013 Taunting

Conrad meets Leon with Ciara asleep on his lap. Leon tells a little about himself. Anthony calls on the phone (waking Ciara) and Lily tells him to fuck off! Ciara is alerted to someone waiting for her downstairs. Lily hears Anthony greeting Ciara via the phone before he hangs up. Blind with rage, Lily grabs a gun from Conrad and heads downstairs.

Ciara accepts the date from Anthony and he gives her a kiss, just in time for Lily to step out of the elevator and see it. Lily pulls up the gun, fully intent on shooting and killing Anthony, but Ciara steps in the way. Lily is so upset she’s considering shooting her own mother just to keep her away from Anthony. Gabriel appears downstairs with Evangeline, Evangeline bringing up the Montana trip that Conrad had suggested. Conrad manages to take the gun from Lily and give a nice loud excuse to everyone in the lobby to defuse the situation. Gabriel has already disappeared classic Gabriel style and Evangeline stays behind, allowing the others to go upstairs and work things out with Lily.

On the way upstairs Ciara agrees to the Montana trip in an effort to calm Lily down, but only after the date with Anthony. She promises it will be the last time she ever deals with Anthony. Upstairs Ciara then grills Conrad, trying to figure out what sort of person he is, but Leon drags him off to the kitchen to safety. Lily changes her clothes to show what was bought for her and cuts off all her superlong hair so she doesn’t look like a doll anymore. She favors a style like her mothers. After everyone’s initial shock of her haircut, Lily turns the conversation towards Ciara and Leon. She gets Leon to ask Ciara out on a date. Ciara, like a deer caught in headlights, agrees!

  1. Lily has bipolar issues and lack of control over her emotions, going from the extreme of nearly shooting her own mother, to calming down and tricking the women in to a date with Leon.
  2. Anthony smugly taunts.
  3. Conrad is good at easing a situation.

Lily: *Lily took Conrad home to Shades. Where she expected to find her mother sitting at the door and looking darkly angry, but instead found her sleeping on the sofa with a Leon pillow. That was both cute and…eeew!*

Leon: *Looked up to see Lily … with a friend!* Welcome back. *Wolfish grin!* My name is Leon. *He told the young man.* Family friend.

Conrad: *Blinked! This must be the guy Lily was talking about.* Hi. Nice to meet you. *He stepped forward and shook Leon’s hand before moving back beside Lily.* My name’s Conrad. The Oracle uh … sent me?

Lily: The babysitter she ordered for me. *She peered over the sofa… no reason to wake her up. Lily pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and dropped it over her mommy!* I’m going to look at my room.

Leon: *Nodded and looked over at Conrad.* There are some still some leftover food from lunch if you want. You just need to warm it up in the microwave.

Conrad: *Smile.* Um … thanks. But no thanks. I grabbed something to eat on the way over. *He saw Leon looking at the shopping bags.* Um … we sort of stopped by a boutique, too.

Lily: Maybe Conrad will buy you a present next time too. *A teasing grin, she set down the bags she had by the sofa before moving off down the hall. She had stopped for a moment with her hand on the knob before she got up the nerve to finally open it!*

Leon: *Chuckled softly.* I’ll pass for some steak.

Conrad: *Coughed politely, remembering his close brush with buying a dress and–he was certain–a few things besides.*

Lily: *Lily stepped slowly in to her bedroom and flicked on the light. It really was just as she left it. The bed, computer, shelves, posters of cute actors and her favorite band. Michael of Forsaken looked nothing like Michael Carnatelli, at least that was a blessing. She moved slowly to the shelf and pulled one of the CDs down to look at.*

Leon: So … Oracle sent you. *He said after some moments of silence.* Why don’t you tell me a little something about yourself?

Conrad: Um … Well … *He gulped! Leon had asked the question nicely enough so why was he getting all nervous?* I double as an exorcist at Oracle and I’m originally from Montana, a nice patch of land in the mountains. I’ve lived here for … I think about five or six years now.

Leon: I see. *He nodded.* So, why did you join Oracle?

Lily: *Setting the CD back, she browsed the other contents of the shelf,and jumped back out of some silly reflex! Dolls.* There’s something to have nightmares about. *She muttered under her breath. Lily sat down slowly on the bed. All of this was nice for a happy little girl. But… it really wasn’t hers anymore. It was a stranger’s room.*

Conrad: Personal reasons. I joined because I wanted to help people and to make sure–somethings that shouldn’t happen to people happened.

