014 Coming for the Seer

Brutus sniffs something and finds a cat hiding in the stairwell. Evangeline chides him for trying to eat someone’s pet and a voice tells her that it’s actually a familiar. The person walks about before she can think anything of it. Afraid to go upstairs and sleep, Evangeline opts for getting some caffeine and taking Brutus out for a walk. They eventually end up at the park, and she was just barely dozing off until something rustling in the bushes caught Brutus’ attention again. A goblin jumped out trying to catch Brutus for his snack! There is a small chase until Brutus scares off the goblin.

Evangeline gives up trying to stay awake and returns with Brutus to the hotel. Brutus is trying to keep her from going upstairs, but she’s much too tired to realize there is a problem. When the elevator doors open and Brutus growls, she hears that male voice again. Realizing it’s Anthony, Evangeline tries to run for it! He sends his cat-familiar after her and erases any doors of escape. Brutus attacks Anthony trying to protect Evangeline but gets slapped away, and Evangeline tries to hit him with her cane but it’s snatched from her hands. Gabriel appears suddenly, having caught Brutus and dashing down the hall to throw Evangeline over his shoulder and crash out one of the windows. When they land they are in a subway.

Gabriel tells Evangeline that he’s going to take her somewhere safe, where Anthony can’t get to her. She’s not sure how that will work, but the place ends up being Gabriel’s own home at a warehouse. The entire thing is sparse except for a few necessities, but sealed safely with wards. He sets her down on a small cot and tells her she needs to rest, but she’s too scared to stay alone. Evangeline convinces Gabriel to sleep with her despite the small size of the cot. Even Brutus curls up with them to sleep. Evangeline finally tells Gabriel her name!

  1. Evangeline has developed a real fear of Anthony, and a trust for Gabriel.
  2. Gabriel now feels protective of Evangeline specifically, and allows her odd requests.

Meanwhile Brutus was going “Arf! Arf! Arf!” and pulling at Evangeline’s leg again!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stayed right where she was. Only, Brutus was still taking off with her leg and she ended up hopping on one foot after him!* Where are we going?!

“Arf! Arf!” was the only reply Brutus gave her! He suddenly let go of her leg and started sniffing the ground and leading the way to the stairs!

Evangeline: I hope you aren’t chasing rats… I’m much too tired for chasing rats, and they’re awfully scary when they’re hungry… *Evangeline had no choice but to follow the pup!*

“Arf! Arf!” Once Evangeline had opened the door for him, Brutus cautiously approached the corner under the stairs. “Grrrrrrr!” He growled! There was a cat under there! Except … its eyes were glittering and it was studying Evangeline and the pup with an expression that would make anyone’s skin crawl!

Evangeline: It IS a rat isn’t it! No, maybe not… Well, it might be someone’s pet. Leave it alone!

“Actually … the cat is mine. And it is not a pet, either,” a man said from behind Evangeline! “It is a familiar.”

Evangeline: Pardon me! Not many people have familiars these days. *Evangeline stepped away from the door to turn around!*

There was a soft chuckle. “Very true.” The cat moved then and jumped into the man’s arms. “But I find them to be quite useful. Now, if you would excuse me.” Then he turned and walked away, out into the lobby.

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked once the door had closed behind the man and his familiar.

Evangeline: Brutus, we don’t eat cats. Especially familiars. *She sighed… shaking the strange encounter off!* Let’s go get one of those energy drinks out of the lobbyshop, okay?

“Arf! Arf!” And then Brutus followed her out to the shop!

Evangeline: *…What was his cat doing lurking around in the stairwells? Oooh. She can’t think of things like that right now. It’d only lead to trouble and there was enough of that today. Evangeline managed to find a nice drink that wasn’t going to taste awful and handed her credit card to the cashier. …She needed to increase her credit limit…*

Brutus was being a very good werepup! He didn’t leave Evangeline’s side and all the passers-by commented just how “adorable” he was and such a “good dog”.

