015 The Last Date

Leon is trying to talk Ciara out of her last date with Anthony Carnatelli, but she is determined to make this moment count and kill him. She promises Leon that she won’t get herself killed, and tries to reassure Lily. Ciara leaves before she caves in and cancels the date. Leon and Lily had no intentions of letting Ciara go off without backup and intend to follow.

Ciara greets Anthony downstairs, and skillfully manages conversation with him in the limo to the charity event. She keeps finding herself distracted with thoughts of Leon and Lily, and forces herself to focus on the task at hand. Hoping to end it quick before even arriving at the event, she talks Anthony in to kissing her. She’s wearing her poison lipgloss, and even though she doesn’t expect it to kill him, it would hopefully knock him out so she could finish the deed. It looks like it worked, but when she prepares to stab him, he grabs her wrist – having faked it. Anthony officially reveals he’s just been playing with her the whole time. Ciara tries several times to gt him, but he easily evades. Finally when she pulls her gun on him, he makes a subtle mention that he knows who took her daughter Lily. Before getting her answer, the limo arrives at the charity event and Anthony steps out.

At the charity event, Ciara plays the perfect date, biding her time until she can try killing him again, cursing herself for falling for his stupid distraction tactics. When Anthony excuses himself from the party, Ciara follows, stomping in to his office and flat out shooting at him. When she’s forced to reload, he comes after her bringing up what happened to Lily again. Ciara says she doesn’t want to know as he smashes her gun, and she takes out a knife instead. Anthony alludes that he has some responsibility in Lily’s disappearance. Ciara hesitates, not being able to help herself from wanting to know. Anthony states that he made two powerful beings, both which Lily has met, and one she knows more ‘intimately’ than the other. Having been disturbed at the thought, Ciara conceded to his victory, intending to walk out and return to her daughter before it was too late.

Meanwhile, Leon, Lily and Conrad are disguised as catering help trying to keep an eye on her. Lily thought she saw someone she never wanted to see again but… When both Anthony and Ciara left the room, Leon bolted after them first, then Conrad and Lily tried to follow. Somehow Leon and Conrad went missing but Lily found the door was trying to listen to the conversation. Michael appeared behind her, Leon in one hand and Conrad in the other. Too frightened to hardly mutter a word, Lily backed away. Suddenly Gabriel came crashing in to Michael right through the office doors, and flinging him at Anthony. Gabriel tries to kill both Michael and Anthony!

Ciara was going to run, but upon seeing Gabriel and then Michael, and suddenly realizing what Anthony meant… she was going to stay and try to kill all three of them! Leon managed to grab her over his shoulder, running off with her, Lily and Conrad to safety. Ciara is spitting mad and taking it out on Leon.

  1. Anthony displays a love for taunting Ms. Grey, but by the end of the night is done with the game.
  2. Ciara’s stubbornness nearly gets her killed. She learns about Michael & Gabriel.
  3. Leon is equally as stubborn. He found a way to get Gabriel’s help.
Leon: Come on, Cissy. Cancel the date. Don’t go. Tell him … tell him something came up. Tell him he’s a jerk and he can go bite himself. -02:40 Jul 20
Ciara: *Putting on her earings, and at least…attempting to be patient. But patience was wearing thin, she had been listening to this for hours now.* I don’t suppose you’ll feel any better knowing I’m wearing the lipgloss tonight? -02:41 Jul 20
Leon: *Ciara got a raised eyebrow and a shoulder slump.* … No. No, I am not. But why don’t you humor me and tell me just what in that lipgloss makes it poisonous? -02:43 Jul 20
Ciara: A lot of very complicated big words. *She picked up a clip and a brush to pull up her hair.* Strong enough to kill any human that swallows it. Not so deadly for a vampire, but knocks them out pretty damn good. -02:45 Jul 20

Conrad: *Was sitting in the living room with Lily who wanted to know what her mother was wearing for the night!* He’s been in there an awful long time. Should we check if he’s still alive?

Leon: *Ran his fingers through his hair. He’d tried everything he could–short of tying her up and throwing her in the closet–but she still wouldn’t budge!* If you’re so keen on killing him, why don’t you just stake him in the heart and get it over with? Why do you have to play this game? -02:47 Jul 20

Lily: I’m pretty sure he knows when to run away by now. *Antsy. Lily didn’t want her to go at all, but she did promise it would be the last time and she wouldn’t sleep with him. Mother never broke her promises. Still.. she wished Leon would lock her in the closet!*

Conrad: *It was plain to see Lily was anxious!* You’re dying to follow her and see how everything goes, aren’t you?

