010 Finding the Pieces (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Evangeline asks Leon a favor to watch over her and Gabriel as she steps in to Gabriel’s mind and tries to piece him back together again!

Leon: *He walked into the room and shut the door behind him.* Evangeline, I got your call … *He stopped when he caught sight of Gabriel lying in the bed! The doctors had filled him in and Evangeline had explained things but it was still a shock to see Gabriel there!* -08:24 Jun 02

The Oracle Infirmary – The room for Gabriel Carnatelli. There were supposed to be armed guards here… but not many would refuse a favor to Evangeline!

Evangeline: I am really glad you came. You are the only one besides Ms. Grey herself that anyone will listen to and I have asked her for so much already. *She was so very nervous and trying to keep her hands from shaking! But this was important!* -08:27 Jun 02
Leon: *Oh no, he knew what that tone meant! He stepped up to her and put his hands on hers. She was shaking!* What was so important you couldn’t tell me over the phone? *And here he’d thought Cissy or Gabriel were paranoid! He was beginning to see that they were rubbing off on Evangeline!* -08:28 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A guilty expression! She nodded her head.* The doctors say he won’t ever wake up, and I heard them talking about… pulling the plug so to speak. Everyone is afraid he’s going to wake up and wreck havok on the world all over again, and Ms. Grey has let me get away with so much already and if I don’t try this now, he might not be around to try it later…! *She was talking so fast, and hardly explained a thing! It’s just… they were out of time! Who knew when the doctors would stomp in and demand her to leave!* -08:33 Jun 02
Leon: Whoa, whoa, calm down … *He took a deep breath. He knew that look and that only confirmed his worst fears. He might wind up regretting this but on the other hand, whatever it was, was urgent!* … What’s your plan and how can I help …? -08:34 Jun 02
Evangeline: He is trapped in his own head somewhere so I am going to help him out. But I… I won’t be awake. No one can come in here and take him or me away before I have a chance to finish. …Can you watch the door for me? -08:38 Jun 02
Leon: *Cissy was going to kill him for this! She promised to hold dinner for him but … after this adventure, she was likely to make him dinner instead! On the other hand, Gabriel and Evangeline deserved another chance and … this wouldn’t be the first time Cissy got pissed at him! He’d just have to find a way to get into her good graces again afterwards!* Oh, alright … *He reached into his pocket to pull out a bone that looked too large to have been hiding there without making a bulge!* You have until I’m done chewing on this. Okay? -08:42 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure how long it could take Leon to chew through a bone, but she nodded!* Thank you, Leon! I promise I’ll make it up to you! *Evangeline didn’t waste any time moving to Gabriel’s bed and sitting down on the edge.* If I …don’t wake up. Let me stay with him. …okay? -08:45 Jun 02
Leon: *He frowned!* Damnit, Evangeline … *He growled in something that was a cross between annoyance and being upset. He huffed.* Fine. *He marched over to the door, locked it.* Good luck … *He said, not daring to turn around and see that look on her face. This tale made Romeo and Juliet look like something out of Disney!* -08:47 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline cast him a brief smile… but it was time for business. She had already placed crystals at both nightstands. They would help her focus! For her it was not like casting a spell, but more like… stepping out of her body to visit someone else’s! Taking a deep breath, she crossed her arms and lay her head over Gabriel’s chest. Repeating words in her head until she felt herself drifting asleep and stepping across that boundary away from her own mind!* -08:53 Jun 02

Each mind was different but nothing could have prepared her for this! When the darkness went away, Evangeline found herself in a place where the law of physics did not apply! Case in point, the fact she stood on the floor but there stairs everwhere! On the ceiling, on the walls … and it was such a large place! It was so quiet here!

Evangeline: *Stepping directly in to someone else felt so… strange! She glanced down at herself to make sure she was still… herself! Satisfied, she looked around again. Stairs were everywhere… she stepped forward carefully just in case gravity would start being odd too!* …Gabriel…? -09:03 Jun 02

“You have a lot of nerve, witch! How dare you use that face again!” It was Gabriel’s voice but there was no sign of him and this place echoed! Not to mention, he sounded so angry!

Evangeline: *Evangeline prepared to duck!* I am no witch nor a sorceress! Just a psychic…? *There wasn’t enough light, just all these stairs… She picked a starcase that wasn’t running up at a weird angle and started up.* -09:07 Jun 02

“I warned you of what would happen if you tread here again! You used that face once before and nearly destroyed Gabriel! Laques!” The floor Evangeline stood on suddenly turned into quicksand!

