The Great King Saga


Evangeline takes a group of hunters for a special lesson at a light house!

[Gabriel is off … doing stuff! The hunters are relaxing!] -02:50 Jul 31
[Evangeline is giving newbies what they asked for. Real field experience!] -02:50 Jul 31

“Umm … Ms. Evangeline … Where are we going?” asks Chris, one of the more nervous students.

Evangeline: *They were -not- at the leylines, as that would be far too scary. Today she had the newbie hunters at a perfect innocent location outside of the city. It looked more like a vacation than a training lesson! ….but they wanted field experience and they were going to get it!* A posessed Light House! See? *She pointed to the distance! Her direction was a little off, but the Light House was coming in to view just fine. It looked normal and harmless!* -02:52 Jul 31

The hunters leaned out to get a look at the light house. “Possessed?” someone asked from the back.

One of the more cocky hunters had on his sunglasses and resting his hands on his head. “Pfffff. So we go from bean bags to ghost stories? It’s not even night time yet. REAL scary.”

Chris and the other hunters quieted down, feeling embarassed.

Evangeline: Ghosts don’t sleep, you know! *Newbies were always the most difficult. With Gabriel busy, and Caroline deciding to stay on the other side of the globe, it was very hard to get them to behave. This will do the trick! Evangeline led the way, up until she was a good forty paces from the door. Then she stopped.* ..Okay! Everyone can go inside and purge the light house of evil. I am going to stay right here. -02:57 Jul 31

The hunters looked at her and then at each other, then back to her. “Wait, you want us to go there–alone? Why aren’t you coming? Is it really that bad?” someone asks.

Evangeline: *She nodded!* There is a demon or two and the souls of the people it killed. …and I promised Gabriel I wouldn’t do anything that would get me in trouble. You are professional hunters yes? You can handle it. I will stay right here. *She even pointed down at the ground at the exact spot!* -03:00 Jul 31

“Whoa! A demon or two? And the people it killed?!” Chris echoed. He looked around. It suddenly felt colder and darker.

“Jus wait a second! I know how this shit works. We go inside, get all beat up, then you get kidnapped by a monster! I done heard the stories. No one is staying outside!” That guy had positioned himself as leader. At least he thought he did. He had it aaaall figured out. So he grabbed Evangeline’s hand and pointed at the Light House. “We’re ALL going in. Get out your guns!”

“Is that such a good idea?” someone asked behind the “leader”. They’d heard the stories, too! And they’d much rather take down demons and ghosts than confront Gabriel Carnatelli!

Evangeline: I didn’t plan on getting kidnapped today! *She really didn’t! This time she was just going to wait outside until they came out screaming!* It is better for me to stay outside. You can leave someone with me? -03:05 Jul 31

“ALL going in.” Decision was made. And proving just how serious he was, he was the first to open up the light house door and march inside. Dragging Evangeline all the way! He pulled out his gun and started looking around!

The other hunters looked at each other outside the door, then followed the “leader”. They better stick together. They knew how it worked. People died when they got split up.

Evangeline: Oh dear. *This one was going to fail this lesson! What was his name again… Tanner! Mister Tanner had the worst sense of danger! Walking right through the doorway, anyone with senses could feel the difference!* Um. The guns may not be useful, so if you have scrolls that might work better. -03:10 Jul 31

Tanner wasn’t putting his gun away. If there was ‘demons’ he needed the fire power. The Light House must have been prepared for these lessons, as there was runes, sigils and seals drawn all over the walls and floor. …in what looked like blood, no less! “Like the atmosphere. Reeeaaal creepy.”

Everyone was nudging Chris ahead of them and next to Evangeline. He was clutching some scrolls in his hands and looking around nervously! “Umm … uh …” He gulped.

Evangeline: *Next time, she would stay at Oracle and just give them directions!* All of the sigils are meant to keep souls inside the light house. Like a spider web! People come inside and they don’t normally go back out again. So, we will have to banish the demon or we’ll be a very large dinner. -03:16 Jul 31

Tanner wasn’t seeing any demons here on the ground floor, nor was he nervous by Evangeline’s story. “Right. Moving up the stairs, everyone keep their eyes open!” He pulled Evangeline with him as he started up the twisting stair case!

Oh yes! He didn’t need to tell them twice! Someone was saying a quick prayer!

Absolutely nothing was happening. Tanner decided this was nothing more than a scare tactic. But once they stepped past the middle stair of the middle, Evangeline had stopped and wasn’t following his tugging anymore! “Come on, we’re not to the top yet. Move!”

Chris was chewing on his bottom lip. “Um … Maybe we’re doing this the wrong way …? You know … Try something else to get the demon?”

Evangeline: I am trying to move. *Bother! Her feet were stuck to the step and it was a miracle she hadn’t lost her balance. Evangeline slipped out of her shoes and hopped up to the next step. …where this time something curled around her ankles!* …We’ve waken up the ghosts now. -03:24 Jul 31

“Can it, Chris. I got this!” Tanner leaned down to see why Evangeline wasn’t moving -again- to see weird wispy tendrils holding her to the step. “Huh, doesn’t look like a ghost. Can’t you move right through it?”

While all seemed to be distracted with the woman stuck to the stairs, something oooozed out of the walls above them. Long misty arms reaching out to curl around any warm body they could touch!

Chris gulped. He crouched down and used a scroll to free Evangeline’s feet! It took him awhile to get the right spell, though!

Evangeline: I think you need to retake your ghost classes! *The moment she could move her feet, she hopped down past those two tricky steps and was attempting to flee back downstairs! ..but… It seemed those ghosts were leaking through the walls downstairs also. Double bother!* -03:31 Jul 31

Tanner was fearless! Taking his gun, he didn’t hesitate to start firing at every moving mist and shadow he saw! BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Being ghosts, shots went right through them. Bullets now ricocheting off the stone walls of the light house! Now the dead souls were moooaaaning like an alarm!

The other hunters were panicking! They tried firing their guns, although someone else had brought along scrolls and were also using them on the wall! Chris did the same to the walls to buy Evangeline time to escape!

Evangeline: *A yelp, and she was ducking on the steps and covering her head!* Don’t fire guns at ghosts…! This is a terrible time to panic! -03:35 Jul 31

A better time to panic would be when something crreeeeaaak open up at the top of the stairs! All the light that had previously leaked in to the building vanished. It was pitch black dark, except for the subtle glow of the ghosts and now two big large red eyes at the top of the stairs. …Now creeping downwards along the wall!

Chris gulped and backed up. “That is one … strong demon …” He muttered.

THIS was more like it! Real excitement and danger! Tanner turned his gun from the ghosts to start shooting at the demon. Except… it either wasn’t affected by the bullets or it just moved too fast! “…So how do we kill this one?”

Evangeline: …by being as quiet as possible and sneaking up on it without waking it’s ghosts. *And it was too late for that now! She hadn’t expected them to do THIS badly! She was back to trying to sneak her way down the stairs!* -03:42 Jul 31

The other hunters had also taken Evangeline’s lead–except in a more hurried matter!

“Bunch of cowards! This is your JOB!” Tanner wasn’t running! He just reloaded his gun and waited for the thing to get closer. Then he was aiming and firing again!

“Umm … Uhhh … Maybe Evangeline can call for umm … Gabriel now …” Chris was murmuring. He was probably the only one left with Tanner, still trying to get down the stairs without tripping over someone.

Evangeline: *The others had sense enough to run away! Evangeline turned back only so she could run back up the stairs and grab on to Tanner!* Sometimes it’s better to run! *She tugged on his arm to get him to move!* -03:47 Jul 31

“Yeah, lets call a vampire to handle a GU-UH!” Tanner couldn’t spit out the rest of his sentence, something long and with sharp spikes had curled itself around his body and jerked him up in the air!

Chris did the only thing he could think of! He activated a light scroll he’d slipped into his pocket beforehand, hopefully to blind the demon and maybe Tanner if that would get the guy moving!

The light spell gave a FLASH! A snarl followed, along with a very good view of the demon! A body like man’s but covered in slime, scales and spikes. It had horns and looong hands with claws. And once it had it’s vision back, it was very pissed off! He flung Tanner down the stairs at the hunters, and snatched up Evangeline before she ran!

Evangeline: *This was why she wanted to stay outside!* …don’t eat me! I promise it will not be a good experience for either of us..!! -03:53 Jul 31

“Evangeline!” Chris shouted!

Another loud snarl and the ghosts were weaving their way out of the walls to secure all of those hunters with their wispy limbs! The demon squeezed it’s current captive tight to make sure she didn’t move, while it crawled it’s way back up the walls towards the top of the lighthouse!

Gabriel: *The blade of a sword came slicing through the demon’s long arm to free Evangeline and catch her!* -03:57 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Coughing for air, it only took seconds to wrap her arms around Gabriel’s neck!* …sorry! The tall one doesn’t listen! -04:00 Jul 31

The demons scream was ear piercing! But without missing a beat, it’s arm regrew as good as new! It turned around on the wall, lashing out with both arms and it’s spiked tail!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was holding Evangeline with one hand and his sword in another.* You would do well not to kidnap my wife. *He told the demon but he tightened his hold on Evangeline. He dodged the arms and the spiked tail, then swung the sword and sent an arc of lightning at the demon!* -04:02 Jul 31

The demon’s reply to such a comment was nothing more than a twisted smile with sharp teeth that glimmered in the flash of lightning! It lept from the wall, free falling down the center of the building to crash down at the bottom floor!

Gabriel: *He stood at the edge of the steps and looked down.* We will have to discuss your ideas of a field trip later. *He told Evangeline.* -04:06 Jul 31

Tanner untangled himself from a heap of other hunters, to find all of them face to face with a snarling demon! “Aw fuck.”

Evangeline: I was going to stay outside, then open the door when they came running back out. *…the idea was a good one when she thought of it!* -04:07 Jul 31

Someone tried to open the door!

True to the psychic’s words. That door wasn’t opening from the inside. The demon’s laugh was loud and disturbing, as it swung it’s arm to snatch up a new meaty meal! Ghosts were swirling around making all of the seals on the walls glow bright so they could see every sharp and pointy tooth it flashed!

Gabriel: *He threw the sword into the center of the lighthouse and then let it fall! The sword glowed and split into a dozen, then it came flying to pierce the demon’s body, hack off its limbs, and yet amazingly, not landing a scratch on the hunters!* -04:12 Jul 31

Howling screeches as the demon was pierced and sliced to bits! Blood and gore splattering all over the place. Covering the walls and everyone misfortunete enough to be at the bottom floor. As the demon hissed it’s last breath, each of the ghosts also seem to be released. They fled from the walls and vanished! Leaving nothing but a bloodied body behind.

The hunters blinked in speechlessness … and some of them looked up at the man standing at the edge of the steps!

“That lesson went well. What do you guys think?” said Tanner, flicking what must of been entrails off his arm!

Gabriel: And that … is how *I* banish demons. *He glanced down at Tanner. The swords glowed and disappeared, reappeared several feet above Tanner’s head, and then flew down, effectively trapping him in place as they’d grown to be twelve feet long.* -04:18 Jul 31

“Hey! The hell are you doing?! We were doing pretty good here! Tell him, Evangeline!” He was gonna reach out and shake the swords, but…. but he decided that might not be the best idea.

Gabriel: *He was walking down the steps, taking his time with Evangeline in both arms now.* -04:21 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline really had to consider it!* Well… he took charge. I suppose. Um… didn’t really know what he was doing… and didn’t listen. Chris did a very good job, though! -04:22 Jul 31

Chris was grinning sheepishly, blood splattered over his shirt.

Gabriel: … Except he did not leave you outside where it was safe. -04:26 Jul 31

“Everybody knows you don’t leave her somewhere ALONE! That’s when she does something stupid and we’re all screwed!” Tanner made sure to glare at Chris. Glory hog.

Gabriel: He is your student, Evangeline. *Was all he could say. But had this been his class, given the boy deserved a failing grade, he would have gotten that and more.* -04:29 Jul 31
Evangeline: *She knew very well, Gabriel might have tormented poor Tanner a bit if he had the choice!* …I think he’ll benefit from starting over his lessons from the beginning! -04:30 Jul 31

“Aw man, that’s some bullshit! I already know all that stuff!”

Gabriel: I will give you the final exam later. *He promised Tanner. He wasn’t in the particular mood to deal with it right now. He cast a spell to send Evangeline’s students and even the bus back to Oracle, leaving him and Evangeline alone.* Why do you bother teaching. -04:52 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned and kissed his cheek.* Because showing someone how to protect themselves and others is better than having to rescue them? -04:54 Jul 31
Gabriel: What would I ever do with you, Evangeline. *He bent his head and nuzzled her neck for a moment, before reaching out to grab his sword and pull it out of the ground.* -04:55 Jul 31
Gabriel: *without -04:56 Jul 31
Evangeline: You would continue to save the world and never take a bath. …Do you think we should teach me how to throw swords and shoot guns and slay demons? -04:58 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Speaking of which, you need a bath yourself. -05:02 Jul 31
Evangeline: You’re dodging a question! *And if it was because Taylor got a hair cut sooner than expected, that was a silly reason!* Hrrmph. I guess there must be demon hand print all over my clothes. Will you take a bath with me? -05:04 Jul 31
Gabriel: I am merely pointing out you need a bath. You are not using the honey lavender-scented bath again?’ -05:07 Jul 31
Evangeline: I will use something manly and vampire like if you will take a bath with me! *She grinned and nuzzled against his cheek. Most of the time she did… but sometimes the wrong bottle was grabbed and he had to go slaying demons smelling like her!* -05:09 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He took them back to the castle and led her to the bathroom to start the water and grab the right bath.* -05:22 Jul 31
Evangeline: *She did make sure to smell the bottles so she got just the right ones!* …What do you think of my learning how to use a sword with real lessons? -05:26 Jul 31
Gabriel: You already know how to wield a sword. *He took his coat off, then his gun holsters.* -05:27 Jul 31
Evangeline: A little bit. But I could learn better and protect hunters when they do silly things and then you won’t have to come and rescue me? *She knelt by the tub to run the water and test the tempuratures. As well as adding in the bubble bath. There had to be bubbles!* -05:33 Jul 31
Gabriel: Perhaps I like to rescue you. *He was naked by now and tugging at Evangeline’s clothes to get them off of her. Although, he did have an idea of just using a spell to get her naked, too …* -05:38 Jul 31
Evangeline: Even when you’re busy? *Evangeline very deliberately took her time trying to undo the buttons of her blouse! And trying to be coy about it was difficult with the way she was grinning!* -05:40 Jul 31
Gabriel: Yes. *It probably didn’t help that he was distracting her by kissing her grin as she played coy.* -05:46 Jul 31
Evangeline: You are like a black knight. *Wishlist item number… well, maybe that one didn’t have a number! Evangeline leaned back just enough so she could shrug out of her shirt.* I could be like Caroline, though, and come help you! -05:50 Jul 31
Gabriel: You do not feel as if you contribute as much as she. *He tilted his head slightly at her. She was an odd wife.* -05:58 Jul 31
Evangeline: Well… somtimes. I get in more trouble than I help? I can’t go places for visions like I used to or I get in more trouble than I am trying to prevent! *Removing the rest of her clothes took only a second, then she was fussing with trying to get the clip out of her hair. It always got stuck!* -06:01 Jul 31
Gabriel: *It was only a matter of time before she became frustrated. And having to rely on someone else … There may be a time when even he could not help her.* It would ease your mind if you taught some way to defend yourself. *He helped her get the clip out.* -06:05 Jul 31
Evangeline: Yes! Maybe just little things! Last thing I want to do is die because I couldn’t hit someone! *And then she would not have to worry AS much about the Oracle’s warnings! She would need every death prevention she could think of! Evangeline took his hands and (with avoiding sudden death in mind) stepped carefully in to the tub!* -06:08 Jul 31
Gabriel: Then I will teach you what you wish. *He slipped into the tub next to her and wasted no time in nuzzling her neck.* I will not become obsolete? -06:11 Jul 31
Evangeline: *That was not something she ever thought he would say! It was so sweet that she laughed without meaning to!* Never! I couldn’t sleep without you, or even breathe without you! My heart wouldn’t beat and couldn’t live another second. -06:16 Jul 31
Gabriel: *His body relaxed slightly and he nipped her neck gently for laughing.* -06:20 Jul 31
Evangeline: *A soft squeek and she was resting her head against his shoulder trying not to giggle again!* I do like when you come to rescue me and everyone decides chewing on me was a bad idea after all. My husband is an amazing man. -06:24 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He moved to sit and then he was drawing her into his lap.* A lesson you would think everyone would have learned by now. -06:26 Jul 31
Evangeline: Everyone wants to be as scary as my husband, I think? *Comfortable with bathtime snuggles, she brushed a kiss over his lips before running her fingers through his hair.* Dark said everyone should be afaid of me too if they knew what was good for them! -06:29 Jul 31
Gabriel: You are a dangerous woman, Evangeline. *His arms slipped around her waist and he planted kisses over her face.* -06:30 Jul 31
Evangeline: I am! I thought that today’s lessons would be a good example of listening better! But it went all wrong. *To wash his hair or to steal kisses… that was a hard choice! She settled for cupping his cheeks and stealing a kiss!* -06:32 Jul 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel’s return kiss made the kiss longer and then a little harder, his tongue flicking across her lips, his hands stroking her back.* -06:35 Jul 31
Evangeline: *No one was going to get clean like this! Still lingering against his mouth she leaned forward to see if she could find one of those shampoo bottles. And a gentle nipping at his tongue just for the sake of being wicked!* -06:42 Jul 31
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as he leaned back and gently broke the kiss.* Dangerous. *He leaned back against the tub, stroking her body gently.* -06:49 Jul 31
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((06:55 Jul 31))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((06:56 Jul 31))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:56 Jul 31
[Evangeline is a dance instructor! She can\’t remember how or why ever since that weird accident, but she likes her job!] -03:58 Aug 08
[Vlamerias is a neighbor who loves to watch the people dance!] -03:58 Aug 08
Evangeline: *This afternoon is quiet and not a single lesson to be taught. Not that she minds! Sometimes the mirrors need cleaning, so at the moment she’s washing those and entertaining cute lil Meri!* I’m not sure how this stuff gets all over the mirrors. I kinda of wonder if there’s imps that come in at night and spit on them! -04:01 Aug 08
Vlamerias: But imps are children’s tales! I can talk to them for you and see if they will stop! *She likes watching her Mommy-who-is-not-her-Mommy teach but she misses the lessons she gave to those lazy hunters!* -04:02 Aug 08
Evangeline: Can you? *Evangeline grinned. Children always had big imaginations, but… she liked to believe imps were real!* Someone needs to. I need to clean these almost every week and I could be doing something more useful. Like… um… standing on the sidewalk and kidnapping new customers! -04:04 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Half a world away, he slices down a vampire attempt to escape. Another vampire pleads for mercy, saying she was created only hours before he arrived and she doesn’t want to kill humans. But he strikes her down and runs her through!* -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: I’ll try! Imps are sneaky! But if they’re real, that means all the other creatures might be real too, yes? Like um … witches … and um … *She couldn’t say it! Under no circumstances was she allowed to say "vampires"!* Um … um … -04:08 Aug 08
Evangeline: Faeries too? I bet they would be, yes! Just the other day I talked to a woman at the shopping market saying she always had faeries messing with her gardens. I told her not to plant foxglove, since faeries are attracted to it. I think I read that in a book somewhere. *Evangeline had paused, tapping her chin with a finger as she thought about it.* Bother, it’s hard to remember things sometimes, so I’m never quite sure anymore! -04:12 Aug 08

The Great King Saga


Gabriel and Evangeline are trying to have some naughty alone time when Dark barges in clueless and complaining about Caroline!

[Evangeline is having a nice afternoon alone with Gabriel! ] -01:50 Jul 07
[Gabriel has his arms wrapped around Evangeline in the spring courtyard!] -01:52 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her neck and held her close.* -01:53 Jul 07
Evangeline: *The Spring courtyard was always the best for cuddlie afternoons… The winter courtyard was a little frosty! But it did give her a good excuse to curl up in his coat with him too! Evangeline giggled softly, tugging on his hair.* -01:54 Jul 07
Gabriel: Hm? *He stroked her back and nibbled on her neck.* -01:56 Jul 07
Evangeline: Have you ever been swimming in a water fountain before? *She doubt he had… at least not be choice! But it was a nice warm afternoon, and she could sneak his coat off, and maybe his shirt… and some other things! For a swim!* -01:58 Jul 07
Gabriel: No. *But he smirked at her idea, even as he was thinking of sneaking a few articles of clothing off of her as well. He was sitting up and then slipping his coat off!* -02:02 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed him quick, before hopping to her feet and skipping across the grass to the fountain! She kicked off her shoes, but that was it! She was leaving her dress on, if only to tease for a bit!* I don’t think you will need a shirt! -02:04 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He smirked but he was getting rid of his shirt as well! He kicked off his boots!* -02:08 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped her chin as she climbed over the stone of the found to walk around in the cool water. Luckily, this one didn’t have any fish in it!* Hmm… Still not enough. Maybe your pants too? -02:11 Jul 07
Gabriel: You are shameless, Evangeline. *He said as he approached. He kissed her shoulder even as he was pulling his pants off. But it wasn’t like he was wearing underwear!* -02:23 Jul 07
Evangeline: *She laughed softly, only pulling away long enough to take his face in her hands and kiss the tip of his nose.* I am. I would have you like this forever if I wouldn’t get jealous! -02:26 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He smirked but then he was tugging on her dress impatiently.* -02:31 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed that smirk! Then she was stepping away and sinking in to and under the fountain water with a giggle! She wiggled out of her dress and tossed it at him with a quick flick and another laugh!* -02:34 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He tilted his head as she slipped into the fountain but he caught the dress and threw it over his shoulder! Then he stepped inside to join her, wasting no time in moving for her.* -02:37 Jul 07
Evangeline: *She loved to have the sun and the water… and Gabriel without his clothes! She curled her arms around his neck, and nuzzled against his cheek before sneaking a few kisses!* -02:41 Jul 07
[Evangeline and Gabriel are… well…getting frisky!] -03:14 Jul 09
[Gabrie is enjoying his time with Evangeline!] -03:17 Jul 09
Gabrie: *Gabriel slipped his arms around Evangeline’s waist, nuzzling her neck, kissing her shoulder!* -03:18 Jul 09
Evangeline: *He was so warm! It was a nice contrast with cool water. Especially putting wet hands on him to sneak a touch here or there. He wasn’t ticklish but it made her giggle!* -03:21 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He heard her giggle, felt her body shake a bit from it. He smirked when one hand moved to her side, slid up, cupped one of her breasts, and squeezed it lightly.* -03:26 Jul 09
Evangeline: *Her giggle quickly turned to a quick gasp! But she leaned forward to brush her cheek against his and whisper in his ear.* I guess you like swimming? -03:30 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He nibbled on her earlobe while his thumb rubbed her nipples in circles against her breast.* … Only when I am swimming with you, Evangeline. *With anyone else, at any other time, he only did it because he had to.* -03:49 Jul 09
Evangeline: I make it more fun, yes? *Ooo, he always made her breathless! She shifted away only a bit so she could position herself over his lap. Then she was tugging his hair back gently to brush a kiss over his lips.* -03:52 Jul 09
Gabriel: You make everything more fun, Evangeline. *He said, his head tilting back, kissing the corner of her mouth. He took one of her hands and wrapped her fingers around his erection. He loved her touch and he knew she would understand. He was hard for her, only for her, and there could be no one else in his life.* -03:58 Jul 09
Evangeline: *It was silly that even now he could make her blush! She squeezed him gently, sliding her thumb back and forth. Her grin was hard to hide, even when she leaned down to kiss him again and flick her tongue across his mouth!* -04:02 Jul 09
Gabriel: *Gabriel groaned softly, kissing her deeper, even as he was pulling her closer.* … Evangeline. *He was growling her name softly as he broke the kiss briefly. She had stopped just shy of his cock slipping into her. What a time to be a tease!* -04:09 Jul 09
Evangeline: *She loved it when he said her name that way! Needing her… it made her want to give him everything just to hear it again! At his beckoning Evangeline guided him inside her, only releasing her hand to grip his shoulders with a soft sigh!* -04:15 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He grunted softly, shifting a bit so he could slide deeper. His arms went around her waist as he lay his head against her chest to nuzzle and lick her skin. He wanted nothing more than to make love to her, and make her his. But for the moment, he wanted to savor this. Her body. His body. He slowly began to thrust into her, hands moving to rest on her hips.* -04:22 Jul 09

Dark: STUPID CAROLINE!! *Dark was suddenly pacing in the courtyard, oblivious to the two of them in the fountain!*

Evangeline: *So deviously slow! She was flushed and so deliciously tinglie… and then her fingers griped Gabriel’s shoulders and her head ducking to rest against his cheek when she heard Dark!* ..d-Dark…! -04:27 Jul 09
Gabriel: *DARK?!! With a soft grunt, he was forced to stop. He lifted his head and clenched his teeth.* -04:29 Jul 09

Dark: She hasn’t come begging for forgiveness–or to explain herself! But I keep hearing stories of her roaming around the world, beating the crap out of things and killing them! Stupid Caroline! Stupid stupid Caroline! *He growled, still pacing!*

Evangeline: *Ooh, don’t stop! Well, yes stop, but… ooo Crickets! How embarassing! ….but clearly Dark needed to rant and..!* …she um… You shouldn’t leave her alone! Talk to her and come back later…? -04:31 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He wanted nothing more than to tune Dark out and finish what he and Evangeline had begun. But Dark was annoying and beginning to get on his nerves … Especially since he was oblivious to everything but his own problems!* We can talk about this later. -04:33 Jul 09

Dark: But I want to talk about it now! I’ve gotta stick it to Caroline somehow! Make her feel really bad about everything! Make her come crawling back!

Evangeline: *She had slid her arms down and pressed herself against Gabriel so Dark wouldn’t inadvertantly see anything he shouldn’t. But that subtle movement… Ooo, it was maddening to be so still like this! She was chewing on her bottom lip trying not to whimper!* .hmm… She is in Moscow, go and get her! -04:39 Jul 09
Gabriel: *Dark wasn’t looking this way … He thrusted once … then twice … He grew still.* … Dark. *There was that growl again, but it was not the same growl he’d used on Evangeline just moments earlier!* -04:42 Jul 09
Evangeline: rmph. *Gabriel was wicked…! She didn’t want to make a sound and scare Dark to death, so she lowered her head to Gabriel’s shoulder and bit gently! A warning to a naughty man!* -04:48 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He managed to smirk when she bit him but then he moved his hand down, between her legs and rubbed her gently. He plotted on how to get rid of Dark, but there was that problem of him knowing how to avoid being transported away by spell.* -04:56 Jul 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline bit down harder, swatting his other shoulder with a quick flick! This was tormenting! And now she was trying not to gasp and laugh!* -05:03 Jul 09

Dark: Stupid Caroline! She could just go to hell for all I care! But nnnoo … she had to be a pain in the ass! Yeah, real mature!

Gabriel: *The temptation to just keep thrusting regardless was so strong! But he wanted Evangeline to be comfortable and she couldn’t be with Dark around! He growled softly again.* … Evangeline. -05:14 Jul 09
Evangeline: hrmm… Dark, please, you LEFT her somaybeyoushouldgotalktoherplease…! *She might have said it a little fast, but if she didn’t she might not sound so normal! well, if high pitched and breathless was as normal as it could get!* -05:18 Jul 09

Dark: Damnit, why do I always have to be the mature one? This is all Caroline’s fault! *As he was pacing, he covered his eyes or looked away anytime there was a chance he’d see them!* Come on, you guys. You have to know something I can do.

[Evangeline now understands the true meaning of being frustrated!] -11:38 Jul 13
[Gabriel stops to lower his head and nuzzle Evangeline\’s neck.] -11:39 Jul 13

Dark: Stupid, stupid, stupid Caroline … *Dark is still pacing, seemingly oblivious to them but every so often he grunts or kicks the ground as if reminding the two he’s still there!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had never been so tempted to poof someone off to the moon! Dark needed the help but she much, <i>much</i> prefer to well… finish what she was doing first! And Gabriel was wickedly not helping at all!* …You can um… come back later I’ll tell you what to do! -11:42 Jul 13
Gabriel: He is lost in his own world, Evangeline. *He murmured in her ear and thrusted once, very deep, holding her hips in place with his hands!* -11:45 Jul 13
Evangeline: *The soft hrrmph from her was a concentrated effort to bite her lip and not make a sound to draw attention! It was awfully hard not to be lost in her own world, herself!* Gabriel! *Nope, not helping at all, and she was having to brace her hands on his shoulders just to keep herself still!* -11:50 Jul 13
Gabriel: *The only indication how difficult this was for Gabriel was how tense he was! He made a soft groan as he froze again and nibbled on her ear.* -11:59 Jul 13
Evangeline: *Ooo… she did love that sound! She tilted just a bit so she could steal a kiss. …and maybe just a small movement of her hips to get that groan from him again!* -12:08 Jul 14
Gabriel: Aaahh … *There was that groan again! His fingers tightened on her hips and he clenched his teeth, although it was too late to stop the sound!* … Evangeline … *He was going to be merciless and let Dark see everything he needed to know about sex, trauma be damned!* -12:10 Jul 14
Evangeline: Sssh! *Her sudden giggle had to be silence by her clamping a hand over her own mouth! But not taking advantage was increasingly impossible! Evangeline slid her arms back around his nec, the result pressing her breaths against his chest and the motion pulling her up and back down as she shifted over his lap. How could something be so agonizing but such divine at the same time!* -12:19 Jul 14
Gabriel: You are a tease … *He had to lower his head and bury his face in the crook of her neck. One hand moved up to caress the side of her breast, thumb sneaking between them to caress the nipple.* -12:33 Jul 14
Evangeline: *It was all too easy to forget a ranting Dark just for a moment, savoring that feel of his hands and breath against her skin. Her fingernails grazed over one of his shoulders.* …if we are quiet? *She murmured softly against his ear!* -12:41 Jul 14
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and kissed her hard and deep, holding her hips so he could pound into her steadily. He could hear Dark still ranting and kicking but he might as well have been a world away.* -12:48 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Her sigh of pleasure was masked by the kiss she so readily returned! Ravaging his mouth and nibbling his lips with unrestrained impatience even while she moved to match his rhythm!* -12:53 Jul 14
Gabriel: *It seemed like he’d waited an eternity for this. His tongue quickly moved into her mouth and played with hers. He moved hard and deep inside of her, the water around them begining to churn with their movement.* -12:57 Jul 14

The Great King Saga


Louis returns for revenge against Caroline! Dark gets real pissed.

[Caroline is sleeping in late. Which is SO NICE.] -01:27 Jul 02
[Dark just got home from a really long night! Zzz …] -01:31 Jul 02

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCKKNOCK. On the door! It had to be the third time this week. Clearly the building the doesn’t supervise who comes in.

Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t budging. In fact she NEVER bothered to go answer the door if she were in bed. People could knock all day and she’d sleep right through it.* -01:33 Jul 02
Dark: *Dark was stretched out on the couch with his clothes strewn over the floor and furniture! All that fabric … irritating! Even after the first three knocks, he lay in bed, legs spread, one arm over his eyes.* -01:34 Jul 02

KNOCKKNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. It came again! This one was particularly persistant!

Dark: *YYYAAAAWWWNNN!! He stretched and lifted his head to glare at the door! He stood, not even noticing when the blanket draped across his crotch slid off! Then he was opening the door! He scratched his head, one eye still closed.* -01:37 Jul 02

KNO- There standing at the door was a very handsome blond man, now with one raised eyebrow as he looked Dark up and down. “Pardon me, I thought this may be the apartment of Caroline Andraste. Have I the wrong door?”

Dark: Yeah yeah, she lives here. No, she doesn’t need life insurance. And no, she doesn’t need whatever the hell you’re selling. Get the hell out. *He yawned and slammed the door shut!* -01:42 Jul 02

That came as a surprise to the man at the door, who found himself immediately eye to eye with it once again. A frown on his face, he knocked again. KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK.

Dark: *He walked back to the couch, stretched, fell backwards!* MMm … *Much better! He shut his eyes again!* -01:44 Jul 02

KNOCKKNOCKNOCKNOCKKNOCK. He was hitting the door a -smidgen- louder than he was previously.

Dark: Man! *He sat up.* Someone should just frickin’ invent a security system that shoots visitors when they approach the door. He opened the door slightly.* What the hell do ya want, asshole? She’s had a long night. *He scratched his crotch.* She’s knocked out cold. It’s been a wild eight or nine hours and I doubt she could find her panties, even if she wanted to. -01:50 Jul 02

There was just barely the slightest hint of a twitch at the corner of his eye before he forced a smile. “I am looking for Caroline, and it is very important that I speak with her.” He just faintly had that soft French accent to his voice.

Dark: … Sure. I’ll let her know. *And then he suddenly closed the door again and dropped back onto the couch!* ZZzz … -01:53 Jul 02

…this was a little more difficult than the man had thought it would be. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.

Dark: *Dark got up. Opened the door again!* Yeah, Caroline told me to tell you to get lost, stop bothering the guy she brought home, and go fuck yourself. The end. *The door closed AGAIN and Dark went back to sleep.* -01:58 Jul 02
Caroline: ..ugh, what the hell. *The knocking she could sleep through. It was the door slamming every five minutes that was starting to drive her crazy. Caroline finally rolled out of bed, only wearing a tank top and her underwear… And was going to go hit Dark with the first thing she got her hands on.* Why are you slamming the damnable door?! -01:58 Jul 02

Now the man was getting frustated! He knew the guy was lying, he hadn’t even given his name yet. KNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCK.

Dark: … Jehovah witnesses again. *He muttered, one arm over his face.* Hey, you’re here. How about you get it this time. -02:00 Jul 02
Caroline: And you’re answering the door like that? Kinky witnesses. *Blasted Dark. He has his own room for god’s sake. It looked like a sex-wreck in here! Caroline moved to the door and swung it open. Only to choke!* …Louis. -02:03 Jul 02

This time he stuck a foot in the doorway, in case the door was slammed again. And a hand over the frame. “Caroline. It is a surprise, yes. Would you give me the time to speak with you?” He cast a look at the naked one in the room. ” …without your, how you say, lover? Alone?”

Dark: LOUIS!! *He was up in a flash and growling! Then he sat up …* Wait a frickin’ goddamned minute … He can’t be the same frickin’ asshole. -02:07 Jul 02
Caroline: *Caroline was thinking much the same! This was impossible. Louis should be dead. Long dead. But here he was, looking as the day she last saw him.* …I have no interest in talking to you. -02:08 Jul 02

“Caroline, I beg you just for a few moments. One last favor to your husband?”

Dark: Ex-husband, you sorry sack of–!! *Naked or not, Dark was pouncing for him!* -02:11 Jul 02
Caroline: This isn’t your business. *She responded quickly, and even before Dark could cross the room she has cast a transport spell. She sent Dark and his clothes to Evangeline. There was no way she could handle Louis with him here.* … I will get dress and you will have ten minutes to speak. -02:13 Jul 02
Dark: *He blinked when she transported him! But he had enough sense to put on his pants before he growled and began tearing up the walls!* CCCCAARRRROOOOLLLINNNNEEEE!! -02:15 Jul 02

“That is all I need, ange.” Louis stepped in to the room, looking around curiously even as she left to get dressed. It didn’t LOOK like another man lived here, but obviously it was a normal occurance!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was just about to greet Dark when he growled and began attacking the walls! And by the way he was screaming the Warrior Lady’s name … this was not good!* -Dark

Caroline: *Now her husband thought she was sleeping with another man. But he WASN’T still her husband. But… that was when she thought he was dead. So technically he WAS still her husband! Getting dressed took far longer than it should have, as she was trying to figure out how the man was standing in her home, and more importantly WHY.* -02:18 Jul 02

Louis finally settled on the couch after counting how many rooms in the place. He nudged aside that blanket to sit. “Your place suits you, Caroline.” he said out loud.

Vlamerias: MOMMY!! *She POOFED! into devil form and flew around the castle to find her!* MOMMY!! QUICKLY!! IT’S DDDDAARRKK!! -Dark

Caroline: You don’t know me, Louis. *Dressed in dark colors, she felt much more able to deal with this. …she thought. Caroline crossed the room to stop near a window. She wasn’t going to step near him.* How are you here, Louis. You’re human. -02:22 Jul 02

Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped inside to find a very startled Meri! She had a basket of mushrooms she was hunting down. Food for the devil rats!* What’s the matter? Did he get in to another fight again?

“Louis, Louis… Saying my name to be sure I am real?” he cast a humored smile, but it quickly faded to a frown. “Not human. Not anymore. There are things I did that I regret, Caroline. …I have been searching a long time to make them right.”

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady brought him here with a spell! But he’s not very happy! And he’s destroying the walls! *Or trying to! Gabriel had made the walls exceptionally strong but still–! He was going to startle the devil rats!* -Dark

Caroline: Have you. Really. *Was it stupid that she had wanted to know he regreted what happened? She had thought she didn’t care! Caroline didn’t move from the spot.* As far as you knew, I was dead. -02:29 Jul 02
Dark: *Still muttering under his breath! He held his hands together and formed a ball of lightning! Then he blasted the walls with it and forks of lightning shot off into the sky!* -02:29 Jul 02

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound good! Must have been a bad fight! Evangeline followed Meri until they found Dark, having one hell of a big fit!* UM DARK… ! *Eeep! She ducked back behind the door. Maybe stepping in the room wasn’t a good idea!*

Dark: *PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! He kicked and cursed! And, of course he was cursing Caroline! But it was when he started cursing her second husband, Louis, that was sure to catch Evangeline and Meri’s ears!* -02:31 Jul 02

“There was no body in the ashes. I had suspected, hoped you escaped.” Louis stood from the sofa to step across the room. And thought she backed away when he drew near, he caught her by the arms. “I needed to know. I tried to find you. Catch up to you. Then I was made an offer and I accepted. For YOU I am no more a human.”

Evangeline: Were you asking her questions you didn’t want to hear the answers to again? *One peek around the corner… he looked far too mad for it to be a simple fight.* Will you tell us what happened?

Dark: *He gave the wall a final PUNCH and then he lay his forehead against the wall.* Caroline’s being an ass again. That fuckin’ bastard Louis turned up. He wanted to talk. And she sent me here. They’re probably getting real cozy. Any moment now, she’s going to pop over here and say she forgives the bastard. -02:36 Jul 02
Caroline: Don’t you think it’s too late for second chances? What sort of deal did you make?! Were you thinking you could say "I’m sorry you almost died, here let’s have our honeymoon!" and that I would just forget?! *Caroline didn’t want to have this conversation! She didn’t want to have it THEN and she sure didn’t want to have it now! She pulled herself away from him to make some distance again. …she really needed to distance!* -02:41 Jul 02

Evangeline: Blast it… Gabriel IS a psychic! *…not a good time to make jokes, but it was amazing his sense of things! Was that because he was bonded to her, the same way she could do strange things now too?* That was such a long time ago, I don’t think Caroline would get cozy with him!

Dark: … Yeah. Well you’re psychic. Why don’t you go ahead and tell me how things are going to end. -02:46 Jul 02

“No. That wasn’t what I was thinking.” Louis was calm, even as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I was weak. Full of fear. I made a mistake that cost me my wife. My life. Hve you not done things you regret? Wanted to take it back? Make things they way they used to be?”

Vlamerias: Oohh! Maybe we should all check on Warrior Lady, Mommy! To make sure she’s not being charmed! -Dark

Evangeline: …I am sure she will handle it like a mature lady would do. And she deserves the chance to do so! *Evangeline tapped her chin for a moment. But nodded at Meri.* Yes, we should check on her. I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be.

Caroline: I have. *So many times. Not telling him what she was had just be one of many. Yet it was Dark’s words coming to her now, calling her a damned doormat for just walking away! The man let her burn! Do you really love someone and let them burn? Caroline was shaking her head!* Things cannot be the way the used to be. I am not the same person now as I was then. Apparently neither are you. -02:53 Jul 02
Dark: … I’m coming with you. *He turned and started for them!* -02:54 Jul 02

Gabriel: You are staying here. Evangeline and Vlamerias will go alone. *He gave Evangeline a kiss on the forehead.* -Dark

Dark: WHAT?! WHY?! *He growled! He was so bristly! He looked ready to take on Gabriel himself!* -02:57 Jul 02

Evangeline: …You might EAT him! Caroline should decide for herself what to do about him, right Dark? Haven’t you told her she should?

Vlamerias: Let’s go, Mommy! Bye bye Glaer and Dark! *She waited until Evangeline was ready and then POOFED them into Warrior Lady’s living room!* -Dark

“But you ARE still my wife, ange.” Any other comment Louis was about to make had been cut short by the sudden appearance of a woman and child! Another curious raise of his eyebrow. “You have company.”

Caroline: *Caroline had never been more relieved to see Evangeline. …and more annoyed! Damnable meddling Seer!* This isn’t a good time for a visit. -03:03 Jul 02

Evangeline: No? I’m sorry! I wanted to invite you over for lunch today… *Evangeline tilted her head. If this was Louis, he wasn’t human. Demon maybe? Something about him was very good at hiding what he was!* I’m Evangeline and this is Meri, and you are?

Dark: *Now he was pacing, cursing and swearing, and pacing!* -03:05 Jul 02

Vlamerias: OOhh! Lunch! And I get to pick dessert, yes, Mommy? -Dark

“Louis Depaul. It is a pleasure to make your aqauintance.” He took Evangeline’s hand and kissed the back of it in a low bow. He found her very curious. “You are a friend of my wife’s…?”

Caroline: She is my Queen. *For the first time this morning that bewildered look of hers shifted to a slight scowl. She didn’t want him near Evangeline.* I can’t join you for lunch today. But if you can keep Dark for a little while. -03:10 Jul 02

Evangeline: Yes, you can pick dessert! Hmm… Why don’t you AND Mr. Depaul come to lunch? I was really hoping to have you come and visit today.

Vlamerias: Oohh! We can throw a lunch party! Or um … something …! *The devil rats would love it!* -Dark

“It would be my pleasure to join a Queen for lunch, even if mon ange cannot attend. Though, might I inquire, was Dark the gentleman from before…?”

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* How would you know about Dark? -Dark

Evangeline: Ahem, that’s probably why Dark is so mad. *She leaned to mumbled to Meri, before straightening and grinning!* Dark is my son, and he has been living with Caroline for a bit now. You can talk to him at lunch and meet my husband too!

Vlamerias: *She blinked and her mouth formed a big “O” before it closed.* -Dark

Caroline: *She could strangle Evangeline right about now. There was no way she could let her take this man off without her! And what was her god damned husband going to think! And who knows how many different ways Dark was going to run his mouth.* ….If we’re going, let us go now. -03:19 Jul 02

Vlamerias: But it’s not a lunch party if we don’t get to prepare first! We don’t get to throw parties very often! -Dark

Evangeline: That’s true. And I want it to be special if we have a special guest too. Um… I know, you can explore the courtyards! You probably have a lot to talk about?

“Centuries to discuss. I would like to finish our conversation, Caroline.” he even offered her his hand.

Caroline: *Caroline stuffed her hands in her pockets.* As long as you can keep Dark distracted for awhile, then yes, talking in the courtyard would be fine. Can we go and get it over with. -03:25 Jul 02

Vlamerias: *OOhh! They would have to find things for Dark to do!* Let’s go then! *And then they POOFED! appearing in the spring courtyard!* -Dark

Evangeline: Wonderful! All right Meri, we’ll go get lunch ready. *She took Meri’s hand to lead her away. Now Caroline could handle the man and be safe while doing it! …Evangeline wasn’t sure what to do about Dark though!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel turned to go! Evangeline and Vlamerias were back with Caroline and someone new in tow.* -Dark

“You have very interesting friends in this life, Caroline.” Louis said with some humor. He was already turning away, with his hands clasped behind his back and taking the idea of exploring the courtyard seriously!

Caroline: *Caroline was seriously debating leaving him here. Going home. Or to Alaska. Alaska was probably nice this time of year. …but this was her business to handle! A growl under her breath, she trailed after him.* Why don’t we stop discussing my life for a moment and talk about YOU. Who made you an offer? What sort of offer? -03:38 Jul 02
Dark: … Wait. *He turned to find Gabriel about to go! But he’d just remembered something!* -03:39 Jul 02

Gabriel: *He turned slightly and waited for Dark to continue.* -Dark

Dark: I want … I want to make it so people can’t just teleport me somewhere else, like a kid or something. *He was so angry at Caroline but more angry at the fact she could send him away whenever she wanted to! He wasn’t a kid, damnit! And he was going to prove it to her! And to himself!* -03:41 Jul 02

Vlamerias: *She looked up at Evangeline, now in her human form!* What are we going to do about him, Mommy? *She asked, meaning Louis more than Dark!* -Dark

“A demon. How I came across them was an accident, but they knew of you.” A frown on his face, he stopped to turn to her. “I didn’t know you were human once. I found that intruiging.”

Evangeline: I really don’t know, Meri. We’ll have to see what Caroline thinks. *She was taking Meri off to the kitchens to see about what could be made for lunch!* Of course, if it were -me- I would let Gabriel do something wicked. I don’t think he loved her at all. Things like that don’t happen when you love someone!

Vlamerias: Let me bite him, Mommy! For doing that to Warrior Lady! -Dark

Caroline: There were a lot of things you might have known if you had given me the chance to tell you. *He was infuriatingly vague.* Who was the demon. Was it a woman named Malsuada? -03:51 Jul 02

Evangeline: WE can’t bite him. …well, not unless he tries to hurt her. Then it’s fair game! *They could have a very English Tea Party lunch! With tiny sandwiches and everything! Caroline would appreciate it, even if she’s upset right now! So Evangeline was digging things out of the fridge!*

“Malsuada? No.” he didn’t offer any sort of explanation who it was, however. Louis turned to walk again. “You should have told me before we married. Things might have been different. About how you became a demon. The wars you fought and lives you lived. You seem to have a reputation amongst devils.”

[Caroline has timed out.] -02:29 Jul 03
[Dark has timed out.] -02:29 Jul 03
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -02:29 Jul 03
[Caroline is seriously considering abandoning ship!] -02:31 Jul 03
[Caroline logged out of the chat.] -((02:51 Jul 03))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:51 Jul 03
[Caroline is outside having a conversation with her should-be dead husband.] -03:14 Jul 06
[Vlamerias is helping Mommy get everything ready!] -03:14 Jul 06
Vlamerias: Mommy! We should dress up for the lunch! Oohh! Maybe we can decorate! -03:15 Jul 06

Evangeline: How about you find us something nice to do wear while I fix up lunch? I think an old fashion English tea lunch would be brilliant!

Caroline: *With her hands in her pockets, she was watching him carefully.* How long have you been following after me. What do you know of me? -03:20 Jul 06
Vlamerias: Oohh! Yay! Can I get you your crown, Mommy? The one Glaër made for you? -03:24 Jul 06

He was silent for several moments. Taking more interest in the courtyard garden than the conversation. “I have wondered what sort of woman can kill a child. That is still one thing I have yet to understand.”

Evangeline: *Her crown! Immediately she was smiling and nodding! There was never a reason to wear it, and running around Oracle with it might have been too strange even for her!* Yes, I would like that! Caroline called me her Queen, I should dress like one! Maybe it will be intimidating?

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! And it will show that scalawag his place! *Scalawag! She’d gotten that from the Treasure Island book Evangeline had been reading to her at bedtime!* -03:28 Jul 06
Caroline: *If anything could have made her blood run cold faster. He knew quite a bit, then.* …it was the circumstances, Louis. People were dying.. …it wasn’t even human. *This was something she had to come to terms with ages ago, so why did she now feel the need to defend her actions?* -03:29 Jul 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel appeared from behind, lifted one of Evangeline’s hands and kissed the knuckles.* You are going to wear your crown. I am delighted. -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: Hehe! I’m glad you like the idea! Will you dress up too, Glaër? -03:35 Jul 06

“Circumstances are tricky things. Is murder still murder when the circumstances have changed.” his serious expression shifted to a slow charming smile. “…but that is too much for such a beautiful day. This new family of yours, are you happy?”

Evangeline: Will you? I can’t be a good Queen without a King too! I think that man needs a good scare, anyway. Hmm… And where is Dark?

Gabriel: Evangeline, you had me when you mentioned a good scare. *He smirked.* Dark is practicing. -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Feeling as if she were blindsided, Caroline just shook her head.* What exactly do you want from me? I don’t intend to stand here while you pry away with subtle questions and pointless small talk. -03:45 Jul 06

Evangeline: Practicing for what? Oh, I suppose that is a good distraction until lunch at least. *Speaking of which, she was going to make some nice tea and maybe little sandwiches! And scones! Those were good!*

Gabriel: *He was gone, in classic Gabriel style! Probably to find his own clothes! He could always summon his crown!* -Vlamerias

“I wanted to speak with you. My wife should owe me that much.” Louis had that serious look again. Frowning deep. “When you were gone, I could not stay in town. My life was over, Caroline. Because of you.” With that he was turning away and heading back towards the castle to wander inside.

Caroline: *Standing in the courtyard, she decided there was no way in hell she was stepping foot in to that castle while he was here. The trick was telling Evangeline she was leaving without having to go inside. For the moment, she found a seat on a bench and was trying to take a deeo breath. Any breath!* -03:57 Jul 06

Dark: *Dark was watching from the balcony! But when Louis passed by, he dropped a few water balloons on his head! See, how the asshole liked this!!* -Vlamerias

Strange and unexpected, though Louis didn’t bother to look up, he did hold a hand over his head. Those water balloons hit something invisble and not a drop of water splashed him. There was only a smirk on his face when he stepped in the castle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline could fix things up quick when she wanted to! Especially with help from a little devil and little red devil rats! Now she was walking things back and forth from the kitchen to a small dining room and setting the table nice and pretty!* We should tell everyone that things are ready! I need to change my clothes, though!

Vlamerias: *He growled and slammed his fist against the stone pillar, muttering under his breath! The devil rats skittering past him, paused to stand on their hind legs and look at him as if wondering what was going on.* Nothing. I’ll get him next time. -04:03 Jul 06

Dark: *He growled and slammed his fist against the stone pillar, muttering under his breath! The devil rats skittering past him, paused to stand on their hind legs and look at him as if wondering what was going on.* Nothing. I’ll get him next time.

Vlamerias: *She brought out the dress she had chosen for Evangeline! A lovely pale blue gown that reached to the floor, long sleeves and a jewelled belt that would also match her crown!* -04:10 Jul 06

Evangeline: Thank you, very much. *She leaned to kiss Meri’s forehead as she took the dress.* Can you fetch everyone for me? I’ll only take a second!

Dark: *Dark was pacing the corridor! He occassionally took a peek at Caroline in the courtyard. On one hand he wanted to talk to her, on the other hand he wanted to throttle her! Sending him away like that … the nerve!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled! Her Mommy liked it!* Yes, Mommy! I left the boots, too! *They were nice, soft, pale blue boots! Her Mommy would look like a snow fairy!* -04:13 Jul 06
Vlamerias: *She found the Warrior Lady first, still in the courtyard!* Warrior Lady, Mommy is ready for her luncheon! *She had also dressed up in a dark gray dress with several skirts and bows and a cute jacket, too!* -04:15 Jul 06

Evangeline: *This was going to be fun! …at least until someone got mad and spells or weapons were thrown around! Evangeline was dressing herself as quickly as possible!*

Caroline: Would you do me the favor of telling Evangeline I won’t be attending. *Still sitting, now she had her face in her hands and wasn’t bothering to look up. She could leave as soon as Meri passed along her message.* -04:17 Jul 06

Louis found the inside of the castle peculiar! He had intended to wander around for a bit, see what he could discover. But the halls seemed to have their own intentions. He found himself setting in to the dining room far sooner than he wanted to. Like a gentleman, he waited ever so patiently!

Vlamerias: But Warrior Lady, you can’t go …! Mommy dressed up just like a Queen and Glaër is attending as well! And you know how rare it is for him to attend! He’s even going to dress up like a King! And Mommy spend so long making the dishes! -04:21 Jul 06
Caroline: *Caroline shifted to take one look at the devil, which was most certainly a glare that she normally reserved for when Dark was begging for ice cream.* Would serve her right for all her tampering if I left, Vlamerias. -04:23 Jul 06

Gabriel: … On the other hand, if the Warrior Lady wishes to go, she may. I trust you said everything you felt needed to be said to your husband, Caroline. *And here Gabriel was, walking toward Caroline from behind, pulling on a long overcoat that was pure black. He really was dressed like a King and he even had the crown on his head.*

Caroline: *Caroline stood slowly and turned. Seeing Gabriel like this suited him well, and were she in a better mood, she would have commented.* I don’t need to say anything to him. But I do want to know what game your wife is playing today. -04:29 Jul 06

Gabriel: You know as well as I, Evangeline always has others’ best interests in mind. I am curious myself. But since you are standing here, I assume you were unable to glean from your husband why is he here, how, and who is responsible.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide at the sight of her Glaër!* Oohh! You look so handsome! *She couldn’t help but clap in joy!* -04:35 Jul 06

Gabriel: My thanks, Vlamerias. You should summon Dark to Evangeline’s party now. Our guest is already at the dining room.

Vlamerias: Yes, Glaër! *And then she POOFED! to find Dark leaning against the stone pillar he’d punched earlier, sulking!* Dark! Mommy’s lunch is ready! You have to come! -04:39 Jul 06

Dark: I’m not coming. *He glanced away.* I don’t want to see that asshole.

Evangeline: *She loved wearing pretty dresses and getting and excuse to dress up! The crown Gabriel had made her was in silver with aquamarine and amethyst! Possibly because he knew they were her favorites! So when she stepped in to the dining room, she was grinning and pleased as a cat, despite the unusual guest!* Good afternoon! …No on else has arrived yet?

Vlamerias: But you have to …! I … I … ! *She started to sniffle as her eyes swelled with tears! And then she began to cry!*

Caroline: No, I have not. Nor do I care. *The wise thing to do was to leave, but that meant leaving angry-Dark alone at Evangeline’s party… If she weren’t feeling enough guilt already.* I am grossly underdressed for lunch with royals. *She growled under her breath, turning to stalk back to the castle and casting a spell to change her clothes.* -04:43 Jul 06

Dark: Don’t … *Dark muttered, hearing her sniffle.* No … Anything but … *It was too late! Meri was crying! And damnit, he didn’t have the heart to yell at her or disappear on her! He clamped his hands over his ears.* Just … just stop crying already!

Louis bowed with respect, looking only a slight bit awkward at the sight of Evangeline! “Not yet, your most brilliant highness. I am afraid my wife is a bit put off from seeing me today. May I say, you look exquisite?”

Gabriel: *Gabriel closed his eyes, opened them, and then smirked at Caroline’s back. Sometimes, sometimes she made it so very easy …*

Vlamerias: NNNOOOO!! *She wailed, tears still streaming down her face!* You’re not going to come! And you won’t see Mommy dressed up as the Queen or Glaër as the King! And no one will eat the fancy little sandwiches we made and the devil rats will feel so insulted because no one ate their food!!! -04:49 Jul 06

Evangeline: Thank you! I was hoping lunch would make her feel a bit better. Caroline is very kind to us and I don’t like it when she is upset. *Evangeline didn’t like to make threats, and it probably wasn’t a very obvious warning. Especially when she was still smiling!*

“From what I have learned, she has settled within your gracious company quite well.”

Caroline: My role is to protect Evangeline and I take it very seriously. *Caroline stepped in to the dining room, still looking none too pleased.* A job, I wish you would make easier on my, my lady, by not inviting strangers to lunch. *She inserted herself between them in a very deliberate motion. Louis was here for her, but she would take no chances!* -05:02 Jul 06

Dark: … Grr … Fine. Fine! FINE! I’ll go! She’s … stop CRYING!! *He winced! And he thought Gabriel’s roar as Darkness was bad! It had nothing on Meri’s wail up close and personal at point blank range!*

“But I am no stranger, ange. I am family, yes?” He replied with a bright smile. “What of your lover and her Highness’ son? Will he be attending as well?”

Vlamerias: *She suddenly stopped crying and wiped away her tears! She threw her arms around Dark’s neck!* WWWHHHEE!! THANK YOU, DARK!! LET’S GO!! *Not even waiting for him to prepare, she POOFED! them both to the dining room!* We’re here! -05:04 Jul 06

Dark: *He was ready to curse! But then everyone else, except Gabriel was there … and Evangeline! He stalked past them to sit down at a seat cleverly marked “DARK” on a name card. He’d better not be sitting next to Louis!*

Evangeline: He will- Oh! Here he is! *Ignoring Dark’s scowling, Evangeline tugged Caroline’s arm to sit her in the chair across from Dark. She had a seat for Louis next to Caroline and one for Meri next to Dark! And she and Gabriel would get to sit at each end. Perfect for reaching over to pinch someone, or in a worst case hit someone with a candle stick!* Sit, please!

Vlamerias: *She clapped her hands as she went over to her seat! This would be so much fun! Even with the adults and Dark all bristly at each other!* -05:09 Jul 06
Caroline: *Between calling her ange and Dark her lover, Caroline was gritting her teeth. Against her will she was sitting, and refusing to look at Dark. Or anyone for that matter. The table cloth was nice.* -05:09 Jul 06

Louis had a seat and despite the obvious mood, he still seemed to be in good spirits. “I appreciate the trouble you have gone. Had I known I would be dining with such fine company, I might have dressed for the occasion.”

Vlamerias: This is a very special day for Mommy! She gets to wear the crown my Glaër made for her! -05:20 Jul 06

Evangeline: *A small grin at Meri! Evangeline slipped in to her own chair.* I wish I could wear it all the time, but that’s never so easy when teaching hunters!

“I am curious to meet the man Caroline has pledged her loyalty to. I suspect he must be extraordinary for a roaming woman to remain stationary.”

Caroline: No doubt waiting outside the door incase one tries to escape. *She muttered under her breath. It would be like him.* -05:28 Jul 06
Vlamerias: He’s the greatest Glaër ever! I’m so grateful to be his familiar! *She blinked a bit at Caroline!* But he promised he would come and dress up like the King! -05:28 Jul 06

Dark: *Dark had his arms crossed and looked everywhere BUT at the people at the table!*

Evangeline: Don’t worry Meri, he likes to be late. That is what a King does, isn’t it? *A simple joke as she poured a cup of tea and nudged Dark to pass the teapot to him.* Um, Louis, I was wondering. Why has it been so long since you have come to see Caroline?

Dark: *He huffed. Did he *have* to look at someone … He saw Evangeline with the teapot, took it from her, and contemplated flying it at Louis’ face. But he didn’t need it flying back at him or hitting Meri or Caroline or Evangeline … He settled for pouring some tea in his own cup instead and then pouring some for Meri before handing it to her!*

Vlamerias: Hehe! Thank you, Dark! *She smiled and took the teapot from him then passed it over the table to the person across from her!* -05:38 Jul 06

“Alas, it is not from wont of trying. It seems that our dearest ange never wishes to be found. I would think I have reached her at last, only to find she had been gone ages ago. Never to stay in the same place for too long. Well…. until now? Stories of interesting people have reached far across the world.” Louis took the teapot with a quiet thank you, poured his tea and offered it to Caroline!

Caroline: *Caroline flat out ignored him. Snapping her fingers to produce the small china cup she always used. Setting it on the table already filled with tea. If she had taken the pot, she might have cracked it over his head. Would have been a shame to destroy Evangeline’s things!* -05:44 Jul 06

Evangeline: Really? I know people at Oracle gossip all the time, I suppose gossip gets all over the place after awhile. *Now Evangeline took a couple of the small cut sandwiches to set on her plate, before nudging Dark to take it!* Caroline has told me a lot of stories about her life, I was under the impression you were human?

Unphased at being ignored, he set the pot down to smile that charming look at Caroline. “Spoke of me? Yes, I was human. But it was unsuitable for what I needed.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s voice spoke in the dining room.* A man who changes with time and necessity. *The door opened and Gabriel walked in, one of the devil rats on his shoulder!*

Dark: *Dark sipped his tea, grumbled under his breath!*

Evangeline: Gabriel! I was just asking Louis some questions! *…What on earth was he doing with that devil rat. How cute!*

Where seeing Evangeline all dressed up had him awkward for a split second, there was a definite different sort of look on his face at seeing Gabriel. Louis cleared his throat and nodded his head. “Necessity, yes.”

Caroline: So kind of you to join us, your highness. *Now if he would sit his ass down, so they could finish this sham of a luncheon and she could go home. She was already tapping her fingers on the table.* -06:00 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He acknowledged the table with a nod, placed the devil rat on Vlamerias’ lap and walked over to Evangeline to give her a kiss on the cheek. He was smirking at Caroline.* It is not often Evangeline gets to host parties. Shall we begin, Evangeline? *He walked to his own chair and sat down.*

Evangeline: *It was too bad Caroline didn’t have Gabriel for her husband, he would have taken care of this for her! …Although Dark might have too if she would have let him! Evangeline was grinning again!* I was just about to ask Louis HOW he’s not human anymore. I’m really curious and I do like to hear stories.

Louis’ previous easy and relaxed demeanor was a little more stiff now. “Ah, such stories are not for the ears of beautiful ladies and young children. Though, I can say it was unpleasant. The things we do for those we once loved, yes?”

Caroline: Hmm, yes. Angry mobs, burning wives. Pass me the plate, Vlamerias, please. -06:10 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He suddenly had the teapot in his hand and was pouring some tea for himself.* It has been quite awhile, has it not, Louis? Since you and Caroline last saw each other. You have been through much.

Vlamerias: Yes, Warrior Lady! *She smiled and handed the Warrior Lady a plate!* Mommy, should we start serving dessert now? *She really wanted some of that chocolate pie!* -06:13 Jul 06

“I cannot say I have killed children and villages for the sake of love, but I have paid my prices.”

Caroline: *Oh, Evangeline, why did you set this table with knives. Caroline nearly picked one up to stab one of those sandwiches with. But instead, she was setting the plate down silently.* -06:15 Jul 06

Dark: *That was it! Dark was lunging across the table at Louis!* You fuckin’ piece of–!!

Evangeline: Don’t curse at the table! *She would chide him for cursing, but not trying to kill the man. That Louis WAS being pretty mean! Evangeline just snagged Dark by the arm before he went jumping over the table!*

Dark: *He muttered but then he sat down, ate a sandwich!*

Gabriel: Please forgive Dark. He is passionate and he cares deeply. Had it not been for Caroline, many bad things would have happened instead. I have learned that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. In the end, it is necessary.

Louis’ smile didn’t fade. …but he did scoot his chair back before he got strangled. “I understand what is necessary. Some that must die for the greater good. What is it called, collateral damages? A shame, but every action has it’s reactions. Every lie it’s consequences.”

Gabriel: *He sipped his tea.* Nothing is ever given for free, that is the law of equivalent exchange. A soul for a chance at power, to save the people you care about … or destroy the one you cared about.

Vlamerias: *She petted the rat for a little while but she couldn’t give it a piece of her sandwich because that would be unfair to the other devil rats! Her Mommy had said so! But her Mommy had also explained the devil rats had their own food in exchange for helping out.* -06:28 Jul 06

If it made him uncomfortable, he didn’t show it. “No, no it certainly is not. That is the way devils and demons seem to work. Leaving us to be judge and executioner. I know it’s something my wife is well familiar with. Judgement and execution.”

Caroline: I’ve had enough. *Caroline scooted back in her chair and stood!* Thank you, Evangeline. I will make it up to you later. *And then she was stalking to leave the room, before she had to hear anymore of this!* -06:31 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He was eating a sandwich.* … Apples and chicken salad sandwiches, Evangeline?

Evangeline: Yes, it’s good isn’t it? *This was difficult! Caroline had never let people treat her this way… she was tempted to throw something at the man herself!*

Louis cleared his throat when Caroline exited the room, moving to stand himself. “Pardon me. I should speak things out with my wife. Your hospitality is appreciated.”

Gabriel: *He waited for Louis to leave, and then there were two shadow wolves there who quickly disappeared!* You are beautiful, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *He was rewarded with a bright smile!* Am I, really? Meri picked out the dress for me!

Caroline: *Caroline had stalked out to the courtyard and was pulling out her pin to leave when she realized she was being followed. She turned on a heel to scowl.* What part of I’ve had enough do you not understand? -06:39 Jul 06

Gabriel: The gown looks beautiful on you but you know you are always beautiful to me.

Dark: *Dark stood! He wanted to see what Caroline and that asshole was up to! He excused himself and left!*

Louis was not smiling now, a dark expression on his face. “Now will you show your colors, Caroline? Will you pull your weapon and slay me down?”

Gabriel: *He sipped his tea.* Louis is not leaving my castle, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *There went Dark, and though she was worried, it was all something they had to work out without her… But Gabriel eased her worry a little bit! She picked up a sandwich to nibble.* What do you think of him? He was baiting her something awful. I am surprised she didn’t walk out sooner… or hit him!

Caroline: Is that what you WANT? Because right this moment you are making it so very tempting. *She snarled right back! One swift spell was all it could take!* -06:46 Jul 06

Gabriel: You do not bait someone unless you wish them to react in a way you want them to. It was a wise decision for you to bring him here. There can be no outside influence and Caroline and Dark can deal with him as they see fit.

“Realize it’s your nature to kill, ange, but no that is not why I am here.” Alone again, his confidence had returned. “Your new family, they are interesting. Amazing that you can settle here when you have taken away the families of so many others.”

Evangeline: I’m glad you think so. I was a little worried about him being here, but you said he might be trouble even before we knew he was alive. …how did you know? *She was so curious about it!*

Gabriel: He is a loose end, Evangeline. Loose ends will always trip us when we are going in one direction and looking in the other.

Caroline: If you are pissed off at me Louis, say so. Say what you want to say, then kindly go to hell. -06:52 Jul 06

Dark: *Meanwhile, Dark was cursing because he’d been walking all this time and hadn’t come across Caroline or that asshole yet!*

Evangeline: *Chewing thoughtfully, it did make her wonder! How many loose ends did she have? Everyone was bound to have them! Things didn’t always resolve themselves right away!* …I’m glad I don’t have any exhusbands!

Vlamerias: *He chuckled softly.* That will make two of us, Evangeline. Or they would be in a world of hurt and humiliation, for not having held onto you better. -06:55 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* That will make two of us, Evangeline. Or they would be in a world of hurt and humiliation, for not having held onto you better.

“Ah, hell, how many have you sent there, Caroline? My life was over that day you killed those monsters in the town streets. Not a person in town trusted me again. The man that married a monster. Imagine my surprise to realize you were not amongst those ashes. My horror to know what you were WHO you were.”

Caroline: Of course, I am nothing more than serial murderer. Slaying humans and demons alike. Is that what you believe? That I married you and lied to you because I take pleasure in ruining lives? What else am I, Louis? A whore? Maniac? The very devil himself? -06:59 Jul 06
Vlamerias: *She giggled!* That’s ssssooo romantic! -07:00 Jul 06

Evangeline: *She grinned and leaned on the table!* I might have gotten in trouble for meeting you and falling in love with another man, anyway.

“If the shoe fits, ange. How many men have you had after men? Hundreds? Here you are again, robbing the cradle of some boy under the wing of his parents.”

Caroline: *THAT was too far. A growl and Caroline was swinging an arm back to summon her ribbons and strangle him to death. …but there was surprised look on her face when the spell didn’t cast!* -07:03 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I would have kidnapped you and made you mine, regardless.

Louis had a smug smirk. “A strong demon needs a strong counter, does it not? Nullification is an interesting gift. I was not going to just allow you to kill me, Caroline. Destroying my life was enough.” Holding his hand out palm up, he summoned a strange looking knife in to his hand.

Dark: *Dark finally found himself in the same place as Louis and Caroline! He pounced for him!*

Quick as could be, Louis had great reflex! He was sidestepping out of the way, now casting his smirk at Dark! “And thus the lover appears. Adults are having a conversation. It would be best if you waited inside.” And before the rescue attempt allowed for his wife to escape, he was throwing out his other hand to cast a spell! A wooden cross appearing behind her and binding her to it with rope and vines!

Evangeline: A truely wicked thing to do! *…but a wicked thing that was fun to imagine! Being taken away by Gabriel!*

Dark: Try and make me, you asshole! *He was lunging for Louis again but he didn’t notice the two shadow wolves who appeared. The two of them threw their heads back and HOWLED! A howl so loud and mournful, it shook the castle itself!*

Caroline: *Wood and ropes were nothing to her, but every spell she tried to cast would not complete! Even trying to use pure strength to pull herself free wasn’t working!* You are digging yourself a hole, that I will not pull you out of, Louis! -07:14 Jul 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel was standing and walking over to Evangeline to kiss her forehead when those howls began!* I will return.

“The human and the demon. Interesting to be on the other side, is it not, Caroline? *Louis had that knife glowing, and was going to slash Dark to pieces when he lunged. Those wolves, though! The howling was so awful he had to cover his ears!*

Evangeline: We will be waiting! Let’s clean up a bit, Meri, and get some dessert!

Gabriel: … You appreciate my hospitality. Yet you attack my son and my Knight within the walls of my own castle, you bait her and dare bring that blade into this place. *For once Gabriel honestly sounded angry, and his voice was a low growl!* Louis DePaul, no spell, no trick, nor word ripped from the lips of you or yours, me or mine will set you free from this place.

