010 The Daughter’s Return

Gabriel, Evangeline and Lily appear at Shades and asks the secretary to tell Ciara Grey that Gabriel is there to see her. Ciara says she’ll be right down and Leon comes along. Upon reaching the bottom floor, Ciara is floored to see her daughter. All grown up, but obviously her daughter! Evangeline introduces her werepuppy to Leon while Ciara clings to her awkward feeling Lily. Gabriel makes his usual mysterious disappearance. Ciara invites Evangeline and her pup upstairs to have lunch with them (mostly because she’s once again suspicious and a little jealous about a possible Leon puppy!).

Ciara and Lily sit down to chat while lunch is being made. Lily questions Ciara about her marrying and slaying vampires. Ciara says it’s complicated. When Ciara asks Lily what happened to her, she’s spared from answering because lunch is ready. Sitting down to a normal lunch with her mother and guests feels very awkward to Lily, despite Evangeline’s efforts to keep her distracted and Leon’s charming conversation. After lunch Lily wants to take a nap, but alone. She snaps at Ciara about Anthony Carnatelli and walks out. Evangeline stops Ciara before she follows, and tells her to call someone to watch her. Ciara calls up Oracle and orders them to send the best hunter they have before her daughter steps foot outside of the hotel. Ciara turns to Leon for comfort!

  1. Ciara leans towards the extreme in wanting to be near her daughter and keep her safe. But she refuses to stop what she’s doing with Anthony.
  2. Lily can’t keep her emotion under control.

Gabriel, Lily, Evangeline, and Brutus appeared in an alley behind Shades!

Evangeline: …I didn’t even have a chance to hit them. Someone needs to take over that place and just… fix that mess. -07:28 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked as if in agreement!

Lily: *She only blinked and now they were… this looked kind of familiar. She wanted to scream about translocating but… this was her mothers hotel! She should be happy to be here, but she was dreading it!*

Gabriel: *Led the way into Shades through the back and stopped by Ms Grey’s assistant’s desk right before her office!* I have urgent news for Ms Grey. Tell her, Gabriel is here to see her. -07:30 Jul 14

The assistant could only gawk at him. Before she knew it, she was calling Ms Grey on the comm-link. “Ms Grey. You have a visitor named Gabriel. He says its urgent.”

Ciara: *Ciara was going to tell them to go to hell. It was way too late for- … Gabriel was it? That made a difference!* I’ll be right downstairs.

Evangeline: *Evangeline handed Lily another piece of chocolate!* Don’t panic. It’s okay to breathe. -07:34 Jul 14

Lily: *Don’t panic and breathe. She ate the piece of chocolate even though she was pretty sure that was the woman’s way of trying to keep her placated.*

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus! He wanted chocolate, too!

Leon: Huh? Did I hear someone say something about Gabriel? Can I come, Cissy?

Ciara: *Sliding on her shoes, rolling her eyes at Leon.* Why not. Maybe he’ll leave and take you with him. *She was already stepping in to the elevator!*

Leon: *Fake pout!* I feel the love! *But he rushed up after her and slipped in!* It’d be nice to see Gabriel when my life isn’t in danger.

Evangeline: *Evangeline handed Gabriel a piece of chocolate before she was crouching on the floor and giving one to Brutus!* -07:38 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus gobbled that chocolate up! And then he was jumping all over Evangeline, slobbering wet kisses all over her!

Ciara: If he’s here just to complain about Anthony Carnatelli, I’m shooting you both. I just wanted to warn you.

Gabriel: *Took the chocolate and then glanced around as if he was going to get rid of it somewhere. He ate it while they waited.* -07:40 Jul 14

Leon: Hey! I can complain about Anthony Carnatelli all I want, thank you very much! After all, he nearly throttled me to death!

