009 The Werepup and the Rescue

Evangeline wakes up at the park to slobbery puppy kisses! A werewolf puppy has discovered her. Deeming him a purebred pup and too young to be on his own, she decides to find his mommy. Evangeline uses a scrying crystal to find weres in the city, coming across a few unfriendly types before heading in to the subway. She meets the White Romanian Queen, who says the pup is of no clan in the city. …the allows her pack to have the psychic and pup for dinner. Gabriel appears for another rescue (of which Evangeline finds amusing). She names the werepup Brutus. Evangeline explains that she tried to leave town, but it didn’t work out. Gabriel senses something odd at Oracle and asks Evangeline if she can sense anything. Michael is attacking Oracle directly looking for his favorite doll.

At the Oracle Organization there is utter chaos going on as Michael sends out his marionettes to kill people and capture some new dolls for his collection. Conrad gets the crap beat out of him by marionettes. Lily panics and tries to escape! Gabriel arrives with Evangeline, telling her to find Lily. When finding Lily, Evangeline talks to distract her, showing her Brutus and giving her candy. Gabriel fights off and sends Michael away and finds the girls. Evangeline tells him to tell Lily who he is before she opens the door. Gabriel explains that he is a Carnatelli. Michael’s twin brother. When he comes in the room, Lily realizes he’s the one she shot while escaping. Evangeline and Gabriel convince Lily that she needs to return to her mother.

  1. Evangeline displays an eagerness to help others (even puppies) even if it leads her to danger.
  2. Gabriel is curious enough about Evangeline to notice her movements and save her again. He shows an interest in keeping Lily safe to thwart Michael.
  3. Lily has an overwhelming fear of Michael, but shows bravery towards Gabriel. She thinks Evangeline is strange.
  4. Michael’s interest in Lily turns to obsession to retrieve his stolen property.
[Evangeline spent the day at the park trying to meditate for answers, but all she ended up doing was helping people with stuff! Falling asleep on her suitcase was probably a bad idea, though!] -02:55 Jul 14
[Gabriel was off er … slaying things!] -02:56 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” came the high-pitched barking followed by hot breath in Evangeline’s face and a lot of licking!

Evangeline: *Well crap, she was getting rained on! Evangeline sat up, effectively making whatever was slobbering on her fall in her lap.* …It’s not raining? Why am I all wet! -02:58 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The barking went! And then came the panting and more hot breath! And then paws on her lap! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: *Werewolf! There was a werewolf here and she could feel it, so where wa-* Is it you? *She softly rest her hand on it’s head. Pet. Petpet.* …so soft! *She picked it up to cuddle!* And much too tiny, were you a runt? -03:03 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” was the only reply Evangeline received. Well, that and some wet, sloppy kisses! Then a very wet nose was pushed into Evangeline’s shirt, under her chin!

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed, pulling it away and holding it up for a good examining!* Werewolf… pure breed. Romanian? No shifting, just wolf and… Really small and hungry. Did you lose your mother? You need to eat more. *It’d starve to death at this rate! Puppies needed food, especially were puppies! Evangeline got to her feet pulling a crystal on a string out of her pocket.* Let’s see if we can find your mommy. You are too cute to get lost. -03:08 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Unfortunately for Evangeline, the pup mistook the scrying crystal for a toy and started jumping and trying to snatch it in its little teeth!

Evangeline: *She held it up higher!* Don’t eat these! Goodness knows, if you swallowed it I’d have to tie a string to your tail and dangle you for scrying instead. And it wouldn’t be a garuntee to work. *Dangling it out of his reach, she turned around in a small circle letting the crystal swing.* Hmm… There’s a lot of weres in this city. …On the bright side, we only have to ask Romanian purebreds! *Having a direction, she snatched up his suitcase to drag.* Okay, you follow me and we’ll find your home. -03:17 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The pup barked and then panted. Strangely enough, it followed behind the suitcase and started pushing it forward with its head!

