011 The Bodyguard

Conrad was the one Oracle decided to send for Lily Grey’s new personal guard. He was surprised to find out the girl Lace that was rescued is actually Ciara Grey’s daughter. Lily exits the hotel deciding she’ll go to the park, but when she realizes she doesn’t have her gun, she turns back. Then she spots someone following her and ducks around a corner. As he appears she swings to hit him with a board. Conrad ducks asking if she always attacks people! Lily realizes he is a ‘babysitter’ sent by her mother, but decides he is safe enough as long as he hands over one of his guns and his belt. He refuses to give up her belt but offers to buy her one. At the boutique, Lily finds herself more comfortable talking to him (along with a little teasing) than she is at home with her own mother. With friendly conversation about each other, Conrad suggests a vacation to Montana to get away from the problems in the city. Lily and Conrad return to shades.

  1. Conrad has a knack for talking that keeps Lily distracted and at ease.
  2. Lily quickly finds herself comfortable near Conrad. Enough to behave normally and without suspicion/fear. She asks a lot of questions.

Conrad: *He was on the first ride out of the facility and to Shades! He was still yawning but he knew how important this mission was! He wasn’t going to let her down but … he was worried about Lace. He’d heard she disappeared during the attack but no one knew where.*

Lily: *An elevator ride downstairs didn’t help her feel any better. She should be so grateful to be back home with someone who loves her, really actually loves her, and not care about anything else! But… How could she?! Like daughter like mother! Was that how it was gonna be? Lily stepped out in to the hotel lobby. She could stay downstairs, but she wouldn’t put it past her mother to spy with security cameras…*

Lily: *Lily had no desire to be spied on. She walked out the front doors perfectly confident on leaving… but not so much once she was on the sidewalk. Where to go? Maybe next door, or she could sit over there. Or the park, she hadn’t seen the park forever.*

Conrad: *Had decided that if he was going to tail someone, he was going to have a hotdog while he waited! Imagine his surprise when the picture they gave him was the picture of Lace! He wasn’t mad about her lying, though. Everyone had their reasons for lying. He saw her walk out of the hotel and followed. He was good at following without being noticed. When he first started working for Oracle, it was as a recon-agent.*

Lily: *There was a good view of the park from the balcony, she was pretty sure she could find it from here. Wait,.. she didn’t bring that gun with her! She stopped! She were angry, but she couldn’t be stupid. Lily turned around to go back to Shades.*

Conrad: *Duck! He was awfully good at that, too!*

Lily: *Sudden suspicious movements, she wouldn’t miss that! Lily turned quickly around a corner and rest against the wall. Michael wouldn’t be sneaky. She must be paranoid. Seeing things. It wouldn’t hurt to pickup something for a weapon and wait, just in case.*

Conrad: *Looked like the coast was clear! He looked around and then walked past the corner Lily was hiding behind!* I wonder where she–

Lily: *Some half rotton board from a crate in hand, Lily swung for his gut the moment she heard “she” and saw someone pass the corner!*

Conrad: *Quick side step to avoid being knocked in the gut!* Do you always attack people?

Lily: *That hunter! She wasn’t sure if she were relieved or annoyed!* When they’re following me… Are you my new babysitter?

Conrad: Seems that way. There are worst people to spend time with, though, believe me. Like the guys I used to have as roommates. Anyways, you want to get an ice cream or something? It’s hot and I haven’t had ice cream in a real long time.

Lily: *Carefully considering…* If you let me have one of your guns, we can have ice cream at the park.

Conrad: *Thought about it for a moment.* You’re not going to shoot me, are you? I don’t have much to live for but I’d prefer living to the alternative.

Lily: Not unless you give me a reason to shoot you. *She eyed him carefully…* Maybe your belt too. I can’t hold a gun through the park.

Conrad: For clarification, I need my belt. These pants were hand-me-down’s. I’ll give you my gun but we’ll have to find something else–I got it. There’s a small boutique next to the park. I’ll buy you a belt from there to wear to stick the gun inside, alright?