Dark: *He clamped his hands over his ears when those wolves howled! But even when Gabriel appeared, he had a hard time hearing!*

Vlamerias: Yay, dessert! *She smiled!* Do you think this party went well, Mommy? -07:24 Jul 06

Louis froze. Even he had known of Gabriel Carnatelli, but he had hoped this would be finished and he would be gone long before! “That woman is MY wife and I retain the rights to deal with her. I have no desires to deal with you or yours.” He hissed back with more venom than he had the entire day. He didn’t want to deal with them, but he was sure as hell going to defend himself.

Evangeline: I think, planning for the inevitable fight makes it much less stressful to have these parties! *Evangeline stood, just long enough to clear the plates. Then she was stealing Dark’s seat so she and Meri could share some cake!*

Caroline: Then I want a god damned divorce! *As expected, Louis had dug his hole.* -07:27 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He was chuckling now, a soft, dark chuckle, his lips pulling back to reveal fangs.* From the lips of your own wife, a divorce hence any rights you had to deal with her is null and void. I and Dark stand as witness. He as Prince of Darkness and I as the True Vampire and Darkness Incarnate. *The wolves released Caroline with their sharp claws.* Tell me, Louis, do you still possess a soul.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Can we have a food fight next time? … But I don’t think the devil rats will appreciate it. -07:32 Jul 06

Louis’ smug smirk was back again. “No. Ruins your plan to take it, does it not? My soul to destroy Caroline Andraste. A price well worth paying to rid the world of such a plague.”

Evangeline: They might like eating the fodo everywhere, but helping to clean it up not so much! We could do it at Oracle, though!

Caroline: Now I am a plague. How flattering. *Gabriel might have been amused, but she sure as hell wasn’t. Clawed free by those wolves, she now rubbed her arms. …and preparing to escape the moment she could cast the spell!* -07:38 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly, still smirking.* I merely asked. What I truly wish for … are your memories.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Really? *She was so excited! That sounded marvelous!* -07:42 Jul 06

The confusion on his face showed how he couldn’t grasp what that meant! But the moment it dawned on him, he was moving quick. Taking that knife up in his hands and flinging it, along with it’s spell at Caroline before it was too late!

Gabriel: *Gabriel twisted the space between Caroline and that knife and the knife disappeared!* Louis DePaul, for fixing your former wife to a wooden cross, I will leave you suspended on an icy tree, covered in ice. You will suffer blindness, frostbite, and starvation for twenty four hours. After the twenty four hours are done, you will be taken down, fed, your sight restored, your needs tended by a phantom who resembles she you despise the most. You will sleep and when you awaken, you will be back on that tree, covered in ice, starving, frosbitten, and blind. *The wolves returned to his side.* Take him down to the dungeon. His imprisonment starts immediately. *The wolves were pouncing on Louis and all three sunk through the floor!*

Caroline: *To do that to Louis, she could only imagine what he does to those that hurt Evangeline. Holding her palm open, she tested her casting. …as expected one of her marbles appeared, her magic and strength was restored.* Unnecessary, but thank you. Send my apologies to your wife. I am going home. -08:08 Jul 06

Gabriel: You deserve it. *Then he turned and walked away, leaving Caroline and Dark alone together.*

Evangeline: *Enjoying cake with Meri, She nodded!* The chefs might not enjoy it, but it makes for good teaching to hunters having them do chores!

Caroline: *She wasn’t so sure about that. Caroline was rubbing her face with her hands before she was digging in to her pocket to pull out her pin.* -08:17 Jul 06

Dark: *He was on the floor but he stood up then, looked at Caroline, walked out! He’d go get his things from the loft later, maybe when she was asleep. He still had a room here at the castle.*

Caroline: *Here she was expected to get shouted at again by him! That was almost more unnerving that Louis himself. She wasn’t going to hunt him down, though. A prick of her finger and it was back to her apartment. And straight to bed. The world could be plagued by someone else today.* -08:23 Jul 06

Vlamerias: That is so true, Mommy!

Dark: *There was so much he wanted to say to her, yell at her, strangle her … So he returned to the loft a little sooner than he had expected, used a spell to pack everything, remember his guitar.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel was back to his normal black clothes, coat, and the crown was gone as he walked back into the dining room.*

Caroline: *Lying in bed, trying not to think, but it was hard not to notice when Dark was there and especially when he was casting magic all over the place. She threw an arm over her head before shouting!* And what exactly ARE you doing? -08:28 Jul 06

Dark: *He wasn’t going to talk to her. He wasn’t going to talk to her. He wasn’t going to–!* For crying out loud, go to sleep already!

Evangeline: Are things okay now? *He was only gone for a bit and she had missed him. …but she was very curious as to what happened!*

Caroline: It’s the middle of the afternoon! *She responded, reguardless of the fact she was lying in bed!* -08:31 Jul 06

Gabriel: Caroline’s loose end is tied up and currently serving eternity in the dungeon. *He kissed her forehead.*

Dark: It wouldn’t be the first time you went to sleep in the middle of the day! *And then he was mumbling something about women and stubborness and stubborn women!*

Evangeline: *There was a surprised expression!* We have a dungeon?

Caroline: *She rose up on her elbows to glare at the opened door.* And I suppose when I sleep, you’ll be leaving again? -08:33 Jul 06

Gabriel: Of course. It would not be a castle without a dungeon.

Dark: Like you care! Just go to sleep! That’s what you need! Rest! Sleep! Snoring away while the whole world passes you by!

Evangeline: I’ve never found it! *…then again, she might not want to see another dungeon! They never were very fun and always kind of creepy!*

Gabriel: I made sure you do not come across of it, Evangeline. *He stood behind her to lean forward, wrap his arms around her.* Come to bed with me, my Queen. *He was nuzzling her neck.*

Caroline: Thank you ever so much for your permission, you jackass! *Caroline was itching to roll off the bed and chuck him head first off the roof of the building. Yet it was welcomed to hear him bitching compared to the silent treatment. It figured.* -08:39 Jul 06

Dark: I’d rather be a jackass than a lazy woman! *He yelled! Not his best work but he wasn’t in his top form at the moment! … That was his story and he was sticking to it!*

Evangeline: To leave Meri alone with all of this cake? *She had to think about it, just for a second!* I might..

Gabriel: I believe Vlamerias deserves all that cake. *He was nibbling on her neck now, stroking her cheek.*

Caroline: *Where the hell was he getting lazy from! She hopped out of bed to stalk in to the living room, taking off her jacket in the process.* LAZY? I suppose that might be better than a man with a big mouth! -08:43 Jul 06

Dark: Oh yeah! Well at least I make good use of my big mouth! If someone comes by and mocks the shit out of me, I’m going to make sure he knows who the hell he’s dealing with! *So much for Caroline showing she was mature! He was grabbing for his things and marching for the door!*

Evangeline: She did do a very good job today. But who will play with her if we go to bed early? *Evangeline was trying not to grin!*

Caroline: Because you’re just SO GREAT at talking to people when you’re pissed off! ~Obviously~ you do a great job at it! *Argh! And they had finally gotten past that the first time! There was no winning with Dark!* Shit! Just go ahead and leave! Before I go ruining YOUR life anymore too! -08:52 Jul 06

Dark: Yeah, maybe I will! *He was sick of this! He grabbed his bags and marched out the doors!*

Caroline: *And she was very uncharacteriscally flipping him the finger as he left, before marching back to bed and plopping back in to bed! God damned stupid, stubborn, clueless male!* -09:04 Jul 06

Dark: *It would serve her right! He didn’t need her! Instead of heading back to the castle, he went to the park!*

The Great King Saga


Oracles come to see Evangeline.

Caroline spends the afternoon teasing Dark.

[Evangeline is at Oracle, where incidentally she\’s now met a few REAL Oracles!] -02:21 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Her lessons for the hunters were over for the day, and she was glad for it, as it was a little strange! Those woman had been lurking for some time, but they were curious to watch and Evangeline didn’t want to shoo them away. Now she was putting things away and chatting!* Did you see something interesting during the class… maybe? -02:24 Jun 23
[Vlamerias is sticking close to her Mommy and eying those Oracles closely!] -02:25 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *In fact, Meri has her arms around Evangeline’s leg and is ready to hiss and scratch if need be!* -02:26 Jun 23

The tallest of the women must have been the oldest. He face was so wrinkled, you could barely see her eyes. But her hair was as dark as night! She wore dark purple robes and was very interested in looking around the room. “We have seen much, daughter. You have an extraordinary gift for one so young… and still alive.”

Evangeline: Um… thank you! I think? *Walking around with Meri attached to her leg wasn’t easy, but Evangeline couldn’t bare to pull her off. The devil was so worried about her, and Evangeline wanted her to feel secure in keeping her safe!* Why are you here for a visit? I suppose you did want to come and see me directly after all. -02:28 Jun 23

The old woman stood tall, very proud of her words. “We are the Guild of Oracles and have come to offer sanctuary to one of our daughters. A Seer is not safe here on the human plane. There are many who seek to own our power and souls. We are with deep regret that we have not come to spare you this torment much sooner…”

Vlamerias: *Oh no! She was NOT letting go! Everytime she left her Mommy when strange people visited, bad things happened to her Mommy and Meri felt bad about it afterwards! Maybe she should call for Warrior Lady and Dark now instead of waiting until later!* -02:34 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softlym dropping a handful of her beanbags in to a bin.* I’m not being tormented at all! What makes you think so? I am honored by the offer, though. What is the Guild of Oracles? *She brushed a hand over Meri’s head gently. If she clung any tighter, she was going to lose a foot!* -02:35 Jun 23

“The Guild of Oracles brings together the strong and the bright. Safety for those who see beyond the present. We influence destiny, guide fate, and protect life from the darkness.” Answered the old woman. She did not seem to be in a rush, nor concerned about the clinging devil.

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice, looked up at her Mommy when she brushed a hand over her head. Then she looked back at the people! Strange shiny people! But if they wanted her Mommy, they had another thing coming!* -02:39 Jun 23
Evangeline: But darkness really isn’t a danger to life at all. Lots of life even thrives in it! Don’t you think it is a little biased? -02:41 Jun 23

The old lady only smiled as if she knew that was the response she would get. “You speak truth, young Seer. Darkness is not to be feared as a threat. Yet, the children of Darkness are the ones that prey on life most often. Your soul has been safe and protected thus far, but you are now in great danger. The feud between Darkness and Light will be the death of you, daughter. We have forseen it.”

Vlamerias: Eep! *Was all she could say at that! Mommy … dead?! No, it couldn’t happen! She hissed at the old woman now!* -02:45 Jun 23

“Small devil child, do not fear. WE do not wish your Seer harm! We wish to protect our daughter from this fate!”

Vlamerias: You’re going to upset Mommy! *She muttered, although she stopped hissing and opted for sulking and clinging to Evangeline’s leg instead!* -02:48 Jun 23
Evangeline: I’m afraid I find it a little hard to believe, and I hope you’ll forgive me for being so suspicious! But sometimes people try to trick me, and I’ve done terrible things become of it. *Heaven forbid she alter reality and hurt Gabriel again! She couldn’t stand it!* -02:48 Jun 23

“The gypsy is a prime example, daughter. She, the devil Malsuada. The vampire Anthony. The beast of the trailway. They are moments of your forseen death, only narrowly escaped. But, if you will not believe our words, we could show you. A tour of our sheltered place if you wish to see for yourself.”

Vlamerias: Mommy doesn’t go anywhere without me! And that sheltered place does not welcome devils! Give Mommy a chance to think about it on her own! On Earth! The human plane! -02:53 Jun 23
Evangeline: *The last thing she wanted to think about were the moments she almost died. But it was the last one that gave her the shivers… That demon in the subway, the one she couldn’t sense at all but had the vision about killing her! She would have died if Gabriel hadn’t shared her vision and came!* …she is right. I would like to see, but I won’t leave Meri here alone. Or leave here without telling Gabriel. -02:54 Jun 23

“Of course, daughter. We would not take you without consent. If you wish to find a sitter for your devil, and tell someone where you are, we would allow it.” Several of the women nodded in agreement!

Vlamerias: No, Mommy! Don’t go! Souls have searched for centuries for that place! I’ll never see you again! -02:57 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline knelt on the floor, pulling Meri off her leg to kiss her cheek and smile!* It’s important I know if they’re telling the truth. I don’t want to die and leave Gabriel here alone without me. And they’re not stealing me? You know where I will be, and Gabriel will know! He will find me anywhere I go and bring me home. -03:01 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *Her Mommy was set on going! She pouted! And if her Mommy really wanted to go, she really couldn’t stop her! A familiar could not intervene in the affairs of her master and vice versa!* … You still need a sitter for me, Mommy. -03:02 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Meri was so worried, it was breaking her heart! Evangeline wanted to take her, but she wouldn’t want her somewhere uncomfortable for devils!* Would you like to stay with Dark and Caroline? Or maybe to stay with Gabriel? I doubt he would be too busy to keep his familiar close! -03:05 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *Sulking! Sulking! She didn’t like being separated from her Mommy in the least!* Um … Dark and Warrior Lady! *She’ll tell her Glaër after giving her Mommy exactly three minutes! That was usually how long before Mommy was in trouble and needed rescuing!* -03:11 Jun 23
Evangeline: Good. *She kissed Meri’s forehead.* Go to them and you can tell them where I am too. And please tell Dark to stop answering the door without his clothes, there is a lot of gossip about him! -03:13 Jun 23

The Oracles were quite patient, allowing the exchange to occur without a sound of complaint! They did find it quite interesting, however!

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy … *She gave her a tight hug!* Just make sure they treat you good! Or else Glaër will be mad! -03:18 Jun 23
Evangeline: I believe oracles would know better than to anger my husband! *Evangeline was grinning when she stood back up, clasping her hands behind her back!* I am ready to see your special place, then! But I need to return before dinner. -03:20 Jun 23

“Good-day, small devil child.” said the tallest Oracle, moving to stand at Evangeline’s side before there was a soft hum of the women’s voices. A doorway opened, blinding bright and near impossible to look at! She placed a hand at Evangeline’s back to guide her through the portal!

Vlamerias: *Meri hissed! Then she was teleporting and landed right on Dark’s head!* DDDDDARRRRRKKKKKKK!!! -03:26 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline was expecting a dizzy feeling, a whoosh, or anything! But when they passed through the doorway and it disappeared behind them it was just like stepping in to her apartment. Strong and safe wards. They weren’t as warm and comforting as Gabriel’s, but they weren’t ice cold! Everything here was very sheltered!* The wards here are old! -03:28 Jun 23

“Yes. We have sheltered Seers for many eons. Come!” Most of the ladies had dispersed, leaving to go about their business. Evangeline was alone with the eldest, who was taking her arm to guide her through the tour. “Daughter, do you know why so many Seers of myth and legend are often blind as you are?” she asked!

Dark: *He was just sitting back and watching TV when his view was obscured by a little wailing devil!* Wha?! Meri!!

Evangeline: Um, no… I thought it was a bit of ironic coincidence, really… -03:31 Jun 23

Caroline: *Caroline was sitting at the kitchen counter, reading a magazine and eating cashews from a bowl. The sound of Meri, though, and she was inwardly groaning. That wasn’t the happy hello “daaark!” that was the trouble one.*

Vlamerias: *She was sniffling and clinging to his head, oblivious to the discomfort she was causing!* They took Mommy and Mommy went with them! And I’ll probably never see Mommy again!

Dark: … Whoa! Calm down! Slow down! Stop! Rewind! Who took Evangeline and what do you mean you’ll probably never see her again?!

“A great Seer must have nothing to distract her vision from the lines of fate. You, daughter, are to be a great Seer.” The elder led Evangeline to a large room, where many woman were sitting in their own secluded little spots. Each having a large crystal, bowl of water, or other clear mediums sitting in front of them. “Have a seat here. Look in to the stone, that is your element, correct? Look deep and tell me what you see, daughter!”

Vlamerias: *She sniffled in between her words!* They were … at the class! And then … they watched … Mommy! And they said they were Oracles! And they said … Mommy was an Oracle, too! And then they said they came to take her way! And then they offered her a tour! And she took it! And now she’s gone! Cause no one’s ever found their shelter place thingy before! -03:38 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline sat, not sure how she was supposed to look but… It was strange! Though she couldn’t see the place, she could definitely see the crystal! And in the crystal were images. All of those things she always had in her head where now in the crystal with so much more clarity!* This is amazing! What is this for? -03:45 Jun 23

Dark: That’s insane! I’ve never heard of these oracles before.

Caroline: Vlamerias, did they -take- her or did they -invite- her? It’s an important detail. *Oracles were mysterious things… Rare! To see one meant a huge event. Even she had only met one once… and it wasn’t good circumstances.* They are like the elite of psychics. People like Evangeline, but their gift is stronger, more controlled. …and they aren’t nearly as helpful or direct.

“A tool for divination. To enhance the strength of vision. Imagine the good one could do, seeing every vision with crystal clarity. Knowing exactly what is to happen. How to prevent evil or guide good to it’s destiny.”

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice.* Um … They invited her! But they said stuff that made Mommy want to go with them! Like bring up that gypsy woman and Malsuada and Anthony and some beast! That’s not fair to bring up to Mommy! She’s very sensitive! -03:50 Jun 23

Dark: … Grand. They sound like the life of the party. *He muttered, trying to pry the devil off his head! But she had one hell of a grip!*

Evangeline: It would be helpful, yes. I’ve not been able to make sense of so many visions after getting married. There’s so many and so strong I can’t really focus. *She was poking at the crystal now, watching a few, and setting them aside to find others. Specifically she was trying to find herself! She had never seen visions of herself before, and maybe this would help. …yet she couldn’t find any!* You said that you thought I would die? I don’t see anything like that here. -03:56 Jun 23

Caroline: It’s hard to imagine Evangeline as an Oracle. They don’t live amongst humans. They live in their own little world away from everything else.

Vlamerias: Creatures have tried for centuries to find that place! It’s said to be a place of bright, shining souls! So warded, no ounce of Darkness can penetrate it! What will that mean for Glaër?! -03:59 Jun 23

Dark: *He stopped trying to pull her off and opted for patting her on the head instead! At least, he hoped that was her head he was patting!* Come on now. I’m not the first to defend him but Gabriel finds ways of getting Evangeline back.

“Those visions are unique, are they not? You have viewed yourself only in moments of great choice and consequence. You would not see the other potential moments…” The elder moved, resting her hand on top of the crystal. Here she was sharing visions of her own! Several shifted on the crystal before it settled on one. A seemingly innocent moment of Evangeline helping hunters in a class before a very fatal accident! Then another of her and Meri taking a bus across the city and a wreck! Then another where several demons interupt their way home! “These moments are common. Come often. You have been lucky thus far, that you have survived for so long. So many have tried to claim your soul.” The last vision was an odd one. Everything there was crystal or glass and Evangeline seemed to be just sleeping. But there was both Light and Darkness there! “If you remained here with us, this things will not befall you.”

Caroline: I can promise Gabriel would find her, even if she were at the center of the sun. As long as they don’t intend to harm her, she’ll be all right. Oracles aren’t known for being vicious… just vague and irritating. *At this rate Dark was going to be smothered… she should probably save him. In a moment.*

Evangeline: *Knowing that things just tend to happen, and then knowing they WERE going to happen had a very unsettling effect. Especially knowing how easy it was for Gabriel to lose her! His heart would be broken and he would never be himself again.* I see. It is very lucky for me to still be alive. …but I don’t think that staying here would be the best choice for me. There have been scary moments, but Gabriel has always protected me. -04:15 Jun 23
Vlamerias: But what if they convince Mommy to stay with them! Or they do something slick! People get slick where Mommy is concerned! -04:16 Jun 23

Dark: *He was back to trying to get Meri off of his head! Why did she always cling to his head? He stopped, huffed!*

Caroline: If she chose to stay there herself, then that is where she’ll stay. …Otherwise, if they were slick you can bet Gabriel will go to get her. *…all right. She felt sorry enough for Dark to get the devil off. Caroline rose from her chair to cross the room and pluck Meri up in to her arms.*

Vlamerias: *She was frowning but all it took to let go of Dark was Caroline picking her up!* I don’t like it when Mommy is away from me too long! Oracles are sneaky! I should warn Glaër right away! -04:22 Jun 23

“Daughter, even Darkness can fail. Light wishes her child to be returned and she will have her victory. At least here, amongst your kindred spirits you will be away from the war between Light and Darkness. None will touch you here, and your love with remain eternal and alive.”

Evangeline: Eternal and alive, but lonely. *What was she supposed to do? She wanted to be safe for Gabriel, but not at the cost of never getting to see him… She never liked tragic love stories!* No, I think things are best the way they are. I really do appreciate your concern for me, but I couldn’t bare to be away from him. We can find other ways to make sure nothing terrible happens. -04:25 Jun 23

Caroline: Tell your master where she is, then. But for the heavens, Small Lady, don’t panic so badly. Bad choices are made when we panic. Then you do silly things like make crazy wishes or try to burn souls.

The elder looked regretful. “If that is what you wish.” She pulled her hand away from the crystal, and gestured at it again. “Before you choose to leave us, perhaps you can donate your time and knowledge? If only for a few moments, share you visions with us. Allow yourself the opportunity to use our tools?”

Vlamerias: *She lowered her head slightly.* Yes, Warrior Lady. *She blinked and remembered something!* Mommy said for me to tell Dark to stop answering the door without his clothes! -04:31 Jun 23

Dark: *He blinked!* … What.

Caroline: Is he answering the door naked? *…THAT would be a sight! What does he do while she’s asleep or away?*

Vlamerias: I think so! But Mommy said there’s gossip! -04:34 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline nibbled on her lip. A few minutes wouldn’t hurt… An Oracle could do so much good!* Only for a few moments, if at least to get my head straight! -04:35 Jun 23

Caroline: If Dark is answering the door naked, I would say there is a lot more than gossip…

That was plenty enough for the Oracle! Bidding Evangeline a thank you, she moved away to check on other women. Leaving Evangeline alone with peace and visions!

Dark: Hey! I had some pants on! … Most of the time. *He rubbed the back of his head. He couldn’t remember EVERY time he’d had to answer the door!*

Evangeline: *Alone with nothing but herself and the divination crystal. It was a unique feeling! With the wards, every distraction was far, far away from her thoughts. And through the crystal she could see and focus directly on every single vision, that ran through her head. With a finger she could move them. Tuck away the ones that were silly things and unnecessary or bring to focus the ones that may be important! Things she wanted to remember and pass on to someone! Evangeline became so wrapped up in those visions, she never noticed how much time had passed or how long she had been sitting there!* -04:44 Jun 23

Caroline: I can only imagine the things they say. *A wicked smirk across her face, she could imagine lots! Things that would likely send him in to another temper tantrum, so it was wise to keep them to herself.*

[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:59 Jun 23))
[Vlamerias logged out of the chat.] -((04:59 Jun 23))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:59 Jun 23
[Evangeline let time get away from her and missed dinner! That can\’t be good!] -11:48 Jun 23
[Vlamerias is spending time with Dark and Warrior Lady!] -11:48 Jun 23

Gabriel: *Somewhere, in that realm of shadows, Darkness swung its tail and roared! The roar was loud enough to be heard even on Earth as it lifted its head!*

Caroline: *There are many ways to keep a deviled entertained… In this case Caroline had Meri playing with a box of marbles that may or may not be of a suspicious nature. If Dark didn’t ask what they were, she wasn’t going to tell!*

Dark: *He winced!* … Crap. *He massaged his temples.* Hey, Meri. I’ll give you two guesses who’s pissed off right now.

Vlamerias: *Meri was having such fun playing with those marbles! She really had to remember to ask the Warrior Lady about these later! She looked up at Dark and blinked once, then twice!* Umm … umm … -11:52 Jun 23
Evangeline: *She jumped and blinked wearily! Blast it, she must have fallen asleep… Evangeline sat up in her seat, blinking down at the crystal that was still showing visions. She had been concentrating so hard at it, she had forgotten about everything else!* Miss Elder? -11:53 Jun 23

A hand rested at Evangeline’s back, and the Elder Oracle smiled down. “You’ve over exerted yourself, daughter. I shall take you somewhere to rest.”

Caroline: *She glanced up at the clock on the wall.* …Someone is missing his wife, no doubt.

Vlamerias: Ohh no! Glaër! *She had been so preoccupied …!* He’s going to be so mad at me! I failed him! *She started to wail and POOFED! right on top of Caroline’s head!* -11:55 Jun 23
Evangeline: I didn’t realized how much that would take out of me. *And despite herself she yawned! Evangeline shook her head though.* I should get back home. But I do appreciate you letting me spend some time here. *When she stood, she swayed on her feet a bit… She was REALLY sleepy, and surprised she had even woken up to begin with!* -11:56 Jun 23

Dark: *He huffed and cracked his knuckles! Meri was one emotional devil!*

The elder wrapped an arm around Evangeline’s back to support her and took her hand to help guide her from the room. “The divination tools are taxing yes. You will need a much more rejuvinating rest that what a normal bed might give. Allow yourself a small nap here, where you will be much more refreshed when you wake before you return to your home.”

Caroline: She isn’t in danger Meri and you will not be in trouble. *…at least not in physical danger. Evangeline had a terrible habit of not being able to tell people NO, but Caroline didn’t think Oracles would be stupid enough to do something to the wife of Gabriel.*

Gabriel: *Darkness’ form dissipated and Gabriel stood there! He appeared in Evangeline’s class and was unable to find her! Vlamerias was with Caroline and Dark … but it wasn’t an emergency or she would have contacted him somehow. He felt the traces of the portal. The easy part turned out to be activating it again. The hard part was tolerating all the light! He walked down the corridor, feeling the bond between him and Evangeline and following it.*

Vlamerias: Thank you, Warrior Lady! *She sounded relieved but she still clung to her head!* -12:03 Jun 24
Evangeline: I think I’ve been here too long already. I promised to be home for dinner… What time is it? *Guided down the hall, the Oracle led her to another room. This one was small. A single room for guests? She was guided in to a bed, and it did feel like heaven! It seemed to have it’s own special wards. Something to still visions and put the mind at ease. So useful for a psychic always hearing voices!* -12:04 Jun 24

Several surprised Oracles were startled when someone dark walked through a portal in to their sanctuary! Frightened even, so that a few were scurrying away to find somewhere to hide, so sure they were being invaded!

Gabriel: *He wasn’t interested in the other Oracles. He wanted his wife back but he did keep his sense out in case one of them should try something stupid.*

Dark: *Dark clasped his hands behind his head.* So, let me get this straight. All these little Oracles away in one place. And neither Darkness and Light is allowed there or something?

The elder moved Evangeline to tuck her nicely in to the bed. “Time does not have much meaning here, daughter. Do you like this? Our daughters require deep and restful sleep. You cannot recieve this on the human world, being bombarded with all that is there. Rest!”

Caroline: Uh huh. Oracles are valuable. Even human conquerers would keep Oracles close to help predict the outcomes of battles and such. Knowing the future is an asset. Demons tend to like collecting their souls or stealing their power. *Now it was Caroline trying to get Meri off her head!*

Gabriel: *He found himself in the room Evangeline had been sitting in just moments ago. He saw the mediums she had touched, the place she had sat. Then he turned and walked out, still in search of her.*

Vlamerias: Daddy said that once upon a time, Oracles were much more common! But as time wore on, for different reasons, Oracles were less and less known! It used to be that every psychic could reach Oracle potential but not anymore! -12:13 Jun 24
Evangeline: It is comfortable… *So much so, it really was a struggle to stay awake! She was already laying down and curled up with the blanket. And before she knew it, she was sleeping!* -12:14 Jun 24

The Elder smiled with a self satisfied look, before brushing a hand gently over Evangeline’s head. She exited the room quietly, but was startled to find Darkness himself approaching down the hall. “..Y-you…!”

Gabriel: *He stopped.* You have someone who belongs to me. Step aside.

The wrinkled old face frowned deep, as she held up a hand and shook her head. “She does not belong on the human world. Her gifts should be shared with the guild and her life safe here within our walls.”

Vlamerias: I will hear those words from her own lips, not yours. -12:20 Jun 24

Gabriel: I will hear those words from her own lips, not yours.

Caroline: A lot of things are less common these days. I suppose that’s the way the world evolves. *Finally, she managed to get Meri off her head, and trying to tempt her with that box of marbles again!*

“Her judgement is being shadowed by her love for you, Great Darkness. You cannot dare to deny that her existance on the human plane has been perilous and traumatic. Her soul in danger. WE have forseen her death.”

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She blinked once, then twice at the box of marbles and gave into temptation!* Yay! *She went to play with the marbles again!* -12:23 Jun 24

Gabriel: Her judgement is all that matters. I deny nothing. But that is the risk one takes to live. You are directly interfering with my affairs. Stand. Aside.

Caroline: *At this rate, she was going to be Caroline, Master of Babysitting! With her head free, she was settled back on the sofa with a cup of tea!*

Dark: *He yawned.* So this Light chick. Did any of your sources know anything more about her? You know, besides her being a royal pain in the ass.

“And you are tresspassing in to our Sanctuary. A broken promise.” The elder didn’t move and inch! “She is meant to be an Oracle and you are preventing her from her true path.”

Gabriel: A promise that would not be broken had it not been for your meddling. I want my wife back. *He said, beginning to bristle.* Or my trespassing will be the least of your worries.

Just a lot of myth and legend, but nothing about her personally. There seems to be more legend about Gabriel as the Great King than anything about Light. I have the suspicion that he’s tried to erase anything she might have done.

Caroline: Just a lot of myth and legend, but nothing about her personally. There seems to be more legend about Gabriel as the Great King than anything about Light. I have the suspicion that he’s tried to erase anything she might have done.

Dark: Heh. Figures. Even Gabriel must have a petty streak somewhere. He probably got so insecure about Light, he resorted to trying to scrub her out permanently.

If anything, the elder Oracle was persistent! “She will be safe here. Away from everything that wishes to do her harm. You will take her back to a life where people like Anthony abuse her?”

Gabriel: No. But I have learned that regardless, it is her happiness I wish for the most. I abandoned her one time too many. I will not add this to the list. *And now he was moving forward!*

Caroline: No man or god is perfect. Wouldn’t be much of a balance if he were. *Caroline cast a wicked smirk!*

Vlamerias: *These marbles were so pretty! She could stare at them all day! She rolled a few of them in between her palms on the floor!* -12:37 Jun 24

The Oracle stepped backwards just far enough to hold up her arms and brace them in the doorway. “So be it! But does she not at least deserve a rest where her mind is at ease?!”

Gabriel: *Now he was smirking.* As if I would trust you or any other Oracle alone with my wife. I will let her rest but I am staying by her side.

The elder scowled, but she finally stepped aside. “You may turn that suspicion back to yourself. …In the end it will be your war with Light that ends her life.”

Dark: Arrogant bastard. *He lay back and closed his eyes.* As long as the world doesn’t explode …

Caroline: I suppose you wouldn’t destroy your enemy’s things out of spite? *It was an amusing question. …In all honesty she had on more than one occasion!*

Gabriel: *He ignored her and stepped inside. Evangeline was sleeping so peacefully, he really couldn’t wake her. He sat down by her bedside to watch her sleep.*

Dark: *He snickered.* No comment.

Evangeline: *Evangeline slept deep! Getting to rest without visions in her head was wonderful, but it didn’t stop the dreaming. And dreaming always got complicated and scary without Gabriel there to snuggle her! She was getting restless despite the wards!* -12:51 Jun 24
Vlamerias: *He and Light would be the death of her. Oracles had no reason to lie. He had promised to keep her even if the universe was destroyed. He had left her so many times, had seen the pain each time had caused her. Each pain stronger than the last. He leaned forward on the bed, propped his elbows on it, twined his fingers together.* -12:55 Jun 24

Gabriel: *He and Light would be the death of her. Oracles had no reason to lie. He had promised to keep her even if the universe was destroyed. He had left her so many times, had seen the pain each time had caused her. Each pain stronger than the last. He leaned forward on the bed, propped his elbows on it, twined his fingers together.*

Caroline: Wouldn’t it be a sight to find that it’s not Gabriel getting pissed off and burning the would but his Prince of Darkness instead! *She even snickered as she took a sip of tea and rest her feet on the coffee table!*

Evangeline: *The slight movement on the bed stirred her just enough to reach her hand out. Followed by that relieved sigh when her fingers curled around his arm and familiar presence. She stole his hand and shifted so she could rest it against her face and lay on it! So much better!* -01:00 Jun 24

Dark: Hardy har har. *He muttered, one arm over his eyes.*

Vlamerias: *He watched her reach out, take his hand and rest it against her face. This is why he could not leave her. Even if it meant her absolute safety, although he personally did not believe in such a thing.* -01:03 Jun 24

Gabriel: *He watched her reach out, take his hand and rest it against her face. This is why he could not leave her. Even if it meant her absolute safety, although he personally did not believe in such a thing.* –

Caroline: My sweet, the least you could do is laugh at my jokes. We are supposed to be entertaining Meri with slapstick comedy and whatever other nonsense she seems to think we’re amusing for.

Vlamerias: OOhh! Maybe Warrior Lady can tell me about all the women who coo at Dark while he’s singing! Mommy says he’s really good! -01:06 Jun 24

Dark: *Takes his arm off to look up at Meri!* They do not COO! Damnit, who even taught you that word? Coo. Isn’t that the sound a pigeon makes!

Evangeline: You’re thinking so hard… *She mumbled softly, and barely even awake! Now that she had his touch sleeping forever sounded nice… Ooh, wait! She forgot about dinner! That’s when she finally shifted to sit up!* Oh crickets! How late is it?! -01:07 Jun 24
Vlamerias: Late enough that I have raised the Oracles’ ire. *He would have kept that thought to himself but she would have ended up hearing it anyways!* -01:08 Jun 24

Gabriel: Late enough that I have raised the Oracles’ ire. *He would have kept that thought to himself but she would have ended up hearing it anyways!*

[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -01:09 Jun 24

Caroline: They ooh, aah, and before long will be throwing their underwear at him. ..if they haven’t already. *She turned to glance at Dark.* Have they?

Dark: … No! *He said in such a tone and with a look on his face, that they obviously had!* That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard! Women. Throwing their panties at me. Tch.

Evangeline: *She was still so tired… and looking very guilty!* I’m late for dinner. I’m so sorry… I think I was a little carried away here. -01:12 Jun 24
Gabriel: No. *He reached out to cup her cheek.* You rest. -01:13 Jun 24

Caroline: I never understood that one either. What is a man supposed to do with a strange woman’s underwear? Wear it? *…that mental image made her smirk wide. Eyeing Dark with a suggestive look!*

Dark: As if I touch those things! I just do what I go to do and that’s it! Without ladies’ panties! Or whatever the hell they throw at me!

Evangeline: You were worried about me and came to get me. I should have been home so much sooner. *And she was so surprised he wasn’t angry with her! She shouldn’t have fallen asleep like she did!* Can I go home with you? -01:17 Jun 24

Caroline: …What else do they throw at you? *He had left that open to interpretation…!*

Dark: *He blinked! Coughed!* A few … other … things … *Things best left unsaid!*

Vlamerias: I want to know! I want to know! *This was just too interesting to pass up!*

Caroline: I want to know, also. Bra? Condoms? Lacy nightgowns?

Gabriel: If you wish to … I would not stand in the way of you wanting to remain here with the other Oracles and becoming one yourself. -01:21 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah … hotel room keys … roses … money …

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head softly.* It was a kind offer, but I would have to stay here without you. I wouldn’t get to see you and it would be lonely and I would never sleep and there would never be any kissing or cuddling! -01:24 Jun 24

Caroline: And here you come home to me every evening. Imagine the looks on those women’s faces. *Actually… knowing that he keeps answering the door without his clothes on, she could probably see a few expressions from the ladies at Oracle.*

Dark: Yeah well I can do without the looks, thanks. *he wasn’t going into detail what was the strangest thing to be thrown at him.*

Gabriel: And I would have missed you. What is a castle without its Queen. *He leaned forward again to kiss her forehead.* -01:41 Jun 24

Caroline: Maybe you should try answering the door with your clothes ON. People might get interesting assumptions about what you do here with me. *She smirked!*

Dark: Can’t beat the looks those girl scouts were giving me that one time … or the Jehovah witnesses.

Evangeline: *Evangeline took the opportunity to sneak her arms around his neck.* I AM sorry I worried you. I want to go home and have dinner and snuggles. -01:44 Jun 24
Gabriel: *She didn’t have to say anything more! He was already picking her up and walking out!* I cannot stand in the way of you seeking your own path. -01:48 Jun 24

Outside the door, the Elder was still waiting, looking very unpleased. “This is not the right choice.”

Gabriel: It is her choice. *And that was all that mattered to him! Evangeline had spoken and he would not deny her her rightful place beside him. Or … even under him. That was a tempting thought.* -01:51 Jun 24
Evangeline: *With her arms around Gabriel’s neck and her head resting against his cheek, she looked perfectly at home!* And it’s the right choice for me! *Under him..! She caught that fleeting thought and coughed! Good things Oracles were not mind readers!* -01:52 Jun 24

Caroline: I suppose I should begin answering the door without my clothes too. May as well give them all something to talk about.

Vlamerias: Ooh! No clothes means more freedom! Or that is what one of the hunters said!

Dark: *He was smirking.* You just want to flash people.

“Then be wary, Seer. We have only shown you a few mere moments of your death. It will come.”

Caroline: Cleary I am not the one with the affinity for flashing people in this apartment.

Evangeline: Thank you for your warnings. I will be careful. *…and she didn’t want to think about it! It was hard enough to do things without always being afraid!* -01:58 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He was walking past the woman now, to go back to the point the portal had opened! He was still slightly impressed at Evangeline’s determination to be with him, despite her death.* -01:58 Jun 24

Dark: Hey! It’s not my fault they always pop up when I’m trying to sleep! Even vampires need their rest!

Oracles that had thought it was safe to come out, were now running to hide again! And thinking the worst that Darkness must be kidnapping one of their own! Poor Sister..!

Gabriel: *From the portal to the the Oracle classroom and then he took her back to the castle, to lie her on the grass in the spring courtyard as the sun was shining!* -02:04 Jun 24

Caroline: Most people pull on a pair of pants before answering the door. What if -I- end up seeing you naked? *…there’s a thought!*

Dark: *he blinked! He hadn’t expected her to say something like that!* … Do you want to see me naked?

Evangeline: *The Spring courtyard was her favorite… this week! She seemed to change which was her favorite everytime she was there! Evangeline moved only to nuzzle his cheek. She was still very sleepy, but that time in the Oracle’s Sanctuary made her feel as if she had been cut away from him for too long!* Should we have a picnic? -02:08 Jun 24

Caroline: *A sly sort of smirk was on her face!* Why do you ask questions you may not want to hear the answer to?

Gabriel: In a moment. *Right now, he wanted cuddles and he would have them. He dipped his head to nip at that spot where he pulse beat strongest.* -02:10 Jun 24
Gabriel: *her -02:12 Jun 24
Evangeline: *A moment would be fine! She had her fingers in his hair, messing it up just a bit only to brush it back again. His hair was always so nice!* -02:14 Jun 24

Dark: ‘Cause you always ask the weird questions! *He muttered, giving her a sideways glance!*

Caroline: I think the question may be, do you want me to see you naked? *There were moments teasing him was well worth it! Especially when it involved dodging answering them!*

Dark: … Hey now! *He huffed. Of all the questions! He started looking for the TV remote!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she played with the marbles and listened to the conversation. Dark was so funny!*

Caroline: *That wicked look on her face only got worse! She set down her teacup, inching closer to Dark on the sofa.* Hey, what? One doesn’t walk around naked in a woman’s apartment for no reason…

Gabriel: My hair is only this way because you are here to appreciate it. *He murmured, slipping his arms around her and cuddling.* -04:00 Jun 24

Dark: There’s a small devil present! You shouldn’t say stuff like that in front of her!

Evangeline: I don’t think the condition of your hair is dependent on me… *As sweet as it was! She kissed his cheek and gave him a good petting. She hadn’t seen him since morning and missed having him!* -04:03 Jun 24

Caroline: I’m not saying anything inappropriate Dark. ..Unless that’s the way you’re thinking? *Caroline may as well of been a cat stalking it’s prey, sneaking closer on the sofa with that wicked grin.* You’ve already flashed so many people already.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I would not take a bath for any other. -04:06 Jun 24

Dark: *He was silent as he started flipping channels! He was trying so hard to ignore Caroline!*

Evangeline: I hope not! I think I’d be mad to find someone in the tub with you! *Maybe even drown them! …well… maybe not drown them, but she’d think about drowning them a lot. Evangeline returned herself to stroking his hair, pretending she wasn’t thinking anything evil!* -04:10 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Gabriel chuckled softly as he turned his head to kiss her palm.* I love you, Evangeline, and your wicked streak. -04:11 Jun 24

Caroline: *Dark was making it far too much fun to pester him! And since he was -insisting- on ignoring her, Caroline inched herself so close, she was practically on his lap. Leaning to mumbled in his ear!* I suppose this means you sleeping naked now?

Evangeline: You are an occasional bad influence I think. …But you are mine and I’ll not let anyone else have you. *She had never been so possessive over anything before, but Gabriel was on her permanent no-share list. He could go and save the world and rescue damsels and protect people, but there were things special only for her!* Do you think I’m selfish? For wanting to keep you? -04:15 Jun 24

Dark: *Dark was muttering under his breath!* That’s all I need. To wake up naked and find you’re awake and have company or something.

Gabriel: I think you are in love, as I am in love with you. *He bent his head to kiss her lips gently.* -04:17 Jun 24

Caroline: You already have jealous Oracle females thinking they’re trying to charm my lover. I doubt that would make a difference. *As if she ever brought home company! That WOULD be something to talk about!*

Evangeline: *She returned his it followed with a giggle!* I am in love with you. Completely smitten! -04:20 Jun 24
Gabriel: Then we are made for each other, Evangeline. *He said, lips brushing against hers as he spoke.* What would you like to eat. -04:22 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah, right. It’d be my luck that you do something like that just to make me squirm.

Evangeline: You, maybe? *He was making it tempting! She stole another kiss.* Spaghetti? -04:24 Jun 24

Caroline: I don’t need to bring someone home to make you squirm. *As she was demonstrating now by resting her chin on his shoulder and grinning like an evil fiend. The fact he hadn’t jumped off the sofa was rather impressive.*

Gabriel: *A soft chuckle in her ears!* Spaghetti fresh from Italy. Would my devious wife also like green salad with her favorite dressing, breadsticks, and for dessert, yogurt? -04:40 Jun 24

Dark: *He leaned to the side, away from her slightly! He blinked! Damnit, why did she have to be so close?!* You should go check on Evangeline and Gabriel, instead of trying to disturb the hell out of me. *He muttered.*

Evangeline: That does sound nice! A picnic after all then? I like it out here. *It was so nice when he laughed! Even better than his singing, and even more rare!* -04:44 Jun 24

Caroline: They’re fine. No one has been summoned and their little devil is playing without fear. *He leaned away, so she just tilted farther in to his personal space!* Am I that disturbing? I overheard a few hunters the other day, saying some interesting things about me and Evangeline…

Gabriel: *He nodded.* We have not had a picnic for quite sometime. *And the best part was, he didn’t need to pull away to make a picnic for her. All it took was a thought and everything was provided! To the large blanket fit for at least five people, the picnic basket and on the blanket, everything was laid out.* -04:48 Jun 24

Dark: *Alarms were going off!* Oh yeah? *That tone of her voice meant trouble for sure!* About what a tough teacher you and Evangeline are?

Evangeline: *There we so many benefits to marrying a very powerful vampire! Dinner in moments, without losing cuddles! Another giggle as she took his face in her hands to give him a quick kiss.* Do you know that you’re amazing? -04:51 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Smirking! He was moving off of her to take her hands and guide her closer to the food.* Yes, I do. But I love to hear you say I am. -04:52 Jun 24

Caroline: *She was smirking again.* No. Not about our teaching. I won’t mention what they said about Evangelinge, see as she is your mother, but they seem to appreciate me in such interesting ways.

Evangeline: I’ll remember to say so more often! *Dinner smelled divine! Evangeline confiscated a breadstick, still warm and fresh, to nibble on.* Hmm, something to drink too? -04:55 Jun 24

Dark: *Stuff about Evangeline he wouldn’t like to hear … Interesting ways to appreciate Caroline … It dawned on him! And then he growled!* What the crap, Caroline!

Caroline: *It was impossible NOT to laugh, but she managed to keep it down to a low snicker.* Mind you, I have heard female hunters say much the exact same things about you, also.

Dark: *The next time he visited Oracle, he was going to hunt down those idiots and beat them to a pulp! He just wasn’t quite sure whether he was going to do it for Evangeline, Caroline or–and awh hell–both! He huffed.* You’re just saying that.

Gabriel: *He also took a breadstick.* What would you like to drink. -05:02 Jun 24

Caroline: Why would I make something like that up? They say you’re hot enough to eat amongst other things. *Not the way she would describe him, but he was getting flustered and she found that entertaining!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave it some consideration!* Would you let me have a chocolate martini? Or maybe something else with chocolate… -05:07 Jun 24

Dark: And you just sat there and listened to that?!

Caroline: *She leaned back to give him an incredulous look!* Would you like me to defend your honor, next time? I can, but it will only give confirmation to all their gossiping.

Gabriel: *He was silent for a bit. He could not see a downside to that as Evangeline was right here, with him, not in a crowded bar. And she had not had a chocolate martini for quite some time.* Very well. *He conjured a chocolate martini and handed it to her.* -05:14 Jun 24

Dark: … I have the feeling you really enjoyed that conversation. *He gave her a sideways glance.*

Evangeline: *She could barely contain a delighted squeak! Evangeline took the glass and and slow sip. Divine! Like kisses from Gabriel made in to a drink! …which was really silly when she gave it a second thought and made her giggle again!* Thank you! I like these so much better than most things. Some of the hunters had me try their beer after a class, but it was awful. -05:17 Jun 24

Caroline: It wasn’t quite how I normally thought about my former student, but they did bring up oddly accurate points that were impossible to deny. *There was her smirking again. That moment of surprise was gone and it was back to bothering him.*

Dark: *Suspicion! Red flags! Alarms going off!* … What oddly accurate points.

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked.* You are not the only one. Dark growled about it and swore never to try beer again. -05:22 Jun 24

Caroline: *There was always that look on his face when he was getting suspicious, yet couldn’t help but be curious! If she smirked any wider, her face was going to be sore!* Most accurate, I’d say, would be that beautiful color of your eyes. Probably more silver than grey.

Evangeline: I think people drink it to to show they can survive it afterwards! *She set down her glass so she could get her hands on spaghetti! It was probably her favorite food in the world, right next to anything made of chocolate!* It’s better Dark doesn’t drink things like that, anyway, he’s liable to get in to trouble and Caroline would have a fit! -05:26 Jun 24

Dark: *He huffed.* My eyes?! *He rubbed the back of his head and then glanced at her sideways again.* So what were the others.

Caroline: Let’s see… Someone did say you had an especially nice haircut. *Caroline even flicked his hair out of his eyes as she grinned.* Getting a little long, though.

Dark: *Another huff!* Yeah, well … I haven’t had time to go to the barber’s lately.

Gabriel: Indeed. *Caroline and Dark shared a bond that had lasted through so many obstacles. It was fitting he lived with her at her loft.* -05:41 Jun 24

Caroline: Now, when someone brought up that you might look better with a beard I had to disagree. *She brushed the back of her fingers down the line of his jaw. …She wasn’t sure he could even grow a beard!* That wouldn’t suit you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head, twirling spaghetti on her fork.* You spend a lot of time thinking about them. As much as I do. -05:43 Jun 24

Dark: *He huffed.* Beards are scratchy and stuff. You know the guys with them just want to spend all their time scratching.

Gabriel: That is because you are obsessed and meddle. *He said, in a tone that told her he was gently teasing.* -05:46 Jun 24

Caroline: *Caroline grinned!* And with as much as you eat, you’d be storing food in it for weeks.

Evangeline: Wasn’t it you that told me where Dark was singing? I think that counts as meddling! *Teasing her for meddling, when he did it too… shameless! If dinner wasn’t so good, she’d wag a finger at him!* -05:54 Jun 24

Dark: I need energy sources, you know! Great, now you have me picturing me with a beard using a Dirt Devil on it.

Gabriel: I am merely observing. What you did with the knowledge was up to you. -06:00 Jun 24

Caroline: *There was a mental image that pretty much ruined her devious mood! Caroline just laughed!* …That’s… not ever going to leave my head. Thank you.

Evangeline: Mmhm! *A mouth full of spaghetti made it a little difficult to retort with a comeback, but she was thinking of one! In the end, she could only smile!* Does mean I’m not meddle-banned anymore? -06:03 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You are already wreaking havoc with the meddle-ban. I can only imagine what you will do without it. -06:05 Jun 24
Evangeline: I’m helping not wrecking havoc! *…well, there was one or two moments where a little meddling went completely wrong, but usually it was for people’s own good! She set her plate aside to take her glass and drink the rest of that martini!* And you don’t let me lecture her when she needs it! -06:09 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Caroline? -06:11 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah, don’t mention it. So, that’s it. My haircut, my eyes, and me having a beard?

Caroline: Would you like me to go over the entire list of compliments? *She asked, amused with the question. By now she had settled to resting her elbow on the back of the couch. Still sitting close and with her feet pulled up on the cushion, but no longer stalking after him like an evil predetor!* The way you dress, which is more my doing, the way you sing when you’re getting flustered, how you call people dirty assholes when they say things about Evangeline…

Dark: … Wait. Calling people assholes is considered a compliment for me?

Evangeline: Yes, she needed a good lecture and now I keep forgetting to do it… *She almost forgot everything she was supposed to lecture her -about-. Especially now that she was more interested in knowing how they were getting along without all of the lessons!* -06:19 Jun 24
Gabriel: Caroline is a proud woman. She has endured much, from Anthony to Mother to Malusada and the present. -06:22 Jun 24

Caroline: Defending a woman’s honor, even when the means are less than gentlemanly is a compliment. *Caroline smirked!*

Evangeline: She surprises me sometimes. I am not sure you know how much she took care of me when I thought you died. -06:28 Jun 24
Gabriel: I believe a picnic is a good time to share that story. *He said, a bit curious.* -06:30 Jun 24

Dark: I guess. *He huffed.* Not like anyone ever listens. I still have to beat the crap out of those new hunters every other day.

Evangeline: Oh, um..! *It wasn’t that she didn’t want to share with him, but… those weeks were awful! And some of the things she did was a little crazy – and for a bit she was!* Are you sure..? -06:38 Jun 24
Gabriel: I would like to know but not if it would cause you discomfort. -06:40 Jun 24

Caroline: Why Dark… One might think you care a great deal about Evangeline acting like that!

Dark: Hardy har har. I’m just teaching those humans their rightful place, that’s all.

Evangeline: Hmm. It was just hard. I went straight home after and to bed. I was there a few days before Caroline and Dark came to see me. Then she was dragging me out of bed and making me take and bath and eat and being a horrible bully. But I’m so grateful for it now. -06:44 Jun 24

Caroline: You should admit it. You care for and love Evangeline! You are probably just as snugglie and cuddlie as your dark and wicked father!

Dark: I am NOT snugglie and cuddlie! And I’m grateful for Evangeline doing what she did but that doesn’t mean I love her! *Bristly! So very bristly!*

Gabriel: And I am grateful for her as well. *He kissed Evangeline’s forehead, grabbed and ate a breadstick.* -06:48 Jun 24

Caroline: *And in to the tease-trap Dark falls! As helpless as any mouse! Thus, Caroline pounced, throwing her arms around his neck and nuzzling his face!* You are a kind and loving vampire! A rare gift amongst man!

Dark: Hey! *He blinked, falling back against the couch! He was squirming but she had him cornered!* I am not kind and I’m certainly not loving! I don’t care what you say!

Evangeline: And then she kept yelling at me for trying to kill myself, but I wasn’t really trying, there was just an accident or two when I wasn’t paying attention. So she made me stay at Oracle with all of the trainees and I wasn’t allowed to go back to the apartment! -06:54 Jun 24

Caroline: *It was like killing with cuddles! Caroline kept on nuzzling!* Protecting the young Queen Mother from the hands of perverted hunters! Rescuing beautiful demon women from things they can handle themselves! A dark and brooding hero if I have ever seen one!

The Great King Saga


Evangeline asks Caroline about her past husbands. Dark pitches a tantrum!

Evangeline drags Caroline out for a “girls night” which is really just meddling in disguise!

[Evangeline has kidnapped people for afternoon tea and snacks!] -01:14 Jun 12
[Dark is sitting down to … tea and snacks.] -01:15 Jun 12
Dark: So uh, I take it you’re … okay and stuff, Evangeline? *He was trying to make small talk.* -01:15 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Tea and snacks was a very fun Queen-like thing to do. Especially when Gabriel her a door from her apartment to a very neat castle! Today it was fun in the garden conservatory!* I have bad dreams still, but I am feeling much better now. Gabriel keeps me distracted! -01:18 Jun 12

Dark: *He looked around. He had to admit, this was a hell of a place!* … Yeah, no kidding. And Meri? -Dark

Caroline: *Sipping tea from her own china cup, Caroline was trying not to smirk while she did so. The ‘Tower’ was working just as planned. She had to hand it to Gabriel’s evil ideas.* I believe Meri is having just as much fun as Evangeline. Poking her nose in to anything it’ll fit.

Evangeline: *She grinned!* She found a room filled with little devil rats and has been chasing them all morning! Though I suppose they were a little startling, but Meri likes them! -01:22 Jun 12
Dark: *He blinked.* Devil … rats? *He wasn’t quite sure what would be so fascinating about devil rats. They were just like normal rats in his opinion!* -01:23 Jun 12
Evangeline: They’re red with little horns! Maybe we can find some later too. Oh! Did you know one of the wolf ladies is going to have puppies soon? I’ve never petted newborn wolf puppies before! -01:25 Jun 12

Caroline: I suspect they’re not any more fuzzy than other newborns, Evangeline. *The thought of Dark chasing little red devil rats had her smirking behind her cup. She supposed they had pitch forks too.*

Evangeline: I guess not. But they’ll still be adorable, I bet! *Evangeline was pulling the leaves off a strawberry when a curious expression caught her face. She tilted her head.* Have you ever had children, Caroline? You said you were married before… -01:30 Jun 12
Dark: *Petting newborn wolf pups sounded dangerous! He was going to say so but then Evangeline brought up that question and he gave a sideways glance to Caroline!* -01:32 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline nearly choked! She had to turn to the side to swallow and cough! Damned Evangeline’s abilities to sneak up with questions like that! At least with Dark, you saw them coming.* No, I’ve never had any children. And yes, I have been married.

Dark: *There was an uncertain look on Dark’s face when Caroline confessed! He finally picked up his cup of tea and sipped from it!* -01:33 Jun 12
Evangeline: Did you ever want children? I’ve never really thought about it much before, but sometimes I think it would be nice. What was your husband like? -01:34 Jun 12

Caroline: Husbands. Plural. And no, I’ve not put much thought in to having children. Not since my first husband. There isn’t much room for that when you’re slaying demons. *Caroline wasn’t sure if this was awkward or amusing. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to talk about it… but well, the circumstances!*

Dark: … Seriously? -01:38 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, looking a little surprised! She really hadn’t expected more than one husband, but then again, Caroline did like social things?* Oh! What was your first husband like? When did you get married? Was it sweet or romantic? -01:38 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline finally cast a slow, wide grin.* Seriously. It wasn’t romantic, not with him. I was still human then and he was the blacksmith of our village. His name was Beigarth and he was so big, he stood a foot taller than even the largest of our men. He could cleave someone in half with one swing, yet his hands were gentle enough to cradle any small little creature.

Evangeline: Then how did you get married? Did you love him? *Evangeline was already trying to picture the man! The size of a giant with a giant sword, but cuddlie cute wolf puppies! Somehow, the image didn’t quite fit with Caroline though!* -01:43 Jun 12
Dark: *He was beginning to think he was better off getting his ass kicked by Gabriel than listening to this … stuff. He was a little curious but still grossed out!* -01:45 Jun 12
Evangeline: Hmm. He was looking for a wife and most of the women were afraid of him. He was trying so hard to woo someone with pretty words and flowers, by the time he got to me I ended up laughing in his face. I never saw a man look so wounded and I suppose that moment I was enarmoed. I did love him very much. -01:47 Jun 12

Caroline: Hmm. He was looking for a wife and most of the women were afraid of him. He was trying so hard to woo someone with pretty words and flowers, by the time he got to me I ended up laughing in his face. I never saw a man look so wounded and I suppose that moment I was enarmoed. I did love him very much.

Dark: Gee, Caroline. Nice way to boost a guy’s confidence. *He muttered. It sounded just like Caroline to do something like that. No wonder she was still single!* -01:48 Jun 12
Evangeline: *How sweet! Evangeline was smiling!* I think it’s sweet! Were you married for a long time? -01:49 Jun 12

Caroline: *She regarded Dark with a cool look but shook her head at Evangeline.* At the time there was a lot of war. Pirates, vikings, clans. He went to war one day and didn’t come back alive. It was heartbreaking, but that was the way life was then. When he was gone, I took over his business.

Evangeline: Oh… that’s too bad. But you did find love again, yes? Married again? -01:53 Jun 12

Caroline: Twice more. You’re awfully curious, my lady, are you going to make me tell those stories too? *She might as well ask and be prepared! Better to get it over with now, so they could change the subject!*

Evangeline: If you don’t mind! I wanted to know what sort of men you liked. *Evangeline poured herself a fresh cup of tea. She may or may not be fishing for information!* -01:57 Jun 12
Dark: *What type of men she liked … Suppressing the urge to shudder.* -02:00 Jun 12

Caroline: *There was so warning signs! Caroline leaned back in her chair to cross her legs and tap her fingers on the arm.* Uh huh. My second husband was long after I was a demon and long after my Mentor died. I came to a town in France following a devil. I came across a man named Louis who had such a presence that there wasn’t a person in town that didn’t adore him. He had a passion for life and big deams. When he spoke it moved you. I thought he was the most charming man I had ever met.

Evangeline: Really! He was handsome then, too? Did he court you with flowers also? *Dark was all bristly! That too made Evangeline curious!* -02:04 Jun 12
Dark: *He lowered his head. Gross. It sounded like one of those damn incubus. He needed to find somewhere else to hang out during his free time so he wouldn’t be stuck listening to stories like these.* -02:04 Jun 12

Caroline: He was handsome, yes. At first I wasn’t going to stay in town. But a few weeks turned to months and after awhile I realized I didn’t want to leave. The French have this way of sweeping romance, and he did that very well. We were married and for awhile things we happy.

Dark: *He glanced away, stared at something in the corner! As if he wanted to hear all this talk of romance and marriages and what not!* -02:07 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Caroline’s tone had changed. If it was romantic and wonderful, that tone didn’t seem to match it.* …only for awhile? Did something happen? -02:08 Jun 12

Caroline: Hrrm. *Unlike Beigarth, think of Louis was hard. She was frowning without trying to scowl. More tapping of her fingers.* I never told him what I was. A year or so after we were married, a group of demons came in to town. I took care of them as fast as I could, but several people saw me casting magic. They called me a witch.

Dark: *He blinked and was staring hard at the table! Wait, this story was really familiar … Caroline had asked him a bunch of questions the night of their date and used this exact situation on him …* -02:13 Jun 12
Evangeline: But he loved you, didn’t he? He defended you? -02:13 Jun 12

Caroline: *There was a wry smile from Caroline.* Not every love is a fairy tale ending. No, he didn’t defend me. When the town cried witch, he was the one with the torch. He claimed I bewitched him and that sending me out of town wasn’t enough. A witch deserved a burning at the stake.

Dark: … You killed him, didn’t you. For betraying you like that. -02:19 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Shocked! Evangeline was having a hard time imagining someone’s husband doing that!* Oh, you didn’t let them though! You taught them a lesson for being so unfair to you? You were only trying to protect them all! -02:19 Jun 12

Caroline: *She shook her head slowly.* …No. I let them tie me up and light the fire. I let them watch me burn. …A glamor spell and a teleport took me to safety, but as far as they knew, they succeeded in burning a witch. I just walked away and never looked back.

Dark: That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. *He stood and glared down at Caroline.* You’re such a hypocrite. You talk about defending and slaying but then you just lie down and take it? Screw this. *He turned and walked away, through the door back to Evangeline’s apartment. He’d been crashing at Caroline’s place for the past few nights but he was going to get his stuff and move out from everyone’s life once and for all!* -02:26 Jun 12
Evangeline: *…Evangeline agreed with Dark, but not quite so bluntly!* He is right… just a tiny bit. They shouldn’t have treated you that way. -02:29 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline was surprised! …then angry! Correct or not, he didn’t have any damned right to call her a hypocrite. He didn’t know what it felt like.* It was better that way. Now would you tell me what that jackass’ problem is?

Dark: *He was grumbling and muttering all the way back to Caroline’s place! And instead of teleporting, he had decided to walk instead! Unfortunately that didn’t really help him cool down … Stupid Caroline! This was all her fault!* -02:33 Jun 12
Evangeline: Um…! He is not used to you being a person instead of his teacher, I think? The change has been a little difficult for both of you. Why don’t you go and talk to him? *They needed to talk more often! Evangeline thought it was fairly obvious they missed each other, with Dark still staying over at Caroline’s when he was supposed to stay with her and Gabriel, but neither of them wanted to admit anything!* -02:35 Jun 12
Dark: *Dark was a fast walker, powers or not! He got to Caroline’s place, opened it with the spare key she’d given him and threw it over his shoulder after closing the door behind him! He was going to get his stuff and he wouldn’t need the key anymore!* -02:38 Jun 12

Caroline: Difficult is not the word I would use to describe him. Why don’t you call your husband and have him give that little vampire the spanking he deserves. *Why was SHE so mad! ..oh, that’s right. He called her a hypocrite and condemned her choices without even waiting long enough to hear why!*

Evangeline: …No, no, I think you talking to him is best. You are good with explaining things, he could use the sit down and talk? *…think fast! Evangeline tried to fake a yawn, but it was over dramatic!* Oooh, I think I am a little tired. I may take a nap. If you don’t talk to Dark, you may as well go home for a nap too. -02:42 Jun 12

Caroline: You’re going to harass me until I do, aren’t you. *Caroline placed her hands on the table and rose slowly. A snap of her fingers and her china cup poofed.* If this is what you wish. But if he returns to you with broken bones, I am not the one to blame. *Caroline pulled a pin from her pocket and cast her teleport spell back to the apartment!*

Dark: Stupid … idiotic … frickin’ … *He murmured a few other curse words, some in Russian and a few in French–only to remember that’s what Caroline’s second husband had been–and stopped. Stupid humans! He got his guitar, got his clothes and stuffed them into the duffel bag! Then he was headed out the door!* -02:45 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She stopped chasing the rats to skip over to Evangeline!* Mommy, is everything okay?

Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed and slumped in her chair!* Everything is all right! I am not so sure what to do about Dark and Caroline, though! Every time I try to help, things go wrong. And every time I don’t help, things go wrong! I swear, they make things complicated on purpose! -02:47 Jun 12

Vlamerias: Dark is very passionate about things, Mommy! But aren’t you worried Warrior Lady is going to um … “rough” Dark up? *It took her a bit to think of the right term!*

Caroline: *Caroline arrived in the middle of her loft just in time to hear the SLAM of her door. A quick look around was plenty evidence to see that the vampire had just escaped.* …idiot! *She shouted at the door, and like hell was she going to chase him across town and drag him back. He could return to Gabriel and Evangeline for all she cared! Crawl around the streets homeless! Get eaten by a succubus!*

Dark: Stupid woman. Fine. I can find my own place. I don’t need her anyways. She would have just left me eventually. She’s human, after all. -02:50 Jun 12
Evangeline: She always says she will, but I don’t think she ever really has. At least, not when it wasn’t a real lesson. *Caroline was always so careful and controlled with the people around her. But more and more, she was losing it and Evangeline hadn’t quite bullied it out of her as to why!* I think I’ll have to do something more about it. Not meddling just isn’t working! -02:52 Jun 12

Vlamerias: Um … But what will you tell Glaër when he finds out?

Caroline: *It’s not like she had to explain herself for something she did hundreds of years ago. …but Evangeline! Evangeline won’t let things go! That woman needed to be tied up somewhere.* …damn it! *Caroline pulled her pin again. This time casting a summoning spell. She wouldn’t chase Dark around town, but she could summon him back and MAKE him listen just long enough to satisfy his pesky human mother!*

Dark: *Imagine Dark’s surprise–and then his anger–when he found himself right back in Caroline’s apartment! He growled!* Damnit! *He turned around to go stalking right back through that door!* -02:58 Jun 12
Evangeline: It will be for their own good, he can’t get mad at me for that. And technically it’s not meddling if I’m only supporting and then letting them do the rest. *Oh, but what to do! They needed to learn to spend time together without the student-teacher roles!* -02:59 Jun 12

Caroline: *Out came her ribbons, throwing them around him and jerking him right back!* Must you pitch a temper tantrum! What in the unholy mother’s name is your problem?!

Dark: *Oooff! He growled and fought! Stupid ribbons! He hated it when she used them on him!* What do you care whether a pitch a temper tantrum or not! Let me the hell go! -03:03 Jun 12

Vlamerias: That’s a tough one, Mommy … But weren’t they making progress when they went on that date and Warrior Lady fell asleep and Dark was really nice to her?

Caroline: I care when you call me a damned hypocrite and storm out for no god damned reason! *She held tight, that lingering want to pull one of Gabriel’s stunts and just fling him out the window to let him hang!*

Dark: You’re the one always telling me to say what I mean! That’s exactly what I meant! Now let me go! -03:07 Jun 12
Evangeline: I thought they were… Caroline said it was pleasant and she regretted falling asleep. But she won’t agree to do it again! I wonder if I could lock her in one of the towers? -03:08 Jun 12

Caroline: *Instead of letting go she gave him a good hard jerk to send him stumbled back towards the sofa!* So you can run away again? No. You’re going to take ten minutes to listen to me. Where do you get off being so judgemental?! Was I supposed to just slaughter an entire town? AGAIN?

Dark: Like I give a damn about what you do now or did then! *His fangs grew and he lowered his head to slice through those ribbons with his teeth! Then he was grabbing his stuff and heading out the fire escape instead!* -03:11 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled at the thought!* Can we, Mommy?

Caroline: You give a damn enough to go walking out of here with all of your things! *Let him walk out. …instead she was growling and springing off the floor to tackle him! She pinned him to the floor, tempted to make good on that threat of broken bones.* What are you expecting from me? Saint or sinner? Am I supposed to be a nun or some vengeful hell sprite?!

Dark: Why the hell does it matter what I think? *He grunted, trying to throw her off of him or tilt her to one side so he could escape!* You’re the oh-so-powerful Slayer! Why the hell does the opinion of a single ex-student matter so much! -03:19 Jun 12
Evangeline: She would be so mad! But time in a tower might do her good! *There was so way to get Caroline in one though without Gabriel’s help.* Hmm… might be too hard, though. A girl’s night might be easier. -03:19 Jun 12

Vlamerias: I don’t know, Mommy … I think locking her in the tower would be much easier. I’m sure Glaër would be willing to help you with that!

Caroline: It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t. *That’s right, it doesn’t. She was needlessly wasting her time plotting to strangle him. Still, she held him pinned tight to the floor!* I told Evangeline I would talk to you, and thus you will listen. I wasn’t going to go back there and kill those people. I betrayed him with a lie and he betrayed me right back. It was karma.

Evangeline: He’ll say I’m meddling again… then lock me in the tower instead! I’m not sure how easy it is to climb out of a tower yet. -03:23 Jun 12
Dark: *He snorted and smirked.* Heh, karma. You’re going to lie down and take it and tell yourself it was karma. Good for you, Caroline. Good. For. You. *He suddenly shifted, elbowed her in the chest enough to knock her off and then he was grabbing his stuff! He paused after opening the window.* Good to know you accept your role as the world’s fuckin’ doormat. *And then he was gone again!* -03:24 Jun 12

Vlamerias: I don’t know. I think it’s gotten so bad between Warrior Lady and Dark that even he’s beginning to take interest in it! He told me so himself!

Caroline: *Caroline moved to the window, only to curse! Then out came her pin and she was teleporting herself right back to Evangeline. Pointing a finger, and straining to keep her voice from rising to high!* That was a mistake! I don’t know why I even for a moment thought he would sit still long enough to listen! He wouldn’t dare speak to me that way before YOU decided I wasn’t worth being his mentor any more!

