011 Rescue and Proposal

Leon has been guarding over Evangeline and Gabriel for near three days while Evangeline tried to piece his mind together. Gabriel wakes up confused and angry (at himself). He takes Evangeline to a “safe place”. Ciara gets pissed off at Leon for putting himself in needlessly dangerous situations. She finally admits that she loves him and she’s afraid that they might not get their happy life if they don’t do something about it NOW. A marriage proposal!

[Leon was taking his guard duty very seriously!] -08:30 May 20
[Evangeline had been unconscious for nearly three days, sitting on the edge of Gabriel\’s bed with her arms and head rest over his chest. You would think waking up would be easy!] -08:31 May 20

Once again there were doctors showing up trying to get in that room. This time they brought armed guards! “Enough is enough! You have to stand aside!”

Leon: *He was lying on the empty bed next to Gabriel’s which was closer to the door! Anyone who wanted to enter had to pass by him first! He was lying on his stomach with his head closer to the door and his feet next to the pillows! And he was chewing on a rather large bone!* Back off, Doc. This bone only goes so far to sate my appetite. *A wolfish grin where he bared his teeth!* But if you want to dance, let’s go! *He was instantly on his feet and tossing the bone over his shoulder to land on the bed!* And you can be the one to explain to Cissy why–*He counted!*–four of her doctors, a dozen of her guards are all MIA. -08:34 May 20

Being the third day in a row they’ve tried to do something about the Carnatelli and his Seer, this time they just couldn’t let Leon bully them! “N-Now, Mr. Santos, it’s been days already. At this rate, you’re going to be guarding corpses! …Carl, go inside and fetch Ms. Clark!”

Carl was twice the size of Leon and armed to the teeth. And he looked horrified at the idea! “…Uh, me? Are you sure…? Can’t we just…. Wait?”

The head doctor GLARED, pointing his finger for those hunters to enter the room! It was their DUTY!

Leon: Patience is a virtue and impatience … will get me very pissed. *He growled.* Anyone who takes a step into this door will substitute their arm and a few more body parts for my bone over here. *He was rolling up his sleeves and getting into fighting stance!* -08:40 May 20

A nurse scurried to one of the doctors’ sides! She wants to know what to tell Ms Grey who is on the phone and looking for “her wolf”! And they all know who she’s talking about!

Man. This job sucked. Carl pulled his guns along with a couple of the hunters, they kept them pointed at Leon.

The Doctor coughed! “Tell Ms. Grey that Mr. Santos will there soon enough! …You better leave, Mr. Santos!”

Leon: *He growled and bared his teeth.* You leave first. I’m not taking a step out of this room. *He snapped at Carl and the other hunters!* -08:44 May 20

The nurse nodded and quickly scurried away to tell Ms Grey!

“Mr. Santos, we’re all really going to regret this, but it’s a doctors duty!” he explained, signalling those hunters to storm in a restrain Leon!

No one wanted to be Leon’s new bone, but… they stormed in guns and all! Pushing in to the room and TRYING to grab ahold of him with some cuffs! If not… someone was going to have to fire the tranq guns!

… Someone’s cell phone suddenly started to ring! It was an odd ringtone, too! Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf”!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Looks like I brought the music for our little dance after all. *He answered his phone and side-stepped to the door, tripped the first hunter that came through!* Hey Cissy. What’s up? *He was fighting off the hunters while he seemed to be distracted!* -08:50 May 20

Ciara: What the hell are you doing. You said “I’ll be back soon.” and it’s been DAYS. Forever. I am NOT saving dinner for you anymore! *Ciara was sitting at her desk, rather annoyed! What were those noises?*

Leon: Um, yeah … about that. *He ducked, clotheslined someone by slamming his arm into the hunters’ stomach, stood up to grab his hair and pull him down to slam a knee into his face! The hunter stumbled back! He grabbed the wrist of a hunter with cuffs and sent him sailing into the wall with a THUD!* I meant to come back to you real soon. But these doctors are being a pain in the ass. I think you’re paying them way too much. *He winced!* Sorry, Carl. You have health insurance, right? -08:54 May 20
Evangeline: *Do you trust me…? Just take my hand… He did. That was all she needed. Drawing back to consciousness was much harder than she anticipated. She was so tired! How long had it been? Evangeline shifted, trying to lift a hand to rub her eyes! It was noisy in here!* -08:55 May 20

Gabriel: *He might have taken her hand … but he still hadn’t stirred!*

While Leon was distracted with a good dozen of Oracle’s finest hunters, those doctors managed to weasel their way inside! One was snatching up Evangeline quickly, while another was checking on Gabriel’s vitals. The intention was to make sure the Carnatelli never woke up again!

