016 Awkward Moments Between Friends

Ciara and Leon leave for their date. Lily and Conrad stay at home, opting not to spy. Conrad makes an amusing display of fighting off Angus and his army of gnomes while Lily is entertained with watching and teasing. Conrad shows that he’s not one to be bullied!

Ciara and Leon have dinner at a pizza place! It is pleasant and uneventful thanks to Evangeline having convinced Gabriel that they needed to do some undercover body-guarding! Evangeline tries to explain the important of love to Gabriel as he fights off beasties from entering the restaurant.

Ciara and Leon play miniature golf! Ciara displays her severe distaste for not being good at something and demands Leon’s help. She teases Leon about being afraid of kisses, and when he gives her one she finds herself disturbed and thinking about Leon in a weird new way! It messes up her gameplay and she accidentally hits an old man with her ball, then blames it on Leon!

Meanwhile Evangeline and Gabriel are still keeping watch. Evangeline tells Gabriel that he needs a little fun-training and tries to show him how to dance. Gabriel points out “THAT is love?” at Ciara’s weird behavior and Evangeline tries to explain what’s happened. She admits that tonight was mostly an excuse to take Gabriel out and try something besides slaying things. Gabriel admits that maybe he did need a break.

Trinny gives Leon a good peptalk about the date and sends him back to Ciara with juice! Ciara had apologized to that old man, and tries to shake off those weird thoughts about Leon and get through that date!

  1. Conrad can be teased but he won’t be bullied.
  2. Ciara finds herself confused by this adult Leon and thinking about him in a new way.
  3. Evangeline tries showing Gabriel life outside of slaying.
  4. Gabriel is confused by Evangeline, but still tries the things she requests.
[Ciara isn\’t sure how she got talked in to a date with Leon, but blames her daughter for being clever.] -04:17 Jul 23
[Leon was still at a loss on how he was going to make this date work!] -04:18 Jul 23
Leon: I can’t do this. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* I can’t wow your mom. She’s used to guys like Anthony Carnatelli–a bastard, sure, but a rich bastard who can show her the finer things in life. *He was pacing in the living room with Lily and Conrad.* -04:19 Jul 23

Lily: Does it help at all to know mommy didn’t go on a single date when I was small? I mean… she can’t be all that good at it. *Lily was trying not to laugh at Leon, but he was sure making it hard.*

Trinny fluttered to sit on the back of the sofa! She was there and ready to help! “Just do what they do in the movies! Even if you set something on fire, everyone laughs because it’s a romantic comedy!”

Leon: *Ruffled his hair and then huffed! Now he looked like a wolf imitating a lion!* Eh … Not really? I mean, your mom is cool and sophisticated. The only time I ever see her ruffled is when she wants to turn me into a rug … or a furry target. -04:22 Jul 23

Conrad: *Glanced at Lily. The mention of Leon as a “furry target” almost made him chuckle softly–but he stopped himself in time!*

Lily: *If Lily saw or heard the pixie on the sofa, she completely ignored it!* …are you kidding? She’s wound tighter than a ball of yarn. Then just… do something to different!

“Oooo! Take her to see a scary movie, and then she will get scared and hug you and be all “Oh leon! I am scared!” and you can snuggle in the dark!” Trinny thought this was genius!

Leon: *Really, really, really doesn’t want to screw this up! He started pacing again but stopped when he came up to the mirror–and saw his hair!! He quickly did his best to comb it back! He glanced at Trinny.* Thanks, Trinny, but setting something on fire in real life … not a good idea. It’d be my luck I end up setting Cissy’s dress on fire. *He muttered under his breath. A thousand things could go wrong and he was imagining each and every one of them. And then some!* -04:27 Jul 23
Leon: *Imagines something else happening at a scary movie–like Cissy smacking the hell out of him!* -04:27 Jul 23

Lily: *Lily eyed the sofa again, a slight confused look, but rubbed her forhead.* Okay.. You’re not going on a date. You’re… going out to play! That’d be easy, right?

Conrad: *Watching Leon pace and get nervous was making him nervous. This was going to be a long evening …*

Leon: *Deep breath! He grinned and scratched the back of his head.* Yeah, play! Just … a little different from when me and your mom hung out as kids. No flinging mud at her or calling her castle stupid just because I couldn’t find a way to bust down those gates. -04:32 Jul 23

Trinny landed on Conrad’s head, crossing her arms and huffing. “But flinging mud is the best part!”

Lily: Yes. See, you’re playing a game and the object of the game is to have a fun night without getting killed. That’s really easy!

Conrad: *Looked up at the pixie on his head! He didn’t want to say anything that might upset the pixie, like what was on his mind right about now.*

Leon: Um … Sure. Provided we don’t bump into one of those nasty things that have a habit of finding me or your mother … *He mumbled but then he put on his best wolfish grin.* You know what, you’re absolutely right. A fun night without getting killed. -04:35 Jul 23
Ciara: …What is this about getting killed? *A vague sense of deju. Jee, didn’t this happen last night? Ciara looked amused this time, dressed in a pair of white slacks and a pretty pink blouse. Dressed up without being fancy. She figured Leon might have cried..* -04:38 Jul 23
Leon: Just saying! *He looked up at her and grinned.* You look great, Cissy! Uh, I mean, Ciara! How about dinner and a game of um … minature golf? -04:40 Jul 23
Ciara: Sounds like you’re winging it and hope I don’t hit you. *She was already off to the elevator, hoping he didn’t catch her smirking!* -04:42 Jul 23

Lily: Be nice to him, mother. *Lily stood and waved from the living room!* …I’m serious! Be nice to Leon! And pretend to have fun!

Leon: *Waved to Lily and Conrad and Trinny!* ‘Night! *He ran up to her!* There’s nothing wrong with winging it. Winging it is good. *He stepped into the elevator with her!* -04:43 Jul 23

Conrad: *Waited until Ciara and Leon were gone! He turned to Lily!* So … do we just kick back here or … we’re not actually going to follow them, are we?

