark

Caroline: What is going to become of Evangeline’s castle between the tempers of the two of us? *There was a brief sideways grin, before the rest of her evening came back to her. The graveyard… and Nerenc! Caroline scowled!* ….put me down, there’s someone I need to burn. -Evangeline

Dark: Looks like you burnt him plenty already. *This was becoming a pattern. Caroline pissed someone off, the someone came back to destroy her, the someone nearly succeeded, Caroline ran off to kill them before fully recovering.* -05:29 Dec 03
Evangeline: *How was she going to save Dark this time? Gabriel wasn’t giving her more than two word answers, and that doesn’t explain what happened at all!* Of course, it must not be too important of a lecture if you are here instead of letting him have it now…? -05:29 Dec 03

Gabriel: He is nursing Caroline back to health. Until such time as she breaks free and escapes from his custody. *They reached their room and he placed her on the bed. The door closed behind them.* -Dark

Caroline: If I had he’d be dead. *He wasn’t setting her down, which made her scowl all the more.* Are you going to hold me hostage, lior? That enchanment should have faded, I can show you just how little blood I need… -Evangeline

Dark: … I’m worried about you, for you, Caroline. That’s what happens when you love someone and the someone is severely hurt. -05:33 Dec 03
Evangeline: Was she hurt badly…? Do you think I should go to see them? *She hadn’t expected it to be something too major! Now she was worried!* -05:33 Dec 03

Gabriel: Yes. No. She chose to live. -Dark

Caroline: *There it was again. That way he said things that stunned her. It was both infuriating and amazing at once. She forced herself to relax, though she wore a sheepish look across her face..* I don’t think someone has said that to me in a very long time… -Evangeline

Dark: *He snickered.* Are you gonna be telling that to the other women at Oracle later? I’m still trying to live that down those stories you told of how I admitted my feelings to you. -05:37 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Hurt badly and chose to live… Hmm, she was worried but Gabriel didn’t seem to be. He was just bristlie and annoyed…* You are free to snuggle now? -05:38 Dec 03

Caroline: What is more amazing than being rescued by your lover…? Hundreds of years and you are the first. -Evangeline

Dark: *She was in his lap now as he sat down on the beach and he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck gently. He moved his arms to support her.* So in short, every Oracle HQ is going to get the e-mail about this. -05:46 Dec 03

Caroline: *This wasn’t so bad… being a damsel. Caroline grinned. Vengeance could wait a little while.* I could always keep it to myself. The world doesn’t need to know Caiolainn was near laid to rest and the Prince of Darkness, Avatar of Light was her savior… -Evangeline

Dark: *He grinned.* I’d be eternally grateful to you. Although at this point, Evangeline might spur you to write a romance novel or something. Just the names were changed to protect the satisfied. -05:53 Dec 03

Caroline: Do you know what happens in romance novels, lior…? *She leaned to whisper in his ear.* It’s not safe for vampire children to read… -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked. He’d honestly never read a romance novel but women were always gushing about it.* Uh … chick meets man, they have sex, and they have sex until they die, the end. -05:56 Dec 03

Caroline: Hmm… I assume you are completely uninterested in having sex until you die… -Evangeline

Dark: Heh. Depends on who I’m going to have sex with until I die. ‘Cause I have no intention on dying anyways. *He kissed her lips gently.* But with you, I’d do anything with you and die happy. -06:00 Dec 03
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((06:04 Dec 03))

Caroline: A very good answer for the woman who was about to throw you in the ocean and set you on fire. *She could have been wicked and twisted his words. Asked him what other woman he intended to have sex with, since he only intended on not dying. Alas, she was too weary to tease and too comfortable enjoying his embrace! She rest her forehead against his.* Is there running water on this island, or will you be rolling me in the sand to scrub this blood away..? -Evangeline

[Dark really doesn\’t want to let Caroline go … Stupid woman!] -03:05 May 21
[Caroline is good at pretending like she\’s fine, despite being covered in blood and looking quite the contrary.] -03:07 May 21
Dark: So … We gonna take a bath or do I see how disturbed you get when I lick the blood off of you. *The bad part was he didn’t even know whether he was joking or dead serious about it.* -03:08 May 21

Dark: testing -Dark

Caroline: *There was a look on her face that suggested she was very tempted to find out! But then she was moving, hiding a wince, to disentangle herself from him and at the very least walk on her own.* What an interesting image. Is there a home on this little island, or are we going to run wild. -03:12 May 21
Dark: *He watched her like a hawk, although she might take it to mean he was being horny or something.* Depends. I’m all for lounging around and not having a care in the world. -03:14 May 21
Caroline: I’m not going to break, lior. *She felt like it though. One of the two had cast a healing spell on her, as she still wasn’t able to draw up anything substantial. …At least through means she wanted to risk. Caroline cast him a wicked smile.* Of course if you are going to stare, the least you could do is help me get my coat off. -03:17 May 21
Dark: *Dark snickered and stood.* Yeah, well. Don’t let it get to your head, me helping you get your coat off. *He walked over to her to help her. First one arm and then another. He was trying to be gentle without showing it but he quickly discovered that was tough to do.* So, bath? -03:20 May 21
Caroline: Yes, a bath. *Her wicked smile shifter to something a little softer. He emoted his thoughts through body language far too openly.* And how did you hunt me down? Or is Gabriel to thank for that? -03:23 May 21
Dark: *He huffed.* Tch. He wishes. *Even if Gabriel had helped.* Okay so maybe he helped a little … But I was the one who found you and stuff … Dinner’s cold by the way. -03:27 May 21
Caroline: Are you trying to keep the details a secret from me? *An amusing thought. She leaned at first thinking of heading towards the trees, a nice cozy island house… but then she turned to brush past him towards the ocean. Slipping her shoes off on the way and very stiffly fussing to pull off her shirt.* I beg for your forgiveness, lior! For I did not mean to miss our dinner. -03:33 May 21
Dark: *He blinked and then he was behind her, helping her with her shirt. Okay, he wasn’t trying to be totally nice. He couldn’t resist seeing Caroline naked.* You can make it up to me by spending a few days here, with me. -03:35 May 21
Caroline: You want me to take a vacation, when there is so much to do. *Did she look like she needed it that bad? Oh the temptation to show him otherwise! Once her shirt was off, Caroline brushed a hand over her stomach and side to check for damages. The wounds themselves were closed up and not a scar to be seen. There was bruising, but that would fade soon enough.* For you, I might stay. But I am not so sure how you’re going to keep me contained and entertained. *Now she was trying to remove her pants, forced to turn and rest a hand against him so she could keep her balance.* -03:40 May 21
Dark: *Dark sighed.* I’m hoping long enough for you to heal before you go off on a quest for vengeance. *There. The truth. No trying to hide it or lie or a thousand other things. He just wanted her to know the truth.* -03:43 May 21
Caroline: Hmm, the truth be told. *Pants off and kicked to the side, she stood straight again giving him that narrowed eyed look.* I am healed enough to go now if I wanted. The man is a plague. *Caroline backed up a few paces, grinning and holding out her arms.* …but even I can be charmed by a Shining Savior and stay still for one night. One night. Because in the morning I am going to burn him down to the last cinder. -03:47 May 21
Dark: *He raised an eyebrow as he pulled off his shirt and got rid of the rest of his clothes.* Have I ever told you how much you piss me off sometimes. How the hell did you end up so stubborn. -03:48 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline kept backing up until water was waist high. The water was calm and clear, and was warmer than expected… these island paradises weren’t too bad! She grinned wider at Dark.* I was born to make the existence of men as difficult as possible. You’re handsome when you’re annoyed. -03:54 May 21
Dark: *He walked toward the water and dove in. He surfaced next to her, standing and shaking the water off.* And you’re too sexy for my own good. -04:11 May 21
Caroline: Summon something for me to wash with, before I forget I’m supposed to be resting and not teaching you some very interesting new lessons… *The temptation was high! To tackle him and drag him away in to the streets like a wild woman…* -04:16 May 21
Dark: *He snickered.* The water’s not enough to take a bath in? ‘Cause I’m always open to learning new things. -04:21 May 21
Caroline: Oh? I remember a time when you wanted nothing more than to get away from me. *There was that predatory look she so often used to tease him with and make him uncomfortable. She ducked under the water for a brief moment, just enough to shake out her hair and get it good and wet. When she surfaced she rest both hands on his shoulder and her chin on her hands to mumble in his ear.* Then you would start singing. After all those women throwing panties at you for singing, I have to wonder what you really wanted… -04:25 May 21
Dark: *He looked around when she ducked and glanced over at her.* Heh. You mean besides running away before they started chanting they wanted to have my kids? -04:28 May 21
Caroline: *She snickered.* Ah, Dark! Your voice stirs me with such passion! You’re singing my whole life and I would give anything to take you to my bed! *Caroline mimicked those squeally girls in between snickering!* Make love to me! Marry me! -04:31 May 21
Dark: *He scowled.* Bleh. Why is it that women get so hot and bothered by my singing anyways. -04:38 May 21
Caroline: I suppose Evangeline hasn’t given you that lecture on the power of music, has she? *She shifted, sliding her arms around his neck.* Sirens sing to charm sailors to their death. the famed Piper used music to steal children from cheating villages. And you… You have a very, very nice voice, lior. It is no wonder that women lose their clothes around you. -04:41 May 21
Dark: *He scratched his head.* Yeah, well … I didn’t start singing so I could get an easy lay, y’know. -04:45 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline grinned and laughed.* No, Dark. That was never something I worried about concerning you. Or are you afraid that I am going to get jealous and slay a mountain of women too for my vengeance quest? -04:47 May 21
Dark: *He snickered.* Nah, you know they’re no competition. ‘Sides I think you like seeing them want me but knowing you get me at the end of the night and before and pretty much whenever you’re not slaying things. -04:50 May 21
Caroline: Hmm… you knew me too well. I may have to drown you in the ocean and tell you mother that I lost you. *Caroline kissed his cheek and nuzzled against it.* You almost make it sound like you’re being neglected. -04:54 May 21
Dark: *He huffed and rolled his eyes.* Me. Neglected. Hah. I got plenty of stuff to do. You know, gotta slay things, too, and punish things and tell ’em to stop eating people. -04:56 May 21
Caroline: Does that mean you take back wanting to spend a few days alone with me? *Now she was nibbling on his ear… He always walked himself so perfectly in to traps.* -04:58 May 21
Dark: *He blinked.* Um, well … No. I mean. Of course not. I mean, punishing and uh … slaying things. *Damnit, why did she have to go and nibble on his ear? She knew what it did to him!* -05:03 May 21
Caroline: *She laughed softly, taking a quick nip at his neck.* Are you going to punish and slay me Dark…? *Now that he was stumbling over words, she ran her fingers gently down his arm.* -05:06 May 21
Dark: Pfft … No. Yeah … Wait, are we talking punish and slay in the literal sense or is this one of your um … uh … slang … things. -05:12 May 21
Caroline: *Laughing in to his neck, Caroline merely shrugged her shoulders.* Why don’t you ponder it for a few moments and decide for yourself. *And while he did that, she slipped her hands behind his back and took great delight in running her nails over his spine!* -05:15 May 21
Dark: *He blinked and suddenly stiffened! She was sending shivers down his spine. He growled and slipped his arms around her.* Damnit, Caroline. -05:20 May 21
Caroline: First I near die, then you lecture me, and now you damn me. This is turning out to be a most vexing date. *Her breath was warm against his skin. With his arms around her, that gave her ample reason to press her body against his and take a firm grip of his behind!* -05:25 May 21
Dark: Better vexing than boring, right. *He loved the feel of her body against his and it definitely showed in how hard he was getting. He kissed her shoulders and nuzzled her neck before nipping it.* -05:37 May 21
Caroline: You, sweet, are never boring. *In fact could list a dozen words starting with infuriating down to adorable, but never boring! Especially when she could get him hot and bothered and flustered. She slipped a hand between them, grazing his shaft once or twice before giving a soft tug.* -05:41 May 21
Dark: *He hissed even as he slippd one hand up and in front to cup a breast and massage it. The other hand moved further down and between her legs to caress her slit from the bottom. He sucked on her neck.* -05:44 May 21
Caroline: Hmm, I’m thinking bath time is over. *She mummbled in to his ear. Caroline squeezed his shaft, and with a most wicked grin, she was stepping backwards guiding him back towards the beach!* -05:51 May 21
Dark: You look clean enough to me. *He muttered just before she started tugging him to the beach. He wanted to glare and put his foot down about being led around like this but … He found himself walking.* Blasted woman. *He growled.* -05:52 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline laughed loud! There were very few men, if any that had ever made such a fuss about being seduced! Once she had him to the beach, she none too gently shoved him to the ground with a force that suggested she was starting to feel much better. Caroline stepped over him, dropping to her knees at each side of his waist and braced her hands beside his head.* Poor man, so abused and beaten by the woman that loves him so. -05:59 May 21
Dark: *He landed with a "Ummphff!" and huffed.* Yeah. But hey, it’s love. *He ran his hands up her legs. Man, she was beautiful. Crap, and she knew it.* -06:07 May 21
Caroline: Lior, *She leaned down to brush a kiss over his mouth, hovering milimeters away.* why do you pretend I don’t drive you crazy? You incite this desire to chase an conquer… *She kissed him again, this time running her tongue over his mouth.* -06:11 May 21
Dark: *He moved to kiss her the first time she brushed a kiss over his mouth and then huffed when she moved away. He let out a breath at the feel of her tongue on his lips.* … Crap, Caroline. *He muttered.* -06:17 May 21
Caroline: Did you say something? *Caroline kissed the corner of his mouth, moving down his jaw until she was grazing her teeth at his neck. Her body resting against quite comfortably as she showed him how sharp her teeth could be without daring to break skin!* -06:24 May 21
Dark: *He hissed again! She had some sharp teeth but damn if that didn’t turn him on! He shifted against her as his hands moved up her sides to feel her body.* You sure you’re not part vampire. -06:25 May 21
Caroline: *She licked and sucked over the places she nipped, soothing that pain away. He could feel her grinning against his neck. Blowing softly against his skin.* It’s not your blood I lust for at the moment… -06:29 May 21
Dark: *He groaned and his hands tightened on her waist.* Oh … Oh yeah …? -06:34 May 21
Caroline: But I have half a millinea of patience… *Caroline sat up, running her hands down his chest and raking her nails over his stomach.* and I think I would like to make you plead my name. *A slow grin snuck it’s way across her face as she scooted to rest straddled perfectly over his hips, but never quite touching.* -06:41 May 21
Dark: *He growled and moved to thrust his hips up. He was already hard and throbbing and the fact she was teasing him made the ache worst.* -06:52 May 21
Caroline: Daaah-aaark. *She chimed his name in that sing-song way, clicking her tongue and wagging a finger at him. She rose herself up out of reach, reaching a hand to cup his balls for a teasing squeeze.* * -06:57 May 21
Dark: *He huffed but lowered himself back down, shifting slightly.* Tease. -07:00 May 21
Caroline: Not going to beg for mercy? *The expression she gave could have been considered evil. Surely she had given that look to people right before she terrorized them! Caroline leaned forward, kissing his chest. Flicking a tongue over his nipple before tracing a trail downwards.* -07:04 May 21
Dark: *He groaned and clenched his teeth.* Not … not a chance. *He cursed himself for his voice being so shaky. His breath caught in his throat as she flicked a tongue at his nipple and moved downwards.* -07:15 May 21
Caroline: *He was just delaying the inevitable, and she did enjoy it so… Tickling his stomach with her tongue, she shifted, taking his cock in one hand and licking the tip so very slow!* …Are you sure…? -07:23 May 21
Dark: *He gasped and clenched his teeth again. He wasn’t going to take the bait. He was going to remain strong about it.* Y–yeah, I’m … I’m sure. -07:26 May 21
Caroline: *Smirking, she took all of him in to her mouth. Caressing with her tongue, and even purring… All the while keeping watch of his face!* -07:31 May 21
Dark: *He swallowed hard, his breath was more shallow now. He happened to glance down at Caroline and his fingers dug into the sand. He wanted to thrust up so BADLY!* -07:33 May 21
Caroline: *Pulling away, she cast a sly grin. With an elbow rest in the sand, and her head propped up in her hand, she wrapped her fingers around his now slick shaft. Stroking with a gentle grip.* All it takes is a few little words. "She wasn’t kidding about taking her sweet time… and was enjoying every minute of it!* -07:36 May 21
Dark: *Dark cursed under his breath! Damnit! He was throbbing and his cock was twitching!* P–ple–please … Caroline. *He murmured.* -07:40 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline wore her satisfaction with grace. Moving over him to stradle his hips in seconds. To please a man and make him beg your name, that was more than enough to have her own sex throbbing with anticipation. Adjusting herself, she left out a slow sigh as she took his staff in to her sheath. Gently rocking her hips until she could take him no further. Sweet bliss!* -07:45 May 21
Dark: Mm … Hell, yes. *He growled, breath hissing through his teeth as she took him in. His hands moved up her legs, to rest her waist, and then he was moving inside of her, pushing and thrusting. He clenched his ass as he did so the way she had taught him to.* -07:48 May 21
Caroline: *With her legs strong and steady, Caroline kept herself firmly in place and delicately balanced even as she bounced with every thrust. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed on rapturous abandoned, such a difference from her focused teasing! -07:52 May 21
Dark: *He managed to keep a steady, controlled pace. He loved this. He loved being inside her, feeling this way, making her feel good … He especially loved it when she got that look on her face. That was when he began to thrust a little faster and harder, when he saw her tilt her head back and close her eyes.* -07:54 May 21
Caroline: *Any aches she still had were completely forgotten. Her hands were in her hair and she didn’t refrain from moaning, gasping, or muttering his name with praises! All words stopped when she bit her lip, feeling that oncoming tensing as she moved her hips with his.* -07:59 May 21
Dark: *Yes! She was almost there! ‘Cause there was no way in hell he was going to cum first. He tightened his grip on her waist and moved faster and harder.* C’mon, Caroline. -08:04 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline laughed! If only because he had no idea how sexy it was when he got so impatiently demanding. But just as quickly she gasped. Her back arching as her muscles clenched around him. Her hands sliding down from her hair to grasp tightly to his at her waist. She groaned several norse words in blissful release!** -08:11 May 21
Dark: *He grinned! Now it was payback time! He quickly shifted, rolling Caroline so she was on her back and he was between her legs. He never broke contact with her. He put his hands down on either side of her and began thrusting into her again.* -08:14 May 21
Caroline: …Dark…! *She gasped again! Curling her toes in to the sand and griping his arms. She was still shuddering, her body so hot she could have been feverish!* -08:18 May 21
Dark: *He leaned forward, lowering his head to capture a nipple between his lips. He nibbled and sucked on it before taking more of her breast in his mouth, washing his tongue over the curve. He quickened his pace, feeling her body bounce up against him.* -08:21 May 21
Caroline: Dar. *She growled his name. But that just as quickly turn to a pleased moaning. Her nails digging in to his skin as her grip on his arms tightened. There was no coherant thought as she writhed beneath him!* -08:25 May 21
Dark: *She looked so hot like this! He could look at her doing this every day for the rest of his life! He sucked a bit longer on the breast before letting it slip out of his mouth and turning to give the other the same treatment. He never slowed his pace, his hips slamming against hers.* -08:28 May 21
Caroline: Dark! *Now she was pleading, but whether it was to stop or keeping going…! Caroline locked her legs around him, releasing one of his arms just to dive her fingers in to his hair and pull his head up where she could steal a deep kiss.* -08:34 May 21
Dark: *Her hand in his hair made him look up. He released the breast in his mouth as she tugged him up. He licked her lips.* One more time, Caroline. *He whispered.* -08:39 May 21
Caroline: *She was already too far gone to resist! That voice of his, he just didn’t know..! Biting her lip again, she whimpered with every thrust until she was sighing his name and stiffening against him!* -08:46 May 21
Dark: *He clenched his teeth as she stiffened one more time. She had barely come down when he pushed deep inside of her. He held her still, muscles tensing as he came, fingers digging into her flesh. He held himself over her as he let the last wave of pleasure subside, then smirked and kissed her lips.* -08:52 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline was still riding that wave of euphoria. Feeling more weak now than she had earlier in the day, yet loving every moment of it. She matched his smirk with a grin.* A little unfair… but I suppose you win… -08:55 May 21