Evangeline: Wait..! Crap..! *Evangeline scrambled to get away from that quicksand! She was fairly certain than even in a mind, drowning in sand would hurt!* Can you come out and talk to me! I am only myself and no one else! -09:13 Jun 02

Suddenly Gabriel was standing right in front of her but the look in his eyes said he didn’t recognize her! He held a sword in his hand and raised it over his head! “For all the evil you have done!” he growled!

Evangeline: *Evangeline very nearly turned around and started running! But… people were not rescued by the faint of heart! She ran forward instead and… hugged him!* I’m Evangeline…! I wouldn’t mind to die now and stay here forever… but you promised me a date..! -09:20 Jun 02

Evangeline suddenly found herself hugging a much shorter and smaller Gabriel! A child version of him! He looked up at Evangeline! “Only the real Evangeline would care enough to spend time with Gabriel for who he is … But this mind is not in the condition it once was when you knew him. He is broken. He believes he cannot be saved.”

Evangeline: *How she ended up kneeling on the floor and hugging a little boy, she wasn’t sure… but he was far too cute to be speaking so seriously! She couldn’t resist pinching his cheeks!* What is broken I will fix. I won’t leave until I’m done. …. you’re so cute! Will you help me? -09:25 Jun 02

The boy looked irked at her pinching his cheeks and being called cute! He raised an eyebrow. “It is a dangerous place and I cannot guarantee your safety. Gabriel’s mind is broken into many pieces, taking the form of feathers. You would have to gather each one to stand a chance of repairing him. Live through his darkest memories, including those secrets not meant for mortal eyes or ears.”

Evangeline: Don’t you worry about me. You say I am impossibly stubborn and completely insane, after all. *She brushed a hand over his head before she returned to her feet.* Lets see about finding those feathers. -09:33 Jun 02

The boy opened his mouth to say something but then shut it. No matter how many warnings he gave, she would still not listen to reason … “The feathers are scattered everywhere. You will have to pick a door to go through …” But as soon as he said that, he was standing in front of the door Evangeline had moved toward! “Except this one.”

Evangeline: …but what if there is a feather behind that door? *She paused, only for a moment. …there were her own memories she had tried to stop Gabriel from seeing. If he hadn’t, would he have been able to find her?* …I will have to look. There isn’t any other way. -09:44 Jun 02

“Perhaps you should start elsewhere,” the older Gabriel said. But even he could only do so much here as demonstrated when Evangeline was able to reach through him and twist the knob, opening the door! There was a blast of wind that sucked Evangeline and Gabriel inside and the door shut behind them! “Will you not reconsider …?” he asked as the darkness disappeared! They were standing in some kind of arena like the type Romans and gladiators fought in! But there was only one person standing in the center of the arena and a single person in the stands! The former was Gabriel … and the latter Anthony himself!

[Leon is now known as: Gabriel] -09:54 Jun 02
Evangeline: I’m afraid not. *She said softly. It was peculiar to watch the scene, like she was an invisible participant!* Where is this…? -09:54 Jun 02

Her guide was silent for several moments. “Even Gabriel is not sure. I can tell you when, though. This was shortly after he was first created.” He looked to the side to where the gates on either side of the past Gabriel were opening. “If you wish to close your eyes, now would be a good time.”

Anthony: *He smirked, golden eyes flashing! He wore very old fashioned clothing, confirming the guide’s words that this was a long time ago!* I will give you two choices. Wield magic or die. Blood is power, Gabriel. Do not disappoint me.

Evangeline: I have to look for feathers, scary things or not. *Watching the gates warily, Evangeline wasn’t sure she would like what might come out… not with Anthony standing there preening as he did!* -09:59 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He wore only a pair of pants and his hair was a little longer! He glanced from side to side, his body tense. When he turned slightly toward them, Evangeline could see his wrists had been bound with barbed wire that was beginning to cut into his skin!* -10:01 Jun 02

Apparently Anthony was not kidding around! Through one gate walked out a massive shadow wolf with glowing red eyes! Through another walked a large, hulking giant in heavy armor wielding a giant axe! And the third gate admitted a rather large bird that took to the skies! The gates closed behind them and then they attacked as one!

Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, trying to ignore the pain in his wrists. His mind was sifting through what little Anthony had told him about magic but going through words and trying to defend yourself proved to be very tough–as demonstrated when the massive shadow wolf struck and sent him flying with a gash in his chest!* -10:06 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She jumped and winced..! Turning away for just a moment, she willed herself to remember that was a memory and that she couldn’t run out to help him, no matter how much she wanted to!* Why is he doing this…! -10:08 Jun 02

He sighed. “You mean besides the fact that he’s a sadistic bastard?” Gabriel only had time to sit up before the bird grabbed his shoulders with in its talons and hoisted him into the air! Then the giant came and a heavy SLAM! to the middle sent Gabriel flying again! There was laughter from everyone involved while Anthony sat back, tapping his fingers on the side of his seat!

Gabriel: *He coughed up some blood as he managed to get up to his elbows! He couldn’t keep doing this! He had to do something! He was panting for breath but then he closed his eyes! His lips moved and he disappeared from view!* -10:14 Jun 02
Evangeline: You are still alive despite this..! *She said it more for herself! He was still alive. He lived through this moment! Even now as the memory Gabriel vanished from view, she looked around quickly for a feather!* -10:16 Jun 02

The three monsters stopped and looked around! They sniffed the air just as something jumped onto the giant’s shoulders, using it as a springboard! Gabriel landed on the bird and crashed it heavily into the ground, then he was tossing out spells! One to trap the shadow wolf in quick sand! Another to upset the giant’s gravity and send it flying through the air! Evangeline spotted a feather … on the railing in front of Anthony!

Evangeline: *…don’t be afraid. This is a memory! Holding her hands over her ears to not hear the roar of beasties, she ran across the area… giving the monsters a good wide berth, and only slowing when she approached the railing. Memory or not, she was having to will herself to step closer and reach for the feather.* -10:24 Jun 02

Anthony: *He didn’t seem to notice her. But when she grabbed that feather, she could have sworn his eyes focused on her! But as suddenly as it had happened, his attention was elsewhere–if it had been driven to her to begin with–with Gabriel’s triumph! He smirked.* Congratulations, Gabriel. Are you ready to serve your master?

Gabriel: *Bleeding and weak, he staggered forward and dropped to his knees! He lowered his head and bent forward.* I am. *There was such devotion and dedication in those two simple words!* -10:30 Jun 02

The boy was back! He stared at Gabriel and Anthony before he turned around where the door had appeared, taking them back to where they had begun.

Evangeline: *She could have sworn her heart had stopped beating! Clutching the feather tight, she glanced over her shoulder in surprise! He looked so defeated… Blinking tears away, she shook her head as she followed the mini Gabriel!* This is going to be so much harder than I thought… -10:33 Jun 02

The boy was silent as the door closed behind them. His back was to her as he stood on the edge of one of the steps! “You may take a moment or two before you choose another door. That is … if you still wish to continue.”

Evangeline: *She slipped the feather in to her shirt where it would be safe, before she moved and leaned over the boy. She kissed the top of his head and pat him gently before moving to find another door.* I don’t have time to take a moment. I’ll have to be stronger for you. -10:41 Jun 02

He blinked, surprise plain on his face before it disappeared! He walked up behind her. “There is something else you should be aware of. Gabriel is constantly fighting his inner demons. But because he is broken, he is not able to contain them. They are also scattered around here, each of them of varying strengths.”

Evangeline: Thankfully, I am very fast at running! *Though she said it lightly, she wasn’t sure how she might fight someone else’s inner demons. If they were her own, she would lock them in a box. But this wasn’t her mind to control… She found another door, her hand hesitating on the knob.* It wouldn’t hurt you if I hit them with a stick, would it…? -10:47 Jun 02

The older Gabriel shook his head. “No. But a stick would not suffice here. You will need a sword. Some are harder to fight than others. Not just because of their strength but because of who or what they represent.”

Evangeline: I don’t have a sword, though. *The shifting from child to adult was taking some getting used to and she hadn’t quite figured out the difference just yet!* I guess I will worry about it when the time comes. -10:53 Jun 02

Before the older Gabriel could reply, Evangeline had opened another door and they were sucked inside again! The door slammed shut, plunging them into darkness. There were the sounds of battle. People were being killed!