Evangeline: *Pulling a suitcase, following a scrying crystal and being careful of her step wasn’t easy. So it took a bit of time to follow the way out of the park and down the streets. A strong vibration signaling a nearby were. It wasn’t a purebred, but it did have Romanian, and there was no reason she couldn’t ask if they knew the pup! Was this a business distrect? She turned around a corner to walk along the back alley of a few buildings. Here we go!* Hey! Is there a Miss Werewolf here missing a puppy? -03:25 Jul 14

The pup ran forward to stand between Evangeline and the weres she had found! “Arf! Arf!” It barked and then growled.

Evangeline: There aren’t your family? Oh, well. Sorry to bother you then! *She turned around to look for another!* -03:28 Jul 14

The pup had other ideas! “Arf! Arf!” it kept going, growling with fur bristling!

Evangeline: *She stopped, putting the crystal in her pocket and pull her cane.* Don’t just bark at them, it’s rude. Come along, now! -03:31 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The pup broke off growling and such to hurry after Evangeline!

Evangeline: *She wagged a finger at him!* We already interupted their hunt for dinner, and you never want to keep a wolf from it’s dinner. -03:36 Jul 14

“Arreeooww?” said the pup in what could only be described as a half-whine, half-bark.

Evangeline: If you had a plate of food and I kept bothering you, you’d want to bite me too. It’s good to be considerate. Where did I put that crystal… Oh yeah, *She dug in her pocket again!* -03:42 Jul 14

The pup whimpered. This time he stayed silent and didn’t try to eat the crystal.

Evangeline: It’s alright, you’re just a puppy. You’ll figure it out! *Holding it out again, turning a slow circle… a new direction!* There, follow me! -03:45 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” And the pup raced after Evangeline!

Evangeline: *Purebred, purebred… Those weren’t Romanian… Oh! There’s a pack with Romanian! She followed the crystal down some stairs in to the subway.* A whole pack is around here somewhere, a pack would know all about a missing puppy! -03:49 Jul 14

The pup watched Evangeline start down the stairs as if unsure about going down there. But … it ran up to catch up to her. “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: *Thockthockthockthock! Evangeline stopped at the bottom of the stairs pointing the crystal in this direction and that. She wheeled it out in to the middle of the station, with a frown.* They’re down here, but now it can’t tell which way. We can’t go down the tracks. Hmm… *She stuck her fingers in her mouth and whistled!* -03:58 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” the puppy went! It cocked its head to one side when she whistled, tail wagging even faster!

Evangeline: Did you like that? I thought so. Just the right pitch and it catches any were’s attention! *She whistled again!* -04:01 Jul 14

There was the sound of claws and footsteps tapping on concrete echoing off the walls. Quite a few of them!

The puppy panted, tail wagging even faster! At the sound of claws and footsteps he turned. “Arf! Arf!”

A wolf appeared from teh shadows. A very large wolf, nearly as big as Evangeline! A white and silvery, and looking quiet regal as she sat with her tail curled around her paws. Others came too, most in big bad were or halfhuman forms. Baring claws and teeth, all looking quiet interested! The white wolf spoke! “What is your business before we dine, human.”

The pup glanced about at all the weres and wisely moved back until his tail hit Evangeline’s legs.

Evangeline: *There were a lot more weres down here than she thought there were… Evangeline pointed down at the puppy, wait where was her.. there!* I have a puppy and he’s lost. You are a pure Romanian and old enough to have pups, is he yours? Or maybe you know where he belongs? -04:10 Jul 14

The wolf tilted her head, reguarding the pup with a examining gaze. “This one comes from across the sea. He does not belong here.” She turned away to trot back to the shadows. “If that is all, my pack will have it’s meal.” As she disappeared, the other werewolves were already licking their chops and advancing!

The pup growled! “Grrrrrreeeerrrr …” He was going to take them all on!

Evangeline: How sad. That means h-… Oh crap. *That wolfie queen meant they were dinner, didn’t she! Evangeline dropped the crystal back in her pocket and weilded her cane again.* I warn you! I’m a meal that bites back!! -04:14 Jul 14

There was a few wolfie snickers! The little pup was going to fight! What a darling little snack! A were swiped for it, aiming to make it the first course snack!

