005 Taking an Avatar

Heinrich: *he couldn’t resist. He spoke up as soon as Alina had cleared the doorway and was visible from his perch on the roof.* I really do hope you aren’t going to try and kill me. It would be rather difficult for me to hire you then, wouldn’t it? -03:07 May 13
Alina: :;She didn’t jump, she’d half expected this:: Heinrich Bloodfox. Consider yourself to have a pending death sentence on your head that shall be met out as soon as I see fit. -03:09 May 13

A street peddler stopped Rori right before she reached the closest Inn. “Would you like to try a bit of today’s special? Free sample before every purchase! Try it, try it!” says the peddler offering a cup. “Every bottle bought comes with a free apple! Delicious treat!” The peddler winked! -Rori

Alina: Which direction did she go in? :;The man was seriously lucky the OTHER glove hadn’t come off. That could have been problemsome!:: -03:13 May 13
Rori: *Rori took the cup, lookng bemused if not still a little annoyed.* I’ve learned to avoid apples. *She took a sip of the drink and refrained from making a face. Apple flavored beer is what it tasted like, and not in the good way. She handed the cup back quickly!* That was… Well, darn my luck, I just don’t have enough coin on me at the moment. Maybe next time! *As good excuse as any!* -03:13 May 13
Heinrich: Alina, I worship the God of Death. Dying painfully is rather a given. Although I could wish you wouldn’t threaten me for tweaking you. *He hopped down, landing soundlessly next to her* So! Signing on with this mad endeavour of ours, are you? *he flicked a finger down the left side of the road* She went that way. -03:14 May 13

“Too bad, too bad.” Grinned the peddler wide, showing a perfect row of teeth! He scuddled off down the street! -Rori

Alina: ::Scowls at him:: Who says I’m threatening and not promising? ::Starts to head in the direction but not before reaching out to cuff him:: You’re brain started to rot in your retirement. -03:17 May 13
Heinrich: Threatening, promising a firey painful death…potaytoes, potahtoes. *he ducked the cuff* Okay, so maybe I was going a little nuts. Probably would’ve come out of retirement in a few years anyways if she hadn’t come along and basically forced me. -03:19 May 13
Rori: O..kay. *Crossing her arms, she stalked for the inn. She was a lot more tired than she thought she was… She was practically falling asleep on her feet!* -03:20 May 13
Alina: ::Gives him a look:: You honestly didn’t remember who I was? Like it wasn’t blatantly obvious. ::sighs and shakes her head:: So what’s the deal? -03:21 May 13
Heinrich: All signs point to "yes." She IS in fact the Avatar of the Goddes Urora, but she flat-out refuses to believe it. Took her two days to admit I -might- be real. You’ve heard about Talin Darlandon going missing by now, right? -03:24 May 13
Alina: I don’t believe in gods. :;Was all she had to say about the first bit:: And yes.. -03:25 May 13
Heinrich: I know, I know, athiest, yadda, yadda. We can debate that later. Any rate, the same fellow who probably made him dissappear is after her. Wants ‘a word’ with her, apparently. Also happens to lead a cult of insanity-worshipping Necromancers. Not exactly your village sewing circle. -03:27 May 13
Rori: *Rori stepped in to the Inn and stopped at the counter.* I need a room. For Urora… Aurora. *She shook her head quickly!* Rori. And someone else. *She rubbed her head.. she was so tired, it was knocking the sense out of her!* Two rooms, I mean. -03:30 May 13
Alina: ::ROlls her eyes, she wasn’t an athiest, she believed in the Twelve.. they just weren’t gods:: Pleasant… how… ::makes a gesture trying to think of the right word to use:: -03:31 May 13
Heinrich: Interesting? Hey! What do you know, we’re almost at the Lodging district! -03:33 May 13

The Innkeeper gave the woman a lookover. Seeing as how she was wearing something that looked like a nightgown, some armor from Crazy Mumsie Redd’s and clearly looked dazed and confused… she must be some nut off the street! “Sure. Two rooms. Why don’t you follow me this way out the back and I’ll show you where they are.” -Rori

Alina: No.. how absent minded is your charge? -03:34 May 13
Heinrich: It’s not so much absent minded, is the thing…more like she’s a country girl her first day in the city. Only with EVERYTHING. -03:36 May 13
Heinrich: Why do you mention it? -03:36 May 13
Alina: Just curious as to how much help and looking after the girl really needs… ::purses her lips slightly:: -03:37 May 13
Rori: You’re going to push me out the back door. *Damned Snooty Innkeeper, she should have chosen the one across the street. Now she was seeing spots something awful, and feeling a tad bit too warm. She braced herself on the counter.* …What was I doing, again? -03:38 May 13
Heinrich: Absent minded or not, she’s way out of her league. Talk to her tonight, you’ll see what I mean. Let’s see….*he waved a finger back and forth between the first two inns he saw* I’ll check left, you check right? -03:40 May 13
Alina: :;Nods and makes her way toward the inn to the right, wondering what she’d gotten herself into this time:: -03:41 May 13

