018 A Trip to the Fair

Gabriel takes Evangeline and Vlamerias to the fair!

[Gabriel had promised Evangeline a surprise after their bath together!] -02:36 Jun 02
[Evangeline likes surprises!] -02:38 Jun 02
Gabriel: *A wicked grin as he nuzzled her neck and nipped her!* I am tempted to forego the surprise and just taste you right now. -02:39 Jun 02
Evangeline: You can’t tease me with a surprise and then delay it! *Although… staying at home with Gabriel would be just as nice! She poked him softly in the side.* Tell me what it is and we could stay here… -02:41 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He contemplated it.* I would rather not. It would spoil the surprise. *He took the hand she poked him with and kissed the back.* We have an eternity to spend together. My desire can wait a few hours. -02:43 Jun 02
Evangeline: Then you shouldn’t be such a tease.. *Grinning, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek! Eternity was going to be wonderful!* What is the surprise? -02:46 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He smiled at her and stepped back.* Vlamerias. *He turned to her.* Are you ready? -02:49 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *POOF! She was in devil form but changed to human when Gabriel asked if she was ready.* Yes! Is Bright Lady ready to go? *She began jumping all over the place!*

Evangeline: I am ready as I can be for not knowing where we’re going! *The little devil was a little bouncing ball of energy!* -02:51 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She stopped beside Evangeline and didn’t seem to be out of breath!* Neither do I! Glaër was very wicked when he said for me to be ready but would not tell me for what. *But she didn’t seem upset about it!*

Gabriel: *He tilted his head at the two of them.* You will see. *He cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *A pulse of negative energy and then they were gone! … And they appeared on the outskirts of a parking lot where there faint noises of people screaming and loud music!* -02:58 Jun 02

Vlamerias: Eep! *Eyes wide, she scrambled on top of Gabriel’s head and clutched his hair as she looked from side to side!* There is a battle! We must flee! *She looked ready to do just that!*

Evangeline: *Curious! The sounds of fun things were not quite what she was expecting! …Evangeline laughed at Meri’s reaction!* That’s not a battle, Meri! That’s screaming from… um… fun! *That didn’t come out right!* Well,… you’ll have to see it to understand! Is this a fair or the circus? -03:03 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *That definitely didn’t come out right as Vlameris looked ready to launch into her usual slew of questions about fun and screaming!*

Gabriel: The fair. They are in town for a few weeks and I realize we have not gone on a date for quite sometime. *He reached up to carefully pull Vlamerias off his head and out of his hair.* And Vlamerias could use the experience. -03:05 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She blinked as she was set down!* … Is the fair a training course for familiars? Will I need to be prepared in case I am attacked by evil pixies and stupid gnomes?

Evangeline: A fair is more like… a big party! There are games and rides, and fun things to eat! *Evangeline was ready to hop from excitement too! She couldn’t remember the last time she visited a fair!* Lets go and see what they have! -03:09 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Even he had to chuckle softly. Maybe the excitement was contagious! He smiled and linked his hand with Evangeline’s, walking with her to the fair. He wasn’t wearing all black; his shirt was blue! He paid for some tickets.* -03:15 Jun 02

Vlamerias: Oh a party! *She clapped her hands and danced around Gabriel and Evangeline!* I love parties. That’s when Father invites demons and they show off souls! Maybe I should show off mine …

Evangeline: It might be better to keep your soul in your pocket. There might be vender here too that’ll want to purchase it or trade for something! -03:19 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Indeed. *If he saw the demon within the next two hundred years, Vlamerias wouldn’t have his soul for very long! Come to think about it, there was no guarantee that a couple of centuries would placate him in the slightest!* -03:20 Jun 02

There were plenty of people here! They first came to some stalls selling crafts and trinkets, even souvenirs!

Vlamerias: Yes, Bright Lady! *She patted her pocket instead and had to be told several times not to wander off and get lost!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline loved the handcrafted things… It was so much nicer when things were made the old fashioned ways! She was tugging Gabriel with her to see about one of the stone jewelry stands. Those were her favorite!* -03:23 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Familiar or not, he took Vlamerias’ hand as he was pulled to one of the stalls in particular. He didn’t need her getting lost. It was amazing how much a little devil could get into in a short amount of time!* -03:25 Jun 02

“Amethysts! Rose quartz! Stones of all shapes and colors, set into beautiful jewelry at a reasonable price!” the woman at the stall called! She noticed Evangeline looking. “Hello, fair lady. Is there anything I can show you that you would be interested in?”

Vlamerias: *She was wide-eyed at all the pretty stones! She began reaching for one, only to freeze and look up at Gabriel!*

Evangeline: Maybe something with citrine or carnelian, in a bracelet? *Vlamerias needed something special, and good stones were perfect!* -03:31 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He was watching Vlamerias and shook his head. She would just have to wait. Everything was food for her! He squeezed her hand gently.* -03:32 Jun 02

The woman smiled. “You have such taste!” She leaned over her table and picked out a few pieces. “Citirine or carnelian … for your husband, perhaps?” She paused to eye Gabriel. He was handsome but … there was something about his aura that also kept her away.

