016 Rumors

Evangeline takes Vlamerias to see Oracle. They help Caroline teach Dark a lesson. Dark gets angry about getting compared to Gabriel and rants it out with Vlamerias. He and Caroline compromise. Evangeline suggests to Gabriel that they get her a wedding ring.

Vlamerias: *She yawned and stirred! This was a very comfortable place to sleep and she had never slept with others before! She opened her eyes and looked down to where her Glaër and his Bright Lady’s fingers were linked with each other.* How cute!

Evangeline: *A soft mumbling at the devil’s voice… it was far too soon to be waking, and it was so comfortable here! Drats! But she was hungry, and there was so ignoring that.* …what time is it, Meri?

Vlamerias: *She was puzzled!* Time to eat, Bright Lady! *She didn’t know anything about clocks or watches or how humans told time on the mortal plane!*

Gabriel: *He opened his eyes to see the Seer over the top of Vlamerias’ head. The devil was in her human form and apparently well rested. He was also well rested. He only slept when he was with Evangeline and last night had been the first night he had slept beside her in a very long time.* -04:14 May 27
Evangeline: *Time to eat, huh! Evangeline laughed softly, making sure to hold the blanket to her as she sat up slowly. She gave a small wince, followed by a faint blush. Sore! But most worth it!* Then we better do something about it… -04:17 May 27
Evangeline: *Time to eat, huh! Evangeline laughed softly, making sure to hold the blanket to her as she sat up slowly. She gave a small wince, followed by a faint blush. Sore! But most worth it!* Then we better do something about it… -04:17 May 27

Vlamerias: Yay! *She jumped off the bed!* Did you and my Glaër have fun last night, Bright Lady? *She danced around the room!* Warrior Lady said you would not be done until morning if you were doing things right! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He smirked as she sat up slowly. Oh yes, he’d made sure to make up for lost time and then some! He stretched. He would have to leave soon so he could feed.* -04:20 May 27
Evangeline: *Evangeline blushed again! What a topic for people to be talking about with a little girl! Even if she was a devil!* ….what on earth did she mean by doing things right? -04:23 May 27

Vlamerias: *She stopped dancing and had a thoughtful look on her face!* Um … I don’t know. I asked her if she thought you and my Glaër were done. And that’s when she told me, my Glaër would not be done until morning if he was doing it right. She said I could come and play with my Glaër‘s Doppleganger if you and my Glaër ever need to be alone again. -Gabriel

Evangeline: …I suppose you may tell Caroline everything was wonderful. *How embarassing! Although maybe discussing it makes for good lessons for Dark. Evangeline kept that idea in mind! She leaned on the bed to kiss Gabriel’s cheek.* Meri can help me make breakfast. -04:31 May 27

Vlamerias: *She smiled!* Okay! *She was thoughtful again as she sat on the edge of the bed!* Warrior Lady saw me in my human form and said it would be amusing. She said something about an Oracle and rumors. Does that mean she likes my human form? -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He moved his head to brush his lips against her mouth. She had the sweetest lips.* Very well. -04:35 May 27
Evangeline: *If she didn’t need to eat, she might have just stayed in bed with Gabriel! Kissing him once more, she slid to the edge of the bed to dig in the drawer for something to pull on.* …does your human form look strange? You did pick a normal human girl, didn’t you? -04:37 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked and looked at a strand of her hair!* … Glaër? -Gabriel

Gabriel: Her human form looks perfectly normal. However, it should be noted that she has gray eyes, brown hair and pale skin. Her features are possibly what a child of ours would look like. *He said with some amusement.* I approve of your human form, Vlamerias. -04:40 May 27
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused after pulling a nightgown over her head.* Really? … how sweet! That will make a wonderful disguise when we’re out! -04:42 May 27
Gabriel: And my thanks, Vlamerias, for your aid. The Bright Lady is very precious to me. *He added, remembering how Vlamerias had found the loophole in the contract.* -04:44 May 27

Vlamerias: *She smiled and clapped!* Yay! *Both her Glaër and the Bright Lady approved! She jumped up and twined her fingers together!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *And guided them to the banquet hall in the first place! -04:47 May 27
Evangeline: *Standing, she was a little wobbly on her feet, but found herself just fine! She pat Vlameries gently on the head as she walked past to head for the kitchen.* Lets go make some breakfast! -04:49 May 27

Vlamerias: Oh! I can tell you about the adventure the Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger had while I was away! *She followed after Evangeline.* What is breakfast? And how do you make it? Is it a spell? Oh! It must be a summons! -Gabriel

Evangeline: It’s the first meal of the day and it’s not magic, it’s cooking! *Evangeline wasn’t exactly the best at cooking, but at least she could make toast and use a microwave! She could make anything with a microwave, and Meri would be a great help!* I think there is enough in my cabinets… *Evangeline searched!* What did you do with Caroline and Dark? -04:57 May 27

Vlamerias: *She was in awe of all the things Evangeline had in her kitchen! First meal of the day. Cooking. Not magic. Got it. She ran a hand over the counter and stared at the faucet.* Oohh … So shiny. *She looked up when Evangeline passed by her.* After my Glaër dismissed me, I went following the Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger’s scent. Why does the Doppleganger smell so much like my Glaër? -Gabriel

Evangeline: He is a direct clone of Gabriel, something rather tricky… Luckily he is with us now. *Fussing in the cabinet she found things for muffins! Those were simple and wouldn’t be too hard for a devil to help with!* Dark is just like Gabriel, but young and learning… Would you find a bowl for me? -05:04 May 27

Vlamerias: A bowl! I know what a bowl is! *She began searching through the cabinets, only to climb on top of the counter and open one of the cupboards hanging over it. She retried a bowl for Evangeline and handed it to her!* He is very funny! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *Dressed, he stood behind Evangeline and put his hands on her shoulders. Then he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.* I need to feed. I will return soon. *He nipped her playfully again.* -05:10 May 27
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused long enough to lean against Gabriel and grin. He was all hers, for as long as they lived!* After eating, I am going to take Meri to see Oracle. You can meet us there? -05:12 May 27
Gabriel: Very well. *One hand moved down her arm to take the hand with the Binding Mark and raise it to his lips. He kissed the mark there. Then he put her hand down and walked away, pausing to brush his hand over Vlamerias’ head.* Take good care of her, Vlamerias. I will see you both at Oracle. *And then he was gone!* -05:16 May 27

Vlamerias: So romantic! *She giggled as she hopped off of the counter.* What is Oracle, Bright Lady? Is it a prophet or a seer like you? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *A wistful look as she brushed her fingers over the spot he kissed… Blinking, she brought herself back to attention to fetch milk and eggs from the fridge!* It’s an organization dedicated to protecting innocents from evil! Gabriel and I teach the hunters there. You’ll be able to help me with classes now that you are here. -05:20 May 27

Vlamerias: Oh! That must be fun! *She watched Evangeline get what she needed.* So after I left you and my Glaër, I followed their scent to where it disappeared. Poof! -Gabriel

Evangeline: A transport spell, yes? *Adding the mix to the bowl, she had a cup and measured the milk. Keeping measurement with her finger.* How did you find them? *Cracking two of the eggs, she left the shells to sit on the counter while she stirred the contents of the bowl.* -05:34 May 27
[Evangeline has timed out.] -07:09 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked and nodded. Watching the Bright Lady was so fascinating!* There were were traces of magic but they were real faint. So I tie them together so I could know where they went. *She nodded.* -Gabriel

[Evangeline can at least make muffins!] -07:10 May 27
Evangeline: That’s very clever! It must be hard for others to hide from you. *Evangeline paused her stirring before she frowned.* I forgot to look muffin pans. Do you know what those look like? -07:11 May 27

Vlamerias: *-the second were -Gabriel

Vlamerias: *She beamed! … and then blinked!* Um … what are muffins? -Gabriel

Evangeline: …What on earth do demons eat…? *Evangeline pondered out loud!* They are small sort of round things made of flour, sugar and in this case bananas and walnuts. So I will need the metal pan that has six holes. -07:16 May 27

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful as she quickly went through the cupboards in search of the metal pan with six holes!* Um … Meat and lots of other meat. Father loves variety. He says as the Devil King it is his privilege. Is this it …? *She returned to Evangeline’s side and placed her hand on a metal pan with six holes!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded with a smile!* This is the one. *Setting it on the counter, she filled the holes in the pan with the mix.* I am not sure meat and more meat is a very large variety… but I can take you to all sorts of nice places to eat. -07:26 May 27

Vlamerias: Yay! *She beamed! She scratched her head.* Can we get more of those um, meaty things I ate last night? While I was searching for the Warrior Lady and the Doppleganger, I smelled something delicious and followed the scent. It was in a big gray box with wheels and a human saw me and ran. So I ate everything that was in the box. Little meaty things and some soft non-meaty cushions. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Pausing, Meri’s comments sunk in! Only a brief look of exasperation, before she gave an amused smile and leaned over the stove to turn the tempurature.* That would be a hot dog stand, and in the future, lets not eat the entire contents without paying for it. That poor man works really hard, and seems to loose his weenies often. *…on more than one occasion with her and Brutus!* -07:34 May 27

Vlamerias: Yes, Bright Lady. *She watched as Evangeline turned on the stove.* So … Oh! After I ate, I went back to the place and traced the spell to the location! And then I used my own magic to boost the spell and poofed! over there, too! Devils call it “piggyback” but I’ve never met a piggyback before. Is it a large creature you slay whenever you wish to teleport? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Laughing softly, Evangeline opened the open to set the pan inside. After closing it, she found the timer on the counter and turned it.* No… I think it means riding on the back of something. I’m not sure why it’s piggyback, though and not horsieback. No one rides pigs. …Oh! Hot dogs arenot made of dogs, by the way, so don’t try swallowing any! Hot dogs are usually made of pigs or cows. …and I’m not sure why they call them dogs, either. Humans have a lot of weirdly named things. -07:46 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* The mortal plane is so complicated! No swallowing dogs … *She repeated, just to make sure she remembered that one! Things you weren’t supposed to do were often the most important! She studied Evangeline!* Bright Lady, how does it feel to be bound to my Glaër? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Leaning against the counter, she gave a wide, bright smile!* Like I had been broken my entire life and only now have been put back together again. -07:54 May 27

Vlamerias: How romantic! He must feel the same way! *She paused.* But it is hard to tell. I try to hear his thoughts but he is silent. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Gabriel is very private. It’s better not to listen in or pry. *Evangeline grinned again. She could reach out now to feel his thoughts, but she would refrain. It was enough to know she could touch his thoughts when she needed to.* -08:00 May 27

Vlamerias: *She pouted!* Oh puu … How can I be a good familiar if I can’t hear his thoughts? *She mumbled as she sat on the counter with her legs over the edge!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Laughing, she moved to put the food away and take the dishes to the sink!* I can make it easy? Mostly it will be "Don’t let Evangeline get in trouble." or "I’m going to throw that man out a window.". Sometimes it’ll be something else and he’ll be sure to tell you. So you won’t have to worry. -08:06 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked and nodded.* Okay, Bright Lady! Um … You do not look like the type to cause trouble. -Gabriel

Evangeline: I try very hard not to cause trouble on purpose. …Yet I seem to have terrible luck about stuff. *She looked sheepish for a moment before shrugging her shoulders and rinsing the bowl.* There is always dangers too. Because I am a Seer and because I have helped Gabriel. -08:09 May 27

Vlamerias: That sounds like my older sister, Veshra. Father often said she must be part angel to attract the type of trouble she did. Angels and devils aren’t supposed to mix but Father says it happens. Light and darkness are opposites but they attract each other, too. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Your father is very wise. It’s nice to hear someone not say it’s impossible, when it happens all the time. *A ding! meant that those muffins were ready and she pulled a towel to take them out!* These are muffins! They smell divine, don’t they? -08:16 May 27

Vlamerias: *She closed her eyes as she smelled that! She leaned forward!* Mmmm! Oh they do! *She licked her lips as she watched Evangeline take them out.* You mean like you and my Glaër? You two are opposites and yet you are attracted to each other, yes? -Gabriel

Evangeline: I didn’t think we are so opposite. Different opinions, maybe… Inside he warm and sweet and compassionate. *Evangeline layed another towel on the counter so she could flip the pan over and pop them out to cool. She was starving! Darn the things for being hot!* -08:23 May 27

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she leaned over the muffins and blew on them!* Many would disagree with you, Bright Lady. Devils rarely bother with vampires but souls have long memories. *She picked one up!* How warm! Why do you not eat one, Bright Lady? -Gabriel

Evangeline: Sensitive fingers. Humans aren’t as tough as devils. *Meri was very cute, and all of her questions equally so! It was going to be so much fun taking her to Oracle and showing her things! Evangeline finally poked a muffin, and upon deeming it safe, picked it up to eat!* Well, I say they’re all very wrong about Gabriel! Otherwise I would not be here making muffins for a very cute devil girl! -08:30 May 27
Gabriel: Thank you, Bright Lady! *She giggled as she cradled that muffin in her hands!* It takes an angel to see the light in the darkest corner. <i>Glaër</i> reminds me a lot of what Valravn must have been like. Or seemed to be like. -08:34 May 27

Vlamerias: Thank you, Bright Lady! *She giggled as she cradled that muffin in her hands!* It takes an angel to see the light in the darkest corner. Glaër reminds me a lot of what Valravn must have been like. Or seemed to be like. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Fluffy was very much like Gabriel. I really like him. *Leaning against the counter, her expression was sad. Valravn had been private and to himself. Always surprising her! But he had been just as sweet, keeping watch over her or others. She missed him!* -08:39 May 27

Vlamerias: *She swallowed that muffin whole! And reached for another one!* Thisff iffff goood! *She said, bits of muffins flying out as she tried to speak!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Meri’s table manners managed to draw her ought of her thoughts, as she grinned again!* You should try smaller bites and… maybe not talking with your mouth full! Humans don’t normally like being covered in pre-chewed food! *Before all the muffins were devoured, Evangeline stole a second one!* -08:45 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked and quickly closed her mouth to swallow! When the muffin in her mouth was gone, she grinned.* Yes, Bright Lady. *Now she took smaller bites.* These are delicious! -Gabriel

Evangeline: They’re my favorite. These and the apple ones! *Oh, the time… What time WAS it? No doubt it was later than it should be!* I’ve got to get dressed! We’ll have a long day! *She was already dashing for her room!* -08:55 May 27

Vlamerias: *She chomped on another muffin! These were divine! CHOMP! So good! CHOMP!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Quickly she got herself dressed! A soft thin sweater, a nice kneelength skirt, and a pair of boots. Things that Caroline had taken her shopping for! Caroline was fussy over clothes, and shopping was fun… She had tried to insist about getting Gabriel things other than "all that damned black", but Evangeline knew better! She finally returned, trying to tie her hair our of her face with a clip!* Are you ready, Meri? -09:04 May 27

