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  • 069


    Evangeline takes a group of hunters for a special lesson at a light house! [Gabriel is off … doing stuff! The hunters are relaxing!] -02:50 Jul 31 [Evangeline is giving newbies what they asked for. Real field experience!] -02:50 Jul 31 “Umm … Ms. Evangeline … Where are we going?” asks Chris, one of the […]

  • 068


    Gabriel and Evangeline are trying to have some naughty alone time when Dark barges in clueless and complaining about Caroline! [Evangeline is having a nice afternoon alone with Gabriel! ] -01:50 Jul 07 [Gabriel has his arms wrapped around Evangeline in the spring courtyard!] -01:52 Jul 07 Gabriel: *He nuzzled her neck and held her […]

  • 067


    Louis returns for revenge against Caroline! Dark gets real pissed. [Caroline is sleeping in late. Which is SO NICE.] -01:27 Jul 02 [Dark just got home from a really long night! Zzz …] -01:31 Jul 02 KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCKKNOCK. On the door! It had to be the third time this week. Clearly the building the […]

  • 066


    Oracles come to see Evangeline. Caroline spends the afternoon teasing Dark. [Evangeline is at Oracle, where incidentally she\’s now met a few REAL Oracles!] -02:21 Jun 23 Evangeline: *Her lessons for the hunters were over for the day, and she was glad for it, as it was a little strange! Those woman had been lurking […]

  • 065


    Evangeline asks Caroline about her past husbands. Dark pitches a tantrum! Evangeline drags Caroline out for a “girls night” which is really just meddling in disguise! [Evangeline has kidnapped people for afternoon tea and snacks!] -01:14 Jun 12 [Dark is sitting down to … tea and snacks.] -01:15 Jun 12 Dark: So uh, I take […]

  • 063 (UNFINISHED!)

    063 (UNFINISHED!)

    Conrad and Lily on their way to Montana have to stop at Lucretia’s Home. [Lily is on vacation while her mom and new step dad are on a honeymoon! Roadtrip with Conrad it is!] -11:06 Nov 07 [Conrad is on a roadtrip with Lily to Montana!] -11:08 Nov 07 Conrad: *They had just stopped at […]

  • 062


    Anthony and Malsuada enact their plan! It nearly succeeds… until the final seals of Gabriel’s memories are broken! [Evangeline was waking up somewhere unfamiliar, and without a familiar! ] -02:19 Jun 06 [Anthony is either going to have Gabriel\’s body as his own or have his head on a silver platter!] -02:20 Jun 06 Anthony: […]

  • 061 An Evil Pact

    061 An Evil Pact

    Malsuada makes a deal with Anthony. Malsuada sets up her trap with Lucretia. [Malsuada is a devil. And devils always find who they seek!] -03:35 Sep 29 PM From: Malsuada: To: Malsuada pbybe grfg! -03:36 Sep 29 [Anthony was in a foul mood–as usual! And he was brooding on a castle atop a cliff!] -03:37 […]

  • 055 Light and Darkness

    055 Light and Darkness

    Light takes Evangeline from Oracle for a chat, confused by the strange human Darkness has bonded with. She tried to cast doubt in Evangeline’s mind about Gabriel’s history with Light, but Evangeline knows facts from fiction. Light promises that she will end that unnatural bond! Dark and Caroline discuss Evangeline while easing Meri’s mind. Meri […]

  • 054 Punishment! (UNFINISHED?)

    054 Punishment! (UNFINISHED?)

    After several days of her punishment, Gabriel allows Evangeline her snuggle time! [Evangeline has spent several days in her apartment. …and it is the lack of cuddles that is the worst!] -03:09 Jun 03 [Gabriel has made it quite clear just how angry he is with Evangeline!] -03:10 Jun 03 Vlamerias: *She blinks!* Mommy? Mommy […]

  • 053 A Bad Wish

    053 A Bad Wish

    A Gypsy takes advantage of Evangeline’s mood and talks her in to making a wish that she never existed. But despite being a ghost with no memory, she still manages to find Gabriel. He finally accepts his role as Great King in order to claim the Crown and right reality again. Light makes her first […]