Vlamerias: *She pouted a bit but then pulled back! She started to rock on her feet and hummed to herself!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* No, he’d need much stronger stones! For Meri, so it will need to be short length to fit around her wrist. Um.. hmm… *To feel the vibrations and mood of the stones… Meri would need Carnelian for sure!* -03:38 Jun 02

The woman dismissed the strange feeling and smiled. “Ah I see. Here, carnelian bracelets.” She lay some in front of Evangeline after moving some of the other jewelry aside.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped Meri gently on the head.* Which of the bracelets do you like the most? They’re all just a little bit different! -03:44 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She blinked a couple of times and looked up at Evangeline! Then she looked down at the bracelets! She knew it couldn’t be food … This was something special!* Um … This one, Glaëria. *She tapped the bracelet right in front of Evangeline, the bracelet with the darkest shade of color. It reminded her of Father!*

Evangeline: *She grinned!* That’s a very good choice. We’ll take this one! -03:50 Jun 02

“A brilliant choice! Would you like to look for anything else …? I have turqoise to ward off evil spirits, quartz to help focus …”

Evangeline: Oh no, this is perfect. *Evangeline paused before pointing at another bracelet.* …but you should sell this one to a lady with big flowers on her hat. She needs it. *She dug in her pockets for a moment to find that money, but all she pulled out was candy and dimes! She tugged gently on Gabriel’s sleeve.* -03:56 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He smiled at Evangeline and paid the woman! Then he helped Vlamerias put the bracelet on with another warning that she was not to eat this at all. He turned and kissed Evangeline’s cheek as they walked away.* -03:59 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She was looking at the pretty stones!* Thank you, Bright Lady! Thank you, Glaër! *She held her wrist up to look at it in the light!* OOhh … Bright Lady, what’s the bracelet for? What is carnelli … carnellian?”

Evangeline: *Linking her fingers with Gabriel’s again, she grinned!* It is very representative of you. Bold and assertive and will help you adapt to this new human world! And you picked the one you liked the best, so it will be special. -04:04 Jun 02

Vlamerias: Oohhh … Thank you! *She smiled and whirled around! She would never take this bracelet off!* I will always wear it!

Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek and then lifted his head.* Tell me. What prize would you like? *He tilted his head at the look on her face.* From the games. -04:06 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A game prize definitely wasn’t the first though that came to mind! She laughed softly.* Do they have the big fuzzy penguins? One of those would be fun! *Mostly because she was trying to imagine a little Meri carrying one around the fair, and it was so cute…!* -04:08 Jun 02

Giant bananas, giant turtles, giant teddy bears … Ah-ha! A big fuzzy penguin, the prize for throwing a ball into a giant milk can five feet away!

“Step right up! Get a chance to win a giant penguin! The best prize in the fair! A dollar for a ball or two dollars for three. Today a special offer! FOUR balls for the price of three! Today and only today!” the game vendor announced on his microphone!

Vlamerias: *She was drawn to all the giant stuffed animals!* Are these giant familiars, Bright Lady? *She asked Evangeline, tugging at her arm and pointing to the prizes!*

Gabriel: *He stepped up to the line.* How many penguins would you like? *He asked Evangeline.* -04:27 Jun 02
Evangeline: They are only familiars to little children… but not alive. They’re just toys. I think Gabriel can get us one if the game isn’t too hard! *Evangeline was sure Gabriel could get anything if he had a mind to do it! But those games were tricky!* Oh… just one! I don’t think we need an army of penguins just yet! -04:27 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He turned to the game vendor.* One ball. *And he handed him a dollar.* -04:31 Jun 02

The man paused. “One ball …?” He saw the look Gabriel gave him and backed away. “Okay. One ball!” He handed him the ball and stepped back. The odds of someone winning that prize with his first ball were very slim!

Evangeline: *How curious! He was so wicked about teasing the poor venders! Evangeline smiled wide!* What if you miss? -04:34 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He took the ball and studied Evangeline.* Then the game is rigged. *He tilted his head at the man.* Move. -04:37 Jun 02

The man was clearly offended by that! He stepped out of the way! He’ll show this bastard!

Evangeline: *Resisting a laugh, she rest her hands on Meri’s head!* You’re very charming. *And it wasn’t even sarcasm! Wicked as he was.. he was still sweet!* -04:43 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She blinked and watched in silence! This was so exciting!*

Gabriel: *He tossed the ball in his hand a couple of times and tested the weight! And then he threw it!* -04:47 Jun 02

A wide grin split on the man’s face when he didn’t even throw it at the milk can! He opened his mouth to console the jerk. It would serve him right!

Gabriel: *He silenced the man with a glance and another tilt of his head.* Wait. *His ball was still going! It bounced off the wall, onto the edge of the farthest milk can, onto someone’s shoulder, another person’s head, a balloon, the hot dog stand … a dozen different places before it came flying back toward Gabriel which forced the vendor to duck–and right into the milk can!* -04:50 Jun 02

The vendor lifted his head! What had just happened?! He was looking around blinking and saw Evangeline and Meri but … no Gabriel!

