015 A Strange Town

Dark & Caroline’s adventure in the “weird town”.

[Caroline was taking the north street, wary of the unusual circumstances of this town!] -02:16 May 26
[Dark went in the opposite direction!] -02:22 May 26
Caroline: *This was proving to be a very long day. As she remained aware, glancing at the side of the streets for anything lurking, she was dreaming about how nice it was going tobe to finish this nonsense up, have a warm bath and a hot cup of tea!* Damn Alistair… I could actually use him at the moment. …*Bat was never around when she needed him!* -02:25 May 26
Dark: *He didn’t see anything strange about this place! Sure, there was that thing about something lurking around here but when you got down to it, there was always something lurking! He was about ready to turn around and tell Caroline they should just forget about this. But what if she started off about Gabriel and Evangeline again?!* I’ll just keep looking. *He muttered!* -02:30 May 26

Caroline spotted a familiar bike, a custom made Harley Davidson just across the street. It looked very familiar …

Vlamerias: *She finally finished off the last hot dog! She tried to take a bite out of the gray metal but that didn’t taste as good. She sat on the giant box, stretched her body like a cat’s and her wings! Time to go chase down the Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger!*

Caroline: *Familiar indeed! She glanced around quick before crossing the street to investigate! It was one of the few vehicles parked on the street. Seemed most of these places were the intown business, and with them closed, everyone was home…* -02:35 May 26

“Hurry up, we’ll be late!” “I’m going, I’m going. Keep your shirt on, sheesh!” Dark heard! It was coming from around the corner!

She had seen this bike before! There was no mistaking the wolf-head gray flames on either side of the black motorcycle that or the plate that said “BYME”. She recalled that Skye had told her he meant to have it read “BITE ME” but there had been a screw up at the license plate manufactuers’. The lone were was still waiting for it, as she recalled …

Dark: *Whatever it was, it sounded worth checking out. If he didn’t find something worthwhile soon, he was going to fall asleep on his feet! He moved toward the voices and peered around the corner!* -02:53 May 26
Caroline: You have some luck, Skye. *She muttered, leaning to see if that wolf’s scent was anywhere nearby. ….Hell, she hoped this wasn’t about fetching a were’s stolen vehicle! Caroline ran a finger over the thing to check it out!* -02:56 May 26

It was a young teenage boy and a young teenage girl. The boy was clutching a paper bag and locking up the back door to a shop! The girl looked nervous about something and kept glancing around.

This was Skye’s pride and joy! He would never let it out of his sight! His scent was faint but there. That meant he had last been on the bike about 24 hours ago, give or take!

Caroline: *It might have been Skye that called for her to come here. …With that in mind, Caroline pulled a spell from her pocket… She needed to see if she could trace there were somewhere here in town, or if she was going to hunt someone else! Cracking open the little round marble from her pocket, the spell was cast! Something to form a visible trail!* -03:04 May 26
Dark: *As he ducked out of sight and watched the two of them scurry out to the street, he found himself hoping they weren’t going somewhere just to neck. He’d had enough of romance and hormones for one lifetime!* … Still can’t believe they got frickin’ married … in Hell of all places! *He muttered under his breath.* -03:08 May 26

Vlamerias: *She returned to the place she had left the traces of magic and hovered in the air. Then she got to work, strengthening the traces again so she could follow them!*

There was a faint trail leading from the bike inside the diner right there! But a trail slightly stronger went from the bike and to the heart of the town!

Caroline: *…And this was why she needed Alistair! If the coward hadn’t ditched her earlier today! …Caroline decided to check out the diner first. With that out of the way, she could meet Dark back at the center of town and continue the larger trail from there. …And maybe grab a donut! No one would miss a donut!* -03:21 May 26
[Dark kicks compy!] -03:40 May 26

The diner was closed and empty! It was dark and the chairs were on the table! Skye’s faint scent was everywhere which was exactly the type of thing he did. He got into everything and often times, everyone’s business. There was a plate on the counter nearby with donuts covered by a large transparent cover with a handle!