Vlamerias: *The muffins were gone and Vlamerias was a content little devil! She grinned and hopped to her feet to join Evangeline!* Ready, Bright Lady! Are we going to your Oracle now? -Gabriel

Evangeline: Yes! We’ll meet all the nice people at Oracle and you can see where I am working everyday! *Taking Vlamerias’ hand, she led the devil-girl out!* -09:10 May 27

Vlamerias: Yay! *She took Eavngeline’s hand and held onto it tightly–but not too tightly! As they walked, she squinted at the bright light and it took her awhile to adjust!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *The walk to Oracle was quick, and she was happy to answer questions about things! Evangeline didn’t notice any curious staring or whispering when they finally arrived to Oracle. She was far too busy directing a finger at things!* …This is the cafeteria where all of the hunters get to eat! You can come here to eat too whenever you like, but don’t snatch other peoples meals or eat um.. everything. The cooks get really frustrated when they have to replace everything. -09:21 May 27
[Evangeline has timed out.] -11:39 May 27

Vlamerias: *She was in awe! Her eyes were wide and she stared at all the people and the non-people! She was smelling things she never smelled back home! Oh, and there was magic, too! It made her tingle as they walked up to the buildings!* -Gabriel

[Evangeline enjoys giving tours!] -11:41 May 27

Everyone was glad to see Evangeline back! … But who was the girl with her? They greeted her and waved but whispers started when people noticed how the girl looked so much like her and Gabriel! -Gabriel

Evangeline: There are lots of rooms for classes and most of them are really large, since classes are usually combat training with weapons or magics, and things. *She stopped to show Meri one of the rooms with Trainees fighting with each other!* -11:43 May 27

Vlamerias: Oohhh … *She was trying to absorb so much that she didn’t have much time for questions! But she managed to put a couple in there!* So I can cast magic and stuff? -Gabriel

There was one of the teachers! Roger! He waved. “Hey Evangeline! Uh … Who’s your guest?” -Gabriel

Evangeline: You could here at Oracle, I don’t think anyone would find it strange. Outside of Oracle it’s better to be discreet and not do any magic where someone might see. *She paused and smiled at the question!* This is Meri! She’s going to help me with classes now, especially when Gabriel is away. -11:48 May 27

Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Yay! *She blinked up at the human male.* She’s my mommy! Oohh … Who are the giant furry things? *She spotted a couple of weres in the corner! Both were in hybrid form and mock fighting.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Mommy! She had nevr been called mommy before. It made her grin!* Those are weres. A lot of them come here, because Oracle is neutral ground and safe for visitors. Leon Santos keeps them all nice and friendly. -11:55 May 27

Vlamerias: Weres! *They looked very warm!* Oh, can I eat them? I hear they are tough like jerky. What is jerky? And why would weres have keys and sticks? -Gabriel

Roger looked shocked! Awh man, he just had to tell someone! He was called away to help one of his students and said goodbye to Evangeline and Meri before he disappeared! -Gabriel

Evangeline: No, we don’t eat weres. They’re our friends. You’ll be able to meet Brutus later! And jerky is just dried meat, so it’s tough and chewy. *Evangeline waved to Roger and considered the last question!* I am not sure what you mean by keys and sticks… They like chewing on bones, though. -11:59 May 27

Vlamerias: No eating dogs. No eating weres. *She nodded.* Oh! What’s that shiny thing? *She urged Evangeline to the wall where the trainers kept the weapons they practiced with! Most of them were wooden versions of swords, axes, a hammer or two and such! But there were also the real deal! Swords, daggers, hammers, you name it! They rarely ever used these! -Gabriel

Evangeline: These are weapons! All of the hunters are urged to practice with random things, just in case they’ll need to use one. Most end up settling for guns or maybe a favorite weapon… Gabriel has shown me how to use a sword once or twice. -12:09 May 27

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide! She reached out and touched the blade of an axe closest to her! It was cold and smooth but she could see her reflection!* Will you show me? My Glaër must be a great teacher! No one uses weapons back home unless their souls are absorbed into them or they just want to be flashy.

“Evangeline! You’re alive! Thank god, we all thought Gabriel was going to wreck the shit out o- What the hell!” It was Taylor! He was one of the first hunters to get involved in Gabriel’s classes, and now he was staring down at Vlamerias like she was some sort of.. drug induced vision! “Uh… what a cute little girl…?”

Evangeline: Oh, Taylor! You’re perfect! *Evangeline was moving to find one of the swords… It had to be something small and thin that she could actually lift or swing!* This is Meri, isn’t she sweet? You can help me show her how to use the swords! -12:15 May 27

Vlamerias: *She giggled and clapped!* Yay! *She stopped when she realized something.* You’re not going to be hurt, are you? *She asked Evangeline! She knew enough about weapons to know there was always a risk of the people using them could get hurt! And anyone who hurt the Bright Lady was going to regret it!*

“Meri? Is she your sister…?” he was still staring, and hadn’t quite resgistered what Evangeline had said… up until she was swinging a sword at his head! He ducked! “Whoa! Whoa! I don’t think this is such a good idea!”

Evangeline: Don’t be silly, Taylor! I don’t have any siblings. *Evangeline only grinned over at Vlamerias!* Don’t worry! It’s only pretend. Training style! Taylor is really good with weapons, and pretty good at dodging too. *As an example, she took another swipe at him!* -12:19 May 27

Vlamerias: *To be honest, when she mentioned the Bright Lady showing her … she had not thought she would acquire a partner to do so! On the other hand, she wasn’t being sloppy and she seemed to be controlling the blade …* She’s my mommy!

Taylor was was still trying to wrap Meri around his head! He stumbled backwards, having to grab himself a sword just to keep Evangeline from swiping his knees off. When the hell did she learn how to do that?! “Uh…! Evangeline, really!” Side step! “I don’t think this is a good idea!” Dodge! “…When did you learn THAT?!” She was a novice, but it was still surprising!

Evangeline: Am I doing okay? I didn’t have a lot of time to learn and it feels a little different doing it for real! *She stopped, casting Meri a grin. After all, there were lots of other things to show her!* Later Gabriel can show you something much better. Thank you, Taylor! -12:26 May 27

“R-right… You’re welcome. … I think.” Mommy?! Doing it for real?! He snatched the sword from Evangeline quick, looking back and forth from Evangeline to Meri! …Someone around here had to know what this was about! He escaped!

Vlamerias: *By now, she was watching the two like a hawk! Better than a hawk, which would fare badly for Taylor! She suddenly relaxed and bounced over to Evangeline!* You were wonderful! *And she didn’t get hurt! That was even better!*

Evangeline: *She pat Meri on the head with a smile!* I really wasn’t, but thank you. I think Taylor was a little startled! He was in one of the first classes with Gabriel and those poor hunters got the worst from him when we had accidents. He even shot two of them! -12:32 May 27

Vlamerias: Oohhh! *Her eyes went wide!* Did they threaten him? Were they going to betray him and he found out about it? Can I have their souls?

Evangeline: Oh no… We were doing a lesson and the two got in to a scuffle. One forgot to unload his gun and I was shot in the shoulder. Just an accident, but later he shot the two in the shoulder before I had a chance to talk to him and explain. *She paused, giving it some thought.* ..Although sometimes I think he might have shot them anyway. -12:37 May 27
Gabriel: Oohhh … *So they weren’t dead! That meant she couldn’t have their souls! And she couldn’t remember if she was allowed to have souls or not!* Um … Am I allowed to have souls? -12:39 May 27

Vlamerias: Oohhh … *So they weren’t dead! That meant she couldn’t have their souls! And she couldn’t remember if she was allowed to have souls or not!* Um … Am I allowed to have souls?

Evangeline: Well, I don’t think so? At least not from live innocent people. You might get to take some from bad people, there are always bad people we run in to. *She took Meri’s hand to show her another room.* -12:41 May 27

The Infirmary! The doctors there were still nervous as they were the same ones Leon had fended off while Evangeline put Gabriel back together!

Vlamerias: *She peered inside!* Why is everyone lying down? *She sniffed the air! This room was different!*

Evangeline: This is where people come when they get injured, either during training or out on missions. …so we’ll not want to bother anyone in here so they can rest! -12:47 May 27

“Evangeline!” It was another hunter, Casey! He walked up to her and put his arm around her! He wasn’t like those other morons who were so afraid of Gabriel they could barely look at Evangeline! He put his arm around her shoulder!

Vlamerias: *Her eyes narrowed into slits and flashed! A wiggle of fingers, then pointing a finger at the mortal stupid enough to touch the Bright Lady! A simple spell to lift him in the air, roll him around and then drop him flat on his back!* No touching my mommy! *She growled and kicked him in the ribs! Then she slapped his hands for good measure!*

Evangeline: Hi Cas- …sey. *Oh, that happened so fast, she couldn’t save Casey from his fate..!* Meri! What on earth did you do that for! *She moved to pull the girl back before she beat the devil out of Casey!* -12:54 May 27

Casey groaned! “What the hell just happened?!” he asked as he sat up, holding his head! That had been one hell of a ride! He glanced around! Nah, it couldn’t have been Gabriel! … Could it?

Vlamerias: One of my Father’s souls always said when a human male puts his arm around you and he’s not your husband but you’re married to him … then something something something … and um, no good can come of it! *She was still glaring at Casey but at least she didn’t move to attack him again when Evangeline pulled her away! She looked up at Evangeline.* I swore to protect you from trouble. *She pointed at Casey!* And that is trouble.

Evangeline: I think you’re forgetting a lot of that advice! Casey is one of the hunters here, and hardly dangerous! You’re not going to do anything to me, are you Casey? -01:00 May 27

Vlamerias: *She thought that made no sense. Wasn’t the Bright Lady contradicting herself? The hunters protected people from evil but wouldn’t that mean they’d have to be dangerous? The mortal plane is confusing! She glared at the hunter when he didn’t reply at first!* … Are you?

Casey blinked up at Evangeline and the girl before he got to his feet! Did he just get dropped by a kid?! “Uh … No. Not at all.” Wait, he couldn’t have … It must have been Gabriel!


Evangeline: Dangerous to us. *Evangeline explained at the girl’s stiffness! Goodness, she was very much like Gabriel! She COULD be his daughter!* I’m sorry, Casey. She’s still learning and she’s picked up Gabriel’s habits. -01:16 May 27

Oh crap! So the girl had gotten the drop on him after all! “Don’t worry about it … Uh, is she your sister?” He scratched his head and looked at the girl! She looked like Evangeline but those eyes …

Evangeline: No! Really, why does everyone think I have a sister? I thought I talked enough for people toknow better! This is Meri. Gabriel and I brought her here! -01:26 May 27

Vlamerias: *She beamed proudly!* She’s my mommy! And as long as you don’t touch her, I won’t touch you. That means no physically touching her and no being responsible, directly or indirectly, for someone else or something else touching her. *She nodded.*

Evangeline: Meri, how are people not going to touch me? There is lots of innocent touching that happens every day! *Oh dear… she might be worse that Gabriel! She was taking her role as protector very seriously!* -01:31 May 27

Vlamerias: *This might get more complicated than she first figured!* My Glaër said your safety comes first. And enemies like Malsuada are tricky and very sneaky.

This was Casey’s cue to scram! He backed away slowly …!

Evangeline: Yes, there are tricky ones. But we can’t assume everyone is evil and tricky, or we would be afraid of everything and not be able to enjoy ourselves! So you can worry just a tiny bit less. -01:37 May 27

Speaking of evil and tricky… flying in to the room was a bat! A nice round black bat that landed neatly on Evangeline’s shoulder. “The angel has returned unscathed? Did you come to your senses and let that old demonic hag take Caroline away?

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful for a moment. They would need to figure something out or she would fail in her duty … And she took her duty seriously! She took one look at the bat and hissed!* Off of my mommy, human! *Evangeline could sense she was about to launch another spell!*

Evangeline: Caroline is safe and sound. Did you not go home, Alistair? *Evangeline quickly blocked Alistairs furry body with a hand, while leaning down to capture Meri by the waist and carry her off!* -01:43 May 27

“BLARGH!” Alistair said back at the demon! He knew one when he smelled one! Luckily, the angel spared him and captured the hideous little thing! “What’s this nonsense about Mommy?! Hail, beautiful lady, you’ve not sired a child with another and broken my loving heart!”

Vlamerias: *She was still hissing but as she could not launch a spell or a physical attack without harming Evangeline, she would have to bide her time and wait for an opportunity! The Bright Lady’s safety came first!* He is a nuisance, Glaëria. Let me kill him.

Evangeline: He is under Caroline’s care, I don’t don’t think she would appreciate it. *She swung Meri around so she could wrap the girl’s legs around her waist and carry her more easily. She was a good deal lighter and simplier to grab than Brutus!* Meri is Gabriel’s familiar and I doubt I have broken your heart. *She smiled easily!* Weren’t you in love with Caroline again yesterday? -01:49 May 27

Alistair snorted, giving the little demon child a big toothy hiss of his own! “Bah! Caroline is a heartless wench. She holds no candle to one as sweet and lovely as you! Let go of that creature, grace me with a kiss and let us run away to an island!”

Vlamerias: *She huffed and wore a frown that looked very much like Evangeline’s!* I prefer the Doppleganger to this mortal. At least he’s funny. *She stuck her tongue at Alistair quickly and continued to keep an eye on him!* Glaëria is giving me a tour of Oracle. Be gone, foul one whose stench reaches to hell itself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned wider!* I can’t now, Alistair. I have married Gabriel! You’ll just have to find another lady. *It was wonderful to say it! Married to Gabriel! It might not have been a wedding in a traditional sense, but it was a marriage to her!* -02:01 May 27

For a bat, Alistair sure looked disgusted! And it wasn’t at Vlamerias backhanded insult either! With a flap he hopped off her shoulder to escape! “Prefer that idiotic welp! Foul stench! MARRIED with a SPAWN! Outrageous…!” he complained as he left!

Vlamerias: *She growled and stuck her tongue at the bat! Then she grinned up at Evangeline!* You are very happy to say that, Glaëria! Did he court you for a very long time before life-bonding?

Evangeline: We have been together a long while, but not nearly long enough! I’ve missed taking him out on dates and getting to go dancing or feed ducks. *The thought of getting to do that for years to come was also pleasant! She was smiling bright again!* -02:07 May 27

Caroline: …Why was Alistair flying off cursing vampires? *A sudden appearance! Evangeline had Vlamerias… that answered the question.* Good afternoon, My Lady. Little Demon.

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady! *She had her arms around Evangeline before she fell! The Bright Lady had quite a grip on her!* Is it true that the flying human is under your care?

