017 Roadtrip to Montana

Roadtrip on the way to Montana! At a rest stop bar, they ask for directions and Ciara’s open disdain for the ‘intelligence’ of the people gets them near killed by angry trucks and rednecks! A little quick thinking by Conrad and Leon being steak happy saves the day!

It’s late at night and they stop at an old house that’s been converted to a hotel. Everyone has a rotten feeling about the place but Ciara is determined to have them sleep in a real bed and convince them to stay. Leon and Ciara then Conrad and Lily are put in rooms on separate wings. Leon finds the place horrible cause he can’t smell any meat anywhere! Conrad refuses to sleep and opts for staying up and keeping watch. Ciara tries to take a bath but the water keeps doing strange things!

Leon gets lured away by a fake steak. Conrad sees a weird shadow and goes to investigate, but when he does Lily’s bed is descending down under the floor. An invisible force field keeps him from getting to it. Ciara gets the run around from the Maid, and once she realizes Leon is gone (as well as her clothes!) she goes looking for him. The house seems to be trying to kill all of them! Conrad has issues in the ballroom, Ciara is accosted by silverware, and portraits fly at Leon!

Meanwhile Lily finds herself in a strange room without any doors or windows and a crying woman. Lily tries to keep herself from panicking and looks for a way out. Climbing on the bed, she manages to squeeze up through a passage in to the courtyard of a garden maze. She meets the very creepy hotel owner and ends up chased by some of his ghosts!

Ciara finally runs in to Leon (as a wolf no less), and they find Conrad who has escaped from the beasts trying to kill him! Conrad tosses them the keys to the jeep to get it started and uses a spell to find Lily! They make a quick escape.

They manage to find a REAL hotel to spend the night. Ciara sleeps with a wolfy Leon, but is startled when she wakes up with a naked man Leon. She has a screaming fit and throws him out! Remarking to herself that he’s very much a grown man now!

  1. Lily shows quick thinking a bravery. A first glimpse that something about Lily attracts danger.
  2. Conrad is resourceful!
  3. Ciara realizes Leon is VERY much a man.
[Leon is so excited to be going on a trip!] -04:00 Aug 05
[Ciara has some doubts about this idea!] -04:00 Aug 05
Leon: C’mon, Cissy! It’d be fun! We’ll actually have an adventure! The kind you tell your grandkids when they ask for a bedtime story! -04:02 Aug 05
Ciara: Right… Staring at trees, avoiding bears, and no cell phone reception. If something happens, we’ll be doomed. -04:04 Aug 05
Leon: *Isn’t about to let that ruin his excitement!* Oh, stop worrying so much! Our ancestors didn’t have cell phones and they did just fine! *He clasped his hands behind his head!* -04:05 Aug 05

Lily: *Between trying to find out how her mother’s date went, and making sure the woman had packed a suitcase with things that made sense, it was a pretty exhausting morning. Lily dragged the bags over and dusted off her hands.* What is so amazing about that phone anyway?

Ciara: It’ll be the only connection to civilization, that’s what. *Hrmph. She’ll ~try~ to make the best of the trip. Still, she would have rather stayed in a nice accomidating hotel. Who knows if those cabins out there even had electricity…* -04:07 Aug 05
Leon: Yes, what Lily said. *He moved and peered over Ciara’s shoulder to get a look at the phone–only to snatch it and start going through her phonebook! Or, he tried to! How the hell did the blasted thing work anyways?!* -04:08 Aug 05
Ciara: Give me that! *Ciara gave him a good swat before she was snatching for her phone!* Wolves don’t use phones! -04:14 Aug 05
Leon: Ooff! *Swatted but he staggered out of her grasp and was still trying to figure out how to work her phone!* Now you’re just stereotyping! -04:15 Aug 05

Lily: …Why am I the only adult here? *Lily muttered, resting a hand on her hip and rubbing the side of her head.*

Ciara: Leon! *Growling, she snagged his sleeve to pull him around.* You’re going to kill my battery, and then I’m going to kill you. -04:17 Aug 05
Leon: *Gulp! He promptly handed her back her phone! He pouted a bit.* Can’t blame a wolf for trying–Ack! *He quickly dashed away from Ciara!* -04:19 Aug 05

Lily: There’s plenty of time to kill Leon later. I don’t want to have to tie you both up in the backseat.

Conrad: *Popped his head in!* Leon, are you really going to take this entire cooler of … *He disappeared to check what was inside!* Steaks!

Ciara: …Can’t you just hunt down some wild animals in the forest? -04:24 Aug 05
Leon: *Twiddling his thumbs!* Well, I was going to take the steaks as emergency rations … -04:25 Aug 05

Lily: It’s not like we’re going to be in the middle of no where! …Bah! What sort of parents are you, it’s ridiculous!

Leon: *Sigh!* You’re right, Lily. The steaks can stay here! And if worst comes to worst, I’m sure there’ll be a deer or two running around. -04:29 Aug 05
Ciara: *Now Ciara was trying to imagine Leon running in the woods chasing a deer, and the look on her face suggested that was an entirely all too entertaining thought… Smirk!* -04:30 Aug 05

Conrad: *Checked his watch!* Alright, so the steak stays. Is there anything else anyone needs? We really gotta get going.

Lily: Everything is here and ready, and I say we leave now before anyone else gets some bright ideas. *That look was for her mother specifically. There was already a suggestion of tying Leon to the roof, and as funny as it sounded, she feared Ciara was serious!*

Leon: Excellent idea! To the Jeep! *He marched out, ready to take on the world!* -04:40 Aug 05
Ciara: *Muttering under her breath, Ciara turned off her cellphone to conserve battery power and pocketed it. She took one of the suitcases from Lily and with much less enthusiasm followed Leon to the jeep!* -04:43 Aug 05

Lily: *And so, packing everything away neatly in the jeep, stuffing her mother and Leon in the back seat, because she didn’t want to imagine what would happen if they bickered while either of them driving… They were on their way to Montana! Complete with music playlist of her own making!*

[Conrad is doing what he was assigned to do … tag along after Lily!] -03:57 Aug 14
Lily: *Which was perfectly fine up until the bathroom break,… then again she had to take her mother in there, and Ciara seemed to have issues with public bathrooms! Now there was this matter of asking directions in a werid little bar…* -04:01 Aug 14

Leon: *Was waiting outside in the Jeep! He felt perfectly comfortable outside in the dark–until he spooked a couple of people coming out of there. But he was only trying to answer their question about who the greatest football player of all time was!*

Conrad: *Decided he might as well go and use the bathroom while they were here. His plan was just to get in, do his business, and get out and was going along splendidly! Until he took a look at the toilets!* -04:04 Aug 14

Ciara: *SHE was going to ask for directions! It might be Conrad’s planned trip, but she severely hated the idea of getting lost in the wilderness. Even less so than being stuck in this bar full of rednecks. Of which she made sure to mention out loud!* We should stop at the next gas station. There’s not going to be a person in this place with sense enough to spell his own name let alone give directions!

Leon: *Let’s see. There was the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper … and then there was that … there was the … Oh crap, what did you call that set of stars over there? Oh well. He’d give it his own name. He’d call it … The Crescent Moon. Or … something.*

Lily: You could wait out in the car with Leon and I’ll ask. Please? *Cause if she didn’t, Lily could see a few people that were going to be happy to throw them out!* -04:10 Aug 14

And they were getting some stares as it was! Someone was shaking the juke box in a corner somewhere to try and make it work!

Ciara: *Clearly not listening, Ciara moved to the bar to talk to the bartender.* What is the fastest way out of this hicktown?

The guy in the flannel shirt looked over at Ciara, chewing on his tobacco. Then he turned his head and spit and looked back at Ciara again, chewing and chewing and chewing …

Ciara: You CAN tell direction, can’t you? East, west…? Anything?

Lily: *Lily smacked her forehead before moving over to Ciara and taking her by the arm!* I am sooo sorry. My mother is a little senile. We’re leaving, aren’t we, mother. -04:53 Aug 14

Ciara: No, I’m pretty sure at least one of these lackwits can read and point out directions.

Leon: Oh, give me a home! Where the cats do not roam! Where the steaks are free-flowin’ all day! *He sang as he strummed the guitar!* Where vegetables are heard, a discouraging word! And the moon is full every day! *He threw his head back and howled!*

The bar went silent! “Ma’am, we dun like it none when folks dun have manners.”

