007 Slave of Thess

[Heinrich is STILL pissed at Rori for the fairy thing, despite being in sight of the gates at Thess…] -11:52 Nov 29
[Rori and her necromancer \”friend\” were finally getting to town. This won\’t be a totally off-track disaster at ALL!] -11:52 Nov 29
Rori: *Rori was wisely being silent… for once! And not because she was giving him the silent treatment, but because he was still damned pissy and she really -really- shouldn’t have blabbered out plot points like that so soon. For the time being she was warily looking around and keeping at his heels, despite the fact her feet was dying and they were probably going to get attacked by assassins.* -11:54 Nov 29
Heinrich: "Right. Thess. Can I trust you to keep your godsbedamned mouth closed and let me do the talking for a change, or do you plan on dragging a razor across our throats again?" -11:56 Nov 29
Rori: I said I was sorry. Did you want me to throw myself on the ground and beg for your forgiveness too, oh infallible one? *She WAS sorry, but she was only going to admit it for so long! She was still so very tempted to seperate and let them both go their own ways! …She clamped her mouth shut before she said anything else!* -11:58 Nov 29
Heinrich: "I would settle for you not trying to get us killed, frankly." -12:01 Nov 30
Rori: Yes, because -I- clearly -want- us to walk straight in to certain death. *Rori glared at him. Temptation to flip him the finger… or throw some more rocks at him. She was never going to say she was sorry again! * -12:02 Nov 30
Heinrich: "You tempt Fate often enough. Now shut up, I have some guards to bribe." He made a shushing motion just as they came into earshot of the town – small city, really – gate. -12:04 Nov 30

The guards in question are quite clearly disreputable, looking as disheveled as they do. And that long, oddly colored dagger that one of them is cleaning his fingernails with can NOT be regulation….. -Heinrich

Rori: *She shushed, but not without making a kicking motion at his rear end when he stepped ahead. Oh yes, she was -definitely- cutting ties with the Bloodfox! There were other heroes in this world. Ones with much more congenial personalities and wouldn’t piss her off so much.* -12:06 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Hello the gate, gentlemen! What’s today’s toll?" The Bloodfox cut right to the chase, without waiting for the standard threat. -12:08 Nov 30

The fellow cleaning his nails looked up, somewhat surprised that whoever this was knew the routine as well as he apparently did. “‘alf a noble for you, an’ one fer the wench. ‘Alf that if’n we c’n ‘ave a time wit’ ‘er, an’ no charge if yer sellin’.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Rori gave a wicked sort of grin. One that suggested she really -really- wanted to say something! But she was being a good girl and keeping it to herself. Crossing her arms and tapping her fingers at her elbows with impatience. …crap, she couldn’t resist.* Like I’d screw around with some toothless halfwit gate keeper… -12:13 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich sighed and put a hand to his face.* "Sadly, I’m not allowed to sell her, and it’s generally considered bad form to kill one’s travelling companions. I’ll pay full price." *He handed over two silver nobles.* -12:16 Nov 30