Evangeline: *Evangeline swung her cane down like a mallet, neatly thwacking the beast on the head!* NO. My puppy! -04:16 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” the puppy growled and danced out of the way of the swiping paw!

Gabriel: *BANGBANGBANGBANG! The shots echoed even louder underground and took out chunks of cement under the wolves’ paws!* Step down. *In classic Gabriel style, he stepped out of the shadows behind Evangeline and her pup.* -04:18 Jul 14

Those weres took a few steps back, but they weren’t going anywhere. “A meal was delivered direct to us. We have a right to eat it…” growled the one that now was sporting a big lump on his head!

Gabriel: Get your meal elsewhere. You are not eating this woman or her pup. *He stepped in front of Evangeline and the pup who still looked like he wanted a piece of the pack.* -04:22 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to cover her ears from the gunshots!* You’re making a strange habit of helping me. Aren’t you supposed to be saving the world? -04:23 Jul 14
Gabriel: … It’s on my to-do list. *He replied without turning. His grip tightened on his guns.* Hunt elsewhere or I will kill you. And your entire Pack. -04:25 Jul 14

They were hungry, damnit, and if they got delivery, they wanted to eat it! Several of the weres circled around to surround them! “A few are willing to die for the sake of the pack. We intend to have our meal, with a vampire dessert.” A growling howl as several pounced to attack!

Gabriel: *BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG! Gabriel’s shots were efficient and accurate! He wasted nothing and went for their foreheads! When a few got too close, he struck out and sent them flying backwards with some equally well-aimed kicks!* -04:27 Jul 14
Gabriel: *His body blurred and then he was gone, dashing here and there, on a mission to take out each and every one of them!* -04:28 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy wanted a piece of the action, too! He growled and snapped at the weres with his sharp little teeth!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stood over the pup and swung her cane again to strike one trying to snatch him away!* I said that’s my puppy! *She staggered backwards when one took an all too close swipe at her, and toppled on to her suitcase!* -04:30 Jul 14

The wolves were persistent! Until they realized that their numbers were starting to dwindle drastically! There was a last ditch effort by a brave few to grab up their dinner before it was too late, but the majority ran for their lives!

“ARF!” The puppy bit at a paw that came too close and danced out of the way of another paw! “Arf! Arf!”

Gabriel: *Ran forward and shot a were at point blank with one gun! At the same time, he shot another as it was retreating! Next, he kicked out another were’s legs out from under him from behind and shot him in the back of the head!* -04:35 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Swinging her cane, it connected with a were’s teeth! Wait… he was biting it! She grabbed both ends trying to jerk it out his mouth. It was lot stronger than she thought it would be and she ended up thwacked and thrown over by her own cane!* Give that back! -04:39 Jul 14

The pup jumped up and latched its tiny teeth into the werewolf’s tail, the same were who had Evangeline’s cane in its mouth!

The were howled, swinging it’s tail trying to launch to pup in to space as it lept on top of Evangeline! Grooowwl!!

“Arrrrooww!” The pup tried to hang on but his teeth gave way and he went sailing!

Gabriel: *Caught the pup and held it against his chest with one arm while he dashed forward, grabbed the were’s tail and PULLED!* -04:43 Jul 14

AAWRROOO! The were turned it’s head around with all teeth bared! One claw pressing Evangeline to the ground to hold her still and the other flexing towards Gabriel! Easy meal, or crush the bastard pulling his tail! …He lept at Gabriel!

Gabriel: *Raised his free hand, pointer and middle finger up. A burst of air that whipped his jacket and hair around! A pulse of negative energy!* Levitas! *A blast of lightning shot out from thin air at the werewolf as it lept!* -04:49 Jul 14

Yelp! The were writhed in midair as it was struck, hitting the ground with a nasty thud in front of Gabriel and scrambling to it’s feet to take off!

“Arf! Arf!” the puppy barked at the retreating were as if saying “Ha! Take that!” He panted, tail wagging and started licking Gabriel’s face!

