Evangeline’s memories of Gabriel, being a psychic, and her unusual life is gone, leaving her to live like a normal person. But Gabriel can resist checking in on her and she meets him again and invites him to dinner.

[Evangeline is a dance instructor! She can\’t remember how or why ever since that weird accident, but she likes her job!] -03:58 Aug 08
[Vlamerias is a neighbor who loves to watch the people dance!] -03:58 Aug 08
Evangeline: *This afternoon is quiet and not a single lesson to be taught. Not that she minds! Sometimes the mirrors need cleaning, so at the moment she’s washing those and entertaining cute lil Meri!* I’m not sure how this stuff gets all over the mirrors. I kinda of wonder if there’s imps that come in at night and spit on them! -04:01 Aug 08
Vlamerias: But imps are children’s tales! I can talk to them for you and see if they will stop! *She likes watching her Mommy-who-is-not-her-Mommy teach but she misses the lessons she gave to those lazy hunters!* -04:02 Aug 08
Evangeline: Can you? *Evangeline grinned. Children always had big imaginations, but… she liked to believe imps were real!* Someone needs to. I need to clean these almost every week and I could be doing something more useful. Like… um… standing on the sidewalk and kidnapping new customers! -04:04 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Half a world away, he slices down a vampire attempt to escape. Another vampire pleads for mercy, saying she was created only hours before he arrived and she doesn’t want to kill humans. But he strikes her down and runs her through!* -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: I’ll try! Imps are sneaky! But if they’re real, that means all the other creatures might be real too, yes? Like um … witches … and um … *She couldn’t say it! Under no circumstances was she allowed to say "vampires"!* Um … um … -04:08 Aug 08
Evangeline: Faeries too? I bet they would be, yes! Just the other day I talked to a woman at the shopping market saying she always had faeries messing with her gardens. I told her not to plant foxglove, since faeries are attracted to it. I think I read that in a book somewhere. *Evangeline had paused, tapping her chin with a finger as she thought about it.* Bother, it’s hard to remember things sometimes, so I’m never quite sure anymore! -04:12 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Yes! Faeries! *Phew, that had been close! She hid her face behind the giant penguin she was holding so her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy wouldn’t see her chewing on her bottom lip!* Um … Maybe it’s um … time to … go home? -04:17 Aug 08
Evangeline: Home? *She turned and leaned to see the clock.* 9 o’clock! Crickets, Meri, you should have gone home hours ago! Aren’t your parents going to be angry? -04:19 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Gabriel decided that instead of going back to the castle, which was slowly going decrepit, he would check on Evangeline. He stayed across the street. Distance. He needed distance.*

Vlamerias: *Drats!* Um … uh … Yes! But that’s okay because um … uh … I’m with you! *Glaër was here but he would be furious if she brought Evangeline over to him! It would cause him pain but–but it might be the only way he’d realize what he was doing to himself and her Mommy was wrong!* -04:26 Aug 08
Evangeline: Well, it’s too late for you to walk home alone like this. I’ll walk you home. *Evangeline didn’t believe for a second that Meri’s parents wouldn’t be worried. Especially with the girl being so suspicious… She set things aside while she moved to get her coat from her desk, and the umbrella she always carried with her in case it rained.* -04:28 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Thank you! *She hopped to her feet, still clutching the giant penguin!* You haven’t gotten yourself a bite to eat yet! We could stop by somewhere and get something! It’s not too late! -04:30 Aug 08

Dark: Spying on Evangeline when you’re right across the street. *He said, popping up behind Gabriel.* Like that’s not obvious.

Evangeline: I am hungry, but I think we better get you home. Oh! I haven’t met your parents yet! How about I invite them out to dinner too? I bet that would be fun! *She pulled on her coat and changed her shoes. Heels were good for dancing, but not so good walking across town to her apartment!* -04:33 Aug 08

Gabriel: Vlamerias is not to spend so much time with Evangeline. It will raise suspicion.

