005 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

[Phoebe doesn\’t know why Dante wants to go shopping, but she\’s pretty sure it\’s because Crystal STOLE her apartment. How is a person supposed to draw with a slavegirl gushing over her demon prince!] -06:08 Jan 24
[Dante isn\’t feeling too well but the day will be over soon!] -06:13 Jan 24
Dante: *Dante reached up to pet Giri perched on his head again!* You have so many shops in one place. *He tilted his head at the giant map of the mall they were standing in front of!* -06:14 Jan 24
Phoebe: *Trying not to yaaaaawn… damn did it anyway! She had been up really early to get some panels done. Her editor said Desire of the Deep was hitting it big, with a fanbase way larger than all her other series combined. Now she had to draw twice as much AND handle chasing demon princes around the town! On the brightside, it meant they could buy anything today!* Shopping for the lazy! Everything all clustered together so you don’t have to drive all over town. Are we getting you new clothes? -06:15 Jan 24
Dante: *He looked down at the clothes he wore now. Thanks to all the fighting he did and running around, these were his last decent pair of pants and shirt!* At this rate, I’ll have to go back to wearing the clothes I first arrived in. -06:18 Jan 24

Oh no, yawning! Giri made a huge YYYAAAWWWNN! … Then he blinked once and then blinked again in cute puppy astonishment!

Phoebe: I’m about ready to just let you run around in undwear and save the cash! *Hey, it wouldn’t be a bad sight…! Ahem. Phoebe grabbed his arm to tug him down the big open hall.* On the bright side, you can try on a lot of things and I can do some sketches for the manga panels. The editor is extending how many books I can do. -06:22 Jan 24
Dante: *He found himself being pulled along!* Congratulations. Now you can run the stories you want to. *He slid a bit to the side and pulled Phoebe along with him to avoid an oncoming stroller!* -06:28 Jan 24
Phoebe: *And Dante saves a baby! …there’s an idea for a chapter!* Uh huh. Which is pretty much going to be everything you’re actually doing. Since the story spilled in to the real world, I might as well have that happen in the series too. -06:29 Jan 24
Dante: You can write Thanatos back to the Deep and see if that works to send him back. -06:33 Jan 24
Phoebe: *Phoebe grinned.* If that worked, you’d both be back where you belong already. *She pointed up at a store and led him inside. This store was with all those fancysmancy rich boy clothes. Like the ones that drive ferrari and have their own yatchtts! She was definitely going to have fun!* -06:35 Jan 24
Dante: *Dante was looking at the clothes he passed by!* … Phoebe, I don’t think these clothes will stand up to the abuse. -06:55 Jan 24
Phoebe: I don’t think ANYthing can stand up to the abuse you put it through! I don’t enough jump in swinging swords around, and you’ve got half of my clothes a mess too! *No, there weren’t Dante-style at all… but it made for very attractive sketches when you had the real deal!* -06:57 Jan 24
Dante: I apologized for that. I didn’t know the snake woman was going to regurgitate her food and spit it at us. -07:02 Jan 24
Phoebe: I’m going to have to change my name from Guardian Spirit to Guardian Shield. *Phoebe stopped near a rack, tapping her chin when she spotted some leather! Leather pants on Dante? That might actually look really nice! She snatched up a pair to hold against him and check the sizing.* -07:05 Jan 24
Dante: *He noticed her sizing him up for something but he glanced over his shoulder to try and get a better look.* What are you looking at? -07:10 Jan 24
Phoebe: I am trying to decide if leather pants are both functional and good looking. We’ll have to get a dressing room! -07:12 Jan 24

Meanwhile nearby there was another couple shopping! ..Well, the male was shopping. His girlfriend was currently gapping over in Dante’s direction with a surprised (and all too interested!) expression!

Giri made another yawn and stretched, parting Dante’s hair with his large paws! Nothing interesting here to see or be aware of! He showed his tiny white canines and curled up in Dante’s hair!

CLICK! That girl now had a cellphone up and was taking a picture! That guy looked EXACTLY like the big poster over at the bookstore!