Ciara: Because the moment he sees me coming at him with a stake, he’s going to kill me first? I’m not Superwoman, Leon. I use other skills. *She turned and tilted her head to examine him.* I do have a stake on me. And a knife. Since it’s the last night I’ll be seeing him, I plan to make it count. -02:51 Jul 20
Leon: *She was adamant … He hadn’t seen her this determined since she built that castle in her backyard and swore to rebuild it no matter how times he destroyed it.* … You haven’t forgotten about our date tomorrow night, have you? *He suddenly asked, if only to get his mind off of all the things–99.5% of them all bad–that could happen tonight.* -02:52 Jul 20

Lily: Guilty. I have this really great idea of burning the whole place down and Leon dragging her out.

Ciara: *Ciara blinked! This was not a moment to be shy or sheepish, he was messing up her game-face here!* No, I haven’t. So you better think of something fun that isn’t weird. -02:55 Jul 20
Leon: After the type of dates you’re used to, I’m sure my weird is far different from yours. *He muttered under his breath.* But I promised you I wouldn’t let you down and I won’t. I just hope you’re up to it. I realize a woman like you is used to fine restaurants and going to the ballet. -02:57 Jul 20

Conrad: Well, no matter what happens, I’m right behind you. Er, not in the odd, uncomfortable way, of course. *He quickly added before he looked up in the direction of Ciara’s room.* I feel sorry for Leon.

Ciara: How about we say nothing high class fancy. *She founds her purse, dropping in the lipgloss and few little things. There was no room for anything else beside that small handgun, which would leave one wondering where she hid the rest!* I think something normal would be a refreshing change of pace. -03:00 Jul 20

Lily: *Slumping on the sofa with a pillow, she frowned.* I like Leon. I wasn’t sure I would, but she had talked about him so much before I had ever met him, it’s kinda like I knew him already. …Or is that kind of weird?

Leon: Somehow I’m having trouble imagining you eating a burger and fries. *He ran his fingers through his hair again, looked at his reflection in Ciara’s mirror. He looked anxious and tired and a ton of other things. He quickly looked away.* You won’t be long, will you? I know the thing might last a few hours but … you won’t linger? -03:04 Jul 20

Conrad: Nah. It makes sense. *He folded up the newspaper he’d been reading and placed it back on the coffee table.* He’s a pretty cool guy. Do you think he’s going to want to follow your mom around, too?

Ciara: If I can kill him in that damned limosine of his, believe me, I’ll do it. *Ciara sat down on the edge of thebed to slip on her shoes. Casting him a glance, she sighed!* Please stop looking like a sad puppy. Last thing I want to think about is you sitting by the door all night pouting. -03:09 Jul 20

Lily: Yeah. I think he will… I just have to make sure I can go too. …Am I banned from having guns now, or are you going to let me have one?

Leon: *Huffed and tried his best to look … happy? Wait, how could one pretend to be happy when he was forced to watch his childhood friend possibly walk to her doom?* If I could … I would. *He replied.* -03:13 Jul 20

Conrad: Heh heh … Well, to tell you the truth, I’d feel a lot better if you had a gun. *He grinned sheepishly.* Hey, I’m a hunter. I’m trained to be paranoid.

Ciara: *He was really, really making it hard to be the coldhearted murderous bitch she needed to be tonight. Standing, she moved and pressed her cheek to his to mumble in his ear.* I promise I won’t die. Keep my baby out of trouble. *She exited to the living room, not waiting for any more "Please don’t go!"* I’m going! I love you, and please… do not carry out your follow-the-mommy schemes that are very obviously written all over your faces. -03:20 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily blinked slowly. There was no such expression on her face! She was a blank slate! She did frown.* Where are your weapons? How are you supposed to run in high heeled shoes?

Conrad: We’ll stay nice and toasty up here, Ms Grey. *He nodded.*

Leon: *Watched Cissy go and his mouth twitched. He appreciated the sentiment and he knew she kept her promises but …* Just in case, I asked someone to keep an eye out for you, Cissy. *It had taken him another close encounter with death to do it but he had … Still … He got up and stood by the door.* -03:27 Jul 20
Leon: (He was mumbling that last part. u_u;;) -03:30 Jul 20
Ciara: *For Lily’s benefit, she pulled aside her skirt to show where she had a thin knife and a stake strapped neatly to her leg.* Weapons. The gun in my purse has specially designed rounds, and my lipgloss is poisoned! Is this suitable for you, my dear? I’m going to be late… -03:30 Jul 20

Lily: I guess. Be careful, mama. *She turned away to cross her arms around her pillow, scowling still!*

Ciara: I’ll be back tonight. *Ciara headed off to the elevator and stepped inside quickly, before she ended up changing her mind simply because of those pitiful faces!* -03:35 Jul 20
Leon: *Tried to look brave and happy for her but … he just couldn’t do it! He walked into the kitchen to pour himself some chocolate milk–or drink it out of the carton, he was that depressed!* -03:36 Jul 20

Down below, Anthony’s limo was waiting outside and Anthony was waiting in the lobby!

