007 Trapped In the City

Evangeline is trying to return to London. She books a plane ticket and arrives at the airport to find out all flights have been canceled due to “unforeseen weather”. She thought she would wait it out until later, when people start running and screaming in terror! Evangeline pulls her luggage in to a bathroom to hide. A beast followed her inside then BANG. Gabriel appears and kills it. He tells her to wait while he goes off to take care of the problem. On the roof he finds “Eugene The Great” and takes care of him with sock to the gut. When he returns to Evangeline she swung her cane accidentally knocking out Eugene slung over Gabriel’s shoulder. Gabriel leaves when the Oracle Organization arrives.

Realizing she should just take the train to the next town and hop a plane there, Evangeline hails a taxi and heads for the train station. She gets her ticket, boards the train… only for it to be immediately evacuated with an unclear reason. Evangeline gives up trying to travel out of the city for the day, and heads to the park to clear her head. She falls asleep.

  1. Anthony has heard about this psychic and prevents her from leaving town before he can see her.
  2. Gabriel is there to deal with the ‘problem’ there, and finds Evangeline’s behavior curious.

Evangeline gets some much-needed rest and morning comes along, bright and sunny! A perfect day for a flight!

Evangeline: *Evangeline checked out bright and early, dragging her suitcase out to the curb waiting for her airport taxi! It’ll be so nice to get back home!* -03:13 Jul 12

Here’s the taxi! The driver put Evangeline’s suitcase into the trunk, stood by in case she needed help inside, and then drove her to the airport! The ride was an uneventful one.

Evangeline: *This trip was a real mess. Not like when she took a flight to Brazil and had to tell this weird old man that if he didn’t stop eating those weird plans he’s going to maim his entire village. …Why didn’t local psychics ever pick this stuff up? Was there psychics from the otherside of the world always having to go to London? Oh well, there’s the airport!* -03:20 Jul 12

The taxi arrived at the airport and the driver helped her out! How odd! Where had those dark clouds come from? It didn’t help that there was a strange wind blowing.

Evangeline: *All that fancy equiptment and those weather people still can’t predict the weather! She paid her cab fare and drug her suitcase behind her, politely asking directions when she needed to until she found the checkin counter!* Evangeline Clark to pickup my ticket. -03:25 Jul 12

The woman behind the counter started looking up something on the computer. “Yes, yes, of course.” A few minutes later, Evangeline was given her ticket and wished a safe journey home.

Evangeline: *Evangeline yawned, dragging along her suitcase for the correct gate… Once they took off she could take a nap. Waking up early, no matter how easy was never fun!* -03:31 Jul 12

Just as Evangeline sat down, there was the rumble of thunder and people whispering about how bad the weather has gotten in such a short time!

Evangeline: *The weather was kind of strange… there wasn’t even any pressure fronts moving in for another few days. And it was way too soon for the end of the world! Well, at least Anthony Carnatelli’s version. Maybe someone else was dooming the earth today. Just incase she still had her pepperspray if demons rose up to devour mankind.* -03:35 Jul 12

A voice spoke over the thunder on the PA system. “Attention! We regret to inform you no flights will be flying in or out of the airport at this time due to strange weather beyond our understanding. So, until further notice, all flights are grounded and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.”

Evangeline: *How frustrating! She blew her hair out of her face. They were probably getting pressured by saftey wackos. How long would delays be anyway? A couple hours? She could sit around and wait for a few, but more than that and her butt would fall asleep! Evangeline drug herself to one of the help desks!* I don’t mind waiting, but how long are the delays? Would it be a good idea to switch my flight to tomorrow? -03:46 Jul 12

The man behind the counter looked something up on his computer. He said he wasn’t sure when the flights would be available but … he can switch the flight to tomorrow to be on the safe side. If the flights were still grounded by tomorrow morning, the airlines would give her a call at wherever she was staying.

Evangeline: *Argh! How inconveniant! Luckily this didn’t happen on the way here, or the world would be doomed already!* Okay, I’ll just cancel my ticket… I don’t have a room anymore… I’ll just get a new ticket when the planes are moving again. -03:56 Jul 12

The man nodded and was just cancelling her ticket when the lights flickered and there was a very loud clap of thunder! It sounded like it was right over the airport! Then there was a crash and all hell broke loose as people started screaming and panicking as they ran.

Evangeline: *This was not the place she wanted to be stuck when something bad happened! Evangeline pulled her suitcase behind her to find a nice safe corner away from stampeding people! Maybe it was a plane crash! That’d be horrible!* -04:03 Jul 12

A man nearby stopped one of the panicked people. He demanded to know what was wrong, why everyone was running. “These–these things! They’re–they’re coming this way!” the person gasped before he broke away to run.

Evangeline: …things? *Yep! End of the world! It wasn’t HER end of the world though… no visions, no impressions… just an alarming sense of "run away!" of which she intended to do! Her hand brushed over a sign on a door. Bathroom…perfect! She pulled her suitacase inside to hide!* -04:07 Jul 12

No one thought to hide in the bathroom so it was perfectly empty! And the walls were so thick, you couldn’t hear a thing outside!