Phoebe: You’re making this feel so exciting, Giri. *She muttered at the yawning pup. Phoebe picked up a few things and… blink! Hey, she didn’t like the look of that lady staring over here. Worse, her boyfriend just noticed and was looking mad!* …okay, Phoebe-sense tingling! To the dressing room! *She grabbed Dante’s hand to pull him off towards the doors in the back!* -07:22 Jan 24

The only reply was Giri’s snores!

Too bad! But that’s okay, the girl was already forwarding the few pics she got to all of her friends. They SO had to see! Her boyfriend was getting huffy, though! What was so great about THAT guy, he didn’t see nothin’ special!

[Phoebe was ushering Dante in to a fitting room before picture-snapping girls got any ideas!] -01:10 Jan 26
[Dante is being pushed into the dressing room!] -01:21 Jan 26
Dante: *He blinked and quickly found himself behind the dressing room door!* Is everything okay, Phoebe? -01:25 Jan 26
Phoebe: *Safe! …Not that there was any danger, but Phoebe was begining to get a little paranoid, when Dante was concerned. Wait! Forgot Giri! Phoebe slipped herself in the fitting room to take the pup off Dante’s head.* It’s fine. I just forget how much attention you attract sometime. -01:28 Jan 26
[Phoebe is in Dante\’s fitting room! ….but only to get Giri!] -02:18 Jan 29
[Dante isn\’t too happy about the leather pants!] -02:18 Jan 29
Dante: *Dante stretched the fabric.* It’s awfully tight. *And it looked a lot like the type of thing the Psycho Queen enjoyed wearing!* -02:19 Jan 29

Dante: testing

Giri yawned and lifted his head to look at Phoebe with a drowsy look on his face!

Phoebe: We’re not actually going to buy them, just have you try them on. *With Giri siezed, Phoebe was turning to peek out the fitting room door and make sure no one was lurking out there. Like that chick with the cellphone!* -02:22 Jan 29

The puppy didn’t put up a fight when Phoebe grabbed him. Now he was yawning one last time and looking around!

