006 The Seer’s Vision

Evangeline Clark is searching for someone named Gabriel, and it brings her to an empty warehouse. Instead of finding Gabriel she runs in to Michael who was just finishing up with one of his “dolls”. At first she assumes it’s Gabriel because he’s unreadable like a brick wall. Once she touches him, she knows he’s very much the wrong person… the Marionette! Michael is about to take her as one of his new dolls when Gabriel steps in to save the day. Evangeline tries explain to Gabriel that she has something important to tell him, but after the rescue he disappears.

Evangeline returns to Shades, the hotel owned by Ciara Grey, and coincidentally runs in to the both of them while returning to her room. Leon invites her to lunch (where Ciara proceeds to be suspicious and jealous). Evangeline lets slip plenty of tidbits during the conversation, including a warning about Ciara’s safety. When she picks up Gabriel’s trail again, she excuses herself to find him.

Evangeline arrives at an alley where Gabriel is fighting werewolves. She again announces that she has something important to tell him, despite him trying to brush her off. When she mentions Anthony Carnatelli, she finally gets his attention. She tells him about Anthony’s sword and his “end of the world” plans. With her job done, she happily bids Gabriel goodbye!

  1. Evangeline proves to be stubborn, despite danger. She also has a nack for “blabbering” impressions in conversations.
  2. Gabriel doesn’t care to listen until Anthony is brought up. He gets rid of the psychic once she says her piece.
[Evangeline found no help at the Oracle Organization. …and they needed a psychic bad!] -11:46 Jul 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline was starting to think she needed to get a dog. At least she was pretty sure that Brick Wall was around here…here being… Well, there were a lot of crates, it was probably a warehouse. Why couldn’t this man be somewhere normal, like a coffee shop or a pet store.* -11:50 Jul 10
[Michael was at the warehouse doing something or other! Oh, that’s right … playing with one of his dolls!] -11:52 Jul 10
Michael: Well, this little bird is ready to be put in her cage. *He said as he drew back, admiring his work. The blonde haired girl was cut in a number of places, shivering, with a blank look in her eyes. He snapped his fingers and a couple of the boys moved to take her away. He smirked. Oh yes, his collection was growing rather nicely …* -11:54 Jul 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped a few paces inside the door, tilting her head to listen. It wasn’t a good place to be, but a little danger never stopped her from doing the right thing before…* … Hello? I’m looking for someone called Gabriel…? *Her voice echoed, the place was bigger than she thought!* -11:57 Jul 10
Michael: Hm? *He paused in the middle of straightening his jacket and turned to the sound. Ah, a young woman. He moved quietly through the crates, more silent than a mouse. No one ever looked for Gabriel–unless they had a death wish. But she … He stopped and studied her. She didn’t look like she had a death wish.* Excuse me, Miss. Did I hear you ask for someone named Gabriel? -12:09 Jul 11
Evangeline: *She turned to face the direction of the voice, almost sighing with relief. This one was as blank as could be, not even an aura to sense.* I have something important about Anthony Carnatelli. Are you Gabriel? -12:13 Jul 11
Michael: *What was this? She wasn’t just looking for Gabriel. She had a tidbit about Anthony! That was very intriguing. And Michael never could resist intrigue. He moved a bit closer.* Why then, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Gabriel and I know Anthony Carnatelli. *He clasped his hands behind his back and a very thin thread suddenly appeared and wrapped around his wrists. This girl was awfully pretty. And … she was blind to boot! Oh, he was going to do more than score some news. He was going to score himself another plaything.* -12:17 Jul 11
Evangeline: Good! Because it’s really important. He has a sword but the vision wasn’t exactly clear, I think it’s about this big- *She was trying to measure out her hands about the correct length, but no that didn’t seem right either. He was stepping closer, and she stopped.* I guess the size isn’t really important, but rather what it does. I think I’d rather talk about it somewhere else, though. This place feels wrong. -12:21 Jul 11
Michael: *Sword, eh? It could be that stupid knife of his he was always cooing about. Sick, really. How low some people could sink … He tilted his head slightly at her. The string around his wrist was getting longer now.* I get that a lot. But I assure you, this warehouse is as right as can be. *He moved closer now, smirking to himself. This was going to be too easy …* Now, about the sword … -12:24 Jul 11
Evangeline: It’s really not okay, *She motioned a hand.* this warehouse, I mean. I suppose I should have mentioned I’m a psychic. Which is what I meant about the vision. I’d just feel more comfortable somewhere else. *A lot more comfortable. There was that sense of danger. She really did need to get a dog.* -12:28 Jul 11
Michael: *Oh, puu. Now he was going to have to wait … He flicked his wrist and the string dissolved. That part would come later. He stepped forward.* A psychic. Most intriguing. Here, I’ll guide you outside and we can talk in my car. *He reached out and took her hand and started leading her outside.* -12:30 Jul 11
Evangeline: Oh. *Evangeline paused for a moment, before tugging her hand away and taking a few steps back. That wasn’t right at all. The moment she touch him, she felt the dark. Cold, disturbing.. Marriontte?* I think… that I have the wrong person. -12:34 Jul 11
Michael: *Smirked and watched as she stepped back.* Wrong person, wrong place, wrong time … *He murmured as he raised one hand and the thread appeared around his wrist.* But no matter. At least I don’t have to wait to play with you. Get her. *He told the boys who’d just returned from their errand.* -12:49 Jul 11
Evangeline: ..and we’re not alone. Okay… My, it’s been a real pleasure talking to you, but I think I left the radio on at home…! *Evangeline unfolded her walking stick, and held it up ready to start swinging! A german shepard would be a good dog seeing eye guard dog, right?!* Can we talk about this?! I’m too old for you! -12:52 Jul 11

The two vampires moved from behind Michael to grab the girl! BANG BANG! Just as they reached Evangeline, they dropped to the floor and burnt to ash!