The New Light Saga


Evangeline is trying to deal with cranky Castle guests and Gabriel arrives unpleased!

Later, Evangeline has bad dreams that Gabriel shoos away.

[Evangeline is patiently dealing with a very angry minotaur and an equally angry centaur. ] -03:11 Oct 09
[Gabriel was not fond of returning to the castle and finding …] -03:11 Oct 09
Evangeline: I understand you are trying to sleep, but I don’t think kicking over a wall was the best way to handle a noise problem! *Just because Dark tended to do it… She was going to have to speak with Dark about being a bad influence!* -03:12 Oct 09

“SNAARRLLLGGH. Sarnl TRAAGHHA. GRrrph.” said the minotaur. CLOP CLOP CLOPPING all hours of the day and night! That centaur was going to have his hooves ripped off! -Evangeline

The Centaur argued that his hooves weren’t nearly as bad as the minotaurs constant snoring. Who needs to sleep for 100 years?! That’s lazyness! -Evangeline

Gabriel: What is the issue this time. *He considered himself a patient vampire but when he had to return to this type of … trouble, he drew the line. He walked toward Evangeline and the two creatures and stopped in front of Evangeline. The minotaur and the centaur were on either side of him.* -03:15 Oct 09
Evangeline: Neither of them can get any sleep, and then a one of them… maybe both of them decided taking down a wall was going to help. …Which was silly! *She had already explained that earlier. Knocking down the wall between rooms wasn’t going to make anything quieter!* I have this taken care of though! You can go back to work? -03:17 Oct 09

The centaur crossed his arms. HE wasn’t the idiot knocking down walls. At this rate, though the minotaur should have his horns ripped off and shoved up his nose, though. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He wasn’t one to undermine Evangeline’s authority in anything but … in this case, he merely raised an eyebrow at her!* -03:18 Oct 09

Minotaur snorted waving a fist at the centaur. If the precious Queen wasn’t standing right here, he’d show that Centaur exactly where he’d like to shove his horns! -Evangeline

The Centaur would LOVE to see him try! Even goading on the minotaur to give him a good shot! He’d splay the bull’s hide on the floor as a Christmas gift for the castle! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Wait, wait…! There doesn’t need to be any fur pulling or horn gouging! *Evangeline moved to get between them before anything else got broken!* Why don’t I just give you both rooms on opposite ends of the castle? -03:22 Oct 09

HA! And leave the Bright Queen alone with that Wolf Faerie that tried to take a bite out of her this morning? He’d take the Minotaur! -Evangeline

The Minotaur agreed! Even if the Centaur did smell like a horse’s ass, they were switching rooms! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Sshhh. *Evangeline lift a finger to her lips, trying to shush them both! There were some things Gabriel didn’t need to hear about, and a little accident with a Wolffae was one of them!* -03:25 Oct 09
Gabriel: … Wolf Faerie. *He was studying Evangeline. He turned slightly and tilted his head a bit to her.* Evangeline. *That was the tone of voice that said he would speak with her. Now.* -03:26 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Blast. She was going to teach these two a lesson about not blabbering things, later.* You know… they are going to fix the wall for me, so you don’t have to worry a bit about any of this! -03:28 Oct 09
Gabriel: *Wrong answer.* Centaur. Minotaur. The Queen and I will speak. -03:30 Oct 09

Both the Minotaur and the Centaur knew when they were being excuse! And both left with a mildy regretful look, even if they were shoving each other as the clopped down the hall. -Evangeline