Evangeline: *And in Ms. Grey’s hotel too. Well, not that there weren’t always interesting people in Ms. Grey’s hotel, she was surrounded by them all the time even when she didn’t invite them! But- Ack. She was doing it again. Evangeline found one of the comfy chairs in the lobby to sitdown in and have her drink. It was going to be a long night of staying awake and not getting attacked!*

Brutus sat down beside Evangeline’s feet, tongue hanging out and generally just checking things out!

Evangeline: *She tilted her head, reaching out her thoughts just a little bit. Man with a cat… After all, some things weren’t coincidences. And it wouldn’t hurt to just know what he was doing…*

What an adorable puppy, a hotel guest exclaimed and even patted Brutus on the head!

Evangeline: You’re popular, Brutus! *Evangeline grinned. She was too easily distracted to do anything useful, or in this case meddling. Evangeline stood up.* Okay, should we go back up to the room and listen to movies on TV or should we go out to the park and sit somewhere mellow?

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked and then he was tugging on her leg again, leading her away from their room and outside!

Evangeline: You’re right. It’s a lot easier to regain energies with all the pretty trees around. *Evangeline yawned, despite the energy drink and followed the pup!*

Brutus took it upon himself to not only get them safely to the park but to also find the perfect place to sit! He led the way to a bench under a nice shady tree!

Evangeline: *Sitting down, she managed to find a good stick and threw it out in the grass for Brutus to fetch! Having a dog… er werepup was great!*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked! His tail was a blur and he was jumping up and down! He ran after that stick and fetched it for Evangeline!

Evangeline: You’re a smart pup! You’ll be able to do all sorts of things when you’re bigger! *Evangeline threw the stick again!*

Brutus covered Evangeline in sloppy, werepup kisses before he fetched that stick a second time!

Evangeline: *She wiped puppy slobber from her face and yawned! It wouldn’t hurt to sit back and close her eyes for a few minutes. Brutus would enjoy chasing ducks and swimming.*

Brutus came back with the stick to find Evangeline with her eyes closed! Well, that had been fun! He looked around and then took off to find something else to do!

Something rustled in the park bushes!

“Arroow?” Brutus cocked his head to one side to look at the bushes. Then he moved carefully toward it!

Rustle. Rustle. Then suddenly… a pint sized goblin popped out with a net to scoop up the puppy in! “Deelishus n’ meety!”

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked and growled. He snapped at the goblin and his evil net!

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her eyes to listen around. Barking a growling wasn’t good!* What’s all this?

“ARF ARF ARF!” went Brutus with more growling and barking. His fur was bristling and his lips pulled back in a snarl.

The goblin repaired his net with his special net repair spell. After all, a goblin needs his net to capture his dinner! He went chasing after Brutus! “Com heer deelishus!!”

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus jumped out of the way of one swing and snapped at the net again! And then he jumped away from the swing and the cycle continued!

Evangeline: Brutus isn’t a snack…! *Evangeline hopped to her to go clobber that goblin with her cane!*

The goblin neatly evaded her cane swinging, ducking between her legs and hitting her in the knee with his net! “Gurl not deelishus! Heer, heer wulf come to Gobby!”

Brutus made that goblin run around in circles, all the while barking and growling! Nets were evil!

Evangeline: Ow..! *Evangeline hopped on one foot, swinging her cane for the goblin again!* Get lost, you little beast! Go eat someone’s else’s puppy!

Brutus had had enough! No one–be it vampire, human, or otherwise–attacked Evangeline and got away with it! He went right for the goblin’s hand!

Gobby the goblin yelped! “No fud bite back! Bad deelishus!!” He ran circles around Evangeline to escape the pup!

“ARRARRARRARRARR!” Brutus barked, chasing him in circles–only to skid to a halt and then run the other way so he could meet Gobby halfway and turn the goblin into a chew toy!

Yelpyelpyelp! Gobby was missing a good chunk out of his rear! Okay, no more wulf snack! …Gobby got his revenge though by hitting Evangeline in the other knee and knocking her over before he ran off in to the bushes!