Vlamerias: *Not that she thought the Bright Lady a liar but it was hard to believe!*

Evangeline: Hello Caroline! I was introducing Meri to everything at Oracle. -02:22 May 27

Dark: *He grumbled as he stood up and dusted himself off!* Damnit, I told you to warn me about that! *He growled. If she wasn’t dropping them into places, he was suffering from the vertigo of moving from one place to another so swiftly!*

Caroline: Alistair is under my care, yes. You are welcome to give him a little trouble if you like. Just try not to hurt. *Caroline found herself smirking again. The wee demon really did look like Evangeline’s daughter. The sight was very sweet.* I hope Vlameries didn’t return home too soon. You deserved a nice wedding night.

Evangeline: *Evangeline blushed! Caroline was wicked!* I did, thank you. Although Meri came filled with lots of interesting questions… -02:27 May 27

Vlamerias: *She beamed!* She said to tell you it was wonderful! She and my Glaër were very tired when I came back! And then she was hungry when she woke up … and I think she was sore …

Dark: *He was clapping his hands over his ears and tuning them out! He even started singing as he marched up and down the hall!*

Caroline: *Caroline clasped her hands behind her back and rocked on her feet. Vlamerias nearly made her life!* Had I known I’d be attending a wedding, I might have spoken with you both and given some helpful advice. But I’m glad he managed to figure it out. *She paused when Dark started singing!* …Somehow I doubt Dark is ever going to learn the finer aspects of sex.

Evangeline: *A deep breath! There is nothing to be embarrassed about! She was a grown woman, and knew all about these things ahead of time! Just… people talking about her was another story!* Its simple enough to learn. There are videos or books or just by watching. *Talking about Dark was much better!* -02:36 May 27

Vlamerias: *She watched Dark march up and down the hall!* I did not know the Doppleganger had such a voice! *Fortunately, she was so distracted by Dark’s singing that she wasn’t paying any attention to the conversation about sex!* Can my Glaër sing like that, too?

Caroline: My lady, I doubt anyone can learn well without actually [i]doing[/i] it. *Caroline had heard him singing to tune her out so often… now it was amusing to tease him just to hear him do it!*

Caroline: My lady, I doubt anyone can learn well without actually doing it. *Caroline had heard him singing to tune her out so often… now it was amusing to tease him just to hear him do it!*

Dark: *He didn’t dare stop singing or marching or take his hands off his ears just to be safe! He was going to keep doing this until he absolutely, positively knew they were done! Like when Caroline walked away from Evangeline and tapped him on the shoulder which would mean they were going off somewhere!*

Evangeline: Gabriel did wonderfully. *Evangeline responded defensively! More than wonderfully, being with him was like heaven! But- oh! She blinked at Meri.* He can. But I have only heard him once when everyone complained at me not to sing again. -02:42 May 27

Caroline: I find the though of my lady not being able to sing very hard to believe. *Caroline allowed the shift in subject… Evangeline handled teasing with grace, and it wasn’t as funny as watching Dark march up and down the halls.*

Vlamerias: I will ask him to sing sometime! Perhaps when I have done something good!* Warrior Lady, everyone is so surprised about the Bright Lady being here! I think it is good that you and my Glaër rescued her and brought her back.

Dark: *He stopped when a couple of hunters stopped walking out of the room and into the hall to stare at him! He growled, hands still over his ears.* What are you looking at? *They stammered something and turned right around! He kept glaring at them until they were gone and he went back to marching and singing!*

Caroline: *She stopped grinning at Dark’s marching long enough to cast Meri a smirk!* I doubt they are surprised about Evangeline’s return, but more at your arrival. I can hear whispering now about a little grey-eyed daughter.

Vlamerias: *A bright grin!* The Bright Lady said I can help her with classes! But then I upset her when I tossed a human male on his back and kicked him for touching her.

Evangeline: I was so hoping I could teach her before she learned things Gabriel’s way! -02:51 May 27

Dark: *He finally decided just to see if it was safe or not and joined them!*

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* I have not been with him long. Have I picked up something already? *She looked at her hands and turned them around. She didn’t feel any different.*

Caroline: *…That she laughed at! For all the reasons that it was so amusing! Attacking people simply for touching the woman was the cherry on the cake!* I see. Vlamerias, my lady is kind and many people like to show their affection for her. When she is uncomfortable, then you can throw people and kick them.

Evangeline: Fate has a strange sense of humor, but Vlamerias was certainly meant t be his familiar! *Evangeline smiled at Dark! He was all bristlie like a ruffled cat.* -02:57 May 27

Dark: Damnit, every time we come here people mistake me for Gabriel! *He muttered! He looked at his shirt!* I am not wearing black, I am not scowling, and I most certainly don’t have a pair of guns or some cursed sword or some of those fingertip claws!

Vlamerias: OOhhh! I see! That makes things a little simple! … But I told the Bright Lady that enemies like Malsuada are sneaky and tricky! Devils don’t outright attack unless forced to.

Evangeline: You could let your hair grow long! *She suggested!* That might help. Then you’ll look different! -03:01 May 27

Caroline: That is true. But you don’t want to hurt innocents, either. Be watchful, but not paranoid. You will learn to see the differences between a friendly face or someone meaning harm. *Caroline tilted her head to glance at Dark.* …I’m not sure I’d like to see his hair any longer. He’d look like a woman. Or like he was trying to mimic me. That’d just be disturbing.

Dark: *He frowned. Looking like a woman or imitating Caroline … Disturbing indeed!* At this rate, I’ll have to dye my hair or something so at least people would know right away.

Vlamerias: Hm. Watchful but not paranoid. *She grew silent while thinking over Caroline’s words.*

Caroline: Dye your hair, hmm? *Reaching out, she flicked her fingers at his hair… mumbling a spell under her breath. There was only a slight tingle of the magic and a shift of color! …Now to see if he even realized it, or could figure out how to fix it. …The man still hadn’t even warded himself again spells properly!*

Dark: *A shiver ran down his spine! He glanced around! He could sense when magic was cast on him but he had the damnest time trying to pinpoint where it was cast unless it was obvious!* Huh? What’d you do? *He glanced over his shoulder. Nothing. Feet. Nothing. Then he remembered his idea about dying his hair and looked up!* What the hell!

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t see it, but that didn’t stop her from giggling. With her talisman she could feel spells as they were cast, and with pratice she could trace magic lines to see what they were… Caroline was wicked indeed!* -03:13 May 27

Caroline: You didn’t mention a color. Pink stands out, don’t you think? I doubt anyone would mistake you for Gabriel now.

Vlamerias: *She was roused from her thoughts to look up at Dark! … And she giggled!*

Dark: *He growled and tried to get the color out of his hair by ruffling it!* They’ll just mistake me for a damn fruitcake! Change it back, Caroline! *He pulled his jacket off to pull over his head and even tied the sleeves under his chin so the jacket would stay in place!*

Caroline: I won’t. You’ll have to do it yourself. With all that power and potential, there isn’t any reason you can’t. *Caroline was trying to keep her business-serious teaching expression… But he tied his jacket over his head and she broke out in a wide smirk.* …That isn’t helping.

Dark: *He growled! Caroline knew how he felt about using magic!* Helping, who? You or me? *He muttered, looking around for a corner to hide until Caroline came to her senses or … damn it all, until he figured out how to undo this!*

Caroline: Vlamerias, would you like to help me with Dark’s other lesson? He needs to be reminded about paying attention and not getting himself ambushed.

Evangeline: That sounds like a fun lesson! Did your task last night go awry? …besides Gabriel sneaking him with that dart… -03:24 May 27

Vlamerias: *She beamed!* Yay! I would! I would! *She paused.* But … no touching his soul, yes?

Evangeline: No taking his soul. *Evangeline replied, setting Meri down on her feet and patting her head gently.* -03:27 May 27

Dark: *He found a corner in one of the smaller empty classrooms and huddled there, trying to figure it out! He hated using magic! This was frickin’ nuts! What the hell was she thinking?!*

Caroline: Definitely no taking his soul. The object is teaching him how to protect his soul. *Grinning again, she really shouldn’t take so much pleasure in lessons like this. But it was always rewarding when he figured it out and learned something!* You can come and help as well, my lady. He is always confused by your methods.

Evangeline: *Ooh! A group ambush! That really would be lots of fun!* Lets go and sneak up on him, Meri. I have beanbags for throwing! -03:34 May 27

Vlamerias: *She paused when Caroline invited Evangeline to join but then held her tongue! The Warrior Lady had sworn to protect the Bright Lady so she would not put her in harm’s way!* Yay! Um … What are beanbags? *She thought they would be using spells for this lesson.*

Dark: *He secured the jacket around his head, muttering something under his breath about “madness” and “women”! What spell had she used? And what were the chances that it was one of those quick, five minute-long spells?*

Evangeline: They are perfect amunition for trainee ambushes! *Taking Meri’s hand she led her to the big net that held hundreds of the things! The were small, about handsized and squishy!* They don’t hurt when you hit people with them, so they’re nice and safe! -03:37 May 27

Caroline: *Meanwhile… Caroline vanished! She was going to take a much more subtle approach. When she landed, she was quietly sitting on one of the rafters high above the room. …He still had that jacket over his head and looked the fool!*

Dark: *Knowing how cruel Caroline could be, this spell might be permament–and waterproof!* Damnit all … *He growled. What was it with Carnatellis and needing blood for magic anyways?* Anthony’s a real bastard, that’s for sure. *He grumbled, oblivious to being watched!*

Vlamerias: Oh okay! *She went with the Bright Lady and her eyes went wide at the squishy things that fit in your hand! She picked one up and squealed!* How fascinating! *She began gathering up as many of the beanbags as she could in her arms! If they were going to throw these at the Doppleganger, they would need a lot!*

Caroline: *Anthony Carnatelli was not the one she expected him to be cursing at! …He didn’t even look like he was trying to figure out the spell. Was he just growling about how evil she was?*

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed! Fascinating was a big word for a little girl.. demon or not! Pulling her skirt just right, she used it to help carry a bunch more of the beanbags. There might be more in the other rooms, but being prepared was good! With her skirt full, she followed Dark’s aura to find where he was hiding, but didn’t peek in to the room yet!* …Are we ready to ambush? We will storm in and start throwing until he stops us! -03:45 May 27

Dark: Blood. What the hell! *He muttered!* “Our power lies in blood. To cast magic, you need either yours or another’s.” *He echoed Gabriel’s earlier words back when he was first training. He was pretty sure he still had the bruises from those training sessions, too!* I can do this. I’m not afraid. Nothing wrong with magic … except maybe getting your head blown off when a simple spell backfires. *He bit his finger and pressed it to get the blood.*

Vlamerias: *She grinned and quickly nodded! She was forced to drop an armful of beanbags to the floor just so she could get ready to throw one!*

Evangeline: *A soft giggle! Evangeline nodded her head.* …okay, attack! *She stepped in to the room quickly, one hand holding up her skirt and the other picking up a beanbag to toss at Dark! He was going to be furious, but it WAS a lesson!* -03:50 May 27

Vlamerias: *She giggled and followed suit! Toss! Toss! Toss! Oh, this was fun! Much more fun than trailing after other devils trying to backstab and outdo each other!*

Dark: Okay, let’s see … So you–*Thud! Thud! Thud! He turned thwack! Beanbags! Awh man, and it was Evangeline and Gabriel’s demon!* Hey, cut it out! *He growled, only successfully dodging the next three beanbags but getting hit by the others!*

Caroline: *Caroline leaned on the rafter, and sighed! It was so easy to see those two coming… He never payed attention. She waited a bit longer still!*

Vlamerias: *And toss and toss and toss!* Come, Doppleganger! Defend yourself and break the spell!

Evangeline: You’re being attacked by vicious demons, Dark! I don’t think they would just cut it out! *Evangeline through a few more! This time she wouldn’t give him any hints!* -03:59 May 27

Dark: *He growled! Caroline had to be kidding! … Then again, this was Caroline and she was always ready to give him a lesson! He huffed, even while he was being pelted by beanbags! Ultimately, he had to remember this was Gabriel’s Seer and his demon. He wasn’t too keen on Gabriel but he was less enthralled by the prospect of being punished by the vampire or Caroline! He ducked behind the desk after turning it over on its side! Break the spell first!* Black. Black. Change my hair back to black!

Vlamerias: Oh! A wall! *She exclaimed! Clutching some bean bags to her body, she sneaked out, keeping low to the ground so she could get to that desk and pelt him better!*

Caroline: *Close, he was close to breaking the spell… but not quite. The little demon was sure having fun, though. Caroline moved in the rafters, sneaking closer!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline stayed back, settling to sit on the floor and take nice wide arcing tosses to bomb over Dark’s head! Meri could pounce on him!* -04:13 May 27

Vlamerias: *She peeked over the desk! There he was! And then she sneaked to one side and began throwing!*

Dark: Black. Black. Come on! *Thud! Thwack! One of the beanbags knocked the jacket over his face! Another knocked it completely off! His hair shimmered and then it was suddenly black! He saw a movement from the corner of his eye and swiftly moved, around the other side of the desk, dodging the demon’s beanbags! He gathered up a few beanbags of his own and threw them at Evangeline who he could see better!*

Evangeline: *He moved! Evangeline was going to throw another – and was hit! Oh, the dramatic falling over!* I am a dead demon…! Goodnight world! -04:25 May 27

Dark: *His triumph was short-lived! He still had to take care of the demon! She was still pelting bean bags at him but missing! He sneaked to where she was and pounced!*

Caroline: *Evangeline took that hit far too soon! But Dark managed to undo the spell, and that was good! Caroline lurked longer still waiting to see if he could catch the demon… That should prove near impossible!*

Vlamerias: *But Vlamerias wasn’t there! Instead there were a few bean bags on the floor! Bean bags came from behind to pelt him! Boy, was she fast!*

Dark: *He whirled around and pounced again! He was sure to get her this time!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline lay to enjoy her death and a nice rest… who knew she’d be sore all over! …Ah! There was Caroline!* -04:34 May 27

Vlamerias: *Again, no luck! Something small was standing on his back! She giggled!* You are funny, Doppleganger. *She felt his body tense and jumped off before he could turn and capture her! She landed neatly on one of the desk’s legs! She wiggled her fingers at Dark in what might have been a wave–but she was actually launching a handful of beanbags at him instead!*

Dark: *Two of the beanbags came flying at him at the same time but he dodged those! He jumped back avoid the next one and was forced to roll away from the one after that! And he evaded the others!* Ha! Take that demon!

Vlamerias: *She giggled and waved her fingers in that wave again! She wasn’t out of ammo for long! Another handful of bean bags rose from the ground and these flew much quicker! As soon as Dark dodged one, another was already on its way!*

Caroline: *A faint smirk. Now, to make things harder on him. Mumbling a spell under her breath, she summoned a shadowy form in the room. It was nothing more than a puppet, but it was creepy looking! With that, she had it attacking Dark!*

Dark: *He blinked! What the crap! He dodged, rolled, sidestepped, but when he got the bright idea to launch a few beanbags back at Vlamerias, he felt something behind him and rolled out of the way of the shadow-creature! This had Caroline’s signature all over it!* Damnit, Caroline! *He got to his feet but ducked a swing and rolled again!*

Vlamerias: *Oh, this was fun! She was momentarily distracted from throwing beanbags at the Doppleganger!*

Caroline: *Impressive! She didn’t expect him to be able to dodge, being so distracted with Vlamerias. Puppeting the shadow, it was much more direct about trying to hit him!* Stop me if you can, Dark. I think the beast might devour the poor helpless woman and her innocent child before you do.