Evangeline: *What she needed was a flashlight… then again. With the sounds of battle, she tread forward carefully.* -11:03 Jun 02

It was daylight! There were men clashing over a high city wall of stone! Hundreds of them in an attempt to either ransack the city or defend it! Because of the towers and the fact that there were old cannons and guns, this had to be somewhere in Europe! Probably around the 1500’s! It would seem Gabriel was older than he admitted!

Evangeline: *There were so many people…! She hardly knew where to look first. Evangeline stuck with common sense and searched for Gabriel first!* -11:23 Jun 02

As Evangeline searched, there were explosions on either side! But daylight was fading fast and when the sun went down, there seemed to be more men suddenly fighting on the invader’s side! Evangeline recognized them as vampires!

Evangeline: *This was not something they put in history books! She was covering her ears again to block out the sounds, yet forced herself to keep looking! She had to find those feathers!* -11:29 Jun 02

They had breached the gates! The vampires swarmed inside but one suddenly dropped to the ground, crying out as it burned into as right in front of Evangeline! He was the first but several more joined him!

Gabriel: *He jumped out from atop the wall and landed neatly on the ground! Sword in hand, he sliced through the vampires who came at him, recognizing him as an enemy!* Where is your sire? *He growled to one vampire, only to slaughter him mercilessly when he wouldn’t–or couldn’t–talk!* -11:33 Jun 02


Evangeline: *A startled yelp! She sidestepped very quickly to find somewhere a little less… in the way! Now she had found Gabriel, but was he still obeying Anthony’s orders…?* -11:35 Jun 02
Gabriel: *A very good question as Gabriel sliced through humans and vampires alike! He cut down another vampire and turned to someone who had appeared right beside him.* He is here somewhere. Keep searching. -11:40 Jun 02

Michael: *He smirked and licked his fingers, drenched in blood! He glanced over his shoulder at what Evangeline recognized as his mannequins in mens’ clothing.* Slaughter them all. *The mannequins disappeared, followed by Michael!*

“The battle of Cerignola. The Spanish and the French,” the guide explained. “Gabriel is fifty years old. And still under Anthony’s control.”

Evangeline: *With an involuntary shudder, she turned away to look for that feather!* I didn’t realize he had been under Anthony’s control for so long. *Hard to watch, so very hard! Yet he lived past this too… She had to keep looking!* -11:45 Jun 02

Evangeline found the feather … not too far away, closer to the open gate the vampires and humans were fighting at! The bad news was that it was next to Michael, slicing down everything that was in his path and watching his creatures do his dirty work!

Evangeline: *Evangeline vaguely pointed towards the feather..! But she knew Gabriel would not be able to take it himself, or she would not be there! Slow and stiffly, she moved for the feather. Trying to sneak up on it and remain out of sight, despite knowing better!* -11:52 Jun 02

Michael: *She was reaching for it when Michael landed right in front of her!* Why hello … *He said with a wicked grin! But then he launched himself at a human who had been standing behind her instead!*

Evangeline: *For a moment she thought she had blacked out…! Instead, she had squeezed her eyes shut, near frozen in fear. Finding the will to move, she stumbled to snatch up the feather and stuffed it away in her shirt.* -11:57 Jun 02

There was the door right behind her! And the guide was urging her through! But as soon as the door had closed behind them … “Duck!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline ducked as instructed, throwing her arms over her head and trying to peer at what she was ducking from!* -12:02 Jun 03

Something brushed past Evangeline only to fly into the air and then hover in the air before her! It looked like a gargoyle but it was red and it had four rows of teeth! It saw Evangeline and licked its lips! “Gabriel’s bloodlust. Here.” He slid something across the floor to her, a beautiful but deadly light sword.

Evangeline: *Picking up the sword, she returned upright.. and swallowed! Holding it with both hands, she pointed it at the beastie!* Shoo! Go away now, I’m busy and taste terrible…! -12:11 Jun 03

“Hold it closer to you, at an angle. It would make it easier to move when needed. Spread your legs apart slightly. Avoid the claws and its tail.”

Evangeline: *She tried to do as instructed, with a thought that she already had an idea to avoid claws and didn’t need to be told again!* I’m not.. not so sure I can fight something! -12:29 Jun 03

“You have to. If his bloodlust consumes you, you will be trapped here for all eternity lusting for blood. And you will not be able to save Gabriel.” The bloodlust grinned and dove for her! “Its weakspot is either the center of its forehead or the center of its chest. You can also decapitate it.”