Dark: Vlamerias misses Evangeline. We all do. *Silence …* Look, you’re trying to give her a normal life when you know it’s impossible. Evangeline might have her eyesight, she might not be psychic anymore, but her soul is as bright as ever

Vlamerias: Um … uh … Sure! But umm … It’s on really short notice! You’re probably really tired! -04:37 Aug 08
Evangeline: I swear, sometimes I think you’re full of secrets! *Evangeline laughed, grabbing her keys before she took Meri’s hand to lead her to the front door.* Are you embarrassed by your family? I can just walk you to the door if you’re worried. -04:38 Aug 08

Dark: *He huffed.* Fine. Be an idiot. Just remember. You’re not just hurting yourself. You’re hurting Evangeline, too. *And then he walked away.*

Vlamerias: … It’s not that … *She glanced across the street and made a split second decision!* My … guardian is right there! *She pointed to the man in black across the street!* See! -04:41 Aug 08
Evangeline: Oh! Really? *Evangeline peeked out the window. …It was hard to see him, with him standing across the street and half in the shadows. But he was very tall! She was glad Meri wasn’t all by herself, though.* Let me lock the talk and then I’ll introduce myself! *She opened up, letting Meri step out before closing the door behind them and using the keys to lock up.* -04:45 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Gabriel stepped back–right until he saw Meri looking straight at him, waving! She was up to something …* Vlamerias, what are you doing.

Vlamerias: *She turned sheepish but stayed next to Evangeline!* I’m sorry, Glaër. I lost track of time and um, she needs an escort home! -04:49 Aug 08
Evangeline: All done! *Those locks were always fussy, but never underestimate the power of a little jiggling! She pocketed her keys before grinning at Meri and taking her hand. She even looked down both ends of the street before crossing to the other sidewalk.* Hello! I’m sorry I kept her so long, sometimes I forget about the time. Oh! I’m Evangeline. Are you her father? -04:52 Aug 08

Gabriel: Biological, no. *Even if the resemblance was uncanny. Meri still wore the human guise of what a daughter he and Evangeline may have come to look like. Brown hair, gray eyes. And she had the giant penguin from the fair with her.* My name is Gabriel.

Evangeline: Gabriel. *What a familiar name… and his voice! Now that she was up close, she leaned forward just a bit to see storm grey eyes. They were a lot like Meri’s, so of course that’d seem familiar but…* Have you come to the studio before? -05:00 Aug 08

Gabriel: No. *He moved and started walking down the street, in the direction of Evangeline’s new apartment and the place Meri was calling home for awhile.*

Evangeline: That’s too bad. Do you like to dance at all? Meri comes to see me almost every day and loves to watch the lessons. If you both came in for lessons I could even give you a discount! *Oh, he was walking. Evangeline kept up, still holding Meri’s hand. …but it was hard to stop staring! His hair was so dark, there wasn’t an ounce of color to it! And looked soft too.* -05:05 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *This was … going well! Perhaps this would jog her Mommy’s memory a bit and soothe her Glaër. He was awfully … um, ill tempered lately.* -05:07 Aug 08

Gabriel: I do not dance. Meri would appreciate the lessons much more than I would.

Evangeline: Hmm. How about you try once dance lesson with me and then decide? A lot of people say they don’t dance, but change their minds when they try it! *She could probably get Meri to help her convince him later too. It really wasn’t about the money. He looked like he needed something to cheer him up! He seemed so uncomfortable and stiff!* -05:10 Aug 08

Gabriel: I could not intrude. *She was so close … and he had missed her so much. She had a normal life now but he wanted her back. But she wasn’t his anymore.*

Evangeline: It’s not an intrusion at all! I don’t have many people come in. Um… honestly, sometimes it gets a little lonely, thankfully Meri is hanging around and I’m so grateful for that! But it’s nice to have adults around too sometimes. She is a little short for me to dance with! What about your wife? You are married, yes? -05:24 Aug 08

Gabriel: Married …? *He raised an eyebrow at her.*

Evangeline: Um, yes… Meri is adopted, isn’t she? …and you have a wedding ring! *Evangeline pointed to his left hand. Of course she assumed he was probably married, but she snooped for a ring too, just in case!* -05:29 Aug 08