Lily: *Lily waited patiently until the elevator was down several floors before she hopped up off the sofa to follow Leon!* Are you really just going to stay here, while she walks right in to a death trap?

Ciara: *Thankfully she managed to gain control of herself and when she stepped out in to the lobby she was wearing her best smile and attitude to match.* Don’t you look amazingly chic this evening, Mr. Carnatelli. -03:39 Jul 20
Leon: *Downed that chocolate milk like there was no tomorrow!* … Nope. *He walked out of the kitchen and went to the comm-link. He pressed the button.* Are they gone yet? -03:43 Jul 20

At first nothing and then. “Not yet. Ms Grey just arrived at the lobby. We”

*We’ll keep you posted.”

Leon: Thanks. *He turned to Lily.* I’m going after your mother. I asked a friend to keep an eye on her but I can’t rest while she’s out with Anthony. *He was already starting for the elevator!* -03:44 Jul 20

Lily: Great! *She followed behind him, every intention of going herself!*

Anthony: *Wearing an armani tuxedo! He smiled and kissed the back of Ciara’s hand!* And you look even more breathtaking, Ms Grey. *He offered her his arm.* Shall we?

Leon: *Quirked an eyebrow when he got in the elevator and he found Lily following–and Conrad, of course!* Wait. Where are you going? -03:50 Jul 20
Ciara: *Took his with a smile!* Thank you. I couldn’t have you being the only one looking gorgeous this evening. -03:51 Jul 20

Lily: I’m going with you to make sure she doesn’t get in to any trouble.

Leon: *Doesn’t look so certain!* I told her I’d keep you out of trouble. -03:54 Jul 20

Lily: How much trouble am I going to get in to with a werewolf and a bodyguard? She’s the one on a date with a master vampire!

Anthony: *A soft chuckle and then he led her into the limo! In no time they were off!*

Before Leon could reply, something came over the comm-link! “Hey, Leon. They’re leaving!”

Leon: *He stepped aside and motioned them in.* Let’s go. *He waited until they were in before he let the elevator close and then they were headed down! By the time they got to the lobby, Anthony’s limo was nowhere to be found. He was heading for the garage!* -03:58 Jul 20

Lily: *Victory! She kept on his heels!* How are we going to sneak in to the party? Are we going to grab her out when he turns his back? Or will we just wait and jump out of a closet if there’s trouble? Do you have any weapons at all, or are you going to rip off his face with your teeth?

Conrad: Anthony’s security is pretty tight. It’d be almost impossible to get in!

Leon: And that, my dear Lily and Conrad, is why, prior to the event, you find out who is catering and you become very good friends with the guy in charge. *They reached the garage and a valet handed him a pair of keys.* -04:04 Jul 20

“Have fun, Mr. Santos. Hello, Ms Grey,” the valet greeted.

Ciara: *One night to do this, there wasn’t any time to waste… this usually took months of setup! With one arm linked with his, she leaned against him.* What did you have planned for us this evening, Mr. Carnatelli? Small talk with strangers and plenty of champagne? -04:05 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily clapped her hands!* You’re a genius!

Leon: Thanks. Just … don’t tell your mother. *Led the way to a dark blue SUV, a Dodge Durango and they all got in. Of course, he got into the driver’s side.* Yep. *He pulled out a cell as they drove out of the garage and he dialed someone’s number.* Hey, Raphael. How’s it going? … I’m fine, thanks … About that party I’m going to help you with … Yeah, the charity even at Anthony’s. Could you use some extra help …? I’ve got a couple of people here who’s free for the night. Really? Thanks. I’ll see you in a bit then. *He got off the phone.* Well, we’re good to go. When we get there, though, you two will have to look like you’re working if nothing else. -04:13 Jul 20

Anthony: *Soft chuckle again!* You certainly do know your way around a party, Ms Grey. But yes, that is the plan. Why? Am I stealing you away from something more important? *He teased.*

Leon: *event -04:14 Jul 20
Ciara: Well… *She started, giving a slow devious smile!* Maybe I had ideas of us spending some time alone. -04:17 Jul 20

Lily: Serving drinks and holding trays? that should be easy enough to do. … I think.

Anthony: *A small smile.* Why, Ms Grey, whatever could you have planned?

