Tiffany visits Evangeline’s Dance studio and confuses her. A group of vampires managed to find her and Gabriel drops her off with Dark and Caroline.

The next morning was a nice typical day!

Evangeline: *Evangeline woke at the same time she always did… but she hadn’t slept well last night! Her dreams were sweet, but they were tormenting too! She was headed to work, this time having Meri with her… but her Gabriel was no where to be found! And Evangeline really wanted to talk to him.* -01:03 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She and her giant penguin were keeping a close watch on her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy again! She looked distracted, though, but she held Evangeline’s hand and squeezed it gently!* -01:03 Aug 09
Evangeline: *She looked down and smiled at Meri, even if she didn’t feel quite as chipper as usual.* Don’t worry about me, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! *When they got to the studio, she opened up the doors for them and let Meri in first.* Here, you take our coats and I’ll get all of the blinds open! -01:09 Aug 09
Vlamerias: Okay! *But she wondered if something bad had happened between her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy and her Glaër! It must have, she had woken up in her Mommy’s apartment!* -01:14 Aug 09

Not long they stepped inside, and without even checking to see if they were opened, someone bustled right through the front door. Blond and no doubt wearing a thousand dollar outfit, she was looking around almost disgusted. “Hello? Does this place even have people in it?”

Evangeline: *Sometimes she wondered if she was invisible! Clearing her throat, Evangeline stepped away from the window.* Yes someone is here. I- …. Tiffany? *Yes, she knew this woman! She went to school with her! Miserable woman.* I haven’t seen you in years. -01:17 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She had left her giant penguin on one of the folding chairs to keep watch and taken their coats. The closet was awfully big for a small devil but since her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy wasn’t around, she used magic to help her. Oh, and she pulled the stool out so it looked like she’d used it.* -01:19 Aug 09

“Evie?” Tiffany looked incredibly confused, but she recovered quick! “Years. Don’t be daft. I just saw you not long ago with that husband and daughter of yours. I thought you lived in New York now.”

Evangeline: My husband…? But I’m not married? *Tiffany must have gotten some bad gossip. She always did spread rumors! But… something felt very unsettling.* Anyway, what are you here for? This is my studio. -01:24 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She blinked! She heard voices! She walked out of the closet and found that evil woman from the fair! She walked over to her Momm-who-was-not-her-Mommy and held her hand. She hissed at the mean old woman!* -01:25 Aug 09

“Oh, got a divorce did you? I’m not surprised, I mean you’ve always beena crazy little thing with that fortune telling…” she looked down at Meri and gave a mean little grin. “Poor thing. Do you miss your daddy? I suppose he didn’t want you in the custody hearing.”

Evangeline: Meri is my daughter…? *Evangeline thought maybe Tiffany was playing one of her jokes, but… no, the woman was very serious. She really though Meri was hers and that she was married. It didn’t sound wrong and… and now she couldn’t breathe!* -01:29 Aug 09
Vlamerias: You leave my Mommy and my Glaër out of this, you old witch! *She growled and jumped for Tiffany! She would tear her throat out!* -01:29 Aug 09

“Gods, Evie, don’t have a heart attack. -I- didn’t take my divorce so badl-IIEE!” The little monster was trying to attack her! Tiffany had no problem reaching out to slap a child!

Evangeline: DON’T… you dare! *Trying to catch her breath or not, no one was going to hurt Meri! She was grabbing Tiffany’s hand to push her back and snatching up Meri in her arms!* Get out! -01:32 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She was baring teeth and hissing! She wasn’t afraid to be slapped! A familiar was expected to take some damage but she was going to give as good as she got! With Evangeline’s arms around her, she couldn’t quite pull off the angle necessary to reach the woman’s throat. So she continued to hiss!* -01:34 Aug 09

“Can you SEE? Did you get surgery? What ever! You need to do something about that DEMON child, Evie. I’d hate for someone to go to the hospital for rabies!” Tiffany was leaving in a hurry! Forget what she came here for, this was too juicy not to share. …and she didn’t want to get bitten!

