017 The Ring

Evangeline and Vlamerias are on the way to meet Gabriel at the jewelers and run in to an Incubus!

[Evangeline accidentally slept late, but that was partially Gabriel\’s fault! He could have woken her before he left for the morning!] -06:28 May 31
Evangeline: *At least now she was dressed and on the way to meet Gabriel and had Meri after an interesting conversation about why leather shoes, though made from cows are not edible.* -06:31 May 31
[Vlamerias had insisted on remaining barefoot but the leather shoes smelled good!] -06:37 May 31
Vlamerias: Where will we get your binding ring, Bright Lady? You will not trade your soul for one, will you? *She asked, holding onto Evangeline’s hand!* -06:38 May 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* No, I won’t be selling my soul to anyone. You get rings from jewelry makers! I can make jewerly, but not the kind that’s used for wedding rings. That’ll take somewhere special. -06:40 May 31
Vlamerias: Glaër said the man you will see will think it amusing anyone married him of her own free will. But you married him. Does that mean no one else wished for his hand in marriage? *She thought it was awfully cold today! She was used to it being a lot hotter in the Devil World!* -06:43 May 31
Evangeline: Really? *Evangeline gave it some consideration!* Most think Gabriel is very scary. Many of the ladies at Oracle tell me he’s sweet, but they never try to talk to him either! -06:45 May 31
Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Glaër is very lucky to have you! And you are very lucky to have him! -06:50 May 31

“Oh, excuse me!” a man said. Evangeline bumped into someone’s chest!

Evangeline: Eek…! *Blast! She had been so preoccupied with thinking about Gabriel, she hadn’t been paying attention to where she was walking! At least she didn’t walk in to a car this time!* I’m sorry..! -06:52 May 31

The man smiled warmly down at Evangeline. He was a head taller than she was, a nicely tanned complexion, chocolate brown eyes and jet black hair. He wore a suit and had a satchel over his shoulder. This woman was undeniably bright–her soul, anyways. And the fact that she and the girl’s auras flickered only made him all the more curious. He had a very smooth voice. “Don’t worry about it.” He took her free hand and examined it. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.” He rubbed the back of her hand in a soothing massage.

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head up at the man! Every instinct in her told her to slap him and hiss but … the Bright Lady had said not to! And the Warrior Lady had said she was only allowed to do that when someone made the Bright Lady uncomfortable! She did not seem uncomfortable … yet! She sniffed the air and leaned forward to sniff the man! What a strange smell!* -06:57 May 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked before she smiled bright! He had such a nice voice and smelled very nice too!* Oh no, I am fairly used to running in to things by now. -06:59 May 31

He smiled and brought her hand to his lips. “A beautiful woman such as yourself should never be left to wander these streets alone. I, myself, am lost but perhaps you can help me …?”

Vlamerias: *She didn’t like him! He was touching the Bright Lady! She hissed a warning but was tugging on Evangeline’s hand!* Um … Glaëria … *She wanted to remind her that they had to go somewhere! This strange male could find his own way and be lost for all she cared!* -07:04 May 31
Evangeline: You’re very sweet! I have Meri with me, so I’m not alone. *She squeezed Meri’s hand for reassurance. There was nothing to be concerned over! It was so rare to run in to someone that was so kind.* I would love to help. Where are you going? -07:06 May 31

He thought for a moment. He needed somewhere public enough that she wouldn’t be suspicious but private enough that he wouldn’t have an audience. Not until he had her under his control anyways. Once he did, he could get her to dismiss the girl. “It’s a small bookstore. The Book Station …? I was looking for a sign but there doesn’t appear to be any here. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ilorest. And you are …?” He brushed his lips over her fingertips, then moved his hand down to kiss her wrist where her pulse beat.