Ciara: *Ciara blinked, looking disbelieving!* I’d hate to imagine what a hillbilly considers manners, what with the way you spit on the floor like camel.

Lily: *Lily slapped a hand over Ciara’s mouth and started dragging her towards the door!* Look at the time, we really need to get going! -05:04 Aug 14

Conrad: *Came out just in time to see Lily dragging Ciara to the door and notice that the tension in the air is so thick you can slice it with a knife! He quickly lowered his head and followed after the two Greys!*

Luck was not with Ms. Grey as more than one of those “hillbillies” as she so kindly put it, were looking mighty pissed and rising up out of their chairs!

Ciara: *Pulling the hand from her mouth and disentangling Lily from her person, Ciara wasn’t afraid of a bunch of hicks, and said as much! Loudly!* I seriously doubt a single one of them has the wits to counter, let alone the balls.

Conrad: *Turned around to face the men as they were beginning to stand.* Gentlemen, please uh … excuse us. We gotta run and we have a lot of ground to cover. We’re really, very sorry for any trouble. *Talk nice, smile, and everything–His face fell when Ciara said that! So much for that thought!* -03:01 Aug 15
Lily: That’s it! You want to be a crazy bitch, go ahead! *Argh! Was her mother insane, or did she just enjoy riling everyone up! Well… If Ciara Grey wanted to fight a bar of rednecks, Lily was going to let her do it! She turned to Conrad and crossed her arms.* We can just leave her. -03:03 Aug 15
Conrad: *And Lily was serious about it too! He was going to try one more time for her to see reason before something really, really bad happened!* Ms Grey, please. We really must go. -03:06 Aug 15

Leon: *Was still singing!* In the forest, the quiet forest, the wolf he sleeps tonniiiiggghhht! In the forest, the mighty forest, the wolf he sleeps tonight! OOooooweeeeeee eeeeeeeeee wee oh wom ee ah!

No, no it was too late! Worse, it looked like this bar was a truck stop. And truckers sure did like carrying their war axes, katana swords (cause they like that there japanese anoomay) and some hunting rifles!

Ciara: *Oh the classic haughty look, her hands on her hips as she practically DARED them to try!* Going to maim poor innocent tourists? Go ahead and try. *She flipped out her cellphone!* Maybe I’ll just call the local police.

Conrad: *One raised eyebrow to all the swords and … AXES?!* Okay, all of this … is unexpected. *He raised his hands.* I realize all of you are armed but please, don’t make it necessary to hurt you. -03:13 Aug 15

The threat of the cops was laughed off, especially when the local Sheriff stood up from the corner of the room and just shrugged his shoulder’s! Every face in the bar was a toothless grin!

Leon: *The door opened!* Gee, Cissy, what’s taking you so long? I’m getting hungry out there.

Lily: Leon, she did it again. *Lily just pointed. It was hard to miss what Ciara did.* -03:19 Aug 15
Conrad: Leon, if you help us out of this mess, I’ll buy you all the steaks you can eat. *He said, without taking his eyes off of the men closest to him!* -03:20 Aug 15

Leon: *Huffed!* See, this is why you should never get out of the car. No people skills whatso–Really?

Ciara: *Eyeing that sheriff… Maybe she was a bit too hasty! Ciara glanced at her phone.* No people skills? They have the cops in their back pocket, and I’m the one with no people skills?

Conrad: Yep. Just think about it. Bottle of A-1 steak sauce, some onions, lots of juicy meat … -03:24 Aug 15

That was really just the last straw out of that mouthy woman, there was a good dozen men rushing forward to teach them city people a lesson!

Leon: *Well, you didn’t need to tell him twice! As soon as those guys rushed forward, he sprinted and tackled the one blocking the way out to the floor! Then it was a flurry of punches and head knocking and then moving onto the next guy!&*

Lily: *Taking opportunity when it came, Lily grabbed her mother by the arm and dragged her out the door none too politely! Despite the temptation to leave her there!* -03:34 Aug 15

Ciara: But Leon is-! *Ciara wanted to SEE that, but perhaps just maybe it was a good time to leave! But only because one of those axes was thrown across the room to lodge in the wall near them as they escaped out the front doors!*

Conrad: *Tripped the man who was going after the women and elbowed another in the ribs that was coming from the opposite side! Then he was jumping over men and dodging flying objects to reach Leon who was currently fighting like a wolf in the middle of an alley of cats!* -03:46 Aug 15
Lily: Get in the car! *Lily shouted, practically stuffing her mother in the back, sorely tempted to tie her up back there!* You’re ground fore life! I can’t go anywhere with you, you’re like a crazy yapping maniac! -03:54 Aug 15

“OOOWWEEE!” One of the men went! That there bastard just bit him! And he wouldn’t let go either!

Ciara: ~I~ said stopping at a dive like this was a bad idea. ~I~ suggested the nearest gas station. If you’d listen to your mother, we wouldn’t have had this problem. *This role reversal was ridiculous, SHE was the adult here. Ciara plopped down in the back seat and scowled!*

Conrad: *Got to the door only to turn and find Leon with some guy’s pants in his mouth! And then he actually ripped a piece of it off!* Spit that out, Leon, you don’t know where it’s been! And would you get moving! -03:58 Aug 15

Leon: *Blinked and let that piece of denim drop out of his mouth!* But … my steaks … *He had that pouty puppy look again!*

Conrad: Yes, I owe you! Now let’s GO! *With one final heave, Leon stopped struggling and the two of them staggered out the door and into the Jeep!* -03:59 Aug 15

RAAGGHH! Like a scene right out of Lord of the Rings, hillbillies poured out of the bar right after them! Shaking their weapons and aiming their guns! Did that guy have a hole in his pants?!

Lily: *That had to be one of the scariest things she had ever seen! Lily made sure to buckle herself good and tight and scoot far away from the door!* -04:08 Aug 15

Ciara: You didn’t bite one of them did you? *She asked, plucking what looked like some demin fluff from the side of Leon’s mouth!*

Conrad: *The ignition went on and they drove out of there as fast but as safely as possible! He didn’t slow down until he was sure they weren’t going to get chased!* -04:20 Aug 15

Leon: *Grinned wolfishly!* Um … I guess I got a little too enthusiastic somewhere along the line. *He made a face and stuck his tongue out as if trying to get rid of a bad taste.*

Lily: *Lily sure didn’t breath easy until it seemed they were good and out of enemy territory. She pulled off her seatbelt so she could turn around in her seat and glare.* What’s the matter with you! What ever happened to treat people the way you want to be treated?! -04:27 Aug 15

Ciara: For the record, I don’t think any of them know about that rule either.

Lily: *A loud scoff! Lily turned that glare to Leon!* Why do you put up with her? She needs a muzzle and a good whipping. Adults aren’t supposed to act like that. -04:36 Aug 15
Conrad: *Before Leon could answer, he spoke.* There’s a hotel coming up. How about we stay there for the night? *He said, having glanced at the signs as they drove!* -04:48 Aug 15

Ciara: That’s a great idea. A little rest will do us all well. *The hunter was clever, she’d give him that!*

Lily: *Lily knew a distracted when she saw one. But unlike her mother, she knew when to leave something alone. Lily settled back down in her seat and frowned as she watched out the window.* -04:54 Aug 15

Leon: Do you think they’ll have all you can eat steak buffet there? *He asked after awhile of silence! There were signs of more civilization, more traffic, more signs, better roads!*

Ciara: No one has an all you can eat steak buffet. *Ciara was flipping open, pressing with speed and looking for a local directory!*

Leon: *He blinked!* They don’t? *He huffed and sat back.* That’s a shame. You’d think someone would have something as great as a steak buffet in their restaurant.

Ciara: Then I suggest you make one yourself when we get home. …*Ack! Her signal was dying! She lifted her phone up to try and catch one!*

[Conrad has been driving and driving but he finally stops at a place right on the road!] -03:06 Aug 18
[Lily is tired and sleepy and happy to see something besides trees!] -03:08 Aug 18

The place is almost impossible to see what with all the trees in the way but there it is … lit nice and bright! It’s a huge mansion of some sort with the gates wide open and what could be towers reaching into the sky! The kind of mansion that boasts a warm bed and a hot bath!

Conrad: *Looked over the place.* I don’t know. I say we keep driving on. A place like this can only be bad news. -03:10 Aug 18

Ciara: My phone is almost out of battery, and there may not be another place for miles. We’re stay here!

Ciara: *Staying!