Ciara: How about you kiss him, and we’ll talk about what’s worse? *She flashed him a wicked grin as the elevator opened on the bottom floor and she head down the hall!*

Leon: Ha ha ha ha! Very funny! *He muttered. As if she had to go reminding him about kissing him and all! It was all she could talk about when she got home from that boat ride!*

Ciara: *Ciara entered the back offices, first catching sight of… That guy who was the were target at the cafe? Interesting!* So you’re the… infamous… Gabriel. *She stopped dead silent! It couldn’t be, but those pretty eyes..!* That’s… my daughter.

Leon: *Followed after Cissy! He grinned when he saw Evangeline.* Ms Clark! Back so soon?

Lily: So I am. *Mommy! She looked tired, but just the same! Lily realized she still had that gun and those stones of the crazylady’s in her hands, so she slowly hid them behind her back.*

Evangeline: I found myself a dog after all. *Speaking of which, Evangeline scooped up Brutus and eased on out of the way! Leon would love to see her puppy!* -07:51 Jul 14

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus went, tail wagging and tongue hanging out!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* A werepup! He’s absolutely adorable! Where’d you find him? *He reached out and scratched him behind the ears.*

Ciara: *…Forget awkward moments, Ciara moved across the room to pull her daughter in to her arms! This was her baby!* Lily, I was so scared for you…

Lily: *At first she stiffened! But slowly she pulled her arms from behind her back to wrap them around her mommy, burying her face in her shirt, and delighting in the familiar smell of her perfume.* I’m so sorry!

Evangeline: He slobbered all over me in the park. I tried to find his mother, but I was nearly devoured by an entire werewolf pack. -07:58 Jul 14

Leon: Wow! You two sure had quite a day, didn’t you, fella? *He grinned.* I wish my fur was this soft. *He finally realized something and looked around.* Where’d Gabriel go? I forgot to thank him for rescuing me again.

Ciara: Don’t be sorry. Don’t ever be sorry. *She pulled back to look at her face.* You’re practically an adult now… *Ciara glanced back at Leon. Gabriel was gone… but for the moment, she really didn’t care!* Why don’t we go upstairs. Ms. Clark can tell us about her wolf.

“Arf! Arf!” panted Brutus!

Lily: … who is he? *Lily motioned a finger to point at Leon. At least it wasn’t the gun.*

Leon: You’re so cute! *He told Brutus!* Ms Clark, whatever happened to you leaving on that flight of yours?

Evangeline: *Invited by Ms. Grey herself. Evangeline was all smiles. ..Where’s her suitcase?! Oh thank goodness, there it was! Having to hunt down Gabriel just for her stuff back would have been awkward.* A witch attacked the airport and all the flights were cancelled. So I tried to take a train to the next city but it had to be evacuated for some weird reason or another. But I suppose it’s all for the better, as I found Brutus and Miss Lily is returned! -08:08 Jul 14

Ciara: *Ciara wouldn’t have been upset if she DID point that gun at Leon.* Leon Santos. He’s… well I suppose he’s living with us. I thought I’d make a rug out of him…

Lily: …he’s the cooties boy? *Lily remembers the cooties boy. Mommy would only bring him up every single summer.*

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus, tail wagging and tongue hanging out! He was loving the attention and he gave Evangeline a lot of wet sloppy kisses!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* That’s me. *He glanced at Cissy, mildly surprised.* Wow, Cissy. You told Lily about me? -02:40 Jul 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline easily turned the pup around in the other direction so he could bathe someone else!* -02:40 Jul 15

Ciara: Only to complain about how much you tormented me. Why is there some loose werepup, anyway? Did you knock some girl up?

Evangeline: You know, I didn’t think to ask about the puppies father at all. I wonder if I should… -02:42 Jul 15

Leon: *Blinked!* What! Me? I’d like to remind you about the countless other male weres out there. I’ve never seen this little guy before!

Brutus found himself facing in the other direction but he didn’t mind! He barked. “Arf! Arf!”

