012 False Visions

Evangeline gets a vision about magical creatures crying out for help and takes Brutus to go find them. She knocks on the door posing as Magical Police. It turns out the man is a collector of magical creatures! Brutus was his escaped puppy, and by luck he needed a new psychic to replace the old crone that just died. He snatches her inside, promising to grab Brutus in a minute. Brutus runs off to search for help… and finds Gabriel! He rescues an drugged up Evangeline with the help of Brutus and sets free all the magical beasties. As Gabriel mentions he doesn’t know what Anthony is doing in the city, Evangeline seeks out another vision. About the little girl Gabriel has been looking for. She directs him to the location.

Outside of the building where Evangeline thinks the little girl Alicia is being kept, Gabriel leaves her and Brutus covered by an invisibility spell. Inside, Gabriel searches the house and comes across the room. He reaches out to what looks like the little girl but turns out to be a dummy. The room triggers a sealing spell – one of Anthony’s. It was a trap. Evangeline realizes this outside and sneaks in with Brutus to avoid the chatting guards. Using her own blood, Evangeline hides in the room next to Gabriel’s to try and unravel the seal. She can’t destroy the whole seal but breaks it enough so Gabriel can crack through it. He kills the guards. Evangeline collapses when she finds herself under a mental attack by Anthony’s prodding! All of it was a test to see if someone was helping Gabriel! Gabriel lends his strength to Evangeline by sharing his mental brick wall, then returns her to Shades.

At Shades Gabriel tells Evangeline that she’s done enough and to stop helping him. Evangeline explains that she’s not afraid to help save the world and can’t just not do something. To prove it, she tells him about Lily being upset because Ciara has made another date with Anthony Carnatelli.

  1. Brutus has figured out to hunt down Gabriel if Evangeline is in trouble.
  2. Anthony sends Evangeline a false vision to test and see if she has been helping Gabriel.
  3. Gabriel lends his strength & wall to Evangeline because she helped save him. A start of a bond.
  4. Evangeline shows she is determined to help Gabriel despite personal danger.

Evangeline: *Evangeline succeeded in getting her room back and even found a leash for Brutus in the gift shop! Now she was taking him out for walkies… the trouble was trying to understand which way she was going. She was getting mushed up visions and it was confusing!*

Brutus on the other hand was ecstatic! He was strutting his stuff as if there was no tomorrow! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: *It’s good Brutus liked it, and as long as he didn’t pull her in to traffic, it was good!* Wait, this way! *She tugged the leash gentle to pull Brutus down another street!*

For a werepup, Brutus was certainly behaving–until he caught a whiff of something! Something juicy! Something meaty! Something … “Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here!”

Evangeline: Ack..! Don’t you eat that hotdog man’s cart! We’re on a mission! *She tugged Brutus the other way!*

MUNCH! MUNCH! Brutus was chewing on the hot dog cart and doing a fine job of chewing up the metal! Werepups had awful strong teeth! He chewed as long as he could but was eventually tugged away! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: Sorry mister…! *Tugtug! Drats, where did that way go… Ah! There it is! On down the street towards the residential district!*

There was much swearing and cursing on the man’s part! But at least he didn’t chase after Evangeline and demand payment!

Evangeline: *Very lucky, she was running out of money on her credit card… Speaking of which, how was she going to make money in this city? She ought to try the plans again tomorrow!* There’s a whole house full of magical creatures just sceaming for help, and I lost it again! …Can you smell them, Brutus?

Brutus looked up at Evangeline with head cocked to one side and tail wagging. He sniffed the air and then began to sniff the ground before finding a scent and pulling Evangeline! Werepups were awful strong, too! Fortunately he kept Evangeline out of the street and didn’t stop until he’d scaled the steps to a brownstone apartment building and was pawing at the door! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: Good boy, Brutus! *Huffpuff! She straighted her clothes and the scarf around her neck before she knocked on the door. This was the right place for sure! Evangeline got her cane ready for a rescue!*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus could just feel the excitement brewing. He was ready to do some rescuing of his own!

At first it seemed like no one was going to answer the door! But then there was the sound of bolts being unlocked and the door swung open! The older distinguished looking gentleman looked ready to shout, but paused, and then saw Brutus! “My dog! You found my dog! How delightful!”