Dante: Maybe I should save this … leather … for later and try the others on first. What do you like to say, save the best for last? -02:23 Jan 29
Phoebe: *She cast a look over her shoulder, and smirked!* Scared of pants? Never thought I’d see that. Try them whatever order you like, I’m still going to get the sketches. -02:25 Jan 29
Dante: *More like he preferred clothes that let him breathe. Tight clothes only got in your way when you were in a fight. But she’d said she just needed the sketches so as long as something didn’t attack in the next five or ten minutes, he’d survive. He began to strip and donned the leather pants! … Eck, they really were tight …* -02:27 Jan 29
Phoebe: *Phoebe made sure to keep her eyes peeking outside the fitting room while he was changing. No reason to watch, no matter how tempting! …Course he sounded like he was being murdered by something with all the fussing he made. When she turned to peek she… couldn’t help but start snickering!* -02:29 Jan 29
Dante: *That laugh did not help his ego. He turned and began peeling the leather off of him.* -02:38 Jan 29
Phoebe: *Snickercough!* …Sorry! …just! Sorry. *Ahem! That had to be the wrong size or cut, but there was no way he’d try another. Not after she had to go snickering and not with that look on his face!* …okay, to make it up to you, you can pick out some clothes for me to try on too. -02:43 Jan 29
[Dante is never going to wear leather pants again!] -11:36 Jan 30
[Phoebe was attempting to apologise for snickering, by offering to let Dante dress her up! Totally opposite from her usual thoughts!] -11:37 Jan 30
Dante: *Dante thought it was an interesting idea!* Don’t you need me to model the rest of these for your sketches? *He was moving back into the dressing room to try and pry these pants off!* -11:39 Jan 30
Phoebe: I don’t need you to… but I think for the evening I’ll spare you anymore torment. It could be Dress-Up-Phoebe day instead. *Which, she has to admit, is a lot safer with Dante than with Crystal. Crystal’s dressup days were way more dangerous than leather pants!* -11:42 Jan 30
Dante: *He grinned as he stepped out, back in his normal clothes! And able to breathe!* You’re so very kind, Lady Phoebe. Let’s go then. -11:45 Jan 30
Phoebe: *With Giri in her hands, and giving him a good pat, she was leading the way to exit the men’s clothing store. That chick with the phone nowhere to be seen! Good!* Pick a story, any store, and my there’s a lot to choose from. -11:50 Jan 30
Dante: *He stopped and looked around. There really were a lot of shops to choose from and it was easy to tell which one sold men’s clothes and which one sold women’s clothes. He started walking in one direction and stopped right in front … of a sexy adult clothing store!* How about this? *The store was called "Sensually Yours" and in the window were a few female mannequins wearing outfits parents probably shielded their children’s eyes from when they passed.* -11:53 Jan 30
Phoebe: *There was a slight twitch at the corner of her mouth. Maybe he would be as bad as Crystal! …but she did tell him anywhere, and he did squeeze in to those impossibly tiny leather pants!* Uuuhm, if this is the one you want! There might be something wearable in there somewhere. I think. -11:56 Jan 30
Dante: *He did love to tease and he didn’t bother to hide the look on his face either! A smug, playful grin!* That’s the spirit! Let’s go! *He took her by one hand and led her inside!* Things are a lot more mild here than I first thought. *He said, looking at all the clothing on the racks and browsing through even the matching shoes they had up against the wall.* -12:04 Jan 30
Phoebe: *That look on his face, if that’s the way he wanted to play, she was totally going to model the hell out of whatever he picked out! She hoisted Giri on her shoulder with her free hand.* I don’t think they can have a really dirty store right in the mall. There’s one a few blocks down the street though. *…of which she didn’t need to share her knowledge of! * -12:07 Jan 30
Dante: *He laughed softly at the mention of the ‘other store’ and grinned wickedly.* Is there now? *He plucked out a few outfits for her.* Hm. -12:20 Jan 30
Phoebe: No, what were we talking about again? *A quick subject change! Phoebe pretended like she wasn’t trying to inspect what he was picking up, while examining a pair of shoes. That was the one cool thing in here, there was great shoes!* -12:24 Jan 30
Dante: *He was still wearing that grin. He’d let her off easy now and not press her. He held up the bright red teddy, one of the pieces he’d picked up.* What do you know. It looks like a perfect fit. *How he said that with a straight face would be anyone’s guess.* -12:29 Jan 30
Phoebe: For someone that doesn’t know a lot about clothing sizes, you’re sure good at sizing someone up! *Red! That thing was screaming sexy bed vixen! She was trying to match that straight face.* Gonna add any shoes with that? -12:32 Jan 30

Some casual shoppers passing by the shop happen to glance their way and do a double-take when they spot Dante!

Dante: *Dante smiled at the comment of being able to size someone up. Then he was looking around for some matching shoes.* You mean shoes you can actually walk in. *Some of these looked like they could snag and then trip someone on just about anything!* -12:54 Jan 30
Phoebe: Hey, those shoes aren’t made for walking. They’re made for looking all hot and sexy and not being able to run away. *At least that’s what she figured for the really weird platforms with crazy heels! She caught a glance of people peeking, and just in case looked around the store for any possible escape routes.* -12:58 Jan 30

The store’s lighting was kept dim, probably to keep up with the mood. One could only imagine what they kept in the back of the store!

Dante: Ah, point taken. *He picked up two boxes and showed them to Phoebe! One was a pair of red stilleto heels with straps over the ankles! The other was a pair of thigh-high red leather boots with wicked heels!* -01:08 Jan 30
Phoebe: *She loved the strappy heels! …maybe not the boots though! It was with a wry grin that she replaced Giri on Dante’s head, then took the teddy and shoes from him.* Okay, you just stay right there and if anything weird happens, you just start screaming. -01:13 Jan 30
Dante: *He looked up at Giri perched on his head now.* Weird as in what you think is weird or weird as in weirder than I’m used to? -01:14 Jan 30
Phoebe: *She actually had to stop and think about it!* …Uh… My kind of weird! I think… *And it was with a thoughtful look she disappeared in to one of the fitting rooms. What WAS her weird versus Dante’s weird?! Screaming half naked fangirls, or screaming blood thirsty monsters…?* -01:16 Jan 30

Giri yawned and curled up on Dante’s head. It was much more comfortable this way!