Ciara: *Ciara gave Lily her very best smile as she closed the doors. ….Leon was doomed!* Are you sure? Now that I know I’m your first date, I’m not so sure you can make it. -04:45 Jul 23

Lily: And watch Leon flunder helplessly while she tortures him? No way. We’re going to… *She blinked slowly.* …I don’t know. Homework?

Leon: *Clasped his hands behind his back!* Well … you are my first date but … you’re also my best friend. I’m going to look at it this way: I’m taking you out to a good time. -04:46 Jul 23

Conrad: *Thoughtful!* That’s a good question. Hey, by the way, we were going to Montana … on Sunday? Like tomorrow?

Ciara: So we’re going to throw water balloons at teenagers and steal someone’s pie? -04:49 Jul 23

Lily: Yes! I think… is that too soon? I didn’t really think about plans for it!

Leon: *Reached into his pocket to pull out a big bag of water balloons.* I’ve got the water balloons. I was thinking we could steal some donuts instead of pie. Donuts are a lot easier to carry off. -04:50 Jul 23

Conrad: Not at all. I think the sooner you and your mom get a vacation the better. Things are still pretty hot here.

Ciara: *For christ’s sake. Ciara tried to keep her expression serious as she stepped out in to the lobby.* There’s water fountains in the park. Though, if those teenagers are packing guns we’re going to be in trouble. -04:52 Jul 23
Leon: I was thinking we could do it incognito. You know, like from a balcony or a roof. -04:54 Jul 23

Lily: Like the whole world is going to implode at any moment. Guess I’ll pull some clothes out of mama’s closet. Maybe you can try on some of her dresses. *A grinning Lily as she hopped up to her mother’s room!*

Conrad: … You’re never going to let me live that down, will you? *He muttered as he scratched his head.*

Ciara: Then what do you suggest, playdate master? *Ciara didn’t march off ahead like usual, this time she walked next to him.* -04:58 Jul 23

Lily: You really made it too easy. *She replied, opening up that closet and snooping inside. The thing was huge… and hey! There were plenty of dresses for him to wear!*

Leon: I suggest we go get a bite to eat! *He grinned–no, smiled!* And no, I won’t eat us out of the restaurant. I hope you don’t mind walking. -05:02 Jul 23

Trinny appeared on Leon’s shoulder, hiding just under his collar! “Hold her hand!! And say she smells pretty!!”

Conrad: *Coughed! He sat down on the edge of the bed!* I certainly don’t mean to …

Leon: Wha–! Trinny?! *Caught offguard, he slipped on something and ended up falling on his back HARD!* -05:04 Jul 23
Ciara: *Blinking surprise Ciara stopped to lean over him!* Are you okay? …Trinny, get lost. -05:06 Jul 23

Lily: I don’t think my mother has normal clothes in here at all. *She returned to the closet doorway to eye Conrad! …and a garden gnome?* Where did that gnome come from?

Trinny gulped! “Eep! Sorry Leon!!” And poofed out of sight!

Leon: *Groaned!* Just got. The wind. Knocked … Out of me. *He slowly sat up, rubbing his chest.* Awh man … *He got up and dusted himself off.* -05:09 Jul 23

Conrad: *Turned to the garden gnome.* You probably … wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Angus snorted. “Just flat out ignores us. At least that bone headed mother of us still believes!”

Conrad: *Raised an eyebrow at him.* That’s not nice. She’s been through a lot. Now hush before I hide every drop of beer I can find in this place. *It was common knowledge gnomes LOVED their beer.*

Ciara: Uh huh. Packing some help in your clothes, are you. Should I be inspecting you for other spies? -05:13 Jul 23

“And I’ll be dropping itching powder in yer shorts while yer sleeping, you big headed lout!” Angus kicked Conrad with his gnomish boot!

Leon: *Blink!* I honestly thought Trinny stayed with Conrad and Lily back at the suite. -05:14 Jul 23

Lily: ….I’m just going to get some water while you discuss this with the gnome. *Lily eeeease herself away!*

Conrad: At least I don’t need a high stool to reach the beer. *He grabbed the gnome and headed out of Ciara’s room–to lock Angus into one of those convienent bathroom closets where you keep towels and stuff!*

Ciara: *Ciara straightened his shirt.* I’ll believe you this time. Of course… if you are getting help, I could be as devious as I pleased. -05:18 Jul 23

“Don’tcha think this closet will hold me for long, ya buggar!! I’ll come in there and whallop the both of you until your human skin turns purple!”

Conrad: *Propped up a chair with a few little things to keep it nice and steady! He found Lily in the kitchen!* Now, about Montana and your mom’s clothes … I’m guessing she’ll need to buy some … hardier things. Like jeans and boots.

Lily: *Lily eyed him carefully, like he might be a nutcase!* I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear a pair of jeans before… That’s going to be interesting.

Conrad: Well … she can’t be running around in skirts and slacks. *Scratched his head.* Not even those name brand clothes could withstand a good douse of Montana life.

Leon: *Sweatdrop!* Now that’s unfair. You know full well this is my first date, whether or not I have help. -05:24 Jul 23

Trinny appeared behind Ciara, trying to give Leon some signals! Only, it couldn’t be sure if she meant to strangle her, kiss her, or call the police!

Leon: *Blinked! Cocked his head to one side, trying to get Trinny to go back to the suite! Followed by little head shaking and eye rolling! And when Ciara caught him, he stopped whatever he was doing and only grinned!* -05:26 Jul 23
Ciara: *Ciara glanced over her shoulder… but not a thing to be seen! She frowned.* Alright… You better take me out to dinner before you give yourself a seisure. -05:27 Jul 23

There was a huge rustling inside one of the kitchen cabinets… And Angus came rolling out! “HA HA! I’M A GNOME YOU FOOL! WE’RE MAGICAL!” He was charging for Conrad’s leg!

