008 Mekrit (TBC)

[Rori and Ric are in Mekrit, where they are supposed to be on their way to hunt down mercenaries for help…] -01:03 Apr 25
Rori: *Usually by now Rori was complaining at Ric for something insulting, or asking questions. Or arguing with him about how she knows about these cities just as well as he does. But today… today she was actually quiet! Tagging two paces behind him, with her arms crossed and barely watching where she was going.* -01:05 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric was musing to himself as they walked. Most of the truly good sellswords would be well on their way to drunk, late as it was, so they might as well find a room. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t hurt to hole up here for awhile and try to gather some information. He turned to let Rori know what he was thinking, but the absent look on her face stopped him. He stepped off to the side of the road, gently pulling her along with him." Rori, what’s wrong? You haven’t made a sarcastic comment since sundown. -01:11 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori couldn’t even seem to dig up the energy to look cross with him. She just kind of frowned and shrugged her shoulders.* Did you think I wake up everyday plotting ways to spend every waking moment jabbing at you? You’ve got an ego, Necromancer… -01:16 Apr 25
Heinrich: Well, there’s the sarcasm, but your heart obviously isn’t in it. I’d rather assumed it came naturally. Seriously, what’s wrong? -01:20 Apr 25
Rori: I’ve always hated that question. "What’s wrong." Everyone always feels the need to ask me when there’s no provocation for it. *Truth be told she was tired. Moreso than usual! The rest of the way to Mekrit had been hard, with little to know Inns in between. Which left them sleeping outside where she never felt warm enough. She had gotten silent again, with her inner monologue. Forgetting to fuss at him like she usually would.* -01:24 Apr 25
Heinrich: You’re not acting like your usual self, I’d say that’s provocation enough. Right, there’s a good Inn about a block and a half from here. Let’s get a room and a meal and then have a talk. -01:26 Apr 25
Rori: Well, that doesn’t sound pleasant. *She muttered about his idea of talking. They were crossing the street, which was busy enough to have plenty of people crossing back and forth, as well as wagons, carriages, and horses. One moment she was scowling at his back and then the next she was falling face first to the dirt, wearily baffled and unsure of how she got there!* -01:31 Apr 25
Heinrich: I mean actually have a… *he stopped talking as he heard a THUD behind him, and he turned to see her on the ground looking stupefied.* Right, we’ll get a room, and then you’ll sleep. THEN we can have a conversation. *reaching down, he helped her to her feet, then grabbed her legs and started carrying her bridal-style down the street toward the inn. Damn the odd looks he’d get for carrying a slave. -01:38 Apr 25
Rori: *She hated this feeling! Being so tired and weary, yet not really being sleepy. …She still wasn’t sure how she ended up on the ground, which meant she probably half fainted. Now she was pressing a hand to her forehead and trying to regain some dignity!* …You’re making a really big damned deal out of nothing. -01:41 Apr 25
Heinrich: Better to make a big deal of nothing than to ignore warning signs. Learned that the hard way. *They arrived at the inn, and he set her on her feet, keeping an eye on her as they walked over to the Innkeeper.* A room for two. Preferably one with a lock. -01:43 Apr 25

Being in Mekrit, the Keeper didn’t ask any questions or care to examine them too much. They stated the price and took payment, passing a key with a room number across the counter. -Rori