Vlamerias: Eep! *She quickly moved between Evangeline and Caroline, attempting to shield her Mommy from the Warrior Lady!* Warrior Lady, stop! You can’t blame my Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was about to ask what Meri had chatted with Gabriel about, but one very angry Caroline was now the problem! …their talk must not have gone well!* …it is a little more complicated than that! You did say that you wouldn’t be able to teach him forever! -03:32 Jun 12
Dark: *He walked and he walked … He half-expected Caroline to summon him back or chase him down. But when she didn’t–Who needed her anyways! He didn’t have anywhere else to go and the last people he needed to see was Caroline, Evangeline, anyone from Oracle. He went to the park and sat on one of the benches at the edge of the pond.* -03:35 Jun 12

Caroline: Not forever, no! But nor did I think he was going to be so assinine the moment he no longer had to answer to me! What did he think I did for my entire life?! Drink tea play chess with Alistair? That I didn’t have a life – many lives – and that I never had to make choices I regreted?! And YOU! Oh ho… you think talking to him is easy! It’s like talking to a brick wall! *Seething! She was seething. Evangeline probably didn’t deserve her rage, but at the moment the woman was going to get it!*

[Dark is now known as: Darkness] -03:39 Jun 12

Vlamerias: No, Warrior Lady, don’t! *And when Caroline didn’t listen to her, Meri clasped her hands together!* Glaër, please! Take Mommy away from here! -Darkness

Evangeline: There isn’t any reason to get so riled up! It’s only a small fight, and I’m sure once he calms down he’ll come back home and it’ll all be just fine! *Poor Caroline! She was much more upset than Evangeline had expected! She really did care so much about Dark’s opinion!* -03:41 Jun 12
Darkness: *In another plane of existence, the dragon raised its head and its eyes glowed! One moment, Evangeline and Meri were face to face with Caroline and the next! On the very same plane as the dragon, as it lowered its head to the two of them! It was warmer here than one would expect and although there were shadows, they left well enough alone!* This has become serious. -03:42 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Crickets! This wasn’t the moment to be whisked away, Caroline needed someone to calm her down!* Gabriel! I was talking to her. I’ve never seen her so upset before! -03:43 Jun 12
Darkness: *The dragon shifted to Gabriel’s form.* She has no right to be angry at you. It was my decision to revoke her role as Dark’s teacher. -03:44 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She clung to Evangeline’s head!* Sorry, Mommy! *She had just panicked! She had never seen the Warrior Lady so angry! And she couldn’t risk her Mommy’s safety!* -Darkness

Caroline: No reason…! *Caroline didn’t even get to finish. Evangeline and Meri were gone. Rescued by her husband no doubt. Oh, she had words for him too. Lots of words and none of them were pleasant. With a growl of indecision, she finally dropped in to a chair. She would wait and then she would shake them to death.*

Evangeline: But she does have a right to be angry. Now she thinks that we think she’s not worthy enough, and it’s not true! *Evangeline pulled Meri down to give her a reassuring hug. Later she would explain that Caroline was nothing to be afraid of… even if she was scary when she was mad!* -03:47 Jun 12
Darkness: *Gabriel shifted back into a dragon.* She is proving herself otherwise. If she cannot control herself, I cannot rely on her to protect you or Dark. Here. *The dragon lifted its tail and on the very tip, was some sort of sphere filled with images! Dark playing on the guitar and singing a very sad song!* -03:50 Jun 12

Dark: *He had found his way from the park to the bar and was sitting on a stool on stage!* Every time I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love … Baby, I can’t help it. I’m drowning in your love … -Darkness

Vlamerias: *She hugged her Mommy back and began to sniffle while listening to the song!* It’s so romantic! *And his voice sounded so much better when it wasn’t angry!* -Darkness

Evangeline: *It seemed that Dark always turned to music when he didn’t know what else to do. That was healthy… if well, he would let other people listen! Evangeline huffed.* But she can control herself. These past few months have just been so hard on her. She’s always given us more than she has to give, and now we’re telling her she’s unnecessary. -03:55 Jun 12
Darkness: She became reckless, Evangeline. Had she waited for help, had she not taken the demon soul into her, Dark would still be with her. Dark must also feel guilty due to the meddling of Caroline’s bat. We are not to blame for such things. -03:59 Jun 12
Evangeline: She put him above herself and I think that was very noble of her! We can’t expect her not to sometimes make mistakes. Haven’t we sometimes made bad choices too when we’re worried about the one we care about it? *He couldn’t deny it. They had been through so much, and even now sometimes they thought more with heart then with logic!* -04:03 Jun 12
Darkness: *No, no he could not.* I do not like her being angry with you. Serious actions call for serious consequences. *No one, including Caroline, was allowed to threaten Evangeline, intended or not! It was a lesson even Ciara Grey had been forced to learn!* -04:05 Jun 12
Evangeline: People need to yell and scream sometimes… especially women! There isn’t any harm in letting her get it out of her system and you know she would never hurt me! *He worried too much sometimes… If they couldn’t trust their closest friends, who could they trust?* -04:08 Jun 12
Darkness: *A soft sigh, which sounded strange coming from such a large dragon! Then Gabriel was standing there!* … I will apologize. -04:16 Jun 12

One of the guys who worked at the bar, a big human walked up to the stage. “Hey, Dark, you ready for tonight?” -Darkness

Dark: Yeah. Need help setting up? *He said, clearing his head as he got off the stool and returned the guitar to its case.* -Darkness

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to kiss his cheek.* We should find a way to make her feel better too. She doesn’t even realized why she’s so mad, and Dark doesn’t either. -04:19 Jun 12

The guy was about to say no but–the look on Dark’s face! “Eh, sure. We could always use more beer up in front. Come on.” -Darkness

[Darkness is now known as: Gabriel] -04:20 Jun 12
Gabriel: Is she aware of where Dark is working. *He reached up to gently smooth one hand over Meri’s head!* -04:21 Jun 12
Evangeline: I didn’t even know where Dark was working! I had thought he was escaping to get ice cream when he wasn’t staying with Caroline! *And he was singing there too, that was so exciting!* -04:23 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You did not think I stayed here all the time, swishing my tail around, did you. -04:24 Jun 12
Evangeline: Well… I might have thought you were… *She did spend a lot of time imagining him doing dragony things, and that included swishing his tail and roaring at shadows.* -04:26 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He bent his head to whisper in her ear.* It gets boring after awhile. But I often fantasize about you. -04:26 Jun 12
Evangeline: Gabriel! *She refused to be blushing! Refused!* …we are supposed to take care of Caroline! -04:28 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as he lifted his head.* Of course. I will tend to my Queen’s needs later. * -04:29 Jun 12
Evangeline: *She tugged on his coat, her cheeks still burning!* Let me take her out to do something fun! Maybe we can sneak in to see Dark so I can get them to talk to each other? -04:30 Jun 12
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *Dark was not the only "object of interest" there. And the tone in his voice said so!* -04:31 Jun 12
Evangeline: *That had her curious!* He isn’t just there singing? -04:32 Jun 12
Gabriel: No. *The advantage–and disadvantage–of being Darkness meant he knew what every dark creature was up to and where they were located! And he always made certain he knew about the dark creatures in close proximity to Evangeline at any given time.* -04:34 Jun 12
Evangeline: Oh… that’s very impressive! I’m so glad he’s decided to take care of people too! *It made her feel better to know he did. Even if he didn’t want to be a slayer, taking care of people was important.* If he’s there, it’d be okay for me to go wouldn’t it? And you would know I was there! -04:37 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her, took the hand with her Binding Mark and lifted it to his lips.* It is. And I will. *Of course, needless to say, if any harm befell her, there would be Darkness to pay. He looked up at Meri.* I believe you and I should spend more time together while your mother is away. -04:41 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yes, Glaër! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Wonderful!! I can take Caroline and we’ll dance and they’ll talk. It’ll be fun! *It had been a while since she had been able to go out and do something! Being out still made her a little nervous now, but she didn’t want to always be afraid and taking Caroline out would be good for them both!* -04:43 Jun 12
Gabriel: Dark is working at the Oceanside Bar on North Avenue. *He took all three of them back to the observatory and Caroline!* My apologies, Caroline. It was I who revoked your mentorship of Dark, not Evangeline. -04:50 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline was still sitting in the same spot she had dropped in, but now instead of seethingly mad, she was resigned and melancholic.* In the end it doesn’t matter. I knew it would be coming soon. I can’t keep up with him any more.

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! from Evangeline’s head to Gabriel’s and clung to him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped in to the seat next to Caroline and took her arm.* But it isn’t a bad thing. You can relax now and not have to take on so much responsibility for everyone. -04:56 Jun 12

Caroline: Don’t give me sugar and sunshine, Evangeline. I know your husband doesn’t believe I can protect you, and a premature firing was only the first half of telling me my services would not be needed anymore. *Caroline was in a dark mood, almost enough to go taunting the king of darkness of himself.*

Gabriel: On the contrary, I believe Evangeline needs a night out and there is no one else I would trust. -05:03 Jun 12
Gabriel: *with her. -05:04 Jun 12
Gabriel: I will, however, understand if you are not up to the task. -05:07 Jun 12

Caroline: Is that so? *Not the comment she expected from Gabriel. It took a bit of that attitude out of her tone. Though, maybe she was suspicious. Gabriel like to punish people in unusual ways and was just as bad as Evangeline about pulling strings!* If you’re allowing her out of her Tower, I wouldn’t refuse to escort her.

Evangeline: Great! I want to go out dancing somewhere fun! We can put on cute dresses and order drinks with umbrellas with them, and we’ll flirt with boys until they cry! -05:11 Jun 12

Caroline: …so i will be flirting with boys and you will be making them cry, hmm? *Evangeline… the woman had her moments of infectious adorablism. It really was impossible to say no to her.* All right, dancing we go.

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((01:15 Jun 12))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:15 Jun 12
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -01:15 Jun 12
[Evangeline suceeding in talking Caroline in to going out! And even made her wear a cute dress instead of being \’prepared for war!\’!] -06:42 Jun 16
[Dark is helping set everything up as the crowd begins to enter!] -06:50 Jun 16
Evangeline: *It was a rule that when you went out dancing with a girlfriend that you had to look really cute! Evangeline was wearing a sundress in cream and mint. One Caroline told her was adorable and inappropriate for clubbing, so no one would pick her up! She had made Caroline wear a dress too. No Warrior Ladies today! They had just arrived at the club Gabriel told her to go to!* I can’t wait to dance! It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone out and done something! -06:51 Jun 16

Gabriel: *Gabriel is spending time with Meri after she’s taken a bath and feeds the devil rats!*

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t mind wearing dresses and looking nice when going out clubbing. But when with Evangeline, bad things tended to happen and you wanted to be better clothed for it! She eventually gave in to pouting, so here she was dressed in a light grey dress, very tall heels and trying very hard to not let Evangeline’s enthusiam be infectious.* I find it very hard to imagine you at any sort of dance clubs, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Really? I used to go to all kinds of clubs while I was still in college. I like the music! *Gabriel was right! Dark was here! But he was trying to hide himself and doing a fair job of it too! She took Caroline’s hand to pull her through the mingling people and to the bar!* Don’t you like to go out and dance too? -06:56 Jun 16

Caroline: Dancing amongst other things. *Evangeline really did stand out here. But there was no way she was going to dress the woman up like one of those boozing bimbos. She doubted Gabriel would stand for it either. The same Gabriel that thought this was good idea! Caroline was wearily scanning the people in the place to be aware of all exits and potential threats!*

Dark: *Dark lifted his head after bringing a crate of alcohol from the back! Sam, one of the waitresses, had come over to whisper something in Jack’s ear!* -06:59 Jun 16

“Jack, those guys are back …!” Sam even threw a thumb over her shoulder, to a table in the corner. “What do we do?” But Jack only looked over at the table and preppy boys sitting there! “If they cause us any trouble, we’ll take care of it.” Sam looked disappointed with his reply but then nodded and disappeared.

Vlamerias: Oohh … This will be fun! We never get to spend a lot of time together! *And yet she was his familiar! It wasn’t right! But she kept that thought to herself so as not to worry him!*

Gabriel: *He smirked and ran a hand over her head.* Yes, we do not. Mommy is a big responsibility and I am very proud of you as I hear the Devil King is also.

Dark: *He looked over at the table and clenched his teeth.* Damnit, those idiots are back … *Preppy boys. How many times was he going to throw them out before they learned their lesson or Jack had the guts to ban them!* -07:04 Jun 16
Evangeline: No, no, no, no looking for dangers tonight. Tonight we’re going to have fun and you can relax! *Evangeline ushered Caroline in to a chair and hoped in to a seat herself at the bar. Then she was smiling wide!* I’d like to order something special! Um… maybe to try a chocolate martini! -07:05 Jun 16

A waitress walked by, already balancing a tray on one hand! And a young waitress stopped by their table, asking if they’d like anything to drink!

Caroline: Are you even old enough to drink, my lady? *She jested… making sure to order a glass of red wine for herself. …and whispering to the waitress to go easy on the liquor in that chocolate martini!*

Evangeline: I am an adult. *How often people asked her that was, well, too often! She took offense to it!* I’m not going to have one drink and run around like a crazy naked person! -07:10 Jun 16

Caroline: *A slow smirk snuck it’s way across her face.* That does remain to be seen. I can only imagine the chaos that’d follow if you did.

Evangeline: *The scene was so easy to imagine, Evangeline decided it was safer to get back on topic! As in, the topic she was luring Caroline out for in the first place!* You never finished telling me about your husbands! There was one more that you married? -07:26 Jun 16

The waitress nodded and made sure to tell the bartender to take it easy on the chocolate martini!

Dark: *There was such a strong temptation to go over to that table and beat the crap out of those demons now! But he had to go on soon and he couldn’t risk a fight just for them to turn the tables and get *him* banned instead! Then he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing them fall flat on their asses when that happened!* -07:40 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Hehe, yes! I showed him the gypsy soul you gave me! Thank you! *She was sitting in his lap and threw her arms around his neck! Souls were such precious gifts!*

Caroline: *Back to that again. At least in chatting with Evangeline, she didn’t have to worry about completely stupid temper tantrums.* It was a good while after Louis. There was a very bad war between a few magical clans and I didn’t come out very well from it. An aspiring wizard took me in.

Evangeline: How many wars have you been involved in? I think you’ve mentioned more than one by now! *Evangeline was curious about more than just the hubby! Caroline had done so much!* -07:44 Jun 16

Caroline: Several. Are you changing the subject on me now? *At least Evangeline wasn’t as bad as Meri, switching between topics at light speed!*

Evangeline: No, no, continue! You were hurt and a wizard took you in. And then you fell in love again? How long had it been? -07:52 Jun 16
Dark: You are very welcome. Now then, I believe a few stories may be nice. *He waited until she had settled down before he began.* Perhaps a story about the Diablo Animus. -07:52 Jun 16

Gabriel: You are very welcome. Now then, I believe a few stories may be nice. *He waited until she had settled down before he began.* Perhaps a story about the Diablo Animus.

The waitress returned with Caroline’s red wine and Evangeline’s drink but when Caroline was about to pay for it, the watress said their tab had been taken care of by the man sitting at the corner table!

Caroline: Sixty years give or take a few. And it wasn’t as easy as just falling in love. *Caroline leaned to see, flashing a greatful smile. but definitely noting to keep an eye on that one in case he would come hitting on Evangeline!* After Louis the will to live was a struggle, the war didn’t help. A lot of death. I spent several months just being miserable and trying to heal. I don’t believe I spoke more than three words to him for several months.

Evangeline: *Evangeline picked up her drink and took a small sip! Ooooh! That was divine! She loved chocolate and the drink gave a nice warm feeling when going down!* It reminds me of Gabriel, just a little bit. Then what happened! What was his name? -08:03 Jun 16

Caroline: His name was Ederyn. *It wasn’t the first time she had been compared to Gabriel. Sometimes it was amusing and other times she didn’t understand the connection. Leaning back in her chair, she took a long drink of wine then tilted her head with a slow grin.* He wasn’t very strong or graceful and a lot of what he did would blow up in his face. One afternoon he was trying to do metalwork to make enchanted weapons and I thought it best to take it from him before he set everything on fire. Called him a raging imbecile and told him to go back to the kitchen where a woman belongs.

Evangeline: That’s terrible! You might have wounded his pride! *Occasionally the most wicked things came out Caroline’s mouth! She had the presence of a lady, but a hidden evil streak!* -08:12 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark walked backstage. It was almost time for him to go on. He still wasn’t keen on performing but it was either that or be a customer. And he wasn’t fond of the drink these humans indulged in … And he didn’t know why but when he performed, those idiots got real mad about it. That in itself was a good reason.* -08:14 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide!* The Devil Soul! Your very own sword? *That weapon itself was a legend!* Yes, yes, please!

Caroline: *Caroline laughed softly!* I probably did. More than once. I stayed with Ederyn a very long time. Technically we never married, but we didn’t think it mattered much. His home was a sanctuary from the world. I would sell metal work on the few occasions we went to town to get supplies, but beyond that we were happy alone.

Evangeline: How long did you stay? Something bad didn’t happen to him to did it? *Her first husband died in a war, and her second was a jerk! It’d be terrible if the third went bad too!* -08:20 Jun 16

Caroline: Don’t make such a face, my lady. It wasn’t a tragedy. *Caroline smirked, but it was a sad one!* I stayed until the day he died. Ninty three years old. I made sure to burn the place before I left along with my past lives. *…and not something she liked to reflect on, even if it was good memories. Caroline drank that glass of wine in two seconds!* Anything else?

Evangeline: It’s very sweet, but very sad. I’m glad you were able to stay with him. *Poor Caroline! And that had been so long ago too!* Have you thought about being with someone else? A close relationship or getting married again? -08:29 Jun 16

Gabriel: It happened a long time ago. It was a different world. There was not so many humans but they were aware they were not the only ones and humans did not rule this world.

Vlamerias: OOhhh … That’s exactly what I told that human hunter Mommy was teaching but he just laughed! He said humans had always been in control and just patted me on the head like all those stupid humans try to do. But then I flipped him on his back and Mommy just told me humans do that because I’m cute and stuff!

The club was quite a friendly place. It wasn’t sleazy or anything. Just guys talking to girls, men prowling for an easy drink or an easy lay. Just normal things!

Caroline: I can’t do it again, Evangeline. I don’t want to watch another love grow old and die, nor do I want to ruin another man’s life with my curses. *Caroline smirked wide again, erasing all hints of sadness!* Besides, I do enjoy my life. There is company when I want it.

Evangeline: It’s not really the same though… *It sounded very lonely. Evangeline knew better! There was no replacing that feeling of knowing someone loved you and having them to go home to!* But I suppose if you’re really happy. Though I think if I ever die, you have my permission to marry Gabriel! -08:36 Jun 16

Gabriel: I see. *He sat back.* What else has happened in Oracle.

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful.* There was that time, Mommy showed me the cafeteria and I got into an eating contest with some of the weres there! They can really eat a lot but they didn’t eat more than me! *She said, grinning proudly.* But those humans who did the cooking were really upset and Mommy said it’s because the food they’d prepared was to last a few months! But that’s not a long time at all!

Caroline: As… ah… pleasant… as that sounds, I believe I’ll decline that invitation. Your husband needs a damosel, and I will not be controlled. Not by him. Bossy. *Amusement mixed with being disturbed. Just to imagine marrying Gabriel herself! The first fight they had, they’d probably break each other’s necks! And the sex… damnation, now she was imagining sex with Gabriel. Caroline waved a hand to signal a waitress for another glass of wine!*

It took a few minutes but the waitress soon returned! The place was filling up and that meant more customers to help! She takes Caroline’s order and asks if Evangeline would like another drink!

Evangeline: Yes, another drink would be brilliant! *She would have to figure out how to make a chocolate Martini herself so she could have them at home!* I don’t think Gabriel is bossy. …well, sometimes he worries a little too much. But he always lets me do what I ask! -08:46 Jun 16

Gabriel: *He nodded once.* To a devil, no. And what other adventures have you had in Oracle with your Mommy.

The waitress returns with their drinks! Only to inform them that once again, their tab has been paid by the man in the corner who is now smoking a cigar!

Caroline: You believe Gabriel hung the moon and stars. You are a bit biased. *Caroline responded with a smirk. This time she was giving a curious look at the one with a cigar. Men tended to come over and speak after the first drink they buy, this one was either being generous or plotting to ply them with liquor and take them home! …there was that small urge to toy with him, so it was easy to cast him a grin and a wink!* We have an admirer, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I think he might have hung the moon and stars. Or at least the stars! *Thinking about his role as Darkness always led to interesting thoughts! But now she was curious about this ‘admirer’!* Do we really? Maybe he’ll want to dance if I ask him! -08:54 Jun 16

The waitress comes by to pick up their glasses! She smiles! “If you want to dance, you’ve come at a great time! Ever since Jack brought in that guy with the guitar, everyone’s been here. They love his voice!”

Vlamerias: Well, there’s lots of times I played with the were pups. Mommy said it’s better I not play with the human kids ’cause human kids are softer than devils. And they’d just break. And then at the tea party, Mommy asked Warrior Lady if she had any kids! ‘Cause you would think a human as old as the Warrior Lady would have some! I don’t think Warrior Lady or Dark knew I was around! I was chasing after the devil rats! They’re really fast!

Evangeline: Ooh, will he be singing soon? I would love to hear! You’ll dance with me too, won’t you, Caroline? -08:58 Jun 16

Caroline: Better to dance with me than some strange man. *If Evangeline was as oblivious here as she was when people hit on her at Oracle, there would be all kinds of misconceptions!*

She nodded. “Yeah, he should be going on any moment now.” That Dark. He was so shy! She disappeared to get more drinks for her customers.

Gabriel: *He smirked. Caroline did not like being called human and yet she still acted as one.* And did she have any children? Potential play mates for you?

The man who had paid their tabs finally came over and stood beside Caroline! “Hi. You two ladies together?” He was clean shaven, smelled like he’d taken a bath, was wearing a nice suit.

Caroline: *Caroline was good at being indifferent, despite the fact the man smelled very good. That was unexpected for someone cruising a club like this.* She is with me, yes. And thank you for the drinks. Always a pleasure to see the age of gentleman hasn’t died.

Vlamerias: *She huffed! Clearly disappointed!* No … But she had three husbands! *And she began to tell the story of Caroline’s spouses–or what she knew of them!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so impatient to hear Dark really sing. But always polite to strangers!* Yes, thank you! *…there was something about this man, though. She couldn’t put her finger on it…* -09:20 Jun 16

The man smiled. He had nice teeth! “Thank you.” He looked up at the stage. They were setting things up and were almost done. “May I have a dance when they start the entertainment? They say the guy who sings here is good.” Too good. He was messing up the game for him and the others!

Caroline: I wouldn’t want to leave my girlfriend here all alone. But it is a very tempting offer. *If she were alone, she would be up in a heartbeat! But Evangeline definitely came first.*

“If your friend wants, she can dance with one of my friends. It’s a guy’s night but we like to meet beautiful women like yourselves,” he said with another easy smile. What a nice voice! And he seemed genuine!

Evangeline: *Evangeline had brought Caroline here to see Dark! But… maybe Dark should see her dancing with someone? Then again, he didn’t like even hearing about Caroline and men! What to do!* We did come to have a fun girl’s night, and that includes boys? It’s better dancing with boys, anyway! -09:28 Jun 16

Caroline: *The line was terrible, but what a smile! Caroline was tapping her fingers on the table.* IF I dance, you would stay right here at this table and not move an inch?

Evangeline: Of course! I won’t move unless I have to. Dance! It will be fun! *It’d be better if she sat still and kept watch, anyhow. Something still felt strange!* -09:35 Jun 16
Evangeline: * fun! *It’d! -09:37 Jun 16

Caroline: Hrrm. Then I might be persuaded for one dance. *Evangeline hadn’t been the only one who hasn’t been out dancing in awhile! One dance wouldn’t do any harm!*

Dark: *So the microphone was set up and his electric guitar was plugged in. Now all he had to do was get up and sing. The curtains started to part! People were already beginning to get on the dance floor in anticipation of the music!* -09:42 Jun 16

The man smiled. “The music’s about to start.” He offered her his hand. “May I.”

Caroline: You may, indeed. *Caroline took his hand and rose gracefully from her seat. She would keep Evangeline in her sight just in case.*

Dark: *He started the first chord while the guys in the background playing drums and the bass followed!* "Don’t pretend you’re sorry … I know you’re not. You know you got the power to make me weak inside … And girl you leave me breathless … But it’s okay. Cause you are my survival. Now let me hear you say … " -09:46 Jun 16

He was smooth as he got her on the dance floor and it just so happened Caroline’s back was to the stage!

Evangeline: *It was so hard not to squeel like a silly fangirl! She did clap though! With the music to back him up, Dark sounded wonderful! His tone was even different than Gabriel’s, and it made her happy to know he could have his own style!* -09:49 Jun 16

Caroline: *A slow song with a good pace. Ridiculously romantic for a club. Where she had been smiling at her dance partner, there was a curious recognition, though and she was turning to see if she could get a look.* That voice sounds familiar. Who is singing here tonight?

Dark: "I can’t imagine, life without your love … And even forever don’t seem like long enough. ‘Cause everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above … I’m swept away by love. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love …" -10:01 Jun 16

Really? *He couldn’t help but be mildly surprised.* No one professional or so they say. *He tried to shrug it off.* You look beautiful tonight. *He pulled her close.*

Caroline: *There wasn’t a girl who didn’t love being told she was beautiful and being pulled close. She was no exception! Caroline gave a slow smile and a tilt of her head. ..that voice though!* I am always beautiful. But I am very pleased you noticed.

Evangeline: *He was almost as good as that English band she adored! Evangeline finished her drink, and was leaning on her hands and listening with a grin. What a sweet song!* -10:08 Jun 16
Dark: "Maybe I’m a drifter. Maybe not. Cause I have known the safety of floating freely in your arms … I don’t need another lifeline. It’s not for me. ‘Cause only you can save me … Oh can’t you see …" -10:10 Jun 16

He was smiling, showing those nice teeth again. “My name’s Andrew. And yours?”

Caroline: *That smile again. She hadn’t seen a smile like that in ages! If she weren’t careful she’d be grinning stupid the way Evangeline does. ..Speaking of which, she broke eye contact long enough to look after the psychic and make sure she was still in her seat.* Caroline. Tearing yourself away from your gentleman friends tonight, Andrew?

Gabriel: *Once Meri was finished with her story, Gabriel had managed to glean the important details and keep her from side tracking.* … I see. *This made a great amount of sense.* And this second ex-husband of hers.

Dark: "I can’t imagine, life without your love … And even forever don’t seem like long enough. ‘Cause everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above … I’m swept away by love. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love …" -10:16 Jun 16
Evangeline: *Evangeline was right where she said she would be! Listening with a grin, swaying in her chair, and swishing her feet back and forth. Although it WAS surprising that Caroline hadn’t come stomping back asking why Dark was there. Had she noticed?* -10:19 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* Um … She didn’t say. He probably died, though, being human and all!

Dark: "Go on and pull me under … Cover me with dreams, yeah. Love me mouth to mouth now … You know I can’t resist … ‘Cause you’re the air I breathe …" -10:20 Jun 16

“For you, Caroline. Anything.” He lowered his head to kiss her mouth, then glanced over to the side! Where the hell were the others? They still had to take care of that singing vampire!

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Indeed. *Now to make sure he was!*

Caroline: *It’d be lying to say she didn’t see it coming. Nor did she fight it! Caroline was more than happy to meet him halfway and return his kiss. Somehow Evangeline was a very distant thought now!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was just a little worried. Dark was hard not to notice, and Caroline should have… It was one of those moments she wished she could see where she was looking! Something in the place was confusing her senses, and with all the people it was hard to track Caroline down.* -10:29 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark was smirking. He’d managed to take down the first incubus with a single spell and teleport him to take care of later! Now he just had to take care of those two over there and their blasted leader!* "Everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again … Baby, I can’t help it. Keep me drowning in your love. And everytime I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love … Baby, I can’t help it. Keep me drowning in your love." -10:29 Jun 16

Caroline was ripe for the taking. Andrew was smiling as he kept the kiss up and pulled her close. Now all he had to do was keep her occupied while he started taking her energy!

A man came up to stand beside Evangeline! He also smelled good and his voice was also delightful! “Hi. Are you here alone?” Why should Andrew be the only one having fun!

Evangeline: No, my friend is dancing. Have you seen her? She’s very tall, with black hair and wearing a grey dress! *Weird, this guy must have been the other’s twin brother or something. They felt very similar! …now something was deifnitely not right. This was familiar!* -10:35 Jun 16

Caroline: *Closer was better. To be so wrapped up in someone’s kiss. …but something was nagging at her. Frustrating her while she was trying to enjoy a free moment! She broke the kiss just enough to mumble.* What is that song?

“Mm. No clue. But how about we go back to my place and make some music of our own.” This woman’s energy was so fresh! It was all he could do to not drain her completely! He was leaning forward to cover her mouth with his. Another kiss.

“No.” Sounded like the chick Andrew had picked up and was feasting on already. “But how about I take you and we look for her together?”

Caroline: *That was the best idea she heard all day. Her only response being a delighted sigh and a nibble! Kissing this guy was so much like being drunk, and she had only drank a glass and a half of wine!*

Dark: *Great, the other three were moving in on women already! The thought of them panicking and trying to score while they still could amused him. But it didn’t amuse him enough to take them off his hit list. That incubus was too close to the woman for him to take out with a spell. Why the hell did he have to be standing behind her?!* -10:46 Jun 16
Evangeline: I appreciate the offer, but I can find her, thank you! *This was definitely familiar and not good. Evangeline slipped out of her chair. Oooh! Chocolate martini warm fuzzies lingered! If she weren’t concerned about Caroline, she would have giggled!* -10:47 Jun 16

He smiled as he kissed her. This woman had enough energy to feed him for awhile. The boys, too, if he could get her back to his place. Once human women were alone with him, they were open to all sorts of suggestions. Then again, he could just be greedy …

“You look a little tipsy,” the man said, reaching out for Evangeline. “It’s not safe to go out on the floor when you’re dizzy like that.”

Dark: How about you do me a favor and shut the fuck up. *Dark growled from behind him. He swung his arm and punched the incubus out while under the cover of glamour, then teleported the incubus to join his pal!* Stupid demons. I gotta do everything around here. *He muttered, too distracted by finding the other two to notice it was Evangeline right there!* -10:51 Jun 16
Evangeline: I am not a little tipsy! *Hmph. Well, maybe a bit! Oh, Dark! She hadn’t even realized the song was over, but this was good! She grabbed on to his arm before he got too far.* Dark! I hadn’t realized you could sing so well! -10:53 Jun 16
Dark: *He turned to march for the third incubus when Evangeline reached out and grabbed his arm! He turned and blinked!* What the hell! Evangeline?! *He growled.* You’re not here alone, are you? I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about your husband burning this place to the ground. *Ha! There he was! The coward was hiding by the bar, trying to pick up Katherine, another waitress!* -10:56 Jun 16
Evangeline: Oh no, I came with Caroline! She was upset so I wanted to take her out to dance, and I told her she could dance with someone, but now I’ve lost her and I’m a little worried! -10:58 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark looked around a bit, then swore!* Damnit, she’s clinging to Andrew … *That bastard! He was the worst of the bunch! Holding Evangeline’s hand, he was taking her through the crowd!* -10:59 Jun 16
Evangeline: Did you say they were demons? They smelled more like– Oh! ….uh oh. *Incubus! She had ran in to the one before, but Caroline..! * -11:02 Jun 16
Dark: *He didn’t stop but he knew the tone of her voice well!* Uh-oh what. *He didn’t like that tone of voice! He stopped behind Andrew.* Mind if I cut in. -11:03 Jun 16

Andrew didn’t want to stop! Damn that vampire! The others were supposed to warn him …! He slowly broke the kiss to glance over his shoulder. “Back off.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned on her toes and whispered loud.* That’s Caroline’s kryptonite! -11:05 Jun 16
Dark: …*Dark blinked! Caroline had a kryptonite?! Ha! He knew it! She wasn’t as invisible as she liked to appear!* You first. That’s my friend you’ve got and warned you what would happen if you and your kind messed with one of mine. -11:06 Jun 16
Dark: *invincible -11:06 Jun 16

Caroline: *Hey! She was getting lucky here with a magnificent m- Broken contact and Evangeline’s voice. Dark’s voice! Her head was swimming as she tried to make some sense of it. …She did glare at Evangeline though. Man-blocking little minx…*

“I am not holding the woman by force. She is very beautiful …” He was stroking Caroline’s face. “My place, Caroline?” What shivers that voice created down Caroline’s spine! Surprise and mystery and unbelieveable sex!

Caroline: *She would kill for unbelievable sex right about now! A smitten smile on her face, she nodded slow.* Your place.

Dark: *He gently moved Evangeline behind him and out of Caroline’s glare! But he didn’t take his eyes off of Andrew!* I’m serious. Just ’cause there are innocents here, doesn’t mean I won’t kick your ass. -11:11 Jun 16
Evangeline: *This had to be handled delicately… Caroline’s pride and more importantly, her temper was at stake! She tugged at Dark’s back.* You better snap her out of it before it gets worse! -11:12 Jun 16
Dark: Delicate is not my strong suit, Evangeline! *He hissed over his shoulder!* -11:13 Jun 16
Evangeline: Bother! …. Caroline, that’s an Incubus! And a jerk! *Then she was ducking back behind Dark, because it wasn’t going to be pretty.* -11:15 Jun 16

Andrew was just leading Caroline away …! “Lies. They’re just jealous.”

Dark: *So much for delicate! He readied a spell which worked by gathering up magic and then twisting it at the last second to do something specific.* -11:16 Jun 16

Caroline: *That ever smitten smile slowly faded as Evangeline’s words sunk in. Caroline stopped dead in her tracks. Tense and stiff, and eyes narrowing just a bit. Evangeline didn’t lie.* An incubus?

Dark: There are four of them. That’s why I was working here, undercover. -11:18 Jun 16

Caroline: *How much she was restraining herself could be seen with every twitching muscle. Public place. Humans here. Caroline reached out a hand to curl her fingers in to Andrew’s shirt. The smile she gave him was oddly sanguine sweet.* And where are the other three?

… This was trouble! But he couldn’t teleport out of here! He couldn’t understand why! “There’s Chris over there, by that waitress. You have to ask your vampire boyfriend where the other two are.”

Evangeline: *This was JUST like the last time! Only now it was Caroline so dark with rage, that she was afraid she was about to burn the entire place down!* -11:23 Jun 16

Caroline: I hope you won’t mind watching Evangeline for just a moment. Andrew and I need a few minutes alone. *If she had fangs, they’d be showing right now with that porcelain smile! Her hand tightened on his shirt, and damned if she weren’t itching to kill him right there…*

Dark: Knock yourself out. -11:26 Jun 16

Andrew gulped! This didn’t look good! But pleading for mercy would fall on deaf ears! However … “I’m sure we can work something out.”

Caroline: Oh. Something will be worked out. *All it took was a clever spell, and not a human in the place noticed as she disappeared with that Incubus!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was relieved that Caroline wasn’t going lay waste to the entire place. But still… not such a good feeling! She cleared her throat!* That went better than I expected! -11:30 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark muttered something under his breath, used the energy he’d gathered to twist it and teleport that last incubus out of here and with his pals! One moment he was there, the next he wasn’t!* Which brings me to you and Caroline being here … -11:32 Jun 16
Evangeline: I told you? Caroline was upset so I thought a girl’s night out would be a good idea so she could relax. I was so surprise to see how well you can sing! You’re doing such nice things here! -11:34 Jun 16
Dark: I want to know what you’re doing here. Out of all the bars and clubs in this blasted place. -11:36 Jun 16
Evangeline: I was told that it had really good music! And it wasn’t a lie. I really enjoyed it up until things got a little scary. -11:38 Jun 16
Dark: *He huffed.* Fine. So how about I introduce you to the others while you’re still here. Seeing as how Gabriel hasn’t come to burn the place down himself. -11:41 Jun 16

Caroline: *Speaking of scary. Caroline was returning to them, twisting her hair up on to her head and looking a great deal more refreshed than she had in weeks! …Yet, she was still wearing that scowl. And just for Evangeline!* My beautiful lady, would you like to explain why Dark is here?

Dark: I work here. *He said.* Now want to meet the others, or not. -11:42 Jun 16
Dark: *Stupid Caroline. Talking about him as if he wasn’t there …* -11:43 Jun 16
Evangeline: Yep, he works here! Wasn’t his singing fantastic? *Evangeline was curious to know what had become of that Incubus, but…now might not have been the moment to ask.* …I would like to meet them, yes! -11:43 Jun 16

Caroline: You sing and work here? *That harshness of her tone eased up at the surprise. That WAS him singing before… and damned if that flowery scented monstrosity didn’t ruin her opportunity to hear him genuinly singing! ….she should have made that last longer and more painful…*

Dark: Yeah. *He glanced off to the side.* I don’t know … I found out it’s a lot easier for women to resist incubus and vampires who try to seduce them when I sing. *He shrugged.* So I sing and yeah, I take care of demons and vampires who keep harassing Kat and her girls. -11:52 Jun 16

Caroline: It’s kind of you to protect them. *And might ever so slightly make up for the fact that he walked out on her! …but to bring that up now would only make a weird situation weirder.* We can meet them if that’s what you want, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *She felt a little like she was being used as a shield… but they weren’t yelling at each other! That was a good thing!* Yes, I want to! Are you going to sing again too? I didn’t get to dance yet and Caroline would like to hear a song! -11:58 Jun 16
Dark: Someone’s gotta. You think those jerks at Oracle give a damn as long as there isn’t a wide-scale invasion on Earth. *He gave a shrug.* I have to sing anyways. You got a request? -11:59 Jun 16
Evangeline: Oooh, let me think! *Bouncing on her feet, she was trying to run songs through her head… but she just couldn’t decide on any one!* Um, something romantic, like the last one! And Caroline can dance with me since Gabriel isn’t here! -12:02 Jun 17
Dark: *He nodded.* Fine. I’ll be right back. *And then he was up on stage, whispering to the guys the name of the song.* -12:18 Jun 17

Caroline: You are far too excited, my lady. No more drinks for you. *She hadn’t forgotten that she wanted to shake the meddling right out of Evangeline. But a song from Dark might MIGHT make up for part of it.*

Dark: *The drums, bass, and guitar started out pretty fast for a romantic song!* "Sometimes … you’ve said I didn’t listen to your words … That I even made you cry. Maybe I didn’t show in every possible way … How much I cared …" -12:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: I’ve not had that many drinks! *Evangeline tugged Caroline off to dance! This one wasn’t too slow, so it was much better to get that excitement out!* -12:34 Jun 17
Dark: "I’m sorry for … Not being myself. For everything! Ending this way … Maybe I, maybe you … could made this change! I’m sorry for … for everything! I wish that I could stop your tears … From falling down!" -12:37 Jun 17

Caroline: *Damned Evangeline, she wanted to listen to this! He sure as hell knew how to pick a song. How the hell was she supposed to keep up with Evangeline like this!*

Dark: "But unlike me, I’d make it worse … Maybe I wasn’t always there! But it doesn’t mean I don’t care! … Whatever it was … I’m sorry for … not being myself! For everything! Ending this way!" -12:43 Jun 17
Evangeline: He sounds amazing, doesn’t he? And the song is so sweet! Don’t you think so? *Evangeline was trying to pull Caroline in to relaxing a little more and just dancing and listening and not thinking too hard about it!* -12:47 Jun 17
Dark: "We’re minutes away … From saying goodbye for all time! I’m seconds away … From breaking apart! I’m sorry for … For everything! I’m sorry for not being myself … For everything! Ending this way! Maybe I, maybe you could made this change!" -12:51 Jun 17

Caroline: Had you asked for this one, I might have been suspicious. …Not that I wasn’t already suspicious. *Fine, she’ll dance! A song was just a song, despite the words and the one singing it. …despite herself it did ease that sting of incubus contact too. An interested talent!*

Evangeline: It makes me want to sing too! Do you think they’d let me while you and Dark talk? *Though she told Jay she wouldn’t ‘torture’ anyone like that anymore. Frank said she didn’t sound THAT bad and that she could carry a tune, unlike Tabitha!* -12:59 Jun 17
Dark: *He ended that song and then disappeared back stage! He needed a break!* -12:59 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you sit down for a few minutes and not talk to strangers, instead? *Dark was escaping again. Caroline led Evangeline back to the table and sat her down.* Don’t move. I know you’re meddling. Just stay right there. *And resisting the urge to tie Evangeline to the chair, Caroline went to sneak herself back stage!*

Dark: *It was a small backstage and instead of a room, there was a short hallway that led to an EXIT door. He picked up his guitar case and was headed out to the alley outside!* -01:05 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Meddling! She never does such a thing! She’d stay in her chair though… for a few minutes! Evangeline ordered herself another drink!* -01:06 Jun 17

Caroline: Running off so soon, little vampire? Not even to hear what I think about your song? *Always running off… she wasn’t going to chase him down this time.*

Dark: *He stopped. It wasn’t like he was running away! He was just leaving for crying out loud!* Yeah, well … you said you liked my singing before. Did that suddenly change. -01:09 Jun 17

Gabriel: May I, Seer. *He said from behind Evangeline.*

Caroline: No. I still like your singing and it was better to hear it like this. Despite Incubus and Evangeline’s prattling. *She hestitated a moment. If she had pockets that’s where her hands would be. Instead she had let Evangeline talk her in to clothes that wouldn’t give the impression she wanted to give!* Are you really going to leave without letting me explain about Loius?

Evangeline: Gabriel! *Having him appear was like greeting the morning sun! …which was ironic since he wasn’t very sunny at all! Evangeline turned in her chair to grin at him!* A dance? -01:14 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking down at her.* Here or back at the castle.

Dark: What’s to explain. You were in love with him. He betrayed you. You figured you’d right the cosmic balance or whatever the shit you wanna call it and turned your back. *He finally turned slightly to look at her.* It still doesn’t change the fact he was a bastard to you. -01:17 Jun 17
Evangeline: I wanted to see if they make up! But I am tired too… *That was a hard choice! She wanted to snoop, and she liked how loud the music was here! But getting to be alone with Gabriel somewhere serene was also very nice!* -01:17 Jun 17

Gabriel: I am more concerned about Caroline’s second husband.

Caroline: I certainly never said he wasn’t a bastard. But you didn’t stay long enough to find out.

Evangeline: That is over and done now! A long time ago, and I think she is mostly over it, but she’s still being a little stubborn. Not much to be concerned about? *She couldn’t just sit with Gabriel there. Evangeline got to her feet so she could hug him!* -01:22 Jun 17
Dark: I got the gist of it. *Some silence. He finally gestured to the club.* So yeah, this is what I’ve been up to for awhile now. Guess you figured out I wasn’t always going out for ice cream. -01:22 Jun 17

Gabriel: I still wish to be certain. And her other husbands?

Caroline: I am impressed. I suppose in the end Gabriel and Evangeline were right. You really don’t need to stay with me anymore. *He had been taking care of things here for awhile. And could do spells she wasn’t aware he was capable of! Lots of secrets.*

Dark: … Didn’t mean I don’t like staying with you. *He muttered.* -01:27 Jun 17
Evangeline: Well, he first husband died during a war while she was still human. And her third husband died of old age! That story was actually really sad and I think it upset her the most watching him die. But she is so good at hiding those things! -01:27 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He wrapped his arms around her.* And her second.

Caroline: *She had too much wine tonight afterall. Something like that shouldn’t make her feel so elated.* Even though I am a hypocrite and let the world walk over me?

Dark: You’ve done a lot for me. If it wasn’t for you and Evangeline, I’d be dead by now. You were willing to give me a second chance when no one else did … I just need to know I wasn’t some stray you were gonna dump on the street once you got tired of me. -01:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: I don’t think she knows what happened to him either. She left when the town tried to burn her! He was human, in any case, so he is long gone now too. *She tilted her head back with a curious expression.* Why are you so worried about her exhusbands? -01:32 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.* Former personal attachments strike back with an unseen and often deadly force. *Take Light for instance! The bitch was considered a former personal attachment and she was wreaking havoc on his life now!*

Caroline: I made a promise. I don’t make frivolous promises nor do I abandon what’s important to me. I’m not even sure how you would connect the two together!

Evangeline: *She gave a small grin.* Maybe now you are having psychic visions? Do you want to lock her in the tower? -01:37 Jun 17
Dark: You’re not the only one with issues, you know. *He adjusted the grip on his guitar case and held it over his shoulder.* -01:40 Jun 17

Gabriel: How unfortunate she cannot be a true Queen’s knight if she is locked in the tower.

Caroline: Then speak to your meddling parents when you have them. Don’t walk out on me. *The way she said it wasn’t quite the way she meant to sound, but she wasn’t going to take it back now.*

Dark: Are you pissed because someone walked out on you. Or are you pissed I was the one who walked out on you. And don’t tell me, that makes no sense whatsoever. -01:44 Jun 17
Evangeline: Then we can leave the option open for later! *She squeezed him and dropped her head against his chest.* There were incubus here earlier! Dark was very quick to handle them, I’m really proud! For a minute I was worried that Caroline was going to burn the whole place down, but she just took the one away. …um… not sure what she did with him, though. I don’t think it was pleasant. -01:45 Jun 17

Gabriel: Indeed. *He stroked her hair.* Your breath smells like chocolate martinis.

Caroline: *Here’s a new feeling, now she wanted to head for the door. But she was no coward!* Because you walked out on me. Contrary to what you may think, I seem to find your opinion of me important.

Evangeline: They were delicious! I’m a little dizzy, but it tasted mostly like chcocolate! I want to know how to make them so I can have them at home too! -01:49 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked.* A dangerous idea. I would take advantage of you as you lay giggling on the bed.

Dark: Just to gauge how you’re doing as a former teacher? Or just because I’m a friend? Or someone you promised Gabriel you’d watch over and protect? -01:51 Jun 17
Evangeline: What a wicked thing to do! It’s hard to stop giggling once I start, you know! -01:52 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked. Oh, he knew …!*

Caroline: It wouldn’t possibly be because I’m fond of you. That would just be too much! *He always had to make things difficult. She couldn’t bite back the sarcasm!* You think I would have offered to protect you if I wasn’t fond of you?

Evangeline: Well, I know I will watch myself around you, then! *He made her want to giggle now, even! If only he didn’t smirk the way he did! She couldn’t stop herself from smiling!* -01:56 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was nibbling on her ear now.* I believe you want me to find you giggling on the bed one night, having drunk one too many of your chocolate martinis.

Dark: Yeah, it’s possible. I’ve seen humans do stuff they don’t want to do because the alternative is worst. -02:00 Jun 17
Evangeline: That is ridiculous. I would know when to stop drinking them, I think! *Melissa had said she needed to stop making things so easy for Gabriel, after all! One little nibble and she’d melt! ….and trying not to do so now!* -02:03 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking.* But I love to nibble and you love it when I purr and then I stroke you just so … *She just had to be wearing that cute little dress of hers. He was pulling her into the back corner, away from the music to where he could take her back to the castle without the possibility of eyes spying.*

Caroline: You are a very dense man. *Caroline wasn’t sure if she wanted to hit him, throw him out a window or give him a kiss just to make him quit. And that’s what was most disturbing!* I am fond of you. I’ve missed you. I don’t like that you’re staying with Gabriel and Evangeline. I was going to kill Alistair for blabbering utter bullshit out of spite.

Evangeline: *There would be no stroking in public! So she was safe! …well, until he was tugging her to a corner and she was trying very hard not to blush or grin at him for encouragement!* You’re a horrible tease! -02:09 Jun 17
Dark: What the hell do you think I was doing still hanging around the motel. You had your place and the motel just reminded me of when you were my teacher. -02:09 Jun 17

Gabriel: Horrible but effective. It is your own fault for having worn that dress tonight. *Once they were in the corner, he took them out of the club and back to the castle! And he didn’t bother going to their room either! He took her to the summer coutyard and it was night!*

Caroline: I’ve got no idea what you’re doing anymore! You confuse the daylights out of me! Why don’t you just make this simplier and just stay with me at the loft!

Evangeline: Caroline said this dress wasn’t going to attract any men in a club! *She felt the need to defend her dress! It had pockets for her to hide things in, after all! She tilted her head at the summer courtyard… She knew this one was summer by the warmth and the smells!* -02:16 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking as he gently pushed her up against a tree!* Evangeline, you attract me no matter what you wear, no matter where you are. A beacon in the darkness.

Dark: *He smirked.* Okay, I accept. -02:22 Jun 17
Evangeline: And she called me biased! You can’t help it, you love me! *Why did he have to make simple motions feel so exhilarating! She eased against the tree to sneak to the side and escape!* -02:25 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as she eased to the side. He thought she was very adorable like this. Such a tease!*

Caroline: NOW you smirk at me. I almost suspect you’re driving me crazy on purpose! *She was leaning towards hitting him now, for sure! …but he would stay with her at the loft!*

Evangeline: *All too easy to scoot away and then circle around to the other side of the tree out of reach! She couldn’t help but grin when he laughed. It was ruining her serious all business expression!* -02:31 Jun 17
Dark: *Now he was walking back to her.* I guess now I can’t tell you your lessons were worthless. -02:32 Jun 17

Gabriel: *And he was smiling, too!* … I love you, Evangeline.

Caroline: It’s apparently a tradition to assume they’re useless until you accidentally need them. *Imagine that. She felt worlds better now. Who knew having a troublesome vampire move back in with you could do that.* Were you finished here tonight?

Evangeline: *She leaned against the tree as tilted to flick at him.* And I love you! For hanging the stars and being wicked! -02:38 Jun 17
Dark: Yeah. I think the club’s safe for another day or so. I should probably scout out another one soon. -02:42 Jun 17

Caroline: Then you should dance with me once or twice. Evangeline seems to think I need to losen up and have fun more often. *A return of her smirk. If only Evangeline knew what Caroline liked to do!*

Dark: You actually know how to loosen up and have fun? -02:48 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you come and find out, little vampire? I promise I won’t fall asleep this time.

Dark: *He laughed softly.* Guess taking you to a boring show is out of the question. -02:50 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked.* You would have me no other way. *He easily dodged the tree and then he crouched to pounce and land at her feet.*

Caroline: That show was a beautiful classic and I might have enjoyed it if I weren’t so tired. …but tonight we could dance. I’ve danced with an asshole and I’ve danced with Evangeline. You might be far more fun. *She leaned forward with the most wicked of smirks!* Or will you let down a woman who was forced to dress up all pretty for nothing.

Dark: Heh. A couple of dances then. *Afterwards, he could feed. But for now, well … He’d enjoy this time with Caroline without having to snap at her.* -02:56 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was an EEP that she tried to quiet with her hands before she hopped to the side to start running!* -02:56 Jun 17

Caroline: You’re so enthusiastic. *She was smirking again, taking his hand to lead him away from his hiding place back stage and back out where there was music!*

Gabriel: *He stood as she started to run, then smirked and began to follow. Let her run. Half the fun was in the chase.*

Dark: *She was pulling him back! He had enough time to place his guitar under the table backstage before they had reached the dance floor!* -03:01 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline loved the summer courtyard! There was lots of trees and plants! And plenty of places to hide! She managed to find one of the gazebos and hide behind one of the pillars. Clamping her hands over her mouth to try not to giggle!* -03:04 Jun 17

Caroline: Has Evangeline ever bothered to teach you how to dance yet? *It had been awile since she’s been able to tease him without him getting pissed off at her!*

Gabriel: *He was humming softly but then he started to sing as he approached Evangeline’s little hiding place!*

Dark: Yeah, but it was basic stuff like the waltz. But then she also wanted me to try doing some kind of hip hop dance to see if I’d like that better. -03:13 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Bliss! Dark sounded nice, but hearing Gabriel was so much better! Her eyes were closed and she was leaning against the pillar, listening with a grin… until she remembered she was supposed to be hiding! Sneaky!* -03:16 Jun 17

Caroline: Let’s not bother with hip hop or anything new and ridiculous. *Maybe she was an old woman, but some stuff couldn’t be called dancing! She moved to put her arms around his neck. The night was getting late and they were switching to more mellow music. …at least Evangeline picked out a decent club. Caroline might have come to one like this herself!*

Dark: *He blinked as she put her arms around his neck but then he relaxed and put his hands on her waist. It was the only place left to put them!* -03:24 Jun 17

Caroline: Now that I have you trapped, maybe you should ask me about myself. And hear things first hand without a big-mouthed warlock in the middle? *It was hard not to smirk at the expression on his face.*

Gabriel: *He seemed to come out of nowhere, slipping his arms around her, pressing her up against the pillar she had hidden behind!* “Cause the light I shine on you … Is what you gave to me … I’m a crystal clear and true … I’m your cairn and creed … You think that I’m a mountain, but there’s a price I have to pay … For the love I have forsaken, can never be replaced …”

Dark: *He seemed unsure. The last time that had happened, he had gotten pissed at her and they had fought.* I’m pretty sure you’ve said what you’ve had to say. -03:33 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was that swooning fangirl feeling! How can a women be a fangirl of her own husband! For the moment it didn’t matter, she did so love the tone of his voice! It was like being hypnotized with warm fuzzies!* -03:36 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you get to know me beyond first impressions. Or do I only give second chances and not get them? *Caroline was fascinated to know! There were a lot of assumtions and misconceptions, but he wouldn’t know any different unless he stayed still long enough to ask.*

Gabriel: *He lowered his head, lips brushing against hers with every word he sung!* “The mysteries of life … Take us high and low … The road can be long. It seems … Someone is lost but no one is free … Falling, I’m falling down … Into your open arms! Each and every gathered glow, maintains my shining star … This is a praise to all of you …”

Dark: *Eh, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if he started out with something simple …* So why don’t you tell me about your favorite color and food first. I know you love tea. You drink the damn thing all the time. -03:45 Jun 17
Evangeline: *He did give her shivers making one song sound so sweet! So she cheated just a little to raise up on her toes and bridge that gap to kiss him!* -03:47 Jun 17

Caroline: *Patience was a virtue. Looking only mildly frustrated but still amused she answered!* Midnight blue is my favorite color. And I favor Baklava. It’s sweet and not something I get to have often. Tea is good for you, by the way.

Gabriel: *She kissed him just as he ended the song and then he was kissing her back, one hand stroking her cheek!*

Evangeline: *A little nibble of his lips before leaning away to giggle softly!* Do you know how many times I’ve fallen in love with you? -03:55 Jun 17
Dark: Yeah, I hear that a lot. *He muttered.* So, am I like your second stray or were there more strays you picked up and I don’t know about. -03:59 Jun 17

Gabriel: Is that a rhetorical question, Evangeline. *He was running his hands up and down her arms now.*

Caroline: You are the only one I picked up by choice, if that’s what you mean. I haven’t made it a habit to stay in one place for long.

Dark: And this Mentor of yours. Whatever happened to him. -04:04 Jun 17
Evangeline: I think this might be three hundred and seventy six. *At this rate she was going to purr, and she never did it quite the way he did. But she had her eyes closed again anyway, with that happy sigh!* -04:04 Jun 17

Caroline: …Now we come to the tough questions! I out lived him. I was surprised he lived as long as he did. Those days men didn’t get very old.

Dark: So he was human. I always thought your Mentor was a demon or something. -04:07 Jun 17

Gabriel: *Still stroking her cheek with one hand, he was planting kisses down her other cheek and then down to her neck, nibbling and sucking gently on the spot where her pulse beat strongest!*

Caroline: I always wondered if he was part demon. The man was insufferable. *Caroline gave a slow smirk.* Would you like to know how I met him?

Dark: … Does it have anything to do with sex? *Because if it did, count him out of it!* -04:10 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was always that one spot that made her knees weak, and it would probably be like that for eternity! She tilted her head just a bit to rest against his and smell his hair. He smelled like her bath salts and summer rain. No incbubus could mimic that and the thought made her giggle again!* -04:11 Jun 17

Caroline: No! For the gods no! For your information, my entire life story doesn’t involve sex! *There was a mental image she never wanted to have again!*

Dark: *He was going to pretend like he wasn’t relieved!* Okay. So how *did* you meet him. -04:17 Jun 17

Caroline: One day a long time ago a very angry woman saw an old man getting hassled by a couple of demons. Determined to kill every demon she lay sights on, she decided to rescue him. The fight was long and bloody but in the end she won just barely. ..Only for the old man to take her to the ground in three seconds, sit on her back and say “All that potential and now you’re eating the dirt like a twit.” *Varients of that same phrase, she had grumbled at Dark so many times before!*

Gabriel: *He was kissing and stroking her body. He wanted her to feel the warm fuzzies she often spoke of, and to cuddle and kiss her without it actually having to turn into sex. Evangeline was more than just someone to have sex with.*

Dark: *He blinked.* You’re kidding me. -04:29 Jun 17
Evangeline: *He was so sweet, it made moment three hundred and seventy seven! There was no one in the world that ever made her feel more precious and loved. She took his hands to pull him away from the pillar and fuss him on to one of the gazebo seats. Then she was slipping on to his lap and curling her arms around his neck so she could nuzzle his cheek.* -04:30 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as she pulled him away from the pillar, into one of the seats! He wrapped his arms around her and lay his head on her shoulder. Evangeline made him feel at peace and loved. He was glad he had made her this castle to cuddle in.*

Caroline: No. And I was unfathomably angry. I tried to shake him, throw him, roll over on him for an hour or so. He was a human old man and for all purposes I planned on killing him for it. But I couldn’t get him off. To make it worse he would chuckle the entire time! When I finally gave up and demanded he get off, he shared his grand wisdom. “Wasted all of your energy fighting those idiots, when you really needed it for me. Wouldn’t you like to learn better?” …Of course, I told him where he could stick his offer, with all of the politeness of a lady.

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly, running her fingers in to his hair.* Is that all you made this castle for? Cuddling? -04:35 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was purring now! She had such a wonderful touch! And when she ran her fingers through his hair like so …!* Mmm? *He kissed her collarbone.*

Dark: Wow. And did he just laugh and lecture you until you couldn’t take it anymore? -04:39 Jun 17
Evangeline: It wasn’t to keep me hidden away from the world? *Purring! Oooh, that deserved her massaging his head a bit. Since he was kind enough to let her go out dancing and meddling!* -04:41 Jun 17

Caroline: It was his greatest pleasure to do so. I did finally decide I would take his lessons, if only so I could kill him with them later.

Gabriel: *He could nuzzle and purr for her for the rest of eternity!* You deserve a castle.

Dark: Heh. What do you know … So, would you say your Mentor was as evil with his training as you and Gabriel were? -04:47 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She rubbed his head and took great care to get all of those pressure points for tension! Occasionally leaning to kiss him here or there.* And I love it very much. Especially with you here in it. -04:49 Jun 17

Caroline: I would say every curse word, insult, complaint and moan you have thrown at me and Gabriel I said myself to him at one point or another. I didn’t learn as quickly as you did. *She was glad he was amused! She had been while trying to teach him!*

Gabriel: *He purred.* Now I have lots of room to spread my dragon wings.

Dark: *Smirk!* So much for being original and stuff. So, you never got to find out a lot about your Mentor? -04:57 Jun 17
Evangeline: I like when you put your wings around me too. *Evangeline tilted to kiss his cheek. Who knew that she would only see darkness and then later only feel safe when surrounded by it too!* -04:58 Jun 17

Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled and then Evangeline felt his wings around her as well! The warm darkness as soft as a spider’s web or a butterfly’s wing without being sticky or so easily torn.*

Caroline: I was able to learn far more about my Mentor than I ever wished to know. *She replied with a wry grin!* I spent several years traveling with him. Old men a very unpleasant travel companions.

Evangeline: *Wings were something unique and didn’t cease to fascinate her! She reached out a hand to brush softly against one.* Are they awkward to have like this? -05:04 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He lay his head on her shoulder again.* No, not anymore. *Perhaps he was regaining his control as Darkness or perhaps it was because he was focusing solely on Evangeline.*

Evangeline: What do you think I would look like with wings and fangs? Intimidating? *Not that she wanted to accidentally bite herself, and sleeping with wings might be tricky. …but it was an amusing thought!* I don’t look much like the Queen of Darkness. -05:11 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was trying to picture her with wings and fangs but it wasn’t working! It was much easier to picture her with angel wings!* I am surprised Light has not accused me of stealing one of her Angels and stripping you of your wings.

Dark: I’ll take your word for it. So, how did you know you were ready to go off on your own? -05:15 Jun 17
Evangeline: She may very well say so the next time she wants to talk to me. *Angel wings would probably get in her way too! She ran in to things enough without wings to worry over too!* Will she be able to come to the castle? -05:16 Jun 17

Gabriel: No. She would have to find it first. If she sets foot, eye, or anything else of hers on or around castle grounds, I will kill her.

Caroline: War. …Seems most of my stories involve war one way or another. You can’t stay on the heels of your mentor when you’re fighting off goblins and demons.

Dark: I don’t know. Sounds like the old man could take care of himself pretty well. -05:20 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned forward to kiss his forehead.* But what happens if you did kill her? There has to be Light somewhere, yes? -05:22 Jun 17

Caroline: He did. And so did I. A grim test of skill and independance! He retired to spend the rest of his days telling embarrassing stories about his students while I carried on the family business.

Gabriel: The universe rights itself by finding another avatar of Light. Or it is destroyed as the balance is completely uneven.

Dark: So he died a happy man. Good for im. -05:25 Jun 17
Evangeline: Then I hope it might find a new avatar so I can keep living with you! I don’t want the universe to be destroyed and you to be all alone. -05:26 Jun 17

Gabriel: As do I. *Light did not like the possibility of being replaced.*

Caroline: And that, my love, is the beginnings of Caiolainn the Slayer. So very exciting. *Caroline grinned. It was probably less exciting and more like a history lesson from a stuffy old professor. At least dancing was pleasant!*

Dark: Gee, look at the time. I think I should go feed now. -05:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She kissed him softly to erase his worries.* She won’t tempt fate, I think. Only the crazy ones try! -05:32 Jun 17

Caroline: What a casual brush off! You should work on your lady dismissing techniques. *Caroline released him and stepped back. He stayed and he listened. That’s all she wanted. And if he were going to stay at the loft, that meant other opportunities.* I will see you at home?

Gabriel: *And Light was most definitely crazy! But she wasn’t stupid. She pitched a fit whenever he destroyed something of hers. He could only imagine how she would panic if she knew he was coming to kill her and effectively telling the universe to screw the balance.*

Dark: You’re not going to burn anything else down, are you? Gabriel usually says, no. But with you pyromaniacs, you burn something down once and you’re finding the slightest excuse to do it again. -05:35 Jun 17
Evangeline: Gabriel. Don’t tell the universe things you can’t take back. Not unless you will keep me if it gets destroyed! -05:37 Jun 17

Caroline: Why would you say that. I didn’t burn anyTHING today. Unless there’s another Incubus between me and the loft, no one is going to have their souls burned.

Gabriel: Of course. *He was a bit surprised she had thought he wouldn’t want to keep her if the universe was destroyed! He wanted to keep her, period.*

Evangeline: You can wrap me with your wings and I’ll shine only for you. Even if we’re the only things left. *He had promised her eternity, and she wanted it whether the universe existed or not!* -05:42 Jun 17

Gabriel: *For that, he purred even louder and rubbed his head against her. Ah, there were those warm fuzzies she often spoke of!*

Dark: Heh. Anything is possible with you, Caroline. *He kissed her on the cheek.* Thanks. I’ll see you at home then. *And then he was walking backstage again, to pick up his guitar and feed.* -05:44 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She had made him purr more, and was so please with it that she had her arms around him again to squeeze! He was her universe!* -05:46 Jun 17

Caroline: *Caroline watched him go before she was rubbing her head and wondering how all of today came to here! A resigned, but relieved sigh, she headed for home. Just this once, she would listen to Evangeline and not think so hard about it.*

Gabriel: *Nothing but purrs and cuddles for this woman! He teleported them to their bed and leaned away slightly so he could shrug off his coat! Then he went back to snuggles and purring!*

Evangeline: *She should have written on her husband wishlist that she wanted a vampire that purred! It made agressive snuggling so much! She did love to pet him so he would purr more!* -05:54 Jun 17
Dark: *It was real easy to find somewhere to feed. It just so happened he’d discovered somewhere bottled blood was available. A small place run by some vampires. It wasn’t as "rich" or "fresh" as getting it from "the source" or a victim the old fashioned way. But it was less messy and time-consuming.* -05:57 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He stopped purring long enough to ask!* Do you need time to change into something more comfortable.

Evangeline: I’m already comfortable. *Curling up with him and nuzzling his cheek… But she supposed it was best to put on pajamas and get ready for bed. She hadn’t even taken off her shoes yet!* Hmm… I do, but I don’t want to let you go. -06:01 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Picture the pajamas you wish to wear. *When she had done so, he kissed her forehead and she was instantly in her pajamas!* Better.

Evangeline: Don’t you worry that you will spoil me and I will get lazy and wicked? *Of course, the only wickedness she could think of right now was to lean and kiss him while she moved to get them both under the covers!* -06:06 Jun 17

Gabriel: I do not do it often. This is urgent. *Was his reply!*

Evangeline: *He sounded so serious, it made her laugh!* Urgent snuggle time? -06:09 Jun 17
Dark: *He usually stayed enough for a bottle or two but after downing a couple, he bought a six pack of it to take home with him! Home. Living with Caroline at the loft. There was something that made him smirk!* -06:14 Jun 17

Caroline: *Home was always a quick jump away! And she was more than happy to get out of that damned dress, take a shower and drop on to the sofa to just relax! Alistair wouldn’t be there and now she had a roommate! Should she tease him and say he has to pay half of the bills? Maybe tomorrow when she wasn’t so tired!*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Is there something more urgent than snuggle time.

Dark: *He decided he would just walk home. He didn’t like to teleport unless he had to–Crap, that’s right. He still had those three incubus to take care of. Eh, he’d do that tomorrow.* -06:19 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She was trying to think of something but…. Nope! Snuggle time was on the top of her list of important daily activities. She shook her head!* -06:20 Jun 17

Gabriel: We are in agreement then. *His arms and wings were wrapping around her again and he placed his head over her heart to hear it beat.*

The Great King Saga


Conrad and Lily on their way to Montana have to stop at Lucretia’s Home.

[Lily is on vacation while her mom and new step dad are on a honeymoon! Roadtrip with Conrad it is!] -11:06 Nov 07
[Conrad is on a roadtrip with Lily to Montana!] -11:08 Nov 07
Conrad: *They had just stopped at a gas station for drinks, a bathroom break, and gas! They were good to go and now they were listening to Lily’s favorite song via her mp3 player!* -11:12 Nov 07
Conrad: *hooked into the jeep stereo -11:12 Nov 07
Lily: *Tilting her head side to side to the music while it rest against the seat, the road trip was loooong, but WAY more enjoyable without her mother here to complain. Getting away from school was even better! Not to mention Dark being annoying and… Blargh! Vacations were great!* They want to do a musical at school, and Eugene keeps trying to talk me in to helping. It doesn’t help that Hannah’s already starring in it. It’s like an evil plot. -11:15 Nov 07
Conrad: *Conrad smiled at her before turning back to the road.* Oh yeah. So what do they want you to help with? Or are they trying to get you into acting again? *He snickered.* I don’t think Eugene can make up his mind who he has a crush on. You or Hannah. -11:16 Nov 07
Lily: Anything they can get me to do, I guess. *She made at face at him saying Eugene had a crush! Soooo not true.* I don’t know why Hannah thinks it’s such a great idea though. Last time she tried to get on stage she nearly barfed. -11:19 Nov 07
Conrad: … If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? Hannah seems to have the right frame of mind. Don’t you also have finals coming around the same time as the play? -11:20 Nov 07
Lily: Yeah. Some of the classes have been a pain in the ass. *Lily switched the songs on the player. Oooh! This one is good!* You could always volunteer for the play though. *She cast him a wicked grin!* -11:23 Nov 07
Conrad: Oh no … I’m using the excuse that I have to be committment-free and avoid distractions to perform my job. *He winked. He’d used that excuse plenty of times but as long as you got away with using it, why not continue? Besides, he didn’t like getting caught up in the hype and tension of acting and drama. His life was full of drama as it was!* -11:25 Nov 07
Lily: Eventually that’s gonna stop working, and they’re gonna have you dressed up as the Easter bunny or something! -11:29 Nov 07
Conrad: … Or in tights. *He shuddered.* Do you have any idea how hard it is to exorcise a demon who eats pigs and tears up crops while weairng something like tights? It’s damn hard to run in and no pockets to stow away scrolls and tic tacs when said demon decides breathing down your neck seems like fun. -11:30 Nov 07
Lily: *Lily laughed! Mostly because the only place she COULD imagine stuff being put is stuffed in those tights! That’d look pretty damn stupid!* I’ve seen guest slayers come in to Oracle, like these ladies wearing outrageous outfits and I always wonder how they’re supposed to kill demons dressed like that. -11:32 Nov 07
Conrad: Can you imagine how often those outfits are ripped or destroyed when they end up in Evangeline and Gabriel’s class? -11:40 Nov 07
Lily: Evangeline had Caroline help her with one of the classes one day, and she ended up stringing this woman from the ceiling by her own coat like a straight jacket. I bet Gabriel would have done a lot worse! *And she’s watched him do it! Their classes were always worth hanging around when Conrad had other work to do!* -11:43 Nov 07
Conrad: It’s a good thing I became a hunter before Gabriel and Evangeline joined. So what does your mom think about you watching their classes? -11:46 Nov 07
Lily: I think she loves their classes too, but you know how she is about admitting anything related to Gabriel is a good idea. *Especially after the incidents with Mother. …and the same time, it did change he mom’s perspective on things a little bit! Now she has a stepdad to prove it!* -11:48 Nov 07

… Suddenly the Jeep slowed down! One of the lights on the panel were flashing and that was never a good sign!