Evangeline: *Evangeline flailed her arms before toppling over. …Stupid goblin! She blew her hair out of her face.* …this city is rotten!

Brutus chased the goblin into the bushes! But he returned–goblin-less–to Evangeline. He licked her face!*

Evangeline: *Sighing, she pet the pup!* Maybe I should give up and go to bed. What do you think, Brutus?

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus licked her hand! He was ready to go back to the room now!

Evangeline: *Patting her pup on teh head one more time, Evangeline was up and heading back to the hotel! She still wasn’t too keen on the idea of sleeping, but now she was too tired to fight with herself about it.*

Ever the faithful pup, Brutus followed! And kept an eye out for any cats, particularly the supernatural kind!

Evangeline: *Taking the elevator up, and it was going to take forever… Why’d she have to forget that energy drinks always had those crashes afterwards! That’s false advertising!*

The elevator finally stopped! But before Evangeline could step off, Brutus bit her pant leg and was pulling her away from the doors!

Evangeline: *Hopping on one foot, this time she was pulling Brutus back!* No, Brutus…! I’ll pass out on the stairs! The elevator is so much faster.

“Arr arr!” Brutus whined as Evangeline managed to pull him with her, to the elevator!

Evangeline: Don’t worry… we’ve been in here a dozen times before. *She pressed the floor button!*

Brutus sat down beside her, silent.

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked!* Are you upset with me, Brutus? Well, I’m sorry! But that’s seven flights of stairs! You’re strong, but not strong enough to drag me up stairs.

“Arr Arr,” Brutus whined again and put his paw on her leg!

Evangeline: *Leaning down she scooped him up to hold him.* No worries. See. It’s almost the right floor.

Brutus stopped whining and stayed still but he lifted his head and looked at the doors!

Evangeline: *She gave him some reassuring cuddles, and stepped out once the doors finally opened!*

When the doors opened, Brutus started to growl!

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused! That was a warning growl, but Shades was a safe place!* Is someone here…?

“There is something to be learned about security. There is always a loophole one can exploit. In my case, the loophole is the fact that Ms Grey wants to kill me personally. Imagine that …”

Evangeline: You’re-! *…Evangeline backed right up to return to the elevator!*

Brutus was growling still but his growl was louder now. By the muscles tensing in his fur, he was going to pounce on the stranger at any moment!

Anthony: *Watched Evangeline start backing away and a small grin tugged at the corner of his mouth.* Anthony Carnatelli. But you already knew. It makes me wonder … *He paused.* What else do you know.

Evangeline: *…She knows enough to turn around and run for it! Evangeline held Brutus tight!*

Anthony: *Chuckled softly and reached over his shoulder to scratch the cat perched there.* Fetch. *The cat’s eyes glowed a bright red and then it jumped off of his shoulder. As soon as it landed, it was running after Evangeline and Brutus–and getting bigger!*

Brutus was struggling to get out of Evangeline’s grasp! He was going to stand up to that feline! And its owner!

Evangeline: Don’t leave me, Brutus! *She pressed the elevator call button frantically, but that wasn’t near fast enough…! She dashed for the stairs!*

Brutus was still growling but at least he stayed still now!

Anthony: *Smirked as he followed. He couldn’t have that woman getting away and calling for help however so … a simple spell made the door to the stairs disappear!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had to set him down when she reached the …wall?! She felt for the door, but it was gone!* No, no.. ! *Evangeline turned around and held up her cane, ready to start swinging!*

Brutus took position between Evangeline and the approaching threat! When that cat appeared, as large as a tiger, he growled and stood his ground!

Anthony: *Stopped beside the cat.* We can do this the easy way or the hard way … And I believe you are already acquainted with the hard way, Ms Clark. *Of course, it was plain to tell in his voice that he didn’t care either way.*

Evangeline: I.. I like the easy way where you… go home and take a nap? *Don’t panic, just… brick wall! Think of bricks!*

Anthony: *A soft chuckle! The feeling of someone prodding the wall.* A brick wall …? So you are acquainted with Gabriel. I suspected as much.