Evangeline: *Evangelined clapped!* A very nice shot…! I think that bounced over half the fair! -04:53 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He picked up the vendor by the collar of his shirt and hoisted him to his feet. He didn’t release him–instead, glancing down at the button on the ground.* Vlamerias, grab a ball and throw it at a milk can. *He stepped on the button!* -04:56 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She giggled and clapped too!* That was fun! Can we try it again? *She blinked.* Okay! *She grabbed a ball nearby and threw it at a milk can!*

The man gulped! Vlamerias’ ball flew straight for the milk can but something repelled it and it seemed to bounce off the milk can before it flew away!

Evangeline: *Tilting her head, she crossed her arms slowly and tapped her fingers.* There is cheating. That isn’t nice at all. -04:58 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She grabbed more balls to throw at all the milk cans! And she tried to bounce them off of objects like her Glaër!

Gabriel: I have killed for lesser trespasses than this. *He replied, still holding the man by the shirt.* You need to be taught your place. -05:11 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline reached out to tug gently on Gabriel’s sleeve.* Instead of killing, we might just make sure he won’t be tempted to cheat again. -05:13 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He tilted his head at Evangeline and then looked at the vendor. He released him.* I will take my penguin. Run a clean game or I will return. *He let the man go.* And my wife will not be here to save you. -05:18 Jun 02
Gabriel: *- ignore *He let the man go.* -05:18 Jun 02

The man fell back and gulped! Then he was scrambling out of the stall and out of sight!

Evangeline: *Evangeline looked curious for a moment!* I have to wonder how many of these poor people you come back and visit when I’m not around! -05:22 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He took the penguin off of the hook gently and then joined Evangeline and Vlamerias. He smirked.* It is a promise that works. -05:27 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She stared wide-eyed at the penguin!* Oh, is that a penguin? It’s so much bigger than it first looked! *She poked it, then squealed in delight when she saw how soft it was!*

Evangeline: Heaven save the poor fool that doesn’t listen! *Poking the penguin too – it WAS soft! Plushies were so fun!* Real penguins aren’t anywhere this big, but plushies are so much nicer when they’re giant, don’t you think? Now we can take him on a ride and think of a name! -05:29 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She pet the penguin! So soft! She played with the feet! What big feet! She giggled!*

Evangeline: Lets see.. what is the perfect ride for a little girl and her penguin? *If they were going to try thing, it was better now than before eating!* -05:37 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He looked at Vkanerias.* This will be my first experience with a stuffed penguin. -06:00 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She giggled and threw her arms around it! It was so very big! Perhaps it was good penguins weren’t as large as this one was!*

Evangeline: *For a moment there was a wistful smile.. Vlamerias was so sweet! She might have been the best gift Gabriel had ever found!* We could try the ferris wheel? Meri could see the entire park from the top. -06:04 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He watched Vlamerias try to hug that thing but her arms stopped short of circling it entirely!* That is a good idea. *They started for the ferris wheel!* -06:09 Jun 02
Evangeline: We might name him Steve. It sounds like a penguin name. *Holding Gabriel’s hand, she swung their hands back and forth as they walked.* -06:16 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Uh-oh! She was having a tough job trying to walk and look where she was going while holding such a giant penguin! It was easily as big–if not bigger–than she was!*

Gabriel: *He smiled and lifted their hands to kiss her knuckles.* Thank you, Evangeline. -06:24 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She tilted her head to blink up at him.* What are we thanking me for? -06:25 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He squeezed her hand, reached out with his other hand to pull Vlamerias back before she walked right into a tent.* For everything. I love you, Evangeline. My only regret is that I did not bind myself to you sooner. -06:28 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She realized what she had been about to do!* Thank you, Glaër! *Then she marched beside them! She would keep the penguin safe!*

Evangeline: *A blush followed by a soft smile.* I think I’ve been waiting my entire life to be with you. I would have waited until you did. -06:31 Jun 02

Vlamerias: Are you sure you aren’t an angel, Bright Lady? *She asked, peeking up at Evangeline!* Warrior Lady was sure you were an angel. Then Dark said it’d be Glaër’s luck you are an angel who hit her head and got anastacia.

Evangeline: *She blinked!* Caroline is a little strange and thinks I am far nicer than I actually am. Well, not that all angels are nice. Some angels are actually really rude and miserable company. …Besides, even if I were and had my angelic memories again, I’d stay here with Gabriel! -06:38 Jun 02

Vlamerias: That is good! Father says Heaven is a boring place to be! He says it’s better to rule in the Devil World than serve in Heaven! *She squeezed the giant penguin!*

“Aieee! I must be dreaming! I never imagined to see you somewhere like this!” suddenly shouted a strong british accent in a very loud female’s voice. The blond had a striking face as she caught Evangeline by the arm. “Loopy Evie, here of all places!” -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She launched into defensive mode by reflex and began to hiss! Her eyes narrowed into slits and flashed!*

Gabriel: *He reached out and put a hand on Vlamerias’ head. He tilted his head slightly to one side, curiously.* -06:45 Jun 02
Evangeline: *It was with great restraint that Evangeline didn’t groan, but she couldn’t quite stop her expression from looking completely pretend! She "smiled".* Tiffany! What a… pleasure… *Oh, she hated that name!* -06:45 Jun 02