Conrad: Damn. What is it now? *Conrad asked to no one in particular! He’d checked everything before they left and periodically since then! But this Jeep had seen its share of hardships and travel … after all, the drive from New York to Montana and back again were not short ones! He looked around and saw a road that led off the main through a gate and some trees! The Jeep was sputtering now and he didn’t like the idea of spending the night on the side of a desserted road so he turned and drove up to a very large mansion–that was already crowded with trailers and moving trucks!* I guess we’re just in time for someone to move in? -11:54 Nov 07
Lily: Looks more like a tv crew or something. *The jeep acting up wasn’t odd in itself. Something was bound to go wrong on a road trip! Luckily they didn’t die somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and there were people here!* It could be, worse, anyway. -11:57 Nov 07

There were a couple of people walking in and out of the front door, carrying things inside! But they were carrying cameras and tripods not chairs and tables! One man stood off to the side on the steps, directing them! “Yeah, that one … No, Ronnie, the other one. Yes, get me the Zoom 180 out and make sure it’s working this time! Patrick, I need you to check the connections between the computer and the cameras. Christ knows how long we have until things start crapping out in this godforsaken place!”

Lily: Wow.. looks like chaos. *Oh, but the curiosity! There was a lot of music equiptment getting unloaded too, and that definitely piqued her interests!* -12:07 Nov 08

The man on the steps saw them and pointed! “You two, you’re from the temp agency, right? Hartman’s Hiring Service.”

Lily: *Lily turned to blink at Conrad.* Not exactly, no… It’s just car trouble? -12:16 Nov 08
Conrad: *Conrad blinked at Lily.* Yeah, sorry, sir. I’ll just check what’s wrong, fix it, and we’ll be on our way. *He unbuckled his seat belt and then jumped out. He lifted the hood to get a look inside.* -12:17 Nov 08
Lily: *Not one to stay sitting around in the jeep, Lily hopped out to look around at things. Without straying too far away from the jeep!* What’s all this stuff, anyway? -12:18 Nov 08

One of the guys moving things who looked in his late 30’s paused for a moment. He was carrying a box and had an unlit cigarette in his mouth. “We’re shooting a music video for some rock group. You know, the Seven Sins.” And then he continued on his way and disappeared into the house!

Lily: Ooooh… sucks to be you guys. *Seven Sins. HA. They were okay. If you liked generic boring rock music. They sure weren’t as awesome as Forsaken. Lily at least tried to keep her opinions to herself!* …Do you think the jeep is fixable? This might actually be a cool place to stay for the night, if not. -12:26 Nov 08
Conrad: *Conrad had rolled up his sleeves and his hands were black.* Fixable, yeah. I think I can do a temp fix that’ll last until we reach a gas station or garage. -12:35 Nov 08
Lily: *Tilting her head to watch, she supposed she really liked the picture of Conrad working on cars. …enough that she pulled out her cellphone and snapped a shot of it.* I wanna see how they’re making the video. They might sound better in person. -12:37 Nov 08
The Great King Saga


Anthony and Malsuada enact their plan! It nearly succeeds… until the final seals of Gabriel’s memories are broken!

[Evangeline was waking up somewhere unfamiliar, and without a familiar! ] -02:19 Jun 06
[Anthony is either going to have Gabriel\’s body as his own or have his head on a silver platter!] -02:20 Jun 06
Anthony: *He had his back toward Evangeline! Such memories at this place! He was beginning to get nostalgic! He glanced over his shoulder when she stirred and smirked.* I was beginning to think you would be unconscious through all the fun. *He started walking toward her, one hand lifting, claws growing …* -02:21 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Something really strange had happened. She and Meri were just on the way home, and she was very specifically making sure not to stop anywhere or talk to strangers. Even when they nice old lady tried to offer them free drinks! After that was just a complete blur and now… she was in a very bad place!* …you do have very bad timing! *Evangeline rolled off what she was sitting on and was trying to find a direction to run! This place echoed strangely!* -02:24 Jun 06
Anthony: *He moved so fast! He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him! Then he closed his claw around her throat! He drew blood!* I would not run if I were you. *He took a deep breath, inhaled! Ah, the scent of blood! He could hear the groans of the restless stirring at the scent of blood! Groans that were definitely not the wind!* The ghouls who dwell here have much to repay your husband for. -02:26 Jun 06
Evangeline: *She was trying very hard not to panic! She needed time to think. To know if it would be safe to call for help, or if this was just a way to get Gabriel! But it was awfully hard not to be scared!* Y-you really should leave him alone! -02:30 Jun 06

Malsuada: Poor glittery human. Trying to be brave. What makes you think we want your husband today? *Malsuada was pleased with herself. The little devil brat and her human had resisted, but she wasn’t one of the great devils just by rumor.*

Anthony: Leave him alone? *A smirk. A flash of fangs!* My dear, you should have left him alone. *Decades … centuries! He had taken to ensure Gabriel would be under his control. All it took was a single mortal woman to make things all the more difficult! The ghouls were rising! Tangible shadows with glowing red eyes! He spoke to them now.* You wish for revenge against the one who condemned you? The one who left you to suffer these long millenia, filled with a thirst, a hunger that can never be sated! -02:34 Jun 06

The ghouls stopped advancing! Anthony had their attention! Yes, yes! It was revenge they sought, the one hunger they held onto!

Anthony: His wife is the bait but he is already approaching. Savor the opportunity and destroy him! *It wasn’t until after the ghouls had left that Anthony turned back.* That should weaken him. -02:36 Jun 06
Evangeline: * was a little bit worse than she thought. Anthony AND Malsuada was not something she ever expected! And Meri was no where near! Evangeline struggled to pull those claws from her neck. She was scared, but she wasn’t just going to let them hurt her or Meri!* -02:36 Jun 06

Gabriel: *He was at the base, looking up! This place! Memories …! But he could not get any closer by magic. He would have to go on foot. He steeled him. Great King or not, this place was something to be wary of!*

Malsuada: And we cannot forget the guardians of this creepy little tomb. Devils and demons, so bored and tired of watching a corpse. Oh~! My little treasure is getting fiesty! *Her tail was swishing behind her, like a cat delighted with pawing at a new toy!*

As soon as Gabriel set foot on the mountain and began to climb up, there was that feeling of being watched! The ground was loose and it was hard to gain a firm hold on it! The ghouls were rushing toward him! He was here! He was here!

Anthony: *Gabriel had no idea of what was coming toward him! This place messed with the senses, gave him an ache throbbing at his temple! There was the feeling of suddenly becoming dizzy and the ground became like quicksand and he found himself sinking!* -02:43 Jun 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel had no idea of what was coming toward him! This place messed with the senses, gave him an ache throbbing at his temple! There was the feeling of suddenly becoming dizzy and the ground became like quicksand and he found himself sinking!*

Anthony: *He was inspecting Evangeline’s hand! He snorted.* A life bond. How touching. Leave it to Gabriel to do something so stupid. -02:44 Jun 06

The ghouls were delighted! That was him, alright! And the quicksand was pulling him in! Now all they had to do was tear him apart! As he fell forward and reached out to gain some hold to get out, they split up! A bunch of them took one arm, the rest took the other and they began to pull! … Time to make a wish!

Gabriel: *He grunted as he fell! Reached out for a hold! There had to be something! But then suddenly something had him by the arms and was pulling! The grip was tight! And he was still sinking!*

Evangeline: You shouldn’t taunt him like this..! *Why to even warn him, he didn’t deserve it! She was still trying to squirm out of his grasp. Getting to Gabriel was important, he needed her!* -02:47 Jun 06

Anthony: Heh. And what is [i]Gabriel[/i] going to do when he has unfinished business with everything for miles around!

Anthony: Heh. And what is Gabriel going to do when he has unfinished business with everything for miles around! -02:49 Jun 06

Malsuada: And we haven’t even begun with the truely fun parts. Taunting is such a child’s play compared to delightfully vicious revenge. *Flicking her hand, long claws grew from her finger tips. At the end of the room, starting at one corner, she drug her claws along the stone wall. The spell she cast was slow to take effect, but the stone shimmered and faded until it was as crystal clear as glass. On the other side they were going to have a very nice view – and vice versa!*

Pull and pull! The ghouls were delighted! They were going to tear his arms off and then let him bleed to death while they tortured him more! Roused by the emotions of anguish not felt for generations, the devils and demons Malsuada had mentioned began to rise! One of them, an imp, had a nice long dagger, ornate and with a golden handle, appeared only to drive the blade into Gabriel’s back!

Gabriel: *He had not even noticed the imp approaching! When the knife slammed into his body, he jerked and let out a cry of pain! He managed to slip one hand out of the ghouls’ grasp, summon the Diablo Animus and bury it deep in the soil! The ghouls and demons knew that blade well and scurried for safety, long enough for him to pull himself out!

Evangeline: *This place was so warded and bound with spells, trying to make sense of it was impossible! All she knew was that Gabriel was in a great deal of pain!* Stop! Just, stop please. -02:56 Jun 06
Anthony: Every humiliation, every defeat will be repaid in blood. *He pulled Evangeline a little closer.* Hm. I’m feeling a little parched. *He licked a trail of Evangeline’s blood.* Mmm … No wonder he protects you so. You have such sweet blood. -03:01 Jun 06

It wasn’t long before the ghouls returned! They were swarming him, landing little cuts and slices along his body, moving too quickly for him to catch as they darted out of range of his swings! Some of the demons and devils sat back and watched the show! The wind began to pick up! Sand was flying everywhere and blinding Gabriel!

Evangeline: Don’t. *Evangeline was scared to death, and trying so hard not to be! Gabriel would be okay as long as he knew she was all right! She squeezed her eyes shut and tried pushing him away.* -03:05 Jun 06

Malsuada: Don’t what, shiny soul? Take all of your blood? Don’t you worry, he won’t take it all. Such sweet blood should be kept alive for years of enjoyment. …Of course, I could make it all go away for you, if you wanted to make a tiny deal.

Gabriel: *Frustrated, tired, missing Evangeline … This place sapped his strength and the sand itself burned his eyes! He was trying to get that knife off of his back as he moved but the imp had put it somewhere difficult to reach! He knew he was climbing upward, though, but that was it!*

Anthony: *Anthony didn’t even feel Evangeline’s efforts to part from him! It had been years since he’d been able to truly enjoy someone struggling! Fear was an invigorating emotion!* -03:09 Jun 06
Evangeline: I’m not making any deals! And when he gets here you’re going to be very sorry..! *Evangeline refused to be taken advantage of again, not after what she did to Gabriel with one stupid wish! But he wasn’t letting go, and it was starting to hurt! She tried kicking at him, nails, anything!* -03:13 Jun 06

The ghouls tripped him but he continued on! Blood followed behind him, dotting the sand with red! They bared their fangs! There was no better revenge than draining the Great King himself!

Anthony: *He grinned. Unbeknowest to Gabriel and his little pet, he’d taken such great care to design a ward sufficient enough to hold the Great King and complicated enough to where even Gabriel would have a hard time undoing it! His very energy would feed the ward’s power turning his body into a living battery until it was drained so much, he could take possession with minimum effort!* -03:15 Jun 06

Malsuada: Poor soul, he isn’t even going to make it past the glass. But take heart! He will get to see you in his last moments! Isn’t that just the most romantic thing?

Anthony: *His feet were dragging! His body felt heavier! A ghoul pounced on him and drove its fangs into his neck but he snarled and grabbed it, then flung it off! Now every few steps he was battling ghouls trying to drain him dry! And every other ghoul was able to take a bite before being thrown off!* -03:22 Jun 06

Gabriel: *His feet were dragging! His body felt heavier! A ghoul pounced on him and drove its fangs into his neck but he snarled and grabbed it, then flung it off! Now every few steps he was battling ghouls trying to drain him dry! And every other ghoul was able to take a bite before being thrown off!*

Evangeline: He is going to kill you, and I might be happy for it! *She was getting tired and nothing she did seemed to phase Anthony at all! But every moment she could feel it getting harder and harder for Gabriel. So instead of wasting her energy, she stilled to conserve it and give to Gabriel! They had put this place together well, but they couldn’t keep her from him!* -03:28 Jun 06

Malsuada: My, I believe she is going to try and use that bond and make her little threat come true. We better do something so fast! *Her voice was dripping with sarcasm, tail swishing once again from sheer amusement!*

Gabriel: *He kicked up loose sand as he approached! He was rubbing sand from his eyes, ignoring the pain! He could feel Evangeline close by! Giving him strength!*

Frustrated, first one ghoul and then another and another pounced on Gabriel! They clung to him and drove their fangs into his body to start drinking his blood! One of them grabbed the knife in his back and twisted!

Evangeline: *They were taking him to pieces, hurting him so much! It was bringing her to tears despite trying to stay strong for him!* Please, let him go, please? -03:45 Jun 06
[Anthony logged out of the chat.] -((05:46 Jun 06))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -05:46 Jun 06
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -05:46 Jun 06
[Gabriel may be in his final moments!] -10:09 Jun 06
[Evangeline was begging them to stop tormenting Gabriel like this! But no one ever listens to her!] -10:09 Jun 06

Anthony: \Indeed. *Anthony agreed, chuckling softly and leaned forward to whisper in Evangeline’s ear!* If you think this is bad, perhaps you should consider this … *And then he dropped her onto the floor, stepping to one side!* -Gabriel

Michael: *Something moved from behind him and walked into the dim light! A man in a suit who looked so much like Gabriel … except there was a rather long scar down one side of his face! Michael!* Finally. My turn to play … Little doll, human doll, the doll from which I feed … *He was saying in a singsong voice! Not that he had the singing talent Gabriel had, which might have been a relief or Evangeline might never be able to tolerate Gabriel’s singing again!* -Gabriel

The ghouls tore his coat off and tore his back with their claws! Gabriel’s shirt fell to the ground in pieces! There was so much blood! Their shrieking pierced the air! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *Head, throbbing. Body … Losing strength. Blood. Seeping out. Everywhere. Mouths. Fangs. Sucking. Feeding. … Evangeline? It was difficult but he was able to distinguish her pain from his. She was–she was close! He groaned as he clenched his teeth, winced! He started moving forward, on hands and knees, using the Diablo Animus as a walking stick to gain ground!* -10:13 Jun 06
Evangeline: *She couldn’t catch herself from dropping to the floor, she had been so scared her knees wouldn’t hold her up. …and now so frightened she couldn’t even mutter Michael’s name! She had to get up and run, but she was shaking so much she was only scooting backwards slowly on the floor!* -10:14 Jun 06

Michael: *Michael advanced only to stop a few feet away! Ah, poor little Gabriel! He folded his arms, showing fangs!* This will be fun … -Gabriel

Malsuada: The little chatter box is speechless! I did tell you she would enjoy our guest. *So pleased. This plan was perfect. The little soul would be so broken she would beg to be taken!* Is he listening now, wee human? Does he know you’ll be taken blood, body and soul?

Gabriel: *He reached the glass wall! But he was so weak! He fell forward but the ghouls gathered around him, leaving him space to see Michael and Evangeline’s back! He could barely see with the burning sand in his eyes!* Michael … *That voice! He knew that voice! Michael?! His eyes flashed red, gold, then red again! Anger! So much … anger! But … weak … so weak … Protect. He had to … protect … He shut his eyes. There were suddenly images! A bright light! Glowing red runes … His hand reached up but he couldn’t even push against the wall!* -10:18 Jun 06
Gabriel: *suddenly images appearing in his mind -10:18 Jun 06

Anthony: *Anthony smirked!* The sooner we get this over with, the better. *He couldn’t wait to get started!* -Gabriel

Michael: *He ran his tongue over his fangs! It had been so long since he last fed from her! This would be a delight! It was his turn to pick Evangeline up by the neck and draw her near!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head slowly! She wouldn’t let him know. She had to be strong for him! Frozen with fear she was squeezing her eyes shut, trying so hard not to scream or cry!* -10:23 Jun 06

The ghouls were happily feasting! But suddenly something happened, something overwhelming that was growing right before their eyes! They ran away! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *Blinding light! Glowing runes! Then black! There was something … something he wasn’t remembering! The memories were there! Just not all of it! Power. He needed … power! Destroy to protect! Something was happening to his Binding Mark and his body was rapidly healing–revealing the strange red glowing marks on his body! Those were wards! But something was wrong with them! They were … incomplete?! And they were quickly dissipating!* -10:25 Jun 06

Malsuada: Take her blood! Do it! She’s feeding him strength! *…or something! Cause there was a sense of some sort of power starting to spike, and that was not part of her plans!*

Michael: Bleeding for me already, little doll … *He lowered his head to lick up the trail of blood! Then he was scraping the tip of his fangs against her neck!* Mm … Do you remember Wareham? *He whispered in her ear.* It is alright if you do not. You will remember it soon. -Gabriel

Anthony: *Anthony took a step back! There was something wrong! This growing power–It felt nothing like Gabriel. And it was greater than even the Great King’s!* -Gabriel

*Something was happening to Evangeline’s hand! It tingled and it even burned a little! The Binding Mark, the symbols within the five pointed star in the center of the circle and the circle itself were shifting! Lines appeared from the circle, a larger circle formed around it … and both circles formed the top and bottom of a dragon biting its own tail! An Ouroboros! The symbols Even when they stopped shifting, they were glowing!* -Gabriel

*The symbols changed! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She did remember Wareham, and her choked cry gave it away! She didn’t want to be his doll again, or have him touch her! The fear was so strong she was sure to black out, but the burning at her hand reminded her how much Gabriel needed her to be okay!* -10:31 Jun 06
Gabriel: *Those large dragon wings sprouted from Gabriel’s back! He let loose a roar that shattered the glass wall and shook the entire mountain! The shadows in the room shifted and one of the shadow wolves attacked Michael, forcing him to drop Evangeline!* -10:33 Jun 06

While the shadow wolf held Michael’s throat in its jaw, two others stood on either side to make sure Michael didn’t move! Malsuada and Anthony were surrounded by more shadow wolves! -Gabriel

Malsuada: …you brainless asshole! Who did you seal! *Malsuada wasn’t going to stick around to find out! The moment that glass shattered, she had waved both arms and totally poofed! She wasn’t going to take the fall for that Carnatelli’s mistakes!*

Anthony: *Anthony clenched his teeth!* Malsuada! *He snarled but she was already gone! He disappeared as well just as a shadow wolf pounced for him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *On her knees on the floor, she had wrapped her arms around herself and was shaking! Trying to push away those thoughts and memories and just focus on Gabriel in the present!* -10:37 Jun 06
Gabriel: *He got to his hands and knees but it was so difficult! So much … so overwhelming … Power. He was breathing hard with the effort to keep control, to keep this body. But then he suddenly grew a dragon tail and one arm became a dragon claw! The shadow wolves disappeared!* -10:39 Jun 06

Michael: *That damned wolf was finally gone! He was scrambling to his feet and scrambling to get away–before his body suddenly froze on him! The only thing he could move were his eyes!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Focus, focus… don’t be afraid. Those words she repeated in her head not only for herself, but for Gabriel as well! It took her a moment, but she stilled her shuddered breathing and was forcing herself to her feet so she could move towards Gabriel!* -10:44 Jun 06
Gabriel: *His tail whipped behind him and then disappeared as he stood! The dragon claw became a normal arm. The knife in his back was gone! He started to walk but he walked past Evangeline and stopped behind Michael.* Forever feeling, forever watching, unable to participate, unable to speak. You are my doll, Michael Carnatelli. *Suddenly Michael fell to the ground, twitching, drooling, eyes rolled back in his head! He suddenly dropped to his knees and tail appeared again! He held his head with both hands! He was confused and torn! This was not the Great King’s power!* Aggghhh! -10:50 Jun 06
Evangeline: Gabriel. *She didn’t want to think of Michael or even hear his name… or even step anywhere near him! But she still made herself turn back to step a wide half circle around him so she could uncurl her arms from herself to wrap around Gabriel. Don’t be afraid! Focus! She was here and she was safe. She had him in her arms and they would both be safe!* -10:54 Jun 06
Gabriel: *So many voices in his head! And somehow he instinctively knew which voice was whose! A vampire in Paris, France. A werewolf Pack in Pennsylvania. A banshee in Ireland.* Not the … Great King’s … power. *His insides were clenching! He bit his lip to keep from crying out and drew blood!* -10:58 Jun 06
Evangeline: *To the floor she went, to slide her arms around his neck! She kissed his cheek softly and rest her forehead against his.* Don’t lose me please? You are strong and Meri needs you. I need you. -11:02 Jun 06
Gabriel: *He nodded and swallowed. Strength. Too much strength! He took deep breaths! Meri. Evangeline. Need. Their safety. First. Awhile longer!* Devil World … *He started to stand!* -11:06 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Evangeline rose with him, moving her arms around his waist, intending to carry him if she had to try! Carry his body, his memories or mind if that’s what he needed! He didn’t know what to do with all of the sudden voices in his mind and she could feel it taking it’s toll on him!* Just remember my voice, promise? -11:09 Jun 06
Gabriel: *Even with so much strength, he wasn’t lashing out at her with it! He took that as a good sign! He may go mad if he harmed her again!* Remember your voice. *He closed his eyes! With so much power, he didn’t need to use words or blood for this spell or a demon guide to take them to the Devil World! One moment they were in the room, the next they were in another room!* -11:19 Jun 06

Vlamerias: *Meri whimpered and cried! There was some kind of collar around her neck that prevented her from using her magic and she was in her devil form! She was stuck in a cage in the same room Gabriel and Evangeline appeared in but it was against the wall! The wall suddenly opened, letting in sounds of cheering and a loud announcer! There was a roar and the cage opened up to an arena on the other side!* -Gabriel

“Ladies and gentlemen! A special guest for our ravenous champion! The Great Cho Beast against the Little Devil Princess herself!” A big ogre came out from nowhere to grab Meri by her collar and drag her out to the arena! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Meri! *That need to stay close to Meri gave way to maternal instinct! She released him suddenly to try and snatch her devil back from some horrible beast!* -11:24 Jun 06

Vlamerias: *Meri landed in the center of the arena and was looking around fearfully! But she heard Evangeline’s voice!* M–mommy? Mommy! *She was frantically looking now and got on her hands and knees!* Mommy! Mommy! *She wanted to fly away but those meanies had bound her wings as well!* -Gabriel

Vlamerias was so busy looking for Evangeline that she failed to notice the giant beast approaching her! It had to be at least fifty feet tall! The crowd was going wild! Its two back legs ended in hooves, the four front legs were claws! It had tusks like a boar and six red eyes! It had an egg-shaped head and tentacles coming from its mouth which were filled with nasty teeth! -Gabriel

There was some room to squeeze through, a space between the cage and the wall Evangeline could fit through! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Meri was small and helpless, and she might not of been so brave before, but this was getting desperate! Evangeline picked up the first solid weapon she could get her hands on and was squeezing through the small hole in to the arena! She reached Meri just in time to take a swing and slash at a flying limb with a cringe! And apologized for it!* ….sorry!! -11:31 Jun 06

The Cho Beast roared and the crowd cheered! It seemed they’d have quite the show! Two victims eaten for the price of one! How entertaining! The monster charged to scoop Evangeline and Meri into its waiting jaws! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *The only thought that registered through the haze of all those voices were Evangeline and Vlamerias’ safety! He roared and then a giant dragon much bigger than the Cho Beast appeared between it and its intended victims! It was so large the Cho Beast slammed into it and landed on the ground and the dragon didn’t even flinch! The dragon was made of shadows and yet not! One moment solid and then intangible!* -11:37 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled Meri up in to her arms, wasting no time in getting that awful collar off of her. Gabriel was big again! Giant! A dragon of shadow… this must be the part he said was not of the Great King! She just held Meri tight, not daring to run for fear there might be other monsters in the arena!* -11:40 Jun 06

Wow, a battle of monsters! This was pure gold! The crowd loved it!

Gabriel: *Or they loved it up until the dragon spread its wings and a ring of pure darkness surrounded it and Evangeline and Vlamerias! The ring quickly expanded outward and disintegrated every living thing in the stadium until only the three of them remained!* -11:42 Jun 06

Vlamerias: MOMMY! *Meri hugged her tightly and did her best to help her get that collar off! She blinked and looked wide-eyed up at the dragon!*

Evangeline: *There was that small part of her that felt sympathy for the loss of life, but those same devils had put a child in a cage to get eaten by a monster, and she wasn’t feeling so sympathetic anymore!* They didn’t hurt you, did they? -11:45 Jun 06
Gabriel: *The dragon folded its wings and suddenly it became Gabriel! He seemed to have finally gotten control, even with all the voices in his head!* Meri … -11:50 Jun 06

Vlamerias: Glaër! *She reached out and hugged him, too!* They slapped me around and called me names! *She sniffled!* But it’s Malsuada! She’s going to attack the two of you to get your bright soul back, Mommy! And she did terrible things to all the people she knew would help! Like Dark and Warrior Lady! And Conrad and Lily! Oh, even Lily’s mommy and Mr Wolfy!

Evangeline: *That woman was climbing her list of the most evil people she had ever met! She brushed her hands over Meri to make sure they hadn’t abused her too badly. Evangeline was about ready to start crying again! This was all so overwhelming, and there were so many people being hurt! What if they weren’t okay?!* -11:58 Jun 06
Gabriel: Malsuada has gone too far. *He growled and suddenly he was gone!* -12:14 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Mommy! What happened to Glaër? He looks and feels like him but there’s something different!

Evangeline: Wait! *And he was gone..! This was too soon! She needed him and he- ..and she couldn’t panic. Evangeline took a deep breath, hugging Meri close again.* I am not sure… there is something more than the Great King. -12:16 Jun 07
[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -12:17 Jun 07
Vlamerias: *She hugged her Mommy tightly!* Oohh! Daddy would know! He knows everything! Let’s go see him and ask him! -12:17 Jun 07
Evangeline: *She nodded, and though reluctant to let go of Meri, she set the devil on her own feet and made sure to hold her hand tight.* Lets see him. -12:19 Jun 07
Vlamerias: *She quickly nodded and POOFED! both of them to her Daddy’s throne room!* -12:20 Jun 07
[Vlamerias is now known as: Dark] -12:20 Jun 07
Dark: You little–! You better give me back the remote! *He was not going to watch aerobic exercises just because that stupid little pervert wanted to see chicks!* -12:21 Jun 07

Dark: testing -Dark

Alistair wasn’t any happier being alone with Dark than the fanged brat was. But this was his ‘pennance’ for causing trouble awhile back! “…I am older, wiser, and thus get to choose! And we’re watching Jennifer’s Workout!” Now if only he had a place to hide this remote! -Evangeline

The Devil King didn’t seem surprised to see his small daughter, or the bright soul that was one half of her new masters! “Daughter! You have come to visit your old boring father at last!” -Evangeline

Dark: *He was ssooo lucky he couldn’t reach up there! But that stupid bat was flying overhead!* I don’t care if you’re the Pope! *He growled and began throwing things at Alistair!* -12:24 Jun 07

“If you weren’t such a Carnafatti, maybe you could catch me!” There went his promises to behave. Alistair flew circles above, ever so often dropping low enough to taunt before darting back up again. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: DADDY! *She let go of Evangeline briefly to fly up to his head and give him a hug! She gave him a kiss on his cheek!* I missed you! *She rubbed her cheek against his!* -Dark

Dark: I am NOT fat! *He growled, crouching down and then jumping up to swipe at the big-mouthed rodent!* -12:28 Jun 07

The Devil King was so huge and mighty, seeing him smile while a small devil rubbed cheeks with his must have been a sight for all of the devils and demons currently in court! But so was the shiny human who smelled of blood! More than one inched closer to her! The Devil King took his daughter in to one mighty hand. “What trouble has my small child been in to? It takes not a King to know an ill wind has blown!” -Evangeline

Suddenly the shadow Evangeline cast shifted into one of the shadow wolves between Evangeline and the demons who approached her! It snapped and growled! -Dark

Vlamerias: Something has happened to Glaër and Mommy needs your help finding out what! -Dark

Evangeline: *Now she did not have Meri to hold, and she was still feeling very jittery and scared. Evangeline crossed her arms around herself again and was going to step away when a shadow wolf appeared! It did make her feel a small bit better!* Something awakened and it was not the Great King. -12:32 Jun 07

Vlamerias: There was a giant dragon! And it was dark and really powerful! Of course not as powerful as you, Daddy! *Meri added!* -Dark

Alistair cackled, but the laughter was shortlived! Suddenly, something in the ceiling opened up. Water came pouring down on top of them both. Torrents of it, stained red! Then dropped something else, on Alistair and then on Dark who was under him! -Evangeline

Caroline: *That wasn’t a soft landing. It was Caroline who rolled off them both, coughing up bloodied water and struggling to push herself off the floor.* -Evangeline

Dark: AAagghh! Oofff! *He hit the ground and winced! Something heavy had fallen on him–and not just that stupid rodent either! And all that water! He let out a string of curses while he squirmed out from under the load!* -12:36 Jun 07

The Devil King leaned forward, low and giving a curious look at the shadow wolf snarling at devils nearby. That he found amusing, but this talk of the Great King and another power was something else! “I see, I see. A dragon… black as night? Larger than any beast ever seen?” His devils were cowering away from those wolves. ..except for one or two that were brave enough to try and tempt it. They only wanted to comfort the poor human! -Evangeline

[Dark is now known as: Shadow Wolves] -12:38 Jun 07
Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolves reacted as one and pounced on any devil who became "overly brave"! Fortunately, they didn’t do much else but one of them moved over to sit beside Evangeline!* -12:39 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She quickly nodded!* Hmm hmm! A dragon that disintegrated an entire stadium and a Cho Beast in a single attack! *That had been the most awesome technique ever!* -Shadow Wolves

“YOU DAMNED FANGED– Caiolainn?” Alistair had thought Dark had casted some failed spell, but it was Caroline on the floor! …and Caroline was not the only one that had come. Across the room there was a beast, who was so large it’s head was knocking in to the ceiling. It was all black and made of strange goop. But it had a child’s head right in it’s middle. “DEMON! DEMON!” -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline slowly slid to the floor, curling up to sit beside the wolf and hug it close, shadowy thing or not! It was her only physical link to Gabriel and she needed it so badly!* His mind isn’t just filled with memories anymore. He hears voices. People. Almost like my visions but not of the future. Of the present. -12:43 Jun 07

Caroline: I’ve got it. *She gritted through her teeth. Covered in cuts and burns, and still coughing up water, Caroline was climbing to her feet anyway and pulling her axe. There were no reserve spells left, she was relying on her own blood and soul to summon as she took a step forward.* -Evangeline

Dark: *He was shaking himself, to get all that water off! He huffed and quickly brushed his bangs back at the mention of Caroline! But he felt that presence even before the bat started crying about demons!* What the shit did you get yourself into?! … You’re serious! -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolf Evangeline hugged was warm and solid!* -12:47 Jun 07

“If you were to ask of the Great King – HE I could tell you many a tale. But this dragon… that is the legend of Darkness. Have I told you the legend of Darkness and Light, my smallest daughter?” Stroking his chin, he was greatly intruiged by that shadow wolf and amused at the fools that dared to test it! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She clapped as she flew over to sit on one of his knees!* Yay! A story! *And a legend! That made it an even better story!* Please tell, Daddy! -Shadow Wolves

Alistair was doing what he did best, and that was escaping the room as quick as his wings could carry him! The demon, however, knew exactly what it was after! Long tendrils of the black goop were shooting out in every direction and darting for the woman with axe! -Evangeline

Dark: Caroline, you can’t fight it here! *For once Alistair had the best idea! He cast a spell and hurled pieces of furniture at the creature!* -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: *There was no time for her to reply, as those black tendrils came at her, she was slashing her axe with one hand! But her movements were slow and stiff, and there were too many! There was a very angry growl from her when one managed to swing itself around her. And then a startled shout when it lift her off the ground and was sucking her back to it!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *A story was good, while she took what comfort she could with resting her face against the shadowywolf! It wasn’t Gabriel himself, but it was still warm and felt close to him!* -12:54 Jun 07

Dark: You never fuckin’ listen!! *He snarled! He reached out to wrap his arms around Caroline and try to pull her back! He even cast a spell to turn puddles of the water into icicles and launch them at the demon!* -Shadow Wolves

The entire hall of the Devil King’s court seemed to dim, as if him telling a story was a very important affair. He leaned back in his chair, and his voice boomed with dramatic effect! “In the beginning, before time even existed. Before there were devils, demons, and beasts. Before there were fae, elves, or dwaves. Nor humans or animal. There was only the Darkness and the Light. Brother and Sister taking equal space through infinity…” -Evangeline

Icicles stabbed in to the creature, only seeming to get pulled in to and vanish! It even seemed to grow bigger, taking up even more space in the room! And it wasn’t letting go! It’s tendril was so strong, now it was drawing both Caroline and Dark towards it. The child’s face in it’s center smiling with delight! -Evangeline

Dark: *This reminded him all too much of that beast Anthony sent to get him and Evangeline!* Stupid, fuckin’ … piece of shit … asshole .. idiotic … *He was grunting with the effort! He refused to let go!* What the hell is it?! *He bit his lip and focused his energy on forming a blast of wind so keen and sharp to cut through the tendrils pulling them to the beast!* -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: *She couldn’t breathe. But she wasn’t dropping her axe, nor her attempt to cast magic! Not when it was going to drag Dark in with it! She was going to release another spell when Dark’s snapped them both free and she took in a ragged breath!* do you.. *Gasp for breath!* want to know…? *Of course she would still crack a wicked smile at such a moment!* -Evangeline

Dark: If it’d help get us the hell out of this mess, yeah! *He growled, grabbing her and dashing out of the motel room! They needed open air!* -Shadow Wolves

“But infinity is large and lonely. Myth cannot agree if it were Darkness or Light that made the first Children… But they both made their own. Filling one single world with the ancient races. Devils, Angels, Elves and Vampire. From them came new beasts. New peoples. Time began.” There were many a proud devil there to know there were one of “the first” to exist! -Evangeline

Caroline: Rescuing me? *How could she sound amused when she was barely conscious… and apparently cheating! She was trying to lean and point behind him, aiming a summoned spell at the beast that was now trying to follow them!* -Evangeline

And follow fast it was, growing bigger by the minute! It squished it’s way through halls and out doors. And in the open air, it had even more room to grow larger! It was feeding on something to gain it’s strength. The child’s face now laughing! -Evangeline

Dark: *He glanced over his shoulder!* What the fuckin’ hell! You better tell me what it is quick! If you even know what it is! *He glanced over his shoulder!* -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolf Evangeline was hugging turned its head to snap at a demon trying to sneak closer to Evangeline by crawling on the floor! And if that didn’t get the point across, it opened its mouth far wider than a normal wolf ever could!* -01:17 Jun 07

Caroline: Soul Reaper. *Less amused now, Caroline fired off her spell. Light was not her speciality, but she was wracking her brain trying to find something that worked! But her spell didn’t seem to do anything at all, and now her vision was blacking out! Another growl from her.* ..put me down…! I’ll use the axe..! -Evangeline

Dark: What the fuck is a Soul Reaper?! *He didn’t want to stop but he couldn’t run forever! He growled but he skidded to a stop in a parking lot and set her down!* Damnit, Caroline! You can barely stand! -Shadow Wolves

“As the people grew and expanded, there was a desire for space. Again Myth cannot agree if it were Darkness or Light that began the war. But ~I~ say Light became greedy. Treating us Children of the Dark like evil beasts. The war was bloody and far reaching. Not only did it tear the World to pieces, it tore Darkness and Light to bits as well.” -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide as she hugged her knees to her chest! She was really enjoying the story!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *Things about this story sounded so very familiar! As if she remembered those things but… it wasn’t her memories she was recalling! She had lift her head again, now listening intently!* -01:26 Jun 07

It was true that Caroline could barely stand, as once on her feet, she was nearly collapsing to the ground. Even that motion seemed to fuel the beast, making it bigger. It was standing nearly as tall as a five story building, and shooting it’s tendrils out towards them again! The child’s face was twisted in to loud laughter, now even having a deep man’s voice! “Soul, soul… give me more soul!” -Evangeline

“The universe was born then. Pieces of Darkness and Light scattered across it. What was left, forced to take physical forms and walk the worlds of their Children. It is said that they continue to walk these worlds today, ever so often meeting in war for the struggle between balance and dominance.” -Evangeline

Dark: *Dark blinked!* … Soul … *He glared at Caroline!* It’s feeding off of you! How the hell do you stop it! -Shadow Wolves

Vlamerias: So Glaër isn’t just the Great King! He’s Darkness, too! -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: Kill me. *Caroline was dead serious. …with no puns intended! Even thinking was requiring too much energy now. There was a way to destroy it, but damned if she could find the words! And then, just as it occured to her what had to be done she was trying to gesture at the thing and fell unconscious!* -Evangeline

The Devil King quirked a giant eyebrow leaning forward in his chair. “I believe his shining human wife may know the answer…” -Evangeline

Dark: … Bloody hell! *He said a few more curse words and caught Caroline! He moved to set her over his shoulder!* Okay, ugly. You want her, you’ll have to get through me! *He jumped out of the way of those tendrils and then started running again! There had to be another way!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *Darkness. He was the Darkness. …and it suited him! But this was so much for him so fast! He had only learned that he was once the Great King and now he was being overwhelmed with Darkness too! Evangeline hugged that wolf again.* He is. …and that woman we met must have been the Light. *It did explain what that woman was talking about! This was so much for her to process, she couldn’t imagine what Gabriel was thinking now. …and that made her worry even more!* -01:40 Jun 07

The demon was taking up Dark’s challenge. Seeming to move with unusual speed for something so gloopy! That childface was snarling now, lashing out with more tendrils. Trying to grab him, crush him, and snag him! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, twice!* Woman? What woman, Mommy? -Shadow Wolves

Leaning forward even more still, the Devil King gestured a giant finger down at Evangeline. “Your bond agrees, shining human. For True Name marks you now, as his others also do. But one must beware the Light. Even on of her Children. Righteous and Spiteful, she is an ancient power. One human has no meaning to her.” -Evangeline

Dark: *Dark stopped when he came to a fence! There could be innocents on the other side! He turned back to find the demon moving even faster! He smirked.* I’ve seen worst. You know, you look like cat shit. Really bad cat shit. -Shadow Wolves

Dark: *He dodged the tendrils! Then cast a spell to slice through more of those tendrils with that sharp wind blades he directed with a wave of his hand!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: The bright woman. The one that took me from Oracle and made you worry so much. *The one that had tried to make her betray Gabriel, and promised to try and break their bond! One that was supposed to be light and lifegiving, but was so cold!* I don’t know what to do. -01:47 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy! Glaër is still in there, isn’t he? How do you deal with all the power you have? *Maybe she could give those hints to him so he could be okay again!* -Shadow Wolves

The beast snarled! It didn’t like being insulted, nor chopped to pieces! But Dark must have been right, as without Caroline trying to fight it, the demon was not getting in larger and could not grow! It rushed it’s entire body forward, trying to swallow them up! -Evangeline

“I am so big and glorious, old and experienced! My power has well settled and strong!” Boasted the Devil King with pride! “The Infamous One is who he is, no matter his name or place in time. I have known him through most of these names. He will settle in to his power as all Great Kings do.” -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline pet the shadow wolf at her side, only a small frown on her face. The wolf was proof that Gabriel was still himself. But as Gabriel always did, he would try to stay away from her for fear he would hurt her… even when he needed her most!* If there has been wars before, between them… what if it happens again? And he’s hurt or taken away or sealed somewhere? -01:58 Jun 07

Dark: *He landed on the top of a car!* If you’re going to go after the teacher, you better expect to face the student, too! *And if it liked eating icicles, let’s see how it did against fire! He cast a spell and a small ball of fire appeared between the palms of his upraised hands! And it grew bigger! Then it got dark but instead of panicking, Dark unleashed all the heat the fire had been gathering while also somehow maintaining a shield around him and Caroline to protect against said heat!* -Shadow Wolves

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! Her Daddy was so big and strong! But he had his own duties and thus it was not right to involve him in getting her Glaër back!* -Shadow Wolves

The Devil King stroked his chin, giving it a great deal of thought. “But Darkness did not have a wife then. A wife who shines as bright as Light herself.” One that was so irrestable to devils, that even still there was a demon or two trying to sneak around the other side where that wolf wasn’t sitting. His devils were unusually reckless and blood thirsty at the moment! -Evangeline

The demon had swallowed them both AND the car he was standing on! But as the fire burned and grew, it was eating it up on the inside and moving outwards! There was a strange gutteral sort of scream from the demon, and the dark blob had suddenly let off! It was no longer huge a gloppy, but now about the side of a small girl, and the face looked dead and angry! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *The little devil frowned when she noticed what the devils were doing! She flew down to rip a cloth off of her skirt and bind up her Mommy’s bleeding wound! Then she wagged a finger at the devils!* Bad devils! Do you want my Glaër to catch you trying to get a bite of his wife? How sneaky! *She even slapped a few hands and the back of some heads!* -Shadow Wolves

Dark: I don’t know what you did to her but you’d better undo it. *He growled!* Don’t even think about fuckin’ running ’cause I’ll find you and I’ll make you wish you’d never even looked at her. *He still had Caroline over his shoulder but now he had something sharp and pointy in one hand! A sword! He’d worry about it being too much like Gabriel’s style later! He even cast a spell to capture the demon in a floating, airtight bubble!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *The Devil Kings wounds did help put her at ease, but surrounded by thirsty devils was not! And even she recognized this as strange! When she was here as Malsuada’s slave, the devils just wanted to collect her as something shiny, not eat her!* I think there is something wrong! -02:06 Jun 07

It tried to run anyway, before it got caught in the bubble. Despite being airtight, it was screaming! A horrible high pitched sound! Ear shattering and terrible as it formed hands to claw at it! “Oooouuut. Leeet oooouuuuutttt!” -Evangeline

Gabriel: … If you so much as touch my wife, I will kill you, despite the promise I gave to your King. *He growled from behind! He was holding his side and he had the dragon wings!* -Shadow Wolves

Gabriel: *behind Evangeline toward the back of the throne room -Shadow Wolves

Dark: Not a chance, ugly. Tell me what you did to Caroline! -Shadow Wolves

The devils and demons of the room trembled and shrank back! There was not a being in the room that didn’t cower away and move backwards! Except for the Devil King, who nodded his head with respectful reverence. “A pleasure for you to rejoin my court, oh Infamous One!” -Evangeline

Shadow Wolves: *If it was at all possible, those wolves were smirking at the devils and demons’ reaction to Gabriel’s appearance!* -02:12 Jun 07
Evangeline: *She released the wolf she had been hugging, to scrambling shakingly to her feet and run to Gabriel!* Where did you go! -02:13 Jun 07

The beast’s mouth opened wide in a terrible smile, far too large for it’s face and filled with razor sharp teeth in many rows! “Diiiiidddd iiiit tooo herseeeelf. Now I reeeeeaaap.” -Evangeline

Gabriel: I thank you for your hospitality. *He said as he stepped forward.* I cannot stay long … *He stopped when Evangeline ran to him! There was something wrong! Something was sapping his strength! Something bright and cold!* -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *His eyes narrowed slightly! That airbubble grew smaller!* Explain. Now. -02:15 Jun 07

Dark: *His eyes narrowed slightly! That airbubble grew smaller!* Explain. Now.

Vlamerias: Daddy! Why do the devils want to bite Mommy?

Evangeline: *She hugged him, and clung on to his coat. She needed him to hold her! …but something wasn’t right.* Stay with me. -02:18 Jun 07

Shrieking, it beat against the bubble wildly! “Cuuuurrsed! Spell cuuuurrssed! Casting magic blooood and sooooul! Now I reeeaaaap! Reap until the eeeeed!”

Gabriel: *He let out a deep breath and put his arms around her! He needed to hold her! She was his one anchor and his control was slipping enough as it was!*

Dark: … Stop it. Release her soul. *The bubble held fast! That thing was strong but his anger was far stronger and so was his focus!*

The Devil King was trying to figure it out himself! This was his realm and his word was law – only something above himself could send them in to a frenzy, thirsting for blood of one of Light’s Children! “Light is the Enemy of Darkness, daughter. Children of Darkness crave her blood.” His tone was grave… he was dropping a subtle warning!

Snarling! Hissing! Scratching! “Dooo noot answer to yoooouuu.” It cackled, beating against the bubble and lashing at it with it’s teeth!

Vlamerias: Eep! *Could it be her Glaër could not control his power? And thus, everyone was acting strangely?* Daddy, you mean–!

Dark: Then who do you answer to. You best hurry up. *He shrank that air bubble even more!*

“Is it the will of Darkness to see all of Light’s Children pay?” he posed the question out loud! The Devil King was curious of the answer himself!

Shrieking and laughter was Dark’s reply! Manic and crazy laughter! But the bubble shrank more, squishing it in to a small ball. It was snarling again. “Deeeviiiil and Vaaampiiire! Let ouuuut! Let ooouuut!”

Evangeline: *If all of Light’s Children counted herself too, at this moment she didn’t care! She just wanted him to stay with her!* -02:32 Jun 07

Dark: You’re gonna have to do better than that. Names. I know a ton of devils and vampires.

“Maaaalsuaada and Annnthony.” it finally shrieked out! The bubble was so small now, it’s whole face was smashed up against the sides and it’s body making the bubble black!

Shadow Wolves: *He was releasing Evangeline, disoriented. But the mention of Light made him growl!* I kept the balance for an eternity! All she did was whine like a small child, even when I allowed her children to prosper and curbed my own! All she wants is more! More room and more power! I will not allow it any longer! -02:37 Jun 07

Gabriel: *He was releasing Evangeline, disoriented. But the mention of Light made him growl!* I kept the balance for an eternity! All she did was whine like a small child, even when I allowed her children to prosper and curbed my own! All she wants is more! More room and more power! I will not allow it any longer!

Dark: Not a chance. You didn’t tell me how to free her. And I can do this all day. How long do you want to stay in that bubble? Because I can always launch you out into space. The empty, dark, soulless abyss of space. Not a soul for light years.

“That is your choice but know the consequences.” The Devil King warned. He did not seem to want to offer any more advice than that!

Caroline: *She was slowly coming to and… staring at Dark’s behind.* …why am I upside down.

At Caroline’s stirring, the demon in the bubble was frantic again! “Let ooouut, let oooouuuttt! Will release! Leeet ooouuut first!”

Dark: You mean besides the fact you were stupid enough to take on a Soul Reaper on your own. *He muttered, once he got over the initial shock of Caroline talking!* Release her first, ugly. Or no deal.

Dark: *And he didn’t let Caroline go just yet!*

Shrieking, it nearly refused again! But the beast in the bubble churned around several times until the black blob had shifted to grey and the dead looking child’s face looked more normal. “reeeelaaased! now releeeaaase!”

Dark: … I don’t know. Caroline? *He set her down! He didn’t want to let that thing go just to have to deal with it again!*

Gabriel: … *His Binding Mark was tingling and growing hot!* I cannot punish her Children. *He was looking at Evangeline’s face.* I will deal with Light herself. I made a promise to someone far more important to me.

Caroline: *She was snarling again herself, and the moment she was on her feet again, she splayed both hands at the bubble. The entire thing burst to green flames, bubble and beast inside! It melted and dropped from the air until it vanished! …then her knees were buckling out from under her again. But it was SO worth it!*

Dark: … Not bad. *He said, tilting his head slightly.* But don’t even think about going after Malsuada and Anthony yourself. *He clasped his hands behind his head.* ‘Cause I’ll track you down and kick your ass after I kick theirs.

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t even realized she was holding her breath. And even though he had released her, she was forcing herself in to his arms again!* Thank you. -02:47 Jun 07

Caroline: Try and stop me. *Caroline hissed back at him. She was already getting herself off the ground again to stand on wavering feet. Malsuada was going after Evangeline and Gabriel because of her. Malsuada was going to breathe her last breath tonight if she had to stalk across the planet to do it!*

Gabriel: *But even with that settled, there was a pain at his back! He clenched his teeth.* I have to go, Evangeline. *Control was becoming an illusion. It was only a matter of time before he lost it and did something.*

Dark: I would but you’re too thick headed. And you told me yourself you didn’t stand a chance against Malsuada and that was when you were at full strength.

It was too bad… they were so close to getting that human! A couple devils in the back sniffed, grumbling that Malsuada’s plan with Anthony was a real bust! No one got the shining soul after all of that work, after all!

Caroline: Don’t give me logic! I promises to protect Evangeline and now where is she! I wouldn’t know now! *Caroline was frustrated, pissed off, tired and hurting! He could take his logic and go to hell! She was trying to summon up her axe again. Weak or not, this time she was going to make sure that devil was dead!*

Gabriel: *All it took was the mention of those names! Gabriel disappeared and that huge black dragon filled the room! It grabbed the two devils with one claw and lifted them!* [i]I want Anthony and Malsuada![/i] *The dragon didn’t speak either! The voice was in their heads and it was so powerful, it gave them headaches!*

Gabriel: *All it took was the mention of those names! Gabriel disappeared and that huge black dragon filled the room! It grabbed the two devils with one claw and lifted them!* I want Anthony and Malsuada! *The dragon didn’t speak either! The voice was in their heads and it was so powerful, it gave them headaches!*

Dark: *He made to stop Caroline when he suddenly winced and clapped his hands over his ears!* … What the crap! *His ears were ringing as if someone had just shouted in them!*

[Shadow Wolves is now known as: Darkness] -03:02 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Eep! *She blinked! That dragon was back! She flew over to her Mommy!* -Darkness

The Devil King drew his small daughter in to the safety of his hands. He might have taken the human woman too, but that may not of been a wise move! Every demon and devil in the room…. and even across the devil world was quivering at the sudden sound!

Vlamerias: *She started for her Mommy but her Daddy caught her!* -Darkness

Caroline: *There was something not good afoot, and at Dark’s wincing her righteous anger was replaced with concern! She put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed!*

Dark: *He was breathing heavily! Then he was cracking one eye open at Caroline.* … You’re gonna have to take a number on ’em. I think something else is gunning for those two. -Darkness

Evangeline: Gabriel! *Maybe there was a tiny bit of her that wanted him to find them both, but not like this! Not when things were so sudden and he might lose himself in the process! She moved so she could stand in front of him, trying to get him to look down at her!* Gabriel, don’t go! -03:10 Jun 07

Caroline: *Mental curses, she shook him by the shoulder gently.* We should find him and Evangeline. …that stupid bitch can wait.

Darkness: *It slammed the demons down on the ground and held them there, slowly suffocating them! The wings unfolded, swallowing every ounce of light in the room! It looked like it was preparing to leave! Its tail suddenly cracked like thunder and moved twice as fast! The wind it released was so sharp it sliced some candles in half!* -03:13 Jun 07

Dark: Yeah … ingenius plan and all. But how are you gonna find ’em? They could be anywhere. -Darkness

Caroline: Cast a seeking spell. They come in handy with Evangeline. *More frustration… it was something she should do herself!*

Dark: *Amazingly it didn’t take that much effort at all! He bit his lip, cast the spell–and it was like they had been right there! … Except they weren’t!* … Damn … *He whistled!* They’re in the Devil World. And whatever Evangeline is next to. It’s huge. -Darkness

Evangeline: You have to stay! I don’t want to be alone! *He was so high up, she wasn’t even sure he could hear her! Especially with the wind!* -03:19 Jun 07
Darkness: *The dragon looked down and saw Evangeline! But it didn’t seem to recognize her! However, it didn’t roar at her or show its teeth and bent its head slightly as if a little curious!* -03:21 Jun 07

Caroline: She is never with furry woodland creatures. *Devil World… that was tricky, even when she could do the spells. After some thought she put her arms around Dark’s neck. A hug!* You have a demon. Cast a portal. …and for the love of all that’s holy, don’t drop me.

Evangeline: I’m scared. I don’t want to be alone. I want you to hold me like you always do! To make those horrible thoughts go away! -03:25 Jun 07

Dark: … Wait, a demon? Wha …? *He blinked! Hugging him! She was hugging him! And she was in his arms! She was nuts!* Grrr … *He huffed!* If I drop you it’s only ’cause you deserve it. *He bit his lip and cast a portal spell! Devil World! He needed to get to the Devil World! Then he was stepping through, eyes closed–Only to open them when he felt the air change! Instead of grace, he was on some kind of marble floor! He finally opened his eyes and saw …* Holy crap on a hat! It really is huge! *Feeling the dragon was one thing but seeing it!* -Darkness

Darkness: *-grace, grass -03:27 Jun 07

Caroline: *Caroline let him go to turn around and — Nevermind then. If she thought she’d fight any damned thing and rescue Evangeline, she wasn’t going to fight THAT. Just seeing that giant dragon fill the Devil King’s hall and dwarf even him was enough to take all the wind out of her sails!* … That’s… unexpected. ….Evangeline, are you CRAZY!

Dark: Oh come on, Caroline. You want to be a knight so much. There’s a dragon to slay and a princess to rescue. -Darkness

Vlamerias: *Meri popped her head up!* Oohh! It’s Dark and Warrior Lady, Daddy! -Darkness

Caroline: I think that dragon is your father. *She bit back! Cheeky vampire!*

The Devil King was impressed, but well… there was still Darkness crowding his court and looking murderous! Not the moment for cheerful welcomings!

Dark: … You’ve been watching too much Star Wars. *He muttered! Dad, right–Then he actually looked at the dragon!* He’s a vampire! He’s not a dragon! -Darkness

Darkness: *So many voices in its head! But this voice struck a chord! The dragon lowered its head a little farther down to Evangeline, looking uncertain but still curious about her! It didn’t even feel those demons under its claw, gasping for breath!* -03:35 Jun 07
Evangeline: He is Gabriel! YOU are Gabriel! *She said to the dragon, lifting up her hands trying to reach him as he came closer.* You promised to remember my voice. Over all of the others. I always remember yours, even when the world is in my head. -03:37 Jun 07

Caroline: I don’t care what he is, he’s big enough to swallow her whole! *Gabriel! She hoped Evangeline wasn’t going completely insane, because Caroline was not going to like dashing across the room to grab her before she was eaten by him!*

Darkness: *Gabriel. A promise. That voice! And there was something tingling on its claw! The Binding Mark! It lowered its head completely down, between Evangeline’s hands and closed its eyes! Its other claw reached up and touched her hand! At first nothing happened and then Gabriel was standing there, his face in her hands, his eyes closed, his hand on her hand! Those devils were trapped in an air bubble much like the one Dark had used on the Soul Reaper!* -03:42 Jun 07

Dark: … *His jaw dropped!* -Darkness

[Darkness is now known as: Gabriel] -03:43 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling and hugging one of her Daddy’s fingers!* That’s so romantic!

Dark: Where the hell does it say vampires can turn into dragons?! I’m being punked, aren’t I! I knew it. *He was glancing around, looking for hidden cameras.*

Evangeline: *She stroked his cheeks with her thumbs before standing on her toes and pulling him down to kiss him softly.* See? It’s easier when you focus on something. -03:48 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He smiled.* It only works as long as the object of my focus is you. *He said after she had pulled him down for a kiss.* -03:49 Jun 07

It was a shame he wasn’t hosting a dinner party, these sort of things made fantastic shows! “NOW!” He boomed! “That does make things better!”

Vlamerias: Yay! *She held up one hand in a v-sign! When her Daddy said things were better, things were better! No question about it!*

Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t sure what was going on either, and she wasn’t going to pretend she did. …but if Evangeline wasn’t in danger anymore, no one was dying, then she could drop on the floor and never get up again. She rubbed her head while Dark ranted about hidden cameras!* I am too old for this.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Daddy, this is Glaër‘s clone, Dark! He’s really funny and he and the Warrior Lady babysit me! They’re usually in much better shape! I think they had a long day!

Evangeline: *She found her way in to his arms again! As much as she appreciated the Devil King’s advice, right now she only wanted Gabriel and to be somewhere as far away from anything with teeth as possible!* -03:56 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He really just wanted to enjoy some time with Evangeline! But there was still the matter of those demons in the air bubble! He could leave it to Caroline and Dark but Vlamerias was right, they did look like they’d had a hell of a time!* -03:59 Jun 07

The Devil King leaned down until he was near giant-head face to face with both Dark and Caroline. “Greetings oh Great Prince. Welcome to my Grand Court! Oh Lady of Shade, I dare say there has no been a visit here that you have no been covered in blood!” He chimed with amusement!

Dark: *He blinked! Whoa, this guy was huge! And he was pretty intimidating too! He gulped!* Uh … Hi. *He might have taken offense about the Great Prince comment under normal circumstances!* Yeah, thanks … Uh, yeah, it’s grand alright. So uh … Anyone want to explain why Gabriel can turn into a huge black dragon? And Evangeline has clearly gone nuts.

Caroline: Thank you for noticing, Magnificent Devil King. I have always thought red an attractive color. *Good Gods, he was right. Everytime she’s been here. This was a trend involving Evangeline! Caroline was pinching the bridge of her nose.*

Sitting up to his full height again, he gestured a massive hand at Gabriel and Evangeline. “He is Darkness in physical form. Your namesake as well as your flesh! Does the Great King wish for I to handle his business with these two devils? My daughter may enjoy telling this eve’s story!”

Vlamerias: Yay! A story! *She was clapping her hands and smiling!*

Gabriel: *Evangeline’s arms were so tight around him, he doubted even a ward could separate her from him! He couldn’t bow completely but he did bow his head to the Devil King!* Your offer is most generous and appreciated, Your Highness. I apologize for the damage and trouble I have caused. -04:13 Jun 07

“No man has brought more entertainment to my court, Infamous One! Take your Bright Lady to sanctuary and worry not.” The Devil King too nodded his head and leaned forward in a slight bow. This was a momentous day!

Evangeline: *She tugged gently on Gabriel’s coat, but she definitely wasn’t letting go anytime this century. Evangeline was impatient to escape, even forgetting her usual politeness and kind goodbyes!* -04:18 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He smiled at Evangeline before they disappeared! And then reappeared in the apartment! He took her over to the couch and sat down.* Impatient, my Queen. -04:24 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Spending time with you is never boring, Daddy! I promised you a souvenir the next time I came! *She reached into her pocket and offered him the glowing ball!* Glaër captured a human gypsy after Mommy made a terrible wish! He gave it to me but I want you to have it!

Dark: *He let out a breath and relaxed when the Devil King sat back in his throne!* I guess we’re watching Meri for awhile, Caroline. I am. You’re going to get some rest.

Evangeline: I just want to be safe with you. *She made sure she was in his lap, pulling a blanket around the both before she curled up and burried her face at his shoulder. The day had been too much! Even just thinking about some of those moments made her sniffle!* -04:29 Jun 07

“WELL! What a beautiful offering! A condemned soul!” He closed one eye so he could examine the tiny orb. “That is a powerful treasure, daughter! Perhaps one that would be of good use to the Familiar of Darkness!”

Caroline: I’m fine. *Swaying on her feet, yes. But she was ON her feet. She wouldn’t let a devil or demon think she were weak, and for that matter, not Dark either.* I wanted to hear what all of this Darkness business is.

Gabriel: *He put his arms around her.* I know. *Focusing on her caused the voices to become softer, although they hadn’t disappeared entirely!* -04:32 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Hehe, thankies, Daddy! *She beamed! Praise from the Devil King was a grand gift indeed! She flew up to kiss his cheek!* I shall take Dark and Warrior Lady and tell them the wonderful story you told me!

Evangeline: *She didn’t want to think anymore about some of those things! And to do so would upset him. She wanted to think only about him, and let him focus on her to still his own mind too. She tapped his chin with a finger.* Will you sing for me? -04:35 Jun 07

Dark: *Dark blinked! He remembered how it went the last time Meri had told him a story! This should be rather interesting!

“Go, go! Do your father proud! Perhaps in your next visit, there will not be so much blood!” The Devil King didn’t mind blood at all, but it was a favorite habit of devils to taunt the Lady Shade!

Caroline: *Caroline flashed the Devil King a wicked toothy smile suggesting a promise of revenge! It seemed she wasn’t afraid to do so at Gabriel, and she wasn’t afraid to give one to the Devil King either!* Not my blood, for certain, Most Gracious King.

Dark: *He rolled his eyes.* You call me reckless. *He muttered!*

Vlamerias: *She landed at his feet and gave a deep curtsey! Then she flew over to Caroline and Dark, took each of their hands and POOFED!*

Dark: *Dark was looking at the motel!* Now where the hell are we gonna stay!

Gabriel: *He nodded and slipped his fingers through hers! A song. She deserved a song and so much more! He started to sing then, a gentle melody just for her!* -04:43 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide! The motel was in ruins! They had had quite an adventure for sure!* Oohh! Can you tell me the story of what happened?

Caroline: *She shifted. An awkward and pained movement as she dug a hand in to her pocket and through a pair of keys at Dark.* Somewhere new. But I was certain it was just me as you were the newest roomate of Evangeline Clark? *This time her tone was more of a question than teasing. She did wonder!* I think we want to know about them first, Meri…

Evangeline: *He did sound very nice! And he picked something soft and soothing, knowing so easily what she needed! She squeezed his hand, a small smile as she nuzzled his neck!* -04:47 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Oh! Ahem! She opened her mouth to start but then remembered to turn back into her human form!* So um … this was way before time started! And um, there weren’t any demons or vampires or elves or annoying pixies! Because you know how annoying pixies can get and how they never taste right! But I think they taste great if you use chocolate syrup! But Mommy said never to eat any pixies at all! And …

Dark: *Dark blinked and caught the keys!* Hardy har har. *He waved a hand in front of the devil familiar.* Meri, focus. *He pointed to his eye.* Before time started.

Caroline: *Taking a page from Evangeline’s book, she gripped on to Dark’s shirt. But instead of clinging, she was shaking him gently.* Keys. Take us there. Spell. Now. *Because there was no way she was going to survive Meri’s story standing out in the street. …or standing at all!*

Dark: *He huffed.* Man, I have to do everything around here. *He closed his hand around the keys, felt for the door resonating the same aura as the keys themselves. It didn’t take very long which meant Caroline had been to her new place recently! He cast a spell and they were in the middle of a living room!*

Gabriel: *He kept singing, making up verses as he went along! She was nuzzling his neck and he was smiling at her.* -04:54 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Oh yes! So um … before time began, there was Darkness and Light. Brother and Sister equal and balanced! But then one of them got lonely and they started creating Children! *She counted on her fingers!* There were Elves, Vampires, Devils, and Angels and they were the first races! From them came all the other people and animals! Time started!

The place was a loft apartment on the top floor of a small building. The decor was modern and clean, but there was lots of color! And apparently definitely with long term in mind, as there were many personal items here and there too!

Dark: Oh, I see how it is! You make your own little place elsewhere and leave me sleeping in the motel bed with bed bugs and roaches! Thanks a lot.

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She was looking around with wide-eyes, distracted from the story!* Your place is so beautiful, Warrior Lady! *She grew her wings and started flying around!*

Caroline: *Caroline practically slid on to the sofa, eyes closed, but brows furrowed in listening to Meri’s story.* You’re supposed to be staying with Evangeline. You shouldn’t be haunting the hotel room anymore. …the story Meri. Darkness and Light. and Gabriel is Darkness?

Evangeline: *He was so good to her! More than she had ever deserved! While he sang, she snuck a touch here and there. Her fingers at his neck to feel his voice, or brushing over his mouth to feel his breath!* -05:06 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Oh, right! *Ahem! She drifted down!* Everyone grew and grew! But then they needed more space! There was a HUGE war that tore everything apart, including Darkness and Light! But yes! Glaër is Darkness! He’s now so powerful that when he wanted to destroy Light’s Children, the devils responded and was going to destroy Mommy because she’s a Child of Light! And he was so powerful, he turned into that dragon and wiped out an entire stadium of devils and a Cho Beast with a single attack!

Dark: Staying with Evangeline! You just wanted to get rid of me! *He was cut off when Meri continued the story!* As if I didn’t have enough to worry about already …

Gabriel: *He planted a soft kiss on her fingertips when she brushed them across his lips! And then he sang some more! A song for the his Heart of Darkness! How could he refuse!* -05:22 Jun 07

Caroline: For your information, they were the ones that said you couldn’t stay with me any more. *She slid lower on the soda, throwing an arm over her face.* Not just the Great King but King of Darkness. … he needs more guards for his wife.

Caroline: *soda sofa!

Dark: You see the irony in this, don’t you? All this time Anthony was looking for the power of a god. And it was right under his nose the whole time.

Evangeline: *All the better than he would never sing for anyone else but her. Now she knew why Caroline was so amused by Dark singing! Evangeline scooted up so she could whisper in his ear.* I like your singing. -05:26 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy says we have to watch out for Light and her Children! Darkness has never had a human wife before!

Caroline: What worries me is how he managed to capture and control Gabriel in the first place. If he did it once, he could do it again. He tried tonight with Malsuada’s help. How close did they come to suceeding? Evangeline didn’t even lecture me. She was not herself…

Vlamerias: Ummm … I picked up something very odd from Mommy! But I think they came very close! When they came to rescue me, Glaër was not himself! *She looked nervous and worried!*

Dark: *Dark was at the window and staring out! There was a distant look in his eyes.* Close. They came too close.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide!* Oohh . .. But how do you know, Dark? You were not there!

Caroline: *Caroline was pushing herself to sit up again and rubbing her face with her hands.* I shouldn’t be sitting here while that woman is loose making deals with vampires.

Dark: *He turned and was walking toward Meri!* Meri, give me your hands. Your bond with Gabriel and Evangeline. I want to see what happened …

Vlamerias: *Meri looked uncertain!* Um … I don’t know! *It was a little scary! Who knew what had happened to her Glaër and her Mommy before they had rescued her!*

Caroline: *She spied at them from the corner of her eyes, but then scooted closer in their direction.* It would be better if we knew. We should be prepared better next time.

Gabriel: *He ended the song, smiling down at her.* I love you, Evangeline. More than anything else. -05:38 Jun 07

Dark: It’d be okay, Meri. Caroline and I are here. *He reached out for her hands!*

Vlamerias: *She took a deep breath! She would do this! For Warrior Lady and Dark! And her Glaër and Mommy! She closed her eyes and held his hands!*

Evangeline: *She placed a soft kiss at his cheek.* And I love you. I was so afraid I would lose you when they… *She bit her lip, dropping her head to his shoulder again. She really didn’t want to think about it!* -05:42 Jun 07

Dark: *Deep breaths! A simple spell! He saw things through Gabriel’s eyes!* Stubai mountains. Mother’s body. Anthony and Malsuada with Evangeline. That place was screwing with Gabriel’s powers. He got attacked real bad. He nearly died. But he made it to them. Runes. There were wards on Gabriel’s body but they were incomplete. And then he snapped. Some guy named Michael. Anthony and Malsuada ran away. Gabriel did something to that Michael guy … Voices. *He opened his eyes and broke contact with Meri.* You know what, those looked like binding wards on Gabriel’s body. But I can’t tell if those wards were supposed to keep the Great King bound or the Darkness.

Vlamerias: Eep! *She squeaked!* Oh no! Do you think those wards were supposed to keep both of them bound?!

Gabriel: *He tilted her head up to his, lowered his own down and kissed her long and deep!* -05:47 Jun 07

Caroline: *Caroline was gritting her teeth. She knew of Michael Carnatelli. That was the last person on the planet to be near Evangeline. Gabriel snapped with good reason.* I am going to kill that woman so much. Those wards must have been sealing Darkness. I doubt Anthony nor Malsuada knew of it or they wouldn’t have tried what they did.

Dark: *He crossed his arms.* Yeah, they looked real surprised. But the only other person who would know Darkness’ true identity would be his other half. That Light chick.

Evangeline: *There were tears sneaking their way down her face, but she was just so relieved to be here with him! She returned his kiss with that same relieved feeling, and threw her arms around his neck!* -05:51 Jun 07

Caroline: I don’t like the idea that there is someone as equally dangerous as Gabriel. Or moreso. I am starting to agree with Gabriel’s Tower idea.

Gabriel: *His arms were around her waist, pulling her close. And then he was lying on his side, her on the inside of the couch, between himself and the back. He slowly broke the kiss to kiss her tears.* -05:54 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy says Mommy shines as bright as Light herself! And a single human will mean nothing to her! But Glaër is serious about locking Mommy away! He even gave me blueprints for it!

Evangeline: Can we run away somewhere? Away from everyone and everything? Or maybe stay here forever? *This time she had been very careful not to walk in to trouble, and it happened anyway! She didn’t want to be afraid to walk him or teach newbie hunters!* -05:58 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her neck.* A castle far away. You and I. -05:59 Jun 07

Caroline: If those blueprints allow of many people to be around her. Trusted people. We can’t leave her alone, but obviously Oracle isn’t safe enough anymore.

Evangeline: *A smile wince that she tried to hide. She was still a little sore, but she wanted Gabriel’s affection so much!* I want to go. Maybe just for a little while. -06:02 Jun 07
Evangeline: *smile small! -06:03 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Um … I think so! *She glanced from left to right and back again! Then she pulled all the shades around the apartment down and even incased the three of them in a soundproof bubble! Only then did she produce a long rolled up paper from thin air and laid it on the table! The map was so big, it took up the entire table and more, rolling over the edges and touching the ground! It was very detailed!*

Gabriel: *He felt her wince and lifted his head to nuzzle her cheek instead.* As my lady wishes. *He teleported them off of the couch and they appeared on a large bed in an entirely different room!* -06:07 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She tapped her chin!* But according to Glaër, although the blueprints remain the same, the layout does not.

Dark: *He scratched his head.* That makes no sense whatsoever.

Caroline: …he wasn’t kidding. *It wasn’t a tower, it was an entire castle! Including the grounds around it. With spells to help design, ward, and every other little detail.* To keep her distracted. She would be so fascinated with it, she wouldn’t worry about anything else. The man is devious.

