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[2/23/2012 11:50:30 PM] Ferro: The morning found Ferro in high spirits. He awoke after a few more hours of sleep, cheerful and hungry. He was not exactly comfortable in a kitchen, but he knew how to make breakfast at least. Eggs and sausage, not bacon he always burned it, with some toast would be good enough. He made enough for two people even, just in case.
[2/23/2012 11:59:18 PM] Joka: Joka didn’t wake up where she expected to. …No, no she knew she’d end up waking up in Ferro’s bed at one point or another, but she usually -remembered- how she ended up there in the first place. As she ran her fingers through her hair, she huffed. …It didn’t look like she had any real fun either. That was too bad. There was a vague memory of a very nice ass. So up Joka got, not bothered to get dressed as she weary stalked off to find herself some caffiene. “Something smells too good in here..”
[2/24/2012 12:02:03 AM] Ferro: “Good morning Joka,” Ferro said with a smile. “Breakfast is almost ready,” he then handed her a cup of coffee. The man was positively jolly. Sure she’d seen a smile from him from time to time, but he’d never been quite this happy before. “Did you sleep good?”
[2/24/2012 12:05:20 AM] Joka: “I have a vague headache, but I’ll survive…” HE was pleasant this morning. Didn’t she spend part of her evening screaming at him? Joka recalled being annoyed… Leaning against a counter, she sipped from the mug. Narrowing her eyes as she watched him move about the kitchenette. “You seem to have slept well..”
[2/24/2012 12:09:39 AM] Ferro: “I did. I really, well, I appreat what you did for me,” he only looked slightly uncertain when he said that, as though h wasn’t sure how to say it, not if he should. “hopefully some food and maybe some water will help with your headache. It wasn’t a masterpiece of a display, but he dished up two plates of food. “I hope you enjoy.”
[2/24/2012 12:12:13 AM] Joka: Joka was pretty damn sure she didn’t have sex. So the things she was imagining she could do for him in the middle of the night when drunk, and probably throwing herself at him like a free whore… they weren’t pretty! Joka took the plate, looking a bite coy as she silently had a few bites. “It was a… pleasure! I guess. I mean. Obviously it was for you…!” Well. If anything, at least she knew she did it well.
[2/24/2012 12:17:17 AM] Ferro: Ferro chuckled as he sat himself down, “Don’t make it sound like it was a duty or something Joka, I might start having doubts.” He was kidding of course, after all it wasn’t like a stranger would have done what she had. “I, well we still don’t know each other well, but after last night, I don’t want that to be the case!”
[2/24/2012 12:20:55 AM] Joka: Now Joka was really -trying- to remember. It must have been pretty damn amazing to have such an impact. If anything, it’d be easier to be impressed with herself if she had an idea. She ate again, keeping a nice comfortably safe distance. Clearly she couldn’t drink and have crew on board, this happened way too often. “Don’t get any ideas about us gettin’ married or anything like that, anyway.” …unless they -were- married now. Did it happen that easy?
[2/24/2012 12:28:09 AM] Ferro: Ferro down right laughed at that. “Is that how it works in your culture? I could have expected that from my dear cousin Olivia!” Ferro smirked as he looked at her, she was teasing him, that had to be it. He still hadn’t figured out her personality yet, but it was really the only thing that made sense.
[2/24/2012 12:31:49 AM] Joka: At that, Joka cast a wide foxy grin. She didn’t have a damn clue what he was talking about, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t play it up until she figured it out. “Oh yeah. Had I any family, they’d have a gun to your back and demanding a wedding the minute we walked off this ship.”
[2/24/2012 12:35:07 AM] Ferro: “Overly prudish! It’s a wonder you all haven’t just killed each other in emotional unstable frustration.” Ferro took a few bites of food, then looked back at Joka. She was a good woman! He counted himself lucky that it was her that opened his status pod. Se might hide all that kindness under a gruff exterior, but now at least he knew he could rely on her.
[2/24/2012 12:44:47 AM] Joka: A grim, but unoffended look acrossed her face. “Weeell, they kinda did. But not so much related to nights of perceived hot sexin’…” Hmm. Joka was sure she mentioned something along the lines of family last night. In fact she remembered calling him an unobservant asshole, or something along those lines. Everything past that was still incredibly fuzzy. …Man, that ass…!
[2/24/2012 12:47:03 AM] Ferro: Ferro paused in mid bite and looked at her in complete bafflement. He had been so sure she had been joking, but until now. He put his fork down slowly, having forgotten to take the morsel into his mouth and stared at her for a long moment. “Pardon?”
[2/24/2012 12:51:49 AM] Joka: “Hmm?” He looked confused. She DID tell all the details about her family, right? Or did she get last night all wrong! Crap. If he hadn’t looked so pleased, and her not wanting to ruin that mood, she would have just -asked- what happened. …Sorry! Guess I got lost in serious face for a second there. Don’t mind me. Tell me more about how amazing I am!”
[2/24/2012 1:09:27 AM] Ferro: Ferro leaned back in his chair, still puzzled. Joka wasn’t making any sense at all now. “Are you feeling alright?” he asked a bit concerned. He knew there some exotic diseases out there that could rot a man’s brain, but usually they had other, more extreme symptoms.
[2/24/2012 1:13:16 AM] Joka: God damnit, she was totally blowing her subtle play-off. Turning away, she made busy with cleaning up dishes and drinking the rest of her coffee. “I -did- mentioned a sliiight headache, right? I’m beduddled this morn’. Nothing to get upset abou- AH HA!” Upset…! He was upset last night! Something about being alone and.. something something… She -almost- had it! Joka coughed. “I better put on some clothes.”
[2/24/2012 1:21:07 AM] Ferro: “Right,” he nodded, seeming much more detached from the conversation now. He then stood. “I’m going to start working on the redundancy circuits. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well.” He started digging through his pockets as he walked out of the kitchen.
[2/24/2012 1:27:42 AM] Joka: “Uuugh… stupid, joka, stupid..!” She went and curbed the man’s peppy mood. And he was so damn foxy when he was all smilie and cheerful. Hrmph. Well, she’d figure out what great thing she did later, and do it again. …Maybe. Joka let him escape so she could run off and throw some clothes on. Muttering all the way about laying off the strong booze!
[2/24/2012 1:28:43 AM] Ferro: (time for party poopers?)
[2/24/2012 1:28:53 AM] Joka: (Yes’m!)
[2/24/2012 1:32:00 AM] Ferro: “this is the Delintra, prepared to be boarded.” A day later Ferro was still showing a lack of emotion and Joka had yet to trick him into reveling just what she’d done to put him in a good mood before, though she really needed to do whatever it was again because he was all but brooding! Unfortunately someone was riding her ships tail and damn if she didn’t recognize that voice too!
[2/24/2012 1:36:27 AM] Joka: “Daaamnit. Just what I need.” Joka muttered, sitting in her chair with her legs hanging off the side. With Ferro being so broody, it was making -her- broody. She was about three scowls away from giving him a hug just to wipe that look off his face. Before she could even give that sudden thought some extra consideration, she could already hear the crunch of metal as the ships linked up. Of all the unwanted guests, it had to be THIS one! She almost wanted pirates! “Ferro…! Got a houseguest!”
[2/24/2012 1:40:34 AM] Ferro: Ferro heard the scraping metal just before he heard Joka’s voice. If they made it through this encounter, whatever it was he was going to find out if she had a small firearm he could have. If it was to use it others, her, or himself would depend!