[Dark has timed out.] -03:51 May 26
Caroline: *Not unexpected… He possibly pesterered everyone in sight. Caroline sat some change on the counter to avoid any guilty feelings, and snatched herself one of the donuts out of the platter. There didn’t seem to be any signs of a fight or a riot, though. That wolf wouldn’t leave his bike sitting around. …Just incase he was hiding, she called his name!* Skye, are you lurking? Eating the owner…? Scratching yourself…? *She said it all in a sing-song tone!* -03:51 May 26

No response! But there were traces of his scent coming from the payphone booth in the back corner of the diner!

Dark: *He kept following them until they came to a big building. The sign on the front lawn said Town Hall and there were cars parked here. The teenagers stole inside! Something big must be going on tonight! So much for everyone being asleep!* -03:54 May 26
Caroline: *Payphone. It’s good to know her skills of deduction weren’t getting rusty with all this babysitting of Seers and Vampires. From here, he probably went outside to his bike and from there… well. Time to find out! Caroline exited the dinner, finishing off her snack quickly as she dust off her hands, and followed after the much stronger trail towards the center of town!* -03:56 May 26
Dark: *He turned around to go find Caroline when someone sprayed something into his face! He only had time to glimpse at a middle-aged human male wearing some weird robe!* Ha! I told her there were people dressing up! *He was getting drowsy but one more spray to the face and everything went black!* -04:00 May 26

As she passed the bike, Caroline noticed something. There had been a little skirmish here but the bike was in pristine condition and there was no sign of blood, were or human to be seen! The trail led in the direction Dark had taken!

Caroline: *Mumbling under her breath about Dark’s natural ability to walk in the "right" direction, she picked up the pace a little bit. Not that she didn’t trust Dark to handle himself… she just… Didn’t trust Dark to handle himself by himself!* -04:04 May 26

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! out of the park and into … somewhere else entirely! There was a big stone thing that sprouted water but everything was quiet! The Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger’s scent were here! But … they had taken different directions! Where should she–Oh! Someone was coming! She looked around and quickly turned herself into–those little meaty sticks in the soft non-meaty stuff sitting right on the edge of the fountain! She never smelled so delicious!*

Caroline: *Caroline stalked right past the fountain, pausing only long enough to make sure she was following the right trail – when she suddenly stopped. Blinked at the fountain. And a hotdog. She smacked her forehead. For christ’s sake… She’ll be fine. How much trouble can a demon hotdog get in to? Caroline continued following the trail!* -04:10 May 26

The trail led to a place where there were a lot of cars parked! And wouldn’t you know it, Dark’s scent was here as well! The building was lit and the sign on the front lawn read “Town Hall”! No one was outside!

Caroline: *Now why did she have a bad feeling about this? Sleepy, quaint towns. Werewolves. Missing vampires. No one on the street. Making sure there really wasn’t anyone lurking to sneak up on her – she head for the Town Hall. As discreet as possible, she was going to sneak inside and see what the big deal was.* -04:14 May 26

Vlamerias: *She waited until the Warrior Lady was gone before she POOFED! back into her original form! She giggled! That had been close! Her Glaër Áetkhilos had told her to find the Warrior Lady and his Doppleganger. And so she had! He hadn’t said she couldn’t have a little fun or eat along the way! The latter which she’d already done and the former which she was about to! She giggled and looked around to see something soft and furry with a tail and large eyes curled up on the wall over there! Time to investigate!*

There seemed to be a lot of people crammed into that Town Hall! There was the sound of something knocking, like a judge calling his court to order! The noise ceased and a man began talking with a voice so loud, he didn’t need a microphone for his words to carry! “Welcome, brothers and sisters, to this special night …”

There was a soft chuckle right next to Dark. “Heh. About time you came to, boy. Thought I’d be stuck here talking to myself all night … not that I don’t enjoy the sound of my own voice.”

Dark: *He groaned and slowly opened his eyes! His sight adjusted to the dark fairly quickly! There was a man–no, a were in human form–sitting beside him with one leg stretched out, and the other up with the knee bent. He wore biker boots and leather pants and a vest over a white shirt that had seen better days. He looked ready to pounce on the first thing that caught his eye. He’d heard that voice before.* You’re that contact who called earlier. -04:24 May 26
Caroline: *Caroline stayed in the back, lurking behind the crowd of people and looking around for those traces of Dark or Skye… Both were around here somewhere. She had to pause and see what this "special occasion" was.. and if she was going to be pretty damned cross about it!* -04:26 May 26

Vlamerias: *She sneaked up to the furry thing! It looked so soft, so cute but when she approached, it got up and ran away! She pouted! Oh puu, so the other devils had been right. Normal animals on the mortal plane didn’t like devils. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun! She POOFED! into an exact twin of the furry creature who had escaped! A black cat with dark green eyes! She scampered off in the direction the Warrior Lady had gone!*

The man pulled his lips back into a grin. “I thought I smelled Caroline’s scent on you. You can call me, Skye.” He saw Dark look around. “No doors here so don’t bother looking.”