Evangeline: Out! Out! Ooouut! *Evangeline followed Tiffany, almost on her heels until the woman stumbled outside. Then she locked the door behind her! No one was coming in today! Not until she.. until she could think a minute!* -01:37 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She blinked, gulped! She was in trouble now! She was released so her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy could lock the door! She scrambled to get her giant penguin and hugged it tight, almost disappearing behind it. She eyed possible exits that didn’t include POOF!ing!* -01:39 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned against the door, looking at the room around here. This was her studio. She was a dance instructor… right? She was. Right now. …but she knew she did something else before this. Married? And her daughter…! It sounded true, but she couldn’t remember!* Meri. I want to talk to you…! -01:41 Aug 09
Vlamerias: Um … uh … *She gulped! Her Glaër was going to be so angry when he found out about this! He’d worked so hard and now it was falling apart!* -01:43 Aug 09
Evangeline: Meri, please. Are you my… are you my daughter? *This first. Then the other questions! How could she not remember having a daughter?* -01:45 Aug 09
Vlamerias: I’m … I’m not really your daughter … My real Daddy lives far away and I never knew my real Mommy. But you’re as close to a real mother as anyone else could possibly be … -01:46 Aug 09
Evangeline: I am your adopted mother. …or I was? Why don’t you live with me now…? Because I had an accident? -01:48 Aug 09
Vlamerias: You are … you still are … kind of … Something. Something bad happened and I–I can’t tell you anything more! I’m really sorry! It’s just not my place to! *She’d been so close to tears before and now she just started crying, the noise muffled by the giant penguin!* -01:49 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Kind of something. It had to be something so bad… Evangeline moved away from the door to kneel in front of Meri and pull her in to her arms.* Ssshh, don’t cry. I’m not mad… just confused! -01:53 Aug 09

“So this is where you’ve been hiding her …” The door had been locked but now it was suddenly open and a young man with his hair shaved dressed in leather was leaning against the door frame. “Nice one, love. But the cat’s outta the bag.”

Vlamerias: *Sniffle! It was so nice to be hugged by her Mommy again! She looked up at the sound of the man’s voice! His scent said vampire but … he wasn’t the only one here! She glanced around. Why couldn’t she see them? Must be magic!* Get out of here. My Glaër won’t be happy. -01:59 Aug 09
Evangeline: *This wasn’t helping her confusion at all!* We’re closed right now. If you want to come back, you can come back tomorrow. -01:59 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *Hissing, she was breaking away from her Mommy to put her giant penguin down on the floor between them and the stranger! Then she was pulling Evangeline toward the back door away from him!* Come on! -02:03 Aug 09

Get her! *Suddenly the room was filled with men of all shapes and sizes, baring fangs and claws!*

Evangeline: *This was a little alarming! And she didn’t have her umbrella for swinging at them! Evangeline pulled Meri up in to her arms and ran for the back door! When instincts said to run, you run!* -02:07 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *The giant penguin suddenly grows until its head hits the ceiling and begins swatting at vampires and throwing them out of windows and through the doors!* Oh no, I can’t POOF! *She wailed after trying to teleport and being unable to!* -02:08 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Maybe she shouldn’t have looked over her should to see what was going on! Now she was confused AND scared!* We have legs, it’ll be okay! *As soon as she hit the back door, she was fumbling in her pocket for her keys!* …I left my keys in my coat! -02:11 Aug 09

The back door was being forced open from the outside! Those vampires were starting to get up and learning how to evade the giant penguin!