Gabriel: *As soon as that hunter touched Evangeline, Gabriel’s arm shot up to grab the hunter’s wrist and TWIST until Evangeline was released! Lips pulled back to reveal the fangs and dark gray eyes opened and flashed red in warning!*

Ciara: Why are you in th- ….Damnit! You’re doing another favor for Evangeline, aren’t you! Can’t she do her own crazy stunts without you getting involved too! I swear to god, I’m to ki- *The phone cut off. Sounded like Ciara hung up on him!*

Leon: *Wolfish grin as he flipped the phone closed, stuck it back into his pocket!* I am in so much trouble! *He didn’t sound very upset about it! He turned to see the doctors by Gabriel and bolted toward Evangeline!* -08:59 May 20

No one know if they should open fire, let go of Evangeline or just run away screaming and hope they didn’t die! They opted for NOT letting her loose, as no one knew for sure whether or not the vampire was still evil! “Uh…! There is no reason to panic! We’re just putting her in another room! …Someone shoot him!”

Evangeline: …don’t! *But it wasn’t clear if she were shouting at the hunters, doctors, or at Gabriel! She did poke the doctor in the eyes until she dropped back to the bed and could throw her arms around Gabriel’s neck!* -09:04 May 20
Leon: Whoa whoa whoa! *He stopped and stood between Gabriel and the hunters, holding up his hands! He didn’t know if Gabriel was evil or not but he was going to trust Evangeline on this one!* Everyone, calm down. -09:05 May 20

Gabriel: *He was already on his feet and he looked pissed enough to kill! (If looks could kill, they’d probably all be dead by now!) They’d made sure he didn’t have any weapons when he came in but he suddenly had those fingertip claws on one hand and his gun in the other! He was still glaring at them when Evangeline threw her arms around his neck!*

It was a little late for calming down! It was hard for people to forget the carnage that came out of Gabriel those few months, and everyone was sure Evangeline had simply gone mad with grief! Leon or not, they were ready to shoot everyone just to get rid of Gabriel!

Leon: *He turned his head slightly to the side after gulping!* Uh … Evangeline … tell me you uh, did what you went in there to uh, do. -09:09 May 20

Ciara: ENOUGH! *Ciara shouted appearing in the doorway, looking only a smidge less angry than Gabriel. This was not the kind of scene she wanted to walk down to, and those morons were pointing guns at HER wolf.* Put your god damned guns down, and answer his question, Evangeline.

Leon: *An instant wolfish-sheepish grin directed at Ciara! Yeah, "trouble" was definitely an understatement for what he was in for once she got sometime alone with him!* -09:12 May 20
Evangeline: *There was far too much going on… and she was tired! She was barely able to keep her focus on clinging to Gabriel! Instead of answering Ms. Grey, she mumbled to Gabriel.* Did you come home with me…? -09:12 May 20

Gabriel: *He broke away from glaring to look down at Evangeline and the glare softened. It was subtle but it was there, that self-control reining in the anger. It took nearly several moments, however, but he finally looked calm enough not to start killing everyone in this room.* … For all the good and all the evil, I have done.

Ciara: Wonderful. No someone can spread the joyous news that Evangeline is some kind of miracle working goddess. …THAT WASN’T A JOKE. GET OUT. *Ciara stepped aside, pointing a finger for the door, staring down every damned one of those hunters and doctors and daring them to disobey!* …and send a NURSE to take care of Evangeline.

No one thought it was a joke! They scrambled out like rabbits! This WAS news. All of Oracle would hear about it by morning!