Dagger chuckled and took the money, waving them through. “I was you, I’d get her a nice strong collar an’ leash. She’ll be a fun one to break.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Oooh, she had a million one liners, so perfect! But could only seem to motion her hands like she was about to strangle the man! Break her… she’ll break HIM in a minute!* -12:19 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich hooked a finger through Rori’s collar and dragged her through the gate before she said – or did – something that would end badly for her, the guards laughing the whole time. When they were safely away from the gate, he let her go.* "Rori, you have no idea how lucky you are that A, I know him, and B, he has a sense of humor." -12:22 Nov 30
Rori: Excuse me if I’m not exactly keen on standing around silent and well behaved while being called someone’s wench! *She at least got the satisfaction of swatting his arm away when he let go, then was trying to straighten out her clothes again.* Now that we’re IN town… You’re fired! Not that you were hired in the first place, but fired anyway! You’re not my babysitter. -12:25 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich stared at Rori incredulously for a moment before shrugging.* "Hokay then. I can buy you off the auction block day after tomorrow." *He turned, whistling, and started off for his favorite inn.* -12:27 Nov 30
Rori: Riiiight, because I’m just THAT stupid! *Rori shouted after him, but didn’t follow. She just rest her hands on her hips and scowled at him as he walked off. Seriously, she wrote this damned world. She should know how to get around it without ending up with a bunch of slavers! …she was totally calling his bluff! Rori glanced around. …First an Inn to stay the night in. There were several and she just had to avoid the bad ones.* -12:29 Nov 30
Heinrich: *She thought he was bluffing, didn’t she? Dammit, untrained mages were EXPENSIVE. Maybe he’d be able to get a deal out of Jekkis? In any case, he walked into the Black Stag, simultaneously the best and most questionable inn in the city, and got himself a room.* -12:32 Nov 30
Rori: *She couldn’t go with somewhere too expensive. She only had a little bit of money in her pockets. But go with somewhere too cheap and then there was that assassin problem. That was going to happen soon whether mister Necromantic Bloodfox wanted to believe her or not. Let him get himself killed! Rori strolled down the street until she found a place in a nice mid range. And a good distance away from his so she wouldn’t run in to him later. She grinned wide at the Innkeeper.* A room please just for me. Upstairs and with no windows if possible…? -12:36 Nov 30

“Ye got gold, missy?” -Heinrich

Rori: I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be charging gold for a room here. I’m not looking for the ritzy treatment. *She gave her best charming smile.. the one she used at coffeeshops when she was trying to get extra whipped cream in her latte.* I’ve got some silver though, that should be about right, yeah? -12:41 Nov 30
Heinrich: The innkeper snorted. "Ten silver nobles’ll get a room on the second floor with a window. Five, just for you, will get you a stretch of floor on the common room. You don’t got either, get the fuck out of my building." -12:43 Nov 30
Heinrich: ((er….that should have been /nar.)) -12:44 Nov 30

The innkeper snorted. “Ten silver nobles’ll get a room on the second floor with a window. Five, just for you, will get you a stretch of floor on the common room. You don’t got either, get the fuck out of my building.” -Rori

Heinrich: ((That works)) -12:47 Nov 30
Rori: Aren’t you a pleasant negotiator! *She responded dryly… Rori thought about it. Affordable yes, but what about later? She’ll have to do something to MAKE money, not to mention having to hire herself a more amiable travel companion. …but sleeping in the common room is a one way ticket to getting herself kidnapped!* Okay, ten for the room with the window. Can I have room service or are ya gonna growl at me some more? *Grumbling under her breath, she pulled out the coins to set on the front table.* -12:47 Nov 30

“It’s yer charming personality.” The inkeeper obviously wasn’t particularly impressed. “You want food, you can eat down in the common room like everyone else. Your room’s upstairs, third on the left.” -Heinrich

Rori: *Casting him an exagerated grin, she left up the stairs! This is what she gets for writing a world filled with difficult characters. Couldn’t make it easy for her heroes could she? Rori found the room easy enough, carefully looking around to make sure she wasn’t walking in to some sort of crazily planned ambush. Once she had the door closed behind her, she was grinning again.* Ha. See, Aurora Borae can get a damned room and handle herself just fine. -12:52 Nov 30

Rori has obviously overlooked the fact that she just paid ten silver for a room with a window and no lock in a city where you can buy literally anything. -Heinrich

Rori: *Now food sounded nice, but damned if she weren’t tired of being on her feet! She could always get a meal in the morning! So Rori dropped her bag on the floor, fell face first in to bed and sighed deep! Sleep was going to be bliss, and this time she wasn’t going to have that pain in the ass waking her up at the crack of dawn!* -12:56 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Meanwhile, just down the hall, a certain pain in the ass was figuring out how he was going to find out which auction block she’d be most likely to be on in the next few days!* -12:58 Nov 30
Rori: *With an entire day of crazyass nonsense, it wasn’t hard for Rori to fall asleep right in the middle of her plotting! She hadn’t even bothered to get undressed, she was too tired to bother getting back up from the bed!* -01:14 Nov 30