Leon: *He nodded a couple of times but he seemed pleased with Conrad’s answer.*

Conrad: Um … so … Leon … How long have you and Ms Grey known each other?

Leon: I’m sure it seems like too long for her. We’ve known each other since were kids. I played a lot with her until I had to … move away. I just got into town and thought I’d look her up.

Lily: *Sighing, she finally stood up and left, closing the door softly behind her. She appeared silently behind Conrad. She was interested in Leon too!*

Conrad: You moved away …? *He asked, curious.* Where to …?

Leon: Somewhere … very far and … not very pleasant. I’ve found the city to be much different. *Wolfish grin!*

Lily: With mommy asleep in your lap, I can see why. *It was her turn for questions!* So why did she left you stay here, Mr. Cooties?

Leon: That’s not exactly what I meant. *Chuckled softly when Lily pointed out Ciara asleep in his lap.* To tell you the truth … because I have nowhere else to go.

Lily: *Lily crossed arms to eye Leon carefully.* Did you lose your job and end up homeless, or are you running from evil?

Leon: Hmm … It’d have to be the second one. I never had a job to begin with.

RING RING RING RING! went the phone!

Leon: *Look of suspicion at the phone!* Don’t answer it. I have a feeling I won’t like whoever’s on the other end.

Lily: *Eep! Lily dashed for the phone and picked it up before it woke her mother! Let sleeping monsters lie!* Hello? er… Ciara Grey’s residence, Lily speaking.

It’s Anthony! He said hello and asked to speak to Ms Grey. Was she available?

Ciara: *Too late! And she caught what Leon said and made sure to give him a dirty look when she sat up!* What was that?

Leon: Heh heh. Um … look at the time … Uh … I think it’s time for my soaps.

Lily: *Lily turned her back to the sofa. Voice as cold as ice.* No, she’s not. I’m afraid she’s not available. Ever.

Ciara: *Ciara paused in the middle of going to smack Leon with a sofa pillow to jump to her feet!* Lily, give me the phone!

Leon: *Took the opportunity to dash for freedom while she was preoccupied with Lily!*

Lily: *Like hell she would! Lily moved several feet out of reach!* In fact, Ms. Grey wanted me to tell you to kindly fuck off.

What a shame! He’d been hoping he could ask Ms Grey to accompany him as his date at an event happening very soon!

Ciara: *Ciara did not want to tackle her daughter! But she was nearly asking for it! Ciara rounded the couch to try and snatch the phone out of her hands!* Lily Anna Grey, give me that phone!

Lily: That would be impossible. *Lily dodged and dashed out of the way, running behind Conrad for a shield!* She would never go anywhere with an evil sonofabitch like yourself.

Conrad: *Blinked! And found himself being a shield! He knew enough to not try and run!*

Ciara: *A raised eyebrow. Using that guard against her… that’s not going to work!* Get out of the way.

Before Conrad can reply, Ciara gets a call on the comm-link! She has a visitor!

Ciara: *She growled quite loudly before leaving Lily with her phone and bodyguard. Pressing the com button to let them know she’s coming downstairs. She gave them both a “you’re going to get it!” look before she stepped in to the elevator!*

Conrad: *Phew! He was lucky this time! Saved by the … comm-link? He turned to Lily.* Is he still on the phone?

Lily: *Victory! She nodded! Lily was going to burn this bridge to the ground!*

If only Lily knew … that Ciara’s visitor was none other than Anthony himself! He smiled and greeted her, all while hanging up his cell and putting it back into his jacket.

Lily: *Lily pulled the phone from her ear and blinked at it! She ran for the elevator! …Then she ran back to Conrad snatching a gun right out of his belt, and back to the elevator!*

Ciara: I believe I owe you an apology Mr. Carnatelli. *She stated downstairs… Ciara wasn’t keen on him being there at all. But there was still a mission to do…*

Anthony: *Chuckled softly. He seemed rather amused.* No apology needed, Ms Grey. I had a few … issues myself when I was younger. I merely came to ask if you would do me the honor of being my date at a charity ball this Friday night.

Conrad: *Blinked when she took off with his gun!* Wait! *He dashed off after her and managed to get inside before the doors closed!*

Ciara: *Good. One last date, and she’ll take care of him for good. Ciara painted on her best smile.* I’d be thrilled to join you.