Evangeline: *Rolling her suitcase to the far wall, she set it on it’s side and sat down. This was probably pretty bad. Unless maybe it was just an exageration? It could have been a whole bunch of rats loose… Surely she would know if the world was ending. It’d be nice to know, much longer and she’d be as scared as those people out there!* -04:15 Jul 12

The door to the bathroom burst open! There was the sound of nails clicking on tile and the heavy breathing of something big! It was getting closer to where Evangeline was!

Evangeline: Uh… crap. *She climbed on top of her suitcase! …which really wasn’t near high enough!* Nice security dog possible were or rabid animal, giant rat… *She straighted her cane and prepared to start thwacking!* -04:21 Jul 12

The claws stopped! Hot breath on her face! Then growling and what could only be the sound of saliva dropping to the floor and … making a sizzling noise?!

Evangeline: *Evangeline got comfortable with the idea that she was about to be devoured and die! Well, at least she did her one last good deed! ….She tried nudging it away with her cane!* -04:28 Jul 12

Something was shoved away! Unfortunately it didn’t like that; it only made it mad! It growled louder and–BANG! A cry from the creature! THUD!

Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped! She never really thought people could go out with a bang! …Oh wait, she wasn’t the one was she. She scrambled quickly to her feet to pull up her suitcase – bathrooms were not safe places to hide! Lesson learned!* Thank you, thank you, thank you…! -04:31 Jul 12
Gabriel: … I find it somewhat amusing that you would use your cane to push the creature away. Rather than defend yourself. -04:34 Jul 12
Evangeline: Gabriel? *Evangeline paused. She didn’t mean to sound so surprised.* It hadn’t attacked yet, I didn’t want to look threatening… -04:36 Jul 12
Gabriel: I see. *He paused.* Perhaps there is merit to your visions yet. Stay here. *And then he was gone again!* -04:41 Jul 12

Outside the dog-like demons were running amok! They vaguely resembled dogs but they had six legs instead of four, tusks, and bristles instead of fur. Their eyes were red and they had scorpion tails filled with poison to paralyze their victims to keep them still long enough to be devoured. At the moment, they were too busy devouring to notice Gabriel.

Evangeline: *That meant, ‘You’re an idiot.’ in manspeak. Evangeline blinked.* ..wait…! *Alone in the bathroom again… Hopefully she wasn’t being used as bait. She was sure she couldn’t do that!* -04:43 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Ran forward to each of the dog demons, so quickly, his body blurred. He didn’t even stop to shoot! He just ran through and picked them off one by one! By the time, he was through the dog demons in this part of the airport were dead and he was looking around for his real quarry.* -04:47 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline decided that prologue exposure to the music they played in airport bathrooms would drive anyone mad. She pulled her suitcase over to the door and set her ear against it, hoping maybe she’d hear something.* -04:52 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Not here. He glanced up at the clock. He had … three minutes left before those fools from Oracle showed up. Plenty of time. If he was a male witch who had just summoned a pack of dog demons from hell and wanted to show the world his power, where would he be …? It didn’t take long for the answer to come to him and then he took off!* -04:55 Jul 12

There was nothing but silence! No growling, no screaming … Nothing. Not even the sounds of Gabriel shooting things!

“Tremble, world! Before the might of Eugene the Great!” The thin man in the dark red robes embroidered with silver occult symbols laughed on the airport roof, next to the tower! “Today, dog demons! Tomorrow the world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!”

Evangeline: *Crap! What if he died before he saved the world! Was there a backup plan in case the world saver died in a none world-saving related incident? Well, she wasn’t going to stand around and let the world be doomed. She cracked open the door, listening again before she and her suitcase snuck out.* -04:59 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Got to the roof of the airport to find the idiot behind this mess laughing his head off! Ah well, all crackpots were the same. He could take him out now but … he was more misguided than evil. And of course, still human. So imagine Eugene’s surprise when he was confronted by a stranger armed with nothing more than a toothpick in his mouth!* -05:04 Jul 12

Eugene was expecting a whole lot more than that! This guy looked tough but a toothpick?! “You have some nerve confronting me with only a toothpick! How dare you question my power!” He threw his arms up to the sky. “I will unleash my fury upon you and make an example to all!” Lightning cracked across the sky! It started to rain very hard!

Gabriel: *Picked his teeth and watched as it began to rain! He wasn’t too fond of rain. Or of snow either. He suddenly ran forward and slammed his fist into Eugene’s gut! He watched Eugene double over, eyes bulging, breath knocked out of him! With his other hand, he picked his teeth again and released Eugene who fell at his feet.* … Who said anything about beating you with a toothpick. -05:16 Jul 12
Evangeline: *She realized quickly, once you were done telling someone what they needed to know, finding them wasn’t so easy anymore. Evangeline stopped somewhere in a big empty lobby, rest the hand with her cane on her hip. …If she called for him, would she call a bunch a trouble too? * -05:17 Jul 12

The sound of footsteps, wet footsteps, approaching!