Gabriel: *The ring! It had slipped his mind to take it off. He had thought it would do no harm to leave it on for a short while … But the short while had come and gone and then he’d forgotten about it.* I am separated. *The sadness was there and in his voice when he said that. Separated in a way that was far more painful than humans could understand.*

Evangeline: I’m sorry. *That ton in his voice, that broke her heart! She wanted to reach out and give him a hug and even almost reached out a hand before she remembered he was still a stranger, and he might not appreciate it!* …at least there is Meri! You know, I think maybe dancing would be a good distraction? I know it can’t erase pain, but it’s a good experience. -05:37 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *He shook his head and grew silent.* -05:47 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He shook his head and grew silent.*

Evangeline: I see. *The look on his face… As if his wife had died, not a seperation! She was going to make him – and herself – cry at this rate!* …nevermind then! You must both live really close to me. My apartment is just on the corner up there. Would you and Meri like to come over and have dinner with me? I feel awful about keeping her late. -05:51 Aug 08

Gabriel: … She has a large appetite. *He felt guilty about turning down her offer for a dance lesson. But if he touched her with the way he was feeling now, he would most likely do something that would end everything.*

Vlamerias: *A big smile!* Hehe, yes. I once won a contest for eating the most pies! And I even ate the other people’s pies, too! They were yummy! -05:58 Aug 08
Evangeline: That’s okay! I’m not exactly the best at cooking, but it’s easy enough to order something. Oh… Which of these buildings do you both live in? *She wasn’t sure who was leading the way, but they were nearly at her apartment and she still had no idea where Meri actually lived!* -06:01 Aug 08
Vlamerias: We live over there! *She pointed to the apartment building next to the one her Mommy lived in! She just didn’t know if Dark was there or if he’d gone slaying with the Warrior Lady again!* -06:03 Aug 08
Evangeline: I didn’t realize you lived so close! That’s nice to know. *And a relief too. She always worried about Meri staying with her too late. At least now she knows it’ll be easy to get her home!* …so you will come over for dinner? -06:05 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *She reached up and tugged on her Glaër‘s sleeve!* Please? *She even gave that sad, pouty look that always worked on her Daddy!* -06:06 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Was it pathetic that when Meri tugged on his sleeve like that, it was so easy to remember Evangeline doing that and him kissing her?* For a little while.

Evangeline: Great! …I haven’t had any company in forever, do you mind coming over in an few minutes? Oh, I’m in apartment 16! *If Meri didn’t do the please-face, she might have! He was curious and she really did want to get to know Meri’s mysterious Gabriel better!* -06:10 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Yay! *She hugged Evangeline’s waist!* We’ll be right over as soon as possible! -06:14 Aug 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned, giving Meri a quick hug before dashing off for her building. She even turned to wave, nearly tripping herself off the sidewalk before she righted herself and ran the right way! This would be great! And he needed the company so much himself!* -06:15 Aug 08

Caroline: *Instead of Dark, it was Caroline waiting oh-so-patiently in the apartment next door when Meri and her master arrived. Casually reading a magazine, she didn’t look up… but could not resist to speak!* …Talked to Evangeline, did you?

Gabriel: *He let go of Meri’s hand as she skipped to go and get ready! His silence spoke volumes!*

Vlamerias: It’s so nice to see Mommy again! Now we get to go eat dinner with her and keep her company! I wish we could take the devil rats! -06:21 Aug 08
Evangeline: I’m glad someone is having dinner with her. She hasn’t taken well to living alone. *So she kept tabs on Evangeline. Memories or no memories, the woman was her Queen and needed her Guardians.* I actually wanted to speak to you about something else, Gabriel. -06:25 Aug 08

Caroline: I’m glad someone is having dinner with her. She hasn’t taken well to living alone. *So she kept tabs on Evangeline. Memories or no memories, the woman was her Queen and needed her Guardians.* I actually wanted to speak to you about something else, Gabriel.

Gabriel: … What is it now.

Caroline: The coven you visited today. You killed everyone in the building, did you not?

