013 Lesson in Social Skills

Caroline and Dark are trying to convince Evangeline to “do something” about Gabriel avoiding her. They distract her with some social skill lessons for Dark.

[Dark was sorely tempted to hunt Gabriel down and drag his ass back to Evangeline!] -04:41 Jun 05
[Caroline does not understand this woman sometimes!] -04:41 Jun 05
Dark: *He scratched the back of his head.* No offense, Evangeline … But why don’t I just go hunt the bastard down and bring him back to you? I’ll even tie him up and put a bow on him. *He was very serious about it, too!* -04:42 Jun 05

Evangeline: *This again! Did she really look that sad? She was going to have to smile more!* It’s alright, really! I don’t mind. There are plenty of things that were neglected while I was away, so now I have time to do them.

Dark: *He frowned. He had the feeling he’d said something wrong. He was hoping for the opposite reaction! He glanced at Caroline for some hint as to what to do now! He scratched the back of his head again, went over to the window to look outside!* -04:46 Jun 05
Caroline: You’re a terrible liar, my lady. *Though she had some faint amusement to Dark’s feelings on the matter, Evangeline was a frustration! Gabriel was still dealing with the possession, but it had been months and he was still avoiding Evangeline like the plague!* Having one of us fetch him back would be a good idea. -04:48 Jun 05
Dark: *He clenched his fists! Damnit, Gabriel was putting everyone in danger like this! Didn’t he know he was hurting Evangeline more than Anthony or that Bitch ever could?!* Isn’t there … something else you could do? You know, besides moping around like this? Take that werepup for a walk or make those idiot hunters learn something for a change. -04:51 Jun 05

Evangeline: *Liar or not, Evangeline shrugged her shoulders and returned to sorting beanbags by heavyness! It was idle busywork for sure, but it was hard to get through classes with Hunters fussing at her too.* Not today. …Oh! But I could help Caroline with a lesson!

Dark: *He blinked and took a step back! Helping Caroline with a lesson always meant Caroline was going to teach him a lesson!* Whoa. Now hold on just a sec there! I didn’t say I needed a lesson. -04:55 Jun 05
Caroline: *A faint smirk.* You are in constant need of lessons, wee vampire. And if my lady is going to be such an angel as to help with one… I don’t see why not? -04:56 Jun 05

“Aye! Lets wail on the scum brute with a pair of missile cannons and see how long he can dodge!” suggested Alistair from up in the rafters!

Dark: It’s a damn conspiracy, that’s what it is! The last time we had a lesson I ended up falling into the ocean in the middle of nowhere! *He glared up at Alistair.* Pipe down, you dating reject. -04:58 Jun 05

Evangeline: *Abandoning beanbags, she stood up to dust off her hands.* Lets go out and give lessons about girls! You an Gabriel are always so focused on fighting, but learning about people is important too.

“Girls? HA! That creature is only capable of chewing and could not even begin to compare to my personal experience and knowledge of the fairer sex!”

Caroline: … I am not sure Dark is ready for girls. Might we try something a little simpler. Dancing? Table manners…? -05:02 Jun 05
Dark: My social skills suck. *That was another thing him and Mr. Dumb Ass had in common.* And I don’t know how to talk to girls. *He grumbled and sulked!* -05:03 Jun 05

Evangeline: See! All the more reason for this sort of lesson! *This was a grand idea! Evangeline moved to snatc Dark’s hand and pull him for the door!* We’re all going out on a pretend date and I will tell you the right and wrong things! Alistair will learn in this lesson too!

Caroline: Teaching two at once? This might be a fine lesson after all. *Caroline cast a grin at the now sputtering Alistair before following Evangeline out.* -05:08 Jun 05
Dark: *He blinked! It was all he could do not to get dragged! The woman had a grip on her!* A pretend date?! Can’t we just stay here and do it?! -05:09 Jun 05

Evangeline: Of course not! These sort of things can’t be learned in a classroom, you have to try them! We’ll go to the park and I’ll show you have to talk to strangers!

Alistair flapflapped until he landed on Caroline’s shoulder with a huff! “This is nonsense! Why no go to a bar, pick up a real woman and then throw him to the wolves!”

Caroline: I believe Evangeline would be a far safer first date. No one with class picks up a woman in a bar. *At least her endevour to distract Evangeline was a sucess! And if it meant an impromptu lesson for Dark, then all the better for it!* -05:16 Jun 05
Dark: *He huffed and ran his fingers through his hair! The last time he’d tried to talk to strangers, he’d nearly–literally–bit their heads off. Impatient dickheads.* -05:16 Jun 05

Evangeline: I can’t be his date, I’m his teacher! You’re going to be the stranger for us while I tell him what to do. *It was luck that the park was not too far from Oracle. Placed in just the right part of town, it had easy access to everything! Evangeline found a bench and pointed Caroline to sit before stealing Alistair away and tugging Dark away out of earshot!* Now! Do you know how to introduce yourself?

Caroline: Me…? *Blast! She was going to have to try not to laugh at him now. Caroline sat down on the bench as instructed and crossed her legs. Snapping her fingrs, she produced a simple magazine. She might as well play the part!* -05:21 Jun 05

Alistair snorted. “Need you ask him! He might as well run up and grab the lady over his shoulder like some barbarian!”

[Dark wasn\’t so sure about this lesson after all!] -02:16 Jun 07
[Caroline was sitting on the bench Evangeline had pointed her to and reading a magazine!] -02:17 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t paying much mind to Alistair.* Dark wouldn’t run up and grab a lady… …Would you?