“Isn’t it though?” Tiffany replied with a sanguine smirk! “I am surprised that you actually look decent! I guess you have someone shopping for you now!” She peered down at the hissing little girl with surprise and then up at Gabriel. “Good lord, who is this dreamboat?” -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline looked offended for a moment until Tiffany mentioned the ‘dreamboat’. She couldn’t help but smile wide!* Gabriel is my husband. -06:50 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He held up his left hand with the ring. Dealing with women was a bit more complicated than dealing with men.* And you are …? -06:50 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She was making her Bright Lady uncomfortable! She squeezed the penguin tighter but kept glaring at the human!*

The woman look shocked! And was almost speechless but righted herself pretty quick to eye Gabriel carefully. “I guess even you can find a husband. Getting a Green Card in this country must be pretty difficult.” she replied. “I am Tiffany Legrange. We used to be in school together. I could tell you all kinds of stories about little Evangeline.” -Evangeline

Evangeline: I liked Prom night when you and you friends threw me off the boat in to the ocean. *Evil woman…! Some people never grew out of meaness! She’d like to throw HER out in the middle of the ocean!* Why are you here…? -06:56 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He smirked at the idea of the woman telling him stories about Evangeline. He knew her better than anyone else. Then, the look he gave Evangeline said he knew exactly what she was thinking … He was very tempted to follow her whim, despite Legrange being a woman.* -06:59 Jun 02

“Are you still upset about that? Really, Evie! Kids will be kids!” Tiffany smiled again, looking right pleased with herself. “I’m visiting friends in town. I have them all over the world, you know. I’m actually so surprised to see you here… Last I heard about you, someone said your parents finally tossed you in the Crazy Bin.” -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He stiffened and took Evangeline’s arm, holding up her hand and kissing the back.* … Look at the time. *He tilted his head at Legrange.* We should get going. Meri looks ill and may throw up on your friend’s clothes, Evangeline. *He said, not bothering to hide the smirk!* -07:03 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Blink!* …We couldn’t have that happening. *A little stiff, she cast a rather dark smile at Tiffany.* Have a nice day, Tiffany. Be careful on your trip home. *Wouldn’t want to get tangled in an anchor’s chains and go tumbling in the ocean for the fishies to feast on her bones! That would just be terrible!* -07:09 Jun 02

Tilting her nose in the air, Tiffany scoffed as she marched off! Threatening her precious clothes! Hmph! Just wait until everyone heard the latest gossip! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He was stroking her fingers as he nuzzled her cheek and whispered in her ear.* May I …? -07:24 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She stuck her tongue out at the human lady! She should be grateful her Glaër had not given her permission to attack! She hadn’t understood a lot about what they said but she knew the woman had hit a sore spot with her Glaër and Bright Lady!

Evangeline: I am so very tempted. *It would serve Tiffany right… Evangeline moved to rest her face again Gabriel’s chest and slid her arms arund his waist. Maybe just.. have her chased across town by a slobbering werewolf!* -07:27 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She tugged on Gabriel’s sleeve!* Glaër, may I mete out punishment on the human woman …? She made you and Bright Lady uncomfortable. I do not like her. She smells of stinky flowers and spoiled fruit.

Gabriel: *He slipped one arm around her and stroked her hair. He looked down at Vlamerias and tilted his head at Evangeline.* No, Vlamerias. I have something else in mind for her. *He was impressed that Vlamerias had picked up on the subtle signs. Wareham was a sensitive spot for him, especially since he had experienced things from Evangeline’s point of view!* -07:33 Jun 02
Evangeline: Just don’t kill her. *She mumbled, at least trying to remind herself that killing Tiffany would be over the top. No matter how nice it would be to stuff her in a cannon and shoot her to the moon. …She was so glad Gabriel was with her!* -07:36 Jun 02
Gabriel: I do not wish to cause you distress, Evangeline, hence nothing I do to her will have lethal results. You do not need blood on your conscience. *He lowered his head to kiss her forehead and nuzzled her neck, nipping her playfully. He knew she liked when he did that and he wanted to make her feel better.* -07:40 Jun 02
Evangeline: *He was warm and sweet, and she couldn’t help but squeek and softly laugh when he nipped at her neck. He did know how to erase those dark feelings away!* Worry about her later and lets take Meri on the ferris wheel so she’ll only smell fresh air and popcorn. -07:45 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He nodded.* Indeed. *Instead of letting her go entirely, he put his arm around her and they joined the line for the ferris wheel. They didn’t have long to wait. It was a large ferris wheel, the line was short, and people were beginning to get off of it from the last ride.* -07:50 Jun 02

Vlamerias: Popcorn! Is that another familiar for little human children? *She asked, drawing some curious looks from people who overheard her!*

Evangeline: Popcorn is one of the few things you can eat. *Evangeline kept her arms around Gabriel’s waist, and though it made for awkward walking, she liked it so much better that way! She didn’t release him until it was time to help Meri up in to her seat.* We’ll be awfully high off the ground, so don’t jump off. You’ll scare everyone to death! -07:57 Jun 02
Gabriel: And no flying. Someone has to watch the giant penguin. I will have my hands full with the Bright Lady. *He followed Evangeline inside and closed the small door of their booth. Then in no time at all, they were moving upward. Every so often they would pause so that the people behind them could file into the other booths.* -07:59 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She opened her mouth after Evangelijne warned her not to jump only to close it again when Gabriel added the ‘no flying’ part. She pouted but it turned into a wide grin when Gabriel pointed out someone had to watch the giant penguin!* I will not fail you! *She hugged onto the penguin tightly and stared out the side of the booth!*