Evangeline: It isn’t anything as terrible as you might think. A perfectly harmless accident. *This was exactly why she didn’t want him to know! …and now she was sneaking down the hall to escape. They couldn’t argue if she escaped.* -03:32 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He studied Evangeline until the two were out of earshot and out of sight. He was suddenly behind her and he lowered his mouth to her ear.* Never run from me, Evangeline. I am a predator. I chase my prey. -03:34 Oct 09
Evangeline: I rather thought it was more like sneaking… *It was strange how he could seem so scary, and yet at the same time she really wasn’t afraid at all! She did, however, stop and inch a bit out of the way.* There’s really nothing worth mentioning! -03:37 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He straightened.* The tenants are bickering. And one of them is about to keep his mouth shut. Permanently. -03:38 Oct 09
Evangeline: They is always someone bickering! You aren’t going to do a thing to them. Especially when they haven’t hurt anyone. *Aside from biting her, but the wolffae was only about the size of a hamster at the time. It didn’t even really bleed!* -03:41 Oct 09
Gabriel: … No? Do not tempt me, Evangeline. You remember what happened the last time we had this conversation, save it was about how I treated the hunters. -03:43 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned. …she didn’t like thinking about that conversation, but how she felt about it then was the same as now! And she said as much!* Then I won’t say you are forbidden, but I am still not going to let you do it. -03:45 Oct 09
Gabriel: I laid down specific rules when I agreed to this. And I warned you that at any time I was subject to change my mind. It is time the tenants found other places to call home. -03:47 Oct 09
Evangeline: …but where could they stay! It’s not safe for most of them to be out loose! *The poor things. There was only a few of them, and they weren’t that much trouble!* I don’t think one accident or two is enough reason to just throw them out! -03:50 Oct 09
Gabriel: That is not my concern. Perhaps I should remind you we are not speaking of one or two "accidents." -03:52 Oct 09
Evangeline: No? Then what wasn’t an accident! There has no been a thing that’s happened that was done maliciously. *She was pretty sure too! Enough to rest her hands on her hips and wait expectantly to explain away his examples!* -03:54 Oct 09
Gabriel: Malicious. *He stalked toward her and backed her up against a wall. He put a hand against the wall next to her head and leaned close.* Do not play this game with me, Evangeline. I do not cater to the whims of strays, particularly when they lack the skill and maturity to settle things without it turning into some useless squabble. All it takes is the slightest tear in the thickest rope to make it unravel. Small bickers turn into vendettas that weaken and separate creatures as a whole. I will not have your safety at risk because two parties decided they were in the right and they must bring the rest of the castle into this. -04:04 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Despite her back being against the wall, she only crossed her arms loosely and frowned back at him. She understood his worry, but he was often far more paranoid than he needed to be!* Not every fight turns bad. People need to discuss things and have fights now and then… it gets it out of their systems, and then they won’t go crazy on down the road and hurt people. Everything that happens here is not going to turn in to something that hurts me. -04:09 Oct 09
Gabriel: You spoke those words a lifetime ago and six months later, you lay, dead, Evangeline. -04:12 Oct 09
Evangeline: I may go to the store tomorrow and get ran over, or get struck by lightening, or be shot at a bank too. *It was so hard to argue with him about it when he brought up her death… She didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was impossible to prevent everything! Sometimes things happened!* …What if I lived in the tower? Would you let them stay here? I could stay there away from everyone and you won’t have to worry about me. -04:18 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He pulled back from her.* I worry about you constantly. *All the power in the universe and he could not have prevented her death. She was immortal, yes. She had returned to him, that was true. But the pain was still there.* -04:19 Oct 09
Evangeline: You could worry about me less! I can stay there and only see you. They can run loose in the castle and be ridiculous as they dare. -04:22 Oct 09
Gabriel: You would be sad and lonely, Evangeline. You crave companionship. -04:29 Oct 09
Evangeline: I do enjoy being around all of the people. *She took a hold of his jacket, leaning forward so she could rest her forehead against his chest.* But I will stay in the tower to be safe for you, and still allow others to be safe too. -04:30 Oct 09
Gabriel: They adore you. -04:40 Oct 09
Evangeline: And they wouldn’t hurt me on purpose? *She leaned on her toes to reach up and kiss his cheek.* I’ll stay where you want me to stay, Gabriel. As long as I am with you. -04:43 Oct 09
Gabriel: *Not on purpose, no. But as he looked at Evangeline’s face, he decided to let that point go.* You are insane. -04:51 Oct 09
Evangeline: Insane… but right yes? What have you decided then, husband? Will you keep me all to yourself? *Not that being alone with Gabriel was ever a bad thing! But she was hoping that he had calmed down enough to realize, she was fine in the castle. She would make his choice worth it!* -04:54 Oct 09
Gabriel: *It was always such a temptation, to just leave everything behind and spend every moment with Evangeline. But he had duties and he could not start shirking them.* The tenants may stay. You do not have to be confined to a castle. -05:00 Oct 09
Evangeline: *She kissed the corner of his mouth softly.* Thank you. They will appreciate it. …and now that they are gone arguing elsewhere, would you like to chase your prey somewhere comfy for snuggles? -05:03 Oct 09
Gabriel: *a tower -05:03 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He smirked, then, and nuzzled her cheek for a moment before leaning back.* Lead on. -05:04 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned before stepping away a few paces and then running! Arguing with Gabriel was not one of her favorite things to do… but after an argument, was always much more fun! She ducked around a corner!* -05:06 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He watched her go and then followed after her, one stride at a time. Then he slipped around the corner and kissed her cheek.* Are we there yet. -05:10 Oct 09
Evangeline: *A slight eep! She had been caught while trying to decide which direction to take!* …not yet! You shouldn’t walk so fast… Take off your shoes? *She waited for that perplexed look from him, before she turned and bolted again! This time she wasn’t going to stop running!* -05:12 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He was still smirking as he watched her run. He could give her a little longer. A good chase never ended just after it had begun.* -05:15 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Sometimes the castle was like a labyrinth, but luckily it usually knew where she wanted to go! In this case, she was trying to make it confusing for Gabriel! Then she was sneaky out a door and stepping in to the Fall courtyard. Giggling at her own deviousness!* -05:18 Oct 09
Gabriel: *To cheat or not to cheat … but technically it wasn’t cheating if you weren’t rushing after the prize … he took his time as he walked after her.* -05:23 Oct 09
Evangeline: *He shouldn’t expect to look for her outside… not right away! Evangeline kicked a few leaves out of her way as she strolled down a path towards all of the tall trees. She paused at a forth in the path, tapping her chin with debate. Should she hide outside or go back in now? It needed to be challenging!* -05:28 Oct 09
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((05:33 Oct 09))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((05:33 Oct 09))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -05:33 Oct 09
[Evangeline is sleeping and dreaming… and it\’s not a pleasant one!] -11:55 Nov 03
[Gabriel is sleeping … or as close to sleep as he ever gets!] -11:55 Nov 03
Gabriel: *Of course, old habits die hard and he was sleeping on his back, which would make it easier to move if he had to.* -11:58 Nov 03
Evangeline: *If she knew that talking about death philosophy with house-guests was going to give her nightmares, she wouldn’t have done it! Her dream was eerie… and cold! She was so use to only seeing darkness most of her life, but this was so different. She didn’t exist. There was nothing. No feeling, no love, and worse… no Gabriel! What was darkness without Gabriel?! Evangeline finally managed to jerk herself awake with a start!* -11:58 Nov 03
Gabriel: *His eyes opened slightly when the bed shifted. Something was wrong but there was no danger here.* … Seer. -12:00 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Everything was still dark, but at least it was just the dimness of the room and not just emptyness!* …Sorry. *She breathed a shaky sigh, turning so she could curl up and rest her head on his arm. …but it just didn’t feel like enough!* -12:03 Nov 04
Gabriel: I am still here, Evangeline. Go back to sleep. -12:04 Nov 04
Evangeline: I don’t think I want to sleep ever again. *She was being overly dramatic! Why did she have to feel so sniffly now? He was there and it was fine? Still, she scooted closer anyway, pulling his arm around her.* -12:07 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He turned his head toward her as she pulled his arm around her.* What is wrong. -12:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: It’s nothing. ….would you hold me and not let go? *If she talked about it, she was just going to cry and he’d worry about it… a few snuggles and everything would be fine again! She shifted to take his other arm and pull it around her too.* -12:12 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There went his other arm! Now he was lying on his side with his arms around her. She was tense and her heart was faster than usual but it was beginning to slow down. He lowered his head and nuzzled her cheek gently.* -12:16 Nov 04
Evangeline: *it was better like this.. if she was going to be surrounded by darkness, she wanted it to be his arms and hands! His everything! Evangeline snuck one of her legs between his and moved so she could rest her forehead agains this shoulder.* … promise to keep me with you? -12:20 Nov 04
Gabriel: You are always with me, Evangeline. *He stopped nuzzling to look down at her. Whatever had woken her up had shaken her badly.* -12:29 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She shook her head softly, intending to respond but having to choke back tears instead! She couldn’t remember much about being dead, but she did know she wasn’t with him… not with him at all!* -12:33 Nov 04
Gabriel: *It was worst than he’d thought. He pulled her closer and kissed the corner of her mouth.* Evangeline, what is wrong. -12:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: I don’t want to not exist, I don’t want to be anywhere that you’re not with me. *She brushed a hand over his mouth as she frowned… then she was having to wipe tears from her face!* -12:42 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He lifted one hand to cup her cheek.* I will always bring you back and I will always find you … Albeit, the universe may burn a few times in the process. -12:47 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She couldn’t help it, even with tears it made her give a soft laugh.* It’s hard to live in a universe that’s burned down… -12:48 Nov 04
Gabriel: As long as I do not burn all of it, it will heal. -12:50 Nov 04
Evangeline: Is it a promise…? You will always bring me back to you? No matter what happens to me…? *She shifted so she could nuzzle against his neck. Even now it didn’t feel like she was close enough!* -12:52 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, even as he stroked her hair.* You realize that does not give you permission to become the champion of every downtrodden cause and victim. -12:54 Nov 04
Evangeline: Of course. I wouldn’t want you to burn the universe, after all. *He made her smile… who would think threatening to destroy everything could be such a sweet thing to say.* -12:58 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smiled then, a soft smile as he tilted her head up, lowered his head to kiss her mouth.* So long as you are the woman I fell in love with and will always love, I will always bring you back to me, regardless of circumstance. *He whispered against her lips.* -01:00 Nov 04
Evangeline: I will be your heart forever, so you will be the only darkness that ever surrounds me… *She brushed her mouth against his in a soft, tender kiss… If she was his heart, even if would die, she could stay surrounded by him forever and be happy!* -01:07 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He kissed her softly, pulled her even closer so her breasts were pressed against his chest and he could feel her heart beating.* That is wise. I have abandonment issues when it comes to you. -01:14 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline curled her arms around him, and nipped his bottom lip.* Then you might think twice about leaving me the next time you think I am better off..? *It wasn’t nice to tease, but it was good to remind him that she wouldn’t let him do it again. He promised her forever, and she wanted to have it!* -01:18 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Yes, I will think twice. I should just keep you in the tower and save myself the trouble. -01:26 Nov 04
Evangeline: If you stay there with me, I won’t mind so much. In bed like this and no one else in the world? *Time could stop and she would be content with his breath on her skin, and curled up warm and snuggly! She smiled as she nuzzled against he cheek.* -01:30 Nov 04
Gabriel: There are certain duties to take care of but otherwise I am all yours. -01:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Grinning against his cheek, she whispered soft at his ear.* You could forget everything and make love to me..? -01:38 Nov 04
Gabriel: Mm … Forget what. *He chuckled softly before he turned his head to kiss her cheek, moving her so she was lying on her back and he was on top of her. He kissed his way down to her neck and nibbled and kissed and nipped her there.* -01:41 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Her quiet laughter and relaxing was a sign that she was feeling much better… Evangeline ran her fingers through his hair, tilting her head so she could kiss the top of his.* -01:46 Nov 04
Gabriel: You are beautiful, Evangeline. *He whispered, his head moving lower, kissing his way down the front of her body until he reached the bottom of her shirt. Then he was lifting the shirt and kissing his way back up, pushing the shirt up as he went.* -01:50 Nov 04
Evangeline: *With the way he said it, she had to believe him! He made her feel beautiful even when she didn’t agree… She flicked her fingers through his hair, and surpressed a soft giggle when he hit a ticklish spot.* I love you so mcuh… -01:54 Nov 04
Gabriel: As I love you. *He had reached her breasts now, taking the time to cup them gently and rub her nipples until they peaked. He massaged her breasts gently and planted soft kisses over her body.* -01:59 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Curling her toes and stretching like a cat, it was so delicious to be petted… She shifted to her elbows, leaning to steal a kiss before shifting to pull her shirt over her head!* -02:06 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He took the chance to lick her lips as she pulled away and rid herself of the shirt. He lowered his head to one of her breasts, looking up at her face as he took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck gently. He stroked the underside of the breast he was sucking and rubbed the other breast in circles against her chest.* -02:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: *A flush of warmth washed over her, sending a tingle all the way down to her legs. Of which she was currently shifting so impatiently beneath him. She curled her hands in to his hair, holding him to her. Wanting to pull him up for a kiss, but not want him to move either!* -02:14 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He moved slightly, but only so his free hand could slide down her body and move between her legs. As he sucked a little harder and moved his mouth over a little more of her breast, his fingers found her clit and began to rub it.* -02:19 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Fingers tightened in his hair following her soft gasp. Her legs opening wider for him even as her toes curled in to the sheets.* Hm, Gabriel.. -02:22 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked as he stopped playing with her clit so he could slip a finger inside of her. Then he was moving to suck on her other breast, massaging the other with his hand in the same way he had the first. He curled the finger inside of her and made sure to rub it against her clit.* -02:28 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline bit her, though it didn’t stop the quiet moan from escaping! Her hips rocked forward almost of their own accord, relishing that shivver of pleasure from his touch.* -02:35 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There was something beautiful about watching Evangeline when she did this and it made him hard to know he was giving her this pleasure. She was his wife, his lover, and she was his for all eternity. He moved his finger a little faster, as it started getting wet from her juices. He licked her breast, then lifted his head and blew on the wet skin gently.* -02:38 Nov 04
Evangeline: *He gave her goosebumps and more shivvers, making her draw him closer just to feel the warmth of his skin! She couldn’t stay still as he moved his finger faster. Her legs moving against his as her body writhed beneath him. His name mumbled pleadingly, it was moments like this that drove her mad, yet she adored so much!* -02:44 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked as she whispered his name. She was enjoying this so much and he was going to let her enjoy every moment of it. But first … he was going to teas her. He slid his finger out of her, then moved so he was right on top of her. He caressed her breasts and played with her nipples even as he kissed her hard on her mouth and dove his tongue inside. He rubbed her tongue with his and began grinding his hips against hers.* -02:48 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Blast it…! Even as she returned his kiss with full vigor, flicking her tongue against his, her hands were squeezing his shoulders with frustration! She curled a leg around him, trying to catch him still against her!* -02:53 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked even as he slowly broke the kiss to whisper against her mouth.* Yes, my Queen. *She wanted him desperately, he knew. But he wanted to hear it from her own lips.* -02:56 Nov 04
Evangeline: *That look on his face of teasing and desire… it was wicked and so handsome. Irresistable and begging her to kiss him senseless. …he was making her senseless! She took his face in her hands and kissed him hard and pleading before breaking away.* Make to me…? I want to feel you with me, around me, in me, everywhere… -03:00 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Gabriel was still smirking but he pulled away and moved off of the bed to strip. His legs were too long to make stripping on the bed very comfortable. Off went the coat, the shirt, the pants and the gun holsters.* -03:07 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She was long used to him sleeping with his clothes, he always did when he snuck to bed when she had already fallen asleep… But being away from him even for a second was torture! She followed him right off the bed and the moment her had his clothes off, she was swinging her arms around his neck and tugging him down to kiss her again!* -03:09 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Her arms around him, his head was pulled down and he kissed her hard and long. His own arms went around her waist and then he was lying back down on the bed. First, he guided her onto her back and he was right on top of her. He broke the kiss.* Open for me, Evangeline. I am coming home. -03:12 Nov 04
Evangeline: *And she was more than willling. Adjusting her legs to accomidate him, heavy with that need to have every part of him. She didn’t let his mouth stray from hers for long, drawing him to her and brushing her tongue over his lips between nibbling kisses.* -03:16 Nov 04
Gabriel: *One hand was on her knee and moved up her thigh, the other arm was around the small of her back and he leaned on his elbow so his weight wasn’t pressing down on her. He kissed her back deeply, his tongue joining with hers, stifling a groan as he slid inside, simply pushing until he couldn’t push anymore. He stayed like that for awhile, cherishing the feel of her body wrapped around his.* -03:18 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She sighed softly against his mouth. her body adjusting to the size of him as if it was just always meant to be. It made her feel fullfilled and complete! …but stay still wasn’t far enough! When she could stand it no longer, she moved her hips against his. Dropping her hands between them, with a gentle coaxing…* -03:26 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked against her lips, even as he groaned and began to move his hips. The hand moving up her thigh settled on her hips. He was throbbing but he could be patient he wanted to be.* -03:28 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline wrapped her legs around him, not locking tight… not yet! He was so wicked to tease her, and she wanted him to feel just as mad as she did! She let her hands roam down his chest and stomach, reaching as low as she could to cup his balls in one of her hands and give a soft massaging squeeze!* -03:34 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Her massaging resulted in a soft muffled grunt as he licked her lips and began to move his hips a little faster, a little harder.* -03:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She kissed the corner of his mouth, his cheek, and moved to his ear to nibble and suck on his earlobe. One hand still between them, caressing and gentle even when she left her fingers rub against his shaft as he thrust!* -03:41 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He bent his head and growled softly, not the angry growl but the "borderline impatient" growl.* … Evangeline. *He clenched his teeth as his thrusts turned harder and faster.* -03:43 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She loved when he said he name that way…! And it was all the more tempting! She flicked her tongue at his ear, shifting her mouth to nip at his neck. Her hands didn’t stray from his shaft, circling and squeezing when she could, or simply feather light touches to brush against him!* -03:48 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There was that "borderline impatient" growl again!* You are such a tease … *He picked her up by the hips so he didn’t have to pull out of her as he sat up. He had one arm around her, holding her against him as he went on knees and one hand to the head of the bed where it was pushed up against the wall. Then he placed her against the headboard, knees tucked under him and began to thrust into her again, hard and fast, pounding up and into her.* -03:51 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline mumbled an amused giggle against his neck, giving a gentle bite! Pressed up against the headboard, she linked her arms around his neck and shoulders. Her hips twisting to meet his as she lift her head to capture for a sudden kiss. If growled at her like that much more, it’d tip her right over the edge!* -03:57 Nov 04
Gabriel: *His hands were on the top edge of the headboard so he was lifting himself up, muscles tense. He was throbbing, pulsing, ready to explode inside of her. But he would be patient. He kissed her back even as he felt her heartbeat racing. He smirked. He knew how to get her to climax.* Climax for me, Evangeline. Scream my name. -04:02 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Oh but she wanted to.. but not yet! She burried her face at his neck, muffling the sounds of her moaning. Squeezing his shoulder tighter with every thrust!* -04:06 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Now it was his turn to nibble on her ear and use the tip of his tongue to trace the outline of her ear as he moved even harder and faster inside of her. One hand moved off of the headboard to slip between them and play with her clit.* -04:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: hmm, Gabriel… *She was nearly breathless! Tilting her head back until it rest against the headboard, biting her bottom lip so she wouldn’t scream, but not being able to hide her pleased squeaks!* -04:14 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He rubbed her clit a little more, never letting up on the thrusting! He was going to get her climax one way or another, even if he had to do this all night! He lowered his head and nipped where her pulse beat strongest.* -04:17 Nov 04
Evangeline: Gabriel…! *Why did she catch his thoughts at moments like that! Gasping his name, her body shuddered more than once with the sudden bucking of her hips. Releasing her grip on his shoulder, only to squeeze again tight and sudden when she clenched around him.* -04:22 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He paused for a brief moment when she climaxed but then he was holding her close so he could cum as well! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust and … He pushed himself as deep as he could inside of her just before he finally climaxed. He held her body still, thrusting slightly to get the last of his seed out. He slowly moved the two of them so they could lie in bed and he pulled the sheets over them. He kissed her forehead.* I love you, Evangeline. -04:25 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Still so breathless, she smiled wide as she curled again him. He made her feel delerious and loved, and everything in between!* I love you.. so much..! -04:28 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You must. Caroline often mentions how very patient and sweet you are to tolerate me. -04:30 Nov 04
Evangeline: She seems to think you’re terrible to me. But you give me you… *She nuzzled his cheek before kissing it softly…* I’d like to have you again… -04:32 Nov 04
Gabriel: So the Queen has not received her fill and as your loving husband, I cannot refuse you. *He kissed her gently. Not that he could ever think of refusing her!* -04:33 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She laughed against his mouth. Kissing him once, twice… maybe once more before breaking away.* You could make love to me forever? Universe be damned? -04:36 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Indeed. -04:42 Nov 04

The New Light Saga


An Anniversary party for Evangeline by the hunters of Oracle! Caroline takes her to a strip club and Gabriel gets sneaky.

