Evangeline decides that she’ll need to be a vampire or demon so she can stay with Gabriel. So she asks one to turn her!

[Dark was letting Meri piggyback on him in the park!] -12:15 Aug 10
[Evangeline spent all day in her own bed trying to sleep… but in the end she just had to do what she had to do!] -12:15 Aug 10

Vlamerias: Yay! This is fun! * She grinned and laughed, hanging on for dear life as Dark “galloped” around the playground set!* Wwwwhheeee!!

Dark: Yeah, well, at least one of us is enjoying this. *But he liked playing with Meri and his tone wasn’t as harsh as it usually was. He stopped by the bench and sat.* Shouldn’t you be with Evangeline? -12:18 Aug 10
Evangeline: *Maybe she didn’t remember what their life was like, but she still had the feelings! Those couldn’t be ignored. Gabriel didn’t want her to die, and Caroline said she was so bright that people would always come to find her! So maybe she shouldn’t be so bright anymore. If she were going to stay with Gabriel she would need to find a way! And thus, Evangeline had her umbrella and was prowling down a street looking for vampires! A nice lady told her they were around here somewhere.* -12:18 Aug 10

Vlamerias: Mommy said she didn’t feel well last night and I feel really bad about what happened. So I was hoping maybe she could rest. And maybe … *Her voice trailed off.*

Dark: *He sighed, reached over, ruffled her hair.* You’re a good kid, Meri. Gabriel and Evangeline couldn’t have gotten a better familiar. Speaking of the bastard, where is he? -12:22 Aug 10

That particular street was known as the blood district. All that ever roam around there was skanky whores, vampire-fangirls and… vampires! The sun hadn’t quite set yet, so the streets and alleys were still very empty. Just a few ladies here and there looking curious.

Vlamerias: Umm … *She paused.* I think he might be slaying again … Oohh. Or he could have gone back to the castle? I want to go back soon. I miss the devil rats.

Evangeline: *After vampires in her studio, she was a little nervous. …maybe a lot nervous! But somethings were more important than being afraid! So she stopped and asked one of the ladies for directions.* Um, hello! Can you tell me where the nearest vampire might be staying? This is 32nd street, isn’t it? -12:26 Aug 10
Dark: I’m sure we could go back soon. *He was silent for a moment. He’d gone back recently and the castle was falling apart. The devil rats were still there … but so was Louis, Caroline’s ex.* Hey. How about we get some ice cream? -12:27 Aug 10

The lady looked at Evangeline like she was crazy! “Vampires? Woman, I don’t think you have the right street.”

[Dark ] -12:31 Aug 10
Evangeline: Oh no, this is definitely the right street. I need to find a vampire, I don’t particularly care which one. Any one will do. *If she were a psychic, this should be easy to do. …then again how do psychics even find people? Mind reading?* -12:31 Aug 10

Vlamerias: *She smiled!* Sure! Let’s go! *She took Dark’s hand and skipped beside him in the direction of the ice cream parlor!*

“Uh right.” The lady figured it was another one of those vampire reading fangirls, looking to get her cookies by shacking up with a bloodsucker. “Go one down this road here and knock on the black door with the blue trim. But I suggest you go on back to the suburb you came from.”

Evangeline: Thank you very much! I know what I’m doing. *…pretty sure she knew what she was doing. Evangeline continue down the street, counting and watching each door until she found the right one she needed. Black with blue trim. She knocked on the door nice loud, using her umbrella!* -12:35 Aug 10

No one came to the door at first. It took a lot of knocking before it swung open and a tired looking half dressed guy glared down at her. “What?”

Evangeline: *She nearly thwacked him in the head with her umbrella.* Is there a vampire in the house? I’d like to speak to one, please. -12:40 Aug 10

The door slammed in her face!

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, before she frowned at the door and started knocking again. How rude…!* Open the door! I want to talk to a vampire! -12:41 Aug 10

“Sweetie, what do you need a -vampire- for? When a demon can do you better?” The voice came from behind her! A woman in a black jumpsuit and dark red lipstick smirked at her. “Open the door for me and come inside.”

Evangeline: ..are you the vampire? I need a vampire to make me a vampire too. *Evangeline opened the door to let the woman in and stepped inside herself. The place was dark and she could barely see a thing! And it smelled a little strange. A little bit like blood!* -12:54 Aug 10
Dark: *He had bought Meri her ice cream, bought him an ice cream, and bought Meri’s penguin an ice cream as well. Of course, because the penguin wasn’t with them, Meri volunteered to eat it so it wouldn’t melt.* -12:57 Aug 10

Vlamerias: Thank you, Dark! *She ate her ice cream in no time and the second ice cream disappeared just as quickly!* Mm! But maybe I should go check on Mommy …

Dark: I’m sure she’s fine. If anything happens, Gabriel will know. He might be an asshole about this but that bond is still in effect. -01:05 Aug 10

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide! That was sssoo romantic! She wanted to squeal with joy!* You really think so, Dark? I keep hoping the bond will bring them together but it’s not doing a real good job. *She pouted.*

“No, but Jack here is. And my dear big daddy, Bael. I might introduce you to Bael, iiiiiifff the sweet little lady will tell me why she wants to be a vampire?” She was curious after all. Her companion Jack on the other hand was already stomping off and throwing his hands up, like he was washing himself of the whole situation!

Dark: Eh, that’s only because Gabriel is a bastard. That’s why you have to be more careful about the bonds you make. -01:08 Aug 10
Evangeline: It’s complicated. I would like to be good enough for my husband, and to do that I can’t be… um… good? Shiny? Well, it is really complicated! -01:10 Aug 10

Vlamerias: You’re so smart, Dark! I’m sure they’ll work things out! Although it might not hurt to give them a little nudge in the right direction … *She had the most thoughtful expression on her face, reminiscent of Evangeline when she was concocting a scheme.*

“Ooooh, I see. I see. The Bright Lady is too bright for Darkness himself.” Clearly the woman knew a little more than expected! She was still smirking, as she took Evangeline’s hand to lead her up a flight of stairs. “But do you really want to be a -vampire-? A demon has much more power. And you don’t have to go through such a messy blood process.”

Dark: *He blinked and shot Meri a worried look. She was going to be more than a handful when she grew older and gained more power. And with Evangeline’s knack of meddling …* -01:14 Aug 10
Evangeline: …I guess power might be good too. Then people wouldn’t try to kill me? He is a vampire, though and I think that might be better? *Think… if demon was an option too, maybe if she combined them both?* -01:17 Aug 10

Vlamerias: *Meri suddenly snapped out of her thoughtful expression and grinned!* Come on, Dark! We need to go back to the castle! *Before he could ask or protest, she had grabbed his hand, pulled him out of the ice cream parlor and POOFED! after ducking into an alley!*

“Vampires are soooo out of season. Ooooh Bael! I have brought you a shiny little visitor!” At the top of the stairs, she pulled Evangeline in to a dark windowless room. Sitting in a chair that may of been a throne, was a man with wild looking black hair and pale skin. With sharp pointy fangs! He was looking bored up until they entered the room, then her was very curious. “…A human?” he replied!

Evangeline: A human, yes. But, um… I wanted to ask a favor! *The man didn’t look anything like Gabriel. But she supposed not all vampires looked alike. Dark must have just been unique!* -01:25 Aug 10
Evangeline: "A favor, you say. Come here, a little closer and let me take a better look." He beckoned a finger for Evangeline to come near, while his demon friend stayed near the door. -01:28 Aug 10

“A favor, you say. Come here, a little closer and let me take a better look.” He beckoned a finger for Evangeline to come near, while his demon friend stayed near the door

Evangeline: *Wary, Evangeline crossed the room to stand in front of the vampire on the chair. …but she kept a good grip on her umbrella.* Yes. I would like to be a vampire, if you don’t mind. Can you do that? -01:29 Aug 10
Dark: *Dark knew he was in trouble the moment Meri grinned. If this was what she was going to be like for centuries to come … he felt sorry for the people she was going to "help."* -01:30 Aug 10

“I can, I can.” He rubbed his chin as he leaned forward to take a look. He knew very well who -this- human was. Only an idiot hiding in a hole wouldn’t. Turning HER would be an achievement! So he rose from his chair and pushed her umbrella to the side with a finger. “Only if you don’t scream, however. We can’t have any of that. And I will make -you- a fanged fiend.”