  • 052 Underwater Ruins (UNFINISHED)

    052 Underwater Ruins (UNFINISHED)

    Gabriel takes Evangeline with him to underwater ruins. [Evangeline has finally convinced Gabriel that he needs to take her when he finds those strange ruins! ] -01:59 May 21 [Gabriel was still reluctant to do so, promise or not!] -02:00 May 21 Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was sitting in the recliner, legs stretched out, one […]

  • 051 Possession of Dark

    051 Possession of Dark

    Dark experiences his first possession and Caroline gets very reckless to fix it. It’s decided that Caroline no longer needs to be Dark’s teacher. [Dark was feeling awfully tired … Stupid bat and his damn marathons!] -04:43 May 19 Dark: *Dark yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.* C’mon, Caroline. We’ve been at […]

  • 050 Volcano Ruins of Light

    050 Volcano Ruins of Light

    Gabriel stumbles over Ruins of Light in a dormant volcano while he idly chats with Evangeline. After a rescue, Caroline makes a bet with Dark that he cannot survive a date with her! [Evangeline is at home curled up on the sofa with a lap full of rocks. …she\’s making jewelry!] -12:31 Apr 28 [Gabriel […]

  • 048


    When Evangeline remembers that one of her hunters is still missing, she and Gabriel have a married-couple’s argument! [Evangeline had her class again a few days later. …And realized there was still one missing!] -01:38 May 13 [Gabriel is doing what he does best–kicking ass and slaying things!] -01:39 May 13 Evangeline: Twenty-one.. twenty-two… *That […]

  • 047 Evangeline’s Temper

    047 Evangeline’s Temper

    Gabriel forgets how much time it’s been as has been away too long! A particularly bad day leaves Evangeline very frustrated and cranky. [Gabriel is still recuperating from his latest mission and has lost track of time!] -01:36 Apr 23 [Evangeline is teaching students, and it\’s been one of those weeks. This time she has […]

  • 025 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding (UNFINISHED)

    025 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding (UNFINISHED)

    [Gabriel has returned to the apartment in answer to Evangeline calling for him!] -10:47 Nov 18 Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was bouncing all over the place!* He’s here, he’s here! Bright Lady, he’s home! He answered your call and you didn’t even have to hunt him down and drag him back by his coat like you said […]

  • 024 A Day at the Beach

    024 A Day at the Beach

    Gabriel takes Evangeline and Meri on a beach date! [Evangeline was going to have her evening at the beach with Meri and Gabriel! And zero jelly fish! ] -03:45 Aug 05 [Gabriel didn\’t look dressed for the beach but when was he ever dressed for anything but slaying?] -03:47 Aug 05 Vlamerias: We’re going to […]

  • 023 Pinnacle of Light

    023 Pinnacle of Light

    Evangeline takes Vlamerias out shopping and they get grabbed by a Cult! [Evangeline has taken Meri out for shopping! There are things she needs for lessons!] -02:43 Jul 10 [Vlamerias thinks this is fun! … Even when the Bright Lady said no chewing on the shiny plastic cards!] -02:45 Jul 10 Vlamerias: Mommy, why do […]

  • 022 The Perfect Ring (UNFINISHED)

    022 The Perfect Ring (UNFINISHED)

    [[[UNFINISHED]]] Lily is helping Leon find a ring for Ciara and they end up seeing Nicolas! Lily meets Vlamerias! [Lily is going to help Leon pick out a ring. Especially after her mother told her how hard it was for Leon to decide on stuff.] -10:51 Jun 24 [Leon isn\’t so confident about finding the […]

  • 021 His Best Man

    021 His Best Man

    Leon asks gabriel to be best man. In Evangeline’s apartment under the city … Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was hopping up and down! She was a bundle of energy and relishing the little freedom of being in her devil form!* Bright Lady, can I go flying around the city for awhile? Can I …? Can I …? […]

  • 020 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding Plans

    020 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding Plans

    Ciara and Leon doing wedding plans. [Ciara is planning a wedding. And this time it\’s not to a vampire!] -05:46 Jun 23 [Leon was so very certain he\’d escaped wedding preparations for sure!] -05:49 Jun 23 Ciara: I’m not having some stupid run-away eloping wedding, and I don’t care if you like Elvis! We’re not […]