Vlamerias: *She bit her lip! They couldn’t possibly break off something with her Glaër! He would think something happened to the Bright Lady and she would fail in her duty as a familiar! … She took duty very seriously! She growled and lunged for the man!* -07:14 May 31
Evangeline: That’s an interesting name. *Evangeline held Meri’s hand tightly to pull her back before she pounced on the man! This time she was prepared for the little devil. Despite herself, she was blushing! To kiss her fingers are wrist like that… Nice or not, only Gabriel could do that! She pulled her hand away to point down the sidewalk behind them.* You were heading in the right direction. It’s just farther down the street and around the corner. -07:17 May 31

The man smiled, not paying much attention to the little girl. It was the woman he wanted. “I have the worst eyesight. Perhaps you could walk with me.” He linked his fingers through hers and lowered his head to whisper in her ear. “It would be very kind of you to.”

Vlamerias: *Her first instinct was to claw at the strange male but the Bright Lady held her back! How dare he take such an approach with her Glaëria! She looked around for something she could throw at him!* -07:26 May 31
Evangeline: *What a voice! He sounded like those leading men in romantic dramas. Evangeline considered…* I suppose since it’s just around the corner I can show you. Meri and I are supposed to meet someone, though. We’ll have to hurry. *Evangeline pulled her hand away again and stepped back, this time leaning down to pickup Meri in her arms. Better to keep the girl from biting the poor guy!* -07:32 May 31
Vlamerias: *Curses! She would gladly have used those words she heard the Warrior Lady and Dark use but first …! She leaned forward to speak softly, her voice urgent.* Bright Lady, he has offended you. Let me kill him and take his soul. *And she was very serious about it, too!* -07:34 May 31
Evangeline: Meri… *Laughing softly, she shook her head! The devil was really as bad as Gabriel about attacking anyone to flirt with her!* It’ll only take a minute, don’t worry! -07:38 May 31
Vlamerias: *Now it wasn’t the time that worried her … it was the male and what things he might wish to do with her Bright Lady! She wasn’t exactly sure what things but she knew they were bad things! But her Bright Lady didn’t want her to attack the man and … young as she was, the devil understood that Evangeline was her mistress. The only one who could override her command was her Glaër. So she frowned and kept a wary eye on the man.* -07:41 May 31

Drats. She’d broken physical contact. Nothing to be ruffled about. He walked behind her and lowered his head to her neck. “You smell wonderful, miss … I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

Vlamerias: *She growled!* You’re not meant to have caught it for she did not throw it to you! *She wasn’t just going to sit here silently and witness this!* -07:43 May 31
Evangeline: I’m Evangeline – and Meri is my very vicious daughter! *She shifted Meri in her arms, only smiling again! When they reached the corner where the bookstore should have been in clear sight, she stopped.* It should be just down this street. You should be able to find it okay, now. -07:47 May 31

He’d gotten her name but–! “Leaving so soon …? Is there nothing I can say or do to convince you to stay with me a little longer.” He didn’t dare lean forward to kiss her while that little demon was in her arms (figuratively speaking of course, how could such a lovely woman have a real demon with her after all?).

Evangeline: I’m afraid not! We’re on the way to meet my husband and we’re already late. *Now that they were leaving, Evangeline set Meri down… but kept a hold of her hand!* It was nice to meet you! -07:52 May 31

“Husband?!” A married woman! But a woman married to a mere mortal wouldn’t pose a threat to his charm! Now that the little girl was out of her arms, he grabbed her by the back of her head and kissed her hard, putting every ounce of magic he had into it! No incubus could tolerate being humiliated! And he certainly would not!

Vlamerias: *She growled and launched herself at him! He would pay for such insolence! Her eyes flashed and her fangs grew!* -07:58 May 31
Evangeline: Mrph..!! *In surprise, she let go of Meri and braced her hands at his chest to push him away! She felt a bit strange, but it certainly didn’t feel right! He was no Gabriel!* -08:03 May 31
Vlamerias: Glaër! Glaër! *She cried, getting onto the man’s back and clawing at him frantically!* -08:04 May 31

He held onto her for all he was worth! She wouldn’t be able to resist him for long, even as he grabbed the little girl and pulled her off! He winced. Her claws had found their mark. He growled as he met her eyes. “That was a new suit, little girl.” Only now he realized she had fangs and her eyes were flashing!