Phoebe: *Taking off her clothes and switching in to that red teddy was quick work. She chose the strappy heels first over the boots. They were just cooler! Course, it took her several moments of scowling at her reflection in the mirror, fluffing up her hair and trying a few practice poses before she gave up trying to make a serious sexy face. Sexy Face was just not her look! Phoebe settled for bouncing out of the dressing room, with one of the over-exagerated Crystal poses!* Ta-dah! -01:28 Jan 30

As she posed Giri went flying head over heels past her and landed in a pile of her clothes!

Dante: *Dante was standing in front of the dressing room stall with his back to her and glanced over his shoulder. He smiled.* Hmm … Very nice. *He looked her up and down and summoned his sword in time to slice up a gelatin tentacle-thing!* -02:07 Jan 30
Phoebe: … *Phoebe dropped her arms, her face blank as could be.* …. I thought I said scream if something weird happens. -02:07 Jan 30

A mass of purple transparent gelatin about the size of a man hissed in pain and drew back! There was already a few objects floating inside of it, like one half of a pair of boots, an iron pole, and a mannequin!

Dante: You said if it was something you considered weird. This is something I would consider weird. *He flung a lightning ball at the gelatin but it had already moved and disappeared toward the back of the store!* -02:11 Jan 30

Giri came scurrying out of the dressing room … with Phoebe’s bra on his head! “Arf arf!”

Phoebe: Next time we’ll go with just weird in general! You can’t get in to these sort of things at the ma- FREEZE DOG! *She interupted her own sentence to point at Giri! There was no way she was gonna chase him while wearing this nonsense, but she’ll be damned if her bra got lost at the mall!* -02:14 Jan 30

Giri stopped! But only because the bra had fallen over his eyes and now he was trying to get it off by snagging it with his teeth and pulling at it! “Warf! Wahrrff!”

Phoebe: Don’t chew it…! *Argh! Trying to walk gracefully, and not look like a mad half naked woman wasn’t easy! Not when you had to stay out of the way of a geletin-thing and trying to snatch up a bra-chewing dog! But that didn’t stop her from trying to snatch it back from the pup!* -02:18 Jan 30
Dante: *It was hard not to at least smile at the scene of Phoebe heading to Giri and reclaiming her bra. But he had to turn away to look for the gelatin monster.* I guess it’s gone for now. *But he still had his sword!* -02:19 Jan 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe held her bra behind her back after giving Giri a good glare. …but a more concerned look about that monster just getting away!* It just ran off? …that’s not exactly good! -02:26 Jan 30
Dante: *He gave her a small grin.* Welcome to my life. Giri, time to sniff out the gelatin monster. -02:32 Jan 30

Giri, now bra-free, shook himself and was floating back to Dante. He began sniffing at the large purple gelatin spot where the monster had been standing just minutes ago. Then he was following that thick trail that led away from the spot and to the back of the store.

Phoebe: I don’t know if I should go change my clothes, or if that’ll just be asking for a dirty hentai scene. *She at least leaned down to pull off those shoes. If she was going to help kick something’s ass, she needed to be able to run!* -02:35 Jan 30

It just might have been a dirty hentai scene! The back of the store was where they kept their sex toys, like the blow up dolls and the vibrators! … And boy where there a lot of toys! The trail led around the aisles as if the gelatin monster had been looking for something. An object in particular or just a way out?

Phoebe: *There was that Hulk200 that Crystal was talking about… man, for that price, she was better off trying to pounce Thanatos! With a cough and trying to pretend they weren’t in the Psycho Queen’s version of heaven, Phoebe snooped to see if there was a hidden storage room or bent back there!* Of all the stores to have a squishie monster! -02:49 Jan 30
Dante: *Dante was glancing around to look out for that monster and for anyone else in the store! Phoebe would never let him hear the end of it if there were other people around!* -02:52 Jan 30

There were sections of the wall and shelves where things were missing, smeared with goo! Giri stopped in front of a store marked EMPLOYEES ONLY and began to bark! This is where the trail disappeared to!

Phoebe: *Phoebe poked at some of the goo and made a face! But she turned at Giri’s bark and frowned at the door.* If you run in quick, Giri and I can block the door so it doesn’t try to get out. -02:56 Jan 30

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