Dark: *A look of disgust! … And then … thoughtful!* Depends. Is she a meal …? -02:21 Jun 07

Evangeline: *The answer was bringing up very interesting mental images! Finally Evangeline shook her head.* No, she’s not for eating. …And um… in the future, you might not want to grab a lady and run off with her for eating either. *She pointed in Caroline’s direction!* We are going to pretend she is a stranger, and you will start a conversation and ask her if she would like to go on a date!

Dark: *He glanced at Caroline, raised an eyebrow!* No offense, Evangeline. But I don’t think this is going to work. I mean … *He scratched the back of his head.* It’s kind of hard to explain … -02:26 Jun 07

Evangeline: You don’t have to be shy! That’s why we’re only pretending and not trying a real stranger!

Alistair snickered. “Boy obviously lacks skill or interest. Your time is wasted on the whelp!”

Dark: *He huffed! The woman was very stubborn!* So how do human women like to be approached, anyways? -02:31 Jun 07

Evangeline: Every woman is a little different… But today we are just going to try the direct approach to meeting strangers! You say hello and have a short conversation where you make sure to compliment her about something and then you ask her out! It’s really easy!

Dark: *He raised an eyebrow again!* And if I fail …? I have to do it all over again? -02:36 Jun 07

Evangeline: If you fail, I’ll tell you how it went wrong, so next time it will be easier. *Evangeline smiled! Social skills had to be easier to learn than all the fighting!*

Caroline: *Caroline was checking her watch. Evangeline was either giving a long list of instructions or Dark was being a pain in the ass. …Or Alistair was. Either way, being a test dummy was dull work!* -02:39 Jun 07
Dark: *In Dark’s case, he was thinking fighting was easier to learn than social skills! A deep breath! He could do this … All he had to do was talk …* Fine. I’ll give it a try. *Then before Evangeline could give him more cheerful words of encouragement, he walked over to Caroline. Be cool, be yourself … These were all instructions he’d overheard one hunter giving to another. He was going to be friendly. He couldn’t scare her away. But asking Caroline out on a date?! He sat down on the opposite end of the bench.* Hello … It’s a … nice evening, isn’t it? -02:45 Jun 07
Caroline: *Caroline didn’t look up from her magazine and merely shrugged a shoulder.* It’s a quiet night, I suppose. -02:47 Jun 07

Evangeline: *She needed to make sure she could hear, so she tiptoed around to a tree that was in earshot!*

Sitting on Evangeline’s shoulder, Alistair was puffed up and snickering still. “The whelp will crash and burn. Perhaps my beautiful lady should have let me show him how it’s done.”

Dark: *He looked around so he could tell Evangeline that he’d tried and oh well, so much for that idea but … the blasted woman was gone! He scratched the back of his head and sighed! He never signed up to be some demon’s charity case!* -02:52 Jun 07

A woman walked by! Long, dark red hair, countless curves, and dark blue eyes, wearing knee-high boots, a black mini-skirt, black jacket and a white top! She walked by Dark and gave him a small smile …

Evangeline: Psssssst! *She hissed loudly to catch Dark’s attention!* Don’t give up so soon..!

Caroline: *Turning the page of her magazine, Caroline was trying her best not to smirk. Moreso when the curvey woman walked by casting Dark that come-hither look.* -02:57 Jun 07
Dark: *He blinked when the woman caught his eye! Most women passed him by, although Caroline often said it was because he kept his eyes down except when looking around for danger. He blinked when Evangeline hissed! He looked at her!* But I tried already and failed. I think that counts as something. -02:58 Jun 07

Evangeline: You’re supposed to keep talking..!

Dark: *He was holding Gabriel directly responsible for putting him into this mess! If he hadn’t gone missing, Evangeline wouldn’t need cheering up and he wouldn’t be having a grand ol’ time trying to sweet talk a slave-driving demon!* So … you’re more into life on the fast lane? *But even as he asked Caroline that, his head was drifting in the direction the woman had gone! Hm … She had … a wonderful perfume. Sandalwood?* -03:05 Jun 07
Caroline: *What kind of line was that? Caroline refrained from smirking again!* You could say that. -03:07 Jun 07

Evangeline: …Caroline, you could give him a little more than that! *Really, they were both being stubborn!*

Dark: *He didn’t bother turning now!* … We should take a break. *She was gone but he could still follow the scent!* -03:09 Jun 07
Caroline: But he’s not my type, my lady. *Now she grinned, making the magazine disappear, but casting Dark a curious look.* It’s only been ten minutes, you’re already trying to escape Evangeline? -03:10 Jun 07

Evangeline: A break is a good idea. I have to instruct Caroline on how to be an appropriate test-girl! *Evangeline moved out from behind the tree to rest her hands on her hips.*

Dark: It’s only been ten minutes? *He was completely detached from the conversation now. He didn’t even hear anything after "good idea." He was already up and walking away from them, in the direction the mysterious woman had gone, following the sandalwood perfume.* -03:11 Jun 07

Evangeline: *As Dark moved past, she wagged a finger at Caroline!* You’ll have to be a little easier on him. He needs a nice conversation and you should flirt a little bit!

The perfume was faint but still easy to follow! There weren’t many who wore sandalwood! The streets were as busy as it normally was! He headed through the residental district!