Gabriel: *Raised his eyebrow at the furry little creature licking his face but then he put him down on the ground.* -04:53 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy ran to Evangeline and began licking her face, tail wagging furiously!

Gabriel: Are you alright? *He asked as he kneeled down beside Evangeline.* -04:54 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline struggled to sit herself up. That scared the daylights out of her! Maybe not as bad as the Marrionette, but she was pretty sure she felt claws and teeth! She wrapped her arms around the puppy, stroking his fur and making sure he didn’t have any bites or claws!* I’d say scared to death, but I’m still alive, so I think okay. -04:55 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” the puppy barked and lathered her face with more wet, sloppy kisses.

Gabriel: *Studied the pup in Evangeline’s arms.* I see you have found yourself a companion. -05:00 Jul 14
Evangeline: *How could someone not smile at something so sweet and soft!* He found me! And it seems he has no pack, so I’ll have to keep him. He’ll starve if I don’t. -05:01 Jul 14
Gabriel: … In the meantime there is the matter of you staying somewhere. You have a knack for landing yourself in trouble. -05:03 Jul 14
Evangeline: *The sheepish look of a woman, who very well knows he’s right!* I did try to leave. I tried the trains but they had to be evacuated of all things. I’ll have to get my room back at Shades. -05:06 Jul 14
Gabriel: You have proven to be quite persistent. *He stood and was silent for a moment.* I’ll escort you aboveground. *He picked up her suitcase and helped her up.* -05:11 Jul 14
Evangeline: It’s likely I forgot to do something, so I can’t leave until it’s done… Otherwise I might just be cursed and doomed to die here devoured by a beast. I wish I could have visions about myse- Where is that that stupid cane.. *She muttered, stopping a moment to search for it!* -05:14 Jul 14

The puppy jumped out of Evangeline’s arms. “Arf! Arf!” He barked, running away from her. He returned a short while later with the cane and stood up on his hindlegs, forepaws on her legs. He offered the cane up to her in his teeth, tail wagging!

Evangeline: Thank you, Brutus! *She took her cane and gave him a nice scratch behind the ears!* -05:17 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy panted and didn’t move while he got a nice scratch! With Gabriel beside them, he jumped and trotted next to Evangeline on their way up.

Evangeline: *She made sure to snag Gabriel’s sleeve. Mostly because she was afraid he’d pull another disappearing act and forget to give her suitcase back. Once again she was smiling as if nothing odd or scary had happened at all!* -05:23 Jul 14
Gabriel: *Once they were aboveground, he stopped. He seemed to be listening for something …* Can you get a vision about anything going on at Oracle right now? -05:28 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused, slipping her fingers in to another pocket and wrapping them around an smooth amethyst.* …The brownies were especially good today… The littlest girl stole some medication and overdosed. The Priest is taking my advice so far and is showing the Doll a room… Hmm. The Puppeteer wants his doll back and the doors are wide open. -05:35 Jul 14
Gabriel: Fools … *He muttered under his breath. The were blood would suffice for another spell.* I need to get that girl before he does. *He raised his hand again, pointer and middle finger up.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *A stronger pulse of negative energy and wind that whipped around vampire, psychic, and pup. The wind suddenly died down and they were gone!* -05:42 Jul 14

Michael: *Hoisted the hunter high in the air!* Where. Is. My. Toy! *He snarled! When the hunter could only gasp for breath, he lowered him only to tear his throat out with his teeth and drop his corpse to the ground!* LILY! *His cry echoed through the halls, past the hunters mustering up some form of resistance!*

Lily: *Lily was going to accept her room and pretend as if she could sleep, but alarms in the building were suddenly going off! It couldn’t be him, it wouldn’t but… deep down she just knew it was!* It was nice while it lasted. *She muttered!*

Conrad: *Paused in the hall! Hunters were running past him, heavily armed, although most looked like they’d just been roused from eating or sleeping or even showering in some cases! He could hear them setting up some kind of barricade! He stopped someone!* Wait, who’s attacking!