Leon: *Wonderful idea! He knew just the place to! He led her over to Luigi’s Pizza Parlor! The place was small but quaint and he found a booth in the corner!* -05:29 Jul 23

Conrad: *Sighed softly! Dodged said charge!*

Lily: *Lily hopped up to sit on the counter! It was an angry attack garden gnome! What the hell?! Ignore it, maybe it will go away!* I’m sure we’ll find something good!

Conrad: Do you think your mom will find the uh … need for a few new outfits of clothing?

Conrad: *a bit too much

Evangeline: *Evangeline was a pillar of good intentions. Like making sure Ms. Grey and Leon had a nice problem free evening! And how Gabriel needed to do something besides kill beasties, and Brutus needed to run around and stretch his legs! But of course, she was going to go crazy if she made one more giant newspaper reproduction of historial London buildings. Gabriel was starting to have a small city in his warehouse.* …Okay! You know your job, right Brutus?

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus, tail wagging, tongue hanging out! He jumped around a bit, excited!

Ciara: *Sitting in a private booth on a date with Leon. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh, or if it were really awkward. Especially now that they were actually on the date! She tapped her fingers on the table!* Since you’re the man, you order dinner. -05:37 Jul 23
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* How about a large meat lover’s pizza with the limitless breadstick and marinara dip order? -05:38 Jul 23

Lily: She’s got to do something besides work and go to fancy parties. *Lily wasn’t sure if she should point behind Conrad… that gnome was sneaking around the corner with an axe. How was it holding that up?*

Conrad: *Grabbed a frying pan and batted that axe out of the gnome’s hands! It went flying into the air! He caught the axe by the handle and hopped onto the counter with Lily!* I’m all for getting some ice cream. How about we go out and grab some?

Ciara: *Resting her chin in her hand she grinned back.* You wanna order a sidedish of roasted cow with that? -05:40 Jul 23
Leon: Oh, and a couple of large drinks. *Another wolfish grin!* Can we …? -05:41 Jul 23

Lily: You know. I’m good here! We could even watch a movie. *…so maybe she was a tad bit curious on what else that gnome could do! Or Conrad for that matter!*

Conrad: *Sighed and scratched his head.* You’re serious about staying here? *When he realized she was, he shrugged.* Well, you’re the boss. *He didn’t think Ms Grey would appreciate an axe in her kitchen wall so … he just settled for holding onto it.*

Ciara: Why not.. I’d just have to roll you back home. Bet I could hit every rock on the way! -05:43 Jul 23

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus began sniffing and led the way to Luigi’s Pizza Parlor! “Arf! Arf!”

Evangeline: *A crystal in hand, Evangeline was following Brutus!* We don’t want them to know we’re watching, that would ruin the romance. So if they look our way, we’ll hide!

“Arf! Arf!” said Brutus, a lot more quiet now! He slinked back so they couldn’t see him in the window!

Angus was on the floor cursing up a storm! “Goin’ ta run off and escape? Ha! Little Miss wants to see ya banged up with my mighty arm! Come on down here and fight, ya coward!”

Conrad: *Yawned!* I could have sworn I just heard a toilet flush … Did you know another name for the toilet or “john” is an “angus”? *He told Lily casually.*

Lily: That couldn’t possibly be true… *She said slowly, not sure if she were going to laugh or not!*

Leon: *Chuckled softly and when the waitress came, he placed his order for everything they’d discussed–except that sidedish of roasted cow!* Gotta save the best for last. -05:49 Jul 23

Conrad: *Perfectly straight and serious face!* Yep. It is. Especially garden gnomes named Angus. They were often used as a substitute when toilets weren’t around.

Ciara: *Ciara pulled a bit of the paper off her straw, aimed and blew! The other half hit Leon in the head! A proud smirking heiress!* -05:50 Jul 23

Angus was furious! So furious he was spitting more than cursing! The little garden gnome stormed out of the kitchen in fury!

Evangeline: *Leaning against the wall, it being usless to spy inside the window… but oh did she want to!* It’s so sweet! Best friends and then dating, wouldn’t you love to meet someone like that, Brutus?

Lily: That’s impossible, you know. Using a gnome for a toilet. You’d have to take off his hat or.. Ick! That’s awful!

Gabriel: *In the alley next to Evangeline! He elbowed the vampire in the face, grabbed his hand, twisted his wrist and brought him to the ground with a kick to the back of the knees! As soon as the vampire was down, he pulled out his knife and staked the vampire in the heart! All while Evangeline was swooning over Leon and Ciara with Brutus!* I am doing this why …? *He walked up to Evangeline and Brutus while the vampire’s body turned to ash behind him!*

Conrad: *Watched Angus storm off! He was definitely going to pay for that later but … it’d been worth it. He snickered.*

Evangeline: It’s important for the world. Maybe not as much as saving it, but they are everything that’s goodness and light, just like your family is-..well, that’s not the point. The point is that it’s for love. Love means everything!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* It’s like that, huh? *He retaliated with a paper straw shot of his own!* -06:01 Jul 23

Lily: *Deeming it safe from attack gnomes, Lily slid off the counter carefully.* You’re going to get in so much trouble.

Conrad: Yep, that I am. So … how about some popcorn and cold drinks?

Ciara: *Ciara moved to the side and smirked!* You’re too slow… But you’ve always been too slow. Must be that tail. -06:02 Jul 23

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow. He didn’t feel the same way about “love”, although he understood the concept so little.* Love also means risking attack from weres and vampires.

Lily: *Lily shook her head, but she smiled! Moving to the cabinet to find the popcorn box and one of those big bowls.* I like action movies… the ones with cops and spies. Do you?

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus.

Leon: Ha ha. Very funny. My tail is a long, furry cloud, thank you very much. *The waitress returned with their drinks and gave Leon an odd look when she heard him mention his tail before she scurried away.* -06:06 Jul 23

Evangeline: We’re here to make sure they get one night beastie free! Now, look in the window and then try to tell me that’s not sweet!

Conrad: Definitely. Although I tend to fall asleep when I watch something where people aren’t running or shooting at each other every five minutes.

