014 The Missing Light

A demon has come for Caroline’s soul while she is escorting Evangeline out in an attempt to cheer her up from Gabriel’s now constant absence. Evangeline trades her life (but not her soul) for Caroline’s and is taken to the devil world. Gabriel is startled by Evangeline’s sudden disappearance and freaks out. Caroline is forced to tell him what happened and insists on going with him to the devil world to help return her. They meet Vlamerias who is Valravn’s sister. She talks Gabriel into taking her as his new familiar. They meet the Devil King (Vlamerias father), but there is no way to break Evangeline’s contract. But Vlamerias has an idea… If Evangeline wasn’t human..! Gabriel knew Evangeline could not live as a vampire or demon, but he has the perfect idea. A life bond, tying them together by life and blood. Because her blood has changed, the contract is voided. Malsuada deals a low blow in shooting Caroline when they try to leave. Caroline gives her oath to Gabriel that she will protect Dark and Evangeline if he “breaks Malsuada’s neck”. He kills Malsuada.

Evangeline and Gabriel’s honeymoon night.

[Caroline got her ass kicked by a devil. But that couldn’t be worse than having to tell Gabriel that Evangeline is gone. …If he isn’t aware already! It’s like the light of the world is missing!] -03:29 May 22
[Gabriel was restless and ready to literally bite someone’s head off! He was pacing on the top of the Oracle’s main building!] -03:30 May 22
Gabriel: *He growled! Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. Evangeline wasn’t here, she wasn’t anywhere, and no one had seen her! He was going to kill whoever was responsible!* -03:31 May 22
[Gabriel is now known as: Dark] -03:32 May 22
Dark: Can’t we just go rescue her and forget about Gabriel? *He muttered, following close behind Caroline.* He’s going to be pissed. -03:32 May 22
Caroline: *Gabriel made himself much easier to find with the sheer force of his anger. …That did not help Caroline at all. Once she expended the energy of healing herself, now she was entering the stairwell with Dark behind her.* I can’t fight Malsuada. Even after M’lady was fool enough to break our contract. Malsuada is an ancient devil and beyond the likes of us. -03:34 May 22

No one in Oracle had dared to approach Gabriel! They left him well enough alone and wished whoever was dumb enough to try and reason him in this state the best of luck!

Gabriel: *He was muttering something under his breath that wasn’t English and certainly not something any human would recognize! It roughly translated out to \”She is not here. She is not anywhere. Where is she? Where the fuck is she?\”*

Dark: *He looked up the stairwell. Forget, pissed. Gabriel was in a worst mood than when he was under that bitch-Mother’s control. He didn’t like this idea but he followed Caroline.* -03:39 May 22

Meanwhile, in the devil’s underworld there is a big stir! Malsuada brought back something interesting and everyone had been trying to take a peek or bargain for a trade! “Is she really a human? The world has been lit brighter than the fires of hell since you returned!” commented an onyx skinned demon, curiously reaching out to poke Evangeline!

Evangeline: I AM a human! Please don’t poke me, that tickles! *She swatted the hand away. This has been going on for HOURS! Or was it days? It felt like forever and everything here was so confusing!*

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t rush up the stairs, that was for sure. He was probably going to kill her on the spot, of which she likely deserved… but at the same time, he himself had been neglecting Evangeline and though she understood his pain on the subject, M’lady was… a special exception.* You might want to stand away from me, just in case. *Caroline muttered as she finally reached the roof door and stepped out.* -03:43 May 22

Gabriel: *He was pacing and his weapon of choice tonight his fingertip claws which only confirmed how foul a mood he was in. Both Caroline and Dark knew ever since he’d returned from being evil and becoming human, he’d only used those when he really wanted to send a message! They flashed silver in the dim light from the stairwell! She was not dead. She couldn’t be dead. He would have felt it if that was the case. He adruptly stopped and tilted his head at Caroline when she stepped out. His eyes narrowed into slits and flashed red!*

Malsuada was so proud of her new pet, she could hardly contain herself. Fetching Caroline’s soul had only been business, but discovering the woman had been involved with such a rare and sparkling soul… The Devil couldn’t resist finding a way to get her! “Isn’t she dreamy? The Devil King sent me a letter to question about her. I get to show her off at the banquets! I want to dress her in black lace, but do you think that will smother her glittering? Maybe white will reflect her soul better?”

Dark: *He nodded once at Caroline’s instructions and stayed back when she stepped out. He made sure his weapons were ready, though. Evangeline or not, he wasn’t going to hesitate to attack Gabriel!* -03:48 May 22
Caroline: *A swallow. Caroline’s fingers itched to pull a weapon to defend herself if needed but…* Before you kill me, allow me the time to explain. I am assuming you are aware of Evangeline. …That was… a very unfortunate incidence, and my fault to be sure. But she isn’t dead. -03:51 May 22

Gabriel: Then. Where. Is. She? *His voice was low and soft and dripping with acid. He stalked toward her.* I want her here. Back. On this mortal plane. *He stopped a few feet away.* I had thought she was the one who was hiding. That she had come to her senses about me and gone. Built a wall around herself that I would never find her again. But no one. No one. Knows where she is.

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t wince or shirk back, but her heart was definitely beating a thousand miles per hour! She cleared her throat quietly.* The Devil’s World. Malsuada, a devil, came to bend the words of her contract on me and collect my soul… But she was quickly more fascinated with M’lady. I tried to stop Malsuada, as well as Evangeline… But M’lady is incredibly stubborn and surprisingly quick when she puts her mind to something. *Inhumanly quick! Caroline could not get off the floor and cross the room fast enough before Evangeline allowed her blood signature to a contract!* -04:00 May 22

Gabriel:SHE WHAT?! *His hand moved so quickly that it rushed past Caroline–and embedded itself into the wall behind her where he tore off a sizable chunk of the rock! He was breathing hard now.* The contract. What was it? *He clenched his teeth and focused on Evangeline. He couldn’t kill Caroline. She was the only one who knew what he was dealing with–although Valravn would have been a worthwhile aid. The demon himself had been a devil. But … Caroline had also protected Evangeline on a few occassions. He owed her for that much.*

Evangeline: I don’t glitter… do I? *She said with some confusion, but found herself annoyed again… They could at least talk to her more directly! Evangeline had not been able to reach out and feel Gabriel’s presense here… or anyone at all! She was trying to distract herself with trivial things so she wouldn’t panic too much. This contract was made on the idea that it could be more easily broken than Caroline’s… but she didn’t expect to be in such an odd place!* I am sitting right here! Caroline told me to never wear black again. I can choose my own clothes, can’t I?

One of the devils fawning over Malsuada’s skill in attaining such a soul asks what kind of contract she has with the human pet.

Caroline: *Releasing that held breath, Caroline closed her eyes! The vampire loved the woman. Maybe if he hadn’t been so determined to cut her off, this wouldn’t have happened… but she would keep those opinions to herself.* Evangeline traded her life for my soul. She was clever enough not to trade her own soul in itself, but Malsuada took Evangeline with her back to the devil’s world, which… was unexpected. -04:09 May 22

Gabriel: *The devil underworld. His eyes narrowed into slits and then he was suddenly walking away from her, down the stairway! He ignored all the hunters who shrank back from him when they caught sight of him! And then he was going out into the street and further into the city!*

Dark: *He pressed himself against the wall as Gabriel stalked past him! Then he went up the stairwell to make sure Caroline was alright!* -04:12 May 22

Finding amusement in playing with Evangeline’s hair, Malsuada beamed. “She is such a sweet little soul. Since she refused to let harm come to one of my contracts, we made a deal. Her life belongs to me now! …But, little glittering human, isn’t your world a little dark? I might return your sight to you if you want!”

Toward the back of the room, a small devil perched in the rafters! She resembled a human child of five years but in human years, she would be fifty years old, ten times that age. She had small horns, a long leathery tail that ended in a spade, bat-like wings, large red eyes and white hair. She had dark blue skin and sharp teeth but no one ever paid attention to her!

Caroline: *Still alive! That was a miracle in itself! Caroline was slow to follow, but Evangeline had been under her care, and she felt a responsibility to return her to safety. She couldn’t have gone alone, but aiding Gabriel would help.* I’m alive. I need to go with him. -04:16 May 22
Dark: *He blinked!* Are you nuts? We don’t even know where he’s going. *He followed behind her.* -04:17 May 22

Evangeline: No thank you! I think one “favor” is quite enough for me! *Trying to think her way out of this contract was hard enough! She thought she might be on earth where she would have some help! Now she was alone, and things here were a little alarming…*

Gabriel: *They found Gabriel at the park, standing in front of a statue of a man wearing a pilgrim’s outfit with his finger in the air and his foot on a boulder!*

Caroline: *Caroline gave a brief smile, though it didn’t stay.* He is going to retrieve M’lady. There are ways for outsiders to enter the devil’s world. We’ll see which he chooses. *Caroline had the impression he might show up trying to slaughter devils that are centuries older and more experience than he is! She stopped a few feet away.* Gabriel, I would like to go with you. Things work differently there and you shouldn’t go alone. -04:23 May 22

Gabriel: *He glanced over his shoulder and was silent for awhile.* … Thank you. But you are not going. *He said glancing over to Dark!*

Dark: *He blinked!* What?! Like hell I’m not! If Caroline’s going, I’m going, too! Right, Caroline? -04:26 May 22

“Glittering human, I am your master, shouldn’t you have more trust for me?” Malsuada was so very amused! Talking such a pure untainted soul from it’s owner was such a fun game! “Red! I think we could dress in her in a silk as red as blood!”

One of the devils beside Malsuada asks if this isn’t the same soul supposedly connected to the Infamous One! A soul he had mentioned the Infamous One quite a number of times!