Michael: I believe the term is “too young.” *His face twisted when the boys got burnt to a crisp!* GABRIEL!!! -12:56 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Too young her foot! She was pretty sure he li-* Gabriel…? Gabriel I have to tell you something! *Evangeline eased her way away from the Other. That one she needed to stay away from.* -12:59 Jul 11
Michael: *Eyes narrowed into slits! He wasn’t going to get bested by that tainted bastard! He dashed forward! He’d grab his toy and then make that weakling watch while he broke her!* -01:01 Jul 11
[Gabriel jumped down from the highest crate, right between Michael and the girl!] -01:02 Jul 11
Gabriel: *Raised his gun and fired a few shots at Michael!* … I trust whatever you have to say can wait. *He said softly, close enough to her that she could hear plain as day.* -01:03 Jul 11

Michael: *Dodged the shots easily enough! His nails grew into claws! This was going to be sweet!*

Evangeline: *This was the right one! The brick wall!* Actually, it shouldn’t wait, It’s really important. The sooner I tell you the better. *Then again, she really didn’t want to get caught in the cross fire of gunshots either. She moved backwards to sidestep out of the way of danger!* -01:05 Jul 11
Gabriel: *Jumped back as Michael’s claws came crashing down, ready to tear him apart! He landed and wasted no time in emptying the clip trying to shoot the psychotic freak.* Middle of a fight. *He said in that soft tone of his.* -01:08 Jul 11

Michael: *Eyes narrowed into slits! He bit the wrist wearing the thread!* Orior de caliga!

Evangeline: Yes, I can hear. But if I can’t tell you soonish it’s going to be so much worse. Not that the Marionette puppeteer isn’t danger-… He’s casting a spell! -01:11 Jul 11

Mannequins rose from the shadows around them! They twitched and moved awkwardly with stringy hair and holes where their eyes would be. Instead of hands, some of them had wicked blades. Others had maces and chains.

Gabriel: … So he is. *He glanced around. He couldn’t very well leave here to go running off and attack them head on. He shot at the ones closest to the girl and was forced to reload which took less than a heartbeat to do.* -01:17 Jul 11

Michael: Kill Gabriel and bring me that girl! *He snarled, although he was beginning to grin now.*

The mannequins swung their blades, their maces, and their chains. Those that were shot quickly got to their feet to renew the attack!

Evangeline: I’m a grown woman! *Now was a bad time to be offended, wasn’t it. She held up her walking cane, ready to start swinging again. They were surrounded by little black balls of doom, she was rather glad for once that she couldn’t see!* -01:21 Jul 11

Michael: *Oh! This was too good to be true! He just had to get a piece of the action! He smirked as he ran forward again, swinging his talons at Gabriel!*

Gabriel: *Crafty son of a–! In the middle of kicking one mannequin to pieces, he looked up in time to see Michael charging at him again. He brought his guns up in time to block the talons but now he and Michael were caught in the middle of a game of push and shove!* -01:27 Jul 11

The mannequins were slowly but surely shuffling toward their targets. One raised a blade high above Gabriel’s head!

Evangeline: *Evangeline backed and sidestepped out of the way again. She fumbled in her pockets for something useful. Lint, gum, hotel key card, pepperspray! ..No that wouldn’t help.* Watch your head! -01:31 Jul 11
Gabriel: *Looked up at Evangeline’s warning to see the blade coming down on him! He shoved Michael away, buying enough time to roll out of the way! He landed in a crouch and shot the mannequin’s legs out from under it!* -01:32 Jul 11

The mannequin fell! And just happened to hack off the arm of another mannequin! That mannequin got knocked off balance and fell against a third mannequin!

Michael: *Regained his balance and ran forward! Slash! Slash! Slash!*

Gabriel: *Stood up and saw Michael coming at him! He raised his guns! Block! Block! Jump back and shoot! BANG BANG! Then he dashed toward Michael and started shooting at him! He reloaded and continued shooting!* -01:36 Jul 11
Evangeline: *They were just knocking each other over and- There’s an idea! Evangeline found a stack of crates and waited until those things were in just the right spot and pushed! .er… Pushed harder! Until the stack went crashing down on a few of the mannequins!* -01:36 Jul 11

The mannequins under the crate still twitched and moved! Some were still shuffling toward Evangeline and the others toward Gabriel! But at least there were fewer than before!