Gabriel: … *Doesn’t even try to look in the window.* That is not sweet.

Ciara: *Ciara laughed, pulling her drink close and dropping in the straw.* Oh, we’ll see about that cooties. -06:09 Jul 23

Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned as she crossed her arms.* You’re not even looking, Gabriel.

And that is when Angus returned! With two friends! And spears! “There’s the uppity human! Spear him good, men!*

Gabriel: This may surprise you, Evangeline, but despite what I do … *He grabbed a passer-by the collar of his jacket making his way into the pizza parlor and threw him backwards! The passer-by growled and mutated into a werewolf half-human hybrid, snarling!* I am still a vampire. *He stepped to the side, narrowly missing a slice of werewolf claws!* Emotions are not my forte. *He kicked the were’s jaws, elbowed it in the back, and slammed it into the ground! He pulled out a silver knife and thrust it into the wolf’s heart.*

Conrad: Well … that was quick. Good thing I kept this baby. *In one hand, he held the frying pan. In the other, the axe.*

Leon: *Chuckled softly!* Come on now. Have I ever misled you about something cute and furry before? -06:21 Jul 23

Evangeline: That’s no excuse. There’s plenty of not evil vampires out there. …Well maybe not plenty, but I know they exist! Just like there’s good weres and occasionally a good warlock, but we don’t want them to know I said that, because they get awfully big headed about it.

Lily: I guess I did tell mama we were going to wreck the place… *Lily just made sure to stay out of the way as she popped a bag in to the microwave and set the timer!*

Ciara: As a matter of fact, you said chipmunks were cute and furry, and it ended up biting the devil out of you when you tried to pick it up.

Conrad: Somehow I doubt this is what she had in mind, though. *He deflected one spear thrust with the flat of frying pan while parrying another spear thrust!*

Leon: Okay now … that was before I figured out chipmunks were spoiled and bad-tempered. *He nodded sagely.* -06:27 Jul 23

“For our honor!!” shouted Angus! Those gnomes sure were serious about spearing that hunter! And climbing up on the counter too!

Conrad: … You guys need a hobby! *He knocked one gnome off the counter while he was climbing onto it! And knocked the other gnome off as well! He did the same for the third, swatting!*

Gabriel: Considering my circumstances, I find it curious not to be as bloodthirsty or evil as Michael and Anthony. *He said, returning to her after getting rid of the were’s body.*

Ciara: What about that dog, that didn’t like anyone and we were stuck up in that tree for three hours until it got bored and left? -06:30 Jul 23
Leon: Now as for that dog … I said that before he escaped from his yard. And there is no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners. -06:32 Jul 23

Evangeline: I can’t imagine you being evil… You just weren’t made to be that way. *She pointed a finger over her shoulder at the window.* Haven’t you ever thought about love and girls?

Gnomes were relentless warriors! Ones packing bows and arrows made of match sticks! They stood back on the floor and started firing! ..Ding! Went the microwave!

Lily: *She pulled out the bag, being mindful of her fingers and dumped the popcorn in to a big bowl!* … *Lily leaned against the counter and popped a piece in her mouth! This was like a good movie too!*

Gabriel: … I was made to be a lot of things. *He glanced over her shoulder at the window.* No. I only have one mission in this period you humans call a life. That is to eliminate Anthony and Michael. Love and girls have nothing to do with it.

Conrad: *Moved over to the sink! He was able to deflect the arrows with the frying pan! Until he reached over and grabbed the faucet with the nozzle and handle and extendable cable! He sprayed those gnomes good!*

Finally! Ciara and Leon’s food came! The pizza and the breadsticks looked and smelled delicious!

Ciara: I think you’re just biased because it was a dog! -06:39 Jul 23

Evangeline: That’s… awful! Really? No, that’s not right at all… Love is the whole reason that anything can even exist. Everything good has something to love.

Leon: *Took a bite out of his slice!* Am not! -06:42 Jul 23

Gargleblaargh! Gnomes went running away in fury! Waters is disgusting! Blech!!

Conrad: *Just kept spraying and spraying! He should trade his handgun in for a super soaker! One of those super soakers with ice cold water!*

Ciara: *Pulling pieces of her breadstick and dipping it in marinara.* Are too. You’re a dog lover. -06:44 Jul 23

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus!

Lily: … *She watched for a minute until half the kitchen was covered in water, then she quickly snatched the nozzled out of Conrad’s hands!* …okay, they get the point..!

The gnomes huddled behind the kitchen door, peering around the corner. “Aye, you tell him, Missy! Rip off his ears and eat his spleen!”

Conrad: Yes, ma’am. *Soaked, he went to go get the mop and the bucket!*

Leon: Well … maybe a little … but it’s still a fact. *Starts on another slice of pizza.* -06:49 Jul 23

Lily: *With Conrad out of sight, she squirted at the gnomes too! Ha ha ha!*

Gabriel: *Decided to wait awhile and lean against the wall with his hands in his pockets!*

Coughsputterblaargh!! “CHARGE THE WENCH!!” Shouted Angus, pointing his spear! Gnomes charged!

Lily: *Half laughing half screaming, she hopped back up on the counter!* It’s put away! I stopped! That’s my foot!

Ciara: *A soft smile, Ciara ate her dinner with a little teasing in between! Including stealing pepperoni off his pizza!* -06:54 Jul 23

Conrad: *Returned, ready to clean!* I can see leaving you alone for five minutes isn’t an option. *He started mopping up the floor!*

Lily: I don’t know what you’re talking about. *…She shouldn’t. …But she did! Lily squirted Conrad with the nozzle, being rewarded with a gnomely cheer!*

Leon: … Keep spraying me and you’ll be the one mopping the kitchen up. By yourself. While I go out and get some ice cream. -07:00 Jul 23

Conrad: *But just to be on the safe side … he took the nozzle from her!*

Conrad: … Keep spraying me and you’ll be the one mopping the kitchen up. By yourself. While I go out and get some ice cream.

