006 Pixie Vexed

[Rori is still a little awkward about what happened in Hevrai! Luckily, long travel hours make a person forget real quick!] -12:47 Jan 30
Rori: *On the bright side, she was now wearing boots with good ankle support instead of sneakers. That still doesn’t stop her feet from hurting, or the desire to complain about it. Only, she refused to give one single complaint. Not after falling in to the damned damsel trap in Hevrai. Oh no, if she was going to be part of this story, she was going to be a damned Amazon Warrior or something.* And where exactly are we headed oh wise Necromancer? Cause I have a few suggestions. -12:57 Jan 30
Heinrich: "I’m sure you do. I have a line on a good reputable mercenary company in Kaliisei and a pair of decent sellswords who’ve been hanging around Makrit. We have enough provisions to get to Thess, and from there we can either go to Makrit or find work, because I don’t have enough on hand for a whole damn company." -01:00 Jan 30
Rori: Kaliisei I get. Kaliisei is good. But Thess and Makrit? That’s completely out of the way of everything that’s happening in the world! You’re supposed to be taking out bad necromancers and saving the Darlandon clan, not taking a visual tour around Ordhagan. -01:03 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Thess is a market town, Rori. You name it, you can buy it there. We can get more supplies and a couple of sleeve-aces there, and I can meet some less-than-legal contacts there, assuming they’re still alive. It’s also on the way to Makrit, and two skilled sellswords can sometimes be worth far more than a whole company. Especially if you hope to be subtle." -01:07 Jan 30
Rori: *She let out a slow huff, taking a second consideration of the towns since he was going to be insistant.* I suppose. It takes so much time though, which means trouble. Usually of the getting stabbed sort by our own guys. *A really great plot point. Being betrayed by someone they trusted. …but that was when you were writing the story, not IN it. She sure as hell didn’t want to get stabbed.* -01:10 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich snorted. "Hardly. Rushing into a job with some fuckwit you met an hour ago is what gets you stabbed. Remind me why I’m working with you, again? A properly enacted plan requires planning and preparation. The longer the better, unless you have a deadline. You don’t seriously think the sagas mention every mind-numbing little detail do you?" -01:15 Jan 30
Rori: You’re working with me, cause my awesome plan of storming away blew up in my face. You keep forgetting I’m the author… avatar… whatever. I know how these things work! They always follow certain formulas and patterns. Everything does. *besides, it wouldn’t be an epic betrayal if it were with a stranger. Uuurgh! She just wanted to reach out and strangle him!* -01:18 Jan 30
Heinrich: "You may be the avatar, but I’m the accomplished thief and assassin. I think I have a little more experience in the area of ‘things going wrong’ than you." He wasn’t going to acknowledge the patterns point. He wasn’t. Because then she’d be smug and think she’d won. Argh, he wanted to knock some sense into the girl with her own damn staff sometimes. -01:20 Jan 30
Rori: Seriously, you don’t need to actually have to do things to have knowledgable experience with it. Just give me a piece of paper, I bet I could predict your life from now to the next six months! *Now she was just being a pain in the ass. Better than to sulk about her feet. Christ, wasn’t there a pit stop place somewhere around here? A weird cottage, a lake, dragon cave with cool spring. As long as they took off before the typical "unexpected" thing happened, they’d be good!* Do you think we could take a break? -01:25 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Why," Heinrich growled, "do your feet hurt? Oh, I’m sorry. You’re a wirter. You know how to avoid all the pitfalls of travel. Except you almost got yourself raped and killed from the get-go. How about you don’t tell me how to do my fucking job? And no. We’re going until -I- get tired or we come across a decent tavern." -01:27 Jan 30
Rori: *Sonofa..!* Rori stopped, resting her hands on her hips. …If only so she didn’t pull that staff off her back and start swinging at him!* You know what, no! Mister Pain in the Ass Anti Hero Necromancer can freaking take a ten minute break for the writer or he can march on without me! -01:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: "See you in Vestan. That’s the next town, by the way. Two hour walk." Heinrich wasn’t about to be bullied about. In fact, he was looking forward to his two hours of silence. -01:35 Jan 30
Rori: Good! It’ll be blessed peace without you! *She was still thinking about hitting him! Just because he was the damned know-it-all with the knives and local knowledge! Didn’t have to talk to her like she was a twit! Grrr. Rori glanced around until she found a sizable rock and had herself a seat.* -01:38 Jan 30
Heinrich: He did have to talk to her like she was a twit! Because she was one! If she didn’t grow up and start operating in the real world, he was just going to leave her ass to the wolves. He just kept on walking and waited for either the inevitable ‘oh gods he’s serious’ moment or the blessed silence of a two-hour walk the rest of the way to Vestan. -01:44 Jan 30
Rori: *Rori resisted shouting GOOD RIDDENCE at his back when he marched off. And waited with baited breath for him to turn around, stomp back and resume his lecturing! But, was mildly surprised when he disappeared from her view. Oh ho? He thought she’d chase after him like a lost damned puppy didn’t he. Forget it! The first time blew up in her face, but this time she was going to sit here for a minute, rest, and make a plan!* God, what a pain in the ass! -01:48 Jan 30
Heinrich: Well, he was out of view. And almost out of earshot. Looked like it would be the silence. Thank the gods. -01:53 Jan 30
Rori: *Trying to wiggle her toes back to feeling again, Rori plotted. Two hours to Vestan. She sure wasn’t spending the night in the woods. Of course, was that two hours with Asshat speed walking, or two hours normal human being walking time? And then if she should even bother meeting him there… This is why she wrote charming heroes! Those guys knew how to talk to a woman!* -02:03 Jan 30