Surprise, ‘Dagger’ the guard has a night job! When Rori finally wakes up, she’s naked and collared in a windowless room! -Heinrich

Rori: *Thus when Rori wakes up… she’s startled, surprised… and more than a little pissed off! And naked!* SONOFABITCH. -01:23 Nov 30

‘Dagger’ opens the door and leans against the frame. “Awake, are you? You’re lucky Bloodfox likes you. I could get a good thousand nobles for you even without breaking you first.” -Heinrich

Rori: Well thank you. Always glad to know I’m worth a pretty penny.* She growled through her teeth. It would have been nice to jump up and strangle him to death but she was too busy trying to cover up her naughty bits!* …can I get some clothes, or am I going to be paraded around in the nude like a freshly plucked chicken?! -01:28 Nov 30

Dagger laughed. “You’ve got spirit. I like that. The spirited ones are always the most fun to break. But no. Either Bloodfox is going to buy you off me, in which case I don’t give a damn what he does with you, or I’m going to break you and put you up for sale. Probably on the pleasure block. You’re the right quality for it.” -Heinrich

Rori: Pleasure block? Oh great! Just what mother always wanted! Her little girl all grown up as a sex mistress! *Rori was trying not to glare. Why make it worse? Would be so easy to throw back some witty retorts about how she’s not gonna be tamed or someone’s pet and all that crap. …Goddamnit that man is going to be so freaking smug when he shows up!* …Seriously, can I get some clothes? -01:38 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Nope. I like the view. Besides, it’ll make for a quicker start if Bloodfox doesn’t decide to buy you." -01:41 Nov 30

“Nope. I like the view. Besides, it’ll make for a quicker start if Bloodfox doesn’t decide to buy you.” -Heinrich

Rori: Fabulous. I’ll just sit here and look pretty, then. *…now would be a really good moment to actually know how to cast magic. She had done it before, hadn’t she? Now if she could be less self concious of being stared at and try to think of a good escape plan!* … how about getting me some breakfast? I skipped dinner last night! -01:45 Nov 30
Heinrich: *Heinrich chose that moment to step up behind Dagger.* "And you slept in an unlocked room in a city known for slavers. You’re just full of bad ideas today, Rori. I’ll take her off your hands, Razorleaf. Three hundred nobles?" -01:48 Nov 30

“And twelve copper bits for the collar.” -Heinrich

Rori: Yet I had a great night’s sleep. Imagine that. *She so wasn’t going to huddle around like some mouse! Rori stood, naked or not, as proud as any goddess could be to rest her hands on her hips.* No pet names for me today, master? -01:50 Nov 30
Heinrich: "I’m in the middle of buying you, Princess." *He handed over the three hundred nobles and chance to Razorleaf* "I thought it would be in bad taste. However, since you brought it up…." -01:53 Nov 30

Razorleaf chuckled, counting out his money. “Her clothes an’ a leash are in the chest behind you, Bloodfox. Have fun!” He mock saluted and left the room. -Heinrich