“There you are! Now why are you in here bothering this nice Innkeeper.” A nicely dressed individual takes Rori by the arm and flashes an apologetic smile at the Innkeeper! “I’m so sorry, she’s just not all together in the head, my little niece. Come on now, Aurora, let’s leave the nice man alone.” -Rori

Rori: *Rori blinked at the grinning man.* I saw those teeth not five minutes ago… *She mumbled, vaguely pointing towards the front door, which seemed to be in the opposite direction of where she was being led now. Something was right, but it was so hard to remember what that was at the moment…* -03:44 May 13
Heinrich: *he heads off to the Inn at a trot, arriving at the door about the time Alina arrives at hers.* -03:44 May 13
Alina: :;Opens the inn door and peeks her head inn:: Rori, are you here? We really should have decided on an inn together before hand… -03:46 May 13

Of course you saw them, we’ve been traveling together.” Quickly, he tugged her out the side door just as the front one swung open! “Here, you’re thirsty. Have another drink.” He pressed a cup in hands as he guided her along. -Rori

Alina: ::Looks to the innkeeper:: Have you seen a girl about yay tall? ::holds up a hand:: Wideyed little thing? -03:49 May 13
Heinrich: *He pushes the door and looked in…then turned around Something felt VERY wrong, but it wasn’t the inn…. -03:49 May 13
Rori: Was I traveling with you? *She slowly took a sip of the drink… scowling down at the cup. She hated the taste of applebeer.* -03:50 May 13
[Alina jad just asked the inkeeper if they\’d seen Rori!] -11:47 May 13
[Rori should have seen this coming.] -11:48 May 13
[Heinrich Really shouldn\’t have let Rori wander off on her own.] -11:50 May 13
Alina: ::Ric was right, he shouldn’t have been trying to pull Alina’s leg! Silly man! Anyway, she was stepping further inside the door to get a better look at the inkeeper and get her answer!:: -11:52 May 13

The Innkeeper snorts! Yes, he did see a fool about that description come in here. Luckily her uncle found her. -Rori

Alina: You idiot. She isn’t traveling with an uncle. ::She looked back out the door:: Ric! Get your ass over here! ::back to the inkeep:: Which way did they go!? -11:54 May 13

The man wth Rori ushers her down the side alley towards a waiting wagon behind the Inn. “Of course you’re traveling with me. We’ve been together for weeks, and we’re in danger from a pair of strangers. We need to get moving, Aurora.” -Rori

The Innkeeper is thuroughly insulted! It’s not HIS job to keep track of mentally deranged citizens! Hmmph! -Rori

Heinrich: *he hauled about, sprinting towards Alina as soon as she yelled. * You find her? -11:57 May 13
Rori: That’s right… someone has been chasing me. But I don’t remember having a wagon. *She was certain of that, her feet were complaining from nonstop walking!* -11:58 May 13
Alina: ::She carefully held up her gloves, they were often all people needed for a warning:: Which. Way. Did. They. Go. -11:58 May 13

The man was ever patient, making sure to help Rori up in to the wagon with haste! “We didn’t. I just got it for us today. Have another drink.” Clickclick! He wasted no time in getting that wagon moving! -Rori

Heinrich: I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ *he pushed his way way through the door to come face-to-face with the Innkeeper.* Look, we don’t have time for this. Where’s your back exit? -12:01 May 14

The Innkeeper rolled his eyes and vaguely pointed towards the side door. “They left through there.” -Rori

Alina: I -12:03 May 14
Alina: *I’ll try and head them off around the side if you flush them from the back? -12:03 May 14
Heinrich: Thank YOU! Back it is! *He took off out the side door, barely pausing to open it before running through full-tilt.* -12:04 May 14
Rori: *Obediently she took another drink, but it clearly wasn’t enjoyable! It was making her feel sick!* I think I need to lay down… -12:04 May 14
Alina: ::Pulling a dagger from each boot she bolted out the front door and made her way to the nearest alley exit:: I can’t believe she’s all ready causing trouble. -12:08 May 14

The stranger didn’t reply this time, seeming to be busy with keeping a wary eye over his shoulder. He had an idea! “Aurora, we should practice magic. How about casting someone to stone?” -Rori