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t expect for them to go right then! A place that felt just as guarded and secure as her apartment, but so much bigger! She leaned up on an elbow, curious!* Now? Where is this? -06:11 Jun 07

Dark: … It’s almost like he knew he’d have to use something like this. *Gabriel was either the smartest guy ever or the most paranoid! Quite possibly both!*

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Travel later. *There was a window nearby but he was not about to let go of her just yet!* -06:12 Jun 07

Caroline: But it IS ideal. All she needs is her court and his guard. It’d be like the Devil King’s home. *Meri would find that just as fascinating!*

Evangeline: *But she was curious! …but she did want his touch so badly! She settled back down after leaning to brush a kiss over his lips.* Later, then. -06:16 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She clapped her hands!* And we can get lost for hours just trying to look for the bathroom! And we can end up in the lion’s den instead!

Gabriel: You are a wise and beautiful Queen. *He said with a smile, slipping his coat off! And Evangeline knew he never went anywhere without his coat!* -06:17 Jun 07
Evangeline: *No coat meant staying only with her! She waited until it was off before she snuck her arms around him, grinning in contentment! She slipped her shoes off with her feet and then pushed them right off the bed!* -06:22 Jun 07

Dark: … *He looked at Caroline from across the table.* You’re serious.

Gabriel: May I start purring now, my wife? *He asked with a soft chuckle, brushing some hair from her eyes and planting kisses all over her face!* -06:23 Jun 07

Caroline: Yes. I promised to look after her, and obviously I can’t do that by any normal means. If she is a Queen, we may as well protect her like one.

Dark: *He huffed at Meri!* Whoever said life was a stage, obviously meant it’s a medieval stage where everyone is dedicated to protecting Evangeline or the world goes up in smoke.

Evangeline: I don’t want to be the sort of Queen that requires permission for purring! *Not when she could have it at any time including surprised purrs! She was considering purring now herself!* -06:25 Jun 07

Vlamerias: But you have such a beautiful apartment here, Warrior Lady! Will you keep it and stay at the castle, too? *A castle was always fun to explore!*

Caroline: No one said YOU have to be part of Evangeline’s guard, little vampire. *She cast a glance at Meri.* I can keep both. Eventually she’ll realized we’re practically holding her hotage. But until then, it will be fine.

Gabriel: *He brushed his lips against hers, smiling.* You can be any type of Queen you wish to be, so long as you are mine. -06:29 Jun 07

Dark: Hardy har har. *He crossed his arms.* Go right ahead and play your Three Little Musketeers game. See if I care!

Evangeline: I’ll be your Queen until the end of forever! Or until we have children that replace us? *She had her fingers at his mouth again, feeling his smile! Children were an intriguing idea!* -06:32 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He kissed her fingers.* You wish for children? -06:33 Jun 07
Evangeline: I would like to have your children one day. *She did like the idea very much!* That would be okay? -06:35 Jun 07

Caroline: You have to care, oh Prince of Darkness. They are your parents after all.

Dark: *He blinked!* Hey, wait a minute–!

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* She’s right!

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* When the world is able to handle me, Dark, and children. -06:38 Jun 07

The Great King Saga

061 An Evil Pact

Malsuada makes a deal with Anthony.

Malsuada sets up her trap with Lucretia.

[Malsuada is a devil. And devils always find who they seek!] -03:35 Sep 29
PM From: Malsuada: To: Malsuada pbybe grfg! -03:36 Sep 29
[Anthony was in a foul mood–as usual! And he was brooding on a castle atop a cliff!] -03:37 Sep 29
Anthony: *Of course, Anthony doubted anyone was fool enough to even try to look for him! There were vampire sentries and weres around the perimeter and patrolling but no one in the large room he sat in! There were books and shelves and a giant fireplace with a single large chair in front of it!* -03:40 Sep 29
Malsuada: *When one was going to meet a potential client, one always dressed to impress. In this case, a perfectly taylored Armani suit, and long sharp fingernails painted black as midnight! …She also liked to make an impressive entrance. With a loud PLOOOOF there was dark smoke everywhere, leaving one Malsuada examining her nails while a long demony tail swished behind her.* I thought you would be difficult to find. Why is it always a dank cold castle? -03:42 Sep 29
Anthony: *He wasn’t in the mood to bother turning and looking! But the vampires and weres just outside the door heard the commotion! They burst right in and tried using normal handguns and ordinary bullets on Malsuada!* -03:43 Sep 29
Malsuada: A welcoming party! Oooh! I wasn’t really looking for party, after all, I was much more interesting in talking about Gabriel, but if you want more of your little pets disembowled… -03:46 Sep 29

The vampires realized their bullets were having no effect! The weres moved forward to attack! -Anthony

Anthony: *A body. He needed a real body. He needed–At the mention of Gabriel, one hand lifted off the arm rest! This demon had piqued his interest!* -03:48 Sep 29

The weres screeched to a halt and the gunfire stopped at the signal! -Anthony

Malsuada: You’re all trying to ruin my new suit. *Malsuada brushed off her sleeves, despite the fact nothing seemed to have impacted her! She merely stepped off to the side, preparing to pull the fire out to crisp them.* Ah good. You’re reasonable after all. -03:49 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony finally stood. The clone’s body he was using looked every inch of how his real body had looked. Unfortunately the clone’s body lasted only so long before it deteoriated. No body made could withstand the power Anthony possessed–even if it was weaker than he liked.* Leave. *He told the vampires and weres.* -03:51 Sep 29

The vampires and weres knew better than to question him! He was the Father, after all! They quickly left and the last one shut the door behind him! -Anthony

Malsuada: Shoo, shoo! The adults have things to discuss! *She swished her hands after the fools, finally stopping to cross her arms and smile grandly at Anthony.* Poor thing, you look so… unlike yourself. -03:52 Sep 29
Anthony: *He turned and walked around the chair. He wore a tailored suit, his long hair pulled back in a ponytail.* I have had to improvise. Times have become difficult. *He gestured to the small table nearby.* Would you like some wine …? I was not expecting company. -03:55 Sep 29
Malsuada: Wine? No, no… these human grades just don’t match what we have in the devil world. *Content that she had his ear, she plopped comfortably in to his chair!* Isn’t it a shame how that Gabriel tends to ruin our day? Wouldn’t you just LOVE to do something about him? -03:57 Sep 29
Anthony: *At the mention of Gabriel, Anthony’s eyes narrowed into slits and flashed.* He was a thorn in my side and I had him where I wanted him. *He growled and crushed the empty wine glass in his wine. He didn’t feel the shards of glass in his hand or bother with the blood dripping. The wounds healed but in this body, it was difficult to feel anything. Even now, with his powers and memories locked, Gabriel was dangerous. And he continued to grow more so.* -04:01 Sep 29
Anthony: *He dusted his hands.* But I assume he is a bother to you as well. Or we would not bringing him up. -04:03 Sep 29
Malsuada: So many seem to say that. And there he is off with his perfect little life while you are here alone and miserable. It just isn’t fair is it. *She pressed her fingers together in a mock motion of thought.* He has… gotten in my way, yes. What would you give to make him suffer for eternity? -04:04 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony chuckled softly.* Now we are talking. My dear, I would give a lot to make him suffer for eternity and give much more if I could secure his body for my own in the process. The whelp is keeping secrets not even he is aware of. -04:12 Sep 29
Malsuada: Ooh, that is so good to hear! Because ~I~ have spent an awful lot of time learning about the Infamous One and those around him. *Hopping out of his chair she stood straight and was reaching in to her jacket – then she paused.* But that little matter of what you would give. Your soul, well… it’s no good… but there is another I would like. -04:14 Sep 29
Anthony: *He smirked.* Hm. Would that be the soul of the bright little human he protects so relentlessly? -04:17 Sep 29
Malsuada: That would be the one! I am not oppose to letting you borrow her for a bit – after all, my little pet is now bound to the fiend. But, oh… there’s not a shinier soul! It’s an acceptable deal to torment the one that plagues you so, isn’t it? *Malsuada grinned big. She did love tormenting!* -04:20 Sep 29
Anthony: My dear, it is an acceptable deal, indeed. *With Evangeline gone and Gabriel suffering for an eternity, Ciara Grey and her Oracle and even the Living Grave would be easy to destroy.* Where would you like to begin? -04:24 Sep 29
Malsuada: *Malsuada pulled out a scroll from her jacket, shook it, and it unraveled to a long long long list! A feathered pen appeared in her hand.* You see, your greatest mistake comes from not realizing that the Infamous One now has many many allies. And they have allies, and their allies have allies… It’s a definitive pain in the ass. But, with close observation, it was so very simple to know what their little souls desire. Silly Vampire that you are, you just don’t know the desires of heart and souls. *Malsuada flashed him a bright toothy grin.* Do you know what your enemies desire most? -04:28 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony tilted his head slightly at the list and raised an eyebrow. It was a pleasant surprise to find someone who did her homework.* Besides to be a thorn in my side, I would have to say no, I do not. -04:33 Sep 29
Malsuada: Tisk, tisk. Take that pain in the ass Caoilainn for instance. Pledged herself as protector to Gabriel’s little wife and oh yes, that failed clone of yours! *She choked back laughter, leaving herself only smirking!* Oh, I am SO sorry. The irony, that you could clone the Infamous One and that very clone goes and throws himself with humans too.. Well. It’s hilarious. -04:39 Sep 29
Anthony: *He leaned against the chair and peered down at the list.* And it does my heart wonders knowing my failure amuses you greatly. *He said dryly.* -04:43 Sep 29
Malsuada: Poor Vampire. Your failure makes you an old crotchety man. Should I make it easier for you and simply tell you what to do? Although, it might be far too complex for someone that can’t even keep his own children under control. -04:45 Sep 29
Anthony: It would seem everyone on that list of yours are willing to sacrifice themselves for someone else and so on and so forth. *He said with a dismissive wave of his hand.* … Just thinking about all that love and affection is giving me a headache. -04:54 Sep 29
Malsuada: Why don’t you try seeing it in a much more… amiable light. It makes breaking your enemies all that more simple. *Malsuada rolled up her list and stuffed it in her jacket.* People lend strength to each other when they are close. Your Gabriel and My Pet are perfect examples. She shines brighter with him near, and he is annoyingly vicious where she is concerned. My pet commands this protective streak in many, so it would be of our best interests to make sure all of Gabriel’s lwee army are as far from each other as possible. -04:58 Sep 29
Anthony: I suppose. *Anthony muttered. But yes, that was true. The more of them there were, the worst their chances to succeed. He snorted.* Distractions are easy enough to come by. Particularly the ones to send the wolves running from our star-crossed couple’s sides. But little Gabriel has fox holes everywhere and he’s paranoid to a fault. *Then there was the matter of actually binding Gabriel in one place for anything more than a few seconds. But then, a few seconds should be all they needed if things went right.* -05:05 Sep 29
Malsuada: All you need is opportunity! *With a smirk, Malsuada practically skipped over to a table, where she paused for a moment and arranged items across the top.* Here we have Ciara Grey and Leon Santos who will soon have a wedding – and a honeymoon. One out of country even. A little accident and they may not return. There is her little daughter Lily Grey who will take a trip with her dedicated bodyguard Conrad Wolf while mother is away. They won’t be making their destination! …Should I continue? -05:11 Sep 29
Anthony: I see someone has been thinking of this quite thoroughly … But no, no need to continue. With all the planning, what you need is something that will cause Gabriel to lose control. Something so unexpected, he won’t even realize why he’s reacting in such a way. *One of Gabriel’s strengths was his self-control and with that gone, he’d be much easier to deal with. Unfortunately, the one thing that would do the trick was a wild card. It could help them or be their undoing.* -05:17 Sep 29
Malsuada: *Malsuada clapped!* I am so glad you brought that up! What is the one thing that the Infamous One would move mountains for? Why, his little shining wife. Oh, the stories I have heard! The very best when he stole her from me. Take her away and he’ll tear the world apart looking for her. -05:20 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* Yes, yes he would. *He would also destroy the world for that woman. Anthony was one of the few who knew Gabriel had in fact destroyed the world once before …* Since they are bound to each other, it would be a snap for them to contact each other and if need be, he’d teleport to her. -05:23 Sep 29
Malsuada: Uh huh. And taking her is not so easy in itself. She is always with Vlamerias, the little familiar princess, and if not with her she will be with Caoilainn and that Dark Doppleganger. And if my shining pet contacts him before we are ready, then that would be a problem too. *Malsuada leaned to snatch that wine bottle, eyeing the lable and deciding she might take a drink after all!* How do you get to a woman who is untouchable? -05:26 Sep 29
Anthony: No one is invincible. I believe the one time she is truly vulnerable is when she is asleep. Or it might be a simple matter of drugging her to slow the reflexes. -05:33 Sep 29
Malsuada: Do you like fairy tales, Vampire? They are silly things, but they have such imaginative ways to destroy people. *Plopping on to the table and swishing her tail, Malsuada pulled a beautiful red apple from her jacket.* Putting her to sleep will be a simple trick. But we must be rid of Vlamerias. I hear that a Devil Princess is very valuable… if they were both to fall asleep and be seperated… Teehee. -05:36 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* Even if one of them awaken, Gabriel would be hard-pressed to rescue them both. Even he cannot be in two places at once. *It would be a sweeter deal if they could get the psychic and the demon on two separate planes. Such extensive travelling would tax even the Great King himself.* -05:40 Sep 29
Anthony: *Even he cannot -05:41 Sep 29
Malsuada: Away Valmerias may be spirited to the Devil World. While we take my bright soul somewhere that not human or vampire would ever dare to go. Somewhere not even you have dared to go. *Malsuada gave a smirk as she took a long drink from the wine bottle.* Oh, what lies in the Stubai mountains that would make even The Father steer clear? -05:48 Sep 29
Anthony: *His eyes narrowed into slits again for a moment. As if he would tell her. He snorted.* If his woman there, he will find a way. You admitted he would tear up mountains for her. It will be no different. -05:53 Sep 29
Malsuada: Are you afraid a stone cold bitch will rise up from her grave? *If her smirk could get any wider, it did!* There’s no reason to fear bodies long dead. If you fear Stubai, he will fear it too. Take my pet there and bleed her. He’ll come to fetch her, with fear of might be freed. Make it seem as if their bond has broken, and spring your great trap. Then I will take my pet home where she belongs and you have your Infamous One to seal away writhing in agony and destroying the world! -05:58 Sep 29
Anthony: *At that he smirked again.* We have a deal and a plan then. Let us begin … -06:05 Sep 29
[Malsuada is setting up one of her priceless traps. …and taking the opportunity to harass a rival.] -04:05 Oct 07
Malsuada: *CRASH! There went one of those possessed chairs right out the window. Malsuada dust off her hands!* Lucretia, really! I thought you would want to see an old friend! -04:05 Oct 07
[Lucretia was beyond displeased at the moment!] -04:07 Oct 07
Lucretia: Get out of my house, Malsuada! *What the hell was she doing here! Couldn’t a devil enjoy her exile in peace?! But nnooooo not her. She had Malsuada, the most arrogant, big-headed, big-mouthed devil to curse her!* -04:09 Oct 07
Malsuada: But, Lucretia! It’s been centuries! Aren’t you lonely, here all alone in this big empty… *She ran her fingers over the mantle of a fire place with a frown.* …dusty house. You need a maid, Lucretia. -04:10 Oct 07

The lovely house was more like a castle! The first owner had brought each and every stone overseas from his native homeland in the hopes of starting a new life, a new family. He certainly hadn’t come for the mass murder, the insanity, the sheer terror that ended up befalling him … -Lucretia

Lucretia: *Lucretia was nowhere to be seen but that was because she was stuck in that painting! She sighed, closed her eyes, and rubbed her temples.* It’s so hard to possess good help these days … And I’m stuck with that rickety old man and his senile wife with her stupid cats. -04:13 Oct 07
Malsuada: Poooor little thing! I just feel for you, I do! … In fact I feel soooo much for you, that I thought I’d give you a present! *Malsuada was about to plop right in to one of the chairs, but after thwacking it with her tail and causing a huge dust cloud, she decided against it.* -04:15 Oct 07
Lucretia: … You taking my place in this cursed painting would be gift enough, Malsuada. *The painting Lucretia was trapped in changed randomly, one day landscapes, another day a portrait of someone. It was a rather large painting and mortals were easily overwhelmed by it. The painting’s location changed randomly as well, one day it was in one of the bedrooms, the next in the dining room. Today, the painting showed Lucretia, a tall, slender devil with fair skin, violet eyes, and jet-black hair. She wore a Victorian dress and had her hair down. The painting was in the den.* Now what are you doing here, besides reminding me I’m in this accursed prison? -04:21 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Malsuada was a paragon of innocence and good intentions! Why, if any devil could look like an angel, she did right this moment!* I only thought you might like some company, Lucretia! A pair of humans. A Hunter and a little Witch in Training. I’m sure you’d like to play with something besides cats! -04:25 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia knew Malsuada better than that! Innocent and good intentions, she was not! She raised an eyebrow.* Your generosity knows no bounds, Malsuada. *She said dryly.* But a Hunter and a soon-to-be Witch do not seem like a pair I should bother with. *Indeed, if Malsuada suggested it, the cats might be the greater of the two choices.* -04:30 Oct 07
Lucretia: *greater better -04:31 Oct 07
Malsuada: What sort of devil are you? Passing up the chance to totally maul those under the protection of the Infamous One? That little witch is the only surviving doll of The Marionette… And since they are coming here ANY way. *Oh! Something shiny! Malsuada picked up a little statue and examined it for value.* -04:33 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Despite examining the statue, Malsuada may have caught the way Lucretia’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed at the mention of the two Carnatellis but then she smoothed her skirt.* Well … that changes things. Very well, Malsuada. I will see just how much fun the pair will be. -04:40 Oct 07
Malsuada: The world of humans these days is soooo much more fascinating now, compared to back when you were actually pretty. *Malsuada eyed her outfit. Nope, much too skin tight to be able to smuggle out this little prize.* I have deeply researched the ones surrounding the Infamous One. Do you wish to know, or are you going to…. teehee… do another foolish thing and attempt to figure it out for yourself? -04:44 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Had she been any less interested in what Malsuada had to say, she would have been furious over that little snip. She waved her hand and the statue drifted out of Malsuada’s grasp and right back to where it belonged. On the shelf.* Old age certainly hasn’t dulled your sense of humor. But, by all means, make yourself useful and tell me this worthwhile information. *Research, hm. Malsuada obviously had a score to settle with the Infamous One.* -04:50 Oct 07
Malsuada: A wise move! We certainly wouldn’t want you to end up any worse than what the Great King did to you! *Oooh, did she let that slip! Though she covered her mouth and tried to look apologetic, she couldn’t help but smirk. …Malsuada waved a hand over that dusty chair until the thing looked as good as new and worth sitting in.* We begin with Conrad Wolf, a Hunter for the Oracle Organization and one of the few that is any good. It seems his family history involves that lunatic vampire Elizabeth Bathory. -04:55 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia growled and the house shook! That demon was pushing her luck! How dare she say that name! … She calmed down, eventually … and the house did, too! She rolled her eyes at the mention of Elizabeth. And everyone thought SHE had a problem? At least she still had her own body. Even if it was trapped.* -05:00 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Teeheehee! She was like a child tormenting an fuzzy little animal!* He accompanies Lily Grey, on of the precious few humans that has actually lived post being The Marionette’s Doll. Kind of extraordinary, really, the bloodlines of those two humans. Rather valuable souls, if I do say so myself! -05:05 Oct 07
Lucretia: My, Malsuada, you seem to have stumbled on quite the obsession. What did you do, track down their bloodlines several generations back? *Forget Elizabeth Bathory, perhaps Malsuada was the one with the more serious issues.* -05:07 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Malsuada cast a glare over at the painting, pulling a metal file from the air to sharpen her lovely claws* Don’t be such a twit, Lucretia. One as magnificent as myself would not be so sucussful if the research wasn’t done. ….In this case, extra precautions. I intend to take out the Infamous One himself. -05:10 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia chuckled softly.* Silly sister, you will just have to stand in line behind all the others who have tried and failed. *She did enjoy ruffling Malsuada’s feathers a bit and using a pet name, whether true or not, never hurt.* -05:14 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Scowling deeper still, Malsuada bent back her nail file until the forced made it flick across the room! The pointy end imbeded in to the wall and inch from the painting.* Others that have failed because they’re idiots and didn’t take in to account the danger surrounding that man! UGH! He has collected a host of allies with extraordinary talent and exuberant souls. It’s unnatural for one man to have so much power. …not to mention he jacked my newest precious! I had THE brightest soul in the world and thanks to the Devil King’s wee princess, he stole her away. -05:17 Oct 07
Lucretia: *My, someone was cranky. Lucretia arched an eyebrow at the nail file stuck in the wall. She would have to repair that later. The poor wall.* He is truly one of a kind … *Even among the rare Carnatellis, he was outdoing the lot.* In that case, Malsuada, I wish you the best of luck. Allies or not, I would not tamper with Gabriel Carnatelli for all the souls in existence. -05:23 Oct 07
Malsuada: But Luuuucreeetiiiiiaaa! *Malsuada slipped in to the floor on her knees, holding up her hands in pleading prayer! Complete with her best of pouts.* Two humans wouldn’t be a problem for the Lady of the House. Believe me, that damned vampire will be far too distracted elsewhere to do a thing about them. *She smirked wide.* I have contracted Anthony Carnatelli for one of his infamous traps. We will take the precious glittering soul, bleed her near dry. And if the Infamous doesn’t cooporate… well… I am sure he wouldn’t want to see her thrown to the Marionette! *Hahahaha! Malsuada cackled loudly, before she coughed and resumed her pleading look.* It’s a full proof plan. All of his companions will be elsewhere and there will be no one to help him. -05:28 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia was thoughtful for a moment. Or two. Or three …* Very well. I’ll play with the Hunter and his Charge. -05:39 Oct 07
Malsuada: Aren’t you the sweetest thing! Make use of my research, Lucretia, really. I wouldn’t under estimate the humans. They are strong souls. *Malsuada jumped to her feet, swatting the dust off her clothes.* Oh, I may even let you keep their souls too! The one ~I’m~ after is so much more shiny and delicious! -05:43 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia was amused by this and mildly curious. Malsuada hadn’t been this passionate–or obsessed–over a soul in … quite sometime. This human must truly have the brightest soul in existence. But the brightest light cast the darkest shadow.* Either way, your quest should be quite fun to watch, Malsuada. -05:48 Oct 07
Malsuada: Oh, I’ll be sure to bring it here and show you, Lucretia! I know you haven’t had any souls in suuuuch a long time! Such a glittery thing just HAS to be shared! -05:52 Oct 07
Lucretia: How lovely of you to remind me, Malsuada. *She said dryly. She was very fortunate she was still stuck here and bereft of the opportunity to gain more souls! She snorted.* And what does your partner-in-crime, Anthony Carnatelli, gain from your contract? *Only a fool would strike any sort of bargain with Malsuada of all devils.* -05:57 Oct 07
Malsuada: Why, the Infamous One returned to his possession, of course! *For once that assinine look disappeared from her face and Malsuada took on a thoughtful expression.* There is more to that Carnatelli saga than meets the eye. Research that doesn’t seem to add up properly. He hides a great secret. ….but frankly, as long as I get that human’s soul, I could care less about the drama of vampires! -06:00 Oct 07

The Great King Saga

055 Light and Darkness

Light takes Evangeline from Oracle for a chat, confused by the strange human Darkness has bonded with. She tried to cast doubt in Evangeline’s mind about Gabriel’s history with Light, but Evangeline knows facts from fiction. Light promises that she will end that unnatural bond!

Dark and Caroline discuss Evangeline while easing Meri’s mind. Meri meddles in trying to make them spend time together, especially when Caroline is no longer the teacher.

[Evangeline WAS trying to prepare for a class! Now she is just confused!] -10:52 Jun 04
[Darkness wants his wife back. Now.] -10:52 Jun 04

Dark: Seriously, Caroline. How are we going to explain to Gabriel–or whoever the hell he is that his wife got taken by some chick who waltzed in and waltzed right back out with his wife.

Everywhere the eye could see there was snow! Snow up to the knees! Snow flying through the air! Biting wind and blinding sunlight! There was nothing around but tundra. …except for a tall woman, walking back and forth. Looking just as confused as Evangeline.

Caroline: With an ‘I’m sorry, please don’t kill us.’ *Despite her tone, it WAS crossing her mind. Caroline was currently holding a hand out with a small spell circling in her palm. She was trying to trace Evangeline and piggyback where she was taken, but no matter how much she put in to the spell, it just wasn’t working.*

Evangeline: *At this rate she was going to freeze to death. She couldn’t even feel her toes!* Are we only going to stand here, or did you want to talk? Honestly, we could be somewhere warmer! *Evangeline remembered the woman from what she thought had only been a weird dream. But if she were going to tell her to betray her husband again, she was going to be really disappointed!* -10:59 Jun 04
Darkness: *Somewhere on an entirely different plane, the giant black dragon raised one claw and slammed it down into the shadows surrounding its feet. Only for it to shift to Gabriel’s form.* -10:59 Jun 04
Darkness: dark *He winced. Damnit, another headache.* Yeah, well, I don’t think he’s too happy. And he’s getting more impatient. -11:00 Jun 04

“Helpless. Useless. Only a human.” Light circled around the woman again. “Call up warmth. Cast magic. Do something interesting. You must do SOMETHING.”

Dark: dark *He winced. Damnit, another headache.* Yeah, well, I don’t think he’s too happy. And he’s getting more impatient.

Caroline: So am I. *Evangeline couldn’t seem to do anything without needing constant supervision. How that woman survives is a mystery! With a low growl she dropped her spell all together.* And this time she’s been snatched away but something I can’t trace. YOU try it. If I can find her without having to summon Gabriel to raise hell, it would make the day easier.

Vlamerias: *Meri was chewing on her lip. She didn’t feel the headache Dark was talking about but she did have a feeling things would get very bad if her Mommy wasn’t recovered soon! That weird lady had been all light and stuff! Nothing like her Mommy’s light and yet, similar! It was very confusing!*

Dark: *He huffed.* Fine. But if *I* find her, doesn’t that mean Gabriel will know where she is and get pissed at us, too?

Darkness: *The dragon let out a roar that sent everyone in touch with the Darkness wincing and covering their ears! What a horrible noise!* -11:12 Jun 04
Evangeline: I AM a psychic? Does that help at all? *Evangeline crossed her arms so she could hide her fingers. Wearing a skirt today was clearly a bad idea! At least she was sure there were somewhere south. Antarctica? If she didn’t get back soon she was going to literally freeze solid!* I need to go home now. -11:13 Jun 04

Caroline: WE didn’t lose her. Oracle is safe from at least Ninty percent of the world’s population of evil. We’re just so blessed that the last ten percent seems to enjoy pissing off Gabriel. * Caroline pinched the bridge of her nose, waving a hand for him to continue and try it anyway. At least it would find her faster, even if it were Gabriel that went to fetch her.*

Dark: *He growled! Stuck one finger in his ear and wiggled it around to test his hearing after that roar!* Crap, fine. *He walked over to where Evangeline had been standing, cracked his knuckles. It was several minutes before the distant look in his eyes turned into confusion.* All I’m getting is light. Really bright light. So strong I don’t even want to go near it. I don’t see how the hell that helps, though.

“Psychics are ridiculously common.” Light finally stopped pacing, gesturing arms wide and the land around them. “What do you think of my kingdom, daughter? The sun shines for months. Reflects off the snow. It is the most beautiful place on earth. Darkness tries to destroy it, but in the end Light always wins. Have you turned away from the light, daughter?”

Darkness: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed. Nothing but light. He knew the place. Light was going to wish he did not. The dragon flapped its wings once and the darkness around its feet surrounded it, only to suddenly break apart, revealing Darkness gone!* -11:20 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *She suddenly POOFED! and ended up on Caroline’s head, clinging for dear life! She was so anxious she was spellcasting and not even realizing it!* I failed again! I’m a bad, bad familiar! *She wailed, tilting her head back and crying!*

Dark: *Just when he figured the roar had finally stopped and there would be peace–the familiar teleported and started wailing! He clapped his hands over his ears.* ….

Evangeline: I am sure it’s like heaven… but my husband gets upset when I’m gone for too long, and I was finally able to go teach classes again! *This was getting frustrating! Why did people never get to the point of things? All of the talking, couldn’t she just try to eat her or reveal her big evil plan so she could get back to Oracle where it was warm?* -11:22 Jun 04

Caroline: *And that was when her hand smacked against her face. Now she would be consoling a devil!* Vlamerias, do you know about Kings and Queens of old?

Darkness: *And in the midst of the light, Darkness appeared! But the dragon roared and Gabriel was standing there! He saw Light standing next to Evangeline and growled.* You have gone too far. *Then he was stalking toward Light for Evangeline! All this bright light made him clench his teeth but he would not be denied!* -11:24 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *She was wailing and wailing and–She sniffled!* You mean like my Daddy? That kind of King? *She loved hearing stories and Warrior Lady always had great ones to tell! She lowered her head to look at Caroline’s face upside down!*

“Speaking of your husband.” How dare he come here to her sanctuary! Light moved, graceful and sweet, to wrap her arms around Evangeline from behind and give her a hug! “I was getting to know your wife. She is beautiful. I have never seen a human shine so bright. …You must have missed me so much!”

Darkness: *He paused.* Release her now. *He had finally taken his guard down enough to allow Evangeline to teach at Oracle again and this happened! The tower was appearing to be a wise decision by the incident!* -11:28 Jun 04

Caroline: Yes. Like the Devil King. He has many people in his court, doesn’t he? But he is a powerful devil. So much so that he could destroy any enemy that attacked him. Now… imagine if he took a human wife. Do you know what would happen?

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* Um … *Oh, she knew the answer to this one! Let’s see. On one hand, there was the powerful Devil King and on the other, a human.* The wife would die in a few short decades?

Evangeline: *So cold! And it was not the snow and wind! She would have expected light to be warm and vibrant. But this woman was freezing to touch! There was no wamrth in her at all! Now she was having to clamp her mouth shut just to keep her teeth from chattering!* -11:31 Jun 04

Dark: *Dark removed his hands from his ears. Then he was digging into that big bag Evangeline carried around with her. There had to be treats for Meri inside somewhere! Maybe that would help keep her calm …*

Light didn’t move an inch, only smiled and cradled her dearest daughter in her embrace. “All of this time I thought you didn’t care for me anymore. That the moments we shared together had been forgotten. Ah, but here you are taking a new light for a wife. I would have been so happy to be your wife.”

Caroline: Not quite. Imagine your father’s enemies deciding the best way to harm him was by hurting his human wife. Tons and tons of devils all sneaking after her while your King was away on business. How many people do you think it would take to protect her?

Darkness: *Oh, the temptation to rip her throat out! But Evangeline’s safety was always first priority …* The only happiness you seek is my destruction. You care nothing for others. Your children are just pawns in the eternal struggle between us. -11:41 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling again. Now she was getting it …* Stronger people than a single devil familiar so young … *She suddenly had her tail and wings again and they were drooping! She hugged Caroline’s head!*

Dark: *Meanwhile, he had grabbed a hold of something and began to pull it up … and up … And, bloody hell! How had she managed to fit a giant stuffed penguin into a bag so small and still have room for all these things?!*

“You make our relationship sound so dangerous. We’ve been together before the dawn of time, the occasional tiff happens.” She had still not let Evangeline go, now twirling a bit of her hair around her finger.

Evangeline: Relationship! *Evangeline was trying to be patient. Gabriel needed her to be calm…. despite being too cold to breath! But what was all of this about marrying Gabriel and relationships!* He is my husband. -11:47 Jun 04
Darkness: *He tilted his head slightly at her. What game was Light playing this time.* You kidnapped my wife to make small talk. Your latest incident has grieved my familiar. Give me. My wife. -11:49 Jun 04

Caroline: Yes. More than just a small devil. However, *Caroline finally pulled Meri off her head and set her on the ground. She held up a hand and produced a small book. It had a lot of interesting pictures. Fairy tales!* a Queen still needs her court. Young ladies that help her day to day with important things that most people always forget.

Vlamerias: *Oohhh … what a beautiful book! Well-worn but bound in leather! There were not many books in the human world like these! And she had developed an appreciation for books thanks to Evangeline! Her eyes grew wide! She rubbed the tears away.* … R–really? Even though I don’t do the big stuff like you and Dark do?

“I wanted to meet the woman that stole the Heart of Darkness. Imagine my surprise to find that she is one of my daughters. Did you think I would be jealous of her? She is bright, but she is not as bright as I.”

Darkness: If your wish was so simple, you had no need to kidnap her. *There were many things he wished to say to Light but Light was fickle and prone to recklessness when her temper flared. He could not risk her harming Evangeline.* She did not steal it. She is my heart. *And quite possibly the one reason he didn’t stamp out Light’s children once and for all, in spite!* -11:58 Jun 04

“I used to be your heart. Don’t you remember? We are two sides of infinity.” She hugged Evangeline close to whisper in her ear. “A bond far stronger than any other.”

Evangeline: *Talking about her as if she weren’t right here… and about her husband as if she had been his lover before! Evangeline was really tempted to bite her! And for a small tiny moment, she thought it might be true! He had so many memories of things he had never realized before. But Gabriel didn’t respond to Light like a past lover, he was angry and worried. And memories of Light spoke far louder!* You were never his heart. You were a very frustrating woman. …and continue to be so! Now get off! -12:06 Jun 05

Caroline: Yes. She can’t stay by herself for too long. You give her company and help her with things she can’t do herself. Before Gabriel brought you back from the Devil World, she was having a hard time. Isn’t that right, Dark?

Darkness: *Evangeline was the only reason he didn’t attack Light the moment she hugged Evangeline close to whisper to her. There were many things he could tolerate but Light was pushing things too far. He smirked when Evangeline told Light to get off.* I discovered there were stronger bonds. *He replied. He shifted to the giant black dragon and reached one claw out to grab Evangeline gently!* -12:13 Jun 05

Dark: *Dark stood and handed Vlamerias the giant stuffed penguin! He huffed.* Was she ever. But she never wanted to bother anyone and Gabriel was always away.

Vlamerias: *She accepted the penguin! It was the one her Glaër had won for her at the fair!* Mommy is always doing strange human things … like talking to strangers at the park!

Light loosened her grip, out of surprise! “How would you know, daughter? Your soul is a mere infant. We have been eternal!” Then she hissed! The blasted dark dragon large enough to block sun from the sky. Light vanished but her voice remained. “We will see how strong this farce of a bond is! It is against our nature and it WILL be broken!” As her voice faded, the wind picked up and the sun in the sky seemed to be shining brighter!

Darkness: *Darkness brought Evangeline closer and put her down on the ground next to it. It lowered its head and wrapped its neck around her protectively, even while it flinched under such bright light! Then the dragon teleported itself and Evangeline away, somewhere warm! A grassy cliff in the middle of nowhere with the sun shining bright where the dragon was smaller, about the size of a skyscraper! It lay down, body curled around Evangeline and wings folded so it didn’t block out the sun!* -12:20 Jun 05
Evangeline: *So cold! All of her shouting she had well prepared in her head was just as frozen as she was! The sudden shift from biting cold to sunny warmth was a relief… but not as much as having Gabriel around her! He was so opposite of light. Touching him was always warmth! And he was… wait, a big dragon?* y-y-you’re big! *She managed to squeak out through teeth chattering!* -12:23 Jun 05
Gabriel: *The dragon raised its head and then the darkness dissipated from it until Gabriel was standing there.* Forgive me. -12:26 Jun 05

Caroline: Evangeline needs people around her. Something that is hard to explain to her husband. *Speaking of Evangeline… Gabriel hadn’t shown up there to rip their flesh from their bones, and her danger senses weren’t tingling. And Dark was no longer holding his head like it was about to explode. A good sign!*

Dark: *He clasped his hands behind his head.* Yeah, well I think it’s gonna be even harder to explain that to him now. It doesn’t take a psychic to see he’s serious about locking her in that tower.

Evangeline: *Throwing her arms around him, she only grinned! It was hard to talk with her whole body shaking, it was easier to think! It was just easier to hold him as a man, dragons were too big to hug!* -12:30 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He had expected so many reactions! A hug was a pleasant surprise! He slipped his arms around her.* … Evangeline. *There was no masking the relief he felt!* -12:33 Jun 05

Caroline: Towers are a pain to get in to, also. If he does, I’m not going to go rescue her. *Caroline dropped in to a seat. …she wouldn’t scale a tower, but talking to that man would be a good idea.*

Vlamerias: *She plopped down onto her beanbag, still holding the penguin!* The humans often whisper about Mommy being a damsel in distress. Is that not where damsels in distress belong?

Evangeline: *Bliss! Now if he would make it warmer for her, so she could actually feel!* Y-you’re MY husband. Remember. -12:38 Jun 05

Caroline: That’s where witches and villains put damsels in distress. Not their husbands. Though, I admit I’ve considered locking her away somewhere myself. If Gabriel is going to be this Great King and his enemy strong enough to snatch her from her, she needs an entire army watching her. *Wouldn’t that just shake the entire world? Gabriel Carnatelli’s own personal King’s Guard.*

Gabriel: I do. *But Light had a way of playing with people’s minds and turning things to her advantage. But then he was tilting her face up to his and kissing her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, moving further down to nuzzle her neck and nip her gently where her pulse beat strongest!* -12:43 Jun 05

Dark: *He was smirking.* You mean, that’s not what we are? Evangeline’s personal guard?

Vlamerias: Oooohh! Mommy is the Queen! Mommy is the Queen! *She twirled her penguin around and around!*

Evangeline: *There was no better way to feel warmer! She gave a soft sigh before she shifted just enough to slip her arms under his coat and hands under his shirt. He felt burning hot!* And she is not going to steal my husband. *Evangeline wasn’t sure what that woman was up to, but she didn’t like the way she talked about Gabriel! Even thinking about him with some other woman… she might need to start carrying a gun!* -12:50 Jun 05
Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline. *He smiled as he lifted his head to look at her.* I have not known any to hold her own against Light. You surprised her. -12:51 Jun 05

Caroline: Knights of the Bright Lady. I suppose we are. Now we just need ninty seven more people and I believe that may almost be enough eyes to keep that woman out of trouble.

Dark: *Snickering!* Yeah, like anyone else has the guts to bear bad news to Gabriel. Evangeline’s been kidnapped. Evangeline’s disappeared. Yeah, half the world’s population will be wetting their pants.

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t have considered that holding her own. She was freezing to death! At least until she was getting mad, had that woman talked any longer, she was going to pounce on her.* I had talked to her once before. I thought it was just a dream… but she wanted me to leave you. -12:54 Jun 05

Caroline: Has she told you some of her odd misadventures before she ever met Gabriel? She has always been involved in one strange thing or another chasing after visions. Only now there’s visions AND Gabriel’s enemies. Yet I’ve never heard her complain beyond a few grumbles about things trying to eat her. Gabriel married pure sunshine. It’s really uncanny.

Gabriel: Uncanny, yeah. Seeing as how Gabriel turns out to be Darkness Supreme or something. I mean, honestly. How screwed up can things get? -01:36 Jun 05

Dark: Uncanny, yeah. Seeing as how Gabriel turns out to be Darkness Supreme or something. I mean, honestly. How screwed up can things get?

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. He was curious about how long Light had been free.* And when was that. -01:38 Jun 05

Caroline: *Caroline cast him a sly smile.* Do you truely want to know?

Evangeline: *…for some reasons her instincts were yelling that she should have mentioned this sooner!* When you fixed things after my accident with the gypsy. Before I woke up. -01:39 Jun 05

Dark: … Awh hell. *He muttered, giving Caroline a sideways glance!*

Vlamerias: *She was clapping, with that penguin under her arm!* Oohh! Oohh! I want to know, Warrior Lady! I want to know!

Gabriel: … That long. *And who knows what sort of trouble she had been up to before that! Talking with Evangeline. Bold enough to show herself.* What else did she say. -01:47 Jun 05

Caroline: These things happen all too often. In a human lifespan you may see one global event, but the longer you live you start to realize there seems to be a cycle to these things. I am no Seer, but I suspect there will be a war very very soon. *Not something to be grinning about, but Dark went and opened his mouth and Meri asked so nicely!*

Dark: *He huffed.* You just had to go ahead and say it, didn’t you. So what kind of war are you expecting. Like the U.S. bombing someone with nuclear warheads or something?

Evangeline: Well…. she said you would be tired of me soon and leave me. And you would betray me.*Evangeline knew he would never betray her, and knew he loved her and wouldn’t tire of her! It was only that fear he would leave her that always lingered. He had tried to do it before!* -01:52 Jun 05

Vlamerias: Oohh … *Her eyes went wide!*

Gabriel: *He felt the concern over Light’s indefinite amount of freedom melt away, replaced by concern for Evangeline.* I have tried, Seer. But our bond remains strong. I feel it strengthen with each new obstacle we face together. We are one. And you are my wife, my Heart of Darkness. -01:56 Jun 05

Caroline: Hrrm. If humans become involved it might come to that. *Her grin disappeared, replaced by a more thoughtful expression.* While I’ve been alive, there has been an effort to hide the magical and devil world from the human one. Demons, monsters, faeries and others used to be at least vaguely normal for humans to see and now they think it’s all myth. But… all of these changes lately are bound to be noticed. Great powers can’t be awakened without reprocussions.

Dark: *He huffed again and sat down.* Well, can’t someone wipe clean all the human minds so no one will know? *He didn’t like the thought of humans becoming involved. They always complicated things and they smelled bad.*

Evangeline: *If he was ever gone, she would refuse to live and she really didn’t want him to worry about her! Not when it was her own problem to deal with! She leaned to rest her forehead against his chest.* And I love you more than anything else in the world! I really don’t care what she says, and if she knows what’s good for her, she won’t steal you away. -02:01 Jun 05
Gabriel: *Gabriel lowered his head to nibble on her ear.* You are a dangerous woman. But I am sorely tempted to lock you away in a tower. *Especially now that Light had set her eyes on Evangeline! It was only a matter of time before Light decided to strike a low blow by harming her in some way. Perhaps to test the bond he and Evangeline shared.* -02:04 Jun 05

Caroline: *At that she laughed!* Billions of humans on this world? No. Everything changes and we have to change with it. I just hope if there is a coming war, it’s not because Gabriel has lost his wife and his mind. I have a bad feeling that his enemies have realized she’s a catalyst for chaos.

Dark: *He leaned back.* Ya know, we might not be at this point if Gabriel had just left well enough alone. You know, not life bond with Evangeline and enjoy her while she’s in her mortal years.

Evangeline: You can’t lock me in a tower, I would escape! *At least she thought she would! But he was nibbling at her, and it was hard to think of escape routes when she would rather lean against him!* -02:08 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He was picking her up only to lie her down and then he was lying on his side beside her.* Would you escape if I were with you. *He moved his head lower to nibble on her neck again and he slipped the fingers of one hand between hers.* -02:11 Jun 05

Caroline: Watch the person you love grow old and die is a heart breaking experience. *That amused look of hers was more distant then as she rested her chin on her hand.* He wouldn’t have taken it any better. The world will burn the day she dies.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide! This sounded like one of those tragic love stories! And she remembered the day him and the Warrior Lady when they came to the Devil World!*

Evangeline: *The grass was soft and comfortable and her reply was just a nodding of her head! …then a shaking of her head! And then a giggle as she pushed at his shoulder with her other hand.* Hmm, maybe not if you were with me, but then very moment you left! -02:13 Jun 05
Gabriel: It would be a vacation. You and I. We would never have to leave. I would purr for you. *He knew she liked him purring and cuddling! And baths and snow kittens!* -02:15 Jun 05

Dark: *He huffed.* I guess. *Gabriel did a hell of a lot for Evangeline and Evangeline was the only human who didn’t take advantage of him.* Maybe they were meant to be together. *He gave a small shrug.*

Evangeline: You would purr for me? *And his thoughts… this was subtle suduction! Purrs and baths and snow kittens, it was a trap! …a very nice sounding one!* What sort of tower has snow kittens? -02:18 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He smirked.* My sort. You did not think I would settle for a drafty tower like the one you read to Vlamerias about. Oh no. For you, a castle. Every Queen must have a castle. Four courtyards. Each with a different season. One for spring. One for autumn. One for summer. And one for winter. *His fingers were at the buttons of her blouse now, slowly unbuttoning one at a time.* -02:21 Jun 05

Caroline: A grand romance, destiny or not. I would have liked to be so lucky. *There were moments she were jealous of Gabriel and Evangeline. ..maybe not of all the trouble! But they were in love. Real love that didn’t come with betrayal, and wouldn’t end with old age and heartbreak! Caroline cleared her throat as she moved out of her chair.* …ahem. Seeing as Gabriel has not come to murder us, I suspect Evangeline is fine now. I should go.

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady! *She jumped up to snag her hand!* Can we go shopping? Mommy’s been busy lately but she always says you were the one she likes to take shopping with her! *She blinked.* Um, or was it the other way around …

Evangeline: An enchanted castle just for me? *He did make that seem very nice. Something so neat would have to exist!* And if I had four courtyards, I wouldn’t be locked away in a room? -02:25 Jun 05
Gabriel: You would be depressed and that would be suffocating you. And I doubt all of your things would fit in a single room and still be considered inhabitable. *She had her rocks, her jewelry, her tools for making jewelry, her clothing, and her souvenirs from her world-wide travels.* -02:27 Jun 05

Caroline: *It seemed she was on devil babysitting duty! Caroline nodded.* And what did you want to shop for, Small Lady? Doesn’t Evangeline spoil you as it is?

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled and snagged Dark’s hand before he got away!* Um … Maybe not shop but hang out with! *Yes, she would hang out with Dark and Warrior Lady and in essence, they would be spending time together! It wouldn’t be a date but they’d enjoy each other’s company!*

Dark: *He looked doubtful.* I don’t know … I’m not the shopping type.

Evangeline: *She might fill a room just with her stones alone… She did wonder where Gabriel put all of her things that Melissa shipped over! Every time she needed something specific it was so easily found!* A room for every country I’ve been to? -02:30 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Are you seeking to house an army in our castle, Evangeline? *Now her shirt was open and he was planting kisses down her body.* -02:31 Jun 05

Caroline: That I am very aware of. *Caroline smirked at Dark. Dressing him was a struggle. Thankfully he learned enough to dress himself now without her wincing about it!* If not shopping, and not saving damsels from danger, and not grueling lessons, what to do, Small Lady? Look for my new apartment?

Dark: *Shooting daggers at Caroline!* Very funny. *He muttered.*

Vlamerias: Oohh! You’re finally moving out of the motel? Does that mean you got rid of that fleabag, too?

Evangeline: Castles are supposed to be big enough for small armies, I think. *How distracting to have his breath across her skin! But there was no complaints from her!* -02:36 Jun 05

Caroline: He is still hiding from me, but he will eventually return. *Caroline was still angry with him, and if the cursed beast knew anything, it was when to protect his own skin.* Since I have obligations here now, I decided a more permanant place would be a good idea.

Gabriel: A room for every country you have been to. And a special room to dance. *He nuzzled her skin, scraped the tip of his fangs against the curve of her breast.* -02:41 Jun 05

Dark: So the Caroline the Slayer is going to find a permanent place. Boy scouts beware. I think that’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Evangeline: *Her breath caught, and suddenly it was very hard to keep focused on what they were talking about!* …a ballroom with wood floors? -02:46 Jun 05
Gabriel: Perfect acoustics for singing. *And she did enjoy his singing. It was not often he had a reason to sing, except where she was concerned. He smirked. She had to be wearing a skirt today and he took full advantage by putting one hand on her calf and slowly sliding it upward. He nuzzled the space between her breasts and kissed the spot where her heart beat strongest.* -02:48 Jun 05

Caroline: Oh is it? I thought you might feel safer with me here to protect you. You ARE the Prince, now, aren’t you? *Caroline cast him a cheeky grin!*

Dark: *He blinked. He scowled, then he clapped his hands over his ears and started singing!*

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice! It never ceased to amaze her Dark’s singing! … Or how easy it was for Warrior Lady to get him to!*

Evangeline: *And her heart was beating so fast, she was trying to take deep breaths just to still it!* Singing for me too, you are trying to lure me! *Luring or not, she brushed a hand over his head to stroke his hair. A castle might not be so bad..* -02:53 Jun 05

Caroline: What’s the matter now? I haven’t even started calling you the Prince of Darkness yet. Who could imagine how befitting your name was. *If she grinned any wider, he face was going to hurt. The vampire should be on broadway with a voice like that. At least he was easy to taunt!*

Dark: *He was marching away! The look on his face! It hadn’t looked so bad when that Darkness had roared!*

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head slightly at Dark. He never learned!*

Caroline: *And as always she followed. ..He had to finish the song after all.* Hopeless, but amusing. Yet so tempting to join him in duet.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Yes, Evangeline. Darkness Incarnate or not, I am madly in love with you. *He lifted his head to whisper in her ear.* And a castle would give me new opportunities to show you how much. *He purred.* -02:59 Jun 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline suspected that it wouldn’t be the castle or the rooms themselves that he would show her! Especially with a purr that made her shivver with something other than cold! Moving her other hand to run through his hair too, she turned her head to kiss his cheek.* I think I would like to know how much. -03:02 Jun 05

Dark: *He was oblivious to everyone who stopped and stared! But he marched out of the HQ just as he finished the song and slowly took his hands off his ears … Safe.*

Gabriel: I would whisk you away, Evangeline. No one would notice at first. *He smiled.* And after I am through with you, you will need a week or two to recover. *His hand moved under her skirt, between her legs and stroked her through the fabric of her panties.* -03:06 Jun 05

Caroline: *Safe… until she clamped her hands on his shoulders and muttered in his ear!* That one is my favorite. I think you should try adding a musical instrument. Violin like family trade? Or maybe be rebellious and try a guitar?

Dark: *He glared at her over his shoulder.* You’re just loving this, aren’t you.

Vlamerias: *She skipped up from behind Caroline!* You have such a wonderful voice, Dark! I love to listen to it!

Evangeline: *A gasp that she had to hide by biting her tongue! Her toes curling as she squirmed beneath him.* and, hum… That does sound like a long time. *She might think of a better retort after she tugs his head down and kisses him!* -03:11 Jun 05

Caroline: Every moment with you is like listening to angels in heaven, dear heart. *She smirked. Of course, Vlamerias had to ruin her teasing, by being sincere!*

Dark: Hardy har har. Yeah, thanks, Meri. *He said, still ruffled about Caroline’s comments.* Great, so I suppose now that you know Gabriel plays the violin, you want to start a band or something.

Caroline: Don’t ruin my fantasy by dragging Gabriel in to it! *Dark singing was one thing, thinking about Gabriel doing it was… just kind of disturbing. Enough that she had to shake it off, and headed down the sidewalk, tempting to sing it out of her head herself!*

Dark: *He grinned and clasped his hands behind his head, humming that song he was singing. But when he caught up with Caroline, he started singing the song out loud!*

Vlamerias: *She skipped side by side with Caroline, still hugging the penguin!*

Caroline: There’s no need to serenade me now, the moment is gone! *Caroline swatted at him.*

Dark: *He laughed.* What happened to, “The moment is all of what you make of it” or whatever you said.

Gabriel: *He kissed her back and made sure it was a long and dragging kiss, even as he pushed her skirt higher and spread her legs wider.* -03:23 Jun 05

Caroline: I’m certain that must have been something to do with romance or relaxing and not ruining my innocent daydreams.

Dark: *A blink!* You. Innocent?

Evangeline: *Conversation was all forgotten in favor of brushing her tongue against his lips, and dropping her hands to his shoulders to push away his coat!* -03:26 Jun 05

Caroline: Yes, innocent! I have only the noblest of intentions where you are concerned! *…most of the time. Getting him to sing wasn’t so noble, but he didn’t need to know the how and whys!*

Gabriel: *He broke away from what he was doing to help get his coat off, never breaking contact from her mouth. He kissed her deeper and slid his tongue against hers as he flicked open her bra. He cupped one breast and rubbed it in circles against her chest while rubbing her nipple with his thumb.* -03:34 Jun 05

Dark: *He was grinning then! And he suddenly kissed Caroline’s cheek as he walked past her.* Thanks.

Vlamerias: OOhhh! *Her eyes went wide! Dark kissed Warrior Lady! This was such news!*

Evangeline: *She sighed a soft delighted sound against his mouth. That feeling of sunlight warming her skin mixed with his touch was bliss! With his coat away, her hands moved down to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants!* -03:39 Jun 05

Caroline: *Her eyes were probably as wide as Vlamerias, before she came to her senses and caught up with him again.* Aren’t you just filled with gratitude now that the teacher is no longer the teacher.

Gabriel: *Gabriel broke the kiss and moved his head down to take the breast he’d been caressing into his mouth. He flicked his tongue against the nipple before drawing it between his lips and further inside. He made sure to swirl it around a bit to create a tingling sensation.* Mmm … *He groaned, feeling Evangeline’s hands at his pants. His own hand was slipping between her legs to pull her panties down impatiently. There was always the idea to rip them off of her …* -03:43 Jun 05

Dark: Heh. Maybe. I guess it’s also nice to know you don’t have to spend so much energy on me.

Evangeline: *Ooh, he had given her goosebumps and those delicious shivvers that had her mumbling his name! But what a wicked idea! Ripping clothes off… with her hands fumbling and giving the waistband of his pants a sharp tug, that was tempting indeed!* -03:51 Jun 05

Caroline: You don’t have to be concerned. *Caroline cast him a slow smirk.* Never ending rescues and constant teaching was just a little taxing. After my forced vacation, I can return to shaking down mountains or defeat Princes in war if I need to.

Gabriel: *He sucked harder on the breast as he got those panties off her feet and dropped them somewhere! His hand quickly returned to pushing her skirt up until it was bunched up around her waist. Then he was lifting himself slightly to slide between her legs. His other hand moved to help free himself. Today, tomorrow, or a millenia from this moment, he would never get enough of her!* -03:57 Jun 05

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* So you’re not mad at my Glaër for sending you all the way to Arizona, Warrior Lady?

Dark: *He snickered.* Hope you got a lot of marbles stocked up in that case.

Evangeline: *He was driving her crazy!* Gabriel, please..! *Gasping for breath, she grasped his shirt at his shoulder, tugging him up to steal another kiss from him. Feverish and wanting!* -04:05 Jun 05

Caroline: I happen to be very angry with him, but not for the trip. ..And as a matter of fact, I don’t need those marbles, they just give a decided advantage! *Why she felt the need to prove herself to Dark of all people was redundant! Especially spending all of that time teaching him herself! Her own teacher never got that way!*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He growled and it wasn’t the angry growl either! It was the “desperate” one! Her passion was already pushing him to the edge and he was so hard! Then she tugged him up and he nearly lost himself in that kiss! He slipped his tongue into her mouth as he wrapped her legs around his waist and drove deep! Both hands gripped her hips as he pounded her.* -04:11 Jun 05

Vlamerias: Oohh … *There were sparks in the air! But she couldn’t tell whether it was the romance kind or the angry kind! They all felt the same until the people started kissing or killing each other! Her Mommy had said so!*

Evangeline: *A soft gasp so quickly turned to a low mewl of pleasure. Locking her legs around him even as her body moved beneath him! She nipped at his tongue gently with her teeth, a quiet giggle as she did so!* -04:18 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He smirked when he felt her teeth on his tongue but that did little to slake his passion! His hands moved down and under her to cup her bottom. Now everytime he thrust, even faster now, he rubbed up against her sheath, looking for that special spot that would give her more pleasure!* -04:26 Jun 05
Evangeline: *She broke away from the kiss simply to take a breath, but instead found herself biting her own to keep from crying out! Her fingers dug in to his shirt before sliding down his arms. Almost wanting to pull his hands away, but adoring the sweet tormet of his movements!* -04:35 Jun 05
Gabriel: *It was amazing how much control he had! One moment he was going agonizingly slow, the next moment he was going fast and hard! But he always drove deep inside of her, so deep she could feel him right down to the tip of her toes! She looked so beautiful and the fact she needed him as much as he needed her …* -04:39 Jun 05

Dark: … So you spent your entire vacation saving up energy and enjoying the spa, huh?

Evangeline: *Almost more than she could bare, she was writhing beneath him! Her arms dropping to her sides and fingers curling in to dirt and grass, only to shoot up suddenly and clutch his shoulders tight when that first orgasm hit!* Oh god, Gabriel..! -04:46 Jun 05

Caroline: It would have been a fool’s move not to. I should now be able to throw you in to traffic and hide a few good months before Gabriel tracks me down for it. *Another wicked smirk!*

Gabriel: *He hissed under his breath when she clenched up around him. All it took was a few more thrusts and then he was grunting softly as he reached his own climax. He lay down on top of her, only to wrap his arms around her and roll over so they lay side by side. It took a simple teleporting spell to send them home in bed (along with their clothes!) and then he was drawing the sheets over them. He kissed Evangeline’s lips.* I love you. -04:54 Jun 05

Dark: *He snickered.* Sounds like a challenge.

Evangeline: *There was no feeling like this. That contented glow of making love to Gabriel. She curled up with him, nuzzling his cheek as she moved her legs against his.* As I love you. More than anything else. -04:57 Jun 05

Vlamerias: *Blink blink! Then she huffed! Oh well. It looked like it was the “killing each other” kind of sparks!*

Caroline: A challenge for Gabriel? Yes. I am particularly good at knowing where to hide. *She deliberatly mistook the question. After all, now that she was ~rested~ even if he were Gabriel’s protoge, he had no chances at besting her.*

Gabriel: … I know. *And that was how he felt about her! He smiled and closed his eyes, to sleep and dream with her.* -05:00 Jun 05

Dark: You’re lucky Meri here is hungry. Aren’t you, Meri?

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Um … Okay.

The Great King Saga

054 Punishment! (UNFINISHED?)

After several days of her punishment, Gabriel allows Evangeline her snuggle time!

[Evangeline has spent several days in her apartment. …and it is the lack of cuddles that is the worst!] -03:09 Jun 03
[Gabriel has made it quite clear just how angry he is with Evangeline!] -03:10 Jun 03

Vlamerias: *She blinks!* Mommy? Mommy … *She is really worried about her but Warrior Lady and Dark said to let things be!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sulking! She could live without teaching classes. Or going out for lunch. Or maybe even not getting to have a bath with Gabriel. …but no cuddles has been torture! Horrible long, terrible torture! She couldn’t rest without them, or sleep, or anything! Not even getting to touch!* Hmm, Meri? -03:12 Jun 03

Vlamerias: *She chewed on her lip!* Um … um … *She saw Gabriel coming and jumped up!* Um … I better go to my room now! *And she scurried away!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel slipped his coat off, and his gun holsters!* … Evangeline. -03:16 Jun 03
Evangeline: Gabriel. *And she couldn’t be mad at him, cause she did deserve this.. but… but how did she ever live without cuddles before! Her fingers twitched even now to go bouncing out of her chair and pounce on him! ….she considered doing it anyway. It had been days! Could he really stop her? She might force cuddles on him!* -03:18 Jun 03
Gabriel: *It probably didn’t help that Gabriel was in a great position to be pounced on! His back was to her and he seemed to be unloading his guns for the night–Perhaps he was actually going to stay home tonight instead of always leaving like he’d been doing since "punishing" her!* -03:22 Jun 03
Evangeline: *She could pounce him to the floor! Maybe tie him to the bed… Evangeline slipped from her chair to step quietly closer, but when it came to the pouncing moment, she hesitated instead!* Are you going to stay home tonight? -03:25 Jun 03
Gabriel: Yes. *Then he finished unloading.* What would you like for dinner tonight. -03:27 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Him! In the bath with a bowl of chili and cuddles! She reached a hand out to tug on his shirt sleeve.* I’m not really all that hungry? -03:29 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He turned to her then and tilted his head slightly.* You do not seem hungry for food. Something else, perhaps. -03:31 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Blast her thoughts! Now he knew he evil plans! There was no looking innocent now!* Maybe one small tiny snuggle? -03:32 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He was very tempted to give in. He also missed cuddling with her at night and taking baths and going out to lunch with her. The small things they did together mattered so much to him! There was a soft sight.* Have you learned your lesson about making wishes pertaining to messing with reality and existence. -03:34 Jun 03
Evangeline: I won’t ever dare to wish I don’t exist or to even think it or anything else that would take me away from you again! *And she meant it! The entire experience broke her heart, and worse yet having him so angry with her was unbearable!* -03:38 Jun 03
Gabriel: Good. *He walked past her, only to take her hand and lead her over to the sofa where he was sitting down and then pulled her into his lap, slipping his arms around her body and holding her close!* … I have missed you, Evangeline. -03:40 Jun 03
Evangeline: *To have his arms around her again felt so good, she might have cried! And almost did just with relief! She curled up in his lap and even latched on to his shirt, intending to cling for dear life if he thought of getting up again!* I couldn’t sleep without you. It was wretched and horrible! -03:43 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He was stroking her hair with one hand, rubbing her back with the other.* That is how I felt when everything in the world was wrong and the one person who would have made it right was missing. -03:44 Jun 03
Evangeline: I really didn’t mean to do it, I thought I would have time to think and then it happened so fast… *She didn’t have any right to make excuses, she had still thought it! And he suffered for her insecurities! She snuggled her face against his neck, almost tempted to ask about his wings just so he’d be wrapped around her that much more! She missed this so much!* -03:49 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He lay his cheek against her head.* … I know. You had my welfare in mind. I should have told you sooner of the role you played in my life. -03:52 Jun 03
Evangeline: I really don’t deserve to be your wife, but I don’t ever want to be somewhere else ever again. *Never again! No more stupid thoughts! Anything so she could have him like this. To touch and feel him! She shifted only a bit so she could wrap her arms around him and hold tight!* -03:57 Jun 03
Gabriel: I disagree. I think it is fitting you became my wife. I can imagine no one else filling the role. *He stroked her back again.* -04:05 Jun 03
Evangeline: Because I am your heart? *She remembered those words… they had made her cry! A Great King making a wish for her… it was still hard to believe! She leaned back so she could brush her hands against his cheeks.* I am your heart, but you are my life. -04:09 Jun 03
Gabriel: I would have it no other way. *He kissed her forehead.* We are quite the pair. *He said with a smirk.* -04:31 Jun 03
Evangeline: Am I really your queen? I wondered if you were wearing the crown out slaying things. *She moved her hands to his hair to check… but mostly just so she could run her fingers through it!* -04:33 Jun 03
[Evangeline is finally getting cuddles after her cuddle-drought punishment!] -01:44 Aug 20
[Gabriel tilted his head slightly at Evangeline!] -01:45 Aug 20
Gabriel: You do not wish to be my queen? *He asked, smirking at her as she ran her fingers through his hair. He kissed her forehead again.* -01:47 Aug 20
Evangeline: If I am your queen, of course I do! I’ve never been a queen before. *Which was probably a silly thing to say, but she was preoccupied with toussling his hair. Who knew something so simple would be so missed!* -01:49 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He sat back and now he was nuzzling her neck, nibbling on her skin just so …* Mm. But as my queen you are missing something, are you not. -01:52 Aug 20
Evangeline: Am I? *Most queens have countries? No, that wasn’t true, there was all kinds of queens! Nothing could come to mind, though. She was too busy grinning and settling herself more comfy in his lap. And stealing one of his hands to press against his cheek. She missed his touch so much!* -01:55 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He moved his mouth off of her neck when she took his hand and then he kissed her mouth gently.* Indeed. I was thinking something other than a country but say the word and I will conquer one or two for you. Italy. China. Canada. -01:57 Aug 20
Evangeline: *A soft giggle and a quick kiss! She ought to be careful what she thought or daydreamed, he might really bring her one home one day!* What would I do with a country? But you could conquer me if you wanted to? I could get a stick and put up a good fight, I think! -02:01 Aug 20
Gabriel: *A smirk!* Mm. A fight. *He tilted his head again at her!* Or I could just hold you prisoner now and have my way with you. -02:05 Aug 20
Evangeline: Or maybe I have caught you first! *She loved how he smirked and would think so wicked… But she couldn’t let him get away with it so often! She shifted a bit to poke his sides. He was never ticklish, but one day she might find a spot!* -02:12 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He appeared to be thinking about it!* You are a dangerous woman, Evangeline. I suppose we will see who has more tricks about his sleeve. -02:21 Aug 20
Evangeline: *That made her grin all the more! There was not a critter alive that could best Gabriel. …but she might! Evangeline captured his hands, and while decided what to do with them, grinned more still!* And if you were my prisoner, what would be best, you think? Nothing but cuddles all week, ooor… hmm… dancing? -02:26 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You would not be so cruel as to allow only cuddles. Or only dancing. *He knew she loved to dance. He, on the other hand, was not so fond of it. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He may enjoy it … just a little.* -02:31 Aug 20
Evangeline: Hmm.. no. I might allow bath time and meals… And maybe a few kisses too. I have to be fierce or you’ll escape! *Not that anyone could call kisses and cuddles fierce… but there was few things better! She pulled his hands behind her back.* You don’t have to dance with me if you don’t like to. -02:34 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It would not be much of an imprisonment if you gave me a choice. -02:39 Aug 20
Evangeline: *Evaneline leaned forward to lightly kiss his nose.* In that case I should be as terrible as possible? Like give you lots of kisses, but only to tease? *As an example she nuzzled his cheek before giving it a soft kiss.* -02:42 Aug 20
Gabriel: Yes, that would be a form of being terrible. *He agreed, although he moved his head to kiss the corner of her mouth.* -02:48 Aug 20

Vlamerias: OOhhh! That’s so romantic! *Meri’s voice said from behind the couch they were sitting on!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Well… that would explain why Meri was so quiet in her room. …she wasn’t in there! Evangeline released Gabriel just so she could move and reach a hand behind the sofa.* …You wee peeper! It’s dusty back there! -02:51 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He looked over his shoulder as Evangeline stuck her hand behind it.* -02:54 Aug 20

Vlamerias: *There was a giggle and then Meri popped up–covered in dust!* It’s okay, Mommy! Me and the dust bunnies don’t mind! ACHOO! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Gesundheit! Any particular reason you’re lurking with the dust bunnies? …oh! Dinner! I forgot all about that! *Not that she minded much getting lost with Gabriel, but a hungry devil wouldn’t do!* -02:57 Aug 20

The Great King Saga

053 A Bad Wish

A Gypsy takes advantage of Evangeline’s mood and talks her in to making a wish that she never existed. But despite being a ghost with no memory, she still manages to find Gabriel. He finally accepts his role as Great King in order to claim the Crown and right reality again. Light makes her first appearance.

[Evangeline day is mostly normal. Except for trying to keep all her thoughts and feelings to herself!] -03:51 May 25
[Gabriel is out, slaying again!] -03:52 May 25

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was napping on her little bean bag in the corner but she woke up! And looked at Evangeline!* Mommy, is everything okay?

Evangeline: I’m just fine Meri! *She was, really! Today she was just thinking a lot, and that tended to bring her to melancholy thoughts, then Gabriel would come home worried about her when he didn’t need to. So today she was keeping those locked up tight while cleaning up after one of the classes.* -04:02 May 25

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head at her Mommy but yawned and went back to sleep!*

Nearby there was the old woman, Madam Tuli, as she insisted all the fine young hunters of Oracle to call her. She loved helping the poor dears, for the small price of a tiny little memory. They didn’t need the things and she found them of so useful. Now she just needed EGADS! A psychic. Blast them, she hated those uppity psychics! Madam Tuli was going to sneak awake before she was caught doing Ill Deeds.. but… this psychic seemed to wear her every thought in open air! …Tuli hammed up her limping. “Ooh, oooh my aching bones!”

Evangeline: *Meri was so sweet, one day she’d be a nice grown up devil! Evangeline rest her coat over Meri, so she wouldn’t shivver herself to death. ..before hearing the pained moaning of an elderly woman! She left Meri just for the moment to step out in to the hall.* Are you all right? Can I help you to the infirmary? -04:09 May 25

Madam Tuli took a deeeeeep breath, smiling a half toothless smile! “No, no. Just old burders weighing heavy on these achy bones. My, you soul is bright. Might you be the Seer of Oracle? The pretty little thing those big strong hunters are all a twitter about?” Tuli already knew, she had been avoiding running in to this one for two weeks. Nothing like a do-gooder psychic to ruin your business deals.

Evangeline: I’m Evangeline. …they don’t talk like that about me, do they? *There was so much gossip around Oracle. Some of it she was always embarrassed to walk in to!* -04:12 May 25

“Oh, aye. About all your troubles and those visions. We women of fate know those troubles well. Ah! And you’re married! I can’t imagine how much a burden that puts on your husband! I do hope he has not seen the things you must see. Men just can’t handle that…” By now, Madam Tuli had pulled out her tarot cards. This psychic didn’t shield herself at all. Her every fear and concern was being turned over with each card!

Evangeline: Er, well, Gabriel is not any normal husband. *Gabriel had seen her visions directly once or twice… sometimes it was hard to keep them in her head!* Are you sure I can’t help you somewhere? -04:19 May 25

“A seat, a seat… in there?” Madam Tuli pointed to the next room. One away from that devil familiar sleeping in a corner. “Of course he is different, my I can’t believe I hadn’t realized he was THAT man. There is not a man nor woman in this building that has no spoke of how often he has gone to rescue his precious wife, or the many people he’s killed for her! I’m sure you are thrilled that he faces so much danger to protect you!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline helped the woman in to the next room. It was a nice comfortable seating area where some of the hunters go to take a break. She chewed on the inside of her lip. She hadn’t realized people were saying things like that.* He does too much for me sometimes, but I do try to keep him from getting hurt. -04:24 May 25

Madam Tuli took a seat, making a big show about relaxing in the chair. She turned over another of her tarot cards. “Oh, but that is love, isn’t it. No matter how much he has to face on his own, the dangers and trauma, he will always come after you. Even if coming for you is going to kill him! Ah, but being a psychic, you must already know the day you both will die! You are protected, yes?”