Brutus’ fur stood up and he growled! “GRRRR–ARRARRARRARRR!” He snapped at the man’s hand when he reached out to pet him.

Evangeline: *Evangeline poked him in the gut with her cane!* I am with the… Otherworld Police, and I know what you’ve been smuggling in to the states! We’re here to confiscate!

The gentleman yanked his hand back from the pup Feisty little… He smoothed out his vest stepping away from the woman’s prodding. “Madam, I have no idea to what you’re reffering. I’ll even allow you to investigate my home. I only miss my poor littled puppy.” He stepped aside to allow entrance to his home!

“GRRRR-AAARRARRARRARRARR!” Before Evangeline could step inside, Brutus was biting her pant leg–and careful not to bite her leg–and tugging her away from the man and the door!

Evangeline: Brutus, stop that! We’ve got to rescue the other animals! *She nudged him off her pants gently! There was plenty of biting to do in a moment!*

The gentleman was frowning and waited until Brutus was loose, before he grabbed a hold of the woman’s cane and jerked her inside the house! “I’ll deal with you in a moment, pup!” He slammed the door in Brutus’ furry face!

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus let go of her pant leg and barked! “ARRARRARR!” He whined and pawed at the door! He even tried jumping for the knob but he just couldn’t reach! That was when he caught a scent on the wind! He stopped and lifted his nose. SNIFF! SNIFF! His head turned this way and that–and then he took off!

Evangeline: Now wait a darn minute! You can’t just lock him out like that, he’s a puppy! *…Oh, why was she even trying to reason with the man! She took a swing at him with her cane!*

It was easy to step out of the way of her swinging and snatch teh cane out of her hands! The gentleman just grabbed her up, carting her down the hall towards a set of stairs. “Dear me, I hadn’t believed the gossip about a psychic trotting around town doing good deeds, and yet here you are bringing me my lost werepup! Did you know how much he cost me? Quite a bit, let me assure you! And now I have the pleasure of adding a psychic to my collection, and replacing the old crone that died!”

Brutus was a furry streak of lightning as he took off! He proved to be fast and agile as he weaved through traffic, human and otherwise! He entered an abandoned building and scaled up the stairs! The door at the top was easy to burst through!

The lone figure standing on the roof, stood right on the ledge! “The Seer’s pup …” Brutus stopped by the ledge. “Arf! Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: How would you like to be collected in someone’s zoo, you crazy old man! *Evangeline grabbed ahold of the stair railing and clung for dear life!*

Damned woman! The gentleman pulled, and tugged, and finally had to pry her hands off the rail to drag her down the rest of the stairs. “Madam, you don’t have to fight so hard. I assure you, that you’ll have your own private room, three prepared meals a day, and your very own television!” It seems in his basement he had a very nice setup! Cages and aquariums for his creatures, and one very dooming looking casket in the far corner. Some pixies squeeled for help behind a glass wall!

Gabriel: *Finally turned from the scene to study the pup beside him. Its appearance could mean only one thing …* Fine. *He said as if agreeing to Brutus’ barking. He picked the pup up and against his chest and started running over rooftops, jumping from one building to another, back the way Brutus had come.*

Evangeline: I don’t want to have to hurt you, mister! *There wasn’t going to be any choice! She staffed a hand in her pocket to pull out her pepperspray and spray him in the face!*

Oh no she didn’t! The gentleman had already been through several fights before, and pepperspray was hardly even a threat! He snatched it out of her hands before doing himself a favor and tying her up! He shoved her in to a chair and fumbled at a table. “I didn’t want to have to sedate you, I really did want to hear some predictions first. But if you’re going to be difficult, we’ll just speak about it later!” He pulled out a syrynge and tapped it!

Evangeline: Don’t you dare! I’ll let Brutus eat you alive! *Evangeline threw out a foot to push him away when he came near!*

“Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!” Brutus started barking wildly when Gabriel landed on the roof of the brownstone! It didn’t take a psychic to sense the wards guarding this place. Interestingly enough, it was designed to contain magic instead of keeping it out as it was in most cases.