Anthony: *Smirked! He stepped forward and kissed her on the lips! It was a single kiss but it lasted forever! He stepped back.* I will be by at six o’clock. *And then he started for the lobby doors!*

Lily: *Those elevator doors opened up just in time for her to catch a kiss.. Lily aimed the gun and fully intended to shoot him before he walked through the doors!*

Conrad: *He skidded to a halt behind Lily! She was mad but he knew better than to stop her now!*

Anthony: *Was still walking for the doors! He was taking his time about it as if he had nowhere to be at the moment.*

Ciara: *Six o’clock, Friday… and her daughter was pointing a gun in public! Ciara stepped in to the line of fire! As much as she’d love to see Anthony Carnatelli shot, she wasn’t going to have her daughter get arrested for murder!*

Anthony: *Paused by the lobby doors just as Ciara stepped between himself and her daughter. The grin he flashed Lily behind her mother’s back looked so much like Michael’s it was just plain creepy! And then he was gone!*

Lily: *Lily lowered the gun as she hissed!* You traitor! *She stated it loud enough that the entire lobby turned around to stare!*

Ciara: *Ciara winced! Crossing the lobby floor quickly she tried to take her daughter’s arms.* Lily, I can explain if you listen to me.

Lily: *She stepped back, raising up her hands and very nearly pointing the gun at her own mother!* Don’t you dare touch me! You kiss him, and you know what he is!

Conrad: *Stepped forward to take the gun, hopefully without anything happening.* Lily … You have to put the gun away. *He said softly.*

Ciara: *Calm.. as calm as she could under the circumstances, she just held up her hands and took a step back.* Baby, let him have the gun and we’ll talk about it upstairs.

Lily: No. *She didn’t get it! Lily couldn’t let her mother just walk in to a trap by a Carnatelli! Not like she did! She pointed the gun!* You can’t go if you can’t walk. I won’t let you go.

Conrad: Lily … please don’t do this … There are people here.

Lily: *Lily didn’t care about the people! She cared about her mother! But she was pointing a gun at her mother and threatening to shoot her. …but shooting was better than dying, wasn’t it?! Lily hesitated.* But he’ll kill her.

Gabriel: *Watched the scene in front of them, standing beside Evangeline.* She has a point. *He remarked.* -07:33 Jul 17

Conrad: You two have been apart for so long. Please, give me the gun and talk to your mother.

Ciara: *Ciara kept her mouth shut, but she glared at Gabriel. Oh did she glare.*

Lily: *At the voice she whirled the gun around at Gabriel and almost shot him a second time! At least she recognized his face, but he appeared out of no where..!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped in front of Gabriel!* Did you want to tell Ms. Grey something? Plans for something fun? -07:42 Jul 17
Gabriel: *Glanced from Lily to Ciara. It was time to take his leave again. He turned and disappeared, classic Gabriel style.* -07:43 Jul 17

Lily: I did… *There wasn’t going to be a trip if her mother died. But it was a good thing to bargin with wasn’t it… Lily slowlu lowered the gun, and after a moment, offered it back to Conrad.*

Conrad: *Phew! He took the gun back and put it away! He stepped forward in front of everyone who was staring and grinned.* And that is how you disarm your child when he or she has issues. Thank you for attending this demonstration brought to you by … Child Protection Services. *That was a bunch of bull but it appeared to have worked!*

Ciara: *Clever guard. Ciara moved to Lily, but wisely didn’t touch.* Let’s go upstairs.. and talk about those plans?

There were weird looks and head shaking and some murmuring or two but the guests went back to their business!

Lily: *Turned around to step in to the elevator, moving in to a corner and crossing her arms.* If you promise to listen to me.

Evangeline: I’ll just take the next elevator. *Evangeline eeeased herself out of the way. Maybe some coffee!* -07:57 Jul 17

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked but stayed by Evangeline’s side!

Ciara: *Ciara followed her inside, casting Ms. Clark a greatful look.* To everything you want to say.

[Lily is very very upset!] -02:23 Jul 18
[Leon just stepped out of the elevator but he\’s pretty certain he can guess what happened!] -02:25 Jul 18

Ciara: Get back in the elevator, Leon. *At least she could be greatful that he wasn’t downstairs too. Lord only knows what sort of mess it would be!

Leon: *Blinked!* Yes, ma’am. *He knew better than to argue with her so he did exactly that!* -02:27 Jul 18

Conrad: *Followed, although he felt a bit uncomfortable. He was used to dealing with vampires and weres … not family drama! However, he was careful not to show it.*

Lily: *Silent as a mouse! Lily had caused a huge scene and planned on shooting her mother too! There’s something completely insane about that! …and she still thought it was a good idea!* -02:29 Jul 18
Leon: Um … So, how about something cold to drink? Chocolate milk anyone? -02:35 Jul 18

Ciara: That’s a great idea. Some cookies would be good too, don’t you think? But the chocolate chip or the raisins…?

