018 Wareham Asylum

Returning to England

Evangeline had to fly back to London for a family emergency, leaving Brutus in the care of Gabriel! After a week of puppy disaster after disaster, Gabriel finally gives up and calls the number Evangeline left for him. He calls but the number was disconnected. He calls a second number, Evangeline’s friend Melissa. Melissa says she hasn’t seen Evangeline all week, even though they were supposed to have dinner! She gives Gabriel the address and number of Evangeline’s parents.

Gabriel arrives at her parents house and kicks down the door! He demands to know where Evangeline is, and when they refuse to tell him and try to shoot him, he snatches the gun and fires at the Wife! They say they sent Evangeline off to the Wareham Mental Institution because she’s crazy. Wareham is owned by Anthony Carnatell…

Gabriel arrives at Wareham, where he is immediately greeted by beasts trying to destroy him! He sends Brutus to sniff out Evangeline. He fights through staff as well as released mental patients until Brutus leads him to Evangeline’s room.. Evangeline is unresponsive and singing a weird song about bricks until she’s thrown over Gabriel’s shoulder and remarks “This is familiar…” She says she wants to leave before “He” is set loose and tells Gabriel “Evangeline is now the doll.” meaning, Michael was also there.

Speak of the devil, Michael appears but he’s completely altered. He has a wing, his hair is white and he’s totally lost his mind. Gabriel sets Evangeline down leaving her in Brutus’ care while he fights with Michael. Michael says “You took something now I take something. Take… someone.” Gabriel realizes what Evangeline meant about being a doll. He fights with rage!

Meanwhile, Brutus has led Evangeline to a van and reluctantly she lets him steer the wheel for their escape. It’s a frightening disaster as they veer off the road down a steep hill and finally crash in to a tree. The tree snaps and falls on to the van trapping them both inside. Evangeline activates by accident an odd new collar Brutus seems to be wearing, that sends an alert and tracking signal to Gabriel!

Michael thinks he has won the fight with Gabriel and is killing him. Stating that he’s going to kill the woman and the pup too. That along with the alert from the tracking signal snaps Gabriel back to himself. He flings off Michael to cast his spell and appear right where Evangeline and Brutus crashed. Evangeline is still disturbed but relieved to have Gabriel there! Gabriel mentions that he lost himself, and (almost) admits that he missed her. Evangeline requests that before going home that they stop at her parents house.

It’s clear that Evangeline has had the last straw with her parents since they handed her over to Anthony Carnatelli! She takes one of her father’s guns, shoots up the place and very nicely tells them to stay away from her.

Gabriel takes Evangeline home… only home turns about to be a new apartment he’s put together for her. Complete with nice comfy furniture, protective wards, and everything she would need. He says it was because he couldn’t get anything else done with Brutus under his feet, but Evangeline finds it the single nicest thing in the world! Evangeline (with Brutus’ help) gets Gabriel in the bath with her. A relaxing bath!

  1. Anthony sets a trap for Evangeline to test and see how much of a threat she is to him.
  2. Gabriel misses Evangeline’s presence. He doesn’t like someone threatening Evangeline, to the point of losing himself with anger. He shows a gentle kindness to Evangeline.
  3. Evangeline is easily broken but can bounce back just as quick from mental trauma. A fear of Michael develops. Cuts off contact with her parents because of betrayal. She has a deeper fondness for Gabriel.
[Evangeline has dropped off the face of the planet!] -04:36 Oct 12

“And I NEVER want to see that animal in my shop again!” SLAM!

[Gabriel glanced over his shoulder as the door slammed behind him.] -04:38 Oct 12

Three ransacked businesses in one day! Including a travel agency, and a copy printing service!

Gabriel: *He glanced down at the apologetic werepup and crouched down low to pick the pup by the scruff of the neck and hoist him up slightly. He didn’t say a word, just raised an eyebrow. The Seer had said looking after Brutus would be "a piece of cake" …* Piece of cake, indeed. *He said finally, putting the werepup back down. He had put a tracking device on the werepup’s collar after it had somehow managed to escape and run off time and time again.* -04:41 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus, shaking himself after he was put down and sitting down on the sidewalk! He looked like any other harmless puppy!

There’s the tantilizing scent of a hot dog stand!

Brutus sniffed the air and went bolting down the street! A hot dog stand! He crashed through the legs of the customers waiting for their hot dogs and was running so fast, he toppled over the stand when he collided with it!

Screams of horrified and angry people as hot dogs and condiments went flying everywhere! The stand owner was cursing up a storm!

Sniffsniffsniff! went the superquick, superhungry werepup! He was ignoring everyone else and grinding those hot dogs as if he hadn’t eaten in days!

Being the city, this stand owner was armed in case of robberies… A pups stealing his weiners is a robbery! He had himself a rake and was going to smash that pup!

Gabriel: *Thrust a wad of cash into the owner’s hands as he walked by, not even stopping when he grabbed the werepup by the scruff of the neck again, and tucked him under his arm! His other hand was already going for a business card in his pocket and then some change! He dialed the number to the Seer’s place back in England!* -04:50 Oct 12

Doot doo Doooop! “I’m sorry, this line is no longer in service. Please hang up and try again.”

Brutus was a heavy werepup but he just panted as he stayed in Gabriel’s arms and looked up at him expectantly!

Gabriel: *He got his change back but he knew he’d dialed it exactly! So he tried the other number she’d left for some woman named Melissa.* -04:54 Oct 12

Riiiing Riiing. Riiing riiing. A pickup! “Melissa’s Baubles! Melissa speaking, how can I help you?”

Gabriel: *He held the phone on his shoulder while he adjusted the werepup under his arm and slipped the business card back into his pocket with the other.* Hello. I am looking for someone named Evangeline. Do you know where she is? -04:57 Oct 12

“Oh! I’m afraid she’s not living upstairs anymore. She went to visit her parents, but she promised to come have dinner with me and I haven’t heard from her all week.”

Gabriel: … May I have her parents’ phone number or address? It is important that I get in touch with her as soon as possible. -05:03 Oct 12

“Of course! If you hear from her, tell her I’ll have kittens if she doesn’t call me!” Melissa rattled off the phone number and address!

Gabriel: *Memorized the phone number and address.* I will. My thanks. Goodbye. *He hung up and glanced down at the werepup trying to squirm out of his grip.* -05:06 Oct 12

Brutus was squirming and whining up a storm! He was restless and always hungry and missed the human woman who always petted him! He wanted her back! He started to howl, a long mournful howl!