“It’s that Michael guy! Michael Carnatelli is attacking!” the guy cried before breaking away and running off to join the others ahead.

Michael: *Turned to see a barricade being set up as he forced some of his blood down the female hunter’s throat! He watched her eyes widen and he flashed her a cold grin before he released her! She dropped to the floor and began to writhe, already feeling the effects of Michael’s tainted blood. Oh yes. He was not just going to get his favorite back. He was going to add to his collection as well. The hunters emptied bullets into his body but he didn’t even feel it. The only thing he felt was unholy rage!*

Lily: *She still had her gun, she hadn’t planned on letting it loose for anything! Lily slipped out and ran! All of his dolls were here, maybe if she got out she’d escape.. or the very least he’d follow and maybe not everyone would be slaughtered!*

Michael: Insects. Orior de caligula Spare no one but those tainted by my blood! *He commanded his marionettes as he stalked through the line.*

Michael: *!

The marionettes carried out their master’s orders and slaughtered the line of defense! The other Oracle agents attempted to get everyone to evacuate!

Lily: *This wasn’t going to work! It was all just gonna-! Lily had to stop and lean against a wall to catch her breath. She was panicing, and if she did she’d end up like those others girls.. She’s not a doll! Not a doll, and she can’t forget! If she just keeps moving!*

Gabriel: *Appeared in one of the halls along with Evangeline and her pup! He listened to the gunfire and the sounds of screaming, along with the sounds of clanking and wood clacking. Marionettes.* Find Lily. *He told Evangeline, despite jaws dropping and wide eyes from passing hunters.* -06:04 Jul 14

Conrad: *Holy crap! Those things were back! He pulled out a couple of scrolls as a few of them came a little too close for comfort!* Reverto in pacis! *He threw the scrolls on the marionettes but didn’t have time to celebrate his victory as more arrived!*

Evangeline: *There was no need to tell her twice, Evangeline moved quick relying on senses and the occasional THWACK of her cane against those wooden Marrionettes! That girl was terrified! She was too easy to feel for! That wasn’t good!* -06:07 Jul 14

Michael: *Smug grin! Oh, she was close by! He could practically hear her heartbeat! He slashed at a few other hunters!* LILY! YOU CAN’T ESCAPE FROM ME!

Lily: *His voice! It was enough to startled her in to running again! There was no time to breathe, just run!*

Gabriel: *BANGBANGBANGBANG! He shot at the marionettes who made the mistake of crossing his path! He heard Michael up ahead and stepped directly into his path.* -06:10 Jul 14

Conrad: OOOFF!! *THUD! He got thrown through the glass of the cafeteria window by one of the marionettes! He hit the ground HARD and rolled over broken glass and parts of the door frame!*

Michael: *Stopped when he saw who was standing in his way. He smirked. Then his body blurred and he began slashing at Gabriel!*

Lily: *The place was like a maze, a big twisting maze.. and she just hit a dead end! Cursing to herself she turned around to backtrack the other way!*

Gabriel: *Stayed right where he was until the last minute! Then both guns were suddenly out and he used them to deflect Michael’s claws! Step back. Wait until Michael stepped forward. Roundhouse kick!* -06:14 Jul 14
Evangeline: *One door, three.. here! Evangeline turned a corner just in time to catch Lily gently by the arms!* Not that way! -06:15 Jul 14

Conrad: *Groaned as he slowly got to his feet and shook glass and debris off his clothes. He wiped the blood dripping off the corner of his lip with the back of his hand and looked up to see four–five–SIX?! marionettes standing just outside of the cafeteria! He gulped!* Um … this is about me exorcising a whole bunch of you, isn’t it?

Lily: *Just by reflex she screamed! But it wasn’t Michael just some woman! She glanced at the way she was going to go.* This hall is a dead end.