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned up on her elbows to blink!* Am I a fainted helpless woman or a crying for help helpless woman? -04:48 May 27

Dark: *A miscalculation on how far he should step back and he narrowly missed having his neck sliced! Instead he received a cut across the chin and the shadow had barely touched him!* Damnit, Caroline! This thing has blades! *He growled! She really was nuts!*

Caroline: Just be yourself, Evangeline. *Her shadow puppet did not leave room for mistakes! It was slicing again, trying to circle around!* You have power, Dark. And there are weapons. In a moment I am going to get bored toying with you, and devour those poor women. Just imagine how her husband would feel!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to mention that herself would be trying to help fight the demon and then calling for Gabriel! But talking about her husband had her smiling in distraction!* -04:54 May 27

Vlamerias: *Oh, this was her cue! She returned to Evangeline’s side! She couldn’t be away from the Bright Lady when danger lurked and her Glaër was not here!* Please, Doppleganger, protect my Bright Lady!

Dark: *He swiped his knuckles across the cut in his chin!* Fair enough. I was through with playing anyways. *He grabbed a chair and tried to use that to block!* Levis! *And then he summoned a “blade” of light while the shadow was distracted!*

Caroline: *Smirking, she pulled her shadow in to attack again! While she… She dropped down to the ground behind Vlamerias and Evangeline. Caroline scooped up the little devil!* I have the child! Little girl, you shall be delicious. *Another smirk!*

Vlamerias: *Instead of panicking or becoming dramatic, she blinked and licked her arm!* I’m all salty. *She looked at her other arm.* Maybe my other arm is not so salty! *She licked that one, too!* Nope. Salty, too.

Dark: *He huffed.* Man, you gotta be kidding me. *He moved to lunge the “blade” through the shadow after sidestepping! Then he was running for Caroline and the demon!*

Evangeline: *Lessons with Caroline were exciting! …at least the good sort of exciting where she didn’t have to save hunters from harm!* Meri, you’re not supposed to eat yourself! -05:08 May 27

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Oh. Warrior Lady said I will be delicious but I don’t think I will. Do you think I should tell her or let her find out on her own?

Caroline: I am not actually going to eat you, youngling. *Low, her shadow beast had been defeated! But she still had a little girl! Caroline held her safely and didn’t move until Dark was nearly in grabbing distance! Then she stepped aside!* Too late! I have eaten the little girl. A salty little girl. I can only imagine her mother will taste as good. *She wasn’t going to let him run by without an attack, though. Caroline had her ‘stick’ which was nothing more than a long yardstick and promptly tried to swat him with it!*

Dark: *His “blade” of light wouldn’t help him very much! He let it disappear and used a chair instead! He attempted to knock the yard stick out of her hand!* You’ll probably have indigestion at this point.

Caroline: *Caroline set the devil down quickly. She trust her stick between the legs and the back of the chair, and used her strenght to wretch it out of his hands!* What a weak vampire. Your blood will paint the walls of my demon castle. How could you possibly defeat me?

Evangeline: Caroline is quite scary when she wants to be! *Evangeline announced, pulling Meri to her to keep her out of harm’s way! It was like a dramatic play!* -05:20 May 27

Vlamerias: *She was enjoying this! She nodded, eyes on the two of them!* This is fun!

Dark: I wouldn’t talk until this vampire is down and out. *He dropped to the ground, grabbed some dirt in one hand, and lashed out with his feet for the back of Caroline’s legs!*

Caroline: *The moment her swept her feet, she flipped backwards in a smooth fluid motion, using her hands to brace the ground! Back on her feet again, she swung her stick down at his hand!*

Gabriel: *He dropped on his back, grabbed for her stick with one hand and the other hand he moved to throw dust in her face!* -05:26 May 27

Dark: *He dropped on his back, grabbed for her stick with one hand and the other hand he moved to throw dust in her face!*

Vlamerias: *She was fascinated!* Are your lessons like these, Bright Lady? *It hadn’t occured to her yet that if they were, she would have her work cut out for her!*

Evangeline: Oh no. I am not very good with fighting, and Gabriel always gets upset when I get in the middle of lessons and get hurt. I teach other lessons! -05:28 May 27

Vlamerias: That is wise! *She turned and suddenly hugged Evangeline!* I will not have to punish too many people then!

Caroline: *Christ! He managed to catch her by surprise with playing dirty! And it burned! But Caroline was not taken that easy! With her eyes squeezed shut, she didn’t release her stick – only kicked out her foot to catch him in the side!*

Evangeline: *How sweet! Evangeline smiled, wrapping her arms around the little devil!* You might leave punishing to Gabriel. *She laughed softly.* The poor hunters might quit their jobs if everyone is beating them. -05:32 May 27

Dark: *He clenched his teeth as her foot connected! But he grabbed her foot and twisted so he could bring her down!*

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful* Um … The Warrior Lady said to go after the people who make you uncomfortable. So … that is what I will do! I will leave the punishing to my Glaër! *But that didn’t mean she was going to let someone touch the Bright Lady!*

Caroline: *Caroline tried to stay solid and immovable, but he was finally figuring out his strength! She was forced to drop to the ground… but not without taking her other foot and trying to kick it downwards for his chest!*

Dark: *He saw her foot coming down and rolled out of the way, then he was on his feet! He grabbed a piece of broken chair leg and poised it over her chest! He was panting hard!*

Caroline: *Caroline moved until she was on her knees… she still couldn’t see! …And she had no desire to let him have a win without working for it! She pulled her ribbons from her pocket and through them at him!*

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((05:43 May 27))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((05:45 May 27))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -05:45 May 27
[Dark had become subject to yet another lesson from Caroline!\’] -03:26 May 29
[Caroline was using the ribbons!] -03:27 May 29
Dark: *She had a habit of using her ribbons an awful lot! He rolled out of the way and got to his feet quickly! Then he was picking up beanbags to throw at Caroline! Not exactly his weapon of choice …* -03:28 May 29

Vlamerias: *She giggled! Bean bags against the Warrior Lady’s ribbons! That was funny! She was fascinated by the battle!*

Caroline: *Eyes still closed, Caroline frowned as she ducked out of the way of beanbags to stand behind Evangeline and Vlamerias and use them as a shield! He can’t go attacking poor innocent ladies. She swiped her ribbons again, trying to catch him by the arms!* -03:31 May 29
Dark: *He ducked behind the desk again!* Damnit, Caroline! *He growled! He didn’t know who was the bigger evil: her or Anthony at this rate! He held up a chair and when the ribbons wrapped around it, he pulled HARD!* -03:33 May 29

Evangeline: *Holding Meri, staying for Dark’s training was always interesting. His aura might have been near identical to Gabriel, but how he did things was so different!*

Caroline: I am fairly certain that you can do much better than this. *Grumbled Caroline, holding her ribbons tight, but having to step around the girls to avoid any accidents! …She suddenly released the slack on the ribbons as he pulled!* -03:38 May 29
Dark: *No reply to her remark … But he was seething! He let his arm pull back and swung it in circles so that the ribbons wrapped around the chair! He put the chair down, bit his finger!* Convert. *The ribbons shimmered and turned black, then they appeared to take on a life of their own! They flew for Caroline to wrap around her!* -03:43 May 29
Caroline: *In her head, she grumbled about someone using her ribbons, but it was good he was thinking and using people’s weapons against them! Caroline jumped up, just missing being grabbed, and landed neatly on one of the rafters again.* A good trick for a youngling, but far too slow. -03:49 May 29
Dark: *He stood and looked up.* You’re nuts, Caroline. *He looked around and ran toward Evangeline and Meri to get the ribbons, bit his finger again! He was going to hate himself after this for going back to magic instead of brute force and using blood.* Change form. *He jumped onto the rafters, then flew the bolos the ribbons had become at Caroline!* -03:56 May 29
Caroline: *From behind her back she pulled her axe! The shiny silver steel being swung in a blur to deflect! Making it disappear again, she knelt before jumping to tackle him!* -04:01 May 29
Dark: *He stepped off the rafters, dropped, grabbed onto the edge of the rafters! Then he swung his legs for a couple of moments to gain some momentum! Then he was swinging himself back onto the rafters, aiming to kick Caroline off!* -04:04 May 29
Caroline: *Caroline shifted to avoid his legs and dropped back to the ground! She tucked her hands in her pockets again, but didn’t pull anything out… yet!* …okay! I give up. I can’t see a thing and it’s startin to burn far more than I can tolorate. -04:10 May 29
Dark: *He landed neatly on the rafters and was still in a crouch when Caroline yielded. He wasn’t convinced.* You should have Evangeline heal that for you. -04:14 May 29
Caroline: Come here and take a look for me. You’e the one that threw dirt in my face. *She pulled her hands from her pockets, but didn’t appear to have anything in her hands. Caroline rubbed her eyes!* -04:16 May 29

Evangeline: Oh, she only needs a little water, she’ll be okay! *The lesson couldn’t be over so soon, no one had won! Evangeline finally stood, picking up Meri with her!*

Dark: We were in a battle. What did you expect me to do. *He still didn’t entirely trust her. Caroline was sneaky.* See, what she said. -04:18 May 29

Vlamerias: *She blinked as she was picked up!* They are done already? But throwing beanbags and sneaking around was fun!

Caroline: I expected something that didn’t burn quite as much. *Smart vampire… he was rightfully wary! One should never trust an easy victory!* At least you could get me some water. -04:21 May 29

Evangeline: We’ll get to do these kinds of things everyday, Meri! Next time, we’ll even have a whole group of people to play with!

Vlamerias: *That pleased her a lot as the little devil clapped her hands!* I am famished! May we eat now, Bright Lady? I smell something delicious! I hope I can eat it!

Dark: I’m way up here, Caroline. *He studied her. On the one hand, he could ask for her oath. On the other hand, this was a lesson … Caroline was always sneaky!* Besides, this fight isn’t over. -04:25 May 29

Evangeline: As long as you aren’t smelling someone alive, I think we can go eat! *Evangeline smiled as she headed for the door.* Good luck, Dark! If you manage to defeat Caroline, you can join us in the cafeteria!

Caroline: So it isn’t. *There would be no tricking him this time! Rubbing her eyes again, she merely waited until Evangeline and her little devil had crossed the room. Then she pricked her finger with that needle she had hidden, and kept a spell in mind.* He never does, my lady. But we may join shortly. -04:31 May 29
Dark: *He bristled! He didn’t like the sound of that. True as it may be, that he had never won, he had no intention of letting this be easy for her! He bit his finger.* -04:35 May 29

Gabriel: *He was waiting outside in the hall.* I trust you two enjoyed yourselves. *He said to Evangeline and Vlamerias.*

Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Glaër! Hello! The Bright Lady is lots of fun! She says we can eat as long as I am not smelling someone alive!

Evangeline: Helping Dark’s lessons is always a pleasure! *Evangeline sat Vlamerias down on her feet.* Will you come with us for lunch?

Caroline: *Now that the lady and her devil were out, and there would be no worries about accidents… Caroline cast her spell! She drew out every piece of light in the room, casting everything in to an imprenatrable shadow! If she were going to be fighting blind, so should he!* Have you figured out what your lessons are, today? -04:41 May 29

Gabriel: *He brushed his hand over Vlamerias’ hair.* Yes, eating something that is not alive would be a start. *Then he nodded at Evangeline.* Of course. Interestingly enough, I have heard whispers of a gray-eyed offspring. *He smirked.*

Dark: *He was tempted to growl and spit out some sharp retort but stopped himself in time and silently moved across the rafters, although this required him to move slowly as he felt his way!* -04:45 May 29

Evangeline: Meri has called me mommy all day. I don’t mind, but she’s confused the daylights out of a few hunters!

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Is that bad, Glaër?

Gabriel: *He crouched down so they were eye to eye and brushed a hand over her head again.* No. It simply means it will take awhile for them to be used to you. *He stood.* You realize, in a way, you are her mother.

Caroline: Are you giving me the silent treatment now? *Caroline had to smirk! Remaining in the same spot, she listened carefully to where he was moving. She finally managed blink up enough tears to flush that dirt from her eyes…. She was going to get him for that one!* -04:50 May 29
Dark: *Ohohoh! He had several things he wanted to tell her but that would have to wait! Complete darkness meant sight was gone, so relying on the other senses became necessary. That included the sense of hearing and he couldn’t allow her to hold that over him! He closed his eyes and sat.* -04:54 May 29

Evangeline: *There was no reason to blush about it, but she did! It brought up thoughts about having his children… and though now was not the best time to have them, it was still a thought that gave her warm fuzzy daydreams about the future!* I am not so sure about mother, but it’s been so nice to have her here today.

Gabriel: *He smirked as they walked, making their way to the cafeteria.*

Vlamerias: Oh, Glaër! Warrior Lady is pleased that you and the Bright Lady enjoyed yourselves last night! She said that if you two ever need time alone again, I can go play with your Doppleganger!

Caroline: *He stopped moving. With lightness of foot, she changed positions, smearing the blood on her finger for another spell. She stepped up on to one of the desks!* -05:00 May 29

Evangeline: *Catching Gabriel’s hand, Evangeline at least managed to refrain from blushing a second time, only giving a mildy exasperated sigh!* Caroline is teaching Meri things she is far too young to know, I think!

Vlamerias: *She was skipping along beside Evangeline first, and then Gabriel, and then Evangeline again! She giggled!* Warrior Lady said that if you were doing it right, you would not be done until morning. Then she said she doubted anyone can learn to do it right without actually doing it. Then Bright Lady said there are books and tapes and stuff. And you can learn just by watching!

Dark: *She was up to something and he couldn’t just sit here all day! But he didn’t want to be caught unawares … No, no. He had to be patient and think up plans of what’s possible, what’s probable and what to do in case such-and-such happened!* -05:10 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline had to lean and hide her face against Gabriel’s arm. She wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or because she so much wanted to laugh at Meri blurting things out so bluntly!* If Caroline had been with Gabriel, then she might’ve known!

Caroline: *She could be patient. Enough that she could wait all day for him to make a move. …but she was also interested in making sure he knew the consequences of getting himself captured! Caroline cast her spell directly at Dark, something to make his limbs heavy.. unmoveable! A trap!* -05:18 May 29

Gabriel: *He did something unexpected! He leaned his head toward Evangeline and he kissed her cheek.* I enjoyed myself last night. *He whispered in her ear.*

Dark: *Damnit to hell! She sure was sneaky! His limbs were so heavy but he bit his tongue and worked on undoing her spell! Although … even that could take awhile!* -05:48 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned, giggling softly as she squeezed his hand.* You’ll stay again with me tonight, won’t you?