Vlamerias: It’s okay! Let me go and I’ll take care of them! *They were beating up on the poor giant penguin! They’d pay for that!* -02:14 Aug 09

Gabriel: *The back door opened, nearly off its hinges and then someone was pulling Evangeline and Vlamerias out of the studio and into the alley.*

Evangeline: *A loud squeal, she almost thought one of them got her and was swinging a fist to clobber them before they snatched Meri!* -02:18 Aug 09

Gabriel: *He caught Evangeline’s fist in one hand, pulled out his gun with the other and shot a vampire right behind them in between the eyes. Then he moved his gun slightly, shot three more vampires with three consecutive shots.*

Vlamerias: *She opened her eyes when the shots started! That sounded like her Glaër!* Yay, you’re here! *But then she realized he might not be very happy and grew quiet again.* -02:22 Aug 09
Evangeline: Gabriel! *With a gun and- Oh dear, she shouldn’t have looked behind her! She quit looking quick!* They’re going to get Meri..! -02:22 Aug 09

Gabriel: I am sending you both to Dark and Caroline. Close your eyes. *He didn’t wait to see if Evangeline obeyed his instructions. He cast the spell and teleported them to Dark and Caroline. As soon as they were gone, he held his sword in one hand, the gun in the other and dashed into the studio!*

Dark: *Dark was just going to the door to get some pizza when Meri popped up–with Evangeline!* … What the hell. Meri! Evangeline?! The shit hit the fan again, didn’t it.

Vlamerias: *She poked her head up and grinned!* Dark! I had to come back with her! Some vampires came and Glaër brought us back because my magic won’t work! -02:27 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline did close her eyes, and when she opened them again she was seeing Gabriel who didn’t really look like Gabriel and…* …I don’t feel so good. -02:28 Aug 09

Caroline: All right, girl goes in the floor and you come with me. *Caroline took Meri from Evangeline and set her down, before taking Evangeline’s arm to lead her to the sofa. The woman was about to pass out at this rate.*

Dark: *He huffed.* Come on, Meri. You’re probably starving. *He led her to the kitchen to get something.* You want some tea over there? *he asked Evangeline.*

Evangeline: *She shook her head first. Then nodded slowly. Evangeline eyed Caroline before raising a hand to point a finger at her.* I remember you. You are the lady that took me home! -02:32 Aug 09

Dark: Um … How about some of that … Earl Grey Tea? That’s all we got.

Caroline: Yes. …why don’t you tell me what happenned before you arrived here. *Meri said vampires, but Evangeline’s perspective was important. Especially since she knew exactly what Gabriel did last night. He was not the only one who could spy…* Just make the tea, Dark.

Dark: Fine. Fine. *He ducked back into the kitchen to make some tea.*

Vlamerias: Here, Dark! Let me help you! *She knew how to make tea and people said they loved it when she did!* -02:36 Aug 09
Evangeline: Dark. *That’s a very silly name, but she knew it very well. And… Darkness! She knew Darkness too! Ooo, but her head hurt so much. Evangeline wasn’t sure how to explain!* Um… Meri came to work with me and an old Classmate came in. She said things I don’t remember and I and I was trying to ask Meri, but those men showed up and then Gabriel. *All so fast… and that blood! Gunshots and blood! She shifted to lay down on the sofa and pulled her arms over her eyes.* I think there’s dead people in my studio…! -02:38 Aug 09

Caroline: That man is an idiot. *She muttered under her breath. So much for protecting Evangeline from the world… and this isn’t a good way for a woman to be introduced back to it!* When Gabriel returns you can talk to him. …and if he doesn’t we’ll find him. For now, how about a little rest and some tea? You’ll feel better with something in your stomach.

Vlamerias: Your tea is done! *She came and presented her Mommy-who-was-not-her-Mommy her cup of tea!* I’m really sorry this all happened. -02:42 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline sat up so she could take the tea, giving a small smile to Meri… but it didn’t last long. Being so confused was almost painful!* He is my husband, isn’t he…? Tiffany wasn’t lying and I’m married…? -02:44 Aug 09

Dark: Here, Meri. I still got some leftovers. <

Vlamerias: Yay! *She disappeared into the kitchen to eat!* -02:52 Aug 09

Caroline: You are married to Gabriel. And if you wish to know why, you must ask him. *Caroline cast a lopsided smirk.* If I tell you, Dark will be trying to pry my soul of out Gabriel’s hands.

