012 Please Stay

After Evangeline pulls Gabriel back to his mind and body, Gabriel remembers everything that has happened. He tries to leave, but Evangeline convinces him to stay. At least for now.

[Gabriel wasn’t in his bed anymore! No one seemed to know where he was!] -12:51 Apr 18
[Evangeline doesn’t like this feeling… and she knew exactly who to look for to deal with it.] -12:52 Apr 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline was doing very well not to give in to that need to hold on to Gabriel so tight that she might be permanently attached to him. …But that didn’t mean she could sleep without him IN the room. Gabriel was being strange, still himself to her relief, but strange… So with him suddenly missing, now she was snooping him out!* -12:55 Apr 18
Gabriel: *The roof was empty! The gravel crunched under his boots! He pushed away any thought other than leaving! He had no idea where he was going or where he’d end up … He wasn’t quite sure who he was anymore! Or what!* -12:56 Apr 18
Evangeline: *There was not even a need to use a scrying crystal, his presence was so vibrant in her mind. After all of that time trying to search for him, having him there close enough to touch with her thoughts was a comfort. …But as she stepped out on to the roof, she found herself a little confused.* …Are you going somewhere…? -01:00 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He stood there, right at the ledge! He’d felt her coming a mile away. Her light was so bright. He wondered if she was aware of it herself. He didn’t turn.* … It is chilly out here. Go back inside. -01:03 Apr 18
Evangeline: I don’t think I can sleep. …You’re really not going somewhere right this moment, are you? -01:06 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He stayed silent! He didn’t know what else to tell her! Did it really matter …? The truth. She deserved that much.* … I cannot stay here. I cannot stay … with you. *Things had become different. He remembered everything he’d done now. The tears she’d cried for him, the things she’d told him, done for him … And he hadn’t even responded. He’d stopped her cold, nearly killed her … and enjoyed every minute of it.* -01:12 Apr 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked in confusion for a moment, before her expression turned to a soft smile.* And you thought you could walk away. You would not let me leave when I was afraid… do you really think I will let you go now…? -01:16 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He didn’t need to turn around to feel her smiling. He had been hoping he could leave without her knowing. It would have been much simpler.* Let me go. Your fear did not result in nearly getting you killed several times. I most certainly will. -01:20 Apr 18
Evangeline: I am not afraid of you, Gabriel. *She frowned. Evangeline couldn’t let him go now… she wouldn’t be able to stand it!* I am still here and so are you… There isn’t any reason why you can’t stay that we couldn’t deal with… So you you can’t leave. -01:25 Apr 18
Gabriel: … Damnit, Evangeline! *He growled! He finally turned and stalked toward her, fangs growing! His eyes flashed red!* … This is not a game. I remember everything. *He stopped in front of her. How could she still be so calm?* The evil I did, the people I hurt, killed. Everything. I refuse to let you suffer for my mistakes. -01:28 Apr 18
Evangeline: *Calm she remained, despite his anger. There was nothing worse he could do to her than leave her again… That was enough to puff herself up good and mad as well!* And they are deeds you will make up for, but don’t you dare think that I will let you just leave me! It is my own choice to stay! So… You’re… you’re not allowed to leave! End of discussion! -01:34 Apr 18
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed! She was serious, he could tell. This was a side of her even he had not seen before! Had she no common sense?! When he spoke next, his voice was a low and deadly whisper.* … You are very aware I could end your life right now. -01:36 Apr 18
Evangeline: Then do it! You have not eaten and I am here. Feed from me and leave if that is what you want. Otherwise as long as I am alive I will come and find you, and maybe wrap you up in duct tape and drag you back home! *She could not sound as threatening as he did! How she wished she could say it all with steel instead of the tears that were trying to sneak their way up!* -01:41 Apr 18
Gabriel: *That was true … He hadn’t fed for awhile! And he could hear her pulse beating even from here! All he had to do was give into temptation and feed from her. Then she’d see the truth and let him go before he became nothing more than a monster! He wrapped his fingers around her neck and bent his head! He opened his mouth to bury his fangs into her neck only to clench his teeth! It was several minutes that seemed like an eternity.* … You are insane. *He growled. He didn’t loosen his hold on her neck but he still felt her pulse, heard her heartbeat. That was when he realized …*… You really are not afraid of me. -01:47 Apr 18