[Evangeline was told that she has a present, but this looks more like a party!] -08:19 Oct 03
[Gabriel ] -08:25 Oct 03

Lots to do! Loud music and people dancing!

Kyle was escorting Evangeline today, taking her to a nicely set up room and sitting her in to a chair! “Happy Anniversary, Evangeline! We thought since you got married so sudden, we’d throw you the bachelorette party you missed out on.”

Evangeline: Oh! That’s really sweet of you, you didn’t have to! *She settled in the chair, blinking around pretty curious.* …but aren’t those sort of parties usually thrown by ladies? Shouldn’t you be throwing Gabriel a party? -08:28 Oct 03

There was a knock at the door! But when no one answered it at first, the knocking got louder! One of the hunters hushed the guy who had set up the music and went to see who it was!

Kyle coughed! “I don’t think Gabriel is interested in parties… Uh, here! Have a drink!” He passed her a small glass.

Evangeline: He might be if you asked him. *She pointed over her shoulder towards the door while she took a sip of the drink. It was sweet, but she was pretty sure it had alcohol in it!* Someone is going to answer that? -08:33 Oct 03

It was Randall who went to see who it was! There was a cop on the other side and he didn’t look too happy! He pulled off his sunglasses. “There are complaints about the loud noises. I’d like to talk to the one responsible.” Randall stepped back. “She’s right over there, Officer.” He pointed to Evangeline. The cop walked over and stood in front of her. “Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to place you under arrest.” He pulled out a pair of handcuffs from behind.

Evangeline: …you aren’t going to have me deported are you? I didn’t even plan this party! *Blasted Randall! Evangeline stood up, passing Kyle that empty glass… then blinked!* …wait a second, Jesse, why are you dressed as a cop and wearing a fake mustache…? -08:38 Oct 03

Jesse cleared his throat and someone hit the music. This was spoiling the lines he’d practiced! So he just continued as he’d rehearsed! “I’m arresting you for disturbing the peace and being too damn sexy for your own good.” Then he started moving to the music, swaying his hips and throwing his hat away!

Evangeline: *A total look of confusion on her face, followed by covering her mouth with her hand and holding up a finger trying to…er… pause him!* …wait! Um… Jesse, have you lost your marbles? -08:45 Oct 03

Kyle nudged Evangeline to sit back in the chair and handed her a few dollars bill. “He’s your present, Evangeline!”

Jesse blinked. This was turning out to be a downer! “Yeah, Evangeline! Just relax!” He started unbuttoning his shirt and moving to the music again!

Evangeline: I do like dancing, but this isn’t quite what I imagine..! *Of course she could relax. This sort of thing you are supposed to expect at a bachelorette party… But at the time she couldn’t actually -see- anything!* Are you going to take -all- of your clothes off…? -08:56 Oct 03

“Heh. That depends …” He pulled his shirt off and he was unbuckling his belt with one hand! The other hand was waving in the air above his head and he was gyrating his hips at Evangeilne!


Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back in her chair, at least trying to pretend like this wasn’t really embarrassing! And laughing nervously!* …Jesse, really…! If you wanted to dance with me, all you had to do was ask! -09:04 Oct 03

“But this is different!” Jesse protested as he whipped that belt off and ripped his pants off in a single motion! Underneath, he wore … a glittering thong! The crowd was going wild!

Evangeline: Oh dear…! *Evangeline covered her eyes with one hand, holding out the other with a dollar bill. Jesse did deserve it for being so… brave?* …I am very impressed with your showmanship, really! -09:16 Oct 03

… Suddenly the music died! Jesse blinked and turned! He couldn’t move without the music!

Gabriel: Statiscally someone would have to be. *He said, standing in front of Jesse, opposite Evangeline!* -09:21 Oct 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, they’ve thrown me a party. *…of which she was greatful for. She dropped her hand to look up at Gabriel, but since Jesse was still wearing those glittery undies she just put her hand back up again.* -09:23 Oct 03
Gabriel: And do you have to thank for this idea. -09:25 Oct 03
Gabriel: *who -09:25 Oct 03
Evangeline: I’m not quite sure who planned… party, but Kyle and Jesse have been very… polite! *Is it safe to look yet? Evangeline took a peek… nope, not quite! Did Jesse stuff something in his pants too?* -09:30 Oct 03

Kyle didn’t know if he should be sneaking out or not. Then again, he wasn’t the one almost naked and waving his thang around! “Uh… Happy Anniversary, Gabriel?”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Jesse who quickly picked up his clothes and slunk into the crowd! Except Gabriel grabbed him by the neck from behind!* -09:44 Oct 03
Evangeline: Ahem…! *Evangeline rose out of her chair and passed Kyle that left over money. She made sure to keep her eyes closed though. She was going to end up seeing Jesse in her mind all day!* Maybe it’s a better idea that we just go out for dinner! -09:48 Oct 03
Gabriel: Dinner. *As soon as he took care of something which Evangeline might have realized as he was headed for the window and people were scrambling to get out of the way!* -09:49 Oct 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, you can’t throw him outside without his clothes on. It’s cold out there and we’re several floors up! -09:51 Oct 03
Gabriel: He is well equipped to handle a fall at several stories. And he is holding his clothes. -09:56 Oct 03
Evangeline: Why don’t we just take a picture of him and pass it around during the next Oracle newsletter instead? *…Just incase she was already reaching in to her pocket to pull out a charm to summon Caroline. At least she could be outside and catch Jesse before he hit the ground!* -10:02 Oct 03

Caroline: *SHe was two seconds away from jumping out of the shadows and startling Dark in a very fun way… and now here she was dropping in to Oracle with Evangeline, Gabriel, and… some idiot in a sparkling speedo.* … Did you just summon me by accident?

Gabriel: *He tilted his head at Evangeline.* … Summoning Caroline. *He narrowed his eyes slightly. He didn’t like that idea. But he dropped Jesse.* -12:31 Oct 04
Evangeline: … You are supposed to be outside ready to catch the people that get tossed out! -12:32 Oct 04

Caroline: I’m so sorry, m’lady. Next time I’ll be sure to cast my psychic spell so I can read your mind. Why are we tossing naked fools out the window this eve?

Jesse was quick to disappear into the crowd! This was the last time he’d let himself be talked into being the stripper for Evangeline!

Evangeline: *Now she was trying to explain matter of factly. Like a mature adult woman! Which wasn’t easy to do with her hand still covering her eyes and she gesturing at Jesse on the floor.* They thought since I didn’t get to have a party before I married Gabriel, that they would have one now! -12:36 Oct 04

Caroline: Ah. …They’re doing it wrong. *Caroline smirked. How sweet. The hunters wanted to treat Evangeline to all of the good looking men she missed out on. Probably the worst way to go about it!*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was walking out the door now. There was no sense in him staying and if she wanted to talk with Caroline, she was welcome to it.* -12:42 Oct 04
Evangeline: Wait! What about having dinner with me? *He could just come and throw people out windows and NOT have dinner with her!* -12:44 Oct 04

Caroline: Actually, Evangeline… Why don’t a take you somewhere nice. Let Gabriel have a man’s night out, while I throw you a REAL party? *May as well make the evening worth it. This should be entertaining!*

Evangeline: We aren’t going to stay here with Jesse in his underwear, are we? -12:48 Oct 04

Caroline: Gods have mercy, no. No woman should be subjected to that. Let me take you to see the real thing. *And without risk of Gabriel murdering everyone there. Caroline took Evangeline’s hand before casting her spell and dropping them both outside a place called Brass Flamingo!*

Dark: *He was taking a nap … as usual! In a hammock in the spring courtyard. It was really nice outside. So long as Gabriel and Evangeline weren’t making out in it or one of the inhabitants were doing something just as irritating.*

Evangeline: *That’s a peciliar name for a place! Walking inside with Caroline, she wasn’t sure if this was better or worse than having Jesse running around naked. There were men all over the place serving drinkings without any shirts on and ones dancing up on stage!* Is this a good idea? -01:02 Oct 04

Caroline: Evangeline, have you EVER seen naked men outside of Gabriel? *Caroline smiled so sweet as a waitor passed by, stealing the drinks he was taking to another table. It was helpful to be familiar with a few of the people here. She gave Evangeline a glass of wine.*

Evangeline: Well, there was an incident with a warlock when I was fifteen… It’s never really been a thought! *Evangeline sipped the wine. At least now she wasn’t covering her eyes. Everyone here was mostly dressed, and dancers did dance considerably better than Jesse did! There were also lots of other women around, who seemed to be far more excited than she was!* -01:09 Oct 04

Dark: *He opened one eye and saw Gabriel walking by.* You seen Caroline?

Caroline: I’m not going to ask about the warlock. Here, there’s a table near the stage. *Weaving Evangeline through the crowd, both sat down. Caroline was perfectly relaxed in the place, even waving at one of the men on stage!* Places like this are harmless fun. You can relax, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I am relaxed! *…well, she feels better after drinking some of this wine, anyway. It’s not that she didn’t appreciate it or thought they were indeed nice looking men. But… She could out dancing with Gabriel!* Do you come out to places like this a lot? -01:23 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline laughed and handed Evangeline another glass of wine.* No. Actually, I don’t tend to come out to strip clubs. They are, however, a traditional place to bring and embarrass your lady friends when they need time away from their husbands.

Gabriel: *He thought of that. He knew where Caroline and Evangeline were. And as much as he wanted to whisk Evangeline away, it would not do to cause a scene doing it. It would be much simpler to let Dark do that for him.* She and Evangeline are out. She wished to take her to see male dancers. -01:27 Oct 04
Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! For a moment she almost thought there was some sort of lesson about having manly variety! Caroline had fussed so much about how little experience Dark had with women. She could have thought Evangeline needed experience too!* Oh! In that case, I appreciate it. …I think! Not that I wanted any time away from Gabriel. I wanted to do something special with him. -01:28 Oct 04

Dark: *He snorted and closed his eye. He looked ready to go back to napping.* Heh. Male dancers. As if they got anything worth looking at.

Caroline: Why don’t you drink that really fast… and this too. *Caroline passed her a third glass of wine.* For an anniversary you could get wild and do something spontanious? Have crazy sex in an elevator or somewhere new?

Gabriel: Indeed. Caroline must consider them entertaining. She thought them worth looking at. -01:34 Oct 04
Evangeline: We have in an elevator before! That was much more fun than I ever thought it might be! *Drink it fast? Well… she tried! The second glass down, she had to pause and hiccup before sipping at the third!* I’m not sure about doing anything crazy, I think I’ve had enough crazy for one day. *Speaking of, what was that man doing with his top hat! ….Oh!* -01:35 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline actually looked surprised! ….maybe she underestimated how persuasive Gabriel could be. …or how naughty Evangeline could be?* I suppose you’re going to go home and cuddle? Blissfully normal every day things with the husband you’re going to spend eternity with?

Dark: … *He opened one eye. Grr … How could he take a nap, thinking about this.* Well, not worth looking at for very long … She’ll come back soon. I mean, how long can a woman possibly stay there, ogling … them.

Evangeline: Yes! …there isn’t anything wrong with that, is there? I happen to like cuddling and I know Gabriel does too. Besides we have LOTS of sex, that wouldn’t be something new either! Not that I am tired of it at all! Gabriel is alway so… *She was trying to think of the right word to describe it! But it was always too much for words! That third glass Caroline had given her was now, and now she was definitely relaxed… and chatty!* Do you think it gets boring after a while…? -01:53 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline was now staring wide eyed at Evangeline. …she had found the magic mix that made Evangeline blabber on about herself instead of changing the subject! …Nevermind, she changed the focus back to her.* I’ve only stayed with one person longer than a year or so, Evangeline. And no, it was never boring. …Have another glass of wine! What else have you and your husband gotten in to, hmm?

Evangeline: I like taking walks with him in the courtyards… Dancing under fall leaves, or swimming in the spring fountains… *A blissfull smile! Since she married Gabriel, it’s been pure heaven…! Before there had only been snuggles and rare kisses, but now…* Do you miss being married, Caroline? -02:18 Oct 04

The New Light Saga


Dark and Caroline strengthening the wards on Evangeline’s castle and getting frisky!