Caroline: I… *Truth be told, she would have Dark join them! Yet… if something happened, who would come to aid? Not Alistair, that was certain.* …it may not be the wisest choice if you join us. -04:28 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to comment that she didn’t want to wear anything that was supposed to look like blood, but…Infamous One?* …is that supposed to be Gabriel? Or maybe Ms. Grey? Or even Leon… blast it, why can’t anyone be called by name!

Dark: *He growled!* Not the wisest choice?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?! I– *His eyes suddenly rolled back into his head and he dropped to the ground! There was a tranq in his neck!* -04:31 May 22
[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -04:32 May 22
Gabriel: *He stepped around from behind Dark and approached the statue.* Phealix. I am calling in the favor. -04:33 May 22

“I am so pleased that you asked! My new pet is none other than ~the~ Seer of the Infamous One. Observe!” she took Evangeline’s arm to push up her sleeve and show her wrist. “The Infamous One’s mark! A talisman marked with his wards.” she continued, hooking the pendant from around her neck to show. “There wasn’t a brighter light on the entire human world.”

Caroline: *Caroline blinked as Dark fell, and frowned.* …That wasn’t necessary… -04:35 May 22

At first, nothing happened and then the statue’s hat shimmered! A small devil that looked like a very frail man bent over in age appeared in its place! “Gabriel Carnatelli …?” a high-pitched voice asked. “What do you wish of me? I am old. I lack the power I once possessed.”

Evangeline: *Tugging her wrist back, Evangeline didn’t really appreciate getting displayed like a trophy.* His name is Gabriel. …and mine is Evangeline! Can you at least call me Evangeline!

Gabriel: My companion and I–*He nodded to Caroline.*–need to get to the devil underworld. My favor is safe transporation for me and mine to and from the devil underworld. Whatever occurs between the time we arrive and the time we leave will be my responsibility and will have no bearing upon the favor I am asking of you. -04:38 May 22

The old devil grinned wide, showing holes between his sharp teeth! “I see … And what, pray tell, will stop me from just leaving you all there once I take you?”

Gabriel: *He pulled something out of his pocket and held it up to the light. It was a small, pointed object–a horn!* -04:42 May 22

“Glittering human Evangeline! Doesn’t she sound like an angel? Ufthor’s angel soul doesn’t even glow as bright as mine. Ha ha ha!” Malsuada finally shooed away all the unnecessary company. “Now flee! I must groom my pet! We are joining the banquet, and she needs to sparkle.”

Phealix’s claws instantly went up to the stump where his horn used to be! “My horn!” he shrieked! He hopped down and tried to swipe it from Gabriel. “Give it to me! Give it to me!”

Gabriel: *When the devil jumped, his own hand reached out and he grabbed the devil by the neck.* My patience is wearing thin. My favor. Now. Or I ground the horn and you will never be whole again. -04:45 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed fairly loud as she crossed her arms.* Are you going to dip me in glue and cover me in glitter? *…she paused slowly, looking slightly worried…* … I’m not THE dinner… am I?

Phealix squirmed and kicked out but in vain! “Your promise! Your promise! I give you safe passage from the Earth to the devil underworld and from the devil underworld to Earth, for my horn!”

Gabriel: … You mean, this horn? *He put the horn in front of Phealix.* -04:49 May 22

“Yes, that horn! All that I have said, for that horn!”

Gabriel: The horn I hold for safe passage from Earth to the devil underworld and from the devil underworld to Earth for me and mine. *He released Phealix.* -04:54 May 22
Caroline: Betray your word, I am sure there will be unfriendly consequences. *Caroline was not sure this demon would keep his word… There was something wishy-washy about him.* -04:54 May 22

Malsuada smirked wide. “Nay, little gem. You are far too precious for one to squander away as a mere meal. …Except for a king! Yet, there is not a thing he could give me that would be more valuable than your soul!” Laughing at the thought, Malsuada snatched Evangeline’s arm to drag her off towards private rooms! Her pet needed to wear something much more impressive than these silly modern human clothes!

Phealix landed in a heap and got up, muttering under his breath. He took deep breaths and then began to dance! Hop to one side, hop to the other, clap three times, turn around, and all through it chanting in some demon tongue! Suddenly the wind picked up as a portal opened in front of the statue! And on the other side, nothing but darkness! Gabriel grabbed the demon by the neck and walked through!

Caroline: *Caroline followed behind with some unease. A demon’s first time in the devil’s world… She was still mostly human after all! She muttered under her breath.* That woman is in two worlds worth of trouble for doing something so foolish. -04:59 May 22
Gabriel: *They stepped out on the other side and Gabriel suddenly grabbed something out of his pocket and slapped it around Phealix’ neck! An enchanted silver chain! No matter how much the devil tried, he couldn’t get free!* -05:02 May 22

“What trickery is this?!” he screeched, pulling and struggling! “Our deal!”

Gabriel: Yes, safe passage for me and mine. But I do not trust you to just sit here while we complete our business here. *And there wasn’t much preventing him from just stalking to Evangeline and killing whoever was responsible.* This devil Evangeline made a contract with. Who is she and what does she look like? *He asked Caroline.* -05:04 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline found it very hard to refuse Malsuada anything! She didn’t want to remove her clothes! And she didn’t want to take a bath! But Malsuada found ways to make her do it. Like throwing her in the tub clothes and all! Evangeline was sure this was how Brutus felt when she had to give him baths after a fun day in the mud!*

Caroline: Malsuada. Over a thousand years old, perhaps longer. Very long hair, pure white and pulled tightly on top of her head. Dark skin about the color of the earth, and she’s fond of wearing dark leathers. -05:08 May 22

That piqued Phealix’s interest! “Malsuada, you say?! Hohoho! Best of luck trying to weasel anything out of that stone-cold bitch! She’s the one who stole a lot of my power, lured away my souls!”

Malsuada was well amused in grooming her pet. Having Evangeline clean and dry, she was fussing over what to dress her in! Black on one so innocent would be hilarious irony! But ah… something she managed to swipe from the faeries would amplify her glow! Her pet would blind anyone that directly looked at her! Ha ha ha!

Gabriel: We will need another guide. Phealix has not been here in quite awhile and locations shift with little or no warning. *He replied, remembering what Valravn had told him. It was strange being here and he felt empty. Valravn was gone and Evangeline had made a contract with a demon.* -05:12 May 22

From behind approached a huge demon. The one with onyx skin and horns at least a foot long. “What is this traveling our world? A little youngling vampire and a turne demon? Why are children running alone without their parents?”

“AAAAIIIYYEEEEEE!!” From out of nowhere, a small demon ran out from between the huge demon’s legs and into Gabriel’s arms! The little demon girl wasted no time in turning to the huge demon and hissing! “Get away, Romar! Away!”

Caroline: A guide here will not be easy to come b- *She paused at the interuption of the demon. Caroline did not find herself amused at being called a child. …in the future she might avoid calling Dark one again… And then a little tiny one sprang on to Gabriel like a spidermonkey!* -05:18 May 22
Gabriel: *He was going to pull out his guns on the demon! But suddenly there was a small demon in his arms and that became impossible–even for him!* -05:19 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline shifted from foot to foot as Malsuada primped and fussed over her. She couldn’t see what she had been stuffed in to, but the fabric felt so light for how much of it there was! She was playing with the skirts until she gave a sudden yelp! Apparently it came with a built in corset too, cause the devil was squeezing the breath out of her!!* …not so… tight!

“…I don’t see a claimed soul, Vlamerias.” Romar the devil smiled, showing teeth razor sharp but just as black as his skin! “A guide, you say? I might arrange a deal if you desire..”

The devil girl hissed! “I have a better deal!” She scrambled on top of Gabriel’s head! “I’ll be your guide if you bound with me and make me your familiar. Romar will just steal your souls so he can boast to his brother, Fjorn. Fjorn is much better at getting souls than Romar is. He has seven hundred and eighty-two. Romar only has three hundred and fifty-nine.”

Malsuada might have been going over board with the pulling! Losening the strings only a tad, the bow was tied and admired her gem! The fairy gown was mostly white, but shimmered with a gold sheen in the light… It complimated the natural sparkle of the human! The skirts were long slim and flowy, and the sleeves equally loose! The human might have been a fairy queen! “Perfection! The Devil King will might want you so badly he’ll ask to marry me. But HA! I’ll refuse and he’ll bare the shame for eternity! Come, pet. Off to the banquet.”

Romar growled! “Cease your meddling, child! This is the affairs of grownups!”

Gabriel: *He didn’t want another familiar. Not after what he had put Valravn through. But he didn’t see much of a choice …* That is all you ask? To be my familiar and you will guide us? -05:32 May 22
Caroline: …I have to ask why you would bound yourself willingly. Most devils refuse to be claimed. *Call her suspicious, but… they always had tricks!* -05:33 May 22

The devil girl hugged Gabriel’s head. “I have heard tales of the Infamous One and the mortal world! Father says I am too young to go there on my own but the other demons just want to collect souls. I want to eat milkshakes and drink cows! And … and the Infamous One was the master of my exiled brother, Valravn!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline was pulled along by the arm, of which she decided was much better than being collared or chained. Was she going to spend forever here getting shown off and poked and smothered? Her senses were so confused and all of the forms blurred together. Worse, she could still not reach out to feel Gabriel and that was starting to get upsetting. She hadn’t realized when they entered a grand hall until there was several loud gasps and mumbling!*

“THE Infamous One!” exclaimed Romar. Several emotions crossed his large scary features, but he finally settled in to a wicked feral smile. “…The Infamous One that once owned the glittering human?”