Leon: Did you find out anything about his mother? -02:44 Jul 15

Ciara: You wouldn’t of had to see him before if youlove them and leave them. *She gave Leon a dirty look, already leading Lily down the hall for the elevator!*

Leon: I don’t love ’em and leave ’em. *He reached out and scratched Brutus behind the ears while he walked beside Evangeline to the elevator.* -02:45 Jul 15
Evangeline: Oh yes, a very nice were queen said he didn’t belong here and had no clan. So I’m going to keep him! I needed a dog anyway. *Evangeline made sure to pull her suitcase behind her.* -02:45 Jul 15
Leon: Here! Let me help you with that. *He gently took her suitcase away from her.* The poor guy. I think I can relate, though. I don’t belong to a pack either. -02:47 Jul 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* Of course you belong to a pack you have- Ah… um. You know, Brutus is starving, can we feed him too? -02:48 Jul 15

Ciara: I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if youhad that pup with Ms. Clark, you were so quick to invite her over before. *She wasn’t going to hiss.*

Lily: *This was going to take some getting used to. Suddenly family and… normalness.* …You sound jealous. Is Leon your boyfriend?

Leon: Ms Clark is a very lovely woman but I never met her before that lunch invitation. I invited her over because we need some positive company around more often. -02:49 Jul 15

“Arf! Arf!”

Ciara: I am not jealous. There’s nothing to be jealous of.

Leon: You starving, fella? *He grinned at Brutus.* Well, I’m sure I could share a few steaks with you. But I bet you can pack away quite a bit of food. -02:55 Jul 15
Evangeline: Positive company is a must these days! Did you know, Lily, that just smiling at someone, even a stranger and they’re almost certain to smile back? It gives people warm fuzzy feelings. -02:56 Jul 15

Lily: *Ms. Clark, that was her name.. Well Ms. Clark was still the crazylady, but Lily did want to smile. Her mother was never ruffled!* That sounds… ridiculous. Are you for real?

Leon: Cissy is different. Everytime I smile at her, she scowls and threatens to turn me into a rug. *He remarked lightly, almost as if it was a joke.* -03:01 Jul 15

Ciara: That’s because you give that wolfy smile, and it means you’re up to something. *At the top floor she leads out of teh elevator in to the suite!* There’s a bit of new furniture, some of which is Leon’s fault… but I haven’t touched a thing in your room. Would you like to see?

Lily: *Lily shook her head slowly.* I don’t… really want to yet. I think I’ll stay out here.

Leon: What’s wrong with my wolfy smile? *In the elevator he flashed a wolfish grin at himself, looking at his reflection.* Hm. *He finally shook his head.* I don’t see it. Hey, how about we make some lunch and eat it on the balcony? -03:06 Jul 15
Evangeline: As long as Brutus doesn’t think he can fly! -03:10 Jul 15

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked. Of course one couldn’t be sure if he was barking for the sheer joy of barking or if he was trying to say something.

Ciara: We’ll just send Leon after him. Leon will make us something to eat, come sit down with me until it’s ready. We can talk about what we can do now that you’re home! *Ciara pulled Lily to the sofa and sat her down before sitting beside her!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline picked up the pup and dropped him in to Lily’s lap!* Take care of him, and I’ll help Leon in the kitchen! *She was already escaping before anyone said otherwise!* -03:15 Jul 15
Leon: I love it when she volunteers me to do things. *He flashed a wolfish grin to show he was joking.* One fantastic lunch for four–*A glance at Brutus.* Excuse me, five, coming right up. *He headed for the kitchen, right after Evangeline.* -03:16 Jul 15

Brutus had had enough of barking and licking! He actually lay down in Lily’s lap and then put his head down.

Leon: *Chuckled softly once they were in the kitchen.* So, Ms Clark, is there a reason for you volunteering or is it just my animal magnetism? *Wolfish grin!* -03:17 Jul 15

Lily: *There was a furry thing in her lap! And… it was really hard to resist petting it! So she gave up and pet the puppy, eyeing her mother carefully!* I’m not really sure what to do… But I have some questions.