Conrad: I realize that, Ms Grey, but I’d much rather go somewhere else. There are places along these roads best left alone. -03:13 Aug 18
Lily: *Trying not to yawn, she was staying put until someone made up their mind.* Couldn’t you leave the phone alone until the next place? -03:14 Aug 18

Leon: *Yawned as he woke up! He’d dozed off somewhere along the way! He rubbed the sleep from his eyes!* C’mon, Cissy! Can’t we find some other place? Doesn’t look like there’s a decent burger to be had here.

Ciara: Forget it! We’ve been driving for near ten hours, and here we have a perfectly beautiful looking hotel sure to have everything a person needs… and I’m not passing that up just to stay at a roach motel with suspicious looking sheets.

Leon: *Leaned forward to Conrad!* Conrad, she’s not gonna give. We might as well stop here for the night and check things out. Even if this place sucks. *He muttered under his breath as he sat back!* Ow! What’d you do that for?! *He clutched his arm where Ciara had pinched him!*

Ciara: *She threatened to do it again!* If you’re [i]scared[/i], you can sleep outside. Lily and I need an actual bed to sleep in.

Ciara: *She threatened to do it again!* If you’re scared, you can sleep outside. Lily and I need an actual bed to sleep in.

Lily: She’s just going to complain until we go inside, and I am really tired. -03:29 Aug 18
Conrad: Alright, alright. *He said, already putting the jeep into drive and heading for the front of the mansion. He parked right in front. The mansion was as impressive close up as it was from the road.* Can Leon and I at least check things out? *He asked as he jumped out, already heading up the steps to the door!* -03:34 Aug 18

Leon: *Rubbing his arm and huffing. She hadn’t pinched him in … ages! She was definitely pissed. She only pinched when she was.*

Conrad: *He pulled out his gun as he went to the door and knocked with the large brass knocker! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Then he stood back and raised the gun!* -03:39 Aug 18

It didn’t take long for them to hear locks being unlocked and finally the door began to open–and a short old woman in a maid’s uniform answered–with a gun pointed to her face! “H … Hullo, sir?”

Conrad: Forgive, ma’am. *He quickly said as he lowered the gun but didn’t put it away.* I didn’t mean to scare you. -03:40 Aug 18

Ciara: *A normal person would be more concerned with Conrad pointing a gun at some harmless old woman… But she was more annoyed with that wounded puppy look Leon kept giving her! She didn’t pinch him THAT hard! She was already hopping out of the jeep and pulling Lily out too.*

The woman looked relieved for a gun being pointed at her. She put her hand to her chest. It was a miracle Conrad’s greeting with a gun hadn’t given her a heart attack! She looked over at Ciara and Lily approaching! “May I help you tonight?”

Leon: *Stopped pouting and finally jumped out of the jeep! But he stuck right next to it! He didn’t like this place at all! Really! Not even a hint of burger or steak coming from inside that door! Just dust and mold and … SNIFF SNIFF!*

Ciara: *A perfectly charming smile from the woman who had previously tormented them all during this trip!* If you have a couple of rooms available for tonight, that would be divine.

“Oh, of course, ma’am! This is a fine bed and breakfast, it is! And we do have rooms available! But if the sir would be so kind as to put the …” She pointed at Conrad’s gun. “Away?”

Ciara: Of course he’ll put it away. Isn’t that, Conrad?

Lily: *Between both Leon and Conrad, they were making her nervous. And she couldn’t fathom how her mother didn’t notice they were all worked up… or maybe she was just ignoring it! Lily crossed her arms and frowned!* -03:55 Aug 18
Conrad: *He looked uncertain for a moment, raising an eyebrow and giving Ciara a look of doubt! But he finally put the gun away!* Of course, Ms Grey. *He looked over at the maid.* I’m sorry for prying but … if this is a bed and breakfast, where are your other guests’ cars? -04:00 Aug 18

The maid blinked. “Um … Well this is … you see, our off-season. But the owner, the master here, he always has his doors open for weary travelers. It’s what he does.” She nodded.

Ciara: Then we’ll appreciate two rooms immediately, if that’s not any trouble.

Lily: *Lily blinked and looked up at her mother!* Only two? Are you sleeping with Leon? -04:06 Aug 18

Ciara: *There was a thought she wanted out of her head!* You’re sleeping with me. Leon with Conrad.

Conrad: *Somehow he doubted he’d be getting much sleep tonight! But he kept his mouth shut! The maid had said it was the off-season but this wasn’t a ski resort, it was a bed and breakfast. And it certainly wasn’t a beach-side site where more visitors would come in the warmer seasons, either. He definitely didn’t like this.* -04:10 Aug 18

“Right away! If you would follow me, I can show you where to get something to eat and drink and relax while I prepare the rooms.” She stepped inside and turned to go down a short hallway. At the end was a much larger room with a wide staircase that traveled up some before dividing into two flights going in opposite directions. On other side were at least half a dozen doors, all closed. “The kitchen is right this way.” She gestured to the far end of the room, toward the flight of stairs, before walking ahead.

Ciara: Brilliant. *Pulling Lily along with her, she followed the maid, taking note of the rooms, and though the hunters stiffness didn’t escape her attention, she ignored it! They were going to get a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel, and not human nor creature was going to ruin it!*

Lily: I don’t like the mirrors. *She muttered softly. It was just as likely she was tired and seeing things anyway. Lily avoided looking at any more!* -04:21 Aug 18

The kitchen was definitely the kitchen! Large stoves and a refrigerator and cupboards! Lots of cupboards! And a huge walk-in freezer! If someone wanted somewhere to sit, they would have to settle for going into the adjoining dining room separated by a counter with a retractable blind for privacy and a door!

Leon: … I don’t smell any meat. *He said after the maid had excused herself and gone to prepare the rooms, or so she said!* And I smell something else but it’s masked really well.

Ciara: It’s fine. If it’s not fine, I’ll kill someone. *It was impossible to tell if she were kidding or not. She probably wasn’t it.* I think you’d survive a night without devouring a herd of cattle, anyway.

Leon: *He pouted again!* But Cissy …! You know that’s not what I mean! I hope they’re not stalked with tofu or some other meatless crap. *He said as he went hunting through the cupboards and the fridge and everything!*

Lily: *Lily found a chair in the dining room and slid in to the seat.* It’s really silent here. -04:33 Aug 18

Ciara: *There was a brief thought of giving Leon a tofu steak just to see what he’d do. Ciara grinned wickedly!* I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad.

Leon: That’s what you think! I’ll have you know I have a very sensitive palate. I can’t just eat tofu and say ‘Oh yay, I don’t have to eat meat anymore.’ It doesn’t function like that, Cissy. *He said, still relentless in his pursuit for some real food.*

Ciara: I think your sensitive pallete can take a vacation for one evening. Stop snooping.

Leon: I am not snooping. *He replied, still digging through the cupboards. He didn’t find what he was looking for in that one, so it was on to the next!* I’m just taking stock that’

Leon: *that’s all.

The kitchen door opened. The maid smiled at them. “Everything is ready for you. I hope you found something to fill your bellies while you were waiting.”

Ciara: I think we’re ready to head straight for bed.

Leon: *Pouted when she said that but he reluctantly pulled out and closed the cupboard as he stood!*

“As you wish, ma’am.” The maid nodded. “Right this way.” And then she was out through the door again and she took them back into that huge room. This time it was up the stairs. “I hope you don’t mind. Many of the rooms are closed for renovations so the only two left are on opposite sides of the house.”

Lily: … Wouldn’t it make more sense to do rennovations one end at a time? -05:09 Aug 18

“Oh, it was a construction error. The master told the men just that but … you know men, they never listen,” the maid said as she went up one side of the stairs. There were more portraits and mirrors here on either side of a long hall that led further into the wing. Each of the doors looked exactly the same without a single way to tell which one was which besides the position. There were no portraits or mirrors in the hall but there were suits of armor here and there.

Lily: *It sounded more like a trap to her! Lily leaned to tug on Ciara’s sleeve.* Can Conrad sleep with us? -05:16 Aug 18

Leon: *Was bringing up the back of the group and glancing about, sniffing the air! He was quiet about it but it was hard to ignore him turning his head this way and that with his nose in the air!*

Ciara: *Her first thought was to flat out refuse, but… * I suppose Leon needs a leash. You could stay with Conrad.

Leon: *Was too busy sniffing the air for some food! He was going to die of starvation if he didn’t find something worth eating to eat around here! And that definitely did not include rats! BLEH!

