Gabriel goes to take care of Bael. Caroline makes sure he keeps his promise in not killing him. Gabriel puts his mark back on Evangeline!

[Gabriel is paying Bael a visit …] -01:02 Sep 05
[Caroline isn\’t anywhere in sight. Surely Evangeline wasn\’t serious.] -01:03 Sep 05
Gabriel: *Why bother with the introductions! He had kicked down the door of Bael’s latest … hole as the vampire was smart enough to stay on the move. Not smart enough to turn down the request of a Carnatelli’s human however.* … Bael. -01:04 Sep 05
Gabriel: *And now he was face to face with the vampire with no sign of his lackeys.* -01:06 Sep 05

Bael had been moving around for two good solid weeks. In fact, he -thought- the Carnatelli had forgotten all about him. …Until now! Here was Bael caught in a bath tub full of bubbles and drinking out of a champage glass. Now looking at the devil himself! “…Not this again!”

Gabriel: *He really wasn’t in the mood for conversation! But the vampire in the tub gave him wicked ideas of electrocuting him where he lounged. Instead, he pulled out a gun and shot a hole in the wall; the bullet grazed Bael’s neck. His other hand wore the silver claws. He was going to take his time with this …* -01:09 Sep 05

“Guuh!” There was a shatter of broken glass when Bael dropped the flute to clutch at the wound on his neck. In times like this, one usually panicked and took off running. Like that bitch that brought him the human in the first place! …Ah ha! “…you’re going after the wrong one, Carnatelli!”

Gabriel: Am I. My human bears your mark. *He shot Bael in the shoulder, then he was suddenly in front of the tub, leaning over and pressing one silver claw-tipped thumb into the bullet wound he’d just made!* -01:14 Sep 05

A pained howl filled the room as Bael grasped Gabriel’s arm to rip the claw from his shoulder. “Sh-she came to meeeee..! Someone else brought her toooo meeee!”

Gabriel: Name. *He wasn’t letting Bael off the hook. Not in the least. The vampire needed to be taught a lesson one way or another. Fortunately, this was something he could do with minimum chance of Evangeline discovering it via their bond without her psychic ability.* -01:20 Sep 05

Bael on the other hand was so sure this meant he was going to be free and clear. “Cassiel! It was Cassiel…! Was trying to take the human’s soul but the Bright Lady was determined for a vampire…!” Bael even offered up a smile of good will.

Gabriel: *… Cassiel. And his "will kill" list grew by one more name. But the fact she wanted Evangeline’s soul and she had allowed Evangeline to slip through her fingers … Or had she.* A human soul ripe for the taking and yet she handed the human over to you. *He was not convinced that was all to the story.* -01:29 Sep 05

“Th-the woman ASKED for me. Can’t take what doesn’t want to be taken, you know what I mean, right…?” He wasn’t dead yet and that was a good sign. Bael sunk lower in the water trying to slip out of the claw!

Gabriel: *Gabriel made sure to have a nice, tight, secure grip on him. He considered himself a patient individual but Bael was pushing things. He pulled out a small glass ball etched with runes. A "container" for souls.* I assume you have a soul. -01:41 Sep 05
Caroline: Of course he has a soul. Why else would he be so worried right now. *And there she was, behind the tub and planting her hands on Bael’s other shoulder, casting Gabriel a smirk.* You weren’t thinking about killing him, now were you? -01:45 Sep 05

…If Bael believed in God he’d be praying to him right now. No vampire wanted to die naked in a tub of bathwater. “Can… can I get dressed? And we have a ….civilized discussion? We can work something out about the human!”

Gabriel: Considering you are here, it can only mean Evangeline asked you to come. *He was going to have a talk with that woman and it was not going to end in cuddles.* I have business to deal with. Whether he lives or dies as I am finishing it is of little concern to me. -01:47 Sep 05
Caroline: Yet it concerns Evangeline. If you should kill this particular little bastard, she’s going to spend the next year blaming herself for it. Especially since she seems to think this one might have… redeeming qualities. *…personally, Caroline didn’t agree. But she couldn’t refuse a request from Evangeline!* -01:51 Sep 05

“Yes, yes! I have redeeming qualities!” Fuck if HE knew what they were, but if it spared him from being killed, it was all good.

Gabriel: He would simply disappear. *As if to make a point, he pushed that claw further into Bael’s shoulder.* And the mark would be gone. -01:53 Sep 05

Bael was howling once again as he thrashed in the bathwater. …and now spitting out some curse words between his teeth!

Caroline: So he would. Not going to spare you or I from Evangeline’s tears. You DO remember what it’s like when Evangeline cries? *Caroline made no movement to stop him from digging those claws in. She just kept a firm hand on Bael’s shoulder to hold him still.* -01:57 Sep 05
Gabriel: *His eyes flashed red and he clenched his teeth. He wanted Bael’s blood splattered on these walls, wanted his skin flayed, his flesh charred, and his howls echoing for all eternity! Instead of replying, he was looking at Bael.* Your mark on my wife. Remove it. -01:59 Sep 05

This time Bael wasn’t going to argue over it. “I will remove it! I will! …you have to release me first!”

Gabriel: *His fangs were long now and his lips pulled back in a snarl.* I have a better idea. Remove the mark and when I am satisfied, you will be released. -02:03 Sep 05

Bael didn’t have much room to deny the request! He made an odd wimpering sound as his hand reached up to touch the blood at his shoulder. The spell he cast needed no words, just blood! He retracted his mark! “..th-there…! No mark! None!”