Evangeline: Decapitate?! *As it dove for her, she yelped! She couldn’t help but squeeze her eyes shut as she slashed at it with the sword!* -12:36 Jun 03

The bloodlust hadn’t counted on the woman swinging the sword like that! It let out a roar as it flew past her and when it turned, it was clutching its chest! Its eyes flashed red and it dove for her again!

Evangeline: *Evangeline peeked one eye opened just in time to see it diving again!* Sorry…! *…not sorry enough to quit swinging though! She stumbled back a few paces before she stopped to thrust forward and poke it through the chest!* -12:50 Jun 03

The bloodlust let out a shriek as she stabbed it through the chest. It threw its head back, wings spread and dissipated into thin air! Her guide stood. “That is one demon down. Are you ready to continue …?”

Evangeline: *A little disturbed… but she nodded slowly!* …did I kill it…? -01:18 Jun 03

“You … stopped it. There is no way to truly kill it while Gabriel is a vampire. A Carnatelli has a stronger bloodlust than most vampires and therefore must feed more often.”

Evangeline: *That shouldn’t have been a relief to hear, considering what it was..! Still, she breathed a little easier and held the sword tight incase anything else jumped out. Evangeline looked for the next door!* -01:23 Jun 03

The guide studied her as they walked. “Is there … anything you wish to ask …? It may make your quest somewhat easier to bear.”

Evangeline: I have a million questions but I’m not sure which ones can even be answered. *She thought about them, trying to decide what might be important…* Do you know how many pieces are missing, or will we have to find out? I don’t hurt anything here, do I? What if I want a hug, can I have one of those? -01:30 Jun 03

A small smile. “Gabriel is broken but you are slowly beginning the process of repairing him. You are not hurting anyone or anything here. If you would … like a hug, I will hug you. As to how many pieces there are, we will have to find out.”

Evangeline: I’m going to need a lot of hugs here. Facing things without you, is very hard to get through. *Even if he couldn’t yet remember her, it was still a hug from Gabriel! As long as she wasn’t alone, she’d find the courage to face more beasties.* -01:38 Jun 03

He smiled and now he really did hug her. It wasn’t a tight hug but it was a warm, encouraging hug all the same! He stepped back a few minutes later. “You are strong, Evangeline. And your soul is pure. It is rare when a grown human still possesses that purity.” He took her hand. “Come. Let us find the next door.”

Evangeline: I am stubborn and maybe insane… *She repeated, feeling a little more solid after an embrace and in holding his hand. With the next door they came across, she took a deep breath before twisting it open!* -01:43 Jun 03

The wind blew them inside and they were engulfed in darkness when the door slammed behind them! There were sounds of battle but softer than the last memory! The darkness faded to show snow, falling hard and fast! Through the snow, Evangeline spotted two people fighting each other in front of a small cave!

Evangeline: *Snow! It was cold and felt miserable. So unlike her own thoughts of snow. Evangeline approached carefully to get a better look!* -01:48 Jun 03

“Move aside, Gabriel! That wolf’s blood and her pups’ are mine!” a deep voice boomed! Wrapped in furs, it was impossible to see who it was as the stranger’s back was to Evangeline and her guide! There was the sound of steel clashing against steel!

Gabriel: *Speaking of Gabriel, there he stood, dressed in black with white snow in his hair and on his clothes! He was standing in front of the cave, a sword in one hand and a gun in the other!* -01:51 Jun 03

Even above the wind and the snow, Evangeline and her guide heard a wolf’s howl! “Monsieur Carnatelli! The pups … They are …” Another howl!

Evangeline: *So very curious, Evangeline crept closer trying to get a better look! She wanted to see the wolves!* -01:55 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He didn’t bother to glance over his shoulder. He had no experience in delivering pups and right now the bigger threat lay with Taurias. He raised his gun and shot at the figure in the fur!* -01:56 Jun 03

It was a small cave but someone had taken enough care to gather furs and skins which a small gray wolf lay on. She was on her side and panting hard, obviously in pain and whining softly. “My little one … please …” Meanwhile outside, something snaked out of Taurias’ hand to deflect the bullets and send them flying back at Gabriel!