Rori: Jackass… *She muttered under her breath. Still, her hands were on her hips and she was going to continue looking as superior as possible, despite the whole mess. Like fucking hell she was going to apologize for this. He never accepted her last damn apology!* I suppose you’re going to leash me and drag me across the continent now. -01:57 Nov 30
Heinrich: "Nope. Not much point to that. I’d free you and be done with it, actually, if it weren’t for the fact that Razor’s collars don’t come off." -02:00 Nov 30
Rori: *A small hiss through her teeth. Doesn’t come off. Great.* …Okay. I can live with that. A fun new accessory. …Can I get my clothes, master? Or do you prefer your new little slave just like this? -02:02 Nov 30
Heinrich: "No need to be so sarcastic, Princess. It’s a good thing I came to talk to Razor, otherwise you’d be naked and chained in some merchant’s bedchamber this time tommorow." *He retrieved her clothes from the chest.* -02:10 Nov 30
Heinrich: "I found a job that’ll take us to Makrit -and- pay us a decent amount, incidentally. How do you feel about escorting slaves?" -02:11 Nov 30
Rori: You’re right, obviously. *Rori was going to go on with her little speech… Admitting how right he was, how wrong she was, and how she might as well just be the quintessential damsel of this stupid story. …but then he changed the subject and she gladly jumped on it!* Not keen on escorting people after being collared myself, but we might as well make the money back you spent on your new little pet, right? *Refraining from snatching her clothes back, she did at least get dressed as quickly as possible! Who knew clothes could feel so good!* -02:14 Nov 30
Heinrich: *He sighed. He was never going to hear the end of this.* "You’re going to needle me about this for a long time, aren’t you? Anyways, we’ll actually come out about three thousand ahead, believe it or not, which is enough to hire us some decent sellswords." -02:19 Nov 30
Heinrich: ((And it’s about time for me to head off to bed….)) -02:19 Nov 30
Rori: (me too! until the next time then! >:D ) -02:20 Nov 30
[Heinrich logged out of the chat.] -((02:20 Nov 30))
[Rori logged out of the chat.] -((02:21 Nov 30))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:21 Nov 30
[Heinrich enters.] -12:41 Dec 01
[Rori is a pleasant little slave girl! Really!] -12:42 Dec 01

Later in the afternoon, they were well on their way to Makrit. There we at least three other people as part of the “escort” group, most of them looking like ginormous brutes that could crush a person’s head between two fingers. And, of course, the owner of the batch of slaves. An older woman, but attractive… and obviously making a fortune on human trade. -Rori

Rori: *Rori thought this was a real shitty way to make a buck. It was inciting her need to smite down evil, right wrongs and rescue helpless civilians. But no. There was a collar around her neck, and frankly her moral was at an all time low. On the bright side, it seemed to be tweaking the Necromancer real good every time she was sugarsweet, perky, and calling him master. It made it a little better.* Oh, master, isn’t this a delightful day? Do you suppose when we stop for the night you can see me loose so I can frolick? -12:48 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Heinrich snorted.* At this point, I’m considering it. Just to see if you’ll actually do it. -12:50 Dec 01
Rori: I’ll frolick naked and covered in butter if you ask master. Aaaanything for you, master. *Alright, maybe she wouldn’t make good on that promise. Anything was a lot of things.* -12:52 Dec 01
Heinrich: Naked and covered in butter. Really. I’ll have to remember that. In the mean time, have you figured out how to locate other magic users yet? -12:53 Dec 01
Rori: Hmm? *That paused her temporary torment of him. Rori thought it over before giving a light shrug of her shoulders.* It’s not like I can flip a switch an realize how to do everything. I know how it’s done I just don’t know how it’s done. *It was impossible to explain. ..but it wasn’t like he ever listened to what she had to say.* You could try being helpful and actually teach me things instead of being a pain in the ass. -12:57 Dec 01
Heinrich: It’s the first trick that most mages figure out on thier own, Rori, which is why I asked, and it’s different for everyone. I feel their life-force, I know a woman who smells other mages…..hell, I know a warlock who swears he can use his dick as a dowsing rod for mages. -01:02 Dec 01
Rori: Well, that gave me a lovely mental image, thank you. *Her dry response was followed by her crossing her arms and scowling.* I’m not exactly like everyone else in the world, have we forgot? I’m not even from this world! -01:07 Dec 01
Heinrich: You could just try, Rori. No need to be stubborn about it. Hell, it might even work. -01:10 Dec 01
Heinrich: Do whatever makes the most sense to you. -01:10 Dec 01
Rori: You don’t want to know what makes the most sense to me. *…it doesn’t even make sense to herself! It was like gaydar!* …fine! Whatever you say, master. I will make the effort to use my magedar. -01:11 Dec 01
Heinrich: I have no idea what you mean by that, but by all means. -01:14 Dec 01
Rori: Any other instructions for your dutiful slave? Carry your cloak? Make faces at the jerk over there poking innocent people with a stick? *If ever she wanted to do something wild, it was right now! Have the necromancer steal everyone’s souls and run away with the goods. It’d be a perfect scene! ….if she weren’t likely to end up chain in a box somewhere. Rori was brooding again.* -01:17 Dec 01