  • 019 Ciara and Leon Meet the Little Devil

    019 Ciara and Leon Meet the Little Devil

    Ciara and Leon meet Vlamerias. [Evangeline has taken to Meri perfectly! The fledgling oracle hunters on the other hand…] -02:16 Jun 10 [Vlamerias didn’t realize humans were so fragile!] -02:17 Jun 10 Evangeline: I know they wear a lot of armor and padding, but it still hurts to get thrown across the room. *At least […]

  • 018 A Trip to the Fair

    018 A Trip to the Fair

    Gabriel takes Evangeline and Vlamerias to the fair! [Gabriel had promised Evangeline a surprise after their bath together!] -02:36 Jun 02 [Evangeline likes surprises!] -02:38 Jun 02 Gabriel: *A wicked grin as he nuzzled her neck and nipped her!* I am tempted to forego the surprise and just taste you right now. -02:39 Jun 02 […]

  • 017 The Ring

    017 The Ring

    Evangeline and Vlamerias are on the way to meet Gabriel at the jewelers and run in to an Incubus! [Evangeline accidentally slept late, but that was partially Gabriel\’s fault! He could have woken her before he left for the morning!] -06:28 May 31 Evangeline: *At least now she was dressed and on the way to […]

  • 016 Rumors

    016 Rumors

    Evangeline takes Vlamerias to see Oracle. They help Caroline teach Dark a lesson. Dark gets angry about getting compared to Gabriel and rants it out with Vlamerias. He and Caroline compromise. Evangeline suggests to Gabriel that they get her a wedding ring. Vlamerias: *She yawned and stirred! This was a very comfortable place to sleep […]

  • 015 A Strange Town

    015 A Strange Town

    Dark & Caroline’s adventure in the “weird town”. [Caroline was taking the north street, wary of the unusual circumstances of this town!] -02:16 May 26 [Dark went in the opposite direction!] -02:22 May 26 Caroline: *This was proving to be a very long day. As she remained aware, glancing at the side of the streets […]

  • 014 The Missing Light

    014 The Missing Light

    A demon has come for Caroline’s soul while she is escorting Evangeline out in an attempt to cheer her up from Gabriel’s now constant absence. Evangeline trades her life (but not her soul) for Caroline’s and is taken to the devil world. Gabriel is startled by Evangeline’s sudden disappearance and freaks out. Caroline is forced […]

  • 013 Lesson in Social Skills

    013 Lesson in Social Skills

    Caroline and Dark are trying to convince Evangeline to “do something” about Gabriel avoiding her. They distract her with some social skill lessons for Dark. [Dark was sorely tempted to hunt Gabriel down and drag his ass back to Evangeline!] -04:41 Jun 05 [Caroline does not understand this woman sometimes!] -04:41 Jun 05 Dark: *He […]

  • 012 Please Stay

    012 Please Stay

    After Evangeline pulls Gabriel back to his mind and body, Gabriel remembers everything that has happened. He tries to leave, but Evangeline convinces him to stay. At least for now. [Gabriel wasn’t in his bed anymore! No one seemed to know where he was!] -12:51 Apr 18 [Evangeline doesn’t like this feeling… and she knew […]

  • 011 Rescue and Proposal

    011 Rescue and Proposal

    Leon has been guarding over Evangeline and Gabriel for near three days while Evangeline tried to piece his mind together. Gabriel wakes up confused and angry (at himself). He takes Evangeline to a “safe place”. Ciara gets pissed off at Leon for putting himself in needlessly dangerous situations. She finally admits that she loves him […]

  • 010 Finding the Pieces (UNFINISHED)

    010 Finding the Pieces (UNFINISHED)

    [[[UNFINISHED]]] Evangeline asks Leon a favor to watch over her and Gabriel as she steps in to Gabriel’s mind and tries to piece him back together again! Leon: *He walked into the room and shut the door behind him.* Evangeline, I got your call … *He stopped when he caught sight of Gabriel lying in […]