Vlamerias: *He poked his head out of the kitchen.* And look what happened to me the last time we grabbed a soul from him! *He muttered curse words under his breath and disappeared into the kitchen again.* -02:54 Aug 09

Dark: *He poked his head out of the kitchen.* And look what happened to me the last time we grabbed a soul from him! *He muttered curse words under his breath and disappeared into the kitchen again.* <

Caroline: You didn’t have to snatch it from me. I could have kept it myself. *She knew better now, but.. if he was going to pout she’d just remind him again!*

Vlamerias: *She skipped back into the living room with a giant platter and a huge submarine sandwich soaked in chocolate syrup! She grabbed the sandwich and began to devour it!* -02:57 Aug 09

Dark: *He walked out with a pint of ice cream and dropped into a seat!* Sure … Clone of Darkness, remember. Your soul would have been burnt in no time. <

Evangeline: *Married to Gabriel… at least knowing that was comforting and not disturbing! But trying to remember how and why..! Evangeline took a slow sip of tea, watching them banter back and forth. They all knew her very well… why had she been all by herself?* -02:59 Aug 09

Caroline: I am certain I would have made it through without a scar, free to save the universe from moody vampires. *Caroline smirked at Dark, but she was still keeping an eye on Evangeline. Who knew how she would react to all of this. Even an angel had her limits.*

There was a knock on the door! Three times. Pause. Two more times. Pause. One time. That meant it was Gabriel! <

Vlamerias: *She put the empty platter down!* Glaër is back! *She opened the door and squealed with joy when her giant penguin was returned to her. A bit scratched up but still intact!* -03:03 Aug 09

Caroline: Speaking of the King of Darkness… *Caroline rose from her seat to stand behind Meri. But she was blocking the way with a hand on her hip.* What was that order…? Don’t alarm Evangeline?

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Another lecture. It could not be helped. <

Caroline: I’m sure it couldn’t. Or kissing her~! *Those last three words were almost sing-song, but she was wise enough to step aside and get out of the way.* Answer her questions, before I am tempted to.

Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed briefly, flashed red. But there Evangeline was, sitting on the sofa, nursing a cup of tea.* <

Evangeline: *It was a weird feeling to be comfortable and yet awkward with these people! She was sure if she knew what was going on, everything would be all right. …but she was almost afraid to know!* I do get to ask questions, don’t I? -03:11 Aug 09

Gabriel: You do. *He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.* <

Vlamerias: *She made sure to wipe herself clean before she took her stuffed penguin and cuddled with it on the sofa.* -03:14 Aug 09
Evangeline: *She almost had her cup like a shield… even though she really wasn’t afraid. Just nervous!* Why didn’t you want me to be with you…? -03:16 Aug 09

Gabriel: I lost you once but was able to revive you. I did not want you losing your life for me again. <

Evangeline: I died? *That left her with a very cold feeling! But still… not as much as know that he put her somewhere else! Far away from him!* Why can’t I remember? -03:22 Aug 09

Caroline: *This wasn’t a conversation they all needed to witness. …but she half suspected Gabriel might try to escape or erase Evangeline’s memory all over again. So she waited patiently across the room, watching like a hawk!*

Gabriel: *He was still haunted by it. Her cold body in his arms. Light’s laughter in his ears … The world would have been burnt to ash had it not been for Dark and Caroline.* Yes. I locked your memories so you could lead a normal life. To do that, I restored your eyesight and sacrificed your psychic ability. <

Evangeline: You couldn’t ask me what I wanted..? Where I wanted to be? *She could see the pain on his face, unmistakable! And she was very surprised but… but if kissing him before was just a sample of their life, she would never want to lose it!* -03:28 Aug 09
Vlamerias: And have you die again, Evangeline! *He growled!* You married a monster. Gabriel Carnatelli, the vampire who was hunted even before he discovered he was the First Vampire, the Great King and then Darkness itself! I swore to protect you! I bound my life to yours and made you immortal! I left you my familiar every waking moment! I had Caroline and Dark guard you whenever I could not! I created a castle! I defied Light and the balance to protect you! … Everything. It was not enough. I even yielded Darkness’ power and duty. Still. -03:35 Aug 09