Speaker of the man poking at slaves with a stick, the older woman trotted by and swatted him with a horsewhip. “Enough of that. We will stop for a brief break. Then we continue to Makrit. Let my dears out of their cage to stretch their legs, Brutus.” -Rori

Heinrich: I’m certain Valeia can keep Brutus in line, Princess. Stop being so damned melodramatic. -01:20 Dec 01
Rori: Of course, master! I will immediately stop being so melodramatic! *And her "stopping" involved casting him a huge forced smile.* -01:23 Dec 01
Heinrich: That’s more melodramatic, Princess, not less. -01:23 Dec 01
Rori: Forgive me, it’s so hard for us poor slaves to meet such magnificent expectations of the mastering class. *Instead of a forced smile, now it was much more cheeky. He was probably about four more ‘masters’ away from snapping.* -01:25 Dec 01

A pair of hefty hands clamped down on Rori’s shoulders and squeezed. One of the other escorts, Gilhel, the guy missing an eye, was now scowling down and looking unapproving. “Pidgen has a nasty little mouth… A good beating might temper those words…” -Rori

Rori: Sure, I could use a good beating! It’s not like life is getting any better at this rate. *There was no wisdom in sassing a big giant slave bodyguard, but maybe SHE was about to crack with any more of this master business too!* -01:30 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Heinrich raised an eyebrow.* Princess, shut up. Gilhel, thank you for the offer, but I’m perfectly capable of tortures far more effective than you can manage, if I find it necessary. No offense. -01:31 Dec 01

“Sure, are you? The little pidgen seems to be begging for it..” Although now, that single eye was looking down and wondering if this might have been some sort of master-slave game. He wasn not above playing games himself, and was still squeezing Rori’s shoulders as a warning! -Rori

Rori: Ow, ow… seriously, ow. *In a second she was going to be on her knees, but for now she was trying to pry those fingers off before she ended up with broken bones!* …I take it back! I’m perfect find NOT being beaten! -01:36 Dec 01
Heinrich: She does, doesn’t she? That, however, is because she has a rather annoying habit of actively ignoring her common sense. I’ll break her of it eventually. -01:37 Dec 01

Gilhel finally release. Giving a shrug as he walked back to the cage to mind the other slaves as they got their exercise. Valeia seemed to be watching the entire altercation, but hadn’t deemed it worthy to walk over. …yet! -Rori