Rori: Three fingers and a straight arm, drawing from the ground u-… But that takes too long. People in danger need speedier spells. *Clearly her travel companion had no idea what he was doing.* Did you know you can rain fire on a whole town faster than turning a few people to stone? -12:12 May 14
Heinrich: *He made it out to the street in time to see a wagon clattering away! Hopefully that was the right one, because he didn’t see Rori anywhere nearby. He made a throwing gesture, raising an eerie black mist ahead of the cart that -should- frighten the horses into backing and rearing. Should. Hopefully.* -12:12 May 14
Heinrich: *He made it out to the street in time to see a wagon clattering away! Hopefully that was the right one, because he didn’t see Rori anywhere nearby. He made a throwing gesture, raising an eerie black mist ahead of the cart that -should- frighten the horses into backing and rearing. Should. Hopefully.* -12:12 May 14

Raining fire on the town sounded like a great idea to the stranger! But then his horses reared and spooked, forcing him to halt the wagon with a jerk! “That’s a genius idea, Aurora. Rain the fire right now.” -Rori

Alina: ::Sliding around the corner and almost splatting herself into the wall, she began to scream:: Aurora!!! Get your demented ass over here! -12:16 May 14
Rori: *The sudden stopping motion of the wagon nearly had her toppling backwards, and choking up that horrible stuff he had her drinking. Rori stood up in the wagon and pushed up her sleeves to raise her hands, only to pause to Alina screaming!* …Is she one of the bad people? -12:17 May 14

“Yes, she and her partner are dangerous. We need to destroy them!” replied the stranger, who had drawn out two short scimitars, black as night.. with a very familiar red symbol engraved on each! -Rori

Heinrich: *He shoulted to Rori as he ran towards the now-stalled wagon, pulling a glowing red dagger – the one he’d used to kill the thug.* Rori! Get down! -12:19 May 14
Alina: Rori, what are you doing!? I am never letting you get lodging on your own unaccompanied ever again! :;She prepped the daggers to throw, she’d take off her damn gloves if she needed to:: Now get over here and away from that wagon! -12:21 May 14
Rori: *Rori stepped herself to the otherside of the wagon, closer to the stranger!* I’m not getting down, I have to cast a spell to kill you. *She rose her hands in the air again, before pausing to glance questioningly at the stranger.* …But a raining fire on the whole town is a bit overkill, don’t you think? Should I turn them to stone after all? -12:22 May 14
Alina: Rori, killing innocents is a -bad- idea. And while I may have threatened to set my mother’s shop on fire a time or two I would prefer if you didn’t. I’m not a stranger, Rori, not much of one. Look at your armor.. you just bought that from my mother, remember? -12:24 May 14

“Just KILL them, Aurora!” shouted the stranger! He darted around the wagon, his first target the Bloodfox! He’d be the most dangerous! -Rori

Rori: I’m not killing innocents, or I’d be raining fire right about now. *She lowered her hands again, clearly trying to think about it.* He said I needed armor or I’d get myself killed. *But which he was it that said it?* -12:29 May 14
Alina: And he was right, but it wasn’t the stranger you’re with who said that. It was Ric. ::She eyed the girl a moment:: You also need good breechs.. and a shirt.. and sturdy boots. But that’s beside the point at the moment. :;Why was she discussing that at a time like this?:: -12:31 May 14
Heinrich: Shit! *Rori’s reaction brought his eyes to the stranger’s scimitars* Alina, he’s a follower of Ethrin! Be careful! *he muttered a short string of Nether Tongue and a shield formed out of dark mist on his forearm* -12:31 May 14

“Aurora, they are trying to gain your trust. You know they are Necromancer and Mercenary. Kill them before they attack!” That stranger was subtly pulling together a spell of his own, but it was hard to tell what he was up to! -Rori

Alina: ::Her jaw set at the news, the daggers got sheathed and the gloves got thrown down, one perfect hand all ready had flames licking at the fingertips like before, the mutilated hand was a blaze of fire. She half hoped she wouldn’t ruin another set of clothes:: Rori, if I had wanted you for any reason you would all ready be in my possession. Now get out of the way. -12:36 May 14
Heinrich: *He flipped his dagger into a throwing grip, flinging it squarely at the stranger. It might not spear him, but it should hopefully at least distract him…* Rori, don’t listen to him! Remember the last inn! -12:37 May 14
Rori: That’s right… You ARE a necromancer and a mercenary! *She knew that much! And she clearly remembered she wanted his head knocked off. That meant something! So Aurora held out her arms, a spell postion!* I have to cast the stone spell, so if you’ll just stand there a minute. -12:37 May 14
Alina: ::Wasn’t going to stand just anywhere! ::moving to the side a bit to get a claer shot at the stranger she sent what looked like a flaming dart at him:: Rori… don’t do this. We’re on your side! You can’t honestly tell my you’ve seen this man before now! -12:39 May 14