Michael: *Got hit a few times but that didn’t slow his assault! But the bullets that came after were enough to make him stop in his tracks! He shuddered and jerked until Gabriel was forced to reload!*

Gabriel: *He realized he and Michael were too evenly matched and although he could keep fighting, he couldn’t let the woman take on Michael’s toys by herself. He drew something out of his jacket and threw it to the ground, emitting a flash of bright light!* -01:44 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Thwack! Ha! She took it’s head off! Wait… Did it duck? There was a BZZTzing noise, and a small jolt.. she had to release her cane! Ooh.. that was an electrical panel wasn’t it!* ..um.. Gabriel! I think we should leave! -01:44 Jul 11

Michael: Aagggh! *Cried out and covered his eyes! That light! But by the time he’d regained his sight and the light was gone, Gabriel had gotten a head start!*

Gabriel: *Already running forward! He paused beside her only long enough to grab her and throw her over his shoulder. He ran and didn’t stop running until they were out of the warehouse and in an alley where he could put her down.* -01:48 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Being thrown over someone’s shoulder did not feel as cool as it must have looked! At least she was rewarded with knowing this was definitely the right person, and not another fake Gabriel! That blood rushing out of head of was disconcerning.* …about what I have to tell you…! -01:51 Jul 11
Gabriel: *He stopped in the alley, right before a busy street. He glanced behind him before he put her down.* … Whatever it is, I’m not the guy to talk to. *And then he turned to walk away. Whoever this woman was, she had no business in getting caught up with the likes of Michael.* -01:56 Jul 11
Evangeline: His sword is going to- *She paused, blinking!* Are you walking away from me?! Hey…! I’m psychic, but that doesn’t mean I can see where I’m going…! -01:58 Jul 11

“Oooff!” Someone bumped into Evangeline. “Excuse me, Miss! I didn’t see where I was going! Hey, you alright?” The teenager who collided with her paused in the middle of dusting himself off!

Evangeline: *That’s great, and she didn’t have her cane too. She could follow mr. brick wall, but that wasn’t really as easy as it sounded!* I’m okay, but can you tell me where I am? I’m not sure which direction my hotel is in. -02:04 Jul 11

“Sure thing!” He paused. “Um … What hotel are you staying at?”

Evangeline: At.. uh.. Wait, *She dug in her pockets again, pulling out the key card to hand to him.* This one. -02:05 Jul 11

He took the keycard. “Oh! Wow! Shades! That’s a really cool place! Really fancy, too! Would you like me to take you there? It’s not like I have anything I have to do right now.” He handed her back her card.

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled wide!* It’d help a lot if you did. I misplaced my walking cane, and I’m not so good with traffic signals. -02:11 Jul 11

He grinned and took her hand. “No problem. Here.” He put her hand on his shirt. “It’s probably more comfortable if we walk with you holding my shirt like this.” He started in the direction of her hotel. It took them about twenty minutes and a lot of stopping for traffic signals and weaving around people and stalls to get to the hotel. “Ah, here we are.” He stopped in front of the hotel counter. He checked his watch. “And now I better hit the road.” He put her hand on the top of the counter. “Nice to meet you, Miss. I hope you get another walking cane soon.”

“Hello, Miss. May I help you?” the woman behind the counter asked.

Evangeline: *Giving a wave, she grinned still!* I always keep a spare. Thank you! *She turned back to the Missy at the front counter.* Um.. are there any messages for Evangeline Clark, room 202? And I was wondering, where could I buy a gun or a hatchett, or hmm.. crazy vampire repellent. Silly occult things like that. -02:18 Jul 11

“Messages? No.” The woman blinked when she heard Evangeline’s request. “Um … I’m afraid I wouldn’t … know–”

Leon: Ow! Ow! Ow! I told you I was sorry, Cissy!

Ciara: Sorry isn’t going to stop them from shutting down my resteraunt because of rats and wolves of all the damned things! *She had him by the ear, and was dragging him across the lobby!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked and tilt her head towards the commotion.* Is that Ciara Grey? -02:23 Jul 11

Leon: Well! *Wince as he gets dragged!* How else am I gonna grab the furry little sucker! It goes into all these small nooks and crannies! I can’t get to ’em unless–OW!

Ciara: You’re going to do it like a man or not chase them in to the kitchens, that’s what you’re supposed to do! Wolves, Leon! How do I explain wolves in a hotel?!

The woman smiled nervously as if suddenly embarassed! “Why, yes. Yes it is! Erm … well … perhaps our gift shop has something you can use instead of … what you’re looking for.”

Leon: *To make her point, she’s giving him extra HARD tugs! He was about to cry!* Just tell them it’s a natural alternative to using pesticides! People eat up that kind of stuff!

Evangeline: I’ll check out the gift shop for sure. *But Evangeline was already leaving the front desk to dash quickly for the elevator! The very one one Ms. Grey and her poor victim was about to step in to!* -02:27 Jul 11

Ciara: And how am I supposed to keep the wolves from eating my guests? *Ciara dragged him in to the elevator paying no mind to the women, nor caring how strange her conversation sounded.*

Leon: *Sniffle!* But you only have one wolf! And he’s so very well behaved and polite and has an awesome fluffy tail! … Everyone loves the tail!