Evangeline: *It worked! It worked, it worked! Had she not been putting all of her energy to just holding on to him, she’d be dancing with joy! Instead she was giving way to relieved sniffling!* -09:22 May 20

Ciara: *For all of her anger, and all of the trouble thier entire twisted ordeal had been… It was touching. And not something someone should be privvy to.* …Come with me, wolf. You are in so much trouble, not even a fluffy tail will save you now.

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Yes, ma’am. *He turned to Evangeline and Gabriel. It was always a relief to find you wouldn’t be full of lead after all! He squeezed Evangeline’s shoulder.* Great work, Evangeline. *He released her shoulder and nodded to Gabriel.* Good luck. *And then he headed outside with Ciara!* Cissy, I’m real sorry about everything. Really. Really, really sorry. -09:32 May 20

Gabriel: *He watched them leave. He wouldn’t have hesitated to kill anyone who had taken a chance and fired on him. He wouldn’t have died but still … Despite what had happened, he was still warring against the evil inclinations he possessed. Somewhere, that human side of him resided, but it was still buried under those months under Mother’s control.*

Ciara: I was fine when SHE wanted to go on her suicidal quest of hunting him down and all… But YOU! Trigger happy hunters and mad a vampire! You’re an idiot! *Out of the room and down the hall, she finally stopped to turn around and sock him in the shoulder!*

Leon: *He stopped when she did, avoiding walking into her.* Ow! *He winced and rubbed his shoulder.* I know but … that’s what friends are for. She deserved a chance. No one else in Oracle would have. A few months of evil doesn’t erase the good Gabriel did. -09:36 May 20
Evangeline: Can we… sit down..? *Taking the risk of losening her grip so she could brush a hand against his cheek… She almost regretted having to wake up and return to the dark. Getting to actually see the expressions of his face had been so worth it despite thing other things she had to see!* -09:37 May 20

Ciara: He’ll make up for it. No doubt for the next five hundred years. But there would have been no making up for killing you. *She blinked… putting on the sudden haughty look!* Only I’M allowed to kill you, and frankly I just might!

Gabriel: *He looked at her face.* … Here? *He didn’t like the idea. Oracle was no longer a safe place for him. Nowhere was safe. He would either be hunted because of the good he’d done or because of the evil. The only safe places would be the ones he’d set up but he’d have to move those as well.*

Leon: *He blinked and gave her a pout!* But you love me, Cissy! Fluffy tail, adorable eyes, the charming grin. That’s only a few traits to name a few! -09:41 May 20
Evangeline: Here is safe. *All of those emotions mixed up and jumpled, hes as well as his… Evangeline clung to what she knew as fact!* Here is safe. -09:45 May 20

Ciara: Yes, stupid! *Ciara hit him again, that haughty look fading back to anger again!* All of Oracle could get shot up, just so long as you’re not anyway! Don’t! *Smack!* You! *Swat!* Have! *Hit!* Any! *Smack!* Sense! *Shove! ..on the bright side, she wasn’t giving him a REAL beating!*

Gabriel: *But that wasn’t enough for him. He trusted her. She was the only one he felt he could trust. Especially with Valravn gone. It was just … He was too paranoid, too suspicious. No one in Oracle owed him anything and that time under Mother’s control was still fresh in their minds.*

Leon: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ouch! Ow! *He was able to soften the blow of being shoved, by catching himself before he staggered into the wall!* I’ll make it up to you, Cissy! I swear! -09:55 May 20
Evangeline: *There was so much hurt… but there was still hope and light! It would only take time for him to heal! And though she may not have said the words out loud, she still smiled as she brushed her fingers against his cheek.* It will be fine… -09:59 May 20

Ciara: How! You can’t if you’re dead! *She nearly gave him a good kick before she restrained herself.* There’s nearly nothing in the world that means more to me than you, so if you’re going to join secret crazy Evangeline-gabriel adventures without telling me and takng me I’m gonna… I’m just… Ugh! *Ciara stomped down the hall again…! Didn’t he understand how easy it was to loose someone and how it could happen again..!*

Leon: Cissy! *She was really pissed! He ran after her and slowed down when he was beside her.* You know I wouldn’t do something like that, put myself in danger, unless absolutely necessary. *He barred her way and his tone switched, a serious one, a worried one.* Ciara, I love you. You know that. But when I found out what happened, I couldn’t just stand by. I owed Gabriel for what he did for my mother and for sparing my grandmother. But the debt is done. I’m all yours. -10:18 May 20

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes as she brushed her fingers against his cheek. She knew him better than anyone else. But still … instinct told him not to rest here. “For all the good and all the evil, I have done,” he’d said. But right now, all he could think of was the evil.*

Ciara: *Ciara stopped and her scowling might have softened just a bit.* I’m not a total heartless bitch. I have no problem with helping them. *She pointed behind her down the hall back towards the room.* What if that was us. It could have been us.