People turned around to stare at the howling pup, assuming the man was probably terrorizing the poor thing! How pitiful!

Gabriel: *He slipped into an alley, werepup still tucked under his arm and put him down on the ground. He pulled out his knife and slit his palm. Something was going on and he didn’t like to play games.* Crux crucis loginquitas , patefacio via. *And then they were gone! The next moment they were in front of a large gate with the address engraved on a large plaque. They were at the address of the Seer’s parents. He pushed the gate open and walked over to the door which he kicked open! He had his gun drawn when he walked inside and through the place.* -05:17 Oct 12

There was a startled scream by a very distinguished looking older woman! Her hair was pulled back in a hoity-toity bun and she wore pearls! “Geoffry! Geoffry!! We’re being robbed!”

Brutus was right behind Gabriel, sniffing the air!

Gabriel: I am looking for a blind woman named Evangeline. Where is she? *He ordered. Of course, potentially giving people heart attacks by breaking down the doors and brandishing a gun didn’t faze him.* -05:21 Oct 12

A balding man with a bushy mustache appeared weilding a huge hunting rifle and ready to shoot! “Evangeline?” He looked started for a moment before his face turned red and angry. “Evangeline isn’t here. She has retired. Now exit my property before I show you what Betsy can do.” he readied his aim!

“GRRRRR!” went Brutus! His ears went flat, his fur bristled and he was growling at the couple!

Gabriel: *Was suddenly gone and pulled the hunting rifle out of the man’s grip! With one hand, he held and aimed the man’s rifle at his wife and aimed his gun at the man’s forehead.* Where is she? -05:28 Oct 12

To his credit, the man wasn’t the least bit impressed! The Madam, of course, was a screaming wreck! “Where she belongs!” said the man, “Quite thankfully put away, and not in the company of wretches like you! That girl is completely mad!”

Gabriel: … Wrong answer. *Without even glancing away from the old man, he pulled the rifle’s trigger! BOOM! went the rifle but he didn’t appear to feel the recoil at all and instead of hitting the woman, he blew up a chunk of wall just a few inches from her left cheek.* Where. -05:33 Oct 12

Another startled scream! The women had dropped to her knees! “We sent her to the Wareham Sanitarium! Have Mercy and leave us be!” she cried! Her husband snorted. “Evangeline belongs in a hospital. If you are foolish enough to retrieve her, don’t you dare bring her here. We have no daughter.”

Gabriel: … *He turned and walked away, slipping his gun back to where it belonged but keeping the rifle. It had one more shot in it and he was going to make it count. Wareham Sanitarium was one of Anthony’s "playgrounds".* -05:49 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus, following after Gabriel AFTER he had crapped on Geoffry’s new shoes AND peed on his wife’s new dress!

Wareham Sanitarium was an impressive and imposing building. Even normal people look at the place and get the creeps! It was all stone, steel and glass. Occasionally there was a crazed scream! It also had heavy security, both magical and not. This was an impenetrable fortress!

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus went, along with some growls and fur-bristling! On the one hand, this place was evil! On the other … he could smell the human woman even from here! “Woof! Woof!”

Gabriel: … Clever. *He said, looking at Wareham. The twisted, the warped, the failures … They were all here, under one cozy roof. And there was nothing more they loved to do than devour the souls of the pure and the innocent. Like the Seer.* Find the Seer. Stop for no one. *He told Brutus as he tried kicking the door open.* -06:01 Oct 12

There weren’t many humans in this crazyland of doom, so it was easy to catch a scent, but my oh my were there vampires, weres, demons, and all sorts of evil beasties! A haunting collection of evil! As soon as the front door was kicked, there wasn’t a being in the place that didn’t recognize the aura of Gabriel Carnatelli! Innocent looking doctors and nurses didn’t look so human anymore!

Brutus looked around, tongue hanging and tail wagging! He went streaking down the corridor, leaving Gabriel with the welcome committee!

Gabriel: *He used the rifle’s last shot on a doctor, then grabbed the rifle’s barrel and slammed the butt of the rifle into a nurse’s jaw! Her head jerked backwards but then jerked forward again as she lunged for him! He slammed the rifle into her gut and impaled her with it, and the nurse behind her too! He kicked out to one side to send a doctor beside him crashing to the ground, pulled the rifle out of the nurses to slam the rifle’s butt into the face of a creature behind him!* -06:09 Oct 12

No pups allowed! Nurses were diving to catch the furry little beast! Meanwhile there was a loud alarm suddenly going off – this sort of thing had been prepared for! Very large security officials appeared, weilding massive jaws filled with teeth and nasty spells!

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus! He’d been training for this moment, it seemed! He was awfully fast, even for a werepup and strong enough to knock over whoever was unlucky enough to be in his way!

Gabriel: *He cleared a path through the waiting room and threw a grenade inside which went off just as the doors closed behind him! He had lost the rifle somewhere in the fray and now watched as the security guards standing in his way! He pulled the sword out of the scabbard across his back and cut his palm.* Levitas. *He channeled a massive lightning bolt toward them!* -06:17 Oct 12

The pup wouldn’t be allowed to get far! There was the sound of a door opening… a pack of direwolves let loose! Crackled lightning towards the security, but one of the guards raised up a fist in front of his face reflecting an armband. The attack was mirrored back, using the distraction for others to start circling!

Gabriel: *Held the sword at just the right angle, he directed it at the guard closest to him! He charged for the one blocking his way, sword held at an angle now and then sent it slashing for the guard’s neck!* -06:27 Oct 12

This way! Brutus head the door opening, the sound of heavy paws but he needed to get to the human woman! He suddenly stopped and took a sharp turn, nearly skidding further down the hall! He recovered and went scrambling the right way!

Direwolves were howling and on the pups heels! But there was a door far down the hall, second to last with a familiar scent! The security had misfortune of getting his neck slashed, and yet his head was staying on! There was a grim smile as he swung his hands trying to catch Gabriel’s head within a writhing spell! A wall smasher, his speciality!

Gabriel: *A quick backstep and a duck of the head! He pulled the sword back and ran forward again, this time intending to impale the guard through the gut and ramming him into the wall!* -06:35 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” That scent was like like that juicy red thing he ate! Or … or … the brown stuff on his feet that got all wet and messy! That scent made him run faster and harder! Almost THERE!