Evangeline: You can tell them he isn’t a wolf but an Alaska husky, german shepard, chow mix and just looks like a wolf, and he is your official hotel Security Dog! -02:34 Jul 11

Ciara: No one cares about your ta- *Ciara let go of Leon’s ear to glance at the woman. One of the hotel guests so hotel just painted on her smile!* That’s… an interesting suggestion, but that doesn’t help the bad press of him chasing a rat in my kitchens…

Leon: *Sigh, dejected!* … I do. *He muttered under his breath and glanced over his shoulder as if it was there.*

Evangeline: They’ll forget about it soon enough, I promise. But… I would think about getting more security for your family. -02:39 Jul 11

Ciara: Is that so? *Ciara crossed her arms, leaning against the rail.* I’m sure you’re going to tell me you’re psychic and you have a feeling? *Why did all of the weirdos end up in hotel. Last week it was someone saying they were Elvis back from his Alien vacation.*

Leon: *Opened his mouth to say something, only to shut it and keep quiet. He didn’t want to get himself another round of ear-tugging!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to say yes, but she got the impression that Ms. Grey didn’t go for that sort of thing.* I… work for Oracle. *She held up her hands quickly!* I’m not a spy!! I’m just here on personal business and by coincidence in your hotel! -02:47 Jul 11

Leon: You’re a lot nicer than the other Oracle people. *He finally said.* They’re always trying to shoot me or something. You’d think they’d recognize a good wolf. *He muttered under his breath.*

Evangeline: …You should have said you were psychic. *At least that meant she didn’t have to be polite.* If you aren’t here to lecture me, what are you here for miss…? -02:49 Jul 11

Ciara: You should have said you were psychic. *At least that meant she didn’t have to be polite.* If you aren’t here to lecture me, what are you here for miss…?

Evangeline: Evangeline Clark. *Evangeline smiled wide, mostly at Leon but Ms. Grey deserved one too.* Saving the world, that sort of thing. So no worries about me meddling in your persona life, or your vampire hunting, or your relationship with Leon, because I am totally respectful of people’s personal boundaries! -02:51 Jul 11

Leon: *Friendly grin! Not the wolfish one he was almost always showing off!* Cissy doesn’t know the meaning of personal boundaries. You should stay for lunch. It’s my turn to cook.

Ciara: No, she shouldn’t stay for lunch. In fact I think she has other things she needs to do, correct? *Ciara scowled at Leon! Inviting strangers to lunch, and worse, ones from Oracle! She’s obviously a spy!*

Leon: I don’t see the harm in just having one meal. Besides, she did think up that awesome solution to explaining the wolf. And we could use the company. The last time I cooked, Angus kept complaining about a belly ache although he wolfed down nearly all the food!

Evangeline: I would love to-… but.. I… can’t? *Ms. Grey was suspicious, and rightfully so… but..* Oh! You want time alone with Leon, I understand! Imean, he’s waybetter company than Anthony Car..na… telli. *Crap, she did it again. She was really going to have to learn how to stop saying everything that popped in to her head.* Oh, look! My floor! -02:58 Jul 11

Ciara: …*Ciara closed the doors before the woman escaped!* You’re right Leon. She should have lunch with us. After all, she knows us so well already…

Leon: *Blinked when she mentioned Anthony! He sighed and scratched his head.* I don’t suppose you’re up to being nice during lunch … *He glanced at her.* … Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Evangeline: *Sheepishly chiding herself for her big mouth. Darnit, Evangeline! You don’t blabber mouth stuff to someone so suspicious!* I uh… You wouldn’t kill a harmless blind woman would you? I have to… save the world and all…? -03:03 Jul 11

Ciara: *Entering the floor code on the elevator panel, Ciara gave a smile that spoke volumes. Evil wicked volumes!* Seeing as you’re from Oracle, I thought you’d be used to danger by now. You’ll get to enjoy your last meal alive, at least.

Leon: *Figured he should step in right about now. He moved to Evangeline’s side and took her arm.* Come on, Ciara. Here, Miss Clark. I’ll fix you something to drink and we can talk in the kitchen.

Evangeline: A drink is a great idea! You know, that’s really calming a little drink or three so you don’t feel quite so violent! *A thankful smile at Leon.* I lke you. You’re a nice pleasant green aura, and those are so hard to find genuine. -03:10 Jul 11

Leon: *Chuckled softly.* Well, we have tea and lemonade and I think some chocolate milk. My favorite. *His cheeks grew red.* Thanks. I figure someone’s gotta be nice and civilized. *A glance at Ciara.* I hope you like chicken. That’s what we’re having for lunch. Chicken cutlet with parmesian and a few other stuff.

Ciara: *She’s going to break Leon’s tail! But for the moment she followed behind then crossing her arms and looking rather dangerous. She’ll very civilized stuff him in the oven.*

Evangeline: Oh, Ms. Grey isn’t all that bad, she’s an orangey yellow — those are also very good, but she’s trying to be a dark grey and you’re messing it up for her. *Evangeline found a chair to sit in, and… she really should have just went back to her room, she felt like she was poking an angry cat.* -03:18 Jul 11

Leon: *Chuckled softly and flashed a wolfish grin!* Am I now? Well, I do that a lot. Honestly, without even realizing half the time.

Ciara: Quit grinning and get something to drink. *She shoved Leon off towards the fridge!* Miss Clark, you have an unbelievable gift talking.

Leon: OOoff! I’m going! I’m going! I’ll just bring us all some lemonade! *He disappeared into the kitchen!*

Evangeline: About that… I uh.. sort of fibbed about being from Oracle. Not that I haven’t visited Oracle, and they severely need the help.. but I’m sort of on my own and maybe a tiny bit psychic? *There went Leon…! Ms. Grey wouldn’t throw anything at HER, right? Evangeline wasn’t too sure!* -03:26 Jul 11

Ciara: A psychic who doesn’t work for Oracle. *For the love of pixies. This woman was a maniac. Unfortunetly she was a very knowledgable maniac and that was dangerous.* Alright psychic, why don’t you prove it.