Caroline: Now see, that wasn’t so hard. You tortured a vampire, removed the mark, and you didn’t kill him just as Evangeline asked. It’s a good time to go back to your wife. -02:10 Sep 05
Gabriel: *Instead of replying, he released Bael and disappeared …! Only to wind up … somewhere other than home!* -02:17 Sep 05

Vlamerias: I’m so happy you’re back Mommy! *She was helping Evangeline find another of her rocks around the castle–even the devil rats were looking!*

Bael gave a relieved sigh. “You’re a life saver! That son of a bitch was going to kill me!”

Evangeline: It’s amazing how much you can miss something even when you don’t remember what it was! *Hunting rocks without psychic gift and only using eyesight made for a very fun hide and seek sort of adventure!*

Caroline: I wouldn’t say life saver. *Caroline’s grip was tight on his shoulder, a black stake appearing in her hand.* You see, I promised I wouldn’t let Gabriel kill you. *She did let that phrase sink in before in an instant she was driving it thought his chest. A quick spark and a flash… when she pulled the stake back out Bael was good and dead and his soul now a green marble in the palm of her hand. …Now to find that husband of Evangeline’s and have a little chat!* -02:23 Sep 05
[Gabriel has timed out.] -05:14 Sep 05
[Caroline has timed out.] -05:14 Sep 05
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -05:14 Sep 05
[Gabriel is being more stubborn than usual!] -05:16 Sep 05
[Evangeline is at home with Meri hunting rocks like easter eggs!] -05:17 Sep 05
Gabriel: *For example, right after leaving Bael, he teleported to China to pace the Great Wall, then appeared in Russia and after that the tundra, followed by the Sahara Desert, and the Australian outback!* -05:17 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Um … Which of your rocks are we looking for again, Mommy?

Caroline: *Piggy backing after Gabriel could be difficult. Especially when he was jumping around the world on purpose. She was jumping from place to place, only catching breath for a second before having to jump again! …He wasn’t getting away today, and she always caught up!*

Evangeline: Um… the gemstones mostly! There’s some here and there in all sorts of rooms. *Looking for them was just an excuse to go prowling and exploring around the castle! * -05:22 Sep 05
Gabriel: *It didn’t help that Gabriel was not in the mood to talk! He wanted to sulk and he would get some privacy one way or another! A beach in Tahiti … the sidewalk of Chicago … the forests of Yellowstone Park … a shrine in Japan!* -05:23 Sep 05

Caroline: *By the time she hit Japan, the chase was getting frustrating. Caroline stopped for a moment to pull something out her pocket. Obviously, you couldn’t chase him down without… cheating a little bit. Poofing again, she dropped outside of Gabriel’s well made castle fortress for his sparkling queen. …And with a spell… knocked down a part of the outside wall!*

Vlamerias: OOhh! Okay! *She spotted a devil rat turning a corner and running toward them with a jewel in its mouth!* Oohh! It found a ruby! *Meri had attempted to name each and every devil rat at one time or another but they were so alike and after awhile, had written out in dirt that they preferred not having names.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned over to scoop up another rat. This one didn’t have anything, but they were just so cute! She always tried to make sure each one of them got a little bit of petting and attention.* Great! Just drop them in your pockets and we’ll collect them all! -05:36 Sep 05

The devil rat Evangeline had picked up appeared to enjoy the attention and petting! The one with the ruby ran up to Meri and dropped it into her pocket!

Vlamerias: *Meri picked up the rat who had brought the ruby and petted it!* Thank you! *Another ran from a different section of the castle!* Mommy, this devil rat says Warrior Lady tore down a part of the wall!

Evangeline: Really? Is she angry with Dark again? *Normally one of them only showed up at the castle and broke things when they had a fight!* I guess we better go and see what’s wrong. -05:46 Sep 05

The devil rat who had brought the news led them to where Caroline was! It probably didn’t help things that the wall had mended itself back by now!

Gabriel: I haven’t seen Dark for awhile! But I think he’s really busy with his um, other duties now! *She skipped beside Evangeline, her pockets full of the gemstones they’d found so far!* Warrior Lady, hello! Are you mad at Dark again?A -05:49 Sep 05

Vlamerias: I haven’t seen Dark for awhile! But I think he’s really busy with his um, other duties now! *She skipped beside Evangeline, her pockets full of the gemstones they’d found so far!* Warrior Lady, hello! Are you mad at Dark again?

Caroline: No, I am not angry with Dark. …Will you both stand back just a little bit? *Once they stepped back, Caroline cast her spell again. This time much large. Instead of just a small portion of the wall coming down… a huge section of it went crumbling!* Hold still a moment, Evangeline. *With the woman standing still Caroline ran her fingers gently over her hair until she caught a few stray strands. …Then she was marching over the rubble to go outside Gabriel’s wards. …and set the strands on fire!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had no earthly idea what was going on! She just watched with wide eyed curiosity!* Then are we testing something out? -05:53 Sep 05

Caroline: You could consider it a test. I am just trying to capture a vampire.