In his shiny long red coat Alexander Damin strolled aboard the ship with a grin, and a pistol, just in case Joka was less then happy to see him. “Ahoy Captain!”
[2/24/2012 1:43:04 AM] Joka: Joka was definitely less than happy, but she wasn’t pulling a gun on him. It’s not like she HATED him, she just… didn’t -like- him. She looked pretty unimpressed as she stopped in the hall with her arms crossed and leaned against the wall. “Look what the rats spit out. Did you -want- something Damin, cause I’m on a job here…”
[2/24/2012 1:46:05 AM] Ferro: “I hadn’t seen you since Calis Orbit!” He grinned and put his pistol away. “I thought we’d drink, bullshit each other and….” he paused when he noticed someone else come into the hall behind Joka. Someone broad shouldered and frowning. “Aaaaaah, your new first mates? Not your usual style is he?”
[2/24/2012 1:48:55 AM] Joka: “You mean blond and stupid?” she asked, still not so amused. This was exactly why she wasn’t supposed to sleep with crew mates. They always got so damned cocky and thought they could show up whenever they pleased. She was not some flyby booty call. …Usually. “Ferro, meet Alexander Damin. He worked for me once. I can’t remember why, though… He was pretty useless.”
[2/24/2012 1:56:06 AM] Ferro: “Pleased to meet you,” Alexander smiled, but it was like a snake doing so, even as he offered his hand.

Ferro did not give his hand in return, instead crossing his arms over his bare chest. He’d seemed to taken his shirt off at some point while working, but he had his vest on not surprisingly. “I’m sure.” He then looked at Joka with some mild annoyance. “How long is this delay going to be?”
[2/24/2012 2:01:30 AM] Joka: “I dunno Ferro. How about we ask the delay?” she responded. She didn’t want to out right throw Alexander off… after all, good networking meant better sales. But boy… she didn’t exactly want to spend a lot of time with him either. And Ferro standing behind her felt like she had some sort of tense bear looming around. Was he still that broody? “For serious, Damin. You’re kinda… all in my groove here. Down the hall, we’ll have -a- drink!”
[2/24/2012 2:06:10 AM] Ferro: “A drink, that’s what I’m talking about!” Alexander grinned. “Will your boy sing for us? I hear they all like to sing while drinking.”