Caroline: I’d hate to see him fainting from flirting… *Caroline mused with a halfsmirk. Dark was sneaking off and she was trying to keep an eye on him. He was distracted by something and almost out of her line of sight…* In the mean time, your student is getting away. -03:18 Jun 07
Dark: *He stopped at the corner, to sniff the air and figure out which direction she had gone! He was curious about the perfume and the woman who wore it. He crossed the street!* -03:19 Jun 07

Evangeline: He is? *…Blast! She hadn’t thought he would actually run away! Evangeline sighed before following after his aura!* Why do they always run off when I’m trying to teach these lessons…!

And as Dark turned his head, he may have spotted a flash of dark red hair being tossed over a shoulder, the sound of a woman’s gentle laughter, and the faint scent of sandalwood!

Dark: *Could it be her …? He didn’t know for sure but he was going to find out–one way or another! He walked quickly in the direction he’d seen the flash of red hair, heard the laughter, and smelled the perfume!* -03:22 Jun 07
Caroline: …Does that mean you tried this with Gabriel as well? *It was a curious thought. Caroline doubted Gabriel would cooporate with such a thing. She stood up and followed Evangeline. Though Dark complained about lessons, he wasn’t one to try and escape them. Better not to let Evangeline follow him off in to some trouble by herself.* -03:23 Jun 07

Evangeline: Oh no. I just took him on dates. He lets me drag him to do things, but I doubt he would sit still longer enough for lessons! *Where WAS Dark sneaking off to? He was running off without even saying goodbye!*

There was a night club down the street, on the corner! Just as Dark got there, the flash of red and the smell of perfume disappeared inside! It was a rather interesting place to, called “Paradise Lost.”

Alistair returned to Caroline’s shoulder. “It would seem your pupil doesn’t find you very attractive and is hunting better meat.” he smirked!

Dark: *There was the line of people … but it escaped his notice that most of them weren’t human at all! No weres but a few vampires and mostly demons! He had to get inside, though! He wandered down the alley that ran beside the night club! There had to be a way in!* -03:45 Jun 07
Caroline: *A groan escaped her! This was going to be one of those "fun" evenings.* My lady, would you do me the favor of waiting.. Hm. Right here. *She tugged Evangeline’s arm and placed her at the corner, far enough away from the night club that she wouldn’t run in to anyone. Last thing she needed was having to rescue Evangeline and face Gabriel’s wrath, while simutaneously getting Dark out of trouble.* I’ll be gone for a few moments. Don’t talk to anyone and keep Alistair. -03:51 Jun 07

The alley was empty … But there was the back door! It opened! Someone came out, threw some rubbish, and went back in! The door was locked when Dark checked it!

Dark: *He checked the lock! Damnit! He glanced around then used his strength to break the lock! He slipped inside and wandered into the night club!* -03:53 Jun 07

Evangeline: *She wanted to ask if she could go too, but… it was probably a better idea to wait here as instructed! She only nodded!*

Alistair grumbled. “At least the lady will be beautiful company compared to that stupid vampire.”

Caroline: *That taken care of, Caroline headed around the side of the building to trail after Dark. They were going to have to work on his impulse control, or danger radar! Something about this doesn’t feel right!* -04:00 Jun 07

The music playing was some sort of techno music and multi-colored lights flashed and flew around the club! He walked out from backstage and found himself on the edge of the dance floor!*

Dark: *He looked around! There were a lot of bodies here! They were dancing and generally having a good time! But there was still no sign of the red-haired woman … but he did catch a whiff of sandalwood! He wandered onto the dance floor!* -04:02 Jun 07

Evangeline: Do you really not like him, Alistair? I think Dark is rather nice! *She hated having to stand still and wait like this. Obviously there was trouble. What if they needed her help?*

Someone whispered in Dark’s ear. “There you are … I thought you would never come.” As Dark turned, arms wrapped around him … the red-haired woman from earlier! She smiled and brushed up against him.

“He has all the sense of a peanut! If only he could be as delightful as you! Such a charming lady is wasted on the likes of these filthy beasts!”

Dark: *He blinked and swallowed! He’d found her but … he was still pretty nervous! She had to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever come across!* Uh … No offense but … do I know you …? -04:06 Jun 07
Caroline: *A broken lock on the side of the building… Muttering under her breath, Caroline entered the club. It was loud, crowded, and very not to her liking… Worse that it was filled with demons, vampires, and a whole variety of other non-human creatures. Out of all the places Dark had to walk himself in to!* -04:08 Jun 07

Evangeline: You don’t have to be jealous, Alistair! I bet if you behaved, you would find a very nice lady!

The woman smiled. “You don’t remember me …?” She sounded genuinely amused. “It’s alright. It was so long ago … And I never even got your name.”

Dark: *So long ago … That clicked in his head! Now he stepped back!* I hate to tell you this … And you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met but … you got the wrong va–guy. Wrong guy. I haven’t been around that long. Er, however long you think I have. -04:13 Jun 07

“There is no lady that would compare to your gentle grace! …Although SHE is mighty fine!” Alistair found himself momentarily distracted as a lady walked by. He went flapping after her!

Evangeline: Hey…! Caroline said to keep you! *Blast! Should she chase after Alistair and pull him back, or should she go tell Caroline that he had escaped?*

She laughed and pulled him closer! “I never forget a face, young vampire. Let me reward you for saving me from those evil humans.” And then she kissed him!