Evangeline: Ms. Grey needs to talk to Miss Grey and I have a horrible habit of blabbing things. So I think it might be safer in here! -03:22 Jul 15

Brutus did enjoy the petting! He could get to like this! He lifted his head for a bit just to yawn and then put it back down.

Leon: *A not-so wolfish grin!* Ah, I see. I understand what you mean, though. So, what do you think we should make today? Simple sandwiches or something a bit more … thoughtful? *He was already digging into the fridge.* -03:24 Jul 15

Ciara: You can ask me anything you want. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot you’d like to know. *Alright… maybe she can’t keep ignoring the puppy. She was petting it too.*

Evangeline: Make her anything and she’ll adore it. If I were her, I’d even eat snails I’d be so happy for something else. *Evangeline found a stool and had a seat. It wasn’t a good idea for her to help in the actual cooking part.* -03:27 Jul 15

Lily: Right. … Did you marry a vampire?

Leon: *Soft chuckle.* Well, I was never one for snails. Let’s see … *He pulled out some pieces of grilled boneless chicken, some Romanian lettuce, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Then he brought out some steaks and a few other things besides.* Alright. So steaks for me and the pup. Some kind of salad. And maybe two more dishes just to keep things interesting. -03:31 Jul 15

Ciara: *Ciara coughed! Leaning back, she tried to seem… anything but guilty. She sort of thought those question would come later…* I did. Three times. But do we really want to talk about that now? There’s plenty of other things…

Lily: Yes, we do. You’re dating Anthony Carnatelli now, aren’t you?

Ciara: I… how would you know that? Baby, it’s not for fun. Believe me, I would be more than happy to slaughter him the next time I see him. It’s complicated.

Lily: Complicated. *She repeated, obviously not buying a word she said.* Because you were looking for me? I’m here now, you’re going to stop, right?

Leon: We had a bit of Italian the last time, I think. We should have some other type of food. Let’s see … Oh! How about some hamburger and french fries? But with the hamburger we’ll um … use pineapples and … teriyaki sauce! For the french fries … Maybe some mustard and mayo. You can’t really add on to french fries. -03:50 Jul 15
Evangeline: Sounds delicious! You know, i only get the really tasty food at resteraunts. Everytime I try to cook for myself I end up setting things on fire. -03:52 Jul 15

Ciara: It’s hard to stop something once you’ve started… That man is dangerous and he needs to be… taken care of.

Leon: *Pulled out the necessary ingredients and got to cooking! He put the french fries in the oven with just a dash of salt. Then he started on the steaks and the hamburgers!* My dad was the same way. So we ate out a lot. -03:55 Jul 15

Lily: Someone else can do it. If he’s like- …You’ll get hurt, mama. I just got here, I don’t want you to go.

Ciara: I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t we talk about something else. Do you still like piano or violin..?

Evangeline: It was nice spending that summer with Ms. Grey though, wasn’t it! You know, I didn’t spend a lot of time with my parents, they thought I was a little scary! -04:09 Jul 15
Leon: *Chuckles softly.* Yeah. Yeah, it was. *He paused in the middle of flipping over a burger.* That’s no excuse. You’re their daughter. They didn’t stick you in some mental institution, did they? -04:13 Jul 15

Lily: *Lily let it go. For now… Surely he mother would stop now.* I don’t know. I haven’t really done anything… for awhile. Do you still play?

Evangeline: Oh no! Nothing like that. But I did spend a lot of time in private boarding schools. I loved the uniforms, they were always so cute. -04:19 Jul 15
Leon: Oohh … Okay. *Flip! Flip another burger! And then another! Oh, and the steaks, too! Can’t forget those!* The important part is that you found something to enjoy about it. -04:21 Jul 15

Ciara: Work, more work… and Leon. He’s chaos wrapped up in a man’s body.