Caroline: *Spell in place, Caroline jumped back up to the rafters, walking silently towards him. Licking her finger when she finally reached him, she wiped down along the side of his face!* Poisoned. -05:50 May 29
Dark: *… But far from beaten! He switched from undoing her spell to casting another!* Ice. *He cast it at her to freeze her body in place!* -05:53 May 29

Gabriel: I did promise, Seer. And I still have time to make up for.

Vlamerias: *She entered the cafeteria and looked around with wide eyes!* Oh, how fascinating! *She stood still and looked around!* Hmm! *She sniffed the air and licked her lips!* I hope that is not something alive!

Caroline: *Blast! He was being liberal with his spells now! A quick counter spell deflected most of the effects, save for the icy cold and the stiffness. She found herself unable to move faster than a sloth!* Better, much better.. *She managed to grit through her grit with that usual, amused tone.* -05:58 May 29

Evangeline: Time and many missed dates! *Evangeline cast Gabriel another grin before releasing him to capture Meri before she accidentally ate something inedible! She pulled the devil towards the buffet and gave her a tray.* The things in the pans and under glass are edible. You can try everything, if you like!

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the tray, studied it, then she sniffed it and chewed on the corner!*

Dark: Tit for tat. *He muttered as he bit his tongue again. He had to undo this spell! He imagined his legs and arms being loose and normal again. He hated this weighed down feeling and he wasn’t too keen on the mental image of him falling off this rafter and unable to land correctly!* -06:05 May 29

Evangeline: …yet, the trays and the dishes are not edible. *Evangeline said quickly, pulling the tray from Meri’s mouth gently.* That is what you carry the food with!

Vlamerias: *She blinked as Evangeline pulled the tray out of her mouth and smiled brightly.* Okay, Glaëria! *She moved closer to the buffet where she became fascinated by the mashed potatoes and steamed rice!*

Caroline: *The cold was persistent, but she could unravel a spell far quicker than he could. As soon as she had her movement back and just intime time him to figure out her spell, Caroline tackled him!* -06:09 May 29
Dark: *There! His triumph was short-lived as she moved to tackle him! He hit the ground but he had already been tucking his feet under him and kicked up at her middle, hopefully to push her off of him!* -06:12 May 29

Evangeline: How about a spoon of everything? Then you can see what you like and what you’re not so fond off. *Evangeline herself had a problem with peas and didn’t care how good a pot pie boasted to be, peas didn’t belong! Setting a plate on Meri’s tray, she let the girl grab what she was attracted to… and was mindful to stop her from running off with entire platters or trying to stuff whole legs of meat in her mouth!*

Caroline: *With a grumble about him kicking her, she curled her arm around his leg and held tight! Her other hand she pushed against his chest to keep him pinned.* Watch it..! That nonsense from yesterday still hurts. -06:17 May 29
Dark: *He growled!* You should choose to teach your lessons when you’re whole then. Fact that you’re wounded is not my problem. *He shifted in an attempt to force her to slacken her grip somehow but his legs were held fast!* -06:19 May 29

Vlamerias: *She grinned brightly! She loved that idea and she loved to try everything … which meant, she loved to eat everything! Except the spinach and the cauliflower! She put as much as she could on her plate and realized she didn’t have any room for any more food! She reached for another plate!*

Caroline: *Caroline flashed a smile he couldn’t see!* I think it is your problem, if a wounded demon can pin you to the ground without any effort. You have more strength than you actually use. -06:23 May 29
Dark: *He growled again, this time louder! He gathered his strength and kicked out, then turned slightly to the side and rammed his elbow for her jaw!* -06:25 May 29

Evangeline: Let’s start with the first plate and then go back for seconds. I’m not sure I want to scare all the hunters in Oracle with an expoding devil! *Evangeline took the second plate though, serving herself a few things that she was more than likely going to allow Meri to steal off her plate! Finally she led the girl to one of the tables and had her sit.*

Caroline: *Releasing his leg quick, she grasped his elbow with both hands before her caught her in the face. She might take a hit now and then, but never at the expense of being able to chew!* You leave my face out of this! *Tugged hard, she meant to fling him across the floor!* -06:29 May 29

Vlamerias: *Those hunters might think Vlamerias was going to eat them out of headquarters and cafeteria! She giggled! An exploding devil sounded like a fun sight to see! She sat down beside Evangeline and stuffed a butter roll into her mouth!* MMmm!!

Dark: *Bingo! He was flung but he recovered quickly! He still couldn’t see the ground, thanks to the shadow, but as soon as he hit it, he twisted and ended up on his feet!* Weren’t you the one who told me that all was fair in your little lessons? -06:33 May 29

Speaking of hunters, there was not an unconfused stare in the whole cafeteria! By now, rumors had spread all over the place. But no one actually expected to see a little brown haired girl with grey eyes! And definitely not with Gabriel standing right there to make the comparisons to!

Caroline: *Pulling herself to her feet, Caroline dust off her clothes. Remaining aware in case he tried to sneak up on her.* So I did. That doesn’t mean I’ll like it and let you get away with it. I have said as much for you, as well. *She continued, with that teasing voice.* If you’re so frustrated with me, why don’t you stop me and end the lesson? -06:39 May 29
Dark: You always frustrate me. *He stayed right where he was–for the moment.* So how long is your spell going to last? Your eyes should have recovered by now. -06:41 May 29

Vlamerias: *She swallowed that butter roll whole and then chewed on a piece of steak!* Hmmm … *She really loved this one! The juices flowed down her chin!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was more than ready for lunch, as she slid in to a chair. She made sure to slide silverware and napkins across the table towards Meri.* Human food is nice, isn’t it? I can’t imagine anything tasting better!

Caroline: The feeling is mutual. Especially when you’re dragged away by humans of all things and nearly sacrificed to a demon god. *Caroline muttered, resting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot against the floor.* I’m leaving it until you learn the lesson. All of them. Even if that means taking out the stick and hitting you all day. -06:46 May 29

Gabriel: *Ah yes, devils had quite the appetite! It was fortunate there were lots of food, considering that weres also had an appetite! He stopped Vlamerias from chewing on the silverware.* Fork. Spoon. Butterknife. Knife. *He pointed to each.* Spoon is for liquid. *He demonstrated by scooping up some of the gravy on Meri’s plate with it!* Fork is for the harder food. *He stabbed her second piece of steak with it.* Knife is to cut things. *He showed her how to use it on the same piece of steak.* And a butterknife is used to do this. *He buttered some mashed potatoes on the steak.* It is recommended you do not eat the silverware. When in doubt, remember this end goes into the food. The other end you hold. *And he showed her that, too!*

Dark: *… Caroline always said the strangest things! He bet she was strange even by demon standards or "demons that were mostly human" standards!* Learn meaning I demonstrate it or I tell you what it is? -06:50 May 29

Evangeline: *Pausing with a roll, Evangeline looked curious.* …She can’t actually eat the silverware, can see? Even for a devil, she’s awfully small.

Caroline: You can start by telling me what the lessons were. And then we’ll see if I need to hit you. *Scooping up a beanbag on the top of her foot, she kicked it at him!* -06:52 May 29
Dark: Paying attention, guarding myself against spells better … the fact that I have a taskmaster as a babysitter for a fairly long time. *He muttered, remembering her mention of an oath.* -06:55 May 29

Vlamerias: *She looked up and blinked at Gabriel! She wanted to know, too!*

Gabriel: *He smirked.* She may try to and she may succeed in eating it. Devils are tenacious when they wish to be. However, you are right. She is small and attempting to do so would damage her teeth and digestive system.

Caroline: Very close. You wouldn’t need a babysitter if you actually used your full potential. You are easily Gabriel’s equal and you aren’t even trying. *Caroline debated throwing another spell at him… Saying he learned the lesson wasn’t the same as knowing… Pulling a marble from her pocket, she cracked it and through a spell of itching at him!* -07:01 May 29

Evangeline: Hmm. Then we’ll make sure to only eat nice, non-harmless, or toxic foods. Okay Meri?

Vlamerias: *A bright grin!* Yes, Glaëria. *She tried using the fork this time, by grabbing it by the handle and chewing on the steak around it!*

Dark: *He hated using spells–and she knew it! He bit his finger! Damnit, she was using another spell! It was more sensing then guessing!* Deflect. -07:06 May 29

Gabriel Carnatelli, the scariest person in Oracle had been showing a little girl how to use table manners! There was nothing more disturbing than that!

Caroline: *With her spell deflected, Caroline waited a moment before she sighed and finally cancelled out the veil of shadow. Having the lights returned and her eyes readjusting, she looked more annoyed than satisfied by the lesson.* We’re done, then. -07:10 May 29

Vlamerias: *She opened her mouth to speak until she remembered what Evangeline had said about not talking with your mouth full! She swallowed–and then she spoke!* Warrior Lady and Doppleganger aren’t here yet. Do you think they are well?

Dark: *He stood and huffed! He blinked a couple of times to get used to the bright light and stalked out. There was just no pleasing the woman! He didn’t head for the cafeteria, he headed outside, to the street instead!* -07:12 May 29

Evangeline: *Tilting her head as if she were listening for something, she blinked!* It’s only training, so they’ll be just fine. I think.

Gabriel: … Dark should count himself fortunate.

Caroline: *The fool was so wrapped up in trying to be nothing like Gabriel, he was putting himself at risk. And everyone else! Sighing to herself, Caroline exited to the cafeteria, where a bowl of soul and her china teacup filled with hot tea was all she needed. Silently she had a seat next to Vlamerias. Muttering greetings, she sipped her tea!* -07:21 May 29

Evangeline: You’re all bristlie, Caroline. Was it that bad? *Evangeline thought the way Caroline worried over he charges very sweet… All of the trouble they may be, Caroline never complained about them!* …You didn’t tie him up somewhere again, did you?

Vlamerias: Hello, Warrior Lady! *She looked around for Dark but then she stuffed some slices of pineapple into her mouth and couldn’t speak for awhile as she chewed!*

Dark: *He didn’t care where he was going! He just kept walking with his hands tucked into his pockets, muttering to himself!* -07:26 May 29
Caroline: *Half a smile, she set down her cup to pick up a spoon.* No, my lady, as tempting as it was. I’m afraid I’ll have to try something drastic to gt my point across. -07:27 May 29

Vlamerias: *She swallowed.* Does that mean we get to throw more beanbags at him, Warrior Lady?

Caroline: …No. I believe I might throw him in a room full of children and let him perish. *Her initial thoughts were more violent, but food did well in soothing her mood!* -07:32 May 29

Evangeline: You could try getting in trouble and making him save you instead for a change! You’ve always be there to help him, he might miss you if you died!

Dark: *He sat down on a bench in a park somewhere, bent forward!* Damnit, she knows I hate using magic, I hate having to bleed to use it. I hate everything about being a Carnatelli. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* Especially Gabriel Carnatelli. Suddenly everyone’s got high hopes for me and I don’t give a damn. "You’re his equal", "You can be as great as he is" … What if I don’t want to be great, just want to be myself. -07:34 May 29
Caroline: *Caroline could only laugh softly!* My lady, as amusing as it sounds, he’d only end up saying "Damnit, Caroline!", do something stupid and then I’d save us both before we ended up killed. -07:35 May 29

Gabriel: … I have another idea. Vlamerias.

Evangeline: You worry too much about him. Give him a chance and you’ll see. *She tilted her head at Gabriel.* You’re not going to drop him in a volcano are you..?

Vlamerias: *That tone! She had a feeling this meant her first–or was it second?–official job! She swallowed her food and looked up at him.* Yes, Glaër?

Gabriel: You will see. *He promised. He turned back to the devil.* Find the Dark … and listen. Talk sparingly and only if necessary. Your goal is to listen to whatever he tells you and whatever he does, keep between you and him. Return when he is ready to come back to Oracle or when he stalks off.

Gabriel: *-the (Dark)

Vlamerias: *She blinked and nodded!* Yes, Glaër! *It would be a snap to locate the Doppleganger! He was so very much like her Glaër, scent and aura-wise at least! She POOFED! and reappeared on the roof where she shifted to her devil form and flew in the direction of the Doppleganger’s scent!*

Dark: *He clenched his teeth, then suddenly growled and punched a fist into the bench, breaking it!* -07:50 May 29
Caroline: *Caroline would not argue with the lady. Worrying too much was true, but she was right in doing so. All of the things that’d happen up until then, it was a miracle he was still alive! She didn’t want to let him loose only to find out it had been too soon.* I’m not sure how the devil is supposed to help. *She finally mumbled.* -07:50 May 29

Someone walked up to Dark, dressed in dark clothes and smelling like he hadn’t washed in ages! “Hey, buddy. Got some change?”

Dark: *He lifted his head and glared!* Does it look like I have change? Get the hell out of my sight. *He wasn’t in the mood for this crap and he could hear this human’s pulse racing!* -07:53 May 29

Evangeline: Someone was thinking about volcanos. *Evangeline would wait to see what Gabriel had in mind, though she still thought her idea was good too! Not just for Dark, but for Caroline who needed to learn to trust him! Maybe if she were scary enough, she’d hold Caroline hostage… Shrugging at her own thoughts, she ate her lunch!*

Gabriel: *He looked out the window!* Tell me. What is the one type of creature who asks for nothing but whom you will give everything for? One so innocent and pure, it becomes the most hunted of all prey.

“You gotta have a wallet. Everyone’s gotta wallet,” the guy pointed out. He didn’t move at all!

Dark: Look, human. If you don’t get out of my face in three seconds, I’m going to rip yours off and drain you dry. I haven’t eaten in awhile and I’m famished as hell. -07:57 May 29

A blur of the man’s hand! A knife! “Give me your wallet or I’ll slit your throat,” he threatened! He had to be a few inches shorter than Dark, much more thin, a lot of facial hair and beady eyes.

Caroline: Besides My Lady? I’d say children. Unless you’re posing a complicated riddled… *Caroline lift her cup again to take a sip. Riddle or not, she couldn’t fathom anything more innocent or pure than a child.* -08:00 May 29
Caroline: * riddled = riddle -08:01 May 29
Dark: *He smirked!* Looks like I’m not the only one who hasn’t fed for awhile. Your blood is thin but it’ll have to do. *He suddenly grabbed the hand holding the knife, twisted, and forced the guy to his knees! Then he was on his feet, fangs already growing, his other hand moving to grab the guy by the hair and expose his neck! He bent to sink his teeth into him, not even feeling his struggles or hearing his cries!* -08:01 May 29

Vlamerias: Doppleganger, I have found you! *A familiar voice called out! The last voice he had expected to hear–besides maybe Anthony himself! Vlamerias, in her devil form landed on the bench but when she saw the human, she quickly changed to her human form. She couldn’t let humans see her real form! They weren’t supposed to know devils existed!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to say puppies. But children was a better answer! The question was curious, so she rest her chin in her hand to listen.*

Gabriel: *He looked at Caroline.* Indeed. And I have always found children to have a more listening and attentive ear than most.