Evangeline: So much for chivalry! You leave her alone! *It was one thing to accost her, but another to grab Meri! Evangeline gave him a good hard kick to the shin and was reaching to pull out her folding cane from her pocket!* -08:09 May 31

The fact the girl really was a demon startled Ilorest enough that he dropped Meri and was surprised by Evangeline’s attack! He growled! “I don’t understand. Why aren’t you falling head over heels for me?!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline took a swing at him!* You can’t just grab a woman and expect her to like it! I happen to love my husband! -08:14 May 31
Vlamerias: *She landed on her feet but then shook herself! She jumped onto his back again and started clawing!* -08:15 May 31

He laughed! “Your husband? No human man holds a candle to me. I am a better lover than your husband could ever be.” Then that demon jumped on his back and he was trying to fly her off. He finally succeeded and threw her off! Persistent little thing!

Evangeline: *She paused with insult for a moment! She might have defended Gabriel’s honor, but she was more concerned about Meri! She kicked him again before dashing past him to retrieve the devil!* You’ve got fine manners, throwing around little girls! -08:22 May 31
Vlamerias: *She hit the wall and crumbled to the ground! She looked up wearily at Evangeline.* Can I kill him and take his soul now, Bright Lady …? -08:30 May 31

Gabriel: *He walked out of thin air again, as usual! He stopped to kneel beside Vlamerias and Evangeline.* Are you two alright …? *He brushed a hand over Vlamerias’ head and examined her first. Then he turned to Evangeline and tilted her head up to check on her, too.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled Meri up and in to her arms to hold tight! She gave an apologetic look at Gabriel as she frowned.* I was trying to be nice, but he took me by surprise. What kind of man attacks women and throws little girls! -08:33 May 31
[Vlamerias wanted to teach this strange male a lesson! … Ow!] -12:10 Jun 01
[Evangeline was apologising for getting pounced on!] -12:11 Jun 01
Vlamerias: *She frowned! She wanted to apologize for failing but–apologies were unacceptable when one did not do her duties!* -12:12 Jun 01

Ilorest was backing away … If this was her husband, she wasn’t married to a human at all!

Evangeline: It’s all right, Meri. I should have been paying more attention. You’re not hurt are you? *Blasted man! It was always those nice ones, she ought to have him tied up and thrown out in the middle of rush hour traffic!* -12:16 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He stood, cutting his palm, and tilted his head at the man who had attacked them!* Laqueus. *He cast a spell to stop Ilorest in his tracks.* Fateor. *And a spell to force him to reveal what he truly was!*

Vlamerias: Um … *She blinked!* Can I have some ice cream …? *She grinned! She had heard storied about devils who became familiars to cruel masters! But she had chosen the Infamous One because, despite his reputation, he was not known to be cruel at all! And now she had a Bright Lady who was very kind, too!* -12:19 Jun 01

Ilorest struggled but it was no use! His feet were stuck! He cast a charming smile. “Just a matter of misunderstanding,” he explained. “Can’t we–Ugggh …” He clenched his teeth and held his gut. That last spell took effect and wings sprouted, as did horns. His skin took on a darker shade and his eyes changed, slitted pupils much like a cat’s. An incubus!

Evangeline: *A soft smile and she kissed Meri on the cheek! Asking for ice cream meant she was just fine and that was a relief!* Of course you can! *Evangeline stood, taking Meri up with her and frowned as she tilted her head. This was an Incubus? He had some awfully clever glamour but…* …I thought Incubus were supposed to be irresistably charming..? He kissed me and it was just creepy! -12:24 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He was walking for the demon and suddenly had him by the throat! His lips pulled back slightly to reveal his fangs! He was going to make this demon pay …* You picked the wrong woman and familiar to screw with, incubus. They are mine. *He growled! Forget using his guns or his sword, as Evangeline and Vlamerias watched, it was his fingertip claws that appeared!*

Vlamerias: *She hugged the Bright Lady tightly!* I think it’s the life-bond, Glaëria. Or um … maybe because you are not mortal anymore? *She looked at her Glaër.* May I have his soul, Glaër? -12:30 Jun 01

“I didn’t know.” He swallowed. “It was all a mistake! There’s no reason to take my soul! I was just doing what comes naturally. Surely you can’t hold it against a demon for doing what’s in his nature?”