Evangeline: The things you do for me… You could never hurt me. If you could, you wouldn’t be who you are. ..so what is there for me to be afraid of…? *She raised her hand to rest over his. Gentle fingers over his own.* I want to stay with you. I don’t want to live without you… -01:53 Apr 18
Gabriel: *The rhythm of her heartbeat, the tone of her voice … Indeed, no fear there. He clenched his teeth, felt his fangs shrink and disappear. He should end this now. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt her even more! If he did … But if he didn’t … He struggled, torn between leaving her and being with her.* … -02:01 Apr 18
Evangeline: *His silence was answer enough for her. Pulling his hand away from her neck, she only moved it to place his palm against her cheek.* You have always shared your strength with me, so I can share my faith with you. There isn’t any reason why you can’t stay… -02:09 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He opened his eyes and lifted his head when she pressed his palm against her face. He pressed his other palm against her other cheek, studied her. Despite himself, he found his anger draining away. He ran his thumb over her mouth.* … I could erase your memories of me, of them. *By “them”, they both knew he meant Michael and Anthony!* -02:15 Apr 18
Evangeline: *The corner of her mouth twitched to a half smile.* You could try. Who is to say I would not come to find you anyway. Looking for that missing piece of me. You are not so easily forgotten.. -02:19 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He bent his head again, this time to kiss her lips. This was different from the last kiss he had given her, the one he’d given her when he was evil, demanding and cruel and done merely to show how much power he wielded. He’d hurt her then, made her bleed. This kiss was one of curiosity, as if testing the waters between him and her. It was a slow kiss.* -02:23 Apr 18
Evangeline: *A soft intake of breath. She was not afraid, but yet unsure if this was just to say goodbye. After a moment, it didn’t matter as she reached her hands out to grasp his shirt and pull herself closer. Returning his kiss with a hope to show that she was still going to be here!* -02:30 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He had to admit he was surprised she hadn’t stiffened or pulled away from him. He moved his lips against hers as he slipped one hand from her cheek to the back of her head, cradling her. The other hand moved away to slip around her waist, to hold her close.* -02:36 Apr 18
Evangeline: *Being close to him.. she had missed so much! There were happy tears sneaking their way across her cheeks as she rose up on her toes and slowly snaked her arms around his neck for a deeper kiss.* -02:42 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He bent forward a little more when her arms went around his neck, pressing his mouth deeper against hers. He opened his eyes when he felt wetness and after awhile, he broke the kiss. He reached up to wipe her tears away.* … I remember you crying … -02:50 Apr 18
Evangeline: *She gave a soft sound of complaint when he broke away… but could not help but smile.* I cried a lot for you. If you promise to never leave me, I would not mind crying again. -02:53 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He was still watching her, as if somehow that would help solve the mysteries about her!* … Even if I did, you are insane enough to follow through with your promise. I have learned that much about you. -03:21 Apr 18
Evangeline: I think crazy people might call that love. …Will you promise not to leave me again? *If he said no, she would accept it.. but may not be able to hide the hurt.* -03:28 Apr 18
Gabriel: … I cannot promise something like that. *He said.* But … I promise not to leave you again so long as it is within my power. *He could promise that much! But one never knew what tomorrow had in store! Especially when you were a Carnatelli and a vampire!* -03:32 Apr 18
Evangeline: *That breath she was holding released as a relieved sigh!* That is more than enough for me. …Now will you go to bed with me where we belong? -03:35 Apr 18
Gabriel: *He brushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes.* … I still need to feed. I will take you inside and return after. *He couldn’t risk hurting her again by letting his hunger get to him. All vampires had to feed and a Carnatelli had a greater blood thirst than others. Possibly a trade off for the power.* -03:44 Apr 18
Evangeline: *She understood, but that didn’t mean she liked it or wanted him to go… even if he was coming right back.* You could still feed from me. I wouldn’t mind. -03:48 Apr 18
Gabriel: … I know. I would rather not. *As if to put an end to any discussion, he picked her up and headed back inside!* -04:00 Apr 18

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