Dark: I’m in the middle of something. *He growled!* If Gabriel sent you to watch over me, tell him to go to hell and go back to where you came from. *He couldn’t drain this bastard dry when there was a kid right there, devil or not!* -08:06 May 29

Vlamerias: *She blinked and sat down on the bench instead!* Glaër told me to listen, not watch. *She covered her eyes.* I will close my eyes and wait.

Dark: *That should be better … He moved to finish what he started but–Damnit! He tried shifting so his back was to the devil! The guy’s knife was to his throat, silencing any cries he might have made!* … *He still couldn’t do it!* -08:08 May 29

Vlamerias: *She kept her eyes closed, although she did cheat a few times and peek! She found herself fascinated by what the Doppleganger was doing! Glaër said to talk sparingly but … she just had to know!* Doppleganger, what are you doing …?

Caroline: I’m not sure how ranting at a little girl is going to solve the problem. *Caroline admitted… And normally she was so good at figuring things out! It just got so complicated when Dark was concerned!* -08:10 May 29
Dark: *He was trying to feed, he wanted to say! But … He just couldn’t! With a growl he took the knife away from the man’s throat and pushed him away!* Get out of here before I change my mind. *He ordered, keeping the knife and not satisfied until the man ran away in terror! Hell, he found out he still wasn’t satisfied, he was hungry and angry and …! He dropped down on the bench beside the devil!* Listen to what? *He growled, after an insane amount of silence! He found it more disturbing when the devil wasn’t talking than when she was!* -08:12 May 29

Vlamerias: … To you. *She said.* May I open my eyes now? *She asked, although she peeked and closed her eyes again!*

Dark: *He fought the urge to smile! No, he was going to keep a straight face!* Yeah, open your eyes. *More silence.* So … just listen to me, huh? *He looked at her.* That’s a first. -08:13 May 29

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head.* What is a first?

Evangeline: Ranting solves lots of things! You might try it, Caroline. Sometimes you are far too nice. *Evangeline didn’t seem to notice the irony of the statement, as she happily devoured a few grapes she stole from Meri’s overfilled plate.*

Dark: Someone listening to me. There aren’t many people who do that. Caroline is more a teacher, she’s older, she’s wiser. She’s … not the type I can rant to without me thinking she’ll take it personally. Even with the crap I pull on her. *He smirked a bit and then blinked.* Alistair is a flying rat. You either ignore him or stuff him down a pipe somewhere. I could try Evangeline but she’s too close to Gabriel. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I’m still not sure if she’s got all her marbles … Then, there’s Gabriel. The bastard everyone expects me to be, just because I look like him, talk like him … -08:17 May 29

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* Are you not him? The Bright Lady said you are a direct clone.

Dark: I–I know! *He stood!* It’s what everyone tells me! *He ran his fingers through his hair, began to pace!* Just because Gabriel did all this stuff, just because I came from him, everyone expects me to be him! But I don’t want to be him! I don’t want to slay things and rescue people all the time! I don’t mind doing it every once in awhile but I just want to be me! I want to live my life! … Hell, even Gabriel got sometime off when he was human for awhile. *He stopped, closed his eyes at a painful memory.* I remember awhile ago. I asked Caroline to make it so I couldn’t look like him. She told me looks were easy to change but I couldn’t change my aura. There are times I wonder if my aura is even my own. How can people treat me as my own person if all I do is remind them of Gabriel? Gabriel this. Gabriel that. -08:21 May 29

Vlamerias: *She hopped off of the bench and slipped her hand into his.* I am sorry, Dopple–Dark.

Caroline: I am far too nice..? …My lady, he has to learn or he’ll die. I don’t understand why he hasn’t grasped the concept yet. Yesterday I might have died myself, and no offence to Gabriel, but there isn’t anyone else who will watch him. If I’m gone before he gets a clue, how much longer before he gets himself killed? -08:23 May 29
Dark: *He opened his eyes and blinked down at the small hand in his!* Why are you apologizing for? Do you know what it’s like to have people expect you to be someone, something you’re not? To not be allowed to do what you want to do, no matter how much you try? -08:24 May 29

Vlamerias: *To his surprise, she actually nodded.* At home, I wasn’t allowed to do much of anything. My one wish was to come to the mortal plane because of all the stories I heard from my father’s souls. So when the Infamous One came for his Bright Lady, I knew this was my chance and I asked to bond to him so I could come. I do not regret coming here, not yet at least. I may in the future. But I will never regret taking my chance. Father says we must all carve our own paths but to do so, we must first want to carve it.

Dark: So, you mean … I have to want to be myself before people can see me as my own person? *He asked, honestly baffled by the little devil who sprouted such wisdom!* -08:29 May 29

Vlamerias: *She blinked … and then put a finger to her lips.* Um … If that helps you then … okay! *She said with a grin!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline looked surprised when she blinked!* Are you that worried about his life? You might tell him you’ll be upset if dies.

Dark: *He laughed! He actually laughed! He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up into his arms! He smiled.* … Thanks. Do you mind if I rant to you in the future? -08:32 May 29
Caroline: I see the wheels turning in your head, my lady. Don’t get any strange ideas. *Caroline eyed the Seer carefully. There was that plotting look like she had realized some strange tidbit of information and intended to act on it. That was always followed by trouble!* What I care about doesn’t matter. I’m his teacher and as long as he gains some common sense, that will be just fine for me. -08:34 May 29

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful and opened her mouth to say it would be up to her Glaër but then thought better of it. She smiled and nodded.* Hmm hmm. Does that mean you will return to Oracle now?

Gabriel: … Everything will be fine.

Dark: *He stopped, that smile faded! Then he nodded.* Yeah, but … on the way, I think I should buy you some ice cream. *He said as he started walking.* -08:35 May 29

Vlamerias: Yay! Ice cream! *She grinned–then she blinked!* … What is ice cream?

Dark: *He laughed.* You’ll see. *Putting her down awhile later when they were getting close to the ice cream parlor! He actually enjoyed ice cream himself and if they ever made blood-flavored ice cream, he’d probably never eat anything else!* -08:37 May 29

Evangeline: *Leaning to rest her head against Gabriel’s arm, she grinned.* That’s a relief! Otherwise, I thought we might put Caroline on a sleeping spell and then drop her off at the leylines!

Vlamerias: *When they walked into the ice cream parlor, she was drawn to all the colorful ice cream! She pointed to each and every one of them!* Can I have this one …? And this one …? *She paused at the cup holding napkins.* Can I eat this …?

Caroline: …Sometimes I wonder how such a bright soul comes up with such deviant ideas so often. -08:39 May 29
Dark: *He blinked and drew her away from the cup.* No. *He looked up at the woman serving the ice cream.* I’ll have a triple scoop of the rocky road, mint chocolate chip, and vanilla. *The first three flavors Vlamerias had pointed to! For himself, he bought a triple scoop of cookies and cream.* Next time, you can have some other flavors. It’s best not to rush with ice cream. -08:40 May 29

Gabriel: Something, I myself wonder. However, I am not letting her go to the leylines from this point forward.

Vlamerias: Why is that …? *She asked just before she tried swallowing any entire scoop! … Her eyes suddenly went wide and the ice cream would have dropped to the ground if Dark hadn’t caught it in time!*

Dark: *He smiled.* Brain freeze. *He waited for it to pass and then handed her back her ice cream.* -08:44 May 29

Vlamerias: *She shivered!* Oh, how fascinating! *Fortunately, Dark showed her how to properly eat the ice cream, in this case, licking, and taking only small bites!* Mmm! Delicious!

Evangeline: …But there’s so many nice stones at the leylines! *Bother! She might sneak there on her own, but she wouldn’t dare go without Gabriel!* …Could I tie her to the train tracks like in old western movies?

Gabriel: You will stop. Tie her to the train tracks and I am allowed to throw hunters out the windows at my leisure.

Caroline: *Laughing softly, she shook her head. Both at Evangeline and at Gabriel’s threat!* Dark is not Gabriel, my lady. If I were tied to train tracks he’d stand there wondering why I wasn’t cutting myself loose. -08:48 May 29

Evangeline: You couldn’t cut yourself loose if you were asleep… And me tying up Caroline is not the same as you throwing hunters out windows, and you know it! You’re just looking for an excuse to get away with it! *Gabriel was sneaky, and she wagged a finger at him!*

Dark: *It was nice to do something without worrying about vampires and demons! He wondered if he could take Caroline out for some ice cream sometime! They hadn’t done that for awhile!* -08:50 May 29

Gabriel: On the contrary, it would satisfy the same means. You wish to motivate Dark and I wish to motivate the hunters.

Vlamerias: *Oh, this ice cream was delicious! And she found out the brown crispy thing it was in was very good too!* Mmm! Thank you, Dark! *She skipped ahead of him, stopped and curtseyed before skipping again!*

Evangeline: They can’t be motivated if all of their bones are broken. You leave those hunters alone. …Oh! And you’ll have to tell Meri the same! She attacked Casey just for putting his arm around me!

Dark: Eighty percent of their bones is not all of their bones. They will still be able to chew and turn their heads from side to side without aching. -08:54 May 29

Gabriel: Eighty percent of their bones is not all of their bones. They will still be able to chew and turn their heads from side to side without aching.

Evangeline: If we run out of hunters because you’ve broken them all, I’ll have to take over some of their missions. *And she meant it too! The missions were important business and couldn’t go neglected!*

Dark: *He stopped in front of Oracle and took a deep breath, having finished off his ice cream, too! He suddenly didn’t know if he could do this or not!* Vlamerias, I don’t know … -08:57 May 29

Gabriel: … I would not have to resort to such measures if they were motivated in the first place. After the first four or five hunters, they should get the message and you will not have to take over some of their missions.

Vlamerias: *She put her hand in his and squeezed!* Do not worry! The Warrior Lady just wants to help you! Come, talk to her! *And she started pulling him along! He would either come or she’d end up falling over!*

Dark: *Well … he couldn’t let her fall over! He let her pull him and walked behind her. Ranting at someone had done some good. Good practice and good for getting stuff off his chest. He stopped at the cafeteria doors!* -09:00 May 29

Vlamerias: *He wouldn’t move anymore!* I’ll be right back! *She released his hand and walked across the cafeteria, to grab Caroline’s hand!* Come, Warrior Lady, you must talk to Dark! Or um … he must talk to you!

Evangeline: Sacrificing hunters just to teach a lesson is a terrible idea! *Evangeline paused briefly to grin at Meri’s return, but turned her frown to Gabriel again!*

Caroline: Must I..? *She said, with pretend reluctance. Her teacup vanished as it always did and she allowed herself to be pulled across the cafeteria.* -09:07 May 29

Gabriel: It is not sacrificing if they are still alive. And how is that different from what you intend to do with Caroline?

Vlamerias: *She pulled her into the hall outside of the cafeteria!* Now you can talk! I will check on you later! *She skipped away!*

Evangeline: Because my plot is for Caroline and Dark’s own good and doesn’t involved anyone getting their bones broken. I think you just like teasing hunters.

Caroline: *Had she and Gabriel not met Vlamerias in the devil world, Caroline would swear just like any other hear that the devil was Evangeline’s child. Resting her hands on her hips, she watched Dark.* Hmm? -09:12 May 29
Dark: *He didn’t know where to begin!* … Thank you. For everything. I’m probably the worst student you’ve ever had. I just … I’m so much like Gabriel that when I’m forced to use magic, I think that I’m turning into him. I … I just want to be me. I know I have Gabriel’s potential but … I want my own life. I don’t want to always have to kill things. I just want a chance to be Dark, not Gabriel. Everywhere I look, people think I’m him … It’s frustrating! Do you understand what that’s like? -09:13 May 29

Gabriel: It will not be for their own good if Caroline is run over by the train and Dark is not motivated. Lest you have forgotten, she swore an oath to watch over you and Dark. It is in my best interest she remain whole and able to fulfill that oath.

Vlamerias: *She was at the buffet table, picking grapes and other small tib-bits to eat!*

Caroline: *Out of all the things that could have come out of his mouth, that was the last thing she expected. Caroline looked stunned as she stared at him, and it took a moment before she finally relaxed. She looked almost apologetic.* When I say you have his potential, it’s not because I want you to be like him. To the contrary, if you could have a life different than his, better than his, it would be extraordinary. It’s just that… *She paused for a minute, then sighed! Damned Evangeline’s advice! She’d have to take it after all!* I worry that if you don’t learn, there’s not going to be a you left. -09:20 May 29
Dark: *He blinked!* Really …? *Wow! Those words struck a chord!* You know … all this time, I figured that if I did just die, no one would miss me, no one would mourn. There were times I figured I would be better off dead to begin with but then there’s something inside of me that keeps wanting to survive. I don’t like to use magic because it’s not my way. I know I can use it but I just don’t want to. I’ll learn a few spells but not an entire arsenal. -09:24 May 29

Evangeline: I wouldn’t let her get run over by a train and neither would Dark… *She said slowly… How she’d make sure, she hadn’t quite thought about. Evangeline huffed!* Then what am I supposed to do about them both? They’re stubborn.

Gabriel: *He studied her for a few minutes.* … Do you trust me?

Caroline: *Caroline laughed softly!* I would think someone coming to fetch you from danger every fifteen minutes would be a sign of caring. *Chewing on her bottom lip, she gave his complaint of magic some thought…* I can comprimise. Learn the spells and the magic, even if you don’t intend to use it. At least then I won’t be so afraid someone is going to catch you unaware… -09:29 May 29

Evangeline: I do trust you. *Yet she still looked uncertain about not meddling!*

[Caroline has timed out.] -10:41 May 29
Dark: (Brb!) -10:41 May 29
[Caroline ] -10:43 May 29
Dark: (Sorry about that.) -11:02 May 29
Caroline: (its okay! XD ) -11:02 May 29

Gabriel: *He took her hand and kissed the back with the Binding Mark.* I have missed you, Evangeline.

Dark: *He smiled a little.* Fair enough. And I’ll show you I’m serious about it and actually pay attention. Not so much ‘not listening for the sake of being a smart ass’. -11:05 May 29

Evangeline: Now you have me forever. *She said softly with a smile as she leaned to rest her head against his shoulder.*

Gabriel: Something that makes my years to come seem brighter. *There was some silence as they sat.* They will be fine, Evangeline. You know as well as anyone. Things must run its course. Meddling must be kept to a minimum.

Caroline: *Caroline looked relieved.* You have no idea how much it worried me. Even Alistair has not been as much trouble as you. -11:09 May 29

Evangeline: *Blast! He got her with sweetness as a distraction! Evangeline could only pout for a moment, but conceeded.* All right. I’ll try, but you may very well have to keep me close and on a leash.