Lily: Technically you’re not allowed to leave, so that’s an empty threat! *Drats! She was going to get him again too!*

Conrad: Technically … you’re not allowed to leave.

Conrad: Not without someone tailing you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was thinking… And seriously too by the way she was chewing on her lip and twirling her hair around her finger.* …Maybe if you played games with Brutus… *She said to herself!*

Lily: And you’re supposed to tail me, so you can’t leave if I don’t leave.

Those gnomes were quiet. …which meant they were tying something around Conrad’s legs while he was distracted.

Conrad: *Sprayed the gnomes with the water which he catches tying something around his legs!*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus jumped on Evangeline at the mention of games!

GRAAG!! One of the gnomes kicked Conrad in the leg, before they ran out of the kitchen!

Conrad: *Rubbed his leg where they kicked him but stopped spraying when they ran out of the kitchen! He sat down and undid the knots before returning to mopping up the floor.* Well, that wasn’t in the training manual.

Evangeline: With Gabriel, Brutus! I love you already! Gabriel needs something to love now, so he’ll have a good reason to save the world.

Gabriel: … Stopping Anthony is reason enough.

Lily: Better tell my mother. She said this morning that she was going to do something about Oracle. *Lily behaved. Even when the nozzle was put up and in perfect reach.*

Conrad: I think I’ll have enough to tell her when I explain why her kitchen looks the way it does. *He ran his fingers through his wet hair as he finished mopping up the floor.*

Evangeline: It’s a pretty good reason, but it’s not really a happy one. Like… If you saved the world, you could spend the rest of your nights knowing that puppies wouldn’t be put through evil expirements!

Gabriel: I will play one game with your pup. If you stop trying to show me how human I can be. I am content with how I am.

Lily: I hope you realize you’re tempting that evil kid part of me that really wants to make a huge mess just to watch you scramble, right?

Conrad: … In that case, I would save your mother the trouble of firing me and quit. *And he meant every word of it, too!*

[Ciara is painfully competative, even when she\’s not good at something!] -03:02 Jul 26
[Leon is standing at the first hole of the Tropical Minature Golf Course! First up … hitting your ball up a ramp into the center of a desert island] -03:03 Jul 26
Leon: *Wolfish grin as he stood to the side with his club over his shoulder!* Don’t worry about, Cissy. You’ll get the hang of it. -03:04 Jul 26
Ciara: This is impossible. *Her head tilted as she was trying to figure out exactly how the thing was supposed to go uphill and where it was supposed to.* Who designed these courses anyway, gnomes? -03:05 Jul 26
Leon: *Scratched his head.* Ya know, I never thought about that. But I wouldn’t be too surprised if that was the case. -03:08 Jul 26

On the next course, a couple of kids golfing with their parents got holes in ones! There was a lot of cheering and clapping for them!

Ciara: *It was wrong of her to want to hit someone with a golf club. But she thought about it anyway. Ciara paused, aimed carefully, and hit the ball! …It was most certainly not a hole in one and she was lucky it didn’t come rolling back down the ramp like it did the first three times! Ciara stomped her foot!* Impossible! -03:11 Jul 26
Leon: *Watched her hit and scratched his head.* Um … Would you like a drink or something? -03:14 Jul 26

Gabriel: *Standing beside Evangeline as they continue keeping an eye on Grey and Santos.* I believe we have chased away every demon, vampire, and were in the area.

Ciara: No, I want you to come here and show me how to do this, before I stuff you in that hole! -03:16 Jul 26
Leon: *BLINK!* Wonderful idea! *He scooted over to her after leaning the club against the fence.* Well … uh … let’s see … *He stood behind her and seemed to be awkwardly trying to figure out how to show her exactly.* Uh … Or maybe you have to … *He stood and scratched his head.* Hm. -03:18 Jul 26

Evangeline: I think you’re exaggerating. *Evangeline was crouching on the ground to share her donut puffs with Brutus! One for the puppy, and one for her! And one she held up for Gabriel!*

Ciara: It can’t be that complicated if you and a five year old can do it. *She eyed him over her shoulder with a frown!* -03:20 Jul 26

Gabriel: *Glanced down at the offered donut puff … and finally took it. He ate the puff.* Why do you humans insist on wasting your time with games? *He suddenly asked after a few moments of silence.*

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus barked. He was certainly happy to get that donut puff! It wasn’t long before he’d finished off his and began jumping on Evangeline for another!

Leon: *Sheepish grin! He moved a little closer and slowly put his arms around her waist, helping her position the club.* Well … you have the right posture. You’re probably hitting the ball too hard. Sometimes a nice, gentle swing goes a long way. Okay. Ready … *He guided her into lifting the golf club back slightly.* And then go … *He helped guide her hand into a gentle swing so that she tapped the ball instead of slamming the club into it.* -03:27 Jul 26

Evangeline: You always say ‘you humans’. It’s not just humans, everyone likes to have fun. Don’t you do anything at all to relax? *Evangeline held up the puff so Brutus would hop in circles before she gave it to him!*

Ciara: Hmph… *That of course had a much better result, saving Leon from an elbow to the ribs.* So it works on this hole. But the next one is completely different, with that swinging door trap. -03:30 Jul 26

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus followed that puff as if it was a light and he was a moth! A furry, hyperactive moth! He hopped in circles again and again!

Gabriel: *Watched the people as they played and laughed and hugged each other.* … I sleep.

Leon: *Blinked as he stepped back and retrieved his club!* Well … same principle … Just that now you have to think about timing. I remember the last time I tried to teach you something and you ended up chasing me with a golf club … or was it a baseball bat? -03:35 Jul 26
Ciara: It was a baseball bat and I wasn’t particularly good at that either. Besides running, I can do the running. You gave me lots of running practice. *She flashed him a wicked grin as she fetched the balls and led the way to the next hole!* -03:38 Jul 26

Evangeline: …Okay, you’re in serious need of fun-training. *Evangeline rewarded Brutus with his donut and gave him a good petting!* Since we are out, we should do something fun while we bodyguard!