There was a gurgled snarl as the security was impaled, his body bursting in to flames as it hit the wall! Brutus found himself charging down a flight of stairs leading to a dark and eerie area! A looooong hall way of nothing but solid doors! Behind them were laughter, screams, curses and threats! They smelled new blood!

Gabriel: "Rrwwwoofff?" Brutus took a tumble down the stairs and had to shake himself awake as he got to his feet! He sniffed the air and tried to focus on the human woman’s scent or he would be too scared to move! He had to find her! He couldn’t stop! He followed the scent, although a little slower than he had above! -06:42 Oct 12

“Rrwwwoofff?” Brutus took a tumble down the stairs and had to shake himself awake as he got to his feet! He sniffed the air and tried to focus on the human woman’s scent or he would be too scared to move! He had to find her! He couldn’t stop! He followed the scent, although a little slower than he had above!

Gabriel: *Pulled the sword out and was already following in the direction the werepup had gone. He kept alert for anything else Anthony had in store.* -06:43 Oct 12

Brutus was well on down the hall when doors started swinging open! There was creature or madman stepping out from every side, their eyes not set on the pup but on the man following not far behind! Everydoor had been unlocked and opened releasing it’s terrifying prisoners, except for one!

Poor Brutus was so sure they had come for him! But he was going to go down fighting and began growling and getting into crouched position! But when he realized they were ignoring him, he relaxed and went sprinting down the hall again!

Gabriel: *Got to the bottom of the stairs in time to see everyone out of their cells. They were wasting no time in attacking! A large werewolf with scars all over his body ran forward, swiping wildly with claws and foam dripping from his jaws! He parried the claws with the flat of his blade, causing sparks to fly whenever steel met keratin. The others weren’t waiting their turn, however. He had to break away from the werewolf to deflect the slashing of a creature with scythes for hands.* -06:54 Oct 12

The one unopened door, that had the right scent! It was locked tight with a soft voice singing an odd song behind it. “Six five two one three four bricks… Slowly going crazy am I, Six five two one three five bricks, crazy going slowly am I…” That was most certainly Evangeline! Gabriel was in trouble, as madness leant strength and no fear of death!

Brutus got to the unopened door and began to bark and scratch at it! He had no way of opening it! “WOOF! WOOF!” He even began to whine!

Gabriel: *The blade went swinging and the creature screamed in agony as Gabriel lopped off its hands. It was soon trampled by the others who wanted their share of the hunter! The werewolf from earlier went charging for him but he sidestepped and elbowed it in the back, sending it flying into the wall! He threw the sword like a spear and impaled a vampire in the heart with it! He pulled out his handguns and alternated between shooting and fighting back with fists, feet, and even his head!* -07:01 Oct 12

The singing from behind the door didn’t even pause as it continued! Drooling jaws and sharped claws lashed out at Gabriel. Beasties even having latched on to the ceiling to drop down from above! The barking of the little pup caught the attention of a demon, as it leapt at Brutus with open jowls.

“WOOF! WOOF!” He saw the demon leaping at him and ducked down just in time to miss being turned into a werepup shish-ka-bob! He got up and began to growl as the demon recovered! Until he noticed the shiny keys hanging on the hook on the wall behind the demon!

Gabriel: *He slammed his fist into a werewolf’s mouth and blew a hole through the back of its throat! At the same time, he leaned back slightly as a vampire he was also fighting with tried to swing a chain attached to his wrist around Gabriel’s neck! It caught the dead werewolf by the neck instead and when the vampire pulled, the dead werewolf landed on top of him! A creature from above tackled Gabriel to the ground and he let go of the guns to grab its thick neck with both hands, attempting to keep its jaws away from his neck! He managed to tilt his head slightly to one side as a drop of the creature’s drool landed on the floor and made it sizzle! Acid!* -07:15 Oct 12

The demon shook it’s whole body as it hefted back on to it’s feet! It made a running leap for Brutus! Bodies were thinning as Gabriel wiped them out, leaving broken and bloodied carcases on the ground. The last and largest of the creatures circled long talons around Gabriel’s legs to drag him across the floor!

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus had a plan! He rolled out of the way as the demon came leaping for him at the last minute and made the demon eat floor! He ran back a bit, then took a running jump, using the back of the demon’s head as a spring and going for those keys! Just as it looked like he was going to miss it entirely, his teeth fastened on the keys themselves and with a little stubborn pulling and swinging of the bottom half of his body, both werepup and keys went falling to the floor! He shook himself awake and dropped the key to pick it up by the tail! Then it was only a matter of standing on his back legs to push the key inside, twist the key by putting it in his teeth again and working the knob with his teeth, too! The door swung in and he went falling inside! “RReeoow!”

Gabriel: *Was trying to kick his feet free as he was dragged along the floor! He went for his guns or for something else to use as a weapon but all of that was out of reach. He grabbed the dismembered scythe-hand and swung it at the talons holding his legs.* -07:26 Oct 12
Evangeline: *Face down Evangeline lay, unblinking and unhearing. Wearing only the patients pajamas, and singing her little song. She was tracing a rectangle on the floor with her finger.* Six five two one three eight bricks, am I crazy slowly going, Six five two one three nine bricks… -07:27 Oct 12

Brutus was up on his paws and pounced on the human woman! “Woof! Woof!” His doggy breath was all over her face and he was licking her and covering her in werepup drool!

CLANK! The scythe hit the talons, causing a most angry GGRROOWWWLL! One leg was released as it lift Gabriel up in air and was lowering him down towards a gigantic mouth! Brutus’ demon hadn’t given up either, it was quickly charging back around to eat himself a wolfpup and now a much larger looking meal!

Evangeline: No more fakes… *She brushed the pup aside before returning to tracing the rectangle on the floor.* Six five two one four one bricks… -07:30 Oct 12
Gabriel: *Looked down at the giant mouth and managed to spot the demon going for Brutus! He threw the scythe at their demon, intending to impale it in the center of its forehead! He took a bite out of his wrist.* Incendia. *He launched a large fireball directly into the mouth!* -07:33 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus. He sat down beside her and tilted his head slightly at her as if she had gone nuts on him. “Woof! Woof!” he went as he climbed on top of her, sniffing at her.