Leon: *Grumbling under his breath! Why was he the one who always had to go fetch the drinks?! He sighed softly as he found three glasses and the–Hey, where did the lemonade go?!*

Evangeline: Prove I’m psychic? That’s really not all that easy, you know. I mean, pulling stuff out of thin air is complicated, and some things are better left unknown, and frankly, I think you might run my through with a fencing foil if you didn’t like what I said! -03:30 Jul 11

Ciara: You can prove it, or while Leon is distracted I’ll wrap some curtains around your throat and dangle you out the window.

Leon: *Where in the world–?!* CISSY, DID YOU DRINK ALL THE LEMONADE AGAIN??

Evangeline: *Blink! Well crap! She couldn’t give a reading under that kind of pressure! It was like a mental road block!* If you give me your hand maybe I can pull something from you…? Or Leons! You know, I thi– He took the pitcher in your room while he was trying to get rid of all your sexy clothes. He left it in the closet. -03:36 Jul 11

Ciara: He was doing what now, in my closet? *She marched off to her room to check! Several moments later…* LEON!

Leon: WHAT?! *He finally marched out of the kitchen!* Did you find the pitcher?!

Evangeline: In her closet..! *She whispered loudly to Leon!* Do something unexpected to disarm her! -03:40 Jul 11

Ciara: *Returning with an empty pitcher dangling on one finger, eyes narrowed and looking ready to throw it.* My clothes, Leon. The short little skirts and tight shirts. Why would they be missing?

Leon: Ack! Um … uh … *He started thinking real quick!* Holy crap … *He ruffled his hair in desperation.* I donated them to clothes for the needy!

Evangeline: *A hand to cover her eyes… She couldn’t see it, but just the gesture and sigh was enough! He was mincemeat!* -03:44 Jul 11

Ciara: *Ciara shoved the pitcher in his hands!* Just donated my date clothes, hmm? Instead that whole storage room filled with extra stuff!

Leon: *Barely caught the pitcher!* But you locked it! You told me I couldn’t go there no more after I–after the incident!

Ciara: It seems I’m going to have to put locks on ALL of the doors to keep your mangey paws off everything!

Leon: Awh! Come on! I promise I won’t go into your closet anymore! *He blinked!* Wait … how did you know to look in your closet? You don’t have a date tonight …

Evangeline: A personal GPS system! *She smacked a fist in to her hand, having a sudden revelation! Oh wait… Ms. Grey was about to kill Leon again.* … Oh, I wouldn’t put locks on the doors. He was going to do something sweet for your birthday. -03:51 Jul 11
Leon: Hey! *He blinked!* How did–I never told–! *He looked from Evangeline to Ciara and back again.* -03:52 Jul 11

Ciara: *She rest her hands on her hips… and very immediately made sure to lock her brain up good and tight. Little Miss was psychic after all.* I’m convinced… How well can you do that? Know things about people. Can you read the future? Find people?

Evangeline: *A slap in the face! Ms. Grey blocked her aura very well, Evangeline frowned.* I guess if I don’t tell you, it’s getting dangled out the window again? -03:56 Jul 11

Ciara: *Ciara nodded slowly.* Yes. You’re a very dangerous person, Miss Clark. I’d like to know how dangerous.

Evangeline: *Shifting in her seat, she was tapping her fingers together.* Not dangerous to you at all. In fact I’d be really happy to help, but I do have something important to do myself. The more open and emoting a person is, the easier it is to read for them. The more closed, it’s like hitting a wall. I can’t find people. Well, I can find one person, but that’s not who you’re looking for. And I can’t just tell the future on demand but I can have visions, when they want me to have them. … is that enough? -04:00 Jul 11

Ciara: You shoot your mouth off really well about Leon and I. That’s a lot more than you should be able to do, I believe.

Leon: *Tilted his head slightly.* One person, huh? Who’s that? *He couldn’t help himself. He just had to know.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled wide!* A person doesn’t have to be psychic to feel you and Leon. You’re very extroverted. And.. I really can’t tell you, Leon. I want to, but it’s complicated… -04:06 Jul 11
Leon: … Much like everything else in my life. *He sighed and stood.* Anyways time to make some lunch! *He disappeared into the kitchen with empty pitcher in hand!* -04:06 Jul 11

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t even remotely interested in who the girl was looking for. What she didn’t like was apparently being an open book!* What exactly do you feel about me and Leon, Miss Clark?

Evangeline: *Trap! She senses a trap! Crap, she can’t tell her the truth, that woman wasn’t shy about skewering people!* …he’s your friend. Best friend. You’d never want to see him hurt and you want to snuggle him when he’s a wolf. -04:10 Jul 11

Ciara: I do not want to snuggle him! *Ciara practially hissed! But deeming murder a bad idea, Ciara escaped in to the kitchen!*

Leon: *Blinked! She wanted to snuggle him?!* -04:38 Jul 11

Ciara: *She eyed Leon. Did he hear that..?* I don’t.

Leon: *Knew full well she could beat that into his head. Wolfish, nervous grin!* Lunch is almost ready! -04:41 Jul 11

Ciara: Why’d you have to invite her to lunch. She’s a disaster waiting to happen!