Gabriel: What of it. *Now she was keeping tabs on him, as well. He was not Dark and he did not need the looking after.*

Caroline: Was it necessary. *She turned to actually eye him this time. He was annoyed with her asking, but it needed to be asked. His behavior had slowly started to shift since he decided this stupid plot, and it was getting worrisome.*

Gabriel: Yes. *It was a coven of vampires. He had slaughtered them all and destroyed the building. Still, what of it.*

Caroline: To kill everyone. Turned humans that had no chance to even realize what they were, let alone take someone’s blood? *There were occasions where she could so easily see how Dark got certain expressions! This was when she normally threw something at Dark.*

Vlamerias: *She skipped out, dressed in a cute dark blue dress and still holding the giant penguin!* Oohh … Are you ready, Glaër? -06:50 Aug 08

Gabriel: It is nothing.

Evangeline: *Meanwhile, Evangeline managed to throw all of her dirty clothes in to a hamper, put away all of her loose rocks, and even changed her clothes! She was wearing a nice dress… maybe too nice for this kind of company. In fact now that she was thinking about it, trying to look cute for someone who clearly still loved his wife was a very dumb idea! Blast it… maybe she should changed her clothes again!* -06:58 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Let’s go before you change your mind! *She was skipping to the door and pulling her Glaër along!* -06:59 Aug 08

Caroline: Lives aren’t nothing. It would do you some good to remember that. …Enjoy your evening with Evangeline. *She might have smirked about it, but his attitude was a problem. Her fingers were crossed that it WOULD do him some good…*

Vlamerias: *Meri was so excited about it, she POOFED them to the hall just outside of Apartment 16! The man stepping out of his apartment was suspicious at first! Then he shook his head. They’d probably been there for awhile and he just hadn’t noticed them!* -07:04 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He knocked on Evangeline’s door and waited! He slipped his hand behind his back and apple cider bottled like wine appeared, wrapped in a brown paper bag.*

Evangeline: *She couldn’t decide. Stay in the pretty dress or maybe she should put on her other clothes… Would it look like she was one of those desperate women trying to prey on single fathers? Maybe she had been watching too much tv lately! Drats! Too late to change now! Evangeline moved to the door, smoothed her skirt and fluffed her hair before opening it up. She smiled wide.* Hi..! Um… Come in, please! It’s um, still a little messy. But at least now you won’t trip over any of my rocks. -07:07 Aug 08
Vlamerias: OOhh! Rocks! All they all shiny and pokey! *She poked her head in and then skipped into the apartment!* -07:12 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline! He smiled a bit.* You look lovely. A gift. *He handed her the bottle.*

Evangeline: *A half smile and a pretty… she was suddenly so glad she changed her clothes! She took the bottle and grinned as she stepped to the side to let him in.* Thank you! Come in – wait, I said that already. Well, I thought maybe we could make somethinghere. Like spaghetti! I think I have everything for spaghetti. Would that be okay? -07:17 Aug 08

Gabriel: Yes. I do not have a talent for cooking …

Evangeline: Then we’re going to have one very interesting dinner. *It was risky cooking, but the activty was good… and maybe kinda kept him here a little longer so she could get to know him!* Are you sure we’ve never met before? *Evangeline moved to the kitchen, where she set the bottle down on the counter and then fished glasses out of the cabinet!* -07:21 Aug 08

Gabriel: Is something wrong. *He followed her into the kitchen and looked around. She was better organized in the castle.*

Evangeline: Oh no..! I’m just not the greatest cook. I can make things all right, but well… it comes with a mess and sometimes isn’t always edible. Oh, but you and Meri are here to help so I don’t think we’ll forget something is cooking! *There! Three glasses, three plates and some silverware. ….Now to find those dishes for cooking.* -07:26 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I warn you. Vlamerias uses chocolate syrup on whatever food she can.

Evangeline: Somehow it’s really not… all that… surprising. *She trailed off, getting lost in that expression. There were handsome men all over the place, but his smirking…!* Hmm… Pot! I need a pot! *Very quickly she turned away after catching herself staring like some silly fourteen year old girl. She dug out the rest of the dishes from under one of the cabinets!* -07:32 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly as she ducked to get the dishes she needed.* You … live alone.