Leon: I know. Which is one of the reasons I couldn’t just turn away. I know you’re not a heartless bitch, Cissy. I know that better than anyone. But … you’re in charge of Oracle. You have lives who depend on you. You couldn’t get tangled in Evangeline or Gabriel’s problems without endangering lives. I know it was stupid of me but I could help them in a low key capacity. -10:31 May 20
Evangeline: Can’t we rest for a little while…? Worry tomorrow? *She left her other hand to brush against his cheek, a gentle urging towards bed!* -10:32 May 20

Gabriel: *She had no idea how much he wanted to do that, to rest here and not have to fear for his life or hers. But he couldn’t. He would have to face reality.* … Not here. *He replied. It was amazing and a little alarming how soothing her touch was. He had been somewhere very lonely, very dark for what felt like centuries. And his time as a human? It had been brief but he had still been isolated, still lost. The villagers had meant well but for all their acceptance, they had not really cared about him. Only Evangeline, the woman he’d hurt most of all. And yet she still touched him and smiled at him as if he was the hero she believed he was.*

Ciara: That’s not entiely what I meant. *Ciara couldn’t find the words she needed to explain and the frustration was only giving her the thought to sock him and shove him out the nearest window.* What if something happens to one of us before you and I… nevermind. *Ciara sighed, pushing him to move.* I’ll worry about it later.

Leon: *He was still following after her.* Come on, Cissy. We can worry about it together. I can even give you some inspiration. Let’s see … before you and I … get married? Have kids? Throw your parents into some retirement home? -10:45 May 20
Evangeline: Then we can go somewhere else. To Shades? *They could be on the moon for all she cared! All she wanted was to be with him and feel him, where they were didn’t matter.* -10:46 May 20

Ciara: *Ciara stopped suddenly, looking rather stiff before her body relaxed.* …That is the worst proposal I have ever heard.

Gabriel: *He shook his head. Shades was only slightly better than Oracle at this point. No, he couldn’t risk there either. His gun and claws gone, he wrapped his arm around her waist. One arm remained free in case he needed to fight. It was reflex. One moment they were at Oracle and the next, they were elsewhere. It was definitely nowhere Evangeline had ever been but Gabriel’s familiar wards were there, stronger than any other place he’d taken her to. He stepped back, picked her up, without a word, and placed her on a hammock. At first it was chilly but there was the sound of a fire going after Gabriel left her side.*

Leon: *He blinked.* … Which one? -10:52 May 20

Ciara: *Tilting her head back to look at the ceiling, she almost smirked.* Marriage proposal, stupid wolf. But seeing as you are a wolf and have no sense, I might forgive you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline fought that sudden sense of alarm when he left her side and she lost that physical contact… It was so hard not to hop up and cling to him again, but she had to refrain. …tilting, she wasn’t quite sure she could climb out of the hammock without falling on her face at the moment, either.* Gabriel..? -10:59 May 20
Leon: *A wolfish grin!* You have to admit, life is never boring with me around, Cissy. -11:03 May 20

Gabriel: …Here. *He ran his hand along the hammock, covered her hand with his.* I do not see the sense in lying in a net.

Ciara: *Turning around slowly, she gave him an impassive, questioning look.* Were you just playing?

Leon: *He blinked.* You mean about those proposals? -11:08 May 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline could probably explain how fun hammocks could be, but she was far to relieved to feel contact again. She hesitated a moment before curling her free hand over his arm to keep him. …and fought the urge to tug him down!* It’s alright if you sleep with me. -11:11 May 20

Ciara: *Briefly looking exasperated and then scowling, she huffed!* Yes. Were you playing or were you serious..?