Dark: *He was about to protest, to explain himself when she kissed him! And she had the most delicious lips he had ever tasted! Not that he had kissed many women … any except for this one but … he couldn’t imagine kissing anyone else! He made a soft "mm" sound and leaned against her. What a body!* -04:25 Jun 07
Caroline: *Finding Dark in here was going to be like finding a- Nevermind, she found him. And promptly smacked herself on the forehead! Well, that would explain why he was so distracted! Caroline approached and with a loud COUGH she waited with arms crossed!* -04:27 Jun 07

The woman slowly broke the kiss and leaned back a bit. She toyed with his hair. “Hm … Now what were you saying?” she asked, totally ignoring the demon coughing right there beside them! She’d just have to wait her turn!

Dark: *There was a dazed look on his face but then he blinked and shook his head.* I uh … I uh … *Then he looked into those beautiful eyes …* Forgot. *He didn’t even see or hear Caroline!* -04:29 Jun 07
Caroline: Dark. …Dark. *She waved her hand in front of his face.* I see you paid no attention what-so-ever when I explained charm magic to you. …*He wasn’t even listening. She sighed and spoke to the woman inside.* Wouldn’t you be more interested in someone that was a challenge…? -04:33 Jun 07

The woman was still smiling at Dark. She glanced at Caroline. “Hm. That would depend on who you had in mind … Personally, I enjoy the company of a vampire who can’t resist a little charm.”

Evangeline: *Alistair was clearly not coming back! She huffed. Standing out here alone in the evening wasn’t a good idea, even if there WAS trouble inside. Evangeline would just have to sneak in and back out when Caroline found Dark!*

Caroline: My sweet, he is not ready for a lady as talented as you. *Caroline flashed a wicked smile!* Try someone a little older and you’ll have better fun. -04:39 Jun 07

The woman pouted a bit. “But I want him …” She leaned forward and stroked his face. “You don’t want to leave, do you? You want to stay with me …

Dark: *Beautiful blue eyes, red hair, sweet body … That’s what his entire world consisted of! He slowly nodded, leaning forward for another kiss!* Hmm hmm. -04:43 Jun 07

The woman smiled. Like putty in her hands. And a sweet piece of putty he was, too! She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him nice and long!

Caroline: *A scowl! The idiot. She had half a mind to leave him with her and let him figure it out himself.* AHEM. I’m still standing here. I also don’t intend to leave. So it would be in our best interest to let him loose rather than me having to drag him out by the hair. -04:46 Jun 07

Evangeline: *The back way in to the club made sneaking in really easy! The music was nice and fun too! She was tempted to find Caroline and ask her to dance! Or maybe she could teach Dark to dance? It might go over better than his social skills!*

She huffed and rolled her eyes at Caroline! “Your best interest is no concern of mine.” The music had suddenly died down. “Felix, I want this woman out of here.” A large, bulky man in a suit walked up from behind the woman. “You heard her, boys.” In reply, about half a dozen men in similar suits, just as tall and muscular arrived to form a circle around Caroline! “Come on, sweetie.” The woman took Dark by the hand and began to lead him away!

Caroline: You can’t possibly mean to throw me out. *She asked incredulously! With a dozen men, even. Caroline stuffed her hands in her pockets.* I would hate to make a mess in this lovely club, so please do us all the favor of stepping aside so I can fetch that vampire. *…she was still debating if he were worth it! Clueless vampire…!* -04:57 Jun 07
Dark: *And the clueless vampire was being led away! The woman was his world, after all!* -04:59 Jun 07

Felix crossed his arms. “It’d be better if you leave,” he said in a low voice. He gestured for the door!

Caroline: If that is supposed to be intimidating… *An inward groan. Bar fights were never fun! She pulled one of her marbles from her pocket and with a SNAP tossed it to the ground! It went off like a dozen firecrackers, and with the distraction she dashed between those men to chase after and tackle Dark!* -05:04 Jun 07
Dark: *He never saw it coming! He was tackled and when he lifted his head, he looked at Caroline with a glare!* Caroline! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! *He looked up at the men.* … What crap did you get us into this time? -06:37 Jun 07
Caroline: *She could strangle him.* Get up and lets go. *She didn’t give him time to argue, she was hauling him to his feet and trying to make sure he gets shoved towards the door without catching glimpse of the woman again!* -06:39 Jun 07

Even as Dark grumbled but was pushed to the door, the men had recovered! They all attacked, although the woman was shouting for them to get Dark back and bring him to her!

Caroline: *Hell and damnation! Caroline cursed under her breath as she pulled her ribbons from her pockets. With one hand she looped a table to swing at those bouncers! With the other, she was making sure to keep herding Dark for the door!* Isn’t there enough men in here! I doubt he’s worth the trouble! -06:49 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Oh! There was Caroline! But it sounded like a scuffle… What about men? Evangeline had a seat at the bar to wait patiently. She was smart enough not to get in the middle of a woman and the man she wanted – she learned that with Ms. Grey!*

[Caroline was saving Dark from himself!] -01:57 Jun 07
[Dark had no clue what the hell was going on!] -01:59 Jun 07
Dark: … Damnit, Caroline! I’m going, I’m going! *He muttered as she rushed him toward the exit!* -01:59 Jun 07

Those bouncers were pissed … especially after one of them got knocked off his feet by that table! Now there was a mix of patrons running out and others running to stop Caroline!