Evangeline: That’s it? *Evangeline nodded quick!* I can do that. -01:37 Aug 10

Down below the door crashed open and a tall vampire dressed in black and holding the Diablo Animus stepped in. He saw the vampire off to the side. “Jack.”

“Excellent.” Baring his fangs, he grabbed her by the arms to pull her close, and sank his teeth in to her neck! All he had to do was drain her and feed her his own blood. But… the minute he had a taste, it was like euphoria! The demon girl near the door, though suddenly looked worried, hissing Bael’s name as she scrambled for the window! Downstairs, Jack just pointed up for Gabriel.

[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -01:44 Aug 10
Evangeline: *Well, she didn’t scream! But it did hurt! And she was fighting that urge to shove him away and run! Had to suffer to be a vampire, right?!* -01:44 Aug 10
Gabriel: *He stalked upstairs and found Bael–with his fangs in Evangeline’s neck.* … Release her. -01:45 Aug 10

Her blood was the best thing he had ever tasted. No wonder that Carnatelli had kept her close! He retracted his fangs, but he had a good grip on that human as he smiled at the man across the room. “She ASKED to be here. Asked for ME. I see no mark on her anymore, Gabriel Carnatelli. Not your mark anymore.”

Gabriel: *Eyes narrowed, flashed red.* … You asked. *This was directed at Evangeline and although his expression didn’t change, it was plain to see he was getting angry.* -01:51 Aug 10
Evangeline: *Now she was a little stunned, and she was grateful she could at least think a little bit! She wanted to turn around, but that vampire was holding her still.* I asked him to make me a vampire… so I could be with you. -01:53 Aug 10
Gabriel: You would taint yourself. Bael will destroy your soul and snuff your light out completely. You have not thought this through. *Of all the stupid things, to do …!* -01:55 Aug 10

Bael thought it was hilarious! This human wasn’t getting out of grip, though. He wasn’t one to lose an opportunity. “See. She asked. From what I hear, you cut your ties with this human. If she wants to come to me and be my little sired vampire… you don’t get much choice in the matter.”

Evangeline: If I’m not bright, then people won’t hurt me and you don’t have to be afraid for my life! I can live with you! *Now she was fussing to move! Arguing without facing him wasn’t right!* -01:58 Aug 10
Gabriel: A sired vampire stays with the vampire who creates her. You have no say in the matter and by the time you do, you are lost. -01:59 Aug 10
Evangeline: You didn’t mention that part. *She blinked at Bael and frowned.* You only said not to scream! -02:05 Aug 10

“A woman coming to ask for favors from vampires should know these sorts of things.” Bael still didn’t look concerned though. “Not that I intend to turn you anymore… I’ve decided you are much too sweet to be a vampire. You will be my pet human.”

Gabriel: … Only if you live long enough. *The shadows around the room shifted, formed dozens of wolves with bright red eyes.* -02:10 Aug 10

“Wait, WAIT..! She DID come here first! She doesn’t have your mark anymore, she has MINE now! It’s legal and legit! You tossed the human back!” Now Bael was looking a little more panicked. He was pretty damned sure he had the right of way here! Property laws were honored by vampires!

Gabriel: Your mark means nothing to me. You should know better than to fuck with the First Vampire so I shall ask the human once. Do you wish to stay with Bael or not. *It was a simple question, if only because he was so very close to losing his self control.* -02:14 Aug 10
Evangeline: *There were shadow wolves all over the place, and she was being talked about like a turkey from a market! She was horrified by the thought of being a snackfood!* No, I don’t want to stay with him…! I only wanted to be with you! -02:16 Aug 10
Gabriel: *The genuine tone in her voice brought some sense back to him.* Release her, Bael, and I will let you live. *The shadow wolves waited silently, watched, listened.* -02:24 Aug 10

The smart thing to do would be letting go of the human. But she just tasted so GOOD! You can’t have a taste and then just let a morsel get away! So he pulled her tighter to him. “T-those laws were made and even you should honor them! She made the choice, humans don’t deserve take-backs or second chances!”

Gabriel: You knew who she was when you accepted her, knew I would come when I discovered she was here. Do not speak of laws to me, Bael, when you are too stupid to follow common sense. -02:31 Aug 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline decided that she probably should have chosen demon after all! She poked Bael with a finger, still trying to wiggle free.* Please? -02:34 Aug 10

He had been SO close! Bael let go of the human and shoved her back. Tasty as she was, he wasn’t going to die for her! “She still has MY mark. Technically, she’s still my human.”

Gabriel: *He smirked. Suddenly he was across the room, grabbing Bael by the hair and forcing his head down at an awkward angle! The wolves watched as he sank his fangs into his neck and drank enough blood to leave Bael weak! He made no effort to muffle the sounds of slurping or the protests his victim made. At first Bael fought against him and struggled, but it wasn’t long before his blows were weaker and he sank into his chair. Only then did Gabriel lift his head and step away.* Then bear my mark as well. *He walked away from him, took Evangeline’s wrist and disappeared! They reappeared in what was once a lovely castle courtyard but was now brown and dying.* I am leaving you here. *He said, turning and beginning to walk away from her.* -02:45 Aug 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline had covered her mouth so she wouldn’t scream at the sight of a vampire, well… chewing on a vampire! Even with the blood it was impossible to look away. Then before she knew it, Gabriel snatched her and they were somewhere else. A courtyard that might have been beautiful once but now…* …I am not letting you drop me and leave me places! -02:49 Aug 10
Gabriel: *He stopped at the tone of her voice and then he was turning back to her!* Your apartment is no longer safe and Oracle is not as safe as it should be. This is the last place, the only place. You will be safe here. *Then he was turning around again, ready to disappear!* -02:52 Aug 10
Evangeline: Well, I am not going to stay here! I have to go see a demon about magic and stuff! *He can leave if he wants to. There is probably a door or a gate around here somewhere. Evangeline turned around until she found a path to follow and started marching!* -02:56 Aug 10
Gabriel: *He turned and was following her.* A demon. After you narrowly escaped a vampire. And what will you do then, ask him to turn you into a demon? Invite him to a tea party, perhaps? I am certain a human and a demon would much to discuss. -02:58 Aug 10
Evangeline: Yes! The vampire was a bad idea, but a demon might work! Then I won’t be so bright and pure and I will be good enough to stay with you! *All that angry marching and adrenaline, now it was waning a bit and that small bit of bloodloss coupled with seeing him near suck the life out of someone… it was making her dizzy! She made another sharp turn so she could head for the wall across the courtyard!* -03:02 Aug 10
[Evangeline is going to climb over the wall!] -05:37 Aug 11
[Gabriel is angry at a degree he has rarely felt!] -05:39 Aug 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel growled and appeared in front of her! Then he grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall!* Stay with me, Evangeline?! That time is dead and gone. Stop meddling in a world that means nothing but death and pain for you. -05:41 Aug 11
Evangeline: *There was a soft squeak from her, but she refused to let him intimidate her! She may not of remembered everything, but she knew how she felt! She trusted in that!* How could love even exist if there wasn’t death and pain to remind us how precious it is! I’m not afraid of death! I’m willing to try! -05:43 Aug 11
Gabriel: *He pulled his lips back in a snarl!* Brave talk for a woman who does not remember what death’s cold touch was like. Allow me to enlighten you. *It was easy enough to get into her mind, thanks to the wretched bond. It was unguarded. He merely had to reach in … find those locks he’d placed himself and undo them. Inch by inch, her memories strained against the barrier until the last lock CLICKED and they all flooded back! But like all floods, the memories were scattered and not in their proper order! So things that happened first seemed to have happened last, like their wedding night before their first meeting … or Valravn’s death before him being possessed by Mother!* -05:46 Aug 11
Evangeline: *Overwhelming..! Like waking up after a really long dream, everything was so jumbled! The images and the emotions! Moments that made her so happy and ones that tore her to pieces! Things she couldn’t live without and times where she had wanted to die… But did it change how she felt? Evangeline shook her head, giving a sudden sniffle! He wasn’t being fair!* -05:52 Aug 11
Gabriel: *He shut his eyes and turned away, suddenly drained of anger and full of regret.* So many times I nearly lost you but I was always able to save you. In the end, there was nothing I could. I revived you but that did little to lessen the shock that I lost you to begin with. Nothing ever will. *He slowly released her wrists and stepped away. He should never have taken the risk and fallen in love … He disappeared.* -05:56 Aug 11
Evangeline: *She wanted to yell at him! …but he was already gone! Evangeline tried to search for him but… that was equally impossible! He returned her memories but not her gift… and the bond they shared was feeling so weak. For something she knew had been so strong, now she couldn’t reach out to him! Trying not to let herself get caught up in tears, she pushed away from the wall and looked up. Should she still try to escape..? Was it really too late for them..?* -06:02 Aug 11