Lily: And you let him live here? That makes a whole lot of sense. *Lily was getting comfortable. Sitting back on the sofa, and cuddling the puppy!*

Evangeline: When you see all the dark and scary things about the world, you find a lot of appreciation in the little things. *Evangeline grinned, tapping her hands on the counter.* Wouldn’t it be nice if you could help Ms. Grey see that? -04:29 Jul 15

Brutus was awake now but the only sign was his tail wagging as he was cuddled!

Leon: *Blinked as he kept his eyes on the food!* Sure it would … With Lily back, maybe that will help things. Cissy is pretty stubborn though. *He chuckled softly.* I know from personal experience. -04:31 Jul 15

Ciara: He needed somewhere to stay… And maybe he isn’t so bad a majority of the time. He still fights with Angus though.

Lily: The gnome? You’re not still playing pretend games, are you?

Ciara: *Ciara eyed her carefully.* I distinctly remember you arguing with Angus all the time yourself.

Leon: Finally! *He said as he finished the hamburgers and the steaks! He soaked the hamburgers in some teriyaki sauce and a pan and put the steaks in a plate. Then he cut up the pineapples and put them on the side. Next he began doing the salad.* -04:47 Jul 15
Evangeline: Ms. Grey will need someone to lean on. She won’t know what to do when Lily backs away. -04:48 Jul 15
Leon: Backs away …? What do you mean? *He looked up, confused.* I know they need some time to get used to each other again but … what is it that Lily isn’t telling Cissy? -04:51 Jul 15

Lily: Little girls always have imaginary friends. It’d be silly to do that stuff now.

Evangeline: Oh. Um… Stuff. I can’t tell you. But Lily is really strong, even stronger than Ms. Grey! So she’ll be okay, she’ll just… ah… Well, Ms. Grey won’t understand a girl needs space. -04:53 Jul 15

Ciara: *Ciara opened her mouth- and quickly shut it. It dawned on her, that she was about to chide Lily for the very thing she was doing herself.. But… She didn’t flat out deny they all existed, she just ignored them!* Lily… what happened? Where were you?

Leon: *Soft sigh!* Well, Cissy is a mom. Moms do that. Anyways, let’s get this food out. *Finished the salad and everything else! He poked his head outside.* Lunch is ready. What does everyone want to drink? -04:56 Jul 15

Lily: *Saved by lunch! Lily very deliberately didn’t answer the question!* I’d like chocolate milk, please!

Leon: *Blinked! Immediate wolfish grin!* Finally! Someone who appreciates wholesome chocolate milk! *He disappeared and reappeared awhile later with a cloth in hand.* Damn, I forgot to clean the balcony table of dust and crap before I bring the food out … *He disappeared again and reappeared a few minutes later with a dirty cloth, only to disappear into the kitchen again.* -05:00 Jul 15

Ciara: *Ciara took the pup from Lily’s hands to carry under her arm as she led them out to the balcony. It was a perfect place for lunch, large, beautiful and the view was fantastic! …Now why didn’t Lily answer he question!*

Brutus was not a light puppy but at least he knew enough to stay still! He was wide awake now, tail wagging!

Leon: *Brought out the placemats, utensils, and the napkins the first time! The second time, he came back with the food and drinks.* -05:10 Jul 15
Evangeline: Leon is a wondeful cook! I can’t wait to eat, what about you, Lily? *Evangeline dropped in to a chair!* -05:11 Jul 15

Lily: *Lily took a seat slowly, greatful for Evangeline’s distraction.* I’m starving. I was wondering, what was the puppy’s name again?

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus found himself on the ground but he didn’t mind. He stretched and began to jump!