Gabriel: *A large claw of shadows drove into the ground in front of Caroline, Evangeline, and Meri! It was Darkness! Wings spread and it fixed the walls! It growled and the ground shook and trembled!* -05:56 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Eep! *Meri was always intimidated by the dragon Darkness! She ducked behind Evangeline and the rats had been wise enough to stay in the safety of the castle!*

Caroline: I thought that might get your attention. *Caroline held up her hands, as if she show that she, nor anyone else was attacking the Bright Lady or her home. …of course in one of those hands was a small green marble. Evangeline nor Meri would know what it was, but Gabriel would.*

Evangeline: *Gabriel angry was a sight to behold! Especially when he was a giant dragon of Darkness! Whatever he and Caroline were up to… it was probably better she didn’t get in the middle of it.* …I think… Meri and might make some tea! -06:02 Sep 05

Vlamerias: *She gulped!* That’s a good idea, Mommy! Nice, hot tea! *She was ready to bolt for the castle!*

Gabriel: *The dragon appeared ready to swallow them all down! It lowered its head and opened its jaws for Caroline–stopping just at the green marble in her hands and then clamping its jaws shut! It still appeared angry but at least it wasn’t attacking! It moved to circle around Caroline but allowed Evangeline and Meri enough berth to get back to the castle! There was suddenly a door in the wall that opened for them!* -06:05 Sep 05
Evangeline: You can both join us when you’re…um… finished talking! Don’t break anything else! *Taking Meri’s hand, she scooted along with the cute fuzzy devil rats back for the castle. She’ll just ask about the conversation later!* -06:08 Sep 05

Caroline: *Caroline waited until Evangeline well was out of earshot before she cast Gabriel a sly smirk.* Aren’t [i]you[/i] big and scary for a man that was running across the world trying to escape from me only moments ago.

Vlamerias: Um, I think Glaër has gotten bigger! *She squeaked just before they disappeared back into the castle!*

Evangeline: He is a tiny bit angry with me today. I think he gets bigger when he’s mad. …or was it darker? Probably both! *Inside they headed off to the kitchen. Today sounded like a good day for spiced tea!* -06:12 Sep 05
Gabriel: *The dragon suddenly disappeared to leave Gabriel there! His only reply was his eyes narrowing.* Privacy. One would assume even you would respect such a simple request. *He was angry and he cared little for the fact Caroline held Bael’s soul in her hand.* -06:12 Sep 05

Vlamerias: *That made her think! She hadn’t seen Darkness in so long!* Do you think Glaër will let me visit Daddy again soon?

Caroline: Normally, I would be more than happy to acquiese to those wishes. But now that Evangeline is home where she belongs and we can return to some semblance of normalcy, it is the perfect time to talk to you about. …You. Do you want this wicked little soul, or should I keep it?

Evangeline: We can ask him today if he isn’t going to put me in the Tower for a week without cuddles. *In fact, going to meet the Devil King again sounded like such a fun idea! She would be able to see if everything there really glittered and sparkled! And know how impressive Meri’s father looked!* I bet it would be so much fun! Better than being dragged around by Malsuada like a trophy. -06:18 Sep 05
Gabriel: *He wanted the soul. There was a corner of the prison where Louis DePaul still resided. Let it never be said he was too heartless to afford the man company.* And in return for the soul. *He didn’t like the idea of talking. Particularly when it concerned him.* -06:19 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Oh, it is! And Daddy can give us the latest gossip! He knows everything that goes on in the Devil World, and of course, the other worlds, too! And it’s nearly his birthday so there’s going to be lots of celebrating!

Caroline: While Evangeline was in London, your traveling around the world. Slaying everything left and right without a sense of up or down. I am not going to lecture you about what’s been done, there’s no helping it now. … but I do wonder if you’ve even noticed how it affected you? *Last times she tried to have this conversation he pretty much told her to fuck off. Surely now with Evangeline home and safe, he could stand still long enough to THINK about it.*

Evangeline: Ooo, I bet a big party would be fantastic! Maybe Dark and Caroline would like to come too. I think Dark should meet the Devil King this time since he was so mad that he missed it last time! *In the kitchens, she found a pot to set on the stove for the boiling water. And another rat to give a cuddle too. It was like being in Cinderalla’s castle, only with slightly more wicked rats!* -06:29 Sep 05
Gabriel: No, I did not. *Not at the time, anyways. He had done what he felt he had to do. He was still angry inside. Angry with himself, with Evangeline, with Light, with everyone … But no matter how much he killed, how much destruction he caused, it did little to soothe him.* -06:30 Sep 05

Caroline: You’ve said she is your heart. …I’m not all that inclinded to believe that you didn’t have one before meeting Evangeline… But, it makes me wonder if you didn’t go giving it to her without remembering what it does to you when she isn’t with you. *She had loved three men, and though two of them were good loves… none of them had her heart the way Evangeline had Gabriel’s! It was a pain in the ass to be jealous and yet think it was pure insanity at the same time!*

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! The devil rats loved getting cuddles and attention and petting! And now it was like they were making up for lost time!* All my brothers and sisters are sure to be there! Um, well, the ones that aren’t banished … or aren’t on this plane of existence anymore!

Gabriel: It feels like a lifetime ago. *A lot had happened since then. Memories to uncover, duties to fulfill, other than hunting and killing Carnatellis. There were times he missed the past, relying on no one but himself and Valravn. It had been an empty existence but an existence nonetheless.* I sometimes wonder if things would have been simpler … had I just let her return to London. She would have disappeared from Anthony’s radar. -06:39 Sep 05
Evangeline: I’ve always wondered how many planes and worlds there are… I’ve only ever had visions of moments on Earth in the human world. But I know there is the Devil World and the Magical world too! *Evangeline put a rat on her shoulder while she fished out a few cups for tea. And plates too. They may as well have a snack!* -06:40 Sep 05

Caroline: I don’t believe she would have. At some point Anthony or someone very much like him would have came across her. You know souls that bright don’t live for very long. The fact she lived long enough to meet you is some sort of a miracle, considering the stories she tells me. *Caroline had seem so much, but that was over hundreds of years! Evangeline managed to get herself in to an insane amount of ‘adventures’ for one human psychic!* Is it so bad to be with someone?