Gabriel: *He used his own sword to slice the bullet, the two halves shooting off to hit the trees on either side of the cave! The gun disappeared and he was dashing forward, sword out! He and Taurias clashed again!* -02:01 Jun 03
Evangeline: He’s protecting the wolf here? *It looked to be so, but she couldn’t be completely certain! As he fought, she had glanced back at the wolf again! She was having puppies!* -02:04 Jun 03

“This is Leon’s mother. Gabriel happened upon her by accident. He was hunting for Taurias Carnatelli who hunts weres to gain their powers.” The wolf let out another sharp cry! She looked up as Gabriel entered. “Monsieur … That Carnatelli. My pups …”

Gabriel: Pup, Maëlys. You are having a pup. Taurias is gone for now. We will deliver your pup quick and then I will have to leave you for the moment. *He made sure she was comfortable and stroked her fur.* -02:10 Jun 03

The wolf looked upset! “He will … he will be back …? But how … No one knew I was here. I told no one I would come, except my mother.” There was horror in her eyes. “You do not think …?”

Gabriel: Let me worry about that. Relax. *And as Evangeline and her guide watched, Gabriel helped deliver a single werepup into the world!* His name …? *He asked as he lay the pup down next to his mother’s teat after cleaning him.* -02:12 Jun 03

The wolf smiled and lifted her head to lick her baby. “Leon … I will name him, Leon. Merci, monsieur.” She watched as he gave her one last pet and moved to the mouth of the cave.

Evangeline: *There were brief tears that she had to brush away quickly.* Leon told me about finding out while we were in Canada. *The feather! She couldn’t forget! Evangeline glanced around quickly!* -02:15 Jun 03
Gabriel: Valravn. *The sigil appeared in the air and the white raven flew out.* Watch the wolf and her pup. Guard her from everyone, except myself. *Then he was gone in the swirling snow and Evangeline and her guide found themselves in a different part of the wilderness! A much bigger cave with at least thirty wolves!* -02:15 Jun 03

The guide nodded. The wolves lifted their heads as Gabriel entered. They growled and although some of them stood, they made no move to attack! There was a wolf, larger than the rest, toward the back of the cave! He approached Gabriel warily. “What do you want, Carnatelli?”

Evangeline: *The sudden shift of scene nearly toppled her off her feet, but she righted herself quick! She paused in her search, eyeing the pack of wolves!* -02:19 Jun 03
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed into slits.* Justice. *He replied, cutting his palm!* <i>Somnus.</i> *The younger wolves and pups suddenly yawned and fell asleep! That left several of the older wolves, plus the large alpha male and a small female who huddled in the corner!* -02:20 Jun 03
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed into slits.* Justice. *He replied, cutting his palm!* Somnus. *The younger wolves and pups suddenly yawned and fell asleep! That left several of the older wolves, plus the large alpha male and a small female who huddled in the corner!* -02:20 Jun 03

The alpha male and the other wolves growled! “How dare you come and make such demands! You have no right!” The alpha male launched himself at Gabriel!

Gabriel: *His eyes flashed and he held up a hand, which froze the alpha male in mid-air. He glanced at the other wolves, with the exception of the alpha and the female in the corner.* You cast a member out and for no other reason than some weak charge of her leading one of your most hated enemies to your pack. You are narrow-minded and your trust is misplaced in a wolf that was never competent to begin with. For your betrayal, you are sentenced to witnessing the rise and fall of your offspring, unable to aid them, to punish them. *The wolves began to cry out! Something was happening! They dropped to the floor, curled into balls!* -02:26 Jun 03

The small female in the corner flinched and shivered! The alpha male was frozen in place and the only sign that he was still alive was the fact his eyes moved from side to side!

Gabriel: You will live as trees from this moment onward. Let your roots grow deep and your branches stretch to the sky. Shelter your children and know you are helpless to do anything but watch. *The wolves disappeared from the cave and appeared outside, their howls piercing the air as their fur became bark, their legs became roots that plunged into the earth!* -02:30 Jun 03

The alpha male finally fell to the ground in a heap! He knew it was useless to reason with the Rogue Carnatelli. His wrath was legendary!

Evangeline: *A harsh punishment… but it was fitting for wolves that turned their backs on a wolf and an innocent pup! Evangeline moved to find the feather!* -02:34 Jun 03
Gabriel: I sentence you to something more fitting for betraying one of your charges, one having a pup no less. I know you were the one who told Taurias where the wolf was. That is why your pack has lived so long when others have fallen. I curse you to an eternity of experiencing the life of the wolf whose fate you tried to seal. *A smirk.* In fact, live the life and deaths of those wolves you betrayed to Taurias and know that I do not take betrayal lightly. -02:35 Jun 03

Feather … feather … There it was! It was right on top of the old wolf huddling in the corner!