[Caroline was prowling outside in the courtyard, following the wall and checking for breaches in wards!] -09:29 Sep 17
[Dark was finishing up adding his wards on the north wall of the castle!] -09:30 Sep 17
Dark: *He stood and took a look around! This was a hell of a job and there didn’t seem to be an end to it! Several hours later and he was just getting one wall done. How the hell did Gabriel manage to do all this on his own!* -09:31 Sep 17
Caroline: *Cracks in the wards were few and far between. Most of them repaired themselves, but there was a little damage after Gabriel’s run without Evangeline. On the bright side, it gave her the opportunity to add wards of her own. Little things Gabriel wouldn’t think of.* …why in the Devil King’s name is someone’s soul plastered in this stone, I wonder? *Tisk, tisk…! If Evangeline saw that!* -09:35 Sep 17
Dark: That’s a trick question, right? *He muttered as he walked over to her. The only part he was surprised about was that there weren’t more souls plastered here! He wouldn’t have doubted it if someone had told him Gabriel had ground the bones of his enemies into the mortar for the walls and for the foundation.* -09:37 Sep 17
Caroline: It’s a sincere, question. This isn’t quite the usual use for a soul. *One hand on the stone. …So she was curious. She’d like to know who it was and why. Hrm.. Other than powering some of the wards.* Ah ha… Clever vampire. -09:39 Sep 17
Dark: Let me guess. The soul pissed him off and now its doomed to feel every ounce of damage someone inflicts on the wall? -09:40 Sep 17
Caroline: No, actually. …Well, partiacally yes. But this is more like… sustainable fuel. Soul powers a particular ward at just the right rate where it recovers and regenertes faster than it burns. It virtually lasts forever. *Handy little things souls were. She had discovered so much about them just being a demon!* Have you finished? -09:43 Sep 17
Dark: With this wall, yeah. And don’t get on me about finishing the other walls. I’ll get to it. I just want to take a break first. -09:45 Sep 17
Caroline: Are you going to take a third nap..? *Caroline cast him a smirk before tilting her attention back at the wall. He finished much faster than she did, but there was no reason to let him know. * -09:46 Sep 17
Dark: You got it. *He walked away and started looking for a nice patch of grass somewhere nearby. He finally found one and wasted no time in lying down, hands clasped beneath his head.* -09:53 Sep 17
Caroline: *Caroline rolled her eyes. It did figure! He napped more than a cat did! All she had to do was finish sealing off a ward. Adding her signature, and making sure Gabriel couldn’t manipulate it. There might come another time that he needed to be kept from Evangeline…* There. One more solid wall. About a hundred or so more to go. *And just because she was feeling particularly wicked, she summon a drift of snow from the Winter Courtyard and dropped it right on top of the sprawled out Dark.* -09:56 Sep 17
Dark: Oofff! *He sat up and shook snow off of him!* Hey! What was that for?! -10:21 Sep 17
Caroline: …You looked a little a warm. *Thus she put on the most innocent of expressions. …which was quite hard for her to do!* -10:23 Sep 17
Dark: Hardy har har … Very funny. *He muttered, flicking the snow at her!* -10:24 Sep 17
Caroline: *A smirking snicker as she hopped to the side!* …I take it you’re too cold now? …a little wet too. I could start a fire. -10:25 Sep 17
Dark: Yeah, a fire. *He walked over to her and slipped his arms around her from behind.* Like the "fire" you started down at Monte Carlo? -10:37 Sep 17
Caroline: I’m not sure if I would call that a fire. Embers, maybe. *She tilted her head to peer over her shoulder. It was still a surprise for him to be like this… She was so used to just teasing him until he escaped!* -10:41 Sep 17
Dark: *He took the opportunity to kiss her lips. It was nice to be able to touch her like this. To hold her. Even if she did tease him often.* -10:48 Sep 17
Caroline: *Definitely not used to this…! It was almost like being a child again. Flirting with a boy and wondering what came next. There was a sigh and wistful look from her as she twisted to turn in his arms.* …Or perhaps lile hot fire coals. -10:54 Sep 17
Dark: That sounds a lot better than embers. *He murmured against her lips, dipping his head to kiss and nibble on her neck. His hands moved across her back.* -10:55 Sep 17
Caroline: Uh huh… I’m starting to think I underestimated the burning potential. *Ooo, so much potential. It was all she could do to just rest her chin on his shoulder and not drag him away somewhere!* -10:59 Sep 17
Dark: How’s this for burning potential? *He found the spot where her pulse beat strongest and sucked on it. One hand dipping down to cup her ass and push her just a bit closer.* -11:07 Sep 17
Caroline: *If anyone had ever told her she’d have the hots for naughty vampiric habits, she might have kicked them in the face. For now, she was curling her fingers in to the fabric at his shoulder and trying not to hiss through her teeth!* …it’s… huh.. on the right track, I believe. -11:13 Sep 17
Dark: *It was rare when he was able to do something that made Caroline speechless so who could blame him for wanting to explore just a tad further? He lifted his head slightly to lick the spot he’d sucked on, then kissed his way further down to her chest. He gently backed her against the wall, then slipped his knee between her legs.* -11:16 Sep 17
Caroline: Dark.. *It wasn’t clear if that was warning or just a statement. But there was definitely burning! Feeling that warm flush all the way down to her toes. She was going to have to think of something cold and dull! …Unfortunetly brushing her fingers in to his hair wasn’t helping her train of thought.* -11:20 Sep 17
Dark: Hm? *He asked, not really pausing to see if something was wrong. His hands were slipping under the bottom of her blouse, callused fingers brushing against smooth skin. His knee was rubbing up against her and his mouth had moved up again to nibble on her ear.* -11:23 Sep 17
Caroline: *She was going to say something. But damned if the only sound that managed to come out was a pleased sigh. Her fingers were itching to take that shirt off him, but there had to be some sort of restraint!* You should be… *Damnation! What was she going to say?* -11:30 Sep 17
Dark: Just a little while longer … *He whispered in her ear. His hands moved farther up, wickedly slipping over her breasts to rub the material against her nipples, scraping his thumb nails against them until they strained against her bra. His knee began to thrust up against her, circling, coaxing her legs a little wider apart, inviting her to lean against the wall for support.* -11:33 Sep 17
Caroline: *A soft growl was her response, both at him and at her own nearly instant desire to pin him to the ground. As she dug her fingers in to his shoulders with the intention to distance him a bit, instead she got the opposite! Pulling him in closer against her to feel his body against hers. She tilted her head, nuzzling against his cheek and coaxing him to kiss her.* -11:43 Sep 17
Dark: *He felt her nuzzle his cheek and was only too happy to oblige! He moved his head, brushed his lips against hers and licked her lips before actually kissing her. Pressing his lips against hers with varying degrees of soft and hard pressure. His hands moved to finally slip under her bra.* -11:50 Sep 17
Caroline: *It was like writhing in delicious agony. She took his head in her hands and brushed her thumbs over his cheek gently… but the kissed she returned wasn’t! Deep and desperate, she only broke away when she was squeezing her eyes shut and trying to pull her hands off him.* Dark… you’re killing me… -12:01 Sep 18
Dark: *He caressed her breasts and was so very tempted to dip his head and taste them. He remembered their color. Deep, rich. Nipples so beautiful against her pale skin. He returned her passion, kiss for kiss, then pressed himself against her.* What a coincidence. *He murmured against her mouth.* You are doing the same to me … and Death has never tasted so sweet. -12:05 Sep 18
Caroline: *Why that made her smile, she didn’t know! And wasn’t helping her regain her self control. She tilted forward to brush a soft kiss over his lips, even while she was pulling her hands back.* And you taste like trouble, little vampire.. -12:14 Sep 18
Dark: You live for trouble, Caroline. Else you wouldn’t have bothered to help me the first night we met. *He lifted his head and moved his hands away from her. He kissed her lips gently, then dipped his head and sank his teeth into her ear in a teasing gesture. Then he was walking away to move to the next wall.* -12:17 Sep 18
Caroline: I have a weakness for men in distress. *…and for nibbling. While he walked away, she was still leaning against the wall feeling very much ravished and entirely unsatisfied. Caroline was still trying to get her heartrate to slow down when she pushed away from the wall and trailed after him, almost like a cat on the prowl. …ooo the wicked things she was thinking!* -12:22 Sep 18
Dark: *He turned the corner, touched the wall. He had to focus on doing this right so he could rest easy. Last thing he needed was for Gabriel to bitch about the wards being incomplete. He cracked his knuckles and started creating wards, in between the ones Gabriel had made. Darkness and Light. He would reinforce the ones here and make them impenetrable.* -12:24 Sep 18
Caroline: *There was work to be done, and clearly Dark was able to jump right back on it. …she on the other hand. Trying to get refocused wasn’t turning out to well. …it would be so easy to vanquish his clothes… Damn that vampire, she was trying to be responsible here! Why did he have to feel so damn good?* …. *Screw it! She needed something icy cold! Caroline stalked towards the fountains!* -12:30 Sep 18
Dark: *While Caroline went to the fountains, he was moving on to add another ward and then another ward. He paused and made sure the wards he’d made so far were stable and strong before continuing on.* -12:34 Sep 18
Caroline: *She was never going to crack another teasing joke about fire ever again. She was on fire! Kicking off her shoes, pulling off her jack and her blouse too, Caroline ducked her head in the fountain water for a good few seconds. When she stood back up again, she was shaking water out of her hair. …it was -minimally- better!* -12:37 Sep 18
Dark: *He was humming to himself now as he moved his hands over the wall. The rocks were smooth as if worn away by water and time, as if to make sure an enemy couldn’t find a foothold to climb on it.* -12:39 Sep 18
Caroline: *Combing her hands through her hair, she spied for him again. As long as she could look at him without jumping on him, she’d be good. Hmm… better keep some distance. But, no reason not to have some fun though. It was too damned easy for him to go back to work. So Caroline slipped off her pants to toss them aside, and sat down on the edge of the fountain with a wicked smirk.* ….Tell me, Dark. From whom did you inherit your work ethic from? -12:44 Sep 18
Dark: *He stopped humming and moved a little further along the wall.* What’s that supposed to mean? *He took a step back and spied the top of the wall. He’d have to do those wards, too. Bottom first, and then he could work his way up.* -12:48 Sep 18
Caroline: Only a question. …after all, I remember your attention span for detail didn’t use to last quite so long. *Now she was smirking at the potential innudendo with the comment. She crossed her legs and leaned backwards on her hands at the fountain’s edge.* -12:53 Sep 18
Dark: *He finally looked over at her but managed to control the look on his face. But had he slipped up for a fraction of a second and revealed his surprise at her like that? He was suddenly fascinated by the wall again.* Yeah, well. Learned to be awfully patient when I want something. -01:05 Sep 18
Caroline: *Gotcha. Sweet little vampire, body language is a lesson women learn early…! She was smirking wider now, just sitting and enjoying the sunlight.* You impress me at unexpected moments. I don’t think having a longer break would harm anything. -01:08 Sep 18
Dark: *Damnit, that tone in her voice!* Figure if we get the job done first before we take anymore breaks, we should be finished before the next century. -01:10 Sep 18
Caroline: That is the thing about volunteer work. There’s no necessity to finish it straight away. *What a stupid moment for her to be grinning and thinking about how much she adore him. She moved her hands so she could pull back her hair and see about twisting it up on her head.* -01:13 Sep 18
Dark: *Deep breath! He gave her a sideways glance as she lifted her hands to her hair. The sunlight on her skin made her glow. The sight of her sitting like that by the fountain gave him wicked ideas!* I wouldn’t want to keep you from anything. -01:14 Sep 18
Caroline: ~I’m~ all ready taking a break. You are the one that looks over heated. *Now she wasn’t watching him anymore, but using her time to pretend like she was innocently sunbathing. That included turning so she could dip one foot in the fountain and leaving the other swinging back and forth on the otherside.* -01:17 Sep 18
Dark: Ha. Over heated. I don’t know the meaning of the word. *And it was only when the words were out of his mouth that he realized he’d given her a verbal opening to attack him with. He turned his attention back to the wall and set another ward!* -01:19 Sep 18
Caroline: *Yet instead of something witty and teasing, Caroline just began laughing! Genuine too, for there were moments Dark walked himself so readily in to her traps that she really didn’t have the heart to slap it shut.* Would you like me to come over there and show you? -01:22 Sep 18
Dark: *Stupid him! Opening his mouth like that! He found the wall fascinating again.* No. You look very … comfortable over there. If you’re hungry, you could grab yourself a bite to eat while I finish up here. -01:24 Sep 18
Caroline: Oh no, I can’t wait until you’re ready. *However, she didn’t have any intentions of staying where she was at. She stood slowly, stretching her arms above her head before untwisting her hair. Then it was a slow, innocent walk across the grass, where she stopped beside him and leaned forward to see just what was so interesting about that wall.* There is only this ward here and there to finish. -01:29 Sep 18
Dark: *The way she moved …! He was tense as she stopped beside him but–damnit when she leaned forward like that! It was all he could do not to come up from behind …!* I don’t want anyone to say I do crappy work so it’s better if I recheck the wards and then start on the next wall. -01:31 Sep 18
Caroline: You realize there are hundreds of walls and no way we can complete all of this today. We’ll probably be working on it for the next twenty years. *He was bristling, and she was thrilled. That’ll teach the boy not to get her all worked up and then pretend he was done! She waved a hand, dismissing a few of the jumbled pieces of the ward, and replaced it with something solid and stronger.* There, see. -01:35 Sep 18
Dark: Thanks. Guess it’s time for some lunch then. *And then he was walking inside!* -01:38 Sep 18
Caroline: *A snap of her fingers and she returned all her clothes as they should be… minus being a little damp. Though he got away, Caroline was still smiling when she followed after him in to the castle.* Should we borrow from Evangeline’s kitchen, or would you like to have another nibble of me today? -01:43 Sep 18
Dark: *Had he heard correctly …–Damnit, this wasn’t helping things at all! As if anything in Evangeline’s kitchen could compare to having a piece of Caroline. But he would never be able to stop there … That give him wicked ideas of taking her in the kitchen, bent over with his fingers between her thighs … He looked straight ahead.* I wouldn’t want to trouble you or anything. -02:05 Sep 18
Caroline: You’re being far too polite. *Poor Dark, she might have harassed him too much today. Once they were in the kitchen, she stepped in to his way to curl her arms around his waist and rest her head on his shoulder. Still smirking, but at least trying to behave.* I like trouble, remember? -02:08 Sep 18
Dark: *He stopped–he had no choice but to or risk running into her–and then gave a deep sigh.* But if we keep up this trouble, I’ll have you bent over the nearest appliance with my fingers between your thighs. -02:11 Sep 18
Caroline: *That made her pause! He had an interesting way of being perfectly blunt with his thoughts. Caroline didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or dare him to try it!* …and you think this is a bad thing? -02:13 Sep 18
Dark: *That made him smirk!* It is when we’re in Evangeline’s kitchen. *Everything was different when it came to Evangeline and Gabriel. Any other kitchen he would be fine having sex in. But Evangeline’s kitchen … Yeah, definitely different.* -02:16 Sep 18
Caroline: Hmm, you do take after your mother after all… Gabriel is never so considerate. *Now that she had her hands on him, though, she wasn’t too keen on letting him go.* And if we went elsewhere? -02:18 Sep 18
Dark: Heh. You say "considerate", I say "awkward." *He nuzzled her cheek.* But yeah, elsewhere would be different. -02:21 Sep 18
Caroline: Then lets go somewhere different, and continue that interesting conversation about fires, hmm? *Because if they didn’t, she was going to have him here in the kitchen whether he liked it or not. And the proof was in her already sneaking her hands under his shirt,* -02:24 Sep 18
Dark: *She was amazing … and he wondered if she knew it. If she didn’t, he was determined to show her.* Back at the loft then. *He kissed her cheek. And because her hands were occupied, he teleported them to the loft and then sinking down onto the sofa. The nice, big sofa.* -02:30 Sep 18
Caroline: *Grinning wide, she went ahead and pulled that shirt of his up and over his head. Tossing it elsewhere and as far away as possible. There was much to appreciate with a half naked man… nothing better than lean muscle and taunt skin.* -02:35 Sep 18
Dark: *He helped her get his shirt off and then watched as she threw it far, far away. He put his hands on her hips.* Like what you see? -02:40 Sep 18
Caroline: I think… that you are astonishingly handsome. It’s probably a crime in most countries. *Here she was breaking the law too, running her hands over his chest.* -02:43 Sep 18
Dark: *He sat forward to kiss the tip of her nose, his hands slipping her jacket off.* Mm … Probably. I guess we’ll have to be careful. Wouldn’t want to attract unwanted attention. *He lowered his head to her neck as he managed to get her jacket off and started on the top. It was probably easier to use magic but there was something much more sexy about pulling clothes off the old fashioned way.* -02:47 Sep 18
Caroline: Being put in prison for being dangerously sexy wouldn’t be too bad. *Grinning, she shifted just enough so she could kick off her shoes. She had been reaching to tug off his pants, but found herself more amused with testing to see just how many ticklish spots she could graze her fingers over.* -02:50 Sep 18
Dark: Depends on the company. If I was locked away with you, they couldn’t throw me into prison fast enough. Anyone else … and they’d find this vampire a little too difficult to control. *He made soft "mm’s" as she moved her hands over his body and he stripped her down to her bra, lowering his head to nuzzle her neck.* -02:53 Sep 18
Caroline: I don’t know, you seem pretty tame to me. *Gentle taunting with her words, and a not so gentle tugging at the waistband of his pants. So Sorely tempted just to snap her fingers and make them vanish all together.* -02:59 Sep 18
Dark: *He smirked.* You just haven’t found the right buttons yet. *He opened the clasp to her bra, leaned back to appreciate the view. Caroline’s bra slipping off, her breasts rising and falling, her nipples still hard.* -03:02 Sep 18
Caroline: That sounds like a challenge, little vampire. *Although when he looked at her like that, she almost had the urge to grin and cuddle him. …then again! She snaked a hand behind his head and in to his hair, dragging him forward to steal a kiss! Slow and sweet… at least until she nipped his bottom lip!* -03:09 Sep 18
Dark: *He was still smirking as she pulled his head toward her. He made a soft groan as she kissed and then nipped him. He licked her lips as his hands moved up to caress her breasts.* -03:15 Sep 18
Caroline: *How to find a man’s buttons… Well first, she was starting with his actual buttons and undoing his pants with her free hand. Shifting so she could curl a leg around one of his and inch her body against his.* -03:20 Sep 18

The New Light Saga


Dark and Caroline get used to this relationship business.