Evangeline: Uh huh. Since, um… *As she pulled out the dishes and set them on the counter, she paused to think about it a bit. …It was clear on her face she was a little confused!* I’m not quite for how long. I used to live with a friend above… um.. a shop! But I’m missing lots of random pieces of my memory. Not very bad… but frustrating, I guess! *Evangeline filled the big pot with water and set it on the stove. Then it was getting some things from the fridge.* -07:40 Aug 08

Gabriel: It must be peaceful. *He watched her take things out and start cooking things. The way she moved, the sound of her voice. Even now the bond was urging him to strengthen it, take her back. It was annoying and difficult to resist.*

Evangeline: *She laughed softly, taking one of the knives from a draw so she could fuss with cutting a little garlic and one of the onions.* Sometimes. Lonely most of the time…. not that I am pouting or anything! Well, I guess sometimes I feel like something is missing. I try not to think about it too much, though, because then I get kind of crazy! Do you ever get lonely? I know you have Meri, but it’s a little different for adults sometimes, I think. -07:53 Aug 08

Gabriel: Yes. *He was silent for awhile and he watched Meri playing with her giant penguin.* My friend is concerned. She thinks I have not been the same.

Evangeline: I think people change us when we meet them. Especially the ones we care about. Like, you are a better person because you’re with them. …well, I like to think so anyway! You can just imagine what life would be like if you never met them at all! *She was probably babbling, which didn’t help her watch she was cutting! One small slip and she nearly cut off a finger to go with dinner! She yanking her hand back with a small squeek and checked for damages. Nothing bad, but a small cut! She had to squeeze her eyes shut for a second to not see the blood. She cut herself a dozen times, and seeing blood still made her queesy!* -08:00 Aug 08

Gabriel: *The whiff of blood! Her blood! So sweet, so … He turned away but he could already feel his fangs biting into his bottom lip! He shut his eyes! Had it been that long since he fed? No. Had it been that long since he fed on her blood? Yes. Too long.* … First aid kit. Where.

Evangeline: Um… In the drawer next to the sink. *She had to take a second to think about it, but she always had it in the kitchen!* …sorry! I do this a lot, I just get a little dizzy fro a second. I can get it! *Evangeline set the knife down first, but she wasn’t opening her eyes yet! Last thing she needed was to make him pick her up off the floor!* -08:10 Aug 08

Gabriel: I will. *He needed to concentrate on something. Ooh … But the blood! It filled the room and made him notice it. He ran his tongue over his fangs, willed them away, even as he was reaching into the drawer for the first aid kit.* Clean your wound. *It would be easier to deal with if she washed the blood away.*

Evangeline: It really doesn’t hurt that much, but seeing blood is just… *She didn’t even want to think about it! Evangeline moved to the sink with her eyes still closed and ran the water over her hand. After a little soap, then it hurt!* … I take it back, it does burn a bit! -08:16 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Control. He could control himself. He crossed the distance between the two of them, helped her rinse the soap off. Then he took her hand and a papertowel and dried it off enough to place the bandage on it.*

Evangeline: *She was going to apologise a million times but she was caught in a silent perplexed moment. Maybe it was just because it seemed like a romantic movie moment, yet.. that didn’t seem right! He was close enough for her to smell him and his touch was… warm. Familiar. Just right. She was dizzy from blood before… and now it was something else!* You are… you’re sure we have never met? -08:21 Aug 08

Gabriel: *That look on her face … It made his chest ache. Made him want to kiss her so much his head was already tilting down before he remembered the situation and snapped out of it.* In a dream, perhaps. *He patted her hand gently and then he was turning to put the spaghetti into the boiling pot of water.*

Evangeline: That might be it… I do have very vivid dreams. *Opening one eye, and then the other she brushed a hand over the bandage before curiously watching him. Was it a dream? She did have so many and sometimes it felt like they were from another life! But when he touched her…* I wonder… maybe you would like to try a dance here? Where it isn’t so intimidating? -08:32 Aug 08

Gabriel: *A dance? Perhaps he was just being paranoid but that sounded a lot like a sneaky plan … No, it couldn’t be.* We will burn something. *He said, turning away from the stove to look at her.*

Evangeline: *She grinned slightly!* I guess you’re right! After dinner, maybe? Just one, and I promise I won’t push you to try it again! -08:35 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Just one. And it had been awhile since he’d last danced with her or anyone for that matter. He finally nodded.* Very well. One dance.

