019 A Place of Her Own

With a place of her own, Evangeline needs a few things so she takes Gabriel out for dinner and shopping. They go to an Italian restaurant, which seems nice enough, but the entire place ends up being an ambush to take out Evangeline. Gabriel and Brutus silently take out baddies while Evangeline enjoys her lunch, until it gets a little too dangerous and they usher her own. Evangeline feels a little disturbed by not being able to sense the danger around her and upset that this sort of thing might become a daily occurrence. She mentions to Gabriel that he’ll have to stop protecting her all the time or he’ll get himself hurt… and realizes that his concern for her is what made him ‘lose himself’ when fighting with Michael. Evangeline states that she’s going to try harder to learn how she can protect herself so Gabriel doesn’t have to worry!

They move on to an occult shop where Evangeline picks up some stones, crystals and books. The shop lady there gives completely wrong and ridiculous predictions of which Evangeline finds humorous and brushes off.

  1. Anthony sends minions to kill Evangeline now that he knows she is helping Gabriel.
  2. Evangeline realizes how much Gabriel cares, and promises to find a way to protect herself on her own.
[Evangeline is going OUT for dinner and shopping. Because a new place needs things!] -02:03 Oct 15
[Gabriel watched her moving around as she told him things she wanted to get.] -02:04 Oct 15
Gabriel: … You have a bed, a fridge, and a toilet. I see no reason why you need any more material things for this place. -02:04 Oct 15
Evangeline: I’m going to need to crystal, a map of the city.. and you really did do a good job of getting lots of little things, but I am also a woman and there’s other necessities. *Evangeline gave him a beaming smile! Maybe he didn’t realize how amazing wonderful the gesture of setting up the place for her was, but she did!* -02:08 Oct 15

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus was following Evangeline and jumping up and down! He was very eager to go out and stretch his legs!

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow at her and gave her a look like he was going to tell her something about "you humans".* Since you are so set on this, we should begin as soon as possible. -02:13 Oct 15
Evangeline: Yes! Let’s go out for dinner first! I haven’t had anything really good to eat and Brutus is practically drooling. -02:15 Oct 15

So Gabriel led the way out of the apartment and even taught Evangeline how to operate the small remote he’d installed. There were only a few buttons and each of them had their function in braille right on top of them. How convenient!

Evangeline: *That smile on her face!* It’s sort of like the collar for Brutus. You really were busy. -02:18 Oct 15
Gabriel: Indeed. *He replied, after watching her lock the apartment on her own.* As I mentioned, I have had time on my hands. *They began walking and it wasn’t long before he was going down the type of restaurants of the street they were on.* Thai. French. Italian. Japanese. Chinese. Indian. Mexican. -02:20 Oct 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to debate on what would be best for Brutus…* Italian. I’m sure Brutus too much trouble, he’s always such a good puppy. -02:22 Oct 15
Gabriel: I am aware of many people who would say otherwise. *They stopped in front of the small Italian restaurant named Mario’s Cuisine and Bistro. The glass door chimed as they walked in. There were booths everywhere and tables and chairs. A few seats just inside the door for customers waiting to be seated as well as a small table for the hostess to pick up menus and newspaper. There were tables and chairs in the center and toward the back, the kitchen. Next to the kitchen door was a counter with the cash register and a soda fountain.* -02:32 Oct 15

It’s quite busy today and at first glance all the tables are filled! So the very nice hostess comes by to apologize for the inconvience and ask them to have a seat. Some customers are leaving soon and she’ll prepare a table for them right away!

Evangeline: *Evangeline sat down, tugging at Gabriel’s hand to sit with her. She leaned to give Brutus a pat on the head.* But he taught you some tricks, though didn’t he, Brutus. -02:35 Oct 15

Brutus was standing on his hindlegs with his front paws on her lap. “Woof! Woof!”

It isn’t long before the hostess returns and thanks them for waiting! At first she insists that Brutus go outside until Evangeline informs her that he is her … seeing eye dog. So she relents and shows them to their booth. A nice, cozy booth against the wall, in the center of the others. She hands them the menus and leaves.

Evangeline: *Evangeline put Brutus up in a seat and instructed him how to sit like a proper young wolf! She opened her menu to lay flat on the table.* Spaghetti and meatballs like in that movie, Brutus? Or do you like those Italian sausage links? Hmm… What sounds better, Gabriel? -02:46 Oct 15
Gabriel: For the pup, you would be wise to order everything. *He replied, not even glancing at the menu.* -02:47 Oct 15

Brutus sat just how Evangeline showed him to sit! But that didn’t stop him from leaning forward and licking at Evangeline’s face!