The gentleman grabbed her foot and pulled so she’d fall in the floor, sitting on her to keep her still! “Madam, this won’t hurt a bit, and you’ll be sure to thank me for it later!” He made sure to cover her mouth first incase the neighbors heard any screaming! They were suspicious after the werewolf howling! He jabbed the needle in to her arm quickly! “There we are! Now what was your name, Madam? I need to engrave it on your plaque.”

Gabriel: *Getting inside wouldn’t be so tricky except … He gave Brutus some simple instructions and jumped off the roof and landed neatly in the side-alley before he put Brutus down.* You know what to do.

Evangeline: HRRMPH!! *That hand was off her mouth, and none too soon! It was salty and tasted like he’d been squeezing lemons all day! Evangeline refused to answer! Refused! And she was going to call him every single dirty word she could think of!* … Rogue! Cad! Codswallop…!

Brutus ran up the steps and started to bark very, very loudly! “ARFARFARFARFARFARF!” He barked so loud it began to draw attention from the crowd!

“There is no need to sling insults, Madam! We’re going to be very good friends!” What’s this? That little pup was barking up a storm! Well, now that the psychic wouldn’t get away, he could take care of that pup! “Pardon Me. I better fetch that were before he alarms the neighbors. It won’t be but for a second.” The gentleman retreated to the upstairs, taking with him one of those long poles the dogcatchers use!

“ARFARFARFARFARF!” Brutus kept barking! He was going to bark up a storm if he had to! He was already attracting the attention of nearly half of the neighborhood!

Evangeline: *Not her poor puppy! He was a just baby! Evangeline struggled to sit up, but she just barely managed to move over to her side… How frustrating! That stupid stuff had her seeing spots, and that was hard to do!*

The gentleman, Mister Alfred Charelston, swung open his front door! “You pup, you’re going wake the neighbors! Sorry everyone! Sorry!” He swung the noose to capture the pup!

The crowd dispersed! And Brutus danced out of the way of the noose to run circles around Charelston’s legs!

Little buggar! He’ll catch it yet! He even threw out a foot to try and kick the werepup so he could get a hold on him!

“ARRARRARRARR!” That did it! Brutus went tumbling over Charelston’s legs and went head over heels down the steps! He was unconscious!

HA! Not a creature yet that could outwit Alfred Charelston! He marched down the steps triumphantly to confiscate his property!

Gabriel: *Dashed forward at the last minute and scooped up Brutus! He didn’t stop until he was in the door and he slammed it shut before locking each and every bolt! He scratched Brutus’ fur.* Find the Seer.

What?! This was an outrage! The gentleman banged on his door demanding to be let back in, right this instant!

At first Brutus didn’t stir but Gabriel’s scratching seemed to do the trick and he lifted his head. He sniffed the air when he was put down on the ground and led the way down the hall and down the steps! He pawed at the door and began to bark! Gabriel had to open it for him and then the pup was off again. “ARF ARF ARF!” He ran down the display of cages!

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t unconscious but she was very tired. But she heard her puppy and following footsteps!* …big jerk…! that’s my puppy…!

“ARF ARF ARF!” It was a good thing Charelston hadn’t bothered to lock the cage door! He was instantly all over Evangeline, licking her face. “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: Squishing me… Brutus! *Blech…! Well, she tried to situp and rub puppy slobber off her face with her shoulder, but didn’t get very far!* …chew these off quick!

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked and started chewing on the ropes–until a hand gently but firmly pushed him away!

Gabriel: *Cut the ropes instead.* Your pup has an uncanny sense of smell. *He remarked as he retrieved her cane.*

Evangeline: Hi…? *Gabriel again… how strange! Wait, that stuff must have her hallucinating, that’d just be too weird. Evangeline rubbed her head!*

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus as if proudly saying he’d been the one who brought Gabriel! He covered Evangeline’s face in wet kisses again.

Gabriel: The pleasantries will have to wait. *He picked her and the cane up and looked around. There was a device that kept the cages locked and another that powered the wards.* We need to unlock the cages and deactivate the wards.

Evangeline: *It was Gabriel! If she could stare at him she would, but instead she poked his face to make sure he was real, despite the fact he was carrying her!* Um… crystals. There’s some crystals around here somewhere…

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus was already on the job! He was trying to get to a crystal mounted on a tall stand and managed to topple it over! The stand hit the ground with a THUD! and the crystal cracked but not before toppling the stand with the second crystal over!