With two hours to Vestan, one sitting on a rock should get moving soon before the sun started setting. Even now the sky was getting hazy and the woods around the road were starting to dim. ….and rustle with strange noises! -Giggling- noises! -Rori

Rori: *Rori paused the flexing of her feet to tilt her head at the giggling sound. ….then sighed heavy!* …Okay. If you’re going to come out and do something weird, go ahead and do it. I’m too tired to get up and pretend to be scared. -02:09 Jan 30

The response of the lady on the rock provoked more giggling! Amongst the trees there was a sparkling, but nothing jumped out in to view just yet. There was a spoken voice though! “You are not a princess. We only like those for dolls!” -Rori

Rori: Oh, yes, my bad. Just a measly goddess here. *She didn’t mean to be so sarcastic. Luckily they hadn’t caught Heinrich calling her ‘princess’ again, or they would have been all a twitter. ….That is when Rori smirked!* What about sort-of princes? Do you like those? -02:12 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich paused in his trek for the smallish town. He felt his skin tingling, which was never a good sign. It meant there was magic about. Then there was a rustling sound just starting in the woods…. -02:14 Jan 30

“Oooooh! Yes we like princes! They are always so fun and handsome!” A few of the glittery little bits popped out of the tree. Tiny little forms, pixies with delicate wings! Several with hopeful expressions at the sound of a prince! -Rori

Rori: Really? I know for a fact that a ridiculously handsome prince is just right down that road. *She pointed the direction Heinrich headed.* I don’t think he’s gotton very far. I bet you could catch up to him. -02:16 Jan 30

A very loud squeal, and the pixies rushed off to follow the road. They were going to catch a prince! Yet, a few strays lagged behind to poke at Rori with tiny little wands. “Thank you ever so much for giving us a Prince! We haven’t had a good meal in weeks!” They giggled before flittering off with the others! -Rori

Heinrich: Another tingling waver sent Heinrich into paranoia mode…fey magic. Fey magic was never good news. He muttered a short phrase in the Nether Tongue and black flame rippled up his hand, which he cocked back, ready to throw. Now, the Tongue of the Lower Planes carries further than by rights it ought… -02:21 Jan 30
Heinrich: He turned to the sound of wings and his eyes widened and he threw the ball of spellfire, letting it burst in the midst of the fey! "Gods damnit, Rori, this is somehow your fault!" -02:23 Jan 30
Rori: You’re welco-…what?! *…God damnit, since when did the little buggers get canabalistic?! Wait, this was a blessing! Let the man get eaten by pixies. It would serve him right! ….Of course, she told them to do it, so she’d just end up feeling guilty about it later… With a growl, Rori hopped to her feet to stomp down the road!* -02:23 Jan 30

The trouble with pixies was that one or two, or even a few weren’t much of a threat. But the more that gathered, the stronger their magic! And boy did news of a handsome prince travel fast! The pixies all ploofed and flittered to dodge the spell, but it was so easy for them to recollect and try to swarm around Heinrich! -Rori

Heinrich: Another phrase in Nether – shouted this time – wreathed him in infernal flame and called up his favored miasma from the ground. He started lashing out at individual fey with pain and corruption curses, all the while lambasting the absent Rori! "I am going to CRUSH you little shits!" -02:29 Jan 30

Those poor little pixies! They made a big show about being dramatic when they got hit with spells, pixies did love their drama, but got the hint to fly up good and high to get out of range! There’s where they were trying to sprinkle down their sleeping dust and get their cutie little prince all tuckered out! -Rori

Rori: *Still scowling, this was what Rori came upon. Heinrich cursing HER (how could he even know for sure it was her fault?! They could have found him themselves!) and faeries trying to…. glitter him to death.* Hey. HEY. STOP THAT. He’s not even worth eating! He’ll probably be all bitter and rotton! -02:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: Oh, so that’s how it was going to be? Heinrich was good and pissed now, he wasn’t going to let them off like that! He sent columns of spellfire into the air after them, and then chanted something as black, leathery wings grew out his back! "Oh, don’t you think you’re going to escape me! You’ve just got me right properly pissed!" He did not, alas, seem to notice Rori… -02:36 Jan 30

All the pixies paused to pout at Rori, but all squealed and darted out of the way of another spell! They all seemed to be very perplexed by his wings and now darting for the trees! -Rori