[Caroline has to get used to being “back”! What nosey people!] -10:33 Sep 12
[Dark is regretting not having sworn Caroline to secrecy about this relationship … thing!] -10:36 Sep 12
Dark: A vampire can’t do his fuckin’ job anymore … *He muttered but plopped onto the sofa in one of the many rooms of Evangeline’s castle! Some peace at last!* -10:37 Sep 12
Caroline: *It was easy to forget what it was like living in one place for a long time and getting to know people. ANd no one left it at "I was away." they always needed the details. …so she gives them the details and now the gossip machine was rolling. Thankfully there was always sanctuary at the castle! Sipping a cup of tea… she was going to pretend she had no idea what Dark was talking about.* Oh, really? -10:39 Sep 12
Dark: *He tilted his head slightly to look at her, sitting there, looking so calm, sipping a cup of tea!* So what. You’re going to tell me you haven’t been bombarded by questions, gossip, curiousity … fuckin’ people wanting to know how long until you leave me for the next bastard. *He was beginning to see the wisdom in Gabriel destroying the universe and starting over.* -10:41 Sep 12
Caroline: No one has dared to ask me a question like that. *A curious raise of her eyebrow… If they had they wouldn’t of asked her another question for the rest of their lives.* …who is suggesting I am going to leave you for another man? -10:42 Sep 12
Dark: *He huffed.* More idiots than I want to remember. *He growled. He could ignore several guys and all but more and more "acquaintances" of Caroline were sharing the same sentiment. And he didn’t like.* -10:45 Sep 12
Dark: *it -10:45 Sep 12
Caroline: Being so vague is not going to help me track them down and silence them for good. *She could care less what others thought of her… but she finally had him and the last thing she needed was someone screwing with his head! She set down her cup to rise from her chair.* I can go right now. I suppose Oracle hasn’t been set to flame lately. -10:47 Sep 12
Dark: *He snorted.* Not unless you count some of Evangeline’s lessons. *Stupid hunters had panicked, probably at the thought of one of Gabriel’s visits, and set the classroom on fire. They’d gotten it under control in no time but it still made him snicker.* Not like I can help being vague. There’s so many of ’em. But some of the newbie hunters said they heard it from some guys down at the Old Pub. They just wouldn’t say who. -10:53 Sep 12
Caroline: *She brushed a hand over his hand as she past behind the sofa and tilted his head.* You’ll do well to remember that I haven’t had my hands on any other man but you. Almost for as long as I’ve known you. ..but I’ll pay a visit to that Pub and see who is harassing my sensitive boyfriend. *She smirked!* -10:56 Sep 12
Dark: *He huffed but said nothing, although Caroline would know better. His silence was a rare thing and often meant he agreed or he liked what she’d said.* Tell ’em they’re lucky I have better things to do than beat the crap out of them. *It sucked not having a reputation like Caroline or Gabriel. No one ever bad-mouthed them (not even when they weren’t looking or within earshot, he was certain).* -11:00 Sep 12
Caroline: I’ll return soon, then. *A quick kiss to his forehead, her pin in her hands and then a poof~! Outside of that Pub to do some hunting. It wasn’t one she frequented, so she was fairly curious who was gossiping inside! She entered the place and went straight to the bar to order a nice scotch!* -11:04 Sep 12

The bartender glanced her over but her order came quick! There were some pool tables in the corner, one of them inhabited by three bikers dressed in leather vests and pants. The back of the vests had the picture of a flaming skull and the words “Devils Harbingers” beneath it. They snickered. She caught pieces of conversation! “Yeah, so I laughed … told ’em only a matter o’ time before she got tired of him. Tossed him away.”

Caroline: *Bingo. Why did men always feel the need to brag about these sort of things? That’s why they got themselves killed so quick. She took her glass and drank it down. Then she was pushing away from the bar with that wicked smile across her face.* Why good evening, gentleman. Your conversation sounded so familiar. You wouldn’t be speaking of someone I know would you? -11:11 Sep 12

Two of the men looked at her, surprised. The third one, the talker, looked at Caroline and sneered. “Ain’t the Lady Shade. Fancy meeting you at a spot like this.” None of the men were human. The speaker was a demon named Gaev. Not as old as Caroline but they’d crossed paths a few times.

Caroline: I do prefer places with more amiable company. *She leaned on their pool table, quite deliberately getting in their way.* Do you have a problem with me, Gaev? Something we need to work out? Because I don’t enjoy hearing unsavory stories about my character. Especially when they’re told to Dark Carnatelli. -11:19 Sep 12

The others watched her carefully. Gaev lifted the pool stick over his shoulder. “Eh. Never met this Dark Carnatelli. Last I checked this was a free place and you aren’t in any position to be demandin’ stuff.”

Caroline: You’re right, of course. I can’t demand anything… here. *She pulled her pin from her pocket and tapped the palm of her hand.* I could, however, take us somewhere nice and private to chat. Unless you’d like to do me a favor and promise to bother the people I care for. -11:25 Sep 12

He flinched! But then he recovered, turned his head and spit! “Yeah. People you care about. And what if they don’t feel the same ’bout you, eh? Like that new boyfriend of yours. What was his name again? Dark Carnatelli.” A big grin spread on his face. “Yeah … Never met ‘im but I seen ‘im. Likes helping people, don’t he? Especially that lovely succubus down at that place, Paradise Lost. Heh. Yeah, Ayrae … Found out he did more than play bouncer, if you get my drift.”

Caroline: *Ayrae… she remembered her. Mistook Dark for Gabriel and tried to seduce him. …Caroline wasn’t so sure how much bullshit Gaev was spinning tonight, though.* You are a well of information, aren’t you. I have to wonder if you know fact from fiction. Any other stories you want to tell me before I get annoyed and pull your soul out through your nose? -11:39 Sep 12
Dark: "Fine. Don’t believe me. Gonna harass me just ’cause I know a few things and you don’t." -11:41 Sep 12

“Fine. Don’t believe me. Gonna harass me just ’cause I know a few things and you don’t.”

Caroline: You poor mistreated thing. *She pushed away from the pool table to leave.* Learn when you watch your mouth, Gaev. Next time I have to visit you, I won’t be so pleasant. *She didn’t even offer the usual smile as she left… No, she was much more interested in returning to Dark and putting false rumors to rest!* -11:44 Sep 12
Dark: *Dark was just where she had left him. In the short time she was away, he had fallen asleep, one leg dangling over the edge of the sofa.* -11:47 Sep 12
Caroline: *What a wonderfully tempted scene to take advantage of! …alas, one had to move slow with a young innocent vampire. Even if he was asking for it. Caroline leaned over the back of the sofa, flicking her hand at his hair.* You sleep far too much. -11:49 Sep 12
Dark: *He didn’t open his eyes.* You can’t get enough sleep when you’re me. *Now he opened his eyes.* That was quick. -11:51 Sep 12
Caroline: Gaev makes it his business to spread misery, most of what he says is false or an exageration. *She rest on the back end of the sofa with her chin on her hand.* Such as implying you’ve spent time with that succubus at Paradise Lost. -11:53 Sep 12
Dark: *… Fuck. Gabriel was never gonna let him hear the end of it. He sat up and swung his other leg over the edge.* Yeah, well. I haven’t seen her lately. -11:59 Sep 12
Caroline: …lately. How lately? *She knew him well enough to know that look on his face. Like he was caught red handed at something. …but with Ayrae? She was almost afraid to ask!* Did you work for her? -12:00 Sep 12
Dark: *Damnit … He couldn’t lie his way out of this one! He gave a small shrug.* She needed some help so I beat trouble makers up and threw ’em out. -12:04 Sep 12
Caroline: I suppose that may have been awkward considering you were a lost conquest. -12:06 Sep 12
Dark: *Another shrug.* If you want to get technical about these things. -12:10 Sep 12
Caroline: …you’re keeping something from me. *Intuition or maybe just by the way he kept responding. …or it could have just been planted seeds of suspicion! Either way, she was twitchy and didn’t like the feel.* Did she try seducing you again? -12:13 Sep 12
Dark: *She knew him too well.* Like flirting too much, always dropping hints? *Those were just examples but damn good ones. He remembered what he felt, going to Ayrae’s. Lonely, broken, angry, lost, confused …* -12:47 Sep 12
Caroline: That is a start… *Now she was prowling, circling around the sofa to drop down next to him. * And would there have been more than that? -12:50 Sep 12
Dark: *He watched as she walked over, sat down.* … Yeah. There might have been. -12:57 Sep 12
Caroline: *Ooo that was not what she wanted to hear. Benefit of the doubt, though! Let him speak first, and then she’ll decide whether or not someone is going to be murdered today.* And what exactly did you do with Ayrae? -12:59 Sep 12
[Caroline asked Dark if he did something MORE with Ayrae…!] -12:16 Sep 15
[Dark got up and started to pace!] -12:17 Sep 15
Dark: It was a year ago, Caroline. Why does it matter now. -12:18 Sep 15
Caroline: It is Ayrae. And it seems to matter if you’re so afraid to tell me. -12:22 Sep 15
Dark: I’m not afraid to tell you. I’m just … I’m afraid I’ll hurt you somehow. *How could he make Caroline understand things from his point of view? How could he make this guilt go away? No power in the universe could help.* -12:46 Sep 15
Caroline: *She didn’t want to, but it did make her smirk!* I would think you’d be more afraid of me hurting you. -12:48 Sep 15
Dark: *He ran his fingers through his hair, took a deep breath, organized all the scattered thoughts in his head.* I was wandering around aimlessly when I came across Ayrae’s place. You’d been gone for months now and each time I tracked you down, you disappeared. It was … it was nice being able to sit down and drown my sorrow, without someone mocking me about Gabriel or about you. Ayrae came by. She was nice to me, pleasant. It was good being with someone who could laugh and smile at me so easily. I wasn’t thinking when I spent the night with her. All I wanted to do was forget that knife stuck in my heart that kept twisting in my gut. -12:54 Sep 15
Caroline: So you spent the night with Ayrae. *She said it slowly, testing out the words…! Now if it were someone else.. Someone older and with more sense, she would be sure exactly what happened. But this was Dark and she was having a very hard time picturing it. …then again, Ayrae was a succubus. She was tapping her fingers on her knees.* Did you sleep with Ayrae? -12:59 Sep 15
Dark: Yeah … *But there was that look in his eye, so faint, and nearly undetectable except for the few who knew what to look for and knew him so well. The linger of doubt … He wasn’t entirely sure!* -01:03 Sep 15
Caroline: Then I’m going to kill her. *With that simple statement, she was already rising to her feet.* -01:04 Sep 15
Dark: *He blinked! That wasn’t the answer he had expected.* Wait, for sleeping with me? -01:06 Sep 15

Paradise Lost was just as Caroline remembered it. The place was never closed to those who were more than human and so Ayrae was at the bar serving up drinks to her patrons.

Caroline: *With no reply and not even pulling out her pin, Caroline snapped her fingers to drop inside of Paradise Lost. She said she was going to kill the woman, and boy did she mean it!* …Ayrae, my delightful treasure of the night… -01:10 Sep 15

Caroline’s reply was a smirk! “If it isn’t the Lady Shade, what a surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure.”

Caroline: I imagine you would already be aware. Taking advantage of a young vampire, seducing my charge… *Caroline glanced around, counting the people inside carefully.* -01:14 Sep 15

“Your charge!” She snorted. “The last I heard, from the vampire’s lips no less, you were no longer his teacher and had abandoned him by his lonesome self. You had no idea what you were missing, Andraste.” Her voice dropped, she grinned, ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. “A passionate gorgeous vampire … who is always welcomed in my bed.”

Caroline: Woman, you grossly overestimated my patience. *Goddamned mouthy succubus whore…! In an instant, Caroline summoned up a silver axe. Large and sleek, and was swinging it down at Ayrae’s head!* -01:21 Sep 15
Dark: Evangeline! EVANGELINE! *He was marching through the castle, searching high and low for the woman. If anyone understood Caroline, it would be her!* -01:23 Sep 15

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying her hand at sewing… Today she had faeries that were looking for a place to hide, and they needed a little more to wear than flower petals! ….she was doing a good job of pricking her fingers!* I don’t think it’s that hard to find me! You are drawn to light, yes? -Caroline

Ayrae’s eyes widened at the sight of the axe but the only thing Caroline cleaved in half were dozens of rose petals! Ayrae was on a table a few yards behind the axe-wielding demon, hissing at Caroline! She summoned bolts of lightning and shot them at her!

Caroline: *Caroline slid to the slid, pulling her arm back to prepare to swing again. Magic would be all too easy… this was a woman that needed to suffer the cold hard taste of metal!* Stay still, Ayrae. It may not hurt as much! -01:27 Sep 15
Dark: Don’t remind me. *He growled.* Caroline went to investigate some bastards talking about her loving and then leaving me. Then she found out about the time I spent with Ayrae and swore she was going to kill her. Why the hell would she do something like that! -01:30 Sep 15

Evangeline: …Oh! Well… I suppose it depends on if she is more like Gabriel, Ms. Grey, or like me… *Tapping her chin, Evangeline was having to think about it a minute.* Why don’t you just ask her yourself? -Caroline

“Practice what you preach, you long-toothed hag!” She kept firing bolt after bolt of lightning at Caroline just before she moved to evade the axe swings! She did not escape the French Revolution to be cleaved by a sharp blade now!