People were sitting on benches in front of a podium stand set on a stage! The thick, heavy red curtains were pulled tight, obscuring the view of whatever lay on the other side! “Tonight, is the night we raise our Great Leader from beyond the grave, using the souls we have gathered for the past fifty years and the blood of two special guests!” There was a murmur of approval from the crowd.

Dark: *He growled and found to his dismay that Skye was right. There weren’t any doors and no windows, either!* What the hell. Where the fuck are we? *He didn’t like small, cramped spaces. There was no furniture here so they might as well have been in a broom closet!* -04:33 May 26

Skye laughed. “You got a mouth on ya. I’m surprised Caroline hasn’t washed your mouth out with soap, talking like that.” He looked around. “The Town Hall. And in case you’re wondering, this is a special room, full of wards and what not. Anyone inside can’t use magic or force to get out so we’re basically at the mercy of whoever the hell decides to open this box.”

Caroline: Ugh… *That answered that question. A town of maniac raising a zombie… At least there weren’t burning witches! It was better this was stopped before any spells were underway. Caroline stepped around a few people to start up the isle.* Excuse me…! I hate to interupt your summoning, but I here to pick up your guests. Past their bedtime, you see. -04:35 May 26
Dark: *He started to snort–only for a disgusted look to cross on his face! Oh, she had most definitely tried! And the woman was damn strong, too!* -04:37 May 26

The townspeople turned to look at her and then whisper amongst each other! The man at the front pointed his finger at Caroline! “What is the meaning of this? This is a private meeting! Who are you, outsider?”

Vlamerias: *Running and not flying was certainly new! And a bit tiring! But it wasn’t boring either! There was nothing worst than boring! She stopped in front of the Town Hall and spotted her fluffy tail! How cute! She began to chase it around and around and around …!*

Caroline: I am your Great Leader, and I have to say, your methods of summoning are very out dated. *She doubted they’ve believe her bluff, but it was worth a try. She could easily handle a mob of humans, but she’d hate having to hurt a lot of misguided idiots…* -04:42 May 26

Skye tilted his head back and closed his eyes. They probably wouldn’t be here much longer. A few more hours at the most. Those nutjobs who’d locked him up in here had kept mentioning how “the time was right” or some other crap. “You should just relax for a bit. Conserve your energy. Never know when you need it.”

Dark: *He huffed.* Yeah, well. I’d prefer to use my energy to get us the hell out of here. *He slammed his fist against the wall! Not even a dent … and he let out a curse at the throbbing in his hand!* -04:44 May 26

Skye opened one eye, snorted, smiled and shook his head. This was one very young, very stupid vampire …

That incited even more whispering! The man looked suspicious! “Impossible! We have not even performed the ritual yet! The Great Leader will be resurrected at the moment when the moon and the North Star align over the Town Hall with the sacrifice of fifty souls and the blood of the undead!”

Caroline: Being a Great Leader comes with great power, and thus the ability to ressurect myself. …Now where are you keeping those fifty souls and my undead sacrifice? I came for them. *How does a town of people acquire fifty souls…? The possibilities irked her! That was a lot of most-likely dead people!* -04:50 May 26

Vlamerias: *Oh! The Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger! She adruptly stopped chasing her tail to scurry into the Town Hall! The Warrior Lady was there but she was busy! Maybe the Doppleganger would play with her! She could smell him even from here which meant he was somehow connected to her Glaër! No one noticed her slipping through their legs, jump onto the platform and wiggle under the heavy curtains! She followed the scent all the way to the back to a wall without a door! She pawed at the wall, then POOFED! into the form her Glaër and the Bright Lady wanted her to use !* Doppleganger? Will you play with me?

Before the man could reply, a man from the crowd stood up. “But the Great Leader was a man! He couldn’t possibly resurrect himself as a woman!” There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd!

