008 The Doll Escapes

Lily is one of Michael’s many dolls. There is a raid on the building, and two people crush through the door in the middle of their fight. Lily jumps on the opportunity to escape by grabbing a gun. Another of the girls tries to stop her because she’s Michael’s “favorite” and doesn’t deserve to leave. Lily accidentally kills in the girl in her struggle to get out. While sneaking down the hall she thinks she’s spotted Michael and shoots him, but it’s Gabriel who tells her to run when Michael appears behind her. Gabriel fights with Michael. Lily runs in to Conrad during her escape (pointing her gun at him too). Seeing him as the only smart one to still be alive, Lily escapes with Conrad and in to one of the Oracle vans. (Never letting loose of that gun!) Some of the Oracle hunters set off a bomb to blow up the building with Michael and Gabriel still inside. Gabriel manages to protect the girls still alive with a shield. Michael is no where to be found.

On the way back to Oracle, Lily points her gun at Conrad again, who patiently explains what Oracle is and where they’re going. She tells him her name is Lace, opting not to draw any attention to herself and not ready to even think about returning home. At the organization Conrad sticks with Lily, getting her some clothes and taking her for some food as she seems to be the only one of the girls who hadn’t lost her marbles.

  1. Lily displays strength despite fear. She sticks to Conrad because he “didn’t die”.
  2. Gabriel again shows that he protects innocents first – kills bad guys second.
  3. Conrad shows patience and wisdom!
[Lily crept down the hall, a gun aimed in a shaky hand! ] -03:33 Jul 13
[Michael was irked about this intrusion on his playtime!] -03:37 Jul 13
Michael: *He licked Selene’s blood off of his fingers, kissed her full lips one last time and stroked her hair as he lay beside her. She was beautiful this way. Eyes wide with terror, mouth still open from when she had uttered that bloodcurdling scream … She had lasted slightly longer than a few of the dolls he’d brought here.* -03:39 Jul 13
Lily: *She killed that girl. …but she was probably better off that way. Lily stayed close to the wall as she moved, trying to keep her breathing as quiet as possible!* -03:40 Jul 13

There were shouts outside! Gunfire! Screams! The sounds of a raid, courtesy of Oracle!

Michael: … How irksome. *He murmured as he stood and buttoned up his shirt. He would just have to leave his doll lying on his bed until he could come and fetch her. Wash her tenderly and add her to another collection of his. A collection all his dolls knew about. He opened the door and walked down the hall toward the room he kept his dolls in, ignoring the fighting going on right beside him.* -03:44 Jul 13
Lily: *Every last one of them were going to get slaughtered, she was pretty sure. As soon as he realized what was going on. An opening door down the hall behind her and footsteps. She walked a little quicker!* -03:47 Jul 13
Michael: *Yes, Michael did ignore the fighting … until he got to the room where his dolls were kept and saw that some were huddled in the corner, one was dead and–His eyes narrowed into slits and he growled. That all-too familiar thread appeared around his wrist.* Where. Is. She. -03:49 Jul 13

One of the girls quickly pointed in the direction his favorite had gone! There! She had gone that way!

Lily: *One step at a time. Just follow the gunfire, the doors would be there and if she got outside… If there were enough people he wouldn’t notice her! She clutched her gun tighter!* -03:54 Jul 13

Gabriel: *Walked down the hall, one gun out. He more or less ignored those fools from the Oracle and they were too busy trying to stay alive to pester him much. He did, however, do them the courtesy of taking out the vampires that crossed his path. His real quarry was elsewhere, though …*

Michael: *He still had enough of Selene’s blood on his fingertips. He used it to cast the spell.* Orior de caligula. *The shadows around him came alive with life-sized mannequins with empty eyesockets and long, stringy hair.* Eliminate these pests and find her. *The mannequins were only there for a moment before they moved off, sped on by their master’s urgency.* -03:57 Jul 13
Lily: *A little bit farther, she could ever see someone coming towards her… Lily froze when he came in to the light! But he was..! No! This was her only chance – do or die! Shaking hand or not, she fired her gun and shot him!* -04:00 Jul 13
Michael: *Once his creations had gone, he continued walking, ignoring the desperate pleas of his dolls for salvation. He even kicked one in the face when she clung to his leg.* -04:01 Jul 13

Vampires and hunters littered the hideaway, although the vampires were already burning into ash! Even some of Michael’s dolls were being killed in the crossfire but they refused to leave!