Ferro HAD intended to go back to work while Joka played with this peacock of a man, but he just had to try to be belittling, or something, in Ferro’s regard. He ignored the cultural comment. “Funny, except for my Grammy, no one has called me boy in ten years?”
[2/24/2012 2:19:10 AM] Joka: Wow… there was one of those reasons she fired the guy. He really had no idea how to talk to people without pissing them off! “ANYway…” Joka grabbed Alexander by his stupidly shiny jacket and spun him around to start shoving him down the hall. “Ferro can join us if he wants. He can keep the liquor away from me!”
[2/24/2012 2:24:18 AM] Ferro: “There wasn’t a bottle that you didn’t like Joka. Don’t pretend otherwise,” Alexander allowed Joka to push him down the hall. If she was really good he’d let her do other things to him later.

Ferro indeed came along, silently, and he would keep Joka sober. Only so that he knew there wouldn’t be any midnight repair sessions again. Fervor felt just a touch sad as he thought about that, but then the obnoxious jerks laughter at one of his own jokes brought him back to reality.
[2/24/2012 2:29:53 AM] Joka: Joka plopped in to a chair, after dropping a bottle in front of Alexander and a couple of classes. One for Ferro too. She was rather glad he did decide to lurk there in the kitchen, even if he -was- looking a bit miserable about it. She ended up watching him a lot more than paying attention to watch Alexander was doing. “As you can see I’m good and busy. The ship is coming along well enough. Should have her sold by the end of the month. …. I can see your shitty taste hasn’t changed any..” she swatted a hand at his stupid jacket.
[2/24/2012 2:33:18 AM] Ferro: “That’s how she always is, trying to get her shipmates taking off their cloths. Be carful, or she’ll have you half naked in no time. Granted you are! Do the women walk around like that too?” Alexander poured himself a drink, all smiles.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what women you’re referring to,” Ferro made a decision he simply did not like this man. Joka had horrible taste in people she associated with!
[2/24/2012 2:37:34 AM] Joka: That’s all she needed, her sex life tramatizing Ferro before she even had a chance to hit on him while sober, yet. Yep, she was definitely going to stick to her new rule of not sleeping with crewbies. Joka just poured a couple of shots. “Aside from being a total douchebag to my new mechanic, anything -interesting- you’re up to, Damin? Cause unless you wanna fight me for Ferro, I’m not puttin’ out.” Wait, did she phrase that right? Probably not.
[2/24/2012 2:42:48 AM] Ferro: “Business before pleasure for a change Joka? Okay so I’m having a sliiiiiight problem getting in on Old Elmor’s good gracious. He always gave you goo deals, and hints on how to score good customers in the past….” Alexander blinked, he was trying to our Joka another drink but the bottle was lifted right out of his hand.

Ferro figured Joka just downed her quota quite quickly, and he didn’t feel like this guy deserved any of Joka’s booze so he took the bottle and took a swig, then put it between his folded arm and his chest. He’d like to try to see this guy pass one over on Joka while she was sober.
[2/24/2012 2:47:48 AM] Joka: Ferro was making her smirk. So much so that she was still smirking while dealing with Alexander. She leaned back in her chair, sipping on her drink since it was clear she wasn’t getting any more. It figured that Alexander wanted a favor… but the shit sure didn’t deserve one! “Uh huh… And what makes you think I am going to give you -any- sort of good reccomendation after you screwed me over last time? Ran off with my entire box of capacitors and leaving me stranded with a hotel bill?”
[2/24/2012 2:53:19 AM] Ferro: “It was just a lark Joka! I figured you’d be laughing about the whole thing by now!” Alexander looked a bit nervous now. He looked at her, then at Ferro, eeeeeh on second thought he wasn’t going to look at Ferro any more! It wasn’t that he looked like a jealous lover, but Alexander wasn’t sure what else to call it. He wasn’t too aware of friendship, loyalty, honor and respect…. Jealouse lover! “Look I’ll mAke it up to you. Why don’t we have your scarf loving mechanic get back to what he’d rather be doing, and we’ll…..”

