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  • Random Plot Bunnies to Remember!

    Random Plot Bunnies to Remember!

    Random plot bunnies to remember cause Diana is dumb!

  • 006 Payment

    006 Payment

    [2/23/2012 11:50:30 PM] Ferro: The morning found Ferro in high spirits. He awoke after a few more hours of sleep, cheerful and hungry. He was not exactly comfortable in a kitchen, but he knew how to make breakfast at least. Eggs and sausage, not bacon he always burned it, with some toast would be good…

  • 005 Space Thugs and Booze Jugs

    005 Space Thugs and Booze Jugs

    (12:31:30 AM) Diana: With her ship airborn and back in space, Joka was in the control room making a note of which lights and wiring she needed to have replaced to get everything lit up and working the way it was supposed to. Half of the switches didn’t even -do- anything and the rest sure…

  • The Universes of Diocha

    The Universes of Diocha

    [b]DESTINY UNIVERSE[/b] – The Ivalec Family Story. – The Story of the Mors couple. [b]TIME AFTER TIME UNIVERSE[/b] – Koori and Toshi’s Adventure [b]ELSWEN UNIVERSE[/b] – The Novellino Sisters [b]CHOCOLATE UNIVERSE[/b] (may be it’s own universe, but possibly in Destiny!) – Saving the dying Prince – The Wizard’s story. —————————————- (7:44:04 PM) Diana: plotholes are…

  • Chocolate: Prologue

    At the tender age of seven, being kidnapped by raiders and sold into slavery to an aged mage, he learned the secrets of the mystic. Protector of the Solemn Staff, Slayer of Six Headed Snargog, having fought side by side with Drake The Avenger, and in the end, though most would not see it as…

  • Chocolate: Chapter/Scene Guide

    [b]PROLOGUE:[/b] An interesting introduction about the Sage and his Wife with a quip “…but this isn’t his story.” Then describing the fate of the Prince and a mysterious illness. [b]INTROSCENE:[/b] Introduction to Issac and Anabel. Anabel tells Issac that she’s fatally ill and that the only way to cure her illness is to acquire the…

  • Chocolate: Plotting Outline Discussions

    Anabel: A woman pretending to be ill so she can get the enchanted coacoa beans. She sends Issac on a quest to get them for her. She pretends to be this sweet and wonderful woman, but is really very selfish and cruel. Dark brunette with honeybrown eyes. The perfect and beautiful girl next door. Issac:…

  • Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    FINISHED. Aidan and Sasha have a date that doesn’t get ruined by lunacy! (8:44:39 PM) Ocha: It was a week after New Years and Elswen was starting to finally look like it normally did. The holiday lights were being taken down in a dozen shops and the rains had returned. Sasha was trying to read…

  • Adventure #????

    Adventure #????

    Random log #20228293 Unfinished! [01:57AM] Azra: “I didn’t even know Trolls liked fish. It seems somewhat odd.” [02:01AM] Skye: “They usually eat just about anything, but I suppose in this case they’re doing it more for the fun of it.” said Skye, who was patroling around town giving everything a good look over. Usually when…

  • Adventure #???

    Adventure #???

    Unfinished random scene! [b]Skyelight[/b] “OW! OW! OW!!!” “I told you, I didn’t want to dance!” “You didn’t have to break my finger! Ooowwww!!” “Big baby, I didn’t break it at all!” Skye was standing there, her arms crossed as she looked down at the rather huge fellow rolling around on the floor clutching his hand…

  • 004 Space Blackout

    004 Space Blackout

    [2/15/2012 10:58:30 PM] Diana Webster: It was the middle of the night and she was wide awake. That was a common problem for Joka. Being drunk as shit to try and solve the problem was also an often encountered delima in her ever going quest to cure insomnia. All she had left out of her…

  • 001 Meeting the Shadow

    001 Meeting the Shadow

    Sebastian Fox meets a very odd, very mysterious shadow woman who is in need of help.

  • 003 The Scrapyard

    003 The Scrapyard

    (1:18:22 AM) Joka: At the scrap yard, there was piles and piles of endless junk. Huge rusted up pieces of metal. Derelict abandoned ships. Not much even looked remotely useful. Joka enjoyed sifting through old antiques, but this was almost crazy. She rubbed the back of her head after shoving a big hunk of steel…

  • 002 A Beneficial Partnership

    002 A Beneficial Partnership

    (1:04:32 AM) Joka: Helsiki. Making it there in one peace was pretty lucky, even ignoring the oxygen issue. Part of the flight gear had blown off during the entrace of Helsiki’s atmosphere and it took some really careful flying to keep them from smashing in to the ground burned to a crisp. Now that her…

  • 001 The Man in the Box

    001 The Man in the Box

    (12:38:18 AM) Ferro: In the depths of space, no one can hear you scream. Even when you’re inside a spaceship with air that can cause noises to travel, because you’re the only one on the ship. A ship without a working AI. A ship without a working weapons console. A ship that looks like it…

  • City of Elswen

    City of Elswen

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Elswen Island, Washington USA. Timeline: Present BASIC PLOT Area Basics: Elswen is an island town just odd the Washington state coast. It’s home of “The Chronicle” newspaper (a supernatural tabloid like Weekly World News), a great little book shop called The Page Turner, the coffee shop Freedom of Expresso, and many…

  • Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Radio DJ at ELSWN Radio. Totally normal guy next door kind of dude, and doesn’t seem to notice (or at least doesn’t comment) on all the weird stuff that happens around him. Older brother to Andrea MacGregor. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • Adam “Longshot” Acai

    Adam “Longshot” Acai

    An ex-Jedi turned smuggler-spy. Non-canon Star Wars universe. Adaptable for misc space saga sci-fi.