Evangeline: *Blinking, Evangeline frowned as she tapped her fingers on the table.* I really do need to increase my credit limit. *She pat Brutus.* He can’t have everything, or we’ll be here all day. *She slid the menu over for Brutus to pick!* -02:49 Oct 15

Brutus looked down at the menu and appeared to really be studying it! Then he put his paw down on something. “Woof!”

Gabriel: … Spaghetti and meatballs. -02:50 Oct 15

The hostess–now their waitress–returns just in time to witness Brutus picking his own food. She blinks for a moment before taking their orders on their drinks and promising to return soon to take their orders.

Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her elbows on the table to set her chin in her hands, a beaming smile directed at Gabriel!* I missed you. And Brutus too, of course. I discovered all sorts of things in that sanitarium. -02:54 Oct 15
Gabriel: *His body stiffened for a moment.* … Like that odd rhyme of yours? -02:56 Oct 15
Evangeline: *A brief sheepish look..* Well.. I guess that was less of a discovery and more of a result… After a few days all I could do was replaced what they tore down. I suppose you could say.. I lost myself? -03:00 Oct 15
Gabriel: You humans lose yourselves all the time. It is a wonder you have spread so widely. -03:01 Oct 15

The drinks are here! The waitress asks if they are ready to order!

Evangeline: *Darn waitresses! If they’re no interupting conversations, they’re showing up when you have food stuff in your mouth! Evangeline ordered for herself and for Brutus!* -03:04 Oct 15

The waitress leaves again! Gabriel passes on ordering!

Evangeline: *A sip of water, and Evangeline really wish she could give him the examining gaze. That was always so effective.* What about you? Losing yourself? Has it happened often? -03:09 Oct 15
Gabriel: I am a vampire. Vampires do not lose themselves. *He replied, glancing around the restaurant.* -03:11 Oct 15
Evangeline: Only that you said you did yesterday. So the trouble is telling me how you lost yourself. -03:16 Oct 15
Gabriel: I told you before. It was a slip of judgement. *It sounded like he was going to say more but cut himself off.* -03:19 Oct 15
Evangeline: Because you didn’t want to fight with your brother? *For a moment, Evangeline imagined sitting on him and twisting his arm until he told her. Or letting Brutus lick him senseless. But it was better not to be completely crazy.* -03:21 Oct 15
Gabriel: *He was silent for a moment.* That has never been a problem. -03:23 Oct 15
Evangeline: They didn’t managed to get you with on of their brain monsters, did they? They really were good at picking things apart. *She frowned… Nothing ever ruffled Gabriel or maybe him lose control. It could have been something horrible.* -03:25 Oct 15
Evangeline: *one, and made… -03:28 Oct 15
Gabriel: There is a threshold, a thin line between sanity and madness. Sanity means control and order. Madness means chaos. Vampires are creatures of chaos and in a certain state of mind, we achieve incredible power. But at the cost of losing ourselves, our memories, everything. -03:33 Oct 15

The waitress returns with the food, then wishes them a great meal before disappearing to refill drinks!

Evangeline: I see… *That made a great deal of sense… Evangeline sighed, sliding a very large napkin under Brutus’ plate.* And it’s not something that happens to you often if at all. …But what was the difference then? You’ve fought with Michael a million times before. -03:37 Oct 15

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus barked and started wolfing down his food! He was really hungry!

Gabriel: *Another long period of silence. The sounds of the kitchen and the conversation of the other customers wafted through the air toward them.* … With Michael and Anthony, it is always a question of stakes. What is at risk at the moment. -03:41 Oct 15
Evangeline: *She stopped, mid twirling of noodles on a fork.* I suppose you were in more danger than usual at the time. But you’re not really afraid of anything, either. Sort of strange. -03:47 Oct 15

“Woof woof!” Brutus started to sniff his food! Spaghetti sauce started to fly!

Evangeline: Brutus, manners! *Evangeline leaned out of the way of a flying noodle.. and reached down to pick up the napkin that fell out of her lap!* -04:01 Oct 15

Plink! A weird little metal tooth pick stuck in the seat just missing Evangeline as she leaned over!

Brutus got distracted by something and one of his meatbells rolled across the table toward Gabriel. It sounded like a marble, not a meatball!

Gabriel: *Scooped the meatball up with a spoon and glanced in the direction the metal tooth pick had come from … Over there! He pulled the spoon back and sent the meatball flying to its target. BOOM! There went the table and everyone on it went flying! -04:04 Oct 15
Evangeline: ..are they having problems in the kitchen? *How was she going to have a conversation with Gabriel when the kitchen was exploding! She placed the napkin neatly in her lap and returned to her dinner!* -04:08 Oct 15

Brutus turned back to his meal and slurped some of his noodles VERY loudly!