Caroline: *This is nice! She was at war with an entire nightclub! Growling, she was digging in to her pockets, pulling out another marble and tossing it in to the crowd! With a PLOOF it was letting loose smoke! And she was following Dark and trying not to kick him in the rear like he richly deserves!* -02:03 Jun 07

Through all the haze and confusion, the female demon who had started it all was not happy! She let loose a blast of fire at Caroline! How dare she try to steal her toy!

Evangeline: *Crawling in to a chair at the bar, Evangeline decided that she better just sit still until everyone stops running around like mad! She’ll just meet Caroline outside!* Drink please!

Unfortunately the bar tender was not as calm as Evangeline was! He poked his head out from behind the counter to look up in confusion at the human woman! “Lady! This ain’t no time for a drink!”

Caroline: Woman! Loose with your dignity steal in tact! *Caroline ducked… Damnation! Fine! If there was going to be a fight… Caroline sprang across the floor to tackle the woman by the legs!* -02:08 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned over the bar.* It’s the best time for a drink! They might be busy for awhile.

The demon woman hit the floor but the blast of fire she was aiming at Caroline at the time was thrown off and the blast of fire went for Evangeline instead!

She had a point there … His eyes went wide. “Oh, shit! Lady, look out!” He ducked when that second blast of fire came flying toward them!

Dark: *He saw the blast of fire going straight for–Evangeline!* Oh crap, Evangeline! *He started running for her!* -02:14 Jun 07

The blast of fire suddenly disappeared when it came up against an invisible shield! The sound of it sizzling out didn’t draw as much attention as the one responsible for the shield …

Evangeline: *Warning shouts! She had thrown her arms over her head, but… nothing happened besides sizzling!* …Do you get it?!

Evangeline: *-do Did!

Gabriel: *He stood between Evangeline and the rest of the chaos.* … No one. Harms. My Seer. *He looked ready to slaughter everyone in the room, and he had the sword and one set of fingertip claws to do it with!*

The demon woman’s eyes grew wide! “But–?! Who–?! You–?!” She glanced from Gabriel to Dark and back again. She’d been so sure he was the one!

The bar tender gulped and quickly ducked again, rather than answer Evangeline’s question! The whole world was going to hell!

Caroline: *Caroline picked herself up and dusted herself off.* I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to th-… Evangeline, I told you to wait outside! -02:20 Jun 07
Dark: *He’d tripped over a fallen table! He looked up when he heard that voice, saw the look on his face …* We’re screwed. -02:21 Jun 07

The demon woman stood up. She knew that look, everyone did! “You can’t! You promised! Your word is your bond!”

Evangeline: Alistair went chasing after a lady and I didn’t want to wait outside by myself. …What is going on in here, anyway?

Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed into slits and flashed red briefly.* Ayrae, I remember my promises. I promised that I would cause no harm or destruction within these walls provided no threat was ever made, verbal or otherwise, to anyone under my protection at the time they choose to spend here. That promise becomes null and void when that occurs. And that. Has certainly occured.

Ayrae looked horrified! “But I built this place! This is all I have! Please, I didn’t know the woman was under your care! One more chance!”

Caroline: Dark had himself entranced by a rather lovely succubus, my lady. One that doesn’t know when to let a man go when she’s asked. *And of course Evangeline had to come inside, bringing in Gabriel, which means she was going to get that GLARE. ..Let him glare, she has some words for Gabriel too!* -02:27 Jun 07
Dark: … Besides Armageddon? *He asked Evangeline as he drew closer, giving Gabriel and the demon a wide berth. No looking, no looking …!* Let’s get out of here and leave Gabe to do whatever the hell it is he does. -02:28 Jun 07

Evangeline: Oh. That’s why he up and walked away! I thought he was trying to escape my lessons! …But um, I don’t think it’s really the lady’s fault for throwing fireballs in my direction, she was aiming for Caroline, wasn’t she…?

Dark: *He blinked! He’d turned in time to see most of what was going on, when Caroline had finally let go of him.* Yeah, she was. But good luck convincing your vampire in shining armor of that. He looks extra fiesty tonight. -02:31 Jun 07
Caroline: Yes. Extra especially fiesty. You come with me. *She took Evangeline gently by the arm to lead her out. Whether Gabriel would choose to slaughter the woman or not, Evangeline didn’t need to be here for it!* We’re going to wait outside, then we’re going to have a long discussion about charms and obeying instructions. -02:33 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Pointing over her shoulder!* Shouldn’t someone stay with Gabriel…?

Dark: *He looked at Gabriel! He felt sorry for the woman …* … I’ll stay. You two go on ahead. -02:36 Jun 07
Caroline: YOU will stay? When YOU are the one that got in to this mess in the first place? *Caroline was reaching out to snatch him by the ear but… pulled her arm back. She cast him a strange smile.* That’s a good idea. You stay with Gabriel. Come on, Evangeline. *She led the seer out!* -02:37 Jun 07
Dark: *He wasn’t even looking at Caroline by then! He quickly walked forward and pushed himself between Gabriel and the woman!* Gabriel, stop. *Focus, he had to stay focused! He could do this, talk Gabriel down but only if he held onto his uh … conviction and didn’t let up!* It wasn’t her fault. It’s just like she said. She didn’t know Evangeline was even here. Evangeline would never have come if she hadn’t followed me in. I was the one responsible. If anyone should be punished for putting Evangeline at risk … it should be me. -02:40 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Outside with Caroline who was bristling with anger!* I’m really sorry! Alistair left, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take before you came back out. You’re not too mad, are you?

The woman blinked. This … man who was so much like the Carnatelli! Was standing up for her …? She could only stare!