Leon: It’s going to be a big party so … it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to lose track of you guys. And no one would think it’s out of the ordinary if they come across a couple of trays on the table. *He glanced over at Lily.* He should have uniforms that will fit you and Conrad. -04:21 Jul 20
Ciara: Oh no, I couldn’t just tell you. That would ruin all the fun. Hmm… But I could be convinced to give a hint or two if the bribe is right. *Dangerous flirting. She nearly wanted to take Leon’s suggestion and just stake him right now. …Ciara smiled sweetly!* -04:22 Jul 20

Anthony: *Another soft chuckle!* The bribe, you say? I assume this … bribe … to be something along the lines of … a dinner? *He was obviously toying around with the idea.*

Conrad: *In the back!* So … what is the plan about Ms Grey again?

Ciara: *Ciara glanced at her perfectly polished nails, perfectly uninterested.* There’s already been dinner. Try again. -04:28 Jul 20

Lily: Unnoticable spying, right? If she knows we’re there she’ll be pissed.

Leon: Yep. We’ll only intervene if something … should happen. I really hope it doesn’t but this is Anthony we’re talking about here. He’s not going to like being interrupted but I asked someone to take care of him for us. -04:32 Jul 20

Lily: Like who? Another hunter like Conrad? …Or some moron from Oracle, cause if that’s the case we might as well count him as a goner already.

Anthony: *Soft chuckle!* Hm … And lunch and a show, if I remember correctly. Perhaps a hint for the hint?

Leon: He’s … a hunter but … not from Oracle. *He glanced at Conrad in the rear-view mirror.* Um, no offense, Conrad. -04:35 Jul 20

Conrad: *Looked a little embarassed.* None taken.

Ciara: *Ciara leaned close and tilted her chin up to whisper in his ear. All the while placing a sublte hand on his leg!* I’m fairly certain you have a very good imagination, Mr. Carnatelli. Perhaps you should kiss me and put it to good use. -04:37 Jul 20

Anthony: *Smiled and cupped her cheek!* What a splendid idea, Ms Grey. *And he leaned forward and kissed her! Slowly, ever so slowly …*

Ciara: *About damned time. Annoyance was kept at bay as she returned his kiss. Only a few minutes. Wouldn’t Leon be relieved if she came home early!* -04:44 Jul 20

Anthony: *Kissing and kissing … He suddenly pulled back! He began to cough and held his throat! He fell back against the limo and gasped for breath.* What …? *Cough!*

Of course, Leon could only go so fast, especially in this traffic! However, it beat walking!

Ciara: Are you alright, Mr. Carnatelli? You look pale. *So she slipped a litle bit, and she didn’t sound as concerned as she should have! Ciara took his arm gently!* -04:48 Jul 20

Anthony: *Still coughing and gasping for breath! He shook his head.* It … it … *And then his eyes rolled back in his head and he blacked out!*

Ciara: Oh no, he needs help. *She very unenthusiatically said, reaching under her skirt and neatly pulling out that dagger. It was so much easier to stake a vampire if you stabbed them first. Ciara moved to half stand, half kneal on the seat to keep her balance, as she quickly thrust the knife for his heart!* -04:53 Jul 20

Anthony: *His hand came out of nowhere to grab her wrist! A simple flick and the knife dropped! He opened his eyes and chuckled softly.* Well, well, well … it’s about time you made your move. *He sat up, still holding Ciara’s wrist tightly!* I was beginning to get tired of waiting.

Ciara: Son of a bitch. *Faking…! Ciara moved quickly to snatch out the stake, balancing to ram a heeled foot in to his chest!* -04:59 Jul 20

Anthony: *Dropped her hand to grab her wrist and twist it again so that she fell on the floor! He straddled her back and leaned forward to whisper in her ear!* Why, Ms Grey, were you this much fun for your three husbands? Let’s see … what were their names … Matthew … Charles … and Sterling. I am so flattered you would give it up to me so soon.

Anthony: *ankle, I mean … grabbed her ankle <_<;;

Ciara: *Ciara struggled to throw him off her! Finding that dropped knife she grabbed it quickly to slash at him! Ciara growled!* Don’t be! You weren’t worth the time and effort. -05:07 Jul 20

Anthony: Such spirit … *He avoided the slash and settled back down in his seat. He straightened his suit.* Now if only you made this much of an effort to find your daughter as you did to seduce and kill vampires … *He said casually.*

Ciara: *The only offense she display was teh look across her face as she returned quickly to crouch on her feet. The knife in one hand and a stake in the other, she pounced again!* -05:13 Jul 20

Anthony: *Amazingly, he managed to scoot forward in the seat just a bit, enough to pull his leg out and catch Ciara in the gut, stopping the charge!* Would you like to know where your daughter has been all this time? Would you like to hear the reason why the thought of being with a Carnatelli disgusts and infuriates her?