Vlamerias: Mommy! What are you doing here?! *Meri was running toward her, followed closely by Dark! She looked so worried!* Mommy, what happened? Oh no, you’re bleeding! *She pressed a handkerchief to Evangeline’s wound!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Heaven forbid she follow too, but that little devil has very good senses when the woman was involved.* Tell me Gabriel bit you, Evangeline. *Say the word, and Gabriel was going to wish he hadn’t met Caroline Andraste..!*

Evangeline: *She shook her head gently, but having them there didn’t help her cease crying! She remembered them so well… Dark on Halloween, or Caroline fending off Gabriel while they prepared a spell!* -06:11 Aug 11

Vlamerias: It’s okay, Mommy. Everything will be better. We’ll fix things. We always do! *She sounded so sure of herself, so confident! She hugged Evangeline’s legs!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Almost disappointed… But that didn’t mean Gabriel wasn’t going to get it. He just wouldn’t get it for THAT.* …Let’s get you inside and cleaned up. We’ll think of what to do from there.

Vlamerias: *She started walking with Evangeline.* Come on, Mommy! Let’s go. We still have your things here! But we might have to fend off some giant dust lettuce! -Gabriel

Dark: *Dark watched them disappear inside but stayed where he was.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: I would rather go out and find him… *She allowed herself to be lef inside by Meri, but still… if she could leave here and find Gabriel…* This place isn’t right. Nothing feels right. -06:34 Aug 11

Caroline: *Caroline followed to a point. Before she stopped to turn around and rest her hands on her hips.* Glaring outside is not going to bring a solution.

Dark: It is if I can find him. *Which was difficult because for every inch Dark’s ability refined, Gabriel was able to one-up him. Stubborn ass that he was …* -Gabriel

Vlamerias: It just hasn’t been the same since you … left. But I know things can feel right again! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Since I died…? *There was a pain of hurt and a struggle to remember what happened. In her head was every single vision she had about those moments. Who was going to die, how they would die. Nothing she did saved anyone… until she saved Gabriel. ..but did she make the selfish choice? and now they can’t be together?* I.. I think it might be too late this time… -06:44 Aug 11

Caroline: Then what will you do with him? Lock him in the dungeon? He erased Evangeline’s memories of him. He’s storming around the world laying waste to anyone stupid enough to step in his way. And he’s not even possessed by some bitch. *Caroline didn’t mean to sound defeated, and there was no way she would mention these worries to Evangeline. But she knew the grief Gabriel felt in watching Evangeline die. …that wasn’t easy to come back from.*

Vlamerias: No, don’t say that, Mommy! You can’t give up hope! The bond is still there. It’s weak but nothing is impossible! Please, remember all the good times! All the things you defeated to be together! -Gabriel

Dark: Yeah, well maybe Evangeline and Meri finally rubbed off on me, maybe I’m not willing to see something I sacrificed sweat and blood for go to waste. I didn’t save the world half a million times so Gabriel could kill it all and with it the woman he loves. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* He still loves her. I know he does! Because if he didn’t, this place! *He threw his hand up to the castle!* Wouldn’t still be here! We have to find him. We have to get him to admit he still loves her. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She was shaking her head again, rubbing her hands against her eyes. Once she found a seat to sink in to, she was sniffling again. It was selfish now too to put this on Meri..! She was a little girl and this was very grownup problems!* I put him in this place and he never wanted to be here. He cares for me and loves me, but I make him stay with me. I found him and dragged him back to me so many times… *Had all of those moments been the wrong thing to do? All of the times he had tried to walk away from her and she made him stay! Her dying might have been the best thing!* -06:52 Aug 11

Vlamerias: No, no, no! Please don’t give up hope now! You’re the only one who can still reach for him. You’re still his heart! And everyone should be with their hearts, no matter what! I still believe in you and Glaër! -Gabriel

Caroline: I agree with you. I really do. Watching them like this is a struggle… but what can we do? He didn’t listen to us before, and he’s getting all the worse now. If I take Evangeline from this castle, he’s probably going to whip out those claws and kill me. And what could YOU say to him that might change his mind? The same we have said over and over again..?

Dark: *He finally huffed and rubbed the back of his neck.* Okay … Fine. So I didn’t plan things out that far in advance yet … Still gotta be something. What if we made it seem like Evangeline was in danger, enough so that he’d have to come and rescue her. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Caroline has said not everyone can have a fairy tale, and maybe she is right. *It was unfair to use those words now, but Evangeline thought it still rang true. Maybe people like them couldn’t have love and live happily ever after. There were so many more sad tragedies than love stories…* Why does he bring me back and not want to be with me? I just don’t understand. -07:02 Aug 11

Vlamerias: He’s just scared of losing you, Mommy! But he loves you so much! I think he wanted to give you a second chance at a life without all this crazy um, stuff! And he thought he could love you from afar, without placing you in danger! -Gabriel

Caroline: That just happened. Evangeline in danger… *Caroline still didn’t know what happened with that… But here Evangeline was and no Gabriel.* For all we know she’ll need to die again, but then hell is going to rain down on us. *She stuffed her hands in her pockets and scowled.* …I am so tempted to kill them both out of spite.

Dark: *He rolled his eyes.* Yeah, I can see that happening … Let’s just wipe out the last two … Hey, wait. If Gabriel feels so strongly about this, we should tell him to go ahead and undo the bond between him and Evangeline! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Life wasn’t the same without him, though. *And if he does leave her… could she live knowing he’d refused to be with her? Was it stupid to think that she’d prefer death over being apart from him?* -07:09 Aug 11

Vlamerias: Will you try one more time? *Her eyes were sad and she used that look she used on her Daddy and even her Glaër sometimes!* Just one more time! He kissed you, Mommy! Warrior Lady told me he did! If he really didn’t want to be with you, he wouldn’t have done that! -Gabriel

Caroline: …That may actually be a good idea. He couldn’t stay away from her before. He’ll think he can if he breaks their bond. *Caroline glanced back at the castle.* The only trouble is Evangeline. I’m not sure how much more rejection she can take.

Dark: *He glanced around, trying to think of something.* Damnit, this would be so much better if Gabriel had given Evangeline her psychic ability back, too! She has her memories … We might have to lie to her, say Gabriel wants to speak to her or something. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline rest a hand on Meri’s head as she sniffled. The devil was so hopeful and so sweet… Evangeline wanted to believe so much. He did kiss her… he wanted to see her. But how could she know that he did it because he truely loved her and not because she always pulled him to her..?* …I can try once more, Meri. But just once. After that I… I won’t force him. -07:15 Aug 11
[Gabriel is now known as: Dark] -07:16 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Yay! Okay, let me tell Dark and Warrior Lady! Um … Uh … Are you hungry? Would you like to take a bath? Ooh! *She put her fingers to her lips and whistled and suddenly there were a bunch of black red-eyed rats in the room!* The devil rats can help! *She gave the message to one and then asked the others to get some food for her Mommy!*

Caroline: But do we lure him here or take her elsewhere? …The castle is in such disarray, it would not be hard to stage something sneaking in after her. Unless YOU want to risk taking her from here and getting your eyes poked out and spending eternity in the dungeon with Loius.

Dark: Gee … Thanks for the vote of confidence. *He muttered. Like he really wanted to spend eternity in a dungeon–with that freak! He spotted one of the devil rats running toward them but it stopped in front and scratched a large message in the dirt.* Mommy … try … again. I’ll hand it to Gabriel. He sure knows how to find the best help. Uh … Thanks. *He told the rat who twitched its nose at him and ran off.* -07:21 Aug 11
Evangeline: I don’t think I could eat… but I would appreciate a bath. *A bath at least… there was still blood on her, and touch from a stranger, and just that creepy crawling feeling of not being herself! A bath might help lift her spirits! …if she didn’t cry again from not having Gabriel in it with her!* -07:24 Aug 11

Caroline: At least she hasn’t given up yet. I hate to see the day Evangeline quits. *Caroline moved forward until she tilted and brushed a kiss on his check. She smirked wicked.* The hard part, matchmaker. Will you bravely make the suggestion to him, or shall I face the beast?