Across the room on the opposite, someone pulled a very interesting looking smoking pipe from their jacket. ..And making aim!

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:16 Oct 15))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:16 Oct 15))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:16 Oct 15
[Evangeline is trying to have lunch and discuss things with Gabriel!] -02:43 Oct 16
[Gabriel had already pulled out his gun and shot the pipe out of the assailant\’s hand!] -02:46 Oct 16

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus was going in between slurping!

Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped at the sound, tilting to look behind her simply out of reflex.* … Did you just shoot someone? -02:47 Oct 16

The subtle approach didn’t seem to be working so well anymore, as someone stood up from one of the booths with a fairly large crossbow and fired!

Gabriel: … No. *The pipe was still sailing through the air as he slipped out of his seat. He glanced to the side where a butcher-knife wielding vampire. He caught a chair with his foot and sent it sailing through the air at him. The chair crashed into the assailant, sending him flying backwards. He dashed forward, shooting at the crossbow! At the same time, he caught the pipe in mid-air and threw it right back at the person who was trying to shoot him with it! And it landed right into the man’s forehead!* -02:49 Oct 16
Evangeline: But in a public place. *Evangeline paused a minute, trying to listen. He was up to SOMEthing, and yet people were eating and behaving like all was perfectly normal! She frowned.* There’s something weird about this place. -02:52 Oct 16

Weird might have been an understatement. Something was crawling across the ceiling, getting to pounce down from above, as a few at a table were now growing nice big teeth and claws!

Gabriel: *Got to the crossbow-shooter and elbowed him in the face. He kicked up the crossbow and caught it, then shot someone standing over Evangeline ready to stab her with a steak knife! Fortunately the woman didn’t make a sound as she fell back! He slammed the crossbow across the face of another customer as he dashed back. He jumped on a table under the creature on the ceiling and looped his arms around its body to bring it crashing down to the floor with him!* -02:54 Oct 16

Brutus’s ears swerved. He stopped eating to start barking. “WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!” He pushed his head against Evangeline’s arm and started nudging her out of her chair.

Evangeline: I’m moving. *Evangeline said, making sure to get at least one more good bite from her plate before she got up from her chair. She should have realized something was wrong so much sooner!* -02:58 Oct 16

Brutus was awfully careful to steer Evangeline away from Gabriel and avoid getting distracted by everything.

CRASH! The ruse was up! There was something strange about vampires jumping through windows like ninja, but that’s exactly what they did! They weren’t wasting time in going straight for Gabriel as a distraction! Allowing others in the building to grab for Evangeline and that pup!

Gabriel: *Stabbed the creature in the forehead with his knife after wrestling with it for a bit! That was when the vampires burst in but he had no intentions on being distracted. With his guns, equipped with the UV bullets, he carved his way through them! BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG …! When the guns ran out of loads, he used his elbows and legs to take down those stupid enough to take him on. There were a couple of times when he had to throw the guns or the clips into the air, grab two vampires by the neck and slam their heads together before guns or clips dropped to the ground! The guns disappeared as he neared Evangeline and Brutus! He was still dashing forward as he scooped the Seer over his shoulder and the pup under his arm! He jumped through the window, landed neatly, and took off down the street!* -03:07 Oct 16
Evangeline: *Being well used tobeing thrown over his shoulder, Evangeline was much more concerned with other things!* That was entire setup, wasn’t it! -03:11 Oct 16
Gabriel: … Indeed. *He said as he slowed, eventually came to a stop to put Seer and werepup down.* I trust this is not going to affect your plans to shop. -03:16 Oct 16
Evangeline: I should be more self aware. I don’t think I was paying attention. *She muttered, straightening up her clothes again. It was a little disturbing to think she was surrounded by danger and had idea. Was this going to happen every day?* Maybe it’s not such a good for us to go out. -03:19 Oct 16
Gabriel: … I suspect something else is at work. *He studied her again.* And how long until you feel it is safe …? -03:20 Oct 16
Evangeline: Does a hundred years sound about right? *But she did need a map and a new scrying crystal. Drats!* I think it’s about time I learn how to do more than just visions… You can’t keep saving me all the time, or you’re going to get hurt. -03:23 Oct 16
Gabriel: … I have been doing this for a number of centuries. If ‘being hurt’ was considered a problem, I would not have picked Anthony and Michael of all vampires to go after. -03:33 Oct 16
Evangeline: Yes, yes, but going after them to save the world is one thing, but saving me is anthe- *Evangeline paused suddenly, a brief confused blink before her mouth turned to a frown.* It was because of me wasn’t it. At the sanitarium… -03:35 Oct 16
Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow.* … I have no idea what you are talking about. -03:38 Oct 16
Evangeline: You were too concerned with me that you put yourself at risk. -03:45 Oct 16
Gabriel: *A long moment of silence so long Evangeline might have started thinking he’d walked away.* … Wareham was not the first time Michael had taken someone under my protection to toy with, to destroy merely to get to me. -03:50 Oct 16
Evangeline: Gabriel… *After a moment she gave a soft sigh, reaching out to take his hand and pull him gently down the street.* It’s settled then. I’ll have to be extra careful so you won’t have to fear for me. -03:53 Oct 16
Gabriel: I suspect Anthony already knows what happened in Wareham. As you said, your best option would be to learn something you can defend yourself with. -03:59 Oct 16
Evangeline: Let’s go to an occult shop so I can fetch new crystals. Maybe find a nice book about telekenisis or other crazy mind powers. I could be a Jedi. *She was trying to make light of it, and hide the fact she was feeling all sniffly. She was making life more difficult for him, but he did this kind considerate things for her despite it… * -04:04 Oct 16
Gabriel: You are insane. *He remarked as he followed after her, Brutus on their heels.* -04:08 Oct 16
Evangeline: You have a better suggestion for me? I could try being a vampire! *Evangeline found the right spot… Occult places always had that special feeling, thanks to the bits and baubles they had inside. Evangeline pulled him in along with Brutus!* -04:13 Oct 16