Vlamerias gave Romar a bored look. “He ignore him. He is big but slow.” She bent forward so she was upside down and looking into Gabriel’s eyes. “A deal then, Infamous One?”


Caroline: …I would advise against accepting a deal from a demon, but as your familiar she couldn’t betray you… -05:47 May 22

The banquet hall was vast! Long tables stretched along walls with the Devil King’s throne directly in the center in the far back. Malsuada held Evangeline’s hand, guiding her through the room. There was a wide smile on her face, but she didn’t acknowledge anyone or the stares. She knew what they were looking at. “Ha ha. Don’t you wish you could see the fuss everyone is making? They all stare at you, the ones that aren’t shielding their eyes!”

Gabriel: *Time was running out! He glanced at Caroline. She had a very good point but they also had little choice. Every other demon would want their souls in exchange for aid.* I cannot be your master. I … I killed Valravn. He sacrificed his life to break a spell. I betrayed him. -05:50 May 22

“~I~ know exactly where the glittering human is. This youngling makes bargains without thinking. I would ask for a much smaller token.” said Romar with a large smirk.

The devil blinked and blinked and blinked! She looked at Caroline, to see if he spoke the truth or not! Had he really killed a demon under his care?

Caroline: *…Oh, She had enough of Gabriel cutting himself away from things that would be beneficiary to him. Ignoring the consequences, she spoke her opinion!* Valravn died by his own choice. Gabriel had been possessed by the Mother and Evangeline was in danger. With out Valravn’s sacrificing they would both be dead this moment. …And that is only a fraction of the hell that would have happened. -05:58 May 22

The devil girl hugged Gabriel’s head again! “AAAIYEE! So bound with me, so we may go and rescue your beloved!” This was just like one of those stories Father’s soul–one of them–had told her! A male going to rescue a female!

Evangeline: I wish I was home. This is all very disconcerning and I don’t think I like being stared at. *Like she was in a fish bowl! She could feel many eyes on her… some with more eyes than they should have!*

A wide smile crossed Malsuada’s face! “I can take you home, little glittering human, if that is what you want. I may allow you to live there until the end of your days!”

Caroline: Binding with Valravn’s sibling would make a fine way to honor his memory. …and if you don’t we may very well wander this realm for ages while Malsuada pries Mi’lady’s from her body. …Unless you have changed your mind a second time and intend to leave her once again. -06:09 May 22
Gabriel: *He took the demon girl’s hand in his own and cut both their palms. Then he pressed his palm against hers, linked her fingers with his.* "I, Gabriel Carnatelli, vow of my own free will, without coercion of any sort, bind my fate with this demon who also enters this accord of her own free will. This is the Ritual of Binding, an irrevocable act no one and nothing can undo until such time as the demon and I agree to perform the Ritual of Release when her fate becomes her own. I join this pact with blood and bone." -06:09 May 22
Gabriel: [This reply takes place before the one I just posted. XD] *He clenched his teeth.* No. I refuse to abandon her ever again. -06:10 May 22

Evangeline: …Would you? *At this point she felt so alone that it almost sounded like a good idea. But… devils were sneaky. Caroline had been tricked, Malsuada would only trick her too.* Not for the price of my soul, Malsuada. But if you would like jewelry, cookies, or something else we could make a deal!

The devil girl blinked, watchful. She had heard of this before and it was so fascinating to be a part of it! She cleared her throat and her voice rang clear! “I, Vlamerias Vrelucien, vow of my own free will, without coercion of any sort, bind my fate with this vampire who also enters this accord of his own free will. This is the Ritual of Binding, an irrevocable act no one and nothing can undo until such time as the vampire and I agree to perform the Ritual of Release when his fate becomes his own. I join this pact with blood and bone.” After a couple of minutes, Gabriel released her hand but she didn’t feel any differently. “Am I your familiar now, Master … Master …”

Malsuada smirked. It wouldn’t take long to break the human’s resolve and get that soul. She could be patient. Taking Evangeline through the hoards of demons, she presented her to the Devil King! “O Devil King! I thank you for the inviation to your fine hall. I brought with me, my newest pet. She is The Seer of The Infamous One. As you can see, such a fine sparkling soul, that she must break all records!” she was boasting, proudly!

Gabriel: My name is Gabriel. *He turned her palm over to the back where there was a stylized mark there.* This is to show you are a familiar and the markings there tell who your master is. I have the same marking on the back of my hand but different. We can make altercations later. The Seer. -06:24 May 22

Vlamerias grinned widely, flashing teeth! She flew up and in front of Romar’s face! “Ha! So technically he’s under my Father’s protection, stand aside, Romar!” she said in a haughty tone that rivalled Ciara Grey herself!

Romar was annoyed with her tone, yet… that smirk on his face didn’t falter! Not only was Malsuada in for trouble, but the Devil King was going to be a bit miffed him! “Lead the way, Vlamerias, by all means.”


Caroline: …father’s protection? *Warning signs. Caroline could always see those warning signs. Between Vlamerias and Romar, something was going to end up a whole whirlwind of trouble.* …We may want to be careful when we come across others. -06:27 May 22

“Come come!” Vlamerias didn’t have time to deal with Romar! She flew off with Gabriel and Caroline in hot pursuit and Romar behind! “To the Devil King’s banquet hall!”

Gabriel: *He had a bad feeling about this but under the circumstances … He shared a glance with Caroline.* Indeed.* And then he took off after Vlamerias, sword drawn! -06:29 May 22

The Devil King was a large and intimidating fellow. Red as blood with horns that curled like a rams and looked to be made of pure obsidian, he was clearly the largest and most powerful demon of them all! As he leaned forward, the throne beneath him churned. He was face to face with Evangeline AND Malsuada as his head was nearly larger than the both of them combined! “This… creature! She smells of honey and shines like no human! Malsuada, you have not spliced together souls of angels with those of fae to play a trick on my house, have you?” Malsuada only grinned and shook her head with pride!

Caroline: …With out your sword, Gabriel! There is no sense in entering a den of devils with a look to do battle! *My god, was the vampire completely insane! This wasn’t his realm and as old and powerful as he might be, he was no Devil King!* -06:32 May 22

Vlamerias overheard and stopped to turn around and perch on Gabriel’s head! “Yes, please no swords, no violence! The Devil King will be insulted–or amused–and that does not bode well!” Then she was up and off again!

Gabriel: *… Fine! No swords, no violence. The sword disappeared and he didn’t stop running!* -06:34 May 22

Evangeline: *There presense of this Devil King was so overwhelming that Evangeline thought she might faint! He was not specifically evil, but he certainly was not good… yet his being was so large, she thought he might be able to pick up a planet!* …I think you devils spend too much time in your world and are very confused. *Her voice felt so small and meek in comparison!*

The Devil King eyed the little human carefully before bellowing out a loud and room shattering laugh! “Malsuada, I desire this soul. Have you brought her as an offering to your king?” Malsuada only laughed in return. “O King. Though rich and powerful that you are, there is nothing as precious as my pet! You will simply have to admire her from afar!” Malsuada took great pleasure in it!

They were in a castle! Long halls and spiralling stairs! The armored devils they passed blocked their way–but as soon as Vlamerias approached them, they were quick to fall back in line and didn’t offer any resistance to the strange party!

Caroline: *Caroline had to struggle to keep up but she remained close!* …You must also refrain from grabbing her and running off with her! A devil’s contract is legally bound. If m’lady tries to go against Malsuada’s contract she would be in a great deal of pain. The devils may also try to enforce their laws on you. …And I severely doubt you will fight your way out of their world. -06:43 May 22

Vlamerias turned to fly backwards! Amazing! “Yes, let me speak to them! Well, the Devil King first … He is the one hosting. So you must be very respectful. He is really sensitive!” She turned around as they approached a giant set of doors which opened at their approach! She flew into the banquet hall! “Your Majesty!” she instantly landed and bowed to the devil in the throne, on her knees and her head bowed with her wings folded behind her.

Gabriel: *He didn’t look pleased with that but he realized how right she was and nodded. When Vlamerias went down on her knees, he followed suit. He didn’t like it but … he did it.* -06:46 May 22

“Vlamerias! You wicked child. You are late.” Boomed the Devil King as he sat upright in his chair back to his full height! “I see you have brought more younglings! Ah… one that was marked by Malsuada and dare I say, The Infamous One?” He seemed greatly amused by this!

Phealis in the meantime was pretty much just dragging along! The only way he didn’t choke was by grabbing onto the chain and getting to his feet, much like a human waterskiing!

Malsuada was surprised to see Caroline, and surprised more still to see the vampire! Her smile was wide as she pulled Evangeline back with her. Hilarious!

Caroline: *Caroline knealt, but not without casting Malsuada a vicious glare. Evangeline looked safe for now, but Caroline was still increadibly pissed off!* -06:51 May 22

Vlamerias rose and flew toward the Devil King. “Forgive me, Father. I went to investigate Malsuada’s pet who the Infamous One has come for!” She grinned brightly. “He was Valravn’s former master and now he’s mine!” She proudly showed him the back of her hand where the Binding Mark was.

Evangeline: Ga-! *Drat the devil! …and drat this place! If it was Gabriel she could not tell! She still couldn’t reach out to him, and Malsuada wasn’t letting her move to investigate the familiar blur of energy! It could still be a trick too! She was going to cry!*

Gabriel: *Father! He couldn’t see or feel Evangeline from here, something was screwing his senses up. But by the look Caroline was giving the demon and the fact the demon matched her description … that had to be one they were looking for.* -06:55 May 22

“MASTER!” boomed the Devil King! At the thought he looked disgusted, but he leaned low to investigate the mark. “My youngest little fool. Alas, you have made it by choice and my anger will fade. But, say you he comes for Malsuada’s pet! That is a shame, for she is bound by contract. Malsuada, would you make trade?”