Dark: *His hand stopped throbbing and he looked in the direction the voice had come from! Wait a minute, that was–! He moved to the wall her voice was coming from!* Hey, uh–Gabriel’s familiar. Can you get us out? *Crap, he couldn’t remember her name!* -04:54 May 26
Caroline: Are you questioning the body prefferences of your Great Leader? There are perks to being a woman. *Suspicious or not, Caroline dropped her hands in her pockets to prepare and continued walking down the isle. Behind the curtain was probably what she needed, and it seemed Vlamerias had deemed to join them.* -04:55 May 26

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head at the wall and poked it with a finger! Oh, she could feel them now. She couldn’t have sensed them as the soft, furry thing!* Um … Okay! *She sat on the floor with her legs crossed and it looked like she was drawing designs on the wall with her fingertip!*

That didn’t placate the leader at the front! “She can’t possibly be the Great Leader! She’s an imposter! Seize her at once! She’s an outsider sent by the Great Leader’s enemies to cloud our minds and steer us away from the truth!” At first the people looked uncertain but by the end of the leader’s speech, they were all roused and angry! They all swarmed to grab Caroline!

Skye yawned. “So, what’s your name, vampire?”

Caroline: Humans never choose to do things the easy way, do they! *Quick, she pulled one of her marbles from her pocket and cracked it! Waving her arm, there was a strong gust of wind flinging people back and the rest forced to stop! With her other hand came those coal grey ribbons, that she flung towards the Speaker in order to capture him! Mobs can’t function without their voice!* -05:03 May 26
Dark: *He tapped his foot. He was restless. He needed to get out of here.* Dark. *He turned back to the wall.* What’s taking you so long? *He asked the familiar. He was supposed to have gotten out five minutes ago!* -05:04 May 26

The leader turned around to run away and disappeared behind the heavy red curtains!

Vlamerias: *She didn’t acknowledge him. She liked picking at things and back at her Daddy’s palace, she spent a lot of time undoing the spells and wards her siblings placed to protect their things and themselves. This was actually a piece of cake but she was getting tired. All that excitement! She hummed to herself as she traced a few more designs with her finger, having found the one weakness of the ward on the wall and forcing it open.* Okay! Now try! And fit yourself through!

Dark: Finally. *He muttered as a door shimmered into view. But when he tried to walk through, only his head would fit! A hilarious image as now his head was sticking out and the rest of his body was in the room!* What the–?! -05:12 May 26
Caroline: I respectfully ask that all of you leave! *Running down the isle and sidestepping bodies, when she reached the front, she pulled out the wind spell again! Like a tornado she flung it out, forcing the townspeople to either leave the building by their own free will or get blown out the hard way!* Vlamerias! Can you hear me! -05:13 May 26

Vlamerias: *She blinked up at him and actually poked his nose–then burst out giggling! This Doppleganger was so funny and entertaining! What a shame she couldn’t have his soul! She tilted her head!* Warrior Lady? *She answered when she heard her calling! She got to her feet!*

Dark: *He blinked!* No no! You gotta get me out of here first! You can’t leave me like this! -05:15 May 26

“What the hell …” Skye said, looking at the strange sight of a vampire being stuck like that. He burst out laughing, too! “Nice ass, kid.”

Townspeople fled and were blown away! The Town Hall was empty in no time!

Caroline: There is a human I don’t want to get away! If you see him, trap him! …And why am I only sensing Dark’s head! *On the bright side, he was alive, so it wasn’t detached… She quickly found her answer when the last of the townspeople scattered and she dashed behind the curtain!* … You- *A groan and another headsmack!* -05:18 May 26

Vlamerias: Yay, a trap! *She clapped her hands … then stopped!* Um … There aren’t any more humans in the building, Warrior Lady? Did you want me to catch the other demon here, instead?

Skye got up when he heard Caroline’s voice! “Caroline! I was wondering when you were going to rescue my behind!” He snickered. “Or in this case, your vampire friend’s behind.”

Dark: *He was never going to live this down was he?!* Don’t ask! Just get me the hell out of here! *He struggled although it was no use!* -05:21 May 26
Caroline: Demon? …He has strong concealment wards… We’ll get these two free first, then. *Smirking at Skye’s voice, she pressed her hands against the box.* My sweet wee wolf, you might try being more specific when you call me for help. We could have been here sooner. -05:22 May 26

“Can’t blame a wolf for trying! I left you a hasty message so I could dig out but those nutjobs grabbed me and here I am. Is this rookie vampire really with you?”