Ciara: What the hell are you talking about. *Ciara hissed through her teeth, moving to thrust the knife in to his knee! One less leg to fight her with would do her fine!* -05:17 Jul 20
Leon: *Studied his nails and looked bored.* Oh, now why spoil such a great surprise. It really is such delicious news, though. I mean, like mother … like daughter. *He reached forward and plucked that knife out of her hand!* -05:18 Jul 20

Anthony: *Studied his nails and looked bored.* Oh, now why spoil such a great surprise. It really is such delicious news, though. I mean, like mother … like daughter. *He reached forward and plucked that knife out of her hand!*

Ciara: *That had her pausing! …Long enough to back up and fall in to the seat on the other side of the limo, pulling that gun from her purse and aiming it. This was falling in to territory that she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear!* What are you suggesting Mr. Carnatelli? -05:23 Jul 20
Leon: *Mm. Nice, perfect nails.* You have such a sweet daughter, beautiful and intelligent. It was only a matter of time before she caught someone’s notice. You know what they say, not everyone on the internet is a nice person. -05:26 Jul 20

Anthony: *Mm. Nice, perfect nails.* You have such a sweet daughter, beautiful and intelligent. It was only a matter of time before she caught someone’s notice. You know what they say, not everyone on the internet is a nice person. And unfortunately for her, she found someone who is not very nice … at all.

Ciara: *Just kill him now. It was painfully obvious he was just playing her! She fired the gun, deliberately missing!* How about you stop fucking with me, before I empty this entire clip in to your head. Who had my daughter? -05:30 Jul 20

Anthony: *Smirked a bit.* Hm … Why–*He looked up and chuckled softly as the limo slowed and finally stopped.* Well, what do you know … we’re here. If you would excuse me, Ms Grey. *He nodded to her and then climbed out of the limo! The paparazzi were swarming the front of the skyscraper but Anthony put on his best smile!*

Conrad: Come on, Lily. *Was waiting outside of the bathroom for Lily to get into her uniform!* Leon said we have to get out there as soon as possible. *He just hoped she hid that gun he gave her rather well.*

Ciara: *She could walk away right now and still be alive. But… It only took a few moments to replace the gun, knife and stake. Straighten her and step out of the limo behind him. A smile of glass! Ciara had to <i>know</i>, and then she was going to murder him in every way possible.* We’re not finished. -05:39 Jul 20
Ciara: *She could walk away right now and still be alive. But… It only took a few moments to replace the gun, knife and stake. Straighten her and step out of the limo behind him. A smile of glass! Ciara had to know, and then she was going to murder him in every way possible.* We’re not finished. -05:40 Jul 20

Anthony: *Offered her his arm, smirking all the while! He made no sign to hide the fact he was enjoying this!* No … not yet. *And then he was walking into the skyscraper, forcing her to decide to either get dragged or stomp away and let the paparazzi have a field day with her. Either way, he didn’t quite give a damn!*

Lily: *Lily stepped out of the bathroom, if she still had that gun it was out of sight!* Alright, alright, I’m ready!

Conrad: *Dressed in that uniform Raphael gave him! He handed her one of the large silver trays filled with glasses of champagne!*

Ciara: *To her credit, she was an accomplished actress! Screaming with rage on the inside, her smile was perfectly friendly!* I hope you don’t intend to try and keep me waiting. My desire to kill you is becoming a lot stronger than my wish to stay out of prison. -05:46 Jul 20

Lily: *It took a little bit of balancing, and she wasn’t so sure she still wouldn’t drop that tray… but Lily had it! A slow breath!* All ready?

Anthony: *Chuckled softly as they past through the door, approached the crowd to mingle!* You can … as they say … take a number. Why hello, Mr. Johnson. Thank you for coming to the charity event. I believe you are acquainted with Ms Grey. She was so kind as to accompany me this evening.

Conrad: *Had been practicing with his own tray of champagne while Lily was dressing!* Yep. Let’s go spy on your mother. *He started for the party and opened the door for her.*

“Why hello, Ms Grey! How are you this evening?” Mr. Johnson asked.

Ciara: *Ciara Grey was a perfect date. Charming, graceful,…and wishing she were anyone but herself!* My night has been thrilling and it’s only just begun. *Practiced smile!* -05:52 Jul 20

Much mingling and only a few hours later …

Leon: *Suddenly let go of Ciara’s arm!* It has been a wonderful evening, Ms Grey, but I have a bit of business to attend to. *He bowed.* If you would excuse me … *And then he was suddenly walking away! And into his private office!* -05:55 Jul 20

Anthony: *Suddenly let go of Ciara’s arm!* It has been a wonderful evening, Ms Grey, but I have a bit of business to attend to. *He bowed.* If you would excuse me … *And then he was suddenly walking away! And into his private office!*

Ciara: *He was not going to just walk away from her! Ciara excused herself and was after him quickly! She was tired of this game! It didn’t matter what he knew, she was going to end it now!* -05:57 Jul 20

Anthony’s office was HUGE! At least half the size of a football field with an entire wall made of glass covered with huge curtains! There were potted plants and shelves of books! There was even a small waterfall trickling against the wall over there! Ciara found Anthony at his desk with his back turned to her!