Lily: Good… otherwise I was just going to crawl in bed with them and leave you by yourself. *Lily spied at Leon from over her shoulder…* You might be by yourself anyway. -05:26 Aug 18

The maid finally stopped at a door that was the furthest away from the hall’s entrance! “And here we are.” She opened the door to reveal a large and lavish room with beautiful furniture and a large pair of windows that led to a balcony for an excellent view! She turned the lights on. “The bathroom is here.” She walked over to a door on the side. “And breakfast is promptly at seven. We have waffles and pancakes every morning. It’s very filling.”

Conrad: *Glanced around the room but he was still keeping his eyes out. Fortunately, guns weren’t the only things he’d brought in case he needed them.*

Leon: Don’t you guys serve something with meat around here? *He asked at the mention of breakfast.* How can you not have meat in this place?

Ciara: *Ciara very easily ignored Leon, as she leaned and kissed her daughter’s cheek.* You can have this, and I suppose Conrad instead of me. But I’ll be down the hall.

Lily: You’re going to beat on Leon when I’m not looking, aren’t you. *Poor Leon… he was never going to catch a break! But Lily was already hopping in to the bed. A wolf can take care of himself!* -05:43 Aug 18

The maid stood by the door. “Um … The master does not like meat. He insists on a strictly vegan diet. If you should need anything, just pull this cord here and I will come right away.” She gestured to the large purple cord beside the bed. “Now, if there are no more concerns, I can show you to the other room.”

Ciara: *Taking Leon by the arm, and at least trying to seem as innocent and not threatening as possible, she simply smiled at Lily as she led Leon out the door!*

Leon: *Gulped when Ciara pulled him out the room! He was going to get it for sure! Okay, behave! All he had to do was … behave! And try not to think of food–or meat–or food–or anything like that!*

Conrad: *Pulled up a chair beside the bed.* You can get some sleep. I’ll keep watch. *Although he was wondering if he should take extra measures just in case.* -05:51 Aug 18
Lily: *Lily plopped backwards in to bed and sighed!* If you don’t sleep, Mama or Leon will have to drive and I’m not sure that’s a good idea… -05:52 Aug 18
Conrad: I can’t imagine myself sleeping in a place like this. Unless we were lying back to back and facing opposite ends of the room. *He gave a small shrug.* -05:56 Aug 18

Meanwhile the maid was taking Ciara and Leon back the way they’d come. But when they came to the top of the first flight of stairs, she moved up the other flight into the opposite wing. This one looked exactly identical to the first! “I do hope all of you enjoy your stay,” the maid was saying. “I’m sure you’ll like the master when you meet him. He does enjoy the company.”

Lily: *She moved slowly to sit back up and rubbed her eyes.* Then you should sleep and I keep watch. -06:00 Aug 18
Conrad: But you’re more tired than I am. What if we took turns? You sleep first and I keep watch for say … *He checked his watch.* An hour. Then we switch back and forth. -06:01 Aug 18

Ciara: I’m sure he does. *She still had Leon’s arm, and looking as sweet as pie!* Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Lily: Hmm… Alright. *It didn’t sound practical at all, but she was too tired to argue, and he was anxious about it… it was probably for the best! Lily settled back down in to bed.* -06:04 Aug 18

Leon: *At least he had managed to stop sniffing but that was hard as his stomach was beginning to grumble. But really, he didn’t like the situation of possibly not having any meat either!*

“You are very welcome.” More walking and walking. She led them down the hall and to the opposite end. The room she took them to was just as lavish as the one she’d shown Conrad and Lily to. But where that room was decorated in red and gold, this one was decorated in blue and silver. “There is the bathroom and the cord should you need anything.”

Ciara: We’ll be just fine. *Ciara waited until the maid was gone before she released Leon… she might’ve even looked like she was about to kick him but changed her mind!* If you’re that damned hungry, go hunt some rabbits outside! I’m going to take a hot bath.

Leon: There aren’t any rabbits around here. At least not for miles. *He pouted and jumped backwards onto the bed.* Don’t you feel it, too? No animal in its right mind would be here.

Ciara: I’m afraid I lack wolfy instincts. *As amusing at it was, Ciara moved in to the bathroom to run the hot water in the tub.* Unless the place is infested with vampires, I think we’ll survive.

Suddenly the moping Leon caught wind of something–something delicious–something like … steak! Like the one right on the floor, right smack in the middle of the room! And it smells so … so … no words could describe it!

Leon: *Still pouting! But he stretching and making himself comfortable on the bed, too!* That’s easy for her to–! *He broke off when he caught wind of the scent and jerked upright! He crawled over to the edge of the bed, still sniffing and looked down …* Oh! A steak! *And he pounced right on top of it!*

Ciara: *Ciara rolled her eyes at the sound of a pounce – meaning Leon found a toy or something interesting – and twisted her hair up on her head to pin it out of the way.* One night without steak and suddenly it’s the end of the world. *Ciara checked her water, and finding it just right. Turned off the faucet to get undressed.*

Before Leon could gnaw on it, he discovered the steak had somehow slipped out of his grasp! What a naughty piece of meat!

Leon: Oooff! *Old carpet! Not exactly tasty! He got those bits and pieces of um, thread out of his mouth before getting on his hands and knees, zeroing in on the unsuspecting steak!* You are a sneaky little tease, aren’t you? Come to, Papa! *He pounced on it again!*

Ciara: *Pausing midundressing, she hoped he wasn’t in there chasing a rat! He wouldn’t be that desperate would he? She definetly wasn’t going to ask. Ciara slipped in to the tub to enjoy her bath!*

As soon as her toe touched the water, Ciara found it icy cold! Which is just plain bizarre because it was nice and hot just a moment ago! She couldn’t possibly have taken that long!

Ciara: *Lots of cursing under her breath, she tested the water again… Ridiculous! Was it a refridgerated bathtub? Hrmph. Well, she pulled on a robe to let out half the water and try again! A hot bath was what she wanted, and damnit, she was going to get it!*

Meanwhile that naughty steak had managed to evade his grasp! Either Leon was getting rusty on his hunting skills or this steak was mocking him! Now it was closer to the door!

Leon: Ohohohoh! It’s like that, is it? *He made a face! Ew! Dust bunnies! Yuck! He crouched low to the floor and began to stalk his prey.* You’re not getting away that easily! Ha! *And he pounced again!*

Ciara: *This time she was careful to keep an eye on that water, even if Leon in there thumping and talking to himself was distracting. Satisfied that she had a perfectly tempered bath, she was stepping in again!*

That’s more like it! The water is nice and hot! It had probably gotten cold from some fluke. Cracks were perfectly normal in a place like this, as old as it was and renovating!

Ciara: *With a smirk, she settled in the tub. That was more like it!* I hope you’re not chewing on anything weird in there, Leon. … Leon? *And she was talking to herself too, was she? It really better not be a rat he’s after!*

Leon: OOoffff! *Blast! He’d taken a chunk of the door out! Wait–the door! He quickly spit it out and wiped the drool off before trying to stick the piece back to where it belonged! He didn’t even want to know how much it would cost to replace that door! But it wasn’t sticking! Maybe something sticky to make it stick! So he started licking the piece, despite the splinters and fastened it onto the door again!*

[Ciara was having a hard time relaxing with Leon out there making all those THUD noises!] -02:21 Aug 31
[Leon posed for yet another pounce!] -02:23 Aug 31

Lily: *Lily had curled up and quickly fell asleep, which was easy to do in a big fluffy bed in an eerily silent hotel.*

Leon: *He actually looked quite silly on his hands and knees, staring at the steak as if it was going to dash off on his own!* Just one more … *And he pounced! He landed right on that steak and claimed his prize!* -02:23 Aug 31

Conrad: *Yawned, even though he’d told himself he wouldn’t. But it had been a long drive and his eyes were heavy … No! He was going to stay up and keep watch. He only had–Crap, had it only been 15 minutes since he’d first started?*

So quiet. Not even a cricket to be heard. When Conrad would close his eyes there was a soft whisper.. It almost sounded like his name, but it was just as silent as ever!

Ciara: *Wince! Another thud. Ciara slid lower in to the tub, and covered her ears with her hands.* Damnit Leon! What are you doing, Russian Kosachak?! -02:28 Aug 31

When Leon lifted himself to get a look at his prize, he discovered nothing there! … Oh wait, there it was! But further down the hall! The sneaky little thing!