Caroline: Hmm. I am livid. …but that is not entirely your fault. However, I’d appreciate you staying where I put you. *Rubbing her temple, she could only imagine what Gabriel would do if Evangeline was hurt while under someone else’s care!* -02:44 Jun 07

Gabriel: *He studied Dark for several moments.* You. Taking responsibility. *He tilted his head slightly.* Tell me. What was the Seer helping you with.

Dark: *He blinked! He hadn’t expected that one! He wasn’t sure if this was a welcomed change to having Gabriel go ballistic or a scary one!* Uh … She was uh … helping me with social skills. *He glared.* Apparently that’s something we have in common. I can’t talk to someone for shit and you have a habit of abandoning those closest to you, who genuinely care! -02:46 Jun 07

Gabriel: *There was a flicker of something in Gabriel’s eyes. He looked over Dark’s shoulder.* Ayrae, go. The promise is still in effect.

Evangeline: I’ll try. Would you like me to hit Dark with a stick for you? *Caroline worried far too much about everyone! She needed a vacation!*

“Thank you …” the woman said but whether she meant that to Gabriel or Dark or both wasn’t certain! She backed away and quickly left the club! Gabriel’s word was his bond!

Caroline: *A smirk.* Yes, my lady. You are welcome to hit him with your stick. I am going to need the time to speak with Gabriel. -02:53 Jun 07
Dark: *He glanced over his shoulder to see Ayrae leave! When he turned to look at Gabriel, he found him already leaving!* Hey! Wait! *He ran after him!* -02:54 Jun 07

Evangeline: …You’re not going to talk about me, are you? I don’t think he needs to be bothered with it, Caroline.

Gabriel: *He walked out, fingertip claws and sword gone! That had been too close for comfort. Why hadn’t Evangeline pushed him away yet?*

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t have a chance to answer Evangeline before Gabriel was walking out.* Gabriel, I’d like to speak with you. I think Dark can manage a few minutes of not getting himself charmed to walk Evangeline back to Oracle. *If not, she was going to start dragging him around with a toddler-leash.* -03:01 Jun 07

Gabriel: *He stopped and looked beyond Caroline to see Evangeline. Something flickered there but then he turned away.* Walk with me. *And he started walking!*

Dark: *He frowned when Caroline mentioned getting charmed! If she wasn’t going to let him live it down, there was no chance the flying rat would either!* Come on, Evangeline. Maybe you could give me more tips … *He took her arm and led her away! In reality, he wanted to tie Evangeline and Gabriel together like they should have done in the beginning!* -03:12 Jun 07
Caroline: *Self control and reigned in anger! Caroline walked with Gabriel and waited until they were out of earshot.* …I have to wonder if you realize what you’re doing to her. -03:14 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Not even a goodbye? He’s gotten so much worse… Evangeline quickly smiled and grabbed Dark’s arm.* You weren’t doing so bad. All you have to do is keep talking.

Gabriel: … Protecting her. *He replied. It was the most painful separation possible. He threw himself into danger merely to soothe the ache the Seer’s absence caused. It was for the better. Why hadn’t she pushed him away yet?*

Dark: *He snorted!* I couldn’t even get Caroline to start talking more than a few words to me. I call that pretty bad. -03:17 Jun 07
Caroline: I understand that you’re afraid you might hurt her again. Yet… Here I see her everyday trying to pretend that she doesn’t want to cry. -03:24 Jun 07

Evangeline: Caroline was being a little difficult… Normally it wouldn’t be that hard! I think. Well, it shouldn’t! I think Alistair might have been giving helpful hints about carrying her off instead of just cracking jokes!

Gabriel: There is no ‘might’, Caroline. I will hurt her again. I am hurting her again. I lo–She deserves better. I should never have kept her for so long.

Dark: The day I accept any help from that flying rat is the day I truly have crashed and burned. *He huffed!* It’s tough, you know. Even with my memories restored, it’s tough to do this sort of thing. I don’t have a reason to fight. -03:28 Jun 07
Caroline: It isn’t your choice to make alone. She wants you to be near her and doesn’t ask for more. Have you any idea how precious it is to have someone that accepts you as you are? You might have hurt her, but she’s still here. -03:29 Jun 07

Evangeline: Then don’t fight. You can look for reasons to live instead! If you find a reason to live, then you’ll have something to fight for and it’ll all solve itself. *Helping give Dark advice was easier.. He listened! …At least when he wasn’t running off!*

Dark: *He blinked!* Really …? It sounds really easy. *He scratched his head.* So … what reasons do humans live for? -03:33 Jun 07

Evangeline: For all kinds of reasons! There’s so many different reasons, I couldn’t even list them all! There’s love and family and friends and cute animals and good food and snow and… um.. Well, lots of things. You have to try them all and see what you like!

Gabriel: *At that he let out a bitter smile.* I know exactly how precious it is, Caroline. *The tone in his voice told her he had more than enough experience with people who hadn’t accepted him for who or what he was. Something he had been fine with … until recently.* … She has a strength all her own. But humans are fragile. A Carnatelli has no place with a woman whose soul shines so bright and hides her fears behind a smile.