Shink! An impaled bloodied demon in the middle of the room floor! At the same time here was a sizzling SPLATTER as the fire burned down in to the giant beastie’s throat, burning up it’s insides and causing it to implode! Sending parts flying and Gabriel soaring!

Evangeline: *Compltely unphased by a werepup standing on her back, Evangeline continued tracing the same rectangle shape on the floor. Unbroken concentration!* Six five two one four two bricks, I am slowly going crazy, six five two one four three bricks. -07:37 Oct 12
Gabriel: *With his reflexes, he managed to land on his feet and he walked into the cell the demon had been trying to get into. He raised his eyebrow at the odd sight of a werepup on a singing blind woman’s back.* -07:38 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus as if telling Gabriel his wooes! He jumped off of Evangeline’s back to join Gabriel, pawing at his knee as if trying to get him to help.

Gabriel: *He crouched down beside her.* It is nothing physical. Most likely mental. *He told Brutus. He studied the Seer and her bricks. At least she had kept occupied.* I doubt she can even hear us. -07:42 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” scolded Brutus! He jumped back on Evangeline’s back and began biting and chewing at her hair! Take THAT and THAT!

Evangeline: No more fakes. *Evangeline repeated, rolling over to remove the chewing, and continuing her tracing on the wall!* Crazy going slowly am I, six five two one four four bricks, am slowly crazy going I, six five two one four five bricks. -07:44 Oct 12
Gabriel: Brutus whined! Not again! "Woof! Woof!" -07:50 Oct 12

Brutus whined! Not again! “Woof! Woof!”

Gabriel: … We do not have time for this. You can fix her later. *He moved to pick her up, throwing her over his shoulder, picking Brutus up and tucking the werepup under his arm and dashing down the hall, back the way they’d come!* -07:51 Oct 12
Evangeline: *There was a severe confusion and a sudden stop in her song as she blinked unseeing at Gabriel’s back. …The she was tracing the rectangle there.* A better fake. Evangeline finds this familiar… *She was narrating herself out loud!* -07:54 Oct 12
Gabriel: … At least your memory hasn’t suffered. I have found this way to be the only way to carry you and guarantee you won’t do something foolish … like run off and save the world. *He couldn’t help but say!* -07:55 Oct 12
Evangeline: Evangeline believes this fake is defective and insulting. Evangeline never does anything foolish when Evangeline is in dire need of rescuing. *Evangeline and her vocal monologue was still tracing rectangles.* Evangeline doesn’t want to be here when He is let out. -07:58 Oct 12
Gabriel: *They were coming to the entrance/exit when he slowed and suddenly stopped.* He …? -08:02 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus began to sniff!

Evangeline: *Forever tracing rectangles on his back!* Evangeline is a dangerous enemy and Evangeline is now the doll. *her tracing paused for a moment…* …Brutus did not get enough to eat. -08:05 Oct 12
Gabriel: *The Doll …* … *He quickly turned around to find someone standing in the middle of the hall. Someone who hadn’t been there, and he hadn’t sensed. And looked strange and familiar at the same time. He slowly eased the Seer and the werepup to the ground without keeping his eyes off of him, also realizing that he didn’t have his sword or the guns.* -08:10 Oct 12

Brutus was already biting into the sleeve of Evangeline’s PJ’s and trying to drag her toward the door!

He disappeared! He reappeared in front of Gabriel, grabbed him by the neck with one hand and slammed him against the wall so hard it cracked! “Gabriel …” He hissed as he began to squeeze!

Evangeline: Evangeline doesn’t like this feeling. *She narrated with a frown. The tugging toward’s the door was so strong, she instinctively moved in that direction, weak but moving!* -08:13 Oct 12
Gabriel: … Michael. *There was no mistaking the scar on his face, the hatred in the burning red eyes. His hair was white, he had a black horn in the middle of his forehead, and a single black wing on his back. He wore only black pants and he was barefoot. He grabbed his wrists with both hands and tried to pry him off!* -08:16 Oct 12

Brutus was tugging with all his might! He had to get the human woman out of here! He finally got her outside where he let her rest while he spied a way out of here!

For all of Gabriel’s efforts, Michael didn’t even bat an eyelash! He only sneered, lips drawing back to reveal the long fangs that began to grow. “You … took … something … now I take … something. Take …” He seemed to relish the next words as he squeezed tighter. He started to push Gabriel down to the floor, forcing him to kneel. “Some … one.”

Evangeline: *Outside there was a massive relief to her senses, so much so she had toppled over while Brutus paused. She sat for a moment rubbing her head.* Evangeline wants to turn back, but Evangeline is unprepared. This is really disconcerning…! -08:20 Oct 12
Gabriel: … *… Evangeline is now the doll … He blinked as he looked up, met Michael’s eyes. Then his own eyes narrowed, flashed red. He began to make a sound in the back of his throat. It started out as a rumbling but grew louder until anyone around could have recognized it as a growl. His lips pulled back in a snarl. His fangs appeared and began to grow.* No one. Touches. Evangeline. No one. *He clamped his hands further up Michael’s arms. He dug his nails into his arm!* -08:23 Oct 12

Michael didn’t flinch as the nails, which were digging deeper and deeper, dug into his flesh. His other hand came flying forward to also clamp around Gabriel’s neck! “I … kill you. Make you … suffer. Everything. Everything your fault. YOUR FAULT!”

Brutus spotted a white van just sitting there! He ran back to Evangeline. “Woof! Woof!”

Gabriel: *One hand let go of Michael’s arm to grab the hand flying for his throat! They were locked together as they both tried to get the other to weaken enough to get the advantage!* -08:30 Oct 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back towards the building but… it was such an overwhelming… rage, she moved away! Pushing shakily to her feet, she followed Brutus!* Evangel-… I don’t think this is the best of your ideas. -08:32 Oct 12

Suddenly broke the stalemate by temporarily letting Gabriel get the advantage only to slam a knee into his face! He grabbed him by the hair and flew him so hard, he slammed against the far wall further into Wareham and crumbled to the floor! “You. You … You did it all! You … made me … made me … ugly … Scarred me!” He clutched at his face only to touch the horn and look down at himself as if seeing his body for the first time! “I … I … Hideous!”

Brutus led the way to the white van and began to paw at it!