Rori: Jesus, what sort of cheesyass line …is… that. *Okay, bad one liners aside sprouting wings was new. Weird. But instead of running for the trees like the faeries, she was resting her hands on her hips again and looking mighty confused!* ….What the fuck! -02:39 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Oh, so now that I can meet you in the air, you scatter. Typical. Not that I’m going to let you run." A gesture, and the miasma reached up and grabbed any fairy below treetop level, and started dragging them to Heinrich! "Rori, I blame you for this." -02:43 Jan 30

Oh, how the little pixies screamed! “Yes! Yes! The lady told us to do it! It was all her! Set us free, we won’t do it again, we promise!” -Rori

Rori: *Rori was still trying to get over the wings! ….just… weird!* Wait a minute! Don’t you little glitterfreaks throw me under the bus! I’m not the one that eats people! *…NOW Rori was thinking about running for the trees!* -02:46 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Why. Don’t. I. Believe you?" Heinrich ground out. "Rori’s in trouble any ways, but you…I think I’m going to make an example out of you," he said as he sucked the life-force out of the nearest pixie. -02:48 Jan 30

There was a terrible squeal as the pixie seemed to wither up to a dried husk. Much like a shedded skin of an insect! It floated down to the ground, while the other pixies got the hint real quick! Glowing balls were fading off and escaping in to the woods! -Rori

Rori: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t..! *Oooh, too late! Rori covered her eyes! That was pretty much pixie murder. …granted they were evil little things, but… harsh!* -02:53 Jan 30
Heinrich: All the pixies still free fled, and he waited a moment, the pixies he’d caught straining against the miasma, before he let the miasma – and his wings – dissipate. "No. Rori. Would you care to explain to me why I had to do that?" -02:56 Jan 30
Heinrich: ((*now, not ‘no)) -02:56 Jan 30
Rori: I… guess you looked delicious…? *Yep, running sounded like a great idea! She moved her hands from her eyes and took a step or two backwards.* So, uh… two hours huh? -02:58 Jan 30
Heinrich: "They only eat royalty, Rori. I am not royalty. Someone." He pointed at Rori. "Told them I was. Start talkin’." -03:02 Jan 30
Rori: So maybe I let it slip that there was a Prince down the road. I didn’t think they ate them. *Where was those trees. Ah ha! Rori inches herself closer to the side of the road. Just a bit further!* -03:05 Jan 30
Heinrich: "And that’s why you are going to get one of us killed, Rori. Because you think you know everything, and you DON’T. I’ll see you in Vestan." With that, he turned and started stalking down the road! -03:10 Jan 30
Rori: Oh right, blame Rori! Because obviously my lack of knowing everything is helping me control the universe and start all this trouble in the first place! *She stooped over long enough to pick up a small rock and chuck it at him!* Hypocrite! -03:16 Jan 30
Heinrich: The rock hit him in the shoulder and he turned. "No, Rori. I’m not. Because unlike you, I don’t ACT like I know everything. There are hidden dangers everywhere, and I don’t go tempting them out of hiding." -03:17 Jan 30
Rori: Yes, because sitting on a rock or walking down a street is just asking for stuff to happen! *She picked up another rock to throw at him!* Do you think I want to be following some jackass around while people are trying to kill me?! -03:22 Jan 30
Heinrich: "Did you, or did you not, tell the pixies I was a prince? Oh, and since you DO have a guide, you could have the common sense to listen to him every once in awhile! For the Gods’ sakes, I assassinated Vol Kira! I think I have some idea how to go about something like this!" -03:24 Jan 30
Rori: Yeah, I did! And here’s the real kicker, it’s true too! Bet your smartass didn’t know that. But hey, I’m just the moron you got stuck with cause you won’t admit you have a hero complex! *Oooh! Aaah! She let that sink in for a minute before she threw another rock at him!* -03:28 Jan 30
Heinrich: "You want me to leave you to get killed? Fine! I will!" Heinrich stormed off down the road for a good ten paces before the first half of her argument percolated. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. "FUCK!" -03:31 Jan 30
Rori: *Ha. That’d show him. Leave her to get killed… She could survive summercamp, she could find a way around all this. And he stopped. …Rori turned around quick to go marching the other way. She went and blabbered something she wasn’t supposed to! Crap!* -03:33 Jan 30
Heinrich: Heinrich sighed. "Tell you what, Rori. You stop tempting fate at every opportunity and I’ll stop telling you what an idiot you are. Gods, I need a drink." Without saying anything else, he started for town again. -03:36 Jan 30
Rori: *Rori paused. Then sighed before turning back around to trail after him.* How about saying you’re sorry, don’t call me an idiot… and I’ll attempt to stop telling you how to do your job except when irresistably necessary? -03:40 Jan 30
Heinrich: "I try to avoid lying, Rori." -03:41 Jan 30
Rori: Well then, I’M sorry at least. Mostly. At least for being a pain in the ass… when I did it on purpose. -03:44 Jan 30

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