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* You’re so funny! *She drew a line down from Dark’s head to the floor, a few arrows, more designs and then stood!* And there! *No sooner had she said that and Dark was free!*

Dark: *He was free! He was–!* OOOfff!! *He fell forward and hit the ground with a THUD! He picked himself up as Skye walked out from behind him and he glared up at Vlamerias!* Very. Funny. -05:27 May 26
Caroline: Hmm. Yes, he is. Though I wonder how he’s been alive this long with the way he walks in to things. *Those last few words suggested they were going to have a chat to revisit the ‘pay attention’ lesson.* I trust you’re not hurt, Skye. We need to get rid of that demon. -05:28 May 26

Skye looked at Vlamerias. “Cute familiar,” he said and then looked at Caroline. “He’s probably in the basement. That’s where they were going to have their ritual. He seemed like the kind of guy willing to do anything to resurrect his boss.” He shrugged.

The door to the basement proved to be just around the corner and it was thrown open! That guy was in a real hurry!

Caroline: …anything? We better be quick! *Caroline hoped "anything" wasn’t true! He may very well be spilling his own blood as they spoke! Caroline moved quick heading for the basement door and down the steps, stuffing her hands in her pockets again!* -05:33 May 26

As they raced down the stairs, they found they didn’t have to go too far. As they reached the bottom, they heard the man chanting! There was a large seal on the floor and fifty small crystal balls which glowed scattered on the seal, except for the center. The man stood there with his arms raised above his head and a knife in one hand. “… I beseech ye to walk this earth once more, to claim it as your own again. Oh Great Leader, may you impart your wisdom and power upon me, your most loyal servant …”

Caroline: Stop him and don’t spill his blood! *Ribbons out, she flung them out to wrap around the demon… especially the arm that held the knife!* -05:40 May 26

Skye and Dark flew into action! Dark, to grab the demon, and Skye to erase the seal and gather the souls!

The demon hissed and struggled but the ribbons were too strong! Dark tackled him to the ground and the knife fell out of his grasp and out of reach! “Get off of me! Let me go!”

Vlamerias: Oh, souls! *She giggled but then she looked up at Caroline and smiled!* I won’t steal them. *She skipped over to help Skye with the seal and the souls!*

Caroline: *Caroline held tight! They’d have to handle this demon without using tradition methods… just incase!* Who is the Great Leader you’re trying to summon and how did you acquire all of those souls? I would be careful of your answer. It might decide how you die. -05:45 May 26

The demon kept struggling. “I will tell you nothing! Nothing, you hear me!” He growled!

Dark: Can’t I just beat the crap out of him already? *He growled. He was so very tempted to shut him up by pounding his head against the floor! Fortunately, he already had his hands full trying to keep the demon down! He wasn’t a strong demon but he was real stubborn!* -05:51 May 26
Caroline: No, I think we will strip him of his souls, take him outside and set him on fire. That sounds reasonable for someone who won’t speak. *Worse, she was perfectly serious!* -05:52 May 26

The demon was livid! “What?! You can’t be serious!”

Dark: I guess that should do it. *He grumbled as he got to his feet and hauled the demon to his feet! They started for the stairs!* -05:58 May 26

Vlamerias: *She tugged on Caroline’s sleeve.* May I have the demon’s soul, Warrior Lady?

Caroline: *Caroline followed, making sure to speak loud enough for the demon to hear!* That depends, Vlamerias, on how he got all of those fifty souls for his summoning. Personally, I think taking his soul might be a fitting end… -06:00 May 26

“No! No, wait! I’ll talk!” The demon tried to stop Dark by digging his heels into the floor! “The Great Leader is the demon, Magog! He was sealed under the earth centuries ago! Those souls are mine, I tell you! Mine! They were given to me freely!”

Caroline: *Magog! There is a demon they want to STAY sealed under the Earth!* Given through contracts or have you tricked the people of this town to hand over their souls for some demon to snack on? -06:04 May 26
Dark: The demon’s silence was all the answer Caroline would need! -06:07 May 26

The demon’s silence was all the answer Caroline would need!