Evangeline: Oh good! Um.. you watch the stove and I will get my cdplayer ready! *Giddy and excited! She shouldn’t be, she danced with people all the time… but she did really want to try it with him! She dashed away to find it!* -08:42 Aug 08

Gabriel: *One moment she was there, the next she was gone! He raised an eyebrow.*

Vlamerias: *She watched her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy race out of the kitchen and look for something.* Is everything okay? *She asked.* -08:49 Aug 08
Evangeline: Yes! I finally convinced him to dance with me! I just have to wait until after dinner! *She nearly tripped over one of her own rocks! But did she find the cdplayer in her scramble not to fall over! She made sure her favorite cd was in there and move it to a table for easy access. And… while she was at it, she moved the coffee table too. There, now they’ll have room to dance too!* -08:52 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Yay! A dance! *She clapped!* So romantic! *Dark and Warrior Lady would enjoy this for sure!* -08:53 Aug 08
Evangeline: Does he have a girlfriend, Meri? wait… should I even ask? You don’t have to answer! I’m not sure why I’m asking! *Now she was imagining herself like those wicked tv seductress women. And here was his daughter right here!* -08:56 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *She was grinning all the same!* No, he doesn’t! Maybe you can help him feel better! He’s been really lost and he can get real cranky! *She said that last part quietly, as if sharing a secret.* -08:59 Aug 08
Evangeline: Do you think so? *Now that she’s at least gotten him to agree to dancing, that was a start!* Would you like to come set the table? Everything should be about ready now! -09:00 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Okay! *She put her giant penguin down on a chair and skipped after her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy! She took the napkins she was given and placed them nicely on the table, followed by silverware, and dishes!* -09:02 Aug 08
Evangeline: *Strange that setting the table with Meri felt like deja vu…! Sometimes she had those moments with Meri, but never as strong as tonight. Between grinning and giving directions, ever so often she would pause and try to shake that feeling. She did at least get the glasses and filled each one with cider.* -09:05 Aug 08
Vlamerias: It’s so pretty! *She exclaimed, clapping again when everything was done!* Oohh … Candlelight, too? -09:12 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He leaned out of the kitchen.* The spaghetti is ready. I found some ingredients in your fridge and made green salad.

Evangeline: Ooo, yes! I should have some candles! *Salad! She didn’t even remember having anything else in the fridge… Brushing that thought aside, she pulled some candles from a nearby drawer along with a couple holders and arranged them on the light. Then with a box of matches, she was fighting to get one light!* We have the table all set! ..almost! -09:15 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *She was suddenly hugging a bottle of chocolate syrup!* I’m ready for dinner! -09:20 Aug 08
Evangeline: Where did you… nevermind! You can sit right there, and we’ll let Gabriel sit at the head of the table! -09:22 Aug 08
Vlamerias: *She blinked! Oh dear, she’d been so excited she’d forgotten about the "no magic" rule her Glaër had given her.* Okay! -09:24 Aug 08
Evangeline: *Ha! She had the candles lit without burning herself, stepped back and admired their handy work. Very nice!* Okay, now it’s ready! -09:27 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He brought out the pot of spaghetti and placed it on the table. Then he disappeared to get the toss salad with a half-empty bottle of salad dressing.*

Evangeline: And here you said that you weren’t good with cooking! I think we did pretty good together, don’t you? *And nothing was burning! That was always a good sign!* -09:32 Aug 08

Gabriel: *An unexpected soft chuckle!* We did. *For just a little while, it would be nice to pretend he was normal, having dinner with her.*

Vlamerias: *She blinked! Her Glaër had laughed! Yes, the chance of hope was burning ever brighter!* -09:36 Aug 08
Evangeline: *A laugh from him felt like a special treat! Now she was grinning smitten! ….and trying not to smile so wide while she sat down and served up plates.* So! Where do you work? You all ready know I teach dance! -09:38 Aug 08

Gabriel: I am … an exterminator. Of sorts.