Dark: *A kiss! Those were rare! But he was still rolling his eyes and huffing!* Damnit, do I have to do everything around here. I’ll do it. I’ve been tortured by him enough to be able to take most of the stuff he ends up dishing on me. -07:29 Aug 11

Caroline: Then I will make sure that Evangeline looks so beautiful, that one look at her and he’ll not be able to turn away. *As she stepped back, she waved her fingers with another smirk before she turned around to enter the castle!*

Vlamerias: *Her poor Mommy! But she would not let her Mommy see the sadness on her face! Instead, she rolled her sleeves up and got to work with the rats to make a bath! Whatever the other rats brought up, she’d eat then! She didn’t want to hurt their feelings and they always made the most delicious food!*

Dark: … If I ever get reincarnated, it better be something like a rock or a bloody tree. *He muttered before his fangs were growing. He bit his lip and breathed deep. He had to clear his mind, focus on who he wanted to find …* -07:32 Aug 11
Evangeline: *This feeling was awful Heartbreaking. She had not felt this bad since… since she thought Gabriel was dead! Those moments she had wanted to die, to kill herself so she didn’t have to feel it anymore. She knew how much Gabriel hurt… but in the end it worked out, didn’t it? He was still alive. ..and now she was too! Except he didn’t want to be with her. All of these thoughts kept repeating in her head. She did eventually chew on a small piece of fruit the devil rats brought up as she waited for the bath to be ready.* -07:35 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *Meri soon popped her head out! She wanted her Mommy to take a bath before she changed her mind!* Ready, Mommy! OOhh … Yogurt! *She clapped at the bowl the devil rats had brought complete with a spoon!* Thank you!

Evangeline: *Evangeline scratched the top of a devil rat’s head until she stepped in to the bathroom. Everything looked very old… somehow she knew that it must have looked so much more beautiful before! She undressed and slid in to the bath carefully, resting her arms and chin on the side of the tub. Getting to see things and not having her head filled with constant visions could have felt like a vacation were the circumstances not so frustrating..!* -07:40 Aug 11

Caroline: *When she stepped upstairs, there was devil rats trying to bring trays of food in to the bathroom and attempting to tantilizing a bathing Evangeline to eat. …the woman looked so sad. If Caroline saw anymore of this, she was going to be crying all night herself. Dark won’t know what to do about it.* …Would you please smile just a little bit? Any more and this room will rain with tears. You cannot tell me it won’t, I know it’s enchanted…

Dark: Where are you, you damn bastard … *He growled. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Gabriel had to still be on this plane. He hadn’t visited the Devil World or the Eternal Dark since Evangeline died …* -07:47 Aug 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline’s smile was a half hearted and painfully sad shadow of what it should be! Still leaning over the edge of the tub, she picked up a piece of cheese from one of the devil rats. They were really trying so hard to get her to eat things, she couldn’t refuse!* I’m sorry. I could be a better hostess. -07:50 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She skipped out of the bathroom to help the devil rats get everything in the closet nice and ready! Mommy needed fresh clothes! The ones the Warrior Lady had helped her buy!*

Caroline: Yes, you could. What Queen sits and sobs when her subjects need her smiling face? You are the Light, Evangeline. Regardless of who holds the power. *Caroline pulled off her jacket and rolled up her sleeves. The woman wasn’t going to get clean just stewing like that. There was a plan afoot. Directing rats to bring her what she needed, Caroline sat on the edge of the tub to dump water over Evangeline’s head and get her hair washed.*

Evangeline: *After she was coughing and sputtering over the sudden bucket of water dumped on her, she was pushing her hair out of her face to blink curiously at Caroline.* …Will you… will you tell me what happened after I died? What became of Light? -07:55 Aug 11

Caroline: Let’s see. Gabriel took Light’s soul and in grief was going to let existance shatter. How Dark and I convinced him not to kill everything that his beautiful wife loved so much is a sheer miracle. *A little shampoo, and she was lathering up Evangeline’s hair with adept fingers.* But without an Avatar for Light, everything was still falling apart. I took Light myself. But it seems someone sneakily made Dark promise not to let me take on her soul. He took it in himself.

Evangeline: *There was a small look of relief on her face as she sighed.* …I’m so glad he did. You would have died if you did, and they needed you… *Having Caroline wash her hair wasn’t as nice as having Gabriel. But it did make her feel better to talk and not be all alone. She did having people with her…!* -08:03 Aug 11

Caroline: You severely underestimate my determination to show someone up, my lady. I am greviously insulted. *Another dump of water or two to rinse out Evangeline’s hair. Then she passed her loofa and the soap.* Wash, I’ll do something about that bite.

Dark: *Searching … searching …se–!* Gotcha. *He muttered and cast the spell to take him to where Gabriel was!* I have to hand it to you. You have a habit of ending up all over the place. -08:19 Aug 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline washed, but now she was frowning and shaking her head.* You would have taken in her soul and then been poisoned by it! Then you would have killed Dark when he tried to help you, and then you would have fought with Gabriel until you were both broken to pieces. You’re amazing and strong, but you take on too much. …is Dark all right..? -08:22 Aug 11

Gabriel: *Gabriel was deep in thought. Perhaps it was because he had time to cool down but now he felt … empty, dull. Numb. He was in a large cavern underground, standing next to a crystal clear pool of icy water.*

Caroline: What makes you think I won’t still break Gabriel to pieces? *Caroline nudge Evangeline until she turned around, so she could tend to the bite marks on her neck. …worse yet some vampire tried to stake his claim of her. The bond with Gabriel really had weakened that much. Caroline worked with a few healing spells.* Dark took it better than I thought he could. Sometimes I forget just how strong he can be. *This wasn’t a moment for her to be thinking about Dark, though. Caroline weaved her spell until Evangeline’s wound was gone. …but Bael’s mark was still there. That she left on purpose. Gabriel would see it and be reminded of who he could lose Evangeline to.*

Dark: *His voice echoed here. It was odd. But Gabriel wasn’t talking and he figured this was good a time as any …* I came to talk to you about Evangeline. You know you can’t keep doing this to her … -08:31 Aug 11
Evangeline: I think you were supposed to find Dark so he could be here for Gabriel. …Dark gives him someone to love, don’t you think? *She felt better getting clean and not longer having that sore bite at her neck. …But she still hurt! Evangeline considered crawling to bed once she stepped out.* -08:34 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *Meanwhile, Meri was fixing the room up and cleaning it, hopefully it would make Evangeline feel better! Change the sheets and the pillows, dust out the mattress! Polish the furniture!*

Caroline: I hope that isn’t fishing for someone other than -you- for Gabriel to love. Dark can’t replace you, my lady. *Satified with the amount of cleanliness, Caroline fussed Evangeline out of the bathtub and wrapped her up in a towel. Taking her by the hand, she pulled her in to the bedroom where Meri had everything looking very much refreshed!* Some nice clothes would do her wonders, don’t you agree Vlamerias?

Vlamerias: Yes! *She had a big grin on her face and had dressed up in an apron and a feather duster! The rats also wore little aprons! She skipped to the closet and opened it for Evangeline!* Every piece of clothing and pair of shoe you ever had, Mommy!

Evangeline: *Holding on to her towel, she was skeptically stepping up to the closet and poking at the clothes. Most of these things Caroline helped her buy, and some were her own clothes. …she could definitely tell the difference between them, and was biting her lip in an unwanted smile.* Do I have to? I thought I might try to sleep. -08:46 Aug 11
Dark: *He wasn’t talking … He wasn’t getting anything from him. That shouldn’t be anything suspicious, considering Gabriel was always difficult to read but now it was less like he was hiding things and more like he had nothing to hide. Empty.* Why don’t you settle things once and for all? Just break the bond with her already and set her free. Do both of you a favor for once. She’s still at the castle. *He snorted.* If you have the guts. *And then he disappeared, back to the castle, appearing outside of Evangeline’s room so as not to disturb her–or cause her more grief.* -08:46 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She was practically chewing on her feather duster! On one hand Mommy needed her sleep! On the other, Glaër might return any moment and they’d lose their chance!*

Gabriel: *Dissolve the bond. Undo it once and for all. He opened his hand and the knife appeared in it. He closed his fingers around the handle. It should be simple enough to do. The bond was weak. He could barely feel it now. Just one swipe, some of his power, and Evangeline would be free … And so would he.*

Caroline: Yes, you have to. You have guests remember? Here. *Evangeline was going to make a damned scene about it, so Caroline walked to the closet and shoved clothes around. Debating carefully… she finally settled on a soft satin dress in a pale yellow with pink flowers. It suited Evangeline so perfectly!* I want you to wear this. Don’t even bother with any shoes. When you’re dressed, come downstairs to the conservatory.