Evangeline: There’s one more… *She tilted dangerously before she finally pointed a finger up at the cealing!*

Gabriel: *Looked up at the ceiling. He adjusted her weight to one arm. It was time to see if that thing was bulletproof. He pulled his gun out! BANGBANGBANG!*

CRACK! A good chunk of the crystal went flying, as the rest of it went crashing to the floor! Little pieces of it shattered all over the place!

Evangeline: *She slowly moved her hands up to cover her hears, but by the time they got there the shooting was done and there was bits everywhere It musthave worked, critters all over the place were poofing, phasing, or running out of cages to make a run for it!*

Gabriel: *That was done. He walked toward the front door, carrying Evangeline and her cane and followed closely by Brutus.* Are you returning to Shades?

Evangeline: *She was still pretty sure she was delerious!* You’re like… a guardian angel or… a hero. *Of she she knew that, he was going to save the world, but popping out of nowhere and savng her wasn’t part of the deal!*

Gabriel: *Stopped dead in his tracks when she said that!* … I am no angel and no hero, either. *He took the time to open the bolts and opened the door. At the first sight of Charelston, he kicked his legs out from under him!*

Charelston hit the ground sputtering with fury! But he was quick to jump back to his feet and even pull out a gun! “Unhand my psychic, you thief!”

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow.* Brutus …

“ARFARFARFARFARF!” Brutus jumped out at Charelston and bit him squarely on the hand holding the gun! He refused to let go, too!

Charelston cired out in pain as he tumbled backwards trying to remove the pup and went toppling down the front steps! That wasn’t the end for him, though, as a whole gaggle of pissed off pixies swarmed him with their sharpern wands and some practiced curses!

Gabriel: *Ran forward and caught the gun, then aimed it at the back of Charelston’s head!* … As you were saying.

“…I give…! Get these creatures off me! Please!”

Gabriel: *Didn’t look like he was going to help the man in the least!* If the Seer wishes to … *He said simply.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked! On the one hand, she was pretty darn mad about the capture of magical creatures and sticking her with that stuff, but on the othe…* He could go.. He won’t be able to see the magical world again anyway. They’ll make sure.

Gabriel: *In that case … he left Charelston there and started back for Shades with Brutus jumping around and barking.*

All that was left of Charelston was his anguish screams! “Nooot my haaiiir!”

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” went Brutus, triumphantly! He was one proud puppy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was twitching her feet, trying to look at him, but having to result in touching his face again.* I wish I could still see. I bet you look awful scary for angel.

Gabriel: *Just kept walking!* Indeed. I’ve been told on a number of occassions I resemble Anthony and Michael more than any angel.

Evangeline: But you really don’t look anything like them. At least when you’re not a big brick wall. You’re a warm red.

Gabriel: *Looked down at her with a raised eyebrow.* … Warm red? You humans and your colors.

Evangeline: It’s not just a human thing, everyone has an aura, and yours is warm red. Grounded, realistic, strong will and survival oriented.

Gabriel: Perhaps. But humans often see things in color. You are obsessed with it. *It was hard to tell whether he was trying to change the subject or just explaining what he meant by his last remark.*

Evangeline: I think you’re upset because I called you a guardian angel. It’s your own fault for rescuing me out of no where like you do. …and don’t brick wall so hard! It’s like a slap in the face every time you do it!

Gabriel: I merely stated I am no guardian angel. Your wolf found me. *He was silent for a moment.* As for the mental barrier … that I cannot help. It was a defense mechanism created to prevent psychic probing.

Evangeline: He didn’t find you last time. Or the time before that. And I couldn’t have felt for you even by accident, you brick wall so well.

Gabriel: So it works … It also means I cannot find him that way. He is here for something or else he would be gone by now. Even I cannot figure out what.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head back, muttering something about boxes!* … He can’t open it without the little girl, and once she opens it he won’t need her anymore.

Gabriel: I came looking for a little girl … But I haven’t found a trace of her. At first I thought Michael had her but now that you mention it … the girl I’m searching for is descended from a family of witches.

Evangeline: *Evangeline lift her head back up and pointed down a street.* Go that way. He’s not there now.