“I might trade this or that. But not my pet. I got the best of deals for her!” Malsuada grinned wider than a chesire cat!

Caroline: …That deal was made for MY soul, and I insist that there be an appeal on the contract. The trade can be revoked. -06:59 May 22

Vlamerias smiled at the Devil King. She flew to Malsuada’s pet, the Infamous One’s beloved. She really was bright and shiny!* “Are you the Infamous One’s snack, Bright Lady?” she asked Evangeline!

The Devil King look thoughful. “Your soul was not your own to trade at the time of the contract, therefore you appeal is denied. Malsuada desires no trade. …Thus away with you little younglings. We are in the middle of a feast!”

Evangeline: *Caroline! She recognized Caroline’s voice at least, even if she could not feel her or Gabriel! …Then she was asked a question!* I am not his snack, and never have been! Is he really here? All I can feel are devils are demons!

Vlamerias grinned, teeth flashing! “Indeed! He was Valravn’s master but now he’s mine! Oh, I’ll be right back, he’s looking at me!” Then she flew away to Gabriel. “Yes …?”

Gabriel: *He looked at Caroline.* There has to be a loophole. We just have to find it. *He stopped and turned to Vlamerias.* I need your help. Do you know a loop hole in the contract? -07:07 May 22

“Don’t despair, glittering human. You’ll forget all about him over time. ..Unless you want to keep those memories? It could be arranged…” offered Malsuada with a purr!

Vlamerias grinned wide again and whispered something to Caroline and Gabriel! About how to void the contract! Evangeline had made the deal as a human on her human life! But if she was a vampire or a demon …

Gabriel: *He was silent for a moment.* No, she would never take blood for nourishment. I have an idea. Vlamerias, if you’d be so kind … *And then he told her what he needed her to do!* -07:09 May 22

Evangeline: *….she didn’t want to forget him! Evangeline looked alarmed at the thought! Despite hearing the demon say she was Gabriel’s familiar, and that he was there! …She was afraid it might be futile!* I.. don’t know… I don’t ever want to forget him.

Caroline: …Quickly Vlamerias, Malsuada is working one of her tricks again and m’lady looks distressed! -07:11 May 22

The little demon flew over to her father! “Great father, before I go to the mortal with my new master and his friend, may I request that he have some time to say goodbye to Malsuada’s pet? As bound by contract, she would not be able to leave … Surely some time alone would not hurt.” And if that didn’t work … She gave him the sad, mournful look! “Please …”


The Devil King was always amused by romantic tragedies, but that pouting look from his little youngling was enough to make his mind. “Malsuada!” he boomed. “Allow the vampire one last moment with the glittering human, so they may remember what was lost!”

Malsuada smirked broadly. “Of COURSE, O great king! A precious moment will be granted!” It would be what tipped the scale on the poor human’s heart! After a tearful goodbye, she might trade her soul for anything!

“They can go out into the hall, it’s just outside!” Vlamerias was already taking Evangeline by the hand–she slapped away Malsuada’s hand–and leading her to Gabriel!

Caroline: *With Evangeline taken from Malsuada, Caroline rose to her feet to approach and stand beside the woman. Gabriel was to see Evangeline alone. …and it gave her the pleasure of speaking with the devil.* You take too much enjoyment from twisting the selfless acts of others, Malsuada. May you be warned, by freeing me and taking Evangeline you have no just made one enemy but many. -07:19 May 22

Vlamerias put Evangeline’s hands into Gabriel’s and shooed them out into the hall! Then she closed the doors so they could be alone for awhile! Even the guards were gone!

Evangeline: *Being closer to him helped in feeling his presence, but touching him was better! She had not realized how empty and alone she felt when he wasn’t always there with her!* I’m so sorry…! I thought I could undo her contract!

“Caoilainn, what enemies are there for me to fear? I am older than you, older than the Infamous one, older than most! And now, I will be fueled by the purest innocent soul. There will be no living with me!” She proudly replied! Malsuada had her every desire!

Gabriel: *There were no words to describe what it felt like to be able to hold, touch, smell, listen to Evangeline again! He hadn’t realized just how bleak and terrible life was without her around! But he didn’t have much time! He held her hands in his! He kissed her lips and forced himself to pull away.* We do not have much time. There is a loophole. You made the contract as a human and bound your human life. You do not wish for the life of a vampire or a demon but there is one alternative. *He pressed his forehead against hers.* I bind my life force with yours and yours with mine. You will not be a vampire but you will not be human either. Be warned, that means chances are, you will outlive the people you know and love. You must make the decision quickly. -07:27 May 22
Gabriel: *But if one dies, the other dies instantly. (You must make …) -07:31 May 22

Evangeline: I didn’t know that was possible..! *As she thought it through, she found… maybe it was! The ties it would make would only fill in those gaps between the connection that was already there! She didn’t fear death… but the thought of living without Gabriel was unbareble. And if he wanted her…* If you want me, I could live a million lifetimes with you and be content with a life well spent the day we die.

Gabriel: *His voice was a whisper. He went for his knife.* … I love you, Evangeline. But I pushed you away to protect you and I only ended up hurting you instead. I do not just want you, I need you. But you will need to drink a little of my blood for the exchange to be complete and I need to drink a little of yours. Are you prepared? *He couldn’t believe they were doing this but he realized there was no one else he would rather have, no way he could just let her die.* -07:39 May 22

Evangeline: You love me. *Knowing how he felt through his actions or his thoughts would always make her feel warm. But hearing him say it with his own words made her heart skip three beats! …She nodded slowly!* And I love you, so very much… I am prepared.

Gabriel: *He nodded. There was no turning back now.* I’ll say it first and then you repeat. After, we drink a little of each other’s blood and it will be over. "I bind my life with yours, from this moment to the day of our death. I will be with you for all eternity. I speak this vow of my own free will, this irrevocable pact. You are in my heart as I am always in yours." -07:47 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline was a little scared, but there was nothing she wanted more than this!* I bind my life with yours, from this moment to the day of our death… I will be with you for all eternity. I speak this vow of my own free will, this irrevocable pact. You are in my heart as I am always in yours…

Gabriel: *He didn’t know how to make the blood exchange any easier but now he felt a tingling at the back of his hand, much like how Evangeline probably felt a tingle on the back of hers.* We are almost there. I will try to make this as quick as possible for you. *He cupped her face and tilted it up as he bit his tongue and kissed her, deep and long.* -07:57 May 22

Evangeline: *There was that tingling on her hand…but not just there! He kissed her and everything tingled! She could taste salt and iron, that slight bitter taste of blood. But with his kiss, she didn’t think about it!*

Gabriel: *Of course his tongue healed quickly but it was enough of the blood to seal the deal. As he kissed her, he bit her tongue and licked the blood. She had the sweetest blood. Her tongue healed faster than it would have and now he felt the tingling growing stronger on his hand. Instead of stopping the kiss, he kept kissing her, slipping his arms around her waist as if he’d never let her go!* -08:05 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline only gave a soft sound as she was bitten, but didn’t move away! If she could do this forever…! Something had shifted – a strange feeling of vertigo as if she were going to fall right out of herself! But with his arm wrapped around her she was held in place. Able to brush her hands against his cheek and return his kiss with every ounce of fondness she had!*

… Suddenly the tingling was gone to be replaced by peculiar markings, similar to the one Gabriel and Vlamerias had but not much. These markings were more intricate and detailed but like the Binding Marks they were dark red.*

Gabriel: *He held onto her tightly. This was the woman he would take down armies for, cross oceans for, and had. This was the woman he couldn’t bear to be without and now he never had to. He broke the kiss slowly to nuzzle her cheek even while he finally looked at her gown and tugged on it, curious.* -08:16 May 22

~Meanwhile back in the banquet hall~Vlamerias flew to her father. “Father, since the Infamous One is my master, does that mean he is technically under your protection until I am no longer his familiar?”

Evangeline: *She would never be without him ever again… and the smile she wore was brilliant!* She wanted me to sparkle… do I look strange?

Gabriel: *He brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers.* You already sparkle. *He kissed her forehead.* -08:20 May 22

“Little youngling, I would not let harm come to my children. Thus as you were fool enough to bond to this creature, I will not allow harm to him…. as long as he is in my realm.” answered The Devil King!

Malsuada was getting impatient. Her pet had been away too long and Caroline’s cool exterior was making her suspicious. “It’s been long enough. I insist my pet be returned!”

Vlamerias gave him such a bright, shining grin. She loved her Daddy! “Just checking and say if he was to … bond with someone … you would protect her, too, yes? As long as she is within your realm?”

The Devil King nodded, though he looked exasperated at the question! “Yes, Vlamerias. Those he bonds to are in fact boned to you are well and thusly under my protection as well.”

*bonded *as well~

Caroline: Are you afraid, now, Malsuada? *Caroline’s impartial expression now turned to a slow smile as Vlamerias spoke with the Devil King.* -08:25 May 22

Vlamerias beamed and clasped her hands as she gave him a look of pure adoration! “You are the strongest and wisest devil of all, Your Highness!” She flew to the doors and opened them herself to reveal–Gabriel and Evangeline! “May all who stand in the banquet hall witness! The Infamous One, my new master, has bonded with the woman who is no longer completely human!” She even took Evangeline and Gabriel’s hands which had the matching markings and showed it to them!

Everyone in the hall looked surprised! Yet, most were still trying to figure out where this was going! Malsuada scowled! “So he did! But that does not deny her contract with me! She signed a blood contract that her life belongs to me!”

Vlamerias had that look on her face as if she was just dying to blurt it all out! But she calmed down and now had a “So, who wants to tell?” look on her face instead!