Caroline: Hmm. Vlamerias, you can have his soul. The others we need to set loose. -06:10 May 26
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((03:06 May 26))
[Caroline has timed out.] -03:06 May 26
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -03:06 May 26
[Dark pulled the demon out of the basement and they were headed outside!] -02:38 May 27

The demon was struggling for all he was worth! He didn’t want his soul taken!

[Caroline was occasionally rather harsh!] -02:39 May 27
Caroline: *Like at the moment, where she was pulling a lighter out of her pocket. Caroline didn’t smoke, so apparently the lighter was for occasions such as this!* -02:39 May 27
Dark: You hear that, bastard? Your soul is going to be the new toy to a little girl for a very long time. *They got outside!* Okay. You sure you want to do this? *He asked Caroline, just in case she was having second thoughts!* -02:39 May 27

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide at the lighter!* Oohh … It’s so shiny! *She blinked!* What is it?

“LET ME GO! DO YOU HEAR ME?! LET ME GO!” the demon cried as loud as he could!

Caroline: It’s a lighter. The better to burn demons while on the go. *…Now it just occured to her that Vlamerias wasn’t a little devil now, but a little girl. …That looked far too much like Gabriel and Evangeline. Her stern expression vanished as she suddenly started laughing!* -02:42 May 27
Dark: *He growled! This demon was being a pain in the ass!* Why can’t we ever go after a mute demon? *He slammed the demon up against a statue of some human and started looking around for some rope.* -02:44 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the lighter and looked up at the Warrior Lady.* Warrior Lady …?

Skye looked at Caroline as if she’d suddenly gone nuts! For all he knew, she just might have! “I knew this job would get to you sooner or later,” he muttered!

The demon cried out when he was slammed against that statue! But that didn’t stop him from complaining or calling out for help!

Caroline: *It took her a moment to still the snickering, but with a deep breath she righted herself again!* Skye, you have no idea. *Turning back to the demon, she had a wicked smile!* One more chance I can spare for you. If you release your hold on those souls and make a deal with me. -02:49 May 27

Vlamerias: *And Dark both said “Awwhh man” at the same time!*

The demon looked over his shoulder at her! “A last chance?” His eyes narrowed. “What kind of deal?”

Caroline: One small promise that you won’t be raising up evil demons, preying on stupid humans, or anything else that might make me want to come find you and pull off your arms and legs before I feed the rest of you to hungry wolves. …Or… I can spare myself the trouble and let the vampire eat you and the devil to take your soul. -02:56 May 27

Vlamerias: *Before the demon could reply, she asked!* Warrior Lady, how will you know if he keeps his promise or not?

Dark: Let’s just save ourselves the trouble and fry him now. Nothing like extra fried demon to end the night. You know, extra fried evil demons. Not the uh, good or neutral ones. -03:00 May 27
Caroline: Good Faith, Vlamerias. Sometimes when faced with inevitable death, one might take a Second Chance and change their life. …Of course, when they don’t appreciate the chance they were given, the consequences are far worse… -03:03 May 27

The demon looked reluctant. “But my souls …” he whined!

Caroline: Don’t belong to you anymore! Ah, but I am tired and we’re wating time. *Caroline light the lighter and was holding it up to the demon’s clothes to catch them a-light!* -03:12 May 27

The demon shied away from her! “Alright alright! I’ll do it! I’ll set the souls free and I’ll play nice.”

Vlamerias: *Speaking of tired … She sat down on the steps and curled up to sleep!*

Caroline: Do you, promise? Give you oath? *She held the lighter still, the sleeve of his arm already catching the flame!* -03:14 May 27

“I promise, I promise!” the demon cried! He was trying to shake his arm as if to put out the fire that way.

That demon kid had the right idea! Skye sat down on a step higher up and a few feet from her and stretched out!

Caroline: Keep that promise in mind. *Caroline reached out, plucking a hair from the demon’s hair and making it dissappear.* You can let him go Dark. We are going home for a well needed rest. -03:20 May 27
Dark: Crap. I was hoping we could set the bad guy on fire this time. *He muttered as he let the demon go–but not before knocking his head out so hard against the statue the demon blacked out! He dropped him and dusted his hands!* -03:24 May 27

Skye yawned! “Well, that was a little eh, what’s the word … anti-climatic.” He stood and offered Caroline his hand. “Nice to see you again, Caroline. Take care of that bleeding heart of yours.”