Gabriel: *He grew silent as he watched her there. He couldn’t understand. How could he crave someone’s touch, someone’s company so much? He was a four hundred year old vampire. He’d dealt with betrayal, loneliness, sacrifice. And yet … He closed his eyes at her words. They meant so much to him. She meant so much to him. But for her safety, he would have to give her up.*

Leon: *He was tempted to but he didn’t give in to the urge to flash her a wolfish grin! No, she had asked a serious question and he wanted to give her a serious answer.* Marriage to you, children with you, there’s nothing I want more in this life or the next. As for throwing your parents into a retirement home … *He couldn’t help it. He cracked that wolfish grin.* Just say the word and I’ll throw them into the retirement home myself. -12:03 May 21
Evangeline: Don’t think so much, please. *Evangeline tugged his arm gently. There was a feeling she didn’t like, like he was withdrawing even though he was standing right here. And she didn’t want him to go anywhere just yet!* -12:08 May 21

Ciara: *Wolfy smile and all. It didn’t matter that she had already know, and likely known since the dawn of time… but it was different to hear it out loud and serious.* …then we should. No more time wasting. I don’t.. want to end up like so many tragedies and miss out on something good. *Ha…! Hearing herself say it outloud was different too. But after the Gate and Gabriel’s madness, she just… wanted her chance before it was too late!*

Gabriel: *He studied her lying there and decided he would give her up later. He would be selfish this once and enjoy having her with him. No, the hammock had been a bad idea. It had actually been … He stopped that thought there and looked at the fireplace. He had never been one for luxury so this cabin was void of much except the fireplace, the hammock, a couple of high-backed leather chairs, some food storage, and a large bear rug. He suddenly picked her up and placed her on the rug, then left to get the pillows from the hammock so she would be comfortable.*

Leon: *That wolfish grin grew larger.* Yes. Could you give me a little while to find a ring for you …? I want this to be special. -12:19 May 21
Evangeline: *Moved and released again… it was too much for her resolve! The moment he was in reach again, she snagged a hold of him and it’d take knives to pry her off! She refused to let go!* -12:25 May 21

Ciara: *Ciara actually looked surprised, eying him questioningly for a moment.* …the last time you went looking for a ring for me, you were lost in the attic for five hours…

Leon: *A wolfish grin! He remembered that day well!* Well … It might take me a little longer than five hours to find the right ring. You can … come with me if you want. -12:30 May 21

Gabriel: *Even he had to smile.* Forgive me. *He said softly, although what he was apologizing for was anyone’s guess. He moved to his knees and then lay on his side beside her.*

Ciara: And watch you bare your teeth at poor jewelrys? Not a chance. *Ciara moved to wrap her arms around his waist and smirked!* You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, while I plan a real wedding where the guests are not-… Actually I suppose the guests are still going to be faeries, witches, and dragons… But now there’s going to be vampires and wolves too. We might just be mad.

Leon: *He smiled.* I was just going to bare my teeth at them. I wasn’t really going to bite them. You don’t know where they’ve been. *His smile grew wider at what she said and he cupped her cheek before he planted a kiss on her lips.* Insanity is just one of the perks. -12:38 May 21
Evangeline: *Having him sit and stay, she threw an arm over him to keep him there…. still considering if a leg should help! She brushed a hand over his mouth.* Always forgiven. -12:42 May 21

Ciara: *Ciara supposed there would be plenty of other perks as well, as she grinned! It was like a weight being lifted, not worrying about pretenses and just… being together!* Keep in mind, I’ll bite you if you get out of line.

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* As a wolf I can appreciate a nibble now and then. *To demonstrate, he lowered his head to her neck and nuzzled the spot where her pulse beat strongest. Then he nipped her lightly.* -01:07 May 21

Gabriel: *He took the hand she brushed over his mouth and kissed the palm. Here, it was peaceful. Safe. For this brief moment of time, he would forget about the rest of the world, and most importantly, his sins.* As a human, I stood a better chance of being with you. But it was as a human I was farthest away from you.