Michael: *Watched sparks fly as his claws met Gabriel’s guns! He saw Gabriel retreat and took the opening and barely managed to backflip out of the way! He smirked and beckoned to Gabriel with a finger.* Come on, Gabriel. Let’s dance …

Evangeline: Is it? *Drats! Well, there was no going back the other way, the String Puller was back there!* I.. just don’t panic! Think happy thoughts. I have a puppy! He’s wonderfully soft, you should snuggle him. *She continued talking as she took Lily’s hands and pulled her inside a room with the first unlocked door she could find!* -06:18 Jul 14
Gabriel: … Let’s. *He ran forward, body blurring. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!* -06:20 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked, tail wagging and tongue hanging out!

Michael: *Smirked as he deflected the bullets easily with his claws and sent them right back to Gabriel!* Ohohoh! You’re going to have to do better than that, brother!

Lily: *This woman was crazy.* We can’t stay here. We’ll die. *…Was that a werewolf puppy?!*

Gabriel: *Didn’t even bat an eye as the bullets came flying back! Instead, he deflected them with his guns and sent them ricocheting off the wall and into Michael’s body from behind!* -06:22 Jul 14

Michael: *The bullets shot into him at such velocity that they tore right through him! Even he had to pause as the wounds began to heal! He gasped for breath.* Not even you. Can stop me.

Evangeline: His name is Brutus! *She ushered Lily in to a chair, and dug in her pockets. She pulled out a couple of wrapped chocolates, a smooth agate and a piece of snowflake obsidian and dropped them in Lily’s hands!* I was almost eaten by a werewolf today, and now I have a puppy, isn’t that nice? Try one of those chocolates. It’s raspberry. -06:25 Jul 14

Lily: *She just kept talking. Lily was momentarily confused, trying to focus on what she was jabbering on about, looking back and forth between the bits in her hands and the puppy on the floor.* But there’s…. Outside he’s… What are you doing?

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy sat, looking up at Lily with tail still wagging!

Evangeline: Barricading. *Evangeline was busily pushing a desk in front of the door!* Did you know snowflake obsidian can protect you from emotional harm and shield from negativity? And it’s really pretty too! -06:31 Jul 14
Gabriel: No. But I can delay you. *He smirked then, a wicked one.* Until I receive my payment. Venalicium per insons insontis , malum mos non prospicio hic , genitus , adepto vos hinc! *Something that looked an awful lot like a seal appeared beneath Michael on the ground and he found himself stuck to the floor! He began to sink into the seal, although he struggled!* -06:33 Jul 14

Michael: *Snarled as he fought but he couldn’t get free!* You know this won’t hold me for long, Gabriel! I’ll be back! Payment or no–! *And then he was gone and the seal along with it!*

Lily: *Lily looked at the rock skeptically…* It’s just a rock… …a desk isn’t going to do very much.

Gabriel: *Stared at the place Michael had been for a moment before walking away to find the woman and Lily and her puppy.* -06:35 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” The puppy ran over to the door and began to claw at it.

Evangeline: Don’t be silly. Nothing is getting through the door now. *Evangeline paused, tilting her head and waiting… then the pup ran to the door.* …Aw, Brutus… it was so heavy! I don’t want to move it again! -06:36 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus just kept pawing and barking!

Conrad: *Was now more or less kneeling in the middle of a pile of marionettes, all exorcised–and not an easy task!* That’s it. I need a vacation!

There was a knock on the door of the room!

Lily: Even your puppy thinks that was a stupid ide- *She silenced!*

Evangeline: There’s a desk in front of the door! *Evangeline replied to the knock!* Besides, you’re going to scare her if I open it. Tell her who you are first. -06:39 Jul 14
Gabriel: *A moment of silence. The next words he spoke, he said slowly, as if he was admitting something he hated to admit.* Gabriel. Carnatelli. Michael’s twin. You shot me when you were running earlier. -06:40 Jul 14

Lily: *Carnatelli. Michael’s… twin? Lily slowly unwrapped one of the pieces of chocolate and popped it in her mouth. He told her to run. She glanced at Evangeline looking for confirmation..!*

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was just smiling!* You’re strong like Ms. Grey. I would have been too afraid to shoot. Gabriel is going to save the world, so can I let him in? -06:44 Jul 14

Lily: *Ms. Grey…? Lily stood up slowly, holding up her gun to shoot just incase.* Open the door, then.