Lily: *That sounded reasonable enough… Lily nodded!* Okay. …My name isn’t really Lace, by the way. It’s Lily.

Conrad: *Smile!* It’s nice to meet you. My name’s still Conrad. *He started off in the direction of the boutique and the park.* So, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Lily: Chocolate. ..hmm Strawberry. Wait… mint. No, I think it’s still chocolate. ..Have you killed a lot of people?

Conrad: Only one way to find out if it’s still chocolate. *He grew thoughtful.* Well, you have to understand, that I’m not a hunter in the way a lot of people at Oracle are hunters. My specialty is exorcism and/or purification. So in terms of ‘people’ being vampires and weres, I’ve killed my share.

Lily: You mean, you’re not an idiot like the rest of them. *She grimaced for a moment, maybe sort of regretting her words.* Sorry… Oracle hasn’t really inspired confidence.

Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* No offense taken. Most of those guys are in it for the fame and revenge, anyways.

Lily: Have you ever killed someone by accident? In the middle of a fight? -10:59 Jul 15
Conrad: Accident? No. It’s kind of hard to kill someone by accident when you’re pretty much the only guy left standing. *It sounded like it was a pretty embarassing memory.* -10:59 Jul 15
Lily: *She blinked! That was interesting!* That happens a lot to you? Being the only one left? -11:02 Jul 15
Conrad: Unfortunately … *He scratched his head.* You were right when you called most of the guys there idiots. I’m sure they mean well … but they end up screwing up a lot. Not following protocol, not doing things that would be common sense. So I’m glad to be out of Oracle for awhile. -11:05 Jul 15
Lily: I guess I shouldn’t fire you and tell my mother to go to hell, then. *It was hard to tell if she were serious or not. At least she wasn’t frowning!* Why is it no one follows the rule when it’s something good, but when it’s obviously evil no one says a word against it? -11:11 Jul 15
Conrad: That would be nice. There’s still a few things I have to do before I leave Oracle. *He looked over at her.* Dunno. Maybe it has something to do with the leaders? -11:12 Jul 15
Lily: It’s stupid. I’m afraid when I finally sit down somewhere and start thinking I’m going to want to do something about it, and I don’t think I can… -11:15 Jul 15
Conrad: Here we are. *The boutique was called "Rose’s Boutique", a small little shop on the corner with some pretty outfits on display in the window! The shop carries generic name brands but they’re not here for that! He asks the woman arranging clothes on the hangar where they keep their belts! The woman politely points them in the right direction!* You never know what you can do until you try. How about we start with you picking out a belt? -11:21 Jul 15
Lily: There’s going to be a rally long list of this I won’t be able to do. *She’s wondering if shopping is one of them. It’s dangerously close to playing dressup, but if she couldn’t even pick out a simple belt, she was going to be in a whole hell of a lot of trouble.* How much am I allowed to spend? -11:25 Jul 15
Conrad: *Ack! He scratched his head.* Um … Whatever’s reasonable for a belt? You’re not going to splurge on a whole outfit, are you? How about we stick to um … under 30 bucks? -11:28 Jul 15
Lily: *Lily was looking between two belts when she cast him a curious look.* You didn’t say I could buy clothes too, did you? -11:30 Jul 15
Conrad: *Blinks! And then smiles.* You got me there. I didn’t say you couldn’t buy clothes. All I ask is that you wear ’em a few times at least and I’ll be happy. Hell, you don’t even have to wear them where I’ll see you. -11:33 Jul 15