Evangeline: Brutus! Isn’t that a manly name? I thought maybe if people heard my dog’s name was Brutus, they’d be too scared to attack me. That seems to happen a lot in this city. -05:17 Jul 15
Leon: *Phew!* I hope everyone enjoys the food. So, we have french fries, hamburgers with teriyaki sauce, pineapples are optional. We also have grilled chicken salad with tomatoes and mushrooms with either ranch or thousand island dressing. -05:22 Jul 15

Ciara: *Ciara sat down, finding herself grinning at Leon!* Showing off now, aren’t you?

Leon: *Caught by surprise, the grin he flashed was more sheepish than wolfish.* It’s a special occassion. And … I might have wanted to try something different today. -05:26 Jul 15

Lily: *Already stealing fries to eat and pushing a plate in to Evangeline’s hands, she wasn’t shy about trying the food! In fact, food had to be the best part of being free!*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus jumped up on everyone!

Leon: Hey there. I didn’t forget about you. *He took out a paper plate and put some steaks on it. Then he put the plate on the ground.* Here. That is yours. -05:28 Jul 15

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus suddenly lost interest in everyone and started on the steaks!

Evangeline: *This was wonderful! It’s too bad Gabriel didn’t stay, he would have benefitted from this too! She was trying to fix her hamburger, but ended up having Lily help before she peppered something that was supposed to be salted or worse. Perhaps she was exagerating her need for help just a little to keep Lily distracted!* -05:31 Jul 15

Ciara: *That woman was painfully obvious. But for once, she wasn’t going to point it out.* It’s surprisingly good. I thought you might’ve only knew how to make steak.

Leon: Heh heh. I get that a lot. But eventually you pick up a few things. -05:39 Jul 15

Lily: *She didn’t talk, she was too busy eating between helping Evangeline not make a huge mess. She was doing this on purpose! Evangeline was blind, not stupid! But Lily didn’t complain, she’d just roll her eyes handing things to her and making sure to devour anything that was in the vicinity of her plate!*

Ciara: If I weren’t afraid of you eating everything in the kitchens, you could be a chef there.

Leon: *Chuckled softly.* I’m glad you think so, Cissy. Um, about being a chef and all. *He was already halfway through the pile of steaks he’d made for himself.* -05:48 Jul 15
Evangeline: I’ve always wanted to be in a circus. *It wasn’t a completely random declaration, they were talking about jobs after all!* Or in a band. but then I found out I couldn’t sing at all. …Don’t you sing, Lily? -05:53 Jul 15

Lily: *Lily paused, mid pineapple!* …I used to…?

Leon: Nothing like singing–except howling. That’s a ton of fun. -05:58 Jul 15

Ciara: Hmm… Except when you’re doing it off the balcony when I’m trying to sleep.

Lily: *Lily choked on her drink, snickering…! Leon does that?!*

Leon: Heh heh. *Wolfish grin this time.* I can’t help it if the balcony is the best place to howl. There aren’t a lot of places made for howling here, you know. -06:00 Jul 15

Ciara: *Smiling… genuine smiling, even! If he daughter can laugh, she could smile.* It’s making those rumors that I keep wolves as security dogs worse.

Leon: You have to admit it’s kept most of the guests behaving. Dogs are one thing but wolves are quite another. Isn’t that right, Brutus? *He grinned down at the pup chewing on a bone.* -06:08 Jul 15
Evangeline: *If Evangeline ate anymore, she was going to have to let Brutus roll her out. She tilted her head, seeming to stare off in to space for a moment. There was something important…* -06:08 Jul 15

Brutus paused in the middle of his bone-chewing. “Arf! Arf!”

Lily: *Lily grinned at Leon!* So I figured out you’re a werewolf too. Does that mean you can get all furry like Brutus?

Leon: *Scratches his head.* Well, like Brutus, yeah. But I can’t use that half-human, half-wolf forms the other weres can. No clue why. -06:10 Jul 15

Lily: Because you’re not actually a real were, right? Cause Mama would have said so with that “Stupid werewolf cooties” like she does about… other stuff. *She had to remind herself those happy fairy tale creatures weren’t real.*

Ciara: Or talked about his tail. He still hasn’t shown me, and he spends a great deal of time bragging about it.