Meanwhile, Lily just caught a glimpse of an all-too-familiar and not-welcome-at-all face!

Conrad: *Paused beside Lily!* Are you alright …? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Lily: *There was an awful lot of people here, but as time went by she felt more at ease. All she had to do was give people fresh champagne an take empty glasses. Then she froze and it was a miracle she didn’t drop her tray.* I… no. There’s just a lot of people here.

Leon: *Stopped beside them!* I just saw Anthony leave the party and I think Cissy was right behind him. I’m going to follow. You two stay here. *And then he was off as well!* -06:02 Jul 20
Ciara: *Ciara was sure that bastard knew she was there, so she didn’t bother with speeches, words, or wasting time. As she walked across the room she pulled out her gun to start firing!* -06:02 Jul 20

Anthony: *Didn’t even seem to feel it! He just turned and chuckled softly.* Ah yes. I nearly forgot about you and your little … quest. *He said once she was forced to reload.*

Ciara: *Stunned, she quickly had to shake it away to reload her gun! A frustrated mutter escaped her lips… Like hell she was leaving until there was a dead Carnatelli lying bloody on the floor!* -06:06 Jul 20

Anthony: It never ceases to amuse me just how often you people use bullets. You have yet to develop the technology necessary to make bullets effective against me. *His body blurred and then he reappeared right in front of Ciara! He went for her throat!*

Anthony: *His arm went for her throat … u_u;;

Ciara: *Ciara stumbled backwards to evade, snapping the gun shut to fire at him again! She really couldn’t think of snome snappy retort, the only words in her head were curse words just for him!* -06:12 Jul 20

Anthony: Ah yes … Where were we …? *His body blurred again and he appeared behind her!* I believe we were talking about someone … *He appeared to think about it.* But for the life of me, I cannot think who. Do you, by any chance, remember?

Conrad: *Set his tray down and then Lily’s!* Come on, Lily! Let’s follow! *He was tugging her in the direction Anthony, Ciara, and Leon had disappeared in!*

Ciara: *Spinning around, she aimed the gun again!* I don’t care to play your games anymore. -06:15 Jul 20

Anthony: *His hand was a blur as he grabbed her gun and smashed it into a ball!* What a shame … You see, I can take a bit of responsibility for your daughter’s disappearance. A minute one, if you will.

Lily: *Ack… being tugged! Well, she didn’t drag her feet as she followed! It wasn’t Conrad that had her feeling so unsettled… she could have sworn she saw..*

Leon: *Had gotten lost in this maze of offices! And he couldn’t pick anything up with his senses either! Something was messing with his head tonight!* -06:18 Jul 20
Ciara: *It was quickly looking futile, but she wouldn’t let that show on her face as she pulled out the knife next.* …How? *And yet she still couldn’t stop herself from asking!* -06:19 Jul 20

Anthony: *Soft chuckle!* A long time ago, I had an idea. The ultimate goal of any powerful being to create in my own image. I made two. Both of which your daughter is well acquainted with. One more intimately than the other.

They were there! Lily could hear talking! This had to be the place! But … where was Conrad?!

Ciara: *Narrowing her eyes, she saw where this was leading… and the thought was disturbing. Like mother, like daughter… If she heard any more-* I’m done. You win, Mr. Carnatelli. Enjoy your victory. *She eased towards the door, that knife aimed in his drection. Ciara needed to go home, now!* -06:27 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily glanced around. How did he do that?! It’s not like the place was that big! She turned back to the door to press her ear against it and listen!*

“Listening in on others conversations … I taught you better than that, my pet,” someone said from right beside Lily. “And look who I found on the way here …”

Lily: *…Lily didn’t want to turn around! She really didn’t! But slowly, she did, back pressed against the wall, trying breathe and not panic… that’s what Evangeline said to do!* Michael. Don’t…

Michael: *Smirked! In one hand, he had Conrad’s throat! In the other, Leon’s!* Since you want to save them so much … *He dropped them and moved for her!*

Anthony: *Smirked!* Oh no, we aren’t finished just yet! *His body blurred! He appeared right in front of Ciara and grabbed her wrist to twist it into making her drop the knife!*

The sound of glass shattering! The window between Lily and Michael! There was a blur and someone rushed past Lily! “Ms Grey …” someone murmured just before Michael was grabbed and tackled into the office!