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head!* I can’t see myself in visions. …well, I have twice before but it was an odd circumstance. …are you telling fortunes now? *The woman was a gyspy, Evangeline knew. And gypsys had their own way of telling futures. This one kept hitting on things, she really wished she wouldn’t!* -04:28 May 25

“Oh. Oh, that’s not good.” Sounding as apologetic as possible, Madam Tuli leaned forward as she turned another card. “Death, my love. Death follows you. Since the moment you were concieved, you were to be the fall of a strong man.” She straightened up again. “Ah, but what does an old woman, know! Love conquers all!”

Evangeline: *Things like that put a churning in her stomach! It was true that since she had met him, his life has gotten extremely difficult! But…* It does, doesn’t it? Sometimes I had thought it would be better if he had never met me at all. But a very close friend showed me what would have happened if I left him. He would be heartbroken if I did, and honestly I don’t think I could do it. -04:34 May 25

“Of course he would be heartbroken if you left. Once love takes root there is no going back. It would be better had you never been born at all! Oh, I am so sorry. I don’t mean to make it sound that way. Just… well… you wear those scars on your sleeve. All the hurt and pain that would never have happened if you- Well. I won’t dare go on.”

Evangeline: I suppose if I had never been born, it would have been easier for a lot of people. *Her parents had thought it once or twice! But that was all dead and gone… and this conversation was making her very uneasy.* If you’re all right now, I better get going. -04:39 May 25

“There is a way, you see. To turn back the clock and change it..? To make a wish and to prevent all of those terrible awful things from ever happenning? One spell and all of those problems erased.” Madam Tuli was hardpressed to keep her grinning to herself, she had laid the bait and was now reeling in her fish!

Evangeline: Really? *Blast it, she really should get back to Meri. But… she may have been a little curious. Those hunters that got in trouble for her accidents, all of those moments she dragged Gabriel in to her issues. Even his current struggles with the Great King might not have happened if she hadn’t chased after a vision and got them stuck in the past!* …I don’t thing it’s such a good idea. Spells come at such a high price. -04:45 May 25

“A little useless memory or two is all it takes. For the sake of preventing the ones you love from suffering… even erasing all of their past suffering! Ah, but such a strong couple can surely handle the evil that is to come…”

Evangeline: *All the evil that’s to come? From her? For eternity? Spending eternity with Gabriel was a dream come true, but was latching on to him just making it worse? She was confused!* …so it would just be a few memories, and then none of this would have ever happened to him? -04:49 May 25

And her fish was hooked! “Yes, yes! All of the pain erased! What a wise choice you have made.” Madam Tuli rose from her chair, putting away her tarot cards in favor for a piece of chalk. She rounded Evangeline quick, drawing a circle surrounded by several odd symbols. Then she was in front of the woman. “Now give me your hand, and you will never have to worry about your dear loved ones again.”

Evangeline: *If he never met her, he would still be free and unattached. His life would not have changed and he would protect others as he always had… Evangeline offered the woman her hand. But…* Maybe I should wait a day and think about it? -04:54 May 25

“Hearts are not saved by waiting.” Madam Tuli pulled a smalled knife from her pockets and without any warning she placed the blade on Evangeline’s palm and made a sharp swipe! She closed the girl’s bleeding hand and tilted it so the blood would drip down on the symbols on the floor. They started glowing bright!

The entire world shifted! Stripping away every color, sound, and feeling until there was nothing left! Like the very fabric of existance had been rewritten. By the time it all came back, the room was different. The gypsy was gone and the room looked like the place hadn’t been used in years.

Evangeline: *She felt like she had just dropped out of the sky to land on her feet! Even swaying as the room came in to view. Real view with her own eyes… and for some reason that didn’t seem right. But, when she tried to think of why she just… couldn’t remember! As she looked down, she was standing in the center of a dusty chalk circle with her hand bleeding and her body not even entirely tangible!* …Crickets! What did I do! -05:01 May 25

Suddenly a small ball of darkness came flying into the room through a broken window! “Oh no no no no no …! This cannot be … this cannot be at all!” a tiny, small voice wailed as the ball floated from one corner of the room to the next!

Evangeline: *Her name was… um… well. She was married!! On her hand was a ring and a very pretty and very detailed designed. At least she knew that much. For now, there was a shadow darting around.* …. is there a problem? -05:09 May 25

The ball of darkness floated over to Evangeline and hovered in front of her! The darkness dissipated and there was a tiny creature wearing a black dress and a large black witch’s hat! She had pink hair and leaned in close! “No no no no no! You should not be here! No one should be here!”

Evangeline: Where is here, exactly? *What a cute little devil! …it was a devil wasn’t it? It was so hard to tell! For some reason, she was fairly certain she should be able to know simply by feeling, and that didn’t seem to bed working either. She did finally step out of that chalk circle to see if that helped, and nearly dropped herself to the floor! …that was dizzying!* -05:17 May 25

“This is the very very bad place. Many bad things happened here! Terrible things!” The creature looked around as if someone would overhear! “But terrible things have happened everywhere! But spirits like you should not worry about such things! You should find rest, away from this mortal plane!”

Evangeline: I’m a spirit then? *…that might explain why she can see through herself! But still bleeding? Spirits didn’t bleed. She wiped her hand on her pants, leaving a messy patch of blood while she continued trying to piece it together.* Well… I can’t move on without knowing why I’m here in the first place. Did someone summon me, maybe? I was standing in that circle there. ….what sort of bad things happen here? I don’t think anyone has used this place in forever! -05:22 May 25

“Eeeee!” The devil flew down to Evangeline’s pants. “You cannot be a spirit! You bleed! That is not good! Not good at all!” She began flying all over the place again, wailing over and over!

Evangeline: I just figured that out myself, thank you! What I need to know is where I came from! *Oh! This devil was just a twittering ball of panic! She wasn’t helping at all.* Bother, I’ll figured it out. Unless you can tell me where this place is, already! -05:26 May 25

The devil flew back to Evangeline, now distracted from wailing to answer! “This was once a school but evil creatures came, bad creatures! And they killed people and chased them away! The humans call this city, New York City. Or they did before humans were almost wiped out!”

Evangeline: Humans wiped out…? *Now she knew this wasn’t right, because she was a human and she was pretty sure having humans everywhere was a normal thing.* What happened to all of them? …and where can I find someone that can tell me about this? *She held out the hand that had the red markings. They were faint, but still perfectly visible. And they weren’t any normal tatoo!* -05:33 May 25

Nod nod nod nod nod! “Yes! Almost wiped out!” Her eyes grew wide as she leaned forward! “Oohhh … That is ancient magic! How did you come by such a mark?”

Evangeline: I really have no idea. I can’t remember… But if you could give me a tiny hint, I might leave here and see about finding out. *Staying in this room for eternity was not going to be an option. In fact she was already heading to the door to see if it would open… only to give loud squeak when her hand and then whole body fell right through it! She was then a very confused women on a dirty hallway floor!* …! -05:39 May 25

The devil flew through the door and hovered above Evangeline. “All I know is such marks are ancient magic and we are nowhere near–No no no no no!” She was shaking her head again. “That would be a very bad idea! A very bad idea indeed!”

Evangeline: *This was awkward and frustrating! She picked herself off the floor and huffed!* Bad idea or not, I’d like to find out. Now tell me, so I can… um… ghostly blip myself to somewhere more informative! *Because this place was as blank as could be… or maybe everything was blank! Her own head was empty and it was unsettling!* -05:45 May 25
Gabriel: *Lost … Gone … How much longer. Chaos. Order. The Gate. Tall, dark, foreboding. The look of a little girl’s face as dim light reflected off the blade of a knife. The knife flying down. Screams.* -05:46 May 25

She chewed on her lip! “On this plane of existence, only the Vampire Father can say for certainty! He holds all power here!”

Evangeline: *And not even a second after she had cursed the emptyness in her head she could hear that one single voice. Those broken thoughts and images. …now she wasn’t sure what was more unsettling! The quiet, or knowing she had wanted it and then got it!* Vampire Father…? Then that’s where I plan to go. *Now, lets see… a ghost can travel just by thought, right? Envision the place they want to be?* um…. and where is this Vampire Father? -05:51 May 25

“He is at the heart of the city! A skyscraper so high, it breaks the sky! He is at the very top but there are so many dangers there!”

Evangeline: Honestly, I don’t think anything can get much worse than it is now! *She was going to clasped her hands together again to concentrate, but instead was wiping blood on her pants again.* Thank you for you help. *…now to think! A Vampire Father. Heart of the city in the tallest building… she wanted the one that could give her answers! So she closed her eyes and thought hard, trying to use that ghostly poofing trick and appear there!* -05:56 May 25

“Good luck, spirit-who-is-not-a-spirit!”

Gabriel: *Anthony had him chained in the basement of his skyscraper. "The better to keep an eye on you," were his words. His arms were spread out so his body formed a "T" with his ankles shackled together. But instead of chains, Anthony had used a sigil so it looked like the wall itself had swallowed his wrists and ankles. Had it not been for the wall, Gabriel would have collapsed by now. His fangs were long thanks to the hunger. Anthony would be here soon to play the same mind tricks with him.* -06:03 May 25
Evangeline: *And in a blink, she dropped! Landing on one foot then the other… and nearly losing balance again. Clearly that mode of transportation wasn’t something she was used to doing! As she glanced around, she was… not on the top of a skyscrapper at all. She must have missed her target. Here was a weird looking room, like a torture chamber… or medical room. It may have been the same to her!* Blast it. -06:06 May 25

One big harry werewolf looked up from chewing on an all too human looking bone, to be very surpised! He swallowed a big chunk of meat. “…move along, spirit! Or I’mma call the priest to have you exorcised!”

Evangeline: I’m moving along. but which way should I go? To the left or to the right? I need a vampire! -06:10 May 25

That confused the wolf. Now he was sniffing the air! Blood! Spirits didn’t have blood, that’d be unnatural. Baring the fangs, he hoped up on all four paws. “Trying to sneak in here? The master don’t like sneaky witches. C’mere!”

Gabriel: *Thirst. Hunger. Blood. But tired. So very tired … He lowered his head (he was too weak to keep it up anymore) and closed his eyes. He tried not to think about blood; that would only make the thirst worst. But if he didn’t think about it, he would start thinking about his many failures. Chief among them, his inability to find that missing part of him. He snorted. Missing part of him … He wanted to believe he was really just that weak. But he kept hoping. And the hoping hurt.* -06:12 May 25
Evangeline: *An EEP as the wolf lept at her! Her sudden jumping out of the way had her falling not only through one wall, but down a floor as well! This time she landed on her back with a lot of ‘owing!’* -06:15 May 25

Up above, there was now one very confused wolf trying to dig at the floor where that non-spirit disappeared! There was even a smudge of blood there! He finally HOOOOWLED! One of his partners, or even his Master will find her soon enough!

Gabriel: … Get the hell out, Anthony. *A low voice warned! He smelled blood but he refused to rise to the bait.* -06:17 May 25
Evangeline: …that has to be a strange name for a woman. I doubt it’s mine. *Oooww! Spirit or not, landing like that still hurt! She rose back to her feet, trying to dust herself off as useless as it was… and only now realizing she was getting blood everywhere. When she looked up, she was surprised to see him attached to the wall!* …are you a prisoner here? -06:20 May 25
Gabriel: *He lifted his head slightly and opened his eyes. A spirit. But she was bleeding. So the bastard had decided on a new game.* Leave. *He repeated.* -06:22 May 25
Evangeline: I will. …In a moment. *It wasn’t polite to stare! She did wish she could see beyond just her eyes. She supposed that might have been useful when she knew what she was thinking about!* Why are you stuck in the wall? -06:24 May 25
Gabriel: I broke everything else your Master tried to bind me with. The wall bears a sigil I cannot break. *Not yet anyways. Had he not been deprieved of sleep and hunger, had he not been a bitter vampire still holding out hope about a missing piece, he may have been gone from here by now.* -06:26 May 25
Evangeline: So you know where I come from then? *Not that she was sure… he didn’t look well at all. Tired and hungry and very angry. She didn’t like to see him this way at all. So she glanced around a bit before she stepped closer and was hoping to try and swipe at the wall!* A devil told me the Vampire Father would know about my markings, which was really the only helpful thing she said! Um… blast it, I can’t touch a thing! -06:30 May 25
Gabriel: From the depths of Anthony’s sick and twisted mind. *He lay his head back, not in the least bit concerned with the bleeding spirit except the fact she was getting blood everywhere.* Leave. Now. -06:33 May 25
Evangeline: Well, I don’t feel very sick and twisted so whatever summoned me, probably wasn’t him! *Maybe a chair would help. She moved away from him long enough to go after a chair, only to find that she couldn’t grab it either. After a few frustrating attempts, she tried to kick it. Also without any affect!* …grrrrmph!! Can you tell me about ancient marks while I try to figure out how to get you down? -06:38 May 25
Gabriel: *A soft sigh. He wanted to sleep so badly! But as soon as he tried, those images would haunt him again.* … Have at you then. -06:40 May 25
Evangeline: Well! I came to realization that I am… well… existing, only a few minutes ago in the middle of a circle. I can’t even remember my name and nothing feels right about anything. Not even myself. I met a devil who was very adorable, but hardly helpful at all. Hmm…*Talking helped! In speaking to him, she focused herself on the very difficult task of finally grabbing that chair and dragging it across the floor to set right in front of him.* I do know that I’m married and that I belong to someone, oh, see? She held up her arm to show him the red markings.* And she said the Vampire Father would know all about that. So here I am? I think I missed. I met a werewolf first. *Now she had finally stepped up on to the chair and was trying to eye the part of the wall that had his hands. …she should know how to remove sigils. Shouldn’t she?* -06:44 May 25
Gabriel: *He’d only intended on giving that mark of hers a passing glance … But then he looked at it and looked at it! No … It couldn’t be! That mark!* Damn you, Anthony. *He growled.* -06:47 May 25
Evangeline: *That made her paused from staring at the wall to stare at him instead! All of her looking wasn’t helping at all, anyway. She couldn’t see any magic sigils. Just brick and stone.* You still think I am from him? …maybe so, I can’t figure out how to get you down from here. I wanted to help. *She really did… Why DID it hurt so much to see him this way!* Maybe I can do something else for you? And don’t say Leave! I won’t leave until I get you down. -06:51 May 25
Gabriel: *Gabriel began to pull at the wall but, of course, nothing happened. This was the last straw for Anthony, baiting him like this!* -07:14 May 25
Evangeline: *Struggling like that wasn’t doing him any good! She placed a hand at his shoulder to still him from hurting himself…. and was very surprised to find he was the one thing she DIDN’T fall right through!* -07:19 May 25
Gabriel: … Leave me. *He told her again, forced to remind himself she wasn’t real. She was a trick sent by Anthony.* I can tell you about the mark but you have to leave after I am done. -07:22 May 25
Evangeline: *She shook her head! The one thing she was able to touch and she was supposed to leave?* I’m certainly not leaving now. You can tell me after I get you down. How do I do it? Magic or a key? Should I talk to that Vampire Father? -07:24 May 25
Gabriel: *Not real, she’s not real. That thought echoed in his head. She was sent by Anthony to hurt him even more. She couldn’t be … she couldn’t be … It hurt to even think about it. But that was when Evangeline picked up something, an image, a memory! Gabriel holding up his own hand which bore the same marking!* -07:26 May 25
Evangeline: *There was that voice again in her head and alone..and that mark!* Oh!! That was you! *She didn’t explain what she meant by that, but there was that rush of relief. It was his voice she had heard in her head earlier! Now she was trying to move to the other side of him to check his hand – only to step off the chair and end up in the floor again! That was really beginning to hurt!* …double blast it! Just a minute, I’ll get back up there! Do you have one too? the red mark? I do want to know what it means! Wait, I should really get you down, do you think blood will help? -07:30 May 25
Gabriel: Yes. *He replied, eyes now closed and head turned away. But which question was he saying yes to? He was tired, so very tired. But he couldn’t deal with this. It had been one thing to believe in something so strongly and realize it wasn’t there. Hope. Hope hurt. And it was hurting him now.* -07:35 May 25
Evangeline: That much I can do. I think. *She was getting blood everywhere else, she may as well put it to good use. It took her a moment to move the chair and step back on to it. Finally she held up that bleeding hand, and even looking apologetic about it.* It would be okay, yes? To take my blood? I don’t mind and it would help you get down? I think. ..well, at the very least it would make you feel better! *And before he would argue about it, she cupped his face with both hands, placing the bleeding palm just over his mouth. He could either drink or muffled argue with her!* -07:39 May 25
Gabriel: *He didn’t realize what she was going to do until she did it! His eyes widened a bit and then he was trying to jerk his head away. But her grip was stubborn and when he opened his mouth to protest, her blood was there! He hated himself for it, for being so weak, but the vampire in him wouldn’t be denied any longer. He closed his eyes while he drank, greedy, thirsty.* -07:43 May 25
Evangeline: *It almost felt bad to make him, but he needed it so much! If it were really his thoughts she heard, he needed the blood so much more than she did. And the feeling was strange! She might be a spirit for now, but she didn’t want to find out if spirits could die again. When she had that dizzy feeling, she pulled her hand away and left the other on his shoulder, afraid she might fall through the chair and hit the floor again.* …better? -07:48 May 25
Gabriel: *He was grateful. But now he was growling.* Do not ever do that again. You may have weakened yourself all the more. … Why are you bleeding. -07:49 May 25
Evangeline: *There was a soft shrug of her shoulders and a shake of her head. At least until she realized that made dizzyness worse.* I don’t know why. I was being careful not to give too much. Are you feeling better now? Should I go and get someone to help you? *There SHOULD be a way to take him down. What if the one that put him there had died and he was stuck there forever! She finally jumped down off the chair.* Maybe that werewolf could do it. -07:52 May 25
Gabriel: Leave now while you still have a choice. *He growled. One didn’t encounter a werewolf here for it not to go running to Anthony!* -07:56 May 25
Evangeline: I told you, I am not leaving until I get you down! Now stop being stubborn and tell me how to do it! *She grabbed that chair to pull it out of the way again. Then she was testing to see if she could touch the walls. Maybe if she concentrated extra hard she could find the sigils!* -07:58 May 25
Gabriel: I can feel the sigil. Close your eyes. Even if you cannot touch the walls without it phasing through, you can still manipulate the energy binding me. *He was closing his own and feeling for every point, every curve, every inch of the sigil. If she could unravel it even slightly, it would give him a chance.* -08:02 May 25
Evangeline: I am not sure if I can here. I don’t seem to be able to do the things I should. *She did try anyway. Attempting to place her hands at the walls and close her eyes. When that was not enough, she rest a hand on his leg instead. That psysical contact made it easier! Almost like she could feel what he felt and see the sigil as he examined it! So with one finger brushing over the wall, she focused on one small point, trying to pull the little symbol apart.* -08:07 May 25
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((08:10 May 25))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((08:10 May 25))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -08:10 May 25
[Gabriel knows it\’s only a matter of time before Anthony arrives!] -02:59 May 26
[Evangeline is trying to get a vampire off a wall, and that\’s a lot harder than it sounds!] -02:59 May 26
Evangeline: *She was borrow his senses to see the sigil, which might have caused her to wonder how it was possible if she weren’t so busy concentrating on trying to unravel it! With two fingers she pulled at the invisible string of one of the symbols until the thing unraveled and fell apart. Then she fussed with the next one. All the while keeping on hand on that vampire’s leg. It was the only thing she knew she had a solid touch on!* -03:02 May 26
Gabriel: *He had his eyes closed but he felt her hand on his leg. Could it be. After all this time searching and waiting … had he found that missing piece? But if she was indeed, she herself was incomplete. He could feel the sigil beginning to shift slightly.* -03:02 May 26
Evangeline: *There was plenty of blood to help fuel the unraveling, but it was her own strength that was giving out! It was frustrating enough to have her huffing and grumbling… and by the time she unraveled and fifth symbol, she couldn’t find the sense to decipher any others!* …there’s so many of them! It’s only a few, but this helps, doesn’t it? -03:05 May 26

Anthony: Gabriel, you know it’s after visiting hours. *In the door was a man with black hair and golden eyes dressed in a suit. Behind him were a couple of large weres, growling and ready to pounce!* Hello, little bright soul.

Gabriel: *His fangs grew and there was a soft growl beginning at the back of his throat!* Go. Now. *He didn’t take his eyes off of Anthony or his pets but it was obvious he was talking to Evangeline!* -03:08 May 26
Evangeline: *She turned around quickly and was a little surprised to see another that looked so similar to the one on the wall. ….but she wasn’t running!* What do you have him up on the wall for! It’s not very nice. *Danger, danger… something about this was dangerous, and she really wished she knew why!* -03:12 May 26

Anthony: *He was smirking! Her question amused him!* That is what one does with trophies. I collect them and then I stick them wherever I see fit. *He waved his hand in dismissal as he said that and then his fingers were closing around something. A long sword with a black blade marked by runes on both sides!*

Gabriel: *At the sight of the sword, Gabriel’s growl grew louder and he PULLED! He could feel the sigil loosening–but then it grew tight! So close! It was so close to breaking!* Leave her be! *It was obvious what Anthony meant to do. Bastard that he was!* -03:18 May 26
Evangeline: I came to see the Vampire Father, but if that’s you, I think I’ve changed my mind… *Unsafe, if she could bleed, she could probably be killed too! But she could let the other, His name was Gabriel!, stay trapped like this! It wasn’t right! If there was anything she knew for sure, it was that she was married and the man on the wall shouldn’t be treated this way!* Yes, leave her be and you let him down! Or I am going to… um… hurt you! *She put a hand on the chair and pulled it in front of her. It’d be her weapon!* -03:19 May 26

Anthony: *He tsked Gabriel and chuckled softly at Evangeline’s show.* You honestly want to defeat me with a chair? That is amusing. Yes, that would be me. I am Anthony Carnatelli, Father of all vampires, avid collector of souls. Acerbus animus extractum. *The sword was glowing now as he walked toward Evangeline. The weres still growling at the door.*

Gabriel: *He was pulling on the sigil for all he was worth! Snarling!* Leave her be or I will kill you! *That sword! It would "kill" Evangeline by draining her very soul into its blade! He could not let that happen!* -03:26 May 26
Evangeline: *He was going to steal her soul! She was afraid… really afraid! And it would be easier to blip herself elsewhere, but… she had to do something! Her hand missed the chair twice before she gripped it again and flung it at that vampire! ….she’d think of what else to do in a minute!* -03:28 May 26
Gabriel: *PULL! PULL! PULL! With each pull, the sigil was weakening! But it wasn’t enough! Gabriel needed to be free for a chance to save her and kill Anthony!* Mark. My. Words. You. Will not. Touch. HER. -03:31 May 26

Anthony: *The sword cleaved that chair in two, proving the edges to be very sharp! He was smirking as he advanced and thrust! But to his surprise, the sword had gone through Evangeline and yet it hadn’t taken her soul! She was completely unharmed by it! But the runes on the sword and Evangeline’s own mark was glowing! Anthony saw the mark on her hand.* … No.

Evangeline: *Arms over her head, she was so sure she had been stabbed right through and having her soul sucked away! But she didn’t feel a thing beyond that tingling on her hand… she even looked at it with surprise!* -03:35 May 26

Anthony: *Anger! He swore under his breath, pulled the sword back and tried to thrust! But this time, the sword didn’t even move forward to run Evangeline through a second time! It appeared to be stuck!* Kill Gabriel! *He ordered the weres!*

Gabriel: *The mark on his own hand was glowing and with one last pull, the wall gave way, crumbling like dust! He dropped onto the floor on his hands and knees but he lifted his head as the weres charged and suddenly the floor became quicksand and the weres sank up to their necks! They had barely gotten a few steps inside!* -03:41 May 26
Evangeline: *She backed away from that sword, trying to swallow her fear quick! He couldn’t hit her! But at the sight of those sinking weres, she was spinning around to move back to Gabriel!* -03:44 May 26

Anthony: *At the sight of Gabriel free, he dropped the sword!* This isn’t over! *And then he was gone!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood and walked over to the Diablo Animus. Anthony’s cherished weapon had turned on him. Not just once, but twice. And it had not harmed Evangeline. He bent to pick it up, finding it … familiar in his grip.* -03:50 May 26
Evangeline: *Scared and confused, but she was at least fairly certain of who she could trust! And without uttering more than a quiet huff, she was throwing her arms around his waist and clinging without invitation!* I thought he was going to steal my soul! -03:53 May 26
Gabriel: *Freeze! The gesture! It–it shocked him! And it hurt all the more that it couldn’t last! She was here now but she could just as easily vanish or betray him. As she clung to him, he was lifting his hand up to look at the mark. Then he lowered it.* -03:58 May 26
Evangeline: *This was right! Everything in the entire world felt wrong, except for this one thing! Now she was smiling, finding comfort in knowing where she belonged.* I belong to you. Because of the marks? Do you know my name? *When she did look up, there was the oddest expression on his face. With a frown she lift a sleeve to wipe that smear of her blood from his face.* …you do know me, don’t you? -04:01 May 26
[Gabriel has timed out.] -02:57 May 27
[Evangeline has timed out.] -02:57 May 27
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -02:57 May 27
[Evangeline is sure the vampire named Gabriel knows her! She belongs to him, after all!] -02:58 May 27
[Gabriel is … confused?] -03:00 May 27
Gabriel: *No, not his confusion. Hers. He closed his eyes.* Yes. -03:01 May 27
Evangeline: Good! *Relief! She was really worried for a second there that she had been wrong.* And my name? -03:03 May 27
Gabriel: I … do not know. *He opened his eyes and looked at something over her shoulder.* But I know someone who can help. Close your eyes and cover your ears. *He said as he moved away from her and started for the door!* -03:05 May 27
Evangeline: You don’t? *…back to being confused again. He had seemed to know exactly who she was before.* What are you doing…? *She watched him move away until she realized those wolves were still sunk in the floor.* …oh! *She promptly turned around with her eyes squeezed shut and her hands over her ears!* -03:07 May 27
Gabriel: *The Diablo Animus disappeared and in his hand was a gun. The ground rose slightly so both wolves, still encased in earth, were eye to eye with Gabriel.* The devil I was captured with. Where is he. -03:12 May 27

“I–I–I don’t know—OOOowwwwwww!!” The wolf howled! His ear had been shot off!

Evangeline: *She could barely hear mumbling, but it was the gunshot that made her jump! Her hands had dropped and she had to slap them over her ears again. …she didn’t think to ask when it would be safe to remove them!* -03:15 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved the gun to point at the other wolf and didn’t even bother to ask the question again! His finger was already pressing that trigger …!* -03:16 May 27

“Up! Up! Sub-basement, um … um level 4!” the other wolf was stammering, eyes shut!

Gabriel: You are lying. -03:19 May 27

“No, no! I swear! Sub-basement 4!”

Evangeline: *She was imagining all sorts of horrible ways you could shoot people and still have them talk! And werewolves could probably get shot a million times before they died! There wasn’t another gunshot yet so she moved one hand to listen..* -03:20 May 27
Gabriel: *BANG! He shot that werewolf dead, then moved the gun … BANG! And shot the other wolf dead as well! Then he was moving to take Evangeline’s arm and they were walking out, the wolves’ bodies at their feet.* -03:25 May 27
Evangeline: *She almost jumped when he took her arm, but he was the safe touch and not something unpleasant! …She did keep her eyes squeezed shut, though, and grabbed his hand with both of hers. She didn’t want to see any dead bodies!* They’re dead? -03:27 May 27
Gabriel: Yes. *He opened the door and then they began climbing up a spiraling stairs. They must have been really deep underground because there had to have been at least a hundred steps before they reached another door! Gabriel opened the door and stepped out. They were at the end of a corridor! And on the other end, an elevator! But between them and it were several large hybrid wolves and a tall, gigantic figure wrapped in furs!* -03:37 May 27
Evangeline: *There was so much stair climbing, she was far too out of breath to ask anymore questions. She had opened her eyes, though… and maybe a little too soon. There were now surrounded by a whole bunch of very angry looking wolves!* …they aren’t the friendly kind, are they? *…just in case, she stepped just slightly behind him.* -03:40 May 27
Gabriel: *Instead of letting her step behind him, he opened the door again.* Stay here. *If anything she should be protected from random flying body parts and avoid getting into the crossfire.* -03:55 May 27
Evangeline: I don’t know… I could help if I had a weapon…? *There were so many wolves! He shouldn’t be out there all by himself!* -03:58 May 27
Gabriel: *The wolves were drawing closer.* I need you to stay here. *If something should happen to her … But he let that thought go.* -03:59 May 27
Evangeline: *She really wanted to argue it but..* Okay… but if it sounds like trouble I will come in there to get you! -04:00 May 27
Gabriel: *He blinked, stunned again! She was serious! He squeezed her hand and closed the door just in time to shoot one wolf who had been right behind and shoot the next one closest.* -04:03 May 27

The tall figure was smirking under all that fur! “Ah, Gabriel. Comment pouvons-nous toujours en venir aux mains comme ça?” [“Ah, Gabriel. How do we always come to blows like this?”]

Evangeline: *As soon as the door was closed she pressed her ear against it, trying to hear what was happening on the other side! She so meant it. A scream, or wail or sudden silence, or if the gunshots stopped, she was going to go in there and save him! Wolves or dead bodies or not!* -04:05 May 27
Gabriel: *BANG! BANG! BANG! His shots were quick and precise, one shot to the head! His sword appeared in his other hand and he dashed forward to take care of the other wolves and clear the way! There was the sound of snarls and gunshots and dying wolves!* -04:09 May 27

Gabriel was down to the last two wolves when the figure finally went into action! He actually began to HOWL! A howl so strong it seemed to be bringing the whole building down!

Evangeline: *It sounded horrible! There was that temptation to take a peek… until there was that howling! She had to cover hear ears again, as it was so loud!* -04:13 May 27
Gabriel: *He was blown all the way back to the door but then drove his sword into a chink in the tiles! He held on and then his fangs grew and he bit his lip! He cast the spell, a chunk of the wall behind the figure broke off and pommeled him in the back!* -04:15 May 27

The force was enough to stagger him forward a few feet and stop the howling! But then he quickly recovered, threw the fur over his shoulders and began running toward Gabriel on fours, hunched over with his claws scraping the floor!

Gabriel: *He ran forward, sword at an angle and the two of them clashed! Taurias had caught Gabriel’s blade in his grip and the two of them started pushing against each other!* -04:19 May 27
Evangeline: *She recovered quick to put her ear back to the door. …the gunshots were gone! Now all she could hear was crashing! …Maybe she should open the door and just take one quick look! So she moved to open it a crack!* -04:21 May 27

“Vous êtes toujours aussi silencieux, Gabriel. Vous n’aimez pas mes nouveaux pouvoirs? Ils se renforcent les uns avec les loups je tue.” [“You are always so silent, Gabriel. Do you not like my new powers? They grow stronger with each wolf I slay.”] He was grinning.

Gabriel: *Gabriel clenched his teeth and felt himself pushed back slightly. This should be child’s play to beat Taurias! But he wasn’t at full power yet … He narrowed his eyes, then suddenly relaxed his grip, sidestepping as Taurias lost his footing and then shooting him in the knees!* -04:25 May 27

That didn’t stop him completely! With claws he raked Gabriel’s side and slammed into him, knocking him against the wall and then doing that repeatedly, despite the pain!

Gabriel: *The air was knocked out of him, once, twice, three times! When Taurias tried to slam him a fourth time, he rolled out of the way and emptied every single bullet in his gun into him! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG …! Bullets ripped into his limbs, his body, blood began to splatter everywhere!* -04:30 May 27
Evangeline: *A gasp and a wince, and she was turning away to hide her face against the wall! She had been so close to rushing in there and grabbing the first thing she could lay a hand on so she could rescue him, and now there was blood splattering all over everything!* -04:31 May 27

His body jerked and he just kept going! When Gabriel’s gun clicked, he smiled and dropped to his knees, then lay on his side. “I … win …”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s gun disappeared. He moved to Taurias’ side and then, with the vampire’s life fading, he drank his blood and took his powers. He didn’t need a lot of it so it wasn’t long before he was standing and waiting for something else to appear that he would have to slay.* -04:34 May 27
Evangeline: *She shouldn’t be afraid of this, if she belonged to him she was used to this right? She did wait until all was silent before she snuck a hand inside the door and waved. Without looking!* Is it safe now? -04:38 May 27
Gabriel: *He turned back to her.* Yes. *He suddenly had the desire to clean the blood and the bodies from here, to shield her from the sight. It was a strange feeling and one that left him feeling more than a bit confused! But he was walking back to her.* Close your eyes. I will lead you to the elevator. -04:41 May 27
Evangeline: *Nodding quickly, she had her closed good and closed when she stepped through the door and held out a hand for him.* Um.. I’ll try to be more prepared next time. -04:46 May 27
Gabriel: … Prepared. *He said, taking her hand and then leading her through. They went into the elevator and once the doors had closed and they were moving …* You may open your eyes now. *The elevator was rather large and gray and there were so many buttons on the panel!* -04:49 May 27
Evangeline: Yes, prepared for our next fight. So it’s not as scary and I can help you? *She opened open eye, then the other when all was clear. …that sigh of relief again! The fighting wasn’t so bad, it was the blood that gave her the shivvers! The thought made her take a look at the cut on her hand again.* You know me but you don’t know my name, yes? I think it must have been my fault… -04:52 May 27
Gabriel: I see. *He saw her look at the cut on her hand.* If that is the case, we will know for certainty very soon. *He turned to watch the screen above the doors countdown.* -04:54 May 27
Evangeline: How do you know me if you don’t know my name? *She tugged at his hand – she hadn’t let it go! – And leaned to see if either one of his hands might’ve hand a wedding band. She thought maybe he should have, and was disappointed when she didn’t see it!* -04:58 May 27
Gabriel: *Instead of a wedding ring, Gabriel showed her the mark on his hand that matched hers. It was faint but it was there.* For as long as I can remember, everything has felt wrong. There is a missing part of me and without it, I am lost. -05:01 May 27
Evangeline: I am so missing I have even misplaced myself. *She rest her head against his arm. She didn’t want to blurt out loud that she hoped she was his missing part!* We can fix it now though, can’t we? If I haven’t messed it up too badly? -05:08 May 27
Gabriel: *He knew, deep down inside, she was his missing piece. But he was reluctant to trust himself because that was what had led to him searching for that missing piece all these years. And yet, he wanted to believe … The elevator stopped.* It will work out. *The doors opened … And he stepped out first, still holding her hand.* -05:12 May 27

The floor they were on was pure white and brightly lit! And the corridor had only one door, the one at the end! It was empty, too! Whoever could have escaped the skycraper by now most certainly had!

Evangeline: I hope so. *He was kind to her… and sweet! It was the way he held her hand that made her smile! If he wasn’t her husband, she was going to be in a lot of trouble for being so smitten with him now! She held his hand tight, looking around at everything curious, but wary!* -05:17 May 27
Gabriel: *He was looking left, right, left again … in front of them, above them, everywhere. But no one ambushed them and nothing went off! The door they approached was just a simple door and didn’t even have a simple sigil for protection or illusion. He slipped inside!* -05:20 May 27
Evangeline: *He was tense and it was making her nervous… but this time she was determined not to be startled by anything!* It’s really very quiet! Maybe everyone has gone. -05:22 May 27

The room they walked into was large, a high ceiling but a rather large sigil on the floor! There were four crystals at each cardinal point on the sigil and at the center of the room hung a young teenager with white hair dressed in old fashioned black clothing. He was suspended in the air above the center of the sigil by thick chains that criss crossed and stretched from wall to wall! Black lightning cackled over his body every so often!

Evangeline: *Eyes wide, it was terrible to see someone so young strung up like that! She let go of Gabriel’s hand and was going to go pull the boy down, but stopped quick at the edge of the sigil. Rushing forward would probably hurt him more… She chewed on the inside of her lip as she pointed at the crystals on the floor.* Those are bad! They need to go! -05:30 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved away and destroyed the crystals! Then he was returning to Evangeline’s side. He was studying the sigil on the floor. He would ask how Evangeline knew the crystals were trouble later.* -05:32 May 27

A ripple of black lightning forced the prisoner to groan weakly and tense up, only to grow limp.

Gabriel: *He pulled a knife out and cut his palm before placing his hand on the edge of the sigil. He closed his eyes and traced each curve and line, undoing them at their weakest points. The chains around the prisoner began to loosen, lowering him little by little and eventually the black lightning disappeared completely.* -05:35 May 27
Evangeline: *She was rocking on her feet now, trying to restrain herself from jumping to the boy too soon! This one was different from what had Gabriel, it was definitely made to keep people from rescuing! She bounced several times before the boy was lowered safely on the floor and the sigil was most unravel. Then she rushed forward to kneel on her knees and pulls those chains off him.* Wake up! Are you all right? Do tell me you’re all right! …what kind of monster goes stringing up young boys like this! He’s barely very old at all! -05:37 May 27
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow as he stood and walked over to Evangeline and Valravn.* He is a devil. He is far older than he looks. *He cut his palm again.* We are leaving. *He cast the teleport spell and they were gone! … They reappeared in what looked like an underground warehouse of some kind! With crates of different shapes and sizes!* -05:45 May 27

Valravn groaned in response but it wasn’t until they had teleported that he raised his head weakly. “Who …”

Evangeline: I don’t care if he’s a devil, he’s still a young one and no one should be treated that way! *Teleporting by his spell felt a little weird, but the boy was speaking now!* Oh good…! Can you sit up? Do you need blood? I can’t remember what devils eat! -05:47 May 27
Gabriel: They are capable of eating many things. But it is rest he requires. *He moved to pick Valravn up and walked away to find a cot set up in the corner. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years.* The sigil kept him there but Anthony used the chains to siphon his energy, making him immobile and preventing him from escaping. -05:49 May 27
Evangeline: *She was up and following, practically on his heels! As soon as he set the devil down she was confiscating a blanket to put over him. She had a lot of very unpleasant words she wanted to say about Anthony, but that she would keep to herself.* He is your familiar, isn’t he? So I belong to him too? -05:52 May 27
Gabriel: He is. *He raised an eyebrow.* And how did you know. -05:53 May 27
Gabriel: * – And -05:53 May 27
Evangeline: Because he… you… um… *She blinked! She really had no idea!* …I don’t really know! It seemed natural? -05:56 May 27
Gabriel: *He studied her for a moment, then opened a crate and pulled out a long, steel box about three feet long and a foot wide! He placed it on a shorter crate next to Evangeline. Then he opened the lid. Inside there had to be at least a thousand rings, of different size, shapes and colors.* I need to get something. Could you find my ring. *Before she could say no, he was walking away and he disappeared behind some crates!* -06:03 May 27
Evangeline: didn’t tell me what it looked like! Bother. *And there was so many! Men, and women and children’s rings. Silver, gold, platinum. Some with gems and some without. She pushed several aside while she looked until… ooh! She loved this one!* -06:06 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel returned a few minutes later with a first aid kit and some food and water. He placed both on the crate and pulled out a gauze bandage and some wrap.* -06:09 May 27
Evangeline: *She had been so wrapped up in examining it, she hadn’t kept looking for his ring! She closed her hand around it and hid it behind her back with a guilty expression!* You didn’t tell me what I was looking for and I got distracted! -06:11 May 27
Gabriel: It is a ring. *He said simply, tilting his head slightly at her.* Your hand. -06:12 May 27
Evangeline: *Her cut hand then disappeared behind her back, while she pulled out the other to offer him.* I did find one -I- liked, but it would help if you told me what you were looking for. -06:15 May 27
Gabriel: We may have similar likes. The ring. -06:17 May 27
Evangeline: *Doubtful, she opened her hand for him to see! A simple gold men’s wedding band.* It isn’t fancy, but I liked the engraving. It says "You are in my heart as I am always in yours." I suppose it’s kind of silly, but I think it’s sweet. -06:19 May 27
Gabriel: *He covered her hand with his and placed his other hand under hers.* … That would be mine. -06:22 May 27
Evangeline: Oh. *What a stupid thing to be blushing and speechless about! Especially if he were her husband after all! There was no reason to be embarrassed. It was just… sort of romantic! He probably had no idea!* -06:26 May 27
Gabriel: *He smirked at the look on her face. It just seemed so familiar! But then he was lowering his head and giving her a kiss on the lips!* -06:29 May 27
Evangeline: *She may have fallen in love with her husband a second time! If touching him felt right and safe, kissing him was simply heaven! She was more than happy to return his kissing, damning herself for forgetting this!* -06:32 May 27
Gabriel: *He was tilting his head to deepen the kiss for a little while longer, then separating. He slipped one arm around her to pull her close and pressed his cheek against her hair.* You are the missing part of me. -06:36 May 27
Evangeline: *The other hand she was hiding behind her back was fulled forward again so she could lean against him and rest her head against his shoulder. This was perfect! Safe and loved and everything she would want! …so what did she do and why did she do it?!* But I did something wrong, didn’t I? I’ve hurt us and I don’t know what I did. *…and if she were not careful she would cry about. No crying allowed!* -06:41 May 27
Gabriel: *He lifted his head to stroke her hair.* I promise. It will work out. No matter what it takes, we will fix this. *Now that he’d found her, he had no intention on losing her ever again!* -06:43 May 27
Evangeline: At least I can’t see through myself anymore? *She had not noticed until now! No more serious concentration just to touch things! She was real and here…. and she was sure it was because she found where she belonged!* I think you will have to call me Wife until we figure out my name! -06:47 May 27
Gabriel: *He looked down at her. It was true. She wasn’t just a spirit anymore! He smiled a bit.* Wife, you need to eat and drink. And I need rest. *He stepped away and took her over to the tray consisting of two bottles of water and some MRE’s! The ones he’d brought had things like powdered drink mix, crackers, bread, a candy bar, and a few other edible things!* -06:52 May 27
Evangeline: *The first thing she went after was the candybar.. it was chocolate!* I’m afraid to sleep or I might wake up in that circle and confused all over again. -06:57 May 27
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at what she said.* You need to rest. -06:58 May 27
Evangeline: I can keep watch while you sleep. You’ve been tormented and need the rest more! *She had half of that candybar gone before she was getting something to drink… and maybe some crackers! She was starving and all of that bloodloss had made it worse!* -07:01 May 27
[Gabriel is up and about and feeling better than he had in years!] -08:35 May 30
[Evangeline had tried to stubbornly keep watch, but has fallen asleep!] -08:35 May 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel found Evangeline asleep and has carried her to the cot he was lying on to put her down and cover her with a blanket!* -08:35 May 30
Evangeline: *Who knew bloodless left someone so tired! Or was that from doing whatever she did to mess up things? Either way, she had been sleeping deeply until she was moved and latched on to one of his arms!* … I’m keeping watch. -08:39 May 30
Gabriel: Rest. *He said but he didn’t pull away from her.* -08:40 May 30
Evangeline: But you’re awake. *And if she were sleeping it was like she didn’t exist! So she was sitting up again, trying not to yawn.* -08:43 May 30
Gabriel: I am a vampire. I do not need much rest. *But then he was sitting down on the edge of the cot and cradling the hand with the cut in his, palm up to examine the wound.* Valravn. -08:46 May 30

A white raven flew from behind to perch on Gabriel’s shoulder and cocked its head at Evangeline’s hand. Then it hopped down to her side and examined it a bit closer.

Evangeline: But you spent forever on a wall? That requires extra rest? *He was examining her hand, and if he made a move towards that medical kit, she might run for it! Which was a weird thought, cause she wasn’t sure why that seemed scary if it were just going to be bandaids. But then the raven had her distracted!* …you’re so fluffy now! Did you not like being a boy? -08:50 May 30

Valravn looked up at her face and cocked its head at her slightly. Then it began tapping its claw on the cot.

Gabriel: Valravn prefers being this way. *Gabriel explained before Valravn began tapping.* He says the cut you bear on your hand is a sign of blood-magic. It reeks of it. He also says there is reason to fear something is wrong but to know for sure, he will have to use his Truth of Sight ability. It is taxing and he recommends you receive more rest. -08:53 May 30
Evangeline: Wouldn’t it be better to see what happened and fix it right away? I’ve rested enough. *With a single finger she leaned just a bit to scratch the top of the raven’s head. …the form suited him!* -08:56 May 30
Gabriel: No. You are in need of rest. -08:59 May 30

Valravn hopped off of the cot and onto the floor, where he transformed back into a boy. “The woman speaks true.”

Evangeline: *She nodded quick!* I can rest when it’s all fixed. I promise! -09:02 May 30
Gabriel: *His silence was answer enough! He stood and helped Evangeline up then walked over to stand in front of Valravn.* Do it. -09:07 May 30
Evangeline: *She had married a man whose silent answers made her want to smile! But there was a small bit of worry on what the little devil was going to do… and find out!* Will it hurt? -09:09 May 30
Gabriel: … It would depend on your definition of the word "hurt". *He replied softly.* -09:09 May 30

Valravn nodded once and clasped his hands together, pointer fingers up. He began to speak in a different language, speaking words any human tongue would have found impossible! A large sigil appeared at their feet and then the warehouse disappeared, leaving them in the same building Evangeline had found herself in! But it was in better condition and there were so many people! Vampires, weres, humans …! And a little girl with brown hair and gray eyes running around, chasing after a large werepup with a ball of yarn in its mouth!

Evangeline: *She recognized the building and it did look so different!* I was here when I found myself. There wasn’t any people like this, though. -09:13 May 30

A gentle shake of the head. “No. This is the truth of things, the way they were meant to be.” They followed the little girl as she finally got tired of chasing the werepup to retire in a room with a beanbag in the corner. She was talking to someone, a woman who looked very familiar, and then curling up to sleep! “You wished to know where the wrong has been done. And we are here to see it for ourselves.”

Evangeline: So this is where I was before? *Cause that looked like herself, even if she didn’t remember.* Did we have a daughter? -09:20 May 30

“That is my sister,” Valravn replied. “Gabriel’s familiar after my sacrifice. She took on human form at your bidding.” Now the woman, Evangeline, was turning to follow someone into another room, leaving the girl to sleep alone. The two women were talking and then the older woman pulled out a knife and slashed the younger woman’s hand!

Evangeline: *She jumped just a little at the slashing. It was almost as if she could still feel it burning. But even watching it all, she still couldn’t remember it!* I really don’t understand. *Or maybe she did… everything was completely different now because of this moment!* -09:35 May 30
Gabriel: … You made a wish. *Gabriel finally said beside her.* Your wish was never to exist. *He looked from what was in front of them to Valravn.* -09:37 May 30

Valravn saw the look in Gabriel’s eyes and watched the blood fall to the floor. He also recognized the sigil on the floor. A sigil of destruction, complete annihilation. “And yet you found yourself here, a spirit without a body, bound to a vampire no spell can ever extinguish.”

Evangeline: Oh. *She didn’t know what to say. Hadn’t she been loved and happy? There was no reason to do something so.. so stupid!* But I… …but if I only wished I didn’t exist, it shouldn’t have done all this too? -09:44 May 30

“I see far-reaching consequences stemming from a single act. But what that act is and what influence you had upon it, I cannot say. I do know that to undo such a wish will require power equal to that of a god you humans believe in so highly.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel tilted his head to glance at Valravn sideways.* The only one with that type of power is Anthony. -09:48 May 30

Valravn clasped his hands together again and with a lengthy incantation, the scene around them dissipated, leaving them back in the underground warehouse.

Evangeline: He didn’t seem like the sort to bed very helpful. *Her stomach was churning! She had known it was her fault, but it was so much worse than she thought it would be! She had ruined their lives!* -09:54 May 30

“At present, yes, but not necessarily true.” Now he was grinning, as if he knew a secret he was just bursting to tell them! “The power you seek is in a very special location, hidden from all save for one.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed red. He obviously knew what Valravn was referring to.* No. -10:00 May 30
Evangeline: *She moved to tug on Gabriel’s sleeve.* If it will make things right again, we should, shouldn’t we? -10:02 May 30
Gabriel: It is not something I am eager to discuss. *He replied, glancing away from Evangeline and to something far off on the side.* -10:03 May 30
Evangeline: It’s something bad? *If he weren’t going to answer her she turned to give a curious blink at the devil!* -10:07 May 30

“There are not many things Gabriel fears.” Gabriel quickly turned to glare daggers at him but he was used to that sort of thing. To gain something, he would have to face his past. And Valravn knew that if he didn’t face who he was, there was no chance for either of them to be who they were meant to be. “But the power he needs to undo this, and the place it lies within are perhaps two of them.”

Gabriel: I have sought to block it out for so very long. It calls and it demands I answer. Growing stronger, leaving me no peace. *There were countless times he found himself walking toward the call, those times when he was most distressed by that missing piece of him. Then Anthony had captured and locked him away and the call, the feeling had just gotten worst.* -10:13 May 30
Evangeline: *He shouldn’t be afraid of anything, and she didn’t want him to be!* I could go there for you? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it! -10:15 May 30
Gabriel: *He cupped her cheek with one hand and looked into her eyes.* I need you safe. I will go. -10:21 May 30
Evangeline: If you’re afraid, I won’t stay here and make you go by yourself. You might need me there? *He would. She was pretty sure! If at least so he wouldn’t be alone!* -10:23 May 30
Gabriel: *He wanted to refuse! And yet … it felt wrong. There was that feeling that to refuse her would mean disaster. He nodded once.* Very well. -10:26 May 30
Evangeline: *She smiled wide at him!* So then we go together! Where is it, Fluffy? -10:27 May 30

“I will come as well.” He smiled. “I cannot allow the two of you all the fun and glory.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel moved away to open another crate and pull out two fur-lined parkas and boots!* You will both need these. -10:31 May 30
Evangeline: *She took a pair of boots to slip on and a parka, and decided that she felt much like a wooly mammoth! It was furry and warm, but big! She fussed with trying to keep the hood from swallowing her head.* You won’t need one? -10:37 May 30

Valravn was laughing as he slipped his own parka and boots on. “Gabriel’s coat can withstand anything nature can throw at it. I am ready.”

Gabriel: *He cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *The wind whipped around them, there was a pulse of negative energy and they were gone! … Only to appear in the middle of a blizzard in what was either the North or South Pole! He took Evangeline’s hand was leading her something she couldn’t see, what with all the snow and wind and ice flying around!* -10:52 May 30
Evangeline: *It was blindingly bright with all the snow and the sunlight reflecting from it. And cold! Even wrapped in a fur parka, it didn’t take long for her teeth to be chattering. She had both of her hands clinging to his. If she got lost here, she’d probably freeze to death!* -10:56 May 30

Suddenly the snow and ice stopped! They had walked into a cave in what had to be a really large mountain! It was ice all around, so smooth, they were like mirrors! It was so quiet here with the wind and snow howling outside!

Valravn shook the snow and ice off of him as they entered the cave and looked around! He made sure to stick close to Evangeline and Gabriel.

Evangeline: *It was so pretty! The ice had to be old, it was practically blue after being frozen for so long! She was almost afraid to speak, or the sound might crack it all!* -11:01 May 30

They were walking for quite some time before they came across it. An entire wall of ice covered in ancient symbols and almost glowing with their own light!

Gabriel: We are here. *Gabriel said softly. There were voices in his head softly calling to him. Voices he didn’t recognize but were so familiar. He brushed his hand over the runes, so proud of the crisp detail, it was as if he’d carved these runes in himself!* -11:04 May 30
Evangeline: *She squeezed his hand.* I think this place is very old. Are you sure you don’t want me to go for you? -11:08 May 30
Gabriel: *He looked back at her, then lifted the hand squeezing his and kissed the back of the gloves she wore.* I do not want to lose you again. *He reached up and began to press one rune, and then another and then another. They weren’t in sequential order, either. He almost seemed to be doing it randomly but yet, confidently!* -11:11 May 30

Each symbol he pressed, darkened and sank into the wall! He’d finished pressing the twelfth symbol and then there was the sound of something moving within, there was the glow of something orange in the center that spread–and the entire wall melted! It left them facing a corridor of stone with pillars on either side, tall ceilings. And the feeling of something ancient.*

Evangeline: *Lose her again. He wouldn’t have lost her in the first place if she hadn’t done something so stupid! She walked with him, holding his hand and arm. At least now she could do something!* What will we find here? -11:17 May 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel stood still, his eyes were distant. Memories of walking down this corridor. Of voices talking behind him. The sound of boots echoing on stone. Urgency. Caution. Running out of time …* -11:20 May 30
Evangeline: *She tugged his hand gently. He was lost in thoughts!* Gabriel. What are we looking for? -11:22 May 30
Gabriel: *He blinked and was disoriented for a moment! He looked down at her. What were they looking for … Something important. Something, something he had lost–no, lost implied something that had happened without warning. No, what they sought was carefully guarded and this place had been specially prepared for. He searched for the memory, for a clue.* … A crown. The King’s crown. -11:29 May 30

“We should go,” Valravn said from behind.

Evangeline: Yes, we should keep moving. A crown might be in a treasure or throne room, yes? *That would be an obvious place to look. Though, this place didn’t seem like much of a castle!* -11:32 May 30
Gabriel: *He moved then. They were walking and he kept on the lookout for anything. But everything was so silent here, so empty. It felt like they had been walking forever and yet the corridor continued on and on. Gabriel suddenly stopped. A corridor that went on forever, for eternity … dooming people who walked it to never arrive to their destination, to never stop walking until they did.* -11:39 May 30
Evangeline: *She had been watching the walls… there were so many mirrors here! She didn’t even realize they had stopped until she walked right in to him!* Have we found it? *Peering around, all she saw was more and more corridor! There wasn’t even any turns. That was strange.* -11:43 May 30
Gabriel: *He knelt down to touch the ground, then looked from one wall to the other. He stood and cut his palm. Then he closed his eyes and stretched the hand with the cut out in front of him. Then symbols began to appear in front of them! There was some kind of two-way mirror or wall!* -11:55 May 30
Evangeline: *How confusing! It seemed nothing here was going to be like what it look liked. …and it was so hard for her to use any other senses when she was so sure she should be able to!* Maybe there is a hole or opening or door? -12:07 May 31

Valravn was examining the wall! “Ah, here.” He pointed to a door in the wall. There was a faint outline.

Gabriel: *He nodded and with a simple push, he walked through! Then he waited for Evangeline and Valravn to join him! Now there were two rows of mirrors leading on either side of them! Except they didn’t show their reflections but different scenes and filled with so many people and creatures!* -12:52 May 31
Evangeline: *And she had thought there were lots of mirrors before… now the entire walls were mirrors! Without their reflections too. She stopped at one of them to watch the scene.* Every one seems to have something different in it! -12:54 May 31

Valravn also stopped at another mirror! “It is as if these are windows to another world.”

Gabriel: *Not just windows. These were more than windows. Looking at some of these mirrors. It was as if he’d been there and experienced these things for himself. In one mirror, there were shadows in the form of wolves running through a forest, coming across vampires and mercilessly slaughtering them without even pausing!* -12:56 May 31
Evangeline: *She moved across the wall to another mirror, then another! It was so interesting to watch each scene! With a finger, she leaned forward to poke gently at the glass.* -01:00 May 31

Evangeline might have been surprised to see that her finger actually went through the glass! The surface seemed to ripple like the surface of a pond or a lake! And the glass was cold! She could even hear the soft whispers of the people in the mirror she was looking at!

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood in the middle of the corridor and closed his eyes. It was here. It was calling. It was filling him with the desire to find it, to hold it again. To want it so badly, he could feel it in his grasp. He started walking without even realizing it, leaving Evangeline and Valravn to study the mirrors.* -01:04 May 31
Evangeline: It is kind of like a window to another place. *She pushed her hand through before she realized Gabriel wasn’t standing there with them anymore! She pulled her hand back to follow him!* -01:10 May 31

Valravn noticed Gabriel wandering off. This place was having a stronger effect on him than he had thought it would have had. He had underestimated the connection between the two …

In this hall of mirrors there were twists and turns at least! Except somewhere down the corridor, Valravn and Evangeline realized there were two Gabriels walking side by side now!

Evangeline: Ga-! …briel. Hum… *At first she thought it was mirror reflections, but now she was just plain confused! She lingered behind him – them? – tapping a finger at her chin.* I should know what this means… -01:20 May 31
Gabriel: *And then the two Gabriels split up, each going in an opposite direction!* -01:21 May 31

Valravn was left standing beside Evangeline. “How do we tell which one is which before they disappear completely?”

They were both so alike! They smelled the same, had the same aura–It could prove to be frustrating!

Evangeline: I don’t know! Um…! *She stepped first one way… then double back towards the other. ..then went right back to the middle again!* Blast it! It really is him either way, he just needs to be brought back to himself…? Bother, I don’t even know what I’m talking about! *They couldn’t just stand there, though.* …should we split up? -01:27 May 31

There was concern about being able to communicate with each other, much less find one another once they were separated. But she was right. Valravn nodded. “I shall take this one then.” And he went after the Gabriel closest to him!

Evangeline: *She only waited a second before she turned around to follow the other Gabriel! As long as one or both wasn’t a trap, they should be able to bring him back to himself! She hoped!* Gabriel! -01:33 May 31
Gabriel: *He was just about to step through one of the mirrors when she called him! He stopped! And then he turned his head to look at her.* … Forgive me. I could not protect you. I could not protect us. Had I not forced you, you would have been happy. -01:40 May 31
Evangeline: I was happy. I am happy! But you clearly have an idiot for a wife! *That look on his face.. she couldn’t stand it! She moved quickly to block his way to the mirror .* You aren’t going to leave me, are you? -01:44 May 31
Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.* I should have allowed you to go back. Had I known then what I know now … You are no idiot. Such a bright soul. The brightest soul in existence. I think I understand … -01:49 May 31
Evangeline: Well, I don’t understand! I know I made a stupid wish, and I can’t remember why… But I know I want to be with you. How could I be here now if I didn’t want to find you? -01:54 May 31
Gabriel: *He blinked then and looked around, disoriented again.* Where is Valravn. -01:58 May 31
Evangeline: He followed the other you in the other direction. *Now she latched on to his arm, intending to hold him captive until he no longer acted so strange!* -02:00 May 31
Gabriel: We have to go. *Now he was walking in the direction they’d come. This place was messing with his mind and the longer they stayed here, the higher the chance any affect on him would be permanent! They past the point Evangeline and Valravn had split up and kept walking! But there was no sign of him anywhere! He growled softly.* I do not wish to wander this place for eternity. -02:03 May 31
Evangeline: Maybe I shouldn’t have left him alone. *She might have left Fluffy defenseless! It seemed everything she did today was wrong!* Fluffy! Fluuuffy! -02:09 May 31

“If you wish for your devil back, you will leave immediately. If you swear to leave and never return, we shall return him to you,” the woman’s voice came out of nowhere. But then the mirror in front of them rippled and out stepped a woman with dark red hair and brown eyes wearing an old-fashioned long black gown and holding a fan. She studied Gabriel.

Gabriel: That is not an option. Return him now. We are not leaving without the crown. -02:13 May 31

“Who said anything about a–” A snort. “I see.” She folded the fan and tapped it against her shoulder. “Come with me. I believe a test is in order.”

The woman turned and stepped back into the mirror she had come from, obviously expecting them to do the same!

Evangeline: *She made sure to have his hand. If he were going through a mirror, she was going too!* Be careful? -02:16 May 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked after the woman and went through the mirror. it was a bit disconcerting but the wave of vertigo passed. Now they were in a large room with a high ceiling of stone and in front of them, the woman from earlier standing beside a man so like her, they had to be twins! Between and in front of them was Valravn, unconscious but bound!* Release him. -02:21 May 31

“If you wish him back, you will have to pass the test,” the woman replied. She and the man flashed very long fangs at them. Vampires!

Evangeline: Why does everything have to be tests! I’ll just take him back and you can… go about your business! *She even took a step or two forward but had to pause cause she didn’t want to let go of Gabriel’s hand! He might get lost again!* -02:26 May 31

“We are Gemini, the first Guardians,” said the man!

“We destroy those who enter here–by challenging them to a battle of words!”

“Even those who resemble the Great King must prove his mettle and worth on the battlefield of honor!”

Evangeline: *She tugged on Gabriel’s hand and whispered.* What do they mean by battle of words? -02:32 May 31
Gabriel: Word spells. *He replied as the floor moved. A line appeared between them and the twins and Valravn and then the floor began to separate! A platform rose from under the floor they stood on, as long and as wide as a football field. There were pillars of solid rock and ponds of water all around! Now the twins and Valravn stood in front of a pair of thick iron doors made just for a giant of some kind!* You will have to stay here. -02:35 May 31
Evangeline: But I need to stay with you! *She couldn’t imagine what could go wrong with word spells, but she was very reluctant to let him go!* -02:37 May 31
[Gabriel is torn between leaving his Wife here or taking her with him!] -01:15 Jun 02
[Evangeline would rather stay with Gabriel. And fight if she can have a weapon! Maybe a stick!] -01:15 Jun 02
Gabriel: It is dangerous. *He said, feeling as if he’d said that over and over again so many times. But with Valravn incapcitated, there was no guarantee she would be safe here.* You will have to get on my back. -01:16 Jun 02
Evangeline: I can do that. And then you can leave me near Fluffy so I can rescue him! *It was a good plan! Those vampires weren’t likely to notice her, she was hardly even real!* -01:18 Jun 02

“There is but one rule. There is no physical contact between the participants.”

“All must be performed by word and will. If you succeed, you may have your devil and pass through.”

“But even then, that is no guarantee you will achieve the power you seek.”

Gabriel: You are real enough to me. *More real … The only thing that was right in this world. Or the next.* -01:20 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She hopped up to kiss his cheek.* Then I am real for you. Let’s get Fluffy! -01:23 Jun 02

The twins looked at each other and nodded. Then they took off, a blur! They were quicker than most vampires!

Gabriel: *Gabriel waited for Evangeline to get onto his back, made sure to secure his hold on her legs and that her arms were tight. He took off, right down the middle, jumping to the top of one of the rock pillars and then running across!* -01:24 Jun 02

When the twins reappeared, they were on either side of Gabriel but several feet away! “Earth, begone from his feet!” The rock under Gabriel’s feet suddenly gave way and he was falling!

Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, summoned the Diablo Animus and drove it into the rock as he fell! They slid down several more feet until the Diablo Animus finally embedded itself into the rock and they stopped!* -01:28 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She held on good and tight! He moved awfully fast and heights were a little scary, especially when falling! She burried her face at his shoulder!* -01:28 Jun 02

“Wind, cut his skin from his bones! And flay his flesh!” The wind began to pick up and cuts began to appear in his clothes, across his cheek, on the back of his hand …

Gabriel: Words lose their power. Deflect and return the damage dealt to those who would do me harm. *The wind suddenly stopped and picked up around the twins to cut their skin instead! He pulled the Diablo Animus out of the rock, fell the rest of the way and landed neatly! Then the sword disappeared and he was running for it again!* -01:30 Jun 02

“Restrict access from the trespasser! Deny him what he seeks!” Gabriel came up against an invisible wall! Something clamped around his wrist, nice and tight! A shackle of some sort but the chain was endless and disappeared into the darkness at the edges of the room!

Evangeline: *They weren’t kidding when they said battle of words… she was almost tempted to ask for attack bunnies and see if that worked!* Would it be easier if you set me down? -01:36 Jun 02
Gabriel: *A growl! The shackle was tight and there was no telling how high or how thick the wall was! And he didn’t have time to pull it–The next platform with Valravn was within sight! There were no steps for Evangeline to climb but if she was off his back … * Yes. Head for Valravn. I will give you a way to get to him. -01:38 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Carefully, she slipped off his back and for a second tugged at that shackle on is wrist. AFter huffing, she finally turned to run for Fluffy!* -01:41 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Now he just had to distract them and keep them from going after her.* You will deny me nothing. All walls stand down. These obstacles have no meaning. *He pushed through and the wall was suddenly gone! But instead of heading for the platform, he was jumping up to the top of the rock pillar! Interestingly enough, the shackle stuck with him, moved as he moved!* -01:43 Jun 02

A snort at Gabriel breaking through the wall. “Clever.” He spotted Evangeline running for Valravn. “Freeze this abomination from her goal!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel saw the ice forming at Evangeline’s feet!* Warmth and heat. Unfreeze. *The ice melted away!* Lightning, rend and tear. *Bolts of lightning rained down from the ceiling to split the twins apart! When they appeared next, they both had shackles! The man had a shackle on his ankle! The woman a shackle around her neck!* -01:45 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She had her hands on her head, and nearly had herself slipping on ice! Better not to think about that, just rescuing Fluffy! He was only a few paces away, and she was already trying to climb up the short platform!* -01:48 Jun 02

“Banish these trespassers from our sight! Unworthy of our Great King!” The wind was picking up around Gabriel, Evangeline, and Valravn again! Threatening to take them away–but who knew where!

Gabriel: We are not here by your will but our own. We will remain. *He was running to join Evangeline.* Make way for the Queen. Deny not her way. *Rocks began to jut out of the platform to make climbing easier for Evangeline!* -01:56 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She forced herself to ignore the wind and the words! Gabriel would take care of her! With new rocks helping to make climbing that much easier, it was only a matter of moments before she had climb to the top and shuffled quickly over to Fluffy to untie him!* -02:01 Jun 02

“The Queen?!” The twins were running side by side. “Did he just–?!”

“He did! Such blasphemy!” The man muttered. He and the woman joined hands! “We call upon the ultimate spell!” The room grew dark! “Return their existence to nothing! Let the beginning meet the end! Allow none to escape! For we are the Gemini, protectors of the Great King Himself!” The room became freezing and a black ball of energy formed at their hands and shot straight for Evangeline and Valravn!

Gabriel: *Gabriel reached there in time to stand between them and Evangeline! He turned to face them. But shackles appeared around his wrist and ankles and his neck! He clenched his teeth as all of them grew tight!* I take the Gemini as my property and make their will mine. They can neither gainsay or act against me or mine. I will protect and defend. I will not surrender. I will not yield. I am Gabriel. My word is law. -02:10 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She had Fluffy untied and was trying to shake him awake. All while squeezing her eyes shut and hoping they weren’t about to be erased!* -02:13 Jun 02

Valravn’s eyes began to open. “Uhh … You …” He turned to look at Gabriel and Gemini. “What is …”

Gemini gritted his teeth. “His will. It’s–!”

“It’s too … strong!” the woman remarked! They squinted as the energy was coming back towards them, deflected by something! But then their pupils contracted and everything went black! … The dim light returned, leaving Evangeline and Valravn and Gabriel were they had been. But Gemini was kneeling at Gabriel’s feet!

Evangeline: *She was checking over Fluffy to make sure he wasn’t hurt, now that there was no worries of impending doom!* Are we safe now? -02:22 Jun 02

Valravn was unhurt. Just stunned!

The man was on one knee, the woman in a curtsey so low both knees were on the ground. Their heads were bowed! “Forgive us, Your Majesty. We wished no true ill.”

“We are doing what we swore to you, long ago. To protect this place and everything within. Please, mercy.”

Evangeline: *She reached a hand out to tug gently on Gabriel’s pants.* It was their job and we’re not hurt? Fluffy is all right! -02:31 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He turned to look at Evangeline.* I did not come to kill. Get these off of me. *He held up the shackles.* -02:33 Jun 02

The twins looked at each other! “Forgive us. We are unable to. The shackles will only disappear once you claim the crown.”

Evangeline: *She helped Fluffy to his feet and gave him a soft pat on the head.* And where is the crown so he can claim it? -02:36 Jun 02

“Beyond the doors. It will open for you now.”

“Please, be careful. The one you charged with protecting with has lost what little sanity he has long ago.”

Gabriel: … Thank you. *He said and then he was walking away, shackles trailing beside him to the doors, already beginning to open inward!* -02:44 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She caught up with him quick to link her hand with hers. He didn’t have to go alone… and she intended to protect him if she needed to! Who knew what those shackles would do!* -02:45 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He paused. They were in another corridor again, but this one looked extravagant with its carved pillars on either side.* So many memories. I do not know which are true and which are lies. -02:48 Jun 02
Evangeline: *It was definitely a place builty for a king… and still so cold! She squeezed his hand.* We’ll be able to figure it out soon, together, yes? -02:51 Jun 02
Gabriel: *There was a look on his face when she said that.* I want to believe that. -03:01 Jun 02
Evangeline: I promise we will. We have forever to find out! *She hated to see the doubt on his face. If she could do all of this and fix it herself so he wouldn’t have to worry, she would! For now, she could just hold his hand and tug him down the corridor. To be his support!* -03:05 Jun 02

Valravn was following right behind! The corridor opened up to a HUGE room, high ceiling, circular. There was a single shaft of light coming through from an opening at the ceiling in the center! And it shone down on … several crowns! Each looked identical to the next!