Leon: *Blinked and lifted his head! He glanced over his shoulder, back in the direction Ciara was in.* There’s this steak! It won’t stay still! -02:30 Aug 31

Conrad: *Jerked straight up in the chair and glanced around, hand moving into his jacket pocket to pull out a scroll! He didn’t dare wake Lily though!*

And empty quiet room. Nothing strange about that. But ever so softly there was that whisper again… was it from the closet? Or maybe it was the window.

Ciara: What the hell? Steaks don’t move by themselves, Leon. *They needed sleep something serious. He was delerious for meat.* Just… leave it alone! -02:35 Aug 31
Leon: *He was readying yet another pounce–only to start pouting when Ciara told him to leave it be!* But … but …! It’s … so juicy! -02:37 Aug 31

Meanwhile Ciara’s water suddenly stopped! How strange! Ah well, perhaps it was a clog or something! You can never tell with these old pipes!

Ciara: Unless it’s attached to a cow, it shouldn’t be moving! *Grumbling under her breath she moved to twist the knobs back and forth.* Come on… who doesn’t have working pipes these days! -02:42 Aug 31

Conrad: *Sighed and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and his pointer finger as he stood. Maybe he should’ve been the one to get some sleep. He pulled out a scroll and stood there for a moment, trying to pinpoint where exactly the sound was coming from. He just hoped Leon and Ms Grey were doing better than he was.*

After some turning the knobs began to make noises! SQUEAK SQUEAK! SQUEAK SQUEAK! Perhaps the knobs were rusted!

Leon: *Huffed and studied the steak. He figured maybe it wasn’t a good idea to suggest to Cissy to tell that to the steak! He pouted. Being a wolf was hard work! Especially in this weird place where he couldn’t even smell the steak!* -02:47 Aug 31

It almost seemed like the sound never happened at all! But then… there it was again! His name being whispered, this time a little louder. Across the room on the closet door there was a sillouette of a person’s shadow… but no person to be seen!

Ciara: Great, just great. *Had she anything to smack it with she would have. Ciara twisted the knobs again to shut the water off.. Heavy forbid it tried to explode and they get blamed for destroying property!* -02:50 Aug 31

Suddenly there was a knock on Ciara and Leon’s room door! “Good evening, Ms Grey. Did you need anything for the night?” That was the maid from earlier!

Leon: *Heard knocking and turned around!* … That’s weird. *He sat back on his ankles and looked around, scratching his head. He was in a long hallway with large portraits on either wall.* How did I … *He glanced around and pointed in the direction he was glancing in.* -02:54 Aug 31

There was no sign of the steak either! Poor Leon!

Ciara: Yes, as a matter of fact! *Of course Leon wasn’t going to answer the door, he was chasing imaginary steaks! Ciara was up, snatching a robe to tie on tightly to have a word with that maid.* The water isn’t working properly. -02:57 Aug 31

Conrad: *Slowly approached the sillouette. He didn’t know what he was dealing with so it was best to get to the bottom of it before he overreacted!*

One of the shadowy arms rose with a beckoning finger! The doorknob on the closet twisted and the door cracked open!

The maid was standing outside the door. “Oh dear! I am so sorry. The plumbing became faulty when they started renovations. Perhaps I can fetch you some hot water or I can show you to another bathroom that works.”

Leon: *Huffed! Man, it was one thing to get lost! But to get lost and no food in sight! He ruffled his hair as he stood and tried to figure out what to do now!* … Cissy? … Conrad? … Lily? *He called out.* Anyone there? *He huffed! It was so quiet here … and these portraits didn’t help either!* -03:03 Aug 31
Ciara: Another bathroom would be fine. *Ciara glanced around… Leon was there a minute ago. He didn’t actually go chasing something did he?* …You wouldn’t of have seen my- er, Leon, have you? -03:05 Aug 31

With Conrad distracted, a trap door opened under the bed and the bed began to descend! It made an odd noise, like large gears turning that alerted Conrad! He turned and went for the bed but an invisible force knocked him in the chest and he flew backwards into the open closet!

SLAM! The closet door closed with a boom… But it wasn’t a closet at all! Conrad found himself in a large spacious ballroom with a lovely crystal chandelier and mirrors for walls! Standing in the middle was that shadow, twirling and twirling!

The maid blinked and shook her head. “No, ma’am. I didn’t see anyone out in the hall at all. Perhaps he went exploring? People tend to get lost so easily in this house.”

Lily: *Vaguly hearing some loud sound, Lily sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. When did Conrad turn out the lights?* It’s too dark in here. …Conrad…?

Leon: *He tried sniffing but after several moments, he wasn’t getting anything! His sense of smell was really off tonight! And those portraits kept glaring at him as if he didn’t belong here! He glanced from side to side! He couldn’t agree with the more! But maybe if he tried being a wolf, he’d get something! It took quite a bit of concentration–he was still starving after all–but he was soon the ever furry wolf who padded down the hall under the watchful glares of the portraits.* -03:16 Aug 31
Ciara: *A heavy sigh, Ciara rubbed her forhead. That’s great. He and Conrad didn’t like the place, and he was probably off looking for trouble.* I guess I’ll pass on that bath, and hunt down that stupid wolf. Thank you, anyway. -03:18 Aug 31

A whole bunch of candles suddenly lit up, all around Lily! She found herself in a very large bedroom and she was lying on a very large bed! The entire room was elegant and filled with fine furniture, red and gold! But it seemed to be missing a door! There was the sound of a harp being played–like the one over there in the corner! But no one was playing it!

Conrad: *Groaned softly! It felt like he’d been hit in the chest by a battering ram! But when he turned and saw the shadow, he looked around for an exit! No surprise that the one he’d been pushed through was gone and now there was just solid wall! He thought it might be hollow but some knocking quickly got rid of that idea!*

Lily: *This had to be some sort of crazy dream. …On the other hand, she wouldn’t be that lucky. Warily, she slid from the bed looking for the best possible escape. An air vent maybe? A window? Maybe the door was hidden!* Conrad, can you heeaar me?

The shadow danced across the ballroom floor, like a graceful ballerina. Once or twice it would stop, beckoning a hand for Conrad to join. In the mirrors there was a reflection! A strange looking mannequin, without a face!

The maid nodded. “As you wish. Perhaps he is … in the kitchen? I daresay, many of our guests often head there for a late snack.”

Ciara: You’re probably right. *Ciara rewarded the maid with a smile and another thank you before, turning back in the room to throw her clothes on. If she was going to have to drag Leon back by the hair (or tail… that would be fun!) she wanted to do it dressed!* -03:37 Aug 31
Leon: *Sniffed the air again! There was … a faint hint of … something … but he couldn’t tell if it was food or something best left alone! But … he did need to find his way out of here so he followed that scent!* -03:37 Aug 31

The maid went on her way! In the meantime, back with Lily, the harp had finally stopped playing! The candlelight began to flicker!

Unfortunately for Ciara, she soon found out–all her clothes were missing!

Lily: *Lily paused as the candles flickered and the harp stopped playing. Slowly she eased towards the nearest candlestick and confiscated it. She fully intended to use it as a weapon!* I’m not afraid of you… so.. stop it.

Ciara: *That… that wolf! All that nonsense about chasing a steak, he was probably planning some prank! She looked around quickly trying to find a trace of her clothes, but when nothing turned up she was stomping out the door shouting his name!* LEON! I want my clothes back or we’re going to find out how well wereblood fixes old pipes! -03:54 Aug 31

Nothing and then … Lily heard sobbing! … Behind her?!

Lily: Why are you doing that…? *Holding her breath and the candlestick ready, Lily turned around carefully to find the sorce of the sobbing. This was way too eerie.*

There was a young woman sitting on the edge of the bed, in a very old but beautiful gown! She had long, dark blonde hair and had her face in her hands, turned away from Lily! She was sobbing and sobbing!

Conrad: *Was still looking for an exit! He was searching for a hollow spot in the wall! Or a hidden switch he was missing!*

No, no. Leaving wasn’t an option! The shadow wanted to dance! It pranced and lept it’s way across the ballroom floor towards Conrad, wrapping shadowy talons around his arm and dragging him out towards the center!

Nothing unexpected! There were noises coming from the kitchen! Sounds of someone making himself a snack!

Lily: *Lily glanced around again. How did she get in here? Or maybe she was a ghost. What was the rule about ghosts, besides them not being real? They can’t hurt you… right? Lily inched towards the woman.* W-would you like to show me the door and… go find some help?