Evangeline: *Falling against the door, she grasped around until she found the handle and pulled it open. She had to pull herself in to the chair… It was a surprise to her to find the keys in the ignition!* …you’ll just have to steer. -08:38 Oct 12
Gabriel: *Got to his feet.* I will rip you apart. *He growled.* Terra sterilis. *The floor began to break apart and pieces of it went flying at Michael! -08:43 Oct 12

“Woof! Woof!” Was it just Evangeline’s imagination or did Brutus seem … excited at the thought of steering? Whatever it was, he was already standing up with his front paws on the steering wheel!

Evangeline: Such a bad idea… *Evangeline turned on the ignition, put the car in drive and – WHAM! Hit the wall behind them! …So that wasn’t drive! She tried a second time!* -08:46 Oct 12

An ice spell stopped the rocks in their tracks, although there were a few close calls as they crashed down at Michael’s feet! “Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! SUFFER!” He screamed, launching icicle after icicle at Gabriel. Long, sharp icicles that instantly froze anything they touched! And if that wasn’t enough, he created a really large icicle that grew and grew into a seven foot tall yeti of ice!

Brutus seemed to think it was a GREAT idea! “Woof! Woof!” His tail was a blur only noticeable when it smacked Evangeline in the face!

Evangeline: *…Evangeline put on her seatbelt. Readjusted the stick, and prssed her foot to the gas! She could feel the sudden forward motion, and was trying not to scream!* -08:53 Oct 12
Gabriel: Contego. *The icicles flew and got stuck inside a massive shield like a wall in front of him. He waited until the yeti was within range.* Incendia. *A blast of fire melted the icicles in the shield and nearby.* Unda. The water that had once been the icicles flew under the yeti but didn’t trip it.* Glacies. *The water froze into a slide. The yeti tripped and went flying back to Michael! -08:56 Oct 12

Michael made the yeti explode before it collided with him! Then he launched a giant fireball at Gabriel! “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!”

[Evangeline is letting a puppy drive the van. She IS crazy!] -03:35 Oct 13
[Gabriel was taking care of some unfinished family business!] -03:35 Oct 13

Brutus was barking and having the time of his life! He steered to the right, steered to the left, clipped a tree … Oops and nearly drove off the hill a few times!

Michael watched as the fireball exploded! And when it subsided, there was nothing left of Gabriel but scorches! He cackled and snickered, throwing his arms out and his head back. “I … I WIN!” he roared!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was wearing her seatbelt, but that really didn’t feel like enough when a puppy was driving! She pressed her hands to the roof of the van to keep herself seated, giving the occasional squeek as they made a sharp turn, or scream when something very loudly scraaaaaped against the side of the van!* -03:38 Oct 13

BUM BUM! The van hopped a couple of times! Had they hit something?! “WOOF! WOOF!” went Brutus. Oh well … Must have been a squirrel … That’s right! A really BIG squirrel!

Gabriel: *Cracks appeared in the ceiling above Michael’s head and something heavy came crashing down on top of him!* -03:40 Oct 13
Evangeline: *Oh she hoped it was a squirrel! At least she knew it was human! This was too much!* You’re a terrible driver…! Aren’t you reading road signs!? -03:40 Oct 13

CRACK! CRACK! of the ceiling alerted Michael enough to dive out of the way as the heavy object came crashing down! He staggered backwards and peered through the smoke and dust caused by the debris!

Evangeline: *wasn’t human! -03:42 Oct 13

“Woof? Woof?” asked Brutus. He turned from the road, temporarily releasing the wheel to start licking Evangeline’s face!

Gabriel: *Having jumped up and out of the way of the fireball only to sneak up to Michael, he landed neatly on the ground and charged forward! He had every intention on making good on his promise to rip Michael apart! At the last moment, he jumped up and came crashing down with the intention of landing on top of him!* -03:45 Oct 13

Michael blinked as Gabriel came falling down toward him and rolled out of the way and to his feet! There was a deep depression in the ground where he had been lying a moment ago! He bared his fangs at Gabriel and spread his wing, lifting a hand that was more of a talon at him! He hissed before he launched himself at his twin!

Evangeline: Brutus! *Evangeline grabbed the wheel quickly, but she didn’t know where she was going! Wait, what was that sound? HOOOOOONK! A shriek as she made a sudden sharp turn to avoid an apparently very large truck! Now she was sure they weren’t on the road anymore and going way too fast downhill!* ..this is the worst idea I have ever had..!! -03:48 Oct 13

“WWWWOOOOOFF!! WWWWWOOOOOFF!” Brutus barked, turning as they were heading downhill! Evangeline might be panicking but he was having the time of his life! –

Gabriel: *Took the full brunt of Michael’s charge! The two of them went sailing through walls and crashed into what must have been the pharmacy! A large room with shelves stretching from wall to wall, crammed with every drug known to man and then some! What followed was a scuffle of fists, elbows, legs, knees, and teeth! The two of them punched, kicked, elbowed, bit, slashed at, and kneed at the other! -03:55 Oct 13
Evangeline: *Perhaps if it were better circumstances she’d be amused with Brutus, but for now she was horrified! Evangeline tried hitting the breaks, with very nearly made the van flip over front end first! So maybe it was a blessing when the vehicle suddenly went SMASH as it crashed in to a tree! Evangline had an arm around the pup to keep him from flying off somewhere!* -03:58 Oct 13

Michael finally threw Gabriel off of him! Victory was near! He watched with satisfaction as his twin landed heavily on the ground and began to struggle to rise. He didn’t give him a chance to recover. Instead, he picked him up over his head and slammed him into the ground instead! “Weak.” He hissed, kicking Gabriel in the side with his foot. “Don’t … deserve … to live. Must die. Like the weak humans you protect.”

Brutus was awfully still! But something was beginning to beep! And it was close by! BEEP BEEP BEEP! The tracking device in his collar was going off!

Evangeline: *Now that they weren’t hurtling towards mayhem, Evangeline was trying to take a moment to breathe! She ran her hands over brutus.* What’s this…? A bomb? -04:08 Oct 13
Gabriel: *Clenched his teeth at the kick to his side! His fangs were beginning to disappear! Forgetting … He was forgetting … Something. He wasn’t paying attention to Michael. He’d come here for something. Something … Important. He slowly began to get up as something in his pocket went off … BEEP BEEP BEEP!* -04:09 Oct 13

Unfortunately Gabriel didn’t have time to investigate! Michael was already hoisting him up in the air by his neck, drawing his lips back! It was obvious he was going to rip out Gabriel’s throat! “I. Kill. You.” He hissed as he punched Gabriel against the wall so hard that the device in his pocket flew out. It landed on the floor somewhere to the side and behind Michael. It looked like a small garage door remote with a red blinking light at the top. That light … It was important. It was … familiar. “Then I kill human woman. Kill puppy, too.”