Gabriel: *Stopped and looked down in the direction she was pointing. He knew better than to ask questions, though. He glanced over at Brutus and crouched down so the pup could jump into Evangeline’s lap.* Hold on. *Was his only warning before he took off down the street!*

Evangeline: *Ack! The running again! She held on to Brutus, less the poor pup goes flying in to oblivion!* Corner of Franken and… some street that sounds like weiner!

Gabriel: *Knew exactly where Evangeline meant. In moments, he skipped to a halt in front of a townhouse on the corner of Franken and Kheiner.* Will you be safe out here?

Evangeline: I can’t have visions for myself or I wouldn’t have ended up in a maniac’s basement. But I’m pretty sure I can hit people pretty hard with my cane and I have Brutus too.

Gabriel: I see your point. *He looked around and finally crossed the street. He placed Evangeline in an alley behind a large trash dumpster gently.* I’ll leave you and Brutus here.

Evangeline: *She caught his arm before he moved!* The door with the gold trim.

Gabriel: *Stopped and he nodded.* Alright. *He stepped back, cut his palm.* Incognitus ut maleficus … *Evangeline and Brutus shimmered and then disappeared. The spell was designed to prevent evil from seeing them. He could only hope it worked. He drew his guns and found it easy to break through the front door. A little too easy …*

Evangeline: *Evangeline drew her knees up and rest her chin on them. Maybe she should have gone too. He might not see every hit to come at him. This hero business was tricky. Okay, she would be observant and if he needed a rescue, she and Brutus would storm in!*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked but sat down beside Evangeline to wait!

Gabriel: *Moved down the hall. Two vampire guards? That was it. And they weren’t even a century old. The alarms were going off but getting that girl back took priority. He went through the place until he got to the door with the gold trim.*

The door open to reveal a normal room, one made just for a child! In fact sitting in a chair with the back facing the door was a little girl. But upon further inspection, it wasn’t a girl at all! But a very lifelike dummy! The door slammed behind Gabriel, a sigil appearing over it in red! It was sealed tight!

Gabriel: *Turned just as the door slammed shut and he slammed his fist on it!* Anthony! *He growled! He knew what the seal meant but he was willing to try anything to get out! Guns, brute force, even magic at this rate!*

That seal was painfully tight! In fact, it appeared on every wall, and even the floor and ceiling. A magical cage that had apparently taken a few days to set up! …unfortunetly, that might mean it could take awhile to get out!

Meanwhile, outside there was a couple more of those vampire guards looking for something. “I don’t see nothin’. It was just Gabriel.” The other replied. “Naw, naw… he said there’s no way Gabriel could find it by himself. There has to be someone out here.”

Gabriel: *Took a deep breath before he stepped away from the door, started to pace. He knew the seal well. Anthony had used it on him a number of times. The seal faded away eventually but by then any number of things could happen. There was also the option of someone from the outside undoing one of the seals.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline clamped a hand over her mouth… and one over Brutus’ eyes! This was a trap?! Oooh.. and she fell right for it! She knew it was odd for visions to be so cloudy! That vampire invaded her privacy!*

Brutus stayed absolutely still, although it was hard to contain the excitement!

Those vampires looked pretty goo until the rounded the corner to check out the back of the building! So far they hadn’t spotted a thing!

Evangeline: *As soon as they were out of earshot, Evangeline hopped quickly to her feet.. and nearly stumbled back down again… but she got her barings quick enough!* Sniff out Gabriel, Brutus! Quick!

Brutus panted but sniffed the air and then the ground. He took off, like a furry streak of lightning, right into the townhouse! Down the hall, take a right, down that hall, a left this time … to the end! There! He stopped at the door with the gold trim and started to dig! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: *Keeping up with a furry wererocket wasn’t so easy, especially when she was worried about ambushes! Evangeline pressed her hands against the door.* This has magic and blood… I don’t know if I can break this.

Gabriel: There isn’t much time. It’ll take someone with dark power equal to the caster or someone with a considerable amount of light power to break the seal. You need to find Alicia on your own.

Footsteps down the hall suggested that there wasn’t a lot of time to argue about it!

Gabriel: Get going now! If someone finds you or your pup here, the results will not be pleasant.