Gabriel: It is. It was stupid of me to think I could cheat Death by binding my life to hers. I was arrogant enough to think that if I did everything I could to protect her, she would always be safe. And even if she died, I would follow soon after. The hard part was knowing she was gone. The hardest part was bringing her back and knowing I could lose her again. -06:50 Sep 05

Vlamerias: A soul once told me a world is born everytime a dream is realized! It sounds pretty but I have no idea what it means! *She brought out the napkins and silverware!*

Caroline: At least you -could- bring her back. You’ve given Evangeline your immortality. It just… comes with a small price. We can do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but it will be a long life. If she does die again, you can bring her back. You can’t fall apart.

Evangeline: If that’s the case there must be limitless worlds! *Trying to imagine how many and how they work… well, that just made her head hurt. Instead, she would stick with what she knew!* What do you think about cake for a snack? -06:57 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Cake sounds delicious, Mommy! What flavor are we having today? Can we have ice cream with it? That always goes great with cake!

Gabriel: I fell apart once. Evangeline found all the pieces. I love her so much. More than a vampire has a right to love anyone, even himself. No matter how much I push her away, I always return to her or she is always there. She is insane. -07:05 Sep 05

Caroline: *That’s when she smirked again. Her hands going in to her pockets, though she still kept that soul in palm.* Though I wonder, if you Oh Great King of Darkness, did not deserve or want love… why does it exist now? I doubt Light ever knew what love was.

Evangeline: I think cheesecake and definitely some cream. Do we have enough ice cream, rats? *There was probably no reason to ask. Those rats always seem to have exactly what she wanted, and if they didn’t, Gabriel always brought it for her!* -07:09 Sep 05
Gabriel: *He tilted his head and gave her a sideways glance. She was smirking. That did not bode well for him. Nor did her mocking tone.* It was a challenge. A bet. I did not let her live it down for eons. -07:16 Sep 05

The devil rats appeared, a bunch of them carrying half a gallon of ice cream! Neopolitan! It was a full container!

Caroline: Is that the way it went? Not because eternity alone with a being that only cared for herself was a dismal and miserable existence?

Evangeline: Perfect. Thank you! *She took the carton of ice cream to set on the counter. ..Just in time to turn around and get the tea kettle!* I wonder how many rats are in the castle. If they were all in the same room, do you think it’d be full to the ceiling. -07:22 Sep 05
Gabriel: Yay, we have ice cream! Oohh! Yes, even if it was that huge ballroom! -07:24 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Yay, we have ice cream! Oohh! Yes, even if it was that huge ballroom!

Gabriel: … It might have been that as well. *Although such reminders brought upon the urge to grimace or frown or do a number of other things that would no doubt cause Caroline to think of Dark.* -07:25 Sep 05

Caroline: You could try [i]accepting[/i] your beautiful romance with Evangeline and making life easier for the rest of us. Then I might give you this soul as a reward for your terrible sacrifice. *Another smirk! *

Caroline: You could try accepting your beautiful romance with Evangeline and making life easier for the rest of us. Then I might give you this soul as a reward for your terrible sacrifice. *Another smirk! *

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Your generosity knows no bounds. I doubt you would have remained so long had life been as easy as you like to make it sound. -07:29 Sep 05
Evangeline: Oo.. I hope there dancing in the Devil World! I’ve love to dance at one of their parties! -07:30 Sep 05

Vlamerias: It’s really nice! And the music is so catchy! It makes you want to dance! I don’t know if that’s the music or the enchanged instruments, though … *She had to pause and think on that.*

Caroline: Me? Crave adventure, chaos and drama? You jest, my King. *No, had life here been easy it would have been very very dull.* Are you going to stay and have tea with my mistress to be sure the mark is gone?

Evangeline: I don’t need anything enchanted to make me dance. …Gabriel though, he’s not very interested in dancing most of the time. I think he just does so I won’t pout! -07:36 Sep 05
Gabriel: I suppose. *Although he could think of a number of ways to make sure the mark was gone that didn’t involve sitting down for tea.* -07:36 Sep 05

Vlamerias: But isn’t it romantic that he would dance just for you, Mommy!

Caroline: …ever so often there’s an expression of something other than stoic scowling. …And that is not the one I wanted to see. *Not that it bothered her in the least. It was rare to get the opportunity to harass and tease Gabriel.*

Evangeline: Well… it is! Like for Christmas when he danced with me and there was the sweetest song. Hmm, I think that CD is still in London, though. -07:45 Sep 05
Gabriel: And I live to please you, my lady. *He said dryly.* For not satisfying you, I will spend many a sleepless night. -07:46 Sep 05

Vlamerias: OOhh! We should go and find the CD, Mommy! Then Daddy can play the song at his party-ball-thing!

Caroline: I’ll bet you will. Sleepness nights with Evangeline. *Pulling her hand from her pocket, she tossed him the marble.* He is all yours. Would you like me to keep an eye on the wee one while you seduce my Bright Lady?

Evangeline: An excellent idea! We could go to London tomorrow and have a nice trip. Then I can get my things from the apartment and do something about the Dance Studio. …I did like teaching dance, though. *It was what she always wanted to do! But she also liked teaching newbie hunters… maybe she could do both?* -07:52 Sep 05
Gabriel: *He caught Bael’s marble, then he smirked.* I would be most grateful as would Evangeline. But a tea party would be nice. They have spent this long on it. *He walked into the castle.* -07:52 Sep 05

Vlamerias: And now that you and Glaër are bound, all you need to do is get his mark and those stupid vampires and such will know better!

Evangeline: That does remind me… he was going to go see that vampire soon. *She touched that spot on her neck where she had been bitten. Caroline had healed the wound, but Evangeline couldn’t tell if the mark was there or not! Gabriel was -still- so mad about it!* -07:56 Sep 05

Caroline: *Caroline followed Gabriel in to the castle, and when they entered, this time things didn’t look quite so violent. Caroline was even still smirking.* Were you speaking about the vampire you offered yourself up to as a snack, my lady?