Ciara: *First thing she was going to do was grab a knife and threaten him with it until he apologised. Then she was going to pull on his tail until he cried.* Leon, I’m not in the mood for jokes. I want my cl- … What the hell. *Ciara glanced around the kitchen. There wasn’t a man or world in sight.* Hiding isn’t going to make it any better! -04:27 Aug 31
Leon: *Was it this way … No, no, that way? He stopped, glanced around! Hey, hadn’t he come this way before? Either the guy in this portrait, some grumpy man with a moustache twice as long as his face, loved having his portrait painted or … he really had gone in a circle! But … he hadn’t even made any turns! His stomach growled in protest!* -04:28 Aug 31

But the drawers were open! And as Ciara lookd around for Leon, there was the sound of metal clanking! And the knives and other utensils actually got up and started to march along the top of the drawers and the counter!

Ciara: *Her first instinct was to yell at the silverware. Then she realized that was madness. …And so was marching dinnerware. Ciara eased backwars towards the door.* Oh, I see. Haunted roadside hotel. *Somehow this was Leon’s fault! Did he piss off the kitchen with his snooping?!* -04:36 Aug 31

Conrad: *Struggled for all he was worth! He was gaining some ground until he somehow lost his footing! He was still being dragged though! He quickly pulled out a scroll!* Invado pacis! *He called out, throwing the scroll onto the shadow sillouette when he was close enough! He could only hope the prayer was enough!*

There was an ear piercing shriek as the shadow vanished! The sound so loud, the crystal from the chandelier jingled… right before it came crashing down above Conrad!

March! March! went the silverware! And they were marching straight for Ciara, hopping off of the counters and the drawers and across the floor toward her! March march! CLANK CLANK!

Leon: *He didn’t know what had made him turn but he did and when he looked behind him, he saw the portraits had pulled themselves free from the wall! And were flying toward him! He ducked but the portraits flew overhead, only to turn around and come flying back! He didn’t need to be told twice! He started running down the hall!* -04:41 Aug 31
Ciara: *Ciara didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or start screaming curse words. She opted for turning tail and running for the kitchen door!* I just wanted a damned bath! -04:42 Aug 31

The woman kept sobbing and sobbing! She didn’t seem to hear Lily but she kept murmuring something over and over. It was nearly impossible to tell what she meant but Lily could catch the words “he” and “trapped.” As the woman began to rock back and forth, Lily could make out the claw marks on the walls, the torn wallpaper, the dents and the bloodstains. As if someone had been trying to get out …

Conrad: *Looked up to see that chandelier coming right down on him! He rolled out of the way and then shielded his face against the glass when it hit the ground!*

Lily: *Lily could only assume it meant the women was trapped, and therefor SHE was trapped too. …Then it was a struggle not to panic and start clawing at the walls! That obviously wasn’t going to get anywhere!* If.. If there’s a way in, there’s a way out. *So with her candlestick in hand, she looked around the room again… The bed was the same.. She hopped on the mattress and stared up at the ceiling!*

SMASH~! Bits of glass and crystal scattered all over the floor and the lights went out! The room was pitch black, save for the slight glimmer of the glass on the floor.

By the clanking in the kitchen, the utensils weren’t going to let up anytime soon! Meanwhile, back with Lily, the woman was still sobbing to herself. There was a mural painted on the ceiling but interestingly enough, the figures which could only be angels were pointing to a certain spot on the ceiling. However, it would require Lily to stand on tiptoes while on the bed to reach it!

Ciara: *As soon as she was through the kitchen door she turned around to slam it shut! And block the door with a chair from the hall! …Now that she thought about it, that may not stop haunted silverware, but it was better than nothing.* …LEON! Leon, where are you! -05:10 Aug 31

Lily: Crying really doesn’t solve anything. *Lily muttered to herself as she stood on her toes trying to reach to reach the spot. Stretching, she finally opted for using the candlestick to try and poke it!*

Conrad: *Lifted his head and shook his hair, some of the glass having found its way in there! He could only see the glass shards on the floor but at least now he was free to find some way out.*

Leon: *Dashing down the hall and avoiding flying pictures! He was finally so preoccupied with keeping an eye over his shoulder, he didn’t see where he was going and crashed into someone’s legs! He shook himself out of it and looked up to see … Ciara!* -05:34 Aug 31
Ciara: *Ciara screamed! Mostly because something large and furry crashed in to her! …and then it still took her a moment to recognize a familiar set of eyes!* You’re a wolf! -05:35 Aug 31
Leon: *He looked up at her and tried to flash his trademark wolfish grin. Unfortunately all it did was bare his teeth and he quickly shut his mouth before she thought he’d eat her. There was some crashing from the kitchen and some crashing coming down the hall!* -05:42 Aug 31
Ciara: *Son of a bitch. That was cute. She blinked suddenly looking back down the hall from wence he came.* I’m going to hope you don’t have silverware following you to and just ask, where the hell are my clothes! We’re getting my kid and we’re leaving! -05:44 Aug 31

When Lily poked the spot with her candle, she pressed a hidden button and there was the sound of wood against wood. The ceiling opened to reveal a hole big enough for Lily to fit through! The candles suddenly went out and the sobbing disappeared–along with the woman!

Leon: *If he had eyebrows, he would have arched one of them at that clothes part! Although … that would explain what she was doing wearing that. His ears twitched but he nodded and started to sniff around … He was headed back upstairs when he suddenly stopped and he started to growl, ears flat and fur bristling! He was growling at something up the stairs!* -05:55 Aug 31

Lily: *Lily frowned at the sudden darkness. What she needed was a pair of wings. Instead she hopped down from the bed and fumbled in the dark for a chair to help her reach!* Conrad? Anybody?

Ciara: Don’t you make fun of me, fuz-*Ciara was following him, but paused quickly as he stopped and growled at the stairs.* Alright! I’m tired of this mess! What the hell is going on?! -05:59 Aug 31

It was only the maid! “Oh dear, whatever is the matter?” she asked, looking wide-eyed down at Ciara and Leon from the top of the stairs!

Ciara: We’re leaving. Between faulty plumbing and murderous dinnerware, I’ve had enough. *Ciara stepped around Leon to head up the stairs, and wasn’t going to be shy about popping her in the face if she pulled any ghost crap!* -06:47 Aug 31

Conrad: *Decided that from now on, he’s going to carry a … a … Lighter?! He remembered now. He’d packed everything he’d need and one of those things had been a lighter! He lit it and started looking for a way out again!*

Leon: *Watched Cissy walk around the woman and stopped growling. He didn’t want to be left behind! He tagged along beside her!* -06:49 Aug 31

Meanwhile, Lily had found a chair but it proved shaky to use as a stepping stool! Especially on a bed!

Exiting the ballroom was an easy escape, as somehow Conrad wasn’t there anymore! Now it was a huge library room with shattered pieces of the chandelier all over the floor. The fireplace suddenly roared to life and…. a skeleton stepped out of it!

Lily: *Shaky, and dangerous… but she had good balance! Sort of! It’s not like she was going to get hurt as long she fell bed side. Lily was more concerned with trying to reach up in to the hole and see if she could grasp something to pull herself out!*

Conrad: … Awh man. *He muttered and pulled out another scroll!* [i]Invado pacis![/i] *He called out and threw the scroll at the skeleton! He hoped this one would rest in peace, too, as he started inching for–Where the hell was the door this time!*

The maid quickly followed after them! “Ms Grey, please …! It’s too dark and the weather looks terrible! You can’t possibly go!”

Ciara: I don’t care if there’s an ice tornado outside. We’re going! *Ciara stomped her way down the hall to the other room and knocked on the door before she went inside. ….It was empty!* …Where is Lily and Conrad? -07:23 Aug 31

The Skeleton burst in to flames as the paper scroll stuck to his chest. His arms were raised as he rushed towards Conrad!

[Lily was crawling out of a… well it\’s probably a trap door or an air duct, and hopefully not filled with spiders.] -03:39 Oct 06

Last time on VAMPYRES; Conrad was faced with a flaming skeleton in teh study, Ciara walked in to their room to find them missing, and Lily was crawling out of the creepy chamber!

[Conrad was looking for a way out while dodging said flaming skeleton!] -03:41 Oct 06
Conrad: *This would teach him to get talked into staying at a place like this! Next time … he was sleeping in the jeep!* I don’t suppose you’d be willing to just roll over and die for me. *He said to the skeleton.* -03:42 Oct 06

The skeleton had no intentions of rolling over and dying. It was going to rush forward and try to bite his face off!