Leon: It is a very nice and fluffy tail. Almost as soft as Brutus’ fur here. And I would show you sometime but you’re always running off having business meetings and what not. -06:18 Jul 15

Ciara: Oh, I see. You want to be wined and dined before showing it off? *A wicked teasing smile!*

Leon: *Looked almost offended!* Now you’re just teasing me. -06:22 Jul 15

Ciara: I am. But if you want me to take you out, I can if you’ll show me your tail.

Lily: *This was… cute but disgusting.* I’m kind of tired and I haven’t slept well in ages. Can I take a nap in your room, mama? You could flirt with Leon all you want then.

Leon: Really? *He blinked and was thoughtful for a moment.* You won’t pull it or anything, will you? *He grew silent when Lily mentioned wanting to take a nap.* -06:25 Jul 15

“Arf! Arft!” Brutus got up and pawed at Evangeline’s hand!

Ciara: *She tried not to look evil at the thought of pulling his tail, but did turn to look at Lily!* Do you want me to sleep with you? I really wouldn’t mind.

Evangeline: *Evangeline patted the pup on the head gentle, a bit distracted, but politely remaining quiet. Somethings needed no meddling from her!* -06:27 Jul 15

Lily: *Lily thought about it for a moment, then smiled!* And miss out on a day with Leon? I’ll be fine by myself.

Ciara: I’ve no intentions of running off a leaving you alone, no matter how soft and fluffy his tail is. I can stay here with you.

Leon: *Decided this would be a good time to start cleaning up! He did just that and escaped into the kitchen with the dishes!* -06:32 Jul 15

Lily: Would you feel better if you called me a babysitter? *It was hard to tell if she were joking or being sarcastic!*

Ciara: Baby, you’ve been missing for years and I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Lily: *Lily stood up slowly, pushing her chair back.* You say that, and yet you couldn’t tell me you’d stop seeing Anthony Carnatelli.

Evangeline: *…Evangeline very slowly snuck out of her chair and moved to the door. She can’t meddle, but they make it so hard! She put a hand over her own mouth!* -06:37 Jul 15

Ciara: That’s not fair. I told you my reasons, Lily. We’ll go take a nap, and talk about it later.

Lily: …I don’t care about your reasons! You’re pretty much a vampire’s whore and no one should ever have to do that!

Brutus watched Evangeline go and was quick to follow!

Ciara: *Ciara blinked, stunned!* Lily, what happened while you were-

Lily: You know what, it was a mistake to come home. *She turned away quickly, brushing past Evangeline.*

Ciara: Wait! *She was out of her chair quickly, to catch her daughter by the arm.* You can’t leave, it’s not safe!

Lily: Don’t! *She pulled her arm free, and took a step back.* You can lecture me about being safe when you stop screwing around with a Carnatelli! I’m going. *She cast a crossed look between hurt and disgust at Ciara before heading for the elevator.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to snag Ciara’s shirt before she went after her daughter.* Let her go. You’ll make it worse… Maybe if you call someone. -06:50 Jul 15

Ciara: But she’s-… christ. *Ciara fumbled quickly for her phone, and dialed Oracle’s number. Why the hell can’t she go after her own damned daughter? How could that make it worse?! She spoke as soon as someone answered!* This is Ciara Grey. You’re going to send a hunter here to shadow my daughter before she steps a foot out of my hotel. A good hunter. The best one you have, or I’m going to show up there personaly and strangle every last one of you.

And that is how … minutes later, Conrad M. Wolfe was standing in his superior’s office being briefed on some last minute assignment concerning Ms Ciara Grey’s daughter … all while yawning after having just taken a nap!

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled, taking the phone from Ms. Grey once she was done threatening those dummies at Oracle.* See, she’ll be okay now. You don’t have to worry. When she calms down, she’ll come home. I promise. -06:59 Jul 15

Ciara: You promise. And I’m supposed to just take your word for it. *Ciara snatched her phone back to march to the kitchen!* Leon!