Rori: *Rori flexed her shoulders and tried to rub the feeling back with her hands. ..Damn that guy was strong. Of course, there her dear new master had to talk about breaking her too. Those previous eggagerated expressions vanish and now she was trying not to look upset as she turned around to head for one of the trees and have a seat.* I am the world’s to be molded, yes, wonderful. -01:42 Dec 01
Heinrich: You know, if you didn’t try so hard at being inflexible, you’d have far fewer problems. -01:47 Dec 01
Rori: You have NO idea what I’m thinking right now, so don’t even try to give me your wise old magicy guy hero advice! I’m done. I’m going to sit here under this tree until it’s time to move again. *Thus, she plopped on the ground, crossed her legs and sat. She was almost wishing he had bought her back in the morning, which was pretty stupid. She knew it was. …but she couldn’t keep a grasp of herself!* -01:51 Dec 01
Heinrich: I’m not pretending to be ‘old and wise.’ I’m an individual who’s been around the block a few times. I’m trying to teach you lessons I had to learn the hard way. -01:53 Dec 01
Rori: Maybe I don’t want to learn lessons! I might just want to go home or be nice and safe somewhere without being worried that every thing I do is going to land me dead or kidnapped and then not have some asshole say I told you so and made me feel stupid every ten minutes! *Argh! There went keeping her comments to herself! Rori fell backwards on the ground. She was making a scene with an asshat and a bunch of slavers. Day couldn’t get worse!* -01:56 Dec 01
Heinrich: Well, at least you’re less likely to get kidnapped now. Seriously, who’s stupid enough to steal an assassin’s slave? -01:57 Dec 01

Suddenly, there was a scream! Slaves were starting to scatter as Brutus and Gihel were charging towards Valeia, who seemed to be now laying bleeding on the ground. The third guard that was supposed to be working with them was holding a bloody sword. …a betrayal! -Rori

Heinrich: *Heinrich spun on his heel, swearing softly. He summoned his favored mist, which reached up and appropriated the third guard’s sword.* Rori, disable Gihel. I don’t care how you do it. -02:02 Dec 01
Rori: *Rori sat up fast and was on her feet.* You want me to do what with HIM? *He was already off to save the day, and now Rori was cursing her stupid wishing that they could have killed people and freed the slaves. …it wasn’t happening because she thought it, was it?* Crap damnit… Heeeey Gilhel! Yoohoo! I’ve decided I want that beating, after all! -02:04 Dec 01
Heinrich: *A twist of magic, aaaand….guard number three was trying to breathe out of a rather large hole in his throat.* You’re a MAGE, Rori! Think like one! -02:06 Dec 01

The third guard dropped to the ground like a sack of potatos. Brutus himself also had one hella big axe. Which he didn’t hesitate to start swinging when Ric came within distance! Meanwhile Gilhel was more than happy to come charging at Rori. He’d been looking forward to shutting up that dirty mouth all day! -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric pulled his knives in response, contorting himself around Brutus’ swings to dart in for shallow, painful cuts. Yes, he was playing with the man. He was hoping to Rori would use her common sense for a change and do something that made sense.* -02:09 Dec 01
Rori: You’re telling a writer who is the avatar of a goddess to think like a damn mage!? *Oh hell, she was going to get ran over! Rori dashed behind the tree, wait… tree! Without even thinking about what she was doing she motioned her hands at the tree like she was making it bend. Low and behold the thing really did! Bending low and then crashing in to Gilhel, sending him flying a good hundred feet off in to the forest. Rori, though, wasn’t seeing a thing as she was covering her head and waiting to get her bones broken!* -02:10 Dec 01

Brutus was one tough man, cuts or not, it didn’t seem to phase him! He just kept swinging, side stepping, and trying to lop off the necromancer’s head! Gilhel was far off in the distance, stuggling to get back up! -Rori

Heinrich: Think like an author, then! What would you write a mage doing? *He darted in again and severed one of Brutus’ achilles tendons and stepped back out of range, sparing a glance at Rori.* Never mind. That seems to have been fairly effective. -02:13 Dec 01
Rori: I don’t like being dizzy! *Of course the phrase didn’t make sense, considering she hadn’t announced she was feeling pretty light headed now… Between adrenaline and whatever the hell she just did, it wasn’t agreeing with her. She opened one eye to take a peek.* … He’s getting back up. -02:17 Dec 01

Brutus was on the ground, struggling to reach out for the necromancer. Gilhel on the otherhand was smarter than that. He pulled out a crossbow, aimed, and shot several bolts of towards the woman and Ric! -Rori