Evangeline: *This time she wasn’t going to wait and be eaten, she waited until those footsteps were close enough and she swing her cane with all her might!* -05:23 Jul 12

THWACK! Evangeline’s cane hit home with such force it might have cracked something!

Evangeline: *…She hoped that wasn’t her cane! It was the only one she had left! She pulled it back to make sure!* -05:26 Jul 12

Nope! The cane was perfectly fine! Then what–“Ooohhhhhhhhh …” someone groaned. It looked like Evangeline had cracked something after all–someone’s head!

Evangeline: Oh crap…! You’re not a perfectly innocent bystander are you?! I thought it was another one of those monster things..! *She moved quickly to the voice to make sure she didn’t crack their head open!* -05:31 Jul 12
Gabriel: … My thanks. Perhaps that will have knocked some sense into him. *He adjusted Eugene over his shoulder.* -05:32 Jul 12
Evangeline: I didn’t kill him did I? I really didn’t think I swung it that hard! -05:33 Jul 12
Gabriel: No. He is very much alive. The same cannot be said for his newfound pets. However, the hex cast here will take some time to dispell. You may be here for awhile. -05:35 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned… he didn’t have to remind her.* I already cancelled my ticket… now I have to find a new hotel too. Maybe I ought to hit him again. -05:36 Jul 12
Gabriel: By all means. *He paused. He glanced up at the clock.* The Oracle is here. *He deposited the unconscious, nicely tied up Eugene on the floor none too gently!* Good luck. -05:50 Jul 12
Gabriel: *And then he was gone! Again!* -05:50 Jul 12
Evangeline: Just sort of poofs like a pixie. No wonder he was so ha-… The train! I can take the train! *Evangeline hoped up and down and clapped her hands before snagging her suitcase to once again drag behind her! A train to the next city with an airport, and she’ll just take off from there! She always loved trains, it would be fun!!* -05:52 Jul 12

True to timing, the Oracle arrived! The agents did their official business–whatever the hell that was–and the hunters, all heavily armed, fanned out in the airport to find only dead dog demons and one unconscious male witch!

Evangeline: Will someone show me the direction to the door…? *Evangeline, go the impression that she was being stared at like a mad woman. Did they think she-* Oh, no, no. no.. I didn’t do this. Gabriel did this. But, I need to catch a train, so where is the door? -05:58 Jul 12

Gabriel! Of course! Someone helped Evangeline to the door and hailed her a taxi! Everyone else started cleaning up the mess, mumbling about being hunters not janitors!

Evangeline: *Really, Oracle seriously needed someone smarter incharge or better trainers for their men. Those guys weren’t very bright at all! At this rate, if she didn’t get out of town, she was going to be killed in some crazy underworld crossfire!* Train station please! -06:03 Jul 12

The taxi driver nodded and drove off to the train station! Nothing happened on the way there! The driver helped Evangeline out and then helped her with her suitcase!

Evangeline: *Paying another cab driver… Thank goodness for really high credit limits! Next trip she takes, she’s going to pack a lot less. Pulling her case behind her again to the ticket counter.* What is the closest city you have trains to, that has an international airport? -06:09 Jul 12

The man behind the ticket counter looked the information up. “Eh … Syracruse. About an hours ride on the train.”

Evangeline: Great! One ticket please! *Only an hour, that wasn’t bad at all! She could be on a plane by this evening!* -06:18 Jul 12

In no time at all, Evangeline had a ticket and it was just her luck, it was time to board!

Evangeline: *Crap! She wasn’t going to miss this one! She nearly rushed too quickly and sent herself tripping on to the tracks! Whew.. that would have been a disaster. On board she found herself a nice seat somewhere and stashed her suitcase under it!* -06:28 Jul 12

The train began to fill up! The conductor waited for any stragglers! Everything was ready to go! But now, everyone is being evacuated off the train! Something about a dangerous chemical or … a fuel leak … The story varied!

Evangeline: …That’s it! I give up! *She shouted as she stood up! Evangeline was clearly angry as she drug her suitcase back out and left the train. Did she forget something important? She told Gabriel everything she had to tell him! Maybe she just caught a low flying curse? Well fine! Today was a bad day to travel!* Taxi…! -06:33 Jul 12

Well, at least a taxi was always available! One appeared on cue and the driver put her bag in the trunk and helped her into the cab!

Evangeline: The park please.. The quiet side if there is one. *Evangeline tried to smile and be pleasant, but now she wasn’t feeling it. She was just… frustrated! How do planes AND trains not work! What sort of maniacs hex a plane station anyway? Why can’t she ever have visions for herself! It would have been nice to know she wasn’t getting anywhere today before waking up at five am!* -06:37 Jul 12

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