Dark: *He scratched the back of his head.* … Making you regret saying that oath? *He glanced away.* I don’t want you to stick by me because of something you told Gabriel. If that’s the case, I’ll leave as soon as I learn the spells, the magic, whatever you believe I need to survive. But … to tell you the truth, I don’t want to leave. It’s getting really complicated. -11:13 May 29

Gabriel: You forgot, distracted. I believe Vlamerias and I can do that as well. She has done a fine job, fetching Dark back for us.

Caroline: *Caroline cast him her cheeky grin.* My sweet, had I not intended to do it anyway I wouldn’t have made the oath in the first place. -11:16 May 29

Evangeline: Meri is wonderfully helpful. She’ll be able to help me with lots of things. *A mischevious grin suggested some of those things might be the meddling he told her not to do… and she wasn’t making any effort to hide it!*

Dark: *He laughed and held out his hand.* It’s a deal then? We can start from the first lesson if you want. Hell, if I remember what that one was. -11:20 May 29

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You will be quite the handful for the next century or two, I see. If I catch wind of your meddling, I may meddle on my own.

Caroline: *Taking his hand, Caroline smirked.* Your first lesson was knowing who you could attack and who you couldn’t. Do you really want to go back that far in lessons? -11:22 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked with a surprised expression!* You wouldn’t dare!

Gabriel: *He smirked and cupped her cheek.* I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, Evangeline Clark.

Dark: *He huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.* Hm. Guess that depends … Did I pass with flying colors? -11:26 May 29

Vlamerias: *She hopped back onto her chair, giggling!* The cooking hunters are funny!

Evangeline: *Evangeline brushed her hand over his.* You must like trouble. *She said softly with a smile and tilted her head towards Meri.* …Did you eat all their food, Meri?

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Um, not all … I left the mushy green stuff and the hard white stuff! *She nodded.*

Caroline: I believe we can safely say that’s a lesson we don’t have to repeat. We might go over not getting ambushed by humans again. *A smirk!* -11:32 May 29

Gabriel: *He lowered his hand and ran it over Vlamerias’ hair.* Ah yes, Casey, the wayward hunter you protected the Bright Lady from.

Evangeline: Poor Casey. He was so surprised to get hauled up in the air and dropped like that. He was one of the few not afraid to be chatty with me!

Dark: *He laughed.* Man, I might never live that one down. In my defense, that human was real sneaky. -11:36 May 29

Gabriel: … Casey O’Brien. He is the hunter who cornered you and attempted to steal a kiss.

Vlamerias: *She was finishing off her plate and enjoying every bite!*

Caroline: I told Evangeline I might take more drastic methods you. I could try randomly throwing you out windows like Gabriel seems to enjoy doing to the hunter popular. *Caroline wouldn’t ever, but the thought of it was amusing.* -11:41 May 29

Evangeline: He’s only done it a few times. Casey is easy to dodge, anyway. He has silly rules about not chasing girls.

Dark: *He looked at her as if she had grown two heads!* Very funny. Oh hey, before I forget, can we grab some ice cream later? On the way back, we stopped for ice cream. I missed that. -11:45 May 29

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I assume people will learn the hard way you are married now.

Caroline: Ice cream? *Another unexpected request, but she smiled in response.* I do like ice cream. We could go out more often if you’re not going to have me on my toes all the time. *Pausing for a moment as if she remembered something, Caroline sighed!* I have to buy myself some new shirts again after yesterday. I am starting to think the universe doesn’t appreciate my sense of fashion. -11:49 May 29
Dark: *He gave her a sheepish grin.* Or perhaps it is just jealous of your sense of fashion. You can be intimidating when you want to be. -11:51 May 29

Evangeline: I hope that doesn’t mean beating up on hunters that ask me on dates. *Evangeline tilted her head…* Maybe I should be Evangeline Carnatelli now?

Caroline: I was hoping to go for more classically elegant and feminine than intimidating. You want intimidating you look at Gabriel and he’s terrible overuse of black. *She still remember the day he dressed Evangeline in all black and groaned at the thought.* -11:55 May 29

Gabriel: *He smirked.* That would cause complications. You would attracI would prefer you kept Clark.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* That would cause complications. You would attracI would prefer you kept Clark.

Dark: (Damn cat. <_<) -12:03 May 29

Gabriel: *He smirked.* That would cause complications. You would attract unwelcomed attention. No. I would prefer you kept Clark.

Evangeline: I think it’s a bit too late for unwanted attention. *A smile, but she was taking it under consideration.* You couldn’t be Gabriel Clark. That would be far too strange. Should we get me a ring?

Dark: *He smirked.* Yeah, I remember that, too. Thanks for getting me to wear something not black and not pink or bright either. That would make it even more hard to tell me and Gabriel apart. -12:06 May 29

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I meant, human-wise. To the world, Anthony Carnatelli is the only Carnatelli and should there be a human calling herself a Carnatelli as well, that would garner media attention.

Evangeline: *Evangeline made a face!* I absolutely do not want to be mistaken for Anthony’s wife!

Caroline: You’re far more attractive without all the black. And it really wouldn’t have suited you. ….But I don’t know, are you sure you don’t want the pink? I could change your hair again. *A flash of teeth as she grinned!* -12:10 May 29

Gabriel: *He took her hand and kissed the knuckles. He did not find the idea any more amusing than she did!* If you wish, we could get you a ring. I know a few jewelers. They will find it very amusing that someone has actually agreed to marry me of their own free will.

Dark: *He held up his hands.* Oh no. I prefer my hair to be black, if anything. It’d be my luck that the next spell you put on it is harder to undo than the last. -12:13 May 29

Evangeline: The binding mark is very special, but a ring will spare poor men from getting picked up and thrown. At least the smart ones. *Evangeline couldn’t help but lean forward and smile wistfully again. Being married to Gabriel was possibly the most amazing thing she’d ever done!*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I will have to find some other reason for the hunters to be picked up and thrown then.

Caroline: If it is any consolation, my magical talent is not as impressive as it looks. I am a master of making a simple spell look very complicated. …If you had pay attention more often, by now you’d have far surpassed me and I’d have to be so much more careful about how I teased. *The thought amused her.* -12:20 May 29

Evangeline: *Laughing, she squeezed his hand.* You’re so very mean. Couldn’t you give them a little break and just squirt them with a water bottle instead?

Gabriel: I have never been much for the ‘soft’ way of things.

Dark: *He smiled.* You say that now but until I get the hang of protecting myself from spells, I’ll assume the worst. Can I ask you something? -12:35 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline tugged him down so she could whisper in his ear.* I am your wife now, so there will never be another man for me. You don’t have to worry.

Caroline: *Caroline nodded.* Uh huh. What is it? -12:37 May 29

Gabriel: I worry often, the price of a long life. *He lowered his head to nuzzle her cheek.* I have lost much when I had so little. I can only imagine what a loss it will be when I stand to lose so much more.

Dark: *He blinked, opened his mouth, closed it.* … What was the story behind the Incubus of Harrisburg? -12:40 May 29

Evangeline: You’ll never loose me. At least not to any hunter or man that would try to court me. I have never met anyone as wonderful as you.

Caroline: *Cough! Caroline cleared her throught loudly.* Why on earth do you want to hear that story? -12:44 May 29

Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline Clark. *He said, feeling so very tender to this one human woman.* You have tamed me and I am always yours.

Caroline: * throught throat! -12:46 May 29
Dark: You mean besides the fact that the flying rat keeps mentioning it but you never do? It can’t be all that bad … *He tilted his head slightly.* Or is it …? -12:47 May 29

Evangeline: *She leaned to kiss his cheek and smile against it.* You’re not tame at all.. But I love you all the more for it.

Caroline: *Caroline rubbed the back of her neck and closed her eyes! It was near impossible to catch her in an embarrassed expression… but that story had to be one of them!* Bad, no… well. Depending on the point of view. It was… ah. A very good reason why you should be wary and guard yourself from spells. -12:50 May 29

Gabriel: *That made him smirk.* This from the woman who calls me compassionate, sweet, and warm. *She fascinated him!*

Dark: *He was willing to fill in the blanks here but he had a feeling anything he came up with could not match the truth!* Okay … -12:52 May 29

Evangeline: You can be all of those things and wild too! You’re sweet with me and warm with Meri and compassionate with others! ..and everyone else you throw out windows!

Gabriel: In my defense, it is because you forbade me from pulling a gun on them in the likelihood I would actually shoot them. *He smirked.* But when you say it in that manner, it does sound more appealing than pulling a gun on them.

Caroline: *Obviously, he was going to need a better example to understand the gravity of such a lesson. Caroline sighed, stuffing her hands in her pockets as she glanced upwards at the ceiling.* For an Incubus, sex is a very powerful weapon. Especially against a woman who is old enjoy to enjoy it, but young enough to think she’s immune to the natural magic that an Incubus might posess. -12:59 May 29

Evangeline: That wasn’t to give you ideas! *He was wicked about teasing her! Evangeline might have laughed, but sometimes he was serious… and that’s why he was so wicked!* We discussed this. You have to have a good reason before throwing people out windows, or other punishments…

Caroline: *enjoy old enough! -01:04 May 29
Dark: *Now it was his turn to cough! And pound his chest! And clear his throat!* Whoa … Hold on. So you … and it, or uh, him. And … sex …? *He looked baffled!* Gah, no wonder the flying rat keeps bringing it up! *He started to march away but then turned around and came back!* Okay now, so after the uh … ‘fun time’ you two had, did you kill him, make him promise to be good … get his number and promise to visit him often? -01:04 May 29

Gabriel: I remember. And I have always had a good reason for doing so.

Caroline: Eh, not exactly. *His reaction made her crack a grin, but he had to go and ask what happened!* After a little sex… or in this case, a lot of sex, you seem to stop caring just how tired and weak you become. Wrapped up in the moment. …Alistair likes to bring it up because he is the only reason I lived through that one. It’s hard to be enthralled with passion when he’s blabbering at you. -01:08 May 29
Dark: *A look of disgust!* Ew, so he watched?! *He clutched his heart as if he’d been run through and actually fell backwards! He landed with a thud!* And I thought you were disciplined. *He sighed and closed his eyes.* I don’t know if I could ever take you seriously now. -01:09 May 29

Evangeline: What is the last good reason for throwing a hunter out the window?

Gabriel: That would depend. Mikey or Carlos …?

Caroline: *Caroline actually looked offended, and promptly kicked his leg!* I am not an impenatrable fortress of perfection. I am a woman with needs and weaknesses! ….You’ll understand when you’re older! -01:13 May 29

Evangeline: …You threw two out at once? *Evaneline frowned!* Tell me both of them?

Dark: *He looked up at her.* … Apparently one of those needs is to stay far away from sex-inducing demons. *He blinked.* You know, all this talk about sex is making me curious. I mean, disgusted, yeah, but curious, too. -01:17 May 29
Caroline: *Caroline kicked him again for the joke at her expense, but it was much softer. Her hands rest on her hips as she peered down at him.* Stop thinking about Alistair and you’ll be less disgusted. Ask me your questions and I’ll answer them. Though you may do well to simply try it for yourself. -01:19 May 29

Gabriel: It was not two at once, per se. Mikey had decided he would teach me a lesson for once and launched an attack. I responded–and he flew out the window. Carlos was unfortunate enough to be nearby and tried to catch Mikey before he flew out the window.

Dark: *He coughed and snickered!* You know I could but … *Cough! Gasp!* I don’t think I could ever–*An attempt at a straight face!* Ever find out on my own what you apparently know about incubi and women. -01:21 May 29

Evangeline: *She blinked. …after a moment she laughed!* Well… that is a good reason and I can allow it.

Caroline: Unless you want me to pick you up and pull one of Gabriel’s moves on you, you better stop snickering! *She responded crisply, with that demure tone.* -01:26 May 29
Dark: I am not. *Cough! Clearing of the throat!* Snickering. See? *He pointed to his face! Cough! Pound the chest, attempt to wipe the grin off his face …!* -01:27 May 29

Gabriel: *A nod!* I always have a good reason–even if it does not seem that way at the time.

Caroline: That’s it. *Reaching down, she grabbed him by the shirt and started dragging!* Here I am, kind enough to answer the question of a curious youngling, and you snickerfit at my blunder! When you meet your first harlot, will I be snickering when you can’t figure out what to do with yourself? Nay! Because I am a lady! *Now she was ranting! It seemed he had struck one of those mysterious buttons no one thought existed!* -01:31 May 29

Evangeline: *Grinning she nodded her head slowly.* Sometimes you have a legitimate reason. I’ll be the judge of the rest!

Dark: *He sighed but he was still smiling. Blunder or not, this was gold! You didn’t get many things to tease Caroline with and this–this was too good to pass up!* You know, I might have to purge my young mind and cleanse my virgin ears. *He replied.* -01:34 May 29

Vlamerias: *Having heard the Warrior Lady and Dark, she decided to investigate! She skipped over to Dark!* Hello, Dark! Why is the Warrior Lady dragging you …?

Dark: Hey, Vlamerias! Well, apparently … I struck a chord. *He saw the puzzled expression on her face.* It’s an expression. It means, I said or did something that pissed Caroline off. We were discussing sex and incubi. -01:37 May 29

Vlamerias: Oh, sex and incubi! I know an incubus or two but I’m not allowed to um … asso … asso … lasso with them.

Caroline: A conversation you clearly weren’t ready for with your fragile virgin ears! *Caroline dragged him to the stairwell. She could have taken the elevator, but she intended to make the trip hurt.* -01:38 May 29
Dark: Lasso …? *He clenched his teeth in between snickering!* Oh, associate! Yes, Caroline, what tips would you give to a little devil about sex and demons? -01:39 May 29

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow!* And what punishment do I receive if you decide my reason was not legitimate?

Caroline: Vlamerias is not ready for sex. Yet you could probably use all the tips you could get! *Caroline dragged Dark up the stairs with no gentleness involved!* -01:43 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline had to think about it… There really wasn’t anything that could punish him, and not make her pout!* No good morning kisses?

Dark: *He snickered.* Not for a good long while. I might be curious but I’m not <i>that</i> curious. Apparently mixing with the opposite sex on anything besides business and friendship becomes a little too complicated. -01:45 May 29
Dark: *He snickered.* Not for a good long while. I might be curious but I’m not that curious. Apparently mixing with the opposite sex on anything besides business and friendship becomes a little too complicated. -01:45 May 29

Vlamerias: Everything is complicated on the mortal plane! I can see why devils only travel here to gain or collect souls!

Caroline: That incubus wasn’t business or friendship… That was pure sexual frustration and- …. And you’re damned lucky I don’t haul you off to some harlot right now and get that lessons over with! *Caroline kicked open the door to the roof and dragged him over the gravel.* I might have shown you myself, but I fear I might laugh until you cried! -01:49 May 29
Dark: Oh, is that what you call it? *But that only made him snicker more!* Ohohoh, I’ll have to save that one for later! -01:51 May 29

Gabriel: *He studied her.* Does that include other gestures of affection as well?

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady, what is a harlot? I have asked but no one appears to want to answer.