Evangeline: *Thankfully these things sort of had walls and if anything happened, Gabriel wouldn’t let them plummet to their doom! Not being able to see didn’t make high up places any easier.* Now how might you have your hands full with the Bright Lady? -08:02 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He smirked and in reply, he took her hands and pulled her into his lap in one fluid motion. But he made sure he could jump up and move if necessary.* -08:06 Jun 02
Evangeline: Oh! I guess this might be having your hands full! *Evangeline ran both hands throughhis hair. So fine!* I love you so much… -08:10 Jun 02
Gabriel: And I love you. *He smiled and kissed her cheek.* You’re in my heart, Evangeline. -08:12 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *She was hugging that penguin tightly as she stood on the chair and tried to peek over the side! But the penguin was so heavy as she held it with one arm that she had to rest it on the seat beside her! She was too busy enjoying the view to notice what her Glaër and the Bright Lady were up to!*

Evangeline: *She slid her arms around his neck so she could nuzzle against him! How could anyone let him get away when he was so wonderful!* -08:17 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He held her tightly then! Just the way he’d held her back when she’d saved him what felt like ages ago!* -08:22 Jun 02
[Gabriel had taken Evangeline and Meri to the fair! Now they were on the ferris wheel!] -03:24 Jun 12
[Evangeline finds herself perfectly comfortable on Gabriel\’s lap!] -03:25 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She was enjoying the view and she hugged her penguin even tighter!* Look at all the colors!

Gabriel: *He cupped Evangeline’s cheek with one hand. It was habit that he kept the other free.* How are you enjoying the date so far, Seer? -03:26 Jun 12
Evangeline: It’s a wonderful surprise! Very different from me having to tug you away somewhere. *A grin! And it was somewhere nice for Meri to experience too!* -03:29 Jun 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked as he tilted his head slightly at her.* You may tug me away somewhere next time. You deserved a break from Oracle … Or rather, it is the other way around. *He glanced at Meri!* Vlamerias is quite the bodyguard. -03:31 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *For a human child’s familiar, this one very nice and soft! Vlamerias had never known something to be so soft and so squishy! She buried her face into the penguin’s head! It smelled so good … She rubbed her face against it!*

Vlamerias: *was

Evangeline: Those poor boys… Meri may well drive them crazy. …but they’ll learn so much faster! *She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him! Learn faster if they don’t get themselves killed, but she’ll wag a finger about that later!* -03:35 Jun 12
Gabriel: *One arm went around her waist to hold her tightly against him. He lowered his head to her neck and nuzzled her gently. He loved the way she smelled, the touch of her skin. Angel or human, he would cherish her forever.* -03:38 Jun 12
Evangeline: *A soft giggle as she stroked her fingers through his hair. It was far too early to take him home, no matter how tempting it was!* -03:43 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She plopped down onto the seat across of Gabriel and Evangeline!* Do you and Bright Lady need some time alone …? *She asked Gabriel!*

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and smirked.* No, Vlamerias. I will let you know when we do. *He sat back and linked his fingers with Evangeline’s.* -03:46 Jun 12
Evangeline: I think I can not cling to Gabriel for a few hours. *…Well, maybe cling wasn’t the word. She didn’t think she ever wanted to let go of him and would have him like this all day if she could!* -03:49 Jun 12
Gabriel: *A small smile! He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed the knuckles.* It is fortunate I do not own handcuffs. -03:51 Jun 12
Evangeline: *She blinked for a moment!* What on earth would you need those for? *And then the first things that came to mind were from Hunters conversations she probably shouldn’t have been listening to..* -03:55 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide!* What are handcuffs? Are they a type of curse? Oh, can I practice it on my soul? Can I? Can I?

Gabriel: *He turned her hand over so he could trace her Binding Mark with his thumb.* I had something completely innocent in mind. *He said in an "innocent" tone of voice as he looked at her Binding Mark!* -03:59 Jun 12
Evangeline: Innocent! *How wicked! Evangeline resisted smiling as she tilted her head at Meri.* No, not with handcuffs. They’re just chains and I think it’d be hard to chain a soul. -04:05 Jun 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel looked up and at Meri.* With normal chains, yes. But the special type of chains that can bind a soul are difficult to come by. *He tilted his head slightly for a moment.* Given the trouble the Incubus is in, I may teach you how to bind souls in other ways. -04:09 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She gave a bright wide grin!* Yay! Then I can do all sorts of things with it! *She looked very excited!*

Evangeline: I have the feeling you plan on tormenting him for the rest of eternity. *Evangeline wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she definitely wasn’t feeling sympathetic either!* -04:13 Jun 12
Gabriel: *His eyes flashed red briefly.* No one harms nor harasses my mate or my familiar. *And he said it so simply too!* -04:31 Jun 12
[Gabriel was enjoying time with Evangeline and Vlamerias!] -01:03 Jun 13
[Evangeline is glad this feris wheel can\’t roll away!] -01:04 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was still hugging the giant penguin and looked ready to jump out of the ferris wheel booth they sat in! She giggled!* Devils also call Glaër the Vengeful One! No other vampire has such a reputation!