Leon: Because she’s nice and she’s by herself. She looked like she needed the company. *He nodded firmly.* Anyways, you were the one who insisted. -04:45 Jul 11

Ciara: When she spills your secrets we’ll see how nice you think she is. *Ciara grabbed the plates and silverware, giving him a wicked evil look!*

Leon: *Wondered why everything had to be so complicated with Ciara! He finally sighed softly!* I’m not the one going after a master vampire! -04:50 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline was staring off in to space. Actually, looking at the window. Well, not actually looking… but certainly she wasn’t all there at the moment and was off in another world! She seemed to come back to attention when Ciara returned!* Where is 42nd street? -04:50 Jul 11

Ciara: *Ciara paused before setting the table.* …Apparently you’re looking for trouble. That would be several blocks down Main, and somewhere any human should go. Psychic or not.

Ciara: *not any!

Leon: *Poked his head out!* Is the table set? Lunch is ready! -04:53 Jul 11

Ciara: *Just setting down the silverware!* Yes it’s set! Hurry up!

Leon: I’m coming! I’m coming! *He disappeared back into the kitchen to come back out a moment later with a pan of parmesian chicken cutlet–in a casserole! He set it down on the table to go get the side dishes!* -04:55 Jul 11
Evangeline: I would prefer a pet shop or mall, but I don’t think he’s that type. *Evangeline muttered, before twisting her mouth up in a half frown.* When he asks you not to go, you should stay. You may die if you don’t. -04:57 Jul 11

Ciara: Coming from the little blind girl that wants directions to vampire territory. *She served chicken first, waiting for Leon to return with the rest!*

Leon: *Zipped out with the green salad! He’d made it himself–instead of getting those premade ones out of the bag!* I can’t wait to eat! -04:59 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled brightly!* It smells wonderful! The food in London wasn’t exactly five star quality. -05:01 Jul 11
Leon: Thanks! I do love to cook! *He disappeared again and brought out some steaks!* Wow. You’ve been to London before? That’s cool. -05:05 Jul 11
Evangeline: I live there! Lived… well, I guess I still live there, I haven’t sold my flat yet. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here on business. -05:06 Jul 11

Ciara: Miss Clark was just asking directions to that part of town where vampires lurk around every corner. Don’t you think that’s interesting, Leon?

Leon: *Thoughtful.* Hm. Why would you want to go there? -05:07 Jul 11
Evangeline: Business. Ms. Grey understands business… doing something that you know may be dangerous but for a good reason? *That woman was wicked! Trying to use her wolf to discourage her!* -05:12 Jul 11
Leon: Business? By yourself? Over there? That doesn’t seem right, though. You should take someone with you for protection. -05:14 Jul 11

Ciara: It must be some kind of business. To be willing to die horribly via severe bloodless by vampire maiming…

Evangeline: Maiming…? *She might have paled… No, no,… not even maiming was worse than what could happen!* I was thinking about getting a dog. -05:16 Jul 11
Leon: I’m sure there’s another way to do this business of yours, Ms Clark. You know a safer way. -05:17 Jul 11

Ciara: *Ciara was taking a drink, grinning like a chesire cat.* Yes, a young girl shouldn’t be off by herself with vampires.

Evangeline: Now wait a second! I’m an adult, twentysix years old, mind you. And Ms. Grey is only being insistent cause she’s trying to distract you. She is going to get herself killed. -05:19 Jul 11
Leon: *Sideways glance at Ciara.* That is true. You are. I keep telling you to stay away from Anthony and yet you never listen! -05:20 Jul 11

Ciara: I deal with one vampire. I’m not dumb enough to walk in to a whole coven of them, and not be able to see what I’m doing on top of it.

Leon: You’re dealing with a master vampire! He’s worst than a whole bunch of them! -05:22 Jul 11
Evangeline: Yes! He’s really much worse! And you’re not the one that’s going to stop him. You’ve already pushed your luck twice, one more time may be your last. -05:23 Jul 11

Ciara: Is that an official prediction, Mistress Psychic? Am I going to die? *How the hell did this turn back around at her! Now she’s got two busybodies!*

Leon: That’s not a prediction. That’s common sense. I keep telling you Anthony is different. He’s an evil son of a bitch and he’s just screwing with you! -05:27 Jul 11
Evangeline: Death is..well.. If I say for sure, Leon might faint. So maybe you ought to do as he asks. -05:30 Jul 11

Ciara: Hmm. *Ciara tapped her fingers on the table, at least looking like she was considering it.* We’ll see if what happens, won’t we?

Evangeline: *Evangeline shrugged her shoulders… but slowly smiled!* You’re lucky to have Leon. Even if he plans to chew your red shoes. -05:35 Jul 11
Leon: *Sips his drink–* Ack! I wouldn’t chew on her red ones! *He sighed.* I should learn to block myself off or something … -05:36 Jul 11

Ciara: You know.. they say werewolf’s blood can take the stains out of carpet… *She took a bite of her food!*

Leon: *Cough! Cough!* You can’t possible believe those crackpots! -05:39 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline ate her lunch on a contented silence! It was really a comforting place to be, they would do right well if Ms. Grey didn’t die!* -05:40 Jul 11

Ciara: It’s that or I could make cocktails… What was it called. Bloody Wolf Mai Tai?