Vlamerias: Let’s do her hair, Warrior Lady! With some of her hair pulled back to get it out of her eyes, soft curls! OOhh! And letting her hair fall down her back!

Caroline: What a brilliant idea, Vlamerias. *Caroline was smirking now, and before Evangeline could protest she was confiscating that towel to make sure she got nice and dry. And to get Evangeline’s hair dry too! She didn’t release the woman until she Meri had managed to get her dressed, fix up her hair, and even managed to give her back her wedding ring. …Gabriel was probably going to kill Caroline for sure. But the effect was so worth it.*

Vlamerias: *Meri loved to help! She did what she could and was only so happy to pull out a handmirror and hand it to Evangeline so she could see herself!*

Evangeline: *There was the urge to fight and be difficult, but when she finally got to see herself in a mirror, she was very surprised! She almost looked pretty! Evangeline smiled for half a second… until she realized she couldn’t even be pretty -for- someone. Gabriel didn’t want to see her.* I look… very nice, thank you. …do I still have to go downstairs? -09:04 Aug 11

Caroline: Yes. But I am a benevolent demon, I can allow you a few minutes. ….Vlamerias, make sure she leaves this room and heads to the conservatory. *Without explaining herself, Caroline exited the room and was brushing past Dark in a rush!* …I am setting the stage! Make sure she leaves that room. Your job!

Dark: *He was glancing left and right. He asked the devil rats to let him know when Gabriel popped up and then he was knocking lightly on the door so Caroline would come out. He didn’t want to startle Evangeline. But who knew how soon Gabriel would be here!* -09:06 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She saluted!* Yes, Warrior Lady! You look so beautiful, Mommy!

Dark: *He paused in mid-knock!* Hey! *But it was too late! He huffed.* Gee, thanks again, Caroline. *He muttered.* -09:07 Aug 11

Gabriel: *He was pacing the cavern now. He wanted to dissolve the bond. Dark was right … He would be doing both of them a favor. But … No. He had to go through with this. His determination was set. So long as he did not kiss her, he could go through with it. It was the only way.*

Caroline: *Caroline would have laughed, but to create magic like this… well, it required a little speed and technique! She practically ran all the way down to the convervatory. While there, she rubbed her chin until she had exactly the right thing in mind. A crack of her knuckles and then a snap of her fingers. The light shifted. Soft, pale… Like there were little lights or fireflies hidden through the plants. She made sure the table was gone. Cleared the whole floor, except for a small sofa in the corner and a firepit nearby. Caroline made sure that was lit! Cozy and disgustingly romantic setting. She was looking pretty smug at her handy work.*

Dark: *He waited and waited … Until he couldn’t wait anymore and he decided this was a great time to get everyone moving already! He knocked lightly before he stuck his head inside the room!* Hey, Evangeline! Vlamerias! Ready to go? -09:14 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She clapped her hands!* Yes! Let’s go, Mommy! *She was hopping up and down!*

Evangeline: I am not so sure I feel up to do anything! *As much as she appreciated their concern, she really was so tired, exhausted, and feeling pretty defeated!* -09:16 Aug 11
Dark: Oh no, you don’t. *He was walking into the room and pulling Evangeline to her feet.* Let’s go. You’re going even if I have to carry you over my shoulder. *He turned as a devil rat ran into the room. It was so excited … It could only mean one thing.* You sure? *He asked it. It nodded quickly.* Take him to the conservatory! *That was where Caroline was and if she’d done things right, that’s where everything would happen!* -09:17 Aug 11
Evangeline: I would rather not be upside down today. …Take who to the conservatory? *This was the first time she really missed being a psychic! Then she might be more aware what they were up to! This was starting to feel like a trap.* -09:19 Aug 11

Vlamerias: Quickly! Let’s go! *She was trying to push her Mommy out the door! If this kept up, she was just going to POOF! them!*

Down below the devil rats were gathered around Gabriel! They suddenly ran off in separate directions except one who stayed behind! It looked up at Gabriel and then started leading the way to the conservatory!*

Caroline: *Caroline stepped out of the conservatory the moment a devil rat let her know Gabriel was there! Looking as serious as sin, she was in the hallway not saying a word.*

Evangeline: Okay, okay…! I’m walking..! *She had to! If not, Meri was going to push her across the world at this rate!* -09:25 Aug 11
Dark: *Meanwhile he and Meri were attempting to get Evangeline to enter the conservatory on the opposite door of the one Caroline and Gabriel were at!* -09:26 Aug 11

Gabriel: *The knife was gone. He’d made it disappear the moment he’d left the cave. He looked at Caroline but she was strangely silent.*

Evangeline: Eeep..! that’s enough…! *With all of the prodded, Evangeline finally stumbled in to the conservatory! She smoothed out her dress before she paused, blinking at the look at the room! It was dim, but so pretty…* …are we having dinner in here? -09:31 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *Meri was awed at what the Warrior Lady had done to the place! But she recovered when Evangeline asked about dinner. She giggled.* You are!

Caroline: *Caroline so wanted to reach out and hit him. It might have even looked apparent on her face. But she cast him a glare, one he expected, before she stalked down the hall. …For Gabriel it would look like a normal reaction!*

Gabriel: *He watched her walk away but the rat was leading the way inside and he followed. But he stopped just inside. The decorations looked suspicious enough as did …* Evangeline. *He stopped. She looked so beautiful … The dress. The hair. Her–!* … You’re wearing your wedding ring.

Evangeline: *She was just about to question Meri when Gabriel walked through the door… then she was frozen stiff! She hadn’t been prepaired to see him so soon… or maybe even not at all! Evangeline nodded slowly.* It’s my ring, I should be wearing it… -09:38 Aug 11

Gabriel: *This was so awkward! All his emotions were rushing back to him and it disoriented him.* Of course. *He took a few steps inside and looked around.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline watched him… so unable to look away! The way he moved, and how he hid so much from his face.. yet… yet she could always tell what his mood was. Even know when so much of him was cut away from her, she could feel how pensive he was. ..Or was that herself?* Are you having dinner with me…? -09:43 Aug 11
[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -09:44 Aug 11

Caroline: *Caroline dropped in on Dark… almost litterally, having her hands on his shoulder and trying to peer at what he and Meri were so intently staring at. She was trying to bite back her smirking.* Beautiful, yes?

Gabriel: *Every instinct screamed for him to say no, to pounce on her and dissolve the bond once and for all! But the look on her face … She looked so beautiful.* … Would you have dinner with me. -09:45 Aug 11

Dark: Geez, Caroline! *He muttered but then he was turning back and watching!* Sshh. I wanna hear what they’re saying! -Gabriel

Vlamerias: *Meri was so intent. Her hands were clasped together and she couldn’t tear her eyes away!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *He had given her an inch, and it was as good as giving her the world! Evangeline smiled wide. If he was having dinner, then maybe he would stay..!* Yes, I would like to have dinner with you. -09:47 Aug 11

Caroline: If this goes well, I doubt you want to hear what they’re saying. *Smirking ever wider, she rest her chin on his shoulder so she could get a good peek too. …They should be ashamed for spying. But a lot of -work- was put in to this!*