Evangeline: Trying to run off with me might be forgivable, but not for stealing a little girl’s mother or throwing a child. You should be ashamed of yourself! -12:35 Jun 01

He glanced over Gabriel’s shoulder to Evangeline and Vlamerias! “I don’t throw children! Your demon attacked me first! She would have ripped me to shreds! I was defending myself!”

Evangeline: You grabbed me and kissed me! Without permission and it was weird and now I feel strange! It served you right! -12:44 Jun 01
Vlamerias: *She stuck her tongue out at the demon!* Stupid incubus! No one touches my mommy! I would do a lot worst to you, too! -12:45 Jun 01

Gabriel: *Killing this demon would be a mercy! Oh no, he had something more fitting in mind! But it was something Evangeline and Vlamerias were better off not seeing …* Seer, if you could take Vlamerias to get some ice cream along the way to the jewelers, I would be most grateful.

Evangeline: *Hesitating, Evangeline finally nodded slowly before shifting Vlamerias in her arms and heading down the street.* All right Meri, let’s get that ice cream for you. -12:50 Jun 01
Vlamerias: Yay! *She grinned, making her fangs disappear! She had nearly forgotten about them!* Oohh! Can I have um, mint chocolate chip, vanilla, um, rocky road? Oh, Dark let me try his cookies ‘n cream! Do you like cookies ‘n cream? *She asked as they walked away! She stuck her tongue out at the demon again but smiled and waved at Gabriel!* -12:53 Jun 01

The demon swallowed! “I–Please–I–I won’t do it again. I … I’ll even leave the city, the state, the continent! Surely, you could uh, forgive a demon for a simple misunderstanding?” Another attempt at a charming smile!

Evangeline: You can have anything you like. I do like the cookies ‘n cream, but the black cherry chocolate is my favorite. *Though she was curious to what Gabriel would do to that Incubus, she decided it was better she didn’t know. She stopped walking when they reached the nice Mr. Ice Cream Man!* Would you like the ice cream cones or the cups? -01:00 Jun 01
Vlamerias: Oh! I have never tried the cups before! Do they taste as good as the cones or the white stuff Dark called napkins? *There were so many wonderful things to eat on the mortal plane!* -01:05 Jun 01

The demon struggled! This guy meant business! “I’ll do anything! I didn’t know! I won’t touch your woman or your demon ever again! Please, give me another chance!”

Gabriel: *He grinned wickedly then!* I am a Carnatelli, demon. I don’t know the meaning of the word, forgiveness. *He held up his other hand and bit his wrist.* Acerbus animus extractum. *The hand he held up, flashed black, and was surrounded with black fire! It was Anthony’s favorite spell!* But your life and soul seem a fitting payment. *The hand lunged forward and he buried his claws into the demon’s chest!*

Evangeline: Oh no. You don’t eat those. Um… I think we’ll stick with edible cones! *Evangeline ordered the three scoops of Vlamerias’ choosing, and just the one for herself. …And made sure not to hand Meri any napkins to accidentally eat! She’d just keep those in her pocket and clean her up when she was finished!* -01:09 Jun 01
Vlamerias: Yay! *This time she didn’t try to swallow the whole thing but ate it the right way instead!* What kind of ring will you get, Bright Lady? -01:11 Jun 01
Evangeline: I haven’t really thought about it, but just a simple wedding band would be good for me, I think. *Evangeline found them a bench to sit at and set Meri down on her feet!* You’ll have to help me find something that looks pretty! -01:17 Jun 01
Vlamerias: Oohh … That sounds like fun! Father’s souls tell me some humans ate pearls. Some human named Cleo … Cleo … um … Oh, Cleopatra! But then the soul said pearls were jewelry. Jewelry is food, too? -01:19 Jun 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* No, it’s not food. It’s just a ring and I’ll wear it here, *she pointed to the ring finger on her let hand.* to show I am married. That way everyone will know I am spoken for. -01:23 Jun 01
Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide as she looked at the finger Evangeline pointed at.* But don’t humans recognize a Binding Mark when they see one? Demons recognize Binding Marks right away–except for that incubus. But he’s stupid. -01:30 Jun 01
Evangeline: Most humans don’t even know magic exists! So they’ll see the marks and think they’re just interesting tatoos! -01:36 Jun 01