Ciara: *Ciara had dropped the knife, but someone crashing through the office door was enough distracting for her to snatch out the stake and swing it for his heart!* -06:37 Jul 20

Conrad: *Coughing and gasping for breath! He lifted his head!* Huh …? What … Lily …!

Lily: *Still pressed against the wall, she had her eyes squeezed shut, and she didn’t want to dare to open them!* Gabriel’s here.

Leon: *Gasping for breath! He got to his feet!* Told. You. *Then he was staggering for the office and broke through the doors!* Cissy! -06:40 Jul 20

Anthony: *Momentarily distracted! The stake missed his heart by a few inches but this was a perfect opportunity for Ciara to run! Especially since they had company!*

Gabriel: *Flung Michael at Anthony! He didn’t wait to see what happened, either! He sprinted forward to swing for Michael and/or Anthony’s heads!*

Conrad: *Was at Lily’s side!* Come on, Lily. I think this would be a good time to leave the party!

Ciara: *Running would be the smart thing indeed! She was dashing back for the doors when she caught a glimpse of Gabriel coming to the rescue and… a twin. Ciara stopped in her tracks, with that crushing dawn of realization! Forget leaving! She was going to kill all three of them!* -06:44 Jul 20

Anthony: *Pushed Michael off of him just as Gabriel came running with that sword! He jumped and landed on his desk!* Ah, I was thinking of having a family reunion.

Leon: *Blinked and was tugging her away!* Cissy! Come on! This is one family get-together I want no part of! -06:45 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily nodded slowly, and had to force herself away from the wall!*

Gabriel: *His sword cut into Anthony’s desk! He swung the sword for Anthony’s legs–then suddenly pulled his gun out and shot at something at his left! BANGBANGBANGBANG!*

Michael: *Gabriel’s bullets forced him to stop his attack to protect his beautiful face! The bastard wasn’t going to get another chance to scar him! As soon as Gabriel had to reload, he snarled and pounced for him!*

Ciara: No! That’s the sonofbitch that took my daughter and I’m going to murder him! *Trying to pry Leon’s hands off her so she could rush back, weapons or not… she’d us claws and teeth and chair legs if she had to!* -06:48 Jul 20
Leon: You’re going to get yourself killed! You promised you wouldn’t! And you can’t follow their fighting! They’re too damn fast! -06:49 Jul 20
Leon: *Muttered something under his breath about stubborn women! He finally threw her over his shoulder and made a break for it!* Let’s go, kids! -06:49 Jul 20

Anthony: Ignis. *A blast of fire came flying at Gabriel and Michael! Followed by another and another!*

Ciara: *Ciara hit him once or twice before she gave in! She did promise… but that didn’t make her any less pissed off!* Damnit Leon!! -06:51 Jul 20

Lily: *Focusing on Leon dragging away her mother kicking and screaming, she was on his heels!*

Gabriel: *Timed it just right! He thrust that sword for Michael’s gut as he came sailing at him! Then he was falling backwards to avoid that first blast of fire!*

Michael: *Felt that sword sink into his body! But he was far from feeling it! Spending all that time in that cursed dimension Gabriel had sealed him in had driven him to obsession! He sailed over Gabriel’s head and hit the ground, skidding with that sword stuck in his gut! When he got up, he pulled the sword out and dropped it! Then he was charging at someone–and he didn’t care who!*

Conrad: *Quickly took up the rear! He kept hearing the sounds of the fighting but he knew better than to stay and spy!*

Anthony: *He charged at Gabriel! His fingers covered in that black glow again! He alternated between slashing at Gabriel and throwing blasts of fire!*

Leon: Awh man … Where to go, where to go … We’re gonna have to go out the way we came in … provided security isn’t so tight … -06:58 Jul 20
Ciara: Lily! …You brought my daughter here?! *Ciara was hitting him on the back again, shouting every dirty word she knew in three different languages!* -06:58 Jul 20

Lily: Hit Leon one more time, and he’s allowed to hit you back! *The only clever thing to do now was… Lily dashed quickly towards something on the wall and… pulled the fire alarm!*

Gabriel: *Met Anthony’s fingers with his sword which sounded like clashing steel! He was careful to avoid the fire and suddenly dropped to the ground and swung his leg for Anthony’s ankles!*

Anthony: *Saw Michael coming at him and stepped back! His fingers of black light and his fire blast were aimed at Michael now!*

The fire alarms went off through the entire building! As per saftey regulations, it was imperative that everyone evacuate the building in a calm and safe manner! Thank you!