Leon: *Poked his head out of the kitchen!* Yes? -07:04 Jul 15

Ciara: She left me. …And that damned woman won’t let me follow her! I have a right to follow my own daughter! She’s a baby and shouldn’t be alone, and I know damned well there’s something she’s not telling me, and I know it’s bad, something really bad. *She set the phone down on the counter quickly before she decided to throw it. She wasn’t going to cry either, she was just going to stay angry!*

Evangeline: …Come on, Brutus! We’re going to get us a room, they don’t need us right now. *Evangeline pulled a postit pad out of her pocket with a red marker, drawing a heart on it before sticking it on the table. She fetched her suitcase and dragged it along as she headed out!* -07:08 Jul 15

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus quickly followed!

Leon: *Came out of the kitchen, drying his hands on a dish towel.* Lily will tell you when she’s ready. You’ll have to trust her. Same with her coming back. The important part is, she knows she has a place to come back to. -07:12 Jul 15

Ciara: So what if something happens to her and I’m not there to do something about it? I called Oracle but… but they’re all a bunch of screwups!

Leon: Even Oracle has to have at least one competent, skilled hunter there. If you demanded the best, they’ll send the best. But if you want, you could call them and demand to know who they sent exactly. -07:21 Jul 15

Ciara: What is that supposed to do! I’ll just have the name of the first person I’m going to murder if something happens to my daughter! *She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. Damnit…! She didn’t want to cry!*

Leon: Knowledge is power, Cissy. You’ll feel a lot better once you get the person’s credentials. *It was just too bad the Oracle didn’t have someone as good as Gabriel! He stepped closer.* Cissy … It’s alright to cry, you know. I cried a lot when I left. -07:25 Jul 15

Ciara: No it’s not. I’m her mother, I can’t. I have to kill vampires, and bully hunters, and do motherly things.

Leon: You’re her mother … but you’re still human. We all need to cry. You’ll feel better when you do. -07:29 Jul 15

Ciara: You don’t know anything. You’re just- you’re just a wolf with cooties. *Ciara thought about it before she stepped forward quickly to hug him and press her face to his shirt. She wasn’t going to cry, but if it would make him feel better..!*

Leon: *Smiled slightly and figured it was safe to hug her back. If it wasn’t … she could always pull his tail later. He just held her.* I remember doing this before. Remember how Billy Ray broke through your castle and started to stomp all over it? -07:36 Jul 15

Ciara: *She didn’t sniffle. It was most certainly allergies.* And pushed me in the moat when I hit him with the sword…

Leon: Yeah. You got him right in the butt. And then I jumped on him and you tackled him from behind. -07:40 Jul 15

Ciara: Then he cracked me with his elbow and knocked out my last baby tooth… You were really mad when I started crying…

Leon: *Blinked!* Wow, I guess I was. *Soft chuckle.* And then I charged him and bit him and punched him for all I was worth. You called me a wolf. -07:44 Jul 15

Ciara: *She smiled in to his shirt, a half sniffle.* There were teeth marks on his arm… I thought you might bite me too, you looked so mad.

Leon: Awh … I could never bite you. I was pretty mad, though. I can’t remember how we got Billy Ray to fix all the stuff he’d damaged and apologize to you. -07:53 Jul 15

Ciara: I’m sure he was afraid to say no after you beat the daylights out of him. *She looked and frowned at him.* You distracted me.

Leon: I could never have done it if you weren’t there. He was twice my size, after all. *Tilted his head slightly at her.* Did it work? -07:58 Jul 15

Ciara: If I say yes, are you going to give me that awful wolfy smile?

Leon: *Slight smile.* You know what, I think I can spare you the wolfish grin today. -08:02 Jul 15

Ciara: My hero. *She rest her forehead against his chest again. Because he needed the comfort, of course.*

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