Gabriel: *As Gabriel exited the corridor and entered the room, the shackles went tight! They restrained him and he was suspended in the air! He pulled but then electricity ran down the chains and shocked him until he grew still!* -03:14 Jun 02
Evangeline: Gabriel! *Oh, she knew it! It was a dirty trick! How was he supposed to get the crown if he were strung up and being tortured? And he was too high up for her to jump and get him down!* -03:17 Jun 02

At the far end of the room, there was a woman twirling in a very lovely blood red dress! She had a beautiful wig on and was wearing lots of jewels! She seemed oblivious to them!

Valravn was examining the shackles and chains! They were enchanted with magic too complicated for him to unravel in a few short moments!

Evangeline: Can you get him down? I think I could find the- *That’s when she spotted the twirler in the dress but… Something didn’t look quite right!* -03:24 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth but his fangs had grown! He shut his eyes because now he smelled something that made him want to rip out someone’s throat!* -03:27 Jun 02

The woman was twirling and twirling–right up until she got to the light and struck a pose! Back arched and head tilted back! … It was a guy in a woman’s dress!

Evangeline: *She wasn’t sure if she should laugh or be worried! But by Gabriel’s reaction, she was leaning towards very worried! She moved to stand in front of Gabriel and shield him from… um.. Him?* Um..! We are here to find a crown? Miss? -03:29 Jun 02

Valravn was working on a way to at least loosen the chains, if nothing else! But Gabriel’s sudden reaction made him pause and wonder if that was the safest thing to do right now!

“Hmmm?” The man blinked and looked at them. His fangs were sharp and his eyes were red! A vampire! “I told them not to allow anyone to disturb him!” he said in a woman’s voice. “Really! The competence of help these days!” The woman’s voice switched to a man’s. “Mother, I am sick and tired of you complaining on and on! Why don’t you shut up?!” The man’s voice switched back to a woman’s! She gasped! “Oh the nerve! You insolent whelp! After everything I did for you?!”

Evangeline: *They weren’t kidding! He was bonkers! Or possessed? Well… not sane in any case!* Um… nevermind then, I won’t bother you… *With Fluffy trying to remove the chains, she would just tiptoe towards those crowns!* -03:36 Jun 02

“Did for me?! You old crone! You never loved me, much less did anything *for* me! Everything you did, you did for you!” The man’s voice became a woman’s. “I am not listening to this! I will not stand for this! Why your father never said an ill toward me–!” The woman’s voice became the man’s again. “Yes! And see where it got him?! He’s dead! Ash! And now I’m stuck here guarding a bunch of crowns and I don’t even know which one is the real one!” The man’s voice switched back to a woman’s! “Stupid boy! I told you to pay attention!” The woman’s voice became the man’s! “Pay attention?! I was tortured, flogged, bones were broken, drained of blood, bound, gagged, blinded!” The woman scoffed. “Excuses!”

Gabriel: *He growled and he was straining against the chains again! But the chains only responded by sending more volts of electricity to shock him until he stopped struggling!* -03:40 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Well… it was no wonder there were the twin vampires being guardians too! This man in a dress was absolutely crazy! She removed her gloves to stuff them in a pocket, and quiet as could be snuck her way over to the crowns. They all looked exactly alike! She tapped her chin as she thought about each one.* -03:42 Jun 02

“Excuses?! Let’s see you live through something like that and then you can scoff at me!” The man’s voice was a woman’s again. “Ha! You went to war–you came back a coward! You went to find a woman–you brought back a demon whore! You went to find your life’s calling–and you tried to usurp the King! You fool! You’re not half the man your father was!”

Evangeline: *The argument was distracting… and harsh! She finally shook her head and returned her focus to the crowns. One hand out, it hovered near each of them until she finally stopped. The one that felt so strongly of him! Pulling her because it was something precious of his! Making sure they weren’t looking, she snatched it up and placed it on her head so she could tip-toe back!* -03:48 Jun 02

The base of the crown was an intricately carved dragon of gold with intricate scales and jewels of different shapes and colors embedded in them! In the dragon’s mouth at the front was a large hole where a large ruby sat, except it shifted colors from blue to red and to white to green! So beautiful!

“I could never be half the man my father was! All you ever did was belittle and tell me how I would never amount to anything!” The man’s voice became a woman’s! “And I was right! So much for being a promising heir! I told your father children were a waste of time!”

Evangeline: *The crown nearly slipped down her head to land on her nose, but she quickly pushed it back up and held it in place as she dashed back to Gabriel.* I have it! It was like finding the ring! -03:53 Jun 02

And not a moment too soon! Valravn put up a shield that sent one charging madman/woman flat on his/her back!

Gabriel: *At the sound of her voice, he calmed down slightly.* … Wife. *He was pulling at the chains again! They hadn’t come off yet! And the electricity returned!* -03:56 Jun 02
Evangeline: We will have you down in a moment. *She cast a worried glance over her shoulder. They had argued so much, she hadn’t realized they even noticed her!* ..Why don’t you stop bickering between yourselves and let him down! We have the crown now, and there’s no reason any more! -04:00 Jun 02

The woman straightened her wig! “The nerve! Now that the Great King has returned, I can finally do what my son was never man enough to do and finish him!” Her voice became the man’s. “YOU finish him?! He tortured and stuck me here–with YOU!! I’m going to be the one to finish him!” The man’s voice became the woman’s again! “You don’t have the balls! That demon whore you stole away had more guts than you!”

Evangeline: *There was just no way to take this guy seriously! Huffing, she turned back to Fluffy!* ..let’s just get him down, quickly, then! Can I help? Maybe if I find the end of the chains! -04:09 Jun 02

Valravn was on the floor as if he’d dropped something. “If I can lower him, you can get close enough to him …” He moved on his hands and knees to one side of the room and then the chains on the side he was on grew slack! He quickly moved to the other side and did the same thing! Gabriel landed neatly on the ground, with the shackles still on!

Evangeline: *As soon as he was back on the floor she moved and hugged him. The fact he landed on his feet and hadn’t collapsed from pain was a relief!* Are you okay? What should I do now? -04:15 Jun 02

“She did not! I was the one who thought up the plan!” The man’s voice became the woman’s! “The plan! What a stupid plan it was, too! If you are going to stage an usurping, you would do well to have done your research first! A fine idea of betraying your cohort beforehand!”

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her but then he clenched his teeth and dropped to his knees!* -04:18 Jun 02

“He should be able to–That’s it! He can’t claim the Great King’s power until he claims the Great King with it!”

Evangeline: *She dropped to the floor with him – she wouldn’t dare let go!* To.. to regain his own memories, yes? *She was supposed to be here for him and support him, and she couldn’t even remember why it was so monumental! She moved her hands up to his cheeks to make sure he was looking at her.* I’m here with you. -04:21 Jun 02
Gabriel: … Too much of it. Memories. Thoughts. Sins … *It was foolish of him. But he had done things … he was certain he had. And if he claimed this power, would he be Gabriel or the Great King the twins spoke of.* -04:24 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She didn’t want him to be afraid! Leaning, she kissed his forehead gently.* Do they really matter now, after all..? If even after I mess things up and we still find each other despite it? -04:27 Jun 02
Gabriel: … I will always find you. *He cupped her cheek and kissed her lips. He closed his eyes. The shackles broke away and everything was bathed in darkness, until only the two of them and Valravn remained!* -04:33 Jun 02

Valravn smiled. “There is something I would like to say. If you could give my sister a message for me, the one you saw in the vision.”

Evangeline: *Something had shifted! Heavy and weighing. A little dizzying… and she wasn’t sure if it was because he made a choice or if everything was catching up to her! She finally grinned and smiled at Fluffy.* A message? -04:36 Jun 02

He nodded. “Tell her, I am proud of her. That I am sorry I left the Devil World before I had a chance to know her. And … to be careful. She has much to learn but I have faith in her.” He grinned. “And don’t worry. I am not sad to have died in this reality. My sacrifice is legendary and I made it for the right reasons. Goodbye.”

Gabriel: Thank you, Valravn. *He nodded once.* Goodbye. -04:39 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She waved softly, trying not to let tears sneak up. But she knew they were going to get her later! Fluffy was something special!* Goodbye, Fluffy… -04:42 Jun 02

Valravn was fading away …! “Please take care of him. And, Gabriel, take care of her. You two are something special–and it takes a lot to keep you out of trouble.” And then he was gone!

But suddenly, Gabriel was gone as well! “My poor Child drawn away by the Darkness,” said a woman’s voice. A woman appeared in front of Evangeline. Dark skin, almost white hair, beautiful! “Take this chance now and free yourself while you can.”

Evangeline: *She was so tired and so upset! It was the last time she would ever see Fluffy again… and now she was all alone! With a strange woman!* Who are you? -04:46 Jun 02

The woman smiled. “You do not recognize me. That is understandable. I prefer to keep out of my children’s way so they may live and prosper. I am the Light, the counterpart to the Darkness, mother of humans, pixies, those who flourish in life and light. The Darkness seeks only destruction, only power, and control. It does not care for you, daughter. Not the way I care for you. Please, turn back. Forsake the Darkness while you can.”

Evangeline: *How confusing! She slowly shook her head.* But… not all darkness is like that? He protects and shields and gives safety when you need somewhere to hide? -04:53 Jun 02

“Merely an illusion. You were not there when our races first began to grow. When my children only wished for a little more room, he denied it. He grew so angry. He spoke his own children into revolting and because of it, everything was destroyed.”

Evangeline: Not everything destroyed… the world is still alive and growing. And maybe even beyond? -05:00 Jun 02

“You have been with the Darkness for too long. Please, daughter. I sacrificed everything to give you a chance for happiness. It is only a matter of time before the Darkness tires of you. Then you will be left with the cold, the bitter, barren shadows.”

Evangeline: But he loves me. And I know he loves me. *He did. …but what she did was pretty terrible. Her wish was stupid, but had she made it for a good reason? She suddenly shook her head and put her hands over her ears.* No! He does love me! You just don’t know him! -05:04 Jun 02

“He will betray you, just as he betrayed me. Turn from the Darkness. Kill him and end the threat once and for all.”

Evangeline: I won’t. Even if he decides that I am not worthy to be his wife, I could never betray him. I can shine because he holds me up. -05:08 Jun 02

“You will regret this. How can you love something so twisted and ugly.” The woman was frowning. But something was calling to Evangeline, a feeling so strong, reminding her someone was waiting for her!

Evangeline: Because he isn’t twisted and ugly. *So tired. Was she awake or asleep? He was asking for her though, she could feel his worry!* -05:14 Jun 02

“I will show you. I will show you all the error of your ways …” the woman promised before she faded away!

Gabriel: … Evangeline. Evangeline. *He was leaning over her.* -05:15 Jun 02
Evangeline: *That woman… there was something about her! And she wanted so much to ask what she meant. But she was falling asleep. …or was it waking up? She was groaning softly with the floor solid at her back. Opening one eye then another, and still seeing on the dark! Most might have panicked, but this seemed right!*…I’m Evangeline? -05:18 Jun 02
Gabriel: You are Evangeline Clark, my wife and seer. And I believe this belongs to me. *He took something off of her head and placed it on his own. His crown.* -05:21 Jun 02

Vlamerias: “Oohh! That’s a magnificent crown, Glaër! May I see it?” That bouncy, hyperactive voice was everywhere as Vlamerias hopped and skipped around them!

Evangeline: I see. *She felt so strange… before she could see and everything had been silent. Now everything was dark and there were a million things in her head! Visions and voices all together in a jumbled mess. But it was Gabriel she was most aware of! She could not hear his thoughts, but could feel his emotion! And he was very angry!* -05:24 Jun 02
Gabriel: A moment, Vlamerias. *He was helping Evangeline to stand and then taking her by the hand, out into the hall! He was searching for something–no, someone! And then he spotted the old gypsy at the other end of the hall!* -05:26 Jun 02

The gypsy women was already looking worried, and for an escape route! Not only had she not expected the entire world to change the way it had, now it was FIXED again! So she was scuttling for a door!

Evangeline: *He was so, so angry… And all she could think of is what the woman said. He would tire of her. Maybe not tire, maybe he would be so mad at her for what she did that he would leave her! Her wish had hurt him and lots of other people! She might of betrayed him after all!* -05:29 Jun 02
Gabriel: *The only warning Evangeline had before he disappeared was the sudden surge in anger and the growl at the back of his throat! And she knew it was the angry growl! He reappeared in front of the old woman and had his hand around her throat! Then he was pulling her into the cafeteria!* -05:30 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Meri was beside Evangeline!* Mommy! What happened? Where did you go? Why is Glaër taking that gypsy into the eating place? Is he going to eat her? *Maybe she should run and get her chocolate syrup and get a bite of the tough, chewy human!*

“Wait, wait!!” Wailed Madam Tuli, flailing her arms all about! “I only granted a wish! She wished for it! That is what she wanted most!”

Gabriel: You took advantage of my wife. I want the memories you took from her back and the memories of all those you have "helped" along the way. -05:33 Jun 02
Evangeline: I did something terrible and now he’s very angry. *She wasn’t going to run in there and save that women. In fact, she was tempted to run away herself! Instead, she knelt on the floor to pat the devil on the head.* I was somewhere else for a bit. And I have a message for you. Fluffy – um – Valravn says he is very proud of you. And that he is sorry he left before getting to know you. -05:34 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide!* He … he said that … *She swallowed! That meant so much to her, she was sniffling and rubbing her eyes before she knew it!*

“That was payment! Wh-What she asked for!” Then again, that look on his face. No one in their right mind was going to refuse this man! Madam Tuli dug down in to the front of her shirt until she pulled out a jingling bag! “Here, here! As you want!”

Evangeline: Oh, please don’t cry! *She pulled the wee devil close and gave her a tight hug. She already wanted to cry herself, and having someone else do it would be too much!* -05:37 Jun 02
Gabriel: You prey upon the broken-hearted and the innocent. *He pocketed the jingling bag.* If this is not what I want, you will pay the consequences. *He didn’t even need to use words to cast the spell! One moment she was in his grasp, the next, he was extracting her soul and placing it into another glass ball!* The same fate will befall the next one who seeks to take advantage of Evangeline. *Then he had turned and walked away to find his wife!* -05:42 Jun 02

Vlamerias: But it’s so–so–! *Now the tears didn’t stop coming and she clung to her Mommy!* That’s so nice of him! *Sniffle! Sniffle!*

The old gypsy women didn’t even have the time to screen. There was now an entire cafeteria of people looking shocked and appalled! …and none of them wanting to move an inch while a couple tried to remember if they might have accidentally made Evangeline mad anytime recently and if they should run for it!

Evangeline: *She held the devil and gave her many gentle pats. At least until she felt Gabriel drawing near. Just as angry as before! She set Meri back on her feet and took a deep breath.* All right now? -05:47 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling but then she nodded.* Hmm hmm. Thankies. Mommy.

Gabriel: … Evangeline. We must talk. *Now he was stalking toward her. Half of him wanted to shake her, the other half wanted to kiss her.* -05:49 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A quick kiss to Meri’s cheek, then she was on her feet, with that expression of a woman that was about to run down the hall! She even took a step or two away.* …we must talk? -05:51 Jun 02
Gabriel: Yes. *He didn’t pause.* Talk. That is what married couples do, do they not. You did not allow me to run. Do not believe I will not extend the same courtesy to you. -05:52 Jun 02
Evangeline: Okay. *It came out more like a breathless squeek! She was so scared! He was going to yell at her, then he was going to leave her what she did! For betraying him and everyone, and then she really would be left alone in the dark! Maybe one more step away!* -05:55 Jun 02
Gabriel: I remember everything from this reality and the one you created. It was not a pleasant experience. *Closer, closer …* -05:57 Jun 02
Evangeline: I- I never meant to hurt you. Or anyone and I… *Oh dear! She backed several paces away until she backed in to the wall. She should run! He couldn’t leave her if she didn’t hear him say it! She put her hands over her ears.* -06:01 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Instead, Gabriel placed his hands over her ears and leaned his head down to touch his forehead against hers.* Would you like to know why a simple wish to never exist would cause so much change in the world as you know it. -06:02 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Blast it! She had not remembered he could speak directly to her! Still, it wasn’t the words she was expecting!* Hum… I do want to know… Yes? -06:05 Jun 02
Gabriel: Because a long, long time ago, I met a woman wandering my castle, insisting she was married to me and bore my mark when I had none. She was bold enough to touch me when no one else would dare. Her soul shone brighter than the sun at its peak. Her concern was not for herself but for me, even when I ordered her to face Cerberus. -06:07 Jun 02
Evangeline: I don’t understand. *She knew it was her… but how would that possibly change the world! He always protected her and she brought him grief!* -06:12 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He touched his mind to hers so she could share the memory with him.* The night before I faced Galisteu, I was all alone. Since then, I had been thinking of the woman who made such an influence in such a short time. I never let it show but I was lonely. I wanted a mate but for me, no ordinary mate would do. *Evangeline saw him playing his violin with those shadow wolves around him under the moon. Then he paused and tilted his head up to look at the moon.* … I made a wish, Evangeline. "What is darkness without light. What am I without balance. I wish to find the brightest soul in existence, my heart as I have none of my own." To rule, I had to use my head, not my heart. I had ruled for a very long time, Evangeline. I no longer had a heart. I merely had a code I followed and for a time, that was enough. By not existing, and not visiting me in the past, all I could see was a bleak future ahead of me. You touched my life and made it possible for Dark to be created, for Ms Grey to survive, for Lily to find her way home, for Brutus to be free. Things happen for a reason. I was meant to find you because long ago, I made a wish for a wife. I made a wish for you. I love you, Evangeline Clark. -06:21 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A wish. A wish for her. With his memory she could feel his lonliness and hear his words. Her stupid wish had taken everything away from him! She had wanted to give him the world to experience, and then one foolish mistake and she snatched it away from him!* Gabriel, I.. I’m so sorry..! -06:28 Jun 02
Gabriel: I know you are. *He stroked her hair.* … Which is why the punishment will fit the crime. -06:32 Jun 02

The Great King Saga

052 Underwater Ruins (UNFINISHED)

Gabriel takes Evangeline with him to underwater ruins.

[Evangeline has finally convinced Gabriel that he needs to take her when he finds those strange ruins! ] -01:59 May 21
[Gabriel was still reluctant to do so, promise or not!] -02:00 May 21
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was sitting in the recliner, legs stretched out, one elbow on the armrest and its hand massaging his temple.* -02:01 May 21
Evangeline: *She wasn’t leaving much room for argument. And she was even making sure to be dressed appropriate. No skirts! That tended to end embarassingly!* Don’t you think it’s better I am with you from the beginning, rather than coming to get you later? -02:05 May 21
Gabriel: *And neither Dark nor Caroline were around to help if she did have to come for him later …* You are persistent. *He said, rising to his feet.* And insane. *Perhaps he shouldn’t have shared that vivid dream with her in the first place.* -02:09 May 21
Evangeline: *She moved to take his face in her hands and kiss his cheek quick!* And you are stubborn. If you will pass you memories to me I can keep them and you’ be able to think and explore without scaring me to death. …besides, I want to see these places! They’re older than everything! -02:14 May 21
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. Let it never be said that married life was easy! He drew his knife and cast the teleportation spell! They appeared on a beach, in front of a cave! And between them and the cave was a camp full of at least several people running back and forth! By the amount of equpiment they had with them, they certainly weren’t tourists out camping for the weekend! Scientists then!* -02:23 May 21

Quite a few of them were gathered around a computer, talking about data and a communication log. By the snippets of conversation that carried over the wind, it was safe to assume they were looking for something or someone that had been gone for awhile!

Evangeline: I suppose they found it first then! *It never was good when others were involved. She listen to the conversations to see just how much they had gotten in to!* -02:29 May 21

Apparently whoever they were looking for, this wasn’t the first time someone had disappeared! Someone finally noticed Gabriel and Evangeline and walked over! “Hi!” An older man greeted! “Are you guys from the government or institution?”

[Evangeline is prone to accidents!] -03:57 May 21
Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped her chin before nodding!* We are from an institution, I think. -03:58 May 21
Gabriel: We are here to investigate things. What about the disappearances. -04:01 May 21

Evangeline’s reply made the man blink but then he looked at Gabriel! “Yeah, well uh, I’m Doctor Garth from the University, one of the scientists working here. We’ve had a few … minor setbacks but I’m sure the disappearances are just … people getting cold feet.”

Evangeline: Things have not been that strange have they? …Or talk of curses? *The last thing they needed was another Professor Stevie incident!* -04:04 May 21

“Curses, huh! Silly superstition, of course. The locals call this, the Cave of the Guardians because supposedly, it was a cave guarded by the spirits of their ancestors. Of course, that’s ridiculous as we did a thorough investigation and found no sign of remains buried here as stories had it.”

Evangeline: That’s the problem with some bodies, they tend to become zombies or other undead. *And she said it so seriously, but then she often did! Evangeline tugged on Gabriel’s sleeve.* We should be taking a look yes? At least to make sure no one was eaten. -04:15 May 21

The doctor was about to say something when one of the men at the computer walked toward him and called his attention away! He excused himself and went to the computer with the man!

Gabriel: *Gabriel looked at the cave beyond the camp. Its mouth was wide and tall but it wasn’t the cave itself he was interested in. He looked at Evangeline and nodded.* Indeed. *Then he was taking her hand and leading the way inside.* It is a long walk through. I will carry you, on my back. -04:18 May 21
Evangeline: It’s that far? *She was expecting it to be burried somewhere, but that long of a walk… She did nod, though, waiting for him to turn around so she could hop on his back. It was definitely better than having to try and be wary where she was walking! There were always so many rocks in caves!* -04:20 May 21
Gabriel: *He nodded and turned, securing her knees under his arms! He walked further inside of the cave before casting a spell to send a dim light ahead. Then he began running after it. A few minutes of travelling and he came across a large flashlight but no body. A few minutes after that, a pick axe and a walking stick. Again, no body.* -04:24 May 21
Evangeline: *He moved so fast, and yet he really wasn’t kidding when he said it was far! There was a mild bit of worry with finding people’s things and not the people themselves!* I am not sensing any humans around here anywhere… *…and she suspected they were headed under ocean water, that never did help her senses any!* -04:29 May 21
Gabriel: I can hear nothing but the ocean. *They were getting close. He could feel it. Even as the cave began to get smaller and smaller but never so small that he had to squeeze through. The smallest it came was about several feet high and several feet wide. Then he began to slow. He had discovered something.* These walls. They are painted. -04:31 May 21
Evangeline: An often used pathway, then? *She did reach out to touch one of the walls when he was close enough to it. Smooth and sanded, and not by natural errosion!* -04:34 May 21
Gabriel: They appear similar to the other ruins. *He had slowed to a walk. Now he noticed more items but there appeared to be a combination of modern tools and then some older ones. Still no bodies. He crouched down to pick up a journal from a backpack and slip it into his coat pocket before continuing on.* -04:37 May 21
Evangeline: *She twitched her feet now and then, keeping her arms secure around his neck. They were headed a long ways under the ocean and that made her nervous! But getting to be with Gabriel while he explored a new ruin was far more compelling!* Everything feels as old as the others, but still more recent? Um… Used longer, I think! -04:42 May 21
Gabriel: Indeed. *They finally got to the end and Gabriel walked up to a large boulder blocking their way, carved with the same language as the other ruins and yet … Very familiar. He knew this power signature.* It is the Great King’s ward. -04:47 May 21
Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t say she was surprised… most of the ruins he found now had that ward. The volcano was a strange exception!* With people missing there may be something bad here. You do promise to lean on me? -04:50 May 21
Gabriel: *The tone of her voice and the emotion he felt from her was what prevented him from growling her name again. She was worried and he remembered he would have to stay strong. And he couldn’t do that if the memories became too much for him and he knew she was right. There was something bad here.* … There are few things in this world I can deny you, Evangeline. I will keep my promise to you. You will have to get off of my back. *And then he was helping her do so.* -04:56 May 21
Evangeline: I won’t take more than I can keep! *She tried to reassure him! At any moment she could have a million things on her mind at once, taking easing his memories wouldn’t be hard. She dropped lightly to the ground, straighening her shirt simply from habit.* You can always give me a gun if you’re extra worried. -05:00 May 21
Gabriel: *He smirked and kissed her lips softly.* I believe the last time I gave you a gun Santos and Ms Grey were certain you would shoot someone entirely by accident. -05:03 May 21
Evangeline: well… Sometimes I have… But I keep telling those hunters not to run around and panic like they do! I can sense where they are, but not when they dash around all crazy. *She took his hand and pointed at the boulder. She didn’t want to explain about shooting hunters, especially when she still felt bad about Bradly!* -05:06 May 21
Gabriel: *There was that customary feeling of familiarity and something akin to dread, something he was beginning to associate with all ruins connected to the Great King. He turned away from Evangeline and his fangs grew. He bit his lip until he tasted blood. He placed his other hand against the boulder and started to focus. It was a large and complicated ward, made all the more difficult by him not wanting to unravel it completely, just enough to allow him and Evangeline passage. He had learned the Great King often had a good reason for not wanting something to escape.* -05:12 May 21
Evangeline: *She was trying to pay very close attention to the wards… They were something she was always able to see, and occasionally it came in handy when she would need to unravel something. But these wards by the Great King were so woven and complicated, it was really an artform all by itself! Evangeline squeezed his hand for encouragement. He was making it harder on himself not accepting what he used to be..* -05:16 May 21
Gabriel: *Dealing with the Great King often meant a struggle between who he was now, who he had been then, and who he would be in the future. But he forced himself to deal with the ward first and eventually there was the sound of stone moving. The boulder was moving slightly! He pulled his hand away from the boulder and led Evangeline through the small crack the boulder had given. As soon as they were through, the boulder closed once more and they were in an entirely different world!* -05:22 May 21

The boulder on this side was just a blank wall of light green stone and they were in a corridor of some sort! There were windows on either side looking out into … ocean and yet there was ancient magic here to keep the water out!

Evangeline: *Ocean, ocean everywhere… and it must have been very deep down. She could only reached out where there was air and rock. Never through the water!* It’s um… a whole city, yes? All under water? -05:27 May 21
Gabriel: Yes. *An entire city indeed. A look out of one of the windows gave Gabriel a view of other towers and buildings. He turned to look out of a window on the other side and was given the same view. But as he was looking through the second window, there was that feeling again. A slight pulsing feeling. The same feeling he had gotten with the horn back in Egypt.* This way. *He began walking down the corridor, still holding Evangeline’s hand.* -05:30 May 21
Evangeline: *That was kind of exciting! And entire city to explore. Well, it if weren’t in ruins and under the ocean and possibly in ruins thanks to something terrible… That much was still felt even now, like phantom feelings left in the stone.* I don’t think there had been many humans here at all. Maybe a few… -05:32 May 21
Gabriel: *Gabriel suddenly slowed and turned to face her.* … Evangeline. Could you … ever love the Great King. If he should ever return … If I should disappear. *The thought was a sobering one but it seemed like every memory he uncovered of the Great King, the vampire who was Gabriel Carnatelli was being rewritten little by little.* -05:39 May 21
Evangeline: Why on earth would you think you would disappear! *Of all the silly things..! And to bring that up now.. he really was worried.* You are who you are because of everything that’s happened before. Even the memories you can’t remember. You might realize new things, but don’t you think you can still choose to be who you are right now regardless? -05:45 May 21
Gabriel: *He lowered his head and glanced away.* I no longer know for certain. It feels like there are two different people inside now. They look so much alike but their purposes are different. They both strive for balance and yet they achieve it in different ways. I fear … I fear when all his memories, my memories are regained, the Great King will return to achieve balance his way. Gabriel Carnatelli will be gone. -05:49 May 21
Evangeline: A past life is a past life, whether you died and were reborn or just lost something. You can choose who you want to be. And I will be here with you whether you are a vampire, or human or Great King. And whether your name is Gabriel or Bree or Fergeson Jr. *She tugged on his hand so he would turn back to her.* Because you’re my husband now, and that won’t change? -05:55 May 21
Gabriel: *He smiled, looked at the Binding Mark on her hand, and her wedding ring, then his Binding Mark and his ring.* No, Evangeline. That will never change. *He suddenly turned to look out the window.* Something is outside. *And it was big. And angry. And impatient. It was … waiting for something? He turned to start walking down the corridor again.* -05:59 May 21
Evangeline: *It was a relief to know he’d not try to divorce her… she would put up a fight! But now she was more concerned with what was big, angry and throwing out unusual vibrations!* Outside in the water or outside elsewhere? *…She was kinda hoping in the water! It was a big creature!* -06:02 May 21

Here the corridor split into two different directions left and right and they both looked identical. There were echoes here of laughter and joy but pain and torment as well …

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood still for a moment and closed his eyes.* Outside in the water. *He opened his eyes and looked down each corridor.* But there is a place below it can move in and out freely. *Now he was feeling for that pulsing again. It was weaker than it had been in the ruins which meant they still had quite a distance to go.* -06:05 May 21
Evangeline: *She would be wary of something sneaking up on them, then! She held his hand with both of hers now.* I think I would like to learn to use a sword a little better! -06:08 May 21
The Great King Saga

051 Possession of Dark

Dark experiences his first possession and Caroline gets very reckless to fix it. It’s decided that Caroline no longer needs to be Dark’s teacher.

[Dark was feeling awfully tired … Stupid bat and his damn marathons!] -04:43 May 19
Dark: *Dark yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.* C’mon, Caroline. We’ve been at this all morning. *And he wanted to hit the ice cream parlor before lunch!* -04:44 May 19
[Caroline is known to have the occasional weakness for letting them all sleep late!] -04:44 May 19
Caroline: And we’ll be at it longer to make up for a late morning, won’t we. Any more ice cream in you, and we’ll be buying you larger clothes. -04:45 May 19
Dark: It’s that flying rat’s fault. He was the one who wanted to watch that stupid show of his. *He was not getting into trouble for an idea that wasn’t his!* -04:48 May 19

“Aye. Little bastard is startin’ to look all round and plump in the middle.” said the bat perched high up in the rafters. HE was fit as a fiddle.

Dark: (testing)

Dark: *He narrowed his eyes. He picked up a book and flew it at the bat! Stupid, little–!* -04:49 May 19
Caroline: Indeed. And keeping ME awake a long with you. Or do you forget how small those motel rooms can be? *Dark DID look tired. Moreso than usual. Ah, but just as moody and irritable as usual!* We can take a break and get some fresh air. …no ice cream. -04:50 May 19

Alistair dodged the flying book like a champ. “Doncha go blaming me for yer lack o’ self control! Any fatter and ladies are gonna start callin’ ya Dark Carnafatti!”

Dark: Grr … I am NOT getting fat, you poor excuse for a familiar! *He was looking around for something else to throw at Altair when Caroline announced a break! He frowned at the "no ice cream" part but a break was a break! He couldn’t say no to that! He stalked outside!* -04:54 May 19
Caroline: At least ice cream is not as fattening as caramel choclates…. *She said with a wide smirk at the now huffy bat near the ceiling. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Caroline followed Dark!* I am considering passing your training soley over to Evangeline and Gabriel. -04:56 May 19

“What, what?!” Alistair was indeed puffy! Looking down at his furry tummy. The only fatty around here was that vampire! He jumped out a window to go flying and a short distance.

Dark: *Stalking … stalking … He didn’t realize Caroline had spoken, much less was behind him until a couple of minutes AFTER she had spoken! He blinked. But any concern he had over zoning out was dashed when he realized what she’d said!* … Wait! What?! What for?! *He turned around to face her. What the hell was wrong this time?!* -04:59 May 19
Caroline: Such a horrifed look! I might assume that you would miss me. *Caroline only gave him a sly grin as she walked on past him.* I don’t need to tell you what for. And it wouldn’t be permanent. -05:01 May 19
Dark: Haha, very funny. *He muttered as she walked by.* But really, why. Is teaching getting to be too much for you. Or are you on this trip where I have to go spend more "quality" time with them. -05:04 May 19
Caroline: I think Evangeline has enough plots for quality without me helping. What if teaching was becoming too much for me? Wouldn’t that ruin your perception of your flawless adult role model? *She was joking with him again… but in all honesty she was getting tired too fast too often! She hadn’t had to put so much energy in to such a short time frame since that one War!* -05:07 May 19
Dark: That’s all I need. Talks about how important I am, and how I can make a difference versus the drill sergeant from hell who seems to want to kill me before toughening me up. *He huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.* -05:11 May 19
Caroline: You should appreciate having people that play the role as your parents. You have no idea how that influence will help you later on. ….but I won’t lecture you now, as I spent the entire evening listening to late night television and all morning trying to teach a moody vampire! I’m just going to sit and breathe. *The benefit of the this Oracle building, was that it was so close to one of the city parks. It made for a short walk down a street and across some grass to one of her favorite benches by the lake. Caroline sat herself down and as usual, that china teacup with a nice hot liquid appeared in her hands.* -05:15 May 19
Dark: …. *Women! He just didn’t get them! They expect the world on a silver platter withOUT having to tell you and when you fail to give it to them, then they bite you up and spit you out! He huffed. Typical! He jammed his hands into his pockets and started walking. Screw this whole "train to save the world" thing! That’s what Gabriel was for!* -05:23 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline cast as smirk as he stomped off and simply drank her tea. She could drag him back once she had a break!* -05:24 May 19

It was Alistair that flew after Dark instead. Flapping nearby, but out of grabbing distance. “You’re as dense as a block of solid stone, Carnafatti!”

Dark: Yeah, look who’s talking, you sorry sack of fur! *He growled. Like he really needed THIS of all times! Seriously. Could he go NOWHERE without someone following him or keeping tabs on him somehow?!* -05:30 May 19

“HA! I’ve lived with her for YEARS and ~I~ have never drained her like you and that pompous fang-toothed psycho with the pretty wife!” Alistair taunted some more flapping around to the other side of Dark. “Have her tear down a mountain and then go on a fancy date – ya might have Incubus blood in ya too!”

Dark: Talk all you want. You call him names behind his back but let’s see you do that when he’s face to face … *As soon as Altair was flying around him, he ducked into the ice cream parlor. No way in hell he was going to pass up THIS chance!* -05:37 May 19

Pff. Alistair WOULD insult Gabriel to his face, but obviously the bat was far too busy to bother. He zoomed in the parlor after Dark, perching himself on his shirt collar and just DARING him to make a big scene in public. “Do you know why she’s going to get rid of you, eh, eh, fangbreath? Yer high maintenance! Can’t keep up. Soon you’ll be tossed aside like yesterday’s trash and it’ll be I and the Lady Shade once again!”

Dark: *He blinked and then glanced away.* Yeah, well, fine. I can deal with my life on my own. If Gabriel could do it, so could I. *He grabbed for Alistair to throw him out the door or the window! Oh, or even the trash can in the corner!* -05:45 May 19

Alistair crawled right down the back of Dark’s shirt and out of hand reach! “Haha, but her honor is her word! She vowed to watch your chilly carcass! Now my future wife only sleeps and follows you around like a puppy!” Obviously Alistair was really wanting to pick a fight today, moreso than usual! It was made evident when he gave Dark a good bite on the back before slipping out the bottom of his shirt and flying out the door!

“Sir …” The employee for the ice cream parlor finally appeared only after Alistair flew out the door! “Sir …?” She spoke a little louder to catch his attention. The customer was staring out the door all weird-like!

Dark: …. *Instead of replying, he just walked out the door, too! And he kept walking! He ended up at the city aquarium and visited the shark tanks!* -05:52 May 19

Alistair made a beeline back for Caroline, landing on her shoulder as if he were the most innocent creature in the world.

Caroline: …what did you do. *She asked calmly, but with that hint of annoyance in her voice. Alistair never came back quiet and ‘innocent’ unless he had gotten in to trouble. Caroline expected a pack of warlocks or some weres to come following after him.* -05:54 May 19

Alistair snorted. “Nothing. When are you going to tell that twit that yer a tired old woman and worn out with all their antics. I have not see you so weak since that Incub-”

Dark: *He put his hand on the glass, standing in the cool darkness. There was no one else around. It was almost time for the morning dolphin and whale performance show.* I can handle it on my own. I don’t need anyone. *He muttered, watching a hammerhead shark swimming just a few feet away.* -05:57 May 19
Caroline: Say another word and I’m going to pluck your wings off and feed you to a snake. *She took another long sip of tea.* You make too many assumptions. Where did my charge go, or is that who you’re hiding from now? -05:57 May 19
Dark: *No one. No cares in the world. His own choices. He wouldn’t be another "pet project". He wouldn’t be some vampire with another vampire’s face. He wouldn’t be expected to take on the world and try to save the humans from themselves. He would just be him. Dark. Caroline and that fuckin’ bat could burn in hell for all he cared. They all could. He didn’t need them. He didn’t need anyone …* -06:00 May 19

“Run off if he knows what’s good for ‘im! Made sure he knew it was only a matter of time before ye dropped him off on that psycho’s doorstep and we were on our merry way!”

Evangeline was teaching a class when she was told there was a phone call for her! It was Melissa, a reconnaissance hunter who often came to Evangeline for advice about the many men she dated!

Caroline: *Her teacup vanished as she stood slowly, sweeping the bat off her shoulder in one fluid motion…and proceeding to wrap one of her coal black ribbons around his furry body.* You told my charge I was going to leave him. Abandon him. Is that correct, Alistair? *She made sure those ribbons were pulled nice and tight!* -06:03 May 19

Evangeline: Oh! Um… everyone just hang still for a moment! *A room full of hunters wrapped in jumping ropes weren’t sure how to ‘hang still’, but Evangeline was already leaving to get the phone!* Hello Melissa! You didn’t have another bad date, did you?

Alistair gulped! It seemed he had gone one step too far. “Now, Caiolainn. D-Don’t do anything drastic! I am only concerned for your health…!”

“Um no … Evangeline, um, it’s about Dark … I think he’s up to something but I can’t figure out what. He’s here at the aquarium and he’s watching the whale and dolphin show … Evangeline, I think there’s something wrong. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t even recognize me. I have a bad feeling …” Melissa sounded upset and worried. And she usually had a really good reason to be!

Caroline: My health. *Caroline flashed a wicked smile. An almost fanged smile!* I am patient with you, Alistair. But do not harm the people close to me if you wish to stay with me. …Go home. *The black ribbon vanished as she tossed him up in the air!* -06:11 May 19

Evangeline: I see… Well, I am sure it will be all right. Caroline is close by, isn’t she? *Caroline rarely let Dark out of her sight unless he was with her or Gabriel!*

That was more than enough warning for the cursed bat. Gasping for his breath, he flapped off in to the sky and zoomed off!

Caroline: *She should have broken his neck. Or thrown him in the lake. He most certainly deserved it. There were occasions where having her humanity wasn’t convenient. But for now she needed to be concerned about where Dark escaped to and repair the damages Alistair stirred up. A smell searching spell, and she was following Dark’s trail!* -06:15 May 19

“That’s just it. Caroline is nowhere to be found! He’s all by himself. He’s not really doing anything but … Christ!” She swore and Evangeline could hear the sound of panic and chaos! People screaming! “Evangeline, I gotta go.” So much for not doing anything! There was magic at work here and not at all the type of magic she was used to dealing with! Then she hung up!

Dark: *Dark leaned away from the pillar he was leaning on and began walking to the pool. The people were fleeing. It hadn’t taken very much power to prompt those underwater creatures to turn on their trainers. In fact, that one killer whale still hadn’t released his human toy after dragging her under!* -06:17 May 19

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound good at all! She was going to have to fo fetch him, or find Caroline on the way! Evangeline just returned back to her class to get her coat.* Class is over! You are free for the day. I’m going to go save Dark from peril, so please make sure you clean up the class for me!

“Dark! Dark, stop!” Melissa huffed. She might not know how to deal with this type of magic but damn if she was going to let this continue! She pulled out her gun! She didn’t want to have to do this but …!

Caroline: *Surges of power were not hard to feel when you were looking for them. Caroline’s arrival at the aquarium was confused, but there was little time for questioning! As she dropped from the air near the larger tanks, she immediately had to throw out a spell circle that woman being pulled under by the whale and have her ported out!* …what in hell’s name is going on here?! -06:22 May 19

Melissa turned! “Caroline!” There was a look of relief on her face–until a burst of air knocked her off her feet and onto her back! The gun flew out of her hand and dropped a few feet away!

Caroline: *It took a larger spell to dispell the enchantment over all of the animals! Now the only chaos was fleeing humans! Caroline walked, not ran, her way to Melissa. Dark was here, but not of this seemed like Dark’s style… even if it was his power signature!* Are you all right, Melissa? -06:33 May 19

She groaned and sat up. “That’s gonna hurt for awhile …” she muttered, holding her head. She looked up at Caroline and still managed to smile. “I’m fine, thanks, Caroline. Are you gonna need any backup?” It wasn’t that she doubted Caroline could handle things but … it never hurt to ask!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t need her scrying crystal, she knew where the aquarium was! But on the way, she did make sure to tell Gabriel she had left Oracle to get Dark.*

Dark: *He watched Melissa fall and kept walking toward the pool! He lifted one arm and the water in the pool swirled together and then formed a pillar of twisting water, thirty feet tall! He turned around and sent the water pillar smashing into a few fleeing humans!* -06:36 May 19

Gabriel: *He crossed swords with the animated suit of black armor.* Be careful, Evangeline. *Then he pushed it back and pressed the advantage!*

Caroline: *Caroline held up a finger as she glanced around carefully.* I might… but not quite what you can do. Make sure no one gets trapped here and all mortals get out in one piece. …It’s Dark here, isn’t it? *She didn’t want to think so, but..there was that magic again!* Nevermind. Humans, out! *With that she was stalking across the grounds, calm but quick. That water that had went crashing in to the people, she pulled up with her own magic, twisting and rebounding it right back where it came from!* Dark! If this is about ice cream…! -06:39 May 19

Melissa got up and was scrambling to help the people who’d been trapped by that water out of the crossfire!

Dark: *His eyes were glazed over and he didn’t seem to be looking right at her. Instead of replying, he jumped into the pool of water and disappeared! Gone! Teleported!* -06:44 May 19

Evangeline: You should tell that to Dark! I think he’s upset. Or Caroline. Well, possibly both of them! Dark feel so similar to you when I am looking for him. But Caroline almost never gets so upset that I can feel it! I didn’t think she ever got mad about things! *Admittedly, she was rambling again, but it was better than speculating and getting worried!*

Gabriel: It will work out, Evangeline. *He saw the warlock he was going after, scurrying across a catwalk up high. Then he was running for the armor and jumping on it, then jumping on another armor, and then another! The whole room was filled with animated suits of armor!*

Caroline: *Strange… Caroline nearly piggy-back teleported after him, but Evangeline had entered the property, and now Caroline was cursing under her breath. She was stomping to meet the woman before she walked in to trouble.* Evangeline, go back to Oracle. -06:48 May 19

Evangeline: There you are! Melissa said she hadn’t seen you, so I was worried and came to… fetch.. Dark… *Evangeline paused, chewing on her thumb while she felt the damages. Something had happened here, and not just a vampire going crazy and throwing spells out willy nilly.* hmm… where is he now?

Dark: *Dark appeared behind a pillar in the subway! He stuck his hands into his pockets and slipped onto a train!* -06:50 May 19
Caroline: I intended to follow him until you interupted, so please go back to Oracle. I cannot handle both you and Dark at the same time. *Caroline was never blunt with Evangeline, but some cases she needed to be quick. She was already taking Evangeline by the arms and turning her around to march her out.* -06:53 May 19

Melissa was checking on some people nearby. She stood and walked over. “Evangeline! Phew, you’re okay!”

Evangeline: But I can he- *Her complaint was cut short the moment Caroline had turned her around. The vision was so unexpected! …and worrying!* …I am going to ask Gabriel to fetch him, you should go back to Oracle with Melissa.

Caroline: Evangeline, I don’t like that expression. Nor do I sit at home and wait. *Fetch Gabriel, indeed. That meant Dark was in serious trouble and he was HER responsibility. Before Evangeline protested, Caroline had her pin from her pocket. A murmured spell to follow Dark’s signature, and she was teleporting after him!* -06:58 May 19

Evangeline: …Blast it! She is as bad as Gabriel! Melissa, he didn’t seem himself at all did he?

“Um … no …” She sounded upset just to have to recall it! “I just got … some bad vibes from him. He didn’t talk, he didn’t smirk, nothing. And his eyes were … weird, too! You know, distant and it’s like he couldn’t see me!” She glanced off to the side. “It was … kind of like how Gabriel was when that Mother had him.”

Evangeline: That’s what I was afraid of… Caroline is going to do something reckless. *Evangeline had learned a lot of possession from Caroline while Gabriel had been gone. And Caroline would not take it well when she realized something had Dark now!* Did everyone leave here safely at least?

Dark: *The train was full! Dark slipped out at the next stop, then he slipped into the tunnels and started walking on the side!* -07:07 May 19

She nodded. “Um, I think so. The paramedics just got here but it looks like we just have broken bones and some sprained ankles. It’s a lot better than what might have happened.” She put a hand on Evangeline. “I have to get back to Oracle. Are you coming with?”

Caroline: *Deep breaths and calm. As her own teacher had said, do not waste needless energy on rushing… Appearing on a train was confounding and she walked down a boxcar until she felt his presence leave. …he was using magic and spells that he had never even tried before! Soon she too was off the train and following his trail in the tunnel… summoning up her ribbons in her hands.* -07:10 May 19

Evangeline: I will need to go and rescue Caroline from peril now, so I think I will follow them and ask Gabriel to help me. Thank you for calling me! I’m very glad we have hunters with such good instincts!

Dark: /gm There was a blush to her cheeks! "Yeah, thanks. Um, just be careful okay! I’ll see you later!" And then she was gone, to Oracle for what would be hours of paperwork! -07:14 May 19

There was a blush to her cheeks! “Yeah, thanks. Um, just be careful okay! I’ll see you later!” And then she was gone, to Oracle for what would be hours of paperwork!

Dark: *Dark arrived at a side door and knocked! The door opened and he slipped inside! The door locked tight behind him! He was in a small room with a high ceiling and in front of him, a pair of really tall and heavy iron doors! There was a special lock!* -07:16 May 19
Caroline: *Dark had not been here before, and his movements were very direct. Which led her to all sorts of frustrating assumptions, none of wish she liked. And all of which were making her a great deal angrier! By the time she came across the side door, her very loud knocking was only to test and see how much it would take to break it down!* OPEN. -07:20 May 19

The iron door was thick but certainly not a real obstacle for a woman who knew what she wanted! (Or who in this case!) A peephole opened and the eyes that stared out were red and slitted! A demon, then! “Wass the passworld?”

Caroline: Open the door or I will collapse it over your head. *To make her point, she had placed her hand on the door, cast her spell and now the hinges were starting to rust at an alarming rate!* -07:27 May 19

The demon refused to take her seriously! “Geth ah ‘ell outta here!” And the peephole closed! The demon dusted his thick hands and turned away from the door!

Caroline: *They never did take her seriously. Caroline took several steps backwards, and with a swip of her hand, there was a heavy blast of wind. As she promised, the rusted hinges cracked from the pressure and the big iron door when collapsing down, demon side! She made she to step HARD on it.* As I was saying. I am looking for a vampire. -07:31 May 19

There was a groan from under the door! The only thing sticking out was one of the demon’s pudgy hands! It twitched and pointed to the pair of double doors at the other side of the room!

Caroline: *Stepping off, she headed towards the larger doors. These were more unique, but she repeated the process. A loud knock before she placed both hands on the double doors.* Let me in. -07:35 May 19

The hand was weakly pounding on the floor! It seemed to want Caroline’s attention!

Caroline: *A soft growl escape her, before she flicked a hand over her should. Thatburst of wind came up from the floor this time, lefting the door up, if only long enough for the demon to get out from under it before it dropped with a long CLONG.* You better be offering to open it. -07:43 May 19

The demon tried to move as best as he could but that door had been HEAVY! He managed to sort of crawl out but the door fell right on top of his feet before he was completely out of the way! That forced him to squirm out and then he was crawling over to the door! He didn’t move as fast as Caroline might have liked but once he got there, he produced two keys! He stuck one into a low keyhole about a few feet from the ground. But the other lock was too far up! A foot above Caroline’s head! The doors began to groan when the first key was placed into the keyhole but that was about it!

Caroline: *Her patience was thing, and dangerously so! Caroline snatched that second key from the demon before sticking it in the second lock and giving it a turn. Then she was taking a step back and casting the demon a warning glare. If he pulled any tricks, she would be more than happy to drop that door back on his head.* -07:49 May 19
Caroline: *-g thin! -07:49 May 19

As soon as Caroline had snatched that key, the demon fell forward and on his face! The doors’ groan began again and grew louder! There was the sound of huge wheels turning and then the doors separated! Caroline came face to face with a demon’s marketplace where all kinds of inhuman creatures came to mingle and trade and barter! It was crowded and loud and it smelled terrible!

Caroline: *Clearly she had spent too much time in the company of Gabriel Carnatelli, for her first desire was to just burn EVERYTHING. Instead, she took that long seething breath and stepped in to the market place. It was harder to sense Dark here, but thankfully he was quite unique compared to the usual demons that seemed to be roaming around!* -07:53 May 19
Dark: *Dark was still roaming around the marketplace. But again, his movements were precise and direct. He was definitely looking for something! Or somethings as the case sometimes were! He was deep inside of the marketplace and, like others, there was no telling how huge this marketplace was!* -07:57 May 19
Caroline: *An interesting place, this was… she might have been here before when the door was located elsewhere. She past several interesting shops and stalls. Selling human parts, ancient scrolls, spices, and even bartering souls. Her fingers twitched, itching to make a summon! But she finally caught sight of Dark weaving through the crowd, and she headed right for him with a curse under her breath!* -08:00 May 19

Evangeline: *Subways were a little scary now, but thankfully the one she wasn’t fond of was on the other side of town. Following her scrying crystal, she came across a fallen door and an awful moaning!* Um… is that the door groaning in pain?

Dark: *By the time Caroline began tailing him, he was holding one long capsule under one arm and a glass orb in another. The glass orb had strange designs etched into it. Caroline might recognize it as the sort sorcerers trapped creatures’ souls inside! And who knows what else Dark had picked up!* -08:06 May 19
Caroline: *She was going to kill him. AND whomever was controlling him. Caroline moved through the crowd of demons a little quicker, but was doing her best not to draw attention. A fight here, and she really WOULD have to burn everything. When she caught up to him she clamped a firm hand on his shoulder, and mumbled ever so sweet!* Where are you going, my dearest love? -08:09 May 19

Evangeline’s only reply was more groaning!

Gabriel: *He was standing with one foot on the back of one groaning warlock all tied up!* Evangeline. What are you doing. *The sense he’d developed for when Evangeline was getting herself in over her head was beginning to go off.*

Evangeline: I see. Well, I am only looking for a friend, so I will leave you be. *Evangeline stepped carefully over the fallen door and them came across and open set of them. When she stepped through the archway, it was much like stepping in to a different world! ….and it smelled terrible! This wasn’t a good sign at all.*

Dark: *Dark turned his head to look at Caroline but then he was brushing her off and walking away!* -08:16 May 19

Evangeline: I am tracking Caroline before she hurts herself. I’m all right! I think the doorman isn’t though…

Gabriel: “Tracking her. Where.”

Caroline: *He looked her right in the face and didn’t recognize her at all. But what really pissed her off was that blank look in his eyes and the distinct feeling of someone else when she touched him. Caroline growled as she grabbed the back collar of his shirt.* I suggest. You get out of that body. Now. -08:19 May 19

Evangeline: I am not entirely sure, but if this demon doesn’t stop cheating on his girlfriend, he’s going to end up with a curse. *What an interesting place! There were demons everywhere and selling all sorts of things. Not that she had any interest in rat’s brains, but someone mentioned selling the toes of a human and she decided she would she walk a little faster past that stall!*

Gabriel: “… Evangeline.” *There was that warning growl! The one he used before he told her to get out of somewhere and get to safety!*

Dark: *He didn’t like that idea! He gestured and some wicked looking knives from the stall next to them floated up and went flying straight for Caroline!* -08:24 May 19

Evangeline: She’ll die if someone doesn’t intervene. Dark will be all right either way, but Caroline isn’t following her own advice anymore! *Demons, demons everywhere… her scrying crystal was no longer working for finding Caroline and Dark’s energy was being eclipsed. Who knew so many demons could be in one place!*

Caroline: *All it took was an arm up and those knives stopped and dropped to the ground. She growled louder now, dragging him backwards by the shirt to hiss in his ear.* If you don’t leave willingly, I will TAKE you out. Do you know what it feels like to have your soul burned, demon? -08:28 May 19

Gabriel: *There was a few moments of silence!* “Find somewhere safe, I am on my way. *Fortunately, thanks to the bond they shared, finding Evangeline was a breeze! Unfortunately, he knew very well the types of things that went down at Demon Marketplaces!*

Evangeline: *Now wasn’t a good time to make a joke about finding safety in a demon marketplace. So Evangeline wisely kept it to herself, and sidestepped a very large demon covered in horns, only to bump in to another demon and mutter apologies. On the bright side, Caroline must have realized Dark was possessed as Evangeline could feel her anger very strong!*

Dark: *It didn’t have the effect Caroline was going for! Instead of complying, he was struggling even harder! He turned and landed a knee into Caroline’s stomach, kicking and punching! Anything to make her lose her grip on him!* -08:37 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline released him – but not for what he was hoping! The spell she cast this time was strong and wild. So much so, that everyone near by could hear the crackle of magic! In both hands long spikes of flecked obsidian appeared in her hands. Then just as quick as she let him go she thrust them forward stabbing them in to his ribs at both sides! Holding tight, Caroline flashed a wicked sort of smile. The spell was designed not to stab through Dark’s body, but the demon within him! …and she was trying to suck him right out and in to herself!* Come out, come out… -08:43 May 19
Dark: Aaggghhh! *Dark finally made a sound, a cry as his body stiffened and then grew limp! That demon soul Caroline extracted slid right out of the spikes and into Caroline! He pulled away and dropped to the ground, still clutching those items he’d gotten!* -08:48 May 19

Evangeline: *Almost too late! Evangeline was trying to squeeze between two stalls until she found herself walking face first in to something sticky and stringy. Like spider webs! Before she knew it, she was tugged sideways in to a stall like a fish on a hook!* Now wait a moment, I don’t have time for this right now! If you can just wait three minutes!

Caroline: *There was that familiar burn! The struggle between one soul and another trying to take dominance over one body. But she was stronger. Her soul would- her soul would… be the victim of a gross underestimation! She dropped to the ground, stabbing both spikes in to the dirt to try and ground herself. She was NOT going to be burned away just for using one nasty spell!* -08:51 May 19

The demon in the spell was a spidery thing with at least a million eyes. It found the human’s request curious! “Humans have no business in here, except as food.” It took a sniff. She didn’t smell like good food, but others might be interested! Tugging his catch around, her picked her up and plopped her down on his shop stall. “Human! Fresh human! Caught just this morning! 200 Souls!”

Everyone in the Demon Marketplace had taken cover! There was no reason for them to be mixed up in this! Now they were cautiously lifting their heads and horns and … other things to see if it was safe! And it probably was … until some of them saw Gabriel strolling through! There was no mistaking the Infamous One!

Evangeline: I am not worth 200 souls! *Evangeline was furiously trying to pull off that webbing so she could hop down, but the blast thing kept swatting her hands and adding more. Caroline didn’t have the time for this sort of inconvenience!*

Gabriel: …Evangeline. *Gabriel stopped in front of the stall. But instead of giving the demon a warning, he had already drawn his knife and was cutting her free.*

Caroline: *Evangeline shouting about souls. The marketplace had gone silent at some point. Those obsidian spikes slowly vanished, leaving her clutching the ground. The crackle of magic had also gone. But the burn had groan stronger and the laughter of that assinine demon echoing through her head. Her vision had gone black!* -09:04 May 19

The spidery demon had it’s strange looking mouth gapping open! Instead of saying a word, he decided now was a good time to sloooowly sneak out!

Evangeline: No, no, no! Go get Caroline and expell that demon, please! Quickly, fast! Now! *And she was quite serious! It might have already been too late! Blasted spidery demons delaying her!*

[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -09:07 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline was already slowly standing, a bewildered look across her face with awkward movements as she opened a hand wide. Black flame with a greenish tint appeared, goopy and very unlike fire. And the expression she gave it were as if she had just discovered a new magic!* -09:14 May 19
Gabriel: *He turned and walked over to Dark to pick up that strange glass orb! He faced Caroline and raised one hand! A giant hand of rock formed under Caroline’s feet and wrapped around her!* Get out, Eramix. *But he was already running forward to place that glass orb against Caroline’s forehead!* Ego voco continuo everto animus ex is everto somes , unus notus ut Eramix. Acerbus animus extractum." -09:17 May 19
Gabriel: *He was trying to get the demon soul out of Caroline’s body, while leaving hers intact and trapping the invader inside the glass ball.* -09:18 May 19
Caroline: *A growled NO from gritted teeth was he recieved at first! Her body was strong, her SOUL was strong! There was much strength the latch on to! But, that same strength turned and threw him back. Gabriel’s spell open the door and Caroline was ripping her soul free while the demon was being drawn out in to the glass orb!* -09:21 May 19
Gabriel: *He meant to get that demon soul out one way or another! Once the demon soul was completely inside, he was pulling it away but even then the demon fought, a game of tug of war to keep contact as much as possible! Gabriel and Caroline won and the vampire pulled away. He stepped back and the stone hand "melted" into the ground and put Caroline back down gently. He glanced sideways. The marketplace was empty now, except for Dark, Caroline, Gabriel and Evangeline!* -09:27 May 19

Evangeline: *Relief! Evangeline had been so worried that the damage would be beyond repair! She moved to kneel next to Dark and shake him awake first. He was going to need the mental care the most!*

Caroline: Thank. You. *…and that was really all she could hiss out at the moment. She was now sitting on the ground, a hand against her chest where that burn had been the strongest. That demon had been nothing. It would have been nothing to burn away. She really had used too much of her energy on that one spell. When there was apparently much more effective methods. ….oh God, and the lecture Evangeline was going to give.* -09:32 May 19

Dark: *There was a soft groan. There were traces of possession, like black traces of energy emanating from him! But that appeared to be all! He opened his eyes.* … E … Evange … -Gabriel

Evangeline: Good morning, Dark! I hope you aren’t feeling too badly… You are going to be the new teacher! *He was fine, as expected! Unlike Mother, that demon was not too strong and it hadn’t influenced Dark for too long… he needed some encouragement though!*

Dark: *There was confusion on his face! Everything was a blur! What was he doing here. Where was he. The aquarium! … This wasn’t the aquarium! How. Where. He didn’t remember a thing! But yet, he had vague memories … but they seemed more like a dream or a nightmare … Where they true …?* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Don’t worry, everyone is all right. Except Caroline, she nearly killed herself. You’ll be fine once we get you something to eat and a little rest! *In fact, she was already fussing to get him to move off the ground.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded. Caroline did not need questions but he would have to keep Evangeline from lecturing the woman.* -09:40 May 19
Caroline: Evangeline. Don’t tell him that. *Yes, it was going to be a bad lecture. …she wondered if Gabriel would be feeling kind enough to rescue her from his wife!* -09:41 May 19

Dark: *She was helping him up but then he was quickly shaking his head.* No. No! *He pulled away from Evangeline and stumbled a bit, but got back to his feet.* I can’t … I can’t go back. I did that to her. I made her almost kill herself. If it wasn’t for me … Look, I don’t need anyone, okay! Everyone is better off without me! Just … just leave me the hell alone! *And then he started staggering away, with no clue where the hell he was going!* -Gabriel

Caroline: … *A groan from Caroline! Tired or not, he was not stumbling out of this place with THAT as a final word! She rest her elbows on her knees, and a flick of her hand to toss out one of her ribbons. They wrapped around one of his legs and she jerked it back. …Then she was rubbing her head with both hands. Even ribbons were a strain!* -09:45 May 19

Evangeline: Dark, please don’t g- Caroline! If you cast one more spell I’m going to… going to tie both of you up and leave you on an island somewhere in the pacific! …Gabriel, make them stop, please!

Gabriel: *He looked from demon to vampire and back again. It was Caroline he walked to.* Caroline. Let him go. *It wasn’t said in his usual tone of voice either. Contrary to popular fear, Gabriel could, on occassion, use a different tone with someone other than Evangeline. This was the tone of one friend talking to another.* -09:48 May 19

Dark: Let me go! *Dark growled, swiping at those ribbons and struggling to get free! Or trying to struggle to get free! He looked more like a fish out of water at this point! But he was stubborn and very persistent in getting out of here!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Caroline cast Gabriel a look that most people wouldn’t dare to give! But with a soft grumble, she released the ribbon and it vanished.* …You realize if he gets away now I won’t be able to find him. -09:51 May 19

Evangeline: If you hadn’t been so reckless, you might not feel so wretched now. I can’t imagine what you were thinking leaving without even asking me what my vision was! You know better than anyone how dangerous that was! *And that wasn’t the end of it either, she had plenty more to say and now Caroline couldn’t escape her!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel watched as Dark stumbled into the darkness. He shut his eyes.* It is time he convinced himself he is not a project. *He did not like the idea of Dark stumbling through the city, weakened as he was so he cast a subtle, condition-activated spell. As soon as Dark fell unconscious, and it was only a matter of time, the spell would take him somewhere safe for him to cool off for awhile with a minimum risk of encountering negative interference.* … Evangeline. *He put a hand on her shoulder.* -09:58 May 19

Evangeline: But she might have died! I think she’s been keeping secrets too, she should have told me that she hasn’t had the strength to do all of these favors for us! I wouldn’t have asked her if I had known!

Dark: *Alistair’s words and Evangeline’s still ringing in his ears, he staggered, crawled, did everything he could to get as much distance between him and them. His eyes were burning but he didn’t let that stop him! There was wet earth under his nails, the smell of something nasty. But the only thing that mattered, was getting away.* -Gabriel

Caroline: One small mistake and suddenly I am keeping secrets. *That was it. Caroline lift herself off the ground and stood – perfectly fine in appearance. If there was one thing she was good at, it was hiding just how much she hurt. Anything to shush Evangeline!* You should be more concerned where Dark has taken himself to. -10:02 May 19
Gabriel: It is not in her nature, something I understand very well. But now, Caroline requires rest and energy. I will seek and retrieve Dark when the time is right. *However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t cheat! He cast another teleportation spell to send Caroline to a spa resort in Arizona! Both to keep Alistair from bothering her and to keep Evangeline from lecturing the woman any further.* I did not get to tell her how much I am thankful for her keeping her vow to me. -10:06 May 19
Caroline: *Spa resort or not, there was one angry Caroline in Arizona! And as soon as she could cast her own spells, she would return! … but for now, she collapsed in the nearest bed to sleep!* -10:08 May 19
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -10:08 May 19
Evangeline: I wasn’t finished with her… *She was so mad…! But without Caroline here for her to lecture, and nowhere she could reasonably travel, she was forced to let it go.* …She has taken it too far. Maybe it’s best that Dark stays with us for awhile. -10:11 May 19
Gabriel: I agree. Teaching Dark is something that requires much, in the way of attention, time and energy. She still has her slaying duties to consider. *He cast one more teleporting spell back to their apartment but not before making sure no one could trace any of the trio’s magic here!* -10:13 May 19
Evangeline: She won’t admit that she cares about him, and won’t admit that she is worn out, and she deliberately ignored my warning, and should have asked for our help! *By now she was just ranting to be ranting. She really was very worried. Like Gabriel, Caroline was someone that was always infallible and dependable. To see her like this was hard. …and now Dark was upset and all alone out there by himself!* Can’t I go get him and bring him home? -10:16 May 19
Gabriel: I would allow you but to do so … he may resent us for it. If it is any consolation, I cast a spell. As soon as he is unconscious, the spell will take him somewhere safe with a minimum chance of negative interference. *He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. He needed to hold her as much as she needed to feel him.* -10:18 May 19
Evangeline: He’s so stubborn. *It did make her feel better to know he would at least be in a safe place. Evangeline rest her forhea against his chest and sighed!* I don’t know what I would do without you. I wish he realized that you care about him too. -10:21 May 19
Gabriel: It is something one realizes but never admits in public. I believe he knows. *He kissed the top of her head and he was stroking her back.* -10:31 May 19
Evangeline: Then he shouldn’t be running away from home! *She snuck her arms around him and squeezed. Still very tempted to go out and fetch Dark home! If he were her son, that’s what she would do! Having to realizing important things or not! She was going to end up brooding about it all night.* And how long before he might come home? -10:35 May 19
Gabriel: I assume you will not cease your worrying until he is either at home here or you know for a certainty where he is and what he is up to. -10:36 May 19
Evangeline: I want to know he’s safe. Anything could happen before he passed out if he’s really stubborn! -10:37 May 19
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He raised an eyebrow. Dark’s privacy meant everything to him. If he realized they were spying …* -10:39 May 19
Evangeline: *A huff! She relented for the moment, tucking her face somewhere it couldn’t be seen. Of course she didn’t want to invade his privacy.. but.. but even parents had to spy on their children sometimes? For thier own good?* …maybe if you just told me where? -10:42 May 19
Gabriel: He is still at the marketplace but he is drifting into unconsciousness. Even now the spell is activating and is teleporting him to the Himalayas. -10:57 May 19
Evangeline: And he won’t get too cold there? He might need blankets. *They could take him blankets! …no, no, they were supposed to leave him be.* All right, I am satisfied and I will leave it alone… for now! -10:59 May 19
Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently.* He is fine. What better place to cool down than at a temple. We may visit him later if you wish. -11:05 May 19
Evangeline: *She lift her hands to place at the sides of his face and smiled wide.* Yes, I do wish. I suppose now that I’ve cancelled my class I have an entire day to spend with you! *And time with Gabriel was always well spent to keep her from worrying! She place a quick teasing kiss at the corner of his mouth.* -11:08 May 19
Gabriel: *He smiled at her then–just before he picked her up and sat down on the couch. Then he lowered his head and was nuzzling her neck.* I love you, Evangeline Clark. -11:10 May 19
Evangeline: Hmm, as I love you, Mister Gabriel Clark! *She did find it amusing to call him Mr. Clark! But… she was supposed to be teasing him, not him whisking her away! So with a grin and a soft giggle she was tilting away just out of reach as she pulled off her coat to toss at once of the chairs.* -11:13 May 19
Gabriel: *He leaned back and watched as her coat went flying off. Then he was sitting back and watching her.* -11:16 May 19
Evangeline: *Next she slipped off her shoes and sliding them over out of the way. Then she was standing and stretching, before clasping her hands behind her back. Only for her to step in front of him and lean forward to nuzzled his face and give a feather soft kiss to his cheek!* -11:20 May 19
Gabriel: *He tilted his head to one side.* So you are a tease now, dear wife? -11:23 May 19
Evangeline: Am I doing it right? Melissa said I give in too easy when you steal me from classes and that I should practice more. *And anything that involved kissing Gabriel was worth extra practice! He tilted, but she only leaned again for a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth.* -11:28 May 19
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly and then he was reaching for her. It wasn’t a serious grab but more to test the waters. Would she come close or sway from his touch again.* I am intrigued. -11:38 May 19
Evangeline: Some of her advice was silly, but other things very useful! *She kissed him quick before hopping out of his reach! …and nearly losing balance in the process, she had to stop hiding her hands behind her back to get her balance back!* -11:41 May 19
Gabriel: *He watched her hop out of his reach and sat back.* You could make it easier for both of us and come here to sit in my lap. -11:58 May 19
Evangeline: I think that would be getting stolen too easily? *Stepping close again, this time she rest her hands on the back of the sofa, so there would be no falling! She kissed his forehead and then his nose. And brushed her lips against his very soft, with a devious grin.* -12:01 May 20
Gabriel: *A smile.* Indeed. *And resisting the urge to take more than she was giving or reach out and end the game. He would see where this game of hers ended.* -12:04 May 20
Evangeline: *It wasn’t often that she was the one to tease! But what to do! She nuzzled nuzzled his cheek again, kissing softly where she did before tilting forward more to nibble at his ear!* -12:09 May 20
Gabriel: *He sat through it all despite the urge to do otherwise. But he was smiling a bit.* Hmm. -12:13 May 20
Evangeline: *Now she wanted to giggle! There was even the soft sound of her attempt not to and the feel of her grin! She kissed a soft trail down from his ear to his neck, even pausing for a gentle nip of her teeth. That had always made her senseless!* -12:16 May 20
Gabriel: Aahh … The lady shows her fangs. *He teased. He was enjoying this little tease of hers!* -12:20 May 20
Evangeline: I have no such thing! *He was very good at resisting! Melissa was right, she did need the practice! She moved her hands from the back of the sofa to cup his face and brush her thumbs gently against his cheeks. She kissed one corner of his mouth, then the other, before flicking her tongue ever so lightly over his lips. Then she couldn’t help but giggle!* -12:26 May 20
Gabriel: Mmm … *Oh, yes, definitely enjoying this! Her giggle made him chuckle and he took the opportunity to hold the back of her head and kiss her long and deep!* -12:29 May 20
Evangeline: *She had been caught! But it was more than worth it to return his kiss as her hands glided down to squeeze his shoulders and then push his coat from them!* -12:33 May 20
Gabriel: *Off went his coat but that was a small price to pay! He had Evangeline and he was going to make full use of his time with her! Like inching her toward him, tongue slipping out of his mouth to slip into hers.* -12:38 May 20
Evangeline: *A soft escaped her and she had to kneel on the sofa over his lap just to keep her knees from buckling out from under her! Her hands moved to fuss with his shirt, not paying the least bit attention to his guns as she teased his tongue with hers!* -12:47 May 20
Gabriel: *He slipped his gun holsters off for her and then smirked.* I trust the lady would like me to bare myself for her. *He tilted his head to kiss her neck and begin taking off her shirt.* -12:50 May 20
Evangeline: well… I would not quite put it that way…! *Breathless! It was very easy to close her eyes and near purr with him kissing at her neck. She nearly forgot she was trying to do away with that shirt of his!* -12:53 May 20
Gabriel: *He chuckled against her skin and nipped her gently where her pulse beat strongest! Knowing she still wanted that shirt off but was distracted, he pulled his hands away from her top to get rid of his! But as soon as his shirt was gone, his lips were on her neck, alternating between kissing, nibbling, and sucking.* -12:58 May 20
Evangeline: *She might have pestered him for laughing at her, but she was far more preoccupied with having her hands on him! From his shoulders to his chest, always felt so warm… or even now, very hot! Her fingers danced over his stomach, ever teasing. He was never ticklish but she could feel him move where ever she touched. She tilted her head to murmur in his ear.* Will you take anything else off? -01:04 May 20
Gabriel: If the lady desires it. *For now his hands were on her shirt, trying to get rid of it and he was nibbling on her ear!* -01:08 May 20
Evangeline: I think I might like it if you didn’t have your clothes. *She took his hands to pull them away from her shirt. And it was very difficult to leave him, but she moved backwards and away to stand back up, with a small teasing grin as she undid the first few buttons of her blouse and turned away!* -01:12 May 20
Gabriel: *He smirked, standing as well.* It’d be unfair if I was naked and you were not. *He teased.* -01:23 May 20
Evangeline: But it would be teasing, yes? *She took care of the rest of her buttons, and made a big show of slowly sliding her shirt off and letting it drop to the floor. Then she was trying to make sure she had the serious sexy face on, and not the silly grinning one that she couldn’t seem to shake!* -01:27 May 20
Gabriel: *He smiled.* Indeed. *And so he took off his boots and slipped off his pants. Then he was stepping closer to her to kiss her again.* -01:31 May 20
Evangeline: *There was no dodging from her this time! At least not when he stepped closer. She did love to have her hands on him and it was much better without anything in the way. She did lean away when he went to kiss, only to ease herself against him and rest her ear against his chest to hear his heartbeat. She wanted to know if she made his beat as fast as he did to hers!* -01:36 May 20
Gabriel: *His heart WAS beating faster and it was all he could do not to take her right there! But he was a patient vampire! He kissed her cheek.* You have me at a disadvantage, Evangeline. -01:40 May 20
Evangeline: I don’t think anyone could have you at a disadvantage. *She tilted her head back to grin up at him while her hands teased lower.* I could be considered a sexy wife? -01:44 May 20
Gabriel: *He nodded.* Hmm hmm. The effect you have on me … It is nothing short of erotic talent on your part. *He rubbed his cheek against hers even while his body was straining for more of her touch. -01:46 May 20
Evangeline: *He did always know what to say to render blushing and speechless! She moved only for the sake of capturing his head and giving him a hard and wanting kiss. No more teasing!* -01:51 May 20
Gabriel: Hmmm … *Now this, this he could get used to! It wasn’t often Evangeline initiated such a strong, hard kiss. He returned the kiss in full force and his hands moved to help get her out of the rest of her clothes.* -01:54 May 20
Evangeline: *It was much different being aggressive, but he did make it so deliciously easy! She would tilt and move so he could take the last of her clothes, but never broke away from that kiss. It wasn’t until all her clothes were gone, she locked her arms around his neck and had her body pressed against his before she had to take a breath. Then she was kissing him again, softer but no less demanding!* -02:03 May 20

Continued in Tease

The Great King Saga

050 Volcano Ruins of Light

Gabriel stumbles over Ruins of Light in a dormant volcano while he idly chats with Evangeline.

