Caroline tells Dark she has to leave. Dark tears up Evangeline’s castle!

[Caroline needs to speak with Dark.] -12:59 Sep 09
[Dark is feeling cranky–more cranky than usual anyways!] -01:00 Sep 09
Dark: *In between playing avatar of Light and then singing at that new night club, things have been pretty rough! Now all he wants to do is sleep! Nice … peaceful sleep …* -01:02 Sep 09
Caroline: *Evangeline had lectured her and the results backfired from what the meddling little psychic was trying to do. It was, however, a wake up call! None of what she has done has been out of honor or loyalty. What she wanted was more than she deserved to have. So now here she was dropping in to Dark’s room and hassling him out of bed.* Don’t go to sleep yet. -01:04 Sep 09
Dark: *He had his eyes shut and turned over!* C’mon, Caroline. Whatever it is can wait. *Of all the times for her to want to … Sleep! He was going to get some sleep!* -01:08 Sep 09
Caroline: I could leave you a note, but that’s so assinine and impersonal. *There was an odd look on his face. She didn’t linger long though, nudging him again. Prodding even.* Dark, I have to leave. -01:09 Sep 09
Dark: Eh … What is it this time? *He shifted farther away from her, hoping that would dissuade her. Deep down, he knew it wouldn’t but … he was really tired!* Okay, I’ll take the trash out while you’re gone. *She was probably going to investigate something or help someone else out.* -01:11 Sep 09
Caroline: *He was making this more difficult than it needed to be. Why did she even HAVE to tell him? Caroline sat on the edge of the bed.* I meant leaving as in a more permanent exit. I’m not going to be coming back this time. -01:13 Sep 09
Dark: *Oh, that got him! He lifted his head and glanced over his shoulder, squinting at her.* Damnit, Caroline, stop joking around. It’s not funny. -01:15 Sep 09
Caroline: I’ve already spoken to Evangeline. I will be here when she needs me, but otherwise… I can’t stay anymore. *This felt so cold. Heartless even. But in the end this was what was best for him and for herself too. She had to be firm!* -01:18 Sep 09
Dark: *… She wasn’t joking. And she looked like she’d just shot some kid’s puppy and was trying to tell her side of the story! He turned toward her completely and sat up. That felt only slightly better. Now she couldn’t look down at him.* What the fuck are you talking about. -01:25 Sep 09
Caroline: I am not your teacher anymore. I haven’t been for a long time. *How was she supposed to explain herself without telling him she was running away? Saying those thing she so easily admitted to Evangeline? Caroline just shrugged her shoulders.* You need more than what I can give you. I can’t be your pillar. -01:28 Sep 09
Dark: What do you mean you can’t be my pillar? It’s not like I’m asking you to use your magic all the time, or spending too much of your energy. *He was off the bed and pacing!* Is that it? You’re just overworked or something? -01:36 Sep 09
Caroline: Keeping up with you is not a problem. *…and the suggestion of such shsouldn’t be making her mad. See, right there! She felt TOO MUCH about all of this…! Caroline didn’t move from the bed. Just watched as he paced.* You don’t know what you ask from me. You don’t even know what you want from me. Everything I’ve done since… that goddamned gate of Anthony Carnetelli’s has been about you. It’s not… Me being here isn’t good. -01:39 Sep 09
Dark: So, what? You’re feeling neglected or something? Not feeling appreciated? Well then, let’s go and fuckin’ do something! That’ll cure you! *He wasn’t hearing this, he wasn’t hearing this! She couldn’t be serious! There was just no way–!* -01:46 Sep 09
Caroline: You don’t NEED me here, Dark! You have everything under control now. Gabriel will be able to support you when you don’t Evangeline will comfort you when you need it. I am not meant to be a part of this picture. I have no place here! -01:49 Sep 09
Dark: That’s impossible! You have a place here! You have one! You can’t–! You just can’t leave like this! *He was ruffling his hair now which meant he was getting more and more frustrated!* -01:52 Sep 09
Caroline: Can you tell me what you want? Can you? You’re just angry that I’m leaving and you aren’t the one telling me to go. *She finally rose from the bed to head for the door. He wasn’t going to understand, and she was foolish to think he would. She paused at the door, resting her forehead against it.* This is what’s best for you. -01:57 Sep 09
Dark: What’s best for me?! WHAT’S BEST FOR ME!! Or what’s best for you! Don’t be coming here, being calm, and making it sound like you’re doing me a favor! Obviously you found something better and you don’t know how else to tell it to me! Well then, fine, leave! See if I fuckin’ care! *He threw his arms up and then he was gone! Teleported to who knew where!* -02:00 Sep 09
Caroline: *The urge to follow him was so great, she had to stand there gripping the door and will herself to walk out! This was it and there was no turning back this time. When he calmed down and Evangeline got her hands on him, he would eventually get over it… Thus with one last look back, Caroline was gone.* -02:02 Sep 09
Dark: *Dark appeared at the castle and instantly began trashing the place! Lightning, fire, ice, some good ol’ fashioned bashing! The bashing helped most of all! And by this time, he didn’t even care what time it was–if time existed at all in this place!* -02:05 Sep 09

And thus, Dark spend from sunrise to sunset laying waste to the King of Darkness’ castle. Much to the chagrin of it’s devil rats and it’s Queen!