Caroline: *Caroline’s smile wickedly mimiced the one Malsuada had earlier!* Yet, does her blood not smell different? I believe, Malsuada, you will find that a human signed that contract giving you one human life. Evangeline is no longer human, but an immortal. -08:32 May 22

This came as a big shock to everyone! For a long moment The Devil King sat silent…. then his laughtered came so suddenly and boomed so loud that the room shook! “Vlamerias, you are my most clever of daughters. Malsuada, your contract is voided. It carries a claim no longer.”

Vlamerias beamed at her father and flew to his shoulder. “Is this not the best banquet ever, Great Devil King?” She clapped her hands!

Gabriel: *He took Evangeline’s hands and kissed the knuckles, seemingly oblivious to everyone but the woman who had stolen his heart when he believed he had none at all.* -08:38 May 22

Malsuada’s outrage was apparent all over her face! The demon looked ready to start screaming, but she couldn’t deny the loophole… Then she paused, her exterior calming! “So it is. Of course, a VOID means the contract is thrown out all together and Caoilainn’s soul still belongs to me.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t turn away from Gabriel, she was content to smile without a care in the world!* …Actually, the contract is only voided for this moment forward. You recieved what was promised for Caroline’s soul. …you just don’t get to keep it.

The Devil King only roared in laughter once again! “The glittering immortal speaks truth. Malsuada, you have been bested. The younglings are free to leave at their leisure!”

“I’ll come by to visit you, Daddy.” She planted a quick kiss on his cheek and flew to Gabriel and Evangeline. “Let’s go! Before you get into more trouble!” She turned and waved. “Bye, everyone. Enjoy the party!”

Caroline: *Caroline was briefly startled by Malsuada’s declaration, but Evangeline’s loophole appeased the Devil King… Caroline cast Malsuada a vicious smile.* I leave you with a warning, Malsuada. Do not dare come again to the earth world. You may not fear my hand, but there are many who will see you dead for taking Evangeline. *With that said, she followed the demon girl!* -08:50 May 22
Gabriel: Phealix. *He tugged on the chain.* It’s time to go. *He said as they walked away.* -08:53 May 22

Malsuada was so angry…! But, she could not act here. The Devil King promised protection to the Infamous One and his bonds in this realm… but not Caoilainn! Her last word effort, Malsuada pulled a large black onyx crossbow from thin air and fired!

Evangeline: Why is that poor demon on a ch- Caroline. *Evangeline warned quickly! Malsuada was horribly tricky…!*

Caroline: *The warning came almost too late, or was it just in time! Caroline moved quick enough to avoid a deadly strike, but not enough to avoid a hit all together! She was very loudly cursing the hell out of Malsuada’s name, but hadn’t drawn a weapon… yet!* -09:01 May 22

“I am SO sorry! My finger slipped on the trigger! Hope that didn’t hurt too badly!” exclaimed Malsuada! Many demons chuckled. This was an entering banquet!

Caroline: *A growl… but Caroline straightened, reguardless of the wound to frown at Gabriel. She could not fight Malsuada herself…* If you break her neck, I promise that I’ll spend the rest of my life watching over m’lady and keeping Dark out of trouble. My oath. -09:07 May 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned close to Gabriel and mumbled.* I am not one for killing, but this once I may glad if you did…

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((09:34 May 22))
[Caroline logged out of the chat.] -((09:34 May 22))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -09:34 May 22
[Caroline was shot by demon’s crossbow and pretending it didn’t hurt for the sake of asking Gabriel a favor!] -02:47 May 23
[Gabriel moved to Caroline’s side while Vlamerias hovered in the air next to Evangeline!] -02:53 May 23

Malsuada had a fake look of apology across her face. “Oops! I do forget how fragile those human bodies are.”

Gabriel: Caroline, I accept your oath … *His lips drew back in a snarl as his fangs grew.* You took my Seer, Malsuada. *The sword he summoned now was not the same sword he normally used. Oh no. This sword had a pure black blade with runes on both sides, long and filled with a power all its own. The Diablo Animus. The Devil Soul.* Incendia. *He launched a ball of fire at Malsuada and ran forward!* -02:58 May 23

That was a weapon that was as infamous as the Infamous One was himself! Though surprised, Malsuada was no spring chicken! She lept high in to the air to avoid the fire, summoning her weapon! It was a reapers scythe… not beautiful or well designed, but ancient and rustic… and deadly! Malsuada wasted no time in chanting a spell in demon tongue as she swiped the scythe down towards Gabriel!

Now THIS was a banquet! Devils stepped far out of the way and even the Devil King himself only leaned back in his chair to tap his fingers and watch with great amusement! A show like this did not come every century!

Gabriel: *The fireball left a scorch in the wall! Malsuada swung for him but he was already gone! He appeared behind her as she landed! He swung for her torso as he readied another spell!* -03:05 May 23

Evangeline: Caroline… I will heal you! *Evangeline moved to pull Caroline towards the doors and as far away from the fight as possible.*

“Oh! So exciting!” Vlamerias exclaimed as she hovered in the air and zipped back and forth! She flew over to Evangeline and Caroline! Now that the human was bonded to her master, it would be her job to protect her! And she never took her duties lightly!

CLANG! SHIIIIIIIIIK! The sharp sound of metal against metal screeched has Malsuada spun around sharply to deflect his swing. Her scythe glowed with a strange purple aura as she summoned a few of her souls! Captured imps to help surround Gabriel and attack all at once. She smirked, needing no words to boast about her obvious power!

Caroline: *Caroline gently took Evangeline’s hand and pulled it away from the wound on her back.* Don’t, My Lady. I will heal the way I should and next time be far quicker about catching you before you hand yourself off to demons. *She chided the lady, but it was with a friendly tone, despite what had happened.* -03:12 May 23
Gabriel: *He smirked! He held the Diablo Animus horizontally in front of him and placed two fingers against the flat of the blade next to the hilt. He slid his fingers across the flat of the blade to the sword’s edge and the runes glowed a bright red! A shrill scream rent the air! A single tortured soul rose from the blade itself to wrap around the imps in a whirlwind!* -03:13 May 23

That drew a scowl from Malsuada! She might have underestimated the source of power in that blade! She summoned forth more her souls! Larger demons of pure black, each baring weapons and magic of their own! Malsuada had more than enough souls to spare!

“Father will be very popular for centuries to come! He could not have created a better source of entertainment!” Vlamerias exclaimed!

Evangeline: You are almost as stubborn as Gabriel. *For a moment she had to cover her ears from that shrill scream! But once it had passed and with Caroline distracted, she had reached out and quickly snatched that piece of black stone that was still embedded in Caroline’s back!* …Got it!

Caroline: I am glad your father is having such a go-GAAH! *Such a sudden and sharp pain, that Caroline actually tilted and dropped in the floor… And growling at Evangeline with various sets of curse words! That she normally saved for moments with Dark or Allistair!* You… damnation, woman..! -03:25 May 23

Evangeline: *Wince! She had not meant to hurt her, but if Caroline was going to be stubborn and keep wounds just to punish herself with… well, she would have to make her!* Sorry…! …but now you are bleeding worse, so I better fix it.

Gabriel: *Darkness couldn’t defeat darkness. He would have to reach into the blade and see if Anthony had managed to absorb a truly pure soul into the sword! He closed his eyes and he seemed to be waiting for something! The sword was horizontal in front of him and his fingers were against the flat of the blade!* -03:31 May 23

Malsuada paused, swinging her scythe and holding it to the side… giving her smirk again! Her demons circled to five points around Gabriel, each one pulling a weapon that glowed that eerie purple again. A symbol on the ground started to curl and twist, forming the beginnings of a demonic rune! It began to sizzle!

Gabriel: *Suddenly the runes on the sword glowed pure white! From out of the sword, a single soul appeared in front of Gabriel, a woman with a pair of large white wings and wearing a gown! She was armed with a bow and a single arrow that she shot toward the ceiling! The arrow split into five and flew for the five demons surrounding Gabriel! Then right after, the soul shot a single arrow–at Malsuada!* -03:38 May 23
Caroline: *Exasperating! This woman was exasperating! She finally nodded. With clenched teeth, she was keeping a wary eye on Malsuada and Gabriel’s fight! Malsuada was stronger by far, but Gabriel had never let anything take Evangeline… and his summon was clear proof!* -03:40 May 23

That soul was so bright Vlamerias had to shield her eyes! “Ooo … That soul is as bright as yours, Bright lady!” she exclaimed!

Her five demons shattered on impact! Immediately Malsuada summoned a shield, but… was shocked when the arrow pierced right through! There was not a moment for her to even consider the kind of soul that was summoned before it pierced her right through the chest. It was strong and pure, eating away at the very core of her! Her body seemed to hiss and curl upon itself! Malsuada only hissed through her teeth as the light ploofed her right out of existence!

Evangeline: See, that is an actual bright soul! An angel no doubt. A good one. Not one of the fallen… *She replied to Vlamerias, leaning next to Caroline to place a hand gently at her back. Healing spells she had well practiced, and now thanks to Gabriel being able to pull one came as easily as drawing water.* You will need a new shirt again, Miss Caroline.

Gabriel: *The soul looked prepared to shoot more arrows at the other devils but at the last minute, the sword drew her back. The sword disappeared and then Gabriel was turning around and walking toward Evangeline and Caroline.* We are going. Phealix. *He grabbed the silver chain from the pillar it had been wrapped around.* -03:50 May 23
Caroline: Thanks to you and Dark I am forever needing new clothes. *Caroline mumbled… That was it! Malsuada was dead! Her contract was broken, and Malsuada would never return. She was waiting for that sense of euphoria to hit… but there was only a vague sense of relief. Ah well! She pulled herself stiffly to her feet!* -03:50 May 23

“She is a pretty angel. Do you think my master will let me keep her? Devils take very good care of their souls!” Vlamerias exclaimed!