Vlamerias: Yay! You’re here! And we’re almost ready, right, Mommy? *She was bouncing around! The devil rats seemed pleased!*

[Evangeline ] -11:18 Sep 05
Evangeline: Yes, all we are missing is cake. *Caroline didn’t have to say it like that. Evangeline was really hoping to avoid reminding Gabriel how mad he was!* -11:20 Sep 05
Gabriel: Perhaps if you would cease doing such things, the vampire race may survive to see another sunrise. *He said dryly, studying Evangeline with a tilt of his head and a slight raise of the eyebrow.* -11:22 Sep 05

Some devil rats stopped in front of Evangeline carrying a lovely three-layered cake on their backs! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles!

Evangeline: *She looked embarassed for a split second before she frowned.* Did you go there and kill him? *…cake! She picked up the cake, and gave each of the rats a good scratch on the back.* -11:23 Sep 05

Caroline: No, he didn’t kill him, Evangeline. I made sure. *There was a small part of her that felt bad for lying to Evangeline… But Bael was a vampire that was heading for a good slaying anyway. It was better that Evangeline didn’t feel like it was her own fault.*

Gabriel: I sometimes contemplate on whether inbreeding is what made vampires dumb enough to relinquish common sense for a sweet meal. May the next generation learn from their ancestors. -11:27 Sep 05

The devil rats were pleased! They were the best bakers, cooks, gemstone finders, message-carriers, etc. etc. in all the universe!

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes were wide! The cake was so pretty! The devil rats never ceased to amaze her! She followed Mommy and that cake around!*

Evangeline: Meri, how about bringing everything here to the table? *Evangeline set the cake down on the table and dust off her hands.* Well… I think no one can resist something tasty. In this case, cake and ice cream! -11:34 Sep 05
Gabriel: *It probably didn’t help things that Gabriel appeared content to stand there and study Evangeline like a hawk!* -11:35 Sep 05

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She brought the ice cream over and then the cups for the tea! And the devil rats had even prepared little coffee cakes if they wanted some!*

Caroline: *Caroline took the tea kettle from the stove to fill a pot with the steeping water. Smirking again at Gabriel and his little wife.* I doubt even Gabriel could resist a request like that, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Speaking of requests..! Dark is doing all right, isn’t he? Leaving him to do me a favor wasn’t a problem? -11:40 Sep 05
Gabriel: You will be amazed. *He replied, seating himself into a chair. Of course, those few times that he’d actually drank Evangeline’s blood he had had difficulty stopping … for instance, when they had gone back to the Great King’s era.* -11:40 Sep 05

Caroline: It’s true. Were he not complaining endlessly, he has impressed me very much. *Bringing the teapot to the table, Caroline sat down and was pouring tea in to the cups Meri set.*

Evangeline: That’s good. I’ve been so worried about him, and afraid I’d asked him to do too much. *Cutting the cake, she cake a piece to Meri first.* -11:49 Sep 05
Gabriel: *He was sorely tempted to drag Evangeline out and talk to her about offering herself as a snack to vampires … But he would be civil and refrain himself.* -11:50 Sep 05

Caroline: Hmm, I wouldn’t say too much. It hasn’t been easy for him to get used to. ..and now he’s asked me to be his pillar. *That awkwardness from remembering the request was replaced with raising an eyebrow in Gabriel’s direction. …sometimes you could see what he was thinking. Rare moments to be sure, but always so interesting!*

Evangeline: *There was a surprise! Evangeline blinked and slid a piece of cake to Caroline.* That’s good isn’t it? That he’ll ask for help like that? *Oh, she knew how mad he was! And was trying so hard to pretend she didn’t notice! Maybe if she crossed her fingers, he would forget before Caroline left!* -11:54 Sep 05
Gabriel: *He glanced over at Caroline. Dark was doing very well, considering his lack of preparation. It would have been so easy for Light to burn Dark away and yet he was still in control.* -11:55 Sep 05

Caroline: He doesn’t understand what he’s asking when he’s me. …Then I ask him if he knew, and as usual he gets angry with him. There’s no talking to him.

Vlamerias: *She was sitting down and watching and listening! She could tell there was something up with her Glaër and her Mommy! Maybe they needed some time alone!*

Evangeline: I think he does… You question things too much! Sometimes you are so much like Gabriel. Very stubborn. *…Evangeline decided Gabriel wasn’t going to take any cake… not with his mood! So she just cut a piece for herself and was eating as slow as possible!* -12:02 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He picked up his cup of tea and sipped it.* -12:07 Sep 06

Vlamerias: Umm … Glaër? May I visit my Daddy soon? It’s going to be his birthday and everyone will be there! You and Mommy can come too, of course! And you, Warrior Lady and Dark! The more people the better!

Gabriel: I see no reason why not. The Bright Lady, however, may find herself … preoccupied. -12:08 Sep 06

Caroline: *Oh good. A Change of subject.* I’ll join you Vlamerias. It would be a nice change of pace to pay the Devil King a visit without being there to murder someone.

Evangeline: *Evangeline swallowed a piece of cake and coughed!* But we can still go for a visit can’t we…? I would like to visit the Devil World and see it. -12:11 Sep 06

Vlamerias: Um … But I need to find a really great gift for him! But it’s so hard … All my brothers and sisters and all his subjects will have better gifts!