Gabriel: *The wide smile she gave him left him breathless! He stepped closer and pulled her chair out for her.* You took a bath. *He could smell the scent on her. How could he not notice every little detail? But Bael’s mark on her neck made him clench his teeth. Fortunately, Evangeline’s back was to him and he was able to control himself.* -09:50 Aug 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline slid in to the seat, trying to control that sudden euphoria of just getting to have dinner with him, knowing him, and speaking to him! Didn’t he know how much she missed him?* With some bullying, I did. I missed getting to talk to Caroline and seeing the devil rats. -09:52 Aug 11
Gabriel: Yes. She has missed you too. *He wanted to tell her he had as well but … to admit … it would hurt the both of them more after he had gone through with his plan.* -09:54 Aug 11
Evangeline: I missed you so much too! I… *Evangeline huffed. She shouldn’t bring it up again, if she did, he might leave! And she so wanted him to be with her.. and to kiss her again!* I was hoping you would stay the night too? -09:56 Aug 11
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((09:58 Aug 11))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((09:58 Aug 11))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -09:58 Aug 11
[Evangeline was getting to have an unexpected dinner with Gabriel! ] -10:26 Aug 11
[Gabriel was moving to sit in his seat after pouring her some … apple cider.] -10:31 Aug 11
Gabriel: … The night. *He said it slowly. To stay the whole night with Evangeline … That brought back memories of her curling up with him under the covers, soft kisses, whispered promises …* -10:31 Aug 11
Evangeline: *She picked up the glass to take a sip, smiling behind the glass.* Spend the night with me…? I know you couldn’t before. But there is no reason not to now…? -10:33 Aug 11
Gabriel: *The knife appeared in his hand under the table. He put his other hand, palm up, so she could place her own hand inside.* Your happiness means more to me than anything else, Evangeline. *His grip on the knife’s handle tightened. Just a little cut would do. One cut on her, than one on his. He might have enough power to undo the bond on his own, so long as their wounds were pressed together. Blood to blood.* -10:40 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She had her hands clasped together!* Oh please … oh please … oh please …! *She kept whispering!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline set down her to the side, grasping his hand with both of hers! This is what she needed so much, was him to touch her! To hold more than just her hands!* Nothing makes me happier than being with you. You are my whole life. -10:44 Aug 11

Dark: Damnit. Why don’t they just kiss and make up already? *He muttered, getting restless! If something good didn’t come from this, he might go into a berserker rage himself!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes.* Forgive me. *Evangeline saw the flash of the knife and it seemed to come down in slow motion to cut her palm, possibly giving her time to pull her hand away!* -10:45 Aug 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline snatched her hands back so quick! The confusion plain on her face! Then she was up and out of her chair to move away from him.* …what are you doing! -10:47 Aug 11

Caroline:Damnit! *Trying to keep that under her breath was hard! ….and so was resisting to run in there and do something. They had to have the faith that it would work itself out. …and when it did she was going kill Gabriel.*

Gabriel: *He stood up. He couldn’t meet her eyes.* … I am dissolving the bond. -10:49 Aug 11

Dark: *He slapped his palm against his face.* Oh bloody hell … -Gabriel

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide!* Oh no! *She bolted for her two masters but Dark was quicker and snatched her!* -Gabriel

Dark: Relax, Meri. We’re going to see what happens. And when everything is done–we’ll have a race to see who gets to kill Gabriel first. *He muttered.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: You are… Oh no you’re not! You’re forbidden! Absolutely forbidden! *Break their bond. He couldn’t do it. She wouldn’t let him…! It was all she had of him! Evangeline glanced around. She didn’t want to hurt him… but she was so sorely tempted to throw something at him now!* -10:52 Aug 11
Gabriel: It is for the best. *He watched her now. If he could only catch her off guard …* It will be quick and painless. *It was a blatant lie but he had to try to soothe her.* I will not allow you to suffer anymore. -10:54 Aug 11
Evangeline: It won’t be painless at all! You’re taking my love and my soul and heart! You’re taking everything from me! *ooo, she wanted to call him names too! At least she could GLARE at him! Getting to glare him felt pretty good! Evangeline managed to get her hands on a fork and pointed it at him.* You aren’t taking it away. -10:58 Aug 11
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* … That is not true, Evangeline. What else would you have me do. -10:59 Aug 11
Evangeline: It is true! I won’t live without you. I refuse. I live FOR you…! I live to be with you! I live so we can be happy together, and now you want to take it all away! ….well you can… you can go throw yourself out a window! I won’t accept it! -11:01 Aug 11
Gabriel: Damnit, Evangeline! *He was stalking toward her.* Things cannot be the way they used to be! I cannot be the husband you deserve! -11:02 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She had her hands clasped together again!* Oh please … oh please … oh please … oh please …! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Don’t you dare! You stay over there! *Evangeline dodged until she had a chair between them! And the fork!* You’re already the husband I want and deserve. …except right this second. Right this second I wonder if you love me at all..! You’re trying to get rid of me! -11:05 Aug 11
Gabriel: *It looked like she had slapped him. He adruptly stopped and then he was glaring back at her with the chair and fork between them!* Of course, I love you, Evangeline! *He threw the knife and it flew through the air with a SSHIINKK! and embedded itself into the wall next to the doorway Caroline, Dark, and Meri were eavesdropping in! He ran his fingers through his hair, ruffled it, smoothed it with another run of his fingers.* I love you so much it hurts. You smile, it feels me with such warmth. You cry, all I want to do is make you smile again, destroy whomever caused those tears. By your word, the sun rises and sets. There are no words to describe what I feel for you, Evangeline! *He growled and started to pace the room. He didn’t even notice the large dragon wings that sprouted from his back as he paced.* -11:10 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She was sniffling!* That’s … that’s … so beautiful! *Her voice was hushed as if she didn’t want to spoil the moment.* -Gabriel

Dark: *He was scribbling something down on a notepad.* Smile … warmth. Rises … sets … -Gabriel

Evangeline: *For a split second she jumped! Almost afraid he was going to be all sneaky about getting her blood to break the bond! But as he paced, she glared at him again!* If you loved me, you would live with me. Not just through the good moments, but the bad moments too. What are the good moments worth, if we don’t have the bad ones to remind us how important they are? If you can’t be with me… you.. you may as well stab me right in the heart! That is what you will be doing to me anyway! -11:15 Aug 11

Caroline: …what the devil are you writing down? *Copying Gabriel’s speech? …she could give him better lines than that!*

Dark: … Nothing. *He coughed and stuffed his notepad back into his jacket!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: I am not stabbing you in the heart, Evangeline! *He growled and stopped pacing to glare at her.* -11:17 Aug 11
Evangeline: Every moment you walk away from me. Every time you tell me we can’t be together… You break my heart and can’t take you walking away again. If you can’t love me enough for us to live together, then you may as well take our bond and kill me yourself. I don’t care how stupid it is! I won’t live without you in my life. -11:20 Aug 11
Gabriel: You want me to forget everything bad that has every happened. To live with you and forget you died in my arms! That everything I did to protect you amounted to nothing! -11:24 Aug 11
Evangeline: If it was nothing, why am I here now! Why do we have another chance! If it were nothing, how could I be here living and breathing and begging you not to leave me! *She wanted to cry so much… but she was through with tears! He didn’t understand… but if it was what he wanted, she would show him! Evangeline stepped back until she turned and tugged that knife out of the wall.* I fight for us… but if you want me to die, Gabriel, then I will die! And stay dead! -11:27 Aug 11
Gabriel: *As she tugged the knife out, he crossed the distance between them and then he had his hand around the wrist she held the knife in.* … Evangeline. *He sounded tired, he felt the weight of his years. He didn’t want to fight with Evangeline anymore.* … I have missed you, Evangeline. I was selfish and that is how I lost you. I wanted to believe you would be happy without me, in a way I could never be happy without you. -11:30 Aug 11
Evangeline: If it’s selfish to be with the one we love, then let us be selfish. Let us be with each other. You pulled me back, so who is death to dare stop us…? If you want me to die, I will go and never come back. But if you want me, I will live for you forever. -11:36 Aug 11
Gabriel: *He lowered his head and shut his eyes.* You make it sound so easy. But everything I ever wanted and needed, I had to fight for or pay a heavy price to achieve. *He wanted so much to believe her! But there was still the doubt, the fear … He could not take her dying again. It had been … It was …* -11:39 Aug 11
Evangeline: You could kiss me now and tell me that it wasn’t worth it. That you would not do it again? Kiss me now and tell me that you’ll take it away. And I will give up and not ever bother you again. -11:42 Aug 11

Caroline: *A soft cough and Caroline couldn’t watch anymore. She was tilting her head away and trying to swallow that lump in her throat before anyone caught her tearing up. *

Gabriel: *He hesitated at the thought of a kiss … But it was a reasonable request and he could not deny her. He decided he could do this. A simple kiss on the lips, then he would dissolve the bond. She would see he was right. He tilted her head up and kissed her gently, then started to pull away.* -11:45 Aug 11