The Devil King and many of the demons were clapping! This was indeed a great banquet! Drama! Action! Flashy souls! A wave of his hand and it was to begin the feast… The Devil King bid his youngest daughter a fond farewell!

Evangeline: You will have many things to play with Meri! Werewolves and faeries, humans and many things! *Evangeline waited until Gabriel approached and… blink again!* …Why ARE you dragging that demon?

“Their souls?” She asked until she saw her Father saying goodbye. “I’ll bring you back a souvenir or two, Daddy!” Vlamerias promised, flying after Gabriel and party!

Gabriel: Devils are sneaky. *He replied as they left the banquet hall and the doors closed behind them!* Phealix, the portal. -03:58 May 23

Evangeline: *Devils are sneaky answered the question perfectly! Evangeline took Gabriel’s hand and rest her head against his arm.* Yes, yes they are.

Gabriel: *He felt the overwhelming urge to show her just how much he’d missed her but they weren’t free yet. Despite mumbles of abuse and neglect under his breath, Phealix did just that and opened the portal after doing his little dance! Everyone stepped through and found themselves in the park … where Dark was still sound asleep!* -04:04 May 23
Caroline: *Caroline stopped and knelt next to Dark, giving that exasperated sigh again!* He’s going to be furious. -04:08 May 23

Evangeline: …Oh, poor Dark! You knocked him out didn’t you… *Evangeline tugged Gabriel’s hand, though it was impossible to even pretend to be angry! He had been distant from her for so long, now all she could do was smile!*

[Evangeline was all smiles! Even if Gabriel DID knock out poor Dark and has a demon on a chain!] -02:24 May 24
[Gabriel released Phealix from the chain and returned the chain to his pocket!] -02:24 May 24

Vlamerias perched on Gabriel’s head! “So this is the mortal plane!” she squealed!

Gabriel: It would have been a mistake for him to have gone. *He replied, glancing at Dark who looked like he was going to be out for awhile more.* -02:27 May 24
Evangeline: But did you really have to knock him out? *Caroline was right. Dark would be so angry when he woke up! Trying to explain to him was going to be hard!* -02:31 May 24

Caroline: I suspect if he hadn’t, he would have tried to follow and there would be two fools to free from the underworld. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She looked down to peer at the unconscious Dark!* He is young! May I have his soul? *Her tail flicked and then wrapped itself around her waist as she folded her wings behind her.*

“My horn! My horn!” Phealix growled, jumping up and down!

Evangeline: Oh no! He’s still working on his soul! You’ll just have to wait until someone gets in trouble. *Vlamerias was cute, but very young! ….at least for a devil! Speaking of which, the other devil was demanding a horn and Evangeline was left blinking with confusion!* -02:37 May 24
Gabriel: *He reached into his pocket and threw him the horn.* As agreed. The horn I held for safe passage. -02:38 May 24

Phealix snatched the horn out of the air and tried it onto his stump–only to scream in rage! This wasn’t his horn at all! “This isn’t my horn! You tricked me! You promised me my horn!” He stomped!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* As I said. The horn I held in my hand at the time the bargain was struck. It is my fault that you assumed it was yours. -02:39 May 24

Caroline: *Caroline made sure that dart wasn’t still stuck in the back of Dark’s neck and knocked against his cheek with the back of her hand.* …get up now, you’re stronger than this. *…Unless Gabriel hit him with something special. She cast Gabriel a side-glance as he tricked the devil. …She wouldn’t put it past him.* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked and pouted and looked like she was about to go into a temper tantrum at being refused! … Only for her to shake it off and grin! She could wait!* Very well. I am a patient devil. *She tilted her head at Phealix.* Can I have him? He’s old and he’s probably tough and chewy but the best meat is aged! *And what a wide, bright grin!*

Gabriel: *not -02:42 May 24

“You tricked me! You–” His eyes grew wide at Vlamerias! He scrambled away and ran off behind the statue!



Evangeline: *Evangeline grasped Gabriel’s hand again, unsure if she was going to laugh at Vlamerias or just be worried!* I think she’s hungry. -02:44 May 24

Dark: *He groaned and blinked up at Caroline! At first he didn’t know where he was, what he was doing … Then it hit him and he got to his feet!* You! And you! *He growled pointing first at Caroline and then Gabriel!* You sonofa– *He launched into an attack on Gabriel!*

Caroline: *Caroline grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back.* Evangeline desires him in one piece. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: Devils are often hungry! *She blinked at Dark!* You are very feisty! And you look so much like my Glaër Áetkhilos. A doppleganger perhaps?

Dark: *He was pulled back and he glared at Gabriel! He didn’t move to attack him but … there was something different! He sniffed the air and tilted his head slightly at Evangeline!* You don’t smell like apples and cinnamon anymore. *Then he shot a confused look at Vlamerias.* Glare, what?

Evangeline: Really? What do I smell like now…? *She was rather curious! She tugged Gabriel’s hand!* -02:53 May 24
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Will this be another of your incessant questions? *He remembered the last times she had had one of those!* -02:54 May 24

Caroline: *After a moment she deemed it safe to release dark.* Evangeline smells different because she is different. She has a life bond with Gabriel now. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Glaër Áetkhilos. *She repeated a bit slower.* Um, I don’t know what the human definition would be …

Dark: A life bond? *He scratched his head.* What the hell is that …? What, is she stuck with him now? Did she really become his snack? What the hell did you guys do over there? *He hated being left out of things or, no pun intended, left in the dark!*

Evangeline: It’s not one of the hard questions… *Evangeline paused her tugging in trying to think how to answer Dark!* It’s like… like… Are we married now? -02:58 May 24

Caroline: *Cough…! Caroline laughed out loud! Married! That was a way to describe it!* You are certainly dressed for a wedding, my lady. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. It was easy to forget what the Seer was wearing when you were trying to save her from trouble she had gotten herself into.* That is one way to put it. It is far more binding than any human ritual. -03:06 May 24

Dark: You guys got married there?! What the fuck! *He pointed at Vlamerias.* And who the hell are you?

Vlamerias: *She giggled! This doppleganger was funny! Her father would have enjoyed his soul! That look on her face, priceless!*

Vlamerias: *his, not her

Evangeline: It did feel so much like a wedding. Does it look like a ring…? *She held out her hand, the one that had felt that tingling! There was mark there she couldn’t see, but she could feel it there!* -03:15 May 24

Caroline: Vlamerias is Gabriel’s familiar. …The entire ordeal was taken care of quick enough. None of saw the bonding ritual, so you didn’t miss anything. …I would have liked to see it, though. *If anything, it WAS very romantic, despite circumstances.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: It is a Binding Mark, much more complicated than a ring. A life bond is ancient magic. It does not wash off but it may fade after time, hence why we will need to perform the blood exchange and the sealing vows every once in awhile. -03:24 May 24

Vlamerias: Oh! I would have loved to see it, too! Perhaps the Bright Lady will tell us the story sometime! I do not think even my father has seen many life bonds!

Dark: *He scratched the back of his head.* Sheesh. And I thought dealing with that flying rat of yours was hard enough. *He looked at Caroline.* So, you free from that contract of yours for real this time?

Evangeline: *He said it so simply! Evangeline found herself grinning again as she pounced to hug Gabriel. She could spend forever with him!* -03:27 May 24

Vlamerias: *She flew off of Gabriel’s head just before Evangeline pounced and landed on Dark’s head instead! She looked at Caroline!* If you ever wish to visit the Devil Underworld again, I can take you. *She scratched the side of her face.* But I need time to get Father some souvenirs. He does not like it when you go to see him and do not bring gifts.

Caroline: Malsuada is dead. I have nothing to be concerned about now, except for watching over you and my lady. And any odd children that might come from this marriage. *Caroline managed to grin despite herself.* -Evangeline

Caroline: …If you are going to collect souls for him, Vlamerias, you better be careful of what you snatch. *…she promised to watch Dark and Evangeline, not their devil too!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He looked up at the demon on his head.* Would you cut that out? *He muttered. Having someone perch on your head was … not very comfortable. On the other hand, she wasn’t a pigeon who might crap on his head but …!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled and flew off of Dark’s head to perch on Caroline’s!* Devils take good care of their souls! They are a symbol of status, after all! Valravn had quite a few of them himself if I remember correctly. *She was thoughtfully silent.*

Gabriel: *He looked like he was tolerating the hug but he caught her and lowered her feet back on the ground! At least now, he could keep a better eye on her and Vlamerias, provided she didn’t prove too wild, could help out.* -03:37 May 24

Caroline: *Caroline sighed softly.* I have to wonder why you small things sit on me. I’m rather glad Dark hasn’t picked up the habit. …In the meantime, I believe we should grant My lady time alone with Gabriel. One shouldn’t make such hefty vows without consumation. *A rare wide grin from Caroline!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: You really haven’t spent any time with me in a very long time. *Evangeline had never complained, but she wasn’t going to let an opportunity slide, either!* -03:42 May 24

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* You are very comfortable, Warrior Lady. *But she flew off of her head and landed on the ground next to Evangeline and Gabriel!* Bye bye!

Dark: *He huffed!* Yeah, let’s go before I end up throwing my lunch or something. All this romantic, sweet stuff is giving me cavities and Alistair is probably still hiding out from those gargoyles that live on the top of Macy’s.