Evangeline: *Evangeline puuuushed the desk out of the way, but before she opened it-* ….Gabriel, where’s my suitcase? -06:46 Jul 14
Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow.* You pick now to ask for your suitcase. *He offered it to Evangeline and although it was dusty and had some scratches, it was in pretty good condition considering the circumstances.* -06:47 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked and jumped on Gabriel!

Lily: *She was going to shoot him! Her finger even twitched on the trigger! Instead, Lily took a step or two back.* You don’t have a scar.

Gabriel: *Snorted when she mentioned the scar.* No. I gave him the scar. *He glanced at Evangeline.* We need to leave. Michael’s known where the Oracle was for ages now. Security has been compromised. -06:51 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline was making sure Gabriel didn’t destroy her belongings. Of course it wouldn’t have been on purpose, but they aren’t HIS clothes, so he might not have been careful either. She pulled out a small knife!* There’s a knife in it, what did yo- *She stood slowly handing him the knife…* It’s safe at Shades. Ms. Grey is incredibly paranoid about the security. -06:53 Jul 14

Lily: *She was talking about Ciara Grey…!* I can’t go there. *She said suddenly, even lowering the gun.* She’s my- she’s going to-… I just can’t.

Gabriel: *Took the knife back and slipped it back into his sleeve.* It is either your mother … or Michael. -06:54 Jul 14

Lily: *Lily didn’t appreciate the threat, and the look across her face said as much.* You don’t understand. I left, she’s not going to want… me like this. I’m not- I just can’t.

Gabriel: Your mother is in danger. *He told her bluntly.* She is going after Anthony Carnatelli. She might not have much longer to live. -06:58 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline swatted out her hand to smack Gabriel on the arm!* You shouldn’t have said that! -06:59 Jul 14

Lily: *Lily blinked! Startled if not even confused!* He said.. I thought all he said was a lie. Things Michael said about my mother.

Gabriel: *Tilted his head slightly at Evangeline with that look in his eyes that says he couldn’t care less. He looked over at Lily and then back at Evangeline.* -07:03 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf! Grrrrr!” Brutus barked and then growled as he found a marionette arm to turn into a chew toy!

Evangeline: *She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it, and that earned Gabriel a pinch on the arm as she spoke!* Ms. Grey has done extraordinary things to try and find you. Self sacrifice is noble, don’t you think? She misses you more than anything. -07:05 Jul 14

Lily: *Lily was hesitant, but if her mother really still wanted her…* I want to go home.

Gabriel: *Humans were odd. They were so obsessed with having tact and subtlety. He saw no reason for it. He glanced over his shoulder and not a moment too soon. The Oracle was in ruins but the hunters were nervously aiming firearms at Gabriel for the obvious reasons!* -07:11 Jul 14
Evangeline: Wonderful! Then we’ll just- Oh crap. *The clicking of firearms, Evangeline quickly scooted around Gabriel to shield! She wasn’t as much worried about Gabriel getting hurt as those hunters getting themselves shot!* He’s Gabriel! Haven’t you people learned the difference! -07:14 Jul 14

Lily: *This was an interesting sight. A crazy blind woman protecting a Michael-lookalike front a bunch of highly armed hunters. …Lily just very nearly grinned.*

“Ma’am! He’s just as bad as the other Carnatellis! We–we have orders to shoot to kill!”

Evangeline: He runs around like a maniac saving innocent people every ten minutes and you’re supposed to just shoot him?! *She pointed a finger!* Well.. you can’t! He has to save the world! -07:21 Jul 14
Gabriel: *While Evangeline was lecturing the hunters, Gabriel took the knife out, cut his palm.* We are leaving. Attempt to find the girl, this woman, or even the pup and you will answer for it. *A few drops of blood hit the floor.* Crux crucis loginquitas , patefacio via. *And they were gone!* -07:26 Jul 14

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