Gabriel: *That reminded him that he had to find the devil named Cassiel, the one who had taken Evangeline to Bael.* That will be determined by a handful of factors, Evangeline. -12:18 Sep 06
Evangeline: I’m sure I could go with Caroline, couldn’t I? *She turned in her seat to give a pleading look to Caroline.* -12:19 Sep 06

Caroline: *And then she choked on her tea!* …Vlamerias, why don’t I take you to find a gift, right now? No better time than now. *She intervened about Bael, but she wasn’t getting in the middle of this one!*

Vlamerias: *Her face brightened up! If anyone knew a great gift it would be Warrior Lady! She was a demon herself and was sure to have ideas!* Can I, Glaër! Can I?

Gabriel: *He smirked into his cup.* Of course. Have fun. *The smirk disappeared when he lowered the cup again.* -12:22 Sep 06

Vlamerias: Yay! *She jumped out of her seat! Then she kissed Mommy’s cheek and hugged her Glaër!* Thank you! Let’s go, Warrior Lady! *She even scratched the devil rats farewell!*

Caroline: Goodnight, My Lady. My King. *And with taking Meri’s hand, they poofed before Evangeline sucked her in a mess she didn’t want a part of!*

Gabriel: Goodnight, Caroline, Vlamerias. *He watched them go and then he sipped his tea.* -12:26 Sep 06
Evangeline: *….Blast it! Caroline just abandoned her! And took Meri with her! Which meant she had an angry husband, who had been nice enough to not kill the vampire… but was still angry!* It’s a pretty day today, don’t you think? -12:28 Sep 06
Gabriel: Indeed. *Another sip of the tea. He picked up a coffee cake and took a slow bite of that. He was going to let Evangeline worry and fret about it before he pounced.* -12:29 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She was sure this was how the trainees felt… knowing something sneaky was coming but having no idea what it could be! …well, she at least enjoyed the cake!* What were you and Caroline talking about outside? -12:35 Sep 06
Gabriel: Many things. *He sipped the tea. Picked up the coffee cake and took another bite of that. Several minutes passed before he spoke again.* For example. My inability to control my destructive, killing rampages whilst you were in London. -12:39 Sep 06
Evangeline: *With her cake finished, she set aside the plate to sip on her tea.* …I do wish you would have stayed with me instead of leaving me alone. -12:43 Sep 06
Gabriel: I am angry, Evangeline. Angry with myself, with you, with Light, everyone. Unlike misery, anger wishes for no company save its own. -12:45 Sep 06
Evangeline: But there’s no reason to be angry anymore. Everything is all right now! …isn’t it? *If Caroline thought it was important to speak with him still… And it had only been two weeks! She watched him carefully!* Are you still doing those things…? -12:48 Sep 06
Gabriel: The pet name you adore so much, Heart of Darkness, has taken on literal meaning. *Another sip of the tea.* Everything should be fine. Anger is not something easily let go of. -12:51 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She set down her cup with a frown.* You’re sure it will be..? I don’t ever like to see you so angry… -12:58 Sep 06
Gabriel: My anger, Evangeline, pales in comparison to my love for you. -01:04 Sep 06
Evangeline: *He always snuck those sweet things in that left her swooning!* And I love you too, so much. I don’t want you to be angry with me. -01:07 Sep 06
Gabriel: And I do not wish to be angry with you. I am tired of being angry, Evangeline. I have missed you so very much. -01:09 Sep 06
Evangeline: Does that mean you aren’t going to lock me in the tower for a month? -01:10 Sep 06
Gabriel: You are still in need of punishment, Evangeline. You can rest assured I will not be extinguishing the vampire race to prevent something like this happening again. -01:13 Sep 06
[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:17 Sep 06
Evangeline: Oh. *…well that was good that he wasn’t going to kill all of the vampires in the world!* …We can still go to the Devil World, can’t we? -01:17 Sep 06
Gabriel: I am still contemplating your punishment. -01:28 Sep 06
Evangeline: How about we forgo any punishment all together and we just have some snuggles instead? -01:29 Sep 06
Gabriel: But if I do not punish you now, you will argue that it is too late for me to punish you for this. -01:34 Sep 06
Evangeline: It might already be too late to punish me… You did let him live, yes? And he removed the mark when you asked him to? -01:35 Sep 06
Gabriel: Is that a challenge, Evangeline. I know a good many ways to punish you. -01:39 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Was it? She really was tempted to say it was… He wouldn’t hurt her, so she wasn’t afraid of that. But he did know all of the things that would make her pout! And the indecision was clear on her face!* I wouldn’t say it was a challenge… -01:43 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He stood.* There is the business of marking you before I go any further. *He held out his hand.* Your hand. Or would you rather I marked your neck instead. -01:45 Sep 06
Evangeline: I’d like it to be somewhere people will always see, so they won’t try to eat me? *She was a little suspicious, but she did take his hand and rise from her chair.* -01:48 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Do you remember anyone trying to eat you after we were bound and I marked your wrist. -01:50 Sep 06
Evangeline: …well, it did happen once or twice. Moreso when you were away. …but I still want people to see! I’m yours and only yours. -01:52 Sep 06
Gabriel: You have my wedding ring, my Binding Mark, and soon my mark as well. I daresay only the very stupid will trifle with my wife now. *His fangs were growing.* This would be a choice moment to close your eyes. -01:57 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Oh dear. She closed her eyes quick! Not because she was afraid, but only because one sight of blood and he’d have a dizzy wife!* -01:59 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He would have to mark her neck, then. It was the prime target vampires went for. He lowered his head to her neck and tilted it slightly. There was his hot breath on her skin and then he bit deep. It stung but he slowly lifted his head and licked the blood that swelled until it healed.* -02:03 Sep 06
Evangeline: *It was impossible to hide that tensing, cause it did hurt just a little bit! And when she realized she was holding her breath, she let out out slow while she clung on to his coat.* That’s it…? -02:05 Sep 06