Lily: Under thirty dollars… is that going to include ice cream too, or is that a seperate budget? *Lily wasn’t interested in new clothes, but now that she thought about it, nothing at home was going to fit anymore. She’d have to borrow something of her mothers, and then wouldn’t the women want to go shopping and play dressup too? That would be beyond awkward.* -11:38 Jul 15
Conrad: *Clasped his hands behind his head.* Ya know what? Let’s make the ice cream a separate budget and hike the clothing budget up a bit more … say a hundred bucks? I don’t get to shop much. I used to with my sisters, though. -11:39 Jul 15
Lily: *She narrowed her eyes at him…* Are you a mind reader too? -11:41 Jul 15
Conrad: Nope. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Why? Do you have sisters, too? Mine are all back in Montana. -11:43 Jul 15
Lily: *Not what she meant, but at least she was relieved to see he wasn’t prying around in her thoughts.* No sisters or brothers. Just my mom. *Lily picked a nice normal belt… something she could switch out with a lot of different things. That was practical! For a shirt… blech. Nothing white. Maybe violet…* It’s kind of strange with her now. People think the day is saved and everyone lives happily ever after… but it’s really just awkward. -11:46 Jul 15
Conrad: I think I can relate. Not to the part where the day is saved and a happily ever after, though. There are just somethings time can never heal. *It was obvious he had some experience in the subject!* I guess some of us want to believe everything is fine and dandy. You get through that storm and you’d like to put it behind you. -11:49 Jul 15
Lily: Everyone keeps me distracted, and I’m not sure if I’m glad about it or frustrated… I sort of wonder if everyone left me alone if I’ll snap like those other girls did. *A shirt with hearts and pixies. That’s just ridiculous. Skulls and crossbones? Maybe that would be morbid? This was difficult!* -11:53 Jul 15
Conrad: I dunno. You’re tougher than the other girls. *He shrugged a bit.* But that could just be me. -11:58 Jul 15
Lily: Maybe I was broken a long time ago, and now I’m just a robot? *Okay, no frills plain and simple nothing fancy about it simple dark purple shirt. Now to find pants!* -12:06 Jul 16
[Conrad has timed out.] -12:34 Jul 16
[Conrad blinked when curiousity made him pull some clothes back! That\’s a piece of clothing?!] -12:46 Jul 16
Conrad: Maybe. Maybe not. *He shook his head at the article of clothing and looked at her.* Just out of curiousity, being with a guy like this isn’t uncomfortable for you, is it? -12:47 Jul 16
Lily: I… hadn’t really thought about it. *She paused between two of the racks to glance back at him and consider.* …No, not with you anyway. You’re not very threatening. Maybe if you crossed your arms and scowled a bit? -12:52 Jul 16
Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* I tried that a few times. It didn’t work for me. But here, let me show you. *He crossed his arms and attempted to scowl. But the way he crossed his arms looked like he was imitating a thug in a rap video. And his scowl looked more like a pout than a scowl. Not intimidating at all!* -12:55 Jul 16
Lily: Oh no, it’s really threatening! Very scary! *Of course the look on her face and the tone of her voice said otherwise! Lily suddenly found a pair of pants very interesting and was trying not to snicker!* -12:58 Jul 16
Conrad: You are far too kind, miss. *He said, dropping the act.* You’d think these boutiques would carry something guys can entertain themselves with … like car magazines. -01:10 Jul 16
Lily: You could always try on clothes. *Straight faced suggestion.* -01:16 Jul 16

The woman from earlier walked by and gave Conrad an odd look after overhearing Lily’s suggestion!