Vlamerias: *She was so tense! Her knuckles were white with how tightly her hands were clasped! She was almost jumping up and down!* Oh please … oh please … oh please …! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *That was not a kiss. She would show him a kiss. Evangeline captured his head to tug him back to her level before he pulled away. She brushed her mouth over his, soft at first and teasing. Nibbling on his bottom lip then soothing with a flick of her tongue.* -11:49 Aug 11
Gabriel: *His heart stopped. Soft and teasing … Her lips were soft and they tasted of apple cider. It had been ages since she’d last kissed him like this. He struggled to stay strong and resistent but when she flicked her tongue like so … He opened his mouth for her and his tongue slid out to dance with hers.* -11:51 Aug 11
Evangeline: *One hand moving to stroke the hair at the nape of his neck, she tilted her head to deepen the kiss. Rising on her toes so she could nip at his tongue, and kiss him the way she had wanted to do for so long!* -11:54 Aug 11
Gabriel: *He lowered his head a bit more, one arm slipped around her waist. The other hand cradled the back of her head. He tilted his head slightly in the opposite direction of hers, his tongue slipping around hers. He made a soft groan when she nipped it … How he had missed her!* -11:56 Aug 11
Evangeline: *A hand slid down his neck to squeeze his shoulder and tugged lightly at his shirt. Evangeline sighed softly, even when she pulled him against her to kiss him harder! She needed him so much, and tried to show him with every ounce of passion she could muster!* -12:03 Aug 12
Gabriel: *The arm around her waist was moving down, the hand cupping her bottom and pushing her against him so she could feel the effect she was having on him. The fingers of the hand cradling her head tangled in her hair. He finally had to pull away, nibbling on her neck. But he growled low in his throat when he happened across Bael’s mark.* -12:07 Aug 12

Dark: *He coughed politely and covered Meri’s eyes!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Breathless, so very breathless! But she kissed his cheek, his jaw and nibbled at his ear.* Would you leave now, when you could make love to me…? -12:10 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He groaned softly. He lifted his head, kissed her face gently, her cheeks, her forehead, her jaw.* Will you be my wife again, Evangeline. Will you strengthen your bond with me. -12:12 Aug 12

Caroline: …I do believe this is the moment we sneak away without a sound. *She muttered softly to Dark. They could watch, but letting Meri see was an entirely different story!*

Evangeline: I would love to be your wife, and bound to you for eternity… *She was so elated…! She might have screamed and jumped for joy! But she wanted him so much.. to make their bond strong again and to feel his body against her!* -12:14 Aug 12

Vlamerias: Oh please … oh please … oh please …! *She was squirming away from Dark’s censoring hand!* Just a little while more …!

Gabriel: Say the vow with me and then the blood exchange … I bind my life with yours, from this moment to the day of our death. I will be with you for all eternity. I speak this vow of my own free will, this irrevocable pact. You are in my heart as I am always in yours. -12:25 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Grinning so bright, she kissed him quick before repeating the words.* I bind my life with yours, from this moment to the day our death. I will be with you for all eternity. I speak this voew of my own free will, this irrevocable pact. You are in my heart as I am always in yours… -12:27 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He smiled and then he bit his tongue. He gave her another deep kiss and when he had coaxed her tongue closer, he nipped it gently. The marks on their hands tingled and the fading color brightened and grew stronger. The castle around them changed as well. Subtle changes. Cracks grew shallow then disappeared, broken beams mended, even the courtyards grew and the seasons were stronger. Spring’s grass brightened, the snow was no longer ash but pure white, summer was warm again, and autumn the yellow and browns were vivid.* -12:30 Aug 12

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide as she looked around. The conservatory’s dim light shone so much brighter! The floor was polished again, the paint looked like new …! She squealed and jumped up and down!* It worked … it worked … it worked …! *She clapped her hands!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t even bother to look! Her eyes were only for Gabriel as her mouth moved against his, feverishly as she felt that familiar tingle and that welcome sensation of just him. His mind, his thoughts, his heart…! He was her breath of life!* -12:34 Aug 12

Caroline: *Caroline was still trying to subtly wipe those tears from her eyes, but it was impossible not to notice the shift of the place. She sighed a heavy relief sound!* Thank the gods. Maybe now I can get some sleep. -Evangeline

Dark: Okay. Show’s over, Meri. Let’s go. *It looked like they’d be spending even more time with Meri. He doubted Evangeline was going to let Gabriel go anywhere … for the next two or three hundred years.*