Gabriel: Of course. This is how it was the first time I marked you, albeit this is deliberate. -02:07 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She rest her head against his chest, taking the opportunity to sneak in her cuddles before he remembered he was going to punish her.* That was so long ago! I didn’t even know people could be marked like that then. -02:11 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He lowered his head to nuzzle her cheek.* And now you bear my marks. You are all mine. -02:16 Sep 06
Evangeline: I am yours and only yours until the end of time! *And she was so glad for it! Evangeline curled her arms around his waist and sighed!* Now it’s time for the cuddles? -02:21 Sep 06
Gabriel: We can forgo the punishment as you are not likely to offer yourself as a snack again. *He tilted her face up so he could kiss her cheeks, her nose, the corner of her mouth, then his lips drifted downward to kiss her neck.* -02:27 Sep 06
Evangeline: I will definitely not ever ask a vampire to make me a vampire ever again. …unless that is the only way I can be with you. *This sort of attention was so much better than wondering what he had in store for her! She scooted closer so she could press her body against his.* -02:31 Sep 06
Gabriel: *A sigh against her neck.* Wrong answer, Evangeline. *He nipped her where her pulse beat strongest but he didn’t pull away from her.* You will not ask a vampire to make you a vampire, at all. -02:36 Sep 06
Evangeline: But I am going to do what I have to so I can stay with you. Even if it’s dangerous. I don’t want you to ever leave me. *It seems it would be the argument they have until the end of time!* -02:42 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He lifted his head.* I fell in love with you for who and what you are, Evangeline. Attempting to change the fact you are human or to taint your soul would change that. -02:43 Sep 06
Evangeline: *That did make her pause and consider it… if she were a vampire, she would be so different!* …but what else could I do? -02:48 Sep 06
Gabriel: You could be the woman I fell in love with. Despite all that has happened, I have always returned to you. -02:49 Sep 06
Evangeline: And you have already promised not to leave me again. …and you double promise and swear? -02:53 Sep 06
Gabriel: If you promise never to seek to become a vampire or a devil or something other than the beautiful immortal you are, I will double promise and swear. -02:54 Sep 06
Evangeline: I can’t even if it helps you…? -02:56 Sep 06
Gabriel: You have Caroline and Dark and Vlamerias to lean upon. -02:58 Sep 06
Evangeline: Hmmm… I will promise. But only because you want me as I am and I want you to always come back to me. -03:01 Sep 06
Gabriel: I will not disappoint you. *He kissed her forehead and stroked her face.* -03:08 Sep 06
Evangeline: Good. Now for cuddles! I want to curl up somewhere warm and cozy. *She tugged on his jacket to pull him…somewhere! There was bound to be a comfy room!* -03:12 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He smirked but allowed her to pull him. It was not often Evangeline became aggressive.* -03:14 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Pulling him with her, she didn’t stop until she peeked in to a room that had a nice big sofa! She closed the door behind them and tugged him along until she pushed him on to the sofa and crawled on to his lap!* -03:18 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He dropped down onto the sofa and put his hands on her waist as she crawled into his lap. Then he reached up to stroke her face.* I love you, Evangeline. -03:33 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She grinned wide, leaning to brush a soft kiss over his lips.* As I love you, Gabriel. My very handsome and sweet husband. -03:36 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He sat back so he could look up at her. Both hands cupped her face and he looked into those beautiful eyes of hers.* -03:40 Sep 06
Evangeline: *To see him was such a nice treat! Ever so often she felt guilty about not having her visions, but after everything that happened… she just wanted to be here like this without the distractions! Leaning forward again, she nuzzled his his cheek before she move to nibble at his ear.* -03:44 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He gave her a soft "mm" that slowly turned into a purr. One hand drifted to tangle itself in her hair. The other hand stroked her head and then moved down to her shoulder and her arm.* -03:46 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Hiss purr made her giggle. After nibbling a bit, she moved to his neck. Nuzzling soft against his skin with kisses before sneaking a nip here and there!* -03:50 Sep 06
Gabriel: *His purrs were broken by soft groans. He rubbed her back and kissed whatever part of her skin he could reach without making her stop.* -03:53 Sep 06
Evangeline: *He smelled so nice… but his coat was in her way now! She pushed his coat off his shoulders so she could move his shirt and nip more at bare skin.* -03:59 Sep 06
Gabriel: *And just like that his coat was gone! It was a small price to pay to make way for Evangeline’s mouth. His own hands wandered beneath her blouse, began to unbutton it.* -04:03 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She leaned back as she reached down to tug up his shirt. Fussing to make him raise his arms so she could steal it away from him. …he doesn’t need it, anyway!* -04:08 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He was smirking. But he couldn’t deny her. Not when what she wanted was the same as what he did. He moved so she could get the shirt off of him but then he was tugging her blouse off as well.* -04:11 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Off went her blouse, but she was too busy running her fingers through his hair and stealing a long kiss to notice. Grazing her teeth over his bottom lip and then sucking gently to sooth it again.* -04:17 Sep 06
Gabriel: *It was all he could do not to drag her down to the couch and take her now. She wouldn’t resist either, he knew. She would mew and gasp and beg for more. But he didn’t want to rush things. They had all eternity. He covered her lips with his for a long, deep kiss.* -04:25 Sep 06
Evangeline: Hmm.. *Kissing him was definitely the best part of the day..! From his head down to his shoulders, she brushed her fingers soft over his skin. Taunt and hard, she loved feeling how he moved under her touch!* -04:34 Sep 06
Gabriel: *His tongue brushed up against her lips and when she opened her mouth for him, he slipped his tongue inside and rubbed it against hers. He made a soft groan as her hands drifted everywhere.* -04:38 Sep 06
Evangeline: *There was that faint taste of her own blood mixed with sugar from the cakes at lunch, but she certainly didn’t mind. She nipped at his tongue, grinning against his mouth before she stole a few soft kisses. Leaving a trail over his jaw and down to his shoulder.* -04:43 Sep 06