Conrad: Heh. *A sheepish grin at the woman and a small wave.* Hello. *He waited until she had disappeared behind a rack to turn back to Lily.* Um, I think I’ll pass, thank you. -01:19 Jul 16
Lily: A dress might suit you fine. Something pink with flowers on it? *She had just the thing! Lily pulled a dress off the rack to show him!* Perfectly girly! -01:24 Jul 16
Conrad: Pink is definitely not my color. *He sweatdropped as he looked down at the dress!* -01:27 Jul 16
Lily: *Setting it back on the rack, she grinned.* Gothic black, maybe? -01:30 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Um … Don’t you think you should be shopping for yourself again? *There was that woman again! Smile and wave!* -01:33 Jul 16
Lily: I think it’s more fun making that lady think you’re a cross dresser. *She’ll behave… she was looking for pants right? * -01:37 Jul 16
Conrad: And doing a splendid job of it, I might add. *He mumbled, inching closer to her just so he didn’t have to talk so loudly about dresses and such!* -01:38 Jul 16
Lily: Mama said I could be an actress.. and then she tried to put me in the ballet. I don’t know why she likes it so much, it’s the most boring thing. *She eyed him warily as he inched closer, but decided it wasn’t a bother. She pulled a decent pair of black pants, and even better they were on sale.* -01:42 Jul 16
Conrad: *He finally figured he was clear of the woman overhearing something she really shouldn’t … as if he needed to be giving her ideas!* The only ballet I ever had to watch was my sister, Katherine’s ballet when she was in the third grade. I was grounded when my mom caught me asleep … That was the day I learned I snored. -01:45 Jul 16
Lily: Now if my mother would figure that out. At least music lessons was a lot more fun. *There was plenty enough money left over for shoes, but heeled shoes weren’t very good for running…* -01:52 Jul 16
Conrad: Music lessons? Did you sing or did you play an instrument? -01:53 Jul 16
Lily: Piano, violin, guitar, cello… I guess I could sing too. *Ha! Boots were good, and it’d hurt the hell out of someone if she kicked them, even if there is a heel! That left just enough for socks and things Mr. Babysitter might not want to shop for… She eased over to the bras slowly!* -01:58 Jul 16
Conrad: And you still had enough time to go to school and stuff? Wow. *He sounded genuinely amazed. That fact alone distracted him enough to follow her at a distance without him realizing which section she was heading for!* -02:03 Jul 16
Lily: Maybe not exactly with the best of grades… But I did preffer music to doing homework. *Now how was she going to figure out the right sizes for these? She pulled a set to hold up to her chest. Too small. When did that happen?* How am I supposed to figure out the right size bra? I don’t want to try them on. *She might have deliberatly said that louder than she needed to!* -02:08 Jul 16
Conrad: *Flushed cheeks! Cough!* Uh … You might need a tape measure. *Cough! Cough!* -02:12 Jul 16
Lily: That might be a good idea. *Lily was doing good to resist grinning. But at least she already figured out the right one.* -02:19 Jul 16
Conrad: *Raised an eyebrow.* You didn’t just say that to embarass the hell out of me, did you? -02:30 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily tried to blink as innocently as she could! And it wasn’t working, cause she was grinning horribly!* I would never do something like that! -02:34 Jul 16
Conrad: *Was obviously not convinced!* Really now? *He crossed his arms.* -02:36 Jul 16
Lily: I am a paragon of good intentions. *If that was his serious look, it had her laughing instead!* -02:44 Jul 16
Conrad: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. *Raised an eyebrow. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.* Are you almost done? There’s an ice cream cone with my name on it. -02:47 Jul 16
Conrad: *Sweatdropped!* Not to mention … that lady keeps looking at me weird. *He glanced to the side over his shoulder where the woman was passing by and indeed shooting him dirty looks!* -02:51 Jul 16