Lily: Your attempt at being normal is failing miserably. *Lily muttered under her breath.* -02:37 Jul 18

Conrad: So … Ms Grey, have you ever been to Montana? It’s a bit rural but very beautiful.

Ciara: No, I haven’t. Assumng you’re the one from Oracle, I’m pleased to see that you can actually do your job. …So far.

Conrad: *Sheepish grin!* Conrad M. Wolfe, Ms Grey, at your daughter’s service. I mentioned Montana because … I offered to take your daughter there. For a little vacation.

Ciara: *Ciara gave a fake look of “That sounds lovely!” which clearly meant “Why are you trying to run off with my daughter?!”* I see. And after being her guard for hmm, a few hours, you thought this was a good idea…?

Lily: ~I~ thought it was a good idea. Something you would like to do too. -02:48 Jul 18

Ciara: *If it were Lily’s idea that made a difference.* Was this the plans you wanted to mention? A trip to Montana?

Lily: Sort of… Since all the evil in the universe decided to have fun here in town, we could go somewhere else for awile? You could take Leon if you wanted to. A family vacation? -03:00 Jul 18

Leon: Please, Cissy! I haven’t run in the woods for such a long time … and it’s no fun if you’re not there. I’ll show you my fluffy tail.

Ciara: *He didn’t have to say it like that, she was pretty sure her face was turning red… from anger! Yes from anger!* I suppose getting away from everything would do us some good.

Lily: So you like the idea? We could leave right away even! Like Thursday! -03:06 Jul 18

Ciara: Ooo! Yes! That way I can’t make a date with Anthony Carnatelli. Nice try. Saturday would be good.

Lily: Oh right… *Lily cast a look over at Conrad’s gun. They weren’t in public now.* Can’t have a weekend without vampire sex and brutal murder. -03:13 Jul 18

Ciara: Let’s say that I do break my date and tell him that I won’t be seeing him again. Do you really think he’s going to walk away and we’ll never see him again?

Leon: Well … what if someone else took care of him instead of you? *Thoughtful.*

Lily: …at least you won’t be out with him, screwing him, or doing god knows what. Someone else could deal with him. -03:22 Jul 18

Ciara: *Ciara sighed and rubbed her face with her hands. She was starting to see a pattern here.* ….How about if I make you a promise. Friday night will be the last night I see Anthony Carnatelli.

Lily: No more dates or plots? …And no sleeping with him either? You absolutely promise on the soul of Mr. Bear? *Lily was dead serious.* -03:28 Jul 18

Ciara: *Taking a deep breath, she held up both hands so there wouldn’t be any worries of finger crossing.* I promise that Friday will be the last day I see Anthony Carnatelli and I will greatfully never ever have sex with him. I do so swear on the soul of Mr. Bear, who doesn’t appreciate you using him like that seeing as he’s an innocent bear.

Lily: *Lily stuffed her hands in her pockets.* That wasn’t so hard, was it. I hope you’re going to spend time with Leon at least once before you die Friday night. -03:37 Jul 18

Leon: *Was deep in thought! He was going to make damn sure Cissy didn’t die on Friday. Fortunately, he had a good idea of someone who’d stand a better chance against Anthony!*

Ciara: At the moment I’m more interested in this Oracle hunter and why he invited you off to Montana. What are you qualifications again? *Back in the suite she took a note of shopping bags.* …and why he’s buying you clothes.

Conrad: *Glanced at Lily first! He wasn’t exactly sure what to tell Ms Grey!* Well … I’m technically a hunter and an excorcist or um, a purifier as they sometimes call me. I’ve been with Oracle for five or six years now since I moved from Montana.

Lily: Didn’t you ask for the best hunter they had? I think that includes bribing me so I don’t beat him for shadowing me and scaring me near to death. *Lily picked up the bags quickly and scooted off to her mother’s room!* I’ll put them on now and show you! -03:52 Jul 18

Leon: *Wolfish grin at Conrad! He was beginning to like this hunter! He patted him on the back.* How about you help me get the cookies and milk? *He didn’t wait for an answer, though. He was already carting him off to the kitchen!*

Ciara: Does it now. *She waited until Lily was out of sight before she eyed the hunter! ..And Leon running off with him!* Hey! I wasn’t done grilling him yet!