CLACK! The stranger was distracted from his building of a spell to deflect the dagger with one of his scimitars! And then he had to deflect the flaming dart! “They’re going to kill us, Aurora! Do something quickly!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich said something in the Nether tongue again, this time shouting it and jerking his hand down towards the ground. In response, the mist that had startled the horses reached tentacles out and grabbed at the stranger, trying to pull him off his feet!* -12:42 May 14
Alina: ::Annoyed that the dart had been deflected, she brought up the mutilated hand, moving again to distract Rori from spell casting, this time she blew against her hand like she was blowing several kisses. Each breath sent what now looked like several arrows at the man:: He can’t keep blocking both of us…. ::she was muttering to herself as she watched the darts to make sure they wouldn’t hit the weird tentacles:: -12:46 May 14
Rori: *This was far beyond confusing and giving her a good headache. But Rori jumped down from the wagon to try and rescue the stranger!* I’ve seen his bright shiny teeth before, and that you won’t stop until someone is dead when you take off your gloves! -12:46 May 14

It was the perfect opportunity mister stranger needed, as if he was going to get attacked… now Rori would too! He made sure to grab a hold of her once she was close enough to use as a shield! -Rori

Alina: Shit! ::She made a gesture with her hand to make the fire arrows fizzle, afraid they’d hit Rori:: Damnit woman, I don’t want you dead. Get out of the way! :;Obviously flames from afare weren’t going to work, she made a run for the stranger. If she could jsut get her hands on him she could set him on fire:: -12:49 May 14
Heinrich: *He muttered an oath…several, in fact, gesturing for the tentacles to pull the stranger around to shield Rori from Alina’s darts!* -12:49 May 14
Rori: Then stop attacking us! *her head was pouding, and the whole thing was starting to piss her off. She pulled a spell right out of the air to copy the tentacles… Vines to keep Alina from getting any closer! And she knew she could do it because she… How did she know how to do that? Oh well!* -12:52 May 14
Alina: ::Made a very annoyed sound when the vines started to wrap around her, but she only set them on fire and waited for them to burn away, damnit, she wasn’t going to get out of ruining her clothes either:: -12:53 May 14

“Now get the Necromancer, Aurora. He’s the most dangerous!” said the stranger, making sure he kept a good tight hold on Rori, less those two thought they could get rid of him easy! -Rori

Heinrich: *With the hand he wasn’t using to control the tentacles, he gestured off to the side as he spoke a Nether word that translated roughly to ‘come,’ summoning his knife handle-first towards him.* Rori, he’s not what he says! He’s working for Demerick! -12:55 May 14
Rori: *Rori was cupping her hands, obediently summing a nice spell for dealing with necromancers before she paused.* …Demerick is the main villain of the story. *She blinked and cast a glance at mister stranger’s scimitar.* …and that’s his favorite. …But he said you’re both the bad guys! *Ooo, now she was dizzy! Who was the bad guys again? That’s right, she was traveling with the Necromancer…* -01:00 May 14
Alina: We aren’t the bad guys! ::Now that she was half naked and throwing the singed vines away from her she started her approach again, she really wanted to set the man ablaze!:: Can you get them seperated, Ric? -01:02 May 14

Seeing that his potion was starting to wear off, this put the stranger in a pickle! He dragged one of his scimitars up to Rori’s throat! They wouldn’t want her injured. “I wouldn’t try. Demerick wishes to speak with her, and if it means killing her first – it will be done.” -Rori

Heinrich: Not while he’s got ahold of her like that, I can’t! *The scimitar brought him up short. He didn’t think he could act quickly enough to keep him from slitting her throat. Sure, he could probably – probably – undo the damage before anything permanent happened, but….* -01:05 May 14
Alina: If she is who she may be, killing her first will do you no good. The portion of her you want will be long gone by the time you try to get any information. Necromancy or no necromancy, the goddess wouldn’t let you get it. ::She was close now, it’d be difficult to deflect anything she "fired" (hahaha "fired") at him now:: -01:08 May 14
Rori: …So I pretty much walked in to an obvious plot trap didn’t I. *She was still severely confused. But clearly this man was the bad guy and the others weren’t, which meant she apparently did something stupid. …And that pissed her off more.* You’ve got three seconds to get the hell off me. -01:09 May 14