Lily: *Still snickering to herself, Lily nodded! She brought her choices to the checkout counter and set them down.* It’s because you’re too snooty to try on her clothes. How rotten! -02:52 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Am not! It’s just … I’m not a crossdresser! Okay, there was that one time but–that was because I lost a bet! -02:59 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily blinked at him carefully, trying to imagine what he’d look like wearing a dress and high heeled shoes… She smirked!* Did they get a picture? -03:00 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Um … no! Uh … maybe? *He scratched his head.* -03:02 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily pointed at the cashier, grinning still.* If you want icecream, you better pay her. -03:05 Jul 16
Conrad: *Huffed! She had a point! He grinned sheepishly and paid the cashier! And then he took the bags and followed Lily out!* -03:11 Jul 16
Lily: I know I’ll eventually have to go home, but since you’re my babysitter, does that mean you’re going home with me? *And where was he going to sleep… She still hadn’t figured out whether or not Leon was sleeping in her mother’s room…* -03:14 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked! That was a real good question!* You know … I wasn’t given very clear instructions to begin with … -03:18 Jul 16
Lily: I guess she just screamed at someone to do something, "now". *Ugh… Now she felt a little guilty. If the woman didn’t have to be so frustrating!* -03:22 Jul 16
Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* You look like you just swallowed a lemon. Don’t worry about it. We can straighten stuff out after we get some ice cream. -03:24 Jul 16
Lily: Eh… I don’t know. I did practically call her a whore… *Now that she thought about it, it was a really horrible thing to say. As if things weren’t already awkward enough!* -03:25 Jul 16
Conrad: *Was silent for a moment.* In that case, we’d better grab an ice cream and a burger. Or … maybe we should grab the ice cream and I can grab a burger, too. I don’t know if you ate or not. -03:31 Jul 16
Lily: I ate, which was nice until everything sort of fell apart. Maybe cooties boy talked sense in to her. -03:35 Jul 16
Conrad: Cooties boy? *He tilted his head slightly at her.* -03:38 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily blinked and shrugged her shoulders!* Mama’s friend! Well, she’ll say she hates him and he ruined her summer, but she’d bring him up every year about the games they’d play, this that and the other… He lives there now, but he’s not her boyfriend. It’s kind of weird. -03:40 Jul 16
Conrad: Yeah, I can see what you mean. I don’t know if your mother would like the thought of a guy she doesn’t know sleeping at your place. -03:52 Jul 16
Lily: She was going to let a stranger shadow me all day, I think she might be crazy enough for anything. There’s extras rooms, at least. Guest rooms! -03:56 Jul 16
Conrad: I can see your point. *He nodded as they walked.* We were going to get ice cream at the park, weren’t we? -03:57 Jul 16
Lily: Yep. I want to see trees and grass and see if there’s still ducks. *She glanced at him.* Unless you have a better idea? -03:59 Jul 16
Conrad: No. Other than maybe finding some bread to throw to the ducks if they’re still there. *He adjusted the bags in his arms.* -04:00 Jul 16
Lily: Ducks like ice cream sandwiches, didn’t you know? -04:03 Jul 16
Conrad: They do? As a kid I never had ducks. I had geese. Massive, loud geese with a taste for kids. -04:05 Jul 16
Lily: Geese for pets? We never had any pets, just-.. Hmm. No pets. *She was going to say pixies and unicorns, but she kept forgetting that was all just pretend games and imaginary friends!* -04:06 Jul 16
Conrad: I wouldn’t call them pets. They were more like … guard geese. I had dogs but they knew enough to keep away from the geese. -04:07 Jul 16
Lily: I think that’s too weird for me to even imagine, guard geese. *Lily pointed at the park, and there was even the ice cream cart in view!* It’s still in the same spot! -04:13 Jul 16
Conrad: *Sheepish grin!* Yeah, I get that a lot. I should show you some pictures of them sometime. My mom has a weird habit of snapping shots of all the animals on the farm on a regular basis and sending them to me. -04:14 Jul 16