Evangeline: I’ve… met lots of people here… *Bricks, bricks, pretty bricks. Just stay out, please…! Evangeline eased herself along the wall, intend to run for it again!*

Anthony: *Soft chuckle.* Perhaps. Did it ever occur to you why you haven’t been able to leave this city just yet …? The airport, the train station, I’m surprised you haven’t tried the bus station or a boat yet.

Evangeline: *That was on purpose?! Maybe it’s good she decided against the boat, she might’ve ended up sunk along with it! Evangeline dashed down the hall!*

Anthony: *Disappeared! Only to reappear at the end of the hall Evangeline was dashing toward! He reached out to grab her by the throat.* Oh no … You cannot go quite yet. Not until I am good and done with you.

Brutus growled and launched himself at Anthony!

Evangeline: *Only a frightened squeek out of Evangeline as she swung her cane down to strike him!*

Anthony: *He pulled his hand back after being struck by the cane but reached out and gave Brutus a good hard SMACK when the pup came flying toward him!*

Evangeline: Don’t hurt him! *Evangeline rushed forward to swing her cane at his head! And slap him with the brick wall, the evil vicious animal hurting bastard!*

Anthony: *Caught Evangeline’s cane with a smirk! … Only to realize he hadn’t heard the satisfying sound of a puppy’s body falling to the ground! He glanced over his shoulder!*

Evangeline: *She was going to kick him and pry her cane out of his hands but-* Gabriel! -02:21 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Crouched down on the floor with Brutus against his chest with one arm, he sprinted forward! As he reached Anthony, he pulled out a knife and swung for his heart!* -02:23 Jul 19

Anthony: *Smirked again but before Gabriel’s knife struck him, he disappeared! Just … vanished into thin air! He reappeared behind Gabriel.* So the Prodigal Son returns. How quaint. *He suddenly swung for Gabriel, his fingers suddenly glowing with a dark light!*

Gabriel: *As soon as Anthony disappeared, he dashed forward and not too gently, scooped Evangeline up and threw her over his shoulder! He was already dashing down the hall so Anthony’s hand met thin air!* -02:27 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Not this again! …Then again she wasn’t going to complain under teh circumstances! She’d never been happier to be thrown over someone’s shoulder in her life!* -02:29 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Crashed through a window and then there was the sensation of falling … and falling?! Suddenly he landed neatly on something, hard ground and began walking. It was cool down here, almost cold, and pitch-black. There was the sound of the subway. They were underground!* -02:32 Jul 19
Evangeline: *There was nothing good about falling, nor landing like that! There was a soft oomfh! out of her before she deemed it safe enough to speak!* Brutus is okay? -02:35 Jul 19
Gabriel: *There was a tinge of … amusement in his voice?!* He is fine. He is a tough pup. And you …? -02:36 Jul 19
Evangeline: Miserable and scared! *How is this possibibly amusing! He might like danger and excitement, but she sure had enough! Anthony Carnatelli was going to eat her brains!* -02:42 Jul 19
Gabriel: I will have to take you elsewhere. *He remarked, the amusement gone in his voice and back to his usual indifferent tone!* Somewhere not even Anthony can find you. -02:43 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her elbow on his back so she could plop her chin in her hand.* That doesn’t sound pleasant… He can find anything! -02:45 Jul 19
Gabriel: He is powerful but not omnipotent. Not yet … *He paused.* Do you trust me? -02:48 Jul 19
Evangeline: That’s a silly question. Of course I trust you! *…and then she wondered if that meant he was going to do something she really didn’t want to know about.* -02:50 Jul 19
Gabriel: Then trust that I can hide you and the pup from Anthony. *They hadn’t been walking that long but he stopped and started climbing up a ladder.* -02:53 Jul 19
Evangeline: Are you going to put us in a bubble? *A ridiculous suggestion, but mostly because all of her other ideas sounded rather dreary, and even if she did trust him, that didn’t mean she was still afraid of how it could all go wrong. ..Afterall, that vampire was strong enough to make a whole city a prison!* -02:57 Jul 19
Gabriel: No. I’m taking you back to my place. *He lifted the trap door and climbed out. Then he closed the door and continued walking. By now, one could smell the salt in the air and hear the whistle of a ship as it docked.* -03:01 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, genuinely surprised!* You have a place…? I thought you were always fighting evil and saving innocent people? -03:05 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Small shrug of his shoulders.* I travel but I found it convenient to have somewhere to store everything. This city is a favorite haunt of Anthony’s so … -03:11 Jul 19
Evangeline: *She imagined it to be filled with a thousand different kinds of weapons. That sounded about right!* …is it on the water? -03:14 Jul 19
Gabriel: Yes. *He finally stopped and pulled something out of his jacket to press against a decaying door. It creaked open and he stepped inside. The door closed with a CLICK! behind him. Everything felt normal to Evangeline–up until she passed through that doorway. It was like she had crawled under an invisible blanket! The warehouse looked better on the inside than it did on the outside! As large as a football field with windows along the top that allowed light in. There was even a flight of stairs that led up to a large box that overlooked everything.* -03:21 Jul 19
Evangeline: It can’t sink can it…? *Ooh.. clever magics! This place was warm and safe, and not at all what she’d expected it to be!* You’ve made an outside wall! Why can’t I do this?! -03:26 Jul 19
Gabriel: It’s on the dock. *He replied and after some walking, he put her down on a cot and Brutus beside her. Interestingly enough, the place didn’t have a hint of mold or speck of dust!* I had a lot of time to practice. Now … *He petted Brutus and felt around for any broken bones.* -03:31 Jul 19