BEEP BEEP BEEP! went the collar. Evangeline’s fingers brushed up against something, a button of some sort because a female voice started to speak, a recording of some kind. “This is the Solaris Universal Tracking system. Initiating emergency beacon call to master control … Emergency beacon call to master control received. Initiate personal verbal contact to master control?”

Evangeline: Master Control? *Verbal contact on a puppy collar…? Evangeline fussed with it a bit, just as there was a creeeeak, followed by a crack! and then a CRASH as the trunk of the tree they hit cracked and landed on the van! She yelped as the windows shattered, sinking low in her seat with Brutus safe in her arms!* …crickets! -04:23 Oct 13

That seemed to wake Brutus up! He lifted his head and then shook himself. He huddled close to Evangeline but began to bark. “WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!” he went!

“Personal verbal contact message recorded. Sending to master control … Recorded verbal contact message received by master control. Thank you.”

Evangeline: *She stroked the barking puppy’s fur, trying to shift so she could push open the door. The latch wasn’t moving, and shoving a foot against it didn’t make it budge either, though she seriously lacked enough energy to really force it. Evangeline muttered, not even trying to mask a sniffle. After this week, she was allowed!* We’re stuck. -04:41 Oct 13
Gabriel: *A human woman … and a pup. He was still struggling to find those images in his mind somewhere when the beeping device stopped beeping and began to play a message. It began … barking?! Barking. Pup. Werepup. Brutus. And the human woman. The Seer. Evangeline. Michael’s hot breath was on his neck. His hand suddenly blurred and he caught Michael’s cheeks. Squeezed them together as he pushed his head away from his neck.* -04:43 Oct 13

Michael was caught by surprise again! This couldn’t be! He was getting weak! He had been weakening! What had gone wrong?! He caught Gabriel’s wrist with his free hand to force him to release his grip!

Brutus stopped barking to lick at Evangeline’s face!

Gabriel: *Reached into his pocket to pull out his knife with his other hand and stabbed it into Michael’s shoulder! -04:45 Oct 13

Michael roared in pain and dropped Gabriel!

Evangeline: *Evangeline snuggled the puppy! She missed him so much…! They couldn’t stay in this van, he was probably starving to death. He could probably squeeze through the window.. She reached out to check for glass, snatching her hand back with a wince when she found it. …Better to keep him safe here a little longer!* -04:48 Oct 13
Gabriel: *Landed neatly on the ground.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *He said, scooping up the device and pulling the knife free. A blast of wind and then he was gone!* -04:51 Oct 13

The sound of Michael’s frustrated, bloodthirsty roar followed him out of Wareham and into the wilderness!

Gabriel: *He approached the white van and checked in on the passengers.* Good boy, Brutus. *He said to the werepup.* I am going to move the tree. Hold on. *There was the sound of steel whining and the sensation of the pressure being lifted. Then a heavy THUD! as he threw the tree away!* -04:55 Oct 13
Evangeline: *A very strong feeling made her shiver… and now she couldn’t stop! Evangeline held Brutus tight!* Gabriel…? *The cringe of metal and crashing wood… but she really didn’t trust to move. It could be another trap all over again! How far away did they drive?* -04:57 Oct 13
Gabriel: I … lost myself. *He said as he cleared away the glass. This was probably the first time he had ever come close to an emotion with the Seer before. He almost sounded … sad and apologetic.* -04:58 Oct 13

Brutus snuggled up against her as if trying to warm her up!

Evangeline: *She would try to make sense of that in a moment, for now it was a struggle to sniffle with dignity. Evangeline petpetpet the puppy.* As long as it’s you. -05:02 Oct 13
Gabriel: *With the tree gone, he got the door open. Neither of them appeared seriously hurt.* Are you alright? *He asked as he bent, picked her up.* -05:07 Oct 13
Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t let Brutus loose until he was situated safely in her lap. Then she quickly looped her arms around Gabriel’s neck to hug him!* I really thought that was the end for me this time! -05:10 Oct 13
Gabriel: … We … He … missed you. *He said.* We should take you back … Where do you want to go? -05:14 Oct 13
Evangeline: *She held tight for several moments, most all of them involving an awkward situation of making sure she was still attached to him. She finally loosened her grip to lean back and frown.* …I’d like to see my parents for a few minutes, if you don’t mind… -05:17 Oct 13
Gabriel: *This request got her an arched eyebrow.* I have met your parents. Is it that important to see them now? -05:20 Oct 13
Evangeline: …you met them? *She frowned less and looked more curious, but she was determined!* Yes. It’s important. -05:22 Oct 13

“Woof woof!” barked Brutus, tail wagging and tongue panting!

Gabriel: *Nodded slightly.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *A blast of wind and then they were gone! They appeared in front of the parents’ home. He noted that someone had put the door back up and wasted no time in kicking the door down before walking inside.* -05:27 Oct 13

“You sonofabitch, I told you t- Evangeline!” came the startled voice of Geoffry Clark! He only looked dumbfounded for a moment though before he was blustering in anger. “How dare you bring this maniac back to our home!” It wasn’t clear if he were talking about Gabriel or Evangeline!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t say a word to her father!* Could you set me down, please? -05:32 Oct 13
Gabriel: *She was put down but he appeared to not have heard her father.* -05:33 Oct 13

“GRRRRRR!” went Brutus but he wisely left it at just growling.

“Geoffry, is it- Oh.” exclaimed Mrs. Clark as she entered the room. Of course she looked horrified at Gabriel, and now her daughter too! “Evangeline, you promised.”

Evangeline: Did I? *Weak on her feet, but she righted herself to stalk down the hall past her now fuming father. She disappeared around a corner in to a room!* -05:37 Oct 13

“THIS is exactly what we KNEW would happen! You’ve brought danger and disgrace on this family! I am going to call the police” Mr. Clark bellowed! Though he hadn’t made a move to fetch the phone as he eyed Gabriel warily!