Leon: *Ever so gently pushed Conrad into the kitchen before him! He grinned at her!* You had your chance, Cissy. My turn! *And then he had disappeared into the kitchen!*

Ciara: I didn’t even get five minutes, you wolf! *She yelled after him! …Damned man.*

Lily: *Lily was changing her clothes, and was doing just fine until she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. This wasn’t right at all. She fussed with her hair a moment… and picked up some scissors! By the time she exited her mother’s room, there was no more long pretty doll hair. The cut and length wasn’t all that different from Ciara’s, just some shorter bangs. Lily grinned wide at the look on her mommy’s face.* What’s the matter mama? -04:05 Jul 18
Leon: *Was digging through the cupboard! He was all for baking if he had to but they didn’t have time for that! He really wanted to eat them with chocolate milk! … Now where had he put them?!* -04:11 Jul 18

Ciara: *And here she thought having her daughter aim a gun at her was going to be the last surprise of the night.* It suits your very well. Anything else you want to spring on a poor old woman, or do we enjoy giving me a heart attack?

Lily: A smidge dramatic for a little haircut, mama. *But Lily grinned to go spring her surprise on Leon and Conrad!* -04:16 Jul 18

Conrad: *Found himself sitting down on a stool at the counter and watching Leon rummage through the cupboard! He heard the kitchen door swing open and turned–!* LILY!

Leon: Oh, Lily. *He said without turning.* I’m glad you’re here. Have you seen my– *He broke off when he finally turned and saw Lily and her haircut!* … cookies. *He finished.*

Lily: What?! *She stopped suddenly as she entered the door.* … Don’t tell me it’s horrible! Unless you plan on going in there and telling the same thing to Mama, cause it’s the same cut! -04:23 Jul 18

Leon: It’s just … *His voice trailed off again.*

Conrad: … Wow. *He finished for him. He finally smiled.* It looks great on you.

Lily: *Lily narrowed her eyes at them both!* Does it really… Or are we afraid I’m going to pull a gun and start shooting people if they say otherwise? -04:27 Jul 18

Leon: *Soft chuckle.* Honestly. It makes you look … more your age. More mature.

Lily: I guess you’re safe for now. Mama called herself old and said I was going to give her a heart attack. -04:38 Jul 18

Leon: *Smile.* Hey, while you’re here … raisins or chocolate cookies?

Lily: Chocolate… raisins are awful with chocolate milk. …Now that she isn’t dating a vampire, are you going to date her/ -04:45 Jul 18
Lily: *? -04:46 Jul 18

Leon: *Blinked!* Um … Uh … Well … *He stammered at a loss for words!*

Ciara: Who is going to date who now…? *Ciara asked stepping through the door and leaning against the wall.*

Lily: Leon. He was going to ask someone on a date. *Lily found a stool and sat down next to Conrad.* -04:53 Jul 18

Leon: *Blinked!* Whoa now …

Ciara: *She scowled.* Like who? Certainly not Evangeline Clark. She’s the only girl that’s been around.

Leon: *Sweatdrop!* I told you before … Ms. Clark is a lovely woman but she’s not my type. -04:57 Jul 18
Lily: *Perfectly innocent as can be.* What is your type, Leon? -05:00 Jul 18

Ciara: Yes, Leon, Who would you like to have puppies with? *Ciara crossed her arms slowly. This she had to hear!*

Leon: I’ve never been on a date-date before. *He replied but then he got thoughtful.* But first off … she’s got to like wolves. Obviously, since I’m a wolf. Strong but not too strong. She doesn’t have to be Superwoman … She has to be someone I can talk to and enjoy spending time with. She’s a hard worker but she doesn’t let work come before family. ‘Cause family is important. It’d be nice if she didn’t smoke or drink a lot. Even better if she enjoyed a meal someone made for her and put effort into.