“Grrrrrr—Arf!” Brutus suddenly went!

Evangeline: *A rush of dizzyness being right side up again, she rubbed her head slowly. She blinked and moved to soothe him!* Poor puppy! I shouldn’t have put him down! -03:37 Jul 19

Brutus lifted his head and gave Evangeline lots of wet, sloppy, puppy kisses!

Gabriel: You had little choice else you would not have. This is not Shades but you can rest well here. -03:40 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Lots of pets for Brutus! And kiss on his nose! He was a lot braver than she was and a very good werepup! And one more pet before she let him go to throw her arms around Gabriel’s neck and hug him! Evangeline was sniffling, but it was good sniffles! Brutus was fine and he saved her life again!* -03:45 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Just froze! He didn’t seem to know what to do! So he stood there and waited.* -03:53 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t help but laugh softly.* I’m not strangling you, it’s just a hug. And a thank you… I know you don’t like it, but you really are a guardian angel. -03:55 Jul 19
Gabriel: *He quirked his eyebrow at her.* Perhaps now would be a wise time to rest. *When she finally let go of him, he stood.* You are … quite welcome. -03:58 Jul 19

Brutus sat up. “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: About that… *She said sheepishly, even raising a finger as if to give a speach!* I kind of..sorta.. don’t really want to be by myself…? Imean, Brutus is completely terrified of the dark, and I’m obviously horrible at protecting people! And sleeping is all kinds of dangerous. -04:03 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Was silent for a moment.* I see. *More silence.* I need rest myself … If you need a blanket or another pillow, you should tell me now. -04:18 Jul 19
Evangeline: *A look of relief!* No… but if I could have an arm, or leg, or even a foot that would be perfect. *And then she realized how strange that sounded!* Er… so I know you’re still here…? -04:21 Jul 19
Gabriel: You realize my lying down on the cot with you will be … something of a tight fit. -04:25 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned to test the size with her hands, giving it some thought..* It’s not too bad. Brutus can sleep at the bottom, and I promise not to take advantage of you! *She grinned!* -04:30 Jul 19

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus jumped off the cot and began sniffing around!