Caroline: When you are older you might appreciate these sort of things. *Caroline eyed the little devil before slowly moving away. That one was going to be trouble… possibly more trouble than Dark and Evangeline combined!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: I was trying to protect you. But you have proven to be very stubborn and prone to moments of reckless heroism.] -03:50 May 24

Dark: We’ll see. *He said as they walked away.* Why didn’t you let me go with you guys? I could have helped. *He asked when they were out of earshot.*

Evangeline: You owe me so many days and nights! It’s been very lonely without you around and neither Caroline or Dark are very cuddlie. -03:57 May 24

Vlamerias: *He raised an eyebrow.* I am … cuddlie? *It was strange. He could never have imagined he would willingly bind himself to another. Unheard of. But … had he placed her in even more danger now …*

Caroline: If something would have happened to us, you would have been the last one left to do something. Staying behind wasn’t a punishment. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I am … cuddlie? *It was strange. He could never have imagined he would willingly bind himself to another. Unheard of. But … had he placed her in even more danger now …* -04:00 May 24
Evangeline: I like holding on to you. …perhaps not anyone else would dare. *Of which, she still didn’t intend on letting go of him.* -04:03 May 24

Dark: *He was silent. But even he had to see the truth in what she said.* … You know, I was real worried back there. *He said it slowly. It wasn’t something he liked to admit but, there he’d said it!*

Gabriel: *He slipped his arms around her waist to pull her close.* And I shall have to hold onto you, to prevent you from attempting to free someone by getting into a contract with a devil. -04:06 May 24

Vlamerias: *She reached up and tugged Gabriel by his coat!* Will you and the Bright Lady have children now?

Caroline: You didn’t need to worry. None would have hurt Evangeline, she’s a far too valuable soul for devils. *The fuss over the woman was amusing, even if it did bring a great deal of trouble. …She was going to have to be very careful to block her from pulling anymore stunts like that!* -Evangeline

Dark: … Yeah, Evangeline. And you, too, you know. *He had his hands in his pockets!*

Evangeline: I don’t think I’ll try that again. Devils are far more sneaky than I thought. *Evangeline paused at Meri’s question!* …I’ve never thought about children before! Can we even do that? -04:10 May 24

Caroline: *Caroline laughed softly!* Malsuada shot me for the effort, but I’ll live despite it. I always do. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Vlamerias.* It … is possible. Humans are compatible with many races. Many of the best hunters were half-vampire, half-humans. -04:12 May 24

Dark: *He nodded.* Good. *A moment of silence.* Because uh … I wasn’t going to deal with Alistair a moment longer!

Vlamerias: *She giggled.* That’s a “yes” then!

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled!* I think I would be happy with married for now. Teaching you to behave will take some time. -04:16 May 24

Caroline: *Caroline cast a wry grin!* Is that so? I was sure you were unconcious while we were gone and Allistair hiding for the day? -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She yawned and perched on Gabriel’s head again! It was very comfortable there!*

Dark: *He snorted.* That flying rat. When you ran off and left me with him, he muttered something about being stuck with the “vermin” and flew away.

Gabriel: *He reached up to cup her cheek.* You are aware that if I could not break the contract, I would have stayed there. -04:26 May 24

Caroline: Granted, if I had died I doubt he would have stayed. You’d finally get a moments peace without him. *Smiling, she cast him an amused look.* -Evangeline

Dark: *He huffed, looked off to the side!* Tch. Don’t get my hopes up. You’re the only one patient enough to deal with the likes of him. He’d be fried crispy bat with anyone else.

Evangeline: *She grinned softly.* You would have been really bored. All they did was talk about how shiny I was and what to dress me in and make me offers so they could steal me. -04:30 May 24
Gabriel: You are insane, Seer. *He kissed her forehead.* But I love you. You stole my heart when I believed I had none at all. -04:32 May 24

Caroline: *Laughing, she simply shrugged her shoulders.* I’m not that patient. I think my lady holds the trophy for that. If he hasn’t gotten himself roasted, I think he may live with her when someone finally kills me. -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Closing her eyes, she leaned forward just so she could rest her head against his chest.* I like hearing you love me. Every time you say it I have warm fuzzies. -04:38 May 24

Vlamerias: *She gave a long sigh!* How romantic! Just like the stories my father’s souls told me to keep me occupied!

Dark: *He snickered.* She wouldn’t roast him but Gabriel will. He’s not too keen on males taking an interest in Evangeline, remember?

Gabriel: I do not regret binding myself to you. *He whispered in her ear as he lowered his head slightly–with Vlamerias still perched on it!–to nuzzle her cheek.* But you are still in a great amount of danger. Being bound changes several things. -04:44 May 24

Caroline: No, he doesn’t. I think it’s luck that you’ve not shared his fascination with Evangeline along with his power. *The smirk she gave was rather wicked, but she laughed again.* They’re very sweet. I have seen a lot of loves, but this is the first life bond. I really would have liked to watch. -Evangeline

Evangeline: I am always in danger. *She muttered softly.* It’s not death I’m afraid of. I just don’t want to live a life without you again… -04:49 May 24

Dark: Sweet. Yeah. That must be something everyone else misses. It’s hard to write someone off as sweet when he’s a frickin’ Carnatelli whose slaughtered a fair amount of his own ‘kin’.

Gabriel: As do I. *He lifted his head and looked up at the demon sighing wistfully.* There is the matter of teaching you some subtlety. You cannot reveal to the human world that you are a devil. -04:52 May 24

Vlamerias: *She blinked and tilted her head down at him!* Is being a devil a bad thing on the mortal plane?

Caroline: Most of us do or have done terrible things during our lifespans. It’s only a rare precious few that’ve never commited a sin. -Evangeline

Evangeline: Most humans have no idea that devils exist, or that many other things exist. In most cases it’s better they stay unaware! -04:54 May 24

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful!* Oh, I know! *She hopped off of Gabriel’s head and landed neatly on the ground! She snapped her fingers and the horns, tail, and sharp teeth disappeared! Her blue skin became pale, her hair turned dark brown but was still long, she had dark gray eyes. She wore black boots, a black top, and a red skirt with a chain.* Look at me, I’m human! *She whirled around and struck a pose, giggling!*

Dark: *He wasn’t going to win this argument! He scratched his head.* So uh … I guess this means business as usual now.

Caroline: *A soft groan escaped her as she glanced up at the sky! Business! It was going to be more like madness!* I meant it when I said it, but when I made an oath to watch over you and Evangeline, I don’t think I was considering how troublesome that would be. I’m glad that at least you’ve learned faster than than new familiar… Children always confound me. -Evangeline

Evangeline: Well! Your aura is subdued at least! That will spare you from people being too curious. You flicker like me or Gabriel… is that because of the bond? *These new things to be aware of were a little strange!* -05:07 May 24

Dark: *He blinked.* You promised to watch over me? *Evangeline he could understand. She needed protection 24/7 it seemed! But him …?*

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* I guess! I’ve never head of a demon being a familiar to two people at once! *She became thoughtful.* That might get confusing.

Gabriel: You simply have to watch over Evangeline when I cannot be with her. Should I need you for anything else, I will call. The Seer’s safety comes first. -05:25 May 24

Caroline: Who else will have the time to deal with you? *She flashed him a grin!* I’m fond of you, anyway. -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, trying to decide what to think about it!* …how many are going to get stuck watching over me? That has to be the most boring job in the world. -05:30 May 24
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Apparently you have forgotten the adventures you find yourself involved in time and time again. But if you must know, that is one of the reasons I agreed to work alongside Oracle in the first place. -05:35 May 24

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Oh no! It won’t be boring at all, I can assure you, Bright Lady! Leave it to me, Vlamerias Vrelucien!

Evangeline: *Looking properly chided, for what was definitely a very NON boring life, she blinked again at Vlamerias!* …sometimes things are a little out of hand, but most days are perfectly normal. Meri could help me with classes for the hunters, I think… -05:39 May 24
Gabriel: Vlamerias can take care of herself. However, it would be wise to mention for them to avoid doing anything serious to her. It would appear she has her father’s favor. -05:42 May 24

Dark: *He grinned!* You’re not bad yourself, you know. You never finished that story about being stranded in a middle of a snow storm all those years ago.

Evangeline: They wouldn’t, or I might knock the devil out of them with my cane. …No puns intended. She is so small, I think she might be much faster than they are! -05:44 May 24

Vlamerias: *She giggled and hugged Evangeline’s legs!* Thank you, Bright Lady! *She beamed!* I’m really fast. One of the fastest devils ever! Father even said so himself! And that’s saying a lot because he’s so old and powerful!

Caroline: There’s a reason! It was a boring, cold, and miserable weekend with nothing but a grouchy bear and a singing rock to keep me company.

Evangeline: *A devil was attached to her legsm skirts and all! She held on to Gabriel to keep herself upright!* You’ll have all kinds of hunters to play with, and werewolves, and even Dark or Caroline when they aren’t busy… -06:02 May 24

Dark: *He smirked.* Anyways one of your contacts said there’s something strange going on in a little town outside the city. He said it’s worth checking out.

Vlamerias: I’ve heard of werewolves. Devils tell me they’re tough like jerky–whatever that is! And souls say they have keys and sticks!

Caroline: “Strange” is awfully vague, Dark. That could be anything from mayhem to little Gabriels running loose. *For a brief moment she thought of Gabriel and Evangelion again, and what sort of children they might have… It was a scary thought!*

Dark: *He raised an eyebrow.* Little Gabriels? Hell, it’s bad enough there’s one of him and … whatever the hell you’d refer to me as. *He shook his head as if to clear his mind.*

Evangeline: We don’t eat werewolves unless they try to eat us first! That’s one of the rules. *…There were going to be so many rules to teach Meri! But for now… she would much rather have the time with Gabriel!* Can we go home? -06:38 May 24

Caroline: *Smirk!* If they have children, you’ll be an Uncle. Responsible for more than just the saftey of Evangeline, but any little ones she has too. *Personally, she would sleep easier knowing that wouldn’t happen for awhile!*

Dark: *He gave her a dark look!* You have a twisted sense of humor, you know.