Evangeline: I don’t think that she-! *Oh crap! Evangeline rushed in to the next room over and gently closed the door behind the pup! If he thought she was just going to leave without rescuing him, he’s got another thing coming! The Hero can’t get himself killed before he saves the world. She leaned against the door to listen!*

Brutus was smart enough to know when to be quiet!

The footsteps stopped outside in the hall! “I told you, there ain’t anybody else here!” “I can smell something, I just know it! Fear and… dog! I bet they’re invisible!” “That’s stupid. Why would a dog be invisible?!”

Gabriel: *Was still pacing in the room. It would take at least a few days for the seal to wear off but Anthony might have made this one especially strong, meaning it could take at least a week before it began to lose its power.*

Evangeline: *This was good! She wasn’t considered very threatening, so the goons are pretty dumb! Evangeline moved to climb on top of a desk and press her hands against the wall connected to Gabriel’s room. Maybe she could unravel it if she feel the starting point.* Brutus…! Come bite my finger! *She leaned to hold out her hand for him to reach!*

Brutus cocked his head to one side at her as if contemplating. Didn’t she say it was bad to bite? But he obediently went over to her and bit her finger.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline bit back the OW, and resisted shaking her hand as she twisted back around to place her hands back on the wall. She wasn’t a magician, a witch, or a sorceress,… but she was pretty sure she was one of the good guys. and that counted for a lot! She searched the sigil for the starting point!*

With the touch of blood, the sigil hummed! But it was exceptionally strong, and designed to keep even a master at bay! It was like searching and endless maze!

In the hall, one of the vampires banged on Gabriel’s door! “Ha ha! Nice try in there! Breaking out is impossible, even for the likes of you!” Goons sure did love to taunt!

Gabriel: *Paused in the middle of the pacing to turn and look at one of the walls. The seal had grown bright just now like a bug light that shines brighter just as it zaps a fly. He turned to the door.* We will see about that. *He said loud enough for them to hear.*

“Oy! You think you’re all bad ass in there, messing around with the Father’s seals, eh? You just keep wishing, you’ll be in there for a month!” Both the vampires chortled with laughter!

Evangeline: *Why did bad guys always tease prisoners like that? They always escape and then the goons get the snot beat out of them. Evangeline moved her hands along the wall. One, two, three points to the right.*

Gabriel: *Cut his palm. He couldn’t break out but that didn’t mean he couldn’t turn the tables on his captors just a tad bit. He pressed his bleeding palm against the seal on the door.* Signum iacio quod strenuus! *An identical seal appeared on the other side of the door and a blast of cackling energy burst out at the two vampires!*

The sigil seemed to twist as if it were being moved. When it stopped it glowed a muddy red and sizzled!

YELP! One of those cheeky bastards used his buddy as a shield, so the other earned himself a good shock! …Well his friend thought it was funny. “Better cut that out, Gabriel! You’re not the only one that can cast through the door!”

Evangeline: *Ow! Ow! She yanked her hands back! Okay, that wasn’t the right way! She blew on her hands to cool them, before placing them on the wall again. So, it’s LEFT, turn, three, four…*

Gabriel: *He folded his arms as he faced the door.* Let’s see what Father taught you.

One vampire nudged the other, trying to decide which one was going to try it first. Neither seeming too keen on the idea. “You’re the one with the big fucking mouth, you to it!” “I’m not the idiot that believes in invisible dogs!” A quick rockpaperscissors match deemed big-mouth the looser. He stepped up to the sigil… “Incendia porro!” The sigil flared as he pushed fire though it!

The sigil on the wall starting turning to the left. No sizzling this time. One of the symbols on the outer rim slowly unraveled itself and faded.

Gabriel: *One hand up, middle and pointer finger up with his palm still against the door. He closed his eyes.* Averto. Glacies. *The fire was turned back to the caster! Then came the blast of ice!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline blew her hair out of her face. One point down. She readjusted her hands, continuing the turn to the left. It was harder to push, but it clicked three turns… another sigil unraveled!*

WHOOSH! The fire had him dodging and ducking, but ice was the last thing he expected! He found his face frozen to the door as he flailed his arms to get his buddy to come help him! “Screw you! I’M in charge now! You can just stay there stuck to the door while I figure out where his dog his hiding!”