Caroline: *Caroline grinned at Skye. So her methods were not as violent or as flashy. But the world was better for it.* It was a pleasure, Skye. Even if I had to save your tail again. -03:27 May 27

Skye snickered. “Just remember, I repay my debts.” He turned and clapped Dark on the shoulder again. “And you. Let’s hope you get some sense before I see you next.” And then he was walking away, back to claim his bike!

Dark: Yeah, very funny. *He shot daggers at Skye’s back and then looked at Caroline.* What was the demon’s hair for? -03:29 May 27
Caroline: *A faint grin as she watched Skye leave, before she turned to Dark!* For a spell. I can’t be here to watch him in person, but there are ways to know if he breaks his promise. *Glancing over at Vlamerias, she was smirking again!* Get up, wee devil. We’re going back. -03:31 May 27

Vlamerias: *She yawned and stretched! Then she sat up and rubbed her eyes!* Warrior Lady, do you think my Glaër and the Bright Lady are done now?

Dark: Guess it’s better than checking up on his sorry ass every day for the next century or two. *He turned to Vlamerias.* What the hell is a … <i>Glaër</i>? -03:34 May 27
Dark: Guess it’s better than checking up on his sorry ass every day for the next century or two. *He turned to Vlamerias.* What the hell is a … Glaër? -03:34 May 27
Caroline: Done? Little one, if he’s doing it right, they may not be done till morning. *Caroline checked the time… Ah, it was near morning. It had been a very long night!* Her master, to put it as simply as possible. Vlamerias, why did this particular form? -03:36 May 27
Dark: *He huffed. Why the hell didn’t she just say so in the first place? But he kept that thought to himself!* -03:37 May 27
Caroline: *did you choose this particular etc -03:38 May 27

Vlamerias: *She stifled a yawn, then looked up at her.* Glaër and Bright Lady said humans don’t know about devils so I shouldn’t let the humans know what I was. So I chose this form. Then Bright Lady said I flickered like her and Glaër. Is that bad?

Caroline: I would not say bad. Interesting. Amusing… no doubt going to cause worlds of trouble amongst Oracle and rumors to fly across the world. But not bad. *Taking her needle from her pocket, she pricked her finger again and mumbled the words of her transport spell. Like before they dropped, Caroline landing neatly on her feet. They were outside of her motel.* -03:44 May 27
Dark: *THUD!* Ow! *He wound up on the ground in a heap!* That’s it. I’m tying pillows to my body, or to my ass at least. *He got up and dusted himself off!* -03:47 May 27

Vlamerias: *She landed on her feet as well, in a crouching position! She blinked at Dark and giggled!* You are funny, Doppleganger. *She looked at Caroline.* Warrior Lady, is that why you keep him around? Because he is so entertaining?

Caroline: That has occasionally crossed my mind. *Caroline smiled wide.* It’s almost morning, I think you could go home to your master without interupting their private time. In the futue if they need time alone, you can come and play with Dark. -03:52 May 27
Dark: My name is Dark. Her name is Caroline and–Oh, screw it. I don’t know why I even bother anyways. *He muttered under his breath.* -03:53 May 27

Vlamerias: *She giggled at Dark, stifled another yawn. She looked up at Caroline and smiled.* Thank you, Warrior Lady. It was fun. And the Doppleganger is fun as well. Farewell to you both! *Then she POOFED! And dropped right at the foot of Gabriel and Evangeline’s bed! She landed neatly and stifled a yawn before moving between Gabriel and Evangeline! She was so tired!*

Gabriel: *He felt something push under his arm and between him and the Seer. But he knew it was Vlamerias as she was the only one who could have found them so easily and not set off any of the wards.*

Gabriel: *Not to mention, being able to sense her thanks to their being bonded.*

Dark: *He turned from walking into their motel room!* Wait a minute … did you just tell her she could come by and play with me?! -03:59 May 27

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sleeping, and quite happy for it! The sudden thump on the bed made her think of Brutus, but he was spending time with Lily so that meant it was… Vlamerias! Knowing who it was, was enough. Evangeline just curled her arm around the girl and resettled again with a sleepy sigh!*

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