Caroline: *Her smirk grew wider!* I like to think that soon you’ll have learned all you can and you’ll be responsible for me and others for a change. For some reason that puts me to snickers.

Gabriel: *He took her hand and kissed the back of it where the Binding Mark was.* You will have to define ‘home’. I have at least a dozen "safe places". -06:49 May 24

Vlamerias: * She giggled!* If you and my Glaër are going to consumate each other, may I be excused?

Vlamerias: *She turned from Evangeline to Gabriel!* May I, Glaër, may I?

Dark: Hahaha. Very funny. It’s so good to know I will serve a purpose in the years to come. *He said, dryly. She really did have a twisted sense of humor!* Now about that ‘strange’ town and stuff!

Gabriel: You are still young. You cannot go wandering off on your own. Find my doppleganger and the Warrior Lady until the Seer and I are done. I will call for you. -06:54 May 24
Evangeline: *She was trying to remember all of his safe places, but settled simply on the apartment he hid for her under the city… Before she blinked again at Vlamerias and at Gabriel! An exasperated sigh escaped her! It sounded like a business meeting!* -06:55 May 24

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yay! Have fun! *She “poofed” into her demon form again and went flying off after Caroline and Dark!*

Caroline: *Easing her smirk, she nodded as she crossed her arms.* To the strange town, then. What is so strange about it that we need to take a look?

Gabriel: *He watched her go! He had forgotten what it was like to have a familiar. But Valravn had certainly never been like Vlamerias! He pulled her close again!* Are you ready? -06:59 May 24

Dark: *He shrugged.* Really don’t know. But your contact sounded like he was in a hurry. All he said was Sierra was a strange place and for you to come investigate.

Dark: Then he said it was worth checking out and hung up. You have the weirdest contacts.

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded!* As cute as she is, I think I am glad to have you alone! Can we go to the apartment? It’s the most like home besides Shades. -07:02 May 24

Caroline: …That hardly sounded normal. *It seemed taking a look at this “strange” town might be a good idea after all.* To Sierra it is. *Her hand slipped in to her pocket to pull out thin sharp needle. Pricking her finger, she mumbled a quick phrase… a transport spell to directly drop them! As always, she landed neatly on two feet.*

Gabriel: Indeed. *His fangs grew and he bit his wrist.* Crux crucis loginquitas , patefacio via. *There was a pulse of negative energy and then they were gone! They reappeared in Evangeline’s apartment where Gabriel picked her up and lay her down on the bed! He lay down beside her and nuzzled her neck.* You have the sweetest blood. -07:11 May 24

Dark: *Unfortunately the same could not be said about Dark! He hit the ground with a THUD! and a few curses besides!* What the bloody–! *He growled as he got to his feet.* I wish you’d warn me about that. *He dusted himself off.*

Vlamerias: *By the time, she arrived at where Caroline and Dark had been, she found them gone! It would have been strange for their scent to have just vanished if not for the traces of magic still lingering! And she knew exactly where to find them, too! She giggled! This would be fun! Then she “reached” for those traces of magic to bind them together and make them strong enough to “read”. It would be a snap to find them!*

Vlamerias: *how to, not where to (find them)

Evangeline: *It tickled, and as she softly giggled, she brushed her fingers throughhis hair.* You didn’t tell me how I smell differently now… -07:15 May 24

Caroline: *There was her smirk again!* You should be prepared by now… if at least to land on your feet, regaurdless of what happens. *Caroline paused to look around for anything “strange”. She had landed them right in the center of town, from here they could look the easiest.*

Gabriel: *One arm around her stomach, he didn’t lift his head but he kissed her neck.* You still smell of apples and cinnamon. But it is faint. You smell more strongly of spice and rain. -07:18 May 24

Dark: *He growled and shot her another glare!* In other words, far be it from you to actually warn me. *The way she cast magic was a little … discomforting. He had a knack for it but he preferred letting his body do the talking. It was way more satisfying to beat the crap out of someone with your fists than sizzling them with a fireball several feet away.*

Evangeline: *His breath against her skin was warm and soft. So wonderfully comforting after he had been away so long.* That seems more like you. I think I’d like to smell you near all the time… *She remembered storm grey eyes… the scent of rain suited him so well!* -07:24 May 24

A nice little quaint town, historic even! They stood at the base of a large marble fountain and there were four main roads that broke off into four different directions! All of them stretched pretty far with buildings of brick that weren’t more than a few stories high! The roads looked well paved and there were cars parked on either side! It was late enough that it didn’t look like anyone had witnessed their sudden arrival!

Caroline: A quaint, sleepy little town… *Caroline stepped past dark as she circled around the fountain, eying each road carefully. The layout for this town was a little unusual by modern standards… very old fashioned village style.*

Gabriel: *He playfully nipped her!* And you have quite a lot of time on your hands, Evangeline. I intend to live for a good long while more. -07:27 May 24

The fountain’s water had been turned off so that only added to the silence more! It looked like people threw coins in here as there were literally hundreds of quarters and dimes and pennies and such on the bottom! The top of the fountain had been fashioned into two men wearing Roman clothing with a wolf between them! They faced opposite directions!

Dark: *He glanced over his shoulder, then turned to look up at the foutain.* A boring little town. Told you, you had the weirdest contacts. What if he just got spooked by some people dressing up for something? *From the contacts he’d met, only a couple of them were actually human!*

Evangeline: *As soft squeek escaped her, simply by reflex! She grinned, curling her fingers in to his sleeve and tugging.* I’d be awfully upset if you didn’t. There wouldn’t be anyone to keep keep me warm at night. -07:31 May 24
Gabriel: A duty, I assure you, I will take very seriously. *He went back to kissing her neck. It was strange really. He’d never felt so at home with anyone other than Evangeline. He didn’t need to prove himself and she had won his complete trust.* You are so very precious. -07:35 May 24

Caroline: No… that almost never happens. *Everything did look pretty normal here. Nothing all that strange. She glanced the in the fountain and up at the statues. Not quite her taste… she never did like the Roman styles of design!* Now you stop looking with eyes are start feeling for aura or energies.

Dark: *The corner of his mouth twitched but he huffed.* Fine. *He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. A few more deep breaths, rhythm, in and out … in and out …* Hm. *He said after awhile, a look of confusion crossing his face before he opened his eyes.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled his hand up to press against her cheek with a dreamy sigh. Her fingers stroked through his hair to find rest at the back of his neck.* I do love you, more than anything else in the world. -07:41 May 24
Evangeline: *Caroline was watching him carefully and frowned when he looked confused.* … "hmm" as in strange? Or vampire rabbits? -07:42 May 24

Caroline: *Caroline was watching him carefully and frowned when he looked confused.* … “hmm” as in strange? Or vampire rabbits?

Vlamerias: *She had everything she needed to complete the spell they’d used and zap herself to them post haste! … Except the most delicious smell whiffed by her! Oh! Her tummy rumbled! She held the traces of magic together with her own spell and then flew off in the direction of the scent!*

Dark: *He looked at her.* Weird as in, just when I hone in on something that’s not human or animal, I lose it. Like when you try to catch something but it slips out of your grasp.

Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline. I just never had the courage to admit to you or to myself. *He lifted his head now to kiss her mouth.* -07:45 May 24

Caroline: That always ends up being an pain in the ass. *Caroline muttered. This time she reached out with her own senses. Grasping for traces of magics, spells, or gathered energies that don’t quite belong. There was something here if it was trying to dodge…*

Evangeline: *With her hands moving to brush against his face, she returned the kiss. Only to pause a brief moment to whisper against his mouth.* ..will you say it just one more time..? That you love me? -07:51 May 24
Gabriel: *And he smiled! Not a smirk at all but a genuine smile! Lying on his side and taking the hand with the Binding Mark, he kissed the back and then kissed her lips.* I love you, Evangeline Clark. And now the entire world will know, for better or for worst. -08:00 May 24
Evangeline: It’s always for the better. *She would never be tired of hearing those words! Or knowing he would smile at her just like this. Bracing herself with an arm, she tilted herself up just far enough to kiss his cheek, once, then twice and again until her lips brushed gently against his.* -08:09 May 24

It was subtle but it was there! Traces of magic that lay over the town like a spider web! But what it was doing exactly was anyone’s guess!

Caroline: The whole town has been laced over. But there isn’t a signature one way or the other for what it’s purpose is. *…and she hated that! Things were simplier when she could take a look, track someone down, and slay something. Smoke and mirrors were frustrating.* We’ll have to look around and see if we find someone doing anything suspicious.

Dark: *He folded his arms and looked around! He hoped they’d be able to find some shelter before the sun rose. The sun didn’t fry him but all that bright light–His face fell! So much for that thought!* Time to split up then. Which direction do you want?

Gabriel: If you should ever need me, Evangeline, just close your eyes and think of me. *He murmured against her lips before he kissed her a little longer, a little deeper.* -08:20 May 24

Vlamerias: *Meanwhile, she had found the strange steel box with wheels that had the delicious pieces of meat! The human who had been pushing it had screamed at the sight of Vlamerias and left her alone with all the precious snacks!*

Evangeline: *With the briefest of smiles, she wanted to she always thought of him. But her words were lost as she returned his kiss, finding her hands preoccupied with entwining in to his hair.* -08:26 May 24

Caroline: I’ll take the north street. If you find someone, make sure you ask who they are and their intentions before you go chomping on anything. *Grinning, it was the same instructions she gave him almost everytime he was to run off on his own. She was already walking away!*

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