Ciara: *To her credit she didn’t yelp, but she did jump and promptly gave him her best scowl… as obviously fake as it was!* Good wolves don’t bite. *…That was a lot harder to say with a straight face than she thought it would be.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled, leaning to tuck her head under his chin.* I was going to stay there. ..even though you didn’t remember me. I thought I would leave, but… I couldn’t. -01:15 May 21
Leon: *He blinked innocently and then there was that wolfish grin again.* I’m not a good wolf, Ciara. You know that. I behave from time to time but that doesn’t make me good. -01:15 May 21

Gabriel: *He went silent, thoughtful for a few moments as he pulled her a little closer, if only so he could feel her warm body, the beat of her heart.* Being a human was not for me. I realize that now.

Ciara: I don’t think you want to be a bad wolf, cooties. You know what I do to bad wolves! *Oh the wicked grin she gave! Flashing her teeth even! One doesn’t babysit werepups and deal with clans without picking up nice ferocious habits!*

Leon: *That wolfish grin didn’t falter.* Should make for one hell of a honeymoon, methinks. *He took her hand and kissed her knuckles.* Or do we get to start early? -01:24 May 21
Evangeline: It was just a piece of you. I do like you better whole… *Whole and like this! With his arms around her in toe curling comfort!* -01:27 May 21

Ciara: I seem to recall telling you I wouldn’t take advantage of an innocent wolf… But since you’re a bad one, I think exceptions can be made. *Flirting with Leon for real… this was very fun! More fun that anyone else, that’s for sure!*

Leon: *He released her hand and pulled her even closer with a soft growl.* The Big Bad Wolf’s come to town but I know for a fact, this Sexy Red Riding Hood is going to give him a run for his fluffy tail. -01:33 May 21

Gabriel: *How could he tell her he just wanted to lose himself in her? She didn’t make him feel like a monster. She never had. She wanted him for him, not because he was a powerful vampire. But thanks to Mother, he wasn’t quite sure if he was just a vampire anymore or an entirely different breed of monster.*

Ciara: *That was… that was so awful, the only thing she could do was laugh and try not to laugh so hard that she hiccuped!* Don’t you… don’t you ever say something so wrong like that again! I’m going to have nightmares!

Evangeline: *He was getting lost in thoughts again and she tilted her head back as if to look at him… she missed seeing his face! But at least now she could really feel him when she touched him. Evangeline ran her fingers over his jaw and flicked at his hair.* -01:44 May 21
Leon: *He blinked innocently.* What …? I thought that was pretty sweet. -01:46 May 21

Gabriel: … How have … things been …? *He finally asked.*

Ciara: No… it was.. pretty bad. *She tried to say between snickering. Oh, she could show him Sexy Red, but she’d probably make him cry!*

Evangeline: *It wasn’t a question she expected to hear from him! Did he not remember those months? …The memories were there, she knew they were… So maybe…* …It… was hard. Really hard without you… But it’s better now. -01:53 May 21

Gabriel: *He wanted to ask better for who but kept that thought to himself. He would just enjoy this peace, while it lasted, enjoy her.*

Leon: *He was thoughtful!* On a scale of 1 to ten, with ten being the hightest and 1 being the lowest? -01:58 May 21
Evangeline: …better for everyone. *She said, at his silence. Scooting closer she rubbed her cheek against his.* I missed nights with you. -02:02 May 21

Ciara: … A 3. It could have been worse, but not by much. *Ciara smirked again, taking his hands to drag him down the hall.* You owe me dinner at home now that you’re not babysitting.

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Steak meatloaf, steak casserole, maybe some steak ice cream. -02:32 May 21

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes when she did that and turned his head slightly to kiss her mouth. He remembered how she’d tasted, how she’d felt when he’d kissed her. Divine.*

Ciara: How about no, no, and especially no. You don’t ruin good ice cream with steak. I think… brussel sprouts. Salad. Carrots.

Leon: *He blinked.* How is as adding steak, ruining it? *A wolfish grin.* But … as long as you’d enjoy eating it, I can tolerate some greenery. -02:38 May 21
Evangeline: *She smiled against his mouth before leaning forward and returning a gentle kiss. This she missed to!* -02:39 May 21

Ciara: I may be nice and let you have steak salad. …And I don’t mean the kind that is all steak and no lettuce. *To stop by her office first to get a note posted more officially about Gabriel. Rumors were going to be insane…!*

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