Michael: *He could smell her. She was here. She was–He saw her at a door, gazing at someone in shock with her gun in her hand. But he paid no mind to the stranger. No, his attention was for his misguided doll.* LILY! *He snarled! How dare she try to leave!* -04:05 Jul 13

Gabriel: *Looked down at the bullet hole already healing. He arched an eyebrow at her but made no other move. It was obvious to see. She was one of Michael’s dolls. Something caught his attention and his gaze went from her face.* Run.

Gabriel: *He said and stepped aside to let her through.*

Lily: *She had spun around and backed against the wall, to aim her gun the other way! This was some sort of trick…?! Run. He said run. Keeping a weary eye at the Michael behind her, she eased past the Michael in front of her… staying against the wall until she was past him… and ran!* -04:10 Jul 13
Michael: LILY!! *He growled! How dare she–! He was too blinded by rage to take notice of the stranger who’d let her through! He ran after her, nails growing into claws! He would teach her a lesson she would never forget!* -04:12 Jul 13

Gabriel: *As soon as the girl had gone, he moved between her and Michael. Wait and wait … As soon as Michael’s body flickered (it would have blurred and disappeared to the untrained eye), he did a roundhouse kick!*

Lily: *Running…! She ran until she crashed in to a pushed open a door, stumbling in to… she didn’t know, and she didn’t care! Lily aimed her gun again, there were people and marrionettes and bodies…!* -04:17 Jul 13
Michael: *The stranger came out of nowhere and managed to stop him his tracks! Not only that, he managed to do it with such force, it knocked him back a few feet! That was impossible! He looked up!* GABRIEL!! *He closed the distance between them and began to slash at him with his claws!* -04:17 Jul 13
Michael: *One step back! Turn to the side, turn back! He raised his guns and crossed them against Michael’s claws!* -04:23 Jul 13

Gabriel: *One step back! Turn to the side, turn back! He raised his guns and crossed them against Michael’s claws!*

Conrad: *Where did these things come from?! He watched as those mannequins ripped apart hunters with ease! Gary! David … even Thomas! He stood there, eyes closed as four marionettes closed in on him!* Reverto in pacis! *He threw four scrolls written in ancient script on the marionettes!*

The marionettes froze in place and the scrolls stuck to their bodies! Black energy rose off them like smoke and their bodies twitched for a moment before dropping to the floor!

Lily: *There wasn’t enough bullets in this stupid gun to shoot at everything…! Lily half scrambled half crawled over and around anything she had to dodge as she ran for the door!* -04:31 Jul 13
Michael: *Snarled!* Stop meddling in my affairs! *He pushed against Gabriel’s guns harder and harder! He could practically feel Lily getting farther and farther! He smirked as a marionette appeared behind Gabriel and raised the curved blade it had for a hand over his head!* -04:32 Jul 13

Conrad: *Wished his fallen comrades a peaceful rest before he moved ahead! At least now he knew why he was here! Oracle hadn’t been too specific on why they would need a hunter who could purify or exorcise.*

Gabriel: *Leaned slightly to one side as the blade came down, missing it by a hair! The mannequin fell forward and he kicked out, catching it in the chin and sending it flying backwards! He went back to trying to push Michael offguard!*

Lily: *Psuhing through another door, and it wasn’t the outside…! She had her gun aimed right at someone’s head, prepared to shoot someone else if she has to!* -04:38 Jul 13

Conrad: Whoa! *His hands quickly went up!* Uh … easy on the trigger there! *Had it not been for the fact he had a gun in his face, his jaw probably would’ve dropped!*

Lily: *Hunter. Lily didn’t lower her gun.* You’re going to die here. -04:42 Jul 13
Michael: *Snarled and broke away, slashing at Gabriel with a talon! He’d had enough! Lily was gone and no doubt, she had gotten free!* -04:43 Jul 13
Michael: *He smirked!* Like the scar? -04:44 Jul 13

Gabriel: *Felt Michael’s claw catch him across the cheek! But he didn’t bother to touch it. He knew it was bleeding but he also knew it was already healing.* … At least mine heals. *BANGBANGBANGBANG!*

Conrad: I get that a lot. Behind you! *He moved to one side!* Reverto in pacis! *He threw a scroll at another marionette who shared the same fate as the others!* Uh, less talking and more moving. *He gestured for the girl to get going.*

Michael: *Eyes grew wide! By reflex, he put a hand to his face … His face! His beautiful–!* BASTARD! *He didn’t even feel the bullets! He just kept charging, slashing wildly.* -04:48 Jul 13
Lily: *If he wanted to die like everyone else, that was his own business! Less talking, more moving! She ran for her escape!* -04:49 Jul 13

Elsewhere! The Hunters had decided enough was enough! They’d saved what civilians they could and now they were going to blow those two bastards–they’d heard Gabriel was here too–to kingdom come!