Gabriel: *Merely stood there.* You did that when you fell in with Anthony. *Was all he said.* -05:43 Oct 13

Brutus looked around, tail wagging but keeping a watchful eye out!

Evangeline: I am a very good daughter. *Evangelion started as she returned. She had a rather large gun – another of Mr. Clark’s hunting rifles! – in her hands. KASHINK!* Patiently understanding that it must be hard for a parent with a strange child. *KABLAM! A shot fired, just missing the old man and hitting his priceless and favorite portrait of he and his wife!* Do you know what it’s like to have your brain pulled apart, piece by piece in an asylum filled with demons…? -05:44 Oct 13

That was startling! Mr. Clark was quickly dashing out of the way. “You-you’ve gone mad! Evangeline, you put that gun down this instant!” Snagging his wife by the arm, he pulled her in front of him and pushed her toward Evangeline! “Talk sense in to your daughter, woman!”

Gabriel: *Even he had to raise an eyebrow as the Seer began to blast away with the gun she’d acquired. He picked up Brutus. It seems they would be leaving in a hurry. He scratched under the werepup’s chin.* -05:47 Oct 13

Brutus panted, tail wagging even faster! This was exciting!

Evangeline: That’s right! Brick by brick, mental breakdown, crazy! Why is that, I wonder! Not at all because you handed your child over to the most evil person in the entire universe and his friendly arsenal of soul wrecking toys! *KASHINK! KABLAM! She wasn’t going easy on Mother either, that shot took out the rug at their feet!* -05:51 Oct 13

Mrs. Clark screamed! Then swooned herself to the floor! This was just too much for her weak little heart! Mr. Clark pointed an accusing finger at Evangeline and then Gabriel. “You are no daughter of mine! Disowned! Banished! Take your heathen and leave!”

Evangeline: *Only seconds to reload, Evangeline shot their nice expensive TV. Then the pretty vase holding the ficus tree. That nice chandelier out of the living room, and finally Mother’s glass shelf filled with her pretty little porcelin figures. She through the gun down at their feet.* I want my stuff. You’ll send it to Melissa, and if I ever, ever hear from you again, my very hungry puppy is going to devour your feet as I burn down your house. -05:57 Oct 13

She had made her point loud and clear! Mr. Clark was speechless, left only to point furiously at the door and fanning his poor wife!

At the mention of “hungry puppy”, he started to bark as if to tell them “That’s me! That’s me!”

Evangeline: I want to go home. *Evangeline muttered. That nice rush of adrenaline was now running down fast. Her head was spinning!* -06:05 Oct 13
Gabriel: *Stepped up to Evangeline with Brutus still in his arms. He adjusted the werepup into the crook of one arm so he could slash his palm again.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *A blast of wind and they were gone!* -06:21 Oct 13

It was good to be home! Wherever “home” was! But when Gabriel helped Evangeline into a comfty recliner, it was obvious he had either redecorated the warehouse or they were somewhere else!

Evangeline: *Evangeline latched on to one of his arms, until she pulled him down enough to get her arms around his neck again!* -06:24 Oct 13
Gabriel: *Found himself bent over the recliner with her arms around his neck.* You can rest now. -06:26 Oct 13
Evangeline: I am. *Of course, she wasn’t letting go either!* You have blood all over you. It wasn’t a good idea to come and get me… -06:29 Oct 13
[Evangeline had a pretty strong grip!] -03:48 Oct 14
[Gabriel had nearly forgotten about that!] -03:49 Oct 14
Gabriel: This is no time for your selflessness. *He replied.* The pup was becoming a hindrance and you were supposed to have returned days ago. -03:50 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Blinking, she laughed softly.* You don’t need me to save the world, you wouldn’t need me to care for a puppy either. You might have been trapped there. -03:51 Oct 14
Gabriel: It is a risk I am willing to take. *He shrugged slightly.* Wareham was not a place any human should ever set foot in. -03:54 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back losening her grip just enough to place a hand on his cheek. She slowly frowned.* But to fight Michael too… One human isn’t worth that risk. -03:58 Oct 14
Gabriel: *Was silent for a moment. He was studying her but he didn’t flinch when she put a hand on his cheek.* … I had no idea Michael would be there. A mistake. -04:01 Oct 14
Evangeline: You said you got lost, what did you mean…? *She was fairly certain he didn’t mean in trying to find her a Brutus, and now her imagination was acting up. He could have been grabbed by one of those people and jabbed with who knew what! ..Now scowling Evangeline ran her hands over his face and neck to check and see!* -04:05 Oct 14
Gabriel: I am fine. *He replied as she touched him again.* It was … nothing. A slip of judgement. How long do you intend on holding me like this? -04:08 Oct 14
Evangeline: Judgement? *She repeated, before looking rather sheepish at his question. Evangeline stopped her searching, but still didn’t let go.* Until I don’t feel so needy… You may not need me, but it seems a few days without you and I fall apart.. -04:12 Oct 14
Gabriel: *Something that might have been a smirk touched his lips but then disappeared.* If it is any consolation … it has been rather boring this past week. Even with your pup’s … behavior. -04:14 Oct 14
Evangeline: If you’re the one that taught him how to drive, then you’re very much in trouble. *He was avoiding the details, curiosity was a killer!* …About what happened with Michael? -04:18 Oct 14
Gabriel: *Now he really did smirk. Quite possibly at the idea of the werepup actually driving.* Michael is still as sloppy as ever, no matter what modifications Anthony has made. -04:23 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed! Brutus driving wasn’t funny at all, it very nearly gave her a heart attack.* He was possibly the worst part about that place. …I think we should take a bath. -04:26 Oct 14
Gabriel: You can take a bath. It seems you are in more need of it than I. *He glanced over his shoulder.* I do not have any of your clothes. -04:31 Oct 14
Evangeline: I am pretty sure you fought an army of evil in that asylum, and you think I need it more? *Evangeline refrained from laughing, she was serious after all.* You take a bath and I’ll just sit there. I can’t see anything anyway, if you’re being bashful… -04:35 Oct 14
Gabriel: I am not being bashful. But you were there longer than I and hence, you are taking a bath. I can take one after you are done. -04:36 Oct 14
Evangeline: The distinct problem is that I’m not going to be in there alone so you might as well take a bath. Or a shower if you prefer, I can just sit in the tub. -04:39 Oct 14
Gabriel: *He was already picking her up and heading for the bathroom.* You take a bath in the tub. I will just sit and perhaps contemplate why you are so stubborn. -04:42 Oct 14
Evangeline: Then you might as well sit in the tub and save time. *It made perfectly logical sense to her. …Then it occured to her that there wasn’t a tub in his warehouse! Yet it was so perfectly shrouded with his wall.* Where are we, exactly? -04:45 Oct 14
Gabriel: The warehouse is not a place for a human psychic and a werepup. I built an underground shelter under an abandoned lot in the middle of the city. *He headed into the rather large bathroom.* I am going to have to put you down to start your bath. -04:51 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked!* …you’ve gotten me a place to live? -04:53 Oct 14
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her as he lowered her.* I had time on my hands. Killing creatures is difficult when one has a werepup on his heels. Or, as was often the case, vice versa. -04:57 Oct 14
Evangeline: And you didn’t even know I lost my flat… *Evangeline muttered mostly to herself. She was just a little stunned… he really was a guardian angel!* -04:59 Oct 14
Gabriel: I am assuming that to be the fault of your parents. *He remarked.* Do you intend to let go of me or do I start your bath with you in my arms? -05:02 Oct 14
Evangeline: Sort of… *Evangeline blinked again, slowly letting go, but not looking too happy about it.* Melissa is selling her business, so I was going to have to move elsewhere. You are going to get in the bath too. -05:05 Oct 14
Gabriel: No. I am used to being covered in blood and fighting off madmen. Five more minutes of being covered in it will not kill me. *The sound of the faucets being turned.* Hot? Warm? Or cold? -05:07 Oct 14