Leon: … Where is the ASPCA when you need ’em? *Muttered under his breath as he took a steak and started to eat!* -05:42 Jul 11

Ciara: You mean the same ASPCA that’s going to come here looking for the wolf I have chasing rights to set him free in the wild…?

Leon: Uh … On second thought! I never did care for animal rights group anyways! -05:44 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline set down her fork and was giggling in to her napkin!* … I would really love to stay, but I think it’s about time I left. -05:46 Jul 11
Leon: You’re not going to that vampire territory place, are you? Not without protection. Of some sort. -05:47 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Drat! He didn’t forget things easily! Darn Ms. Grey!* I’m a psychic, remember? I’m my own protection! I won’t be there more than a few minutes, I swear. -05:48 Jul 11

Ciara: *For pixie’s sake, that was as transparent as glass…* Are you sure you can’t make business come to you? Seeing as you’re a guest in this hotel, I could make arrangements.

Evangeline: *Evangeline considered it! But, considering how he just walked off before she could even get a word out, and how hard it was catch him, it wouldn’t be very likely.* No, no… I’ve got to go there. But thank you for the offer, anyway. If that would help, I would definitely do it. -05:52 Jul 11
Leon: *She was serious about this!* Well … it is broad daylight … As long as its only for a few minutes … That would be pressing your luck but if you have to go … You have to go. -05:53 Jul 11
Evangeline: *A flash of a grin!* Don’t worry Leon. You’re someone else’s hero! -05:54 Jul 11

Ciara: …Good god. Don’t tell him that. He’ll be worse than usual.

Leon: *Innocent blink!* What …? -05:56 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline stood quickly!* I’m going to be late. Um… Thank you very much for lunch. You’re very nice people and I hope you don’t die. -05:59 Jul 11

Ciara: I… you’re welcome. *Ciara rolled her eyes as she sighed and got up from her chair.* I’ll escort you to the door.

Leon: You’re quite welcome! It was nice to meet you, Ms Clark. Nice and uh … really interesting. *He chuckled softly.* -06:00 Jul 11
Evangeline: Bye…! *She waved to Leon as Ciara took her by the arm. Was Ms. Grey rushing her out the door? She stepped in to the elevator and turned around.* I hope you make the right choice, Ms. Grey. -06:03 Jul 11

Ciara: You already know the answer to that. Be careful, miss psychic. *She closed the doors on her!*

Evangeline: *Yeah, she was really lucky that Leon was around! Evangeline on the other hand didn’t have a wolf. If Ms. Grey didn’t already need him, she might have borrowed him! She returned to her room, having to dig in her suitcase to find her extra cane. With that all settle, it was much easier to get around without worrying about bumping in to someone or something! She called a taxi to get to 42nd street!* -06:08 Jul 11

The taxi came by and sure enough, took her to destination! The man in the turban talked nonstop about the pros and cons of his job as he drove!

Evangeline: *Evangeline cheerfully chatted with the cab driver,a nd was more than happy to give him advice! After all, his wife was pregnant and he did always want to start his own cab company!* -06:11 Jul 11

The driver found it very interesting that the nice young lady would know these things! But when he got to 42nd street, he realized this was a bad part of town. Was she sure she wanted to come here?

Evangeline: Yeah, that’s what everyone asks. Don’t worry, if I get stuck here I’ll just call for a pick up! *A genuine smile!* -06:16 Jul 11

The driver could only shake his head as he was paid and dropped her off. He drove away.

Evangeline: *This place really wasn’t so bad. It was sort of… spooky, but it wasn’t as strong as that warehouse. In fact, she was pretty confident this time around would be much easier. So she followed down the street, feeling for that wall… Turn down this corner…* -06:22 Jul 11

GGGRROOWWWLLLL … The sound of claws raking against steel. Of heavily muscled bodies panting for breath under the sun. And then the sound of nails clicking against cement as the heavily muscled bodies sprung forward!

Evangeline: *Dogs! Maybe she could ge- Wait… that’s not dogs. But, she was going in the right direction! Evangeline pulled that pepperspray out of her pocket, this time it would be useful!* -06:28 Jul 11

An empty clip fell to the ground and was quickly replaced by another one! BANGBANGBANG! The bullets meant to tear holes into flesh–tore holes in the buildings and wood instead!

Evangeline: Ga- *Wait. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to distract him while he was doing what he was doing. Evangeline wisely closed her mouthed, and tip toed over to a wall where she would be out of his way. …. And then she called for him anyway.* Gabriel! I know you’re busy, but I really really have to tell you something! -06:34 Jul 11
Gabriel: *These fleabags were fast! That was when he heard the woman from earlier!* … Not this again. *He raised one arm and blocked a claw swinging at him, then emptied some shots in the unlucky wolf’s chest! Then he grabbed the wolf’s wrist and swung it to knock into a were coming at his side!* -06:38 Jul 11
Evangeline: I wish you were easy to find when you were somewhere that’s not going to get me killed… but I can’t really go home until you listen to me! *She winced! She was pretty sure she heard the bones breaking.* -06:41 Jul 11

THUD! went the two werewolves! The others were coming fast, as intimidating as a line of football players! The one who got to him first tried to bite Gabriel’s head off!

