Evangeline wants to check on Dark to see how he is doing as the new avatar of Light!

[Gabriel considers himself a vampire with simple needs … and one of them is snuggling!] -02:37 Aug 29
[Evangeline wants to make sure Dark is okay! He had spent months without them supporting him!] -02:38 Aug 29
Gabriel: … Evangeline, he will survive. *He had his arms around Evangeline’s waist as they lay in bed with his chest against her back.* -02:39 Aug 29
Evangeline: It’s a big thing to be an avatar of, well, everything! You needed help too. *Not that she didn’t very much enjoy staying curled up with Gabriel in bed! Sleeping alone just didn’t cut it!* -02:41 Aug 29
Gabriel: And he has the help he needs. He has Caroline. *He lifted his head so he could nuzzle the side of her neck. He was going to get some uninterrupted snuggles one way or another!* -02:44 Aug 29
Evangeline: But you know much more than she does, yes? *She shifted so she could turn around and poke his chin. She grinned! It was so nice getting to look at him like this!* -02:48 Aug 29
Gabriel: Do I. She often acts twice her age with as large an ego to match. *Oh no, he was not going to let her win this one so easily. And if he had his way, she wouldn’t win this one at all. He nipped the tip of the finger she used to poke his chin.* -02:50 Aug 29
Evangeline: *She snatched her hand back quick with just a slight frown!* Which is why we watch over her too! Of course, if we take care of Daaaark, he could do it for us? *Before he argued she put her hand over his mouth.* -02:55 Aug 29
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. There was more than one way to speak.* The most profound lessons are those taught by experience herself. -02:57 Aug 29
Evangeline: There’s no reason why we can’t check on him and make sure though… *He was sneaky! She pulled her hand away to stick her tonue out at him.* You could stay here in bed and I’ll talk to him for a bit. -03:01 Aug 29
Gabriel: … Five more minutes of snuggles. -03:03 Aug 29
Evangeline: Well… five minutes! And then we can have a short chat with him and come home and spend all afternoon in the autumn courtyard? -03:07 Aug 29
Gabriel: *That was easy. A bit too easy.* … And by a "short chat" how long did you intend for us to stay with him. -03:09 Aug 29
Evangeline: Until I know that he’s doing well and doesn’t need to stay with us oooor need extra time with us? *One can’t put a time frame on that sort of thing!* -03:12 Aug 29
Gabriel: *He lay his head on the pillow and studied her.* … Very well. -03:17 Aug 29
Evangeline: *She tilted to kiss his nose.* Thank you! And I will make sure you get plenty and plenty of snuggles! -03:23 Aug 29
Gabriel: Is that before or after we speak to Dark. *He took her hand with the Binding Mark and kissed the back of it, then caressed it with the tip of his thumb.* -03:25 Aug 29
Evangeline: Three minutes of snuggletime now and then, all that you want after. …maybe a little durin if you can behave! *…though it’s very hard to make Gabriel behave!* -03:29 Aug 29
Gabriel: You wish me to behave for just a "little" snuggle. *He raised an eyebrow at her although he was already reaching out, wrapping one arm around her waist to pull her close.* -03:30 Aug 29
Evangeline: *A soft grin as she tucked her head under his chin.* I don’t want to terrorize him.. Caroline says he runs away from all kinds of affection. -03:34 Aug 29
Gabriel: That in itself speaks volumes. When I was his age, I did not know what affection was. *With her head tucked under his chin, his hand moved to rest on the small of her back.* -03:35 Aug 29
Evangeline: How did you go for so long and not find love with someone? Not having any cuddles like this for bazillions of years? -03:41 Aug 29
Gabriel: You find it fairly easy to do without when you cannot comprehend what love or cuddles are. And yet I knew what and who I wanted when I met her, one day, a long, long time ago. -03:45 Aug 29
Evangeline: *And she knew what the world was like had she not ever accidentally ended up in the past! But it still made her curious!* What if you had met someone else? -03:49 Aug 29
Gabriel: I could not find someone else, Evangeline. In a past where you never existed, I searched and failed. *And each failure had brought him nothing but an ache, a hole in his chest he could not fill.* -03:53 Aug 29
Evangeline: *She hated remembering how bad he felt then. All because she did something stupid! She scooted as close as she could get and slinked an arm around him.* I’m here now at least, and I don’t ever want to leave you… -03:56 Aug 29
Gabriel: *He gave her a half smile, tilted his head slightly to brush her lips with his.* And I never want to leave you. I love you, Evangeline. -03:58 Aug 29
Evangeline: *She grinned wide, sneaking a hand up to tap her fingers against his lips. She so loved to see him smile!* How much do you love me? -04:04 Aug 29
Gabriel: *That was so unexpected, he actually chuckled!* No words can describe how much I love you, Evangeline. But I have crossed oceans and mountains, fought Light and Death itself, given body and soul to you … my devious wife, my Heart of Darkness. -04:07 Aug 29
Evangeline: Do you know how much I love you? *He so rarely ever laughed! She moved to rest her hands against his chest.* -04:11 Aug 29
Gabriel: *He tilted his head at her, a smirk still on his lips.* How much do you love me, Evangeline. *These were the moments he cherished the most. Time he and Evangeline spent together, just the two of them.* -04:12 Aug 29
Evangeline: I love you so much, that I think of you even when I don’t remember you. And even when you throw people from windows, and even when you keep me for snuggles ten minutes past the moment we are supposed to get out of bed. *It was always so easy to forget her plans for the day when she was with him!* -04:15 Aug 29
Gabriel: I have behaved myself. I have not thrown someone out of a window for a stupid remark or act upon their part for quite some time. -04:23 Aug 29
Evangeline: Uh huh, but you are sneaky with me now! *She gave him a quick kiss before sitting up.* Will I have to drag you from bed? -04:27 Aug 29
Gabriel: You may. *He reserved the right to be lazy. Just like today. Today was supposed to be for him and Evangeline to spend together.* -04:37 Aug 29
Evangeline: *It was a challenge! Moving to her knees, she took his hands and started pulling! …he was a little heavier than expected!* -04:40 Aug 29

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