Leon: *Followed after her with his balls! (That didn’t sound right. *koff*)* You’re very welcome. I think. *They got to the second hole!* Well, here’s the infamous door swinging … thing. Do you want to go first? -03:40 Jul 26

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus ate that donut puff and licked Evangeline’s hand, covering it with sugar and werepup slobber!

Gabriel: *Sat back on the bench and stretched his legs out! He clasped his hands behind his head and leaned his head back!* I see no reason for this fun-training of yours.

Ciara: *Ciara eyed it, like she was eyeing a mountain to climb!* …Help me do this one too, or we’re going to be here for hours. -03:43 Jul 26

Evangeline: Because the thought of you never having done anything just for the fun of it is awful! What sort of life is that? *Evangeline dried her hands from puppy slobber as she stood up.* We can play hopscotch. Wait no, I guess that’s too silly for adults to be doing. Maybe playing fetch with Brutus!

Leon: Heh heh … Sure! Let’s see … a swinging door. Sure it looks tough but a slightly stronger swing should do the trick. Um … How about I stand back and watch how you do on your own first? -04:22 Jul 26

Gabriel: You are impossible, Seer. *He remarked as he watched her wiping her hands of puppy drool.*

Ciara: It sounds like you’re just making this stuff up as we go. *Adjusting her club, she hit the ball and it almost barely made it! Ciara chewed on her tongue refraining from any non-family friendly words before she pointed and frowned at Leon!* It did that on purpose! -04:27 Jul 26

Evangeline: If I were impossible then I’d be… …I’m not really sure how I could be impossible, but I think you’re just being difficult. Give me your hand, I can show you how to tango! *Evangeline held out her hand, fully expecting him to take it!*

Leon: You make it sound like that’s a bad thing. *He leaned his club against the pole holding the sign that said “HOLE #2.” He stepped up behind her and slipped his arms around her to cover her hands with his after setting the ball up.* Now, let’s see … Raise the club. Just a tad bit higher now. There. Now a nice clean stroke. *He guided her swing into a single fluid motion to hit the ball!* -04:32 Jul 26

Gabriel: *After studying her with her hand out for several moments, he reached out and took it.* I am only doing this to humor you.

Ciara: Ha! *Ciara gave a satisfied smirk as the ball made it’s merry way to it’s home! She leaned backwards against Leon.* We’ll just keep doing it this way. It works and we should always do what works. -04:37 Jul 26

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled brilliantly, moving him in to place with an arm around her waist and holding his other straight out!* I think you’re amused with me and Brutus, and you’re curious to see what we’ll do next! Now move your feet like this! *She led by example!*

Leon: *Stay cool … stay cool. He chuckled softly!* Good point. Uh-oh. The next hole is a giant Tiki’s mouth that opens and closes. Think we’re up to it? -04:46 Jul 26

“Arf! Arf!” went Brutus! Whatever they were doing looked like fun and he started jumping up and down! Maybe they’ll let him play too!

Gabriel: *Didn’t reply to that! He glanced at how Evangeline had arranged his arms and looked down at how she moved her feet! He followed her example exactly–just slower!*

Ciara: *A low mutter, that sounded much like an insult to the Tiki Hole!* What if we tie little firecrackers to the balls and throw them in there? Do you suppose we’d get arrested for that? -04:51 Jul 26

Evangeline: *Step, step, step, step.. The she moved his arms so they could switch to the other way!* …that’s it! Actually, I think there’s a lot more to the tango, but I only know how to do this one part. Besides dips! Those are fun too. Oh! But swing dancing! I used to do that really well!

Leon: *Wolfish grin! That just seeped trouble and damn if it didn’t sound fun!* They’d have to catch us to arrest us, wouldn’t they? -04:56 Jul 26
Ciara: *Waltzing to the next hole, twirling that club in her hand like a baton.* With all these kids around, they have plenty of suspects. Unless they have security cams hidden. -04:59 Jul 26

Gabriel: *Slowly followed Evangeline’s lead! He looked up from watching their feet when she mentioned swing dancing.* I know a vampire who loves to swing dance. He owns a club and holds competitions every week.

Leon: *Chuckled softly as he followed.* Only a mind such as yours could think of doing something that would require hidden surveillance. This is a family-friendly place. They probably have less cameras here than Wal-Mart. -05:03 Jul 26
Ciara: I suppose I shouldn’t be plotting to vandalize a minigolf course. But if they didn’t make the game so damned frustrating. It was definitely made gnome sized for gnome sized people. *Ciara leaned to set down her ball and waited for him. Apparently serious about making him help through the whole thing!* -05:06 Jul 26

Evangeline: See, you know vampires that do enjoyable things, and you haven’t even tried them. You should go and try his swing club! *She stopped to spin herself under his arm, which wasn’t even the tango anymore but it was still dancing!*

Leon: I live to serve. *He said as he moved behind her. By the time he’d put his arms around, he’d pinned down the timing. The mouth stayed open for two seconds before beginning to close which it took three seconds to finish. Then it spent one second closed before beginning to open again, which took another three seconds.* Same thing as before. Just a shorter, harder swing. *He moved her arm back just as the mouth began to open. If he’d timed it right, it should take the ball only a second–two at the most–to get from point A to point B. Point B, hopefully being inside of the Tiki’s mouth!* And … go. *He guided her into the swing he’d described and watched the ball!* -05:13 Jul 26

Gabriel: I am busy. *He watched as she moved under his arm, spun herself around.* And I am not popular with vampires, weres, and demons.