Evangeline: *She kisses Gabriel’s cheek!* I like to call him Guardian Angel, but I think he scowls every time I say it. Is he scowling at me now? *A grin!* -01:07 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He was indeed scowling! He raised an eyebrow!* I do not scowl. I merely do not consider myself an angel of any sort. -01:10 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She giggled again!* Glaër is frowning and trying very hard not to show it, Bright Lady! Is that what a scowl is?

The ferris wheel booth came to a stop at the bottom! It was time for them to get off!

Evangeline: Yep! That is him scowling. And whether you like it or not, you are my Guardian Angel. You have rescued me since the day I met you! *Thinking of it now, it was a little bit funny! Evangeline hopped out of Gabriel’s lap.* -01:14 Jun 13
Gabriel: You are an exception. *He replied as he stepped out and helped her out of the booth. Then he helped Vlamerias out since there’s only so much a devil in human form carrying a giant penguin can do!* -01:18 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Thank you, Glaër! *She grinned as he helped her out, still clinging to that giant penguin!* Can we get some popcorn? Oh, or some of that pink fluffy stuff he’s eating? *She pointed to a passing child eating cotton candy!* Oh, what’s that?! *She started following a man carrying a slice of pizza!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline snagged the back of Meri’s shirt collar with a finger and slowly followed.* We can try a little bit of everything, but let’s not follow strangers! -01:23 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias blinked a couple of times as the Bright Lady stopped her and then turned to follow her lead!* Yes, Mommy! Oh … What’s that?! *They were passing the petting zoo and she had spied some of the animals they had in the area they’d put up! But then she frowned and didn’t move any closer to them!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel passed a hand over Vlamerias’ head. She had quite the appetite, too! But she was still growing! He stopped beside her when she started staring at the animals!* -01:32 Jun 13
Evangeline: I think that would be animals. They have them for children to pet and play with for a bit and learn about critters from other countries! -01:33 Jun 13
Gabriel: It is a general rule animals do not take kindly to vampires or demons. Depending on the species, they may take kindly to weres. Did you wish to see the animals with the Bright Lady? *He asked Meri!* -01:36 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Do you think they will mind …? *She asked, peeking up from behind the penguin! She really wanted to but she’d heard stories of how animals reacted to demons! She didn’t want to be trampled! She didn’t know what that was but it sounded like it was very painful!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline hid a smile!* I think as long as you don’t chase them or try to eat them, they won’t mind at all. How about I hold you and we meet a few of them? -01:39 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He passed a hand over Vlamerias’ head and took the penguin from her!* I will wait here and keep the penguin safe. If anything should happen, I will come for you and the Bright Lady. Be calm, Vlamerias. -01:41 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Oh okay! *She nodded at Evangeline and then blinked up at Gabriel!* Thank you, Glaër! I will keep the Bright Lady safe for you! *She took Evangeline’s hand! Be calm. She could be calm!*

Evangeline: I think we’ll let me worry about keeping the safety here. *How cute! Evangeline opted for picking up Meri, just in case something did get spooked! But she wasn’t worried at all as she headed towards the animals!* Which one would you like to meet first? -01:44 Jun 13

The petting zoo held one cow, one llama, two dogs, six goats, four sheep, and three pigs! It was large and there was hay on the ground! There were children and their parents there, a soap dispenser and paper towels outside of the fenced area!

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide as they drew closer to the animals! Be calm. Be calm …* Um, how about that small one with horns, Bright Lady? *She was pointing to one of the goats which was white with black spots as it lay down on the ground against the fence!*

Evangeline: That one would be a goat! *She approached carefully, being mindful not to invade the goats personal space. After all, animals had feelings too! When she was close enough, she knelt down on the ground and reached out a hand for the goat to take a sniff. … Or get up and try to tackle her. Goats tended to like doing that too!* -01:50 Jun 13

It was a good thing that for the most part, these animals were tame and patient! The goat lay there and didn’t seem offended by Evangeline or Meri’s presence! It sniffed her hand but then pulled back slowly and didn’t move from its spot!

Vlamerias: *She was watching what the Bright Lady was doing!* … Is it going to trample us now …? *She asked, curious but still somehow keeping calm!*

Evangeline: He is a little too small to trample us. *With a slight grin, she set Meri on her feet and took her hand.* We’re going to pet him, but if he looks nervous we’ll leave him alone, okay? *With that, she carefully rest Meri’s hand on the goat’s head along with her own!* -01:58 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy … *She watched as Evangeline took her hand and placed it on the goat’s head! She wasn’t in a rush to pet it but she didn’t pull back either! She blinked at first at the sight of her and Evangeline’s hand on the goat’s head!* One of my brothers have feet like the goat’s. *She remarked, looking down at the goat’s hooves.* His legs are much larger.