Gabriel: … Indeed. *There was the sound of things being pulled out and placed on top of one of the crates. Two guns, a few knives, and an assortment of other things!* Which side of the cot do you prefer? -04:33 Jul 19
Evangeline: I’ve never had to pick a side before. *She leaned over to pull off her shoes before pulling her legs up and scooting over to the farside, so he wouldn’t have to climb over her!* If it turns out horrible, we’ll just switch! -04:35 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Once Evangeline had stopped moving, he moved onto the cot and eased himself beside her. He did it, slowly though, obviously not having slept beside someone before–or perhaps not in a long while! Because of the cot’s size, he had to lie on his side though!* -04:39 Jul 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t shy about moving to make sure there was room, and to make sure she could feel him! But she was careful about not wanting to kick Brutus off the cot, or kick Gabriel for that matter! She finally settled with her back to him on her side, cause then she wouldn’t accidentally roll herself off.* This isn’t too bad, I think. -04:46 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Finally stopped moving around and found his chin propped on top of her head. However, he was still a bit stiff!* -04:49 Jul 19
Evangeline: *There, now maybe she could close her eyes and finally sleep. …Nope. Wasn’t working!* …if you don’t relax, I’ll never get any sleep! Here- *She reached to grab his arm and pull it around her shoulders.* Just pretend I’m a harmless not breathing pillow. -04:55 Jul 19
Gabriel: I honestly do not know what to do with you, Seer. *He remarked. His arm around her shoulders was awkward–and not just because his arm might end up around her neck and he may strangle her!* That is uncomfortable. *He moved his arm away and finally settled for putting his arm around her waist. There. No strangling of any kind.* -05:05 Jul 19
Evangeline: Uh hmm. My name is Evangeline… I don’t think I ever told you… *She supposed that was a lot more comfortable. He was warm just like his aura! She grinned to herself.* -05:11 Jul 19
Gabriel: Evangeline … *He closed his eyes and wasn’t so stiff anymore.* You know my name. *He could hear Brutus still sniffing around but he wasn’t worried about the pup getting into something he shouldn’t or hurting himself–unless he could climb large crates already and try to jump off.* -05:16 Jul 19
Evangeline: Yeah, I do.. *Much, much better. It was wonderfully easy to fall asleep like this, and she did!* -05:22 Jul 19

Eventually Brutus did return to the cot, only to find Evangeline asleep and Gabriel … as close to sleep as he came! He jumped on the cot and onto the two sleeping on it, wet nose pushing everywhere it could to find a nice little space for him to curl up! He finally settled to be their furry little foot pillow!

Evangeline: *Evangeline slept better than she had the entire time she was in town! In fact, it was so comfy, she really didn’t want to get up, even when her tummy was complaining that breakfast was long due.* -05:33 Jul 19
Gabriel: *For a guy who killed monsters and saved people all the time, he needed quite a bit of rest! He opened his eyes and lifted his head when he felt paws kicking his leg! Brutus was having a dream, barking and kicking! He must have been dreaming of chasing after something!* -05:37 Jul 19
Evangeline: *He moved! Evangeline frowned, tempted to growl like Brutus does when he’s cranky… and the thought just ended up making her grin instead.* -05:41 Jul 19

“Arrarrarrarrarrr!” Brutus went, half-barking, half-snoring! It really was rather cute! He was stretched out over Gabriel and Evangeline’s legs!

Evangeline: *Blink! Evangeline pulled her legs up, to spare her feet from tickling puppy fur!* …that tickles…! -05:45 Jul 19
Gabriel: *Quirked an eyebrow as Evangeline lifting her legs, ends up making Brutus lop-sided! One half is on Gabriel’s legs while the other half is on the cot!* -05:47 Jul 19

Brutus sssslllliiiddddd onto the cot–which led to his butt being tilted into the air against Gabriel’s legs! The pup finally got up when he had to tried to move his body but began kicking the air instead!

*minus the “had to” x_x

Evangeline: Disaster pup… *Safe from tickling, Evangeline readjusted herself so she curl up and go back to sleep!* -05:51 Jul 19

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