Caroline: Mouthy whelp! *Let him chuckle! As soon as she neared the edge of the roof, she very swiftly hauled him up and tried to chuck him over!* A harlot is a whore, Vlamerias. A woman that has sex for money. -01:54 May 29
Dark: *Up and over, he flew, over the edge, still snickering!* Oohh! Oohh! -01:56 May 29

Vlamerias: I assume that is not a compliment then … *She was thoughtful.*

Evangeline: Just morning kisses. Everything else is allowable. *…But she had to think twice! It’s not really a punishment if everything else is okay too! She chewed on the corner of her mouth trying to think it over!*

Caroline: *Dusting off her hands, she paused to eye Vlamerias.* No, it wouldn’t be a compliment. Most have little reguard for whores and consider them sleazy individuals. Which might be true for many. -02:01 May 29

Gabriel: In truth, I am grateful that you saved Caroline’s soul by putting your life on contract and that Malsuada took you to the Devil Underworld.

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful even more.* I thought not. My sister, Vlessande never had kind words for Varyssa. *She looked over the edge of the roof to where Caroline had thrown Dark over.* Will you forgive Dark now, Warrior Lady?

Evangeline: Really? I thought you might be furious at me for it… She was going to kill Caroline, and I couldn’t think of another way…

Caroline: I might. Yet, I might throw him to a succubus with only Alistair as his aid. -02:10 May 29

Gabriel: I was … for a time. I felt the light of the world go away and realized just how dark things could be without you. But had it not all occured, I would never had had the courage to ask you to become my mate.

Vlamerias: *She turned to look at Caroline.* Do you know many succubi?

Evangeline: *She brushed her fingers against his cheek.* I felt the same when I thought you had died. There didn’t seem to be a reason to keep living anymore. I think I scared everyone.

Gabriel: You came for me twice, Evangeline. I was certain everyone had given up on me.

Caroline: A few. They’re not as much as a temptation to me as Incubus. …with these thoughts in mind, please make sure My Lady stays as far away from either one as you can keep her. -02:19 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled, leaning to kiss the corner of his mouth.* As long as you live, I would come to find you. You always came to find me.

Vlamerias: *She nodded.* Yes, Warrior Lady. My Glaër would be most grieved and I cannot allow that. I do not wish to know if a life-bond can withstand the magic of a sex demon.

Caroline: I believe she could resist well enough until the magic was tuned. Then it would trouble. *Caroline finally moved to lean and peer off the edge of the roof for Dark. She knows darn well she didn’t kill him.* -02:27 May 29

Vlamerias: *She sighed deeply! And when that happened, her Glaër would no doubt, unleash hell upon the mortal plane. She was a young demon and still a fledgeling familiar but the Infamous One was not known for his forgiveness.*

Dark: I think I’ve calmed down enough. Can I get up now? -02:30 May 29
Caroline: I’m thinking about it. Are you going to ask your curious questions without being a pain in the rear about it? Or will I unleash Vlameries upon you to kiss you to your doom? -02:32 May 29

Gabriel: *He reached up to brush his fingers against her cheek.* How could I not …? You are a difficult woman to ignore.

Dark: *He was still smiling.* It will take me awhile to settle down completely. You must admit, it’s not often something like that occurs. -02:32 May 29
Dark: You didn’t answer my question about what happened to the Incubus, though. -02:34 May 29

Evangeline: *She grinned!* Even though you tried so hard! Now I can just whisper at you and you to come home. Do you think you can live with that?

Caroline: *Leaning on the edge of the roof, Caroline merely frowned in all seriousness.* When I came to my senses, I killed him. I don’t mind casual sex, but not at the expense of my life. He was a big liar, and I didn’t appreciate it. -02:38 May 29

Gabriel: *He smirked!* As long as you use discretion and reason. I love you, Evangeline, and I can refuse you only a few things. But I will take lightly to being called away while in the middle of killing, saving, or feeding.

Gabriel: *not (take lightly)

Dark: *He suddenly popped up with his head over the ledge! He had been standing on another ledge about five feet below the roof’s ledge!* Oh. Why didn’t you say so? Now I can ask my curious questions without being a pain in the ass about it. -02:41 May 29

Evangeline: I would not dare to interupt your saving or your feeding. And only occasionally your killing when it’s not as important. I missed you so much… but I can control myself most of the time!

Gabriel: You might become tired of me yet, Seer. *He kissed her mouth gently.* You have the sweetest lips.

Caroline: *Caroline was tempted to tilt him off the ledge.* How did THAT make the difference between being a pain and asking questions? -02:44 May 29

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Oh, you did not fall! How fascinating! *She hopped down to the same ledge he was on!*

Dark: I honestly couldn’t take you seriously while the bastard was walking around. But since you say he’s dead, I’ll take it as fact and only bring up the Incubus of Harrisburg in times that I want to piss you off. -02:45 May 29

Evangeline: I will never tire of you. Not even if I had you every night all to myself for a million years. *He was so sweet… what a bother to still be at Oracle, when she’d like to have him to herself! *

Caroline: *A raise of her eyebrow as she blinked at him.. and Vlamerias!* Were you embarrassed to have a teacher that fell victim to a man’s wiles? -02:48 May 29

Gabriel: *A slit of the palm as he pulled her to him!* “Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via.” *They appeared back at Evangeline’s apartment under the city where he laid her on the bed and lay down beside her.* How is that …?

Dark: *He blinked.* Embarassed, no. But it was awfully funny at first and I’m still disturbed that the flying rat watched you. I can only hope he didn’t have to blabber too long to get you to your senses. *He held up his hand.* No, don’t answer that. Or I won’t be responsible for me willing jumping off this ledge and impaling myself on the first pointy object I come across. -02:52 May 29

Evangeline: *The sudden shifting took her by surprise! She finally laughed and through her arms around his neck before she kissed him! He’ll have to be careful treading in her thoughts, she thinks embarrassing things!*

Vlamerias: *Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop!* How fascinating! *She suddenly paused.* Hm. I suppose my Glaër and the Bright Lady need more time alone.

Gabriel: *He kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her waist.* I do not like to pry but that thought was rather foremost on your mind. *He kissed her long and hard. Oh yes, he had missed kissing her like this.*

Caroline: Careful little vampire. You may insult me again. I can only imagine that Alistair might have seen something brilliant and amazing that he’d never hope to have for himself! *Hrmph. She had said as much to the cursed sorcerer everytime he brought the damned incident up. Caroline cast a curious expression at Vlamerias.* Then you better stay with us. Dark may need to watch someone, but you can leave it alone. -02:56 May 29
Dark: *He inclined his head toward her.* Of course. *He gave a wide grin at her suggestion.* I am sure if I ever need it, you’ll give me tips and hints. *He winked.* -02:58 May 29

Vlamerias: Okay! Warrior Lady, why do you keep the annoying little human?

Evangeline: You make it hard not to think about you when you say things so sweet. *She mumbled against him, moving to run her fingers through his hair!*

Caroline: *Caroline leaned to cast Dark a wicked sort of grin.* My sweet, you have no idea. *She stepped over to lean where Vlamerias was lurking.* Alistair did me a favor that day and many others. He is a miserable human being, but he has some glimmer of… something… deep down. Burried. In the dismal recesses of the raisin he calls a heart. -03:02 May 29

Gabriel: *He released her mouth to nuzzle her neck and nip her playfully.* Hmm hmm.

Evangeline: *Oh! It always gave her shivvers when he did that! Evangeline tugged at his shirt.* Would you like to take a bath with me? I didn’t have time this morning with Meri.

Vlamerias: If you say so, Warrior Lady. *She looked up at her. The Warrior Lady was older and more experienced with humans.* Warrior Lady, can humans fly …?

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and smirked.* She is a handful. Yes, I will take a bath with you. *And it would be different, too. The first bath as husband and wife.*

Caroline: Er.. No. Humans can’t fly. That’s a strange question to ask. What brought that one? -03:07 May 29

Evangeline: Good! I doubt you’ve taken a real bath in forever. They’re so much better than spells. *She kissed him quickly, scooting to the edge of the bed to tug off her boots!*

Vlamerias: Father’s souls. He said he always dreamt he could fly and that’s why he traded his soul. The ability to fly. Humans are odd creatures.

Gabriel: *He smirked and watched as she took off her boots! He went into the bathroom to start the water!*

Caroline: Hmm. Many devils prey on the dreams and strongest desires of humans. Some humans forget the value of their soul is more precious than the wish they wanted granted. -03:14 May 29
Dark: I find it odd that everything in the entire universe focuses on this tiny little planet and the human race. They often say there’s life out there elsewhere but everyone keeps coming here. -03:17 May 29

Evangeline: *With the boots off, she made quick work of pulling off her skirt and throwing her sweater over her head as she followed in to the bathroom. Baths with Gabriel were always warm and relaxing! And it’d been so long!* How long has it been since you’ve had a real bath?

Gabriel: … Awhile. *He said simply. Taking accounts baths was not something he counted as very necessary!*

Caroline: I can barely wrap my mind around fate and destiny. If I have to start contemplating it across mulituple worlds, I think my mind might fritz out. Can you imagine vampires or demons from another planet? Alien vampires? -03:22 May 29
Dark: *He laughed!* I saw a movie about that. It came on real late, alien vampires. And then there was this one sexy alien vampire princess who came to Earth to eliminate some evil alien vampires. I thought it was pretty funny. -03:23 May 29

Evangeline: *She was trying to undo the clip from her hair.* Since you last had a bath with me. I think we’ll have to be in here for hours. *Evangeline teased! Finally getting her clip free, she found the bottle that had all the fun bubbles in it and handed it to him!*

Gabriel: *He took the bottle and raised an eyebrow at it!* Bubbles …?

Caroline: What’s disturbing is that it’s probably a true story. The day I meet an alien will be the day I faint dead away. *There wasn’t much that Caroline found disturbing anymore. But the thought of something from outside the globe, weird alien peoples watching everyone on earth… That was worst than nosey Seers or master vampires.* -03:28 May 29
Dark: Best not to mention the fact you think it’s a true story to the flying rat. He complained about the movie but I know damn well he was watching it, too. That guy’s got one thing on his mind and one thing only. -03:31 May 29

Evangeline: I like bubbles. It’s made with cognac and oakmoss and.. um.. Something else that’s strange, but not girly. So you won’t smell like flowers or anything silly. *She reserved those bubbles for baths without Gabriel. …if she even take one without him again. She gave that some thought!*

Gabriel: *He poured the bubbles in and swished it around in the water to help make some suds.* You will have to test the water again.

Caroline: It had a sexy woman, I can understand why. He has ran my bills up in motels ordering dirty movies on far too many occasions. And most of them weren’t even worth the watching. *Caroline leaned to peer at Vlamerias again.* Are either of you going to come off the ledge, or should I just join you? -03:36 May 29

Vlamerias: *She giggled.* It is really fun! *She began to hop up and down again!* I’m so small! I ‘m so small!

Dark: *He laughed.* Yeah, definitely couldn’t be me. You are way too dedicated to let me slack off. It’s a wonder I can even feed in the first place. -03:39 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to sit on the edge of the tub and checked the water. It was nice and hot! Just right!* Perfect! Now you get undressed!

Gabriel: Of course. *He undressed, taking more care with his gun holsters then he did the rest of his clothing! Then he slipped inside and stretched himself in the tub! He lay back with the back of his head against the edge.*

Vlamerias: Oohhh … Do you feed on humans, Dark?

Caroline: *Taking that as a ‘We’re staying on the roof!’, Caroline hopped over the edge and sat herself neatly on the ledge. Crossing her legs, her teacup and saucer appeared in hand filled with that same tea she always drank.* If you need to feed, I can feed you. -03:43 May 29
Dark: I’m not supposed to, Vlamerias. Not anymore. I’m a special type of vampire so I can feed from weres and demons and other vampires, too. *He glanced at Caroline.* I appreciate the offer but I think I’m doing well so far. -03:46 May 29

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved away just long enough to quickly brush her hair, before she pulled off the rest of her clothes and crawled in to the tub. So deliciously warm! She sank herself under the water before rising up to wipe the bubbles from her face.*

Vlamerias: So my Glaër must be able to do the same as well! I did not know there were vampires like that!

Caroline: *She flashed him another toothy grin.* You’re not worrying about hurting me, are you? It seems the trend this week for Caroline-damage. *She took a sip of her tea before leaning to look at Vlamerias.* Only the Carnatelli can do that it seems. Other vampires can not. -03:49 May 29
Dark: The last thing I need is to attack you because I suddenly had an addiction to your blood. I’ve come across enough vampires to learn of that one. If you ever meet a Carnatelli named Anthony, run, Vlamerias. He’s an evil son of a bitch. -03:52 May 29

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and enjoyed the bath! The Seer had been right. It had been awhile!*

Caroline: Very good advice. Anthony Carnatelli might try to harm My Lady again, even more especially now. Taking something precious from Gabriel would be low and much worse if he killed her. -03:58 May 29

Vlamerias: *She bit her lip and suddenly looked unsure of herself!* I shall spirit my Bright Lady to safety, should I encounter him! *She clasped her hands together.* Oh, if one of them dies, the other dies with him or her. This is bad. There must be something I can do, in case something like that happens. I cannot let my Glaër die and I cannot let his mate die either.

Evangeline: *He could sit and she would wash. Which was so often how it usually was. That including washing him, for he might never do it! She finally tugged his hand to pull him forward so she could wash his hair!*

Gabriel: *He opened his eyes when she pulled on his hand and he smirked. Then he moved forward and offered her his head.*

Caroline: *Caroline smiled gently.* If you protect M’lady, you will protect Gabriel. She’s pulled him twice from oblivion, and I have no doubt she could do it again if something were to happen to him. -04:06 May 29
Dark: *He smirked and ruffled her hair.* Besides, you still got us. I might despise Gabriel’s guts and think Evangeline is missing a few marbles but I’m not about to let something bad happen to them. -04:07 May 29

Evangeline: *Washing his hair was her favorite part..! She made sure to shampoo it well and rub his head so he’d feel much less tense than he usually did. And it was always so soft and smelled so good when she was done! It was impossible not to grin while she was washing!*

Vlamerias: Thank you, Warrior Lady! Thank you, Dark! *And she hugged each of them in turn! Then she began hopping up and down again!*

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and rubbed his hair against her hands. She had a wonderful touch. A healer’s touch. And if he was a giant cat, he’d be purring by now.*

Caroline: It’s still a miracle he didn’t break all the bones in my body when I told him Evangeline was gone. Normally the only thing that stops him is Evangeline asking him too. *Another sip of tea after Vlamerias exuberant hug!* -04:14 May 29
Dark: Like you mentioned before, he was partially responsible for not being there when Evangeline struck that deal. *He said with a shrug after patting Vlamerias on the head.* -04:16 May 29

Evangeline: *A soft giggle! She moved one hand to rub the base of his neck. Soft gentle motions kneading in to his skin.*

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