Gabriel: Evangeline. Vlamerias. *He walked up to sit beside Evangeline on the bench, brushing a hand over Vlamerias’ head as he passed and moving an arm around Evangeline as he sat. The claws were gone, of course. He kissed Evangeline’s cheek.*

Vlamerias: Oohhh … *She nodded and went back to her ice cream which was melting and dripping on her hand!* -01:44 Jun 01
Evangeline: *She leaned long enough to rest her head on his shoulder.* Are we going to see that incubus again? -01:47 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He lowered his head to nuzzle her cheek.* That would depend. *He reached into his pocket to pull out a small crystall ball filled with a swirling gray!*

Evangeline: You brought Meri a soul after all! *She wasn’t sure how she felt about soul collecting in general, but in this case she’d make the exception! That Incubus gave her a weird creepy crawlie feeling after kissing her, and he treated Meri horribly!* -01:54 Jun 01
Vlamerias: *She was on her feet and jumping up and down! She had ice cream stains all over her face and hands!* Oh, can I have it? Please, Glaër? -01:58 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and handed the soul to Vlamerias.* Be careful with it. *Then he kissed Evangeline’s forehead.* Forgive me for not appearing sooner. *But he knew Evangeline would know why … he’d had to stop two Packs from decimating each other over a misunderstanding about territories! Only one of the problems Mother had created …*

Evangeline: Any later and I would have pushed him in to the street and you would have to bail me out of jail. *She grinned up at him! He could erase the evil of the world with one kiss! Her own ice cream was gone, and it was safe to pull those napkins out of her pockets to hand to Meri as well!* -02:05 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as he lifted his head to look at her.* You have such wicked ideas. *He stroked her cheek and then before he knew it, he was kissing those sweet lips again!*

Vlamerias: *She was so very happy to have her first soul! And it was a gift from her Glaër which made it even more special! She took the napkins and began to clean herself!* -02:08 Jun 01
Evangeline: *She linked her hand with his as she happily returned his kiss.. But ooh…! If she weren’t careful she’d keep him like this all day! Evangeline leaned back just a bit and smiled.* We’re supposed to be getting a ring. -02:11 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He met her eyes and tilted his head slightly at her.* You truly wish to cut down the number of people I throw out the window.

Evangeline: Oracle needs it’s hunters in one piece. *Evangeline leaned to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.* …and I would like to show the world I am married! -02:16 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He smirked and took her hand to kiss the knuckles. He would end the world for this woman. Her safety meant more to him than humanity itself.* Or I could spend the entire day making you too sore to move … *There was a wicked grin on his face as he said that. He did love to tease!*

Evangeline: *She opened her mouth – but shut it quick! What a wicked offer! One she was tempted to challenge him to do! With an exasperated huff, she stood and tugged him to stand too.* We are going to get a ring! And later we’ll talk about not saying things in front of Meri that’ll she ask questions about! -02:26 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He stood and let her tug him up but then he wrapped his arm around her waist! He pulled her close to kiss her hard and long!* Mm … That should hold us both over. *He said as he leaned back and released Evangeline! He turned to Vlamerias.* I see you’re enjoying yourself as well.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tried removing that smitten look from her face as well as the silly grin! He was a big tease!* Are you and your soul ready to go ring shopping, Meri? -02:32 Jun 01

Gabriel: Here, Vlamerias. *He handed her a small black velvet bag with a string.* Put the soul in here.

Vlamerias: *She giggled and nodded.* Yes, Bright Lady! Thank you, Glaër! *She took the bag and when she tried to put the soul inside, the soul actually shrunk into the size of a marble and fit!* Oohhh … How fascinating! *She pocketed the pouch and grabbed one of Evangeline’s hands and one of Gabriel’s!* -02:36 Jun 01
Evangeline: Are we going to get you a ring too? *She asked Gabriel… Theyhadn’t mentioned it, and now she was curious. She liked the thought of making sure everyone knew Gabriel was married!* -02:41 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He hadn’t put much thought into that! His only priority had been to make sure people knew Evangeline was taken. On one hand, he didn’t want his enemies tracking down Evangeline to get to him through her. On the other, if it made her happy …* Would you like me to get a ring?