Dark: Well … I’ve always been curious about these things Caroline says humans do. You know, jobs. Have you ever had one of those? -03:41 Jun 07
Caroline: I suppose not. Then again, I never believe in fate or destiny until I met Evangeline. Isn’t strange how one little human that shouldn’t even exist has managed to live through two evil Carnatellis, one possessed Carnatelli and is still just as shining as the day we first met? -03:43 Jun 07

Evangeline: I did! I used to make jewelry! For awhile I also did psychic readings, and in between I would travel sometimes when I needed to take care of a vision. …Of course neither of my jobs paids very well and I ended yp with tons of credit card debt… So, you better pay in cash or get a good job.

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her, raised an eyebrow.* So now you believe in fate and destiny?

Dark: *He blinked … and then he laughed! Something as unexpected to her as it was to him! And he rarely laughed!* I think you just made my night, Evangeline. -03:46 Jun 07
Caroline: I still find it hard to swallow. But I find myself wondering where any of us would be if you did not have Evangeline. -03:46 Jun 07

His own words said to Anthony at the gate came drifting back at him. When Anthony had taunted him …

Anthony: “You can’t kill me. You are nothing without me. You need someone to hate. What is the shepherd without the wolf? The hunter without the hunted?”

Evangeline: Really? I am glad I could warn you about credit cards before it was too late! Anthony Carnatelli tried to get me thrown in his prison for it, and I didn’t even know he owned a prison.

Gabriel: “Fool. I never needed someone to hate. I needed someone to protect … a woman I would save or end the world for.”

Dark: *He blinked.* Does he …? My memory’s groggy. I guess when you’re a rich bastard you can have lots of stuff people aren’t even aware of. -03:49 Jun 07

Evangeline: Gabriel told me he does. I’ve only seen a few of his other places. *…and she didn’t want to think about those either. Changing the subject!* You should try a lot of new things to see what you’re interested in!

Gabriel: … I had often believed humans were weak, strength only shown when they banded together under a common enemy, save for a few. I am still certain she is not human at all but an angel.

Caroline: She’s unique. I doubt there’s even angels like her. All the more reason for you to go home and appreciate what you have. Her life will be brief compared to yours or mine. You should spend the time with her while you can. -03:58 Jun 07

Gabriel: All the more reason she should leave me behind and find someone who can truly appreciate her … If I spend anymore time with her, she will not be mortal for much longer. *And then he was gone!*

Dark: Good idea … I’d love to be out of Gabriel’s shadow once and for all. I guess it’s like people mistaking you for a celebrity but one they really hate and wish dead. -04:03 Jun 07
Caroline: Urrrgh..!! *She held out her hands to strangle thin air where he disappeared! How stubborn can a man be! Grumbling, she backtracked to meet Dark and Evangeline.* -04:05 Jun 07

Evangeline: Soon enough you’ll have people saying… “There’s Dark! He’s so dreamy!” or “Oh my! Was that Dark? He stole my lunch!”

Dark: *He blinked and grinned!* Wow, you think so? That’d be sweet. You know … awesome. Hopefully without having to turn my hair pink or something. -04:10 Jun 07

Evangeline: Yes! …as long as you don’t actually steal anyone’s lunch. That wouldn’t be very nice!

Dark: *He smirked!* Certainly not a were’s lunch or Leon’s. All they ever eat is meat, meat, and more meat. And a vampire can only chew on jerky for so long before he’s ready to swear off jerky forever. -04:12 Jun 07
Caroline: I’m not going to ask why we’re discussing meat. Instead, we’re going to talk about women. *Caroline announced behind them!* -04:19 Jun 07
Dark: *He stiffened! He glanced over his shoulder at Caroline.* I think i got the anatomy part down, thanks. Can we move on to something else? -04:19 Jun 07
Caroline: We’re not going to discuss anatomy. I think we should go back to Evangeline’s lesson. Only, we’re going to throw in keeping your eye out for charms, and how to appreciate a lady. *Still annoyed, she took them both by the arms and pulled them down the sidewalk.* -04:22 Jun 07

Evangeline: Has Dark been treating ladies badly, or is this because he’s miserable at starting conversations?

Dark: *He blinked and found himself being pulled along! Caroline was a strong woman! It looked like that talk with Gabriel hadn’t gone too well.* I’m not being punished because I look like him and I’m male, am I? *He asked!* -04:26 Jun 07
Caroline: No. We’re going for preventative teaching. In the future, should you meet a lady you’d end the world for, you’re going to appreciate her or I’ll take a page from the Carnatelli book of pain and throw you out the nearest window. *If she can’t talk sense in Gabriel, at least she can teach Dark better!* -04:28 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t help but groan…!* Did you give Gabriel a lecture? Caroline, I asked you not to!

Dark: *End the world for?! What the hell?! He blinked.* Uh … I guess it wasn’t more a lecture as it was … talking. Caroline is still here, after all. -04:32 Jun 07
Caroline: You won’t speak for yourself, my lady. Someone needs to speak for you. Frankly, were he mine I would have done something about him by now. *Caroline had guided them back to the park where she planted Evangeline on the bench.* You’re the lady. I’ll be the man and show him how it’s done. -04:34 Jun 07
Dark: *He raised an eyebrow at the last part about having done something about someone who was hers. No, he wouldn’t get into that. He’d just stand here and watch and rant about this to Gabriel later!* -04:36 Jun 07

Evangeline: You’re… you’re so bossy sometimes! *Evangeline crossed her arms and pouted! She really wasn’t angry with Caroline, but she wished she hadn’t spoken to Gabriel… If he wanted to talk to her, he would!*

Dark: *This couldn’t be good! He moved to Evangeline and sat down beside her.* Please, Evangeline. Help me out? If I’m gonna figure out what to live for, I’m gonna need these social skills everyone keeps telling me about. Just this once. Do me a favor and I’ll owe you a favor … as friends. -04:40 Jun 07

Evangeline: I didn’t say I wasn’t going to help… *…Aw… he was cute! It was hard to stay upset! She turned around.* You can still give me a favor though!