Vlamerias: Yes! It’s like um … animal control and um, something else! Helping people with … dangerous creatures! -09:49 Aug 08
Evangeline: Oh! Like a modern knight, yes? Saving them from snakes, spiders, and giant jelly fish? -09:51 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Exactly! *She smiled and began pourting some syrup on her spaghetti!* -09:59 Aug 08
Evangeline: That’s neat! The world needs people to save others from jelly fish. *Dinner turned out so much better than expected and it was so nice to have company. She couldn’t stop grinning!* -10:06 Aug 08

Gabriel: Meri speaks of you often. Thank you for keeping her company.

Evangeline: I really don’t mind! I love having her with me at the studio. Most of the time it’s fairly quiet there. …Now that we’ve met, maybe you can come to visit sometimes too? Even you if decide you don’t like dancing? -10:10 Aug 08

Gabriel: You sound as if you miss something. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* The quiet is not for you.

Evangeline: *She tried not to look like she was embarrassed. She probably sounds like a lonely old lady -10:18 Aug 08
Evangeline: Um, I guess I do somethings thing maybe I should be doing more… But I also like what I do! -10:19 Aug 08

Gabriel: … It is natural to feel that way. *He was slowly eating his food, both the spaghetti and the toss salad.*

Evangeline: I’ve been out of sorts for awhile… until today! Today has been very nice! *It was odd how sitting and having dinner like this felt more right than anything else had!* -10:25 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Hehe, I’m all done! *She grinned!* May I have more? -10:28 Aug 08

Gabriel: Yes. Yes, it has.

Evangeline: Yes, of course! *How Meri ate with all that chocolate syrup, she’ll never know! But she made her aanother plate. Then she was chewing on her bottom lip and tapping her fingers on the table. She was mostly finished but… she did want to dance!* I think I am done… what about you? Ready for a dance? -10:31 Aug 08
Vlamerias: Thank you! *She beamed and dug right in!* -10:34 Aug 08

Gabriel: Yes, I am done. *She looked very excited.*

Evangeline: Okay, in to the living room! We’ll not worry about the dishes! *Evangeline just took a quick drink of cider before hopping up to lead the way to the living room.* I pulled out my cd player so we’ll even have music! -10:37 Aug 08

Gabriel: *He stood and followed her, raising an eyebrow when she mentioned the CD player. He stood in the middle of the living room and watched her turn it on.*