Conrad: Instead of sticking around, he ran after her! This was far too dangerous and he remembered that bomb the others had brought!*

Gabriel: *Back step! Side step! Move to the side! When Michael’s talon came slashing down, he moved away slightly, pulling his fist back and burying it into Michael’s gut! BANG! He felt Michael’s body jerk!*

Lily: *The moment she felt fresh air on her face she knew she was outside… and hesitated! She had to think! That one hunter could stop the marrionettes… she followed him!* -04:55 Jul 13

Conrad: *Now where had that girl … Ah, there she was! He headed for the large vans parked outside! In one, the girls they’d rescued and some of the wounded were rushed inside. The other carried all their equipment, including that bomb Conrad remembered.* In here. We’re headed back to the Oracle in … *He checked his watch.* 30 seconds.

Lily: *He was going to be so pissed off. Lily climbed in to the van, keeping her gun and very obviously ready to aim it at anyone that thought they might take it from her.* -05:00 Jul 13

Countdown to … a minute! They needed to buy themselves time to get out of here! Once the bomb was activated, they ran for it!*

Gabriel: *Watched as he moved his arm, watched as Michael dropped to the floor. He pulled the knife out. It was time to end this–until he heard something … something ticking. So those fools had thought up a back up plan after all … But he knew there were still innocents here.*

Michael: *Looked up at Gabriel and began to chuckle.* Gabriel … Poor, poor Gabriel … Always saving innocents. It’s no wonder you don’t get anything done … -05:06 Jul 13

Gabriel: *Looked down at Michael on the floor.* Perhaps. *He turned and started to walk away. Then paused.* I saved your Lily, didn’t I? *And then he was gone!*

Conrad: *Was the last one to get into the van before they shut the door and drove off! The guys in the other van would follow later. Once they were sure the bomb had gone off and damage was kept to a minimum.

As the first van drove away there was a loud BBBBOOOOMM! The guys who’d set everything up were ecstatic! They’d rescued some girls and killed off those bastard Carnatellis! They were going to be legends! That was … until the smoke cleared and they could see!

Lily: *That was it? Getting in a van and driving away? She jumped hearing the explosion behind them. Would it be as effective as it sounded?* -05:19 Jul 13

Gabriel: *Put his guns away! The girls he’d saved were alive but their well-being was another matter … Michael was a disease and those he infected were never entirely rid of him. There was a girl over each of his shoulders and one under the crook of his arms. He gently put them down in front of the startled hunters.* Get the rest. *Was all he said before he disappeared again!*

“Heh hay! Yeah, we did it!” said one of the guys in the front!

Conrad: *Sat down and leaned his head back! He might be trained for this type of thing but those marionettes had proved difficult to purify! There had been some black magic at work there. Serious black magic.*

Lily: *She aimed her gun at the magic user’s head again.* Where are we going? -05:29 Jul 13

Conrad: *Opened his eyes and saw that gun aimed at his head again. Unfortunately, he was too exhausted to panic much. And if she’d wanted to shoot him, she would have shot him already.* Oracle HQ.

Lily: I don’t know what that is. A police station? -05:32 Jul 13

Conrad: *Blinked. He’d been part of Oracle for awhile so from time to time, he forgot Oracle was mostly undercover. When they could help it …* No. Oracle. “People from all walks of life who band together to fight the forces of darkness.” *His voice imitated a narrator of some movie.* So we’re going to the HQ of the Oracle branch stationed in the area. We can rest up, get a bite to eat, recuperate and what not.