Gabriel: *Raised his eyebrow on the other side of the door as he listened to the two. Anthony must be very proud …*

Evangeline: *Click, two, three… Move her hands, two three. The sigil was entirely upside down now and missing five points… And now it was stuck! Evangeline tried to force it again, but it wasn’t going to budge! She knocked on the wall and hissed!* Gabriel! I can’t do anymore! Try to crack it!

Number 2 paused in his pointing and snickering at his partner. He heard something! Knocking even! He WAS right, stupid jackass! He hopped over to the next door to burst in! “AH HA! Your invisibility spell has worn off!”

Gabriel: *Moved away from the door to the wall. The seal was wrong now so he should be able to at least move it if not destroy it.* Agito! *The seal glowed bright red before it moved across the wall, down the floor and right beneath the second vampire, hopefully trapping him right where he stood!*

“GRRRRR!” Brutus growled, ready to bite off a vampire hand!

Evangeline: *Evangeline, fell off the desk from being startled! But there wasn’t any movement from the vampire charging in! She jumped back on her feet and took a swing at him with her cane!*

Gabriel: *The seal disappeared so he took his chance and broke through the wall with a solid kick! He stepped out.*

“Now you’re gonna- Hey?!” He was stuck to the floor! He reached out his hands trying to grab, but his feet weren’t going anyhere! Then suddenly THWACK! He crashed backwards! His feet still stuck to the floor!

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus was barking!

Evangeline: *Rescuing was a lot harder than Gabriel made it look. There was a very painful pounding in her head now. She leaned on her cane!* She’s not actually here at all. -04:45 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Walked outside to take care of the vampire stuck to the door! A single shot was all it took. He went back to Evangeline and the pup.* No, she is not. *He studied her.* I suspect Anthony is screwing with your gift. -04:46 Jul 17
Evangeline: Uh huh. *She brought a hand up to her head and winced! If screwing was what it was called! There was a great deal of pushing, and it was starting to get overwhelmingly painful! She slipped to the floor!* -04:50 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Caught her before she could collapse on the floor! He picked her up and left the townhouse with Brutus close behind.* You should not have helped me. -04:52 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Invader! Get out! She would try to close the doors on him, but they would just get pushed back open! It was like a wicked test to see what she could do, and she couldn’t figure out how to shut it out!* No one has done this to me before…! -04:57 Jul 17
Gabriel: Here. *He ducked into an alley where he could put her down and she could lean against the wall. He cut his palm. Then he placed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes.* Pectus ut pectus, animus ut animus … *A spell designed to allow the caster to lend strength to the target … with the price that it might also bare more of the caster’s inner thoughts and soul than the caster may have liked to the target …* -05:03 Jul 17
Evangeline: *That was a great deal more help than she thought it would be! She couldn’t close the doors, but his brick wall was solid and effective. An opportunity to see behind that wall was nearly too much to resist. Evangeline could breathe again without that aching throb once the doors were closed and no more pushing shadows with teeth were trying to pry…* -05:10 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head. He glanced down at the palm he’d cut. It had already healed. He picked her up and then crouched down so that Brutus could jump into Evangeline’s lap.* Hold on. *Was his only warning before he took off toward Shades.* -05:15 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Holding on was about all she could do, not even her usual chipper comment or pleasant conversation! She dropped her head against his shoulder. Evangeline was afraid she might not be able to put her mind back together!* -05:21 Jul 17
Gabriel: *It didn’t take him long to get to Shades! Once he was there, he slowed down to a walk and entered the lobby!* -05:23 Jul 17

Brutus licked Evangeline’s face once Gabriel had gotten to Shades! He nuzzled her chest and gently pushed his head under her chin!

Evangeline: Brutus… *She gave him a reassuring pet on the head. Poor Brutus, she couldn’t be afraid, he’d not know what to do!* -05:26 Jul 17

Brutus looked up at her but didn’t move.

Gabriel: *Stopped just as they reached the elevators.* Pup. I need the room. -05:28 Jul 17

Brutus lifted his head now and jumped off. He landed and started jumping for the up button. Gabriel pressed it and when the elevator came about ten minutes later, he walked inside, following Brutus. Now the pup was jumping at the elevator panel and he pressed his nose against the button marked “07”. Gabriel pressed that button and the elevator started up.