Leon: *Tagging along after Cissy! He started to try sniffing but there was something still messing with his senses. Which really sucked considering he could be eating a steak by now if it wasn’t!*

Ciara: Of course they’d be missing when all hell breaks loose. And you wouldn’t let me bring any guns. *She muttered at the wolfy Leon.*

Lily: *She wasn’t afraid of spiders. She was not afraid of spiders.* …Ick! Ick! Get off!! *Not being afraid of spiders didn’t mean she wanted to touch them! Finally she found the end of the blasted duct, pushing away the cover to find herself…. outside?!* ….This is… better. I think. -03:46 Oct 06

Beautiful night with a full moon and everything! The wind was a bit chilly and the sky was clear! She was in the middle of a clearing with nicely trimmed hedges in a circle around her. And a marble statue of a woman in some Greek dress. “Good evening. Fancy finding someone else here,” said a voice. From behind the statue, a tall, dark male in a fancy suit stepped out.

Leon: Woof! *Was all he could say. In retrospect, forbidding her from carrying any guns was probably the smartest thing ever. He happened to like staying bullet-free and when the hell did bullets ever have any affect on a ghost or two?*

Lily: *Everything just screamed horror flick! But panicing was probably not a good idea… Lily glanced around as subtly as possible for a good direction to run.* A nice night for a walk…? -03:52 Oct 06
Conrad: Guess not … *He rushed over to the side and then to the fireplace to try and grab the sword off from the sword display hanging over it. The thing was stuck pretty tight though!* -03:52 Oct 06

Ciara: Woof he says. Alright wolf, make yourself useful and sniff out the children. *He had that damned wolfy nose, he had better know how to use it!*

“Indeed …” The man didn’t approach her but he appeared to be watching her, almost … studying her. “You must be the guests the maid told me about. I trust you’ve found everything … to your liking.”

If a burning skeleton could laugh, that was probably what it was doing! It did have a sense of humor, because suddenly the skeleton had himself a burning sword too. Touche’ hunter!

Lily: *Lily gave a shakey sarcastic laugh as she slowly stepped towards the opening in the hedges.* As a matter of fact, it’s been pretty miserable. Waking up in a strange room and not knowing where my family is. But I’m sure you already know about that… -03:57 Oct 06

Leon: *Huffed. If he could sniff out anything, would his tummy still be growling? He got up and started sniffing around the room anyways. He went to the closet where Conrad had gone to investigate and scratched at the door as if marking it. There was something strange about that part of the room and he scratched a rough-looking “H”. Then he sniffed the floor and eventually ended up on top of the bed, scratching at the sheets.*

Ciara: *Arms crossed, she kept an eye on that wolf. Of course her thoughts immediatly went to things that she’ll kill Conrad for, but… She would be reasonable enough to let him explain before she gutted him. Checking the H at the closet, she straightened it… A wall inside the closet moved!* Well, well…

Conrad: Ooff! *He ended up staggering back, narrowly avoiding being skewered on that sword and stepping back until he hit the wall next to the fireplace. His hand went for anything he could grab … the poker! Holding one end with two hands, he swung for the skeleton’s head, keeping an eye on that sword!* -04:04 Oct 06

A small smile. “Possibly … You remind me of her, you know … She was a sweet thing, beautiful, innocent. I would love it if you and your family stayed here.”

A well placed swing sent a flying skeleton head across the room! Except that body kept on moving! A swing here, and a jab there! Flames catching fire on everything it hit!

Lily: I suppose you mean that poor woman you have under the house… *One, two, three steps… Just a few more and she’d run!* I think we’ll be checking out early! *There! She dashed for the archway!* -04:10 Oct 06

Leon: *Sniffed under the bed and scratched at the floor but then he heard Cissy and moved out from under it. He stopped beside her to see what she was investigating. Especially in the off chance that it led to some steak.*

“She was so beautiful, so innocent,” the man was saying as he watched Lily from it. “I don’t care what you have to do. I want her back.” The shadows on either side of him moved and flew toward her on the ground.

Conrad: *Stopped the swing with the poker and sidestepped the jab! He was still looking for the exit, even as everything started to go up in flames!* -04:18 Oct 06

Ciara: It’s not going to lead to steak. *Ciara didn’t have to be a mind reader, there was just that look on his wolfy face! She stepped first through the passage, ducking under a few low beams and a few spider webs. At the end, there was a stone wall… it looked a bit like the back of a fireplace mantel!* Hmph.. Bound to be a switch around her somewhere.

Lily: *Screaming wouldn’t get a girl anywhere, but realizing she was being chased sure didn’t make it easier! What was this, a maze?! Lily ran as quick as she could, occasionally hopping up to cheat and try to see over the hedges and avoid dead ends!* -04:24 Oct 06

Leon: Woof! *She sure knew how to shoot down a guy’s dream. What were these people … vegetarians?! When she mentioned a switch, he started to paw at the wall in the hopes of finding it.*

Without it’s head the skeleton couldn’t give it’s joyful cackle, but it’s body still charge on! It was ushering Conrad backwards towards the fireplace to push him in the fire! But suddenly the fireplace swung sideways, making his shove miss and the skeleton to get clobbered! Flaming bones went flying everywhere!

The shadows were hot on her trail but somehow Lily avoided their attempts to pounce on top of her or swipe at her.

Ciara: Jesu-! *A quick sidestep and snatching a wolf by the tail saved them both from getting clobbering by a swinging mantel! At least they found Conrad and a burning room of hellfire.* …Where the hell is my daughter?!

Leon: *WWHHIINNEEE! Did no one have any respect for a wolf’s tail?! As Cissy went for Conrad, he kept trying to glance backwards to check on his tail which resulted in him walking in circles.*

Lily: *Out of breath and frustratingly at a wrong turn! Lily turned back around, thinking for a brief moment maybe she could fight them…! But.. they were shadows! She went quickly back to the deadend, and found branches to climb! There was more than one way out of a maze!* -04:33 Oct 06
Conrad: *Shielded his eyes as the skeleton’s pieces went flying!* Miss Grey! … Leon? *He had to take a real good look at the wolf beside her.* No time to explain. I have to find her. *He went back the way they’d come and walked into the room. He went to the bed to pick up what must have been a piece of Lily’s clothes on the floor, tied it around one of his scrolls.* Rector nos ut erus illae tela. *The scroll turned into a small white bird with the cloth tied around its leg and went flying out the window! He looked down at what was a huge maze. He turned only long enough to throw the keys at Ciara.* I’ll meet you guys in the front. Get the jeep ready. *And then he went jumping over the balcony and to the maze, following the white bird!* -04:35 Oct 06

Leon: *Watched Conrad go charging for trouble!* Woof! *Was all he said.*

Ciara: I- you- Damn it! *Upon catching the keys, Ciara was already marching out the door and down the hall. If there wasn’t Lily to be concerned with, she’d burn down this whole damned place and leave Conrad in it.*

Conrad: *With poker in hand, he slashed at the first wall of bushes he came to … the second … the third …* Lily! Lily, where are you? *He was still following the white bird.* -04:40 Oct 06

The shadows had her cornered! But just as they were about to pounce again, something flew down and started pecking at them, keeping them distracted! A small white bird with something tied around its foot!

Lily: *To hear Conrad’s voice, that was a relief! … especially when climbing maze bushes wasn’t as easy as it should have been!* I’m alive! *She looked back at the swooping bird.* …for the moment! -04:45 Oct 06
Conrad: *Came slashing through the bushes.* Come on. *He grabbed her hand and they went running, avoiding going into the house again for the side-gate that would take them around the house.* -04:53 Oct 06

Ciara: *It was nice to see the jeep wasn’t demolished by the undead, and Ciara was waiting outfront in the driver’s seat and a wolf buckled in beside her. This was the worse possible time to find amusement in something so silly. Wolves in seatbelts.*

Leon: *Huffed as he sat with the seatbelt on. Really. What self-respecting wolf would be caught wearing a seatbelt … And he still wanted some steak!*

Lily: *Clinging on to his hand with both of hers, there was no lookbacks, or even clever quips! She was, however, confused!* …There’s a wolf in the jeep. -05:07 Oct 06

Leon: Woof! *Went Leon again! And then he yawned and unfortunately showed off all of nice, pointy teeth. He quickly clamped his mouth shut when he realized he might look like he was going to eat her.*

Conrad: *Stopped at the jeep only long enough to help Lily into the back.* Yeah. That’s Leon. All-ee-oop. *He climbed in behind her.* -05:09 Oct 06
Lily: Oh. Well that explains it. *No, no it didn’t. But she was in the jeep and keeping Conrad’s hand hostage anyway. And an eye on that wolf! er.. Leon!* -05:12 Oct 06

Ciara: *Ciara only waited long enough for people to be seated before she hit the gas! She also spared no mercy to any skeleton, shadow, or god knows what else that decided it’d try to pop up in front of the jeep. She’d run them over and buy the boy a new car!* Leon has a fur problem. *Thump!Thump! Satisfied grinning!*

Conrad: *Hopes the shock absorbers hold up to Miss Grey’s driving as they bounce and jolt in the back seat!* OOoff! -05:19 Oct 06

A long drive down the road until a safe, perfectly not haunted motel was found. What luck that there was two rooms left! With all the excitement last night, it was a late late morning before anyone awoke!