Evangeline: *She moved to take the feather, a faint recognition of who it would be! Leon’s grandmother!* Poor lady wolf… -02:38 Jun 03
Gabriel: No respite, no forgiveness, sleep for all eternity until you forget who you are and mistake yourself for the wolves’ whose memories you experienced for far too long. *He made the alpha wolf disappear and then he walked to the older wolf.* Your own daughter, Ava … She trusted you but you feel the guilt more strongly than the rest. You would punish yourself more bitterly than I ever could. I leave the young wolves to your care. May you tend to them better than how you tended to your own flesh and blood … -02:40 Jun 03

And there was the door! The guide took her arm. “Let’s go.”

Evangeline: She didn’t know what could have happened. *Putting the new feather in her shirt, she allowed herself to be led out.* …You care very much about people. I don’t understand why people don’t see it. -02:43 Jun 03

He smiled a bit. “I am a Carnatelli. That is all that matters to most. You should rest before you continue. There is still much to achieve and this is much to take in.”

Evangeline: I can rest when you are put together again and we are awake and safe. *She wasn’t sure how long she could stay here or how long Leon could keep others away!* -02:47 Jun 03

“You only have a few feathers,” he said with a faint frown, realizing there was no way around this. If she stopped too soon before collecting all the feathers, there could be disastrous results! Unfortunately, there was no way to be sure!

Evangeline: Then we have to move a little faster! No resting or wasting time! -02:52 Jun 03

That frown turned into a smirk. “Indeed.” He walked with her as she looked for the next door.

Evangeline: *It was different to see his smirk for herself! And something she missed so much! Evangeline looked carefully until she found the next door!* -02:57 Jun 03

The door opened and they were rushed in! The darkness faded to reveal Gabriel with some bandages around his chest, thrashing in bed, tied down! His fangs were long and his eyes were red! It was a wonder he hadn’t freed himself yet! They were in a small cottage, cozy with a fire in the fireplace and herbs everywhere!

Evangeline: *Another unexpected place. He was injured and she wanted to help, but… Evangeline wandered carefully as she watched!* -03:04 Jun 03

Gabriel seemed to be in even worst shape than when he’d saved Evangeline from Anthony taking over her mind! He growled and clenched his teeth! He appeared to be going mad from something! A woman entered, she was blonde and dressed in a long simple dress! She saw Gabriel thrashing there and she moved to a table to take a rabbit from the basket she held! She whispered to it as she cut it on the leg in such a way it would be able to walk! The blood she put into a bowl and approached Gabriel carefully!

Gabriel: *He didn’t recognize the woman but he smelled her pulse and her blood racing! He seemed to be a mindless vampire and when she managed to spill some of the blood into his open mouth, it only drove him more insane!* -03:12 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Here was someone special. To be kind to him despite what he was. From the looks of things, it was far in the past again.* -03:15 Jun 03

The woman was brave enough not to run away! But she dipped the blood from the bowl into his mouth several times and even then, it didn’t seem to sate his thirst! “I mentioned a Carnatelli having a greater bloodlust than most other vampires.” He looked at Evangeline. “What I did not mention was that one of Anthony’s methods of control includes having his children drink his blood. It is addicting and those who drink it are under the illusion that they are stronger and faster because of it.”

Evangeline: …so they might always come back and be under his command for more. *She watched curiously.* He is fighting the withdrawels now…? -03:19 Jun 03

“It was a very tough time. It will take at least several days for him to return to some semblance of sanity.” He didn’t seem comfortable with this memory. “Let us find that feather.” He began looking … The feather was in the woman’s basket, along with the sleeping rabbit whose leg was bandaged up!

Evangeline: You don’t like this part of you very much. *Finding the feather, it disappeared along with the rest.* -03:24 Jun 03

“It is … difficult. I prefer when he begins to fight Anthony and Michael. Would you like to know what was ironic …?” He asked as the door appeared and they stepped through. “He was given the title ‘The Humans’ Champion’ when in truth, he had as big a grudge to hold against humanity as he did against Michael and Anthony for a very long time.”