Gabriel: And have you die again, Evangeline! *He growled!* You married a monster. Gabriel Carnatelli, the vampire who was hunted even before he discovered he was the First Vampire, the Great King and then Darkness itself! I swore to protect you! I bound my life to yours and made you immortal! I left you my familiar every waking moment! I had Caroline and Dark guard you whenever I could not! I created a castle! I defied Light and the balance to protect you! … Everything. It was not enough. I even yielded Darkness’ power and duty. Still. <

Evangeline: *She wished she could remember how she died! Maybe then she might have better words for arguing back! All she had was what her gut feelings told her!* …but why do any of it and not live with me too! Why have a world or love or anything if we have to suffer through the bad things and not get to be with the people we love! -03:41 Aug 09

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes.* Love demands a price I could not pay in the end. I wanted you to lead a normal life and find normal happiness. Normal humans live long lives, never realizing the danger, ignorant and never having to pay a large sacrifice. Do not tell me you are willing to defy death again for a few minutes of happiness, Evangeline. Death is well and good for you. It means peace. For everything I asked you to become, you were still human, your heart still pure. Death means no such thing for me. I cannot keep reviving you. <

Evangeline: If I died because I love you, then I will do it again. I should be able to choose whether I do or not! I could die a million times if that meant I could live with you. …I don’t understand why you don’t think it’s worth trying… *Would he had let her stay dead and then was miserable for eternity? Or let her live and never speak to her again…? It was too much and now she couldn’t hold back that sudden sniffling! She knew he must have loved her, but..!* -03:59 Aug 09

Gabriel: Don’t say that! *He snarled!* Do not say, you will die a million times! Death is merciful on the one it visits. But what of the loved one left behind! You died in the middle of a fight between Light and I! I held your body in my arms! I begged you not to leave me and you left! I held Light’s soul in my grasp and I would have shattered into a million pieces! I would have sent it to the far corners of the universe and that would still have been too merciful! I love you, Evangeline. That will never pass. But this much I have sworn, if you should die just once more, all of existence will burn. Regardless of who is stupid enough to try and stop me. *Then he turned and disappeared into thin air!* <

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide! Oh no …! Glaër …! But it was too late! He was gone! She sniffled!* -04:09 Aug 09
Evangeline: *He took the last word and somehow she knew he must have done so to her before, just by that anger at him and want to shake him! But he was gone, and she couldn’t figure out how to call him back…! Now she was trying hard to get her sniffling under control!* -04:10 Aug 09
Vlamerias: *She felt so guilty! Her Mommy was going to cry and she felt so bad about having watched! She hid behind the giant penguin!* -04:12 Aug 09

Dark: *Dark gave a silent huff. Then he was moving to stand behind Evangeline and put his hand on her shoulder to squeeze it gently.* <

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t want to emphasize with Gabriel, but it was so impossible not to… She had watched a love die and it was just…. She sighed. This was different, though. Caroline crossed the room to sit on the coffee table. Close but not reaching out. Dark was doing that for her.* ….He does love you. Gabriel is just afraid to lose you again.

Vlamerias: You should rest. Maybe when you feel better … We can find Glaër and talk to him! *It couldn’t possibly end this way! It didn’t end like this in the romantic movies and stories and she would not let it end like this!* -04:17 Aug 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head! Taking in a deep shakey breath, she was barely any better off! Maybe he didn’t love her enough… maybe she was not enough! It made her heart hurt to think that way but…* I don’t know… -04:24 Aug 09

Dark: You can’t think like that. You don’t remember but the two of you have overcome some amazing odds. He needs you, Evangeline. You two still have a hell of a bond. *He turned her around so he could look her in the eyes.* I didn’t want to tell you this but … he’s been bad off. Remember how he told you he was an exterminator? Yeah, don’t worry about how I know that. But it’s true, he is. And he’s real good at it, too. Lately he’s killed without mercy and Caroline has this theory that you are his heart. You’re the one who connects him to his emotions, his ability to feel. You can’t give up. <

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