Evangeline: I would… Who knows when some other girl might think you’re a brilliant catch and try to steal you. *Evangeline wasn’t worried about Gabriel taking fancy to another woman, and she might not get jealous and throw girls out windows. …But he was still hers and she’d like the world to know!* -02:47 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He smiled at that, the fact she wanted the world to know he was hers.* If it would make you happy, I will get a ring.

Vlamerias: *She grinned as they walked!* Matching rings! How romantic! Bright Lady said a simple wedding band would do! -02:59 Jun 01
Evangeline: Yes! *She squeezed Meri’s hand!* With such intricate binding marks, I think simple bands would be just right. Besides, it might be harder to teach or fight with anything too fancy. -03:01 Jun 01

Gabriel: Indeed. *It didn’t take them very long to reach the jewelry store! It was a small, simple jewelry store! There was a window display with gold jewelry and a glass door beyond a steel bar door.* Here. *The sign above the store read “Diamond In A Rough”. He pressed the intercom.* Danielle.

“Gabriel?!” The door buzzed! “Come in. Come in. Joey, get the camera!” The intercom went dead.

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the intercom.* There is someone trapped in the box? *She tapped it as Gabriel opened the first door and then the second.*

Evangeline: Camera? *Evangeline found herself curious, but answered Meri instead.* Oh no, it’s like… um… telepathy, but with machines! -03:13 Jun 01

The store was set up with only a handful of displays. All of them with different types of jewelry. One of gold, one of silver, one of pearls, etc!

Gabriel: You are married to the rogue Carnatelli. *He said with a small smirk.* People do not take news like that lightly.

A woman with dark chocolate skin and jet-black hair and dark brown eyes dressed in a knee-length black skirt and a white top smiled from behind the display with the rings. “When Gabriel said he needed a wedding ring, I could not contain myself,” she admitted, a hint of an accent. “Joey was sure it was a practical joke.”

Evangeline: Does Gabriel try many practical jokes? *He teased hunters, but it wasn’t exactly anything one would consider a joke!* I’m Evangeline! -03:18 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I do not have a sense of humor. Evangeline, this is Danielle. She owns and runs the shop with her husband, Joseph.

The woman came out from behind the display to take Evangeline’s free hand. “So this is the woman Gabriel stole away. Oracle has been buzzing about you and the daughter,” she said with a smile. “And, of course, Joey had to spread the news even farther with his warlock buddies. They have no life.”

Vlamerias: *She sniffed the air and leaned forward to sniff the woman!* You are … human …? *She asked with a tilt of her head.*

Danielle smiled. “No, child. I am a were but not a wolf. Werepanther. My younger sister works at Oracle, Serena. The weapons’ room.”

There was a crash from the back followed by cursing! “Damnit! Danny! Where the hell is the camera? I can’t find it anywhere!”

Evangeline: They all enjoy gossiping so much, but I don’t suppose I can blame them. *Werepanther! There were so many wolves running around, Evangeline nearly forget there could be other kinds of weres! She paused and blinked at the noise.* I am not sure I look appropriate for pictures, I rushed out this morning… *Caroline said all of her clothing was pre-approved now, but she still worried she looked crazy!* -03:26 Jun 01

Danielle smiled sheepishly. She didn’t know how her husband could possibly call down hell itself with a spell and yet trip over everything to find a simple camera! “At the rate Joey is going, he won’t find that camera until Armageddon. So, let’s see about a ring.” She moved back behind the display. “Anything in mind or would you like to see what we have to offer? I try to have all kinds of jewelry available. Diamonds of different karats, rings of different designs … You name it.”

Vlamerias: *She squeezed Evangeline’s hand!* You look beautiful, Bright Lady! -03:30 Jun 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled down at Meri. She was so sweet!* I would just like something small enough for my hand and one for Gabriel that matches and won’t get in his way while he saves the world. -03:31 Jun 01

More crashes and more cursing! Either they had a crowded back room or Joey was a bit on the clumsy side!