Evangeline: *biting her lip, she was not quite sure what that meant yet, but she was sure to find out… She brushed her hand softly over his head. These things were hard for her to watch, but they were so much worse to live through. Evangeline couldn’t imagine…* -03:34 Jun 03

He suddenly turned and gave her another hug! It was a bit tighter than the last, more personal! He drew back. “Let us continue.”

Evangeline: *He took her by surprise! Evangeline nodded, stepping away to find the next door!* -03:36 Jun 03

The door pulled them in and left them in darkness when it closed behind them! There was a large pile of wood off in the distance and people in old fashioned clothing surrounding it. There was another group of people joining them, dragging along someone hidden from their sight.

Evangeline: *Something about this memory felt ominous, she was nearly unable to move forward… But she needed to!* -03:47 Jun 03

Of course, he recognized this memory! He followed Evangeline! The smaller group dropped a woman on the ground in front of them, as if oblivious to the cuts in her dress, her bloody, violated body! They were calling her a witch and throwing things at her! She didn’t seem to feel a thing! Her eyes were dull and lifeless although she was still alive!

Gabriel: LEAH! NO! *The shout came from behind but he might as well have been invisible as the people didn’t pay him any mind! He was on the ground with Michael on his back, his hands bound and a barbed whip around his neck! Anthony stood there, holding a sword that was all too familiar to Evangeline by now … the Diablo Animus!* -03:53 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Eyes wide…! She took a step back! This was the same woman that had helped him! She could not even bring herself to words!* -03:57 Jun 03

The guide stood with his head lowered and his eyes closed. The woman was lifted and taken to the pile of wood to be tied! Her eyes were lifeless but when they settled on Gabriel on the ground, they briefly lit with a seething hatred before someone threw a rock at her head and hit her! Her eyes went lifeless again! The wood was lit!

Gabriel: *He growled, fangs growing and eyes flashing red!* I will kill you. I will kill you all! *He was still struggling, ignoring the pain from the barbed whip around his neck!* -04:01 Jun 03

Anthony: *He smirked as he whispered something into Gabriel’s ear and walked toward the stake. He raised the sword and started a spell! He stopped when he reached the stake, still somehow invisible to the people gathered and raised the sword!

Gabriel: *(after the second "raised the sword") higher, above his head -04:03 Jun 03

Michael was whispering something in Gabriel’s ear which only served to make him more angry! Despite the fact that it was snowing and winter, the fire consumed the wood and was wasting no time in doing the same to the woman tied to the stake!

Evangeline: Don’t do that… please don’t do that…! *But her words would never be heard, it was a memory. Done and past and so terrible she could only sink to the ground and watch!* -04:06 Jun 03

The guide was there as he kneeled down in front of her. “Come, Evangeline. Let us find the feather and go.” The woman wasn’t even screaming now! The sword and her body flashed before her body glowed! The light left her and was absorbed into the sword! Then Michael and Anthony vanished, leaving Gabriel alone on the ground … with the feather beside him!

Gabriel: *There was a hollow ache in his heart and his chest hurt! He slammed his fists into the ground, growling, body tense! He was going to make good on his word and slaughter them all!* -04:13 Jun 03
Evangeline: *It was so hard to breathe! But if she breathe she could cry, and she needed that feather so badly..! Evangeline moved to her feet as quickly as she could and snatched up the feather. Clutching it tightly to her chest, she nearly stumbled out of the door when it appeared! Having to choke back her crying!* -04:14 Jun 03

Her guide followed her out. “For Gabriel, it was a matter of punishing Anthony and Michael and humans for taking away someone that was his. He didn’t understand the concept of caring or emotions or relationships back then. In your case, it is much different.” When she looked at him, he explained. “He has feelings for you, deep feelings for you. After what Mother put him through, he will end the world for you.”

Evangeline: *She sunk to the ground again just so she could draw him close and hold him tight as she sniffled! It did not matter what he thought it was… it was still a tragedy! Something that should have never happened! She just couldn’t think how to put it in words, so she settled for holding him a few minutes until she could cease her sniffling!* -04:24 Jun 03

He closed his eyes and held her tight for several moments!

Evangeline: *Breathe! She could see this through and when they were safe and sound, she would help make sure his future was happy memories! Kissing his cheek, she rose quickly to her feet again, stuffing that precious feather away with the others. Another deep breath and she took him by the hand to find the next door.* -04:29 Jun 03

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