Evangeline: Your head is going to get bitten off. …Why are you even out here! -06:44 Jul 11
Gabriel: I told you before. *Judging where he was going to hit just right, he drew one arm back and did an uppercut so he could fly the werewolf off his feet! CRACK! The werewolf felt that one and went sailing yards away!* I am not the one to give your predictions to. -06:45 Jul 11
Evangeline: I wish that were true considering I’m about to get mauled by a– Oh crap! *As soon as she realized it, she spun around to pepperspray some stalking were in the face! Darn thing snuck up on her!* -06:49 Jul 11

OOOWWHHH!! The were covered its eyes and stepped back. It shook its head and tried to get rid of the burning sensation!

Gabriel: *BANG BANG BANG! Shots for the two weres he’d toppled and the one whose jaw he’d broken! That was enough to send the other weres running off with their tails tucked between their legs. He walked to her.* … Go back to wherever you came from. *And he started walking away again!* -06:53 Jul 11
Evangeline: Wait…! *Her hand shot out to snag the back of his shirt as she stumbled after him.* I can’t go until I tell you! Can’t you stop doing things for fifteen minutes! -06:54 Jul 11
Gabriel: In my line of work, not doing anything means you’re either dying. Or people get killed. *He started to walk away but then he had to stop because she was stumbling after him.* -06:57 Jul 11
Evangeline: *He was not getting away this time, and she had the grip of death on the back of his shirt to make sure.* Lots more people will die if you don’t listen. Scores more. It’s about Anthony Carnatelli. -06:58 Jul 11
Gabriel: *The mention of Anthony–and possibly even the “scores of people dying”–made him stop! He glanced over his shoulder, then turned to face her.* What about him? -07:00 Jul 11
Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! Followed by her releasing his shirt and taking in a deep breath!* Anthony Carnatelli has a sword, a really nasty sword about this big – she held out her hands to measure, once again not being content with her idea of the size of it.* Er, something like that. And it’s already baptised with the blood of an innocent women, ect, ect and now he’s looking a key to open something big. I can’t really tell if it’s a hellgate, or unlimited godly power, but it’s bad and if he does pretty much the entire world is screwed. *She took in another deep breath!* And you’re the only one that can do anything about it, because anyone else that goes after him is just going to die. -07:03 Jul 11
Gabriel: *His face was as unreadable as always!* … Can I escort you home now? *He wasn’t sure if this woman was crazy or not but she’d just described a sword he was well acquainted with.* -07:11 Jul 11
Evangeline: …I’m not kidding. You have to save the world. *… Yeah he thought she was crazy. Evangeline shrugged.* I’m staying at a hotel. -07:14 Jul 11
Gabriel: *Him saving the world. All the crusaders out there like the Oracle and he had to save the world. Well … he had to bring Anthony down, anyways …* Which hotel? -07:17 Jul 11
Evangeline: The Shades. …Don’t you have any questions? Curiosity those “Say, how do you know all this, oh god how can this be?!” sort of comments? -07:18 Jul 11
Gabriel: No. You know about the sword so you’re either a psychic or a medium. And I quit asking how things can be the way they are a long time ago. *Shades. Ciara Grey’s place. The woman who had caught Anthony’s eye.* -07:22 Jul 11
Evangeline: Oh. I guess things really are easier the second time around! *She flicked her cane out and walked around to head for the street!* I’m glad it didn’t take so long. I thought I’d be here a whole week. This should save tons of money. -07:25 Jul 11
Gabriel: … Indeed. *He studied her walking away.* Shades is a 45 minute walk at a brisk pace. *He walked up to her and picked her up.* Hold on. *With her back against one arm and his other arm under her legs, he took off running very, very fast! But just as suddenly as he’d started, he’d stopped.* Shades. -07:29 Jul 11
Evangeline: Wait, whatareyou-!! *Evangeline didn’t even have a chance to yelp! She blinked.* That was… alarming! Don’t do that again! -07:32 Jul 11
Gabriel: *He put her down.* Your room? -07:35 Jul 11
Evangeline: If people were meant to move that fast they’d have rockets for butts.. *She muttered trying to fix her shirt and jacket straight.* Oh, room 202. I don’t need an escort, but thanks anyway. I said what I had to say, so I won’t have to hunt you down anymore. -07:37 Jul 11
Gabriel: I want to make sure. You have a tendency to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Regardless of your purpose there. -07:38 Jul 11
Evangeline: That, my friend, was entirely your own fault! Believe me, if I could have found you taking a nap or having lunch I would have much preffered it. *She led the way in the hotel anyway.* I’ll be on the first flight to London tomorrow morning, so you won’t have to worry. -07:41 Jul 11
Evangeline: Thank you for at least taking a few minutes to listen to me. Don’t forget to save the world. *A wide smile! No one can forget to save the world, that’s kind of funny!* -02:55 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Raised his eyebrow at the woman. He was still trying to figure out just how crazy she was.* … Yes. Safe journey. *And then he was gone in classic Gabriel style!* -02:56 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline did her happy dance.. for about three seconds before she realized, that outside the hotel was not a good place to do that. She perfectly happily headed back to her room! She’d just call the airlines to order her ticket for the morning, and get a good night’s sleep!* -02:58 Jul 12

Everything was just fine and dandy in general with the world! The weather-woman on the TV predicted clear, sunny skies tomorrow and for the rest of the week!

Evangeline: *Safe and sound in her room she dropped on the bed and picked up the phone to call the airlines. Yes! A one way ticket to London. 10am would be just fine!* -03:05 Jul 12

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