Lily: So you’re like some sort of hunter cowboy guy? *That was a very interesting mental image!* -04:19 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Wow, I’ve never thought of myself that way before. But yeah, I guess I am. *They reached the ice cream stand.* How about you order first? I’m still debating. -04:21 Jul 16
Lily: *Her first? Then it would be… Hmm… She was gnawing on her bottom lip trying to make up her mind!* Huh… Wait, two scoops, one chocolate and one strawberry! Perfect! -04:23 Jul 16
Conrad: *Waited until the ice cream man had given Lily her ice cream before he ordered his.* I’ll take … two scoops of rocky road, please. You wouldn’t happen to sell bread to feed to the ducks, do you? *The man said he did and sold it to Conrad who paid for it and the ice cream.* -04:31 Jul 16
Lily: *Ice cream shouldn’t be so delicious. But it was! She licked as she walked off down a trail toward’s the lake!* -04:36 Jul 16
Conrad: *Followed after her, somehow managing to balance an ice cream, a bag of bread crumbs, and a bunch of shopping bags!* -04:42 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily walked all the way out on to a dock so she can tilt forward and take a look at the water.* There’s some fish in here too! -04:48 Jul 16
Conrad: *So far, so good in keeping the ice cream from melting all over his hand! He looked down to see the fish!* In that case, you better make sure these bread crumbs don’t go to waste. *He handed the bag to her.* -04:52 Jul 16
Lily: *She took the bag, and looked at it as well as her ice cream. She eventually had to sit down on the edge of the dock so she could set the bag in her lap top open and drop crumbs in to the water!* -04:53 Jul 16
Conrad: *Finally! A break! He put the shopping bangs down on the dock beside Lily and glanced around. He stretched.* -04:57 Jul 16
Lily: What if someone dropped real pirannah in the lake? *She licked her icecream again, tilting to watch the fish gobble everything that floated on the surface.* -05:01 Jul 16
Conrad: I guess we’d be in real trouble then. *He finally sat down on the dock but instead of dangling his legs over the dock, he stretched them out so he could move his feet around in circles.* -05:02 Jul 16
Lily: Or a baby water dragon. It’d be big enough to eat people in a week or two. *She glanced over at him.* Would Oracle hunters have to fight lake dragons too, or do they only go after dark things like vampires? -05:07 Jul 16
Conrad: Just vampires and weres. You know, the things that prey on humans for the sheer joy of it. *He turned slightly to one side and stretched his arm out. Then turned slightly to the other and stretched his other arm out.* At least, that’s the only thing they’ve ever sent me after. -05:09 Jul 16
Lily: There’s a lotmore than vampires and weres though, isn’t there? Harpies, succubus, sorcerors, trolls, goblins… -05:11 Jul 16
Conrad: Definitely. *He nodded.* Of course, there are those few who are actually good and not as evil as the rest of them. Those are pretty rare, though. -05:13 Jul 16
Lily: Like Gabriel? The crazywoman said he was going to save the world, but I’m still not so sure she’s all there… -05:14 Jul 16
Conrad: Gabriel? Oh yeah, the vampire. According to the Oracle, he’s as evil as they come. He’s extremely powerful, though. So … I guess he could save the world. *Small shrug.* Who’s the crazy woman? -05:15 Jul 16
Lily: Ms. Clark. I don’t remember her first name. I suppose she’s a psychic or something like that, cause she talks a lot of nonsense. She gave me some rocks. *She dug around in her pocket to find them!* -05:17 Jul 16
Conrad: *Tilted his head slightly at her and watched as she started to dig around for the rocks.* -05:18 Jul 16
Lily: *Two rocks! One black with white flecks and another that was all deep red.* See. For mental protection or something like that. -05:21 Jul 16
Conrad: *Looked at the rocks.* Oh, agate and snowflake obsidian. My sister, Mary, was into rocks and superstitions when she was young. Let’s see … um … something about protecting from negativity and … uh … emotional harm. *He sighed.* Whenever my sisters got into something, they were sure to share it with me. -05:27 Jul 16
Lily: Do you suppose they even work? I’ve never seen anything done with them, it was always with blood. *She tried eyeing them a little closer.* -05:30 Jul 16