After a rescue, Caroline makes a bet with Dark that he cannot survive a date with her!

[Evangeline is at home curled up on the sofa with a lap full of rocks. …she\’s making jewelry!] -12:31 Apr 28
[Gabriel is exploring the icy forests on the edge of the Artic!] -12:36 Apr 28
Evangeline: I like to put the amethyst and aquamarine together. The purple looks so pretty with the light blue! …not that I can see it now, but it was my favorite then, I am sure it’s my favorite now. *Though she was speaking out loud, no one was in the room! She was chattering at Gabriel while she threaded beads.* -12:36 Apr 28
Gabriel: A person’s favorite rarely changes. *Gabriel agreed! It was part of his usual routine to patrol random stretches of land, in case something appeared that shouldn’t have. It was daylight here.* -12:37 Apr 28
Evangeline: My birthstone is an amethyst too, which I suppose would explain why I am so attracted to it. I wonder what yours would be? I always see your aura in red, but that is only the outer layers… Do you like sardonyx at all? *Six, seven eight… it was easy to thread beads. Until she did it too fast and pricked her finger! There was a soft huff as she shook her hand!* -12:40 Apr 28
Gabriel: I would not know. I have never contemplated whether there is a favorite stone for me. *The trees were sparse and bare, the land was covered in snow, dotted with tough grass. It was quiet here but then again, that was normal.* -12:46 Apr 28
Evangeline: I’d like to make you something… but I would need to know which stone to pick. You could wear my stones, but I don’t think that would go over well if you were in a fight! *She laughed softly about it, Gabriel wearing pretty jewels and shooting things. It’d be ridiculous.* -12:49 Apr 28
Gabriel: … I believe I shall pass. *Everything appeared to be peaceful here so he began making his way to the mountain range in the distance. For a human, it would take them at least six or seven hours to get there. For Gabriel, it would take a fraction of that.* I would not want to damage a gift of yours by taking it into a fight. -12:52 Apr 28
Evangeline: Oh, I make them really strong. *Evangeline fussed with picking out the main center stone for her necklace.* Have you ever been in a fight with something too adorable to kill? Caroline told me that she’s gotten in to trouble when she hasn’t had the heart to shoot something cute. -12:55 Apr 28
Gabriel: … No. Cute or not, should I have a foolproof reason to shoot it, I will. The only exception would be you. -12:57 Apr 28
Evangeline: Even if I were a zombie and about to eat your brains? *There was a thought! Could she be a zombie now? What about vampires?* ….are there zombie vampires? -12:58 Apr 28
Gabriel: That would be a paradox. Zombies are dead that return to life. Vampires are not alive but neither are they dead, hence the name ‘undead’. -12:59 Apr 28
Evangeline: That’s just silly though, if something is undead that makes them alive. You can die, after all. …so can zombies for that matter! THAT is a paradox! *…one that she was starting to think far too hard on. Before she started mapping it out in her head, she grinned.* But would you kill me if I were a zombie and eating people? I’d be dangerous. -01:02 Apr 28
Gabriel: … You are already dangerous. *He looked around as he stopped at the base of the mountain. Upon further inspection, he discovered the mountain was actually an extinct volcano.* -01:03 Apr 28
Evangeline: I have told you I am. *Evangeline yawn, twisting some wire around her chosen stone. A nice big piece of aquamarine!* I’m almost finished with this piece. Do you think I should sell my jewelry again? I don’t make it as often as I did, but I have all of these extra pieces! -01:10 Apr 28
Gabriel: *He was smiling to himself now. She had indeed.* If you wish to. A little extra money has never hurt. -03:13 Apr 28
[Evangeline was chatting with Gabriel about nothing in particular!] -01:30 Apr 30
[Gabriel had reached the volcano!] -01:32 Apr 30

It was still quiet here! Then again Gabriel did these patrols out of habit and out of the chance of something odd happening so he wasn’t expecting to come across a coven of vampires.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was putting the finishing touches on her piece, it would be nice to know for sure that it looked nice, but Gabriel would be home to check for her. She always used to have Melissa give approval!* I might then. Some of the ladies in Oracle would like them. Would you like to go out for dinner tonight or stay at home? -01:37 Apr 30
Gabriel: I would like to stay home with you. *He appeared on the rim of the volcano. He would have to investigate inside, to be safe. He started the decent, finding a winding stairs carved into the side.* -01:54 Apr 30
Evangeline: Home it is, then! I’d like to try something really different for dinner. Maybe you can bring something on your way home? Like Russian Pelmeni! I think I tried that once… *Evangeline scooped up all her loose stones to put them away in her box,* -02:00 Apr 30
Gabriel: Very well. Is Vlamerias with you? *The volcano was so wide but the stairs gave off a strange aura, the same ancient feeling.* -02:02 Apr 30
Evangeline: She is in her room playing with a few toys. …are you worried about me? *He had that subtle feeling.. not worried, but thinking about being worried. She finished cleaning up her mess so he wouldn’t come home to rocks all over the place!* -02:06 Apr 30
Gabriel: I am often worried about you. *He touched the wall of the volcano. Should this be familiar to him? Ancient, yes. But he didn’t feel as if it was calling to him.* -02:09 Apr 30
Evangeline: No need to be tonight. I think it would take a few explosives to actually get in here! *There were so many wards on the place, she couldn’t even count them all! Evangeline suspected he would add more whenever he had free moments. It was very sweet!* Have you found something peculiar? -02:11 Apr 30
Gabriel: A volcano. Stairs leading down. They feel as old as the ruins but whatever lies below does not pull me. -02:13 Apr 30
Evangeline: That does sound peculiar… If you would like to take a look, I can wait a bit longer for dinner. Or come to get me and I’ll look with you? *She liked the second option better. It was harder to protect him from harm when she wasn’t there in person…* -02:19 Apr 30
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was still walking down the stairs. The wind whistled past him.* -02:20 Apr 30
Evangeline: Don’t you Evangeline me. Even a Master Vampire Great King needs someone to take care of them… you most of all! *She was well prepared to lecture him for the next hour, if need be! But first, she was trying to figure out how a random sock got in her rock box. And it didn’t even look like Meri’s!* -02:23 Apr 30
Gabriel: *She had a good point but he was not going to let her know that. It would seem he was going to be lectured and by then he had reached the bottom! He spotted something carved into the wall of the volcano across of him! A large temple of some sort and in the space between him and it, the size of a football field, ash and skeletons of different shapes and sizes! The most interesting was the fact that only a few were human! The rest appeared to be vampires, werewolves, even demons and trolls!* -02:28 Apr 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline was taking her box to be put away.* To have things like petting and snuggling, there has to be two alive and well parties. No one can snuggle when one is owing and wincing all the time. -02:35 Apr 30
Gabriel: … Indeed. However, I do not wish to drag you around without needing to. *He kneeled down. It seemed to be ordinary ash. He stood and began walking.* -02:44 Apr 30
Evangeline: Of course you wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t summon me up when you want me. *It was supposed to be a serious lecture, but she couldn’t help but grin at getting summoned for other sorts of things. Sometimes she was tempted to drag him home just for fun! Ooh, but that was off subject.* Well, now I have lost my trail of thought! -02:48 Apr 30

Unlike the ruins of the past or even the Egyptian Tomb, these ruins had a very different feel and design. Open and airy, bright and warm. Despite the cold near-arctic climate!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -10:54 Apr 30
[Gabriel has timed out.] -10:54 Apr 30
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -10:54 Apr 30
[Evangeline doesn\’t even know what she\’s talking about anymore. She distracted herself with the wrong thoughts!] -10:55 Apr 30
[Gabriel quickly turns around!] -10:56 Apr 30
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly. Nothing. But for a moment he’d felt … something. Phantoms of the past, perhaps. He approached the temple. The pillars on either side of the ruins were carved into the shape of masked angels with their wings folded, hands clasped over the pommels of swords standing on the point of their blades.* -10:59 Apr 30

Eerie those angels were. Looking down with their righteous expressions. As if the stone itself were alive and still standing guard.

Gabriel: *There was something about this place … He would have to be on his guard. He walked between the angels, expecting to hear the grind of moving stone signalling the statues had come alive, or the whisper of voices. Then he approached the large double stone doors carved with symbols and runes in a language that was ancient when Sanskrit was young.* -11:02 Apr 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline knew when he was getting tense… and for the moment thought it better not to babble at him while he was searching. And it was babbling! He always said it wasn’t, but she did like to talk. Evangeline went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and hum a nice song!* -11:05 Apr 30

Not a single stone moved yet, something did. Like the ancient ruins of the past and the Egyptian tomb, somewhere something was still active. But so different from what was normally encountered. There was no darkness here at all. No shadow.

Gabriel: *He walked the length of the front and back again, then returned to the front of the doors. If there was no darkness and no shadow, for a creature of darkness like a vampire, it was perplexing, it was disturbing, and it was strangely fascinating. He studied the doors. Something active but something that had meant death to those whose skeletons still lay in the ash behind him.* -11:10 Apr 30
Evangeline: If it were going to kill you, wouldn’t have done so before, like the others? *She wanted him to come home… but he was curious. Rightfully so! She would have liked to explore it too!* -11:16 Apr 30
Gabriel: There is no darkness here. *He also decided not to mention that technically the ruins had not attempted to kill him. The mummies in Egypt had been awakened by Evangeline’s friend so had he not been stupid, that was a crisis that would have been averted.* -11:22 Apr 30
Evangeline: That’s… I don’t think that has ever happened before. *Evangeline had been to places covered in the dark before, but none at all? Things like that just don’t happen. …Now she really wanted to be there.* -11:24 Apr 30

Eternally patient, the stone doors remained motionless. But no less eerie feeling, as if something there were watching and waiting.

Gabriel: I feel like I should know something more of this place. *No darkness, no shadow, guarded by angels, scattered with the skeletons of vampires, werewolves, demons, trolls … Dark creatures. He had a sneaking suspicion. He cut his palm and created a ball of black lightning, then hurled it at the doors!* -11:31 Apr 30

The black lightning didn’t even seem to make it to the door. The brightness of the place was so overwhelming. It dissipated like it had never been!

Gabriel: There is so much light here. *So much light, nothing of darkness, no balance. The ruins and the Egyptian tomb had been the opposite. He looked at the giant symbol carved into the center of the double doors. A circle surrounded by rays stretching out and in the center a unicorn rearing, striking out with its forelegs, in the middle of tossing its head. He ran his fingers over the unicorn.* -11:41 Apr 30

At his touch there was a loud sound! Like the churning of wheels. The big pearly white stone doors slowly tilted inwards as they opened.

Evangeline: You are inside a volcano? *Oooh, she so wanted to see. Just like the ruins in the past, Evangeline really liked the explore them. She was just much more careful that Stevie!* -11:46 Apr 30

Vlamerias: *She popped her head out of her room!* Hello, Mommy! Is [i]Glaër[/i] back yet?

Vlamerias: *She popped her head out of her room!* Hello, Mommy! Is Glaër back yet?

Evangeline: Meri! No, he is a bit busy right now. He’ll be bringing us home some dinner when he’s done though! -11:52 Apr 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel peered inside. Nothing moved. He slowly stepped inside.* -11:54 Apr 30

The inside of the ruins were spectacular! Incredibly tall high ceilings, and still not a single shadow in sight. Huge glassless windows. Big statues of pure creatures. As Gabriel stepped inside the doors slowly closed behind him.

Gabriel: *No matter how breathtaking the scene before him, the one thing Gabriel continued to think about, was the fact there was no darkness here. No shadow. Except him. He turned back as the doors shut, and the wheels that had opened it stopped moving!* -12:03 May 01
Gabriel: *He moved deeper into the ruins!* -12:05 May 01

Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! *She skipped out into the kitchen to make herself a snack!*

Light danced around his feet, testing how close it could get before shirking back away from him. Even his shadow was missing. And the farther he stepped the brighter it seemed to get.

Gabriel: *Gabriel suddenly stopped. He heard a whisper, then he turned. The doors opened. A figure wrapped in shadow walked in, a darkness so strong the light shrank back, almost hissing at having to give ground. "Ah, it is so nice of you to join me." He turned back, to the ruins. A tall woman, lightly tanned skin, pale hair and dark eyes … So familiar … And then the first bolt of pain struck!* -12:15 May 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline had her tea and had slid in to a chair… but quickly set her cup down. There was something wrong now! But she wouldn’t speak aloud with Meri here! Gabriel. What’s the matter?* -12:17 May 01
Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, felt his fangs growing! He took a step forward but the next bolt of pain struck again! This one was stronger and lasted longer! He lifted his head in time to see symbols appearing first on one statue, then on another. He glanced over his shoulder to see symbols appearing on the doors, spreading outward. Sigils … wards … protection … destruction!* -12:20 May 01

The entire ruins light up like a candle! Such limitless brightness everywhere. Amplified by every sigil and war that slowly began to appear. Each glowing with their own light.

Evangeline: *He should answer her! Gabriel, I should come to get you! Evangeline was already sliding out of her chair to fetch something!* -12:29 May 01
Gabriel: *One step backwards. Anthony taunting Gabriel when he kidnapped Evangeline and took her to the tanker. Monique kissing Sebastian. Leah helping him fight the withdrawals from Anthony’s blood. The manticore was beginning to tingle on his back. Was he the Great King or Gabriel Carnatelli? Was he a rogue vampire on a mission of eternal retribution or a shell of his former self? Who was his former self?* -12:31 May 01

Vlamerias: *Meri was making herself a peanut butter, chocolate and bbq pork sandwich when she heard Evangeline moving! She suddenly looked worried!* … Mommy?

The light was strong! Shining and bright. Now it was nipping at him like needles, pulling more from him. Trying to leech away the darkness!

Evangeline: We’re going to be getting Gabriel in just a moment. I think I will need Dark, maybe Caroline, just in case! *In the bedroom Evangeline dug out a long coat and pulled on her shoes. Gabriel! Please talk to me? I am going to come get you!* -12:37 May 01
Gabriel: *The Great King sealing Lucretia in a magic scroll! Gabriel protecting Leon’s mother the night she gave birth to him! Evangeline helping piece him back together! Vlamerias offering to bind herself as his familiar! And a woman’s voice, unlike any other voice he’d ever heard! "My Children will not be denied. *I* will not be denied."* -12:41 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *Meri hopped off of the table and skittered to Evangeline’s side!* Ready when you are, Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline buttoned her coat up and nodded.* Lets go, quick. He’s won’t answer me now! -12:45 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She took Evangeline’s hand! It was easy to sense where Dark was! He was so much like her Glaër, except he wasn’t guarded by so many wards! He was an ice cream parlor that he’d dragged Caroline to and eating an ice cream cone!*

Dark: *He was licking his cookies ‘n cream ice cream when Meri and Evangeline suddenly popped up!* What the crap! *He huffed when the ice cream toppled to the ground. He was about to start yelling when he saw the looks on their faces. Instead he demanded …!* What the crap did he get himself into this time!

Evangeline: I am so sorry for bothering you today, but I am not sure if I will need help or not. Would you come with me to a volcano? -12:54 May 01

Dark: *Blink blink! Evangeline always did the strangest things! Even by human standards!* … Fine. But don’t think you’re going to offer me up as one of those sacrifices for some volcano god or something!

Vlamerias: But jumping into a volcano is fun! One of my Daddy’s souls said so!

Caroline: Dressed strange for a volano, my lady. *Caroline had finished eating, and didn’t even looked phased. This tended to happen and it was better Evangeline asked for help BEFORE something worse happened.*

Dark: *Dark raised an eyebrow at Meri.* Yeah, well, considering the fact that your Daddy’s souls are all suckers who sold their souls for something cheap like fame and fortune, I’ll pass.

Evangeline: It’s a little frozen there. Okay Meri, lets get to Gabriel. I can’t even hear him anymore! *She moved to take Meri’s hand.* -01:03 May 01
Gabriel: *By now, Gabriel was on his knees, bent over. His fangs were long and his eyes flashed from gray to red and back again. His chest was rising and falling. Darkness. Light. Balance. Sariel mocking him on the tanker. The Old Wolf asking him to take his Pack to the Living Grave. They were not names. They were merely faces. Some young, some old. Some were vampires, some were werewolves, some were humans, and the list went on. There were so many of them. But he. Who was he …* -01:07 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She grabbed one of Evangeline’s hands and one of Dark’s hand. Then Evangeline and Dark each took one of Caroline’s hands! She focused hard on her Glaër, using her Mommy’s help to find out where he was! And then they POOFED! They appeared at the bottom of the volcano!* Mommy! I can’t teleport any closer! *They were close to the stairs and had to cross the graveyard and pass the sleeping angels to the closed temple doors!*

Dark: … Wow. *He looked around.* Well then, what are we waiting for! *He started running for the temple!*

Caroline: WAIT. Don’t go running off so fast! *Meri couldn’t get them any closer, and there was good reason! There was something STRANGE about this place! Caroline snagged Dark before he got too much farther.* Take a minute. Do you notice anything?

Dark: … Besides the fact we’re at the bottom of a volcano? *He huffed and looked around.* I dunno. *He shrugged!* It’s quiet?

Vlamerias: There’s no darkness here! Everything is so light!

Evangeline: *Getting those feelings from Gabriel and now being here in person was much different!* I should have made him come home. Um… Dark should stay outside, I think. -01:15 May 01

Dark: *He crossed his arms.* Fine, fine. Nothing ever happens to the guy who sticks outside anyways.

Caroline: Meri shouldn’t go inside either. It’s too strong here and she’s young. *She took at a glance at Dark.* You won’t be idle little vampire. If there’s no darkness here, we’re going to need some. You’ll have to cast magic.

Dark: Awh man! *He frowned!*

Evangeline: Thank you, Dark! *Evangeline stopped long enough to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, then she was running for those big doors and trying not to slip on ice or rocks!* -01:23 May 01

Vlamerias: *She hugged Evangeline’s legs quickly and stepped back before Evangeline kissed Dark’s cheek and went running off!* Be careful, Mommy! And tell Glaër he has to come back to us!

Caroline: *Caroline watched Evangeline run off before she gave a heavy sigh.* …. I’ll send word if something goes wrong. *Then she was following at a distance. All that light, it wasn’t good a human turned demon either.*

Gabriel: *There were no longer thoughts, merely emotion. Meaningless pictures that threatened to crush him. There were too many, with no rhyme and no reason. No balance. His body was on fire. A woman’s voice whispered the light would purify the darkness. The darkness seeping out of him was clinging to him stubbornly, taking on the form of a pair of large black dragon wings spreading out as if attempting to shield him from all this light.* -01:29 May 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t stop until she near ran in to the stone doors. Pressing her hands against them, they didn’t even feel like heavy stone at all. She pushed and even had to put an elbow in to it to move it. But it did!* Gabriel! -01:31 May 01
Gabriel: *All these people, all these creatures … Who were they. Who was he. Some of them looked at him with hatred. Others as if he had the answers to all the questions, could solve all the problems. There were a few who looked indifferent to his existence. Existence. Did he exist? Or was he a dream? He didn’t seem to have heard Evangeline! Instead, when she tried to approach, the darkness around him grew stronger and lashed out at her, sending out a pulse of energy to keep her at bay!* -01:35 May 01

Caroline: *At the doors Caroline had to stop. Something HERE wasn’t letting her move forward now, and she let out a curse. Grand old ruins, all of them anti-Caroline! Pulling some spells out of her pocket, at least here she could do something. She cast some shadow spells to eat up at the doors. And when the light seemed to eat one up, she’d cast another!*

Evangeline: *Finding Gabriel here was like looking for a bright star in the sky! So easy! But the dark trying to push her back was unexpected, and caught off balance enough to topple over!* Gabriel! You can hear me yes? You promised me! -01:40 May 01
Gabriel: *He faintly heard a woman’s voice but the one whispering to him about the light purifying darkness only grew louder in response. So many memories, so many creatures. So very familiar and yet foreign. The darkness was still coiled around him. The darkness. He was the darkness. Without the darkness … there could never be balance.* -01:43 May 01
Evangeline: Gabriel! *He couldn’t even concentrate on a single thought… Staying on the ground, she crawled closer to him, preparing to duck when she needed to, but not afraid. She could share her strength with him!* Just let me a little closer please? -01:46 May 01
Gabriel: *At her approach, the darkness lashed out again! Balance. Keep. Balance. His eyes were distant. The wings appeared more solid now, polished as onyx. The memories were there, moving as quickly as sand through his fingertips no matter how hard he tried to hold onto them. And he wanted to hold onto them so much … it was so frustrating! He didn’t want to be erased. If being purified meant losing himself, he wanted to remain impure. He … who was he … He was …* -01:55 May 01
Evangeline: Gabriel! *She couldn’t just stop! Evangeline shielded herself with one arm, but she still inched closer. When she was closer she reached a hand out for him.* I can hold you, if you’ll let me! -02:01 May 01
Gabriel: *The woman’s voice no longer spoke of purifying the darkness. She wanted the destruction of darkness entirely which infuriated him even more! By why was he so angry … why was she so angry … did she hate him so much … did he hate her so much …* I could not. I could not betray them. *The words were spoken so softly, it might have been a dream!* -02:09 May 01
Evangeline: You would not ever betray someone, Gabriel. I know you wouldn’t. *This was better. He was speaking to her. But she couldn’t get to his thoughts… She took the opportunity to sneak close, without that darkness trying to push her away. Placing one hand gently on his arm and the other on his knee.* You are who you are because of that. -02:14 May 01
Gabriel: *The darkness was still coiled tightly around him and although it lashed out, Evangeline appeared to be within the "safe zone"! Pulses of dark energy moved outward and then coiled back, from the light. He felt something touching him and heard another woman speaking. He looked at Evangeline but he didn’t seem to recognize her! His thoughts were confused and distorted, scattered across a millenia-long life.* -02:19 May 01
Evangeline: You are so stubborn. *Scooting even closer she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek before resting her forehead against him.* I’ve spent my entire life with a million thoughts in my head. A world of thoughts. You hold me and support me and let me shine… Let me hold what you can’t..? -02:24 May 01
Gabriel: *He was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. But she was so familiar! She looked like the woman in his memories! He looked uncertain … and then he slowly nodded. If she could help him … He leaned forward to kiss her lips then but pulled back at the last moment, still uncertain.* -02:29 May 01
Evangeline: I’m Evangeline. Your Seer. I’ve only been with you a short time, but I’ve always been for you. *One smile, just for him! He did not even have to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him close* -02:36 May 01
Gabriel: *"I love you … You are insane … Is this another of your incessant questions? … You are precious to me … You are in my heart … You have my promise, Evangeline." Evangeline. His Seer. His wife. She wrapped her arms around his neck and in response, he lowered his head to her shoulder. She smelled of lavender and soap. He closed his eyes. His breathing began to return to normal and his mind started to pull itself back together. The darkness the light had eaten away began to appear, drawn back to Gabriel.* -02:43 May 01
Evangeline: *Calm. She was calm for him, and open! To take his thoughts so he could focus on one thing. Evangeline stroked her fingers through his hair.* Did you know there can’t be light without dark? I bet there is nothing here to see at all without shadows to fill it. Like I could not be here without you. -02:51 May 01
Gabriel: *His throat was dry, parched. He listened to Evangeline’s voice. She was calm, relaxed, at peace. His thoughts were scattered but with her help, they were being pieced together.* -02:57 May 01

“How unusual. This little bright soul is still an infant…” A peculiar echoing voice filled the area. Bright and burning, hot lava boiled up from the ground to form an oddly shape person. A light elemental. “Let go of that thing, bright soul. He will devour you like all evil darkness is wont to do.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline did not let go of Gabriel, not here where he needed an anchor!* He isn’t evil. And if you stop pecking at him, we can leave you alone! -03:04 May 01
Gabriel: *The light elemental’s appearance stirred something inside of Gabriel. The wings were black as night and polished onyx again.* -03:06 May 01

“He will smother your life, soul. Look as he sucks the light from the world.” In response the element shined brighter, the lava spreading across the floor and getting hotter.

Evangeline: *She tightened her arms around Gabriel’s neck.* I can’t look. Only feel! As he is not taking anything from me… but you are making it really uncomfortable! *And she was really hoping that they wouldn’t be cooked in a volcano. Dark didn’t make that sound good.* -03:11 May 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel’s arms tightened around Evangeline and then the wings actually flapped once, a single, mighty movement that propelled him to his feet. Then he was running for the doors!* -03:13 May 01

“A child of the light trapped in the dark? What a sin… what a sin.” Gabriel’s movements sparked another reaction. The elemental dropped in to the ground again, it’s lava body splashing outwards. Up from the ground of the ruins came more lava… the volcano was coming back to life!

Caroline: *The ground was started to rumble even at the doors, where Caroline was still trying to keep the damned things open… But now the volcano was trying to errupt! Fueled by it’s own power, her spells weren’t holding anymore. ….She sent a warning spell at Dark!*

Evangeline: It’s really hot in here! *She held on! Evangeline could protect him from wild thoughts and shield him, but being burned alive was something else!* -03:23 May 01
[Evangeline is not going to let Gabriel walk in to a volcano again, no matter HOW curious!] -05:16 May 04
[Gabriel bolted for the doors with Evangeline in his arms!] -05:18 May 04

Dark: *Dark spotted the warning spell Caroline sent! He bit the corner of his lip and cast a spell to knock those pillars down to force the doors to stay open!*

That elemental was not keen on letting ANY sort of darkness leave this place. As the ground rumbled more and more lava was seeping out from cracks and corners, a flow now cascading in front of the doors out!

Vlamerias: *Meri, in her devil form, flew into the air to see if she could spot her Mommy and Glaër! She saw the lava flowing outside the doors and hurled ice spell after ice spell at it!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel skid to a halt but he was looking for any sort of opening! He jumped up and landed on top of the closest statue!* -05:23 May 04

Vlamerias: Eep! Glaër! Mommy! *Meri flew toward the temple!*

Caroline: *There were just no EASY rescues with Gabriel and Evangeline. Caroline bit back her cursing as she summoned up a very large axe! The place swallowed up shadow spells, so she was just going to have to do something drastic.* Vlamerias, stay away from those doors! *She was summoning up a spell! A very big spell! *

Vlamerias: *She stopped just as she reached the doors and flew away! She hovered behind Caroline!* But, Warrior Lady …!

Gabriel: *She would need more than a volcano to bury his darkness! And he would show her why! He summoned the Diablo Animus and used the power stored within to attempt a time spell to freeze time momentarily!* -05:30 May 04

Dark: *Damnit, those statues refused to move! He decided to try and harden the lava he could see!*

Caroline: You can go in a moment! Make sure they come out before the entire thing collapses. *It always felt like slow motion when counting the seconds for a spell… But Gabriel’s time-stalling definitely helped! Caroline swung down her axe and lodged it in to the ground! The sound was so loud, it cracked and echoed like thunder!*

BOOM! What an ear shattering sound! From the edge of the axe and zooming across the frozen ground, a crack shot towards the doors, getting bigger and wider! By the time it hit the doors huge pieces of the walls were starting to shake down. Rocks falling and crashing below. With Dark’s spell, now the lava flow was hardening, presenting a small path between the falling stones!

Vlamerias: *She clapped her hands over her ears at the sound! She opened one eye and then another to see the path that had opened up!* Glaër! Mommy! Please, this way! Come quick!

Evangeline: *Trying to hold on to Gabriel and cover her ears at the same time was an awkward feat!* -05:37 May 04
Gabriel: *He turned at the sound and started running for the opening! He clutched Evangeline to him tighter and at the last second, was forced to skid through the small hole!* -05:38 May 04

Vlamerias: *She watched them appear on the other side and clapped her hands!* Yay! Let’s go! Let’s go! I can’t teleport us from here! We have to get to the stairs!

The elemental was struggling against the time spell. Strong enough that time only slowed, but still weaker where it could not seem to increase the lava fast enough to recapture the Darkness before it escaped! The rumbling of that Demon’s spell continued, now bringing down more than just the ruins, but part of the volcano walls as well! The elemental was screaming with rage!

Caroline: *Caroline snatched her axe out of the ground and poofed it away. She was looking pretty weary if not a little annoyed.* And quickly. This place won’t be standing for much longer. *She had already turned on a heel to head back to where Dark was waiting.*

Gabriel: *He returned to his feet and was running for Dark!* -05:44 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri returned to Dark and quickly cast the spell to take them home! They appeared in Evangeline’s apartment in the middle of the living room!* Wheee! That was fun! * She dropped into a chair!*

Dark: Why the hell couldn’t I get cloned from someone who wasn’t on everyone’s ‘Kill’ list! *He growled and crossed his arms … before he stalked away to raid the freezer for ice cream!*

Evangeline: *Fun wasn’t the word Evangeline would use… but for now she was busy checking Gabriel over! To make sure his mind was in one piece by running her hands over his head.* -05:46 May 04

Caroline: *Normally she’d have a clever retort for Dark… but this time… Caroline just found one of the empty chairs to slid in to and took a deep breath. Taking care of Gabriel’s charges were starting to require a lot more energy than she had the time to save up!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s mind wasn’t all in one piece but it would probably take a little rest for it to return whole. Meanwhile, he still had the large pair of black dragon wings on his back! They weren’t as dark as they had been at the ruins and looked smokey gray now.* -05:50 May 04

Vlamerias: *She flew off the chair, to follow Dark into the kitchen for some ice cream!*

Evangeline: To the bedroom! Meri and Dark can take care of Caroline – Thank you, Caroline! – and um… We’ll see if how to arrange wings for sleeping. *Wings were something new, but she would figure that out when she had Gabriel speaking to her.* -05:52 May 04

Dark: Hey Caroline! You need some tea over there!

Caroline: *Caroline grumbled a you’re welcome to Evangeline, while waving a dismissive hand. If Dark was close enough to cast a glare at, she might have.* I’ll get my own tea in a moment.

Gabriel: *Fortunately, the apartment only had a couple of rooms so it only took a couple of minutes for Gabriel to bring Evangeline into their bedroom! He lay her down but when he tried to release her, she stubbornly had her arms around his neck!* -05:56 May 04

Vlamerias: Oohh! Look! It’s the green tea ice cream Mommy brought home!

Dark: What the hell! Green tea … and ice cream! Humans should just stick to the basics! Chocolate, vanilla … cookies ‘n cream!

Evangeline: There’s nothing wrong with me. You should be sitting and laying down. *Not that she was making it any easier by holding on to him, but he did have habits of trying to escape when he wasn’t feeling right!* -05:58 May 04

Caroline: Your obsession with ice cream borders on the ridiculous. *Caroline rubbed her head. That vampire was going to eat the entire contents of Evangeline’s fridge. Maybe she should consider an apartment herself instead of always staying at the motel?*

Vlamerias: OOhh … Klondike ice cream! Here! One for me and one for you! *Meri flew over to Caroline and hovered in front of her!* Would you like one, Warrior Lady?

Gabriel: *There was a moment of hesitation but he finally sat down beside her, with her arms still around his neck! His eyes had gone back to being gray.* -06:01 May 04

Caroline: *She shook her head in refusal at first, but… a little sugar would do her good. She took the ice cream from Vlamerias and fussed with the wrapper.* Thank you, little devil.

Vlamerias: *She smiled!* You’re welcome! *Then she flew away to sit on the couch and eat hers.*

Dark: Hey. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating ice cream. It’s probably the only thing humans made worth appreciating.

Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed his cheek and finally detached her arms from his neck. …only to see about those wings!* Have you ever wondered if some things were meant to be? -06:04 May 04

Caroline: There is something called, Too Much of a Good Thing. *…ice cream was a good thing though. After a bite or two, she gave a relieved sigh. The little bit of sugar would give enough energy to at least not make anyone ask unecessary questions.*

Gabriel: *The wings were soft, slightly cool to the touch, not as solid as they appeared. If it was possible to touch shadow, it might have been what shadow and darkness felt like. Gabriel didn’t move.* Many times. Mostly … about you. -06:13 May 04

Vlamerias: That was a powerful spell you used back there, Warrior Lady! Did someone teach it to you?

Evangeline: *How unusual! But very neat! She’d love to get a good look of them, but now feeling was enough.* I like to think that I’m here just for you. I wish you would lean on me when you need to -before- you make me worry..? -06:17 May 04

Caroline: I had a Teacher once, yes. *Caroline gave a half grin.* Had he seen that spell, right this moment I would be getting the talk about recklessness.

Caroline: …but he had never known Gabriel or Evangeline. *Uurg, there was no way to get around reckless spell using with those two!*

Vlamerias: Reckless? Why? *Now she was wide-eyed with curiousity!*

Gabriel: *He really didn’t know what to say! On the one hand, it was still difficult for him to lean on someone the way Evangeline wanted him to lean on her. He was still … afraid that something would happen to her, that something would happen to him. On the other, he wanted to lean on her. All these memories had shown him how lonely he had been. This was the first time he had someone beside him. He looked away, trying to sort out the words.* -06:24 May 04

Caroline: Hmm. *How to answer a curious devil’s questions without causing concern… A teacher has to keep up appearances after all.* I wasn’t born a demon. A demon has an endless reserve of energy, human bodies do not.

Vlamerias: You were not born a demon! Oohh! I had no idea! So that spell took even more energy to cast than you made it seem! Eep!

Evangeline: *She took Gabriel’s hand to place against her cheek. It was hard to decide if she wanted to shake him for being stubborn, or kiss him for being so sweet!* You worry too much about what I can take. -06:32 May 04

Caroline: It may have been easier to cast if I were able to use reserve spells, yes. *Of which she never had time to conjure now. Caroline was low on marbles with her prefabricated spells. Between lessons and rescue missions, there wasn’t time to store energy!* But yes, I was human once.

Gabriel: Worry has gotten me this far, Evangeline. *He turned back to look at her.* I realize how strong you are, despite what life has thrown at you. -06:36 May 04
Evangeline: It’s gotten you this far and not in very good shape! *Oooh.. that was it! She was tying him to the bed again and not letting him leave! Evangeline released him so she could dig her scarves out of the dresser!* -06:39 May 04

Vlamerias: I know! It sounds like you need one of those–one of those–um, I forgot what the word is but Mommy says it’s something you take when you’re really tired and need to relax!

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He saw her digging into her drawers and stood. He knew what she was going to do! She’d tied him to the bed once before!* -06:40 May 04

Caroline: A vacation? *Caroline cast a wry grin!* What I need is the world to stop spinning for a few days. Or to leave your trouble-maker masters locked away where they won’t be requiring any assistance.

Evangeline: *It was going to take a lot of scarves. Last night he managed to get out before she even figured out how!* No Evangelining me again. When you go, you never ask for me when you need me. Then you’re tired and hurting! So, I’m going to keep you here until I deem you healthy enough to leave me. *She was already tying a scarf around one of his hands.* -06:44 May 04
Gabriel: If I gave my promise to remain by your side until you deem me healthy, will you put the scarves away? -06:47 May 04

Vlamerias: Oohh! *There was a thoughtful expression on her face! What would it take to make that happen …*

Evangeline: Are you going to share your burdens with me when they are too much for you? There are too many for you to take all at once like this. I can make it easier for you. -06:51 May 04

Caroline: …Vlamerias, you’re plotting. Leave my responsibilities to me, and continue doing what little devil familiars are supposed to do. *Heaven forbid that Vlamerias picked up Evangeline’s meddling habits. She would end up tied to train tracks somewhere, or shipped off to the Carribean in a crate.*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He had dealt with them once before. He could do it again. But Evangeline was offering him something, a gift. He could not refuse–especially since he knew, deep down inside, she was right. He went over to her side of the bed, then leaned forward to kiss her forehead.* You are insane. -06:55 May 04
Evangeline: It takes crazy people to do these sort of things. You promise, then? I won’t tie you up to keep you, if you promise. Maybe just for fun. *She grinned wide, sliding her arms around his waist.* -06:58 May 04
Gabriel: *He smiled then and kissed her long and deep. At this rate, he would have made so many promises to her, he would have to write them down!* -07:02 May 04

Dark: *Dark snickered at the look on Meri’s face as he sat down.*

Vlamerias: *She pouted!* Yes, Warrior Lady. Maybe just a little teeny-weeny break then? It’s not as long as a vacation!

Evangeline: *It did make her feel so much better knowing he was feeling better now… Enough to smile at her and kiss her until she was dizzy! Now if he’d be less stubborn!* -07:05 May 04
Gabriel: *He lifted his head, breaking the kiss to brush some hair out of her face.* You need a bath. You smell like ash and sulfur. -07:07 May 04

Caroline: I am finding it very hard to imagine what you might do to give me a small non-vacational break. Nothing that comes to mind seems safe. *She cast Dark a stare at his snickering. Apparently he didn’t realized, Vlamerias’ plots would involve him too!* Although it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to enjoy a date.

Evangeline: Then take a bath with me! A nice long one and then we can see about having dinner. *She was already seeing about getting his clothes off, until she was tapping her chin and wondering about those wings again!* -07:10 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri’s face let up!* A date! A date! You can definitely enjoy a date! You can even lock up that icky bat so he doesn’t get into trouble while you’re gone! And Dark can go with you and–!

Dark: *He blinked!* Ooohh no! Dark is not going anywhere! Dark is going to stay, take a nap, eat ice cream–

Gabriel: Yes, Seer. *He was still smiling but when she began to tap her chin, he glanced over his shoulder.* I have not had wings before. -07:13 May 04

Caroline: *What a devious smile Caroline had!* He’s too young for me, Vlamerias. I doubt he could handle a date with me and not pass out.

Dark: A date? I saw you take that old Professor out on a date. All you guys did was eat and drink at some fancy restaurant! How difficult could that be!

Evangeline: I like them, but they are not going to fit in the bath very easy. But they’re not very solid either, so it might not matter anyway… *She was still trying to plot it all out… but now she was thinking of him like a giant dragon taking a bath, which wasn’t helping things!* -07:16 May 04

Caroline: That was a nice evening out with friendly company, not a real date. …that old twit is not my type. *Caroline almost laughed. The Professor dated women like Evangeline.* I prefer the company of ..hmm… men with stronger personalities.

Vlamerias: *Meri looked concerned!* Maybe she’s right, Dark! Glaër and Mommy would not like it if you were harmed! You could not enjoy ice cream if you’re injured!

Dark: *Dark got suspicious when Caroline paused the way she did. But then any caution he might have had was thrown to the wind thanks to Meri’s words!* I would not get injured on a date, for crying out loud.

Caroline: … *THAT made her laugh! Vlamerias made dating sound dangerous! …and well… maybe it would be for Dark!*

Caroline: Your body perhaps not, but your pride and your ego… You can not handle lessons with me, you could not handle a date.

Gabriel: You should bath first. I will bath after you and deal with these wings. *He sat down on the bed. He couldn’t think of a reason why he would have them. They were made of shadow and darkness so perhaps they were remnants left from the others who had visited and died at the temple before.* -07:28 May 04

Dark: Lessons and dates are two different things. Evangeline said so.

Gabriel: *bathe -07:28 May 04
Evangeline: Taking a bath alone is not as much fun. *She stepped up to she could kiss his forehead.* You can deal with them in the bath? Or at least in there with me. -07:30 May 04
Gabriel: Indeed. *He followed her into the bathroom where it turned out trying to undress with wings (at least this pair) wasn’t hard at all. They really were made of shadow and darkness so clothes slipped right through them and they were fine..* -07:32 May 04

Caroline: That is true. They are worlds different. You at least have a chance in a fight. On a date… you would be hopeless. *Caroline should not be as amused by it as she was. It was almost tempting to do it just to scare him off the subject for awhile.*

Vlamerias: Yes. Mommy told me about some of the dates she and Glaër have had and the oddest things happen! Well, they sounded normal to me but apparently they are weird in terms of dates and such! *She quickly nodded.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline knelt to run the hot water… Make that cool water! That would feel so much better after a volcano! And some her scented bubbles. The Gabriel-Safe ones. It wouldn’t be good if he smelled like a girl.* Those ruins weren’t like any of the others, but they triggered memories anyway. I wonder how many other places like them there will be? -07:36 May 04

Dark: *He frowned at Caroline.* You’re just saying that to scare me. *He looked at Meri.* And … I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about but it won’t work. I still say I can handle a date.

Caroline: Are you even aware what most people go on dates FOR, Dark…? *Caroline leaned in her chair, resting her chin on her hand. More specifically what SHE went on dates for. Dark had no idea!*

Gabriel: I cannot begin to imagine. This time was different. The memories were vague. They had no connection to the Great King. *He watched her get the water ready and the bubbles.* -07:41 May 04

Dark: *There went those warning signals flashing in his head! Caroline was taking far too much interest in this topic! But Dark was nothing if not stubborn! He folded his arms!* They got out on dates to eat, and talk, and Evangeline said to get to know each other better and something about love. It’s basically the same thing for all dates.

Caroline: Evangeline has clearly not given you the talk about sex yet. I was so sure that she had…

Evangeline: You didn’t belong there and I don’t think it liked having you there either. *From her impression it was all light, and it didn’t like any sort of shadow or darkness at all. That was what Gabriel was made up of! She turned off the water when the tub was filled and fussed with tugging her clothes off.* -07:45 May 04

Dark: Yeah, well … Maybe I don’t want to know about sex. *He glared at Caroline sideways!*

Vlamerias: Bright Lady started to explain things to Dark but then he clapped his hands over his ears and started to sing! It was really nice of him to sing that song I asked him to!

Gabriel: There was a woman there. And a darkness unlike any other. *He remembered that much! And all the raw emotions!* -07:56 May 04
Gabriel: *So much hatred and anger and determination!* -07:56 May 04

Caroline: And if you cannot handle sex, then you can not handle a date! *Thus Caroline’s very smug grinning. Discussion won.* However, it would be nice to go out with someone. If I could find a babysitter…

Dark: I can go on a date and I can handle the talk about sex! *He growled!* Any day of the week, any time of day!

Vlamerias: *She blinked at Dark!* Eep!

Evangeline: Different than the elemental lady? That one was very strong by her own right. She is probably still there. *Evangeline stepped carefully in to the tub… this time making sure she hadn’t dropped there soap in there to avoid anymore slips!* -08:00 May 04

Caroline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A [i]real[/i] date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons.

Evangeline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A <i>real</i> date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons. -08:02 May 04

Caroline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A real date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons.

Dark: *He snorted.* I’ll see that bet. I last the entire date with you, I get to go out by myself without a curfew for as long as I want.

Caroline: Sweetling, if you can finish a date with me, you don’t need a curfew anymore. *Caroline finally shifted from her chair to stand. Though she was swaying a little on her feet, this was an opportunity far too amusing to pass up… or let him think twice about!* I am going to change my clothes. You can meet me at the park. …I suggest you ask for pre-date advice before you show up. *That wicked smirk again, before Caroline pricked her finger and was gone!*

Dark: …. *He blinked once, then twice.* Holy crap, I’m in trouble.

Vlamerias: *Meri patted him on the shoulder and tried not to giggle! That was one part of the date plan down! Now she had to find a babysitter for that cranky, stupid bat! She POOFED!*

Dark: *But first … pre date advice! He barged into Gabriel and Evangeline’s room and finally into the bathroom when they weren’t in bed!* Evangeline! Gabriel! I need pre-date advice! *Then he shielded his eyes and backed out of the bathroom!* Awh man!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, not in the least bit phased.* A date with whom. -08:17 May 04
Evangeline: *Usually Evangeline expected Meri to pop in to the bathroom with silly questions! Dark was a surprise! She leaned on the edge of the tub, blinking in confusion.* Did that girl from the lunch room finally bully you..? -08:17 May 04

Dark: *Eyes still closed! Hand still over eyes but he was in the bathroom doorway!* Um … Caroline.

Vlamerias: *Meri POOFED to the Warrior Lady’s motel room!* Warrior Lady! I found a babysitter for that cranky, old bat so you don’t have to worry about it during your date!

Caroline: *Caroline was getting ready for a shower!* Did you? I was kidding about the babysitting. …but I suppose keeping him out of my hair for the evening would be better. If he realizes it’s Dark he’ll be all puffed up.

Evangeline: Oooh! That’s wonderful! …um… it’s not a trap is it? Caroline has told me several times that I’m not allowed to match make and you’re too young, and don’t know what to do with women, and… *Wait, she better close her mouth before she babbles out anything that will bother him during the night!* Um, what sort of advice? -08:22 May 04

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful for a moment about whether the babysitter was really necessary! But then she shook her head to clear her mind! Yes, getting that babysitter was necessary!* I know you wouldn’t like it if something happened to him so yes, yes, I did! I think you’ve met her before! She’s the human witch who works at the Oracle library! Um, she looks like … this! *And then she POOFED into a woman of average height, long black hair and eyeglasses wearing a knee-length skirt and blouse, carrying books! She quickly POOFED back!* She says she’s there all night and having someone to talk to would be rather nice! And she loves animals!

Dark: Well, um … Anything you think would be helpful. Caroline says she’s into men with strong personalities, whatever the hell that means. And then she mentioned that my pride is going to get hurt. Does that usually happen in dates?

Caroline: We will see if she loves animals after spending an evening with Alistair. *Caroline clapped her hands twice, casting a summoning. Alistair appeared and dropped to the floor!* I have a… task you.

Vlamerias: *Meri opened her mouth to suggest drugging the stupid flying hairball but closed it when Caroline summoned him! She certainly couldn’t suggest that now!*

“Aaarrgh, you ill-timed wench! I was having a drink with a pixie and about to get a kiss!” The bat flapped up until he was seated on a lampshade. “You look like death. Off on more adventures then, with the dark lord and his mistress?”

Gabriel: If you are going on a date with Caroline, you will need to have the talk of sex with Evangeline you continue to evade. If you do not, your pride will be the least of your worries. -08:30 May 04

Dark: *At those words, he opened his eyes and glared at Gabriel, making sure his eyes stayed on his face!* … What did you do, plot this out with Caroline and Meri? Look, I doubt it’s going to lead to sex. Caroline’s my teacher for crying out loud! Isn’t that against the ethic code or something!

Evangeline: Oh, don’t say that. You might scare him to death, Gabriel. *The fact Caroline had agreed to a date still seemed like a trap… Caroline enjoyed the company of others, and Dark wouldn’t even sit still for talking about it!* Well… um… Caroline does not normally go out just to have dinner and see movies… -08:33 May 04

Dark: You mean this date thing could actually lead to sex with Caroline?!

Caroline: Thank you for your concern. *Sarcastic as her tone was, she grinned anyway.* There is a woman at the Oracle Library that needs company this evening. Would you do me the favor of staying there with her tonight? I will be busy.

Gabriel: *He looked at Evangeline. A sudden date with Caroline seemed suspicious and it piqued his curiousity about what they had talked about while he and Evangeline were away.* -08:36 May 04
Evangeline: Oh no! No, no, I don’t think Caroline would take advantage of you! You wouldn’t even know what you’re doing, I don’t think she likes that… *Which… really made her wonder!* But if it does, would you know what to do..? -08:37 May 04

“A woman, eh?” That had Alistair’s interests. Enough where he was now preening. “Is she a pretty one?”

Dark: … Alistair keeps mentioning it but he doesn’t make any sense. *He muttered.* So um, could you tell me what goes on about sex and stuff?

Evangeline: *How to explain this to Dark… The subject of sex wasn’t embarassing to her, so long as they were speaking about her and Gabriel. But it took some delicacy to not scare someone when he was about to go on a date!* If the date goes really well, it might start with kissing! And touching and… bother. I might need a book to show you. -08:41 May 04

Dark: *He raised an eybrow.* … You have a sex book lying around here?

Caroline: She is very attractive. A very nice young women. I suggest you head over there now. *Of course, she’s leaving out the bit about her being a witch!*

“Ha! Then I shall take on this task as terrible as it might be!” He sprayed some breath freshener in his mouth before he was making a mad leaping flap right out the window. He couldn’t wait to leave!

Vlamerias: *She waited until Alistair was gone!* So the cranky bat doesn’t like witches?

Evangeline: Not really… which is why we might need one. *Evangeline was tapping her chin again, contemplating.* Caroline is aggressive, but she is a lady! She is always so different when she goes out with men compared to teaching lessons… -08:46 May 04

Caroline: No. A witch cast the curse on him. He isn’t too fond of witches. *With a smirk, Caroline prepared for her shower.* By the time he realizes it, he’ll be too busy fighting with her to care anymore.

Dark: I don’t know. I have this sneaking suspicion she’s going to rough me up just to give me a taste of my own medicine or something. *And he didn’t like the way she’d said he wouldn’t need a curfew if he lasted an entire date with her.*

Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Okay! See you later, Warrior Lady! *And then she was gone!*

Evangeline: Rough you up…? *Oh dear! Those were some interesting images playing out in her head! But then, Dark was so much like Gabriel, it was easier to image Caroline and Gabriel and then she would just get huffy.* … well in any case…! A date is a date, and if it’s not a lesson you’ll have to behave like it’s a real date too! -08:50 May 04
Gabriel: You may be tempted to do many things but you must remember your date comes first. You must be considerate and be willing to try new things. You never know what you like until you try it. -08:53 May 04
Evangeline: And don’t think of her as your teacher, because that will be awkward! Tonight you are just Dark and she is just Caroline. And you’re going out for a nice evening together! -08:56 May 04

Dark: *Dark was nodding, commiting these words to memory.* Right… Got it …

Evangeline: And… you should pester her before she starts pesting you. I think she might be wicked and attempt to scare you, and you shouldn’t let her do it. *Evangeline was so tempted to go and sneak and be sure the date went okay, but… somethings Dark did have to learn on his own!* -09:00 May 04

Dark: Pester her? But why do I do that? *He was thoughtful.* You mean, like holding her hand and stuff?

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled.* Not what I meant about pestering, but that IS a good thing to do on dates. It was my favorite part when going out with Gabriel. -09:05 May 04
Gabriel: Above all, keep calm. A date is ultimately to have fun. If sex should come into the equation, keep in mind it’s best left between two people who have a genuine desire for it. Caroline knows you better than most. She may scare you but she will understand you are not ready for it. -09:07 May 04
Evangeline: That should be safe enough advice… now you just have to get dressed and go! You should dress nice in something really cute! -09:12 May 04

Vlamerias: Dark should take a shower! So he’s all fresh and clean! He can use the one in my room! *Meri said from outside the bedroom!* I’ll find him a great outfit, Mommy!

Dark: Thanks Evangeline. Thanks Gabriel. yeah, I should get ready. *He turned and walked out!*

Gabriel: … It woud seem my devil familiar has learned the craft of meddling with others’ affairs. *He turned back from watching Dark walk away to look at Evangeline.* -09:14 May 04
Evangeline: I feel as if I’m sending my child off to get his heart broken for the first time! *She didn’t acknowledge about the meddling… Meri was a good girl!* I trust him with Caroline and I wouldn’t think it bad if it were a real date… but… it’s a little strange. -09:17 May 04
Gabriel: It is sudden. *He was moving for the bath tub and slowly stepping inside, still wondering what to do about the wings.* -09:19 May 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline shifted to make room for him… unable to help herself from poking at his wings again.* Though I wonder how you are able to give such good advice for dating… -09:21 May 04
Gabriel: We have been dates a number of times. *He replied, raising an eyebrow when she poked the wings. He felt no pressure from them at all, no pain. They were just … there.* -09:23 May 04
Gabriel: *on -09:23 May 04
Evangeline: You had never kissed someone before when you kissed me for the first time, yet that was a very good first kiss. *They weren’t solid wings, so they wouldn’t need any washing. But it was fun to mess with them! They would make a nice umbrella around them!* -09:26 May 04
Gabriel: I told you. Humans enjoy kissing. *The wings lifted and spread, meaning he had a little control over what they did.* -09:34 May 04
Evangeline: But how does one learn without trying it first? *He probably looked very intimidating even in the bathtub. It had her grinning. For now, though, she would get him clean and see where he learned all of this stuff!* -09:36 May 04

Dark: I don’t know about this, Meri … *He was in the shower and Meri had had the foresight to get some ‘manly products’ from some of the guys at Oracle! Like Old Spice and shaving cream and an electric shaver!*

Vlamerias: You’ll do great, Dark! *She was fussing, trying to find some clothes of his she’d gotten from the motel room while visiting the Warrior Lady!* Just remember the advice you got!

Gabriel: I watched. However, Monique gave me pointers on how to kiss. She called it ‘tips on how to kiss the right woman right.’ She was confident I would need the knowledge one day. -09:40 May 04

Caroline: *Caroline had already stepped out of the shower and finished drying her hair. Out from under the bed, she drug out a large case. The thing was getting dusty. Since she’d taken up teaching Dark and guarding Evangeline, there hadn’t been much time for more pleasant activities. She opened it up! Now… to find a dress that’d make any man faint!*

Evangeline: Monique Loncrae-Grey, the witch that called you Kitten? *Evangeline had loved the stories in that diary. Though Ms Grey was disturbed, everyone else thought it was amazing. …Of course, that brought up some OTHER thoughts.* … Did you watch everything? -09:42 May 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* You will have to specify what you mean by ‘everything.’ There were many times I was absent. -09:45 May 04

Dark: *It took him several minutes but he was done and getting dry!* So … this wardrobe thing … How does it go?

Evangeline: *Now she was hoping her face wouldn’t turn red, but for the sake of curiosity, she did want to know!* well. I mean, you learned kissing by watching. …did you learn to make love too? -09:46 May 04

Vlamerias: Basically I find you something awesome and cute to wear! Something you don’t normally wear but something that’s not too fancy! You want to make sure your date knows you got dressed up for her!

Gabriel: Yes. Monique found it amusing. Or rather she found the fact Grey was frustrated by me watching amusing. No matter her reasons, she believed it important that I know these things. -09:53 May 04

Dark: *Dark walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist to find some clothes lying on Meri’s bed! He looked it over.* These?

Evangeline: I suppose she thought you would meet someone special some day! What else have you learned by spying on humans? *She was getting the shampoo after his hair now.* -09:57 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled and nodded.* Hmm hmm! I’ll let you get ready! *Then she had flown out of the room and closed the door behind her!*

Gabriel: Humans romanticize everything. *He replied, folding those wings behind him to make it a bit easier for her.* And what have you learned now that you are an immortal married to a vampire? -09:59 May 04
Evangeline: I have learned that you will always surprise me! It’s nice to not know what’s coming. *She kissed his cheek quickly before continuing with his hair.* -10:02 May 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly and leaned forward to kiss her long and deep again.* -10:13 May 04
Evangeline: *She responded with giggles between kisses as she pulled him down to rinse his hair! And to think he would have missed bath time had he not come home with her!* -10:17 May 04
Gabriel: Yes. I see the error of my ways in not taking more baths. *He replied, breaking the kiss so she could rinse his hair.* -10:23 May 04

Dark: *A few minutes later, Dark was looking at himself in the full-length mirror in Meri’s room!* Um … I don’t know …

Vlamerias: *Meri took this to mean he was done and flew inside! Then she giggled!* It’s perfect!

Caroline: *Meanwhile, Caroline took getting ready for a date very seriously. Low black heels so she wouldn’t stand taller than him. A slinky navy blue dress with a swishy skirt at the knees and a silver belt around her waist. For once she left her hair down. No barrets, no clips, no twists. Just a little bit of fussing to get her bangs out of her face. Caroline checked the time before she was stepping out the door and looking smug!*

Vlamerias: Hm. We just have to do your hair … *She pulled out a bottle of hair gel, coated some on one hand, threw the bottle over her shoulder where it landed on her bed, and flew over to Dark! It took a minute or two but she had his hair coated with gel and it was nice and combed!* Yay, done! Um … Now we’re just missing … Ooh, a flower! *She wiggled her fingers and a small bouquet of purple heather appeared in Dark’s hand!*

Dark: … What?

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* It’s the Warrior Lady’s favorite flower! She told me herself! *Although in retrospect, Caroline probably hadn’t realized under what circumstance Meri would use the little tidbit of knowledge!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had Gabriel’s hair all rinsed, then she was handing him one of her shampoo bottles and turning around so he could wash hers.* I have thought of tying you to the tub before, but that never quite worked out in my head… -10:47 May 04
Gabriel: *Gabriel took the shampoo bottle, poured some on her hair and began to lather it into her scalp. He took the opportunity to plant kisses on her neck and back when her hair was out of the way.* -10:52 May 04

Caroline: *No more magic, spells, or monsters. Caroline was intent on saving her energy and enjoying herself, even if by the end of the evening she’d be laughing at her fleeing date. She walked to the park, waiting at a tree and at least attempting to not think of evil things to do.*

Vlamerias: Okay! So … she’s at the park and she’s waiting! Are you ready? I can poof you there and you two can start the date! *She was giddy with excitement! Is this what her Mommy felt like when she helped people out?*

Dark: *Dark took several deep breaths. He’d even brushed his teeth thanks to Meri bringing that with her when she returned! He nodded.* Yeah, I’m ready. *Or as ready as he’d ever be!*

Dark: *his toothbrush

Evangeline: *With Gabriel washing her hair, and being distracting, she was at least trying to use the soap on them both where she could reach. Still, it was nice to just lean against him since he was so nice and warm!* -11:08 May 04
Gabriel: *He was nibbling on her neck, nipping at her gently without drawing blood. Then he lifted his head so he could rinse her hair from the shampoo.* You smell good enough to eat. *He murmured, lowering his head to her ear so he could nibble on her earlobe. His hands rested on her hips.* -11:11 May 04
Evangeline: *She laughed softly.* That is compliment from a vampire. Do you think we should have eaten dinner before having a bath? *It was always so nice with his voice in her ear… she might tie him up and keep him just for that!* -11:18 May 04
Gabriel: You are a tease, Evangeline. *He kissed her ear and slipped his fingers through hers.* -11:21 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled!* Yay! Good luck, Dark! Have fun! *She wiggled her fingers and he POOFED!*

Dark: *He found himself in the park. He approached Caroline and offered her the flowers.* ‘Evening, Caroline. You look … wow. *He blinked.*

Caroline: I assume ‘wow’ is good? *Caroline was going to smirk, but she hadn’t expect him to show up with flowers, and certainly not heather! There was a perculiar look on her face when she took them and smelled.*

Evangeline: I am not even teasing yet! *Taking his hands, she pulled his arms around her. Now she was thinking of ways she might tease!* -11:28 May 04

Dark: *Dark snickered.* Believe me, it beats the reactions I get on a regular basis. “Oh my God, it’s the Carnatelli!” “Eekk! Vampire!” … But that’s life. So yes, wow is very good. It’s awfully quiet. *He looked around.* Did you tie that flying rat up, gag him and throw him into a locker somewhere?

Gabriel: Then you are a master at teasing, teasing without even meaning to. *He kissed her cheek, rubbed his cheek against hers.* -11:32 May 04

Caroline: I thought it was better not to have him around sharing his unique brand of wisdom. *She really did love heather. …for this she wouldn’t tormet him so badly. Caroline gave a wide smile.* Have you considered where you will take me?

Dark: Heh. Thanks. He’d never let me hear the end of it. Well, I doubt the bowling alley or arcade is a place to take a date to. *He searched in his pockets.* How about … Broadway? They’re showing West Side Story.

Caroline: *He WAS trying hard! Must have gotten that pre-date advice! She was just going to have to remind herself that she’s his date and not his keeper!* Actually, that does sound amusing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a live musical. …Iiif, you can manage to stay awake? *A cheeky grin!*

Evangeline: If I am the master teaser, what does that make you? *Evangeline was trying to think of something clever, but it was nicer getting to touch his skin. * I suppose we should get out of the bath. -11:45 May 04
Gabriel: Your ever willing servant and husband. *He murmured.* And then dinner? I believe I owe you a meal. -11:46 May 04

Dark: Eh … I should give all musicals a try. Not just pre-judge ’em, right?

Clip-clop! Clip-clop! Clip-clop! A carriage and white horse approached!

Caroline: …And you are Dark and not bodyswitched with some poor idiot from Oracle?

Dark: Pre-dating advice. You never know what you like until you try it. *He gave a small shrug. He spotted the carriage and driver!* Um, be right back. *He was probably nuts for this but hell, it was a date. He stopped the driver and talked to him!*

Evangeline: Dinner would be divine. Then we can snuggle on the sofa and I can spend the evening teasing you until you growl at me. *Having him growling was fun too… and she was careful not to get the angry grolwing. Only the frustrated kind that was usually followed by her giggling!* -11:52 May 04

Caroline: *How unsettling. If he wasn’t going to behave like she expected him to, that complicated her original ideas. Now she was just plain curious!* ..what did I get myself in to.

Gabriel: I cannot imagine snuggling on the sofa with anyone else. *He kissed her one more time and then stood to step out of the bath and get the towels! He glanced at the wings. Water ran off of them as if the wings were waterproof!* -11:57 May 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline rinsed her hair once more before letting the water drain and stepping herself out of the tub. She made sure to ring her hair over the tub so she wouldn’t get water everywhere.* I can imagine you snuggling with others… but I don’t think I like it. Not even with that, um.. what’s his name, Duchess? He talked about getting snuggles with you and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or lock him in a closet. -12:00 May 05
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I do not snuggle. I did not snuggle until I began snuggling with you. -12:04 May 05

Dark: *Dark jogged back to Caroline and threw a thumb over his shoulder to the driver and horse approaching.* So, we got a ride to the edge of the park. Ready to go?

Caroline: *How old fashioned, and damned if she wasn’t amused by it. Caroline offered him a smile before taking his arm (offered or not!) to meet the carriage.* Now I think it’s appropriate that we discuss each other.

Dark: *He wasn’t expecting her to take his arm but when she reached out, he quickly offered it!* Um, like favorite color and stuff? *He opened the carriage door for her (he remembered that much from Evangeline’s lessons) and then stepped in after her! Soon after that, the carriage began to move!*

Evangeline: Which means you do snuggle now, and could be stolen by a husband stealing deviant. *Gabriel she trusted… but a woman… or in the case, man, wanted to steal someone’s husband they’d try a lot of things. And now she had gotten herself jealous for no reason. She had been doing that so often after marrying Gabriel! Strange!* -12:11 May 05
Gabriel: *Gabriel took her hands and lifted them to his lips to kiss the knuckles.* Yes but I snuggle only with you, Evangeline. You are my life and my soul. You keep the balance and I would have it no other way. -12:14 May 05

Caroline: And stuff, yes. *Seated comfortably in the carriage, she kept his arm. There was that temptation to lean and flirt, and had it been with a serious date she would have. But… she was going to at least try not to terrorize him too soon since he was making an effort.* Blue is my favorite color, and by coincidence heather is my favorite flower. They grow natural in Norway.

Evangeline: I was scowling again, wasn’t I? *She would have to stop, or one day she might be as crazy as Ms. Grey! She leaned on her toes to kiss his cheek before she took one of the towels.* I love you! -12:17 May 05
Gabriel: *He smiled at her.* Just a bit. *He dried his body off and then headed into the bedroom to get dressed!* -12:37 May 05

Dark: *He was thoughtful for a bit.* Orange is my favorite color. I don’t know, I always figured it was a weird color for a vampire to like. I don’t have a favorite flower but I do have a favorite plant. Cactus. You know, because they look different but they’re really tough, surviving out in the desert.

Caroline: I think you should meet more vampires. You would be surprised at how normal you are compared to many. *What to talk about with him? She was so used to continuous lessons, or lecturing him about lessons, and when they weren’t talking about lessons, she was teasing him so he’d start singing, or trying to get Alistair to stop yapping about her private life.* You asked Evangeline for your pre-date advice?

Evangeline: *Evangeline had wrapped herself with the towel and was combing through her hair.* I would still like something Russian for dinner. Are you going to need something to eat? I don’t want to let you out of my reach. -12:46 May 05

Dark: *That got her a sheepish grin!* Um … yeah. Her and … Gabriel, believe it or not. I barged into the bathroom while they were taking a bath. They uh, took that better than I’d have figured. *He shrugged a bit.* I guess they’re used to Meri interrupting them a lot.

Gabriel: I will have a little of what you’re having. I will get the pelmeni and some Moscow ponchiki. Would you like salad as well? -12:52 May 05

Caroline: You are still alive, so I imagine that must not have bothered them at all… *Caroline would expect Gabriel to shoot anyone on sight for seeing Evangeline naked. Apparently ‘family’ did not count.* …Aside from occasionally being disturbing, they are a good example. *..and she was teaching again. She tilted her head back against the seat!* I have to admit, I am out of habit for dating.

Gabriel: *Dark slowly leaned back and relaxed a little.* Hey, at least you have experience with this. It’s still one of those unknown ‘frontier’ types for me … But it was kind of awkward asking them for pre-dating advice ’cause it was like seeing your parents naked. Not something I’d like to repeat. -12:59 May 05

Dark: *Dark slowly leaned back and relaxed a little.* Hey, at least you have experience with this. It’s still one of those unknown ‘frontier’ types for me … But it was kind of awkward asking them for pre-dating advice ’cause it was like seeing your parents naked. Not something I’d like to repeat.

Evangeline: Hmm.. yes! A salad would be nice… and you are sure you won’t need anything? Because a wife that smells good enough to eat would not mind making sure a husband can stay. *With her hair combed, she stepped out to find himself some nice comfy pajamas to wear.* -01:00 May 05
Gabriel: *He wore a black t-shirt and pants but was barefoot.* I have some bottled blood in the fridge. *He kissed her forehead.* I would rather not run the risk of devouring you whole. *Always a tempting idea though!* -01:02 May 05

Caroline: I believe that is a right of passage… seeing your parents naked at some point in time. I was tramatized for a few weeks after seeing mine. *That was one of those memories that burned in to your brain no matter how old you were. It was probably true for everyone!*

Dark: Wow, so that’s true no matter what country you live in. Go figure. I guess if worst comes to worst, I can try writing a book about it. That seems to be what everyone does.

Evangeline: I guess that means no nibbling at all, either! *And s