Dark: *He cursed under his breath and continued his rampage! And each time it looked like he was through, he started destroying something else!* -02:11 Sep 09

Evangeline: *Evangeline was considering talking to Dark last night… but, well… the opportunity didn’t quite present itself. She wisely stayed out of the way in a nice Dark-proof room until things at least sounded much more silent and less violent! …now she was peeking around a corner!* …have you found the room with the big minotaur, yet?

Dark: *He was panting and he looked ready to fall over! But he somehow managed the strength to lift his head and look at her.* … What. -02:14 Sep 09

Evangeline: The room with the minotaur. He wanted to take a hundred year nap, so I was hoping you haven’t come across him yet. *Dark looked terrible! But now that he stopped throwing things, she stepped out and smoothed her hands over her skirt.* Would you like to come and have tea with me, now that you’ve burned all of my trees and broken my walls?

Dark: *That made Dark think! He hadn’t been expecting a question like that. But then again, this was Evangeline. She was anything but normal. He took a few deep breaths.* I … I guess. -02:18 Sep 09

Evangeline: Come with me! I think there is at least one room you haven’t broken yet! *Evangeline led the way, following one of the devil rats that was brave enough to come out now to be of some help.* Tea please, Mister Rat. For two. And some icecream? Yes, some ice cream would be good. ….Now if you can sit in my chair and not throw it.

Dark: *He was silent as he followed Evangeline and the devil rat. He didn’t feel guilty or angry. He just felt … empty. He looked at the chair she gestured to and sat down on it.* -02:23 Sep 09
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -02:24 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a seat across from him, rest her elbows on the table and watched him. He looked so much like Gabriel right there. Like the world had been taken from him!* I guess you spoke to Caroline. -02:25 Sep 09
Dark: *He didn’t meet her eyes. He slouched forward in the chair with his hands in his lap, clasping, unclasping.* … What was your first clue. -02:26 Sep 09
Evangeline: Everytime you have a fight with her, you come and tear up my castle. I don’t mind so much, since it repairs itself. …but you are more upset than usual, yes? Did you ask her to stay? -02:29 Sep 09
Dark: Don’t see what the point was. *She’d just left anyways. He wanted to yell at Evangeline, vent at her. It had to be her fault, too, right? Everyone was to blame! Caroline, Evangeline … even Gabriel … He just couldn’t bring himself to yell. He didn’t have the strength. Or the will to.* -02:30 Sep 09
Evangeline: I tried to convince her to stay, myself… but it isn’t me that she’s running away from. *Evangeline smiled when a few of the rats arrived with a tray of tea and ice cream. She picked it up to set on the table. Sliding a cup and a bowl to Dark before taking her own.* I guess she didn’t tell you why she wanted to leave! -02:33 Sep 09
Dark: *She was running from him. That hurt him more than any of Gabriel’s sadistic lessons or Alistair’s taunting. He sat there, silent, not even acknowledging the ice cream or the tea.* -02:36 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a sip of tea, watching so carefully. She had gotten used to watching people’s expressions rather than seeing their auras. But having a vision would have been so help right now!* Did you know that a long time ago I didn’t that I should be with Gabriel? Though, I really wanted to and I stayed with him. But I didn’t tell him why I stayed, cause I thought it would make things harder for him. That maybe he didn’t care about me that way, or that I was making him stay. -02:41 Sep 09
Dark: *He just sat there, unaware of how defeated he looked. He had a distant look in his eyes. He might have been a statue if not for the fact he was breathing.* -02:48 Sep 09
Evangeline: Hmm. …Well! Thing was, I loved him so much that I didn’t want to leave. Then one day something really awful happened because of me. His life was disrupted because I was in it. So I decided I would go back to London. He would be safe and happy without me. *For moment she almost thought he HAD stopped breathing! But there was just a faint bit of movement!* -02:53 Sep 09
Dark: *Shut it out. He wanted to shut out Evangeline’s kind words and her gentle manners. He really wanted to be angry at someone, to hate someone for this! But he was so empty inside. It was like trying to light a fire with wet wood. It just wasn’t happening …* -02:55 Sep 09
Evangeline: I was wrong, though. I had a vision so strong that he shared it too. I thought if I left that would be it, but it wasn’t. That was the day he asked me to stay. Because he needed me and wanted me in his life. …I think maybe, Caroline is like me. She wants something, but doesn’t think she can have it. But she can’t be the one that makes the choice because it isn’t up to her anymore. -03:02 Sep 09
Dark: *He closed his eyes. Let out a deep breath. A sigh.* … I thought it was enough. What we had. She wanted something more … I just … I’m not the guy to give it to her. *He stood. He walked over to Evangeline and kissed her cheek.* Thanks, Evangeline. You’re the best mother figure I could have hoped for. -03:08 Sep 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* You could be if you wanted to be. But that is your choice isn’t it? You get to choose what you want to do now, and not me, nor Gabriel or anyone else can boss you around. *She paused for a moment…* …now will you help the rats fix the castle? -03:11 Sep 09
Dark: *He nodded.* Yeah. I’ll go help them fix it. *And then he walked away to help the rats!* -03:14 Sep 09

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