Conrad: That’s the thing about stuff like rocks and crosses and scrolls. They tend to work on faith which is a bit harder to come by than blood. -05:34 Jul 16
Lily: Then I might just be in a whole lot of trouble. *Hmm, well, she put them back in her pocket anyway. They might still help, and she’d take anything she could get. Lily blinked!* You never did give me one of your guns. -05:37 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Oh yeah. *He reached in and handed it to her. It was a simple black handgun. But it did the job.* -05:38 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily examined it! Not that she knew anything at all about guns.* I killed someone. I didn’t really mean to, but she wasn’t going to let me leave and it just sort of happened… -05:41 Jul 16
Conrad: Then … it wasn’t your fault. You can’t blame yourself for something that couldn’t be helped. -05:43 Jul 16
Lily: *She shrugged slowly.* I should be more upset, shouldn’t I? She probably had a home and family too. And all I can think of is how angry I was that she would have rather stayed than try to get away. -05:46 Jul 16
Conrad: I can’t pretend I know what you’re going through. But you have a second chance none of the other girls have. -05:49 Jul 16
Lily: I’m sorry… you’re a lot easier to talk to than my mother, but I guess I should stop bothering you with this stuff and talk to a therepist or something. -05:55 Jul 16
Conrad: *Small shrug.* I’m always ready to lend a listening ear so don’t apologize. I tried talking to a therapist a few–dozen–times before I came here. I always got the feeling they were tuning me out while they jotted things down in their notepads. -05:57 Jul 16
Lily: So if i practice on you first, before talking to my mother, that’s not going to make you cry or call your boss for a better job? *She slowly grinned.* -06:00 Jul 16
Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* Well, I’ve always wanted a career change. But go right ahead. Nothing like being the test dummy. -06:10 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily turned with one leg up on the dock to face him. She took a deep breath.* Mama, I’m sorry I called you a whore. But if you try to see Anthony Carnatelli again, my babysitter and your not-boyfriend are going to tie you up, throw you in a closet and Ms. Clark’s werewolf is going to chew up your expensive Paris sofa. -06:14 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked and had to fight to keep from chuckling. He managed to keep a straight face and nodded solemnly.* -06:17 Jul 16
Lily: *She twisted her mouth up in a half frown.* That’s not realistic at all. She won’t snicker and be serious, you’ll have to complain at me a bit. -06:19 Jul 16
Conrad: *Blinked!* Sorry um … Let’s see … *Cleared his throat!* Lily … we’ll talk about this later. How about we go and spend some time together? -06:22 Jul 16
Lily: We can spend time and talk about it now. Vampires bad, live mommies good. *She crossed her arms and nodded!* -06:25 Jul 16
Conrad: *Thoughtful!* I’m sorry but I can’t figure out how she’d respond. I mean … what is she doing dating Anthony Carnatelli? -06:26 Jul 16
Lily: I know! It’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Nonsense about getting rid of him, and apparently Michael Carnatelli wasn’t just making shit up just to screw with me and she’s married three vampires just to kill them! -06:29 Jul 16
Conrad: Holy crap … I mean. *He blinked!* So it’s true. The bosses down at Oracle said something about warning Ms Grey but I didn’t think they meant about Anthony. -06:31 Jul 16
Lily: Maybe if she was hunting them down and shooting them, or axing their heads of, but she’s playing some stupid seduction game and I don’t like it. It’s sick and it’s wrong and it’s crazy. *She leaned backwards on her hands.* I think I hate her for it… -06:35 Jul 16
Conrad: You should go ahead and let her know. Tell her exactly what you told me. *He nodded.* -06:36 Jul 16
Lily: I can’t… she keeps asking me questions, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to flip out… -06:39 Jul 16
Conrad: But she still loves you, doesn’t she? Even after all these years? -06:41 Jul 16