Gabriel: *He felt whole, complete! He could feel Evangeline, her heartbeat, her pulse … It had been so quiet, so lonely without her.* I can give you your psychic ability back as well … but it will mean sacrificing your eyesight. -12:40 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She shook her head slowly.* I don’t want it… not yet. Can it just be you and me..? For a little while…? -12:41 Aug 12
Gabriel: For as long as you desire. *He cupped her cheek and then he was kissing her again, another deep, dragging kiss. He had every intention on claiming her body, as he’d claimed her heart and soul, and he made no effort to hide it.* -12:46 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Returning his kiss with a greedy one of his own, she wasted no time in moving her hands to his shoulders to push away his coat and to his shirt to tug it off of him! She could have him tonight and there would be nothing but the two of them! She would remind him why he should never leave her!* -12:51 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He smirked when he felt her pushing his coat off his shoulders, then moving for his shirt.* … Evangeline. *At this rate he would take her in the conservatory, romance be damned!* -01:12 Aug 12
Evangeline: I want you. All of you. …and I don’t want want to wait anymore! *She leaned up on her toes to kiss that smirk. He could have her now if he wanted..! Now and here and everywhere!* -01:17 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He flicked his tongue across her lips and bent his head to nibble on her ear as he pushed her up against the wall. He was as eager as she was as he began to push the skirt of her gown up to her waist with one hand. The other opened his pants enough to free himself.* -01:20 Aug 12
Evangeline: *As soft moan that she didn’t bother to hide! Evangeline ran her fingers through his hair, finding herself delight all over again with how dark and soft it was! She teased the back of his neck with her fingers even while giggling under her breath at his ear.* -01:28 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He smirked. He wanted her mewling and moaning for more so he slipped his hand between her legs to separate her lips and find that sensitive nub of pleasure, to rub it back and forth.* -01:29 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline gasped! Her fingers tightening in his hair. Her body moved and squirmed, yearning for more of his touch! She bit her lip while she dropped her forehead against his shoulder, trying not to whimper!* -01:32 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He groaned softly. She was soft and wet for him already, her lips parting so easily for him and only for him. He was foremost in her mind and he decided to be a little wicked by sharing ideas he had for her. Over the chair she’d been sitting on. On the table there dinner still sat on. As he rubbed her, a finger of his other hand slipped into her sheath and thrust, just a little.* -01:35 Aug 12
Evangeline: Hrrmph. *How deliciously tormenting! It was so easy to picture it, even without him putting the thoughts in her head! but ooo… Slipping a finger inside her and her entire body flashed so warm. It was so unfair..! But she could be wicked too. Though she held tight to his hair, her other hand slid down over his chest and fingers grazed his stomach. Until she wrapped her hands around his shaft and squeezed gently.* -01:40 Aug 12
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *Her name came out in a deep growl, reminding him of his own passion. He stopped rubbing her nub but kept her lips open for him. His other hand moved to wrap around hers as he pushed his hips closer to her.* Guide me, Evangeline. *He whispered against her mouth.* -01:42 Aug 12
Evangeline: *He was going to make her melt to the floor with just his voice alone..! She could not look anywhere but his eyes as she grinned, tugging him closer. She pulled one leg up to hook around his, but didn’t guide him all the way in. Rather rubbing the tip of his shaft against her opening, and chewing her lip at the teasing of him as well as herself!* -01:47 Aug 12
Gabriel: You wicked tease. *He growled again, his hands moving behind her. He cupped her bottom and then hoisted her up. There was a muffled groan as his lips met hers and his shaft slipped into her sheath. He paused once he was completely inside, assaulted by her muscles. He pressed her up against the wall, the bottom half of his body still. His mouth on the other hand was busy against hers.* -01:50 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t retort, but she needed no words! It was all said in the smile she wore even as she nipped at his lips. Her legs curled around him, clinging tight as if she could hold him right there forever! But when he didn’t move, her plaintive sounds and impatient squirming begged him to!* -01:54 Aug 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel had intended on taking her slowly but she was rubbing up against him, making soft sounds of need … He pinned her wrists to the wall above her head with one hand, the other hand on her thigh. She would have to take what he gave her and enjoy the sweet torture. He started off slow and deep.* -01:59 Aug 12
Evangeline: Gabriel…! *His name came out in a small gasp, followed by a low groan! Her fingers flexed with that temptation to struggle… only because she wanted to touch have her hands on him! He moved so slow… she used that leverage of her back against the wall, trying the push against him!* -02:03 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He was smirking again but he increased the pace a little more, a little deeper. He bent his head to nip her where her pulse beat strongest.* -02:06 Aug 12
Evangeline: Hmm… *It was heaven with his mouth and teeth over her skin… and sweet hell not getting to run her fingers through his hair! She locked her legs tighter around him. Squeezing him deep between her thighs as she tilted her face towards him to coax him to kiss her!* -02:13 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He glanced upwards to see her tilting her face and smirked again as he lifted his head. He met her lips and kissed her passionately, his tongue plunging into her mouth as he suddenly started to pound her hard and fast!* -02:15 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She met his tongue with hers, playful and quick. Ravaging his mouth until she broke away. His name being uttered between moans, and her breath catching with every writhing movement of her body!* -02:21 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He released her wrists, running his callused palm down her arms, down her chest to push the top of her gown aside to release a breast. Then he tilted away from her slightly to lower his head and capture the nipple in his mouth. He nibbled on it as he took her, his pace slowing and moving deep.* -02:24 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline wanted to say stop… or beg for more! But it only came out as a quiet groan. Her hands dropping down to tangle blissfully in his hair. Her hips would twist when he pressed her against the wall, and it was so maddeningly good..!* -02:29 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He lifted her head and pressed her against the wall. Then he quickened his pace a little, her body beginning to bounce a bit. He lowered his head to take the other breast into his mouth and suck on it gently.* -02:34 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Her breath quick and shallow, she was so close…! Squeezing his shoulders one moment and releasing the next, it wasn’t until her nails clutched tight that she shouted and held for dear life! Her thighs locking around him while her body shivvered with orgasm!* -02:41 Aug 12
Gabriel: *When her muscles clenched up even tighter around him, raised her head to see the look on her face. Then he was thrusting and thrusting and–he pushed as deep into her as he could and came inside of her, stroking her body and holding her close. Afterwards, he made smaller thrusts so to get as much of his seed out. He kissed her gently.* -02:45 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She brushed her mouth against his, a tired smile crossing her face as she rest her forehead against him.* I think you have my mark now… *She grazed her fingers softly over where dug her nails in, maybe a bit too deep…!* -02:48 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He laughed softly and smiled at her.* A mark I bear proudly. *He leaned his forehead against hers.* Evangeline. My sweet, devious wife. *He had to keep saying it. They belonged together and he loved her and they would never be separated.* -02:50 Aug 12
Evangeline: *His smile was so pretty..! Well, if a man could be pretty! She couldn’t help but grin in response as she linked her arms around his neck.* Promise you will not walk away from me again? That you’ll always be with me? -02:53 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He was nuzzling her cheek but then he sighed softly. It wasn’t much a sign of regret as it was a sign of defeat. He knew when he was bested and she had won. Or rather, they both had won.* I promise to not walk away from you again and I will always be with you. *He slipped his arms around her and they disappeared from the conservatory to their bedroom. Where he lay her down in bed and lay down with her, never breaking away.* -02:58 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Lying down with him, she didn’t hestiate to get as close and comfy as possible..! Nor could she refrain from smiling, as if she had just won the biggest prize in the world.* And I promise I will never ever leave you. I will always come back to you. -03:01 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He let out a deep sigh as if he’d been holding his breath and could now breathe easily.* There is just one issue of business to tend to … *He was studying Bael’s mark on Evangeline’s neck and he growled.* -03:02 Aug 12
Evangeline: *Her hand reached up to cover the spot, as she gave a sheepish, embarrassed look…!* …I didn’t quite think that one through… -03:03 Aug 12
Gabriel: You did not. But I am responsible in part. *He tilted his head slightly. A vampire’s mark was still a vampire’s mark. It was as good as a brand … But Bael bore his mark in turn, making him Gabriel’s property. The only way to erase it was to get Bael to take his mark off–or kill him.* I will kill him later. -03:07 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She tugged gently on his ear, with a slight frown.* He did let go of me… maybe ask him to be nice first..? -03:09 Aug 12
Gabriel: He is a stupid vampire. He should not have bitten you in the first place. -03:09 Aug 12
Evangeline: I asked him to, though… Would you resist if I asked you to bite me..? -03:10 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You are my wife and I resisted biting you until you persisted. You had a dire need to know what you tasted like. -03:12 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She grinned, wicked!* I don’t remember you resisting very much. -03:13 Aug 12
Gabriel: I resisted. *He said firmly.* And I did not lose control. I gave you the answer you wished and let you go. -03:15 Aug 12
Evangeline: And you marked me because you loved me. *She grinned wider still! But after a moment, it faded a bit back to her thoughtful expression.* I don’t want you to kill someone because I made a mistake and got them in trouble… -03:17 Aug 12
Gabriel: *A soft sigh.* If you are that insistent upon it, I will ask him. And then I will kill him. -03:17 Aug 12
Evangeline: Ask him and then kill him if he’s going to be mean and try to kidnap me or hurt me or eat me…? -03:19 Aug 12
Gabriel: What if he implies he will be mean and attempt to kidnap you or hurt you or eat you. -03:20 Aug 12
Evangeline: Is implying different than telling you so…? *She suspected it was something more sneaky… but she liked the look of his face when her asked. She poked his nose!* -03:22 Aug 12
Gabriel: Of course. It is subtle and a vampire can tell when another vampire intends upon doing something he should not. -03:23 Aug 12
Evangeline: Like if he is really going to try and hurt me, and not just saying he is going to as a bluff…? -03:23 Aug 12
Gabriel: Yes. Your blood is sweet and your soul bright, Evangeline … And a vampire as old as Bael should have known better. -03:24 Aug 12
Evangeline: Leon says you can’t wave a steak in front of a werewolf and expect them not to take a bite… it is the same for vampires, maybe? -03:25 Aug 12
Gabriel: But a werewolf would learn to beware the hand that dangles the steak. That is what separates a wolf from being a wolf or a rug in front of the fireplace. -03:27 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She huffed..!* But they don’t really learn the lesson if they get stuffed right off the bat either! -03:29 Aug 12
Gabriel: *The huff she made! He chuckled softly and smirked!* But the other wolves would learn the lesson and thus, survival of the fittest. -03:30 Aug 12
Evangeline: But it’s not fair if he got teased first and then gets killed for it..? I would feel bad! I’ll go with you and make sure. -03:31 Aug 12
Gabriel: No. You are staying here. Mark or no, I do not wish to take the risk of Bael controlling you. -03:32 Aug 12
Evangeline: But he can’t control me, can he..? I thought it was only for turned vampires…? -03:33 Aug 12
Gabriel: Bael is an old vampire. When you reach a certain age, your control extends not only to vampires you sire but also to human pets you mark as your own. The difference being distance. An old vampire can control his children no matter how far away they are. With human pets, they will have to be closer, often within earshot or sight depending on how much blood of theirs he drank. -03:36 Aug 12
Evangeline: He would have made me do things? *She really didn’t like the sound of that… for all of the things she knew, she was still learning new things!* -03:38 Aug 12
Gabriel: It is possible. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Blood is potent. In the world we live, there are different types of chains, some more binding than others. That is why I wish to dissolve this matter with Bael as soon as possible. You will be safe here. The wards are stronger than ever. *He smirked. Then again, even at their weakest, they could repel Bael’s power.* -03:41 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She nodded.* All right… but you still have to ask him first! And I will ask Caroline if you did. -03:42 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her. He did not look pleased …!* -03:47 Aug 12
Evangeline: You have to ask, or I’ll be upset. I feel bad enough for getting him in trouble. He wouldn’t have if I didn’t go there. -03:50 Aug 12
Gabriel: … You are insane. -03:50 Aug 12
Evangeline: *She brushed her fingers over his mouth and grinned.* Would you love me if I were sane…? -03:52 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You make an amazing point. -03:52 Aug 12
Evangeline: I have one more tiny question! *And she nearly forget it just seeing him smirk again! Now she had both hands at his cheeks and pinching while she grinned!* -03:53 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow again. He had a feeling he would not like this question very much … not with the way she was grinning.* And what is your question. -03:54 Aug 12
Evangeline: When his mark is gone, will you mark me again…? So they will know I am your Seer? -03:55 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He shot her a wicked grin.* I will mark you and more. -03:55 Aug 12
Evangeline: *That made her give a curious look!* There is more? -03:57 Aug 12
Gabriel: *He lowered his head and was nibbling on her ear.* Mmm mm … *He thrust his hips once to let her know what he meant.* It is fortunate Dark is so well trained and Caroline is with him. I am going to be busy for at least a few weeks … -03:58 Aug 12

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