Brutus wandered into the bathroom and sat down beside Evangeline, putting a paw on her leg as if to remind her he was there, too.

Evangeline: It’s going to be horribly difficult to hold on to you if you’re not actually in the tub. …Hot. *Evangeline braced a hand on the wall so she could stand on one foot and pet Brutus with the other. She didn’t really want to be difficult, but Gabriel was being stubborn!* -05:10 Oct 14
Gabriel: Have you always been this stubborn? *He asked, although whether he was asking her or asking no one in particular was anyone’s guess. He stayed beside the tub for awhile longer until it had filled up nicely. He walked over to her.* You will have to check the water. I am not very sensitive to hot or cold, unless extreme temperatures. -05:13 Oct 14

“Woof!” Brutus went, tail wagging and tongue panting as he was petted!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was caught with a look on her face that suggested she was considering pushing him in! …She quickly erased that to appear more innocent as she knealt by the tub to test the water. A few adjustments and it was just fine.* …Get his clothes, Brutus! -05:15 Oct 14

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus wasted no time in bounding over to Gabriel but instead of grabbing his clothes, he jumped into Gabriel’s arms and sent both of them falling into the tub! SPLASH! It was quite a big tub and the water sloshed over the edge and everywhere!

Gabriel: *He caught the werepup and shook his head to send more water spraying everywhere! But he had no intention of staying in the tub as he adjusted his position and started to rise!* -05:21 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline earned a very large slash. She wasn’t going to laugh! She couldn’t! …But she did, and laughed so hard she started coughing!* Good.. boy, Brutus…! *It was easy enough to reach out to gently push Gabriel back in the tub with all the slipping in the water!* -05:22 Oct 14
Gabriel: *Landed back into the tub with a splash but he was quick to grab Evangeline’s wrist and pull her forward into the tub with him!* -05:23 Oct 14
Evangeline: *A soft yelp of surprise, followed by more laughing…! All her attempts at threats were interupted by giggling!* -05:25 Oct 14
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her and handed her the bar of soap.* -05:27 Oct 14

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus who took the opportunity to start splashing around in the water!

Evangeline: *Evangeline managed to get that giggling under control as she handed him back the soap… She wasn’t going to wash her damned clothes too. …They weren’t even her clothes! She fussed with trying to pull the off.* Now that you’re in, you may as well take a bath too! -05:30 Oct 14
Gabriel: You first. *He was getting up again.* Water and vampires do not do well together. -05:31 Oct 14
Evangeline: *She paused long enough to snag him and drag him back down.* No, you now! Or we’ll be at this for days! -05:34 Oct 14
Gabriel: … You are insane. Fine. A compromise. We both take a bath at the same time. -05:36 Oct 14
Evangeline: …I’ve suggested that a dozen times already! *He was most certainly being difficult on purpose! But at least he was finally listening to reason.* It won’t be terrible, I promise. I’ll even turn around. *So she did, being careful not to slosh water every where, and grinning at the the paddling Brutus!* -05:39 Oct 14
Gabriel: *The sound of water sloshing agian as Gabriel got his clothes off, then the sound of water being wrung from his clothes, and finally his clothes landing on the floor of the bathroom. He was using the soap until Brutus passed by and he grabbed the werepup to start soaping him up, too.* -05:41 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline was more than happy to abandon those crazy-person pajamas. She ran her hand over her arm checking the bruises and those bothersome needle marks. That was going to fee wretched in a few days!* -05:46 Oct 14
Gabriel: You should see a doctor. *He remarked without turning around. He released Brutus and the werepup went back to paddling, now lathered in soap suds.* -05:47 Oct 14
Evangeline: I think I’ve had enough of doctors for one week. I’ll just feel a bit lousy when all that stuff wears off. They tried very hard to be clever. *Ripples of a werepup on the water, she was amused with turling his tail so he’d zoom off in different directions!* -05:50 Oct 14

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus barked as he went one way and then another and back this way … Nope over that way now. All thanks to Evangeline messing with his tail.

Gabriel: … Anthony always did have a hobby of toying with things. *He remarked, although that part seemed to be to himself.* … I am running out of time. -05:54 Oct 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted backwards against him and turned her head.* You’re not going to fight him alone, you know… -05:58 Oct 14
Gabriel: It is … not something I was created to do. But I have to. *He shrugged a bit.* -06:02 Oct 14
Evangeline: Not what Anthony created you to do. But Fate always has it’s own ideas. *She said matter-of-factly!* Destiny and fate lines, and all of those things are easy enough to see. -06:06 Oct 14
Gabriel: … You are insane. *He rinsed himself off and got out of the tub to fetch a towel. He wiped himself dry and dried his wet clothes. His other clothes were back at the warehouse.* -06:08 Oct 14

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