Evangeline: I imagine he probably has a very hard time dancing! *Evangeline pulled her hand away to let Meri pet and examine the goat! She’d just make sure Meri didn’t eat him. She never was sure when Meri would want to take a bite out of something.* Goats like ramming things, that’s why they have these horns. I’ve always wondered if that’s why so many demons have horns too. -02:05 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *That remark was so unexpected, Vlamerias actually blinked … and then burst out giggling!* I have never seen a demon with chipped horns before. But the demons I know with horns have really big horns. Like Father! But Father is pretty big and strong … But I’ll ask him next time! *Those thoughts seemed to take her mind off of being nervous and she actually started petting the goat on her own!*

Evangeline: If I had horns, I’d probably want to use them for something. …But then again, I might end up making them all glittery like a unicorn’s horn. They’d probably be pretty that way, don’t you think? *…she wondered if the Devil King’s horns glittered at all. The devils all seemed to enjoy things that sparkled, she imagined the entire place might have been covered in glitter.* -02:12 Jun 13

Vlamerias: They say unicorns are very pretty! But no one’s been able to capture a unicorn’s soul yet! *She turned to look up at Evangeline, imagining her with horns!* You would not try to ram my Glaër, would you, Bright Lady? *She wasn’t quite sure how she would handle a situation like that!*

Evangeline: *A blink followed by a laugh!* If I did, it would be just playing. Even so, he’d not move an inch and I’d fall over. He never moves unless he wants to, or wants to let me think I’m moving him. -02:18 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She stopped petting the goat, to rest a hand on its head! One finger of the other hand touched her chin and she had a thoughtful look on her face!* Hm … It would be hard to kiss my Glaër with horns, would it not?

Evangeline: *Grinning, she nodded slowly.* Yes. It’s probably better that I don’t have them. Are you ready to meet another animal? -02:22 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias grinned and nodded!* Hmm hmm! Oh, how about that one?! *She pointed to a dark yellow golden retriever walking past them with a bandana around its neck!*

Evangeline: That would be a dog! They’re like wolves but usually a lot more friendly! *Staying on her knees, she took Meri’s hand and scooted to meet the golden retriever. Dogs were a little more sensitive than goats, but now she was pretty confident!* Let him sniff you first so he can decide if you’re safe. -02:25 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Bright Lady, why do weres and dogs and goats have to sniff you? Are they wondering if you are food when they do …? *But regardless, she did as instructed and studied the dog! It really did look like a were but it was smaller!*

Evangeline: They learn about you through scent, the way others might learn by auras or feelings. Good people smell a little differently from unfriendly people. ..Although many weres are probably trying to see if you’re edible too! -02:33 Jun 13

The dog was very patient, much like the goat! It sniffed Meri’s hand and even Evangeline’s before it appeared “ready for petting”!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias made a face for a moment before turning her attention back to the dog! It had nice, long fur!* Even Warrior Lady said I was salty and did not taste good. Weres are strange.

Evangeline: Caroline doesn’t eat people or devils, so to be safe we’ll avoid any us-eating creatures! -02:43 Jun 13

Vlamerias: That is a wise idea. *She nodded a few times.* Oohh … What is that?! *Her attention was stolen by a little pig not too far away! It was young and small, about half the size of Meri! It was also pink with black splotches all over it!*

Evangeline: A pig! …but not the eating kind! These would be pet pigs, so lets not take any bites out of them. *Despite how cute the thought might be, she doubted the fair people or the piglets would appreciate it. Evangeline nudged Meri towards it and followed close behind!* -02:47 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Oh puu … *She frowned! The pig smelled very delicious too! But she walked forward after being given a gentle push and stopped beside the pig! As it dug into the ground with its nose, she slowly put a hand down on its side and began to pet it! Unlike the dog or the goat, the pig’s hair was rough and bristly!*

Evangeline: Don’t worry, we’ll get something to eat soon and it’ll be much better tasting than a piglet! -02:56 Jun 13

The pig continued to sniff through the straws of hay, not seeming to care it was being pet! Eventually, it snorted and wandered away!

Vlamerias: Maybe some popcorn! *It was a food mentioned so many times already that Meri was very curious to try some! Most of the other food she’d tried so far with the Bright Lady had been delicious!*

Evangeline: *Standing, she dust herself off!* Popcorn and cotton candy. …And I supposed some actual real food too! Are you ready? -03:02 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She watched the animals and the human children with them! Then she looked up as Evangeline stood! She grinned and nodded!* Yes, Bright Lady! Thank you! *She took her hand!* Bright Lady, do you have a big family like Glaër does?

Evangeline: Er… no. I don’t. *A peculiar look crossed her face, but she smiled down at Meri.* We’re a family now ourselves, with Gabriel and Dark, and even Ms. Grey as her family. -03:06 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias blinked and became thoughtful!* The human woman is family, too? *She was used to a family being those bound by blood so she began wondering how the Greys could be related.*

Evangeline: I like to think so! Ms. Grey might sound a little scary sometimes, but she has been a great help to Gabriel and myself. Leon is a very good friend and their daughter Lily is sweet and very bright. -03:12 Jun 13

Vlamerias: Did you hear that, Glaër? Bright Lady said we’re a family! *She grinned up at him as they returned!*