Leon: I promise I have a really, really good explanation … *He muttered. He looked up at Lily.* Thatta girl! -07:03 Jul 20

Michael: *His body jerked once in mid-air as he got hit with both of Anthony’s attacks! Then he fell and landed on the ground!*

Ciara: *She was just so angry,and so upset..! If she didn’t scream at someone she was going to cry! Ciara growled!* You’re all grounded! Every single damned one of you! Forever! -07:06 Jul 20

Gabriel: *Spotted Michael’s blood on the floor from the corner of his eye!* Congelo terra! *He called out as Anthony turned his attention back to him! Then he kicked out for Anthony’s gut!*

Suddenly the floor of the office was covered with ice!

Lily: *Finding one of the fire exit doors, she pushed through it and held it open for Leon!* Can we stuff a sock in her mouth?

Leon: *They were saving her life and she was grounding them?! Unbelieveable! He dashed through the open door!* You know … that’s not a bad idea. *They found the Durango where they had parked it! Leon was glad! He wasn’t quite sure how he would explain a theft occured while rescuing an old friend!* -07:09 Jul 20

Anthony: *Fell backwards and landed–on ice! He got to his feet only to slip and fall down again!*

Gabriel: … Where is she? *Anthony might not be used to ice but he sure as hell was. He slid forward and swung for Anthony’s head again!*

Ciara: Put me down and try it, we’ll see what happens! -07:11 Jul 20
Leon: We wouldn’t have to see what happens if you weren’t grounding us! *He muttered.* Damn it, woman, I have to drive. Would you at least behave until we get back to Shades? -07:12 Jul 20

Anthony: *Soft chuckle as his body blurred and he reappeared on his desk!* She … she … whoever could you mean.

Ciara: See if you can drive while I’m wringing your wolfy neck! -07:14 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily was really, really tempted to try it!* Better let Conrad drive.

Leon: But … but … *He looked reluctant to let anyone besides himself drive!* Gah! *He finally handed over the keys!* You’d better be one hell of a driver, Conrad. *And then he was climbing into the back and doing his best to hold Ciara!* -07:15 Jul 20

Conrad: Heh. *He accepted the keys and got in.* Yes, sir. *Once everyone was in and buckled up, he was driving back to Shades!*

Gabriel: *Ran forward and swung for Anthony’s legs! Then he jumped up and swung for Anthony’s neck!*

Lily: A sucessful rescue, I think. *Despite being incredibly disturbed, and her mother cursing at them from the back seat… it was maybe a tiny bit amusing?*

Ciara: *Ciara was swinging a fist, someone was going to get the daylights beat out of them and it might as well be Leon!* He was right there! You let him get away from me! -07:18 Jul 20

Anthony: *Stepped back to avoid the swing to his legs but when that swing came for his neck, he merely caught the blade! His other hand was glowing with that black energy and he grabbed for Gabriel’s neck!*

Leon: Ack! Oooff! Cissy! OOffff! *He was getting pommeled here and trying his best to defend himself–all while cramped in the back!* He. Ooff! Was going to. Ack! Kill you! -07:21 Jul 20
Ciara: I’m going to kill you! I’m not talking about Anthony, I’m talking about Michael…! -07:22 Jul 20
Leon: *Blinked!* Wha—!! *He was caught offguard so one of Ciara’s blows knocked him over!* -07:23 Jul 20

Lily: *Lily stiffened for a moment before forcing herself to relax. Her face was pale… This wasn’t quite how she wanted to tell her.* So you heard about him, mother.

Gabriel: *Let go of the blade and jumped back! He landed neatly on the ground and skidded backwards a bit, ending in a crouch! He pulled out his gun and started to fire! BANGBANGBANGBANG!*

Anthony: *His body blurred and disappeared but he wasn’t entirely gone!* You can have the girl back … after I’m through with her! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! *And then … nothing.*

Ciara: *Ciara was about to grab Leon and strangle him when she stopped suddenly and leaned back in her seat. She blinked at the back of her daughter’s chair.* You were with Michael Carnatelli. …Lily… why didn’t you tell me. If I knew I wouldn’t have- -07:28 Jul 20

Lily: Wouldn’t have played sexy fun vampire time? It really doesn’t matter anymore. You’re going to keep your promise, aren’t you?

Gabriel: *Stood and put the gun away. He turned to where Michael was–and found him gone. His eyes narrowed.* Anthony. *There was no way Michael was in any condition to flee on his own. He’d taken the full brunt of Anthony’s blows, one of which Anthony favored if only because he was a sadistic bastard. He retrieved his sword and pulled a small vial out of his jacket with which he scooped up some of Michael’s blood. Then he stood and walked out …*

Ciara: Yes. Yes I am. *But that promise didn’t mean she couldn’t still make sure every Carnatelli on earth was good and dead.* -07:31 Jul 20

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