Ciara: *Sleeping with a wolf wasn’t all that bad. She might of had Leon sleep in the floor, but he WAS all soft and fuzzy, and snuggly warm. It was tempting to keep him!*

Lily: *It was a restless night of sleep, but at least Lily slept! All thanks to a clever idea… All she did was find a good long shoe string to tie around one of Conrad’s fingers, and the other end to her own. That way no one was going to disappear without her knowing.* -05:35 Oct 06

Leon: *Finally decided the steak would have to wait … He was really tired by the time they had stopped at the motel and all he wanted to do was curl up somewhere and sleep! He was asleep in no time, although he was sure Cissy would kick him off the bed in the middle of the night!*

Conrad: *By the time they all crawled into bed, he was willing to sleep on a bed of nails like an Indian mystic! He went along with Lily’s idea for tying a string around a finger and was asleep in no time!* -05:37 Oct 06

Ciara: *The alarm on her phone was going off. Noon already? Ciara swung a hand to snatch it up and flip it off, then returned to snuggling with her wolf. Snuggle, snuggle… Hmph. He wasn’t as soft as he was last night, but he comfortably warm. Five more minutes.*

Leon: *Yawned as he felt someone snuggling up beside him. This bed was really comfortable! He didn’t want to move–*

“Room service!” went a cheery voice! “Oh, excuse me! I didn’t mean to–” And suddenly the door closed as did the mysterious visitor!

Leon: *Yawned again and lifted his head, opening his eyes and scratching his head.* Mm? Wha … Room service? *He looked around the room to see where the maid had gone and was oblivious to the fact that he was naked!*

Ciara: ..forgot the damn door sign… *She muttered, petting the nice fuzzy wolf on the back. She blinked. Hairless? Chest? Ciara screamed!*

Lily: *A scream! Lily sat upright, and as first instinct grabbed the string and yanked to make sure there was still a person attached!* -05:44 Oct 06
Conrad: *Bolted upright in bed at the scream, a hand already going into his jacket to pull out another scroll. He looked at Lily when someone tugged on the string on his finger.* …. Miss Grey! *He was bolting for the door, completely forgetting the string.* -05:46 Oct 06

Leon: Ack! What–Who–?! *He scrambled off the bed and fell to the floor where he shook himself awake and happened to look down!* Oh crap! *He grabbed a blanket and threw it around his waist as he went frantically looking for a pair of pants or a shirt that wasn’t there!*

Ciara: Leon Santos, you naked wolfy, sneaky pervert! *Forget the fact she’s seen plenty of naked men, this wasn’t a man, it was Leon!! Ciara threw a pillow at him! And another!*

Lily: W-wait a second…! *Thankfully, Lily was up and out of bed to follow or she might’ve been dragged behind Conrad! She fussed with untying the string on the way!* -05:51 Oct 06

Leon: Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap! *He was muttering until it dawned on him that he didn’t have any clothes!* Cissy! OOoff! Cissy, I can explain! *He sputtered as pillow after pillow forced him away from the bed and to the door!*

Conrad: *Slowed down, remembering the string when Lily called out to him. They got to the room just in time for the door to open and a half naked Leon to come stumbling out into the hall!* -05:56 Oct 06

Ciara: *Ciara didn’t want an explination! This was insane! This was… traumatizing her childhood!* Idiot! *As soon as he was out in the hall she slammed the door on him!*

Lily: *Lily forgot all about untying the string, as she blinked at Leon in the hall. Wearing… well, not really wearing anything, besides clutching that blanket!* You’re… naked? -05:59 Oct 06

Leon: *Coughed politely in one hand while the other hand still clutched onto that blanket.* Uh yeah … It’s not like I can make my clothes transform into a wolf, too. *He grinned a bit sheepishly.* Um … Anyone got any spare clothes?

Conrad: *Blink blink. He glanced over at Lily.* Maybe … you should go comfort your mother and let me take care of uh … Leon. -06:06 Oct 06
Lily: *biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t start laughing, she untied that string quick before knocking on the door!* Mommy, it’s me! -06:07 Oct 06

Ciara: *Ciara opened the door, tugged Lily inside, and slammed it all in three seconds! Then it was her happy face.* Good morning, Lily! Did you sleep well?

Lily: Sort of. *Maybe she should have found clothes for Leon, and let Conrad talk to Ciara. …What was she supposed to say?* …Wolves can’t wear clothes. They don’t have any pockets… -06:11 Oct 06
Conrad: *Shook his head.* C’mon, wolf-boy. *He turned and walked for him and Lily’s room. As he past the still shocked maid, he stopped and whispered.* Honey moon. *Then he kept walking.* -06:14 Oct 06

Ciara: …Ugh… *Ciara fell backwards on the bed, her hands covering her face. Lily wasn’t ready to hear anything that’d come out of her mouth about Leon and Naked Leon, or anything inbetween.* I’m not upset, I’m just… surprised. Went to bed with a wolf, woke up with a man, etcetera… *She sat back up.* We’ll grab something to eat and get going.

Leon: *Flashed the maid a wolfish grin as he scurried past.*

The shocked maid could only nod and watch as Leon hurried past her. Then she started to fan herself.*

Lily: *Lily crossed her arms as she leaned against the doors.* Don’t know why you’d freak out anyway, he’s practically your boyfriend, isn’t he? Should’ve seen him naked a dozen times already. -06:18 Oct 06
Conrad: *Opened the door to the room.* You’re gonna have to stay here. I didn’t bother to bring any of the bags out of the jeep. I’ll be right back. *And then he was gone.* -06:19 Oct 06

Leon: *Watched Conrad go and huffed as he sat on the edge of the bed.* Cissy is going to fry my tail … *He muttered.*

Ciara: *Keeping a scowl to herself, Ciara was up and to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face.* As a matter of fact, that’d be the first time to see him naked and it was completely disturbing. *She muttered to herself.* Definitely not a little boy anymore…

Lily: Poor Leon… did you scream at him this much then too? If I were him, I’d have headed for Canada by now or something. -06:26 Oct 06
Conrad: *Soon came back with Leon’s duffel bag. He found Leon, looking helpless and uncertain as he dropped the bag onto the bed.* I’m gonna go check on the Greys. Lock the door if you leave. -06:27 Oct 06

Ciara: *Nice cold water did wonders to wake a person up. She paused to blink over her shoulder at Lily.* I wouldn’t call him poor. He’s a mischief maker. If I give him an inch he’ll be…. getting bad ideas.

Lily: Ideas like… cuddling, or something evil like dating? Definitely can’t have that. *It looked to her like her mother was just making things complicated. Was real life dating so dangerous?* -06:33 Oct 06
Conrad: *Returned to the Greys room and knocked.* Miss Grey … Lily …? -06:34 Oct 06

Ciara: You are far too bright. *Ciara pointed a finger at Lily, as she nudged her out of the way to answer the door.* Morning, Conrad. Is he dressed, or are we going to flash everyone on the streets today?

Conrad: *Polite clearing of the throat.* He’s getting dressed right now, ma’am. He really is sorry about the er, incident. Did either of you ladies want to grab a bite and stay here for awhile or get something to eat before we head off? -06:41 Oct 06
Lily: Maybe you could take Leon for a steak sandwich, after you terrorized him this morning. *She was already stepping outside!* -06:45 Oct 06
Conrad: I could use your help checking the oil and the tires, if you don’t mind. *He said to Lily.* After breakfast, maybe? -06:47 Oct 06

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