Rori: *Learned the hard way. THAT made Rori finally smirk, the first normal sign all day. She was still swaying on her feet, but it seemed this time she noticed herself do it and was trying to hide it. …At least until she suddenly sneezed and felt like the entire room was spinning in circles because of it. Ugh…!* -01:46 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric nodded to the man and led Rori upstairs to their room, taking care to steady her every time she started to tip. Once they were inside and the door was locked, he shucked his cloak and motioned for her to lie down.* -01:47 Apr 25
Rori: *In her head she was saying "Yes master" to goad him, and perhaps the look was on her face too. But she dropped on to the bed, leaving her feet dangling sideways off the edge, and sighing in relief at having the world be stationary again.* Happy Now? -01:50 Apr 25
Heinrich: Not really. I just figured that you’d want some sleep, seeing as you’re practically falling over every few steps. -01:53 Apr 25
Rori: I tripped. *…which didn’t really make her sound any more graceful. Rori started coughing this time and grimaced. Uuggh, what if she was catching a cold? They didn’t exactly have cold meds here! People DIED from that sort of thing!* -01:56 Apr 25
Heinrich: You nearly fell over standing still. -01:58 Apr 25
Rori: You didn’t feel the earthquake? I thought you were observant. *Grr. She wasn’t going to get sick and have him making a scene about it. He already thought she did nothing but complain. Rori sat up, running her hands through her hair to straighten it up again.* What was the agenda for today? Going against proper storylines and asking for mercenary help? -02:03 Apr 25
Heinrich: *Ric chuckled.* Heroes are hiring mercenaries all the time, Rori. "Raise an army" just sounds nicer. It’s too late to catch any of the good mercenaries sober, though, so that’s for tomorrow. All right, then, if you aren’t tired, are you hungry? -02:06 Apr 25
Rori: *There was a twitch of her nose as she gave it a thought. No, she really wasn’t. No appetite at all! With the way the room was spinning, she’d probably barf it all back up anyway. Once again she got lost in her thinking about her answer, and never remembered to reply!* -02:09 Apr 25
Heinrich: Rori? Did you fall asleep on me? -02:11 Apr 25
Rori: *She blinked, confused for a moment, then finally scowled and shook her head. Yeah, pretending to be right as rain wasn’t going to work if she was blanking out like a dumbass. She finally sighed, falling back over the bed again.* I’m tired… I can’t keep up today, so go on huff and puff and blow me down. -02:15 Apr 25
Heinrich: It’s all right, Princess. *he lifted her feet onto the bed and covered her with his cloak like a blanket* Sleep. We can talk when you wake up. -02:17 Apr 25
Rori: You’re being unusually nice. *She muttered, even moving to eye him with suspicion!* -02:24 Apr 25
Heinrich: I’ve no real reason not to be. You haven’t gone and done anything daft lately. Would you rather I wasn’t nice? -02:28 Apr 25
Rori: It’s just weird. *Another mumbled phrase. And now that she wasn’t fighting it and bed was oh so comfortable, it was getting really hard to keep her eyes open.* -02:30 Apr 25
Heinrich: *He snickered once and propped himself upright on the other bed. He was generally a light sleeper, thankfully, and he’d wake up as soon as she moved.* -02:32 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori was out fast and slept deep! So deep that she didn’t even roll or shift positions, just occasionally coughed and grumbled unintelligible words. When she did wake, it was before sunrise and it was only because her stomach was demanding something in it! When she moved it was with stiff motions, and she was debating sneaking out…* -02:35 Apr 25
Ric: *Ric was woken by Rori’s rumbling stomach, and he waited a few moments before standing up himself. Stretching – difficult, but necissary, having fallen asleep in his armor – he turned to Rori* Feeling better? The Innkeeper will hopefully have started breakfast by now… -02:42 Apr 25
Rori: Not particularly. *In fact, if she didn’t have to eat, she would be rolling back in to bed and staying there until she died. He always woke ready for the day no matter what time it was.* -02:44 Apr 25
Ric: Ah. Well, maybe you’ll feel better once you get some food in you? -02:47 Apr 25
Rori: Not much of a choice now… *Rori stood, body aching and no energy to even complain about it! She was still swaying on her feet as she headed towards the door, forgetting it was locked and getting frustrated with trying to open it.* -02:48 Apr 25
Ric: *he reached past her and unlocked the door, letting her lead the way downstairs and to a table, where he ordered two bowls of stew from the innkeeper.* -02:52 Apr 25
Rori: *Rori sat, resting her head on the table while she waited. She was about ready to fall asleep again right there!* -02:54 Apr 25

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