Gabriel: *He nodded and handed the penguin back to Vlamerias!* Your penguin missed you during your absence. *He told her! Then he kissed Evangeline on the forehead and brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.* Is everything well? -03:19 Jun 13
Evangeline: *Thinking about her parents was an odd mix of sad and sour. Evangeline just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.* Of course! I think we better feed her before she starts chewing on her own arms and legs. -03:22 Jun 13
Gabriel: Consider it fortunate she is not a vampire then. *He was studying her, obviously wondering if he should let the subject drop but … in the end, he did.* I see you were able to keep Vlamerias’ appetite from extending to the animals in the petting zoo. -03:26 Jun 13
Evangeline: She is far more interested in better tasting things, like popcorn and possibly some pizza. *She linked her hand with his and rest her head against his arm for a moment before smiling again. He shouldn’t worry so much about her!* …If weres made pizza, do you think it’d be people fingers instead of pepperoni? -03:29 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He smirked at her question even as he lowered his head to nuzzle her cheek!* They might … as long as they did not attempt to use your or Meri’s fingers. *He lifted the hand with her wedding ring and kissed the band.* -03:34 Jun 13
Evangeline: Well, Meri says that Caroline said she tasted salty and I doubt I taste as good as I smell, so a were would have a terrible meal of us if they cared to try! *The touch of his skin was so nice! She tugged his hand until she could pull it around behind her back and grinned!* -03:40 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He tilted his head at her as she moved his hand around her back. Then he smiled and lowered his head to nuzzle her neck and nip it!* My opinion differs. You are the sweetest creature ever born. *He whispered in her ear, one hand still free.* -03:42 Jun 13
Evangeline: *She really did love it when he did that. She giggled softly.* You are a little biased, I think. -03:46 Jun 13
Gabriel: *Gabriel lifted his head and tilted it slightly at her.* I am a four-hundred year old vampire. I am entitled to be biased. -03:47 Jun 13

Vlamerias: How romantic! *A wistful sigh from Meri as she hugged that penguin tight, watching them!*

Evangeline: You’re lucky I never had a chance to ask someone else what I tasted like, you might have been wrong! *She grinned, but blinked at Meri’s sighing! Was it so cute?* -03:54 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He smirked and snorted at that!* I am never wrong. Misunderstood, perhaps. But never wrong. *He tilted his head slightly at Meri before he released Evangeline but held her hand.* I have never known a devil to be such a romantic. -03:57 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she rested her chin on top of the penguin’s head!* Father often says I am odd, even for a devil! I do not understand him very often but then again, I do not think even Mother did!

Evangeline: The Devil King seems to have a lot of children… are they all from the same mother? *Evangeline might have asked questions while she were there if it were different circumstances… At the time she had been so confused!* -04:04 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Nope! I think that is why he finds human relationships so amusing. They center around two humans keeping loyal to each other. Devils don’t follow such beliefs.

There was a vendor stall for popcorn not too far away! And that is where Gabriel took them to first! He ordered some popcorn and asked if Evangeline and Meri wanted butter.

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded at Gabriel.* Loyalty is something special and hard to come back, even for humans. -04:16 Jun 13
Gabriel: *He got two large bags of popcorn with butter as well as a couple of drinks for Evangeline and Meri. He took the penguin from Vlamerias as they settled down at a table nearby.* -04:22 Jun 13
Evangeline: *Sitting comfortably, she moved just so she could drape her legs over Gabriel’s. It was hard not to smile. Going out like this was so much fun! She leaned to kiss his cheek before popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth.* -04:29 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She sat down on the bench but had to stand so she could look down at the bag of popcorn on the table! She sniffed it and then put her entire face inside to grab a mouthful! When she lifted her head, her entire face was covered in butter and some popcorn kernels!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned to slide napkins across the table… It seemed Meri needed those for nearly every meal! At least she hadn’t yet covered her clothes in dinner! …she giggled softly at the thought!* -04:38 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the napkins but then swallowed and grinned!* Thank you, Bright Lady! *She took the napkins–at least now she knew better than to eat them–and cleaned her face off!* Delicious! Popcorn is made by some sorcery, yes? A human secret?

Evangeline: It’s just corn kernals! Human food isn’t made with any sorcery, though occasionally through strange methods! -04:44 Jun 13
Gabriel: I find it intriguing you and Vlamerias get along so well. *He said, studying Evangeline for a moment!* -04:51 Jun 13
Evangeline: *She paused!* …Is that strange? Meri is sweet and you’ve taken to her so quickly as well. Would you have let us keep her otherwise? -04:57 Jun 13
Gabriel: Bonding with a familiar is always a risk. If the master and familiar are incompatible, their power together is unstable and they weaken each other. The opposite is true if the master and familiar relationship are compatible. There was a somewhat larger risk of Vlamerias and I being incompatible as you were also part of the equation. This is my first case where a familiar had two masters, although her bond is slightly stronger with me. -05:07 Jun 13
Evangeline: Then we are lucky that Meri is so helpful and there are so many people here that can help teach her! *It might have been awkward if he had a new familiar that wasn’t fond of them… or didn’t like her at!* …you do like me, Meri? Don’t you? -05:10 Jun 13

Vlamerias: *She looked up with a mouthful of popcorn! It took her a few moments to swallow and clean her face! Then she grinned brightly!* Hmm hmm! I like spending time with you and Glaër, Bright Lady! That’s why I have to protect you and the Infamous One!

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