Lily: Fight the forces of evil.. *…and doing a really shitty job about it, aren’t they. She kept that to herself, but at least she retrieved her gun again.* …then what? -05:38 Jul 13

Conrad: That’s pretty much all we do. Until the next time Oracle sends us out. *He glanced over at the girls they’d gathered so far. He was more than certain this wasn’t all of them–much less, most of them. This mission had been a failure. It was a miracle they’d gotten out alive without meeting that powerful vampire the guys had been whispering about killing.*

Lily: *He glanced at the others, so she did too. At least some tried to run, but they didn’t look very alive either…* Are you going to keep all of the girls…? The ones that live? -05:44 Jul 13

Conrad: *Seeing these girls … they reminded him an awful lot of his sisters. He should pay them a visit and his family. They all thought he’d found a nice, ordinary job in the city. If only they knew …* Yeah … *He shut his eyes.* This mission was a failure. *He muttered, more to himself than anyone else.* We should have saved more of them.

Lily: *She was going to say, that even the ones they saved weren’t likely to live either. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to live. So she shut her mouth.* -05:50 Jul 13

Conrad: Anyways … *He looked at the girl.* My name’s Conrad. What’s yours?

Lily: L- *She paused. What if he wasn’t dead. He would want his dolls back, and her mother was..* Lace. -05:53 Jul 13

Conrad: Nice to meet you. *Someone knocked on the wall separating the back of the van from the front.* Looks like we’re here. *He moved and waited for the doors to open from the outside. Then he hopped out, moving to show that they were in a large garage of some sort with many cars of different shapes, colors and sizes, and a bunch of people hard at work.*

Lily: *Lily climbed out and got out of the way quick so the other girls could be pulled out. With her gun. Of which she still didn’t intend to let go of, and still wasn’t so sure if she’d need to shoot anyone else or not…* -06:04 Jul 13

Conrad: *Watched as the girls were taken out. He glanced at Lace.* Maybe you should go to the Infirmary with them.

Lily: *To be poked and prodded and examined by strangers, no thank you.* I would rather get some clothes. …If that’s alright. -06:17 Jul 13

Conrad: Sure. I know just the place. *He started going down a different direction than the guys carrying the girls. Out of the garage, down the hall, take a right to the end of the hall. They came to a laundry room, just as big as the warehouse with people doing their laundry. He waved to some, moved around others, and took her to a small room in the back. He stood by the door and gestured to Lace.* Clean clothes are in the closet over there. *Point to the back.* And in these baskets over here. *Point down, next to the door.* All the dirty clothes are the ones in the hamper. I wouldn’t recommend touching those. I’ll just be outside. *He left Lace.*

Lily: *She opened up the closet and…! Blinked! She had a choice! It was just picking out clothes, but she was sorely tempted to call him back and ask for help. That would be… very bad. Lily had to do some digging, and even some trying one to find a pair of pants that would fit, and a sweater that wasn’t too big. The sleeves were still too long, but she just pushed them up as she pulled on perfectly normal socks and sneakers. Nice normal clothes. She more than happily abandoned her old ones and slipped out the door, gun still in her hands!* This is a lot better, thank you. -06:29 Jul 13

Conrad: *Was helping an old woman fold her clothes. He looked up when Lace walked out.* You’re welcome. *He finished folding the white shirt, placed it on the pile of other t-shirts next to him.* So, ready to get a bite to eat or should I just go find a spare room for you?

Lily: *She almost asked “i can eat?’ but that would have been a very stupid question! Lily nodded slowly.* Food is good. Food is very good… -06:40 Jul 13

Conrad: *If he noticed anything strange about Lace’s behavior, he certainly didn’t show it. Instead, he nodded and turned to the woman.* Here you go, Matilda. I’ll catch you later. *The woman thanked him and turned back to her washing.* Right this way. *And he led. They went back the way they’d come but instead of taking a left to the garage, he took a right and headed farther down the hall. There were a lot of doors going down on either side but he didn’t pay attention to any of them. The farther they walked, the more people they past until finally they took a left and came to a hall with a wall of windows and two sliding glass doors.* The cafeteria. *He went through into the large room decorated with black and white tiles and potted plants. Lots of tables and chairs and a large area with a salad/fruit bar, a dessert bar, just to name a couple.*

Lily: It’s kind of like schoool… *She mumbled mostly to herself. This was something familiar and safe. And smelled divine! She could leave him alone for a second to get a tray and set her gun on it. And for dinner… forget dinner! Chocolate cake. A brownie. A couple cookies. Some blueberries, banana pudding, and the biggest glass of milk she could get her hands on. How she managed to get that tray to a table and sit down was a miracle!* -06:54 Jul 13

Conrad: *Stood by and watched as Lace went to go grab her some food–er, correction, a lot of dessert. He felt his stomach growl and had to grab himself a hamburger with a heap of extras with it.*

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