Oh, Joey was definitely going to be doing a lot of clean up in the near future! Especially since she’d just organized the catalogs! “Absolutely!” It was so romantic and the fact that this was Gabriel Carnatelli made it even more so! “So simple wedding bands or something more … extravagant?”

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the noises! Perhaps the camera was a beast that had to be hunted! And Joey was attempting to slay it!* -03:37 Jun 01
Evangeline: Simple would be fine. …But… I am curious at what sort of extravagant things you might have. *Evangeline released Meri so she could explore, and hopefully not eat anything!* -03:38 Jun 01

Danny was happy to oblige! She brought out a few other rings! There was a simple wedding band, one with a small diamond, another with a larger diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, and a band made entirely of diamonds all around! She even had rings which seemed the same but the diamond set in it were cut in different ways!

Gabriel: *He watched as Vlamerias roamed around.* Ask permission before you eat anything inside of this store. *He told her.*

Vlamerias: Yes, Glaër. *She nodded and found herself fascinated by a glass display with twinkling stones of different shapes and colors!* -03:43 Jun 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline wondered how Leon’s search for a ring was going and if it was as complicated as this! Then again, that was an engagement ring, and entirely different! She tried a few on just for the fun of seeing what they were like.* -03:45 Jun 01

Danny enjoyed helping Evangeline out, pointing out things about the diamonds and the rings! And admiring how they looked on her hand!

“Hell hath frozen over,” someone said! Joey was a head taller than Danielle, fair complexion, dark brownish red hair and dark green eyes. He was barefoot and wore jeans and a t-shirt and looked in his thirties, about the same age as his wife. “And here I thought Gabriel would remain the eternal bachelor. My club is getting a kick out of it.”

Evangeline: Maybe not hell frozen over… but the devilworld is in a twitter for sure! *Evangeline enjoyed the attention, but at the same time it was a little embarassing! At least no one was discussing her honeymoon!* I like this one, it feels the best. *In the end, she settled on the simple gold band. It felt like an extension of her hand and fit jsut right!* -03:53 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He shot Joey a bored look but he looked at the ring Evangeline picked and took the hand to kiss the fingers.* I finally found someone worth keeping.

There was a soft wistful sigh from both Danielle and Vlamerias! “How romantic …” they said in unison! “And Gabriel …?” Danny asked, snapping out of it to look at Gabriel.

Evangeline: *A dream! He was definitely a dream! Evangeline leaned forward to rest her head against his arm and smile! Was that urge to dance in circles and sing the ‘mine! mine! mine!’ song ever going to go away?* -04:02 Jun 01

Was he the only one who realized how disturbing this was …?! He’d seen this man cut through weres and vampires at a night club where they were exploiting witches’ and their blood to steal their powers!

Gabriel: *He kissed Evangeline’s cheek and then moved to try on a matching band that was a larger size. He flexed his fingers for a bit, moved his hand.* I will take the same.

Danielle could not believe her ears or her eyes! This was straight out of a romance novel to be sure! She smiled. “Would you two like anything engraved on the inside?”

Evangeline: *She hadn’t thought about engravings either! But wouldn’t it be nice for the rings to be special and personal? The only words that came to mind were ones from the life bonding spell… But maybe that was too romantic and silly!* Well… I do have an idea… -04:11 Jun 01

Gabriel: *He tilted his head at Evangeline.* Hm? What did you have in mind?

Evangeline: *How embarrassing! It was so much easier to ooh and aah over someone else’s moments than her own! She was trying not to blush as she cleared her throat and recited the words!* "You are in my heart as I am always in yours." …it’s not too silly is it? I thought it was so sweet… -04:15 Jun 01

“Silly, not at all! It’s the sweetest thing ever!” And she meant it! She’d seen lots of couples but this was the real deal! These two were mates in every sense of the word! “Joey will get on it right away!” She jotted it down on paper, took the rings and pushed them into Joey’s hands. Then she pushed Joey into the back despite his protests!

Gabriel: *He took her hand.* I love you, Evangeline. *He murmured in her ear before he lifted his head and paid for the rings and the engravings.*

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