Dark: Because she stormed away supposedly to kill Ayrae! When I asked her if she was going to kill her just for sleeping with me, she didn’t reply! *He threw his arms up!* What is up with you women?! -01:34 Sep 15
Caroline: Throwing spells like a coward! Perhaps you should have considered this before tricking men in to your bed! *A quick block with the axe, to bounce the lightning back. Then a swing that almost got the wench’s scalp before it lodged in to the wall.* -01:37 Sep 15

“Brute strength has its time and place! And I have far too much class! You’re just pissed because I got to him first!” She used a spell to open a bottomless hole at Caroline’s feet!

Evangeline: Normally you follow someone when they storm off in a huff and prevent them from doing something silly. …Or did you want her to go kill Ayrae? *It was a serious question! That entire relationship was sketchy at best… She had told Gabriel herself that she didn’t like the idea of a woman that had previously to get her hands on Gabriel to go after Dark..* -Caroline

Dark: Oh right. I’m going to stand in the middle of a cat fight between Caroline and a succubus … *He muttered and ruffled his hair.* -01:41 Sep 15
Caroline: If you want to play with magic. *She hissed. The axe vanished as she lept backwards away from that bottomless hole. Oh, if Ayrae wanted to play with magic..! Holding both hands out, two long onyx black stakes appeared in her hands.* I could use a new soul. -01:44 Sep 15

Evangeline: Hmm… I think she is most like Gabriel, anyway. She’s over protective of you and probably going to kill Ayrae. …and probably not so nicely either! -Caroline

Vlamerias: Should Dark go and calm the Warrior Lady down, Mommy?

Evangeline: He probably should. Unless he does want Ayrae to die, then he could leave her be! Or send Gabriel to go get her…. but then she might get mad at Gabriel too, and I’m not sure how angry she is! -Caroline

Ayrae’s lips pulled back in a snarl. “This isn’t over yet, Andraste!” Then she disappeared!

Caroline: *Why did they always think they could run… She made those stakes disappear, holding out a single hand, palm down to cast her tracking spell! And if Ayrae would not be found, burning her building might be a viable option!* -01:56 Sep 15
Dark: It would help if I knew a way so she wouldn’t get mad at me. I … I don’t know if I want Ayrae to die. She’s a succubus. She can’t help it, right? -01:57 Sep 15

Evangeline: I always asked Gabriel not to kill people and gave him a kiss! You could try it? …or maybe take her somewhere she won’t hurt anyone until she calms down. And then kiss her? Kisses usually fix things! -Caroline

Dark: But what if she thinks I feel something for Ayrae and that’s why I don’t want her to kill her? -01:59 Sep 15

Evangeline: Then you reassure and tell her otherwise! …she really isn’t going to figure it out unless you tell her. *Really, sometimes men seemed to think ALL women were psychic! So many hunters had this problem!* -Caroline

Dark: *On one hand, Caroline couldn’t kill him. On the other, she knew a hell of a lot of other things she could do that would make killing seem a mercy. He nodded.* Fine. I’ll give it a try. Thanks. *And then he disappeared. He reappeared at Paradise Lost. Everyone else was gone and the place was trashed. He stepped up to her.* Caroline, come home. Please. -02:03 Sep 15
Caroline: Quite. I’m hunting. *…she almost had her too. Sneaky little harlot knew how to hide well… But Caroline almost had her tracked!* -02:05 Sep 15
Caroline: *quiet! -02:08 Sep 15
Dark: So as soon as you kill her, you’ll be satisfied and we can go home. -02:10 Sep 15
Caroline: I’ll be reasonably satisfied after wretching out her soul and killing her, yes. *It wasn’t a lie… It would definitely be satisfying! However talking to him was killing her concentration. Ayrae knew she was looking. Caroline scowled, pulling her pin from her pocket to add blood to the spell.* -02:12 Sep 15
Dark: Caroline. *He reached out and put his hand on her wrist.* Is it Ayrae you’re mad at … or me. -02:13 Sep 15
Caroline: *With a restrained growl, she halted the spell.* …I can’t blame you for this. I have no right to. …but Ayrae. Ayrae knew exactly what she was going. -02:15 Sep 15
Dark: But I’m also responsible. I came here and I went with her. So if you’re going to kill her for that, you should kill me, too. My crimes were worst. -02:17 Sep 15
Caroline: Your crime only comes from being young and innocent and occasionally stupid! *She pulled her wrist away, with that sore temptation to return to her spell. SOMEone was going to burn and he shouldn’t be so ready to offer himself up to it…!* Of all the women in the world. Nice women, and you pick the succubus who really doesn’t give two damns about you..! -02:21 Sep 15
Dark: *He lowered his head slightly.* … I know. -02:22 Sep 15
Caroline: I am surprised she didn’t suck the life out of you and staple your skin to her bedroom wall! Though I imagine you are a nice trophy. A consolation prize to her failure at winning Gabriel. -02:25 Sep 15
Dark: It’s because she couldn’t. I slept in her bed but I couldn’t bring myself to have sex with her. She took the form of every woman in existence … except the woman I wanted more than anything. -02:27 Sep 15
Caroline: Don’t say nice things to me now. I am intent on burning this place to the ground and driving that woman’s face in to the nearest acid spring. …You slept with her but did not have sex with her? -02:29 Sep 15
Dark: I couldn’t. And I figured I was a failure ’cause of it. -02:31 Sep 15
Caroline: Heimskr bastillen. *Caroline covered her face with her hands, not sure if she was going to start cursing at him, laughing, or burn the whole place down anyway.* Why is it that I cannot keep my temper when it concerns you? …though I may still kill Ayrae out of principal… -02:39 Sep 15
Dark: Yeah, you have a problem with your temper. *He glanced off to the side.* Guess that old mentor of yours wouldn’t be too proud. -02:40 Sep 15
Caroline: If you’d like me to kill you instead, I am still itching to wrap my fingers around someone’s neck and steal the life from them. -02:42 Sep 15
Dark: I deserve to be punished but I got no intention on dying. So are you still hunting or can we go home now? -02:43 Sep 15
Caroline: You sound so much like your mother… *At that she smirked. Crossing her arms with a shrug of her shoulders.* We can go home. I am of a mind to teach you things that Ayrae never could.. -02:45 Sep 15
Dark: *He huffed at the mention of Evangeline.* The disturbing part is I don’t mind you calling her my mom. *He looked at her.* I guess the castle is out of the question then. -02:47 Sep 15
Caroline: Not unless you want your parents to come and rescue you from. *Pulling her pin, she pricked her finger to cast the spell… and paused!* …are you going to let me transport you somewhere this time? -02:49 Sep 15
Caroline: *from me! -02:50 Sep 15
Dark: *He smirked and raised his hands.* I’m all yours, Caroline. -02:51 Sep 15
Caroline: *If only he knew..! Casting the spell was as quick as it always was. She dropped to her feet in the middle of her apartment in the city. She never bothered to sell it. …maybe a subconscious want to come back to it, that she didn’t want to admit!* As for punishment… -02:53 Sep 15
Dark: *He’d gotten a bit better at landing–in this case, he actually landed on something soft this time! A cushion! He stood and looked at her when she mentioned punishment. He raised an eyebrow.* -02:55 Sep 15
Caroline: Don’t give me that look. You said you deserved it, and I will have to oblige. …the trouble is what to do with you. *She made a great show of crossing her arms again and giving it a lot of thought.* I don’t care to kill you… no use for your soul… Dipping you in acid maybe? Force you to watch long and boring videos about yarn..? -02:58 Sep 15
Dark: Gee, thanks. *He muttered when she said she had no use for his soul. He made a face at the long and boring videos about yarn.* -02:59 Sep 15
Caroline: I could cut off all of your hair… Or let Gabriel after you. That might be a bit extreme. *She did step around the coffee table, uncurled one arm to poke him gently in the ribs.* Or prod every senstive part of you until you’re in tears? -03:00 Sep 15
Dark: *He made another face at her idea about sending Gabriel after him.* -03:01 Sep 15
Caroline: Or better yet… *She stepped closer so she could lean and nuzzle his cheek. Flicking his chin with her fingers.* You could tell me exactly what Ayrae tried with you so I can make sure you don’t even think of her again. -03:05 Sep 15
Dark: *He blinked and watched her.* The … usual, I guess. She had me lie down and then she was kissing me while taking off my clothes. -03:08 Sep 15
Caroline: And how much of you clothes did you let her get away with? *He was so often naked in this apartment before… Ayrae must of had a good eyeful! Hrm. She might hurt him after all. …after she tormented him first by nibbling gently at his ear.* -03:13 Sep 15
Dark: *He smirked but then he tensed a bit at her nibbling on his ear.* That’s not fair, Caroline. *He muttered.* -03:26 Sep 15
Caroline: There is a quote that says All is Fair in Love and War. *She nuzzled his cheek again once more before she tilted away.* … but I can be kind and not take advantage of an innocent vampire, if that’s what you want. -03:28 Sep 15

The New Light Saga


A year after Caroline left, Dark finds her again.

It’s a beautiful night in Monte Carlo! A french speaking city in the country on Monaco. Well known for it’s lovely coast and quiet tourist attractions! -Evangeline

[Evangeline is now known as: Caroline] -03:19 Sep 09
Caroline: *A bar in Monte Carlo. It was a change of pace for her. Caroline had finished a week prowling southern Spain, so it was nice to sit at the corner of a bar that had a gorgeous view of the sea outside. Maybe ages ago she might have picked up company, but now… she was satisfied with a drink.* -03:21 Sep 09
Dark: *His sources (okay, Gabriel) had told him this was where Caroline was. And as much as he’d have hated to admit it, there was no way he could have found her so quickly without Gabriel’s help. Caroline was sneaky when she wanted to be. She knew how to cover her tracks. He stepped into the bar, dressed simply in boots, pants, shirt, and jacket and walked up to the woman nursing a drink.* … Would you mind company? -03:22 Sep 09
Caroline: *There was a surprise! But it didn’t show on her face. He must have learned very well how to hide his aura. Had she known he was close by… Caroline shrugged her shoulders casually, not turning to look at him.* No, I don’t mind. But I don’t intend to stay long… -03:25 Sep 09
Dark: No, I didn’t figure you would. *He sat down and ordered himself a drink. They sat in silence for a few minutes. He had his elbows on the bar and his hands under his arms as he leaned forward.* I’d like to finish the talk you started a year ago. -03:29 Sep 09
Caroline: *Caroline cast a wide smirk in to her glass as she took a sip.* A year ago. Now how will a demon like me remember something so long ago? *How many times has she repeated that dicussion with Evangeline…? Even once or twice with Gabriel. It was amazing how Gabriel could sneak in a conversation while in the middle of slaying.* -03:32 Sep 09
Dark: You have an amazing memory, Caroline. You haven’t survived this long forgetting things. Especially something like that. But whether you want to pretend you don’t remember it or not, you cannot say it’s fair for you to have said your piece and me not having said mine. -03:34 Sep 09
Caroline: Whose memory is faulty now, little vampire. You are the one that ended that conversation first. *If she squeezed her glass any tighter it was going to shatter. She drank what was left of it’s contents and pushed it aside before she did.* -03:37 Sep 09
Dark: *It was his turn to smirk.* So you do remember it. *His drink came. He took the shot of whiskey and swallowed it, then turned the glass upside down. He wasn’t going to need a refill.* -03:39 Sep 09
Caroline: Caught me red handed. *She chanced a glance now and wished she hadn’t. Caroline turned her chair away so she could face the window and keep her back to him. Faint thoughts of throwing him -out- the window crossing her mind.* It’s an old conversation… Wouldn’t you prefer to speak about your parents? -03:43 Sep 09
Dark: Gabriel sends his regards, as does Evangeline. She’d like to know when you two can go shopping next. *He didn’t bother looking at her. He could see just fine with his peripheral vision.* Meri says "hi" and the Devil King wishes you well. -03:44 Sep 09
Caroline: Long live the Devil King. *No, mundane topics wasn’t helping either. This is exactly why she chose to walk away and not look back. Looking back was a very painful experience to carry with you forever!* You can tell them I’ll see them soon. …Now is a good time to go. -03:48 Sep 09
Dark: I haven’t said what I came to say. It will only take a few minutes. *Now he turned his head to look at her back.* I realize you’re really busy now. Please. -03:51 Sep 09
Caroline: I can’t do this. *Definitely can’t do this. Caroline slid from her seat.* …it really was nice to talk to you again. But my time is up. *She refused to look at him again, this time keeping her eyes focused on the door as she headed for it!* -03:53 Sep 09
Dark: *She was escaping! AGAIN! He was on his feet and then he took her hand to turn her around to face him!* I don’t intend to die anytime soon, like your first and third husband. And you know I wouldn’t abandon you to a mob like your second. I would never seduce you like those incubus you have trouble with. And I’m certainly not a skirt chaser like that flying rat, Alistair. I don’t have much experience in these things but I’m willing to try. You’re the one who believes in second chances. There’s gotta be room for one more … *He closed the distance between the two of them and kissed her gently on the lips.* -03:57 Sep 09
Caroline: *If she weren’t baffled enough by his words, his kiss was enough to have her frozen in place. Mentally cursing herself for that instinctual reaction, she returned the kiss, tentative and hesistant!* -04:01 Sep 09
Dark: *The kisses he gave her were soft and gentle. One hand reached up to cup her cheek.* It took me a year but I finally learned what a pillar really is. A pillar doesn’t just support, a pillar is supported, too. *He leaned his forehead against hers, slipping his fingers through the ones of the hand he held.* -04:03 Sep 09
Caroline: *He didn’t realize what he was saying. He couldn’t. They were words that had more meaning for her than he could ever realize! Now she was taking a deep breath and trying so desperately not to cry. …and it wasn’t working too well.* Do you understand what you say to me? What you do to me…? -04:11 Sep 09
Dark: I understand you’ve been my pillar longer than I ever realized before. That you look at me and see more than Gabriel Carnatelli’s clone or a stray pet. The words I say is a committment … and they are true. I want you, Caroline. Teacher, friend, slayer … lover … and everything in between. -04:15 Sep 09
Caroline: *If she could walk away, she could take this moment with her. But there was a promise of so much more if she took that chance just one more time. Wrestling with that choice, and not hiding the tears sneaking down her cheeks, she leaned forward to brush a kiss over his mouth.* I am going to live a very long time. You think you can handle me? -04:24 Sep 09
Dark: *He smiled then, a soft smile but a smile nonetheless!* It wouldn’t be any fun if you weren’t going to live a very long time. But yeah, I think I can handle you. -04:29 Sep 09
Caroline: Then you can have me, Dark Carnatelli. …if you can tell me where you learned how to kiss a woman. *Caroline grinned wide. She had missed him so much more than he knew! Every stupid fight, ice cream cone, and teasing moment.* -04:34 Sep 09
Dark: *His smile turned a bit sheepish.* Am I doing it right? Evangeline made me sit and watch videos on how to kiss. Something about it also having to do with the talk about sex. -04:38 Sep 09
Caroline: *Caroline laughed, having to rest her head against his shoulder to try and still her snickering! When she finally did, she raised her head again trying to keep that straight face.* I think you could use practice. Care to try again? -04:41 Sep 09
Dark: Seeing as how I have a beautiful partner to practice with … *He grinned and lifted her hand so he could kiss her knuckles.* How about we make this a private lesson? -04:45 Sep 09

The New Light Saga


Caroline tells Dark she has to leave. Dark tears up Evangeline’s castle!