As soon as Brutus stepped inside, he was sniffing the air and everything they passed! Everything was so new and exciting!

There was a lady at the counter, dressed in a sort of silly little outfit as she slowly waved a hand at her customers! “Blessed Be and Greetings travelers! Please allow me to help you with anything you are searching for, or perhaps I can give you a tarot or psychic reading?”

Gabriel: *Glanced around the shop. Burning incense was coming from somewhere in the back and the shelves were stocked with crystals and small objects that looked more like knick-knacks.* -04:21 Oct 16
Evangeline: Oh, a psychic! Imagine what she could tell you, Gabriel! *That humored smile on her face could have been considered so naughty! She wasn’t releasing his hand as she stopped by the shelf of crystals. She just needed the right one…* -04:22 Oct 16

“Gabrie! named after an angel, I see! My spirit guide tells me that you are a man of wonderful virtue!” The checkout lady smiled brightly!

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow at her. He looked like he had a few things to say to her but he decided not to bother. However, he was beginning to regret the name he was given!* -04:28 Oct 16

Brutus sniffed the floor, the shelves, the counter … Everything!

“Oh my… I am having a vision right now! I see… Yes! You’re going to come in to lots of money soon, and buy your girlfriend a present! ..Oh dear, did I spoil the surprise?” she said, looking so terrible embarrassed!

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused in the middle of turning and checking it shape…* I think his girlfriend is going to be more surprised about me than a gift! *Said Evangeline simply!* -04:32 Oct 16
Gabriel: *Decides not to reply that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and never will. Not to mention that he already has quite a bit saved up!* -04:36 Oct 16

The woman looked absolutely scandalized! “Dear me, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I can see her now, that poor girl wondering where he is every night. Yes.. yes her name starts with a P, and she’s just distraught with sadness.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline was snickering under her breath, but thankfully her back was to the woman and no one had noticed. She picked the most vibrate crystal for her center piece, and a few smaller ones, before tugging Gabriel to the other stones.* -04:41 Oct 16
Gabriel: *He never did have a liking for psychics and slayers, especially those who thought they were simply because they wanted to be. He did look over the stones, as Evangeline picked through them.* -04:57 Oct 16
Evangeline: *Everything in hand, Evangeline brought it to the counter, giving the lady a nice smile!* I’m sure she’s miserable. Especially considering her boyfriend is named Andrew and not Gabriel. *She leaned forward on the counter to whisper to the woman!* He’s already given me a present, but I might warn you not to give any more bad predictions. You’re ruining your sister’s reputation. -05:04 Oct 16

Gasp! Well, that shut the woman’s mouth pretty quick, as she rung up the purchases! She was as red as can be! How embarassing to get caught like that!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was digging in her pockets for that credit card.* Don’t worry, you’re very good at charging stones. That’s a brilliant talent. -05:07 Oct 16

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