Lily: Yeah… I don’t think she’ll be mad at me so much anymore, as I think she might go on a vampire murdering homicidal rampage. I’m not going on a homicidal rampage yet, she shouldn’t be either. -06:44 Jul 16
Conrad: Good point. *He nodded.* Hm. This sure is a tough one. -06:44 Jul 16
Lily: So back to the closet idea… You could probably hold her down with Leon’s help, right? -06:50 Jul 16
Conrad: Um … *He scratched his head.* Yeah or … you could go on a little vacation for awhile? -06:51 Jul 16
Lily: *A skeptical look from Lily.* What sort of vacation? -06:54 Jul 16
Conrad: *Thought about it for a few minutes. What sort of vacation was a very good question!* Hmm … *Then he got it!* You could … visit Montana! I think that’s far enough from your mom, right? -06:55 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily grinned!* I’m not sure she’s going to let me go to Montana with out her. She didn’t even want me to take a nap without her. -06:59 Jul 16
Conrad: So … that wasn’t a good idea? *He scratched his head.* I don’t know if she’d want to come along to Montana with you. -07:00 Jul 16
Lily: Maybe Leon could ask her… or take her somewhere. I’m pretty sure she needs the vacation too. *It was an interesting thing to think about… and not nearly as overwhemling as trying to deal with everything else!* -07:07 Jul 16
Conrad: Yeah. *He nodded.* Far away from Anthony as possible. But by the way she sounds, you might have to drug her and carry her onto the plane. *He said it jokingly of course.* -07:08 Jul 16
Lily: As long as she doesn’t get her hands on a sword… I wonder if she keeps guns too? *If she did, Lily might hide them before they try to cart her off somewhere!* -07:10 Jul 16
Conrad: Um … To be on the safe side, I’m automatically assuming she does. *He scratched his head. How exactly did they go from feeding fish and eating ice cream to vacations and hostages?* -07:15 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily nodded. Best to be safe with her mother. She had a temper.* I’ll ask her first, at least. No reason to stuff her in a trunk if she likes the idea. -07:23 Jul 16
Conrad: Heh heh. *Sheepish grin!* Good idea. *He looked down at the fish.* So … where to now? -07:24 Jul 16
Lily: Hmm. Home to Shades, I guess. Do you think she’ll ground me? -07:25 Jul 16
Conrad: I would say there’s a good chance of that. *He scratched his head.* But I think she’d just be relieved to have you home. -07:27 Jul 16
Lily: I guess we’ll find out. *Lily handed him back his gun. She supposed if he was around, she wouldn’t need it too badly. And she picked up a couple of the shopping bags as she stood up.* -07:33 Jul 16
Conrad: *Took his gun back and grabbed the others. Then he followed behind her.* Is there anything I should know before your mother probably chews me up and spits me out? -07:44 Jul 16
Lily: Um… She doesn’t like stupid people, so I think you’ll be okay? Maybe… *She grimaced as she looked after her shoulder at him.* If she tries to eat you, I’ll block her so you can run. -07:46 Jul 16
Conrad: *Sheepish grin!* Thanks. *He followed after her.* Have you ever been out of state before? -07:53 Jul 16
Lily: Every summer we’d go to the summer house, it’s out of state. But that’s pretty much it. Moma said she didn’t wait me out of school all of the time. *She thought about it for a minute.* …and now I realized I’m a million years behind. -07:56 Jul 16
Conrad: Then it’s time you caught up. I should take you around to the malls and stuff. Not to necessarily shop … just to check everything out. See what type of things are going on … That kind of stuff. How about it? I can show you around, you’ll be away from your mother for awhile. -07:58 Jul 16
Lily: *Lily laughed!* Is that what high school is really like? Malls and hanging out? -08:01 Jul 16
Conrad: *Grin!* Pretty much! Gossiping and fashion! Getting a taste of freedom! -08:02 Jul 16
Lily: There’s probably thousands of teachers around the country gasping in horror at the thought. -08:04 Jul 16
Conrad: Gasping in horror? I’m pretty sure that’s how many teachers are taking long vacations and what not. -08:05 Jul 16
Lily: Uh huh. Better be careful or there’ll be teacher organizations after guys like you. -08:09 Jul 16

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