Ciara: *The ball roll quickly on the green bouncing off a corner, and it very nearly missed before it disappeared in to the Tiki mouth! Ciara hopped and clapped herhands, a silly little thing she caught herself doing quick! With a slight cough, she adjusted her shirt primly.* Not bad, cooties. -05:22 Jul 26
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I shall that to mean ‘Most impressive work, Leon! I give you much gratitude and recognition for your hard work and awesome skills.’ -05:25 Jul 26
Leon: *take -05:25 Jul 26

Evangeline: I guess I can believe that. Being busy and there not being anyone friendly. Buuuut, there’s not any excuses with me and Brutus around. I’ll help you save the world, and show you how nice it is to be alive! *She was going to try and dip him, but the confusion on trying figure out how she was going to do that had her stopping and thinking on it.*

Brutus decided this was his cue! When Evangeline stopped, he jumped into her and Gabriel’s joined arms!

Ciara: *Ciara turned around with a hand on her hip and leaning lightly on the golf club.* You won’t get any praise until we win every one, and then maybe I’ll give you a prize. -05:32 Jul 26
Leon: *Laughed softly but then he saluted!* Yes, ma’am! Well, let’s get to it then. I wanna see if I can win a prize! *He got his club and the balls and went marching onto the next hole!* -05:36 Jul 26
Ciara: *Ciara was after him quick, that devilish grin! She poked him in the back with her club!* You don’t even know what the prize is, what if it’s something horrible? -05:40 Jul 26
Leon: *Stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her!* What? You’ll give him a horrible prize after the hard work I put into helping you?! -05:41 Jul 26

Gabriel: *Caught the pup! He managed to take the puppy lickings and the tail wagging with the same silent … ness that he took everything.*

Evangeline: *There was a slight eep out of her in catching the werepup! Blinking she scratched behind his ears!* Are you a jealous puppy? We’re not going to forget you. What do you think about playing catch? Of course, we’ll have to get a ball… but Gabriel should be good at throwing!

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus turned to soak Evangeline with wet puppy kisses! “Arf! Arf!”

Ciara: *Resting the club at her shoulder and looking up at the sky, seemingly to perfectly innocently consider it.* I never can be sure what you think is horrible or not. I know the last time I offered you a kiss as a prize, you gagged and said that was for sissies. -05:46 Jul 26
Leon: Well … that was a long time ago. Kisses are good. Chocolate and otherwise. -05:12 Jul 29
Ciara: I don’t know. I rather think even the slightest smoochie face at you will have you jumping the fence. …But that might be rather amusing. *At the next hole it was… quite a bit of zigzagging, a hill, and…was that fire? How was THAT child friendly? Ciara leaned on her club trying to figure it out!* -05:15 Jul 29
Leon: Ha ha ha. Very funny. I dare you to try a smoochie face and see what happens. -05:17 Jul 29
Ciara: *Ciara laugh and cast him a smirk!* Oh you dare me? That’s pretty brave words for a cootie boy. -05:19 Jul 29
Leon: *Looked quite serious as he nodded.* Yep. I dare you. -05:23 Jul 29
Ciara: Living dangerous now? I’ll be nice and close my eyes so you’re not embarassed. *Smirking still, Ciara slid over to him holding the golf behind her back, clasped between her hands. It was pretty hard to purse her lips to make a kissy face when she was trying not to snicker, but she did just barely and closed her eyes just like she promised!* -05:28 Jul 29
Leon: *Blinked! He should’ve known she was going to go through the dare! But he hadn’t–he’d never–! He swallowed and fought the urge to stammer an excuse and scramble out of there! He closed his eyes and kissed her real quick!* -05:33 Jul 29
Ciara: *Unexpected! Enough that she even jumped and leaned back quickly, to blink at him with wary disbelief!* You kissed me! -05:36 Jul 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Ha. I knew I could get over that urge to bail out. -05:38 Jul 29
Ciara: *Wolfy grins and all… Ciara put on her most imperious expression.* Your lucky I hadn’t seen it coming. I’m sure a real kiss is much too much for you. *Still stiff and refusing to think twice about it, she set down one of her balls and was aiming her club. With or without him! And she wasn’t going to be blushing either, she was far too old for that!* -05:43 Jul 29
Leon: *He knew better than to respond to that! So, he stood by and watched her golf. He couldn’t tell if she was really pissed, surprised, embarassed or what …* -05:48 Jul 29
Ciara: *Kissing Leon, that was just bizarre… And why was she even thinking what the real thing was like! Leon wasn’t kissable. Well mayb-..No! No he wasn’t! Ciara knocked the ball just a tad too hard! It went flying over the course, hit a back wall, skimmed past her and clonked some cranky old man in the back!* …! *When he spun around angrily, she pointed slowly at Leon!* -05:54 Jul 29
Leon: *Yikes! He grinned sheepishly, slowly waved … and wandered away! To … the refreshment stand! Yep, he would just have a cold drink and let Cissy accidentally hit someone else with a ball!* -05:56 Jul 29

Gabriel:That is love? *He asked to no one in particular as he watched Grey blame Santos for something she did.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying so hard not to laugh… Which didn’t work so well at all! At least she laughed softly so everyone in town wouldn’t hear her!* Poor Ms. Grey…! She just realized Leon is very much an adult now! She’s never thought of him like that before. *Evangeline grinned at Gabriel.* This is love before you realize it’s love!

Gabriel: You humans make things so complicated. *He remarked as Brutus brought that stick he’d thrown earlier back to him. He threw it again and watched the pup run after it.*

Ciara: *Ciara let out a breath slowly… There was no reason to get worked up. She had kissed on Leon plenty of times before, and just because this was the first time he didn’t go running screaming, and he just wolfy smiled, and smelled like that really nice brand of after shave…Which there was absolutely no reason for her to notice- Leon was still Leon, and there was nothing special about it! At least with her second ball it remained on the course where it belong. There. See, she was fine.* -06:07 Jul 29
Leon: *Ordered a really big drink when it was his turn and paid the nice lady. Then he found an open table that was vacant and sat at it so he could sip away.* -06:09 Jul 29

Evangeline: Everything is complicated. That’s what makes life so interesting. Kissing someone for the first time gets anyone all flustered! haven’t you tried it before?

Gabriel: No. And before you start thinking it … no. *He watched Brutus come back with the stick and tossed it away again.* And for your information, everything is complicated. But you humans make it more so.