The loud thud was the sound of Ferro’s boots hitting the table as he proped them there, looking like he was getting very comfortable in his chair with his bottle.
[2/24/2012 2:57:38 AM] Joka: “We’ll…? Have a threesome? Y’know… I’ve always kinda liked the idea of a threesome…” Joka really didn’t. But seeing Alexander so uncomfortable was hilarious. She never seemed to envoke that sort of emotion from him even when she got pissed off enough to shoot at him. Everything SHE said was a joke. …Ohoho, she was sure having a lark now! “Y’know what I like about Ferro? He doesn’t bullshit. That gets me all warm and fuzzy. You should try it! Tell Ferro about what you need, and maybe the three of us will have a real nice time here…”
[2/24/2012 3:10:32 AM] Ferro: Alexander frowned, he thought getting what he wanted out of Joka was going to be easy, even kinda fun! But instead she had this…. Mechanic! “You know it’s no wonder the army wants all of you!” Alexander stood up with a frown. “Joka, when you’re serious about doing business again, look me up.” He glanced at Ferro, but the gypsy’s expression hadn’t changed. It was unnerving! “I’ve got another meeting to attend to. I just wanted to catch up.”
[2/24/2012 3:15:55 AM] Joka: Joka gave him a salute. “Don’t let the hatch hit ya on the way out, Damin. Maybe next time!” She waited until he stomped is way out. She could hear his foot steps going down the hall. Talk about a serious cockblock. Joka rest her elbow on the table, leaning towards Ferro with a wide grin. “That was interesting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy so scared his balls shrivled up, before.”
[2/24/2012 3:18:29 AM] Ferro: “You have very strange friends,” Ferro told her taking a swig from the bottle then putting his feet down so he could reach over for the cap. “I don’t think I want to meet any more of them.” It was hard to tell what Ferro was thinking since he was still in stoic mode.
[2/24/2012 3:25:24 AM] Joka: Joka pushed her chair away from the table, stood and stole his bottle. She stole a swing before she set it back down. Then plopped on his lap. “I’m thinkin’ I like having you around!” Here she was amused as hell, and he still looked as sour as ever. That dick really must have hit Ferro’s buttons. Sighing out loud with exasperation, she leaned forward to swing her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. “Jeezus, Ferro! The guy is an asshole. You don’t have to be upset. You’re on my crew now and I’m not gonna do anything that’s gonna fuck it all up, okay?”
[2/24/2012 3:31:51 AM] Ferro: Ferro smiled and the muscles that had been tensed up relaxed. It was amazing what a bit of physical contact could do, had done. “Thanks, I guess I needed that again.” He hugged her back. She was a very contrary woman, but adorable, and he really rather get more hugs from her anyways. “Still, maybe it’s something that is common knowledge to all you outsiders. I never considered that before….”
[2/24/2012 3:36:59 AM] Joka: Again? Again… Aaaah! She -hugged- him! …How the hell would that make a guy so happy? If that was all he needed, she could dish those out like candy! She could pay him in hugs! Hrmph. Having his arms around her wasn’t so bad either. Pretty comfortable. She’d just take advantage of his mood and stay there a moment. “I dunno if and/or what is common knowledge or not… But my crew is serious business. No take backs. Er… I might not exactly have the best track record for people… but I’mma trust you, and you are gonna have to trust me.”
[2/24/2012 3:43:11 AM] Ferro: Ferro did not seem interested in dislodging her from his lap but he did losen his own hug so that he could actually look at her. He had a serious expression, but it wasn’t that mask he seemed to like to wear. This instead was concern and worry and all sorts of unpleasantness for him. “What do you know about your government, their armies interest in my my people? What is their fascination with who you’d call gypsies?” Ferro wasn’t sure he’d ever used the word before. It was doubtful since that’s not how he identified himself, but others did, and maybe he had presumed that Joka had known more then she did, or known less, he wasn’t sure, but it was time to ask.
[2/24/2012 3:49:02 AM] Joka: “Gypsies? Like the Roma?” Not the sort of questions she expected, not that she was unaware he was gypsy. Anybody with common sense could figure it out just by watching him a few minutes. “Eh… I might be the wrong person to ask about that kind of stuff. I’m usually busy trying to cover my own ass. Don’t exactly have a lot of time for galactic events.” She vaguely recalled a lot of protests on the inner planets, but that coulda been about anything from human rights to taxes.
[2/24/2012 3:52:49 AM] Ferro: Ferro shrugged, “It was worth asking since your ex-peacock felt the need to bring it up.” He closed his eyes for a moment, the constant mental questioning and uncertainty was exhausting. He wasn’t any closer to figuring out the why of the events in his life, let alone the chronological issues nor just how to get back to his people. He opened his eyes and gave her a weak grin. “Anyways…”
[2/24/2012 4:00:34 AM] Joka: Joka moved her arms so she could pinch his cheeks. “Don’t you worry about that half-cocked dickbrain! Most of the stuff he spews is total shit.” She pulled his cheeks up in to that smile again. Better! Foxy, foxy. Joka had that sly grin again. “Now that you aren’t stalking around here being broody, you can get back to work and I can finish up the flight deck. We hit planetside tonight.”
[2/24/2012 4:06:45 AM] Ferro: “Alright, alright,” he said in mock annoyance as he moved her hands away from his face. They were much smaller then his he noted to himself, not for the first time. “Maybe we can get a better meal on this one.”

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