Lily: *Lily grinned wide!* Wow… We have a lot in common. I like all of those things too! It’s a shame there’s no girls around here like that. -05:13 Jul 18

Ciara: Post him in the classifieds, Lily. “lonely wolf looking for mate”. That’ll do the trick. *Ciara moved to confiscate one of those raisin cookies!*

Leon: I prefer the old-fashioned method, thank you. *He said as he poured them cups of chocolate milk.* -05:17 Jul 18

Ciara: Rescuing damsels old fashioned, meeting at parties old fashioned, or cheesy pickup line old fashioned? *Ciara took one of the cups for dipping her cookie in to.*

Conrad: *Sipped the chocolate milk and ate a chocolate cookie!*

Leon: Find the right woman and ask her out, no cheesy pick up lines, old fashioned. *He replied.* -05:25 Jul 18
Lily: *Raisin cookies and chocolate milk, sooo gross!* Ooh… so what would you say if you asking out someone like…. Mommy? -05:26 Jul 18
Leon: *Thoughtful. He paused as he chewed and swallowed his chocolate cookie. He met Ciara’s eyes.* I’d say … Cissy–I mean, Ciara, would you like to do something with me on … Saturday night? Like … watch a movie or just grab a cup of coffee sometime? -05:29 Jul 18

Ciara: *She paused mid cookie dunk, looking like a deer caught in headlights!* You- *She took a bite of the cookie and swallowed before she replied!* Okay. Saturday is good.

Conrad: *Blinked! And then glanced at Lily! Oh, she was good!*

Leon: *Blinked, too! Wait–what had just happened? Had he–had she–had Lily–! Well … He smiled, a non-wolfish grin smile!* Thanks. I won’t let you down. -05:37 Jul 18

Ciara: I doubt you would, unless you intend to torture me all night. *She sipped her milk!*

Lily: *The grin of a genius girl who had accomplished the impossible! Suckers.* -05:40 Jul 18
Leon: Does that mean I shouldn’t howl at the moon while we’re out? *He asked, completely serious. Or as serious as he got!* -05:42 Jul 18

Ciara: Not unless you want something stuffed in your mouth.

Leon: Heh heh. *His trademark wolfish grin!* I guess now is as good a time as any to stop howling. *He ate another chocolate cookie.* -05:45 Jul 18
Lily: And while you’re gone, I’m going to terrorize this house, possibly with a paintbrush. -05:48 Jul 18

Ciara: *Ciara coughed!* Suddenly I’m glad you have a babysitter. I’ll be leaving Conrad a “Don’t let Lily do this.” list.

Conrad: *Blinked from behind his glass of chocolate milk!*

Lily: You’re going to give him the idea that he has to tuck me in at night, mama. -06:00 Jul 18

Ciara: You’re right. Why don’t we have him standing in a corner looking serious and dangerous?

Lily: *Lily laughed!!* We tried that already, it didn’t go over very well. -06:09 Jul 18

Conrad: *His cheeks turned red when Lily laughed!* Sheesh … Was I really that bad at it?

Ciara: If that’s the case, should we be sending him back and trading him in for another? Can’t have him being laughed at when there’s something serious.

Lily: *Lily leaned on her elbow to glance at Conrad.* I’ve tormented him a lot today, he might as well stay and get paid. -06:20 Jul 18

Conrad: I can’t look mean and intimidating but … I can a ton of other stuff. *Not to mention he wasn’t too sure how he would explain getting fired to his superiors.*

Ciara: Is that so? Once I call for a file on you, I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting read.

Conrad: *Gulped! Wait, his file had everything–including his sisters!* Um … is there any way you can um … not call on my file?

Ciara: How am I supposed to know you’re a good choice for watching my daughter without knowing every little detail about your life and career? You wouldn’t happen to have anything to hide would you?

Conrad: Um … well, can’t we just leave the every little detail about my life part out and just um, focus on my career?

Lily: Speaking of Conrad, where does he sleep? I haven’t even been told if Leon sleeps with you or in the guest room, or couch or what. -06:44 Jul 18

Ciara: *Ciara blinked, momentarily distracted!* Not with me. Conrad will sleep where ever you feel most comfortable putting him.

Lily: *Lily eyed Conrad again with a peculiar expression.* Maybe I’ll set him up on the bookshelf. Or would the entertainment shelf be better, considering he’s a piece of furniture and all. -06:49 Jul 18

Conrad: *Raised an eyebrow at her!* Gee, it’s so good to know the art of hospitality hasn’t died.

Lily: *Lily pointed a finger over at her mother.* She’s the one talking about you like an ornament. -06:55 Jul 18

Conrad: *Scratched his head.* You’re the one calling me a piece of furniture.

Lily: *Sheepish look!* I was trying to be sarcastic. You weren’t the one that was supposed to fall for it. -06:58 Jul 18

Leon: *Chuckled softly and patted Conrad on the back.* Welcome to my world.

Ciara: *Ciara moved around the corner to take Leon gently by the ear!* Your horrible world, filled with delicious food and a free bed. I think Conrad can have your room. You’ll have to sleep in my floor.

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