The stranger ignored Rori! “Demerick pulled the strings in the Goddess’ own realm, he can reach her from anywhere! Dead or alive!” -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich didn’t like where this was going…so he decided to try something risky. He muttered a short spell in Nether Tongue that pulled at the other man’s connection to the Netherworld. The spell was an old one, and would end with one of them either controlled or dead…* -01:14 May 14
Heinrich: *if it worked at all* -01:15 May 14
Rori: *Now if she were thinking clearly, she might have wanted to know what the stranger meant when he said that… but for the moment she was busy concentrating on his scimitar. And making it flexible… like plastic! Let’s see him try to kill her with a plastic sword! She rammed her elbow back against his chest!* -01:16 May 14

Unknowing his scimitar was plastic, he did indeed try to use it on the fussy little goddess! But that was interupted by a pull from the Netherworld. He spun around to give an angry glare at Heinrich! Two could play that game! And he would crush the other man’s soul! -Rori

Alina: :;Confident that Rori would get away from the man before the flames spread too far, she made a jump for it, grabbing the man with her flaming hands to set him on fire!:: -01:19 May 14
Heinrich: *He concentrated on overpowering the other mage even as the man went on the counteroffensive. Reaching a hand down to the handle of his still-sheathed dagger, he pulled at the power contained by the soul trapped in it, using it to augment and buffer his own. He hadn’t expected it to be easy!* -01:20 May 14

Being attacked by flames when you’re in the middle of a Netherworld duel has to be the worst of luck! To his credit, he tried really hard to keep his grip when he went up in flames, but eventually the flames consumed him and he lost his control to the Netherworld connection! There was a howling cry! -Rori

Rori: *Rori wasn’t going to watch anyone be set on fire, and she sure as hell did stay out of the way. And tried not to listen. And tried to remember exactly what was going on and who she was with. Everything was all fuzzy and in pieces!* -01:24 May 14
Alina: ::She didn’t let go until the man stopped screaming, admitedly the rest of her clothes went up with the act, and her pack, which fizzled except for the fireproof gloves that dropped to the ground along with her daggers and sword, luckily the boots were made of the same stuff her gloves were.. she imagined she looked quite silly in nothing but boots and flaming hands that were starting to die down:: -01:27 May 14
Heinrich: *As soon as he felt the stranger die and his soul unravel, he let go of all the active magical effects he had going. It didn’t matter, though – he was already exhausted. He dropped like a rock.* -01:28 May 14
Alina: I think I need to start wearing fireproof clothing… I’m getting tired of having to pay for new ones. ::picks up a pair of gloves and slides them on:: That or a fireproof pack! ::smacks her forhead:: I should have thought of that by now! Damnit! ::With a grummble she went over to Ric and nudged him with her booted foot:: Are you dead? -01:31 May 14
Rori: I know I’m pissed at you, but I can’t remember why. *She moved towards Heinrich, not really sure if he was concious enough to hear her.. but he looked the same way she felt and thought she better make sure he’s not dead. Then she blinked over at the practically naked Alina while she knealt down.* Now I remember why. -01:32 May 14
Heinrich: *he grunted and rolled over at the boot to the ribs.* Why’r there two..er…four of you? And weren’ you wearing looser clothes? -01:34 May 14
Alina: Two of us, not four, and I was wearing clothes until I burned them off. ::She seemed fairly comfortable naked, not at all embarassed to be baring it all to the world:: -01:35 May 14
Heinrich: Oh. Why’d you go an’ do that? Not that I’m complaining. Or would, if you weren’t all blurry. Both of you. -01:37 May 14
Alina: ::Squats down to get a better look at him:: You bump your head or something? Do you not remember we just killed someone to save Rori? -01:39 May 14
Rori: *Rori scowled. That’s what she thought. She was definitely mad.* I think we should get elsewhere before something else happens. -01:42 May 14
Heinrich: Nope, got that part of it. Just a little fuzzy on the details, is all. Cobblestones aren’t good for the head. Oh, good, I only see one of you now. And might I say you look fabulous? *Well, at least he was getting some of his jocular attitude back. That was a good sign – mostly.* -01:43 May 14
Alina: :;Narrows her eyes and leans in close:: Consider every phrase you spout something like that a day closer to your death. Now give me your cloak. -01:45 May 14
Heinrich: Ngh. *He rolled over, pushing himself unsteadily to his feet, and unclasped his cloak and handed it to Alina* -01:48 May 14
Rori: *She stood, crossing her arms and trying to explain to herself that she wasn’t annoyed, she was just tired and confused after falling in to a plot trap.* This always happens in Hevrai. I’d like a room so I don’t have to watch. *She muttered to herself.* -01:49 May 14

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