Evangeline: Room 202. ihaven’t died yet… *Evangeline mumbled. Oh but she felt like she had. Why would that evil man have to go running around in her head anyway, she wasn’t any threat!* -05:37 Jul 17
Gabriel: *He glanced down at her.* Save your strength. *He told her as the elevator stopped and they got out.* -05:38 Jul 17
Evangeline: Don’t really care to fall asleep, though. *Shadows with teeth. In fact, Evangeline decided never sleeping again might be a good idea.* -05:47 Jul 17
Gabriel: Brutus is beside you should you change your mind. Key? *He paused in front of the door.* -05:49 Jul 17
Gabriel: * – ? -05:50 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline fumbled in to her pockets, having to go through at least three until she found the right one. She held up the key.* Brutus will be scared to death if it happens again. I can’t block things while I sleep. -05:53 Jul 17
Gabriel: That remains to be seen. *He took her key and opened the door. He closed it behind Brutus and moved to put Evangeline down on the chair in the corner of the room.* -05:54 Jul 17

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus as he jumped off of Evangeline’s lap, sniffed around.

Evangeline: *Her hand rest on Brutus’ head and pet to sooth him. Or maybe herself. Or both! Evangeline shook her head.* You’ve had hundreds of years to learn. I’ve never even had to before… I am open and welcoming and that was… *Petpetpet!* it was awful. Violating and mean and…awful. -06:00 Jul 17
Gabriel: I did. But I only started to learn after he invaded my mind. I did not think he could do that, get past barriers psychics and magic could not. I was mistaken. *He paused.* Thank you … for saving me. And for not prying when you could have. -06:08 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Her hand paused over Brutus’ head.* I would say we were even, but I think you still have three other rescues on me. How can I make him stay out? -06:15 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Was silent for a moment.* Anthony enjoys a challenge and he enjoys breaking down resistance. However, he gets restless easily. He will break off an attack if you resist him long enough. I had three things when I first learned. The first two were crystals. One was clear. Diamond, quartz or agate works for focus. The second is a black or brown stone. Either jet, obsidian, smokey quartz, onyx. That helps shield and disburse negative energy. The third was something to focus on, something that strengthens you. In many cases, that was often the thing that made the person happy. -06:33 Jul 17
Evangeline: So he is going to keep trying? *Oh the look on her face. As if someone had told her that her puppy died!* I have lots of crystals and pleasant things but… -06:36 Jul 17
Gabriel: He might. He knows you’re helping me. He does not like it when I meddle in his plans. -06:38 Jul 17
Evangeline: Oh boy. *Okay, there was no reason to panic. Crystals and happy thoughts. She wasn’t going to be in the city forever, so he’d leave her alone when she left, right? But the city didn’t want her to leave!* This has never happened before… to me. No one ever wants to do anything to me. I just… tell people things, and go home. -06:44 Jul 17
Gabriel: *He stood.* I will find the girl myself. I believe he attacked you once he knew for certain that the rumors of a psychic helping me were true. If he believes I am not relying on outside help, he will turn his attention elsewhere. -06:47 Jul 17
Evangeline: *She grasped his sleeve.* If I have a vision I’m going to tell you. I can’t just not tell you. -06:50 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Stopped and turned to look at her.* You told me the vision about Anthony and the gate he seeks to open. That will suffice. It is too dangerous for you to continue helping me anymore. *He started for the door again!* -06:51 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t let go of his sleeve!* I’m not afraid to die if it means saving the world. I’ve never… done it before, but I would try anyway. -06:54 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Stopped again! Another look at her! There was an unreadable expression on his face.* Save your strength. *And he started for the door again!* -06:57 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline let him as she frowned softly.* …Lily is emoting very strongly. She’s angry… Ciara Grey made another date with Anthony Carnatelli. -07:07 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Stopped … again! He turned.* Another date … Where and when? *She was going to get herself killed. The fool.* -07:08 Jul 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline stood slowly from her chair to move for the door. That girl was so upset, she was going hurt someone by accident at this rate!* Charity Dinner… on Friday. -07:15 Jul 17

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