Evangeline: *She flipped through the songs until she found something soft and perfect for a simple dance!* Okay, I won’t make you do anything crazy like samba or swing. So just something simple like waltz. *She took his hands and… was a bit stuck before she rest one around her waste. …touching him really was different!* -10:42 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Bright and soft. Holding her like this was just like before … But she had an odd look on her face and that made him raise an eyebrow.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline cleared her throat! She must of had her thoughts on her face again! She took his other hand in hers and tapped one of his feet with her toes so he would know which to start moving with!* ahem… we just follow the pace of the music! You lead and I follow where you go. -10:58 Aug 08
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -11:02 Aug 08
Gabriel: *He nodded once and began to step. One step. Then another step.* -11:03 Aug 08
Evangeline: *So familiar! He danced with her like he had been doing so forever! And it was so tempting to lean forward to see if he smelled more like forest trees or like rain. ..maybe both!* Have you never danced, or just avoid it when you can get away with it? -11:06 Aug 08
Gabriel: The latter. I have danced with the woman in my dreams. *There were so many things he wanted to tell her, to say, to do … But he couldn’t. No matter how much it broke his heart.* -11:12 Aug 08
Evangeline: So this is something special? *He probably didn’t mean for it to sound that way, but if he only danced with a dreamgirl and yet agreed to dance with her… that was warm fuzzies!* -11:16 Aug 08
Gabriel: Dancing is always something special when done at the right time, between the right people. *He took a step back, turned her around.* -11:19 Aug 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure if that was a confirmation of specialness or a sneaky way to not hurt her feelings! Now she was embarrassed!* Right, of course! And um.. if you take lessons with me, you’ll be able to dance with that special someone very well. -11:23 Aug 08
Gabriel: I do not take well to being a student. I have a habit of accepting no one’s authority but my own. -11:25 Aug 08
Evangeline: Really? I think you’re taking direction very well right now. And you helped me prepare dinner. If you can do that, you could dance with me every week. -11:26 Aug 08
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Consider yourself the exception. -11:29 Aug 08
Evangeline: *If there was love at first sight, she might very well be smitten now! She smiled bright, forgetting to pull back those thoughts so she didn’t do something silly!* I like dancing with you. -11:32 Aug 08
Gabriel: Indeed. *He glanced off to the side and found Meri asleep on the couch.* -11:59 Aug 08
Evangeline: So what do you think? Will you come back and dance with me? *Evangeline didn’t want to beg, but she did tug gently on his sleeve.* -12:05 Aug 09
Gabriel: *She tugged on his sleeve and it wrenched his heart!* I think … I think it is time to go. *He stopped dancing.* -12:06 Aug 09
Evangeline: *That look on his face… she must have said something wrong!* Oh. Okay um, Meri is asleep. She could stay here with me if you like. You could come to get her in the morning or I can take her to your place? -12:10 Aug 09
Gabriel: I would feel better if she stays here with you. *He reached up a hand to cup her cheek and then kissed her lips gently, letting the kiss linger for a little while. Mm … Just as he remembered and everything he had dreamt.* -12:12 Aug 09
Evangeline: *She was so confused but ooo… her eyes fluttered closed, and an lingering kiss that left her breathless! Like everything she had been missing was all right there!* -12:16 Aug 09
Gabriel: *He closed his eyes. He missed her. He missed her so much! He should break away but just a little longer … a little longer would do no harm. He deepened the kiss a little, flicked his tongue across her lips, teasing them open. Both hands cupped her face.* -12:18 Aug 09
Evangeline: *She curled her hands in to his shirt and without any hesitation or second thought she leaned forward to return his kiss. Opening her mouth just a bit to curiously flick her tongue against his!* -12:22 Aug 09
Gabriel: *He kept kissing her, deep, passionately while every fiber of his being demanded to stake his claim and his mind ordered him to pull away.* -12:30 Aug 09
Evangeline: Hmm.. *She snuck her arms around his neck and clung for dear life! Matching kiss for kiss as if he was the water and she hadn’t had a drink for days! * -12:37 Aug 09
Gabriel: *He slowly broke the kiss to lie his forehead against hers but he didn’t pull away.* Tell me to stop, Evangeline. Stop before something bad happens. -12:41 Aug 09
Evangeline: If this is bad, I don’t think I would mind being bad again. *Breathless still, she didn’t open her eyes. How could this be bad when it felt so wonderful! She wanted to tug him to her room and keep him!* -12:45 Aug 09
Gabriel: … You are insane. *He lowered his head to kiss her lips again.* -12:47 Aug 09
Evangeline: Am I…? *She tilted back. As much as she wanted him to kiss her again, that phrase was stuck in the forefront of her mind. She had heard it before… from him!* You’ve said that to me before? -12:52 Aug 09
Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and stepped back.* Goodnight. *He stepped away from her, walked over to Meri and ran his hand over her head. He kissed her forehead and then he left.* -12:54 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Now she was standing there bewildered! They went zero to sixty and it didn’t seem wrong… but now he was gone! And it definitely didn’t feel right! She didn’t know if she wanted to cry or chase him! But Meri was here… he trusted her with Meri, that was good wasn’t it?* -12:57 Aug 09
Gabriel: *He stood outside the closed door in the hall.* Forgive me, Evangeline. *He would deal with this burden alone …* -12:59 Aug 09
[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -01:01 Aug 09

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