Dark: *He smiled and nodded.* You got it. Name the favor and it’s yours. *He would probably regret it but he couldn’t stand letting Evangeline remain upset or sad!* -04:44 Jun 07
Caroline: …You can cheer up Evangeline, but you can’t sit down and have a conversation with a stranger? -04:45 Jun 07
Dark: *A blink!* … How’s that in any way similar? *He honestly wanted to know!* -04:49 Jun 07

Evangeline: It’s just talking and being nice to someone!

Caroline: Now that you’ve taken my seat next to the girl I was going to hit on, you may as well try to pick up Evangeline. *She rest her hands on her hips and tapped her fingers!* -04:53 Jun 07
Dark: *He finally realized he’d sat down!* Oh no … I’ll just let you start the er, demonstration. You know pro-thing and … whatever the hell that means. *He stood up and scooted away!* -04:55 Jun 07
Caroline: Uh huh. *Caroline slipped in to his spot and rest an arm around Evangeline.* Hey. It’s awfully late for someone so lovely to be sitting out here alone. -04:58 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked! ….Then pulled Caroline’s arm off.* I’m sorry, I don’t talk to creepy strangers.

Dark: *It was kind of weird watching your teacher hit on your friend, especially since they were both females and then feeling like some kind of perverted human. On the other hand, it was best to pay attention in case Caroline drilled him on this later! And her drills never included pen and paper!* -04:59 Jun 07
Caroline: *Caroline cleared her throat and resettled in her seat.* Hi. I’m Caroline. Do you visit this park often? -05:01 Jun 07

Evangeline: I come here with my boyfriend all the time! *Evangeline grinned!*

Caroline: …My lady, I get the impression you’re reeking your revenge on me and deliberatly being difficult. -05:02 Jun 07

Evangeline: Yep! Not so nice, is it! Now you be the girl like you are supposed, so I can teach Dark properly! *Evangeline hopped up to snag Dark by the hand and pull him to the bench!*

Dark: *The subtle vengeance must have been something Evangeline picked up from Gabriel! … or maybe it was the other way around! He blinked and found himself being pulled to the bench! PLOP! He huffed.* Now I know what a teddy bear feels like. *He muttered under his breath!* -05:06 Jun 07
Caroline: *Back to trying not to laugh! Caroline turned to flash Dark a sugar sweet smile!* I’m Caroline, it’s nice to meet you! *She held out her hand!* -05:08 Jun 07

Evangeline: Now, you shake her hand and introduce yourself, and you give her a compliment!

Dark: *It was hard to accept someone’s sweet grin when you could tell she was pretending!* Hello. *He took her hand.* My name is Dark. The pleasure’s mine. You have a very pretty smile. -05:10 Jun 07
Caroline: *That smile turned slightly wicked!* Thank you! How sweet of you to say! *Caroline kept his hand.* I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as cute as you in a long time. Have you lived here long? -05:14 Jun 07
Dark: *The advantage of hanging around someone was you could tell when she was beginning to feel … playful. And that didn’t bode well for you. Especially if she knew you very well, too! He was beginning to see why Gabriel chose to work and live alone. But … be alone?* No. I just moved here. And you …? -05:16 Jun 07
Caroline: *A wider smile! Caroline scooted herself closer!* I’ve been here a few months. I’m so glad I’ve finally met someone nice. You wouldn’t be dating anyone, would you? -05:19 Jun 07

Evangeline: *Evangeline clapped quietly! Dark was doing well, even if Caroline was trying to scare him!*

Dark: Nah. I’m too busy trying to save the world. And you …? -05:23 Jun 07
Caroline: *Caroline leaned to whisper in his ear.* I like to take handsome young men home with me. -05:25 Jun 07

Evangeline: Caroline! *That was wicked and sooo not appropriate!* Don’t tease!

Dark: *He frowned.* Sheesh, Caroline. At the rate this is going, I’d have settled down with some human woman awhile ago. -05:37 Jun 07
Caroline: *She gave an innocent blink!* Who said anything about settling down? A woman enjoys a wild night every now and then! -05:38 Jun 07
Dark: *He snorted.* You think I’m gonna go through this night after night, you got another thing coming. *He stood.* I gave the lesson a chance. Thanks, Evangeline. Let’s get some ice cream. -05:39 Jun 07

Evangeline: I’ve not had a wild night ever. *Though she nodded at Dark, she was pretty curious!* Do you really, Caroline? Or are you teasing again?

Dark: … Please don’t answer that. *He turned around.* I can’t take her seriously if she has. *But he clapped his hands over his ears and started marching away, singing at the top of his lungs! And what a voice!* -05:41 Jun 07
Caroline: It seems I can’t answer. Perhaps another day I’ll tell you a story or two. *She linked her arm with Evangeline’s and smiled as they followed after Dark. Getting him to start singing was always worth it, even if he did give her dirty looks!* Let’s get that ice cream. -05:44 Jun 07

Dark loved this 24-hour ice cream parlor not too far from the park! He suspected it had something to do with Oracle and the many non-humans who loved ice cream as much as he did! There wasn’t anyone around until he rang the bell on the counter next to the cash register!

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