Heinrich: Well, then restrain him. Or kill him, if you’re particularly irritated and not in the mood to ask questions. -02:19 Dec 01
Heinrich: *Ric, not eager to repeat that particular experience, gestured and used the mist to pull Brutus up as a human shield for both of them!* -02:20 Dec 01
Rori: I don’t want to KILL anyone! *Rori was now behind the try again, trying to catch her breath and avoid panicking any worse than she was already doing. Sure it was easy for HIM to say so, he was used to dead things!* Just…ugh! *Rori peeked out from around the tree. Gilhel was trying to reload. She reached out a hand, and like she was grabbing on to his closed, she jerked her hand up. His shirt pulled up, and with another movement, she was yanking it over is head!* You do it! -02:22 Dec 01
Heinrich: Fine. But you’re going to need to work on it eventually, and I really do need to see to Valeia. *He gestured, and the mist grabbed Gilhel’s arms and painfully twisted them behind his back with a splintering CRACK!* -02:25 Dec 01
Rori: *Rori cringed as Gilhel screamed in the distance. It was an eerie sound to hear such a huge man screaming in pain like that. It seemed to be enough, though, the man wasn’t making any other movements to come at them.* Not everyone was meant to kill people, you know. *She muttered almost too soft for him to hear.* See to Valeia, then. -02:30 Dec 01
Heinrich: You’ve known for some time that I’m not a nice person, Rori. *He released the mist’s hold on Gilhel and moved to kneel over Valeia, quietly assessing her wounds and muttering a necromantic healing spell.* -02:33 Dec 01

Valeia had been lucky, her wounds were bad but with a little healing they weren’t deadly. As she tried to sit up, she was waving the necromancer aside. Valeia was a tough old broad! “Your Princess was not speaking of your own habits, Bloodfox. …though aren’t we glad you are so good at what you do? Instead of dead traitors, we would have the bodies of my helpful little friends.” Speaking of her friends, those slaves that ran off previously had returned. None of which looked so slave-like now that the three men were dead or as good as dead. -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric raised an eyebrow at the "slaves’" sudden change of demeanor.* Somehow I get the feeling I should have looked into this job just a little more carefully. Retirement must have gotten to me. -02:41 Dec 01
Rori: Friends? *Rori leaned to watch… more than a little curious to see why ANY slave would bother coming back.* What’s this, the never-wrong ever observant Bloodfox didn’t know the whole story? -02:42 Dec 01
Heinrich: Like I said, I must be slipping. -02:45 Dec 01

With the help of one of the others Valeia shakily rose to her feet. Her amusement smile could almost be considered beautiful if it weren’t marred with the occasional wince. “Aye. Did you believe everyone in Thess sold slaves? Some of us are in the rescue business. Those three men were cheating and killing all they could. You will of course forgive us for the deception? With the full agreed upon payment for your aid…? -Rori

Rori: *…suddenly she felt much less bitter and brooding about the world! Knowing that there were secret undercover slave rescuers made it all seem so much less dire. Rori even smiled, though she wasn’t stepping out from the safty of the tree.* I couldn’t have planned such a story better myself. -02:49 Dec 01
Heinrich: Given that I received word of your job through one of my less reputable sources in that particular town, I feel perfectly justified in thinking I had the pertinent information. *He made a flicking gesture, and Gilhel’s arm bones were driven through his skull as the mist began to dissipate.* -02:50 Dec 01

Valeia gestured for her people to handle the bodies and the cage. While she leaned on one for support, she pulled a pretty hefty bag from her cloak and offered it to Ric. “Your payment, all that was promised. Might I offer a piece of advice for you and your Princess?” -Rori

Heinrich: *Ric took the bag without checking it.* Certainly. -02:55 Dec 01

“A woman called princess should be treated as such. A man called master should be respected as such. You may find life much more agreeable.” Valeia snapped her fingers and beckoned for her people to head back to Thess with their traitor’s bodies in tow. “Until we meet again, Bloodfox!” -Rori

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