TRinny appeared sitting on the top of Leon’s drink! “LEON!” She squeeled! “You can’t leave a date alone, another man could steal her! What if she falls in love with that cute twelve year old boy with the pokemon shirt!! He’s a dreamy one!”

Leon: Trinny?! *He fell backwards and landed on his back with a THUD! He slowly sat up and rubbed his head.* Well … she blamed me for hitting that old guy! And all I did was kiss her! -06:12 Jul 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed again!* Thinking what, suggesting kissing lessons? I’m afraid I don’t have any practice for that. I had one boyfriend once and before we got to the kissing I accidentally told him that he was going to get Miss Stephanie Duncan pregnant during senior year and he suddenly wasn’t so interested anymore.

Fluttering down, Trinny landed on his knee! “I know! Isn’t it great! She’s never ever done THAT before when someone kissed her! It’s always “oh, you’re so handsome!’ or a slap in the face!”

Gabriel: Contrary to what you may believe, I do not dabble in mind games. And where you are concerned, I can never tell what you are thinking.

Evangeline: *Blinking, she looked somewhat surprised!* Is it really hard to tell what I’m thinking? I always thought I had a bad habit of blabbering everything out loud, even when I really should have kept it to myself. It’s not like you at all. You’re impossible to read most of the time unless I’m close enough to touch you.

Leon: *Sighed!* Yeah, well … I’ve never kissed anyone before so I guess we’re even. *He sat up and went into the line to get Cissy a drink.* What do you think she’d like to drink? -06:23 Jul 29

Relanding herself on his head, Trinny listed off a long list of things, and the only word that could be made sense of was ‘juice’! “…and you should try again! Practice makes perfect!”

Gabriel: You do not blabber everything out. *He sat back.* I certainly did not see that idea of yours … to learn to dance … coming.

Leon: Uh … Give me a bottle of apple juice, please. *He said once it was his turn. He wasn’t too keen on trying to kiss Cissy again. He was pretty sure she’d swing that golf club at his head and poof! He’d be one headless wolf.* Uh yeah … Try again. Um, you should make yourself disappear, Trinny. If she catches you with me, I’ll never hear the end of it. -06:29 Jul 29

Evangeline: I didn’t really plan it ahead of time. The only the I really plotted was keeping an eye on Ms. Grey and Leon, and counting on your liking of keeping an eye on me and Brutus to get you out and doing something besides being Mr. Hero. It wasn’t too devious, was it?

“Yes! Try again! Oh, oh, oh! At the movies it will be dark and that’s the best place ever to sneak a kiss! …and she won’t have anything to clobber you with!” Trinny glanced around before she poofed. Only her voice was heard. “Besides, you’re on a date! There HAS to be kissing!”

Leon: *Sighed! This was more work than fun … He found Ciara still at the same hole he’d left her at.* I brought you some apple juice, Cissy. -06:36 Jul 29
Ciara: *Ciara, being fearless had no problem retrieving her ball from the cranky old man. And maybe perhaps she even apologised to him for clobbering him. Once he was talking he was actually kind of nice, in a granpa sort of way. …Plus he had some really amusing tips on how to handle a rotten date, of which Ciara found hilarious, even if they weren’t useful. When Leon returned she quickly stopped her grinning, and had no idea why she was shy about accepting the juice.* ..Thank you. -06:38 Jul 29

Gabriel: Somehow I expected as much.

Leon: *He glanced over at the hole.* So, how’s it going with this one? -06:43 Jul 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline looked guilty, and enitely too apologetic.* I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad at me. I was just so sure you’d never agree to doing something different, and I really did need to make sure their date wasn’t interupted, so it was just a perfect opportunity to do two good things at once!

Ciara: As poorly as the others. *Ciara offered him her ball.* I had to rescue the ball from the old man, who wouldn’t return it until I apologised. Then he had to lecture me, that if I wanted to get my date killed, there were better ways to do it. -06:47 Jul 29
Leon: You didn’t tell him your date was a were, did you? -06:48 Jul 29

“Arf! Arf!” Here came Brutus, brandishing the stick in his mouth just before putting it into Gabriel’s lap!

Ciara: Considering I don’t actually want to get you killed, why the hell would I tell him that? -06:49 Jul 29
Leon: Um … Just checking. *He scratched his hair and cleared his throat.* -06:52 Jul 29

Gabriel: *Picked up the stick and threw it for Brutus again.* … Perhaps … I was in need of a break.

Ciara: *Ciara sighed! What was she so flustered over… Leon was very much Leon, even if he was taller and looked like a man.* We still have a deal. Or are you going to forget to help me win and give up that glorious prize? -06:55 Jul 29
Leon: Can part of the prize be all the steaks I can eat? *That idea sounded so very tempting right about now!* -06:56 Jul 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline sat back against the bench with a relieved breath!* Oh good! I was going to have to bribe you with candy if you were angry, and I’m almost out of the chocolate ones.

Ciara: I’m fairly certain you get all the steaks you can eat anyway. *Smirking at him was irrestiable.* But if that’s what you want. -07:06 Jul 29
Leon: *Scratched his head.* That’s true. But … I want to know what this glorious prize is. -07:15 Jul 29

“Arf! Arf!” Brutus dropped the stick and began jumping on top of Evangeline!

Ciara: *Ciara paused for a moment, seemingly trying to hide her expression as she slowly turned around.* I had thought about a kiss, but that wouldn’t be big surprise. Maybe some pets for your tail. -07:18 Jul 29

Evangeline: *Oof! Evangeline quickly was giving Brutus the obligatory scratchies!* You’re going weight, Brutus! You’ll be knocking me down before long!

Brutus panted and gave Evangeline lots of wet, sloppy puppy kisses!

Evangeline: *Skilled at the art of dodging, Evangeline turned Brutus so he’d be giving the stoic vampire sloppy wet puppy kisses, while she dried her face with her sleeve!*

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