[Caroline needs to speak with Dark.] -12:59 Sep 09
[Dark is feeling cranky–more cranky than usual anyways!] -01:00 Sep 09
Dark: *In between playing avatar of Light and then singing at that new night club, things have been pretty rough! Now all he wants to do is sleep! Nice … peaceful sleep …* -01:02 Sep 09
Caroline: *Evangeline had lectured her and the results backfired from what the meddling little psychic was trying to do. It was, however, a wake up call! None of what she has done has been out of honor or loyalty. What she wanted was more than she deserved to have. So now here she was dropping in to Dark’s room and hassling him out of bed.* Don’t go to sleep yet. -01:04 Sep 09
Dark: *He had his eyes shut and turned over!* C’mon, Caroline. Whatever it is can wait. *Of all the times for her to want to … Sleep! He was going to get some sleep!* -01:08 Sep 09
Caroline: I could leave you a note, but that’s so assinine and impersonal. *There was an odd look on his face. She didn’t linger long though, nudging him again. Prodding even.* Dark, I have to leave. -01:09 Sep 09
Dark: Eh … What is it this time? *He shifted farther away from her, hoping that would dissuade her. Deep down, he knew it wouldn’t but … he was really tired!* Okay, I’ll take the trash out while you’re gone. *She was probably going to investigate something or help someone else out.* -01:11 Sep 09
Caroline: *He was making this more difficult than it needed to be. Why did she even HAVE to tell him? Caroline sat on the edge of the bed.* I meant leaving as in a more permanent exit. I’m not going to be coming back this time. -01:13 Sep 09
Dark: *Oh, that got him! He lifted his head and glanced over his shoulder, squinting at her.* Damnit, Caroline, stop joking around. It’s not funny. -01:15 Sep 09
Caroline: I’ve already spoken to Evangeline. I will be here when she needs me, but otherwise… I can’t stay anymore. *This felt so cold. Heartless even. But in the end this was what was best for him and for herself too. She had to be firm!* -01:18 Sep 09
Dark: *… She wasn’t joking. And she looked like she’d just shot some kid’s puppy and was trying to tell her side of the story! He turned toward her completely and sat up. That felt only slightly better. Now she couldn’t look down at him.* What the fuck are you talking about. -01:25 Sep 09
Caroline: I am not your teacher anymore. I haven’t been for a long time. *How was she supposed to explain herself without telling him she was running away? Saying those thing she so easily admitted to Evangeline? Caroline just shrugged her shoulders.* You need more than what I can give you. I can’t be your pillar. -01:28 Sep 09
Dark: What do you mean you can’t be my pillar? It’s not like I’m asking you to use your magic all the time, or spending too much of your energy. *He was off the bed and pacing!* Is that it? You’re just overworked or something? -01:36 Sep 09
Caroline: Keeping up with you is not a problem. *…and the suggestion of such shsouldn’t be making her mad. See, right there! She felt TOO MUCH about all of this…! Caroline didn’t move from the bed. Just watched as he paced.* You don’t know what you ask from me. You don’t even know what you want from me. Everything I’ve done since… that goddamned gate of Anthony Carnetelli’s has been about you. It’s not… Me being here isn’t good. -01:39 Sep 09
Dark: So, what? You’re feeling neglected or something? Not feeling appreciated? Well then, let’s go and fuckin’ do something! That’ll cure you! *He wasn’t hearing this, he wasn’t hearing this! She couldn’t be serious! There was just no way–!* -01:46 Sep 09
Caroline: You don’t NEED me here, Dark! You have everything under control now. Gabriel will be able to support you when you don’t Evangeline will comfort you when you need it. I am not meant to be a part of this picture. I have no place here! -01:49 Sep 09
Dark: That’s impossible! You have a place here! You have one! You can’t–! You just can’t leave like this! *He was ruffling his hair now which meant he was getting more and more frustrated!* -01:52 Sep 09
Caroline: Can you tell me what you want? Can you? You’re just angry that I’m leaving and you aren’t the one telling me to go. *She finally rose from the bed to head for the door. He wasn’t going to understand, and she was foolish to think he would. She paused at the door, resting her forehead against it.* This is what’s best for you. -01:57 Sep 09
Dark: What’s best for me?! WHAT’S BEST FOR ME!! Or what’s best for you! Don’t be coming here, being calm, and making it sound like you’re doing me a favor! Obviously you found something better and you don’t know how else to tell it to me! Well then, fine, leave! See if I fuckin’ care! *He threw his arms up and then he was gone! Teleported to who knew where!* -02:00 Sep 09
Caroline: *The urge to follow him was so great, she had to stand there gripping the door and will herself to walk out! This was it and there was no turning back this time. When he calmed down and Evangeline got her hands on him, he would eventually get over it… Thus with one last look back, Caroline was gone.* -02:02 Sep 09
Dark: *Dark appeared at the castle and instantly began trashing the place! Lightning, fire, ice, some good ol’ fashioned bashing! The bashing helped most of all! And by this time, he didn’t even care what time it was–if time existed at all in this place!* -02:05 Sep 09

And thus, Dark spend from sunrise to sunset laying waste to the King of Darkness’ castle. Much to the chagrin of it’s devil rats and it’s Queen!

Dark: *He cursed under his breath and continued his rampage! And each time it looked like he was through, he started destroying something else!* -02:11 Sep 09

Evangeline: *Evangeline was considering talking to Dark last night… but, well… the opportunity didn’t quite present itself. She wisely stayed out of the way in a nice Dark-proof room until things at least sounded much more silent and less violent! …now she was peeking around a corner!* …have you found the room with the big minotaur, yet?

Dark: *He was panting and he looked ready to fall over! But he somehow managed the strength to lift his head and look at her.* … What. -02:14 Sep 09

Evangeline: The room with the minotaur. He wanted to take a hundred year nap, so I was hoping you haven’t come across him yet. *Dark looked terrible! But now that he stopped throwing things, she stepped out and smoothed her hands over her skirt.* Would you like to come and have tea with me, now that you’ve burned all of my trees and broken my walls?

Dark: *That made Dark think! He hadn’t been expecting a question like that. But then again, this was Evangeline. She was anything but normal. He took a few deep breaths.* I … I guess. -02:18 Sep 09

Evangeline: Come with me! I think there is at least one room you haven’t broken yet! *Evangeline led the way, following one of the devil rats that was brave enough to come out now to be of some help.* Tea please, Mister Rat. For two. And some icecream? Yes, some ice cream would be good. ….Now if you can sit in my chair and not throw it.

Dark: *He was silent as he followed Evangeline and the devil rat. He didn’t feel guilty or angry. He just felt … empty. He looked at the chair she gestured to and sat down on it.* -02:23 Sep 09
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -02:24 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a seat across from him, rest her elbows on the table and watched him. He looked so much like Gabriel right there. Like the world had been taken from him!* I guess you spoke to Caroline. -02:25 Sep 09
Dark: *He didn’t meet her eyes. He slouched forward in the chair with his hands in his lap, clasping, unclasping.* … What was your first clue. -02:26 Sep 09
Evangeline: Everytime you have a fight with her, you come and tear up my castle. I don’t mind so much, since it repairs itself. …but you are more upset than usual, yes? Did you ask her to stay? -02:29 Sep 09
Dark: Don’t see what the point was. *She’d just left anyways. He wanted to yell at Evangeline, vent at her. It had to be her fault, too, right? Everyone was to blame! Caroline, Evangeline … even Gabriel … He just couldn’t bring himself to yell. He didn’t have the strength. Or the will to.* -02:30 Sep 09
Evangeline: I tried to convince her to stay, myself… but it isn’t me that she’s running away from. *Evangeline smiled when a few of the rats arrived with a tray of tea and ice cream. She picked it up to set on the table. Sliding a cup and a bowl to Dark before taking her own.* I guess she didn’t tell you why she wanted to leave! -02:33 Sep 09
Dark: *She was running from him. That hurt him more than any of Gabriel’s sadistic lessons or Alistair’s taunting. He sat there, silent, not even acknowledging the ice cream or the tea.* -02:36 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a sip of tea, watching so carefully. She had gotten used to watching people’s expressions rather than seeing their auras. But having a vision would have been so help right now!* Did you know that a long time ago I didn’t that I should be with Gabriel? Though, I really wanted to and I stayed with him. But I didn’t tell him why I stayed, cause I thought it would make things harder for him. That maybe he didn’t care about me that way, or that I was making him stay. -02:41 Sep 09
Dark: *He just sat there, unaware of how defeated he looked. He had a distant look in his eyes. He might have been a statue if not for the fact he was breathing.* -02:48 Sep 09
Evangeline: Hmm. …Well! Thing was, I loved him so much that I didn’t want to leave. Then one day something really awful happened because of me. His life was disrupted because I was in it. So I decided I would go back to London. He would be safe and happy without me. *For moment she almost thought he HAD stopped breathing! But there was just a faint bit of movement!* -02:53 Sep 09
Dark: *Shut it out. He wanted to shut out Evangeline’s kind words and her gentle manners. He really wanted to be angry at someone, to hate someone for this! But he was so empty inside. It was like trying to light a fire with wet wood. It just wasn’t happening …* -02:55 Sep 09
Evangeline: I was wrong, though. I had a vision so strong that he shared it too. I thought if I left that would be it, but it wasn’t. That was the day he asked me to stay. Because he needed me and wanted me in his life. …I think maybe, Caroline is like me. She wants something, but doesn’t think she can have it. But she can’t be the one that makes the choice because it isn’t up to her anymore. -03:02 Sep 09
Dark: *He closed his eyes. Let out a deep breath. A sigh.* … I thought it was enough. What we had. She wanted something more … I just … I’m not the guy to give it to her. *He stood. He walked over to Evangeline and kissed her cheek.* Thanks, Evangeline. You’re the best mother figure I could have hoped for. -03:08 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* You could be if you wanted to be. But that is your choice isn’t it? You get to choose what you want to do now, and not me, nor Gabriel or anyone else can boss you around. *She paused for a moment…* …now will you help the rats fix the castle? -03:11 Sep 09
Dark: *He nodded.* Yeah. I’ll go help them fix it. *And then he walked away to help the rats!* -03:14 Sep 09

The New Light Saga


Gabriel goes to take care of Bael. Caroline makes sure he keeps his promise in not killing him. Gabriel puts his mark back on Evangeline!

[Gabriel is paying Bael a visit …] -01:02 Sep 05
[Caroline isn\’t anywhere in sight. Surely Evangeline wasn\’t serious.] -01:03 Sep 05
Gabriel: *Why bother with the introductions! He had kicked down the door of Bael’s latest … hole as the vampire was smart enough to stay on the move. Not smart enough to turn down the request of a Carnatelli’s human however.* … Bael. -01:04 Sep 05
Gabriel: *And now he was face to face with the vampire with no sign of his lackeys.* -01:06 Sep 05

Bael had been moving around for two good solid weeks. In fact, he -thought- the Carnatelli had forgotten all about him. …Until now! Here was Bael caught in a bath tub full of bubbles and drinking out of a champage glass. Now looking at the devil himself! “…Not this again!”

Gabriel: *He really wasn’t in the mood for conversation! But the vampire in the tub gave him wicked ideas of electrocuting him where he lounged. Instead, he pulled out a gun and shot a hole in the wall; the bullet grazed Bael’s neck. His other hand wore the silver claws. He was going to take his time with this …* -01:09 Sep 05

“Guuh!” There was a shatter of broken glass when Bael dropped the flute to clutch at the wound on his neck. In times like this, one usually panicked and took off running. Like that bitch that brought him the human in the first place! …Ah ha! “…you’re going after the wrong one, Carnatelli!”

Gabriel: Am I. My human bears your mark. *He shot Bael in the shoulder, then he was suddenly in front of the tub, leaning over and pressing one silver claw-tipped thumb into the bullet wound he’d just made!* -01:14 Sep 05

A pained howl filled the room as Bael grasped Gabriel’s arm to rip the claw from his shoulder. “Sh-she came to meeeee..! Someone else brought her toooo meeee!”

Gabriel: Name. *He wasn’t letting Bael off the hook. Not in the least. The vampire needed to be taught a lesson one way or another. Fortunately, this was something he could do with minimum chance of Evangeline discovering it via their bond without her psychic ability.* -01:20 Sep 05

Bael on the other hand was so sure this meant he was going to be free and clear. “Cassiel! It was Cassiel…! Was trying to take the human’s soul but the Bright Lady was determined for a vampire…!” Bael even offered up a smile of good will.

Gabriel: *… Cassiel. And his "will kill" list grew by one more name. But the fact she wanted Evangeline’s soul and she had allowed Evangeline to slip through her fingers … Or had she.* A human soul ripe for the taking and yet she handed the human over to you. *He was not convinced that was all to the story.* -01:29 Sep 05

“Th-the woman ASKED for me. Can’t take what doesn’t want to be taken, you know what I mean, right…?” He wasn’t dead yet and that was a good sign. Bael sunk lower in the water trying to slip out of the claw!

Gabriel: *Gabriel made sure to have a nice, tight, secure grip on him. He considered himself a patient individual but Bael was pushing things. He pulled out a small glass ball etched with runes. A "container" for souls.* I assume you have a soul. -01:41 Sep 05
Caroline: Of course he has a soul. Why else would he be so worried right now. *And there she was, behind the tub and planting her hands on Bael’s other shoulder, casting Gabriel a smirk.* You weren’t thinking about killing him, now were you? -01:45 Sep 05

…If Bael believed in God he’d be praying to him right now. No vampire wanted to die naked in a tub of bathwater. “Can… can I get dressed? And we have a ….civilized discussion? We can work something out about the human!”

Gabriel: Considering you are here, it can only mean Evangeline asked you to come. *He was going to have a talk with that woman and it was not going to end in cuddles.* I have business to deal with. Whether he lives or dies as I am finishing it is of little concern to me. -01:47 Sep 05