Gabriel: *As he kissed her, his hands moved down to cup and stroke her breasts. He rubbed the nipples with his thumbs, waiting for those soft moans of pleasure.* -04:47 Sep 06
Evangeline: *A sigh escaped her and it was ever so tempting to tilt back and languish in his petting. But she wanted to touch too! Nuzzled against his cheek while she ran her hands over his chest and teased his stomach.* -04:53 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He bent his head to kiss her neck and shoulder, sucking on her skin lightly, groaning in response to her touches. His hands gently kneaded her breasts.* -04:55 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Now it was Evangeline purring! After a moment, she pulled his hands away while she shifted off his lap. Sliding to her knees on the floor while she kissed a trail down his stomach. She was confiscating his boots!* -05:03 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow when she moved off of his lap, stroking her hair in encouragement as she kissed her way down. He watched as she got rid of his boots.* -05:06 Sep 06
Evangeline: *With those gone, her hands went to his belt to unbuckle and unbutton his pants. Chewing on her bottom lip as she fussed him to move so she could steal those from him too!* -05:09 Sep 06
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked but he lifted his hips and helped her get his pants off.* -05:11 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She tossed his pants aside, and he was very much a sight to behold naked and smirking at her! Her husband and hers alone to do with as she pleased! And she so very much wanted him please too! She scooted between his legs, fingers teasing over his stomach before she gripped his cock soft yet firm. She bent over to give the head a quick dart of her tongue.* -05:21 Sep 06
Gabriel: *That look in her eyes as she studied him, her touch … they made him even harder and he groaned as she touched him.* … Evangeline. *That tongue of hers!* -05:23 Sep 06
Evangeline: *It was that way he said her name that was one of her favorites! She flicked her tongue over him again before taking him fully in to her mouth. Swirling her tongue and sucking gently!* -05:29 Sep 06
Gabriel: *His groan became a low growl as she took him, all of him inside of her. It had been so long since–! And it felt wonderful! He wanted to cum! His fingers slipped into her hair.* -05:32 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She loved that she could have him like this! Flicking her tongue while moving teasingly slow. Even grazing her teeth over him!* -05:40 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, held her head. He wanted to lose himself in her. It had been far too long!* … Evangeline. -05:42 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She sucked hard once more before she finally pulled away. Running her thumb over the head of his cock.* Gabriel..? -05:46 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He couldn’t speak anymore! He needed her and he needed her now! He tugged her head up. His erection ached but he didn’t want to spill it everywhere.* -05:50 Sep 06
Evangeline: *At his beckoning she rose, slipping off her skirt to kick behind her. She straddled his lap, snaking her arms around his neck as she nuzzled against his cheek with a wide grin!* -05:54 Sep 06
Gabriel: *Every second she took to climb back into his lap was sweet torture! He nibbled her ear even as he grabbed her hips and positioned her just so … But he held off from entering her so he could apply some torture of his own. With one hand still on her hips, the other drifted between her legs. His palm rubbed up against her and his fingers found her clit and began to rub it gently.* -05:57 Sep 06
Evangeline: Mrph… *Ooo… She squirmed at his touch. Tugging on his hair when her breath quickened and it was getting unbearable!* -06:03 Sep 06
Gabriel: *She was getting wet. He would slide easily into her tight sheath … He continued to caress her until he found himself nearing the end of his patience as well. He moved his hand away to place it back onto her hip, then he was lowering her down even as his hips moved up to greet her. He groaned softly as he simply pushed himself inside. Then he clenched his teeth as he started thrusting.* -06:08 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Her soft groan came across almost like a sigh! Her arms curled tight around his neck and breasts against his chest, the soft mews of pleasure just at his ear.* -06:14 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He would hold off from cumming until she climaxed first. Her soft mews, her body against his, spurred him on, causing him to thrust harder and faster, holding her hips still so she felt every inch of him driving in and out of her.* -06:15 Sep 06
Evangeline: *He did fill her so completely. That delicious burn of yearning making her whole body ache! She tilted his head back so she could steal a kiss, slipping her tongue in to his mouth until she came with a sudden gasp!* oh..! don’t stop! -06:23 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He smirked against her mouth, even as his tongue rubbed up against hers. Now he had her body firmly against his as he tirelessly thrust and pounded. He could feel her wetness dripping down his shaft but that only made him go faster and deeper inside of her.* -06:25 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She broke away from him only for a moment, resting her forehead against his to still her own whimpering. Finally she could take it no more, crushing her mouth to his when her body gave those first tensing shudders of climax!* -06:32 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He grunted softly as her lips pressed up against his and he felt her muscles tightening their grip on him! He kept pounding her at the same pace until she climaxed and it wasn’t long before he joined her as well! His fingers dug a little deeper into her flesh even as he spilled his seed inside of her.* -06:35 Sep 06
Evangeline: *Riding a wave of euphoria, even as those feelings subsided, she was much too content clinging tight to him. She brushed a few soft kisses over his mouth before she rest her head at the crook of his neck.* -06:38 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He sat back and stroked her hair, then pulled his coat toward him and draped it over her. He leaned his head against hers and stroked her back.* -06:39 Sep 06
Evangeline: *She smiled curling up perfectly comfortable right there on his lap.* Now for snuggles part two… yes? -06:44 Sep 06
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* It is too late to refuse you. *He teased.* -06:46 Sep 06

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